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2023.06.04 10:04 Persephonius Going Against the FLO!


Greetings all and good tidings. I am addressing something that has probably been addressed, rehashed, debated and possibly ignored many times over. In fact, this topic has likely been done to death on this sub. So why am I writing this post at all? Well, I hope I can address the topic in a way that does not give you indigestion, and if I do cause you gastrointestinal distress from topics on embodied minds, diachronic universalism and theories on personal identity, then I apologise in advance. There have been some relatively "newish" ideas presented in the literature about FLO and I would like to explore them and discuss what they entail. I understand that this whole topic may be irrelevant to several (many) users of this subreddit, but there are users here that this topic is quite important to, and it is them that I primarily address. All in all though, my effort here would be worthwhile if someone got something out of this.


The Future Like Ours (FLO) argument, what is it and what does it necessitate? In its simplest form, it can be written as follows:

This seemingly simple argument was presented by Don Marquis in 1989. In the literature, it is widely regarded as the strongest argument against the permissibility of abortion, unless you accept some other religious doctrine. The general arguments that are provided as to the strength of Don Marquis' objection to abortion are based on the grounding that it is established on a seemingly uncontroversial view of why it is wrong to kill someone. The above argument is however deceptively simple, and I believe it is worth some time in breaking it down to establish what it means exactly.
The intention of the FLO argument is not about determining a set of conditions that may occur at some time after conception that would make abortion impermissible, but rather, that it would be impermissible in general. To describe how this argument comes about, we have to establish what it is that we mean by a future like ours. Our futures, assuming we live into the future and are able to experience, are futures of experience. In order for a fetus to have a future that is like ours, the future of the fetus must too, be one of experience. This also means that our present experience, right now, is the FLO of the fetus that was once 'us'. To achieve this end, an additional requirement is generated, the very being of the fetus must be the same being as we are now in order for the FLO of the fetus to be our current experience. A concise definition is as follows, as provided by Vogelstein:
FLO Definition: X, at time t, has a FLO if and only if (1) X exists at t, and (2) X exists for some period of time after t, during which X has valuable experiences that make X’s life after t worth living, on the whole. (Where the subject of experience is X)
There is an important distinction that needs to be made here. The future like ours argument of Don Marquis is not about the potential of the fetus to experience a future, but rather, the fetus really does experience a future. This distinction is important, as without it, the argument is open to the obvious rebuttal that a potential something is not as valuable as an actual something. The FLO argument is that the fetus is the same actual something that has future experiences as we actual somethings have future experiences right now.

The Problem of Identity

The general subject of the theory of personal identity is to describe what it is that we refer to when we say "I" and other pronouns. Generally, theories of personal identity posit that it is the thing we refer to as "I" that has experience. As by the definition of FLO above, a fetus can only have a future of experience if the thing that "I" refers to is the same as the fetus: I was once a fetus. The most widely accepted theory of personal identity; the psychological theory of personal identity, corresponds to relating "I" to the psychological connections of continuity, connectedness, similarity and other related concepts. These features correspond to particular functions of the brain. The identity objection, to put it concisely, is that for a fetus to have a FLO and adhere to the definition above, it would need to exhibit psychological traits. Since the fetus has no psychology to speak of, it does not have a FLO.
For the defender of FLO not willing to concede to this point, they are presented with a controversial choice, the rejection of the psychological theory of personal identity! This theory presents a distinction between the biological organism, and what it is that we refer to when we say "I". Under this theory, after conception, the organism existed for a certain time before "we", or "I", came into being, and so the organism before this point in time had no FLO at all. This also implies that the statement, I am my organism is not exactly correct. This point may seem like a possible point of contention by supporters of FLO, but it seems to be uncontroversial to proponents of the psychological theory of personal identity: we are minds that receive stimuli from our bodies. It's this last point that has (supposedly) provided another way out for defenders of FLO, in that they do not necessarily need to reject the psychological theory of personal identity after all, or at least, a particular form of it.

The Embodied Mind

Eric Vogelstein (2016), in his paper titled: Metaphysics and the Future-Like-Ours Argument Against Abortion provided an argument as to how FLO can still survive under Jeff McMahon's view of the embodied mind account of personal identity. The embodied mind account can arguably be traced back to Friedrich Nietzsche's classic Thus Spoke Zarathustra (one of my favourites!). Friedrich Nietzche wrote:
But greater is that in which you do not wish to believe – our body with its great intelligence; it does not say ‘I’, but does ‘I’. What the sense feels, what the spirit knows, never has its end in itself. But sense and spirit would persuade you that they are the end of all things: that is how vain they are. Instruments and toys are sense and spirit: behind them there is still the self. The self also seeks with the eyes of the senses, it also listens with the ears of the spirit. Always the self listens and seeks; it compares, overpowers, conquers, and destroys. It rules, and is also the ruler of the ‘I’. Behind your thoughts and feelings, my brother, stands a mighty ruler, an unknown sage – it is called the subconscious self; it dwells in your body, it is your body*.*
Never can I hope to achieve the level and style of writing of one such as Nietzsche! It is important to point out the very different context that surrounds Nietzsche's writings here. Nietzsche is describing the reluctance of Europeans to fully relinquish concepts of the past after the death of God! One such concept is the idea of the will, more importantly the free will endowed with inherent knowledge of morality. The free will is the end in itself with respect to the spirt of experience. Nietzsche argues to abolish this idea entirely and proclaims that the master behind "I" is our very bodies. The will is therefore no longer free, and no more endowed with knowledge of moral value than the pangs of hunger from the gut, or the... throes of passion from the groin...
In this sense, provided by Nietzsche, a description of the embodied mind account can be presented. The embodied mind is not distinct from the body but integrated within and the subject of the stimuli generated by our bodies. Our thoughts are not free but can be traced back to physiological conditions in the body. Even thoughts seemingly inspired by external stimuli are still thoughts subjugated to the master, the body! External stimulus is nothing more than the reception of outside events by our senses, and so the body is still the real author of all experience. I believe in this description, there is no point delineating the brain from the body, the brain is still your body, and your mind is integrated in your brain, that is, your body. I believe that Friedrich Nietzsche's account of an 'embodied mind' is not the same as the one argued by Jeff McMahon, as Nietzsche's take seems to be purely feed forward (and not particularly helpful to FLO), but nonetheless it still looks like "an" embodied mind account, and possibly one of, if not the earliest such account there is.
Eric Vogelstein has argued that the organism can experience by virtue of one of its parts. The brain is a part of the organism, and so the organism experiences by virtue of having a brain. Vogelstein makes use of Jeff McMahon's example of a car horn. When the horn of a car makes a noise, it does not seem controversial to say that the car made a noise. Similarly, when the brain has an experience, it should be uncontroversial to say that the organism too has an experience. Vogelstein also presents a counter to the argument that the mind itself is the subject of experience and not the brain, through the words of Eric Olson (2003):
The reason for [believing that you think but your animal or organism does not] can only be that the animal can’t think…And if that animal can’t think…then no human animal can. And if no human animal can think, no animal of any sort could….The claim, then, is that animals, including human animals, are no more intelligent or sentient than trees…This is rather hard to believe. Anyone who denies that animals can think…needs to explain why. They can’t. What stops a typical human animal from using its brain to think? Isn’t that what that organ is for?
A personal objection of mine to Olson here (this is not necessary for the argument I build later, and so I present it here) is that thinking, and experience are not the same things. We have the content of experience of thinking, and it is possible that with lesions on particular parts of our brains, our subjective experience persists but our ability to think rationally is impeded. I do not think it makes any sense to replace the word thinking with experience in the quote from Olson, as whether or not an animal or organism can experience is the very thing Olson is trying to conclude here. For example, machine learning techniques can be thought of a process of thinking, but AI has no experience to speak of, yet! Is there really any significant different in the way we think from the methods applied in machine learning? This is however a digression.
In summary here, Eric Vogelstein has presented an argument as to how an organism itself can experience. This means that the fetus, before developing the constitutive part necessary for experience (the brain) can still experience by virtue of eventually having a brain. If the organism itself can experience, and that we, or "I" are organisms, and that the fetus is the same organism, then the fetus does have a FLO - that is, if you accept all of the required premises!

Reductio ad Absurdum, a Problem for Diachronic Universalism

There is yet another issue that arises from premise one of FLO that I would like to address. Premise one states that it is immoral to deprive a being of its FLO. The reductio of premise one would be that it is immoral to deprive a sperm and an ovum of its FLO through either contraception or abstinence. Don Marquis has responded to such a criticism and has argued that contraception does not deprive a being of a FLO. Eric Vogelstein (2016) has however acknowledged that in order for this claim to succeed, yet another controversial metaphysical stance needs to be adopted - the rejection of diachronic universalism.
In Don Marquis response to the reductio critique, he outlines possible candidates for harm: (1) the sperm (and not the ovum) (2) the ovum (and not the sperm) (3) both the sperm and the ovum (4) the mereological fusion of the sperm and the ovum. Don Marquis argues that options (1) and (2) are both unlikely, as there is no reason to grant either of these candidates a privileged status as being the being with a FLO. Marquis argues that (3) is also unlikely as too many futures are lost, a problem of too many thinkers. Eric Vogelstein however dismisses this argument as both the sperm and the ovum can share the same future. The argument from Marquis that Vogelstein gives greater credit to is that the fusion of the sperm and the ovum does not preserve the existence of the things that have combined. Vogelstein acknowledges however that this argument too can be tricky on a four dimensionalist view of space and time. In such a view, it is not controversial to accept singular identities in a transitive temporal form. In the four dimensionalist view, all of the future, and all of the past exist and stretch out from our current present point in time. When tracing the organism through a four-dimensional space-time, the sperm and the ovum fuse to generate the zygote, it can be said that the sperm, or the ovum are temporal transients leading to the zygote, though it is not necessarily true that both the sperm and the ovum are temporal transients together. This is where a mereological dispute arises, and the success of the FLO argument depends on its resolution.
Diachronic universalism posits that for every set of objects that exists, there also exists an object with the members of the set as it parts. Additionally, the composition of an object comprised of members of a set can occur over time. The example that Vogelstein provides is that there is an object that is composed of both George Washington and Fenway Park, that is, an object that was George Washington and later Fenway Park. Similarly, under diachronic universalism, if there was once a sperm-ovum mereological fusion, and later, the human organism compromised of the components of the set of the sperm and the ovum; then contraception and abstinence would indeed deprive something of a FLO by premise one and would be morally wrong. If diachronic universalism is true, the defender of the FLO argument has a choice. The choice is to either accept that contraception and abstinence are as morally wrong as abortion, or accept that contraception and abstinence are not morally wrong, and so it is not immoral to deprive a fetus of its FLO. The alternative of this is to reject diachronic universalism.
The problem is that diachronic universalism has many strengths and many supporters. For example, at what point does a scattered object stop being a single object, but scattered objects? If one such component of a Macro sized object was to move by a nanometre, would it stop being an object composed of its parts? If it can move by a nanometre, why not 10 nanometres, or even a metre? There are other arguments for diachronic universalism associated with the functionality of the object for instance. The main point here is, and a point that Vogelstein acknowledges, is that success of FLO does indeed require the rejection of diachronic universalism, and this is itself a controversial stance to take. It is controversial, as for an argument to rely on an already contested premise, the argument itself is weakened.

Does the Embodied Mind Account Really Save FLO from the Identity Problem?

In 2018, Skott Brill provided, what I believe to be, a forceful rebuttal to Vogelstein's argument that the embodied mind account means defenders of FLO do not need to take the controversial stance of rejecting the psychological theory of personal identity. Skott Brill presented his arguments in a paper titled: the Identity Objection to the Future Like Ours Argument. In this paper, the embodied mind account of the psychological theory of personal identity is presented by an analogy to an orange fruit tree. The main reason for this analogy is in response to those that do make the controversial rejection of the psychological theory of personal identity in that they argue it resembles a cartesian dualism. Skott Brill demonstrates that there are dualisms, and then there are dualisms, and they can be completely uncontroversial. If we are to take a whip of a fruit tree, it slowly develops and grows branches and starts to produce fruit. The fruit may ripen, and would be juicy, sweet and orange in colour. Eventually the fruit will drop off, and what used to a whip, and now the tree will continue beyond the fruit.
In this analogy, we do not say that the tree is sweet and juicy because it produced ripened oranges. The tree grew a new entity by producing fruit, and the properties of juiciness, sweetness and orangeness are properties of the fruit and not the tree. The tree itself can exist before and after the arrival and demise of the fruit. Similarly, the human organism, as a fetus, can grow a new entity, the brain, which has distinct properties on its own like the fruit, consciousness. The organism can precede the development of consciousness, and just like the tree, in some cases, survive beyond the loss of consciousness. There is nothing particularly controversial here that necessitates an objection based on cartesian dualism.
Skott Brill continues further with a reference to the fallacy of composition. The fallacy of composition is a mistake that we make when we infer that something has an attribute or property based on the fact that one of its parts has a particular property. The simple example that is provided is to make an inference that a car is light in weight because one of its parts is light in weight. Sometimes we are justified in this inference, where for example if one of the parts of the car is heavy, we are justified in saying the car is heavy. Skott Brill does not press this matter further, as he does not need to. A concession is made, and the embodied mind account is taken to be true so that it is assumed Vogelstein has not made a fallacy of composition.
Skott Brill points out an important point that Vogelstein has completely overlooked, that it is possible to have experiences in the way that we have experiences, and it is also possible to have experiences in a way that we do not have them. The beings that we identify as when we say "I" have experiences directly, whereas the organism has experiences derivatively. Skott Brill makes use of Jeff McMahon here to illustrate this point, which is slightly ironic in that it was McMahon's version of the embodied mind that Vogelstein has employed in his own defence of FLO:
My organism is conscious [and has experiences] only in a derivative sense, only by virtue of having a conscious [experiencing] part. Similarly, when I blow the horn of my car, the car makes a noise only in the sense that one of its parts makes a noise. There is only one noise; and there is a clear sense in which there is only one noisemaker: the horn. But we attribute the making of the noise not just to the horn but also, in a de rivative way, to the larger whole that contains it. It is clear … that the car is not some additional occult presence that mysteriously joins the horn in producing the honking noise. Nor is the organism as a whole involved in the experience of consciousness except by containing that which is conscious.
Even if the embodied mind account is taken as correct, the experience of the organism is a derivative experience and is different from the direct experience that we have. This means that the non-sentient fetus does not have a future like ours in that it experiences derivatively and not directly. There is no basis that has been established anywhere, by Marquis or by Vogelstein that the transfer of experience from direct to derivative occurs without loss, and so is a highly dubious claim to make. This is not the type of experience that Marquis is referring to in premise one of FLO. The reason it is wrong to kill us is that it deprives us of a future of experience that is an experience that we have directly. This is exactly the kind of experience that the non-sentient fetus does not have, and so the fetus does not have a future like ours at all. Under the psychological theory of personal identity, the FLO argument demonstrates that it is morally permissible to abort a fetus, as it does not have the very thing that is considered to be of value in premise one, a future like ours!

Reductio ad Absurdum Once Again! The Ovum as the Primary Candidate for Harm

I am going to explore the reductio problem of FLO a little further as I believe, even if rejecting diachronic universalism, a case can be made for the ovum as a candidate for harm, and more so, the candidate for harm. Quite recently, in 2023, Tomer Jordi Chaffer published a paper titled: Future‐like ours as a metaphysical reductio ad absurdum argument of personal identity. In this paper, it is argued that the ovum is the non-arbitrary candidate for harm for three reasons:
(1) The ovum exclusively passes down mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) to offspring.
(2) The ovum can turn on paternal gene expression through histone restructuring.
(3) The ovum can undergo parthenogenesis.
If we refer back to the previous reductio section, the first two possible candidates for harm were identified as: (1) the sperm (and not the ovum) (2) the ovum (and not the sperm). Don Marquis argued that these two candidates were unlikely, as neither could be considered non-arbitrarily privileged over the other. It is this point that is contentious.
Chaffer refers to recent scientific findings from mitochondrial epigenetics corresponding to the heritable changes in gene expression of the mtDNA genome. These recent findings show increasing evidence that mitochondrial epigenetic regulators, such as mtDNA-encoded non-coded RNA (ncRNA) can translocate to the nucleus to regulate the expression of nuclear DNA (nDNA) encoded genes, which are the genes that affect identity. This mechanism can only be passed down from the mother, where sperm mitochondria are severely degraded. This establishes the ovum as having a non-arbitrary privileged position in that it has a greater role in identity formation than a sperm, corresponding to point (1) above.
There is a further point of difference between the nDNA carried by the sperm and the ovum. The nDNA carried in the head of a sperm is compacted to avoid damage as the sperm travels. In this compaction, histones are replaced with other nuclear proteins. Histones are complex proteins that regulate the gene expression and provide structural support to chromosomes. The ovum however does possess all of the necessary histones associated with gene expression and chromosome structure, but more than just this. The ovum also provides the sperm with the necessary materials, such as tripeptide antioxidant glutathione, so that the nDNA of the sperm can decondense and restructure. On this basis, epigenetically, the ovum provides the mechanisms necessary to regulate a sperms contribution to life, and so can be considered as the foundation for a new life. This corresponds to point (2) above and provides another case for the non-arbitrary privileged status of the ovum over the sperm.
A third differentiating aspect of the ovum from the sperm is that the ovum demonstrates a self-directing mechanism. The ovum has the capacity to initiate and activate embryo development without fertilization: parthenogenesis. Human parthenotes are not viable in nature, but the significance is that only the ovum can initiate this process and not the sperm, leading to yet another argument for the non-arbitrary privileged position of the ovum over the sperm, corresponding to point (3) above. If a counter to this is argued on the non-viable nature of the parthenote, that is exactly the point. The non-viable parthenote is robbed of a future by abstinence and contraception in that fertilisation did not occur before parthenogenesis was initiated.
The arguments presented above I believe provide a reasonably strong case that the ovum can be considered as a foundational structure of a new life, where a sperm merely deposits the necessary material for the foundation to become a fetus. There is a stronger line of continuity between the ovum and the zygote than there is between the zygote and the sperm. Additionally, the magnitude of the change between the ovum and the zygote is decidedly less than the magnitude of the change between the zygote and the child. I believe this is more than sufficient to argue that the ovum is a non-arbitrary candidate for harm, and possibly more than just this, the candidate for harm; the same candidate as the zygote!


I believe that the identity objection to FLO on the grounds of the psychological theory of personal identity carries significant force. Even if the embodied mind account is granted to be true, our organism, at best, can be considered to have a derivative experience only, and so the non-sentient fetus does not have a future like ours at all. On the psychological theory of personal identity, Don Marquis' argument does more to demonstrate why abortion is morally permissable rather than the reverse, because the fetus does not have the very thing which is valued, a future like ours.
The defenders of FLO are therefore faced with a controversial metaphysical stance, the rejection of the psychological theory of personal identity. Rejecting this however is not the end of the road, as yet another controversial metaphysical stance is necessary, the rejection of diachronic universalism. With the rejection of diachronic universalism, the reductio problem is still unresolved on the basis of the biology of the ovum: a strong case can be made for the ovum as a non-arbitrary candidate for harm. The defender of FLO then has yet another controversial stance to take, that it is morally impermissible to use contraceptives or abstain from sex!
Don Marquis arguments for FLO are considered to be the best secular argument as to why abortion is morally wrong, but this says nothing about the strength of the argument itself. As described above, if an argument requires two or three contested and controversial stances taken a priori, the argument itself is on more than perilous ground. If this really is the strongest case for the anti abortion argument, the anti-abortion movement itself is on extremely perilous ground! In short however, I believe FLO does achieve something quite valuable, it demonstrates that abortion is not morally wrong at all!
OK, here we are at the end... finally. That was a long post wasn't it. How is your intestinal tract by the way? Excellent! If you have made it this far, then you have my thanks, and I hope you got something out of this.

Thank you for your time and effort in getting through this.

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2023.06.04 09:53 WrringWrriorSorcerer Traximus warm-up sketch

Traximus warm-up sketch
I never see fan art of this guy and he (and the Triceratons in general) was always one of my faves in the ‘03 animated series, so today he’s my warm-up!
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2023.06.04 09:46 loserbaby_ A stinkin’ morning

Guys. You cannot make this shit (pun fully intended) up. I need to share because I have to laugh or I might just cry…
My husband and toddler both currently have a stomach bug, for reference. This is important to the story.
So it’s Sunday morning, I’m making pancakes, toddler is happy, life is good. My dog walks into the kitchen and just… does a poo. On the kitchen floor. My fully trained dog decided that today was the day to just poo on the kitchen floor for whatever reason. Pancakes paused, I ask my husband to clear it up whilst I keep our toddler away. No biggie, just a quick break. Floor cleaner and I crack on with the pancakes, that is until I hear my name said in a tone that I can only explain as indicative of sheer horror. I turn around and see my husband and toddler literally covered in poo. My toddler has exploded everywhere, out of her nappy, all down her leg, covering her feet, all on the floor, all over my husbands legs. So pancakes paused again, toddler whisked away to the shower, toddler subsequently stunned by having a shower at 7:30am on a Saturday before breakfast and very loudly letting us know that she’s pissed off about it, floor cleaned and disinfected (again), husband washed and toddler in a clean nappy and clothes, Finally, I think, time for pancakes. How wrong could I be you ask? Very wrong, because in that that moment, my husband attempts a fart that goes very wrong and shits himself. Not a little bit, like a whole poo. My whole grown human husband who has never shat himself before, shat himself.
I just wanted my pancakes man 🥲
submitted by loserbaby_ to beyondthebump [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:45 Holiday-Possible29 The Armored Terran 7

Hey everyone, I had a bit of writer’s block for this one so sorry if it’s a bit lower quality than usual. Regardless, I hope that you all enjoy.
First Previous Next
“So much for BSing our way out of this one.” Alex said, shaking his head.
I gave him a look. “Did you really think your people could lie your way out of this whole situation?”
“Well, if there’s one thing that humans excel at, it’s lying to each other. We’ve been doing it for as long as we have had sapience, and we’ve gotten pretty good at telling people what they want to hear.”
I blinked at him. “I don’t think that anyone is going to want to listen to you guys since you’ve kind of been lying about everything for as long you’ve been in the galactic community.”
He waved his hand dismissively before speaking, “I’m sure that all we need is one good speech explaining all the reasons that we did this, and it’ll all blow over. That is, except for the couple of species that will probably declare war on us or something like that.”
I shook my head. “You must have some good speakers if you think that your species can just make one speech and suddenly everyone will be ok with how much misinformation you’ve spread.”
Alex shrugged. “Well, at this point, there’s nothing I can really do right now so worrying about it is a waste of my brain power that could be used trying to get this mech working!” And with that he went down his little elevator thing, and made his way over to the closet, where he pulled out a series of tools and put them in a backpack.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Well, I have about 45 minutes before I need to pick up that battery and wheelchair from the fabricator, so I need to get the mech itself ready for repairs. Pulling out what’s left of the original battery so that I can replace it when the time comes,” he said as he started to climb the mech.
I nodded. “I suppose that makes sense,” I said. “Do you need any help?”
He sighed as he tried to unscrew a tiny screw to dislodge a piece of battery and shrapnel. “Yeah, actually, I will. The battery itself is going to be about twice as big as me, and we usually have automated repair bays in our ships, so I will probably need some help,” he said before mumbling under his breath so quiet that I could barely hear him, “Good thing I’m an engineer.” He finally dislodged the piece of shrapnel and pulled out the battery piece that was attached to it. He looked at it for a second before tossing it onto the floor. “Once I get this thing up and running, I’ll start cleaning up the mess that I make.”
And with that, we got to work. We would end up spending most of the time pulling out the damaged components from the mech, with the occasional pop culture reference coming from Alex. Of course, I didn’t know what he was even talking about, because the most I knew about human culture was the very little that humanity even gave us in the first place. He seemed a bit crestfallen when I first said that but got increasingly irritated until he finally just pulled up a video on his holoprojector and left it on for me to view as we continued to pull apart the mech where it was broken. We had just finished as I heard Alex’s communicator go off.
He looked at it, looked back up to me, and said, “I just got a message that the fabrication is done. Could you get the battery and wheelchair for me? I would go with you, but I really don’t want to get on the captain’s bad side right now.”
I rolled my eyes. “Of course, you start following the rules after you cause an incident that could throw your species into war.”
He chuckled. “Gotta start somewhere. Oh, and can you tell the crowd of about twenty people to stop lurking outside my door?”
I opened the door just a crack. Sure enough, there were about twenty people of various species lurking outside Alex’s cabin. I closed the door and turned to him. “How did you know how many people there were out there?” I asked.
“Don’t tell anyone that I told you this, but when I got here, I put a motion sensor outside, so I know if anyone’s trying to sneak up on me,” he said, still focusing on his communicator.
“Alright, don’t get kidnapped while I’m gone!” I said jokingly.
“I will make no such promises,” he said back.
And with that, I opened the door back up and stepped out into the hall. I did a headcount once again, finding Alex’s count to be accurate. They all seemed to be waiting there, expecting something to happen.
One of the group who I clocked as Kraark, a Chupir, one of the few species in the galaxy that is capable of flight with their wide wingspans, stepped forward. “Is Alex ok? We heard what happened, and just wanted to make sure he’s ok,” he said.
I gave a heavy sigh. “We both know that you couldn’t care less if he got hurt, you just want to see if the rumors about Alex are true,” I said as I tried to muscle my way through the crowd.
“Well, yeah, that is true,” he responded, “But we also want to know if he’s ok. That was a nasty breach in his suit that he had.”
I stopped and looked back at Kraark. “Well, he’s ok now, that’s all you really need to know. And can you leave him alone? He’s already gone through enough today without other people harassing him into showing his face when he doesn’t want to. You never cared about his wellbeing before this, so stop pretending to care now!”
There were a few mutters of acknowledgment before the entire crowd finally dispersed. I sighed and started making my way over to the fabricator. Occasionally I would get stopped by various people trying to get the latest from me about Alex, and I told them the same thing that I told everyone else. You’d think that they would have other things to gossip about but nooooo, they must focus on the one thing that they really shouldn’t be. If only I hadn’t been so nosy in the first place this probably never would have happened. I was snapped out of my introspection as I finally made it to the fabricator bay. I stepped in to see a fellow Cosholay manning the computer where they managed the incoming orders.
They looked up at me and the crest of their feathers popped up in a greeting. “Hello there, how can I help you?”
I popped up my crest in greeting as well. “I’m here to pick up a few things that a friend had fabricated, it was a battery and a wheelchair.” They nodded knowingly and went to the back of the bay and pulled out a small box on top of the wheelchair.
“It was a bit of an odd request, but hey, those Terrans are odd ones,” they said. They seemed to get a glint in their eye as they looked me over. “So, how long have you known the Terran for?”
I snorted. “The same amount of time as anyone else. But I did get to talk with him more often since we were both on the security team.”
“So did you know?” they asked.
“Of course I didn’t. The Terrans are so secretive, and for good reason too, considering how much the crew has been harassing him since everything happened.”
“It’s hard to imagine that they were lying about so much. It really makes you wonder what else they could be lying about.”
I pondered that for a moment before responding. “Alex has been nothing honest and kind to me with the things that he can talk about. I trust him,” I said.
“Yeah, but how do you know that he really is?” they asked.
I thought back to the ready room, and the emotion that Alex showed. “I just know, ok?”
“Alright, I hope that you know what you’re doing,” they said, doubt evident in their voice.
With that I collected the battery and wheelchair and started back to Alex’s cabin. Luckily, I didn’t run into any more people trying to get the latest on our resident Terran. I finally walked into the cabin and saw him sitting on the bed looking at his communicator. I immediately knew something was wrong as he was a couple shades lighter than I had seen him previously. “What’s wrong?” I asked.
He looked up at me and said, “Someone just declared war on us.”
submitted by Holiday-Possible29 to HFY [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:43 A_Pringles_Can95 Why do Muggleborns and Muggle raised flinch at Voldemorts name?

This is a trend I never understood in Harry Potter Fanfiction, where it is shown that even Muggleborns and Muggle raised wizards and witches would flinch or scold someone for saying Voldemorts name, when they really have no reason to fear the guys name. Sure what he did was horrible, but in a lot of these fanfictions, the guy is believed to be dead. Gone. And the Muggleborn/raised people weren't raised to fear the guys name like I assume a lot of Pureblood and Halfblood students were.
So why don't we see more instances of Muggleborn/raised children nonchalantly referring to Voldemort the same way a Muggle child might refer to Hitler? They didn't grow up with scary stories about Voldemort like their peers were, nor were they alive during his reign of terror. They have zero reason to be scared of the name. I can understand them learning to say You-Know-Who due to their peers and adults scolding them for saying the name, but physical flinching?
Makes no sense to me.
submitted by A_Pringles_Can95 to HPfanfiction [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:41 msun5_5 Gen Z isolation- some young people don't even know who they share a house with

Today, I spoke to a 23 year-old guy who lives in a shared house who has never met his roommates! He has lived there one year and his roommates at least several months, but he is unsure as he has never spoken to any of them. He cannot even say how many roommates he has. This is a single home they share! He only knows their names because the landlord provided the information when he first moved in, but he doesn't have their phone numbers- not even for emergency purposes. No conversations, nothing. When he saw one girl in the driveway, he said she seemed desperate to avoid contact and whenever he has half-heartedly waved at somebody in the hallway, the contact is so fleeting he doesn't even know quite what they look like . They rarely wave back. I asked him, if your roommate was getting murdered, would you call 911? He laughed and said, I THINK SO? I don't think he knows what incident I was referring to. That may be the new normal, but it will never be natural or healthy. It's actually tragic and hard to believe that young people are wasting their lives in this self-imposed isolation.
submitted by msun5_5 to Anticonsumption [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:39 drekmonger Testing summarization

Quoted from
In the philosophy of mind, panpsychism (/pænˈsaɪkɪzəm/) is the view that the mind or a mindlike aspect is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of reality. It is also described as a theory that "the mind is a fundamental feature of the world which exists throughout the universe." It is one of the oldest philosophical theories, and has been ascribed to philosophers including Thales, Plato, Spinoza, Leibniz, William James, Alfred North Whitehead, Bertrand Russell, and Galen Strawson. In the 19th century, panpsychism was the default philosophy of mind in Western thought, but it saw a decline in the mid-20th century with the rise of logical positivism. Recent interest in the hard problem of consciousness and developments in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and quantum physics have revived interest in panpsychism in the 21st century.
For a definition of the term "panpsychism", see the Wiktionary entry panpsychism.
The term panpsychism comes from the Greek pan (πᾶν: "all, everything, whole") and psyche (ψυχή: "soul, mind").: 1 "Psyche" comes from the Greek word ψύχω (psukhō, "I blow") and may mean life, soul, mind, spirit, heart, or "life-breath". The use of "psyche" is controversial because it is synonymous with "soul", a term usually taken to refer to something supernatural; more common terms now found in the literature include mind, mental properties, mental aspect, and experience.
Panpsychism holds that mind or a mind-like aspect is a fundamental and ubiquitous feature of reality. It is also described as a theory in which "the mind is a fundamental feature of the world which exists throughout the universe". Panpsychists posit that the type of mentality we know through our own experience is present, in some form, in a wide range of natural bodies. This notion has taken on a wide variety of forms. Some historical and non-Western panpsychists ascribe attributes such as life or spirits to all entities (animism). Contemporary academic proponents, however, hold that sentience or subjective experience is ubiquitous, while distinguishing these qualities from more complex human mental attributes. They therefore ascribe a primitive form of mentality to entities at the fundamental level of physics but do not ascribe mentality to most aggregate things, such as rocks or buildings.
The philosopher David Chalmers, who has explored panpsychism as a viable theory, distinguishes between microphenomenal experiences (the experiences of microphysical entities) and macrophenomenal experiences (the experiences of larger entities, such as humans).
Philip Goff draws a distinction between panexperientialism and pancognitivism. In the form of panpsychism under discussion in the contemporary literature, conscious experience is present everywhere at a fundamental level, hence the term panexperientialism. Pancognitivism, by contrast, is the view that thought is present everywhere at a fundamental level—a view that had some historical advocates, but no present-day academic adherents. Contemporary panpsychists do not believe microphysical entities have complex mental states such as beliefs, desires, and fears.
Originally, the term panexperientialism had a narrower meaning, having been coined by David Ray Griffin to refer specifically to the form of panpsychism used in process philosophy.
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2023.06.04 09:38 Carroto_ Animal abuse hotline in Oahu?

Animal abuse hotline in Oahu?
I’m visiting my family living in Kauai this summer and Waikiki for the month.
There is a man hurting a dog near the train tracks continuously. The two times I heard were both around 8AM, I only heard the dogs whimpering near the guy so I wasn’t sure what was going on.
This 3rd time, I saw the dogs hiding under the same black car and saw the same guy pull the leash and smacked the dog across. He saw me watching and he taunted me.
I’m afraid of this man now. And worried for the dog. I’m not sure if these are the same stray dogs from I saw last summer.
Either way, is there a number I can call to report? Will the animal hotline do anything?
submitted by Carroto_ to Hawaii [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:35 FineCollar Investing in ETFs (e.g., VOO, VWRA & CSPX etc)

Hey guys, I’m new to investing in ETFs and have been reading this group for some time. I would like to learn more on investing in ETFs via monthly DCAs, that is fuss-feee and offers low management fees & expense ratio.
However, I have a Syfe Equity100 portfolio which I’ve been DCA-ing. Thus, I’m not too sure if it makes sense for me to invest in an ETF.
For background info, I’m a 29M, married & awaiting for BTO. I have purchased the relevant insurance policies (Life plan, CI, Accident etc) for protection purposes. Also, I have set aside 6-12 months of emergency funds. I have the following investment policies as listed below. The amount indicated below refers to the investable amount and are denominated in SGD.
Would greatly appreciate any inputs and guidance on my investment strategy and the ETF recommendation. Thanks!
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2023.06.04 09:33 LandNGulfWind AEW House Rules: Huntsville AL June 3 results and brief recap

This show was a blast. The crowd wasn't super large but made up for it in energy and enthusiasm. Would definitely recommend an AEW house show if you get an opportunity.
Match Stipulation(s)
'Platinum' Max Caster defeated Tony Nese One Fall Match
Jeff Jarrett and Satnam Singh defeated The Boys Tag Team Match
Kyle Fletcher defeated a local competitor One Fall Match
Kris Statlander (c) defeated Lady Frost TBS Title Match
Hook and the Hardy Boyz defeated Big Bill, Preston Vance, and Ethan Page Trios Match
Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Shawn Spears One Fall Match
Juice Robinson defeated Pat Buck One Fall Match
Toni Storm (c) defeated Dr. Britt Baker DMD, Skye Blue, and Anna Jay A.S. Four-Way Match for the AEW Women's World Title
AEW International Champion Orange Cassidy and Darby Allin defeated 'Daddy Magic' Matt Menard and Daniel Garcia of the J.A.S. Tag Team Match
Other Notable Events
Jarrett and Singh got the first big pop of the night
The local wrestler that went up against Kyle Fletcher got repeated "Local Guy!" chants
Kris Statlander and Lady Frost repeatedly countered each other's wristlocks with cartwheels, leading to chants of "Cartwheel City!" and many other wrestlers working cartwheels into their matches for the hell of it
However large Big Bill appears on TV, he is way larger IRL
Upon winning their match, Matt Hardy leveraged his contractual power over Ethan Page to force him to do the Jeff dance, and then take pictures with fans
Shawn Spears ran his mouth throughout his match in a way very reminiscent of 'Iron' Mike Sharpe
Pat Buck came out wearing a Bobby Eaton shirt here in Eaton's hometown, Juice acted like he was gacked on coke throughout the match, but in an entertaining way
Tony Khan came out and addressed the crowd, thanking us for coming and continued support of AEW
The 4-Way Match was a blast, may have been the match of the night
The JAS hit O.C. in the ribs with Darby Allin's skateboard before the bell; Darby challenged them to a handicap match and mostly got his ass kicked until O.C. did the Spirit of '76 comeback with his ribs taped
After the Main Event, a kid dressed as Orange Cassidy was brought into the ring and got to pose with the winners, holding the International belt. He got a ginormous pop when Orange asked him if he could do a cartwheel and he complied
submitted by LandNGulfWind to SquaredCircle [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:32 BetaBottom32 A funny thought I'd like a few opinions on

Would an manga/anime about a guy who's a troll online and then gets reincarnated as a troll in another world be funny or to on the nose?
submitted by BetaBottom32 to anime [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:31 Professional-Ad7346 First part of a multi-part story, this is just the introduction, the terror will come later... Opinions?

As cliché as it may sound, that was a dark, cold and stormy night; In a small road cafeteria they were sheltering from the rain, drinking coffee and listening to the radio, a trucker who passed by and had stopped to drink coffee, a doctor who had done the same taking advantage of a break from his night shift at the hospital. , a surprisingly young and even attractive waitress who was counting tips while listening to the radio , a strange and diffident bespectacled guy crouching in a secluded corner , and the town sheriff sitting at a table drinking coffee , plus a young man who for the moment seemed quiet and reserved. He was wearing a red sweatshirt with a hood and pockets and sweatpants , as well as a pair of sneakers that finished off his ensemble , and sitting on a stool near the bar , he was eating a cheeseburger immersed in his own thoughts while his eyes They were oscillating between looking at the thunder through the window or looking at what the waitress was doing. She had blonde hair pulled back, was wearing a button-up green shirt that had her name written on the side, and a short black skirt. Although her work outfit was not particularly flattering, it could be seen that she had a good figure.
On the radio they advised not to go out due to the rain and they also reported a series of strange disappearances that had been taking place recently in the towns near the cafeteria. Missing animals, missing children, it didn't matter what the local authorities didn't seem to care about, at least not enough...
After counting the money and putting everything in the cash register , the girl went into the bathroom and , since her shift for that day had already finished , or rather , it should have already finished if it were not for the fact that they could not get out due to Due to the torrential rain that was falling, she decided to dress up as much as she could in front of a mirror that she had in front of her and change her work shirt for a top that she carried in her bag. Leaving the bathroom, the boy looked at her again and decided to take the opportunity to try to start a conversation: "Hey, since we're not going to be able to get out of here for at least the next few hours, would you like to chat for a while?" he said ending the sentence with a crude attempt to show his best smile.
"Of course, why not?" , the girl was friendly . The boy , beyond just being attracted to the young woman , dreamed of being a writer and had thought that at least he could come up with an idea for a character by chatting with the girl for a while . The girl approached him and sat next to him. "I've seen your name on the side of your uniform, Liv, my name is Jake"
"Nice to meet you , Jake, do you live around here?" Liv asked.
"Yeah, yeah, I guess so," Jake said, thinking about the words while scratching the side of his head - "And you?"
"Yeah …"
Jake noticed that Liv was wearing three bracelets on one arm: one in a pastel tone that read QHMM (which could perfectly mean "What Would Midge Maisel Do"), another that read "NORMAL PEOPLE SCARE ME" ( one of Tate Langdon's signature phrases from the American Horror Story series, and a rose that seemed to have a spider web pattern, which immediately reminded him of the Spider-Gwen character.
Have you seen the new Spider-Man movie? Jake asked, looking closely at the girl's bracelet.
“Yeah, yeah,” Liv said, noticing Jake looking at her bracelets.
"And did you like me?"
"Are you kidding, man? That movie is a fucking masterpiece."
At that moment, it seemed to Jake that the sky opened before his eyes, giving way to a beautiful sunset. At least in his head, it was still raining heavily outside. So with the gates of Olympus opening before him, metaphorically speaking, he gained a bit of self-confidence and started talking to Liv without worries as if he had known her forever...
They were talking quietly when suddenly and with a kind of noise, a middle-aged man who was a local guy entered the cafeteria. His clothing consisted of jeans, a faded leather hooded sweatshirt, and cowboy boots with worn soles. In addition , on the sweatshirt , he wore some pins , among them the most notable ones were one with a smiley face and a bullet hole in the head , one with a peace symbol and one with the letters CK . The strange man sat down at a table and asked for a coffee, to which the girl said that, since her work day was technically over, she could pour herself the coffee from the coffee maker and leave the money on the table. The guy got up, went to the bar and put a crumpled bill and a couple of coins there, then he took the jug from the coffee maker and a cup and poured himself some coffee. He took a small sip and looked suspiciously at the two youngs who had been talking until then.
submitted by Professional-Ad7346 to shortscarystories [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:31 TL-Elemental2001 Mobile Charlotte?

So... people on nutaku and steam probably already have the animated pose for Charlotte, I've been had her since, i don't remember, maybe a year or more? And I've looked at the mobile game store and i see her offer with the animated pose icon with it, im wondering when i can get her's, Catara has already come but...still waiting for the goth girl, anything?
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2023.06.04 09:30 trufeats A Collection of Patterns, Questions, and Open-Ended Concepts

• Most of the people who end up in the town seem to have recently had some kind of major life event. At least 1 person in each vehicle, but not always the driver (such as the business man in the backseat of the car). Ex: decision on divorce/death of child, going to rehab, finished paying tuition, sold their company, retired and received a boat as a gift, etc.
• No one ever comes alone..? (Correct me if I'm wrong). It seems every vehicle has always had at least 2 people in it.
• Everyone turned back when they saw the tree in the road and the crows. No one ever ventured on foot beyond the tree.
• No one ever arrives on foot. It's always in a car, bus, or RV. No motorcycles, planes, helicopters, or people on foot have been found yet. ***Although, animals have been found in the forest.
• Everyone arrives by driving somewhere in the US. I don't believe anyone arrived by driving outside the United States.
• What would've happened if people walked past the tree on the ground, instead of driving back?
• Can people create their own Talismans?
• Do the creatures know things about everybody by listening from below?
• How do the creatures interact with the dangling wires in terms of supplying and stopping the flow of electricity?
• Why do the creatures sleep?
• Why do the creatures change form between monster form and human form? Can they shapeshift and take other forms? Why not just keep the monster form? Did they have a monster or human form before the Talismans were used? (It was noted that the creatures only shrieked before the talismans, but now they whisper)
• What happens if a creature is out during daylight? Why do they go back at night?
• What would happen if someone used a compass (or made a makeshift compass) to view their directions? Would it be possible to see the exact point when the terrain loops?
• What would happen if someone stood watch and staked out new vehicles coming into the town? Would they see the vehicle suddenly appear out of nowhere? Or would it always appear to be coming from over the horizon?
• How do the things that have voices know what's going to happen next, such as 2 vehicles coming on the same day?

Open Ended Concepts:
• The boy in white -- how he communicates without talking -- why only certain people can hear and see him.
• The voices in the girl's head
• Why are the unseen figures (boy in white, voices, etc) also stuck in this place? How did they get here?
• Why did the voices tell the girl to kill the little boy?
• The worms in Boyd's blood
- somehow harmful to the creatures?
- is something hunting him for this blood?
- is this blood a power or a curse?
- does sharing the blood make it disappear for oneself, or only spread so multiple people have it?
- how did the original person (who was locked up) get this blood?
- how was the original person found and bound?
• What happens when the music stops? Who are the creatures who are supposedly worse than the ones that come out at night? What do they do that's worse?
• What's the meaning of the puppet Victor is so scared of?
• Who do the creatures torture people, instead of just consuming them?
• Where did the creatures come from? How did they become that way?
• Who are the children creatures the mom keeps seeing in her visions?
• The meaning of the symbol the business guy keeps seeing and writing
- information so far: the last person who kept seeing this symbol presumably killed everybody in the community
• How do the faraway trees work?
• Why are the trees changing?
• The symbols on the Talismans and what they mean
• Who created or originally placed the Talismans
• Why can't the Talismans be in contact with the ground to work?
• Why do Talismans only work with shelters and cause doors and entryways to become impenetrable by the creatures?
• What's the significance of the lighthouse
• What moved the tent to the cobweb area
• How is electricity supplied by dangling wires?
• Why does opening a hole in the ground causes material above it to break and collapse?
• What's the meaning of the bottles with messages in the trees? Why does the sound of them rattling bug the girl?
• Why do only some people have seizures or visions?
• How did the creature on the radio know information about everyone and things happening in the home's basement? -- why was the creature even awake at daytime to communicate?
submitted by trufeats to FromTVShow [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:20 Vegetable-Report4171 Best settings for max FPS in Valorant in Zephyrus G14 2022

Hey guys, I have G14 2022 with Ryzen 9 6900hs + Rx 6800s. I have installed G-helper and I have uninstalled MyAsus and Armory Crate.
I just want to ask my fellow Valorant players about the best settings from which I can get 300+ FPS always. Actually I am getting my 240hz 24 inch FHR monitor this Monday and I want to make sure I always get 240+ stable FPS so I can utilize best of that monitor but what I noticed I usually get 220-350 fluctuating FPS and that will not be good for me to utilize 240hz. For you reference I used Balance mode in G-helper with CPU boost as Efficient Aggressive. PPT To 110w and CPU to 50w.
And GPU to optimize.
Please tell if you guys have any best settings here for me to increase my FPS.
submitted by Vegetable-Report4171 to ZephyrusG14 [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:17 operatingsys2016 Unexpected twist indeed (Bing Chat in creative mode)

Unexpected twist indeed (Bing Chat in creative mode) submitted by operatingsys2016 to bing [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:14 Rshadowtale My parents think my boyfriend is making me be trans

I am 22(transfemale) and I have a boyfriend (trans male->nonbinary, important later on) who recently celebrated their 22nd birthday as well.
We have known each other existed since 1st grade, became friends in 3rd grade, and then closer friends in 6th.
A lot of his other friends left him in middle school, and I was one of the 2 who stayed with him when he came out in 8th grade. I even got my parents to use his right name and pronouns, which I personally thought was impressive, as I and my three older siblings (now 26 nonbinary, 25m, 23f)grew up going to church (Salvation Army I'll go more into it later on.)
I kind of...knew I wasn't cis/straight throughout most of highschool, but considering my parents (who are now 55f and 70+m, honestly i stopped keeping track at 60) I didn't really look too deep into it.
My now bf, who was just a friend at the time, took me to a Queer Prom when we were in grade 11, where I dressed in a suit, with a women's blazer, heels, and makeup. I hated the fake nails but loved everything else. We went again the next year when we were in grade 12, and I brought my actual Prom Suit from highschool to the Queer one as well. I enjoyed the Queer one more.
It was about 2 years ago that I realized I wanted to be a girl. I looked back on myself and my childhood, which I'll briefly name some of the things that should have tipped me off;
• I liked wearing clear coat glitter nail polish, one sunday morning when I put some on myself and my mom noticed she said we didn't have time to buy nail polish remover, and come home to take it off. So she made me wear gloves, we bought remover from the store, and then she took me into the women's bathroom to remove it myself as she yelled at me to hurry up. • I loved watching the Disney princess movies growing up. Animation over gritty live action any day. • A lot of tv shows I liked were actually geared more towards girls (Atomic Betty, Kim Possible, Totally Spies, Ruby Gloom) or the ones I did like watching that were for boys (Martin Mystery, Hot Wheels, Johnny Test, Foster's Home) I always enjoyed the female characters more. At the time I thought it was crushes, but what I was actually feeling was an aspiration to look like them. I always thought they were pretty and had fun personalities. But not ones I wanted to date, ones I wanted to have. •Up until puberty struck, I had one guy friend and then almost entirely a female friend group.
I can make another post entirely about my teenage years, but moving forward to living alone in 2021 I realized I was transgender. I wanted to be a girl. I told my friends who all supported me. I supported my oldest siblings, when they came out in 2022. They even privately talked to me about it and thats when I slipped out and told them about me. This was also when that long, LONG time friend and I started going out. We dated like three different times throughout the school year but both wanted to be serious for this one.
In 2023 I came out fully to everyone on my birthday. Coworkers, Boss, All my friends, family. Everyone said they were happy for me. But my parents still use my old name and pronouns. My dad I sort of written off, all my siblings think he's going senile anyway, so...I personally think getting him to do it is a lost cause, but my mother is the same way. Using female pronouns for my oldest siblings. However, I assumed because she changed and used the proper name and pronouns for my boyfriend then she would do the same for me, right?
We just had a talk today, where she asked how long we were dating, me and my boyfriend. Because she wanted to compare when I came out (to her, I came out this year but realized well before now) with when I started dating. Note that, this isn't my first significant other either, I just never told her about all my other ones. Another story for another day but my mother loves to know everything even if it requires invading personal space and privacy.
...she just wants her "sweet innocent boy to come back to her", she wants me her obedient quiet child to never speak up or voice my opinion. I moved out. I only interact with my mother for holidays and because of a family plan phone bill (40$ a month for me, 4GB and unlimited texting and calling), but this just invalidating. They think my boyfriend who I've known forever is taking advantage of me and using me for my money, which is not true. My boyfriend gets uncomfortable whenever I pay for meals or gifts for him. It's true he has a bit of a money issue, it's because of health problems and only getting 2 shifts a week at his work, to pay for gas, rent from parents, and medication. I have more disposable income than he does, so I pay for more dates. It's that simple. I only interact with my dad whenever I can't get a taxi to work and I pay him about 4$ for that. I have no license or car. I actually just applied to get a credit card a week ago, one step closer to getting my phone off the parent's bill.
I just feel...invalidated. I've felt it a bit through my life from my parents, but knowing that they don't see me for who I am or who I'm comfortable being, and instead want the child they know back, the child that was in the closet, didnt speak up, the personality I made so they wouldn't question me.
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2023.06.04 09:14 Aware-Couple-108 Do you guys think production on the Batman Beyond Animated Film is going to continue?

Do you guys think production on the Batman Beyond Animated Film is going to continue?
​With the success of the Spider-Verse dualogy and hype surrounding TMNT: Mutant Mayhem. Do you think James Gunn is gonna continue production on the Batman Beyond animated movie, that was previously in development?
The picture you guys are seeing is/was apparent concept art for the film. The last we’ve that has been heard about the project was in March of 2023. This info comes from the Direct.
“Speaking on The Hot Mic Podcast, insider Jeff Sneider discussed an animated Batman Beyond movie that DC once commissioned under the leadership of Walter Hamada - who served as DC Films President from January 2018 to October 2022.
As of now, the project remains in development under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran and none of the team has been told otherwise. However, Sneider clarified development could still be paused or canceled if it doesn't fit into the new regime's cohesive plans for the DCU franchise.”
I believe the project could still be made and just labeled under DC Elseworlds. James Gunn is quoted in saying that Elseworlds would be quote "a higher than the bar for something in the DCU:" So what better way to kick that off than a Spider-Verse style animated Batman movie. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.04 09:10 _Porikki_ even though i dont agree with the comments, i love how OP on left side conveniently left out the what original post's context is

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2023.06.04 09:09 peterxgriffin suggestions for larger beginner (cruiser/adv/scrambler/naked?)

hey guys, new to riding and this sub...just passed my msf and got my interim license and I'm looking for first bike suggestions. I'm not really into sport bikes other than nakeds for their more upright posture, and was leaning more towards a cruiser or adventure bike style motorcycle.
I fell in love with the svartpilen 401 but I think it might be slightly too small for me. the seat height is nice but i just felt like I looked like a circus bear riding a tricycle on it when i went to see one recently. that being said it felt comfortable, but my ego is saying i need something bigger haha.
I'm 6'3" 260 for reference. my budget is around the 7k range. looking for recommendations for a similar style bike that might be on a slightly bigger frame. I really love the retro futuristic look of the svart, but looks aren't a deal breaker, just a plus (that being said, I don't really want a legitimate dual sport, just a little bit too much of a pure dirt bike look on most of them).
what I really liked is the ability to cruise, do some light offroading, and hit the twisties - since I'm new and don't really know what I'll be using my bike for the majority of the time, I figured something multi-use would be a good way to narrow down what I really want in the future. open to any suggestions, since I'm new to motorcycles there are probably others out there I'd love and have just never heard of. thanks!
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