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2015.11.24 07:25 Shake117 News about Broadway star Idina Menzel!

All about Idina Kim Menzel, who is known for her work in Rent, Wicked and Frozen.

2023.06.04 19:28 Icy_Appointment8852 [Election] The Tibi Affair; The Collapse of the 37th Israeli Government, and 2024 Knesset Elections.

02:00 Harimon Street, Hehmed, Suburb of Tel Aviv.
5.6 Kilometers away from Ben Gurion International Airport.
Mansour Tibi was hurriedly packing as much of his life as he possibly could into his car. Two suitcases. That was all he was intending on taking with him. Having already made arrangements to have his neighbours take care of what remained, he was sure that nothing could go wrong.
As he stuffed the oversized suitcases into the back of his car, a nondescript white van screeched into view and pulled up aside him. Soon, the suitcases remained in his car, while the van pulled away at speed, and Mansour was nowhere to be found.
Segen (Lieutenant) Mansour Tibi was an Arab Israeli officer within the Air Intelligence Group (Lahak Modi'in) within Israeli Military Intelligence (Agaf HaModi'in). He was primarily charged with intelligence operations focused on analyzing maintenance-supportive operations. On his possession at the time of capture by Shin Bet agents, Segen Tibi possessed documents pertaining to military intelligence operations abroad, with a focus on the IDF's assessment of adversary capabilities. His purchase of tickets to Mexico was flagged by Shin Bet, and an investigation was launched leading to his capture.
Segen Tibi has been charged with treason and espionage and a wide variety of other offences, and is due to be tried by the military tribunal in the Central and Air Force District in accordance with Israeli law.

Times of Israel, 5th of November 2024

Yesh Atid calls on Minister of Intelligence to resign; Netanyahu to call elections.

Yair Lapid of Yesh Atid expressed outrage at the failure of the Government to preempt the potential defection of Segen Tibi with a large quantity of classified military intelligence documents. Lapid, who has served as the Leader of the Opposition since 2022, called it "yet another Netanyahu shambles" and has called for elections to let the Israeli people decide whether they approve of the actions of the Hardline Coalition's actions over the course of the Tibi Affair.
The primary accusation levelled at the Coalition over the Tibi Affair appears to be at the Minister of Intelligence's failure to spot Tibi's potential defection earlier. Yet Government MKs have expressed bewilderment at the Opposition's accusations, as Tibi was apprehended before any sensitive information had left Israel.
Polling has shown that the so-called "Tibi Affair" has not significantly damaged the perception of the Coalition as it stands especially as after the past few years, the Coalition's diplomatic successes in establishing relations with Arab nations, and on other fronts have been wildly praised. Besides the Exemption Scandal in 2023, the Coalition's work has surprised most analysts as the political situation in Israel has been broadly stabilised compared to the 2018-2022 Crisis.
Having considered the political situation, and his ability to nip scandals in the bud before they get any worse, Netanyahu has put forward a bill to dissolve the Knesset and call for elections, which has received assent.
State of the Parties


Netanyahu has served as Prime Minister for five terms so far, having enjoyed over 17 years in office on a non-continuous basis. If elected to yet another term, BB as he is known, will be 80 years old at the end of that term. Yet age does not appear to be a concern for Likud party members, and appear to back their man all the way back to the Prime Minister's office.
Netanyahu has been praised by Israelis on the right for his handling of the Territories, further expanding settler rights and infrastructure in the area. With economic growth strong, and further supported by increased capital spending, Likud appears to be in a very strong position going into the elections.

Yesh Atid

Yesh Atid has been weakened as a result of what voters have viewed as "ineffective opposition" to the present Coalition Government. While Yesh Atid have tried to opposite many of the Coalition's proposals, infighting due to the Territory question has caused significant problems with the party's ability to present a unified front. Viewed by voters as a less effective Likud, Yesh Atid has suffered significantly as a result of BB's success.


Shas, as the party for the Sephardi, Mizrahi, and Haredim Jews has had a broadly mixed record in Government with Netanyahu. While they have enjoyed voters closely associating them with BB, and the recent success of the Hardline politics demonstrated by the Coalition, Shas particularly has suffered slightly as a result of them holding the Government hostage over ending exceptions for Haredi Jews within the military draft system.

Israel Resilience Party

The IRP has demonstrated good judgement by refusing to attack the Government over the Tibi Affair, rather focusing on the deteriorating relations within the Territories and the need for equalizing the economic successes within Israel more broadly.


Broadly speaking, Government partners have benefited from economic and diplomatic successes. Although the Israeli Labour Party has enjoyed an uptick in support especially as the gap between the richest Israelis and the working classes has grown bigger under the Hardline Coalition's economic program.
Party Ideology Number of Knesset Seats Won Increase/Decrease on 2022
Likud "National Zionist liberalism" 35 +3
Yesh Atid Zionist Liberalism 13 -4
Shas Religious conservatism 11 +2
Israeli Resilience Party Social liberalism 10 +2
Yamina National conservatism 8 +1
Israeli Labour Party Social democracy 9 +2
United Torah Judaism Religious conservatism 9 +2
Yisrael Beiteinu Nationalist Secularism 5 -2
Religious Zionist Party Religious Zionism 7 +2
Otzma Yehudit Kahanism 1 +/- 0
New Hope National liberalism 1 -5
Meretz Social democracy 7 +1
Ra'am Islamism 5 +1

Times of Israel 15th of December, 2024

Post Election Coalition talks lead to a return of Netanyahu

Following a brief negotiation period, the incumbent Coalition which has worked so surprisingly well over the past number of years, have agreed to extend the Coalition for another term, along with the inclusion of Yamina.
The only thing stopping BB now is the inevitable march of time that comes for us all.
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2023.06.04 19:20 tacotacobuenobueno Kids Club Discounts for sunday Home Games

On the official Round Rock Express kids club website ( one benefit is listed as "Discount ticket offer to Sunday home games".
I would like to attend today's home game on Sunday, June 4, 2023. Does anyone know how to get the discount ticket offer? I can't seem to find anything about it when trying to purchase tickets online.
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2023.06.04 18:54 AdhesivenessTime2490 US visa interview (B2 - Tourist visa)

I will have my US interview soon, I am from a third world country but I study and live in the European union, my american classmate invited me to the US and he sent me via email an invitation letter that I will live at his place, I have no idea what documents should I bring except my passport and my DS-160 printed and the printed letter, should i bring my study confirmation or what should I bring? also is it wise to buy a round-trip ticket before the interview?
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2023.06.04 18:53 AdhesivenessTime2490 US visa interview (B2)

I will have my US interview soon, I am from a third world country but I study and live in the European union, my american classmate invited me to the US and provided me an official invitation letter, I have no idea what documents should I bring except my passport and my DS-160 printed and the letter, should i bring my study confirmation or what should I bring? also is it wise to buy a round-trip ticket before the interview?
Thank you
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2023.06.04 18:49 Distinct_Bullfrog827 What is your opinion on Caciedo?

What is your opinion on Caciedo?
I've seen him play and he is class, we should consider him as an option as he is on the move, maybe we can hijack the move like we did the Kounde and with Raphinha and I think he is a good replacement for Busquets and a cheap one.
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2023.06.04 18:30 oyejustino Booked flights to the UK from the US through AA but flying British Airways.

We booked flights to England through American Airlines but the flights are all on British Airways. Which mobile app should we use and where should we plan to check in at the airport? I have the AA app on my phone and it has the tickets. I just wasn't sure how this would work once we get to the UK if there are any changes etc. Thanks for anyone who may have experience with this.
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2023.06.04 18:29 LLViewer Gift Cards

I'm thinking of getting someone a gift card to get tickets for Broadway. What group or organization should I get the card through? TKTS? Todaytix? Telecharge?
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2023.06.04 18:03 Spirited_Note3615 My Protector

Alright I'm not gonna exaggerate and make my fiancee sound like she's legit trying to be a manly man-girl. She does work out, she has some muscles, but not Arnold Schwarzenegger muscles, she likes to wear hoodies when cold, Calvin Klein sports bra/tanktop when hot, and she is taller than me, almost towers my dad. But she has long dark hair, looks beautiful in whatever dress she wears. She is still a lady. And always will be. With that being said, whenever she gets angry Belle becomes Beast. I don't want you guys to think I'm constantly being harrassed or bullied like some soap opera but on occasions there times you come across someone who just feels tearing you down for mo other reason except, they fucking felt like it. I think I may have told this story in comments but here's a recap. Fiancee and I went to the gym, and because I don't exercise that often I just stick treadmill, planks, and spot my girl when she's lifting weights. Anyway, I'm on the treadmill listening to a video when a girl who looked like she just came from a Concentration Camp (no disrespect intended I'm just emphasizing how skinny this girl was if you still have a problem with it let me know and I'll edit it I mean no disrespect) some anorexic chick comes up to the treadmill, leans against it and attempts to make small talk with me. I say hi, trying to be polite as I could even though I couldn't really hear because I had my headphones on. Then I see my girl confronting her, this serious look on her face, the skinny girl backing away like she had a gun infront of her then ran out the building. Apparently the girl was trying to flirt with me and not only is it against the rules at the gym to flirt(applies to guys and girls) but I'm my girl's man. No one should be flirting with me unless they are immune to being bashed in the head lol. So here's another story, this was last year so she was still just my girlfriend before we got engaged so just know I'm mentioning the same significant other. My girlfriend and I are getting ready to get on a plane to Florida, we were going to visit Weeki Waaci (a mermaid water park) then DisneyWorld because it was a rough week, we, or I needed a vacation. We're walking through the airport, once again we're dealing with who should carry the luggage. Most of it is our clothes. The other suitcase has personal stuff like her business laptop, books. And my Cheshire Cat themed bag she got me for my birthday with a couple of notebooks and my phone, charger cord, headphones. This isn't a legit full blown argument but it usually consists of her being, "No, honeybunny, only I should carry the stuff, you just bring your beautiful face"(She would say the loving yet cheesiest shit ever lol) and me going, "Babe it's not for you to carry everything, let me carry something otherwise I feel like an asshole." "Nope. I will not put my little prince through such labor" "Can I at least carry my Cheshire Cat bag. Its light." "Actually hon can you carry the Chesire Cat bag?" "If you insist babygirl." Y'all probably thinking "You're exaggerating because this is the rolereversal subreddit" but I'm not lol. This legit what I experience 24/7 with this goofball. God I love her. Anyway so we arrive at our gate. We have at least one hour before we board so we have time to sit and chill. I am very uneasy on flights so I take an advil and tylenol pill(half of a tylenol because I don't wanna be drowsy) so it'll calm my nerves. My girlfriend grabs me tea from a nearby McDonald's, sit me on her lap, I swallow them down and so we kill an hour snuggling on the seat. "Flight blah blah bloo to Orlando Florida now boarding". We get our stuff ready, girlfriend hands me my ticket, window seat😁, and we get in line. So we're just standing around waiting for our turn, when this dude (I gave him the name, Mr. Obnoxious Cougher)stands next to us and he starts coughing. I understand that we have the vaccine now so the idea of maybe getting stick shouldn't be as risky as it would've been back in 2020. But guys, please understand, we are taught in kindergarten to cover your mouth when your body releases bodily fluids like salvia or snot. Its fucking common curtsey. This 40 something year old is coughing like he's auditioning for "Cough The Musical". He is just doing the complete most. I start distancing myself from him but, and I shit you not, he came closer. "What the hell?" It went from a dude having a genuine respiratory issue to doing it on purpose to be obnoxious. He looks forty but hes standing there with his mouth open, coughing like a two year old. So my girlfriend and I just chatting trying to ignore him. I noticed a dude ahead of us with these sweet look shoes. They were Nikes, black bottom, and metallic top. They looked sick. "Hey do you think you could get me those?" "Yeah babe just remind me later" "Yeah yeah. Damn they look beautiful." Suddenly as if I feel like something had sprayed windex in my direction this guy starts coughing in my face. I was freaking livid. "Yo what the fuck?" "Oh sorry." He was standing little inches away from me and coughing right into my face. I actually began to angry cry(you know when you get so mad tears start falling but you're not necessarily sobbing) a millisecond later my girlfriend rushes at Mr. Cougher and actually pins him to the wall, her arm squeezing his throat. She's shouting loud enough for everyone to hear. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF COW FODDER?!" "S-s-sorry I'm ha-ha-having trouble breath-" "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF YOU'RE CHOKING ON YOUR BLOOD! COVER YOUR MOUTH! YOU DON'T COUGH ON NOBODY LIKE SOMR DAMN 2 YEAR OLD!!" I'm just standing there, wiping my face, almost no reaction while everyone else is like😮😲😬😳 "IF YOU EVER DO THAT CRAP AGAIN, YOU BETTER PRAY TO CHRIST YOU'RE NOT ON THE SAME FLIGHT OR I WILL BREAK YOUR NECK!!" She let's him go as his face starting to turn blue then returned to her place in line beside me. But not before giving the dude a nice knee to the crotch sending him down to the floor. Yeah, she does have a real short temper and was once attending anger management classes before she and I met. But she never gets angry at me because I'm the prince in the relationship. That and I'm fairly easy going so we don't have so different of opinions that we'd get into an argument (Yes I'm aware that its healty to have arguments we are our own person, different perspectives and ideas, I'm just saying I'm not the type of person who is eager to convince everyone that their way deserves more of a look into)unless you count the luggage lol. The only time I remember her being actually irritated with me is one time we went shopping and I would constantly let go of her hand just to rile her up. But thats a story for another time. For those who go to airports you know how the separate lines, right, "Now boarding line 1-5, now boarding line 1-5." We're in line 5-9 they now announce our line and we board our plane. My girl has a very successful career so I've only flown first class since having this girl in my life, hell yeah. So we get to our seat, I managed to snatch her carry on bags, and with speed lifted them into the cabinets above our seats before she was able to react. I had a look of triumph on my face as I took my seat near the window, meanwhile she had a slightly annoyed look on her face. Guess I have a lot to learn about being a little prince lol. So we get comfortable, we fasten our seatbelts and await for the plane to fill up. The armtray between our seats is moveable, so my girlfriend lifted it and put her arm around me as she usually does incase there are times I get anxious and need a snuggle. I nuzzled into chest, her arms wrapped around me and whispered, "My hero." since earlier and rewarded my maiden in shining armor with a kiss. The plane fills up and we're basically ready to get this bird across the runway. Until we see a stewardess and a familiar face beside her, its Mr. Obnoxious Cougher. "Attention passengers, our flight is full and we're look for volunteers who would willingly give up their seats and be bumped for a later flight for 200 dollars" Ironic enough we were flying American Airlines. If this was Spirits I'd wind up like that doctor. No one moved. In general my girlfriend and I wouldn't be the first people to give up seats because why ruin our trip because of someone else's problems. But because of what happened earlier with this person, there was no pity in my eyes. I was just chilling, enjoying snuggling with my girlfriend, but something told me that she was looking at the dude with fire in her eyes. It was unanimous that no one was moving so the stewardess had to escort Cougher out. Everyone could literally hear him throwing an absolute tantrum as he walked back down to terminal. He was swearing and screaming just running his mouth. It was quite amusing. The pilot went over the safety instructions, I turned on a inflight movie, and we relaxed as our flight got ready to take off. It wouldn't be the last time my girl had to bust some heads in order to make sure I was good and safe and God bless her for it. She's like my big sister, my best friend, girlfriend and now fiancee and I can't wait to spend time rest of my life with her.
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2023.06.04 18:02 FLBillWindham A Benefit Ride for Adalei Deaver, a 10 year old girl with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

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2023.06.04 18:02 lekieneesiekim 2 sziget express comfort couchette tickets

How easy would these be to sell? For travellers from the netherlands
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2023.06.04 17:51 YC70s Mensajes continuos de "AMEX" ofreciendo tarjetas

Mensajes continuos de
Llevo desde septiembre del año pasado recibiendo estos mensajes, no les había prestado atención hasta ayer, abrí el link desde un navegador de mi PC por seguridad y manda a la página de solicitud de American Express (o una imitación).
Los links me parecen obvio fraude pero el cómo está marcado el remitente me deja la duda. Estos mensajes son reales? A alguien más le han llegado?
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2023.06.04 17:49 Edward_Stivenson Importance and Benefits of Studying Abroad

Importance and Benefits of Studying Abroad
Are you intrigued by the idea of forming friendships with people from all over the world, immersing yourself in a foreign language, or gaining familiarity with diverse educational systems? If so, the exceptional opportunity of participating in a semester abroad through various exchange programs could be the perfect choice for you.
In this article, our essay writer online will provide you with valuable insights into the significant benefits of studying abroad. Our aim is to offer you the necessary information to make the most of your time abroad as an international student. Continue reading to discover - what is studying abroad? - and why it is crucial for students to embrace this unique opportunity with enthusiasm at least once in their lifetime.
How Does Studying Abroad Work: Tips for Your Journey
Many students often find themselves unsure of where to begin their study abroad journey. This is primarily due to limited access to information about study abroad programs, which often go unnoticed by young individuals. However, you've come to the right place to gain a general understanding of the journey that study abroad students embark upon. Who knows, you might be the next one in line to have an incredible overseas experience.
So, how does studying abroad work? To be completely honest, the process can be quite lengthy and challenging. However, it is undeniably one of the most rewarding ways to undergo life-changing experiences and foster academic and personal growth, especially during your early twenties. Those who have studied abroad can attest to this. Rest assured; we are here to serve as your study abroad advisor, providing guidance and support for your benefit.
Prepare for Your Study Abroad Journey
Let's start by answering the 'What does studying abroad mean?'. It is designed for students to pursue higher education studies or conduct research in their field of study in a foreign country for a specific period of time.
Throughout the preparation process for your study abroad journey, there are certain unavoidable steps to follow. However, there's no need to fear. The preparation process should fill you with excitement as you anticipate the new friends you will make, the traditional dishes you will taste, and other studying abroad benefits like the personal growth that comes from stepping out of your comfort zone.
  1. Begin the preparation process with thorough research on the country you'll be heading to. You can start by reaching out to the study abroad office at your home university, where they can provide you with a list of potential destinations based on your major program and interests.
  2. Truly experiencing a different culture requires actually visiting the host country. However, you can still research and familiarize yourself with the culture and customs of your destination beforehand. Learning about traditions, cultural norms, local laws, and other specific aspects of a foreign country can help ease your adjustment process.
  3. Another important aspect to consider is organizing your finances. Many study abroad programs offer monthly scholarships to assist students. However, there may be some expenses related to formal documents before your departure. If your scholarship doesn't fully cover your needs, you might want to consider taking on a part-time job.
  4. Lastly, it's crucial to be aware that each study abroad program has its own specific requirements for necessary documents. However, having a national ID and a passport is essential. Make sure to check the expiration dates of these documents and ensure they won't expire soon.
Select the Right Studying Abroad Programs
Expanding your horizon begins with the academic semester abroad. One can only develop maximum potential in themselves once one decides to grow out of their local culture and learn about the world through experience.
In order to make your study abroad experience fruitful and beneficial for your future career, you need to make the right selection of the program. The right selection depends on your field of study. For instance, taking advantage of the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange Program would be an excellent idea if you are a student of Social and Political Sciences. Do not miss the chance to learn the local language since German is the second most spoken language throughout the institutions of the European Union. So, spend quality time identifying your academic goals and interests in order to find matching programs.
Keep in mind that study abroad students invest a lot of time and energy into the selection of the right programs, which comes with its own costs. Therefore, research the chosen program in depth in order to clarify its reputation and accreditation.
The Future Leaders Exchange Abroad (FLEX) program is designed for high school students across the USA. The latter gives a chance to American high school students to study for an academic year in Georgia, Kazakhstan, or Poland. If you are prone to jumping out of your comfort zone and discovering less developed parts of the world, this might as well be a chance for you.
If you want to spend the summertime productively, applying for summer studying abroad programs might be the best solution. Make the most out of your study abroad trip with CEA Study Abroad in Aix en Provence, or spend sweet summer days under the Tuscan sun with USAC in Italy. Discover more opportunities below.
What are Some Scholarships for Studying Abroad?
Again, finances can be a major determining factor in the process of selecting a study abroad program destination. That is why you need to be aware of all the possibilities that grant students scholarships in order to afford to study and live in a foreign country. International organizations and governments are working actively in order to make funds available for students of all origins to study at the desired university, at least for a short period of time.
The University Study Abroad Consortium (USAC), as mentioned above, provides the most widespread scholarships for studying abroad. The consortium makes the selection of students who are enrolled in USAC study abroad programs at the undergraduate level of studies and provides them with a significant amount of funds if they showcase special financial needs.
SIT Study Abroad scholarships are available for students who demonstrate academic excellence with a desire to expand their knowledge in their fields of study. SIT finances housing accommodation and tuition fees for selected students.
One of the most feminine-friendly scholarships for studying abroad is known under the name of Corinne Jeannine Schillings Scholarships. The latter provides specific types of scholarships under the range of Silver and Gold for young girl scouts throughout their undergraduate studies.
American and Canadian students specializing in the program of Informational technologies are privileged to have an opportunity to take advantage of the Generation Google Scholarship. This project aims to fund studies abroad for future leaders in the technology industry.
Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience
The true studying abroad meaning reflects through activities students choose to participate in. Making the most out of your experience abroad will turn it into one of the most memorable periods of your life. Taking some time off and having fun is the primary 'requirement' for exchange students. Although, many study-abroad students rather choose to enrich their resumes with participation in valuable projects, conferences, and workshops.
Do not shy away from expressing yourself in academic or informal spaces because of the language barrier. Instead, try to act like local students and get engaged in classes and coursework. That way, you will stand out in front of foreign professors and demand a recommendation letter from them at the end of the exchange semester.
Use your leisure for the discovery of local cuisine as well as cultural places and attractions. For instance, if you find yourself in a central European country such as Poland, do not leave it without tasting piquant Pierogi or exploring old town squares in its small and aesthetic cities.
Usually, joining clubs and participating in extracurricular activities gives international students a great chance to network with locals. These types of activities simplify the process of making friends with local as well as other international students.
One of the benefits of studying abroad that is also worth highlighting is its overall purpose of helping students grow professionally as well as personally. Grab each chance to spend time with local friends and other students in general in circumstances that are not usually provided in your home country.
Maximize Language Learning
Learning a local language is at the top of the list in the study abroad checklist. Since Chinese proverbs are known for their practicality and wisdom, we would like to recall one of them regarding immersing oneself in the local language: 'To learn a new language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.' Learning basics and interacting in the local language will help you perceive the culture of the host country from a clear perspective. The decision to travel to a foreign country to get a high-quality education already speaks for your open-mindedness. So, why not make the best out of your studying abroad experience and learn the language as a bonus?
If you have already participated in the studying abroad program, feel free to use our speech writing services to curate a creative narrative to wrap up your experience for a big audience.
Build International Connections
Being a study abroad student already makes you stand out from locals at the host university. Try to use the attention for your benefit and build connections with as many people as you can. People are the most beautiful part of each and every event we experience in life. That goes especially for your study abroad experience. The opportunity to make friends through networking with fellow students and locals is one of the exceptional studying abroad benefits.
Try to keep up with the current events taking place locally in the country of your destination or around the world in general. That will provide you with a plethora of topics to talk about in a conversation with professors, mentors, or fellow students. Building relationships with people around will undoubtedly enrich your personal as well as academic growth.
Our experts have gathered information about some of the most popular destinations for studying abroad programs. Get inspired by the provided list of countries below and make the right choice for you.
FAQs on Studying Abroad
Undoubtedly, the decision to leave your home country and pursue studies abroad is a significant one. It's only natural to have second thoughts, considering concerns about finances and the time-consuming process of gathering documents. However, rest assured that we are here to offer you valuable study abroad tips and address the critical questions you may have.
When it comes to studying abroad, there are both benefits and drawbacks to consider. However, what matters most is that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
Is Studying Abroad Expensive?
The cost of your study abroad program largely depends on the country you choose as your destination. Program costs can vary from several thousand dollars to euros. However, there are specific study abroad programs specifically designed for international students, which provide funding for studies, housing, and accommodation outside of their home countries.
So, is studying abroad expensive? Well, students have the opportunity to reduce the cost of participation in exchange programs by obtaining scholarships and funding for tuition fees or housing accommodation. For more detailed information, please continue reading the following sections.
Is Studying Abroad Worth It?
The study abroad experience enriches your curriculum vitae and projects your candidature as unique among others for the job market. Spending a certain amount of time in a foreign country speaks of your skills of adaptability, being open to new cultures, self-confidence to meet challenges, and willingness to enrich your daily life with extraordinary activities outside of your home country. So, ask yourself, 'Is studying abroad worth it?' - our response is unquestionably positive.
What are the Pros And Cons of Studying Abroad?
Let's glance through some of the pros and cons of studying abroad in order to paint a clear picture of what to expect in your study abroad journey.
  • Establishing pragmatic and life-long relationships and friendships
  • Gaining different perspectives and worldviews through the lenses of foreign culture
  • Enhancing your resume for the competitive job market
  • The challenge of the language barrier
  • Experiencing feelings of homesickness and culture shock
  • Dealing with financial issues
Drawing to the conclusion, it is clear that studying abroad benefits are worth sacrificing some of the negative sides that it might temporarily bring into your life.
Studying Abroad Programs: Countries to Consider
Lastly, we would like to list down specific programs for popular study abroad destinations for you to research and find the one that fits perfectly with your interests as well as your fields of study.
Meanwhile, take advantage of our college essay writing service or admissions essay writing service based on your demands.
Take a look at some of the studying abroad programs we have gathered:
Studying Abroad in Italy
Programs for studying abroad in Italy:
  • CIS Abroad - Offers flexible schedules for courses, counseling for probable financial aid, and grants academic advising services.
  • CAPA in Florence - Covers expanses of accommodation with a host family or campus dormitory and offers internships at top organizations.
  • CEA study abroad in Rome - Interactive classes, covered fees for accommodation, assists with the process of obtaining a visa.
Studying Abroad in Sweden
Programs for studying abroad in Sweden:
  • DIS Stockholm - Wide selection of academic programs, highly developed infrastructure of academic space, live in Homestay, and network with international students.
  • CCIS Study Abroad in Sweden - Freedom of selecting the academic term, ability to earn convertible credits, and accreditation of chosen courses at your home university.
  • USAC Sweden Study Abroad Programs - provides affordable and valuable study abroad programs, including health and safety support.
Studying Abroad in Spain
Programs for studying abroad in Spain:
  • CIEE College Study Abroad - designed for students of all academic backgrounds, freedom to earn transferable credits.
  • USAC in Alicante - scholarship coverage includes visa assistance, housing, and health care.
  • IES Abroad in Granada - covers meal plan and accommodation and gives the opportunity of optional internship or volunteering.
Studying Abroad in Singapore
Programs for studying abroad in Singapore:
  • CIEE College Study Abroad in Singapore - get involved in the hub of international commerce, which offers need-based grants.
  • UCEAP - offers financial aid along with special offer studies.
  • EF Languages Abroad - provides accelerated language learning courses.
Studying Abroad in Australia
Programs for studying abroad in Australia:
  • Murdoch University, Study Abroad in Australia - student-centered culture, variety of programs.
  • IES Abroad, SemesteYear program in Sydney - practice-oriented learning courses, international community.
  • TEAN, Gold Coast at Bond University - academic counseling and guidance, academic flexibility.
Final Thoughts
As you find yourself at the final stage of this article, we're sure you are leaving more informed than you came. Remember that going overseas to complete the studying abroad program is one of the best decisions a youngster can make. The variety of programs and access to funds and scholarships make that easier than it ever was.
Meanwhile, our team of experts is always at your service to help you excel in your studies, so do not hesitate to ask to write my essays.
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2023.06.04 17:44 NightmaresOnOakSt Music Venue Suggestions

Hey NYC! My partner and I will be visiting this fall, I went to school in Manhattan in the early 2000's and he'll be experiencing the city for the first time. So, we are very much not hip to spots that aren't googleable. On top of the usual touristy things, food, and Broadway shows, we'd like to catch a few smaller bands that wouldn't be listed on Ticketmaster.
What's your insider secret for catching small shows? Are there venues that sell at the door or on their website but might not have Eventbright listings? We've already got tickets to Depeche Mode, but would love to see a band we've never heard of. My partner is big into metal, and I like pretty much everything.
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2023.06.04 17:37 Murrin_Sutherland Hailee Steinfeld

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2023.06.04 17:24 earringenthusiast My recent visit to Burlington was incredible, I am in awe!

Hey everyone. I just got back from a few day long visit to Burlington on Friday and I have been thinking about it non stop since I got back. I know it's not a perfect state or city by any means, I know there's a housing crisis and a lot of other issues, but I just wanted to say that visiting was an absolutely surreal experience I am so honored to have been able to visit, even just for a short time. Where I'm from, we don't really have an "outside." The whole time we were there, my girlfriend and I kept making jokes about how back home they would have leveled it all out and put in a parking lot. We got there on Sunday, entered the state through Fair Haven and stopped at the welcome center. That night we went to a Lake Monsters game and of course bought a few t shirts.
Monday we walked through Church Street, got some breakfast at Burlington Bagel Bakery, went to Dakin Farm and Charlotte Village Winery, then headed to Mt. Philo State Park for a picnic. It was absolutely beautiful, I'm sure it probably sounds like this is the first time i have ever seen a tree or something lol, but being surrounded by nature like that was an experience you can't really have where I live. We stopped at Vermont Cookie Love and tried a Creemee. That night we picked up some food from American Flatbread and watched The Little Mermaid and the Sunset Drive In.
Tuesday morning, we went to August First for breakfast, then biked the Burlington bike path out to ferry ad back, which is the first time either of us ever biked anywhere near that amount. My ass hurt extremely bad the next day but it wasn't too bad. We rented the bikes from Local Motion, and while we were heading back still on the causeway, one of the bikes broke. The derailer (sp? i never even heard of it before that) completely broke off of the bike. So many people stopped to help us try and fix it and they were all so kind. Everyone was at a loss, but I called Local Motion and somebody rode out with a new bike for us to ride back (and of course I gave him a tip for bringing it out). We went to lunch at Splash at the Boathouse, and after a much needed nap we went on a sunset dinner cruise where I had the most delicious flatbread I have ever had in my life.
Wednesday morning we went to The Skinny Pancake and did the Ben and Jerry's factory tour. After that, we went to the ECHO museum, and even tho we are both in our 20's it was a lot of fun. We of course had to stop at the world's tallest filing cabinet, which was much taller than I was expecting I'll be honest, and then went to Cheese and Wine Traders because my girlfriend's favorite food in cheese. That night, we went to an Italian restaurant that started with a P and I had the biggest bowl of gnocchi I have ever seen but it was delicious.
Thursday morning we went to The Friendly Toast before we walked the 2.5 mile trail at Red Rocks Park. Again, absolutely stunning. Afterwards, we went to The Soda Plant and had lunch at The Old Post. We headed to Leddy Beach, got cleaned up, and then had dinner at the Windjammer. Last minute, we decided to get tickets to watch Mothra at the Vermont Comedy Club. I had never seen an improv show before but it was absolutely hilarious!
Friday morning we had breakfast at Black Cap and did some rounds to pick up some bagels and 7 grain bread before we unfortunately had to head back, but not before making one final stop at the teddy bear factory, taking a tour, and of course picking out our own bear.
Again, I know I probably sound ridiculous being excited about nature but we just dont have that kind of stuff here. Maybe you could find it, but it would take a while. It was great to wake up and already be there. We met so many kind people, had a lot of great food, and learned a lot about the area. We were honored to have been able to experience it!
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2023.06.04 17:10 TactlesslyTactful No, they won't.

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2023.06.04 17:02 d_heizkierper Question regarding seating at the upcoming Brighton match at Red Bull Arena

I purchased a couple of tickets to the Brighton v. Newcastle match at Red Bull Arena. I purchased tickets in section 204, but later learned is adjacent to the Brighton supporter sections, which appear to be directly behind each of the goals.
I’m an American, new to professional football, so I’m not really show how this will work. Will Brighton and Newcastle sit behind their own team’s goal or their opponents’? Will I be surrounded by Brighton fans but get a closer look when Newcastle scores?
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2023.06.04 16:54 liamchoong Juilo Enciso’s screamer against Manchester City won the Premier League Goal of the Season!

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2023.06.04 16:40 SilentThunder15 [USA KY 40214][FS/FT] [H] Everdell+expansions, Wingspan, 7 Wonders, Reavers of Midgard and MORE [W] Paypal

Hello board gamer enthusiasts! Shipping not included in these prices but will use Pirate Ship for the best rates!
Everdell - $250
Reavers of Midgard (4, corner is fraying on the outside, KS edition w/ neoprene mat) - $60
Wingspan (4, played twice) - $37
Horrified American Monsters (4) - $30
7 Wonders (4, 2nd edition, played once) - $27
Dice Throne (4) - $20
Marvel Villianous: Infinite Power (4, played twice) - $13
Sushi Roll (4, played twice) - $10
Trails (4, played once) - $10

1 Free with a paired purchase of a larger game:
Builders of Antiquity (4) - $9
Cards Against Humanity - $9
Game of Thrones: Hand of the King (3) - $6
Bananagrams (4, played once) - $5
Kingdomino (4) - $8
Age of War (4) - $5
Similo (4, played once) - $5
Uno (4) - $1
RUM + SOW (3) - $1
Wants: Cyclades Titans, Deep Rock Galactic, Ticket to Ride expansions
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2023.06.04 16:39 RobotBirdHead Oliver! The Musical at the Old Town Temecula theater

If you have never been to the old town theater, you really should give it a try. It’s a beautiful venue and the show that’s playing there now has several professional performers who were in the Iron Man movies, singers at Disneyland, have been on Broadway, have performed with stars like Adam Lambert, etc..
It’s really a great show with a talented cast. It runs for the next 3 weekends. You can go to the Old Town Temecula Theater website to buy tickets
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2023.06.04 16:36 Aloopyn Most diverse name pool in FIFA

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2023.06.04 16:35 Jerry_217-2 [H] GAMES [W] Fights in tight spaces, Death Stranding, phoenix wright, Beneath Oresa, Alina of the arena, Chrono Ark, Tainted Grail, Visage, Little Misfortune, Iron Harvest, Legion TD 2, Unrailed!, fallout 76, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, paypal, tf2 keys, CS go keys or crates, offers

Sakura Alien
Sakura Dungeon
Sakura - Forest Girls set
- Sakura Forest Girls
- Sakura Forest Girls 2
- Sakura Forest Girls 3
Sakura knight set
- Sakura Knight
- Sakura Knight 2
- Sakura Knight 3
Sakura MMO set
- Sakura MMO
- Sakura MMO 2
- Sakura MMO 3
- Sakura MMO Extra
Sakura succubus set
- Sakura Succubus
- Sakura Succubus 2
- Sakura Succubus 3
- Sakura Succubus 4
- Sakura Succubus 5
- Sakura Succubus 6
Sakura Swim Club

DOOM 64 (
Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (ORIGIN key)
Liberated (GOG key)
STAR WARS: Squadrons (Origin)
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Dishonored 2 (GOG)

Zenva Academy

Region is NA

My REPs: 202 successful trades, 0 dispute.
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