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Mt. Vernon, IL's own subreddit!

2013.08.29 15:08 baviddyrne Mt. Vernon, IL's own subreddit!

This is for discussion regarding anything to do with Mt. Vernon, IL., it's surrounding towns/villages, local events, and the people who call the area home.

2018.05.11 00:28 AndrewyangUBI Andrew Yang For Mayor HQ

Grassroots subreddit for former 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang, the first presidential candidate for a Universal Basic Income. Putting #HumanityFirst

2019.03.14 19:39 Better_Call_Salsa CaliforniaForYang

California ground game for Andrew Yang, 2020 Democratic Candidate for President. Putting #HumanityFirst

2023.04.02 14:55 Engetarist Fine. LOCK HIM UP!

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2023.04.02 10:29 MamaKobaye Week-end Gribouillis #93 Équilibre

Week-end Gribouillis #93 Équilibre
Bonjour et bienvenue à cette 93ème édition du Week-End Gribouills !
Petite note pour m'excuser du manque d'assiduité et de ponctualité dont je fais preuve en ce moment. Le WEG devrait reprendre sa vitesse de croisière très prochainement. Des bisous !
Artistes confirmés, peintres du dimanche ou gribouilleurs de pupitre, cet espace vous est dédié ! Chaque semaine, le samedi, un nouveau thème vous est proposé, non imposé : libre à vous de le suivre ou pas. Il ne s’agit pas d’un concours, tous les niveaux sont les bienvenus. L’objectif est de se faire plaisir et de partager ses créations dans la bienveillance.
Vous pouvez proposer autant d’œuvres que vous le souhaitez. La seule restriction est de prévenir si votre création est NSFW/PSPLT.
Thème proposé cette semaine : ÉQUILIBRE
Propositions de la semaine dernière sur le thème : AILERON(S)
Leftascenter - Un aileron

Le thème de la semaine prochaine sera : LA GLANDEUR DE LA FRANCE DÉTENDUE

Voici quelques ressources utiles si vous voulez progresser :
Bon dessin à tous, à vos crayons/pinceaux/autres et bon weekend! <- cliquez sur ce lien à vos risques et périls
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2023.04.02 10:23 Arkhameus An official communication from the Emperor - March

An official communication from the Emperor - March
As the sun rises on another glorious morning in Massina, I bring more news to the faithful! As previously decreed, my scribes are hard at work laying the foundation of our great Empire’s ambitious plans into a format that can be shared with all of you. Lesser nations have approached this task by offering a paper of white... a document so bland and mundane in its styling that even an accountant would find it sleep-inducing.
I assure you that my plans will be relayed to you in a far more grandiose and evolutionary fashion, as is commensurate with what you have come to expect. Our Empire has no desire to ever stop expanding, and so these plans will not suppose any predefined final destination. Expect the initial unveiling of this effort by the end of the month.
2 Karkadons fighting
By now, you have certainly heard rumblings that your efforts to procure artifacts from the Imperial collection have not been in vain. Indeed, the loot you have secured DOES have utility beyond its artistic value. These precious items will be the very building blocks of the Maestro Challenge Towers!
For in the coming months, all Maestros will be called upon to build towers of their own design, raising them up long, thick, and firm in an effort to oppose any challengers who dare attempt to topple them. They shall herald forth a new era of competition in Massina.
Many of your accumulated assets will play a role in unlocking the plethora of options to make your particular tower more challenging and interesting to fellow Maestros. In time, those of you who excel in this endeavor will find opportunities to entice your rivals to attack you, if they agree to your terms of engagement. By my glory, I have granted you this opportunity to grow your enterprise, and in return, we shall grow together!
Make haste and collect this inaugural loot while you still can.
Maestro Challenge Towers


Hang these in your Tower to change the visuals of each floor. They also come with custom environment hazards!!!
The Temptation of Dardariel: Celestial Dojo – A dagger buff sits in the middle of the map. Invaders that pick it up deal double damage, but lose 100 Health per second.
Vitra in the trees: Wild Dojo – Randomly placed Zarkberry bushes heal Defenders for 50 Health and deal 100 DMG to Invaders.Bush is destroyed in the process.
Bring your corpse to the MOB: Slums Dojo – A dagger is thrown at Invaders whenever they parry an attack. The dagger deals 200 DMG.
Seris enjoying a zarkberry: Mountain Peak Dojo – Lighting bolts strike Invaders randomly dealing 100 Air DMG. (Between 10-30 seconds).
Countess Debora in victory: City of the Moon Dojo – A guillotine swings back and forth in the middle of the map, dealing 400 DMG to Invaders. Defenders only take 100 DMG.
The Ministry of Bone – Corpses are welcome: Butcher Dojo – The stench causes Invaders to vomit after using dodge.
The Library of the Arcane – Where the magic happens: Library Dojo – 10 Books are strewn across the floor, each book gives Defenders 5 Fury of the Titans. Book Respawn after 10 seconds.
House of Life – Close your eyes and feel the sun on your face: Temple of Life Dojo – Light comes through the window and casts a 1x1 spotlight that expands as time goes by (1 radius every 5 seconds). Defenders in the spotlight heal for 100 Health every second.
House of Death - Don't drink the green stuff: 80% of the floor is death sludge, slowing down Invader movement speed by 20% and dealing 10 Death Damage every second.
Necromancer Shop – Feel alive again: Necro Dojo – Defenders will have their health set to 200 instead of dying the first time they are dealt a killing blow.
Fight of the century: Boxing Dojo – Defenders have a 20% chance of dealing double damage.
Massina in the morning: Nice Street Dojo – Defenders become inspired every time they parry, resetting all their cooldowns.


These allow holders to apply a different Tower Color associated with their specific title. Additionally, these titles also provide an additional bonus number of floors + defender slots in addition to the floors that can be earned via normal progression with the feature.
  • Boss: +2 floors with 1 defender slot per bonus floor.
  • Chieftain: +2 floors with 2 defender slot per bonus floor.
  • Baron: +3 floors with 2 defender slot per bonus floor
  • Loremaster: +3 floors with 3 defender per bonus floor.
  • Count: +4 floors with 1 defender slots per bonus floor.
  • Earl: +4 floors with 2 defender slots per bonus floor.
  • Duke: +2 floors with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Lady: +3 floors with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Lord: +3 floors tower with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Princess: +5 floors tower with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
  • Prince: +5 floors tower with 3 defender slots per bonus floor
The number of defender slots are only for the bonus floors. Regular floors retain their number of bonus slots.


Use stickers to add a custom Modifier to each floor of a tower (1 per floor)
Cries In Karkadon: Invading Karks cannot use claws.Dance: Air and Arcane Defenders will heal for 10 HP when they use Dodge.Let's Duel: Gives Defenders 10% Bonus damage when they have full HP.Good Vibes: Earth, Life and Water Defenders will gain 5 Fury of the Titans every 30 seconds.Gratitude: Death, Fire and Air Defenders will heal for 50 Health every 30 seconds.Pineapple Pizza: Invaders will lose 5 Fury of the Titans every 30 seconds.HODL: Karkadon, Il’gra, and Keymaster Defenders will reduce damage taken by 5%.Kek: When a Defender dodges an attack, it will deal 5 damage to the Invader.Lazur Eyes: Increases Grondal, Seris and Il’gra Defender Damage by 5%.I know a secret: Sadaari, Aos and Darulk Defenders begin their match with 20 points of Fury of the Titans.Love: If the Invader is of the same family as the defender, they begin the fight with a full bar of Fury of the Titans.OG: Defending Prime Eternals have their damage increased by 5%.Pamp It: Gatekeeper, Vitra, and Keymaster Defenders damage reduced by 5%.Bruised Pineapple: The first time a Defender drops below 5% Health, it will gain a full bar of Fury of the Titans.A Slice of Massina: Increases Defender damage by 5% whenever the Defender is of a different family of the Invader.Real Pizza: Water, Air and Life Invaders gain 10% Bonus damage when fighting against a House they counter.To the moon: Fenrir Defenders start out with 50 bonus HP.Rocket Time: Fire and Arcane Defenders start out with 10 Fury of the Titans.Sleeping Karkadon: Fenrir, Whisperer and Keymaster Invaders have their damage reduced by 5%.Tell me more: Whisperer Defenders reduce damage taken by 5%.Thumbs Down: Increase Defender damage by 5% whenever the Defender defeats a Champion. Caps at 15%.Thumbs Up: The second Defender in every floor gains 5% damage.!vibes: If the Invader is of the same family as the defender, their damage is reduced by 10%.!wagmi: Floors with more than 4 Defenders increase the cooldowns of Invaders by 1 second.


Records play music for the Floor they are assigned to and trigger a Battle Cry Buff when played.
  • Regular Record - When Defender is at 10% Health
  • Gold Record - When Defender is 20% Health.
  • Platinum Record - When Defender is at 40% Health.
The Creed Record
  • Plays a day in Massina when triggered.
  • Battle Cry: Gives Defenders permanent Unblockable on all attacks.
As our Empire grows, we must adapt with it...Tournaments are approaching fast on the horizon! As we begin to initially implement this new paradigm, you will participate as competitors. However, just like the aforementioned Maestro towers, in time you will also be able to take the reins and promote your own grand spectacles!
Yes!!! Prime holders will be able to create and sponsor their own tournaments. They will be able to configure an entry fee, a tournament size and structure and specify what rewards participants can win.
Tournament Category
Finally, now that I have most certainly succeeded in wetting your appetites, prepare thyselves for my final generosity...It is well-known that you possess insatiable appetites, and so, I have decided to bestow upon you a creature whose hunger can never fully be quelled. Yes, 1000 Hungering Chests will be magically airdropped to 1000 lucky, lucky Elementals. The Hungering Chest is a most unique pet; one that has both battle utility AND an additional earning perk.
Pet Hungering Chest
This little beastie will have the same traits as other pets (Favorite Toy, Favorite Food, Personality, etc). It will also function just like any other pet, following Champions around in the overworld and boosting them in battle via the “DEADLY MIMIC” ability which sees the chest disguise itself as a “helpful” item on the field of battle during certain engagements. Is that really a life-saving health boost over there, or the stinging bite of a Hungering Chest?
These pets also have the “Featured Entree” trait, which lets you know what they are really hungering for! If their owner satisfies their hunger with enough of what they desire, they will reward those efforts with a variety of riches! The featured entree trait will be reset on different intervals, offering new requirements and new rewards each time. This skill will be added later this year!
Now, marinate on that... I assure you that more details will be on the way soon. Stay vigilant, you filthy degenerates !!!!
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2023.04.02 10:00 Distinct-Eye6214 Item was in Richmond (4hrs away from me ) now it’s in Mississauga Ontario. Why?

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2023.04.02 09:20 rrmdp 📢 ADM is hiring a Elevator Worker-Mt Vernon, IN!

Apply →
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2023.04.02 04:19 HarryMcCockner 1976 & 1980 but Reagan and Ford swapped elections

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2023.04.02 03:55 Subbdee Some screenshots I took

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2023.04.02 03:26 balungus Midnight '68 results if George Lincoln Rockwell watched 21 Jump Street

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2023.04.02 02:22 Bellice Planning roadtrip from Phoenix AZ to Milwaukee WI,recommendation on stops? See routes attached!

Im planning a road trip and taking 2 separate routes to try and hit as many states as I can! I’m looking for random and fun things to do that include nature and random museums and monuments any suggestions would be great!!!!
Starting to plan my stops so feel free to suggest anything in or near the route! Thanks!
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2023.04.02 00:49 Rookie-Boswer Trump 2008! Map, NCT Trump 08' Mod Max.

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2023.04.02 00:39 cakefaice1 Info about this Sears VHS camcorder battery

Info about this Sears VHS camcorder battery
Hello everyone, I bought a sears VHS movie camera at a yard sale for $25. It works and powers on with the provided charger directly, but when I try to charge this battery, the charger gives a momentary red light, then clicks off. I take it as the battery is bad.
Can this battery be referenced to a more common or modern battery? I’ve found very little info but it may cross with an RCA battery, but unfortunately they’re pricey. If there’s no cheap alternative then I’m just going to slice it open and replace the cells.
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2023.04.02 00:36 OptimalCaress My Opinion on the Fairness of Congressional Maps

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2023.04.02 00:20 Mentalgongfu2 Found cat near Mt Vernon Rd/Hwy 13

Very friendly, intact male. Does this belong to someone, or was he abandoned?
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2023.04.01 23:44 awesomesauceds Exciting!

Aprils Fools
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2023.04.01 22:27 VolkerBach Culinary Excerpts from Wittenwiler's Der Ring (c. 1410)

Culinary Excerpts from Wittenwiler's Der Ring (c. 1410)
A brief post today because I am not writing from home, but the food-related excerpts from Wittenwiler’s Der Ring) are done. I belatedly realised there is an extant English translation after all (it can be found here), so this project did not have the urgency I thought it might, but it was still a fun endeavour and I hope you will enjoy the result. The finished translation is here.

Front page of Wittenwiler’s poem Der Ring courtesy of wikimedia commons (and yes, I think Bertschi, the dapper fellow on the left, is doing exactly what it looks like he’s doing. It is that kind of poem)
And that is the last time I get to post this lovely image. The next week will mark the start of a more conventional recipe source: The Innsbrucker Rezeptsammlung (c. 1450)
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