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2023.06.03 08:58 Party_Jacket My(25f) boyfriend(27m) broke up with me and I'm pregnant

I dont even know where to begin with this. Things have been rocky for a little while now, I ended up moving to the other side of the country because him and i were originally living together, but there were 2 separate times where he broke up with me and kicked me out(before we knew I was pregnant), the second time I was pretty screwed on a living situation so I basically had to move back home(other side of the country) about 2 days before i moved we found out I was pregnant.
I was originally going to get an abrtion, I didn't really want to, but he was really pushing for it, so that's what I did. After the abrtion him and i tried working things out and were talking about me moving back in a couple months. I got a medical abrtion at 10 weeks pregnant, but it didn't actually work. I had a follow up appointment a couple weeks after and they basically told me what was supposed to happen didnt happen and that i was still pregnant, they also told me given how far along I was this wasn't extremely uncommon. Before I even had the abrtion they warned me that it might not work and i might have to go back for a surgical one. After the follow up appointment I called my partner and explained the situation. By the end of the call we had decided to keep it.
Now here is where it gets truly messy. He told me he would come to me as his family is not the greatest and we have more support for the baby here, which is true. BUT his jealously and trust issues got so much worse in that short period of time. For context I have never cheated on him or gotten remotely close to crossing any lines like that, but he still has 0 trust in me. If I don't answer the phone because im busy or if i just message him on snapchat instead of actually snapchatting him back, he sees that as a red flag that im either doing something with somebody else in person, or on a video call with somebody else(in a sexual way). If him and i were arguing on the phone and I asked for space to calm down, he would take that as I am going to be video calling another guy and doing idk what, but obviously nothing good.
I know part of this is my fault because half the time i can be really understanding of his insecurities, but the other half of the time they make me so angry, constantly being accused of cheating when i am carrying his child and have NEVER done anything like that hurts me in a way that I didnt even know was possible. He of course takes me being angry that I cant even end a video call to take a poop or have 20 minutes to myself while we are arguing as a red flag that i'm doing something, but I feel like that frustration and anger are just something that is bound to happen when you have 0 times to yourself, are constantly being accused of cheating, and are filled with pregnancy hormones. If i did ever hang up a call he would call me over and over and threaten to break up with me or go fuck someone else if i didnt answer....
The most recent fight we had that led to ending things was on monday night, we were messaging while he was at the store, I was telling him about how I took my prenatal vitamin too long after eating(for context i'm supposed to take it WITH a meal, not 3+ hours after eating a meal lol whoops) and it was making me feel really sick. Like 10-20 minutes later he asked to call because he just got home, at that point i was in the bathroom throwing up and as much as i love talking to him, I dont really want to be trying to talk on the phone while throwing up... he asked to snapchat instead, which meant stopping to take a selfie whenever he would snapchat me....while throwing up, i did it, but like.... not really what i want to be doing while projectile vomiting. At one point he asked to call again and i was like "i dont even want to be snapchatting right now" it basically led to him not believing that I was actually sick and was on a video call with another guy. So i called him and was throwing up so hard/loud i couldnt talk or hear what he was saying so i hung up after like a minute. This of course was a huge fight which brings us to the next day.
He started the conversation with "sorry i'm such a piece of shit" I told him he wasnt. I honestly don't remember how (the conversation was mostly over snapchat and the messages automatically deleted) but the conversation escalated to the point where he told me he no longer wants to be with me, he isnt coming here anymore, and that he wants nothing to do with our baby that he was excited for literally 12 hours prior to that. He also accused me of faking the ab*rtion and told me he thinks the baby isn't his and that he wants a dna test. The baby is 1000% his, i have never cheated on him and on top of all that around the time the baby was conceived him and I were living together and spent every single moment together with the exception of when I would go to work.... which he would drop me off at and pick me up from every shift. It was literally impossible for me to cheat on him even if i was awful enough to do something like that.
I also found out a couple weeks ago through an instagram post that he already has a child from a previous relationship that he never told me about. He actually at one point had told me he wasn't sure he would be able to have kids because he has never even had a pregnancy scare. I thought it was a weird thing to bring up unprompted at the time, but now I can see he was just overcompensating to hide the truth. When I confronted him about it he told me that his ex took him to court and he isn't allowed to see the kid for "no reason", which I'm not sure I believe given how quickly he is ready to abandon our baby.
We haven't spoken since we ended things. I don't really know what to do at this point. I love him, but i'm not going to beg him to stay. How can I try to repair things? Even if it's just repairing things enough so he will at least want to meet his child eventually. What would you do in my situation? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated
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2023.06.03 08:58 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Game Academy

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2023.06.03 08:57 TheCrazyAcademic Online dating apps are mostly paid to win schemes designed to incentivize female members while essentially screwing male members out of money like Tinders Gold system

Tinders ELO algorithm basically puts new male accounts at the top of the stack for the first few hours and then it's basically crickets unless you subscribe to Tinder Gold. Female accounts don't even need to subscribe to Tinder Gold and typically get flooded with 100s of match's and typically get more then the average male member. This has been known for years and even the eHarmony CEO wrote a blog post on some of this iirc because despite contributing to the system he wanted to call out his competitors. I noticed the only time men have gotten consistent match's is if they subscribe to Tinder Gold.
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2023.06.03 08:56 MisterEmbedded Goods Train, Coromandel Express & Howrah SF Express Accident In Odisha, India

Goods Train, Coromandel Express & Howrah SF Express Accident In Odisha, India
Disaster Struck At ~7:00 PM On 2 June 2023 When Train Number 12841, Coromandel Express Going From Shalimar To Chennai Central Was Running And As It Reaches The "Bahanaga Bazar Station" Where This Whole Accident Occurred.
the "Bahanaga Bazar Station" or BNBR in short had a Goods-Train On The Stand-By While The The Coromandel Express Was Running At It's MPS (Maximum Permissible Speed) Which Was 130 KM/H.
As The Coromandel Express Reaches The BNBR Station It Collides With The Goods-Train That Was On The Stand-By Waiting For The Signal.
The Collision Happened At ~130 KM/H Speed & From What I Could Find, The Locopilots Died On Impact While More Than 150 Passengers Have Been Dead With 300+ Passengers Rushed Immediately To The Hospital.
The Exact Figure Is Hard To Find Yet But You Can Estimate The Brutality Of The Accident By Just This Image:

this image is of the WAP-7 Locomotive Which Was The Locomotive of The Coromandel Express And This Thing Weighs Like 120 TONS, And After The Impact This 120 Ton Machine Stacked On Top Of The Railway Cars It Collided With.
From What I Could Find, Other Than 2-3 Coaches All Of The Rest Coaches Of The Coromandel Express Had Been Derailed And If This Much Pain Was Not Enough For Our Mother India, As This Accident Was Occurring, Train Number 12864 Howrah SF Express Was Supposed To Pass The BNBR Station Too.
And As It Does, The Coromandel Express Had Already Been Derailed And The Derailed Coaches And Stuff Derailed The Howrah SF Express's 2-3 Coaches & I Can't Find The Death Toll Of The Howrah SF Express.
I've Attached A Few Images That Don't Have Blood Or Gore.
I Still Cannot Find Why The Coromandel Express Crashed Into The Goods Train At The First Place.
Some Say The Staff Was Overworked And Probably Jumped A Signal? I'm Not Sure Why This Tragedy Occurred, But Humanity Exists, Local Residents Near The Crash Area Started Going To Hospitals To Donate Blood & Save Lifes.
Railway Accidents Are Rare & Railway Is The Best & One Of The Safest Transport We Humans Have, The Only Thing We Need Is Better Management & Stuff.
It's Something To Debate On For Some Other Day. I Will Keep On Adding More Information As I Get It.
- Aftermath Images I Posted On My Reddit Profile (Feel Free To Repost It Anywhere)
- Aftermath Video (Compiled) I Posted On My Reddit Profile (Feel Free To Repost It Anywhere)
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2023.06.03 08:56 ruelascritica test123

Adriana Lima 1996 - 2017
presented in my favorite order, chronological. I feel like the chronology presents an interesting way of looking at a model's body of work. This can apply for actors/actresses and public figures writ large as well, but holds especially for models imo. Seeing someone age and grow and looking back on decades of being in the public eye puts their whole life is on display but also illustrates so much cultural change which the model is both subject to and influences. I saw some quote once from an actress discussing the cognitive dissonance inherent in seeing yourself age in real time, and I'm sure that must be applicable to models too. This is perhaps even more poignant in our Instagram filter age - what will people today feel when they look back on themselves? Generally I look distastefully on posting more than 10 pics, but I made an exception in this case.
1 - American Vogue casting, 1996
Call me basic but I love these early model polaroids. They seem to make the rounds every couple months.
2 - Albert Watson, 1997
Cherry popsicle, I'm guessing
3 - "Wicked" by Ellen von Unwerth, 1998
I might make a standalone post of this editorial later on, I love this concept.
4 - Victoria's Secret Show, 1999
At her first VS show. A shame that I find this look painfully boring, but I suppose I can't really skip a VS model's first show in a "Adriana Lima over the years" set.
5, 6 - Sao Paulo Fashion Week, 2000
Wearing Rygy then Fause Hasten. Generally speaking I try not to post too many bikini pictures - not to sound too gay, but while models always elevate clothes, with bikinis there's not much to elevate. What is there to do here other than look at Adriana and think, wow she's really hot. As an aside, I was 10 pages deep on reverse image search and licensed images websites when I started thinking about how much better I could probably do at my work if I applied myself like this.
7, 8 - Patrick Ibanez for Trace Magazine, 2000
Maybe one of my favorite Adriana editorials. You wouldn't think the eye shadow would work so well but I'm mesmerized. see more below
9 - Robert Maxwell for Vibe Magazine, 2001
with Lenny Kravitz underneath Adriana. The two were together around this time and got engaged - he turned around and dated Nicole Kidman, also got engaged but broke up (I'm sensing a pattern here Lenny). digression but does anyone else feel like our media has collectively become desexualized? not exactly an original thought but seeing something like this brings it back up for me, and no Tom Ford's shitty editorials do not count. see more below
10 - Victoria's Secret Winter Gift Book, 2001 (best guess)
I like this patchwork sweater look a lot so I definitely wanted to include it. It was near impossible to find the reference for though, I trawled through decades of Bellazon posts and tried the archive.org copy of whichever autist operates adrianalimafan.net but it was pretty impossible. I saw it a few years ago and remember there being some cool stuff. It would really have made making this post a lot easier.
11 - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2002
I actually like this look a lot even if it does make her look like a big orange butterfly. I'm realizing now that this set is weighted towards the early years, but I find this era of Adriana's career the most interesting to look back at. Once you get into the mid to late 2000's it seems like she really disappears into the Victoria's Secret bubble. An endless procession of extremely boring Victoria's Secret Fashion Week shows, Angels Across America, fantasy bra, just soulless all around. straight men see below for a look from the following year's show which is exactly what I'm talking about.
12, 13 - Marc Kayne for French Photo, July/August 2004
straight men this is for you. see more below
14 - Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele for Vogue Paris, November 2008
I'm a sucker for crazy sunglasses. Check out the ipod classic too, I remember having one of those.
15 - Vincent Peters for Vogue Spain, June 2010
the male gays strike again. I actually don't know if Peters is gay, but browsing his work reveals a lot of nudes.
16 - Mario Testino for V Magazine, 2012
with Doutzen Kroes at left. to be honest I assume the constellation of people that these two could actually take in a fight is very small (thin bones). see more below
17 - "Ridiculously Gorgeous" by Steve Meisel for Vogue Italia, June 2014
Meisel is one of my favorite photographers (I keep meaning to do a set of his work) and he hits the nail on the head here. see more below
18 - "Factory Girls" by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Brazil, September 2014
von Unwerth is another queen. this look inspired by Edie Sedgwick. hot women love smoking. see more below
19 - "Yohji Yamamoto Goes Back in Time" by David Sims for Love Magazine, 2015
maybe my favorite look in the whole set. Yohji doesn't miss. one more below
20 - Vincent Peters for Harper's Bazaar Spain, 2017
rs widow look
bonus content: brief digression but the prevalence of dead links on the internet makes me legitimately sad. Looking back on old forums or reddit itself pulls up so many pictures that are just gone (rip tinypic) and as a result huge swathes of the internet that are gone forever. I don't know that hosting images on reddit is any better but for this following section I'm hosting pictures on postimages, which has been around since 2004 and will hopefully be around for years to come. I highly encourage everyone to think about link stability too!
"Go-Sees" by Juergen Teller, 1999: pic
Juergen is obviously a king and this is from a cool collection of raw images taken in his studio May 1998 - May 1999.
for Sportmax, Spring 2000: pic
When will these frizzy ends make a comeback.
for Carmen Marc Valvo, Spring 2000: pic
additional shots from Patrick Ibanez for Trace Magazine, 2000: 1, 2
Amica Italy, 2001 (I think? I don't speak Italian because I'm not a loser): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I like to think that went to some elementary school and found a children's mural to shoot in front of.
additional shots from Robert Maxwell for Vibe Magazine, 2001: 1, 2, 3, 4
Vogue Brazil cover, August 2003: pic
screaming internally. here's some additional shots from the October issue (which Adriana also covered) and shots that really emphasize her... features: 1, 2, 3, 4
for Sean John, fall 2003: pic
women of New York here's your winter inspo
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2003: pic
additional shots from Marc Kayne for French Photo, July/August 2004: 1, 2, 3
for Victoria’s Secret Sexy Volume III, 2005: pic
women who look like this DM me immediately, etc
Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele for Elle, September 2005: pic
Josh Olins for Love Magazine, spring 2009: 1, 2, 3
Adriana as Amy Winehouse. tbh I wasn't really a Winehouse fan but I appreciate the editorial
additional shots from Mario Testino for V Magazine, 2012: 1, 2, 3
additional shots from "Ridiculously Gorgeous" by Steve Meisel for Vogue Italia, June 2014: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
okay upon further reflection I will admit that these are a bit all over the place, but still look great. I'm a bit confused by this last jock strap look though
additional shots from "Factory Girls" by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Brazil, September 2014: 1, 2, 3
additional shot from "Yohji Yamamoto Goes Back in Time" by David Sims for Love Magazine, 2015: pic
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2023.06.03 08:56 CountShoddy1450 Top 5 Health Insurance Policies in India 2023

Top 5 Health Insurance Policies in India 2023
Today, medical insurance policies are no more a luxury item for Indians. An important “need-based item”, such policies are specially designed to meet the discerning needs of people habituated with increasing incomes and those at the fag end of their careers alike. Due to high medical inflation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for most parties to afford expensive hospital expenses—and this is where medical insurance policies come to the rescue and decrease the dependence on precious savings. Know about the top 5 health insurance companies.

Health insurance
Before checking out the top 5 health insurance companies in India, it is better to know what exactly health insurance is. Well, medical insurance or health insurance covers the surgical and medical expenses which are incurred in the processes of diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of those insured. These insurance plans help in reimbursing the costs of illness, injury, and any other expenses that are payable to the provider. Continue...
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#healthinsurance #insurance #health #policy
Health insurance
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2023.06.03 08:56 Coineanach99 Amnesia & CPTSD

How is it I can be so traumatised by things I don't remember most of?? I'm aware certain things happened, but in a factual way as if I'm remembering bullet points on a bit of paper - I don't remember the actual events beyond a blur of colour, a mess of noises, and the emotion, or just.. a blank space I don't want to go near. I can recall other events from those times in my life, but they're very isolated.
My body remembers all of it, though.
As part of healing, I've been getting encouraged to accept my trauma rather than fight it or avoid it, but how can I accept something when I don't remember what that something was like to live through?????
I got triggered pretty early this morning, and caught myself as I began dissociating. I observed my reaction, and realised I have 2 "zones" I go to when I dissociate following a trigger. Zone 1: I replay the trigger & the blurry memory / emotional related to the traumatic event over and over, until something pulls me back to the present Zone 2: a fantasy world where I have my own characters and they all have their own lives, and I just fall into the daydream until something pulls me back to reality. The "protagonist" characters I imagine lives for are always the ages I was during my severe traumatic experiences, and they always have their own (usually related) trauma.
I managed to pull myself out of Zone 1 this morning, which I'm proud of. But doing so made me realise how much of my trauma I don't actually remember.
Timeline -
Trauma 1: consistent, from ages 3 - 11 Trauma 2: frequent, from ages 7 - 11
~ Healing stage 1 from age 11 - 13, with 0 professional help & while still being surrounded by triggers I didn't understand ~
Trauma 3: induced, from ages 13 - 14, in an attempt to process HS1 & T4 Trauma 4: consistent, from ages 13 - 17
~ Healing stage 2 from age 14 - 16, with attempted professional help which only enforced unhealthy behaviour & thoughts ~
Trauma 5: infrequent, from age 16 - 17, in an environment which triggered dissociation & flashbacks Trauma 6: induced through seeking out new experiences of T4, from age 18 - 21
~ Healing stage 3, from 22 - now, with consistent help and support ~
Ages of characters I make lives for in my day dreams: 8 - 13. They experience severe forms of T1 & T4.
TLDR: When most people my life has consisted of trauma, and my mind has reacted by doing its best to erase those memories & all that's left is the physical memory and reactions, how am I supposed to accept the trauma, or even fully process any of it??? And I'm sorry that this post is all over the place.
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2023.06.03 08:55 AlGunner I've got 2 job offers and dont know which one to take.

Both are sales but different types of job.
The first is the job I want to do, warm appointments only for an environmentally friendly product I want to get into. The potential is there to earn more as well. Its sales attending pre arranged appointments with customers. The downsides are that its commission only and the company has mixed reviews. A few good ones are from managers but theres a lot of really bad ones from staff as well. The company doesnt seem great to work for, but some reviews say thats clearly from people who cant do the job so complain. I'd work from home and travel to appointments up to 2 hours away.
The second job is also in sales but cold calling customers. It has a basic salary and commission on top but on target earnings (OTE) is lower. I asked what the average people earn in the first job is and the low end is the same as the basic and first year commission expected OTE in this job. Its not what I want to do but has the benefit of a basic salary and looks a good company to work for from the reviews. Its going to the office (which is an awkward journey) and then from there to where we would be working and back to the office at the end of the day.
Both are 5 days a week and Im in the UK.
What would you do the job you want with the potential to earn more, or the better company with basic salary?
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2023.06.03 08:55 NateFromTheBay In love with 2 women

Situation is messy AF. A few years ago I (36m) told my wife (31f) I wanted a divorce. I was looking for a lawyer and we were basically just roommates at that point.
That week I was out for work traveling and met someone (33f) that I hit it off with immediately and we exchanged information.
Back home, my wife asked me for one more chance, we tried counseling, and the relationship stabilized. We didn’t get divorced, and things were still not great for a while, but over time we repaired our broken marriage.
During that time, though, I fell head over heels in love with the woman from my work trip. We talked every day, for hours. I’d see her every-time I was in her city, and in a lot of ways she was and is…my person.
It’s been a year and a half. My wife and I are doing better than we ever have, and have had the best 6 months of our relationship ever. We’ve been together for 10 years but 8-9 of that was toxic, emotionally abusive, and unhealthy (on both of our parts)
I want to stay with my wife for the kids. Things have been good, and for the first time since we got married I feel like she is truly in love with me. I fear though, that my years of trying with her took a toll and I’ll never have that same spark again. To add to that, I feel like the closest thing to a soul mate (which I don’t really believe in) I’ll ever have is thousands of miles away.
My long distance partner knows my situation, and is in fact, in a long term relationship herself. Shit is messy. I’m realistic about things and know that we’ll likely never be together - though every fiber in my body wishes we could be. I just needed to get this off my chest. If I could have it my way she is who I’d be with, but for now, I’m just trying my hardest to love the one I’m with.
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2023.06.03 08:55 Trilobox Sony has become the Apple of video games

Sony has become the Apple of video games
ps it's really approaching Apple's anti consumer policies with the monopoly of the ps store and its crazy prices but also for other things. it's been two years since ps5 came out and looking back it was really sad and disappointing the jump to the nextgen on the side of PlayStation. ps5 is just sad (not bad), it is unnecessarily large, it has no removable memory, it is not customizable, the dualsense has a battery life that is half that of the dualshock 4 and very few developers have integrated the available functions. there have been very few games that really take advantage of the graphics power of ps5 and backwards compatibility with ps4 is mediocre not offering any kind of boost like xbox. I would like to remind you that when ps4 was "old" like ps5 it had these exclusives available: yakuza 6, uncharted 4, horizon, nioh, until dawn, infamous second son, the last guardian, gravity rush and bloodborne. then let's not talk about the vr2 which has very few games and the project Q which is almost useless. and in all this the games have risen by 10 dollars which here in Europe now cost 80€ which is 85 dollars. for 85 dollars you can buy 5 old ps4 exclusives to give a “scale”. I used to love PlayStation, I used to enjoy its consoles while now it's there collecting dust metaphorically
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2023.06.03 08:53 GlueGuy00 [Kalbrosky] NBA Big Board’s Rafael Barlowe reported that “several scouts and agents” believe the Thunder are targeting Coulibaly at No. 12 overall

"Bleacher Report‘s Jonathan Wasserman reported that France’s Bilal Coulibaly 'has a promise' in the first round before No. 14. NBA Big Board’s Rafael Barlowe reported that 'several scouts and agents' believe the Thunder are targeting Coulibaly at No. 12 overall."
Looks like it's OKC who promised Bilal to be drafted with 12th pick. Not Magic or Raptors.
Additional tidbits from the article:
-Whitmore scored 0.76 points per touch on drives, per Stats Perform, which ranked as the best among projected first-rounders
-Ausar had the highest defensive statistical impact (DSI) among players with more than 10 games in Cerebro-certified events in the league, per Cerebro Sports
-Michigan outscored opponents by 10.3 points per 100 possessions when Bufkin was on the floor, According to CBB Analytics. They were outscored by 14.0 points per 100 when he was not featured. That swing ranked fourth-best among all high-major players (minimum: 1,000 minutes) in 2022-23
-According to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo, Whitehead has been “unable to conduct workouts” after his recent foot surgery
-Prosper contributed positively to winning considering Marquette outscored opponents by 26.8 points per 100 possessions when Prosper was on the court relative to when he was not, per CBB Analytics, which ranked second-best among players at all top-tier Division I programs
-Opponents were just 14-for-38 (36.8 percent) when Lively defended them in the restricted area, per Stats Perform. Meanwhile, via CBB Analytics, the other team was held to shoot just 29.8 percent in the paint during minutes when Lively was on the floor
-According to ESPN’s Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo, some believe Klintman “could have a promise” in the 20s. HoopsHype’s Michael Scotto added that “there was a belief circulating” that the Pacers are high on Klintman
-One concern for Howard is that although he is 6-foot-8, he only boxed out his opponent on just 14.0 percent of his opportunities. According to Stats Perform, regardless of position, that ranked as the lowest among all of our projected first-round draft picks
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2023.06.03 08:53 vikas_agrawal77 When will the AI content loop begin and how can you help to avoid adding to or getting stuck in it?

As the internet gets saturated with more and more AI content, will there soon come a time when AI models will inevitably get trained on their own previous outputs? After all, this echo-chamber effect seems likely as LLMs and AI graphic design tools are trained on data from the internet, and they're gaining popularity swiftly.
When this happens, it will probably fill the internet with blogs, images, and videos with repetitive patterns and overly-diplomatic or hallucinated information produced by AI. A possible solution could be rigorous quality checks ensured by humans at AI companies. Open AI already claims to be doing such manually checks, but how accurate are they?
Given that a lot of AI content is nearly identical to human writing now and tends to state old information or hallucinated facts confidently (with no records of usage and publishing), manual checks may not be effective. This also makes it tough to determine if and when such an AI loop will occur, and it may be already occurring inconspicuously.
Do you think researchers, human designers, and journalists will come in to save the day by providing the latest information with human writing and designs? Will AI companies employ human specialists for this purpose to ensure user trust? Or will users stop trusting AI tools and general online content; and instead start relying on top research and journalism sites that promise natural and accurate content?
This question is bugging me and I am wondering what your take is...
As far as the current use of AI tools by marketers and designers go, I suggest they play a positive part to avoid such a loop by ensuring originality, accuracy. and natural content by doing their own research, adding their own insights, and tailor AI models to consider only fresh and reliable sources instead of general online data which might be already AI-generated. That's what I am aiming to apply in my company's writing, but what do you all suggest?

This content is not AI-generated or AI-supported
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2023.06.03 08:53 xXiriSiriXx Electronics TA

I worked for T-ROC before moving over to Walmart so I’ve been familiar with the electronics department for quite some time already and my aunt has worked at this Walmart for 27 years and is well versed in electronics as she still works there on day shift and I mostly work nights. I want to know is there anyone that’s actually teaches the associates how to work photos? I’ve been learning from my aunt and a coworker but what they haven’t taught me I’ve had to learn through the computer or the book. I ask because I have another coworker on day shift who I believe just doesn’t want to learn because she’s been there 20 years and another who has been there 10 years but transferred to electronics about two years ago and just doesn’t understand photo. I’ve seen part timers before me come in and do nothing besides put photos in envelopes and what needed to be assembled or trimmed they leave on top of the printer. I’ve been shown how to and have done mounts, helped my aunt with an album (our store gets an order maybe once a year), and taught myself how to do a faux canvas. Does Fuji help with any learning or is it just a learn as you go? Side note: OGP gets on my nerves pulling my help every shift.
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2023.06.03 08:53 always_healing Positive update over 4 months since the break up .... YOU CAN DO IT! Keep focussing on yourself and honestly, do everything to cut them off!

1, 2 and even 3 months ago I was the person holding onto hope, still crying and grieving over my ex who I thought was a better person. But over 4 months have passed now and something has clicked in my brain and I'm feeling like the better person and my ex is now starting the grieving period, therefore the power shift is strong and back on my side. I'm an anxious attachment, where as she is an avoidant in our relationship. Here are some things that I experienced:
I didn't mean for this to be so long, but if you have any questions, comment and I can answer. But general gist of this post is to tell you that YOU'RE GOING TO BE OKAY. You will move on eventually, one day it will just feel better, INDIFFERENT, because as the person who is an anxious attachment, YOU WILL COME OUT ON TOP. You tried your best to communicate but they chose to suppress, and that's on them. Take the high road and be the bigger person to FOCUS ON YOURSELF to grow and learn about the relationship and especially yourself.
Stay strong and keep going! Xxx
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2023.06.03 08:53 Emotional-Tadpole-53 My ex GF kept commenting about my height (5'8" at night)

Around an hair less than full 5'9" in the nothing, I Always wear High top af1 and 1 inch lifts. Im starting to think about upgrading my lifts and using 2 inches ( or maybe 3).
Shes 5'7"; busty and overall Better looking than me. Her sister bf Is 6'2" while her sis Is 5'3". She 100% feeling insecure about my height.
' you look like a 15 yo boy from behind ' ' look at the shoulder, we are the same height ' ' now in taller ' ( while we are walking in the street) ' in this Pic you look a lot taller than me, unfortunately this isnt the reality ' OFC She even told me something like ' I used to talk with you and this other dude, In going to be honest...I prefered him ' Seriously what do you think?
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2023.06.03 08:53 ReyRey3 Is my bucket list plan feasible or am I just being naive?

For the longest time I’ve been wanting to travel Latin America for an extended period of time. A year at least. Perhaps two.
I’m a 30 year old American that owns a house and works a 9-5 job. No kids, no girlfriend, just a cat.
My idea is that would put all of my things in storage, rent my home with the help of a property manager. I thought about selling but the idea of having a place to come back to sounds like the smarter option. Plus I can make an additional $400 on top of my mortgage payment which can help facilitate the trip.
Another source of income that I receive is roughly $1800.00 in disability from the government from being injured during my time in the military. All said and done, I’ll bring in roughly $2200 per month without having to work. Now the actual amount I’ll have available to travel will probably be less if I minus the cost of a storage unit, fees associated with having a property manager and other small expenses like my phone bill. Let’s call it $1800 per month.
Will this be enough to travel? I plan on traveling slow. Maybe 30-60 days in each country. I’ll stay at a mix of hostels and cheaper hotels and most likely cook my own food or opt in for street food.
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2023.06.03 08:53 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (The Course)

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2023.06.03 08:52 fytikahealthcare Natural Way Of Weight Lose: With Easy-To-Use Simple Ways

In a world filled with fad diets and quick-fix weight loss solutions, it's essential to prioritize your health and focus on natural methods to achieve sustainable weight loss. While shedding excess pounds can be challenging, adopting a holistic approach that combines healthy eating habits, regular physical activity, and lifestyle changes can lead to long-term success.
In this blog, we'll explore effective and natural ways to lose weight and maintain healthy body weight.
Let’s discuss 8 effective natural ways of weight loss:
  1. Set Realistic Goals:
To embark on a successful weight loss journey, it's crucial to set realistic and achievable goals. Rapid weight loss might seem tempting, but it often results in muscle loss and a higher chance of regaining weight. Aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week, as this gradual approach is more sustainable and healthier for your body.
  1. Adopt a Balanced and Nutritious Diet:
Focus on consuming a well-balanced diet that includes whole, unprocessed foods. Fill your plate with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and healthy fats. Opt for smaller portion sizes and mindful eating to avoid overeating. Avoid sugary beverages and processed snacks, as they often contain empty calories and contribute to weight gain.
  1. Stay Hydrated:
Water is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and can support weight loss efforts. Drinking an adequate amount of water helps boost your metabolism, promotes digestion, and reduces calorie intake by curbing hunger. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day and replace sugary drinks with water whenever possible.
  1. Engage in Regular Physical Activity:
Incorporating regular exercise into your routine is crucial for weight loss and overall well-being. Find physical activities that you enjoy, such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or dancing. Aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise per week, complemented by strength training exercises to build muscle and boost your metabolism.
  1. Prioritize Sleep:
Adequate sleep is often overlooked but plays a significant role in maintaining a healthy weight. Lack of sleep disrupts hormone regulation, increasing hunger and cravings for unhealthy foods. Aim for 7-9 hours of quality sleep each night to support weight loss efforts.
  1. Practice Mindful Eating:
Mindful eating involves paying full attention to your food, savoring each bite, and listening to your body's hunger and satiety cues. Avoid distractions such as screens while eating, and take your time to enjoy your meals. Mindful eating helps prevent overeating and promotes a healthier relationship with food.
  1. Manage Stress:
Chronic stress can contribute to weight gain and hinder weight loss efforts. Find healthy ways to manage stress, such as engaging in regular physical activity, practicing relaxation techniques (like yoga or meditation), spending time in nature, or pursuing hobbies you enjoy. Prioritizing self-care and stress reduction will support your weight loss journey.
  1. Stay Consistent and Patient:
Weight loss is a gradual process, and it's essential to stay consistent and patient throughout the journey. Embrace the lifestyle changes you make, and view them as long-term commitments rather than temporary fixes. Celebrate small victories along the way, and don't get discouraged by occasional setbacks. Remember that sustainable weight loss is about adopting a healthy lifestyle, not just a quick fix.
Losing weight naturally involves making conscious choices to nourish your body and embrace a healthier lifestyle. By following these tips, you can achieve sustainable weight loss and improve your overall well-being. Remember, it's not just about the number on the scale but about feeling energized, and confident, and maintaining a healthy body weight in the long run.
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2023.06.03 08:52 horned_angel Am I wrong for thinking my friend overreacted?

Really feel like I need some outside perspective on this. So I recently decided to give notice at my job. Due to the economy I am now a one woman show and the stress has been giving me panic attacks at my desk. Luckily my boyfriend is super supportive, and made the suggestion that I find another job before I even had the thought to quit. We are in an alright situation at the moment, and he knows I’ve been wanting to focus on my more creative outlets. After a long conversation, we knew this was the right move. So jump to me telling our friends. While most of them were mildly concerned or curious about next steps, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. That is until I told the friend in question, who I’ll call P. For background, P is 10 years my senior. He is married with two young children and is very close to my boyfriend and I. He became very distant when I told him. After some prying, we finally had a long phone call where he admitted that he has been having anxiety attacks that he feels are partially due to my having left my job. He went on to say that he feels I am stuck at 17 and every now and then I “Step into my 26 year old” and I’m unstoppable, but that he can’t keep watching me self destruct. I was very taken aback by this, and in the moment just took what he was saying as best I could. He said that my quitting affects so many people, but I really couldn’t see how it affected anyone except my partner and I. Mind you, I have only known him for 3 years, and in that time have not dealt with anything especially heinous that would warrant this level of concern. On top of that, him putting his anxiety attacks on me even partially feels very manipulative in a way, and his other comments feel very demeaning. Am I wrong for being confused? Is he maybe viewing this in a paternal way? Why would he be so panicked? And why does he think this affects so many people. I’m honestly flabbergasted.
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2023.06.03 08:52 Mushroom-sprite I’m scared to put my two weeks in, but I know I really want this

If you’re on TalesFromYourServer, you might have seen one of my several complaint posts about my work load. I felt this sub would be a better place for this post in particular tho, as it’s not a story. I’m more so looking for advice.
I’ve been working two serving jobs: at a comedy club for the past 3 years, and a Chinese restaurant. It’s pretty common that I work 60 hours a week waitressing. If I’m lucky, I get to be sent home from the club if it’s slow and I can actually enjoy a weekend night or two.
I’m a very valued employee at both jobs. However, my interest in building a career is in the entertainment field. I definitely need my weekends free if I want to thrive in that. The comedy club’s business hours get in the way so often. I hate to quit, but I’ve met my financial goal of paying off my car, and would be well off enough to only work one job. The smartest thing to do is hold on to my day job at the Chinese restaurant. It’s not as fun, but they’re so much more flexible with scheduling. In my opinion, both jobs pay about the same, it’s just not as consistent at the comedy club.
I’ve been writing my resignation letter over and over again. I planned to hand it in today, so I can finally be done with my second job by the time my birthday comes. But I got scared, I didn’t want to disappoint them. We’re a pretty tight knit work family. Has anyone had trouble with this before? How did you muster the courage to finally let them know you’re throwing in the towel?
I’d also like to add that I live 6 minutes away from the club, and would go in for shows and open mics to perform so I’d still be around. They even have someone who doesn’t work there anymore, but steps in sometimes on especially busy nights. I’d be willing to be an emergency on call person as well, and plan to include that in my letter.
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