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Is this scamming okay?

2023.06.04 06:34 Fit-Novel-4416 Is this scamming okay?

Is this scamming okay?
So I went to Brikoven for some lunch, and ordered a ginger ale. The price on the menu said Rs. 130. I thought it's going to be made in house and went and ordered it. But, all they gave me was the regular ginger ale can (MRP Rs.50) and a glass. The price is marked up more than 2X the MRP. How is this allowed? Is there no cap?
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2023.06.04 05:36 breakdownbuildup Hot Wings - Gabriel's Gate, Buffalo NY

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2023.06.04 03:44 SLO_Citizen Food Review - Luna Llena Deli - Morro Bay - 2023.06.03

Food Review - Luna Llena Deli - Morro Bay - 2023.06.03
Luna Llena Deli - 859 Main St., Morro Bay, CA 93442
$9.00 - El Lechon Mojado sandwich - Roast Pork with tomato drenched in guacamole
$10.00 - Juana La Cubana - Smoked ham, sliced pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard
$2.50 - Cucumber and orange agua fresca
$6.00 - Strawberry Tres Leches del Lula
$3.00 - Mango and Chamoy Paleta
Full menu pics are included in this post at the bottom.
I met up with some friends in Morro Bay to have lunch at this newish spot open on Main Street in Morro Bay. We got there around 12:30pm and it was actually kind of wild there weren’t more people in the downtown area. My friends who live in Northern Morro Bay pointed out that most tourists stick around the Embarcadero area, leaving the quite charming downtown to the locals for the most part. It’s been awhile since I have been in this part of Morro Bay and it’s quite charming with several restaurants and bars within stones throwing distance I need to go check out.
From what I read in the Tribune, the restaurant was started by a father and son team - one of which or both, worked at different restaurants in Morro Bay before opening Luna Llena.
The place is really incredible, it’s like a joint you’d find in some big city, a small shop with limited menu and a family running the whole thing. There are a few tables inside and a few outside. Not fancy, not fussy, just right down to business.
My friends had the Lechon Mojado before, so I definitely was getting that and in the interest of going big on Saturday, I got enough other food to make it a meal for later too.

Cucumber and orange agua fresca
There were a couple people ahead of us, but we got all our food within 10 minutes as we sipped on our Agua Frescas. The cucumbeorange version I got was pleasantly cucumber forward and refreshing. Good, yes, but alas Frutiland in Arroyo Grande is still #1 for me and my experience around here. Needless to say, I drank it all greedily and it went well with the two sandwiches I ordered.

El Lechon Mojado Sandwich
The Lechon Mojado is served on a soft bun that has been slightly toasted and perhaps could have used a little more toasting - which I am sure you can ask for if you want. The sandwich was ordered spicy and as I bit into this luscious bit of pork heaven, I got a nice zing of heat along with the tell tale soft bite of long roasted pork. The guacamole was like a sauce with the tomatoes and pork, but it wasn’t too liquid - it all was just a perfect amount of everything. Honestly, I could have thrown down 3 of these and regretted it later. I ate half and then popped open the Cubana.

Juana La Cubana Sandwich
I didn’t ask about all the contents of each sandwich, but I am assuming they use slices of the pork they roast for the Cubana and it all was layered beautifully with just the right proportions of each item - smoked ham, sliced pork, swiss cheese and pickles. I am sure there are people who will see this and cry that it’s a not a true Cubano, but I really don’t care. It was a well made, super tasty sandwich with great textures from the 4 different layers. I chowed down half and although I liked it a lot, the Lechon sandwich was definitely the winner between the two of these.

Paleta fridge

Mango and Chamoy paleta
I packed away the two halves I didn’t eat for dinner and then stared at the fridge with all the varieties of paletas that they make in house and tried to decide what to get. I LOVE LOVE LOVE paletas and the mango/chamoy one I got was so incredibly delicious! I wish I had sprinkled some tajin on it to give it an extra special kick, but it really didn’t need it. Honestly, the restaurant would be worth it solely to go try all the flavor varieties they have. Just amazing!

Strawberry Tres Leches cake
I got a strawberry tres leches cake to go and ate it when I got home a few hours later. A great balance of sweetness, creaminess, strawberry and I think a bit of lemon zest which gave a nice bit of bitter counterpoint to the delectable container of goodness. As much as it was good, the paleta was two times better.
This is just such a cool little restaurant and you can tell that the father and son are preparing all these dishes with a tremendous amount of love and skill. It’s definitely a destination spot for Morro Bay and I hope they will be around for awhile because there are a bunch more things that I want to try when I go back again!

Menu 1

Menu 2
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2023.06.04 00:47 BitSageMillionaire Transforming Street Food: A £20K Investment in a Globally-Inspired Gourmet Taco Truck Business

Alright, here's an idea: a Mobile Food Truck specializing in a unique, yet in-demand food niche - let's say, for example, gourmet, globally inspired Tacos.
Why this idea? It combines the appeal of food, the convenience of mobility, and the current trend towards food trucks, especially for millennials and urban dwellers. Moreover, it's relatively inexpensive to start but has a high potential for profit if successful.
With £20K, here's how you could potentially break it down:
£10K: A used food truck/van. Do thorough checks to ensure it's in good condition. £5K: Initial kitchen equipment and supplies. £2K: Licenses, permits, and insurances. £1K: Branding, logo, and menu design. £1K: Initial inventory of food supplies. £1K: Contingency fund for unexpected expenses. Make sure your tacos stand out. Use organic, locally sourced ingredients, feature global flavors that people don't usually find in an average restaurant, and ensure there's a variety for all dietary restrictions (gluten-free, vegan, etc.).
Start off by targeting events, busy lunch spots, night markets, and then expand as your brand grows. Take advantage of social media for marketing. Get influencers to try your food and spread the word.
Always remember that customer experience is king. Serve great food, but also provide fantastic service. A happy customer is the best advertising you can get.
Please note, this is a broad plan and the actual costs can vary. Always do detailed research and planning before starting any business. And remember, while the potential is there for high returns, all businesses come with risk.
You’re welcome.😏💸
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2023.06.03 23:09 Hysatirical Sometimes I wish I was a “stupid male”

Before anyone comes at me, let me explain. I am a male, I was born a male; always have been, always will be. The thing is, I’ve spent my entire life comparing myself to the men closest to me in my life, meaning my family and my closest friends. Let’s start with my family. The men in my family are your stereotypical “stupid husband in movies”, all they care about is food and sports, video games and women. That’s it. If you ask them if they’re stressing and worrying, they say no. If they’re going somewhere, they’ll go with 2 shirts and 2 underwear’s max, if they’re going out to eat, they’ll be fine with whatever. They’ll be outside and go workout and come back sweaty and take a 5 minute shower and toss all their clothes together in the machine. They go months without changing their bedsheets or washing their blankets or cleaning their cars or cell phones or anything. They stuff their faces with cookies for breakfast, a hot dog for lunch and a soda or two for dinner. They haven’t been to the doctor in months, maybe once a year, and the dentist maybe once a year too. They’ll take the trash out and come back and continue playing games. Something traumatic will happen and everyone will be worrying and 3 hours later they’ll say “huh, wait what happened, I didn’t hear anything.”they’ll hang out with their friends and come back and forget to even ask their friends where their friend works or how their family is doing. When it’s time to go out, they’ll grab a random shirt to wear, take a quick poop, and ruffle their hair and step outside and leave. They’ll be staring off into the distance, not saying anything and if you ask them what’s wrong they’ll say “just thinking about that basket that was scored last month” No fears, no worries, no insecurities, N O T H I N G. No planning, no preparation, not a thought behind those eyes. No opinions, no gossip, no awareness of the world or anything. Then there’s me. Im the polar opposite. I have many fears and many worries. I suffer from multiple mental health disorders which cause me to worry nonstop. If I’m going somewhere, I HAVE to be prepared. Traveling? I’ll take almost my whole closet. You never know how cold or warm it’ll be. I’ll take Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer and bandaids and chapstick and pain killers and cold and flu medicine too. You never know what happens. If I’m going out to eat, I need to know where we are going NOW, so I can google the menu beforehand and decide on what I want. If I come back sweaty from the gym I need to take a precise shower so I’m very clean and then I do laundry by separating whites and colors. I also wash and change all my bedding and blankets and pillows weekly and so on. Also, I don’t like sports and I eat calculated and work out,making sure to get all my vitamins minerals and nutrients daily. I also get constant checkups and doctodentist visits and so on. I take the trash out and come back and wash my hands well before resuming my video game. I sit and worry about so many things in my life. I get ready so well before going out, making myself extra spotless with ironed clothes and pressed shirts with cologne. My point being, they’re the stereotypical “stupid male” in movies that just sits on the couch and eats chips and beer and watches football. The fact of the matter is, I really wish I was like them. They barely go through emotions, whereas me, I feel everything so deeply. I think, I worry, I overthink, I stay awake at night, i have fears and insecurities and I can’t seem to shake them. Despite me having so much control over my entire life, by meticulously doing things, the more I do, the more I worry. They seem so much more happier and I used to think it was a classic case of “grass is greener on the other side” but as the years have passed , their lives truly are happy. My entire life I’ve tried being as carefree as them but I can’t. They also have flawless social skills and are very likable whereas me with my mental health issues causes me to be awkward and dumb in public settings. Does anyone else feel this way? How are my fellow men so carefree all the time? Why can’t I be like that?
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2023.06.03 18:33 ArtemisQ26 AITA for eating in front of my boyfriend while he has nothing?

My boyfriend and I are on a very strict diet, and it's a lot of food, The prep for it also takes a while since we have to weight everything. I stay at his place most weekends, & because it's so much food I prep all my stuff before coming over. I weight all my ingredients, put them in containers and bring them as to not use all of my bfs food. He actually pays for a company to bring him his lunches and dinners already made, so he just has to re-heat.
Anyway, it's Saturday morning, and we have to make breakfast, I tell him that we should go to the kitchen to make our breakfast before it gets too late, he says that the race he wants to watch is in 20mins, so I tell him that we could hurry up and make our things as fast as we can so we can come and watch the race together, that way that we don't end up eating too late and then our meals and snacks aren't so close together. He says that he is fine, that he'll just eat the oats that are on the menu for tomorrow, I ask him about 3 times if he is sure that that's what he'll eat, that we have enough time to make the breakfast, but he assures me it's fine. He asks if I could bring him a cup of coffee he had already made earlier, ofcourse I do.
I get everything done pretty quickly since I had everything already prepped. I start eating and he just stares at my food and asks "why didn't you do mine?" and I just stare at him blankly, "that's not fair" I tell him "you said you wanted to make your oats later" he goes back to watch the race in silence, he is obviously mad/annoyed, I don't know. While I am eating I ask him if he wants my beans, I brought extra from home for him, I could just go and warm more for me later, he says no. Ok.. So I finish my brkf while he's literally sulking on the other side of the couch.
The race ends and dead silence. So I ask him what's wrong, if he's mad. He says no. I push and he finally says "well I'm just learning how things are with you" (we've been together for almost a year) I ask "what is that supposed to mean?" and he says "well, how would you feel if I make my breakfast and come eat it in front of you while you have nothing". I am shocked that he just totally ignored the fact that I offered to go make our things together, that I asked him multiple times if he was sure and even offered some of my food and he still had the audacity to be pissed. He just basically said "yeah, ok. I get it. I'm taking the dogs out for a walk" i ask him if he wants me to go with him and he just says "if you want" but he obviously wants me far away.
Now I'm here, wondering AITA for not Making his breakfast ? I don't understand, am I? Why is he so pissed? Honestly I'm more annoyed than anything at this point.
He just came back from walking the dogs, and just left to the balcony to be on his phone.
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2023.06.03 14:19 SevenHeavy your thoughts on Black hair and Cosmetology schools?

Hi there! I am a newer Cosmetology instructor at a small school in the midwest and I am a white woman. I started teaching early this year after owning my own studio where I was lucky to serve people with all sorts of textures. The student body is diverse but has a lot of young white students from small surrounding towns, this includes the student I will be talking about. I am seeking thoughts/advice/perspective on a concern I have at my new workplace with this very long post. There’s a TLDR! Lol
Yesterday, a Black woman was on the schedule for a detangling service. It’s not a service that’s listed on the menu but more of a special note on a “wash and style” service stating that the client is dealing with some extreme tangling or matting of some kind. She came in and I joined her and the student (white) for the consultation where we learned that she did have some moderate matting due to depression. She mentioned that she is a regular and comes in relatively often for the same thing - I just hadn’t met her yet. So I give the student tips on caring for her today and let them get started. The student is nervous as she’s never done a detangling service and I think the client was noticing because when I’m working around the clinic floor helping others, I see the client take the brush from her a few times and brush her own hair a bit. I can tell by the student turning red at the cheeks that she’s feeling embarrassed or upset so I come over and help her finish detangling and it goes pretty smoothly. The client is very quiet and seems irritated so I check in but she doesn’t share any complaints or anything with me. She decides she would like a silk press (something this student also hasn’t done on a paying client yet) so I get her what she needs, give her a run down of the steps and let them get started.
An important note: I went to get another student started on a haircut and this student says “the woman with other student was really rude to me when I did her hair. Hope it’s going better today.” and I said it’s going fine and I’m sorry that happened.
I check in and the student seemed to struggle so I step in and help more. At this point I notice that the client seems to stop talking when I come by so I check in and make sure she’s doing okay and all that. We finish the service together because it’s been a few hours at this point and this woman has been getting a lot of work calls so I felt bad. We chat a bit while I help and it was pleasant. She asked about another student (who is Black) who was doing a different service across the floor and said she wants to see her next time. I could see the student I was helping slightly flinch at the comment and I, admittedly, didn’t know what to say. We finish and it looks nice so I sign them off and go take my lunch.
When I come back, the student approached me and said she was unhappy about that service. When asked why, she explained “that lady didn’t like me because I’m white” which I’ve heard a couple students say before and my reply is “did they SAY that?” (and the answer is usually “well…no”) but in this case the answer was yes. She said that any time I walked away, the client would say that I don’t know what I’m doing and that none of the instructors here know what they’re doing and she is only happy when she’s a Black student but when she calls and asks to see one, the front desk won’t do it. (which is true - we won’t book people based on requests like that) I am very sensitive so this made me pretty sad but the student was angry. It was clear this had an impact on her and she expressed that she doesn’t want to do a service like that again. I did my best to assure her that this was a person dealing with a lot and that this is not what she should expect in the future but she didn’t seem receptive. After discussing with a coworker, I learn that this type of thing is “going to happen a lot” - Black clients being upset with white students out loud and white students becoming disinterested in learning more. I also learn that this particular client took a walk around the clinic floor and asked a couple Black students about doing services for her in the future. These students were confused/uncomfortable.
I am feeling very stressed about this as I am really passionate about my new career teaching and I am excited about having a positive influence over new stylists. An aspect of this making sure students that I teach can and will welcome anyone into their future chairs. I am also passionate about anti-racism and respecting Black people’s wishes for their own hair. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice on how I can make both work? These students are students and they all have different skills and learn at different rates but they ALL need to practice. Silk presses aren’t the only imperfect service being done. Us instructors are always having to fix cuts and troubleshoot color because the clinic floor exists as a practice space. I feel like people sometimes forget that and I am afraid it’s going to lead to more racist behavior in these new hairstylists. But as I type that out, I feel like I’m blaming disappointed Black people for racism which is insane. Ugh. If anyone made it this far, thank you so much and I’d welcome any thoughts.
TLDR: students struggle with learning to perform most services properly but there is an extra level of tension between a white student doing a mediocre job on a Black person’s hair -a Black client is very outspokenly disappointed that she is with a white student and the white student is angry. I feel that it’s the responsibility of Cosmetology schools to fix the divide in the hair industry but I, personally, feel ill-equipped.
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2023.06.03 10:07 Longjumping-Bee-2121 AITA for leaving early?

I (M18) went for a movie with friends. After the movie everyone collectively decided to have lunch together and I tagged along with them. They went to a rather expensive restaurant and after seeing the menu I decided I would rather not spend my parents' money on food that I probably won't like. I'm also pretty introverted and my social circle is limited to a few close friends, most of whom didn't come for the movie. I was the only one who left early. Should I have stayed with everyone else? Was I the asshole for leaving early?
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2023.06.03 09:30 baltimore-aureole The Library of Dorian Gray – Utah schools to ban the Bible?

The Library of Dorian Gray – Utah schools to ban the Bible?
Photo Above - Denzel Washington returns an overdue library book in "The Book of Eli" Not Shown - how a blind man can decide truth from fiction, with so few books in braille
A Utah school district has removed the Bible from middle and elementary schools : NPR
A republican in the Utah state legislature calls lawsuits to remove the Bible from school libraries “a stunt that drains public resources” (See link above). I'm inclined to agree. But not because I love Bibles or am triggered by “The Rubyfruit Jungle” (Google it).
In the real world, you and I aren't allowed to file frivolous lawsuits just because we're feuding with someone. (“My neighbor's cat killed a sparrow that had previously ate at my bird feeder – I want the cat euthanized, and an injunction against her ever owning a cat again”) . This sort of crapola promptly gets tossed out of court. But not this week's Bible lawsuit. It's being treated seriously. NPR and the librarians are even according the aggrieved “parent” total anonymity. How's THAT for bizarre? You can sue someone in a civil matter, and you don't even have to be identified? WTH !!!
Actually, I defend NPR's hilarious anonymity take on this nuisance Bible suit, too. I don't want to wake up tomorrow and read that “Caroline Spurgeon of Pepperlake City Utah was driven from her condo by a mob bearing torches and pitchforks, then tarred and feathered”. No matter how big a crock of BS Ms. Spurgeon's suit is.
Let's zero in on the problem. These are PUBLIC SCHOOL libraries. Paid for by local tax dollars. Nobody gives a rat's ass what library books are at “Holy Hell's Angels K-6” or the “The Sharia Charm School”. Tax dollars are NOT involved. Parents can discuss any concerns which pop into their peanut heads directly with the school officials. And then withdraw their kids from these private institutions if they don't like the library, or cafeteria lunch menu, or a pink flamingo as the school mascot.
Public school officials (government employees) don't feel that taxpayers deserve a voice in libraries, or textbooks. The professional staff makes those decisions behind closed doors. Until some parent finds “The Rubyfruit Jungle” in their daughter's backpack. Then all hell breaks loose. And then someone ELSE launches a retaliatory cruise missile to nuke the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Talmud, the Koran, and “Thor – Viking God of Thunder!”
This is exactly what public schools went through a century ago when they started teaching evolution. And the true geologic age of planet earth. The big bang theory. DNA . . . racial and gender equality. All of these things were an affront to somebody's gods, and a trigger for complaints.
Here's the answer: If you don't like the books in your school's library, you should be able to sign a slip so your kids can't even go there. Just like you can sign a slip saying they can't attend sex ed class, or the day evolution is taught in science class. Most parents don't want their bizarre worldviews advertised to their neighbors and bosses, so those exclusion slips seldom get submitted. Sometimes these kids are pulled from Grant Avenue Elementary and homeschooled between mom's laundry loads. They're taught from who knows what text, by someone with a high school diploma from who knows where.
That's called parental choice. Filing anonymous lawsuits to stoke your personal agenda and moral outrage isn't part of parental choice, whether you love the Bible, or hate it.
If you want to hate on me, try this. This writer believes all “erotic” school library books should be on a specific, restricted shelf. There should be another shelf in the fiction section for all holy books. Huck Finn should be unbanned, and allowed back in. But comic books should be excluded completely. These are my tax dollars, after all . . . and I don't want them spent on comic books. That's what kids' allowances are for. If we have money to spend stocking school libraries with comic books we might be paying too much in school taxes.
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2023.06.03 09:01 Responsible_You5430 Another chaotic week in the life of a boss babe attorney!

Hey cousins! How's everyone's week been so far? Mine has been an absolute rollercoaster as usual. Huehuehuehue. So I finally splurged on those $1,500 Louboutin heels I've been wanting for months. My feet hurt just looking at them but the red bottoms are worth it. Huehuehuehue. I also may have bought the matching $3,000 Louboutin bag to complete the look. Oops!
The summer associate and I wrapped up that big project last week and my boss took us out for a celebratory power lunch on the company card. Huehuehuehue. We ordered two $50 martinis and the $200 tasting menu. Only the best to celebrate our hard work finally paying off! The summer associate needed a few martinis to unwind after those late nights at the office we've been pulling. We were stumbling back to the office after that boozy lunch but we don't get wildddd we get wildererer. Huehuehuehue.
I got a mani/pedi today for $150 at my favorite spa to treat myself. They have the best champagne and snacks there while you get pampered. Huehuehuehue. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to unwind after the week I've had. Then I dropped another $500 restocking my makeup at Sephora. Gotta look my best when I'm running around the city! Chanel isn't going to buy itself. Huehuehuehue.
Anywho, the weekend calls! No set plans yet but you know me, I'll end up at some lavish rooftop day party or something. Huehuehuehue. Time to put on my new Louboutins and hit the town! Have an amazing weekend everyone! Maybe I'll run into some of you around. Bye!
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2023.06.03 05:24 Hairy-Insurance6217 should i quit? (rant)

i know this is a silly thing to post but i’ve been working at jimmy johns over the summer for the past three years now when i’m out of school. most of the original crew i worked with have left/are leaving and all the new hires are just really slow on the line and the register and it stresses me out to have to help them in the middle of the lunch rush when they can just study the menu and the register. i was offered a job at an auto parts store across the street and i’m really considering leaving but i feel like i thrive really well in the jimmy environment (there’s no way i’m going to subway or jersey mikes tho i’m loyal to the brand.)
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2023.06.03 04:55 jfm2143 Friday lunch in Nashville

I find myself with a few hours to kill in Nashville while I wait for my flight out of BNA on an upcoming Friday. My flight should board around 6:30 so I can't really do dinner at 5, more like a lunch around 3.
So far my front runner is STK, but I'm just going off Google maps. Any fine dining suggestions that are serving a decent menu around 3 would be greatly appreciated. I have been mostly underwhelmed with what I've found on lunch menus.
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2023.06.03 04:32 BerryCrunxh My experience with Qdoba

I've been going to the same Qdoba's for the last 12 years. I remember in 2010-2012 or so the restaurant was so popular the line went out the door. The quality stayed good until 2017 or so. The last 6 years I would say this Qdoba really declined, menu and ingredient changes playing a big role. Making the soup seasonal was a huge mistake. The employees are also less trained then they used to be and most don't seem to care. I only go to that Qdoba from preferably opening(11am) to 1PM. The food is obv freshest for the lunch rush and the mannager is there so the employees actually have to make an effort. I've gone into Qdoba's later in the day and the prep counters have been a complete mess with food mixed in with others and employees just taking a piss. One late night my brother and I went to Qdoba and my brother began ordering when he noticed the chicken was noticeably raw. When he pointed it out to the girl working there, she squinted, got up real close to it, giggled and said "yeah, it is a little". We both just walked out.
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2023.06.03 04:31 jfm2143 Friday lunch in Nashville

I find myself with a few hours to kill in Nashville while I wait for my flight out of BNA on an upcoming Friday. My flight should board around 6:30 so I can't really do dinner at 5, more like a lunch around 3.
So far my front runner is STK, but I'm just going off Google maps. Any fine dining suggestions that are serving a decent menu around 3 would be greatly appreciated. I have been mostly underwhelmed with what I've found on lunch menus.
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2023.06.02 21:33 hellohihi213 Do I need sugar to live?

I'm a college student. This is what my diet (in the food sense, not in the weightloss sense) has looked like the past few weeks:
Breakfast: 1/2 cup oatmeal with chia seeds, 2tbsp that whole nut butter from Costco, 1/2c Greek yogurt, and frozen fruit.
Lunch: 1.5c Homemade fried rice (peas, sesame oil, brown rice, bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, spinach, chicken, egg)
Dinner: Leftover fried rice (usually about 1.5c)
Snacks: 2 string cheese sticks and mandarin orange between meals
I'm pretty sure I hit all food groups with this kind of meal plan. Some days I'll go off the meal plan and consume more fats or more carbs or more protein, trying to figure out what is missing and yet every day I wake up feeling exhausted despite getting 9 hours of sleep per night. Not groggy or tired, but like my body has no energy. The only thing that is providing me with a hint as to what is happening is that I have a heavy sugar craving.
I know the human body does not require added sugar to live so I have been resisting that craving. (I additionally have teeth problems and I know sugar will only make them worse.) The only little extra things that I'll eat during the day are bacon or whole wheat pancakes (with no sugar) or fruit (which has minimal sugar but none added) or an extra serving of my meal prepped food.
I don't know what to do. Is the solution to simply eat more sugar?
Edits: Apologies that my post wasn't very clear. I added values to the "menu". Yes, I'm sure I'm drinking enough water, I drink at least 8 cups of water per day (2 Takeya bottles-full).
I do exercise 1 hour every other day.
I do eat protein (chicken, egg, peas). I've calculated my macros and it comes to:
117g protein, 200g carbs, 85g fat
I was thinking this should be fine by I'm, for some reason, still having issues.
I've been checked for thyroid issues as a teenager a couple years ago and I did not have any but perhaps they developed in the last couple of years.
I've always been very independent. I cooked all my own food from middle school to my senior year of high school (from scratch, not too much processed food). Maybe I wasn't feeding myself properly then but I've only just noticed the issues now that I don't have a school meal plan. I've always loved sugar but I really would not say I had an "addiction". Given that I've been living off this self-made meal plan for nearly a month now, I would think any possible sugar addiction I had would be gone now right?
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2023.06.02 20:32 Vitademar How to get my picky eater to try new foods?

The only fruits she eats are bananas, apples (Fuji but I get it), grapes, mandarin and tomatoes. I love fruits and always have them on easy access.
vegetables and others, just potatoes. No beans, no carrots or broccoli or even lettuce, nothing.
But she likes pasta, rice and most, if not all, meat and seafood except for shrimps but loves tuna and chicken. Also funny enough she eats a mix of tofu and mushrooms I make, since we are pescatarians, (I always have chicken for her just in case she doesn’t want what we eat). And she also eats chickpeas “chicken” 😂 and she loves them both.
I try to make food fun, she has those kiddie plates with divisions so I feel them up with different food groups and make them cute. She doesn’t drink any shake so I can’t do them to get the rest of the nutrients in.
Good thing tho is that she actually likes oatmeal’s and other morning creams, farinas, maicenas & harinas de maíz (don’t know how they are called in English in fact I have to buy them in Hispanic stores or import them)
She is not big on junk food so I don’t get it. I’m pretty sure if I get her to just bite it she would change her mind but she is a freaking 3 year old, she is old enough and obviously know more than mommy and daddy (sarcasm). So any advice or tips are more than welcome.
She is going through another growth spur and it’s eating a lot but if she ate what I serve her she wouldn’t be that hungry and would be full for longer.
Our menu example. This is for today
Breakfast Scrambled eggs, cheese and tatter tots in a burrito apple and yogurt.
Lunch We usually eat last night left over, so for today was Creamy garlic cheese pasta with shrimp and yeast bread
For dinner Rice, beans (Puertor Rican beans, they have carrots, potatoes and pumpkin with sofrito) and a simple side salad spinach, lettuce tomato Parmesan cheese.
For snacks 1bag of chips Any fruit, And tuna mayonnaise bread bites
Is not super healthy but I feel that if she just ate this she would be full. She likes eggs but today was like nope and only ate the tatter tot, two spoons of yogurt.
For lunch just ate the pasta at least she ate all of it,
And for dinner she will only eat rice with ketchup🤢. She will eat the tuna with bread maybe a fruit and the bag of chips and she spends the rest of the day cranky and asking for more food.
I was raised to eat what’s on the plate wether a liked it or not, I at least try to find foods and things that are both good for her and that I know she would like if she just ate it. She wouldn’t be hungry and I wouldn’t be throwing away food all the time.
I know it was long but I wanted to get the whole context in.
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2023.06.02 19:11 CommitteeJumpy7893 I call major bs.

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2023.06.02 18:51 MajorMalevelence [FNV] issue wit hcharacters holding all 2 handed weapons one handed, also JAM wont show spring animations

I'm guessing its a conflict with Titans of the New West but i wouldnt know how to resolve that

# Automatically generated by Vortex
YUP - Base Game + All DLC.esm
Character Expansions Revised.esm
Vikki and Vance Improvements.esm
DFB - Random Encounters.esm
A World of Pain Revised.esm
Mojave Raiders.esm
Mojave NPCs.esm
Ambient Temperature.esm
Tuneable Radios.esm
Securitrons On Alert.esm
JIP Selective-Fire.esm
More Traits.esm
Better Character Creation.esm
YUP - NPC Fixes (Base Game + All DLC).esp
JSawyer Ultimate.esp
Distant Water Jets.esp
SLS English Fixes.esp
Lethal Headshots.esp
Mojave Raiders.esp
Diagonal movement.esp
More Gore Giblits.esp
ADAM Complete.esp
Player Vertibird.esp
Mojave Arsenal.esp
JSUE 5.56mm Varmint Rifle.esp
Lazarus - Interesting GunRunners.esp
Classic Tactics Inspired Plasma Rifle.esp
Character Expansions Revised - Extras.esp
Light Armor Perks Fixed - Medium Allowed.esp
The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
Titans of The New West.esp
Light Armor Perks Fixed.esp
Classic Leather Armor Replacer.esp
Classic Metal Armor (Replacer).esp
Nights are Darker - Ultimate Edition.esp
XIII + J3X's Flesh Burnificating Plasma.esp
FNV Checkpoint Rifle.esp
Economy Overhaul.esp
FNV 20mm AutoCannon.esp
Fallout Tactics Brotherhood Armor Integration.esp
Titans of The New West - No Backpack.esp
Colt N99 10mm.esp
Cowboy Perk Complete - New Vegas Bounties.esp
Mojave Raiders - TLD Patch.esp
Lucky 38 Lights Redone.esp
Animated Cigarettes.esp
No Vanilla Smokers.esp
DFB - Random Encounters - Update - MCM.esp
More Traits Update.esp
Elijah's LAER Weapon Health Increase.esp
Animated Ingestibles.esp
Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JAM.esp
Titans of The New West - Power Armor Sprint JVS.esp
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2023.06.02 18:42 ahmetdvci Student Hub: Your Comprehensive Notion Template for Academic Success (Free)

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2023.06.02 18:34 Dreadsin I fucking can't stand people who don't have any respect for anyone else's time

so this morning I want to get a breakfast sandwich real bad, but the place closes at 11:30. I finish my meetings at 11, should have plenty of time, right? They have a super strict cutoff, even 1 min over and you can't order breakfast items
So I start driving there. Holy shit. People are just lackadaisically driving half the speed limit, sightseeing, on a fucking major route. There is a fucking LINE of cars behind them. Finally they get off the road, but they come to a literal dead stop in the middle of a 50mph road, sit there for a couple of seconds, slowly sloooooowly turn right as if they're not sure this is the road they should be on, less than 1 block from my destination. Drive took fucking twice as long as it should have
FINALLY, I get there at 11:20, still got some time. There's one group that's in line so I think "okay cool it's all good they'll order and I'll have time". They walk tf up to the counter and START LOOKING AT THE MENU just now and start asking stupid af questions like "uhhhhhhh what is a lobster roll" bruh you are in fucking New England coastline wdym what is a fucking lobster roll it's fucking everywhere here did you just get here or something? Do you go to Paris and go "what's a croissant? Never heard of it"? They literally fucking discuss everything on the fucking menu it's so goddamn fucking exhausting, and she's counting out cash to see if she can pay for it. Like what the fuck are you doing the line is now out the fucking door and she's just sitting here fucking oblivious. Also her friends aren't even in line but they're standing obliviously right in the way of the line
Then they start a whole argument with the person working the counter cause it's only available for lunch. it's 11:28. They finally finish arguing and she just says "fine then I'll just wait two minutes for lunch to start 😤" and doesn't fucking move from the counter. Like her plan is literally to fucking wait there until lunch starts and not move. She doesn't even seem to acknowledge other people are waiting
Luckily I go there often enough so they just say "the usual?" to me as I'm standing behind her. She literally won't even move from the console to let me pay. Literally right at 11:29.
Then I drive home. Same shit. Some idiot completely obliviously driving like a fucking moron way below the speed limit without a single fucking clue where they're going despite GPS having existed for years now. I get home fucking at 12:20.
Maybe it's just me but I find these people to be profoundly selfish. You are taking MY time away from me, my most precious asset, and wasting it. And I get pissed when people are like "just relax!" like, fuck you. I have to work like 10 hours a day and be on call all night, you think I want to fucking spend the rest of it sitting behind some person decided that they need to be the absolute center of attention and get everything they want
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2023.06.02 17:23 OddHalf8861 Anyone want to come to the diner and have lunch let me know... The menu is anything u want lol

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2023.06.02 16:36 Boney_Zoney Made this image tooday, think i'll call it the mario 64 spooky chart

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