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2023.06.03 01:13 Zestyclose-Level1871 How Is WME Still Representing TW After This Doxx By Tim?

Can't link sub reddit here due to potential rule violation. So linked the YT upload instead. Tim published this show over a week ago. He uploaded it in response to TW's failed NYC pap circus photo op. HIs rant starts at 4:05. But see the 10:30min where he lambasted TW for the insane stalking & harassment she was caught subjecting A lister celebs with. At an exclusive A list party event of all things:
Didn't realize the NYC debacle occurred after this embarrassing show of toxic behavior. TW relentlessly badgeredan A lister (this allegedly may have been Gwyneth Paltrow's directoproducer husband) at an exclusive venue several weeks ago. Her toxic SMS stalking raised more than a few AAA list eyebrows at the event. To the point where TW may have earned herself a very unfortunate reputation. So it seems Hollywood is finally cottoning on to what we've always known since her historic smash and grab escapade in the RF.
First, TW is a Chimera, unique because this chameleon character does not posses a soul.
Second, this character has a carefully crafted storyline. Which has been always lacking in elements since birth. Like a plot...
So I don't understand why A listers the likes of Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt etc. in the Hollywood/Entertainment industry aren't leaking or discussing this more? Hollywood as a whole, has been dead silent on TW's escapades to date. Especially from A list influencers in viral prone spaces like Twitter etc. From ppl like Bethany Frenkel, one of the few (and very 2020-2021 early) A list influencers who consistently addressed TW''s questionable sociopathic mental health to date.
I understand Sunshine Stinks bolting after TW & H were late with their multi $$$ paycheck for their services. SS dumping TW turned out to be an insightful business decision based on its assessment of TW as a future client. It was clear to Sunflower back then that the future profits weren't going to warrant the migraine it would take to make its difficult client succeed in life. So I can't understand how or why WME managed to walk right into the Chimera's web with its eyes wide shut.
Basically why hasn't WME checked TW's complete lack of self awareness that's been destroying her newly relaunched image to date? Is WME really as callous as the legion of unscrupulous lawyers on the Handbag's $600+/hr legal payroll? Or are they cynically sticking around to milk the last of H's book profits for their shareholder accounts? Why was WME's so slow in its triage response to correct their client's self inflicted mutilation to her new, so carefully crafted PR image? Are they really just sticking around to exploit TW for whatever remaining millions she still controls from what's left in the Handbag's bank account? etc.
I'm also starting to believe the Chimera's subconscious, sociopathic behavior is finally affecting her ability to rationally think like a normal person should. Because that's what those eye witness accounts of her incessant texting that A lister indicates. It would take that sort of delusion to keep one's self surrounded with staff who do NOT have her best professional (or mental health) interests at heart.
Amber Heard and Elizabeth Holmes can best bear witness to that sort of sociopathic mental decline....
Thanks to the revelations in the Book of Waagh (particularly where H exposes his incestuous Oedipus complex fixation, and confessed childhood belief his mother was still alive for years), Haz confirms he's always been 16 oz short of a six pack. But the Chimera definitely isn't as stupid as Haz. Since her superficial intelligence has clearly made her financially successful to date. But is that losing ground to her increasing sociopathic behavior? At what point does Hollywood and social media influencers alike begin to cancel the Chimera? Is this reluctance because TW is being protected, by default of personal association with Haz (who's being protected by some powerful 3rd parties in this country) to date)?
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2023.06.03 00:19 bbqcornnuts312 First gen/mixed race Asian people, do you feel isolated?

I'm not even sure where to post this, but anyway...
I feel extremely isolated from people around in my city because it's changed so much and been hipsterfied. All the talk about "racial equity" obviously doesn't include Asians except when it can be weaponized against a tiny subset of white people.
My father is both wholly Asian and American, having lived here for 40 years. My mother is American but life has been extremely hard for her. I think I inherited her experiences and the things that have led people to treat her with contempt. (God knows she's also lacking in warmth or supportiveness and she's very domineering and disapproving, just like the stereotype of the Asian dragon mom you still observe filial obedience to.) The rare occasion I've encountered other Indian Americans at work, they were either of another generation, didn't feel at all maladjusted and were indistinguishable from the hipsterfied Americans around us, or had a totally different cultural context and were raised outside of the U.S. (making me a spoiled American/"baizu" by comparison).
I'm at the age I'm primarily only interacting with anyone but in the most antisocial of settings (to me) - work. So that's part of this, a general absence of healthy communion with people as I become more and more disgusted with the social environment of my city, and aging as people in my age cohort generally aren't looking to start friendships. I'm too old to be good friends with the 25 year old Indian kid at work who is more like a teenager (no judgment!), even though I've observed how much we're alike...he's another quiet-ish person ignored by my bigshot, bigmouthed, fast-taking-sales-guy jerkoff of a boss. He's also first-gen. I'm female and older than him.
But something else is starting to nag me more and more; I have not only few close friendships as I get older, but no Asian people to relate to about anything happening right now, or any general experience about being a hyphenate American (as I think of it)....
The particular issue is the political climate in cities we're in and seeing Asian people (all crime victims, really) battered and murdered to the blithe indifference of progressives is changing my brain. Literally the only Asian candidates amplified in this country say all the victim-eliding horseshit political radicals who justify ex-cons with 90 arrests getting away with beating someone's grandpa or the shy Asian teenager going to school by themselves to a pulp. I am incensed, every day. I feel totally powerless and hopeless every day. Asian conservatives or even just crime victims/those that speak for them are mocked as weak, elitist, out-of-touch (foreign, in a word) and acceptable targets of racism. I'm seen it. Undeserving of their own humanity. It fills me with dizzying rage. I watched Andrew Yang's campaign for mayor closely. I don't know if he had the wherewithal to do a good job as a mayor, but I relate to him. His campaign ended in humiliation because he said what most normal people say when he said it should be the right of an Asian person to walk down the street, without being bashed in face and that attack justified due to "mental illness".....the response by the local press and twitter was revolting, sexist, and racist. Simply put. And naturally it wasn't just white people. Quite the opposite. The worst racism I see is not from conservatives, and it sure isn't from white people in blue cities....
Nobody is going to threaten to riot in front of NYC City Council over Christina Lee (literally stalked into her apartment by an addict arrested a few months before for assaulting a mail time, no psych treatment) or the next victim shot, violently robbed, curb-stomped by someone with a record a mile long. Or Jasper Wu. Or Pak Ho. I could go on and on. Or ENDLESS carjacking carjacking victims in cities like DC, like Mohammad Anwar (some of you might have seen that man's unspeakable death on camera).
One loses track of these because these stories mostly die in local news anyway, even with a handful of Asian reporters working for major news affiliates out there. It's very rare for those same reporters to see through to sentencing (or - going back to Jasper Wu - lack thereof. The CA reporters are more aggressive than the ones in NYC).
Crime victims in these cases are often already politically/economically disempowered, older, or (if they don't speak English as a first language), invisible.
The word I would describe for a lack of understanding, any touchstones or connection to other (Asian) people at this stage of my life, as I grow more disgusted & detached from people around me in the city I was born in, would be grief. Wholesale, hollowing grief. Like I'm not living a real life. It lives alongside impotent rage I can't do anything with. I've grown to despise the people that make every excuse for butchery of all crime victims, but especially Asians - specifically because the progressives that run cities command the loyalty of every nonwhite ethnic group in this country, while abetting homicides. The words of the founders of Dragon Combat Social Club come to mind here, they tweeted even Asian candidates in NY turn their backs on Asian homicide victims.
Do you any of you first generations or any of you mixed people relate? More salient, do any of you relate because of the specific problem I described?
Asian American political anger is literally only acceptable in the mainstream if it's against white conservatives. If you're living in a coastal city right now, that leaves few productive outlets to try to make this...stop. Or connect to others. To find a release.
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2023.06.03 00:05 smackchumps 70 To 90

70 To 90
Just found out I went from 70 to 90 today. It was a pretty quick claim. I filed April 15, had my C and P on May 5, went to PDA on May 26 and claim closed June 2. I filed for anxiety and depression secondary to my already SC tinnitus. After talking to me for about 30 minutes, my examiner asked me if he could take my claim for anxiety and depression and add PTSD.... I said yes because he's the expert.
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2023.06.02 09:36 dlfpromenade321 PVR near Me DLF Promenade

PVR near Me DLF Promenade
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2023.06.02 09:19 FloraGoforth Perché Mrs. Robinson non voleva che Benjamin uscisse con Elaine? (Il Laureato)

Ciao a tutti, è finita Succession e l'altro giorno ho letto un tweet che recita: "It's the end of The Graduate AND the end of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf)". Somewhere Mike Nichols is smiling."
(The Graduate è, prima che un film, un libro di Charles Webb, pubblicato nel '63)
Adoro Il Laureato, quindi me lo sono riguardata e vorrei iniziare una discussione-riflessione. Ho letto tutta la critica di Rotten Tomatoes del Laureato, varie analisi sulla psicologia dei personaggi, ma non mi sono mai chiesta questo: perché Mrs. Robinson si oppone così tanto alla potenziale relazione tra Benjamin ed Elaine?
Se avete visto il film, sapete che prima Mrs. Robinson fa giurare a Benjamin che non uscirà con sua figlia (come invece Mr. Robinson, padre della ragazza, e i genitori di Benjamin suggeriscono) e poi si oppone tassativamente e insistentemente, disperatamente, alla relazione tra i due - tant’è che >! Elaine viene quasi obbligata a sposarsi con un altro e poi fugge con Benjamin, in una tarantella singolare !<.
Al di là della motivazione superficiale (se l’è scopato varie volte e Benjamin mettendosi con Elaine avrà scopato sia la madre che la figlia/ che Benjamin sia troppo sfigato e non abbastanza per Elaine - cosa che Benjamin si attribuisce), perché per Mrs. Robinson è così dolorosa la questione? Cosa la porta ad assumere questo atteggiamento e a non tollerare affatto che Benjamin ed Elaine siano innamorati?
PS: di Mike Nichols consiglio anche "Heartburn)" (tratto da un romanzo autobiografico di Nora Ephron - guardatevi anche tutti i film scritti da Nora Ephron) e "Working Girl" (che molti conosceranno come Una Donna In Carriera).
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2023.06.02 08:58 JackWallner2 3D Sensor Market Set to Cross 9.4 Billion by 2026, at a CAGR of 28.1%

The report "3D Sensor Market with COVID-19 Impact, by Type (Image Sensors, Position Sensors), Technology (Time of Flight, Structured Light), End-use Industry (Consumer Electronics, Industrial Robotics, Automotive), and Region, Global Forecast to 2026 ", size is estimated to be USD 2.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 9.4 billion by 2026; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.1% from 2021 to 2026. Factors such as growing penetration of 3D depth sensors in various devices and increased demand for virtual reality in gaming consoles are likely to provide opportunities for market growth.
• Informational PDF Brochure :-
Browse 188 market data Tables and 50 Figures spread through 235 Pages and in-depth TOC on "3D Sensor Market by Region, Global Forecast to 2026 " View detailed Table of Content here -
The 3D sensor market includes major Tier I and II players like Infineon Technologies AG (Germany), OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (US), Sony Corporation (Japan), Cognex Corporation (US), Lumentum Operations LLC (US), and others. These players have a strong market presence for 3D sensor across various countries in North America, Europe, APAC, and RoW.
Rising demand for 3D sensing-enabled consumer electronics
Initially, the application of 3D sensors was primarily limited to the gaming sector; however, with further technological advancements and R&D, the application areas of 3D sensors have increased. Currently, 3D sensors are implemented on laptops, smartphones, and various electronic gadgets. This can be attributed to the growing consumer demand for advanced features in smartphones and other electronic gadgets.
3D image sensor type is expected to grow at the highest rate during the forecast period
In the consumer electronics industry, 3D image sensors are increasingly being used in digital cameras, camera modules, and other imaging devices. Companies such as Apple Inc. (US), Google Inc. (US), and Microsoft Corporation (US) incorporate 3D image sensors into smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. In 2018, Huawei (China), a prominent manufacturer of smartphones, introduced a new smartphone, Honor Magic 2, with a 3D camera and graphene heat pipe. In 2020, Apple launched iPhone 12 Pro with ToF 3D sensor. In March 2019, Samsung launched a new smartphone model, S10, with Qualcomms 3D Sonic fingerprint sensor, which is also present in its next-generation smartphone. These developments in smartphones are expected to boost the 3D sensor market during the forecast period.
Consumer electronics end-use industry to hold the largest market size of 3D sensor market during the forecast period
The consumer electronics end-use industry is expected to hold the highest market share between 2021 and 2026. Biometric scanning and other cutting-edge 3D sensing technologies are redefining the world of consumer electronics. 3D sensing plays an important role across consumer electronics, such as facial recognition in smartphones, laptops, and tablets; high-performance in-depth sensing in photography; and AVR applications in gaming consoles. Microsoft Kinect, having game recognition abilities, has transformed the home gaming industry with advancements such as multi-player 3D position sensing, facial expression detection, and touchless heart rate monitoring. Intelligence, reliability, low power consumption, and low cost are the drivers for the integration of 3D sensing technology in consumer electronics.
3D sensor market in North America to hold the highest market share during the forecast period
North America is expected to lead the global 3D sensor market. The growth of the market in this region can be attributed to the presence of key manufacturers of consumer electronics with a high adoption rate of new technologies. The growth of the consumer electronics industry is another factor driving the 3D sensors market in this region. The presence of key manufacturers of sensors such as Intel, Lumentum, Cognex Corporation, and OmniVision Technologies drives the market across the US. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple are investing in 3D sensing technologies across consumer electronics and robotics applications. These factors have contributed to the huge growth of the 3D sensor market in North America.
Infineon Technologies AG (Germany), OmniVision Technologies, Inc. (US), Sony Corporation (Japan), Cognex Corporation (US), Lumentum Operations LLC (US), ifm electronic gmbh (Germany), Intel Corporation (US), KEYENCE CORPORATION. (Japan), LMI Technologies Inc. (Canada), Microchip Technology Inc. (US), II-VI Incorporated (US), AIRY3D (Canada), ASUSTeK Computer Inc. (Taiwan), CronAI (UK), Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG (Germany), Mantis Vision ltd. (Israel), Melexis NV (Belgium), Microsoft (US), Occipital, Inc. (US), Orbbec 3D (US), Panasonic Corporation (Japan), Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (US), Quanergy Systems, Inc. (US), Samsung (South Korea), and SICK AG (Germany) are among the many players in the 3D sensor market.
Don’t miss out on business opportunities in 3D Sensor Market. Speak to our analyst and gain crucial industry insights that will help your business grow.
About MarketsandMarkets™
MarketsandMarkets™ provides quantified B2B research on 30,000 high growth niche opportunities/threats which will impact 70% to 80% of worldwide companies’ revenues. Currently servicing 7500 customers worldwide including 80% of global Fortune 1000 companies as clients. Almost 75,000 top officers across eight industries worldwide approach MarketsandMarkets™ for their painpoints around revenues decisions.
Contact: Mr. Aashish Mehra MarketsandMarkets™ INC. 630 Dundee Road Suite 430 Northbrook, IL 60062 Twitter LinkedIn Facebook
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2023.06.02 05:00 roughravenrider Twitter Space on third party solidarity featuring Amar Patel, former ASP vice presidential candidate, and a total of 9 minor parties

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2023.06.02 02:38 ATTAKcATHRAK April and May 2023 watchlist

April and May 2023 watchlist
I like that some people have been posting about what they’ve watched each month, and I want to see more of it, so I wrote some blurbs on my recent watchlist. Probably wrote too much.
The Eurocrypt(s) of Christopher Lee: Like many classic horror fans, Christopher Lee is one of my favorite actors. However, I wasn’t especially looking forward to these sets, since I thought they would just be offcuts that Severin couldn’t unload as single releases. I’m pleased to say I was wrong. There are a few misfires among them (Challenge the Devil, Mask of Murder, Secret of the Red Orchid), then some mediocre ones (Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace, Castle of the Living Dead), but finally some really enjoyable films. Crypt of the Vampire and The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism (the latter in lurid color) are genuinely creepy and eerie, with looming gothic shadows and ruined castles. Dark Places has a kind of standard “man descends into madness” plot but a fantastic cast including Lee, Joan Collins, Herbert Lom, and Robert Hardy. Murder Story really surprised me! It features a couple of teenagers who befriend Lee (as a writer) and uncover a vast conspiracy while doing research for a novel. The dynamic between Lee and the kids is fun, and although the plot doesn’t really come together, the characters are strong enough to carry it. Finally, Dracula and Son, which I was truly dreading - a French comedy about Dracula and his rebellious kid’s wacky hijinks, with that cover ( But it turned out to be very enjoyable, not quite laugh-out-loud funny, but quirky and charming. Again, the characters make it.
Al Adamson: The Masterpiece Collection: What’s to say about this one? Adamson’s approach to making films (if you make a stinker, reshoot, recut, and rerelease until you like it) and his entire life (murdered and buried under his floor by a live-in contractor who seemed to be assuming his identity) are fascinating. Even when he makes a kids’ movie it’s bizarre, idiosyncratic, and mesmerizing. Al did it all - sci-fi zombie mashups, go-go crime capers, blaxsploitation, sexsploitation, historical sexploitation, regular exploitation, borderline pornos, sci-fi sex musical epics, rape-and-revenge, stupid comedies, kung fu, teen movies, family movies, fantasies, and more I’m probably forgetting. To anyone who has the cash on hand to get a copy now that it’s OOP, please do and don’t blame me if you hate it. You’ll probably make your money back if you sell. Favorites of mine include Psycho a Go-Go, Angels’ Wild Women, Dracula vs. Frankenstein (which I remember renting from Blockbuster at maybe 8 years of age), The Dynamite Brothers, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Black Samurai, Cinderella 2000, and Nurse Sherri. Also be sure to check out the documentary that comes with it. It’s film school in a box!
Bill Rebane: This filmography was something of a disappointment coming off the Al Adamson set. If you’re going to confine all your characters to a very limited location where nothing happens, you’d better make sure you have an interesting script. And none of these do. Also pretty disappointed in the image quality of the box set. Maybe it’s just a coincidence that The Giant Spider Invasion (the only Rebane film I have not part of the box) was the highest quality and the rest just happened to have no better source materials available, but I don’t know. The Giant Spider Invasion was also the best of his movies that I’ve seen, because it seemed to be the most passionate (and had that badass actual giant spider model). The documentary on the Arrow set was not great either. Made during the height of the pandemic, everyone was on Zoom and Rebane himself was only in it for about 5 seconds. However, it led me to his Twitter ( and website (, which are a trip.
Bloody Terror: The Shocking Cinema of Norman J. Warren, 1976-1987: The last director-centric box set I watched recently, and one I already had some experience with. Satan’s Slave was featured on one of those 50-movie Mill Creek sets that I picked up when I was younger and watched before I should have. Satan’s Slave is genuinely well-made in my opinion, with a creepy setting, plenty of twists and turns, and enough gore to keep me interested. Prey is also awesome, despite being mostly uneventful. It’s very pleasant for being a film about an alien who comes to each to find a new source of food. Then we get to Terror and Inseminoid, both of which are awful, the latter being one of the most boring Alien ripoffs I’ve ever seen. But Warren brings it home with Bloody New Year, which is completely bonkers and a lot of fun.
Night Gallery Season 1: Maybe I was expecting too much from this. The TV movie that acts as a pilot for the series is excellent, perhaps because each segment seems like it could have been a Twilight Zone episode. Most of the rest of the season is… fine? A couple of better stories and a couple of worse ones scattered throughout. At the very least they all have good casts. However, the first segment of the last episode, “They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar”, made up for the blahness of the rest of it. It’s one of those quintessential Rod Serling scripts about lost innocence and the nostalgia of youth that really crush me, a lot like the TZ episodes A Stop at Willoughby and Walking Distance. I don’t plan to watch it again soon, yet I can’t speak highly enough about it.
Exorcist II and III: Who’s the real Exorcist II; The Heretic? It’s me. I didn’t think the second movie was nearly as bad as its reputation - especially the sequences in Africa, which I found to be pretty eerie and dreamlike. The story doesn’t make much sense, but that’s OK with me. And here comes the real heretical opinion - the third one is better than the first, which I’ve always appreciated but never been a huge fan of. The Exorcist III has a clinical coldness that draws me to it, and I really enjoyed the relationship (though I wish it was longer) between Kinderman and Father Dyer. I’ve heard about the studio fiddling with the ending for the theatrical cut, but honestly it’s a good thing they did, as the original is incredibly anticlimactic.
Deadly Prey: “Who am I? A little man who's spent 27 years of his life as a cop trying to put big shots like you away. 27 years in the filth and the dirt of the streets, and there ain't no music down there. You watch the people on the streets, killing, raping each other, pumping dope through their veins, while big men like you sit in the fancy penthouses. And yet the poor slobs rot in hell. I know about you. As long as it puts money in your pocket. Today the nobodies who made you rich are gonna win. Die, you son of a bitch.”
Foes: This was a real hidden gem. I stumbled across it on the recommendation page for another movie on RateYourMusic, and the poster immediately fascinated me. I looked up the Blu-ray release and discovered it was out of print. Then only a week later I found a copy at The Archive for a great price and watched it right away. I’m glad I did. It’s perfect late-night viewing, hallucinatory and dreamlike. I’m going to guess the script was probably around 5 pages. If you like movies where nothing really happens and lots of ambience washes over you, seek this out, but be sure to watch the 72-minute director’s cut. The longer studio-assembled version is awful.
Death Wishes: The first one is something of a classic, and it’s easy to see why it resonated with audiences as crime exploded in the 70s. It tries to play a ridiculous premise and execution as straight as possible, which hurts, especially in comparison to the Cannon-produced sequels and ripoffs that followed. Vigilantism and capital punishment without trial are heavy subjects, and Bronson, who can’t express convincing emotion, is not a good fit. I didn’t dislike the first one since I love all movies about 70s NYC, but it wasn’t great. The second one is a rehash with an updated setting and terrible score by Jimmy Page. The third is where it gets great, finally embracing the innate ridiculousness of the premise and taking it to new heights, backed by a great cast and a simple but effective script. Don’t remember the fourth one except it’s an inferior retread of the third.
Serpico: Another 70s NYC crime movie! This one is great. Though never to the magnitude of Frank Serpico, I’ve been stuck in seemingly similar situations before, where you just feel like you can’t talk to anyone about anything, and it sucks. The film is full of beautiful shots of the desolation of the city and this poor outsider who just wants to do a little something to improve it. Highly recommended!
Food of the Gods / Frogs / Empire of the Ants / Jaws of Satan: Here we have three classic 70s nature-gone-wild films, plus Jaws of Satan, which is from the 80s so has a slightly different feel. There’s something I really like about these kinds of movies, in all their static, flat, stilted glory. Maybe it’s because they’re kind of a revival of the monster movies of the 50s I enjoy so much. I’m probably not making a good case for them, but they’re comfort food for me, and I know one of you will understand! Others that have the same energy include The Incredible Melting Man, Night of the Lepus, The Devil’s Rain, and Kingdom of the Spiders.
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2023.06.01 23:25 Ready-Bat-8824 May 2023 Hilaria’s IG Recap = 18 Posts or “The peasants demand more sexy IG workout videos!”

May 2023 Hilaria’s IG Recap = 18 Posts or “The peasants demand more sexy IG workout videos!”
The latest iteration of the Baldwin PR plan is so simple it would take world-class clowns to mess it up: let Alec take center stage on his various social media platforms to drive home the point that he still has star power. Have “Hilaria” cut waaaay back on her posting and keep it light and fluffy with zero impromptu press conferences in statement sweatshirts. Maybe if the two people involved weren’t mega narcissists, this plan would have had a shot in hell. But here we are to puzzle over and enjoy the fact that these two cannot figure out how to fake being likable people. So, while the Reddit peasantry has been living life and commiserating over our sleuthing, Emperor Alejandro II and Grifty Guest Baldwin have been busy showing their true colors and likely burning through yet another PR team.
Hillary’s IG Stats
Hillary’s IG Posts Compared to Alec’s (not counting his three Twitter accounts, podcast IG, and Facebook)
  • April 2023: Hillary 16 posts & Alec 35 posts
  • May 2023 Hillary 18 posts & Alec 67 posts
Pictures of the kids
  • Hillary = 50 (multiple pix per single posts)
  • Alec = 21
  • Most exploited/photographed kid = Romeo (featured in 23% of combined parent posts)
  • Least exploited/photographed kid = Marilú (featured in .08% of combined parent posts)
  • It’s actually an excellent thing both of these wingnuts are posting fewer pictures of Carmen bc the ones we did see were sad and disturbing: a 9-year-old in bright red lips and nails, short shorts, and skimpy tops, preening in the hallway mirror exactly like her vapid mother. Just, no.
May 1 – May 15: Wrapping Up Rust & (Kinda) Following the PR Plan
Also Hillary's babies: nails, ring, brows, lashes, cheekbones, lips, & breasts.
Calling her one of the many forgotten fifth Beatles isn't it, sir.
That popped knee is the hardest working Baldwin.
  • Vulture published a puff piece entitled “Alec and Hilaria Against the World” (wut) that was egregiously ass-kissy but also hilariously poorly timed on the heels of Alec forgetting a whole ass kid. The IG comments excoriated Vulture and the author, Reeves Wiedeman. My favorite comment was: “Alec and his bat shit crazy wife have done more to unite people from all over the world and from all walks of life than the UN.”
Maybe Wiedeman should have asked, y'know, the world why this is so.
  • Jared is back on the IG rotation and those poor fried strands are hanging on for dear life.
Good thing they're prepared to quench their thirst.
  • Alec celebrated Mother’s Day by shouting out the following people in this order: mother Carol, sister Beth, sister Jane, daughter Ireland, “my wife, Hilaria, and all the mothers out there.” He sounded loads more enthusiastic talking about his priest who died.
  • He concluded his lackluster mini speech by whispering, “being a mom is something I’ve observed lately up close and, ah, it’s quite something.” What in the Jungian mother-complex is he talking about? Someday I will write a lengthy analysis of Alec’s mommy issues and how Hillary fits in.
May 16-31 Matilde’s PR Plan Goes Out the Window
Hillary: \"no espoon para me, grathias.\"
  • Then, she slapped some free Italian sunglasses on Hillary while she was holding Ila and snapped a pic that she and the sunglass company posted on their respective IG pages and restricted comments rapidamente. I’m no marketing expert but this seems like…less than optimal branding? All quiet on the Matilde front for the rest of May.
Hopefully one of the nannies is enjoying her LE REVEs.
  • Romeo’s birthday party was Hillary’s first May grid post (i.e. stuff she wants to feature permanently, unlike stories). She posted 8 pictures and Romeo was only in two of them, probably because she was distracted by crafting a caption to align with her PR posting guidelines (Hilaria is a RELATABLE MOM, Hilaria can LAUGH at their KOOKY MISADVENTURES). Mostly she comes off as semi-literate and trying entirely too hard: “Anyone else’s kid tries to buy a giant piñata at party city?!??... Carmen dressed [us] in white and red strips with jeans.” Madam, lots of kids like piñatas and the word is “stripes.” Dr. Kathy, please consider asking your daughter to pay you back for all the years of tuition you paid only to have her pretend that her “multi” brain can’t quite grasp English syntax and spelling.
  • In the most fortuitous of coincidences, Alec and Guest Baldwin attended one red carpet event in May (for an organization they donate to, claro) and Ireland announced the birth of her daughter, Holland, that same day. The pix Hillary posted versus the few Alec posted were a delight to behold.
Nothing wrong w/ the pic on the right. Sad she thinks her worth is attached to a filter.
  • As Hillary exclusively told People magazine that night in reference to Ireland’s baby, “we’re so excited, we’re just so excited, you’re going to make me cry!” I bet she cried as she realized that her live action remake of Beauty and the Beast (iykyk) was overshadowed by sweet Holland’s birth announcement.
For once, Alec is all of us. Jesus, lady, give it a rest.
  • So, what’s a step-abuela to do? How to acknowledge the birth but keep the focus on the ostrich feathers? Simple – feature a picture of Alec and Hillary all dressed up literally clinging to all the kids to force a family picture. Now, Alec doesn’t know his ass from his elbow when it comes to SM but Hillary knows – what most people would do is repost the original post. It’s already public and it keeps the focus on the person you’re celebrating. But Hillary celebrates others by saying “happy (event)” then making the accompanying picture about her.
That grip on the little baby thigh : (
  • Consequently, Ireland’s new baby got one post from Abuela Hillary that featured Alec, the kids, and her, and Alec posted one picture of him and baby Ireland with the caption “my first baby had her first baby.” Hillary hasn’t liked or commented on any of Ireland’s grid posts about Holland. To put this in perspective, in May Alec posted about Rust 8 times, The Beatles 5 times, and his excruciatingly boring podcast 4 times. Are they happy about the baby? I’m sure they are. Do they know how to show that in ways that don’t involve Alec and Hillary being the main characters? No.
  • Perhaps felling particularly edgy after that drive to the PEN America Literary Gala where Hillary pouted about her red-carpet thunder being stolen by the coincidental timing of the birth announcement and fussed over her feathers, Alec lost his shit in the most Alec way possible: berating a server trying to do her job and speaking to her in a wildly demeaning and condescending manner.
  • According to what the server told Page Six, she was trying to serve the head of the table where Alec was standing and chatting with another guest. The server said, “I’m sorry, sir, but we’re going to have servers walking through the tables here in a minute.” Alec: (very agitated) “So when is it a good time to talk to my friends?" Server: speechless. Alec: “do I have to explain it to you?” Server: “No.” Alec: “Well then, step aside.” Later her coworkers told her he was “calling her a peasant.”
  • He didn't deny the interaction, but he did deny calling the server a peasant. He is despicable for talking to anyone this way. The fact that the media picked up this story as opposed to fawning over Hillary’s dress or her pose with the inspirational placard was chef’s kiss gold.
I absolutely believe Alec knows about sociopathy.
How you say...comedy gold?
  • All in the same day, the Undynamic Duo was seen in wild, Alec bashed Martha Ross (the ordacity), Hillary celebrated Ilaria’s 8 months of life by posting a carousel of 6 grid pix, one of which featured the true stars of any Hillary Lynn production: her “lactating” breasts. Where’s that bottle of Gatorade from the elevator pic?
Santa Híláríá de la Leche Materna Falsa.
  • Then came the video that launched parodies, articles, and posts galore: Hillary’s Humpty Dance (no offense, Digital Underground). Just as she posted herself filtered and angled to showcase an anatomically improbable tiny waist and claimed it was about her pants, or posted a shot of her cleavage and claimed it was about her kid’s 8-month birthday, here she was writhing around in her Victoria’s Secret bra and tiny tank top to garner compliments but pretending she’s invested in giving wellness advice.
  • All this accomplished was getting people talking about her yet again as “angry Alec Baldwin’s cringey wife who faked an accent and a heritage and now is doing (insert her antics here).” The subsequent loss of followers was icing on Hillary’s (zero calorie zero flavor) cake.
The creepy eye contact, dear Lord.
  • Celeste Barber (“We call this workout The Horny Teenager”) and Anna Roisman (“This ejercicia will help your back!”) NAILED their impersonations by capturing what makes Hillary so absurd: she has no self-awareness and no sense of humor - a mix that makes most of what she posts repeatedly miss the mark.
  • Her lil’ combo of hip thrusts and side-to sides, modified pushups with bewbs overflowing, and some leg flailing inspired fabulous comments. One person on Celeste’s page noted: “It might seem strange but this is how they work out in Spain,” and one on Anna’s page quipped: “I’m now pregnant with a Baldwinito after watching this.”
  • This cringefest was Hillary asking people to praise her for being skinny and sexy (ahem). Body positivity is great, but it is gaslighting when she (or any influencer) claims “anyone can look like me if they hydrate and do these simple exercises a few minutes day.” Hillary has disordered eating, exercises for hours daily while women of color raise her kids, and gets high-end cosmetic procedures to plump, fill, tuck, suck, brighten, and tighten. The shameful part is not that she does this stuff, it’s that she lies about it – poorly.
22 comments = .000022% of her followers.
  • MichWho tried to show up for Hilz after the humpy yoga debacle by posting this terrible picture that u/Queefer_Sutherland captioned “Easter Island Moai doing Munchausen Mami dirty” and I thought I had died and gone to pepino heaven.
Mich, girl, that witchy ship has sailed.
I spy with my little eye...
I like the ring of \"outrageous embellishments.\"
  • For last post of the month, Hillary chose a picture of her and Alec in the hospital as he recovers from hip replacement surgery which she claimed was “a long time necessary.” If ever we needed Cher to smack someone and yell, “snap out of it!” it is now.
Losing the fake accent has been a long time necessary, too, Hilz.
  • In the end, Hillary’s eyebrow fucker-upper* summed it up perfectly by commenting “Glad and happy all went well. Send him a speedy recovery. P.S. Your Brow’s! Brow’s Game Strong.” Wonky apostrophes aside, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Hillary’s blowout, lash extensions, micro bladed brows, and plumped lips are the stars and Aleek is a bit player. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
*Forever in love with this term coined by u/-graphophobia-
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2023.06.01 20:39 MicJarek Moving from SQL Server to MySQL, PostgreSQL, or some other open-source DB?

So I tried to post these question(s) on stackoverflow, but they said it's too opinionated, and suggested I post it here. So here I am, hoping someone can point me in the right direction.
And just to be clear, I'm NOT looking for an opinion about your favorite DB. Everyone has one that they're familiar with and love, and that's great. What I am looking for is experienced people in multiple DB's to chime in based on my application/DB needs that I outlined below. Specifically, if you previously used SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. and are familiar with the strengths and limitations of each, you could probably make valid arguments why I would choose one open-source DB over another (PostgreSQL over MySQL).
Before stackoverflow hid my question, there were a couple of comments, with some good insight. One stated that "MySQL's implementation of stored procedures does not support packages, compiling, debugging, atomic deployment, a standard library of procedures, or many other things you are probably accustomed to" which is a valid point since I use stored procedures extensively and obviously need them to be in the open-source DB.
I also read that PostgreSQL supports the geography field type much better than MySQL, so that is a BIG consideration since there are several search screens in the app that use the Geo positioning to display lists based on the user's lat/long.
Because of the above info, I am currently leaning towards PostgreSQL... BUT I would still very much appreciate if anyone has any input on this before I commit to an open-source database and start converting all the code (aka mostly all the DB stored procedures). Here is what I originally posted on stackoverflow:
This may be an open-ended/opinionated question, but I would appreciate any input from anyone who may have done this and can point me in the right direction.
I am currently developing an entertainment industry app (browser based for now) that is using MS SQL Server. Currently, the DB has only 35 tables (with minimal data), and 7 of those are the Microsoft Identity tables used for security. Initially it will be released on a single cloud-based server, but eventually the plan is to have it running as distributed SQL (perhaps one day even world-wide as it grows and it’s successful). Because the app is being ‘bootstrapped’, meaning no investors or their money, the overhead cost is a big consideration. The app will use ads as a revenue stream to hopefully pay for itself and the overhead.
The app is almost done so I have been trying to get my head around how to launch it and the costs involved. Obviously, I can’t get around the cloud processing/storage fees, but as much as I like working with MS SQL Server, I don’t want to add their serveuser licensing fees, etc. to that also. And that is why I’m looking for some advice/recommendations on which open-source DB to change to before going ‘live’. The two I read most about are MySQL and PostgreSQL, so I was hoping someone with experience with either (or another DB?) could shed some perspective why I would choose one over the other. And just to make it clear, NoSQL databases are NOT an option for now because of the complexity of the relational data structure.
A few more app/DB details: the app is being developed in ASP.NET Core (mostly Razor pages for now), Entity Framework, Bootstrap, and much of the data retrieval/updates is done via stored procedures utilizing #TempTables and CTE’s. Regarding field types, it’s your standard typical 64-bit BigInt (for primary/foreign Key ID’s), nvarchars, geography fields, etc. Also, all primary keys are designed to be unique across Distributed SQL databases. They are generated using an Epoch date, server hostid, and increment (not unlike Twitter’s Snowflake) which should work seamlessly across unlimited distributed databases.
So, my questions are:
  1. First, is the change to open-source worth it to keep the overhead cost down? Will it make that much of a difference from your experience? How much difference? Keep in mind that in time there may be multiple servers running multiple DB’s (primary read/write, secondary read/search, backup, etc.) so the licensing could be a big issue when there are (hopefully) hundreds/thousands of users hitting the databases daily.
  2. Which DB should I be looking into? MySQL, PostgreSQL, or something else? I just read that Meta has switched to MySQL Raft so even they are still using MySQL, but then I also read some compelling reasons to go with PostgreSQL, so I’m hoping someone with extensive experience with both could shed some perspective on this. One thing to consider is: the DB does perform searches using the ‘geography’ type field and from what I understand, PostgreSQL is much better at handling geolocation queries than MySQL, so that might be major plus for going with PostgreSQL.
  3. And to go along with the DB, any opinions on which cloud service to go with cost wise: AWS, Azure, Google, DigitalOcean, Oracle (if MySQL),...? The plan is to start with the cloud and if things go well, eventually consider bringing it inhouse to also cut down on the media storage (photos, videos, etc.). I read that DropBox reverted back to an inhouse model so that’s food-for-thought for the future… but for now, the starting point will be the cloud so any input about the best/cost friendly one would be great.
I know this is a lot of questions with minimal information provided, but I think from an architectural/cost perspective they are reasonable. I have experience mostly with MS SQL Server (and a bit of MySQL), but I’m confident that I can do the conversion once I settle on the ‘right’ database for this project.
If I need to be more specific, please ask. Otherwise, thank you for any insight/suggestions/recommendations you may have.
Cheers... :)
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2023.06.01 16:46 IdRatherBeLurking Watch Part Megathread Find a party near you!

It's gameday! There's watch parties going down across the globe, so share any you know of here and I'll link them in the thread.
Fort Collins
San Francisco
South Carolina
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2023.06.01 05:30 VinylAlerts [Amazon] Rolling Stones - Licked Live In NYC [White 3 LP] @ $25.28

Rolling Stones - Licked Live In NYC [White 3 LP] @ $25.28 direct
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2023.05.31 22:06 xhopee23 TDIU APPROVED!

Day after Memorial Day approved for TDIU. When you’re TDIU does it usually populate on the app? I only see it in the decision letter but not on VA website or application. Beyond overwhelmed with emotion. Finally after losing multiple $100,000 a year job offers and suffering financially I get some much needed relief. First order of business paying off the IRS and any other debts. God bless you helpful people on this sub
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2023.05.31 19:08 IDdigital I'm Beth Karas, legal analyst in the case of Natalia Grace Barnett, the girl accused of being an adult by her adoptive parents. AMA.

I spent eight years as an Assistant District Attorney in NYC and have covered many high-profile cases as an on-air correspondent including Casey Anthony, Jodi Arias, Conrad Murray, and O.J. Simpson. I provide my insight on Investigation Discovery's "The Curious Case of Natalia Grace" docuseries airing May 29-31 at 9/8c and streaming on Max. You can watch the trailer hereNatalia Grace was initially assumed to be a 6-year-old Ukrainian orphan with a rare bone growth disorder. She was adopted by Indiana couple Kristine and Michael Barnett in 2010. However, their happy family dynamic soured when allegations against Natalia were brought by the Barnetts who alleged Natalia was an adult masquerading as a child with intent to harm their family. They claim she threatened her new family with knives and tried to poison Kristine. In 2013, Natalia was discovered living on her own which ignited an investigation that led to Michael and Kristine's arrest and a firestorm of questions. Here are more facts about the caseI'm ready to answer your questions.
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2023.05.31 15:46 iamjasonlevin "Maybe IDK" was made for Creators and Entrepreneurs

Back in 2016 when I was 19, I discovered “Maybe IDK". It was exactly what I needed at the time.
I was at college and was making like $2,000/month selling stickers on the internet. I dropped out to become a digital nomad and try to scale my business.
I had no idea if it’d work out, but I thought I could do it. As I worked on growing the business, “Maybe IDK” was playing in the background.
“Maybe I don’t know, but maybe that’s ok”
I never did end up scaling that business. In fact, it got shut down after a copyright infringement. But I didn’t give up on building internet businesses. From 2017 to 2021, I built a bunch of other internet businesses; then in the summer of 2021, I started using Twitter to try to promote one of them.
Fast-forward to present day. I’m now a full-time creator living in NYC. My blog is up to 7,000 readers. My Twitter is up to 15,000 followers. Who knows where I’ll be next year? Put your faith in the internet and the internet will put its faith in you.
“All this shit I can’t explain, is it by design or random fate?”
If you're a creator or entrepreneur, get used to a life of uncertainty. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Find joy in not knowing. Find joy in figuring it out. “There’s beauty in the struggle,” rapped J. Cole. The struggle, the process of figuring things out is the most beautiful part. When you start a new project, there’s no way to know if it’ll be successful. But hey, that's half the fun.
I wrote more about Maybe IDK on my blog. If you enjoy, subscribe.
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2023.05.31 15:24 pagenotdisplayed best,easiest way to update headshot for social. can AI tools help?

I want at least one new headshot to utilize across linkedin, twitter, gmail, github, slack, etc.
Is only approach still to pay $100+ (I live in NYC) for pro headshot photographer? Or, can I do this at a high level myself at this point, using an iphone 14 pro's camera + AI to polish up the image?
AI photo tools like,, seem like they could help, but they all seem a bit sub-par for creating a more professional, photo-realistic version of a photo that I can use.
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2023.05.31 13:05 gunpoliticsny Public Advocate Jumaane Williams hosting gun control forum today

At 2:00pm today NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams will host 'Grief and Guns: Understanding Gun Violence & Mental Health' panel discussion ahead of Gun Violence Awareness Month, 310 E. 42nd St., Manhattan.
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2023.05.31 01:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays' ABC

[Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays' ABC submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays' ABC

[Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays' ABC submitted by AutoNewspaperAdmin to AutoNewspaper [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:11 AutoNewsAdmin [Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays'

[Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays' submitted by AutoNewsAdmin to ABCauto [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 01:11 AutoNewsAdmin [Tech] - Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled 'Christmas holidays'

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2023.05.30 18:06 CornFlakes1991 Weekly BIOS Update Post - Week 22. 2023

Weekly BIOS Update Post - Week 22. 2023
Motherboard Version Build Date Release Date Download
X670E Taichi Carrara 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
X670E Taichi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
X670E Steel Legend 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
X670E Pro RS 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
X670E PG Lightning 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Motherboard Version Build Date Release Date Download
B650M-HDV/M.2 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650M Pro RS WiFi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650M Pro RS 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650M PG Riptide WiFi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650M PG Riptide 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650E Taichi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650E Steel Legend WiFi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650E PG-ITX WiFi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650E PG Riptide WiFi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650 Pro RS 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650 PG Lightning 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
B650 LiveMixer 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Motherboard Version Build Date Release Date Download
A620M-HDV/M.2+ 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
A620M-HDV/M.2 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
A620M Pro RS WiFi 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
A620M Pro RS 1.24 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Update AGESA to ComboAM5 Optimized UEFI setup settings
Motherboard Version Build Date Release Date Download
Z790 LiveMixer 8.05 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 PG Lightning 6.08 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 PG Riptide 7.06 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 PG SONIC 6.06 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 PG-ITX/TB4 6.04 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 Pro RS 7.04 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 Pro RS WiFi 5.04 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 Pro RS/D4 6.06 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Z790 Steel Legend WiFi 8.05 05/23/2023 05/30/2023 Download
Updated Intel microcode Support for 48/24GB DDR5 memory modules Optimized processor settings Improved memory compatibility 
Feedback Found a bug or an Issue and want to report it or just want to leave feedback? Do it here!
DISCLAIMER We're not responsible for any damage on your board! Flashing a new BIOS does always have its risks!
Previous Posts Link to all Previous Weeks
Social Media ASRock > Twitter ASRock > Discord u/CornFlakes1991 > Twitter
INFORMATION If a Beta-BIOS becomes unavailable, there is a high chance that you can find it on our Wiki!
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