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Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.

2023.06.03 09:57 tatebrown Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.

Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.
This was my first experience seeing music at Frost amphitheater. What a treat kids going to Stanford are getting. You get a glimpse of many of them doing tours of the school looking forward to a bright future as me (35m) and my two degen friends(35m) and future wifey (33f) stumbled passed them with a solid buzz. Two opposite ends of the spectrum ships passing in the night.
For the purposes of this post- I’ll refer to
Friend 1 as:
Friend 2 as:
Future wifey:
Getting into the venue, you couldn’t ask for a more fairytale setup. Similar to Berkeley’s amphitheater setup that holds 8,000, frost amphitheater holds 6,900 so a slightly smaller feel and instead of the pure concrete steps stadium seating going up, you get grass sprinkled all over the place with trees sprinkled everywhere surrounding you. It had a very outside lands Berkeley hybrid venue feel.
Starting the day off you got kicked into gear with Big Freedia to start the day off in the 4:00 slot.
When I asked my buddy Dan what to expect, he said, ”bunch of energy and booty popping.”
I can honestly say I’ve never seen more booty popping at a show.
The sheer athleticism and stamina was impressive.
Tuna had gotten us VIP tickets so there was plenty of room. We are normally in GA with our fellow peasants laughing at the gaudy VIPs wasting their shillings.
All jokes aside, vip for the entrance and the standing area was worth it and would do again.
Next up was IDLES at 5:00. I love me some Joe Talbot and his band of merry men. If you’ve never seen them before, it’s a great live act. The angst and energy of Joe as he spits on the stage pounding his chest as you can feel his energy surge through you. With some of my favorites of ‘mother’ which really expands on our favorite phrase ‘mother fucker’ in its literal and metaphorical meaning.
Colossus to start, never fight a man with a perm and Danny Nedelko to end, it’s impossible to not be moving for the entire set.
As we were getting ready to end idles, we wanted to turn up our boogey juice vibes. Me, my future wifey and Dan are all fans of mushrooms 🍄🤪. We’ve done em in small doses tried raw shrooms, chocolate bars and smoothies previously. Our friend Tuna brought a bar of 5 grams of chocolate mushrooms. Conventional wisdom would say based on previous history, one gram aka 3 chocolate pieces from this candy bar should be fine, which is what we did.
This is a glowingly positive review/warning for product schedule 39. I mean goddamn slap my balls, what the actual fuck, they sent this in the mail to Tuna, good for you scientists- can’t figure out cancer - but they sure as shit figured out mushrooms motha fuckas.
We had 30 minutes until jamie xx and the normal things started happening. A little queasy in the stomach. My future wifey gets excited when this happens. People ask her why? And she goes, “because I’ve Pavlov dogged myself to get excited because I’m about to go on my trip.”
I too now get excited when I get my queasy stomach feeling with mushrooms. I have done mushrooms 20 + times and never had a ‘bad trip’.
What ensued next was some goddamn interstellar shit.
As we were into the first two songs of Jamie xx award winning hits, things started to get fuzzy. I slowly stopped being able to hear properly and images started to all look like a kaleidoscope.
Huh. Well this is new. I joked with Dan, “uh yooooo- this is a lot. I can’t hear, I’m going deaf.” I’m a 250lb dude. Dan weighs 145 on a good day.
Fear struck Dan in the face like Joe Talbot’s ‘Car crash’ as the shroom wave started to hit him too.
I inevitably had to lay down and time travel. Tuna had only taken a small amount so he was doing okay.
I learned a lot about my future wife tonight. She undoubtedly saved Dan and i’s life as I laid on the ground time traveling and helping Dan talk him through his drooling stupor. She later described it as a balloon and she was holding the string (our hands) which could not be more accurate. It felt like if she didn’t have my hand held, I would float off into a different space.
I struggled to breathe, hear, and saw different worlds. Because of my experience with shrooms- I knew it would pass, but goddamn that was a lot schedule 39.
The only thing that snapped me out of it was James Murphy and LCD Opening with get innocuous!
He literally brought me out of that dimension. Dan was about 30 minutes behind me on his journey so he had to buckle up that seatbelt Dorothy and enjoy the ride.
I’ve seen lcd 7 times. I truly think they might be the best live band I’ve ever seen- and every other time I’ve seen them Ive had 0 mushrooms.
I praised savior and sweet baby Jesus I could just say words again and hear. Dan tuna and future wifey all had the same sentiments. I danced ferociously straight for the next 60 mins as lcd doesn’t really let you relax (in a good way).
I’ll never forget ‘all my friends’ and dancing with my best friends and future wifey as we shouted from the top of my lungs with pure ecstasy in our hearts, “WHERE ARE YOU FRIENDS TONIGHT, IF I COULD SEE MG FRIENDS TONIGHT!!!”
Thankfully, I was more grateful than I’ve ever been to be able to see, and hear my friends thanks to schedule 39.
  1. Be careful with that shit(schedule 39)- it hits hard. I can’t believe that comes in the mail.
  2. Lcd soundsystem is the GOAT live band.
  3. I love you all, but I especially love my friends and future wifey. Thanks for the incredible night Re:SET.
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2023.06.03 09:56 IronReep3r [Program Review] Super Squat

Since I have been asked several times about the program Super Squat, as well as pushing it pretty hard to trainees struggling to gain weight and size; So here is a write-up of my run of Super Squats earlier this year. Enjoy my torture.
I just finished up 6 weeks of Super Squat, as a part of Gainit's Program Party, as well as my mass-block of training. Previously I have done 9 weeks of 531 Beefcake and 9 weeks of Building the Monolith.This post is a summary of my results and lessons learned from my run of Super Squat (SS). I am (still) a 32-year-old male, with a full-time job in the Navy and a family including two kids. Having a family means I cant afford to train for hours on end, so I afford no more than around 1 hour in the gym at a time.
The program
Super squat is a mass-building program written by Randal J. Strossen in his book Super Squat. The basic of the program is you make a weight you'd normally squat for 10 reps, and do 20 reps with it, by taking at least three deep breaths between each reps. This causes you to be under the bar for >2 minutes and signals your body to grow. He also suggest several other high rep compound movements to be used in conjunction with the breathing squats, but these movements are secondary to the breathing-squats.
I LP all exercises, increasing with 2.5 kg each session. I increased the weight if i at least managed 2/3 sets at the prescribed weight.
To try to keep time in the gym to under 1 hour, I employed the same tactics as during my 531 cycles, which is superset everything. My general layout became (warm-up sets not included):
  1. 3x10 Behind the Neck Press (seated) – 2x15 Barbell rows – 25 Crunches 3x12
  2. Bench Press – 2x10 Barbell curl 1x20
  3. Breathing Squats – 1x20 Pullover 1x15
  4. Straight Leg Deadlift – 1x20 Pullover – 3x20 Barbell Calf Raise
By week 3-4, it became harder and harder to get everything done, so if needed I cut out the DL and Calf Raises for most sessions, which is similar to the “hardgainer” template in SS. My reasoning was that my posterior chain got plenty of stimulus from the Low-Bar Breathing Squats.
Conditioning and Recovery
The author recommends that the trainee does nothing in between the sessions, except for eating. My experience from BtM told me that easy conditioning in between heavy sessions are key for recovery. I stuck to easy conditioning like airdyne, walking and cycling (not the fun anabolic type). I did some stretching and foam-rolling, but to be honest: 20 minutes on the airdyne is ten times better then 20 minutes rolling on a foam-roller. Other than that, see “diet”.
I continued following the diet from my run of Building the Monolith during Super Squat, only adding more milk, fruit and nuts every time I had issues recovering and/or gaining weight.
Meal 1: 6 eggs on toast, with ham.
Meal 2: Overnight oats with protein powder, Greek yogurt, berries, nuts, chia-seeds and honey.
Meal 3: 300 grams of meat (chicken, beef, etc.), rice/pasta and vegetables.
Snack: Protein-shake
Meal 4: Family dinner (approx 300 grams of meat, potatoes and vegetables)
Snack: Fruit and milk
Meal 5: 6 eggs on toast, with ham, cottage cheese and milk
How it went and Lessons learned
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
My goal was getting 140 kg for 20 reps, but missed this goal by 5 kg. But regardless, these are my starting weights and what my best set were:

Start End
WeightSquatBehind the Neck PressRowBench PressCurlsRDLStanding Calf Raise 99.5 kg20x100 kg10x30 kg15x60 kg12x60 kg10x30 kg15x50 kg20x40 kg 105.1 kg20x135 kg, 13x140 kg10x47.5 kg12x80 kg12x80 kg10x47.5 kg15x120 kg20x65 kg
Last successful session, 20x135kg (20x300 freedom-units)
I have gained a significantly amount of muscle, especially in the legs and back. I now have few pants that actually fit me, and I am "wider" over the back, my arms grew as well. Of the three bulking programs I have ran these last months, SS has been the most effective, especially at butting size on the legs. I will run this again, aiming for that elusive 20x140 kg, but next time I will stay true to the books diet recommendations.
I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to all trainees looking to challenge themselves , both mental and physical, and especially to trainees struggling to gain weight and size. If you follow the book AS WRITTEN, you will gain weight, size and muscle.
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2023.06.03 09:36 RegentofArakko A Love Letter to the King of Slings (Or, How the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L Stopped a Mugging)

A Love Letter to the King of Slings (Or, How the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L Stopped a Mugging)

Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L
I was inundated with 1s and 2s of requests clamoring for me to expound a bit more on this sling bag in response to my updated packing list. This isn't a review so much as a look at why it's a dope-ass bag for my specific use cases, as well as how I've decided to pack it out after 3 years of use.
I sprung for a sling bag/fanny pack/bum bag in order to solve a few problems:
  • Avoid having to remove my main pack to get to specific items
  • Maintain quick access to my most commonly-used items
  • Keep things out of trouser pockets
After demoing ten sling bags in my home during the pandemic, I landed on the Heimplanet Transit Sling Pocket 2L based on its sleek appearance, reasonable capacity, and excellent quality and craftsmanship. (I also took a look at the XL version but passed on it because I had just downsized from the Farpoint 55 to the Osprey Nebula 34L to test drive for a couple of weeks in Colorado, and I didn't want to go bigger for fear of just filling the sling with my crap I didn't need.)
So, on that note, here are my sling bag essentials:
  • Wallet
  • Passport
  • Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglasses
  • Noise filters
  • Lip balm
  • Toothpicks
  • Hand cream
  • Ibuprofen
  • Mints
  • Mobile device
Let's start with arguably my favorite feature of the bag: The front pocket.
Front pocket
Doesn't look that big, right? It looks like there would only enough room for a pair of glasses as designed.
Front pocket w/ glasses
Upon further inspection, however...
Front pocket w/ glasses AND earbuds case turns out you can fit a deceiving amount of things here, including giant-ass earbuds cases like the Beats Fit Pro.
The reason this was a game-changer for me is because I used to keep my Jabra Elite 75t earbuds in one of the elastic pockets in the main compartment. However, in the back of a cab one day in Oaxaca, I happened to not zip up my sling all the way (which you'll find is a recurring theme in this post) and I'm sure it flung out at some point. (Luckily, as noted with some other items I lost or damaged on my travels in my packing list update, Amex Platimum's protection benefits helped me replace the Jabras with the Beats Fit Pro.) The fit with glasses is snug, but not too tight, and there is no threat of it falling out, even if you don't zip up the front pocket. Now, I just jam my earbuds here every time and I haven't had an incident since.
(Of course, if you're not occasionally careless like me, this is a non-issue.)
What the front looks with the glasses + earbuds case
The bulge isn't nearly as pronounced when unassisted by my fingers
Moving on, here's what the main compartment looks like when it's loaded out:
The goodies
Smushed together view for better view of the elastic side pockets
Please note that, most of the time, my passport stays put in the Zero Grid holder in the quick access pocket of my Patagonia Cragsmith 32L when not in use. I only travel with my passport in my sling while I'm in transit to somewhere where passport verification is required. The zippered pocket in the main compartment does not fit the Zero Grid Passport Holder, but I am not in the least bothered by this because it's one less thing I have to fuss about with when I'm quickly whipping out my passport at the airport.
Here's where my Google Pixel 7 Pro goes:
Quick aside: As mentioned in the previous post, I had a Pixel 6 Pro that I broke in Uruguay. I was leaving my host's flat in Punta del Este waiting for the elevator. I had my back turned, and when it opened, I put my phone in my sling and turned around quickly to enter the elevator. The phone flung completely out of my bag and landed screen first on the tile floor. I had a Spigen case on it with screen protector, but I had a bad habit of dropping the phone almost daily anyway, so the resultant 95% black screen was really only a matter of time. Note to the lazy: Please don't be like me, zip up your bag.
As a result of this carelessness, I picked up a lanyard for my new Pixel 7 Pro and Spigen case, and I happened to stumble upon another layer of security to guard against this in the future: Connecting the lanyard to a caribiner I affixed to the front loop of the bag.
Phone lanyard + caribiner attached to front loop
This has actually been quite a cool feature for me the last couple of months:
  • I can still zip up the bag
  • I can visually verify that I have my phone without getting into the main compartment
  • There's enough slack where I can quickly review walking or public transit instructions without disconnecting the lanyard from the caribiner
Here's the sling bag completely packed out:
Loaded out - top view

Loaded out - side view
Finally, let's look at the nylon straps:
Nylon strap - rear view
HPT = high pressure torsion, aka tough af
As you can see, there's a small gap in the hardware that connects the strap to the bag for ease of replacement and/or cleaning of the bag or strap.
Now that I've covered the lanyard + caribiner combo and strap, let's get into my click-baity title: How I was mugged in the Dominican Republic.
Before the inevitable victim-blaming comments pour in, I will admit that I put myself in a non-ideal situation. Of course, I know I didn't deserve it (no one does), but in hindsight there were a few mitigating steps I could have taken to minimize risk.
The story: I'm sitting at a bus stop alone on a busy street with one else around with my sling bag, Cragsmith, and earbuds in, trying to get back to my friend's flat. The sun is setting so it wasn't quite nightfall, but dark enough. I notice two guys walk by and cross the street. They look right at me, and then one of them at my phone. I promptly put my phone away, which is attached to the caribiner on the sling. Multiple vehicles, including three police trucks, drive by in a 5-min span. I checked my surroundings before I took out my phone again to double check bus ETA.
When I look up again, the same two guys suddenly reappear and are briskly walking across the straight right toward me. They aren't visibly armed with any weapons, but what is going to unfold is not left to question. I start shouting and cursing them out in Spanish to draw as much attention as possible as one guy lunges at me and grabs my phone and hoodie, while the other guy goes for my sling bag.
I hold onto everything as they drag me off the bus stop bench. I hit the back of my head on the bench on the way down and I was on my back. The guy on my phone almost rips my hoodie clean off but he can't dislodge my phone from my hand. He lets go of the phone and just focuses on my hoodie instead for some reason. The other guy is violently and furiously yanking on my sling bag, but it just will not break. I reach for my Hydroflask bottle out of my Cragsmith and whip it against the knees of one guy twice, and I start Spartan-kicking the other guy in the balls while still on my back. After what seems like an eternity, both guys seem to give up and let go. I take this chance to get up and I started swinging my water bottle + paracord sling wildly.
They finally run away when a taxi driver stops to help me out.
So, yeah. That happened. I was rattled for several days afterward, and it really impacted my ability to enjoy Puerto Rico initially. Lots of lessons learned, and I hope I never find myself in that situation ever again.
To bring the focus back to the sling bag, I reviewed its condition thoroughly when I finally got back to my friend's place. There was no indication that it had been in a struggle, and no sign of fraying, tearing, or damage to either the nylon strap, the loops that they connect to, or the aluminum hardware. As I said, the one guy was hellbent on ripping the bag off of me with several deliberate, measured pulls, as if he were taking deep breaths each time. He was pulling so hard, I ended up with strap burns and accompanying pain around my neck and under my left arm, neither of which I noticed until an hour after the assault.
This bag is amazing, 10/10, would recommend, everyone go get one.
And more importantly, I am super lucky it didn't end up worse. Thank god they weren't armed.
To lighten the mood, here's my real favorite feature of the bag: Personalizing it with an elephant charm I bought from a homeless guy in the US before I took off on my trip.
(I broke the elephant trunk moshing near the Obelisk in Buenos Aires while celebrating Argentina's World Cup quarterfinals win. Obviously worth it 🥳)
At this point it's obvious that I love this sling bag with all of my heart. On a normal day--especially with my new security best practices--I'm in and out of this bag, zipping and unzipping, likely a legit 100 times. It is built to withstand a staggering amount of abuse while looking super fly, and its utility is endless. This is, without a doubt, the most crucial purchase I've made to my onegear kit.
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2023.06.03 09:35 Deep-Patient-6206 Board Software Vendors

Board Software Vendors
Board meetings are critical milestones for organisations in the shifting landscape of corporate governance. However, efficiently running these meetings while maintaining secretarial compliance can be a tough challenge. Fortunately, the advancement of technology has resulted in the introduction of a game-changing solution: Board Software Vendors. These cutting-edge technologies have emerged as vital friends, revolutionising board meetings and enabling smooth compliance compliance. In this blog, we will look at the various issues that board meetings encounter and how Board Software Vendors are assisting organisations in efficiently overcoming these obstacles.

Board Software Vendors
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2023.06.03 09:25 Trainee301 [WTS] [WTT] Glock stuff, Cyelee CT2 green rmr, Magpul AK, 10"AR handguard, Ergo grips, Magpul Ar15

Today's prices are :
1) new Cyelee CT2 green rmr. Has cover, mount and all other original box paperwork inserts. These have been reviewed as great budget dots. Watch the YouTube reviews. New on Amazon for $108, I'm selling it at a firm $85 shipped.
2) new Gorilla Machining Glock 23 Italian Stainless Steel threaded barrel, no thread protector $55 shipped
3) new, no package. Never mounted Magpul AK (no sling cutout model) Gray MOE handguard and Gray MOE + grip with screw, has storage cap. $30 shipped for both.
4) used, below 500 rounds OEM Glock 19 gen 3/4. Polished feed ramp. Looks good in the chamber. $55 shipped
5) new only opened and racked a few times, Aero Breach charging handle with small levers. $55 shipped.
6) 2 new Ergo Shines slim pistol angle grips. 1 black (only opened) and 1 dark earth. - $23 shipped for pair
7) new, unknown brand 10" split top m-lok AR15 handguard with hardware. $35 shipped
8) used FDO brand G43 holster in fde $24 shipped
9) salty, used Magpul MOE carbine length handguard in fde with fde VFG (missing long mlok screw). This was a catch and release. No longer needed. $25 shipped for both.
*** Trades: new or used Ar15 5.56 aluminum mags or 10.3" 5.56 BA Hanson barrel
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2023.06.03 09:22 riggs195 Anon's Pacific NorthWest Encounters

So, I’m writing this on my phone because I figured I should share my experiences. I’ve shared one already but I figured I should share more as I have had quite the run-ins with some odd things in the woods of the Pacific Northwest.
I live in Oregon, but I do tend to travel on my off time in the wilderness, despite my run ins I love the forest, nature, and all I just tend to be much more careful now.
This first story takes place in my home state. I have a buddy who is a park ranger and he shared me a story of his own. He works at Crater Lake National Park and was patrolling one of the trails that was reported by hikers who said they heard a bear in the area. He went out with a tranquilizer to move the bear out of an area that was close to a campground. He was walking as usual when he felt eyes on him…he began to hear movement in the woods, and he shouted out “anybody out there?”
No response.
He got his tranquilizer ready and proceeded toward the noise. But as he approached, he heard another noise behind him.
Now he was thinking, “Oh no there’s more than one out here.”
Not sure what to do he prepared for the worst but then to his relief it was two deer. He sighed in relief thanking God that he wasn’t going to be mauled that day. But suddenly he noticed blood on one of the deer’s antlers and next to it behind the bushes it came out of was the carcass of a black bear. The two deer just stared at him and returned to feasting on the bear. He wasn’t sure what to do, tranquilize them or risk being a victim? He decided it was best to take the shot and hit both. They didn’t even budge and just walked off into the forest.
He reported the dead carcass of the bear and just had a team remove the remains. Still gives him the Chills thinking back to that day.
The next story was when I went on a fishing trip with a friend in Washington.
We had set out to fish along this river that was calm that day.
We caught a few fish and even some crawdads. I love seafood so I wanted us to stay out longer to catch a few more fish. My friend ended up taking a nap while I continued to fish. All was well but I suddenly noticed something in the distance, something dark moving along the river. I thought it was some sort of log that was stuck and got free and was floating along the river, but its movements didn’t appear normal. It would move back and forth getting closer and closer. I began to get nervous; I can’t really explain why it just felt like I needed to get away from whatever this thing was.
I turned to my friend who was still asleep and heard a splash.
I looked back and the thing was just gone. I looked around wondering where it went, and I saw it. Perched on top of a tree, I thought it was a cougar, I grabbed my binoculars for a closer look, and it was crouched but was tall, lanky and had milky white eyes but covered in black feathers and wearing some sort of animal pelt. I felt a sudden sense of dread and fear I never felt before. I looked back to my friend to wake him but before I could I heard another splash and saw it was back in the water now headed to the boat. I said “F this “and then turned on the motor and hauled ass out of there. My friend woke up yelling at me and asked, “What the hell are you doing?” but I didn’t respond. When we got to the loading dock, I anchored the boat and told him to get in the truck and he protested about leaving the boat and I said, “We will get it later get in now!”
The car ride back I explained everything, and I saw how pale he got. He’s part Native American and explained to me that what I saw was a Skinwalker.
This next story takes place in the Canadian Wilderness. I was on a hunting trip with my buddy who has a cabin in Canada deep in the wilderness, off-grid type of deal. It was the beginning of winter so the snow wasn’t so bad to where you just couldn’t move. He had this goal to get a mountain lion. So, we headed out to a ridge where you could see out to a clearing where he said he saw this specific mountain lion every year. It always came to the same spot, maybe its home was nearby I don’t know. So, its nighttime, and we had a small fire going, I went to go take a piss when I noticed something or somethings… 3 humanoid figures were in the clearing, I quickly put the fire out, and my friend told me “Dude why did you do that?” I told him to shush, and we observed the 3 beings. The thing was this was way out in the middle of the wilderness, there’s absolutely no way that anybody else knew about this spot. Also, the 3 figures looked human, but I could tell they were much taller than normal and their arms, skinny and just moved unnaturally. They were circling something, but I couldn’t tell what exactly. Then one of the figures stopped and looked directly at us. We rushed to cover and didn’t really know what to do. So, we decided to not sleep that night and have our rifles ready just in case. The following morning, we went down to the clearing to see what those figures were circling and sure enough we saw footprints much larger than a normal human and the beheaded mountain lion that my friend wanted mounted in his cabin so badly but now not so much…
This story still comes across my mind to this day. Me and my buddy from our hiking club were going on a hike one day, it was a beautiful hike along a river, and we were looking for places to set up camp. We saw a campground with food and trash everywhere and at first, I was upset that someone just left this much of a mess here. But the longer I looked around the weirder things got…Their trash bag was still hoisted up on a tree branch but ripped open, the food was still there and if a bear or another animal got to the food, they would of ate everything. Also, there tents were still set up, but ripped as if from the inside, clothes still around and even 2 pairs of boots. The whole campground looked as if whoever was there was immediately in a rush to get out of there and just left all their belongings, not even bothering to take their shoes. The hairs on my neck stood up and both my buddy and I decided that we should call it a day and just hike back to the car. I reported the incident to the forest rangers, but they said they weren’t aware of anybody camping in the area and did not receive any reports from the area. Still freaks me out thinking what could have spooked these people so bad they left their tents, not even bothering to use the zipper and leaving their clothes and shoes behind.
This next one comes from a solo hike. I was doing a 3-day solo trip somewhere in Washington near the Canadian border. I was literally way out there no facilities or normal campground. I was just hiking along, and dusk was approaching, my campsite was already set but I just went for a stroll when I thought I heard a child’s voice calling for help. I thought it was my imagination, but I heard it again. I began to follow it and then I saw the child. He looked dirty; clothes still intact but his back was facing me. I called out to this kid, and he turned around but before he could speak, he was pulled by someone or something down on the other side of this hill. Then I heard a loud crash as if a metal down shut. I ran to where I saw the kid and saw nothing but the same clothes, he was wearing neatly folded and his shoes right next to them. After a few minutes to no avail, I made my way back to the campsite gathered all my things and headed back. I went to the forest ranger station and told them about what I saw. Never found out if they found that kid or not.
Now this story comes from my close friend in Oregon, but this happened in Washington. So, I was hanging out with my friend who has pretty much grew up in the outdoors all his life and I asked him what his most creepy experience in the woods was. He told me he didn’t have a lot of experiences like that aside from hearing weird things at night when he went camping. But, this one time he was out hiking with his dog, they usually are a pair for hiking with friends but this time he was out hiking with just his dog in the deep woods of Washington on a trail that had very little traffic, like you wouldn’t expect to run into anybody. So, his dog is off leash, roaming a little in front of him and as they come to a corner the dog just stopped and his hair stood on the back of his neck, did a single bark moved up one step and then just ran behind my friend, not behind his legs but down the trail behind my friend, about 25 yards behind him. My friend pulled out his firearm and aimed forward, considering this was an area where black bears are he thought maybe his dog saw a bear but after a few minutes he didn’t find anything, no animals, nothing. His dog refused to go near him even after he kept calling for his dog. He eventually left the trail with his dog and got back home in one piece. But he said he never saw his dog act like that, his dog and he have hiked plenty, and his dog has been spooked before, but he never acted that way and he would always come back to my friend even when spooked.
This last story I have for now occurred when I was hunting with my buddy in Washington. The area still had trees but was on the dryer side with us being closer to the desert.
We had a deer blind set up near a clearing and scanned the area for some deer when we noticed a big elk with a couple of doe. They were grazing and we just watched since we didn’t want this deer.
What was odd though was the weather began to get rainy and fog rolled in as evening was approaching. We noticed that the elk began to showcase defensive behavior, going back and forth making grunting noises and huffing as it began to set up a defensive area around the doe who were now cowering in a small area. Kind of like “Back up these are mine” This elk was staring at the tree line, and we thought, “oh shit maybe it’s a bear”. But to our surprise it wasn’t, it was another elk. We got a little excited thinking we were about to see these two elk go at it to see who gets to take the herd of doe home, but I stopped once I put it together. Why did the doe seem so afraid then?
Then I saw another elk and another and another all just staring at the protective elk.
But then to our shock all the elks began to stand. On two legs.
Now sometimes deer will do this as a protective or displaying behavior of superiority, but these elk were not.
The protective elk began to show more aggression attempting to scare them off.
My friend whispered to me. “What the hell is this, I’ve never seen this before in my life.”
My friend has been hunting for over 15 years from Alaska all the way to Colorado and parts in the East coast. A seasoned man who didn’t scare easily but I could tell this freaked him out.
The group of bipedal elk just stood there and then they all bolted towards the Elk and the elk charged them at the same time. Managing to impale two of the elks but he was outnumbered, and the elks didn’t use their antlers but began to bite the elk with what looked like jagged sharp fangs.
It was horrible. They then they circled the elk and just looked up to the moon and made these god-awful gurgling noises
It looked like some sort of F’d up ritual.
We decided that we should leave and began to grab our things to leave. I’m positive that we were too far for anyone to hear but I sweat as soon as we moved one of the deer stopped and looked right at us.
And that’s when we nopped out of there, we ran all the way to the truck hoping we didn’t run into those elks or whatever the hell those things were. I have seen deer display hostile behavior but never like that.
We were rushing to throw our stuff and sped out onto the dirt road. We got about 1/4 a mile away when we noticed a giant log blocking our path that wasn’t there before.
My friend said: “dammit we have to move it”
Luckily, we had a chainsaw in the back, and he cut some of the log away so we could move it. But God those logs were heavy, when we got to the last of the log my friend said, “help me move it!” I joined in, and we both lifted the last of the log out of the way out we noticed something on the road. It was one of those deer. Just standing looking at us. We backed up towards the truck my friend not even caring to grab the chainsaw and I swear it opened its mouth and said “hhe hhe-hel-help me moo-move iiiit”
It was distorted but sounded exactly like my friend.
We just ran to the truck from there and we hit the gas and this deer just ran towards the truck and hopped on the front and then the top of the truck and I’m just shitting bricks at this point and attempt to grab the shotgun from under the seat when my friend says “hang on” and just hits the brakes hard and this deer just goes flying off the truck and he quickly speeds around it .
We stayed at a hotel after driving 2 hours straight back to civilization.
Honestly, I believe deer just have some messed up ways, but I really don’t know what they were but I’m positive they weren’t deer, I don’t know what they were.
Part 2
I figured I’d mention this since I didn’t add it to my previous post.
These experiences I had forever changed my perspective on the woods and I questioned whether I should ever step foot in the woods again. I don’t know why I attract these experiences but part of it motivates me to keep going to share what I see.
This other story was a time I went out with a friend to explore. We were in the backcountry just exploring and I suddenly saw this weird structure. My friend decided we should check it out and we saw this stone-like structure covered in moss and it must have been there for decades. What was weird though it had this rectangular structure that had a door, the door was perfectly preserved as if someone just installed it. No rust on the door handle or any weather damage, it’s like it came fresh out of the store.
I went to get a closer look and I was about to try to open the door when my internal gut feeling was screaming to me that something was wrong and we should not be here, and extreme sense of fear flooded my entire being and my hair on the back of my neck stood up.
My friend told me “What’s wrong?”
I told him “Maybe we should just go”
And he said “we can’t just leave now let’s at least see what’s inside”
Just as I fought my fear off and went for the handle the door began to creak open and I felt something was just VERY wrong, and I think my friend just instinctively knew we had to run, and we just got the hell out of dodge.
We returned with more people and armed to the teeth to try the door again.
But we couldn’t find the structure anywhere despite me marking this area on my map before we even attempted the door.
I always wondered what would have happened had I opened that door….
This next one I was camping with my old roommate, and we were enjoying the night and headed to bed soon after our fire was put out.
Around 3 am I had to piss so I went to the tree at the edge of our campsite
I heard movement after I finished and thought it was my friend having to do the same as me. A few feet away I gave him the okay hand sign and he gave it back
But the way his fingers moved just looked …wrong
I thought maybe I was just tired and headed back to my tent.
The following morning, we made breakfast and I mentioned to him how I drank too much the night before and don’t like having to piss at night but at least I wasn’t the only one who had to go.
My friend looked confused by that last part and said “what do you mean only one? “
I told him: “you don’t remember? We went to pee at the same time.” Then I showed him the okay gesture that I gave him last night to jog his memory and he just told me: “dude I didn’t get up at all last night…”
A chill ran up my spine and I just played it off that I was dreaming.
I don’t know who or what that was last night, we never saw anybody out there and I checked around the campsite after breakfast for footprints, saw mine but nobody’s where I thought I saw my friend the night before.
This next one is like the previous one, but I was camping with my girlfriend at the time. We had a great night doing you know couple of things and then in the middle of the night I had to piss. Did my business at a nearby tree, and then I heard my girlfriend calling my name, in the woods. I figured she had to go to and just wanted to have some privacy. Maybe she needed toilet paper and forgot, as I went to the tent to grab a roll, I heard her call my name again then said help me.
I thought about going over to her but went to grab the roll anyway because I didn’t want to go out there then she tells me she needs the toilet paper. As I opened the tent, I just stood there surprised, my girlfriend was sound asleep still. So, who was calling my name?... I heard my name again but louder and my girlfriend's voice saying “COME HERE NOW”
I just decided to go in the tent, and just laid there silent, not sure what to do. I didn’t hear anything for the rest of the night and passed out after the surge of adrenaline just put me out.
I didn’t tell my girlfriend about it, and just told her we had to cut the trip short because I forgot I have a paper to write.
This Last one happened in 2019. I took a drive on a forest road about 45 mins in. Parked near this trailhead and took off to the trail.
I was admiring the flora and fauna and just going on a normal hike when I noticed my vision completely changed as if I was looking through prescription glasses that weren’t mine. The vegetation changed and it was daylight when I was hiking but now it was dark as if sunset just passed.
This happens almost instantly. It was like I was in a completely new environment.
I then felt something graze my shoulder, it was a hairy arm, like the one you’d see from an ape or Bigfoot, and it was about to grab me, but I managed to take a step back, and I just see the hand grab where my neck would have been. I felt this sudden sense of dread and just began to backpedal and after a couple of steps, my vision went back to normal. The sunlight returned as well as the flora and fauna. I just saw a fuzzy-like outline in a circular shape in front of me from where I just stepped out of, and it eventually disappeared the more steps back I took.
I just stood there completely shocked about what just happened and came to my senses as my internal red flags were going off and I just turned around and ran to my truck and got out of the area. I never had this happen to me before and it thankfully hasn’t happened since. Since this happened, I have never gone hiking alone again.
To end this off, I just want to add that I enjoy the woods and nature it is full of beauty and wonder. But there are things out there…things even the natives knew to stay away from. There are things out there, that don’t care about you, or that you have families, or loved ones. I still go out to the woods, but after that last experience, it took me a long time to get the courage to go out there again. I never go out for solo hikes anymore, and if I can’t go with someone, I always take my dog. Thanks for hearing my stories and I’ll be sure to share any future experiences I have.
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2023.06.03 09:05 thecuriositydesk01 Best Books for Students: Boost Your Learning Today

Best Books for Students: Boost Your Learning Today

Best Books to Read for Students

Books are an integral part of a student’s education and life. Not only do they learn to read, write, and speak, but they have fun doing so and learn whilst they do it. When you try to find educational books for your students, what do you consider first? The language it’s in, the imagery, the colors, or its purpose? Below, we’ve suggested some of the best books for your students and their education, which tick all of the above boxes!
The Intelligence/Study Book – “Intelligence is a comprehensive exploration of the nature, measurement, and applications of human intelligence. Drawing on the latest research and theories from psychology, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence, this book provides a deep understanding of the cognitive processes that underlie intelligence and the different forms of intelligence that exist. The book covers topics such as IQ testing, emotional intelligence, creativity, problem-solving, and the neuroscience of intelligence, among others. With clear and engaging writing, Intelligence is an accessible guide to the fascinating world of human cognition, and it will be of interest to students, researchers, and anyone curious about how the mind works” (Book Description, IndiaMart). From around 50 to 470, this book has high reviews and is available in most places.

Best Hindi Books for Students

UKG Children Hindi Educational Book – Want to educate your students in Hindi? Working abroad and teaching Hindi? This book is perfect for you. For 70 a piece on IndiaMart, but also available in other places, this book sets the tone for your young students in their journey of both Hindi and education. Hardbound and printed, this book is appropriate for most young and new students with its colorful illustrations and fun layout.
Children Hindi Akshar Gyan Book – “The book “AKSHAR GYAN” has been designed by our subject experts specifically for preschool children to teach them Hindi Swar thereby preparing the child for school with good basic knowledge about the subject. The book carries good and simple worksheets with ample space to practice according to their developing brains accompanied by fascinating HD images so that they get to implement what they have learned simultaneously thereby making learning and teaching both sides pleasurable for the teacher, parents, and kids” (Book Description, IndiaMart). With beautiful illustrations, this book is perfect for students that prefer a modern look and need especially interactive and engaging imagery.
Inspirational Books for Students
The Sank Magic Book Set – When children step into the world of educational books, their mind needs to be consistently stimulated or they can become fidgety and lose attention. That’s why we’re suggesting the Sank Magic Book Set for your students. If they’re learning English, it’s going to be especially important to keep them focused. The Sank Magic Book Set is inspirational and engaging as it is colorful, engaging, and interactive, and uses animations and characters to aid the process of learning the language. This book set is one of the most popular and therefore very accessible and at a fairly cheap price range!
Shabd Gyan Book – “The Shabd Gyan Book provided by us is used for the improvement of children’s general knowledge. This book is known for its eye-catching prints and vivid pictures, which make learning a fun process” (Book Description, IndiaMart). With four out of five star reviews, the sellers on IndiaMart are reputable and fairly priced. Want your students to learn the basics of life, such as vegetable and fruit names and descriptions? This book is the answer to all of your problems and is luckily accessible to you and your classroom.
111 English and Hindi Aesop Fable Books – Everybody has heard of the Aesop Fable books, but why are they inspirational? Teaching children about morals such as kindness and helpfulness won’t only educate your students, but will aid them in developing their personalities and personal growth. What’s great about these books is that they are extremely accessible, fairly cheap, and come in both English and Hindi. Whether your students are learning English or being taught in Hindi, this book entirely adapts to your classroom. Why not get both versions? Fictional or not, these books have a purpose in your students’ lives and are very engaging. They allow questions to be asked and actions to be questioned. What more can you want from a book?
So, what do you think of these suggestions? This range of books will make a perfect book nook for your classroom that your students will adore and treasure. They won’t be able to ignore it! Make sure to check out our other article, the Best Novels for Students, for more examples of English famous fiction we suggest for your students.
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2023.06.03 09:04 crybabyboos Applied to a job that reviewed my resume and then after asked me to send a cover letter?

I applied to a job on linkedin and the company downloaded my resume. the hiring manager then contacted me saying they are considering interviewing me but asked me to first send a cover letter. I've never really heard of this happen before, but now I don't really know how to deal with this cover letter. should I try to put as much information, since it seems the hiring manager is contacting those whose resume made it through or should I stick to having it short and simple? I want to impress as I've been job hunting for awhile but don't want to deter them away with a long-ish cover letter. It's currently in one page but it looks a bit cluttered
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2023.06.03 08:49 help_me_133343544 Scammed by a Lyft driver for fake damage and my dispute wasn't accepted after customer service refused to help.

As stated in the title, I had a normal ride just as I always have for years and got hit with an email awhile after with a receipt for an $80.00 charge for 'damages.' The driver submitted 2 images of what looks like apple sauce or puke or something and that was apparently enough to convince Lyft to steal from me.
I've never had any issues with drivers and I'm always quiet and clean. I had nothing with me that could have caused such damage, I don't drink, and I wasn't sick. I was taking a Lyft home from work, same as always. In point of fact, I'm very particular and careful about how I exit and enter my Lyft rides, ensuring I don't close the door too hard, open it into the sidewalk, scrape my shoe against the doorjam, etc. I check the seats and cupholder and footrest areas for crumbs and trash just in case and often end up removing trash other people have left. There is absolutely no way in hell I somehow left a mess of beige goo on the door handle (as shown in the driver-supplied 'evidence') when I took extra care to ensure it was all proper before I left.
ON THE ISSUES OF EVIDENCE: The driver had nothing to tie me to the supposed mess besides the timing of the ride and the report. There was zero evidence I had done anything wrong. I didn't even have anything with me that could have possibly cause the damage. There wasn't even a shred of evidence linking my existence to the fake mess this driver created. What the fuck. SOME OTHER WEIRD SHIT:
When I was in the car, the driver didn't speak to me once. When I left I said thank you, have a good day, as I always do, and again, the driver didn't speak to me at all and started driving away immediately. I found this odd because generally drivers sit in the spot they parked for a minute or so, I assume to start their next ride on the app or whatever. Rarely does my driver go from a fully parked standstill to tearing down the street so quickly. At the time I just presumed they were in a hurry, but in hindsight I realise now they were hurrying to fake the damage quickly, before Lyft's system determined they were reporting it 'too late.' This was premeditated.
After realising the issue I did the first thing you'd expect: I went to contact Lyft customer service. Unfortunately, their customer service sucks. The phone number they have doesn't actually link you to anything, so you have to contact them in their website or email. The website opens tickets which take you to email, so it's basically all handled by Zendesk email support.
I don't know if they're being managed by robots or if their employees are given strict scripts but they basically didn't do anything. They didn't respond to what I said in the ticket and gave me a copypaste answer of corporate 'sorry not sorry' speak: Per our Terms of Service, we charge a damage fee to help drivers repair and clean affected areas of their vehicle, once drivers provide evidence.
We re-opened your case and after extensive review of the information provided by both you and the driver, no adjustments will be made to this claim.
That's all well and good except, there was no information provided by me, and there wasn't any evidence from the driver either. The driver submitted 2 pictures and a damage reimbursement request. The 'information' from me was just opening a ticket asking to discuss. I couldn't get escalated past this so I simply opened another ticket and got the exact same response. This is when I gave up and went looking for help on Reddit. I'd not made an account before but I do search for people who have the same problems as me to find their solutions.
A quick and cursory search for similar cases yielded an astonishing number of results. This is a consistent issue plaguing rideshare sites and it's just being left to fester. The solution given in the other Reddit posts I found were basically 'just dispute it with your bank - odds are they'll cave to the dispute since it's a small amount and you'll get blacklisted off the platform, but it's better than just being scammed.'
So that's what I did. I filed a dispute (by the way, Bank of America is garbage for disputing. They give you like 140 characters to describe everything and that's barely enough to begin explaining your case.) and got temporary credit while BoA contacted Lyft. Just today the claim was finally closed without any real submissions from me or Lyft.
The full PDF outlines my ride history as evidence on Lyft's side, showing how I take the same rides each day. I presume this is to paint a picture of how I always take these same rides, therefore I was likely in the ride that was damaged. However, it does nothing to address whether the damage was even real, let alone created by me. This seems to be ignored by BoA and Lyft. I was allowed to submit my own description of the incident but it was another 100 characters to talk in and 3 slots to upload images. Naturally it's hard to upload images that actually help my case, since I don't take pictures of everyone's cars like a creep. But hey, maybe that's the only way to solve these issues going forward eh?
GOING FORWARD / LEGAL QUESTIONS: I understand Lyft has policies on this ability to reimburse drivers for damages incurred during rides. However, in reality this is an ability to simply take money from you over baseless claims from the drivers. So, legal question #1: How is it even legal for such a broken and predator-enabling system to exist?
This entire system is predicated upon the concept of 'guilty until proven innocent.' The only real barrier for a driver stealing from you is a couple of pictures of a mess they could have made themselves. There is nothing you can do but try to prove you didn't do it. I found a few rare cases in which the metadata from the images showed they were taken from 6 year old blogs and such, or the passenger had pictures of their own to prove their claim. These were the only situations I could find in which Lyft actually refunded the forced damage fee.
That's fucking bullshit. It makes no sense. I need to rant, I'm sorry, but what the fuck? You can literally just steal 80 bucks from someone and it'll all look legit in the system. That might not seem like much to some, but even if it's not, on a large scale app like Lyft it's insane how much money is stolen with impunity.
So, legal question #2: How do people find justice in situations like this, where it costs them more money to sue for the bullshit than they were damaged for? After all, the damager is still getting away with the damaging, and can continuously do so on a large scale if left unchecked. And legal question #3, I know class action lawsuits exist, but how does one join them? There doesn't seem to be an easy way to file claims or join existing ones, that I can find anyway. Legal question #4, how does the financial aspect of setting up class action suits like this play into your ability to do so? That is to say, is there a breakpoint where it costs 'too much,' or it's a gamble? And lastly legal question #5, do I have a case here? Because I did everything else and nothing is working. I'm still down 80 bucks because some dipshit decided he wanted to swindle someone. And yet, I do understand laws can be weird about interacting with the TOS of companies, and this may be technically legal. In which case...what the fuck.
NARRATIVE CONCLUSION/TL;DR: Some random ass stole 80 bucks from me, and Lyft facilitated it. When I told them it was bs they ignored me. When I told my bank not to let them steal my money I was once again screwed over. This isn't a one time problem and happens with other people all the time and the drivers get away with it because there's no real blowback. Wtf do I do?
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2023.06.03 08:44 No-Jeweler1383 My friend is ignoring the friend group to spend more time with her crush and I feel spit on.

So, one of my friends in my group, let’s call her Abigale (15), has a crush on a new member of our friend group, let’s call him John( Also 15). At first, it was just her taking an interest in him and stayed back just getting to know him as all the rest of us got to know him too. She then started to move next to him and was always next to him. I saw this and realized that she must have a crush on him. It wasn’t too bad, but it was noticeable that she liked him. We got together more and had more parties. I hosted a movie party with a fun activity before the movie. So, we were all interacting together, except Abigale. She was only interacting with John. John had his body pointed away from her, meaning that he did not want to be in the conversation. She continually left me out the whole time of the activity. Then it was time for the movie, as soon as John sat down on the couch, Abigale beelined right to him and sat down so close to him when the rest of the couch, which is a big couch, was empty. I was the last to sit down and when I went to get a seat, she scooted closer to him to the point where she was basically on top of him to make room for me. There was still not enough room, so everyone scooted back as I found a different spot to sit, but she did not go back to where she was before. She remained on top of him. She took pictures of everyone but left me out of all the photos. When I told her that I wanted to be in the photos and asked her if she could wait for me, she said she would take more, but she never did. To be fair to her, she could have forgotten but it still hurt. After the party, I told her that I felt hurt and left out and she got all defensive of her crush on John. I had to tell her that this was not me telling her that she should not have a crush, in fact, it is amazing that she doesn’t have that voice in the back of her head saying she isn’t good enough to have a crush or for someone to have a crush on her. She said she was sorry for making me feel left out and that she would make sure to make me feel included. (Spoiler alert, it gets worse.) So, we have this thing where we see everyone before school for an hour every Tuesday through Friday. I thought she was keeping her promise when I saw her for the first 5 minutes. Then she would go back to how she acted before. I didn’t think too much of it because I am better friends with someone else, so I just went to them. A different friend hosted a pre-party to a dance we were going to. Abigale was all over John. I kept on looking at him and he seemed uncomfortable, to the point where my sister noticed it and brought it up. Once we got to the dance, Abigale kept on dancing right next to John and he kept on moving and switching where he was. Time skip of about a month and I had broken my foot. I couldn’t move around as easily as I was in crutches and John was kind enough to move chairs out of my way each day for a week so that I could get out of. Abigale’s crush is to the point of obsession. She somehow finds a way to get the conversation about him and always says that we need to get together to host a party. I am DONE with hosting parties where both Abigale and John are there because she will ignore me and go to him no matter what happens to me. I have had multiple panic attacks in a row, and she was still next to him. She did look over at me once. ONCE. He seemed to care more than her. I have left the planning to her and other friends. She planned a movie night at her house, and I thought, “Oh her parents will be there maybe she will not sit right next to him to avoid her parents’ asking questions.” Yeah, no that did not happen. Her parents were upstairs the whole time, which my parents usually are too so that isn’t weird. But she still sat right next to him, and her couch is a lot smaller than mine, so she was on top of him. She was looking at him the whole night talking to him the whole night and not talking to anyone else. Our neighborhood hosted clothespin tag for all the kids 10-18. I couldn’t play, so I sat out with a friend. Once the game was over, everyone got up to talk and have fun, but she was talking to just him outside of the group. Go her. She is chasing what she wants. One last example, we had a lake day and Abigale was always with John to the point where I was left out. I was left behind on shore with another friend who also gets FOMO when everybody else was on an island in the middle of the lake. That hurt because no one came back for me and when they finally did come back, they came back for food. That hurt a lot. The rest of the evening she was always next to John unless other male friends wanted to be next to him. She only paid attention to John the whole time. When it came time for us to go home, I looked at her for a ride because we understand that if one of us gives them a ride to the place, the other brings them home. We gave Abigale and her twin a ride to the lake, so I was expecting her to give me a ride home. When she said she was getting a ride with John I was confused and asked her, “I thought that since we gave you a ride here that you would give us a ride home. How am I getting home?” She raised her voice at me, and said, “You’ll get home!” I was taken aback by her telling this to me one step below yelling and her laughing after to cover it up. This really angered me because I almost had no ride. One of the other people had to go out of their way to take me home. I profusely thanked the person who was able to take me home and her dad because it was so last minute and out of the way. The whole lake day was confusing because it was just thrown together with no real planning. There was no communication, so I texted her to get clarification and she gave a weak excuse that planning it was hard. There were no parents there. My parents were the only parents there. My dad was expecting all the parents to be there. There were no snacks or drinks. The only planning that was done was the times when we should be there. Over the course of John being in the friend group and Abigale’s crush on him, his body language is always pointed away from her in contrast her body language is pointed solely towards him no matter if we are in a group together or not. To me, it looks like he wants to be with everyone else and not in a conversation with her. John is a really nice dude, so he is not going to ignore her or put her aside to do what he wants. He isn’t Abigale. He actually thinks about other people. My friends are almost to an age where they can date so I understand that she is so close to being able to do something about her crush and ask John on a date, but we still have 6 months until he can date when she only must wait another month. Many friendships have broken because one friend got someone, and the friend doesn't like the bf or gf is getting what the friend used to and the friend feels left behind and forgotten about. I have told her that she needs to regulate her attention to both sides. She needs to keep the attention of John and the group the same so that no one feels left out or forgotten. I felt like that, so I told her she needs to not leave her friends behind for a crush. I asked my friend who isn’t in the friend group what I should do, and she said to ignore Abigale and if she notices, make up a random excuse as to why you have been ignoring her. If Abigale does not notice that you have been ignoring her, then talk to her saying that you have been feeling like she isn’t including you and you have been feeling left out. I have talked to her about this before and she did not change. I also asked my sister what I should do, and she agreed with my friend. I have been ignoring her aside from when everyone says hello and gives hugs. I have been doing this for a week now, even with school out and us not getting together in the morning, we have had parties the whole week and she hasn’t noticed. I even invited her twin over for a movie and told her not to tell Abigale. What should I do? Should I confront her about how I feel again?
TL; DR: My friend Abigale had a massive crush on my other friend John to the point where she is always next to him and ignoring the whole group to be with him. His body language tells me that he is uncomfortable being that close to her, but she can’t take a hint from him. I have ignored her for a week, and she hasn’t noticed.
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2023.06.03 08:26 DigicromeCompany What is the future of Data Science Courses?

What is the future of Data Science Courses?
The future of data science courses is bright. As the demand for data scientists continues to grow, so too will the demand for data science courses. A recent study by the Harvard Business Review found that data science is one of the most in-demand skills in the world.

Data Science Course
There are several reasons for the growing demand for data scientists. First, businesses are generating more data than ever before. This data can be used to make better decisions, improve efficiency, and gain a competitive edge. Second, the rise of machine learning and artificial intelligence is creating new opportunities for data scientists. These technologies can be used to automate tasks, make predictions, and generate insights that would be impossible for humans to do on their own.
As a result of these trends, the demand for data scientists is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. This means that there will be a great need for data science courses that can help people learn the skills they need to succeed in this field.
Here are some of the trends that are shaping the future of data science courses:
  • Increased focus on practical skills: In the past, data science courses were often focused on theoretical concepts. However, as the demand for data scientists has grown, so too has the demand for courses that focus on practical skills. This means that courses should focus on teaching students how to use data science tools and techniques to solve real-world problems.
  • More emphasis on data ethics: As data science becomes more widespread, it is important to consider the ethical implications of using data. This means that courses should include a discussion of data ethics and how to use data responsibly.
  • Greater use of online learning: Online learning is becoming increasingly popular, and this trend is likely to continue in the future. This means that more data science courses will be offered online.
If you are interested in a career in data science, I encourage you to consider taking a data science course. A good course can give you the skills you need to succeed in this growing field.
Here are some of the best data science courses available today:

Data Science Course: Digicrome Academy
  • Digicrome’s Advanced Certification Data Science with AI: This course is designed to teach you the skills you need to become a data scientist. It covers topics such as data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization & all cover Tools.
  • Udacity's Data Scientist Nanodegree: This course is designed to teach you the skills you need to become a data scientist. It covers topics such as data analysis, machine learning, and data visualization.
  • Coursera's Data Science specialization: This specialization is made up of four courses that cover the fundamentals of data science. It is a good option for those who are new to data science.
  • edX's Data Science with Python specialization: This specialization is made up of five courses that cover the basics of data science using Python. It is a good option for those who are comfortable with programming.
These are just a few of the many great data science courses available today. With so many options to choose from, you are sure to find a course that is right for you.
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2023.06.03 08:20 AutoModerator [Get] Joe Muscatello – 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets Download

[Get] Joe Muscatello – 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets Download
Download :

What You Get:

Lesson 1 : Customer Avatar

Lesson 1 kicks off with the current state of video marketing and how it has evolved over the years. We’ll cover different types of video and how they’re used in marketing and what you need to create a great marketing video that sells and connects. We’ll also go over your Customer Avatar exercise and the specifics of finding your niche. If you haven’t already done your Video Assessment Exercise and Checklist, we’ll review that and more as we hit the ground running once we know where you’re at versus where you want to go.

Lesson 2 : Writing a Killer Script

Lesson 2 begins with the marketing practices that actually WORK and the best ways to use video to boost your ability to get more clients. We’ll also cover how to create massive value and a list of best practices when creating videos to get more engagement and more clients. We’ll make sure you know how to give your scripts the “Human Touch” before you start writing your script outline. Don’t worry -you’ll be able to use our fill-in-the-blank Script Outline templates and our fill-in-the-blank Script templates to jump start you.

Lesson 3 : Production & Setup

Now that you’ve got your script, lesson 3 details everything you’ll need for lighting, audio, etc. to create your own professional shoot at home. You’ll get the Studio Equipment Report and the Studio Building Blueprint. For those of you choosing to shoot your videos with our team at the live event, you can still use all these tools for your future videos! You’ll also learn how to compose a shot like a professional videographer so you can do your test recording. Practice is key here, and we’ll continue refining your script as you go along.
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2023.06.03 08:07 Junior_Button5882 A List of creepy, unexplained, paranormal, and interesting posts from all over Reddit!

Jane <3
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2023.06.03 07:49 Pruvided Every Mod/Add On/Extra for My Gen 5 Hybrid

Heyooo, I picked up my brand new 2022 SE Hybrid in September (drove off the lot with 4 miles [1.6km]), and I've done a decent bit to/for it since. This sub has been a huge resource for me regarding research/info, and I figured I'd make this post to hopefully do the same for someone else. This is going to be a relatively long post, so bear with me lol. I'll list everything in chronological order and try to provide as much context/info!

Horn Kit // Pic

I wanted something with a little more oomph. Quick 20-30 minute plug-and-play install. Kind of a pain getting the plastic cover out of the way under the hood, and not much room to work with when loosening/tightening the bolts that hold it in place.

Window Visors // Pics

Got them for winter car camping so I can crack the windows while it's raining/snowing, but chrome delete is a plus too. Another quick 15-30 minute install. Haven't noticed any issues other than the usual scratches.

Sequential Blackout Turn Signal Lights // Pics/Vid

Got these purely for the looks/chrome delete. Wish the light was a little brighter, but I guess it's what I should expect from the blackout version. Quick 10-15 minute install.

Windshield Sunshade

Wanted something thick and reversible. Just went with this one cause seemed pretty good, and it's worked as well as thick sunshades do I guess, lol. Fits great, and no complaints. Use the black side for low-profile winter car camping and the silver side for summer. Fits under the passenger seat when not in use.

Snow Chains

Got these just in case since I planned to do a lot of winter driving this year. Left the all-season tires that it came with (forgot brand/name), and only ever had traction issues a couple of times in my ~30 days of snowboarding this season, so never even used them. Stored them with the spare wheel, along with some flares.

Custom Sleep Platform

I made a post for this about 7 months ago, and everything is explained there.

Spare Tire Cover Support // Pics

As a part of my custom sleep platform project, I also found that two wooden 2x3 pieces support the trunk floor perfectly if you lay them across the spare tire (see pics). Have slept in the back using my platform a dozen times or so, and have had it loaded up with quite a lot of stuff, and no problems so far. Some might advise against putting unnecessary weight on the spare wheel like that, but meh, until I have an issue I'm gonna keep doing it lol.

Custom Reflectix Window Inserts // Pics

I'm an absolute perfectionist, so I don't even know how long these took. These were a huge pain in the ass to make, but I'm super happy with how they came out. I made these for winter car camping (summer too) to have max privacy, stealth, and extra warmth. I pretty much just followed the tutorial in the video I linked and got all of the suggested materials. I only added black canvas to one side. Figured I'd have more versatility that way. One other tweak I made was that I left a gap in the front window inserts so I could still have some airflow for when I crack the windows. I know it defeats some of the purpose of them, but my winter gear is plenty warm for down to the high teens (probably lower tbh). The small windows between the rear and the hatch use velcro to stay in place. There is a piece attached to the inside of the window with 3M tape, and another connected to the insert using hot glue. Was about $150 for everything I needed to make them.

Roof Cross Bars // Pics

Went with aftermarket cause fuck the price of OEM. These are super solid and I have no complaints/problems. Easy to take off when don't need them. Haven't used them too much, but nice to have for when I want to throw a roof box, awning, or mount up there.

Snowboard Rack // Pics

Got these for a trip I had coming up at the time, so it worked out, but I really wanted a cargo box. Went with this since it's way cheaper than one. Can hold 4 wide boards no problem. Super nice for car camping too since I don't have to keep the board(s) inside with me and don't have to risk leaving it under the car either.

License Plate Frames // Pics

The dealer-provided frames are so ugly, so for a while, I was rocking no frames, but ended up getting one for the front and one for the rear off Etsy. I was going to get the same frame for both the front and rear but ended up going with a silly rear one to hopefully get a chuckle out of someone from time to time.

LED Hatch Lights // Pics

Probably one of my favorite mods. These lights make such a huge difference, and anyone else who has them will tell you they're fuckin dope. Not a very hard install, but feeding the cable through the rubber grommet at the top center of the hatch was a bit of a pain. YouTube got ya covered though if you DIY.

OEM Hitch & Wiring Harness // Pics

Went OEM because I want to keep as much clearance as possible. Installed it myself and it took me about 8 hours to do the hitch and wiring harness. Took a bunch of breaks, had dinner, and was constantly scrubbing through youtube videos to figure out what the hell I was doing. Cutting the bumper was pretty easy actually. I used an electric jigsaw and cleaned everything up with a file. I didn't install the rubber trim piece cause I planned to do it after putting the bumper back on, but there is literally no chance with how stiff the trim piece is and how little room there is to work with, and I was not about to take my bumper off again. Still looks great regardless. Will update the Imgur link with a picture of how I routed the wiring harness tomorrow/later. I didn't take pictures during the process but will do my best to show. Got it mainly for smaller stuff (bike rack, cargo rack, etc). Hybrid doesn't have a high tow capacity anyway.

Dash Speakers // Pic

Just chose these because they were recommended everywhere I looked. Took like 10 minutes and obviously a big difference in quality. Saw some stuff about bass blockers, but I think my issue is more with needing an amp if anything.

Front Door Speakers // Pic

Was going to get the same speakers to match the dash, but went with some other Kicker ones that were recommended. Once I get more into car audio stuff in the future, I may switch things around some more. I do plan to get an amp and rear speakers in the future, but alas, I'm broke. Was pretty easy and simple to install, but drilling out the rivets was a pain since they were uncooperative. Crutchfield came with everything I needed (mounting bracket, wiring harness, and directions).

Sound Deadening // Pics

Since I had the doors off to replace the speakers, I figured I should add some sound deadening. Could've added more, but it was such a tedious process that I just called it at what I had. Took me about 5 hours to do the sound deadening and speakers, but took some breaks. Overall, came out pretty good, and I'll likely go back in to add some more. The front doors are noticeably heavier, they shut with a little more authority, and knocking on the door sounds drastically less hollow. Have yet to drive highway/freeway speed yet, but will have the chance tomorrow. Plan to do the spare wheel area with the material I have left since it's easy to get to and apply. Only used about half of what I bought (18sq ft). I also bought a roller cause no way in hell I was just going to use my hands to press it all down.

Hood Struts

At the time of posting, I'm still waiting for these to arrive. Estimated another few weeks at least, but will update this post after I install them. I don't mind the prop rod, but I wanted something for the sake of convenience, and I hope these will work well enough. I didn't really look into them at all, so if they're shit, oh well.

Interior Organization // Pics

Just some small stuff here and there to make some of the space more usable/organized. Was also considering getting the little organizer thing that sits on the dash behind the screen.
I think that pretty much covers everything. There's still a lot I want to do/get, but in due time. As I said, I hope this post helps inspire some creativity and interest regarding mods for your own vehicle(s)! I'm sure there's some stuff I left out, so feel free to ask me about anything or give your thoughts/input. I'm also more than happy to talk about the lifestyle I have that I use my RAV4 for if you have some similar interests (snowboarding, biking, camping, etc). This sub and youtube have been such a big part of my new passion for throwing money at my car, and I'm going to keep doing it since I plan on keeping it for a really long time haha.
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2023.06.03 07:49 free2ski This stuff practically sells itself!

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2023.06.03 07:46 Intelligent_Bill4398 Live music at Nat Baily Stadium. Why not?

What a great venue for a 2-3 day festival (good indie bands) Natural amphitheatre, beautiful setting. Close to transit. Fully equipped for crowds. The team only plays there sporadically & they could cover the field/grass for non-seated ticket holders. provide a shuttle service & food trucks. Stimulate the local economy etc. Why hasn't this already happened? Now that it's 'Rogers' field, I'll bet it would go, if a promoter made a good case. And Ken sim would make it happen, for the photo op.
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2023.06.03 07:41 PieL0T Underwriters delay manual review of auto policy. Am I fully covered?

State Farm agent probably messed up document transfer and full coverage got removed. Agent contacted underwriters and I received policy declarations that have full coverage (comp+collision) but no premiums associated to them. I paid that bill anyway. It's been a month and the manual underwriters' review has not been done yet and I am also waiting for the final bill. Website/app shows the old policy number with only liability, but the latest policy with comp/collision is there (at the"documents" section). Agent said in writing (email) that I am covered. Don't want to drop statefarm but that limbo situation and delay is frustrating. Could I have an issue if I have to deal with a claim?
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2023.06.03 07:28 armrooster Curious about the abilities for host to post retaliatory review.

We are currently staying at an Airbnb in a different country and the stay has been... subpar. The location is great but our experience does not match what others have posted. I am wondering if we leave an honest and professional review, what the chances are of the host retaliating and leaving a poor review in response. I'm asking because I have heard about this happening, but I have never had a bad experience using airbnb up until now.
Some of the issues we have had are as follows:
The hosts have been kind! I don't want to post a horrible review that damages their 4.8 something rating, but I also had way different expectations based on what reviews were posted. I guess I am looking for feedback on what others might do in this situation. I have avoided writing to the host directly about all these different issues because none of these points have made it ayo we have wanted/needed to leave, but it's been a pretty uncomfortable stay. I feel like an honest review is deserved but also have concerns that the host may respond poorly. Any advice from seasoned reviewers or hosts?
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2023.06.03 07:26 stanimal_hou For Sale: 2002 Lexus LX470

For Sale: 2002 Lexus LX470
Hello! Planning to sell my 2002 Lexus LX470 located in Houston. Been a great vehicle for me, but need something a bit more suitable for 2 car seats.
  • Asking $13K
  • 200,375 miles
  • Water Pump/Timing Belt & spark plugs changed @ 195K miles
  • Rear brake rotopads changed at 192K miles
  • Michelin Defender LTX MS 275/70R16 have 10,600 miles on them
  • AHC operates well
  • 3rd row seats included
  • No rust (forgot to take pics, will post in comments soon)
  • All front bulbs changed to LED
  • Normal wear and tear. Paint scuffed in areas
  • Driver seat is starting to tear and has color discoloration. Seat covers included
  • Sunroof does not operate
  • Sub is crackling. May need to refoam or replace unit
  • Screen has some cracking
Again, it’s been a great LX to me, but need something more infant-friendly at the moment. Hope to get back in a newer version at some point in the future.
Let me know if you have questions, or have feedback!
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2023.06.03 07:16 Legend5878 9 more days for the exam

I have completed AIO cover to cover and i have been reading reviews of it and i have done think like a manager ,11th hour and cissp passport .Planning to do one more read of 11th hour before the exam.Done Thor peterson bootcamp.Using the PPT as a revision material.Doing Boson (avraging75) and learnzaap(90+,done more than 2k).I’m under lot of stress due to procimity of the exam.Now i have to revise the things i read ,can u suggest me the appropriate steps i have to take for the upcoming days
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2023.06.03 07:16 Due_Dimension6544 [WY] Possible retaliation and discrimination

Okay this may be long but I’m just at an absolute breaking point. And I know I probably need to reach out to HR but I’ve seen HR situations throughout my career end terribly for the person reporting the concern so I truly am hesitant.
In December my DM left the company and my store was reassigned to a new area and district. I now have an area manager and DM. Things were going well at first and then I had someone in my store who was gunning for my job and she sent in information about my past struggles with addiction and criminal conviction for something that happened prior to me even working here. This was already something that my previous DM and HR had known about so it wasn’t anything that could get me in trouble. But because it got brought up I had to explain to my new DM and AM that I had struggled with addiction in the past and that because of that I had faced criminal charges and it was all super public because I live in a small town and it was on the front page of the newspaper and all over social media. So yes, there were people in my store who knew about it but it had never been an issue until just now and I had never said anything to this employee about it because she came onto the team way after that had happened. I was reprimanded for divulging too much personal information to my team and thought that was the end. After that it felt like I was constantly being reprimanded for something. My store schedule, an endcap not being in the right place, my personal schedule, random calls to the store to see if I was there. I needed to take some time off for a family emergency. I communicated my plan of when I would be back, and had said if anything changed I would let them know. Another manager in my store covered my shifts in the scheduler just in case I did end up being out, and I received a call from my boss not even 30 min later. I was accused of lying to her and was not even given a chance to say anything. Then while looking for a corrective action date to refer to in a coaching doc I was doing, I found that I had corrective actions entered into my file that had never been communicated to me. Specifically from when I had to explain my past, referring to me as “a drug user” and also from the schedule miscommunication that specifically stated I lied to my boss. Shortly after we went to a work conference and I was pulled aside by my DM and was accused of being under the influence of drugs at work. I told them to test me and they refused. I brought up the inappropriate documentation and let them know I felt like they were trying to use my past against me and that because they know I struggled with addiction they now incorrectly assume I am a person of poor moral character. They had the documentation removed from my file and had apologized and I thought things were finally going well. My last few store visits have been good and my boss was actually helpful. My end of yr review went well and my store is performing very well also. A position in a store I’ve had my eye on in a different district opened up and because I do still want to get away from them I let them know of my intent to apply. I was told that I have their support and that they’d be sad to see me go but that they have known that location was on my career path.
On Tuesday I received a call to jump on a teams meeting. In that meeting I was told by my DM that I am struggling too much in my current role, that my store is in an unacceptable condition, and because of that they have let hr know that they cannot recommend me for the transfer to the new location. I also received a writeup for poor job performance outlining things that should have just been in the opportunity category of my store visit recap.
I’m devastated and it honestly feels like retaliation. If they had concerns it should have been a conversation three weeks ago when I informed them of my intent to apply. Not on the back end after I’ve applied. Their reasoning was because we had trash in our back room and that my brand new managers (all less than 60-90 days in role) don’t seem to have had practical on the job training. So this means I’m struggling with basic day to day store operations and am not a candidate for a higher volume location. I know there are other stores in my district and I’m close with the GM’s and they do not get the same type of treatment that I do. The one store was absolutely filthy and had shipment boxes sitting in the back from February. They’re not meeting basic kpi’s but their GM doesn’t get harassed in the same way I do.
I guess I’d just like some input on where to go from here. Do I call hr and report the retaliation and hope they don’t just assume I’m mad about the transfer denial? Or do I apply for a support manager role at the store and take a demotion just to get out from under their thumb before I escalate the issue to hr??
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2023.06.03 06:58 Lost-Bat1540 Kaiser So Cal

Kaiser So Cal
Kaiser pharmacies are getting on my nerves. My Dr prescribe Ozempic months ago and they filled it the first month, the second month the said no ,because I'm not a T2D just prediabetic. I decided to have Joinmochi do a PA and this is the letter I received from Medimpact. They said a PA is not required because it's a covered benefit so I'm assuming I can get my medicine now. I'll call the Dr on Monday.
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