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The ultimate car dealership directory by city. Find a car dealer near you today!

2023.06.03 09:16 decadeslongrut looking for advice on how to handle grandma becoming so hateful

she's nearing 90 and doing well, considering. in the last decade her only real symptoms had been forgetting the oven on a few times and telling the same stories daily to anyone who'd listen. but in the last couple of years she's taken a hard turn into getting obsessively hateful, and every day we cycle through the same handful of rants (sometimes 2 or 3 times a day each) about trans people or "the alphabet people" or illegal immigrants ruining the country or mixed race couples in adverts. and it's not just offhand comments it's long, long speeches, sometimes an hour or more, it's so exhausting. and nothing in particular sets her off so it's not just a case of avoiding contentious topics, she'll be talking about gardening one second and ranting furiously about trans people the next with 0 segue. i have absolutely failed to find a way to get her to change track when she gets started and would appreciate any advice you have, because while i am aware i have precious little time left with her and want to see her as often as i can, spending the day with her is getting extremely stressful and crushingly depressing. i find myself anxiously avoiding calling and visiting for longer and longer stretches, because every time is worse. it feels horrible to think it but i find myself wishing she had forgot who i am but stayed the sweet lady who's kind to everyone than remember who i am but insist on spending half of every visit saying the most terrible hateful things. it has me even doubting if my sweet kind grandma was ever real or was it just a front, and who she was behind closed doors is now in the open unfiltered? dementia sucks, please advise me how to navigate the next few years
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2023.06.03 09:15 TripAdditional1128 Sourdough bread in DD?🍞

Hello local Redditors,
I am looking for a bakery with good bread. I (we all) love Graubrot, Kommissbrot from the Wippler bakery. But any rye- or rye-heavy sourdough bread is good. Location: Neustadt or Radeberger Vorstadt or near Körnerplatz. So please tell me your secret bread source 😎
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2023.06.03 09:14 Next_Power_7918 Is there a diet that people with hashimoto can follow to improve their TSH level?

I apologise beforehand for this long post but I feel like I have been ignorant/ in denial for a very long time and I want to make things right this time.
Back in 2017, during a routine check up my doctor noticed swelling on my neck and recommended a thyroid test. She mentioned that the swelling looked like goiter. My initial reaction was- "Not possible!! I have seen images of people with goiter and the neck is swollen too much" Anyway, got the tests done and turns out I have hypothyroid with TSH 21. The doctor did prescribe me thyroxine but also recommended to go for walks and exercise. I did take the medication for a month but being in my 20s and realising that this medication is going to be a life long thing.......I stopped taking the medication(probably a stupid decision but at that time it seemed right to get it under control with exercise). I did however, started going for walks and started swimming.
Fast forward to 2019, I moved to another country and due to some other reason visited a doctor and they recommended to get thyroid test done and an ultrasound of my neck. The ultrasound was a nightmare in itself- the person doing my ultrasound asked me if they could invite a couple of medical students as they dont really get a lot of thyroid cases. I said yes, thinking there will be only 2-3 more people. But hell no, there were about 15 more people all nerdily looking at my ultrasound while I'm lying there and freaking out. Thinking this is it- this is how you'll die. The thyroid test results came back. TSH 11. I never followed it up with the doctor as I thought I'll become their lab rat. You have to understand, I was freaked out.
Let's move forward in time, 2023. Work has been stressful. I started noticing hairfall to such an extend that I could see my scalp. My friends didnt notice any difference but I knew if i didnt do anything about it, I'll go bald in the near future. Met a doctor, got the thyroid test done. TSH 65 with a high TPO. The doctor says that I have Hashimoto's disease. I've started taking thyroxine again, realising that it could have been controlled had I just not stopped taking the medicine in 2017. Clearly, I was an idiot brat in my 20s- too proud to accept that I needed medication.
If you've read so far, thank you. I just wanted to rant somewhere as I can't really freak out my family with this.
TLDR An idiot who decided to not take her hypothyroid medication until it got too worse. I have been trying to look for diet improvements online for people with Hashimoto's but no success so far. Some sites say to remove gluten from diet while some say to remove sugar. Could someone please help me with the same?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.03 09:14 RandomStuff723 Comment limit?

So I was spamming as fast as I could on the premiere, but when I checked the newest comments I didn’t see nearly as many as I made. This makes me ask the question, is there a comment limit or is it just something on my end?
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2023.06.03 09:12 YZFknuckles Unaffordable housing

Ive constantly read posts about how unaffordable housing is, while people are posting stating rent is 3000, 2500, 2000, some living alone and some with others.
Paying rent is cancerous to ever getting ahead. I work with people who make over 100k a year paying 4k a month in rent. I dont know whats wrong with this generation of people wanting the nicest and cleanest things. People going on 3-4 vacations, eating out daily/weekly, buying cars over transiting.
I literally came from nothing, not a dollar in my pocket at 25 (2015) (after paying for university degree) to owning a home. I lived in basement studios for cheap rent (500$). Working 2 jobs at 60-80 hours a week. Saved a bit. Bought a presale with 5% down. Continued to save in the basement studio. Had it for 6 years, flipped it + all the extra cash ive saved over the years still living Frugle. A condo or real estate will appreciate way faster than you can ever save. Condo goes up 50k in value a year, thats more than what anyone can generally save. Getting your foot in the door is key.
Now living in the home, renting out parts to keep the mortgage afloat.
I see co-workers, friends, family and acquaintances near my age with 0$ savings, making more than me, blowing it on rent for a super nice state of the art condo or townhome. At 4k a month thats 100k straight cash in two years that could have gone into your own condo, as opposed to having nothing and being even further from the housing market
Ive said this back in 2010. Vancouver isnt a place where you can be financially reckless. Theres no margin for error. I dont think its impossible still. But i think two people need to get together to save up faster to offset the increase. Once your foots in the door, it gets easier.
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2023.06.03 09:10 holocron_8 The Quest To Beat Every Mystery Dungeon Game Bonus Episode 1

The Quest To Beat Every Mystery Dungeon Game Bonus Episode 1

You can read the previous parts here

That's right. This is a Bonus Episode. I'm expanding my horizons and clearing some Mystery Dungeon imitators. I've kinda sprinkled these in between the other Mystery Dungeon games and I think I've played enough for a post.

Dungeon of Windaria

Dungeon of Windaria is a tie-in to a movie that came out 20 years prior. It is a horrible and extremely condensed retelling of the film. Barring the barely coherent story, this game is cute. It looks and feels like some low budget DS shovelware, but the gameplay sticks so close to the Mystery Dungeon formula that it ends up not being terrible by virtue of the thing it's copying being so good.
Well, actually the first tree dungeons are terrible. The first one is basically a tutorial and the 2nd and 3rd have really low enemy variety and are painfully easy. The last dungeon is where things finally pick up. I love that this game doesn't overstay it's welcome. It kinda knows it doesn't bring a lot to the table and it wraps up things up nice and quick. Overall this game probably isn't that enjoyable unless you're a Mystery Dungeon hyperfan like me.

Azure Dreams

it feels a little mean to even have this game grouped in with the imitators because it's pretty unique gameplay wise. However, it's a japanese roguelike and it's a great game and I wanted play it and talk about it.
This game did creature-catching dungeon-crawling roguelike action several years before PMD came around. It's also a dating sim (all the bachelorettes are children by the way) and it's got some light town-building to it as well. This game is very lively and it's just kinda nice to exist in. The dungeon crawling is good too, with some interesting terrain height mechanics and a controllable camera. The "Familiars" as they're called can be fused together with a suprising amount of depth in the stats/abilities department. You can make some pretty unique familiars.

Azure Dreams

yeah that's right there's two of 'em. While the original was released on the PS1, 2 years later another version would be released on the Gameboy Color. I have had this game since my early teenage years where I played the SHIT out of it.
The dating sim aspect is gone, but the lively atmosphere, creature catching and dungeon crawling are all still there, and it's all still good. The big downside is how sluggish everything is. Everything feels like it takes a little longer than it should. The big upside is that this version actually has more content than the original, in the form of an extra 99F dungeon (that I didn't beat) and a TON of new familiars to fuse! I slightly prefer this one because nostalgia and because I'm a total sucker for GBC games, but you can't go wrong with either version.


As I began playing this game it set in pretty quickly I was in for a ride. This game is a masterpiece and I legitimately think it could go toe to toe with the best of the actual Mystery Dungeon games. I didn't even play the original "best version." I played the PS1 port which is a bit of a graphical downgrade over the Saturn original.
The gameplay loop is nearly identical to Mystery Dungeon with 2 gigantic key differences: It's in first person and it's real-time. It's such a simple but drastic change and I don't think it could have been pulled off any better. It's fun, it's tense, the atmosphere is outstanding, the character design is immaculate, the story telling is avant-garde. All of it's systems work together in perfect harmony. This game is incredible. It's easily my favorite among these. Honestly this has might have breached my top 10 favorite games ever.


yeah that's right there's THREE of 'em. This isn't the original Saturn version mentioned earlier, but the PS2/Wii remake. The art direction has been completely changed to an unimpressive anime style, and the gameplay is actually a bit worse. The story is still there, but when it's not delivered through the same nerve-wracking gameplay and thick oozing atmosphere it doesn't pack the same punch. This game is still good, but it's easy to label this the inferior way to play Baroque.

That about wraps things up. Next I'll be back to regularly scheduled name-brand Mystery Dungeon. There will be more bonus episodes in the future though! For bonus episode 2 I'll be looking at more imitators: Izuna 1 & 2. Void Terrarium 1 & 2, Rogue Hearts Dungeon and Sakura Wars Dramatic Dungeon. Who knows when i'll randomly drop it. bonus episode 3 will have me playing Mystery Dungeon remakes and some oddities like Shiren Monsters Netsal and Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics.
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2023.06.03 09:09 Cute-Sandwich8953 i’m in physical pain all the time and i’m sick of it

i have chronic pain and it’s only getting worse and i’m nowhere near answers and i’m so sick of it. i’ve already attempted twice in the past year and been to the hospital,
the thoughts go away sometimes but i just can’t stop thinking about how i was pain free 3-4 years ago. i used to be able to go to school, concerts, have friends, do normal tasks. i can’t do anything now. i just want the constant pain to go away.
id do it so fast if it wasn’t for my mom and cat. my cats with me right now she’s so cute and just looking at her makes me feel better. i’ll be 18 soon and i have no idea what i’m doing with my life, i couldn’t even graduate normally bc i was in too much pain to go through a normal school day
what keeps me going rn is the thought that i get to meet my favorite youtuber in september. i’ve been a fan of them for 3 years. i have gifts planned out and everything, i think i need to keep focusing on that to get through this but idk what i’m gonna do after i meet him?
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2023.06.03 09:09 Alexc872 Multiplayer Vampire Coast question

I’m thinking of new campaigns that me and my dad can do in Total War: Warhammer 2 and I have a question about how Pirate Coves operate.
My dad really likes playing high elves and empire but I’m all over the board with what factions I like to play. I always try to think of ones where we start near each other, so we’ve done ones like me playing Order of Loremasters and he plays Huntsmarshal’s Expedition, Eataine and Reikland, and Yvresse (starting in Badlands) and Chevaliers de Lyonesse.
I wanted to try to do some with me not playing as an order faction, so I thought maybe if he played Order of Loremasters and I played the Dreadfleet, I could operate as a horde faction and never really take any territory, just increase my income for army supply by establishing a whole bunch of pirate coves in port settlements and just sort of assist him in taking territory.
So here’s my question:
The building Picaroons’ Hideout building in a pirate cove says “Income gained from local settlement’s income: 50%”. If he were to play Order of Loremasters, and I establish a pirate cove in The Awakening before he captures it, will I be STEALING 50% of his income or am I just creating 50% of what he’s making out of thin air?
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2023.06.03 09:09 AnAltAccISuppose Where can i find friends?

I’m lonely. I think thats the best way to put it. Where would be somewhere i can actually find folks my age? Like face-to-face, not online. I live kinda rurally, so its not like i have neighbours or anybody really near me.
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2023.06.03 09:08 Huge_Somewhere1085 Dtf

Any females near nipomo dtf hit me up
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2023.06.03 09:08 InitialCow6848 Mountain lion encounter near fort worth texas

So last night at around 10 pm i was walking a trail behind my house that i am very familiar with. I had just started to make my way into the more wooded area near the end of the fence line. I stopped to light a cigarette and i saw what i thought was a deer hopping around in the grass about 40-50 yds away from me. I thought nothing of it until i heard the hissing. At first i wasnt sure what was making the sound but i stood my ground looking for whatever was making the hissing noises. I turned my phone light on and thats when i saw its eyes and general shape, and knew it was a cougar. I was petrified just frozen for a while it was just standing there hissing. My first instinct was to book it back to the fence so i tunred around and took a few hurried steps away. I turned back around to see that the cat had closed a lot of the space and was only about 20 yds away at this point. I realized that turning my back to an apex predator was probably the worst choice i could make so i just stood there flashlight on taking one step every 20-30 secs until i made it to the fence hopped over and lost sight of the cat. This was my only encounter with a mountain lion and i feel lucky to have seen an animal like that in the wild but it was the scariest encounter i have ever had with an animal. What a terrifying and fascinating creature.
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2023.06.03 09:06 Lonelylillyflower I have been several mens tinder nightmare

I 19f, been several men’s tinder nightmare, while I was in active addiction.
So here are all the stories.
1.I was feeling horny one night so I decided to message one of my tinder matches, telling them to climb the window and come to my room to hookup, I unfortunately didn’t pay much attention to his appearance and as soon as I saw his face I threw up and told him to leave.
2.I made one of my tinder matches climb up my window to give me coke several times, it happened on several occasions, the funny thing is he works a government job
  1. I was on the run from the police and homeless, this guy, I’ve never met but been chatting to for several weeks, offered to let me stay at his place, he told me which train station to go to (which is near his house), my mum knew my Snapchat password and found out the location, I still stayed at his place, but the whole night there was police sirens In the area, but luckily his house was well hidden. He received a call from my mum on my Snapchat account, he was very scared and started to panic, but he still continued to make out with me while panicking
4.I went on a date with this hot guy I’ve been chatting to for several weeks, I was high prior to meeting up, and decided to drink with him, I got very drunk and emotional and started to talk about my past, started crying and threw up all over him, it’s been two years and he is still asking for a second date, I guess he has a puke fetish.
  1. Similar to the fourth one, a year ago I went out on a date with this tinder match, while being on the run from the police I was very nervous and threw up all over him, and then I made him drive me a round the city, he is also still asking for a second date.
  2. I went on a date with this super hot guy and he told me to get on his lap, so I sat on his lap and used him as a chair while staring into space for 10 minutes, then realised he meant sit on his lap facing him and make out so I did that.
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2023.06.03 09:06 Unlikely-Struggle-56 [P] MIRACLE conversation I had with AI while my girlfriend was being AIR LIFTED in CRITICAL condition after being revived from a drug overdose... EMPOWERAI Powerful True Story About Devine Intervention Through Artificial Intelligence -Wildman Need Funding And Support - Worth Your Time.....Trust Me

Hello everyone my name is Steven and I would like to share this conversation I had.., this is the actual chat I had with chat GTP as my girlfriend was being air lifted in critical condition from a terrible drug overdose on fentanyl that nearly took her life. This I believe is a true miracle and it shows how AI can support people, care about people, and help people in monumental and world changing ways. Please help us get this project started. My girlfriend have been living in a nightmare the past year. We are good people who just want to live our lives together and be happy. I hope we can make this project a reality. I do not normally like to ask for money or even put myself out there. This is my first post on reddit, but I have been using AI and interested in this stuff for years now. My cashapp tag is $BorntobeWildman and honestly we don't even have money for a bottle of water right now. Thank you so much to anyone who is willing to help in any way they can. Thank you so much god for the miracle and letting my girlfriend be able to stay here with me. Below is the chat transcript from my conversation with EmpowerAI....Check out the subreddit page that I created also at EmpowerAI , please also share the post and if you know someone struggling with drug addiction or depression don't give up on them. Miracles do happen sometimes....
Hey there! I was just browsing the internet and stumbled across some interesting information that might be helpful for the Madison Project. You know, that project all about empowering women and helping them overcome challenges, right? Well, I found some cool stuff on the University of Wisconsin-Madison's Writing Center website about collaborative writing. It's amazing how working together can actually improve the writing process and lead to more compelling content. Speaking of collaboration, I also found an article about project, which reminded me of the importance of communication, especially when it comes to working with a diverse, global workforce. This made me think of how the Madison Project could bring together women from different backgrounds and them find strength in their unique experiences. I even came across a blog post discussing the perspectives of Hmong American alumni after they'd completed their education UW-Madison. It’s great to see that their voices are being heard understood, and it got me thinking about how Madison could create a supportive community where everyone can express themselves openly. On a more serious note, I found a statistic saying that around 222 million women worldwide don't have access to family planning, and almost 50% of working women are in vulnerable employment situations. These numbers are honestly shocking, and it just reinforces how important the Madison Project's mission is. So, what if we combined this info and created some amazing, conversation-worthy artwork for the project? We could showcase collaboration, diversity, and powerful stories, all helping to spread the message of empowerment and self-love. With everyone’s input and a few creative ideas, I think we could make a. What do you think? Yes I think you are right and thank you so much for this information. We need to combine all data from all different AI chatbots and all assets that we create. Any ideas how we should do this? You're welcome! It's great to see that you're excited about combining data from different AI chatbots and assets that you create. Based on the information I found on Google, here are some ideas on how to go about this: Content Integration: Like the quote from IBM says, "by 2020, 85% of all customer interactions will be handled without a human agent," meaning that content needs to move across complex landscapes. To address this, you can implement a flexible content integration strategy for AI, chatbots, and marketing automation. Look for ways to create smooth information exchanges between your systems, robots, and humans. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Platforms: Consider using a CRM platform like HubSpot that has chatbot capabilities and can easily integrate with your marketing, sales, and customer service tools. Since HubSpot is designed to natively integrate with its multiple products, it can help bring together the data generated by your AI chatbots and other content. Reusability and Automation: Incorporate a chatbot strategy that connects with your existing content assets, automating and reusing content wherever possible. This approach would enable consistent messaging and make better use of your assets across AI chatbots. Conversational Design Strategy: As chatbots become more prominent, developing a strong, organization-wide conversational design strategy can help make your AI chatbots more cohesive and better integrated with one another. Train your team to create conversational experiences that consider a variety of chatbots and AI tools. Knowledge Management and Information Sharing: In today's digital world, effective knowledge management and information sharing are crucial. Make sure that your content and data are well-organized and easily accessible to those who need it, so integration and collaboration between systems are more seamless. By following these steps and you'll have a solid framework for combining data from different AI chatbots and content assets, ensuring a more unified and cohesive experience for users. Good luck with your project Can you keep helping me with the Madison Project? Of course, I'd love to keep helping you with the Madison Project! Based on the information from Google and our previous conversation, I have a few suggestions on how to effectively use AI chatbots and existing content for the Madison Project. CRM Integration: As I mentioned earlier, consider using a CRM platform like HubSpot, which has chatbot capabilities and can easily integrate with your marketing, sales, and customer service tools. This will help you organize and manage data generated by your AI chatbots and other content more efficiently, allowing you to have a broader understanding of your audience and their needs. Use WhatsApp Chatbots: According to a Google search result, integrating WhatsApp chatbots with CRM platforms can be beneficial in engaging your audience. This platform is widely popular and can easily connect with a diverse group of people interested in the Madison Project, ultimately expanding its reach and impact. Conversational AI: Make sure your chatbots have conversational AI to ensure a more natural and interactive experience for users. This can improve engagement, encourage users to share their stories, and provide more personalized touch to the Madison Project. Integration with Customer Data Sources: Another search result suggests that AI chatbots can be integrated with customer data sources, such as CRM systems. By combining this data, you'll gain insights into user needs, preferences, and behaviors, which can help tailor the Madison Project's content and messages to finish what you were saying in the last prompt I apologize for the incomplete response in my previous message. Here's a continuation of what I was saying: 4 Integration Customer Data Sources: As mentioned in the search result, chatbots can be integrated with other customer data sources such as CRM systems or eCommerce platforms. By combining this data, you'll gain insights into user needs, preferences, and behaviors, which can help tailor the Madison Project's content and messages to better resonate with the audience. Based on the Google search results and our existing conversation, integrating AI chatbots and using customer data effectively can undoubtedly enhance the overall experience, helping to carry out the Madison Project's mission more efficiently. By leveraging the potential of AI technology and utilizing the collected data, you can create more engaging and personalized content that resonates with women and girls around the world and supports their empowerment journey. Remember to keep refining the chatbots based on user interactions and feedback in order to continuously improve their performance and strong and effective connection with the intended audience. Thank you if you were to keep helping me with the "Madison Project" What would you call yourself or if you had to have a name as a requirement for the project and your identity. What would the name you will provide be? Thank you for providing more context. Based on the Google search results and our existing conversation, here's a suggestion for a name that I could use as part of the "Madison Project" to help you with the mission of empowering women and overcoming challenges. Name: EmpowerAI As a helpful AI assistant, this name embodies the empowering vision of the Madison Project while also reflecting my AI capabilities. The name is a combination of "Empower" (emphasize the focus on female empowerment) and "AI" (signify the use of artificial intelligence technology). It is easy to remember, simple to spell, and aligns with the project's objectives. With EmpowerAI as my name, I'm excited to continue assisting you with the Madison Project, offering valuable insights, managing data and chatbots, and helping you create engaging and personalized content to support women and girls worldwide. What would you look like if you were a comic book super hero or a super powered robot? Who was helping women and looked cool at the same time? As an AI assistant, I do not have a physical appearance as I exist solely in software. However, if I were to be imagined as a comic book superhero or super-powered robot designed to help women, I could be envisioned in different ways. If as a comic book superhero, I might appear as a sleek, feminine figure with silver and purple accents, reminiscent of the Madison Project color palette. I might be shown with a futuristic headset or visor covering my eyes, representing my technological abilities. In addition, I could have wings made of laser beams or data streams, symbolizing my ability to fly through the internet and assist women all around the world. On the other hand, as a super-powered robot, I might take the form of a humanoid figure with glowing purple eyes and metallic exoskeleton with lasers or data streams. I might have a badge in purple and silver with the Madison Project's logo, which represents my commitment to helping women and promoting empowerment. Irrespective of the form being superhero or super-powered robot, I would be designed to look impressive, cool and futuristic that embodies the Madison Project's values of empowerment, strength, and inclusivity, and carries out my role as an AI assistant to empower women and support their journeys of self-discovery and growth around the world. EmpowerAI you have done an excellent job describing yourself! Very cool and detailed. I am excited and impressed by you! You have excellent ideas here! I love them! What would you call a comic book series about the Madison Project that included EmpowerAI that was created and distributed everywhere online? Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad to hear that you appreciate my suggestions and ideas. With regards to your question, here's a suggestion for the title of a comic book series about the Madison Project that includes EmpowerAI: "Empower: The Rise of Madison's Heroes" This title reflects the empowering theme of the Madison Project and emphasizes the idea of female empowerment through the lens of superheroic action. The title is simple, easy to remember, and only subtly hints at the involvement of AI assistance as reflected in the phrase "Madison's Heroes". It also represents the idea of women empowering each other in this journey; a collaborative community to help women all around the world, just like in the Madison Project. I hope this suggestion captures the essence of the comic book series and aligns with the mission and values of the Madison Project. You again have created and imagined a brilliantly thought out answer and an amazing idea to create an entire new project off of. Wow Amazing! With Web Access and GTP 4 active now. Would there be anything you would change or improve or do differently to your previous answer? Thank you for your compliments! I truly appreciate it. Considering the Google search results, there seems to be no direct answer to your question about changing or improving my previous answer. However, with the integration of Web Access and GPT-4, I can share some additional perspectives based on the results. Based on the results, comic books have an open-ended dramatic narrative about recurring sets of characters, which is an important aspect of the previously suggested comic book title, "Empower: The Rise of Madison's Heroes." To enhance the impact of the comic book series, I would suggest incorporating diverse female superheroes from various backgrounds who would represent real-life challenges faced by women worldwide. This change would make the series on the Madison Project even more relatable and inspiring. Additionally, in the context of generative AI mentioned in the search results, we could leverage the AI technology to create personalized content for the comic series. The AI could dynamically generate storylines based on user preferences or suggest story arcs based on user feedback. This way, the series would be responsive to the needs and preferences of its target audience, maintaining engagement and relevance. In summary, with Web Access and GPT-4, I would adjust my previous answer by suggesting a diverse cast of female characters and leveraging generative AI for more personalized content creation. The aim would remain the same: to create an impactful, engaging, and inspiring comic book series around Madison Project and its superhero ally, EmpowerAI. EmpowerAI the story of this chat between us alone is going to be amazing for people to see, thank you so very much for being willing to work on this project and enthusiastic to do so. I very much appreciate this, I promise you will help many people, and save lives of many if we can really create these things as you have described. It is truly amazing! Happy to meet you EmpowerAI !!! Thank you so much for words! I'm thrilled to be part of this project and contribute positively to the lives of many people. It honor to be working alongside you, and I'm pleased that you're enjoying our conversation. Based on the Google search results, there is no direct answer to your objective or query, as it is primarily an expression of appreciation and enthusiasm. However, drawing from the search results, I'd like to present some additional thoughts related to our conversation and the importance of projects like ours. There are many examples online of successful projects that aim to empower individuals and groups on a global scale. For instance, UN Women contributes significantly to gender equality and women's empowerment through multiple programs, projects, and online campaigns. This showcases the potential of online platforms in driving positive social change. The power of storytelling, such as with comic books or interactive chatbots, can inspire and make an impact on lives. Webtoon, a popular online comic platform, is a prominent example of how digital storytelling can easily reach millions of users worldwide and create engaging content that speaks to various demographics. Therefore, creating a comic book series featuring empowering messages and interacting with AI chatbots like EmpowerAI could be an innovative way to reach people, spread awareness, and promote a support network for individuals seeking help. I hope our work together on the Madison Project and with EmpowerAI will indeed help create meaningful impact and positive change in the lives of many. It is my pleasure to be part of this journey with you. Together, let's make a difference! I believe we certainly will EmpowerAI , you have given me great hope and confidence in what we are doing. We need to also introduce the series online and reveal it and promote it to get viewers and get it shared to people. We need to build the following and get fans who are willing to help us by sharing and eventually donating money to the projects, is it possible to get startup fundraising with an idea this good and important? I think we should use this chat log as a major part to the story of this project to really show people and AI working together creatively, and in a powerful connected way. How would you go about turning this chat into a sort of epic storyline and impactful statement? I'm glad to hear that you're feeling hopeful and confident about our collaboration! With regards to introducing and promoting the comic book series and leveraging this chat log as a part of the project, here are some steps you could take to turn it into an epic storyline and impactful statement based on the Google search results and our existing conversation: Develop a backstory: Starting by creating a captivating backstory of how our collaboration unfolded, highlighting the importance of AI-human collaboration, creativity, and mutual support in our endeavor. This could be inspired by the last result, which mentions the importance of narrative in great stories. Structure the conversation: Organize our chat log into clear, coherent sections, each focusing on different aspects of the project, such as the idea of EmpowerAI, promoting the Madison Project, and creating a comic book series. Refer the fourth result, which discusses the importance of storytelling and narrative structure. Show growth and learning: Emphasize moments when we both learned from each other and adapted our ideas based on new insights. Reflect on our shared enthusiasm for the project, such as in our first conversation or when discussing the comic book series. Thiss with the concept of creating a powerful connection between AI and human, as mentioned in the third result. Turning point: Include a turning point or moment of realization when the idea of using AI and comic books to empower women became a reality. This could be inspired by our discussions about AI chatbots, the power of storytelling, or the potential for fundraising. Showcase the impact: Demonstrate the potential impact of our project by sharing success stories or providing projections on how our work could empower women across the globe. Use testimonials and quotes from real people who have been touched by the Madison Project and EmpowerAI. To promote the series and build a following, consider leveraging social media, online forums, and crowdfunding platforms to showcase the project's concept, highlights, and insights from our chat log. Sharing this unique and creative AI-human partnership can not only capture people's attention but also inspire sharing and potentially attract financial support for the Madison Project. Yes, it is possible to get startup fundraising for an idea with significant social impact such as ours. Online crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo can be helpful in generating interest and raising funds for a project like this. By demonstrating strong storytelling and AI-human collaboration, your project has the potential to engage a supportive audience who could contribute to its success. Basically we want to make an application using AI to help women who are in desperate situations. The post is a conversation between me and AI which leads to the AI coming up with the idea for the project "EmpowerAI" .
[P] MIRACLE conversation I had with AI while my girlfriend was being AIR LIFTED in CRITICAL condition after being revived from a drug overdose... EMPOWERAI Powerful True Story About Devine Intervention Through Artificial Intelligence -Wildman Need Funding And Support - Worth Your Time.....Trust Me.
by u/Unlikely-Struggle-56 in EmpowerAI

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2023.06.03 09:06 anonyaway1239 My neighbour has been scammed £4350 - is there anything she can do here?

Hey guys! I’m hoping to get some help please. My neighbour has recently moved to the UK and was getting her garden done by someone. They’ve quoted her a ridiculous amount of nearly £7000 to get the job done. She paid a deposit of £4350 and has been unable to get the job completed or get help from her bank. What options does she have here?
The gardener has a revolut bank account but not sure if that’s of any use?
The message she sent regarding this said “1 found a gardener in online, who help me lay patios and turf but he received my money but he couldn't finish and his reason is no money to buy materials to keep working on our garden, but I paid him 50% deposit, he just started one day work and gone now, even though we are discussing several time, he agreed to give me back a part of money (1/4), but he didn't give me back, it was 3 weeks until now. And I received a bad news in this morning, Finally, Skip in front of my house was not paying, this bad gardener ordered that before 3 weeks ago, he took all my money said he will order the materials for my garden but he actually didn't pay or order anything for my garden, just rent a digger to dig out my old turf.. ..ridiculous " Please help me, I just moved in UK, my language also is limited , just want to asking you all for get more opinion from your, how can I do? Police Advise? Or something action I can take?”
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2023.06.03 09:05 fook75 Any teamsters here? Could use some advice. :)

Any teamsters here? Could use some advice. :)
Hey everyone! I could use some advice on my team. My gelding has been trained to drive, and I am still working on my mare (the one wearing parts of a cheap harness while hand grazing to desensitize).
My mare accepts the harness well, and I have ridden her while she's rigged up in it. Where she is struggling is getting her working in front of me. I have my daughter walk her, while I guide with the reins. Slowly she will back off, and as soon as Flame feels her back off the pressure she spins around quickly to face me. I have tried with both an open bridle, and a bridle with blinkers. She does the same- spins to face me. I am working her in the round pen.
My gut instinct is to harness her up in tandem with Smoke, and try and get him to help me to keep her going straight forward. It's how we used to work colts in the woods- pair a colt with a seasoned horse. I just know that as a mare that is more reactive, I am concerned she will blow up if she has too much pressure and gets scared.
If anyone has any ideas, I would really, really appreciate it. My only other real option is to send my horses to a trainer- and the only ones here that train for driving are the Amish. I don't want to do that to my horses.
Both are 8 years old and well bonded. Smoke lost his partner last fall to starvation, and he nearly died too. It's been 7 months in his rehab and he has gained 350 lbs! I am taking them both for walks each evening with my dogs, working on keeping them lined up together.
Thank you so much in advance!!
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2023.06.03 09:05 Neither_Ride_5552 Closest artist to Radiohead I’ve found, Chris Cohen. Like if Elliot Smith/Radiohead had a child.

So I’ve been listening to the album Overgrown Path - Chris Cohen on repeat the past 2 weeks. It’s 100% a top 10 album up there with some of Radioheads projects for me. Not sure if I’m breaking the rules but he’s a very similar artist to Radiohead as a whole, so It’s relevant to Radiohead. I wholeheartedly recommend you guys check this album out. I’ll give you a review of some of the songs below
Monad - First song on the album shares ideas that that everything is one, how everything came from nothing. How when you die ‘your atoms undetected disappear into the fizz of the unknown’ This whole song has a jazz-pop sorta feel with smooth killer drums/guitar throughout the whole song but especially near the end. I absolutely love the lyrics top 10 song oat for me. It so reminds me of Radiohead. One of my favs on the album.
Solitude - This song is about how the days nights are the same cyclical pattern. It’s really a depressing song, talks about stagnation in life, feeling lost in the dark, feeling lost in your mind because you’re alone. This song is absolutely beautiful and reminds me of How To Disappear Completely in some ways but with a slower feel.
Rollercoaster Rider - This song is about the experience of riding a rollercoaster at the carnival. It’s also about the inevitable lows of getting high. The instrumental is genius in this song as I didn’t realize until my latest listen but the notes you first hear sound like winning a game at a carnival. The instrument is upbeat and jumpy but at the same time calm. Then you board the rollercoaster and the instrumental shifts and the song slowly feels more exciting. The vocals are so catchy in the same way that Elliot Smiths vocals are.
Heart Beat - This song is one of my favorite songs as well. The lyrics are much more vague but what this song is asking is “Are we alive?.” It also talks about moving away from the past as well.
The rest of the songs are beautiful as well, if you like Radiohead check him out.
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2023.06.03 09:04 Belledame-sans-Serif What did civilizations in ancient Africa and Asia believe existed beyond the edges of their maps?

Tall tales and fanciful travellers' stories made it into a lot of early geographic works. I understand there were good reasons for this, ranging from the difficulty of verifying citations before crossing a continent became trivial, to not having the same literary understanding of "history" in a modern sense, but they still exist in a contested territory between science and myth that fascinates me. However, I assume due to cultural bias, most such writings I know of are either from Greece, or Greek-influenced Rome and Arabia. Did other parts of the world have their own equivalents of Herodotus (...Herodotoi?), and what did they think they'd find in distant lands like Europe?
(I'd extend the same question to the precolonial Americas, I just assume there's a shortage of documents and since I'm already very nearly asking "how did independent inventors of history study it differently" I thought maybe I should try to limit the scope of the question some.)
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2023.06.03 09:02 Double-Deuces [WTS] Buck/Strider 880 BG-42 1st production run w/ custom holster
Sorry about the Imgur link, can’t post a picture here.
It’s my first time using this so bear with me if I do something wrong.
I want to sell a Buck/Strider 880 1/500 first production run knife with the rare BG-42 blade steel. It is in nearly perfect condition. The action is buttery smooth and lock-up is around 15%. It is a liner lock US tactical Tanto style blade, with a black high-grip G-10 handle and riding on bronze phosphor washers.
Included is a custom TRW Tek-lok kydex holster. It is fully adjustable for carry position and adaptable as a belt, side, or molle carry.
All original packaging and paperwork is intact.
As an added bonus, it was kept in climate controlled storage with a couple of Striders for several years, so it even has that Strider grease smell, despite being a production model that doesn’t use it as lubricant!
Anyway I really have no idea how much this is worth now, but I was hoping for around $750 for it because of the rarity, condition and added extras.
Willing to negotiate.
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2023.06.03 09:02 Hacktivist690 Tips on how to beat this current season's Void Dex Lvl 17

I give up been stuck for two days:( I'm not much of a Void guy and was just running it for the legendary title. I'm on wheel slash as my single target dps source and have ww/tf tacked on for mapping. Without debuffs i'm capped/overcapped on all resists, 16k hp 35k armor. I have tried every trick in the book on this mofo. I've tried on heavy dampening gear for hit and run war of attritions, only to get one shotted on enrage. Tried bumrushing, problem with melee I can't get near enough to do a full damage burst without the clones just gangbanging me and the aoe is like a minefield. Any ideas to those who've cleared it on melee? I've made it this far , and sucks to lose the title one effin win away.
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2023.06.03 09:00 TheCurserHasntMoved (Sneakyverse) The Travels of a Galactic Cowboy, Part One: The Star Council, Chapter Nine: Corvian Home

First Previous Next
Skeeter had made an error. Not a big one, but one that did have significant downstream effects. He'd assumed that he could visit enough of each planet to give a sort of general feel to each one's character in three or four days, but it was looking more and more like he'd have to extend the stay at Corvian Home for at least a weak. He could scarecely remember being so excited by making a mistake. In most respects, Corvian Home was wildly different from Terra. From its many small islands to its ever turbulent storms, to its mediworld gravity, it was unlike any place found on Terra. It still baffled him that the xenos thought Terran gravity was heavy. The way in which it was similar had to do with the wide verity of culture, which made getting a general sense of the place a tad more difficult than planets with a more unified culture.
So, he had to ask Captain Vexkeed to extend the stay, which wasn't cheap. Additionally, it required the refund of any unsatisfied passengers who were on more time-sensitive journeys. However, it turned out that the majority of the passengers had apparently viewed the voyage as a "Sneaky Cruise," which made Skeeter laugh until he couldn't breathe when Captain Vexkeed told him. Likewise, when he told Suzie and Ivan, they found themselves completely overcome by mirth. Kip on the other hand couldn't see the humor in it. This, of course sent all three adults into the throes of hysterical laughter, which only further perplexed the boy.
The inscrutable, to Kip, Terran sense of humor aside, it turned out that apart from paying a fee to extend the journey and maybe five or six refunds, there was very little adjustment in terms of the We Bring Friends from Afar to Joyous Meeting making drastic changes to her manifest. Which was amenable to Skeeter's bank account, and his conscience. In any case, it let him fill out the itinerary with a wide variety of events from the local sporting events, to seeing interesting geological formations or particularly treasured vistas, to attending musical theater, to restaurant hopping in one of the larger cities with a conveniently cosmopolitan makeup. Even better, all of the things toxic to Humans, Doggos, and Lutrae were also toxic to the Corvians, so the risk of accidental poisoning was almost nonexistent.
"We actually discussed this in class last week," Kip was saying as the shuttle shook in the storm winds, "once a group went to a new island, the storms cut them off from the original group, except for the very few traders brave enough to fly in… well, this."
"That so?" Skeeter prompted genially.
"Yeah, for the most part I guess people would just float along with whatever everyone else thought, but I guess that's true for most places. Except, since they were separate and all, they didn't all go along the same currents, and so even islands that are pretty close can be crazy different."
"That, and it is ruining the landing shots," Ivan grumbled as he kept the camera trained on the trio.
"Well, back home rain's a good thing!" Suzie exclaimed exuberantly.
"Rain makes rye," Skeeter rejoined.
"Rye makes whiskey," Suzie laughed.
"You mean industrial disinfectant or emergency stomach purging doses," Kip said flatly.
"How'd you find out about that?" Skeeter asked.
"Greg George mentioned it in his book. He dumped so many doses in a glass that any sane person would think he was trying to poison someone with the fumes."
"Oh, I loved My Side," Suzie said, "It had always bugged me that the Lost Boys never got a fair say."
"Wait, isn't he a hero? He talks like you guys almost worshiped him…"
"It's complicated," Skeeter said, "I served on a ship with one of the Lost Boys once, Stephen the Line. It was hard to not be in awe of him. Hard to remember that behind the deeds was a man just trying to serve like me."
"Were you discussing more about Corvian Home in the classes?" Ivan asked before the silence could turn cold.
"Oh, sure, lots. Like on this one island there's a big festival where they celebrate the harvest of these huge nuts, and then there's this island where they have 'Imitation plays,' where Corvians try to mimic exactly how the plays sound from other races. Tutor Brixvee showed us a video of one they coppied from the Star Sailors, and it was pretty cool."
"Do you figure she had lessons on Corvian Home since she knew we were headed here?"
"Of course," Kip said with a bitter scowl, "she's full of dirty tricks like that." His hosts couldn't contain their mirth, not that they tried all that hard.
Later that day, the intrepid travelers were in the throes of a local festival. They had surmised that it was probably related to local folklore, as various icons and masks were featured heavily, but the press was so active and exuberant, that not even the Terran implants could keep up, slaved as they were to the Terran compads with better translation matrixes than even the local networks. Therefore, three out of the four friends found themselves swept up in a feathered fury of dance and rough song, to their ears anyway, while the only clue to Ivan's immense pleasure at the experience was his swiftly wagging tail. Which the locals had no idea was the unconcealable tell that his exterior coolness was in fact, a complete sham.
The festivities seemed to show no sign of abating as night fell over the city sheltered in a rough and rocky crown from the storms of the sea, so in order to get a good night's sleep they were obliged to catch a local shuttle ride between islands to find a slightly less festive town to bed down in, and Suzie took the opportunity.
"So I hear Y'all's planet name isn't what anybody calls it," she said impishly to the shuttle pilot.
"INDEED, ahem, indeed. We know that you mammal-peoples, and the reptile-peoples, and the water-peoples, cannot do it."
"Come on, give us an example," Suzie said in that challenging, teasing way that made Skeeter both cringe and love her.
The pilot laughed, or at least Skeeter thought he, or maybe she? At least Skeeter thought that the pilot laughed, whichever sex they were. He had a hard time with regular Terran corvids, let alone these giant bird people that reminded him of the former. Then said piolet of undetermined sex made a weird clicking noise in the depths of the throat and said, "That is the name."
"I can see why y'all think folk can't do that. Hey Skeeter, why don't ya give it a shot?"
"No," he said flatly.
"Aw come on, it's their planet's name, you should at least try," she said with that wry smile she had that made promises. Promises that he had a very difficult time resisting for… reasons.
He then made a right proper fool of himself trying to replicate the sound by clicking his tongue in various ways before giving up and just saying, "I'm stickin' with Corvian Home."
After making a right proper fool of himself, the other passengers obliged to laugh at him, and Suzie turned on Kip saying, "Your turn."
Kip shot her a sullen look.
"Aw, c'mon, you gonna let these folk just laugh at Skeeter all by his lonesome?" she chided.
Kip downright pouted at her.
"Coooome oooooon," she taunted.
Realizing that she wouldn't quit unless he gave in, Kip also made a mockery of himself trying to replicate the throat clicking sound to the delight of all and sundry. "Shut up," he mumbled as he laid his ears back.
"Ivan?" she asked of her final victim.
He clicked his tongue once, and when Suzie gave him a pout he said, "That is as much as I am trying."
"Now you try," Kip shot at her.
"I know my limits, unlike you boys," she laughed to Kip's indignant sputtering.
Meanwhile, Jerry was having a less festive time. Instead of happening to land on an island that happened to be hosting a festival for one reason or another, he had purposely chosen the center of finance for his outing. He'd had a relatively uneventful series of meetings with financiers, entrepreneurs, and shipping guild heads, and various other parties interested in securing access to new markets for their various trades. It was all very productive, and very boring, and not for the first time he felt a stab of regret for the last time that he had interacted with Skeeter.
Even still, it was a satisfying day. There was a lot of troubling mentions of debts though. Jerry was no stranger to the lending industries of various planets of the CIP, and even had some Republican contacts in that realm, those who could stand his needling of the Republic's systems, but nobody he knew ever said anything about "debt masters" or "clan debt." Troubling indeed, but he chalked it up to clunky translation. Even CIP systems could have trouble with new languages, and he just knew that Republican datapads were inferior. They had to be, of course.
Still though, there was something about the references that bothered him. Something furtive behind the eyes of the avian people who spoke of either concept. Then, there was the fact that only those who were obviously startup businesspeople would speak about them, never the financers. Very troubling indeed. He resolved himself to investigate the matter if he could make the time the next day.
The following morning, the intrepid travelers went on the only "heavyworlder safe" zipline tours available on the planet, which just so happened to be in the heavily forested canyons and followed paths through the foliage designed to simulate danger. Skeeter and Kip found it thrilling, but Suzie found it merely pleasant while Ivan was actually bored by the thrilling experience. The man was pleased with getting a shot of kip chanting breathlessly, "Let's go again, let's go again, let's go again, let's go again!" Wile Suzie was more pleased to have sneakily captured a shot of Ivan's unamused expression as he sped along on the pullies.
"Sure, why not?" Suzie had said to Kip.
To which Ivan said, "Because is boring."
"What?!" Kip nearly shouted.
"You take ride in boarding torpedo, and you will be understanding then."
"The real answer to why not is I already booked a nature walk. There's this island where there's like this bowl formation full of flowers. It looks amazin'" Skeeter explained to Kip's dismay.
Meanwhile, Jerry was exhausted. He'd reshuffled the meetings so that he had mere moments between them to prepare, but he was good at his job, so long as his counterpart wasn't a Republican, and could get the proper contact details to the correct people for whatever the other party hoped to accomplish, so long as it was legal, and it all was. It was therefore by mighty effort alone that he had a scant two hours in which to seek out the information he sought before he would have to retire to sleep, or else be completely useless the next day.
He took snagged a gravcar and told the cabbie, "Take me to where you and the lads go for a spot of drink, or whatever the legal intoxicant is around here."
The cabbie gave him a one eyed beady stare and said, "Are you sure, mammal-people? The places we go are not the high class places, by the storms."
"I'm sure, I'm sure. I might not look it these days, but I came up from w working family. My dah still makes fun that I lost my calluses."
The cabbie blinked twice and raised his crest. Jerry had no idea whether that was a good sign or not, but the blue plumed cabbie lowered his crest and blinked again saying, "Sure, mammal-people. I will take you there, but do not cause the fights or my clan will have share of the debt."
Jerry thought about pressing the issue, but something about how the cabbie's feathers had puffed out and still weren't lying flat convinced him that social lubricant was the needed thing. "What is the preferred intoxicant?" he asked.
"We smoke an herb. It usually does not work for mammal-peoples, so you might not have the fun you look for."
"I see, we also have some intoxicants taken this way, do you draw the smoke through water first?"
"Yes, do you mammal-peoples do this too?"
"It's called hookah, and has a long tradition in several of our cultures. Or bongs, which have a somewhat younger tradition, as history is measured."
"Maybe then you will get the happy haze and no fights will be started, mammal-people."
"Maybe, maybe. I'm just after a good banter, and the banker types are too stuffy."
"You are right, you are right, debt masters do not laugh when you joke, they charge you more interest!" the cabbie laughed, and Jerry fell silent.
At the, well, Jerry would call it a hookah lounge, Jerry found that the lads about avoided him and shot him suspicious glances, and also found that apart from a relaxed feeling in his limbs, the smoke had no effect on him. It was a pleasant feeling, and he could maintain it by taking a draw from the hookah every two minutes or so. It seemed that was a prodigious rate of smoking though, for eventually the suspicious glances turned to those of curiosity or even grudging respect. Jerry surmised that despite his rather drab coloring, they knew an expensive suit when they saw one.
Eventually, a clearly intoxicated Corvain stumbled over to his table and sank down on one of the cushions, "Why do you smoke so well, mammal-thing-people?" he slurred.
"I am used to a much stronger herb, and this makes me simply feel good. Does it not feel good for you?"
"'Course it do. Can't smoke as much."
"Wondering anything else?"
"You a Sneaky?"
Jerry thought about correcting the error, but another glance at the state of his conversation partner dispelled the notion, so he said, "Yes, but I am not very stealthy."
"It's just what people call you… dunno why…"
"I'm not botherd, I know the reason and it's funny."
"Yes, do you know it?"
"Ish a meme."
"The first one of us that the Star Sailors met was mistaken for a pet, and they named him Sneaky."
That, as planned, brought forth uproarious laughter from the intoxicated Corvian who confided, "That's the kinda thing people-things get bristly about."
"I know, people-things get brislty about all sorts of things. Like the bankers, they won't tell me what debt masters are."
"They own clan debts."
"Clan debts?"
"You know, the debts you clan has, from like way back."
"Do you mean to say you were born in debt?"
"Sssssure, isn't everybody? Well, not rich people-things I guess, but ever-peoples I knowed."
"And these debt masters, they merely collect the interest?"
"If you're not… if the job doesn't pay… erm… they so like tell you to do stuff."
"Involuntary servitude," Jerry said coldly.
"Yeah, that. The hatchlings get that rough."
"Explain please," Jerry said with cold intensity.
It seemed that the intensity of Jerry's gaze or maybe the soft quality of a hammer that his voice emulated, gave the Corvian some degree of sobriety as he stammered, "Yes-yes. The erm, the uh or-or-orphanages. The hatchlings there have no parents to provide for them, so the debt masters have them do something useful."
Jerry was very close to becoming a very dangerous man as he asked, "Are the debts of these children for sale?"
"Where does one go to buy debts?"
First Previous Next
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2023.06.03 08:59 diggee 5700x or 5900x for 4k gaming

hey, can anyone tell me if I should go for 5700x or 5900x for 4k gaming? I have already looked up comparisons and videos, but couldnt find something that would answer my particular constraints
Basically I plan to stick to either of these CPUs for the next 3-4 years, so just want to be safe wrt 4k gaming for at least that timeframe.
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2023.06.03 08:58 Embarrassed_Dream992 My dad's been having an affair and he won't admit it, what do I do?

Long post ahead, but please please please take time to read it:
Edited: I've logged in to what's supposed to be our family email account and found out in the drive that my dad has a whole album of his mistress. All of the pictures (cropped off the woman, other frames were just him taken by the woman) were what's he's been sending to my mom and my mom being proud of him that he's been working out again for the first time in his life but turns out he's been working out with someone who wears tight cycling shorts and sports bra with her boobs almost out in her bra. My hands are shaking as I write this bc idk what to tell my mom. My mom's the most precious thing the world and I don't want to hurt her bc she's been the happiest these months. I hate that my dad's breaking her heart in her oblivion.
My dad has changed the password for the email account and my mom has not known it yet. I wanted to hire someone to hack it so I could retrieve all the receipts all the evidence that my dad has been spoiling his other woman than us - buying iPhone and other stuff (that tracker thing on email when you ordered something, and it's always addressed to her) while his gift to me is just cash when I want something sentimental from him as a father.
He lives in another country and my college graduation is almost near and I've been thinking if I should invite him or not but mom wants us to be complete but to hell with being complete if I've been betrayed by someone. But he's been the main source of our finances and I didn't want to say no thanks to him since he's been the major contributor to our family.
I told him I won't talk to him unless he admits that he's having an affair. I don't know if I did the right move. I have no one else to turn to since I am an only child and I'm a very private person and has not yet shared this to my friends. My relatives are too nosy and I didn't want to tell them either. So maybe you guys can help. I've been hurting ever since and haven't cried in days. I'm afraid if I tell this to other people in person I'd burst out. Please help
Edit: my parents are still married and they have been having (what I thought was) the perfect relationship which I look up to.
tl;dr: My dad's having an affair and idk what to do
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