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This subreddit is for employees of Amazon working as Whole Foods Shoppers. This is a place to discuss tips and get questions about the job from fellow employees.

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2023.06.04 20:20 Natryska Lightweight yarn is fraying and breaking when casting on stitches- i am slowly losing my mind (rant)

i am losing my entire mind. I'm trying to knit a beanie for myself, and i picked a nice 3 weight yarn to do it with. fellas. i have had to start over so many times because it just keeps fraying and breaking. i don't know if it's because I'm using the german twist cast on and it's just rubbing together or what is going on, but i am going insane. i feel like I'm trying to cut the green wire on an explosive with how careful i'm trying to be and i am ready to give up :)
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2023.06.04 20:20 fckngoblins what is this plant and is it native to me?

what is this plant and is it native to me?
this f**ker here keeps trying to take over my front porch and if it isnt native ill rip it all up and let the clovers take over instead. if its native i’ll just let it do its thing but redirect it from a porch a few times a year i live in northern Kentucky, right on the edge of Indiana
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2023.06.04 20:20 distorted_elevator Weird thing had happened

Let's say there is a friend of mine named Jack.
Jack opened and liked my message 4 hours ago. Now I got notified, that he liked my message and there is 'Seen 14m ago' (before there was 'Seen 4h ago'). He was in first place in my DMs for a while (as if he was the last person I had texted with) and then jumped back. When I opened the chat, I didn't see that there was any change in the liked messages. Could it be that he liked something, then quickly unliked it, but I got notified anyways? But why is there 'Seen 14m ago'? (I think that was the time when he liked the message), when I sent him the last message 4h ago?
I'm honestly scared, because this is really weird.
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2023.06.04 20:20 dogchocolate Shrivelled guy is he ok?

Shrivelled guy is he ok?
This one's really shrivelled up compared to the rest.
I decided to pull him, I think current play is to leave him out of pot in the sun to dry, not that he's damp I really see nothing wrong.
I guess I'm posting because I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas, he's in mostly rock (volcanic and pumice) substrate with a small amount of soil mixed in. He gets watered at the same time as my other Peyote (in another pot) and those are looking lovely.
The only real difference is he's slightly nearer the window, maybe he's getting a bit too much sun I don't know.
Anyway pics...
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2023.06.04 20:20 rhysapgruffydd With his 2 assists last night, Lucas Zelarayán passed Brian West, Pedro Santos, and Justin Meram to become 7th all time in career assists for the Crew across all competitions.

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2023.06.04 20:20 sseempire Goku(Z movies) vs Goku(Super)

Movies Goku has some insane speed feats, as well as power way beyond canon Z Goku. While I don't think he has the ap to hurt Granolah saga Goku, i honestly don't think BoG Goku stands a chance against movies Goku
Where does the gap in ap make up for the speed difference between the 2, or, basically, in what saga did Goku gain enough AP and denfense to beat movies Goku
I said Goku 10 times
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2023.06.04 20:19 tarheelphenom The Torch Has Officially Been Passed

I can no longer beat my son in video games...and I love it. He's whipping me big time in WWE 2k23. I no longer have to take it easy on him. It's competitive and he's beating me straight up. I'm a proud papa!
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2023.06.04 20:19 5evenThirty Any idea how good console controls feel?

Do we have any insight how how good it will feel to play on console? I'm on my comp all day for work and it feels nice to stretch out in the living room if I have time to play something.
If the controls feel terrible I'll just buy it on PC, but if they're good if love it get it on Xbox when it releases.
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2023.06.04 20:19 Pinccboi 31M Jerk looking for maybe a friend.

Prefer that you're 25+, but anyone 18+ is fine. I'm pretty old school, and don't typically get along with people that are much younger than me. I like real people with a real sense of humor, unfiltered and raw is best. Not taking me all that seriously is generally best practice. My chatbox is a safe space for assholes. Drunkies, junkies, and floozies are welcome, there's no judgement here. If you can't handle some Grade A, not PC at all, shit-talking, keep scrolling. If you're incapable of carrying your own weight in a conversation, keep scrolling. If you text in any kind of lazy shorthand, keep scrolling. If you're one of the vapid crotch-sniffers that are looking to rectify their daddy issues via me that always seem to find their way into my chat every time I post here, keep scrolling. (Seriously, what's wrong with this sub?)
I work for myself from home, so I've got all the time in the world. If you're a needy fucker, I'm usually available 18 hours a day. I like putting all my eggs in only a basket or two at a time rather than having a bunch of friends I hardly ever talk to (already have plenty of those), so full-time friends are preferable over those who just want to small talk every now and then.
As I said, I'm pretty old school, but I'm also a nerd. Chain smoking while fishing is my ideal morning. Chain smoking while watching some anime or reading a fantasy novel is my ideal night.
If you want to get more in-depth on anything, well, shoot me a message and let's talk. I'm trying to keep this brief. Always happy to move it to Discord and hop on voice, as well.
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2023.06.04 20:19 i-like-cake-or-cake Sites to buy keys

I want ti buy cheap games but cause im from a third world country in the balkans most of the times shipping costs more than the games so do you know any sites that sell for cheap and are verified
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2023.06.04 20:19 Relevant_Wonder_2007 Can surrounding of children could affect the dating?

Hi guys I am 26 years old male. When I was teen boy, I was so afraid to talk with girls because of my parents strict behaviour. My parents didn’t let me to take any decision by my own, they wanted me to act accordingly to their decision. Even my neighbours were not good, I saw lots of violence in the street.
I was in the military when I was young. Somehow I able to get chance to leave my house and live according to me. Once, I left my house, I created my business and saw lots of up and down. Because I came from poor-middle class family, I have lots of responsibilities (building life from scratch). By judging this, you can say that I take my life seriously.
I am 5,11 and have stable income. Because I came from struggling life, I can feel others pain. So far I asked at least 4-6 girls to out, everyone said they see me as a friend. I asked them at least can you give me feedback so that I can improve myself. No one gave me the reason. I went out for few dates with a girl, after that she is no longer interested. Even she never gave me a reason.
I know I am not perfect, but I am open to feedback to change myself.
P.S: I don’t drink or smoke. I don’t do pubs, I spend time in the nature. I have lots of friends so I am socially active. My BMI is nearly to fit.
Sorry for my english.
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2023.06.04 20:19 katiesmeatprison I just became an arch expert in March and im already stressed out.

They keep telling me they’re going to write me up if I don’t make my goal, and cut me down to part time if I don’t sell more benefit, but im getting no help from any one of the managers. I ask for help and there’s either excuses or empty promises and im tired of it. 2 people in salon are leaving because of a toxic work environment, and 2 more are thinking about it too. And I’ve asked everyone in salon and dermalogica if they were told that they would be written up if they didn’t meet their goal. They said no, and they said that the previous benefit ae wasn’t told that either. She left because she wasn’t being treated very well either. I talked to my boyfriends dad who owns a business and he said that I need to ask what they’re going to do to help me promote that I’m there and get people to come in. I’ve been told I have to do that all myself too and he said that’s not how you run a business and that I need to leave and find a better job.
Anyways if you’re thinking of being a benefit ae or working in salon, don’t.
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2023.06.04 20:19 Sweet_Pot8to Not your grandma's Local news. Any YouTube/ podcast/good radio options?

I know this may make me sound really old or whatever, but I used to love watching the news on tv with my parents. As an adult, I like getting my news in that format (watching/listening) as I can do other things and it's less time consuming to stay informed.
The issue I'm having is that want to find something more relevant and engaging, and I find that CTV etc just aren't doing it for me.
Has anyone else had this same struggle?In a perfect world Aba & Preach would start doing the news, but ah well.
Have you found any good options on YouTube, a podcast or the radio? How do you stay up to date on local news?
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2023.06.04 20:19 u-copycat Speeding Up Page Load and Reducing the Amount of Time it Takes Using Responsive Images

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2023.06.04 20:19 ReplacementNew758 Obeying parents is hard (rant)

Cause like, idk if it's just my parents, but sometimes they'll say one command but then completely change it later and when you point it out they go "Well, now I'm telling you this" and it's sooo stressful and anxiety inducing.
For example, weird thing about me, but I can't think without talking to myself. Idk why, I've never been tested for autism or anything so idk if it could be something like that, but I just literally can't think straight unless I talk to myself a bit. It REALLY upsets my mom and one time she commanded that I completely cease it. I tried for a few days, and my heads never hurt so much, so I begged her to at least let me quietly talk to myself in my room and she said yes
Fast forward to today and I was walking out of my room quietly talking to myself and she got upset and said I "Need to stop responding to internal stimuli". I have no clue what that means! I don't know if she just changed the command or was upset because I was *technically* out of my room and talking to myself, idk and I'm just stressing over it so much. I could ask her what she meant but whenever she makes a command I don't understand and I ask her to explain she always kinda just rolls her eyes and brushes me off.
There's other things that make this command so hard. I'd hate to get too into detail, but my mom's been keeping my meds from me for a while and it's been affecting my attitude and thoughts... I know I can't disobey her and steal them but gosh has it been hard and mentally draining. And her tight rules on who I can be friends with, cause of it I only really have one friend I talk to and it gets lonely... Maybe I'm just venting at this point and getting a bit detraction-y. Idk, is this just my parents? I don't want to hate any of God's commands but I come seriously close to hating this one.
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2023.06.04 20:19 MoonshineMS Using ChatGPT for creative idea generation

I’m trying to use with ChatGPT with creative industries in mind.
I work in a field where idea generation is at the core of my business and I think that ChatGPT can - and indeed already is - creating enormous potential value.
But I also think I can be massively more efficient. I work in the arts! I don’t understand the nitty gritty! Talk to me like the Luddite I am!
In particular, I’m looking for a simple way to ‘train’ ChatGPT-4 (or adjacent system) on a significant textual analysis dataset, so I can stop wasting prompts refining. At the moment I’m using many of the limited prompts repeatedly ‘training’ GPT-4 on the same datasets, before I ask it to generate ideas for me.
I want more ideas, and less wasted moments ‘training’ each conversational instance.
To give an example, and some similar prompts, from a different creative industry to mine (and I’m aware of the Sept 2021 limitation here!) - say I want to come up with a new idea for a documentary series for a TV station I manage, that has a good chance of commercial success.
I want ChatGPT to analyse previous winners and shortlistees of the likes of the Oscars for best Documentary, of Cannes, of Sundance, of the BAFTAs and the Emmy’s, etc. I also want it to look at annual ‘best of’ lists from the NYT, the Guardian, Empire Magazine etc. And I want it to look at the common themes and audience.
I then want it suggest something new that may contain the broad themes, overlap with the audience profile, that has a global or national resonance.
At the moment I can do something close to the above but it’s takes four or five prompts, and it responds with pointless info each time, before I can finally get it to give me good suggestions.
So, two questions:
1) Can I get ChatGPT to analyse but not respond?
2) How can I improve the efficiency of my ‘training’ prompts, that I can reapply over and again in different contexts without going through a 5-prompt rigmarole?
For additional info, an example of what I’m trying and the pitfalls:
“look up the winners and shortlistees for best documentary in the following awards: Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Primetime Emmy’s, Sundance film festival, Cannes film festival [etc] since 2010. Note common themes and types of critical praise for these documentaries”
GPT will often forget later awards. It will also respond with a big text dump of the first on the list
“look up annual best-of lists for documentaries in major national US and UK media since 2010. Look up annual best-of lists for documentaries in major specialist film magazines since 2010. More common themes and types of critical praise for these documentaries”
same as above. I get a text dump and it occasionally forgets the second sentence.
“use what you have learnt to suggest 10 new ideas for sports [or other specific genre] documentaries. Exclude any idea where the subject has been covered as a documentary since 2010. Give a two line precis. Give two comparison documentaries.”
normally decent, but will often make errors by suggesting something already done. I will then have to correct and regenerate.
This all takes a long time when multiplying by various genres, say, (eg sports, human interest, nature, true crime etc) as with each new iteration I have to go through the initial prompts and errors over and again.
Tips and help thoroughly appreciated!
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2023.06.04 20:19 Glittering_Youth8741 I feel like it's not worth trying to improve and I'm just wasting other people's time

Mostly of the time I'm too tired of life to try to get better and when I'm trying, it doesn't matter because everything comes back worst than before, so why should I try to improve? Even when I went to therapy I felt like I was just wasting her time, because this pain never stopped coming back. I know it's just a matter of time before I hurt my friends somehow and I knew I should get away from them before that happens and just finish it all, because it's a lost cause, I'm a lost person in life, just someone that never do anything good enough and it's never capable of getting better. I just wish I had the guts to finish it all and never come back.
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2023.06.04 20:19 ShadyPatel Need help deciding Euro destinations

I am going to Europe in December with my sister. We are thinking on leaving on December 8 and coming back December 22. We are thinking on doing 3 countries and this is what we are thinking on doing:
London - December 9 - December 14
Paris - December 14 - December 19
Barcelona - December 19 - December 22
We are not sure if this is enough time for each city or if it is a good plan. We also do not know if Barcelona is the best option for our third country as first time Euro travelers. Any thoughts or advice? Would 3 countries be okay or can we squeeze more?
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2023.06.04 20:19 karmagheden Isn't it amazing how the United States can drop bombs on Syria, illegally occupy Syria, steal Syria's oil and wheat, and scream about Ukraine's sovereignty at the same time?

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2023.06.04 20:19 SnooFloofNeko I tried the 9 months later meme on Phoenix and apparently i'm edgeworth and working on a case with him

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2023.06.04 20:19 Single-Face6468 Plate I.d. Please

Plate I.d. Please
What’s good ? Can anyone please lend a bit of knowledge to help to figure out what exactly I have and also some kind of value ? So appreciative of your time ! Thanks
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2023.06.04 20:19 ammohitchaprana Why should you choose for your online digital marketing agency?

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