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2023.04.02 14:54 Least_Trouble_9960 Error when Exporting a map with a Custom 3D Model Ressource Pack

Error when Exporting a map with a Custom 3D Model Ressource Pack
Hello I got this error when I try too export a map with a Custom Ressource Pack ( 3D models )
If anyone know why ? It only happen with certains Chunk not all ( We test all chunk and export one by one ) to see the one who make this error We also try to cut the chunk it work .. And also delete all 3d models inside this chunk but get the error also
We don't know what to do so if you know please..
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2023.04.02 14:53 PyreCracker My proposal of small changes for 5e classes

Hello, i am a DM for some time now and I am restarting two groups of 5 people soon. Over the last years i have written a small list of class stuff i don't really like and for the next adventure i changed the features of some classes a little bit.
Maybe some of you who are experienced with this stuff can read over the list and tell me if something is way out of bounds or even still to little.
Artificer: Alchemist: The free Elixiers the Alchemist gets every long rest are not random. Instead of Elixier of Swiftness: Alchemist Firebomb This sticky, adhesive fluid ignites when exposed to air. As an Action, you can throw this flask up to 20 feet, shattering it on impact. Make a Ranged Spell Attack against a creature or object, treating the alchemist's fire as an improvised weapon. On a hit, the target takes 1d4 fire damage multiplicated with your proficiency bonus at the start of each of its turns. A creature can end this damage by using its Action to make a Dexterity check against your spell check DC to extinguish the flames. The Alchemist gets Homunculus Infusion for free. It doesnt count for his Infusion maximum and is always prepared.
Barbarian: Ragebonus counts for every attack with Str (so also for thrown attacks etc). Battlerager: Armor dmg scales with prof bonus. The Battlerager can transform armor into the spiked variant for 50 GP. Berserker: Frenzy is free once per öong rest (so it does not give you exhaust, also we use the one dnd exhaustion rule)
Bard: College of Spirits: Lvl6 Spiritual Fokus does not need the Focus. So straight 1d6 for every spell. College of Whispers: The extra damage from psychic blades is now thrown with the Inspiration die. Two rolls at lvl 3, 3 rolls at lvl 5, four rolls at lvl 10 and five rolls at lvl 15.
Bloodhunter: Mutant: Number of active formulas and mutagens is increased by 1
Cleric: Knowledge Domain: Knowledge of the ages lasts the entire day. War Domain: the Divine strike feature triggers on all weapon attacks not just once per turn.
Druid: Can wear any armor (removed the "metal" condition.)
Fighter: Second Wind scales exaktly like cantrips do.
Monk: Flury of Blows gets you a third attack at lvl 11. Ki-empowered strikes gets you +1 on attack and damage with unarmed strikes. Stillness of mind is now a bonus action. Four Elements: Reduced the cost of everything. All spells cost ki points equal to their lvl. Kensei: Agile parry doesnt require an unarmed strike. Sun Soul: The special attack can be made instead of unarmed strikes. At lvl 5 ou can use it f.e. 4 times with extra attack and FoB. Also reduced the Ki cost for the spells, so the cost is equal to spelllvl. Shadow: If you pay 3 ki for the darkness spell, instead of 2, you can see through your own darkness. Open hand: the healing from wholeness of body is now virtually the same as second Wind, so 1d10+monklevel per short rest.
Paladin Nothing
Ranger Favored enemy is now lvl 2 and functions like the onednd version. So you get Hunters mark and it does not cost conentratio. The fighting style feature is at lvl 1. The original features are gone, we use only Tasha like deft explorer Spellcasting is now prepared. Just like the Paladin.
Rogue: Additional Feature at lvl 5: you can decide to use your reaction to make an attack instead of uncanny dodge if somebody hits you. Inquisitive: can see invisible foes. Gets an additional 1d6 on damage with insightful fighting. Assasin: Put in abilites from the poisoner feat: can apply poison as bonus action at lvl 3 Can create a posion that can deal 3d6 damage at lvl 9. DC scales with Int. Thief: second Story work gives climb speed. use magic device gives additional attunement slot. Thief Reflexes gives an additional bonus action.
Sorcerer: Storm Sorcery: Tempestous magic triggers on all spells. Draconic bloodline: Draconic resilience gives resistance. Elemental Affinity enables you to ignore resistance against your damage type for 1 sorc point (instead of giving you resistance).
Warlock: Celestial: gets one more healing die. Fathomless: The Plunge works up to 10 miles.
Wizard: Transmutation. Shortened time on minor alchemy to 1 Minute.
Stuff i didn't touch has not been played at my table yet. Maybe you can give me your two cents on those changes. Some of it i got from onednd, some from treantmonk, some are my own ideas. The reason most of it is just small additional stuff is, that i am not to comfortable with completely new splashy features.
So what do you think?
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2023.04.02 14:52 Odd-Vanilla-7195 TRON ENERGY OVERVIEW

The Tron blockchain, which employs a delegated proof of stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism, places a significant value on Tron Energy. In this framework, the organization's security is in the possession of a gathering of "delegates" who approve exchanges and add new blocks to the chain.
In the DPoS procedure, freezing TRX, the Tron network's cryptocurrency, is significant. At the point when somebody freezes their TRX, they're marking their tokens as security to partake in picking and deciding in favor of agents. Users of Freezing TRX have the ability to vote for delegates and participate in network governance, as well as earn rewards for assisting the network.
why is freezing TRX so significant in the Tron organization? The essentials are as follows:
Security: By staking TRX as collateral, users provide delegates with a financial incentive to act in the network's best interests and contribute to the network's security.
Governance: Users can vote for delegates and participate in network governance with Freezing TRX. This ensures the organization is straightforward, decentralized, and thinks about everybody's inclinations.
Rewards: Clients who freeze their TRX can procure awards for their commitment. Users who stake a lot of TRX or vote for top-ranked delegates can reap some pretty sweet rewards.
To put it succinctly, freezing TRX is crucial to rewards, governance, security, and the DPoS process in the Tron network. Users have a significant impact on the operation and development of the Tron network by participating in the freezing process.
The dynamics have changed as the Tron network has gained popularity due to the increasing use of USDT transfers. Smart contract transaction costs have increased as a result of the introduction of a dynamic energy model, and Super Representatives have voted to raise the amount of TRX required to be frozen for energy.
Are you prepared to enter the world of Tron Energy and learn how to maximize your returns while reducing transaction costs? You've arrived at the right location! We'll take you through the fascinating world of Tron Energy, explain why Tron users need it, and introduce you to our ground-breaking TronNRG system in this blog post. Therefore, buckle up and prepare yourself for an exciting ride!
First and foremost: Why should you care about Tron Energy and what it is? Like other blockchains like Ethereum, Tron involves an expense framework for exchanges. To complete a transaction, users must pay a fee known as "gas." However, Tron offers a novel twist: If users have enough energy, they can make transactions for free!
So, how do you acquire this priceless energy? It's easy: Keep your TRX tokens frozen. Thusly, you'll get free energy and become qualified to decide in favor of a Very Delegate, which thusly permits you to procure a noteworthy 4.5% APR on your marked tokens. Isn't that a win-win situation?
Presently, you may be asking why everybody isn't now doing this. Well, a lot of users did in the early days of Tron. However, the dynamics have changed over time as USDT transfers have become more widely used and the Tron network has gained popularity. Smart contract transaction costs have increased as a result of the introduction of a dynamic energy model, and Super Representatives have voted to raise the amount of TRX required to be frozen for energy. The following are the rates as of right now: Keep TRX frozen for energy: One TRX equals 16.8 energy units Let's say an average user wants to conduct six transactions per day, each consuming 75,000 energy units. They would require 450,000 energy units in total per day.
They would need to freeze 26,748 TRX in order to obtain this amount through freezing. The frozen TRX would be worth $1,337.40 if its current market value was $0.05.
Alternately, if they choose to burn TRX to pay for transactions, network fees of 120 TRX are currently required for each transaction. Therefore, they would need to burn 720 TRX, or $36 at the current market value, in order to complete six transactions per day.
The user's individual circumstances, including their financial resources and willingness to hold TRX for an extended period of time, would ultimately determine whether to freeze or burn TRX. There is a more cost-effective alternative—for example, renting 500,000 energy units for a single day would cost approximately 38.6 TRX, or $2.50—a significant savings over burning TRX. You can even make up to 50% profit or more as an energy provider!
TronNRG is a player in this thriving energy market. An easy-to-use platform that connects energy renters and providers in a single marketplace has been developed by us. TronNRG is the best option for you if you need more energy to deploy contracts or want to earn more TRX from your unused stash!
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2023.04.02 14:51 BloodyHelll-2 Apparently My ford fiesta 05 don't need a air intake. True?

I got a old ford fiesta petrol 05 and my air intake pipe became lose and popped out the engine block as I was going around a roundabout. I was told by the garage today that it can go thousands of miles without it in. That true? Thought the whole point of a air intake was suppose to keep it cool and reduce heat stress on the engine?
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2023.04.02 14:50 ajclem7 Advice on trimming/ dealing/ fertilizing already trimmed shrubs

Advice on trimming/ dealing/ fertilizing already trimmed shrubs
I’ve got a whack of nice bushes and shrubs, most of which I don’t know the names of. I trimmed the ones around the back deck and front door back pretty heavily one day in a stupor. I’m looking to give them some good nutrients so they produce new branches and what not. The ones up front by the road I’d LOVE to trim back like to half before it gets much warmer here (zone7a). Looking for advice and tips from the pros on here. Cheers folks!
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2023.04.02 14:48 mellowyellow98 Weird activity in home, wondering if it is Fae

I’ve always been one to love subjects like fae or anything along those lines. Lately, a few days ago actually, I became infatuated with the fae and have been researching them a lot. I give daily offerings or try to. I remember years ago, I saw a small white ball of light right in front of my eyes in the home I’m still living in, there were zero fireflies and it did NOT look like it.
Ever since I have been studying fae some strange things have happened but the weirdest was only a few minutes ago.
It’s currently 7am and I should be asleep completely but I was interrupted by something completely falling off a shelf on my wall that is above my bed. The thing on my wall just fell down onto my bed and I woke up and the very first thought in my mind like a millisecond after waking up was ‘Fae’. Nothing else, not even paranormal things or any other rational response.
I told myself yesterday I would just let things happen naturally and hadn’t been trying to get the fae to come over really. But could fae be the case? Mind you, the thing that fell over was a sign on my bookshelf that has been there for literally YEARS without falling whatsoever. And it only falls and startled me awake, now out of all times.
What could that mean? If it is the fae folk, Why? What kind are like that? I know that they are mischievous. And what would cause then to do that?
I’m also a witch and have been for years, studying tarot since I was around 13 and I’m 19 and almost 20 in a few months. I’ve been in nature a lot more after taking a break from witchcraft due to depression and just lack of motivation. But now? I go outside every single day and can be out there for hours if the weather isn’t extremely bad.
My heart is still all messed up from that incident and I’m still trying to catch my breath as I startle easily.
I’m just wondering what you all have to say about this incident.
Thank you:)
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2023.04.02 14:48 EnchRc I love destroyman III

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2023.04.02 14:48 Acceptable-M0TH Camp Half-Blood Minecraft Map(WIP)[PJO] Update#4

Camp Half-Blood Minecraft Map(WIP)[PJO] Update#4
I'm choosing to tearing down the Ares cabin I built in my WIP Camp Half-Blood Minecraft map since a friend pointed out to me that with a bit of a steampunk touch, it would look better as a Hephaestus cabin. He's right, of course. He also pointed out that its a chance to redesign the Ares cabin to look more like how it was described in the book
Ares' Cabin is scruffily painted with an angry red color, has barbed wire lining the roof, and a stuffed boar's head on the doorway. The eyes of the boar seem to stare at whoever is walking by. There are also live landmines surrounding the entrance.
I have ideas on how I can do this better. Here's what it looks like right now:

Ares cabin, soon to be Hephaestus cabin
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2023.04.02 14:48 -mangkukulam- I'm a main character in 2 musicals, leader in 4 diff groups for 6 different subjects, main reporter in every one of them

i think I'll just kms this quarter, it'll get harder for the last quarter
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2023.04.02 14:47 BlackBirdFliesHigh Dr MJ Augustine Vinod 🇮🇳 RT By है प्रीत जहाँ की रीत सदा HOW TO L!E ON A MEGA SCALE Learn from this educated IITian Jai ho #Kejriwal ki

Dr MJ Augustine Vinod 🇮🇳 RT By है प्रीत जहाँ की रीत सदा HOW TO L!E ON A MEGA SCALE Learn from this educated IITian Jai ho #Kejriwal ki submitted by BlackBirdFliesHigh to ShashiCorner [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 14:47 2ndIDRecruiting 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment[A3][NA][Recruiting][Semi-Milsim][16+]

Branch: US Army Playstyle: Semi-Serious Milsim Language: English Time Zone: US Eastern Standard Time
Operation Times: Regular Operations are conducted every Monday and Wednesday at 7:30pm EST. We also attend and host joint operations very frequently. We also may substitute an FTX (Field Training Exercise) for the Wednesday operation for unit training.
Operation Types: Mechanized Infantry, Combined Arms, Air Assault, Conventional & Special Operations (Basically Anything)
Mod Information: RHS, CUP, AH-64D, H-60, Project America, KAT, ACRE2 and more
Additional Information: An active, dedicated, group of friends that came together, with prior US Military members possessing real-world combat experience. At the 1st Battalion, 9th Infantry Regiment "Manchus" we are a specialized US Army Milsim (semi-serious) Battalion (former US Army Infantryman as our Commanding Officer, and more), with multiple MOS's to choose from, the Manchus offer a wide variety of jobs, but don't hesitate slots fill up fast!
Requirements: 16+ (There is a waiver for those who are younger but show maturity) Have Arma 3 Have working mic Be able to attend ops in EST time zone (25%) We have a BCT but it is only for players that need/request it
Just hop into the discord and ask for a recruiter (S-1) if you want to enlist or have any questions.
Unit Commander:
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2023.04.02 14:47 -sendnoods- 34 [M4F] #Boston - Without a word

I’ve been fantasizing about meeting up with someone instead of my partner and without so much as a word between us, using you a few times before splitting ways. Something low key but sensual.
I'm tall and white with messy dark hair, a bit of a dad bod, and weeks-old scruff. Dominant by nature, but not performative by any means, and I get harder knowing how turned on my partner is.
If you’re sane, clean, and drama-free, I want to hear from you.
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2023.04.02 14:46 ortary Do you ever feel the urge to just... distance yourself from everyone and focus on yourself?

Once in a while I get this feeling when I think "I wish for the next month to just stop talking to all of my friends and just spend time by myself"
I'm already mostly on my own, but sometimes I want to take it to extreme. I see people at work and in uni, I have my family I'm chatting with daily
And I wish I could go on a month with bare minimum replies to anyone; just drawing, exercising and watching series after work
At the time, I tend to get this evenings when I feel extremely lonely, like I don't have that 1 person I could feel most comfortable with, and fully open myself to
Idk, it probably doesn't make much sense, but have you ever experienced something similar?
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2023.04.02 14:46 thewriteplace-twp [Discord] The Write Place - the right place to find the write things

the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work
write compose a text or work; put into literary form and set down in writing
The Write Place is the right place (we love our puns!) to work on your creative writing, no matter how you like to express yourself!! We are a welcoming community of adults who are passionate about writing whether it’s a solo piece, fanfic, collaborative writing aka roleplay, or a fun adventure full of twists and turns you’re developing for a tabletop game.
We offer:
Join the longest-running 25+ server (3 years strong and counting!) today and become part of a welcoming community full of creative minds!
Words are our most inexhaustible source of magic.
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2023.04.02 14:46 Irisofdreams AITA for insinuating that a teacher with brain cancer had a mental problem

So, my (M15) teacher, lets call her A (F50) is...not a good teacher. She doesn't know how to teach her subject well (Geography), and instead resorts to simply screaming at the class for 40 minutes.
But that's just the beginning. She has some...interesting beliefs, to say the least, which include "women should not study" (I go to a boy's school), "gay people aren't real men" and so on.
This would be okay if she didn't regularly disrupt class-time with these opinions, by either shouting at a boy who she thought was kissing another boy, saying that she only wanted "real men" in her class or going off on 20 minute long tangents about one "problem" or another.
Effectively, we study the subject for 10 minutes per 40- minute class.
Now, as you may assume, most of the students dislike her. This manifests as them calling her names behind her back, making jokes about her (a popular one is "The reason she survived the operation after the brain cancer is because not even God wanted her", which was a little too far for me), or simply insulting her
I, during this incident, was of course, doing the same thing. To be more precise, I said that the tumor in her brain probably hadn't been removed properly because it was clearly still affecting her.
She of course, overheard this and shouted at me for another 20 minutes before suspending me for a week.
My friend circle is divided on this. One half believes that I "went too far" and that I shouldn't have mocked her cancer, while the other half believes that "if she acts insane, she deserves to be called insane"
So, Reddit, AITA ?
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2023.04.02 14:46 Nanashi_Mario Please help us!

Why is her left side so swollen / puffed up?
This is Mandy. She's 17 years old and her physicial condition has gotten worse fast in the last few weeks. We went to the vet like 3 different times. Yearly check, vaccinations, getting her nails clipped, getting all the medication etc. We spend over 200 Euros for her in a short time. (Worth every single penny) But we can't afford to walk to the vet every week bc we notice something new, bc the world is a cruel place and me and my family are getting f*cked by everything possible since the last few years.
That's why I'm asking here. Maybe someone has an idea on what it could be. Maybe someones cat had this before and it's nothing to worry about.
About her state: Organically she's healthy, it's just the stupid physically side. She's got arthrosis on her back end. That's why she has problems walking. RN she's getting 3 different medication. Something for her belly. So she can go to the toilet better. Something for her arthrosis. And some sort of paste so the hairs won't get stuck in her belly or something like that.
Idk what to do with her rn. I've noticed like 1-2 weeks ago that maybe her back left paw was bigger than before but I thought I was hallucinating and going insane at this point.
I really need her in my life. Tbh I got depression, anxiety etc. ( Very Very TL:DR) and she's like the angel in my life. I got her when I was 4 years old. I grew up with her my entire life. She's the last thing I have going for me.
Also... Please don't say "Go to the vet." It doesn't help.
Yeah we know that. But as I said. We can't afford to run to the vet for every single thing that might be harmless. She's acting normal rn. That's why I asked here. Maybe someone knows better and I can react accordingly.
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2023.04.02 14:45 No-Caterpillar-3208 need help with dyes

need help with dyes
im close to crafting my second legendary Bolt , also close to finishing Jormag's fang , im trying to get my daredevil to keep the edgy look while matching Bolt's lightning and abit of ice (jormag) hence the ice reaver chestpiece. help is appreciated :D.
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2023.04.02 14:44 Dizzy-Definition4741 How should I (30F) handle a needy friend (34F) [includes infertility discussions]

Hey all! I need advice on a friend. We’ve been friends for 12-years now, since university. We were always fairly close, but she always had a small friend circle while I always had a larger one. I also worked a lot through university while she didn’t work as much. So, I was always much busier than her. However, she was understanding and once we graduated we tried to get together monthly. I introduced her to a lot of my friends, and they became acquaintances, though her friend circle is still quite small. It wasn’t uncommon for us to go months without seeing each other, though we aimed to see each other more frequently.
She’s struggled with infertility for two years now. My heart goes out to her and I genuinely cannot imagine what that is like. Two of my friends who I introduced her to who she became friends with, she completely distanced herself/cut them out once they announced they were pregnant. Said it’s for other reasons.. but we all know why. Their babies are here now and she talks to them again, but it’s surface level and both of them are understanding of her difficulties with infertility, but a bit confused as to why she iced them out. So I’m trying to be mindful of this and may have loosened my boundaries more than I would have. As now, I’m pregnant.
Since telling her I was pregnant, she’s done the opposite with me. She’s been extremely needy. Upset I didn’t tell her first. Asking to hang out weekly. If I say I’m busy, getting upset. I was mindful of her struggles and was trying to be supportive and see her regularly in the beginning.
She’s getting married in the fall and I’m her Maid of Honour. When I told her I was pregnant, she began going on about her bachelorette and how if I can’t come she wants it cancelled (which seemed sweet but misguided at the time.. but now that I’m looking back it seems manipulative). To the point where, I told her I’d come to her full bachelorette (2-nights away from my 5-9 week year old). Now that I’ve had time I’m like.. there’s no way that I’ll be doing that and I’m a bit shocked she even tried to guilt me into doing that.
So I need to talk to her about that.. on top of that, she has started texting me daily. Pointless texts that say “how are you feeling?” or “hope you’re having a good day!” If I don’t respond she just sends the message again. She’s also asking me to hang out weekly. Her fiancé also really likes my husband (and he [her fiancé] self admittedly isn’t a people person and doesn’t like most people). So, we get constant double date invitations to. I tried to ignore half the messages and hoped she’d get the hint. She didn’t. Then I said I’m so busy lately, I don’t think I’m available! But now she continues to ask but adds a line in about how “she knows I’m busy but hopes I can make time.” It’s to the point where other people have noticed and spoken to me to say that they’re concerned about how she’ll be when the baby comes.
Keep in mind.. I’m seeing her at least once a month still. I have a large friend group, and am seeing most friends about once every two months.. I also work full time, teach part time at our local college, am in graduate school, and am planning for my baby. Plus, you know I’d love to see my husband/parents from time to time to.
I tried to talk to her recently and put boundaries in place and she was saying “don’t worry about me then, it’s fine.” Which made me feel guilty and like I’m the one in the wrong.
The kicker is, I’m pushing back my graduate school for her!! I’m three courses away from graduating come her wedding, but her wedding and another wedding I’m in fall on the weekends of class for these weddings.. so I either have to skip one of the weddings or postpone a year. I haven’t told her this because I don’t want her to feel bad. However, when she was making me feel guilty about her bachelorette I wanted to yell that at her. I was pretty distraught when I found out I have to push graduating a year. I’m trying to make sure this isn’t clouding my feelings either.
I don’t know what I’m looking for.. advice on what to do? Confirmation I’m not the asshole? Should I tell her I’m pushing back my masters partly because of her? Do I just need to rant?
Thanks all.
TL;DR : Friend (who has infertility difficulties) has gotten needy since I announced I am pregnant. Am I in the wrong for putting boundaries in place?
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2023.04.02 14:44 levijaydot If you are in Bixby

Please go vote in Tuesday’s (4/4) school board election. The pro public education incumbent, Matt Dotson, is being opposed by a moms for liberty candidate, Julie Bentley, and all of her crazy supporters are going to be out in droves.
One Bentley campaigner has already had the cops called on them for electioneering on an elementary school campus.
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2023.04.02 14:43 gateservices911 HVAC Services in Glen Ridge

HVAC Services in Glen Ridge
HVAC Services in Glen Ridge
Whether you're looking for a new, efficient HVAC Services in Glen Ridge for your entire home or need help with a tricky repair, our professional team is standing by! We know each and every component of the HVAC system and we know how to deal with it. We not only provide installation service. You can get an annual maintenance service on your already installed HVAC system as well. Air comfort and refrigeration services LLC also do all kinds of repairs for the system.
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2023.04.02 14:43 United-Crazy4189 In bad taste?

In bad taste?
A couple of buddies and I play in a few arm service charity scrambles every year and they always want to wear matching shirts (I lose the vote 3 to 1 every time). This pic is of the shir they picked. A few people are saying it is in bad taste. I am indifferent. I am more offended by dressing like three other grown ass men. Thoughts?
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2023.04.02 14:43 BByrnes90 New players

We the Skul's Squadron is looking for all members of any level looking towards a new guild and building friendship we are an active small guild right now but we want to be bigger and we need YOU!!! that's right so come on over join our guild and become one of us.
We will be running lower raid tiers to help anyone who needs it and offer any advice if needed. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!
We also have a discord group but it's not required to join.
May The Force Be With You. Or if you prefer Execute order 66
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