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2023.04.02 13:01 SpacevsGravity Update: Sold an item and buyer made a bank transfer in front of me but money hasn't arrived and buyer has blocked me. I have a picture of his driving license and a message to him that payment hasn't arrived.

Update to:

Hola folks,
To make it short and simple. Police have refused to investigate this even though they know the number plate has been clonned and where the guy might actually be living..
I hope all is well and you guys are having a good day. I made a post a while back on being frauded out by a scum and I recieved a lot of good advise on what to do and how to be careful in the future.

I raised the call on Action Fraud and the police. Action Fraud said they couldn't do anything.
The local police officer called me back after a week or two and said the driver license was reported missing 2 days before I was scammed. The cars number plate is cloned and they've spotted it at two different cities. She said she cannot proceed any further with this and will be closing my the case. Top of my head she mentioned they could track where he lived but gave me some BS reason.

This was around 4 months ago, should have posted an update earlier but life got in the way. This is the second time, police have refused to even look into something for me and I have only asked them twice. Safe to say my opinion of them has gone downhill completely.

Thanks for all the advice and kind words in the previous thread, it's much appreciated.
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2023.04.02 12:43 Rare-Gain7155 WPS Office Crack Plus License Key Full Updated

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2023.04.02 12:16 jamiekyn How much is too much for a gym in London?

I’ve been looking at gym options in London but I’ve seen prices from 30/mo, 69/mo, 189/mo, 269/mo…
How much is too much in your opinion? I would like one that is near my office and also near my apartment but so far there’s no gym that offer that except for that last one but even that is a 14 min walk from my office, and it has a bunch of things that I would never use.
How much is too much for a gym membership in your opinion?
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2023.04.02 12:11 GuyInKansai Japan's Education Crisis-It's Coming, and Nobody's Job is Safe

I haven't seen this discussed on this subreddit much, but maybe it is. The declining birthrate is impacting education across the board in Japan. This is a story about a rural junior high school in Japan that closed this March after it's final class of TWO students graduated:
Now that piece talks about the impact in rural Japan, but I can assure you that it's happening in urban areas as well, and it will only continue to accelerate. I live in Osaka, and within 10 minutes' walk of where I live two high schools have closed down in the past 8 years-and one of them had only been opened since the 1980s. I went on a tour with some of my faculty members once of regional kindergartens; facilities that had been built to house ten classes were down to a single class of 20 kids or so-and that was in 2014. I can promise you it's only getting worse.
Even universities are not safe; those who have been here long enough and have been paying attention will already know this, but smaller 2-4 faculty universities started closing back in the 2000s; that number will only increase. The university I teach at had approximately 5000 students in the 1990s; today the number stands at just over 500. In the past two years we've closed the junior college, the dormitory and lost about half the teaching staff. I do not think it will last another five years, and I am already planning for my life after education in Japan once my job ends. Because it's going to.
For those of you thinking about coming to Japan, do not plan on coming here long-term if education is your only option. ALTs are increasingly being sourced from other Asian countries; one of my students who graduated last year and who's teaching in Shiga told me that all the ALTs at her school are from India, and that many of the schools in her area also employ a lot of Indian ALTs. The answer why is obvious; as the education system contracts, the competition for BoE contracts by dispatch companies will increase, and their response is to find people who are willing to work for ever-lower salaries in order to keep their profits as high as possible while being competitive for as long as possible. Eikaiwas won't fare much better-fewer people will mean fewer people interested in taking recreational English "lessons".
For those of you who think you're safe because you're a direct hire/have a special teaching license and are employed in the private education system you're no more safe than anyone else. Just three weeks ago I was talking to a liaison officer at a private high school in Chiba; 15 years ago they had a thousand students; today it's 450. That story is by no way unique. The fate of the private school system will be the same as that of the public one: amalgamation and/or closure.
The situation is grim, it's only going to get worse and whether you're married in over here with a family or not you'd better start thinking of a contingency about what you're going to do when-and not if-you lose your source of income.
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2023.04.02 11:30 tonnie_taller Enjoy a Microsoft Office license, plus courses on each, for just $70

TL;DR: As of April 2, you can get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 2021, as well as the Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle for only $69.99. That’s over 90% in savings. Like a crisp new notebook, a brand-new computer feels like a totally blank canvas to work on. But whether it’s … Continue reading Enjoy a Microsoft Office license, plus courses on each, for just $70
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2023.04.02 11:15 tonnie_taller Enjoy a Microsoft Office license, plus courses on each, for just $70

TL;DR: As of April 2, you can get a lifetime license to Microsoft Office Professional for Windows 2021, as well as the Premium Microsoft Office Training Bundle for only $69.99. That’s over 90% in savings. Like a crisp new notebook, a brand-new computer feels like a totally blank canvas to work on. But whether it’s … Continue reading Enjoy a Microsoft Office license, plus courses on each, for just $70
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2023.04.02 11:04 Reeeseee [Spring Deals 2023!] Microsoft Office 365 & windows 10 for Windows and Mac with Lifetime Genuine Retail License Key. (Save: up to 80% OFF) Apply Coupon Code: SPRING23, Don`t Miss this Offer

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2023.04.02 10:46 SVROverWatch To Dr gray.

To Dr gray. Let this be the last person you try to run a trial on because ur license is about to be suspended. Linking Steven louth to my old lawyer to local lawyer in Denver, to Ryan gray in Denver which is the videos you were receiving to Allison grays his wife older office that closed down in Boulder Colorado which is where I live ohh let's not forget his dad bill gray. Which leads to me to the part that links to. ....Ashtin. which for her sake she had no clue what she was doing. Dawn Lundin has been added to the list for her MDMA trails. Suspension requested.
Eugene Lisovskiy has been added to the list. Termination requested.
Joseph DePasquale has been added to the list. Requesting a shadow crew to monitor behavior.
Space Telescope Science has been added to the company list to invoke U72K – Requesting records. Freeze connections.
Breaches and downloads.
Complete. medicalschoolhq – Downloaded and logged. All structures in house. Linked to numbers associated and devices terminated.
forums.studentdoctor – obtained back data, downloaded transcripts. Connected local dots and communications. 9KK3 – Requested and complied.
All videos taken and saved. Forwarded to NY field office.
So now we have David gray and your daughter Hannah grays story as well. Not to mention there new daughter Elizabeth Gray, who was born on Saturday, May 22, weighing 6lbs 3oz awe how cute.
So not to me to mention the things you had people do around me now we have started the same things but much worse and trust me the devices you see are nothing compared to the devices at work. Domestic terrorism is a real thing. So I hope you guys had fun. And correct unauthorized device access is a real thing which you participated in. But don't worry we have much more facts than posted here. Just needed to be sure the right people got it before I released it to the public and good look on your trial. I doubt it will be one your used to. Klick health and kaladescope mag we haven't forgotten you. Siemas labs as well.
Sincerely your boss. Lmao at SS being basically a library.
P.s : sorry I'm not a wordsmith. [email protected]#K your writings. Tik Tok.
So let's link all these together now. EmperorK
macsak DoctingDoc
Pronounce Doxazosin
Master of Cloak
Yes he is a doctor not a IT professional. ALL logs from forum downloaded. IPs and data of all users involved saved.
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2023.04.02 10:00 Distinct-Eye6214 Item was in Richmond (4hrs away from me ) now it’s in Mississauga Ontario. Why?

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2023.04.02 09:15 ziadddm Contacting insurance after car accident

Hello everyone, I got into a pretty bad car accident yesterday and I'm not sure what to do next.
Backstory: I'm 18 and just got my car less than a year ago to commute to college. The highway I take on my daily commute is known for having terrible, reckless drivers and there is almost always an accident on it every day. The speed limit is 55 but the actual average speed people go is around 70 and you'll regularly see cars flying by going 90+.
Anyways, I was coming back home going around 60 in the middle lane. I was approaching a white van ahead of me and saw him breaking and slowing down for no reason (there were no cars or traffic at all at this time), and I didn't want to get stuck behind him going 30 in a 55 so I moved to the right lane to pass him. At this point I was right behind him but in the right lane while he was still in the middle. That's when he decided to aggressively cut me off then brake check me at the same time. I instantly slammed on my brakes and swerved left to avoid hitting him and I ended up spinning out and ramming the front of my car into the middle divider of the highway. My airbag went off and I took a couple of seconds to take in what just happened. When I got out, he wasn't there. I'm not sure if he ran on purpose or not or if he even realized what happened but my car was totaled.
This next part is where I had some questions. When the cops got there, one of the officers took my license, registration, and insurance and went to his car. When he came back he said that he had sent the case report to the insurance company. My car was under my dad's insurance plan. He already pays a lot for me since I'm a new driver so I feel terrible that this happened. I know I'm not at fault but idk what the insurance is going to do. Should we contact them or are they going to contact us? I'm not really sure what to do and neither is my dad because we have never been in this situation before. I would really appreciate some guidance on what to do next.
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2023.04.02 08:45 Reeeseee [Spring Deals 2023!] Microsoft Office 365 & windows 10 for Windows and Mac with Lifetime Genuine Retail License Key. (Save: up to 80% OFF) Apply Coupon Code: SPRING23, Don`t Miss this Offer

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2023.04.02 08:30 OtherwiseCry3173 First job and renting an apartment

tldr; renting an apartment alone for ₱7,500/mo excluding utilities (average ~43% of my salary/mo with utils). Place is just 8-12 mins walk from/to work. Is this too much for someone starting his/her first job? Should I find a cheaper apartment?
Backstory: I graduated March of 2020 when COVID made its way to PH (no graduation rites for me) with an engineering degree. Life was pretty stagnant for about 2 years, mostly played video games with friends online while waiting for the board exam. Also got into a dark place for some time as with most people during the pandemic.
Fast forward to 2022, I reviewed with some classmates in a face to face setup at a review center in Cebu, took the exam, passed and got my PRC license. A month after passing, I immediately started looking for jobs that I am qualified for specifically in Cebu as I loved the mix of province+city vibes in that City and I was quite familiar with the places as I reviewed there for some time.
After a few days, I got a call from a well-known tech company I applied for, checked the job offer and asked advice from my family; they seemed okay with it and supported me with the decision of moving into cebu. I was overall happy with the offer and my family's reaction.
Right after that, I scoured the internet to look for places to rent near the office of my work. Luckily, the job offer includes a generous relocation allowance for people outside of the city so I had no problems with the deposits or advance payments. I wasn't able to find a good offer from the internet so I took the risk of just going to Cebu, book an airbnb for 1 week, complete the medical requirements in Cebu and concurrently look for apartments in the area myself.
It was hard to find an apartment as it involved scouting the area and lengthy walks under the heat of the sun. I found some places with good deals but they posed some alarming red flags (owner doesn't want to show the contract, ridiculously high electricity rates).
Near the end of my stay, I finally found an apartment that's worth ₱7,500 excluding utilities. It's a studio type apartment with an AC unit, its own CR and, get this, a balcony! I thought it was a good deal since it's just 8-12 mins walk away from my office so I went with it. With the excess funds from my relocation allowance, I bought a mini fridge (61W) from a mall, and a water dispenser from shopee (since the place offers water refill for 30 php!). I keep those running 24/7 except for the water dispenser (I switch it off while I'm in the office). My electricity bill ranges from ₱1,200-₱2,500 depending on how often I use the AC unit and my gaming laptop. On average, I pay around ₱10k per month, this includes the rent, electricity and water bills.
I am only roughly 3 months in since I started my job, and so far I am enjoying it! The people, culture, the place -- everything here is great. Basically, this is my first taste of the adulting life, albeit 2 years delayed due to the pandemic. The only thing I'm worried about is having enough savings for my future since just the rent alone takes almost half of my salary. Should I give this apartment up for a cheaper one to have bigger savings?
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2023.04.02 08:20 Persistent_One Assaulted by Temecula Hair Stylist. Any advice?

Hello, here to seek advice and also, perhaps, share a warning of something that happened in our community.
It was about 5:25pm on Tuesday 3/28 when I looked down at my phone. My beautiful and amazing wife was calling but my phone was on silent. She was at a hair appointment and I was surprised it was already over. I swiped to answer and simultaneously noticed she had tried to call me 5 previous times within the last minute. What I heard on the other end, I never want hear again... ever. She was crying hysterically, screaming "Come, Help ME! He cut my hair! He cut my hair! Call 911!" Immediately, I was grabbing my keys and running to my truck. "I'm coming honey, I'm on my way!," I exclaimed. I hung up and started dialing 911.
My wife's hair was 32inches from the top of her head to her butt. It would be what a hair stylist would call "Extra-Long". We have recently moved to Temecula, so she was visiting a new stylist; one she had scoped out. He had good reviews, good prices, and had many photos of hair colored the way she was looking for- dark brown base with blonde streaks. She has had it this way as long as I've known her. She doesn't do much for herself, so when she gets her hair colored every 4 months, it is a big deal.
She met with the stylist for a consultation, and he said he could and would provide the service she was looking for, and that she would be very happy with the outcome. So, on the day of the appointment she sat in his chair for 2 hours as he performed his hair services, chatting about things as most would during a hair appointment. They spoke of family, Faith, and the community. He mentioned that he had been in business for 40 years, and that he has had 5 previous shops. She was undoubtedly excited about how her hair was going to turn out.
When the color treatment was over, he began to wash her out in his sink. He told her that he had never had someone in his chair with hair as long as hers and asked her if she wanted a cut. She quickly said no, as she hardly ever cuts it. So, they moved back to the chair and he pulled out the mirror. She saw the color was absolutely not what she wanted. Her hair was very dark, with blue/gray streaks all throughout. She told him, "this isn't good, this isn't what I wanted." She asked if would re-do it. He was reluctant and responded with hostility. He started grabbing at her and taking a hot straight iron to her hair. "You'll see, you'll see," he expressed. She said "no, please re-do it." Angerly and still grabbing at her, he said "You want me to re-do it, pay me $500, Zelle, now!" Even though the initial visit was going to be $160, and $500 is way more than she would ever pay normally, at this point she would pay anything not to leave the salon in this fashion. She said "fine, do whatever you need to do." Before she could pay him, however, she became scared.
He was standing over her, aggressive and tense, and in her close proximity. "It will be fine, you'll see," he continued. She needed to escape, so she stood up and just like that, he grabbed his scissors, reached and cut at her hair. She looked down and saw a lot of her hair on the ground. "WHY did you do that!?!," she screamed. "I smelled trouble," he said. She gathered her things and ran for the door and fell to the sidewalk outside his shop, crying and screaming hysterically. The man followed her, untied and pulled his apron off of her. At some point, he told her "you don't like it, sue me!" and ran back in and locked his shop doors.
She called me at this moment, and I drove as fast as I could around the corner to the shopping center. I was speaking to 911 dispatchers and explaining that the stylist had just assaulted her and she was in dire need of help. I found her on the ground, absolutely distraught. This beautiful woman did not deserve this. I held her as she cried. I looked up and saw this man in his shop, taking pictures or recording video with his cell phone through the glass walls. My wife asked me where the police were, so I tried to call again. The dispatcher said they were on their way and be patient. I went to the window to yell at the man. We were 2 feet from each other, separated by glass. Since he had locked his doors, I couldn't go in. So, I was telling him "come out, the police are coming and are going to want to talk to you!" But he wouldn't come out. Lucky for him because I would have gladly opened up a can for messing with my wife. I said "why did you do this?" and he said, "because she wouldn't pay!" I pulled out my wallet and said "you want money? you would hurt a woman, for money? you are evil and have evil in your heart." He could obviously care less as I watched him sweep my wife's hair from under his chair, bag it up, and walk out the back door of his shop.
Riverside County Sheriff's Deputies arrived and assisted my wife. They took a statement from her and were kind and professional the whole time. They took photos of the damages. This man had cut over 12 inches of her hair off! They explained that even if he thought she was leaving without paying, he couldn't legally cut her hair like that. They left us with a card and a case number and explained that we could call the DA's office in about a week to see how the charges were going. And then they left.
And here we are. My beautiful, lovely and amazing wife is so distraught. It's been 4 days. She's waking up crying. She's sad and feels the pain from the trauma all day. She's emotionally devastated. We each missed work the following day as she saw another hair stylist to fix what could be fixed. But she doesn't feel okay. She's reached out for therapy. We've called lawyers for legal consultation and have learned that we can seek criminal action against him, which we've already started by pressing charges. We've learned that we can civilly sue him, but every personal injury lawyer we've talked to has said this is unique and not worth it for them to take on. They all say the same thing, that there is a lawyer out there that will, but that they don't have the bandwidth for something like this. They all tell us that we can, at last resort, take him and his business to small claims court. Which may likely be what we do.
I filed a complaint on the CA State Board of Cosmetology and Barbering explaining everything mentioned here. Hopefully, that at least helps to not renew his license.
But, retribution is necessary here. Someway, somehow. I want to see my wife feel whole again. This woman is an angel. She cares for disabled adults and hardly does anything nice for herself. She is her children's whole world and mine too. She deserves retribution for this pain inflicted by this monster.
Any advice on what we should do? Has anyone ever gone through something similar?
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2023.04.02 06:20 Catvac-u-um_adnase Springfield Township officer, civilian driver killed in double-fatal crash

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2023.04.02 06:07 EsoteriQAnon I'm beyond done. 20 years of bad service w/ Suddenlink/Optimum, considering small claims assistance litigation. No help whatsoever from 2wks w/ Altice Executive

I have.. a CHAIN of emails with an Altice Executive, who, although has good intentions, has not been super helpful, little to no resolution seeking, most communication is on my effort, twice they've been "OUT OF OFFICE PLEASE RESPOND TO [auto message here]," so...
this all started when I, *duM DUM DUM* began living in AN APARTMENT BUILDING. Contractors " don't work on buildings because its a liability" but meanwhile everyone else comes in, condescends their previous tech peer and calls them verbatim "an idiot; doesn't [expletive] know what they're doing"; I mean, HOW is this company still standing? UNFORTUNATELY you have the leverage of money over me, they charge me 93$/mo but i RARELY get over $450MBs although I have aftermarket equip and before that, even the standard Ipv6 cable cat6 + COAX and their mass-market China modems that would reach 650MBs-- now, since starting correspondence with this Executive after FILING AN FCC COMPLAINT.. my service is WORSE. I don't know what to do you guys, I work from home a full time job that is the first job I've ever loved and I constantly have tech issue attendance related incidents from the past 3 months of this, its sooo stressful because I'm about to become a parent and nobody at this company seems to care. DO SOMETHING BETTER.
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2023.04.02 05:16 Upset_Mistake8296 Best 365 for Azure

We have some customers that we are going to take serverless. Is MS 365 E3 the best option to give the client all office apps, email, Azure AD with Intune or is there a cheaper option by combining some licenses? Thanks
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2023.04.02 04:55 PearlPolanski Of Course Alex Jones Owns a $4000 CRYONiQ Cryogenic-Freezing Chamber

Of Course Alex Jones Owns a $4000 CRYONiQ Cryogenic-Freezing Chamber
If that's what it does to your butt I don't think I'd want one of those cryo devices. Plus, seems like that would be something the New World Order and the Illuminati would have not everyman Alex Jones.
When Alex saw this dude he knew he had to buy it!
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2023.04.02 04:43 Miriamnl Digital License Key Provider – Windows – Office – Visio – Project – Server, and more products!

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2023.04.02 04:29 iPotCognac [Wts] 1oz/2oz Animal coins wityh Claws, Horns, and Big Pointy Teeth! Proof above
Got a few things to sell today! First time trying to link pictures and it's a pain.
$31 - 2023 1oz Lunar Rabbit in Capsule
$40 - 2021 1oz Lunar Ox w/ Privy in Capsule
$42 - 2021 Tuvalu Wolverine in Capsule
(10 / 9avail) 2023Canada Sabretooth Cat 2oz $60/each
!! I am open to trades, interested in the following:
2oz Werewolf Creature of the Night !FOUND!
2oz Canada Orca, stupid thing eludes me.
Canada animal coins in general. Soft spot.
Lunar Series III 5oz'ers
I prefer Chat and can add cash to things you have! I am not against a middleman if wanted, but I've bought from what seems to be everyone on here.
Shipping is $5 9oz or less/$10 otherwise. I accept Zelle (Preferred), ppff, venmo. Will be dropped off directly to the post office Monday morning.
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2023.04.02 04:24 newrully Florida 1 party consent law (What the law says)

Florida 1 party consent law (What the law says),of%20committing%20any%20criminal%20act.
In addition, the Florida Supreme Court has stated that the FSCA is to be construed broadly to provide maximum protection against unauthorized interception or disclosure of private communications.
mrgirl probably did break the law.
What say you?
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2023.04.02 04:22 420Defender WAMC Non-Traditional Applicant

Details at time of Application will be applying this upcoming cycle:
cGPA: 3.6 From Top 30 Uni, BS in General Biology
sGPA: 3.5
DAT: 23 AA, 22 Science
Background: Asian Male, Low Income.
Dental Experience: 160 Hours
Research: 126 Hours wet lab, 600 Hours clinical
Work Experience: Engineering Intern Biotech, Medical Assistant
Military Experience: (Currently a Lieutenant in the Army National Guard, no deployments): Medical Officer In Charge of a Combat Clinic (Managed 20+ medics and 10 ambulances), Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot (Air Ambulance)
Other Extracurriculars:
Choir: 80 Hours
Scoutmaster: 180 Hours
Soup Kitchen/Food Banks/Health Fairs: 400 Hours
Reserve Officer Training Corps: 4000 Hours
Gymnastics: 120 Hours

Licenses: EMT Licensed, Pilots License
LORS: 2 Stem Professors from Uni, 1 Military Letter from Commander, 1 Dentist
Applying: UOP, UCSF, UCLA, Western, and USC

Thoughts: My biggest concern is I am only able to apply to schools in California due to my contracts with the military so my pool is pretty small. I tend to interview fairly well but working my best towards improving it with mock interviews with my mentors. Personal statement is a WIP but I think it's fairly well written so far and I am having several reviewers for it.

My dream schools are UCSF and UOP.

Edited: For formatting.
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2023.04.02 03:47 artijoke555 [friendships] seeking friendship

Springfield mo area if possible Im married I'd like to broaden my friend circles.💜 I enjoy arts and crafts, walking my dog, trying new foods, and singing. I drink and 420 socially. I'm more left leaning, and open minded. 27f if it matters. I'm pretty chunky. I would love to have a regular gym buddy 💜 Hit me up if you have a green thumb. I would like to not kill all my plants this summer lol
Feel free to message if you're in the same boat and think we'd click :)
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