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2023.06.04 10:07 sundayquiz 50 Question Sunday Quiz - Space, Chemistry, Connection Round, European Countries, and General Knowledge

Hi all!
This week is a question bonanza. No pictures or music, just 5 rounds of 10 questions. We have; Space, Chemistry, Connection Round, European Countries, and a General Knowledge round. The Connection Round is included below for those who don't want to do the whole quiz. Enjoy!
Questions - Connection Round
  1. Which famous English disc jockey (DJ) and radio presenter was one of the first broadcasters to play psychedelic rock and progressive rock records on British radio?
  2. What was the name of Led Zeppelin's drummer, who died of an alcohol related incident in 1980?
  3. In the Terminator films which character would go on to be the leader of the resistance?
  4. Which American politician served as the 35th president of the United States from 1961 until his assassination in 1963?
  5. What was the name of the man who developed the first practical pneumatic tyre?
  6. Which American Gangster was shot dead outside a Chicago cinema in July 1934?
  7. A party to legal proceedings (as a suspect) whose true name is unknown or withheld is called a what?
  8. As President of the Second Continental Congress, who was the first to sign the U.S. Declaration of Independence?
  9. Paradise Lost - an epic poem in blank verse - was written by which 17th century English poet?
  10. Which former politician served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1997?
  1. John Peel########
  2. John Bonham#####
  3. John Conner######
  4. John F. Kennedy (JFK)
  5. John Dunlop######
  6. John Dillenger#####
  7. John Doe#########
  8. John Hancock#####
  9. John Milton#######
  10. John Major########
  11. Connection - The first name John
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2023.06.04 10:06 sundayquiz 50 Question Sunday Quiz - Space, Chemistry, Connection Round, European Countries, and General Knowledge

Hi all!
This week is a question bonanza. No pictures or music, just 5 rounds of 10 questions. We have; Space, Chemistry, Connection Round, European Countries, and a General Knowledge round. The Connection Round is included below for those who don't want to do the whole quiz. Enjoy!
Questions - Connection Round
  1. Which famous English disc jockey (DJ) and radio presenter was one of the first broadcasters to play psychedelic rock and progressive rock records on British radio?
  2. What was the name of Led Zeppelin's drummer, who died of an alcohol related incident in 1980?
  3. In the Terminator films which character would go on to be the leader of the resistance?
  4. Which American politician served as the 35th president of the United States from 1961 until his assassination in 1963?
  5. What was the name of the man who developed the first practical pneumatic tyre?
  6. Which American Gangster was shot dead outside a Chicago cinema in July 1934?
  7. A party to legal proceedings (as a suspect) whose true name is unknown or withheld is called a what?
  8. As President of the Second Continental Congress, who was the first to sign the U.S. Declaration of Independence?
  9. Paradise Lost - an epic poem in blank verse - was written by which 17th century English poet?
  10. Which former politician served as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party from 1990 to 1997?
  1. John Peel########
  2. John Bonham#####
  3. John Conner######
  4. John F. Kennedy (JFK)
  5. John Dunlop######
  6. John Dillenger#####
  7. John Doe#########
  8. John Hancock#####
  9. John Milton#######
  10. John Major########
  11. Connection - The first name John
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2023.06.04 10:06 IceQueenWeiss Selling epic games account + coupon 25% expire june 15

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2023.06.04 10:06 MrfffX13 A Story about an Iron Blood Commander and his world (Chapter 13)

It is now 5 days since the Siren have destroyed the Stronghold from Sakura Empire, the Stronghold has been repaired to 8%. Naval HQ announced to every Commander that a Commander meeting it is held at the Main Base of Royal Navy. Every Commander is coming with 2 shipgirls as escort. At the docks the Commanders and their shipgirls get guided by one of the maid shipgirls. As they were in front of a door, the maid requested the shipgirls to wait in that room until the end of the Commander meeting, no shipgirl said anything against it and the maid did then bring the Commander to the room where the Commander meeting is holded. The Commander of Royal Navy is already waiting in the room and one Commander after the next one is coming and they greet each other. The Commanders are sitting on a long table, but the Commander of Northern Parliament was not yet in the room. “Let's see how the new Commander of Northern Parliament is.” says the R.N. Commander. “You will not want to get to know him.” says the D.E. Commander. “Why that?” question the I.L. Commander. “He doesn't like us.” says the D.E. Commander. “Ok.” says the I.L. Commander confused.

“But where is the Commander of Eagle Union?” question the S.E. Commander. “I got from Naval HQ the information that he is sick and can't come.” says the R.N. Commander and the S.E. Commander hmmed. “So we are two Commander short.” says the D.E. Commander. “No, only one Commander short.” says the V.D. Commander. “What do you mean?” question the D.E. Commander. “Well I got the information that there will soon be a new Commander for Iron Blood.” says the V.D. Commander. “So that is why we have a Commander meeting.” says the R.N. Commander. “But where did you get this information?” question the S.E. Commander serious. “That is a secret.” says the V.D. Commander. “But how can you be sure that information is true?” question the D.E. Commander. “It is, because I got this information too.” says the I.L. Commander. “Well, let's see if that information is true.” says the R.N. Commander.

The door opens and the new Commander of Northern Parliament enters. Everyone salutes for greetings, but he only looks at them and goes to an empty chair on the corner of the table and sits down. “It is better that you introduce yourself.” says the S.E. Commander admonished, who sits in front of him. “I don't need to talk to people who can not do their job properly.” says the new N.P. Commander. “Hey. If you talk so big, then I want to know why we are doing our job not properly.” complains the Sar.E. Commander who sits next to him. “Because you didn't realize that the Commander of Iron Blood had allied with the Siren.” says the new N.P. Commander. “Well that is because he did that in secret.” counter the Sar.E. Commander. “And because of the Siren, I lost my wife and my son!” says the N.P. Commander angry and clenches his fists. It is short silence but the D.E. Commander breaks the silent “Everybody has lost some family members. I lost my Husband because of the Siren. So we need to hold together and not fight against each other.” says the D.E. Commander and again it is silent. The new N.P. Commander sighs, stands up and turns to the Commander “Ok. I sincerely apologize for bad behavior and I hope we can get along.” says the new N.P. Commander and salutes. The R.N. Commander who sits at the top of the table and next to the new N.P. Commander stands up too and extends his hand “We had a bad start. Let's start over it.” says the R.N. Commander, the new N.P. Commander grabs the hand of the R.N. Commander and shake it “Yes.” says the N.P. Commander and both Commander sith down on their chairs.

It knocks on the door, every Commander is looking at the door. “Come in.” says the R.N. Commander, the door opens and a young man enters. The young man closes the door and salutes “G-G-Greetings I… I… am the n-n-new Commander of Iron Blood.” says the young man nervous. Everyone chuckled short, the D.E. Commander stands up and goes to him and extends her hand “Greetings Commander of Iron Blood. I am the Commander of Dragon Empery, come sit with us.” says the D.E. Commander. The new I.B. Commander nods, grabs her hand and shakes it. Both then go to the table and the D.E. Commander points at the chair next to her and the new I.B. Commander sits down. “Oh yeah. My name is Wolfgang …” says the new I.B. Commander but interrupted from the I.L. Commander who sits in front of him “Stop, don’t say more.” said she. The new I.B. Commander looks at her confused and thinks he has done something wrong. “Why did you interrupt Wolfgang? Greetings Wolfgang, I am the new Commander of Northern Parliament and my name is Yuri …” says the new N.P. Commander but he got interrupted too. “Don't say your name.” says the Sar.E. Commander, even the new N.P. Commander looks confused. “Did Naval HQ forget to mention that you never reveal your name?” question the V.D. Commander. “Why that?” question Wolfgang. “That is for safety for family members, because there are some humans who the Siren worshipen.” says the I.L. Commander. “And that is why it is forbidden to reveal your name.” says the R.N. Commander. “Did it already happen?” question Yuri. “In some way, yes. The name from the Commander of Eagle Union was leaked and a family near the Main Base of Eagle Union was then held captive, but the family was not related to the Commander of Eagle Union, because the leaked name was partly wrong.” says the R.N. Commander. “And what happened with the family?” question Wolfgang worried. “The family was saved but not without casualties. The family then blamed the Commander of Eagle Union and even wanted him to be punished.” says the S.E. Commander. “And that is why nobody knows each other's name besides the Twins.” says the D.E. Commander. Yuri and Wolfgang nods that they have it understood.

“Where is the Commander of Eagle Union then?” question Wolfgang. “I got from Naval HQ the information that he is sick and can’t come.” says the R.N. Commander. “Oh. I really wanted to meet him.” says Wolfgang depressed. “Are you a little fanboy from our Commander of Eagle Union?” question the V.D. Commander jokingly. “He is my idol.” says Wolfgang who gets a little blushed. “I am not surprised.” says the V.D. Commander. “But can I then later meet him?” question Wolfgang. “No. If you enter Eagle Union territory without a permission to enter, it will be seen as a hostile act.” says the R.N. Commander annoyed. “So, I need the permission from the Commander of Eagle Union and I can visit him.” says Wolfgang. “That will not be easy.” says the D.E. Commander. “Why?” question Wolfgang. “Everybody tried to get in contact with him, but to no avail. We even tried to contact Naval HQ, but to no avail too.” says the R.N. Commander. “Don't worry Wolf… I mean Commander of Iron Blood, you will meet him one day.” says Yuri and Wolfgang nod.

“Now that everything is said. Commander of Sakura Empire, you said to me, there is something important to talk about.” says the R.N. Commander. “Yes. It is because of the Strongholds.” says the S.E. Commander. “The Strongholds, what is wrong with them?” question the Sar.E. Commander. “Five days ago, a Stronghold was destroyed from the Siren without being detected.” says the S.E. Commander. “How was that possible?” question the I.L. Commander. “We don't know, but Souryuu and the others are researching why that happened.” says the S.E. Commander. “And what do we need to do?” question Wolfgang. “You need to send some fleets to the Strongholds and if their communication is jammed they should return to Main Base and come back with backup or fight against the Siren. Depends on the Fleet Size.” says the S.E. Commander. “But there is a problem. I have only remote controlled Mass Production Ships, I can’t always be awake.” says Yuri. “Then you need to get in contact with Naval HQ and question them if they can give you some people to help you out.” says the S.E. Commander. “It will be fun to get in contact with Naval HQ.” says Yuri and sighs. “Commander of Iron Blood.” says the R.N. Commander. “Yes!” says Wolfgang nervous. “Don't be nervous. Nobody is going to eat your head.” says the D.E. Commander. “Nobody, until my Sis… ouch!” says the V.D. Commander and looks at his sister, who gives him an angry glare. “You two stop! Now back to what I wanted to say. Do you have remote controlled Mass Production Ships too?” question the R.N. Commander. “No. Naval HQ has given me humanoid pawns. There are robots who look like the shipgirls my predecessor had.” says Wolfgang. “But you still need someone who will take over if you sleep or do other stuff.” says the Sar.E. Commander. “No. I got from Naval HQ a special unit shipgirl as my secretary.” says Wolfgang.
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2023.06.04 10:04 uroneandonlyk Relapse please help!

Hi guys, I'm a girl and I went through a trans OCD episode 2 years ago. It lasted around 3 months and it felt like hell. Fyi the thought about me being trans came out of the blue with little prior warning and I felt someone punched me in the face. I didn't know why I was thinking all these things, they didn't make sense to me. I felt as if my brain was pushing me to be a man, even though the idea of being a man made me want to throw up. I used to spend 8-9 hours a day doing compulsions such as: doing hundreds of am I trans tests, thinking about my past if there were signs, I always checked how I felt, I checked my body, I check if the way I talk is manly or if any body moves I made were manly as well. I was going through so much anxiety to the point compulsions stopped working for me.
I got over it somehow and and I was finally myself again and I was happy. I was looking at myself in the mirror and felt euphoric.
Just so you know I am a masculine girl, even though that's not always the case. Sometimes I feel masculine and other times I feel feminine. Either way I feel like myself and there's no gender dysphoria or any thoughts of me wanting to be a man. For me, being masculine doesn't make me want to be seen or treated as a man.
So fast forward two years later, about four days ago this thing came back to haunt me. It started suddenly. Like I looked at my breasts for a moment and my brain was like: you don't want your breasts, you want to be a man. And I started panicking. Started doing compulsions again and so on. There are times where I don't feel anxiety at all, just an uncomfortable feeling and a tightness in my chest and I feel sad and frustrated. The reason as to why I may not experience so much anxiety all the time, is because before I relapsed I used to watch transgender people in the media and I didn't react and didn't feel the need to question myself because I knew who I was. Maybe it was a form of ERP.
The thing is, sometimes when I'm around other girls who are super girly, make me feel like an awkward teenage boy, because I I'm not girly enough and I feel very insecure and I hate that feeling. But now ocd tells me I'm just trans and that is a big sign. Now everything feels so real and I've lost myself. My brain tells me I'm faking being a girl and I even stopped looking at myself in the mirror because I don't know who I am anymore. I feel so lost.
I'm into men, so every time I see a handsome one my brain goes like: you want to be like him, you don't like him. The thing is I never thought of being a man, never was jealous of boys, never wished to wake up in a men's body. I have guy friends, 2 to be exact, but never felt the need to be one.
Oh and another thing, there's this Snapchat filter that makes you look like a guy if u r a girl. I tried it weeks back before the relapse and I found it so funny. And I was like: if I was guy I would look hot and laughed about it. But it was true, I looked good but that didn't make me want to be a guy. I tried that filter yesterday and I started shaking. What if it isn't just the fact that I found myself attractive and want to be like this? What if all those characteristics that I find attractive in a guy are just signs I want to be a man?
I feel so lost and disconnected from myself. I don't know, my brain tells me I'm in denial. I'm so afraid to start to recover because I may end up actually being trans. I hate it so much. I really support the lgbtqia+ community but I don't want to be trans.
I haven't been diagnosed with OCD before because there's no licensed professional where I live. I've also been through HOCD, contamination OCD, fear of being blasphemous, intrusive thoughts I want to harm myself and my family, intrusive thoughts that Im a pedophile. I always felt, since I was a kid, that something wrong was going on with my brain and I didn't know what. 2 years back when I had my first TOCD episode, was when I found out it may be OCD and I realized so much to it. But now I don't even know. Everything feels so real and my brain tells me this time is different and it's not OCD.
What do you think guys? And if it's OCD do you have any tips as to how to start recovering?
Sorry for the long post, I needed to get this thing off my chest.
P.S. sorry for any mistakes that I made. English is not my mother language.
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2023.06.04 10:03 Visible-Nebula5484 Never pause Number Lore: 2 (Final part)

Never pause Number Lore: 2 (Final part)
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2023.06.04 10:03 saidfgn Please, help me to find my lost cat

I decided to carry my 1 year old cat to the vet's office in my car's trunk, he ran away somewhere next to the office and I can't find him anymore.
I will explain what happened here in a very detailed form. Perhaps these details can help me get better advice. Prerequisites:
My male cat is 1 years old and not neutered. He is domestic short hair cat and was born to my female cat. I also keep one of his brothers from the same litter.
We live in suburban town in Azerbaijan. We have a house with private property like all of our neighbors. We have big open terrace and that's where we keep our cats. So we don't allow them inside of our house. Our cats live in terrace and they are free to walk wherever they want . It is common in suburban places to keep cats like this in my country.
Before this my cat twice left the house in spring (for 2 days and 3 days). I was worried a little but knew he will be back, and he was back.
How I lost him:
Last week my cat had swollen cheek. He was sleeping for most of the day and was very passive. I've decided to take him to the vet office about 4-5 kms from home.
None of my cats have ever left the house in a car, so I don't even have a pet carrier. I wanted to put him in a cardboard box, but he left that box before I 've put him in the car. I decided put him in the trunk of my sedan. Now I realize that it was extremely stupid idea :( . Trunks are dark, noisy and make cats very stressful and frightened.
During the ride my cat was meowing most of the time, but I thought it is only 5 minutes ride. I parked only few meters from vet's office entrance. Office was just next to a very noisy road. When I opened trunk my cat was sitting in the corner. I knew he might try to run but vet's office was close and I decided to take him there with my hands.
As soon as I grabbed him he tried to escape and I tried to hold him. Exactly at office entrance he scratched my hands and escaped. He ran to my car and stayed under my car for a few seconds. Since road was busy and noisy he decided to run away to someone's yard. I chased him, he went to some bush and hid there. But unfortunately there was a female cat with kittens who attacked him (or was just curious). Then my cat left the bush, climbed to the tree and jumped to another yard. We have high stone fences between properties in my country. I couldn't see him and quickly jumped over fence but couldn't see him anymore. I looked at all corners, trees, bushes, hidden places in the 2nd yard but couldn't notice him. Then I immediately ran to the 3rd neighboring yard and made some unsuccessful search. I searched these 3 yards one more time. I couldn't search more since it was all private properties there.
So I returned about 2 hours later the same day and searched these 3 yards one more time. 4th neighbor didn't allow to search his property. That's all that happened on Thursday, the day I last saw him.
How I tried to find him later:
Some specifics of my country and town that make search harder:
Any ideas what else should I do? I now it is my fault and I can't eat, sleep, work for the last ~70 hours. Feeling so terrible right now. Will appreciate any advice. Sorry for my English, I am not a native speaker.
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2023.06.04 10:03 Brightman0103 Everything's a joke now.

My parents spent 5 lakhs on my coaching and jee prep and I scored 71 percentile in session 1 and 79 percentile in session 2. I didn't know where I fucked up but I knew I had the potential to do more. So I grinded my ass and scored 228 in bitsat 1. I knew I could still do better and push this score to 270s. I know 228 is not a great score but I was happy with my improvement. But then everything went to shit with the board results. I was aware of a few criterias put forward by BITS that 75% aggregate is necessary in pcm along with 60 in each sub. I scored just 80% in my boards and my pcm aggregate was 74%. I missed the 75% criteria by just 3 marks and it was heartbreaking tbh. I decided to give the improvement exam for chemistry only to realise that BITS has another dumb rule that the candidate must give improvement exam in all the 5 subjects. I called up the helpline number and got turned down by the same shit. Now, I can't get admission in BITS no matter how well I score. Fuck this bruh all that mehnat for nothing. I know I made mistakes and it feels like this is my punishment. I am still getting cse in KIIT and MIT but I really don't see the benefit in taking admission in these institutions after paying 5 lakhs.
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2023.06.04 10:03 d-cockroacha methods - how do i solve this

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2023.06.04 10:02 Raxtuss1 For new players: Thedha The Executioner tip:

I read and watched many videos, but none explained what i saw. And i saw:
And i saw that if you RUN from Thedha Live drain spell, away from him, to the wall of arena,
1) it deals less dmg,
2) is stops if you get to near wall on opposite side of arena
Thanks to this, i just tanked normal attacks with armor, dealt smol dmg, normally 67ish numbers, but after minutes and minutes i won.
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2023.06.04 10:01 Connect_Trouble_164 Airbus wikipedia part one

The Airbus A300 is a wide-body airliner developed and manufactured by Airbus. In September 1967, aircraft manufacturers in the United Kingdom, France, and West Germany signed a memorandum of understanding to develop a large airliner. West Germany and France reached an agreement on 29 May 1969 after the British withdrew from the project on 10 April 1969. European collaborative aerospace manufacturer Airbus Industrie was formally created on 18 December 1970 to develop and produce it. The prototype first flew on 28 October 1972.
The first twin-engine widebody airliner, the A300 typically seats 247 passengers in two classes over a range of 5,375 to 7,500 km (2,900 to 4,050 nmi). Initial variants are powered by General Electric CF6-50 or Pratt & Whitney JT9D turbofans and have a three-crew flight deck. The improved A300-600 has a two-crew cockpit and updated CF6-80C2 or PW4000 engines; it made its first flight on 8 July 1983 and entered service later that year. The A300 is the basis of the smaller A310 (first flown in 1982) and was adapted in a freighter version. Its cross section was retained for the larger four-engined A340 (1991) and the larger twin-engined A330 (1992). It is also the basis for the oversize Beluga transport (1994).
Launch customer Air France introduced the type on 23 May 1974. After limited demand initially, sales took off as the type was proven in early service, beginning three decades of steady orders. It has a similar capacity to the Boeing 767-300, introduced in 1986, but lacked the 767-300ER range. During the 1990s, the A300 became popular with cargo aircraft operators, as both passenger airliner conversions and as original builds. Production ceased in July 2007 after 561 deliveries. As of March 2023, there were 228 A300 family aircraft in commercial service.
During the 1960s, European aircraft manufacturers such as Hawker Siddeley and the British Aircraft Corporation, based in the UK, and Sud Aviation of France, had ambitions to build a new 200-seat airliner for the growing civil aviation market. While studies were performed and considered, such as a stretched twin-engine variant of the Hawker Siddeley Trident and an expanded development of the British Aircraft Corporation (BAC) One-Eleven, designated the BAC Two-Eleven, it was recognized that if each of the European manufacturers were to launch similar aircraft into the market at the same time, neither would achieve sales volume needed to make them viable.[2] In 1965, a British government study, known as the Plowden Report, had found British aircraft production costs to be between 10% and 20% higher than American counterparts due to shorter production runs, which was in part due to the fractured European market. To overcome this factor, the report recommended the pursuit of multinational collaborative projects between the region's leading aircraft manufacturers.[3]: 49 [4][5]: 2–13
European manufacturers were keen to explore prospective programs; the proposed 260-seat wide-body HBN 100 between Hawker Siddeley, Nord Aviation, and Breguet Aviation being one such example.[2][6]: 37–38 National governments were also keen to support such efforts amid a belief that American manufacturers could dominate the European Economic Community;[7] in particular, Germany had ambitions for a multinational airliner project to invigorate its aircraft industry, which had declined considerably following the Second World War.[3]: 49–50 During the mid-1960s, both Air France and American Airlines had expressed interest in a short-haul twin-engine wide-body aircraft, indicating a market demand for such an aircraft to be produced.[3][8] In July 1967, during a high-profile meeting between French, German, and British ministers, an agreement was made for greater cooperation between European nations in the field of aviation technology, and "for the joint development and production of an airbus".[2][9]: 34 The word airbus at this point was a generic aviation term for a larger commercial aircraft, and was considered acceptable in multiple languages, including French.[9]: 34
Shortly after the July 1967 meeting, French engineer Roger Béteille was appointed as the technical director of what would become the A300 program, while Henri Ziegler, chief operating office of Sud Aviation, was appointed as the general manager of the organization and German politician Franz Josef Strauss became the chairman of the supervisory board.[2] Béteille drew up an initial work share plan for the project, under which French firms would produce the aircraft's cockpit, the control systems, and lower-center portion of the fuselage, Hawker Siddeley would manufacture the wings, while German companies would produce the forward, rear and upper part of the center fuselage sections. Addition work included moving elements of the wings being produced in the Netherlands, and Spain producing the horizontal tail plane.[2][6]: 38
An early design goal for the A300 that Béteille had stressed the importance of was the incorporation of a high level of technology, which would serve as a decisive advantage over prospective competitors. As such, the A300 would feature the first use of composite materials of any passenger aircraft, the leading and trailing edges of the tail fin being composed of glass fibre reinforced plastic.[5]: 2–16 [10] Béteille opted for English as the working language for the developing aircraft, as well against using Metric instrumentation and measurements, as most airlines already had US-built aircraft.[10] These decisions were partially influenced by feedback from various airlines, such as Air France and Lufthansa, as an emphasis had been placed on determining the specifics of what kind of aircraft that potential operators were seeking. According to Airbus, this cultural approach to market research had been crucial to the company's long-term success.[10]
Workshare and redefinition:
On 26 September 1967, the British, French, and West German governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start development of the 300-seat Airbus A300.[6]: 38 [11]: 43 [12]: 57 At this point, the A300 was only the second major joint aircraft programme in Europe, the first being the Anglo-French Concorde.[9] Under the terms of the memorandum, Britain and France were each to receive a 37.5 per cent work share on the project, while Germany received a 25 per cent share. Sud Aviation was recognized as the lead company for A300, with Hawker Siddeley being selected as the British partner company.[2] At the time, the news of the announcement had been clouded by the British Government's support for the Airbus, which coincided with its refusal to back BAC's proposed competitor, the BAC 2–11, despite a preference for the latter expressed by British European Airways (BEA).[9]: 34 Another parameter was the requirement for a new engine to be developed by Rolls-Royce to power the proposed airliner; a derivative of the in-development Rolls-Royce RB211, the triple-spool RB207, capable of producing of 47,500 lbf (211 kN).[13] The program cost was US$4.6 billion (in 1993 Dollars).[14]

In December 1968, the French and British partner companies (Sud Aviation and Hawker Siddeley) proposed a revised configuration, the 250-seat Airbus A250. It had been feared that the original 300-seat proposal was too large for the market, thus it had been scaled down to produce the A250.[5]: 2–14 [8][15] The dimensional changes involved in the shrink reduced the length of the fuselage by 5.62 metres (18.4 ft) and the diameter by 0.8 metres (31 in), reducing the overall weight by 25 tonnes (55,000 lb).[10][16]: 16 For increased flexibility, the cabin floor was raised so that standard LD3 freight containers could be accommodated side-by-side, allowing more cargo to be carried. Refinements made by Hawker Siddeley to the wing's design provided for greater lift and overall performance; this gave the aircraft the ability to climb faster and attain a level cruising altitude sooner than any other passenger aircraft.[10] It was later renamed the A300B.[9]: 34 [15]
Perhaps the most significant change of the A300B was that it would not require new engines to be developed, being of a suitable size to be powered by Rolls-Royce's RB211, or alternatively the American Pratt & Whitney JT9D and General Electric CF6 powerplants; this switch was recognized as considerably reducing the project's development costs.[11]: 45 [15][16]: 16–17 To attract potential customers in the US market, it was decided that General Electric CF6-50 engines would power the A300 in place of the British RB207; these engines would be produced in co-operation with French firm Snecma.[8][10] By this time, Rolls-Royce had been concentrating their efforts upon developing their RB211 turbofan engine instead and progress on the RB207's development had been slow for some time, the firm having suffered due to funding limitations, both of which had been factors in the engine switch decision.[5]: 2–13 [15][16]: 17–18
On 10 April 1969, a few months after the decision to drop the RB207 had been announced, the British government announced that they would withdraw from the Airbus venture.[6]: 38–39 [15] In response, West Germany proposed to France that they would be willing to contribute up to 50% of the project's costs if France was prepared to do the same.[15] Additionally, the managing director of Hawker Siddeley, Sir Arnold Alexander Hall, decided that his company would remain in the project as a favoured sub-contractor, developing and manufacturing the wings for the A300, which would later become pivotal in later versions' impressive performance from short domestic to long intercontinental flights.[5]: 2–13 [9]: 34 [16]: 18 Hawker Siddeley spent £35 million of its own funds, along with a further £35 million loan from the West German government, on the machine tooling to design and produce the wings.[6]: 39 [15]
Programme launch:
On 29 May 1969, during the Paris Air Show, French transport minister Jean Chamant and German economics minister Karl Schiller signed an agreement officially launching the Airbus A300, the world's first twin-engine widebody airliner.[2] The intention of the project was to produce an aircraft that was smaller, lighter, and more economical than its three-engine American rivals, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 and the Lockheed L-1011 TriStar.[10] In order to meet Air France's demands for an aircraft larger than 250-seat A300B, it was decided to stretch the fuselage to create a new variant, designated as the A300B2, which would be offered alongside the original 250-seat A300B, henceforth referred to as the A300B1. On 3 September 1970, Air France signed a letter of intent for six A300s, marking the first order to be won for the new airliner.[6]: 39 [10][16]: 21
In the aftermath of the Paris Air Show agreement, it was decided that, in order to provide effective management of responsibilities, a Groupement d'intérêt économique would be established, allowing the various partners to work together on the project while remaining separate business entities.[2] On 18 December 1970, Airbus Industrie was formally established following an agreement between Aérospatiale (the newly merged Sud Aviation and Nord Aviation) of France and the antecedents to Deutsche Aerospace of Germany, each receiving a 50 per cent stake in the newly formed company.[3]: 50 [6]: 39 [10] In 1971, the consortium was joined by a third full partner, the Spanish firm CASA, who received a 4.2 per cent stake, the other two members reducing their stakes to 47.9 per cent each.[10][16]: 20 In 1979, Britain joined the Airbus consortium via British Aerospace, which Hawker Siddeley had merged into, which acquired a 20 per cent stake in Airbus Industrie with France and Germany each reducing their stakes to 37.9 per cent.[3]: 53 [5]: 2–14 [6]: 39
Prototype and flight testing:
Airbus Industrie was initially headquartered in Paris, which is where design, development, flight testing, sales, marketing, and customer support activities were centered; the headquarters was relocated to Toulouse in January 1974.[8][10] The final assembly line for the A300 was located adjacent to Toulouse Blagnac International Airport. The manufacturing process necessitated transporting each aircraft section being produced by the partner companies scattered across Europe to this one location. The combined use of ferries and roads were used for the assembly of the first A300, however this was time-consuming and not viewed as ideal by Felix Kracht, Airbus Industrie's production director.[10] Kracht's solution was to have the various A300 sections brought to Toulouse by a fleet of Boeing 377-derived Aero Spacelines Super Guppy aircraft, by which means none of the manufacturing sites were more than two hours away. Having the sections airlifted in this manner made the A300 the first airliner to use just-in-time manufacturing techniques, and allowed each company to manufacture its sections as fully equipped, ready-to-fly assemblies.[3]: 53 [10]
In September 1969, construction of the first prototype A300 began.[16]: 20 On 28 September 1972, this first prototype was unveiled to the public, it conducted its maiden flight from Toulouse–Blagnac International Airport on 28 October that year.[6]: 39 [9]: 34 [11]: 51–52 This maiden flight, which was performed a month ahead of schedule, lasted for one hour and 25 minutes; the captain was Max Fischl and the first officer was Bernard Ziegler, son of Henri Ziegler.[10] In 1972, unit cost was US$17.5M.[17] On 5 February 1973, the second prototype performed its maiden flight.[6]: 39 The flight test program, which involved a total of four aircraft, was relatively problem-free, accumulating 1,580 flight hours throughout.[16]: 22 In September 1973, as part of promotional efforts for the A300, the new aircraft was taken on a six-week tour around North America and South America, to demonstrate it to airline executives, pilots, and would-be customers.[10] Amongst the consequences of this expedition, it had allegedly brought the A300 to the attention of Frank Borman of Eastern Airlines, one of the "big four" U.S. airlines.[18]
Entry into service:
On 15 March 1974, type certificates were granted for the A300 from both German and French authorities, clearing the way for its entry into revenue service.[18] On 23 May 1974, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification was received.[16]: 22 The first production model, the A300B2, entered service in 1974, followed by the A300B4 one year later.[8] Initially, the success of the consortium was poor, in part due to the economic consequences of the 1973 oil crisis,[6]: 40 [8][9]: 34 but by 1979 there were 81 A300 passenger liners in service with 14 airlines, alongside 133 firm orders and 88 options.[18] Ten years after the official launch of the A300, the company had achieved a 26 per cent market share in terms of dollar value, enabling Airbus Industries to proceed with the development of its second aircraft, the Airbus A310.[18]
The Airbus A300 is a wide-body medium-to-long range airliner; it has the distinction of being the first twin-engine wide-body aircraft in the world.[8][9]: 34 [12]: 57, 60 [19] In 1977, the A300 became the first Extended Range Twin Operations (ETOPS)-compliant aircraft, due to its high performance and safety standards.[6]: 40 Another world-first of the A300 is the use of composite materials on a commercial aircraft, which were used on both secondary and later primary airframe structures, decreasing overall weight and improving cost-effectiveness.[19] Other firsts included the pioneering use of center-of-gravity control, achieved by transferring fuel between various locations across the aircraft, and electrically signaled secondary flight controls.[20]
The A300 is powered by a pair of underwing turbofan engines, either General Electric CF6 or Pratt & Whitney JT9D engines; the sole use of underwing engine pods allowed for any suitable turbofan engine to be more readily used.[12]: 57 The lack of a third tail-mounted engine, as per the trijet configuration used by some competing airliners, allowed for the wings to be located further forwards and to reduce the size of the vertical stabilizer and elevator, which had the effect of increasing the aircraft's flight performance and fuel efficiency.[3]: 50 [16]: 21
Airbus partners had employed the latest technology, some of which having been derived from Concorde, on the A300. According to Airbus, new technologies adopted for the airliner were selected principally for increased safety, operational capability, and profitability.[19] Upon entry into service in 1974, the A300 was a very advanced plane, which went on to influence later airliner designs. The technological highlights include advanced wings by de Havilland (later BAE Systems) with supercritical airfoil sections for economical performance and advanced aerodynamically efficient flight control surfaces. The 5.64 m (222 in) diameter circular fuselage section allows an eight-abreast passenger seating and is wide enough for 2 LD3 cargo containers side by side. Structures are made from metal billets, reducing weight. It is the first airliner to be fitted with wind shear protection. Its advanced autopilots are capable of flying the aircraft from climb-out to landing, and it has an electrically controlled braking system.
Later A300s incorporated other advanced features such as the Forward-Facing Crew Cockpit (FFCC), which enabled a two-pilot flight crew to fly the aircraft alone without the need for a flight engineer, the functions of which were automated; this two-man cockpit concept was a world-first for a wide-body aircraft.[8][16]: 23–24 [20] Glass cockpit flight instrumentation, which used cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors to display flight, navigation, and warning information, along with fully digital dual autopilots and digital flight control computers for controlling the spoilers, flaps, and leading-edge slats, were also adopted upon later-built models.[19][21] Additional composites were also made use of, such as carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP), as well as their presence in an increasing proportion of the aircraft's components, including the spoilers, rudder, air brakes, and landing gear doors.[22] Another feature of later aircraft was the addition of wingtip fences, which improved aerodynamic performance and thus reduced cruise fuel consumption by about 1.5% for the A300-600.[23]
In addition to passenger duties, the A300 became widely used by air freight operators; according to Airbus, it is the best selling freight aircraft of all time.[20] Various variants of the A300 were built to meet customer demands, often for diverse roles such as aerial refueling tankers, freighter models (new-build and conversions), combi aircraft, military airlifter, and VIP transport. Perhaps the most visually unique of the variants is the A300-600ST Beluga, an oversize cargo-carrying model operated by Airbus to carry aircraft sections between their manufacturing facilities.[20] The A300 was the basis for, and retained a high level of commonality with, the second airliner produced by Airbus, the smaller Airbus A310.[19]
Operational history:
On 23 May 1974, the first A300 to enter service performed the first commercial flight of the type, flying from Paris to London, for Air France.[6]: 39 [18]
Immediately after the launch, sales of the A300 were weak for some years, with most orders going to airlines that had an obligation to favor the domestically made product – notably Air France and Lufthansa, the first two airlines to place orders for the type.[3]: 50–52 [18] Following the appointment of Bernard Lathière as Henri Ziegler's replacement, an aggressive sales approach was adopted. Indian Airlines was the world's first domestic airline to purchase the A300, ordering three aircraft with three options. However, between December 1975 and May 1977, there were no sales for the type. During this period a number of "whitetail" A300s – completed but unsold aircraft – were completed and stored at Toulouse, and production fell to half an aircraft per month amid calls to pause production completely.[18]
During the flight testing of the A300B2, Airbus held a series of talks with Korean Air on the topic of developing a longer-range version of the A300, which would become the A300B4. In September 1974, Korean Air placed an order for four A300B4s with options for two further aircraft; this sale was viewed as significant as it was the first non-European international airline to order Airbus aircraft. Airbus had viewed South-East Asia as a vital market that was ready to be opened up and believed Korean Air to be the 'key'.[8][16]: 23 [18]
Airlines operating the A300 on short haul routes were forced to reduce frequencies to try and fill the aircraft. As a result, they lost passengers to airlines operating more frequent narrow body flights. Eventually, Airbus had to build its own narrowbody aircraft (the A320) to compete with the Boeing 737 and McDonnell Douglas DC-9/MD-80. The savior of the A300 was the advent of ETOPS, a revised FAA rule which allows twin-engine jets to fly long-distance routes that were previously off-limits to them. This enabled Airbus to develop the aircraft as a medium/long range airliner.
In 1977, US carrier Eastern Air Lines leased four A300s as an in-service trial.[18] CEO Frank Borman was impressed that the A300 consumed 30% less fuel, even less than expected, than his fleet of L-1011s. Borman proceeded to order 23 A300s, becoming the first U.S. customer for the type. This order is often cited as the point at which Airbus came to be seen as a serious competitor to the large American aircraft-manufacturers Boeing and McDonnell Douglas.[6]: 40 [8][18] Aviation author John Bowen alleged that various concessions, such as loan guarantees from European governments and compensation payments, were a factor in the decision as well.[3]: 52 The Eastern Air Lines breakthrough was shortly followed by an order from Pan Am. From then on, the A300 family sold well, eventually reaching a total of 561 delivered aircraft.[1]
In December 1977, Aerocondor Colombia became the first Airbus operator in Latin America, leasing one Airbus A300B4-2C, named Ciudad de Barranquilla.
During the late 1970s, Airbus adopted a so-called 'Silk Road' strategy, targeting airlines in the Far East.[3]: 52 [18] As a result, The aircraft found particular favor with Asian airlines, being bought by Japan Air System, Korean Air, China Eastern Airlines, Thai Airways International, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, China Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Indian Airlines, Trans Australia Airlines and many others. As Asia did not have restrictions similar to the FAA 60-minutes rule for twin-engine airliners which existed at the time, Asian airlines used A300s for routes across the Bay of Bengal and South China Sea.
In 1977, the A300B4 became the first ETOPS compliant aircraft,[24] qualifying for Extended Twin Engine Operations over water, providing operators with more versatility in routing. In 1982 Garuda Indonesia became the first airline to fly the A300B4-200FFCC.[25] By 1981, Airbus was growing rapidly, with over 400 aircraft sold to over forty airlines.[26]
In 1989, Chinese operator China Eastern Airlines received its first A300; by 2006, the airline operated around 18 A300s, making it the largest operator of both the A300 and the A310 at that time. On 31 May 2014, China Eastern officially retired the last A300-600 in its fleet, having begun drawing down the type in 2010.[27]
From 1997 to 2014, a single A300, designated A300 Zero-G, was operated by the European Space Agency (ESA), centre national d'études spatiales (CNES) and the German Aerospace Center (DLR) as a reduced-gravity aircraft for conducting research into microgravity; the A300 is the largest aircraft to ever have been used in this capacity. A typical flight would last for two and a half hours, enabling up to 30 parabolas to be performed per flight.[28][29]
By the 1990s, the A300 was being heavily promoted as a cargo freighter.[16]: 24 The largest freight operator of the A300 is FedEx Express, which has 65 A300 aircraft in service as of May 2022.[30] UPS Airlines also operates 52 freighter versions of the A300.[31]
The final version was the A300-600R and is rated for 180-minute ETOPS. The A300 has enjoyed renewed interest in the secondhand market for conversion to freighters; large numbers were being converted during the late 1990s.[16]: 24–25 The freighter versions – either new-build A300-600s or converted ex-passenger A300-600s, A300B2s and B4s – account for most of the world's freighter fleet after the Boeing 747 freighter.[32]
The A300 provided Airbus the experience of manufacturing and selling airliners competitively. The basic fuselage of the A300 was later stretched (A330 and A340), shortened (A310), or modified into derivatives (A300-600ST Beluga Super Transporter). In 2006, unit cost of an −600F was $105 million.[14] In March 2006, Airbus announced the impending closure of the A300/A310 final assembly line,[33] making them the first Airbus aircraft to be discontinued. The final production A300, an A300F freighter, performed its initial flight on 18 April 2007,[34] and was delivered to FedEx Express on 12 July 2007.[35] Airbus has announced a support package to keep A300s flying commercially. Airbus offers the A330-200F freighter as a replacement for the A300 cargo variants.[36]
The life of UPS's fleet of 52 A300s, delivered from 2000 to 2006, will be extended to 2035 by a flight deck upgrade based around Honeywell Primus Epic avionics; new displays and flight management system (FMS), improved weather radar, a central maintenance system, and a new version of the current enhanced ground proximity warning system. With a light usage of only two to three cycles per day, it will not reach the maximum number of cycles by then. The first modification will be made at Airbus Toulouse in 2019 and certified in 2020.[37] As of July 2017, there are 211 A300s in service with 22 operators, with the largest operator being FedEx Express with 68 A300-600F aircraft.[38]
A300B1 - The A300B1 was the first variant to take flight. It had a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of 132 t (291,000 lb), was 51 m (167 ft) long and was powered by two General Electric CF6-50A engines.[16]: 21 [39]: 41 Only two prototypes of the variant were built before it was adapted into the A300B2, the first production variant of the airliner.[6]: 39 The second prototype was leased to Trans European Airways in 1974.[39]: 54
A300B2 -
Responding to a need for more seats from Air France, Airbus decided that the first production variant should be larger than the original prototype A300B1. The CF6-50A powered A300B2-100 was 2.6 m (8.5 ft) longer than the A300B1 and had an increased MTOW of 137 t (302,000 lb), allowing for 30 additional seats and bringing the typical passenger count up to 281, with capacity for 20 LD3 containers.[40]: 10 [41][39]: 17 Two prototypes were built and the variant made its maiden flight on 28 June 1973, became certified on 15 March 1974 and entered service with Air France on 23 May 1974.[39]: 27, 53 [40]: 10
For the A300B2-200, originally designated as the A300B2K, Krueger flaps were introduced at the leading-edge root, the slat angles were reduced from 20 degrees to 16 degrees, and other lift related changes were made in order to introduce a high-lift system. This was done to improve performance when operating at high-altitude airports, where the air is less dense and lift generation is reduced.[42]: 52, 53 [43] The variant had an increased MTOW of 142 t (313,000 lb) and was powered by CF6-50C engines, was certified on 23 June 1976, and entered service with South African Airways in November 1976.[39]: 40 [40]: 12 CF6-50C1 and CF6-50C2 models were also later fitted depending on customer requirements, these became certified on 22 February 1978 and 21 February 1980 respectively.[39]: 41 [40]: 12
The A300B2-320 introduced the Pratt & Whitney JT9D powerplant and was powered by JT9D-59A engines. It retained the 142 t (313,000 lb) MTOW of the B2-200, was certified on 4 January 1980, and entered service with Scandinavian Airlines on 18 February 1980, with only four being produced.[39]: 99, 112 [40]: 14
A300B4 -
The initial A300B4 variant, later named the A300B4-100, included a centre fuel tank for an increased fuel capacity of 47.5 tonnes (105,000 lb), and had an increased MTOW of 157.5 tonnes (347,000 lb).[44][42]: 38 It also featured Krueger flaps and had a similar high-lift system to what was later fitted to the A300B2-200.[42]: 74 The variant made its maiden flight on 26 December 1974, was certified on 26 March 1975, and entered service with Germanair in May 1975.[39]: 32, 54 [40]: 16
The A300B4-200 had an increased MTOW of 165 tonnes (364,000 lb) and featured an additional optional fuel tank in the rear cargo hold, which would reduce the cargo capacity by two LD3 containers.[40]: 19 [42]: 69 The variant was certified on 26 April 1979.[40]: 19
A300-600 - The A300-600, officially designated as the A300B4-600, was slightly longer than the A300B2 and A300B4 variants and had an increased interior space from using a similar rear fuselage to the Airbus A310, this allowed it to have two additional rows of seats.[42]: 79 It was initially powered by Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4H1 engines, but was later fitted with General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, with Pratt & Whitney PW4156 or PW4158 engines being introduced in 1986.[42]: 82 Other changes include an improved wing featuring a recambered trailing edge, the incorporation of simpler single-slotted Fowler flaps, the deletion of slat fences, and the removal of the outboard ailerons after they were deemed unnecessary on the A310.[45] The variant made its first flight on 8 July 1983, was certified on 9 March 1984, and entered service in June 1984 with Saudi Arabian Airlines.[40]: 42 [39]: 58 A total of 313 A300-600s (all versions) have been sold. The A300-600 uses the A310 cockpits, featuring digital technology and electronic displays, eliminating the need for a flight engineer. The FAA issues a single type rating which allows operation of both the A310 and A300-600. A300-600: (Official designation: A300B4-600) The baseline model of the −600 series. A300-620C: (Official designation: A300C4-620) A convertible-freighter version. Four delivered between 1984 and 1985. A300-600F: (Official designation: A300F4-600) The freighter version of the baseline −600. A300-600R: (Official designation: A300B4-600R) The increased-range −600, achieved by an additional trim fuel tank in the tail. First delivery in 1988 to American Airlines; all A300s built since 1989 (freighters included) are −600Rs. Japan Air System (later merged into Japan Airlines) took delivery of the last new-built passenger A300, an A300-622R, in November 2002. A300-600RC: (Official designation: A300C4-600R) The convertible-freighter version of the −600R. Two were delivered in 1999. A300-600RF: (Official designation: A300F4-600R) The freighter version of the −600R. All A300s delivered between November 2002 and 12 July 2007 (last ever A300 delivery) were A300-600RFs.
A310 (A300B10)-
Airbus had demand for an aircraft smaller than the A300. On 7 July 1978, the A310 (initially the A300B10) was launched with orders from Swissair and Lufthansa. On 3 April 1982, the first prototype conducted its maiden flight and it received its type certification on 11 March 1983.
Keeping the same eight-abreast cross-section, the A310 is 6.95 m (22.8 ft) shorter than the initial A300 variants, and has a smaller 219 m2 (2,360 sq ft) wing, down from 260 m2 (2,800 sq ft). The A310 introduced a two-crew glass cockpit, later adopted for the A300-600 with a common type rating. It was powered by the same GE CF6-80 or Pratt & Whitney JT9D then PW4000 turbofans. It can seat 220 passengers in two classes, or 240 in all-economy, and can fly up to 5,150 nmi (9,540 km). It has overwing exits between the two main front and rear door pairs.
In April 1983, the aircraft entered revenue service with Swissair and competed with the Boeing 767–200, introduced six months before. Its longer range and ETOPS regulations allowed it to be operated on transatlantic flights. Until the last delivery in June 1998, 255 aircraft were produced, as it was succeeded by the larger Airbus A330-200. It has cargo aircraft versions, and was derived into the Airbus A310 MRTT military tanketransport.
Airbus A300-ST (Beluga)
Commonly referred to as the Airbus Beluga or "Airbus Super Transporter," these five airframes are used by Airbus to ferry parts between the company's disparate manufacturing facilities, thus enabling workshare distribution. They replaced the four Aero Spacelines Super Guppys previously used by Airbus.
ICAO code: A3ST
As of March 2023, there were 228 A300 family aircraft in commercial service. The five largest operators were FedEx Express (70), UPS Airlines (52), European Air Transport Leipzig (23), Iran Air (11), and Mahan Air (11).[46]
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2023.06.04 10:01 deep_blue_ocean Random number called and told me my estranged dad is addicted to drugs

I haven’t seen my dad physically in over a year. I last talked to him in February for his birthday. He forgot mine in March. The number called and said they were a friend of his for a couple of years and were worried about him. I’ve been worried about him for years. My brother overdosed and died at age 25 in 2009. After that he fucked up his marriage by cheating on her, he did the same to my mom years before. So she left him. I lived with him for a while and he just fell into rage and anger, so I moved out to better my own life and get it together.
Our relationship devolved horribly when we lived together, it continued to deteriorate from stagnation. He never listened to me about his health as he’s type 2 diabetic. Last year he had a stroke he told me because he was doing “something he shouldn’t be doing”. He got lucky and recovered. I tried to take him to doctors appointments but he blew me off or barely paid attention when we were at them.
I began having severe panic attacks and became non functioning in my own life. I was consumed with paranoia about him dying, because I’m terrified of having to care for him full time. I have this fear because I was end of life care for my mom who died from brain cancer in 2013. It was horrible Andy traumatizing. He didn’t help obviously since they’d been divorced for years.
I began to go to therapy and worked hard on myself to recover and begin to build my life up. I called less and less because I couldn’t be seeing his negativity and victim mentality. He’s always saying he “wants nothing from no one”. When you’re in the room with him it’s all about his problems and how everyone is taking advantage of him. He’s called me horrible names.
So naturally I’ve distanced myself from him, because being around him makes me want to die and give up. So I got a call today from someone who knows him whom I’ve never met. They said he looks really bad, his diabetes is out of control and she stated he was addicted to drugs. She won’t tell me what kind or anything. She seems to think that if someone can approach him with empathy and kindness that it will somehow help him admit that he needs help and go to rehab. He is a veteran, so maybe we could get him into that program. But I don’t know that I want anything to do with this. Just in the span of the afternoon when she called me to this morning at 3 AM, I am feeling how I did when I was non-functional. I have worked very hard to put my life together, and I love my father, but he hasn’t really been a functional parent to me in many years.
And to be honest, I don’t think I can approach him with empathy or understanding at all. All I feel towards him is rage and anger and frustration for all of the bullshit that I’ve gone through on my own, all he knows how to do is make things worse for me. I know that his addiction likely comes from deep self hatred , and I’m sure that my brother’s death was the catalyst for most of this.
She also stated that he seems scared because he had had someone around who was violent. She stated that she had gotten into a physical fight with this person and ended up in the hospital after being punched in the face I tried to gain some insight into what exactly he was involved in, but she was very vague. It did not seem to me like she really wanted anything from me. She said that it might be helpful to simply put my eyes on him and see how poorly he was doing. I asked her what she expected of me , and if she really thought I would be capable of doing anything to help him? She said I’m not actually required to do anything, but if it was her family, she would want to know which is why she looked me up on the Internet. I don’t doubt anything that she is saying, it all makes sense, and sounds truthful.
The fact that he hasn’t spoken to me in months, he was absent when I recently had a cancer scare and had to go through two surgeries, it’s just, it makes a lot of sense to me. So now I’m over here. Just debating with myself if there’s anything I can do to help him, or if I even should. I cannot allow him to derail my life, but even thinking about being around him, is sending me into almost complete panic .
I really feel like if he does not get help he is going to die. But I don’t know that I am capable of giving him the help he needs. If the drugs do not kill him, he will likely have another stroke. And he has no one else because he’s driven everyone away. My entire family struggles with addiction, I am the only one who does not. And it’s because of watching all of my cousins and aunts and uncles and my dad and my brother lose their shit to it.
I am so angry, I am exhausted. We never actually had a disagreement or a conversation where I told him I didn’t want him in my life anymore, I just stopped calling one day. And he stopped calling me. It’s horrible. I miss him all the time, it feels like I don’t have a family anymore and I’m just out here raw dogging life by myself. I have very good friends in my life, but many of them do not understand where I’m coming from. I feel like a broken record talking about him all the time. Even in therapy .
I never really had a need to come on here before, because I had to read it myself into thinking that his drug addiction that initially caused his first stroke, was a one off. How ignorant of me. Likely he’s been doing drugs this entire time I feel like I am watching him, ruin his life and implode. And now there’s this violent person in his life? I don’t know what I’m supposed to do about that, now I don’t want to go to his house at all because I don’t wanna get in the middle of whatever the fuck that is.
This is fucking crazy, I can’t live like this. But I can’t live either because all I do is worry about him. Even when things are going relatively well, all I can do is think about my dad and whether or not he’s OK. I no longer leave my cell phone on because I am afraid to get a phone call that he is dead. And I am also afraid to get a call that he is alive like I did today. Before I even answered the phone I knew that it wasn’t a Robo call . I knew that I had something to do with him and that it wasn’t good.
I can’t remember the last time she did anything for me that brought joy or positivity to my life. But I think I am still holding onto who he used to be when I was a child.
I’m so lost .
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2023.06.04 10:01 prernasuden Case Studies: How the Best SEO Agency in Lucknow Helped Local Businesses Achieve Top Rankings"

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial component of digital marketing that helps businesses improve their online visibility and attract organic traffic. The best SEO agency in Lucknow has been instrumental in helping local businesses achieve top rankings in search engine results. In this blog post, we will explore real-life case studies that demonstrate how the best SEO agency in Lucknow has transformed the online presence of local businesses, leading to increased visibility, website traffic, and business growth.

Case Study 1: XYZ Restaurant
XYZ Restaurant, a popular eatery in Lucknow, approached the best SEO agency with the goal of enhancing their online presence and attracting more customers. The agency conducted a comprehensive analysis of the restaurant's website, identified relevant keywords, and implemented an effective SEO strategy. They optimized the website's content, meta tags, and other on-page elements to improve its visibility in search engine results. Additionally, the agency focused on building high-quality backlinks from local directories and relevant websites in the food industry. As a result of their efforts, XYZ Restaurant experienced a significant increase in search engine rankings, driving a substantial boost in organic traffic. This led to a higher number of reservations and increased footfall, ultimately contributing to the restaurant's growth and success.
Case Study 2: ABC Boutique
ABC Boutique, a fashion boutique in Lucknow, was struggling to stand out in the competitive online fashion industry. They enlisted the services of the best SEO agency to improve their website's visibility and increase brand awareness. The agency conducted thorough keyword research and optimized the boutique's website with relevant fashion-related keywords. They also created compelling and informative content that resonated with the target audience. The agency implemented an effective link-building strategy, securing backlinks from fashion bloggers and local fashion websites. As a result, ABC Boutique's website climbed the search engine rankings, and their online visibility improved significantly. The increased organic traffic translated into a higher number of online orders and increased customer engagement, positioning ABC Boutique as a leading fashion destination in Lucknow.
Case Study 3: XYZ Dental Clinic
XYZ Dental Clinic wanted to expand its reach and attract more patients in Lucknow. They sought the expertise of the best SEO agency to improve their online presence and increase their visibility in search engine results. The agency conducted a thorough website audit, optimizing the clinic's website with relevant dental keywords and ensuring proper on-page optimization. They also focused on local SEO strategies, including optimizing the clinic's Google My Business profile and acquiring positive reviews from satisfied patients. The agency implemented a content marketing strategy, creating informative articles and blog posts related to dental health and treatments. As a result, XYZ Dental Clinic experienced a significant improvement in search engine rankings for relevant dental keywords. This led to an influx of organic traffic, increased appointment bookings, and a steady growth in patient base.
These case studies highlight the transformative impact of the best SEO agency in Lucknow on local businesses. Through tailored SEO strategies, comprehensive website analysis, targeted keyword optimization, and effective link-building, these businesses achieved top rankings in search engine results. As a result, they experienced increased online visibility, higher organic traffic, and significant business growth. By partnering with the best SEO agency in Lucknow, local businesses can unlock their true potential, establishing themselves as leaders in their respective industries and maximizing their online success.
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2023.06.04 10:00 LIS1050010 Guide: Hiking vs. Trekking - 10 Essentials

The Essentials

Even the best weather can change rapidly, and even the widest trail can be lost. It pays to take a little extra with you, just in case.
This list is NOT exhaustive – it is just a start – add to this list according to the season and your route.
Notice: Always tell a reliable person where you are going and when to expect you back, leave a detailed trip itinerary, and make sure you know your route and plan accordingly.
The below list assumes you are already wearing appropriate footwear – hiking boots NOT runners. Runners are a terrible choice for hiking. You will slip and or sprain your ankle. Appropriate hiking clothing that is NON-COTTON, such as hiking pants, poly-pro shirt, poly-pro underwear, toque, and backpack. Just remember, these are not get out of jail free cards, electronics can fail, run out of batteries, or lose their signal. Telling someone where you are going, leaving a trip itinerary and bringing the other 9 essentials is critical to a safe outdoor excursion.

1. Light

Flashlight or a headlamp with extra batteries (and light bulb if not LED). Green cyalume stick or small turtle lights as emergency backup.

2. Signalling Device

Whistle (we recommend the Fox 40 whistle with a lanyard), Bear Bangers, Pencil Flare

3. Fire Starter

Matches (water proof or in plastic bag) or lighter. We also recommend a commercial firestarter and/or a candle. Commercial firestarters can be purchased at outdoor stores like Mountain Equipment Coop.

4. Warm clothes

Hat or toque, gloves or mittens, puffy jacket, gortex jacket, polypro underwear, good quality hiking socks and gortex over pants.

5. Pocketknife

Although a multi tool is preferred, a good pocket knife with a quality blade will suffice. It may also be worth carrying a small pruning saw for cutting branches when building a shelter or fire.

6. Shelter

Large orange plastic bag and thermal tarp.

7. Water and food

Gatorade crystals recommended and high energy food bars

8. First-aid kit

Should include pocket mask; Sam Splint, bulk dressings, protective gloves, bandage, scissors and blister dressings

9. Navigation

Good quality compass with built in declination adjustment and both topographical and interpretive maps. we also recommend a GPS unit but only as an adjunct to compass and map. Most team members carry a Garmin 60 series GPS unit that has terrific reception in the trees.

10. Communications – Cell phone

We recommend you bring a cell phone with a fully charged battery. It is advisable to keep the phone turned off, and stored in a ziplock bag. This way, if you get into trouble your phone will be dry and have a full charge. Many people manage to call 911 initially but their phone dies before their location can be relayed, not a desirable situation. If you have a smartphone, you should also know how to get GPS coordinates off of it to give to search and rescue if you become lost or injured (eg. MotionX or iphone compass app) . Depending on the terrain and difficulty of your excursion, it may also be worth considering satellite based communications devices like the Spot, Delorme InReach or a Personal Locator Beacon.

Important Tips regarding the 10 essentials:

The lack of light is the single most cause of overdure hiker calls for NSR. It is so easy to under estimate the amount of daylight left especially if you are deep in the forest. That is why carrying a good quality flashlight or headlamp with extra bulb and batteries per person, is number 1 on our list of the ten essential items. It is also prudent to carry green cyalume light sticks as an emergency backup ONLY. These lightweight items will illuminate the trail around and in front of you sufficiently for you to travel slowly in darkness fro several hours.
Note that training is required to develop efficient skills for use of a map, compass, and first aid kit, as well as to efficiently light fires. However having these items with you can make all the difference in a survival situation.
Why a large orange plastic bag? It’s actually one of the most valuable items on the list. Crawling into the bag helps keep you warm and dry. The orange colour is also highly visible and helps attract attention, particularly from the air.
Why a whistle? It is ideal for siganlling for help as your voice will become very hoarse in a short period of time especially if you are dehydrated. We reccommend the Fox 40 whistle because it works very well in wet conditions and has good range. When sending out a distress whistle blast do three short blasts in timed intervals of 1 to 5 minutes and in different directions from where you are standing as rescuers may be above below or to the sides of you, especially if you are lost in a canyon.If you here whistle blasts from rescuers it doesn’t mean that they can here you. Continue whistle blasts at even shorter intervals 1 minutes or less until they can make voice contact with you and the follow their instructions etc..
We also recommend you carry a heavy duty thermal blanket as this provides excellent shelter and reflects body heat.
Water especially, is an important essential item to take before and during your hike. We recommend you drink between 1-2 litres of water before and carry 1-2 litres. Hydration is directly proportional to your performance but also in maintaining essential fluid balance in your body. This is only a general guideline and is to be adjusted for extreme heat, cold, altitude, terrain etc. We also recommend you carry electrolyte, such as Gatorade in order to replenished salt and potassium that are depleted during excessive exercise. We recommend that you be always fully aware to take short rest and water breaks and hydrate yourself during your hike so as to avoid fluid depletion that leads to heat exhaustion and/or hypothermia.
We combined navigation and communications into number 9 and 10 essential items rather than creating the 11 essential items as they go hand in hand with each other. Knowing where you are and communicating your location in an emergency is a god send, both to yourself and the search and rescue team. As stated above you need proper training to orienteer with compass and map and a GPS should be seen as an adjunct to this. The GPS in itself is a valuable tool and depending on the type and price you want to pay you can get topographical maps downloaded onto the GPS. However, the GPS requires practice and it is not a substitute for orienteering skills especially if you are in terrain with natural obstacles such as canyons, cliff bands etc
The whole strategy to clothing is layering and breathability. This prevents overheating and sweating which can cause dehydration and begin the cycle of hypothermia in cold weather and heat exhaustion in relatively warmer weather. There are many clothing types on the market but you will want to wear underclothing next to the skin that wicks sweat away. It is also important to purchase fleece and gortex clothing that has venting zippers in the armpits and leg areas as this allows excess body heat to vent during times of heavy exercise in inclement weather. A fleece or woolen toque or hat is also a must as a great deal of body heat is lost through the head especially in children. Remember the saying ” if your feet get cold put your toque on”. Good quality woolen or gortex gloves or mittens are a must, especially in winter and inclement weather so as to prevent frostbite or cold injury. This will also allow you to perform tasks such as holding onto rocks or tree branches when traveling in terrain, wood gathering , lighting a fire etc. One additional little tip is to carry two good quality plastic shopping bags in case your boots get wet. You can put on your dry socks and wrap them in the bags then put your wet boots back on. This is great if you are stranded overnight and want yo keep you feet warm and be somewhat comfortbale.It can also prevent frostbite in cold weather in this type of situation.
We did not include footwear as an essential item to carry as it something that goes on at the start of your hike and stays on. Footwear selection from trail runners to approach shoes to light hikers to full mountaineering leather or plastic boots needs to be based on the type of activity you plan to carry out and the type of terrain you will travel in. Remember, if you buy new boots break them in long before your hike and have plenty of moleskin on hand to cover the potential hot spots that always seem to go with new boots. Also, good quality hiking socks are a must as these types of socks will wick sweat away from the feet thus reducing the risk of blisters or skin problems.

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2023.06.04 10:00 deitmoms The Top 5 Foods That Help Reduce High Blood Sugar Levels.

High blood sugar levels are a common problem for people of all ages, and specifically for people who work or do physical activity. In fact, about one-third of adults over the age of 50 have high blood sugar levels at some point in their lives. This is a big deal because it can lead to serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even death. To help reduce high blood sugar levels, you need to know what foods are good for lowering blood sugar levels. Here’s how to find out:

What Are the Top 5 Foods That Help Reduce High Blood Sugar Levels.

Some foods that may help lower blood sugar levels include: whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, and lean protein. These foods may also have other health benefits like reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
What Are the Top Foods That Help Reduce the Risk of Diabetes.
Certain foods might also help reduce the risk of diabetes if eaten regularly. These include low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk, as well as lean protein sources like chicken or fish. eating these types of foods every day can help prevent type 2 diabetes from developing.
What Are the Top Foods That Help Reduce the Risk of Heart Disease.
Another way to prevent heart disease is by eating healthy fats and proteins from meat and poultry, plantains, eggs, nuts/seeds, and seafood. This type of diet helps reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by providing essential nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and fiber that can reduce inflammation in the body.
What Are the Top Foods That Help Reduce the Risk of Stroke.
Eating a balanced diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean protein sources, healthy fats/proteins (like omega-3s), and desserts may also be helpful in preventing stroke events from happening in those with type 2 diabetes or heart disease.

Download Our Keto eBook for Free Today!

How to Reduce High Blood Sugar Levels.

Sugar can play a big role in your blood sugar levels. To reduce its influence, limit the amount of sugar you eat. Eat smaller meals more often and avoid eating foods with added sugars like soda, sweeteners, processed foods, and alcohol.
Subsection 2.2 Reduce the Influence of Sodas, Sweets, processed foods, and alcohol on Your Blood Sugar Levels.
Soda and other drinks can have a significant impact on blood sugar levels. If you drink too much soda or drink unhealthy sodas regularly, your blood sugar could go up significantly. Instead of drinking large cups of soda each day, try drinking half a cup or less per day and see how that affects your blood sugar levels.
Reduce the Influence of Food Allergies on Your Blood Sugar Levels.
Food allergies are another common cause of elevated blood sugar levels. If you have an allergy to something in food, it can lead to higher blood sugar levels because your body cannot metabolize that food properly. To decrease the risk of developing an allergy-related food sensitivity, be sure toread labels carefully and avoid any food that might trigger an allergic response (like peanuts).
Reduce the Influence of Red Blood Cells on Your Blood Sugar Levels.
Red blood cells play a major role in carrying oxygen around our bodies and helping us fight against infection. When your red blood cells get too highwattage or are too stressed, they can start generating energy too quickly which can lead to high blood sugars levels. To avoid this, try to limit your red blood cell production and stay calm during high-stress situations.

How to Reduce the Risk of Diabetes.

The risk of diabetes mellitus (Type 2 diabetes) is increased when blood sugar levels are too high. To reduce the risk of developing this condition, try to keep blood sugar levels under control by following these tips:
- Be sure you get enough water every day.
Eat a Healthy Diet That Is Low in Sugar and Carbohydrates
- Make sure you get enough exercise.
- Avoid eating foods that may increase blood sugar levels such as candy, cake, pies, and ice cream.


Reduce the risk of diabetes by following a healthy diet and reducing the number of blood sugar levels that are too high. By making sure you get enough water every day, eating a healthy diet that is low in sugar and carbohydrates, and getting enough exercise, you can help prevent diabetes from happening.
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2023.06.04 10:00 PurplishLoganberry let me try

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2023.06.04 09:59 woahhayle please help me read this pattern, what the heck does this mean?

please help me read this pattern, what the heck does this mean?
hi! im a beginner and im trying to read this pattern. i think this says to chain at the end of the row and then hdc, but what do i even hdc to? it can’t be the next row because it says to ch 2 to start the next row??? is there just going to be a loop on the panel?????? do i hdc along the chain????? is it supposed to connect to the shaping of the bottom corner? im extremely confused and would love any help. thank you!
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2023.06.04 09:57 zun1uwu Du kannst verschwinden

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2023.06.04 09:57 MrValentine97 My Story

Hello everyone, first time posting here or really much of anywhere but I have been lurking on this subreddit for the last couple weeks because I really have not been sure if telling my story would make me feel better, but here we go.
So first a little backstory, I am not the most traditionally attractive guy, but I have always put up a front of confidence and charm. So I will admit when I was younger especially I had very little issues talking to women. Despite this my love life has been quite the shit show. The main incident that is relevant to my story now happened a few years ago, I got engaged to my best friend of years and while when I talk about it to most people I simply say "oh it just didn't work out" the harsh reality is that she died and while I have had years to heal I still can't handle the look of pity if I tell them the truth.
Despite the loss of my fiance and best friend I moved on, as I know that's what she would have wanted for me. I went to college, first of my family, and had several relationships there. However, all of them where not long term or super serious, all where either sexual in nature or had known limited life spans,.like knowing the relationship was going to end when she graduated ect.
Then one day I met a girl, on a random chat site no less, and we hit it off. Now I have no idea what it was that drew me to her so strongly, she was kind, smart, beautiful, sexy, and just had this way of making me feel like through her eyes there was no man that could compare. She encouraged me to be the best I could be and washed away my insecurities. She truly helped me be a version of me I was proud of, and in return I was always there for her, I loved her, I did anything I could to make her happy. That was the big thing I just wanted her to be happy, and for quite some time she seemed like she really was.
We dated long distance, sadly of course she lived on the other side of the world but I had gotten my visa and had plans for me to visit after I graduated. For almost 2 years er where happy. Then a couple months before our 2 year anniversary she tells me she wants to break up, she is crying and saying how much she loves me but that the fact she found someone she can see herself spending her life with at such a young age terrified her, she was 21. I was heartbroken the first woman I let myself truly love since my fiance died was breaking up with me because she had met me too early? Despite this her happiness is what mattered most to me and I decided I would be supportive in any way I could. However, the way she treated me post breakup up is really what got me.
I understood she would have to distance herself to some degree, but she distanced herself hard, she treated me as if I was an ex that abused her, she did not trust me with things, and she made it very clear most the time randomly that we where never getting back together. I thought we had a genuine special connection and even if we where not together I thought we could translate that connection into a supportive friendship.
Two weeks after the break up, she sent on a date, it hurt but I understood and was not mad. However this guy did something to her that is not my place to talk about. I could tell she was hiding something next time we talked and I hate that I made her tell me what was wrong because it felt manipulative and that's not who I ever wanted to be. Anyway after hearing what he did I pleaded with her to not see him again for her own sake, she made it clear she was because he turned out to also be her drug dealer and she had taken up smoking a lot more than she had before which I did not have an issue with. Than on the day that would have been our two year anniversary I noticed she removed me as a friend on various platforms and I asked her about it, I wasn't blocked, she does not like blocking people. All she said was that she had a new boyfriend (the guy previously mentioned) and that he nor her was comfortable with her talking to me. And that was that have not talked since, I know it is her choice to live her life how she wants but I can't not worry to some degree about someone I loved so dearly.
Now for the first time I feel more alone than even when my fiance died. I treated my ex right, did everything I could and it still was not enough. I have always been a romantic stoic, that is to say no matter what happened in my love life I persevered but now I just don't know how to feel. Simply put I feel empty and for the first time in my life feel like maybe love is not meant for me.
I know this was long so thank you to anybody and everybody that took the time to read this, I hope you all genuinely are happy and are having a wonderful day/night.
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2023.06.04 09:56 12nb34 Never mind that by now this transmission had become so impossible that the only way they can pretend that they still don't notice is is by lying that they don't understand the difference between infecting 15 people in 12 days, and 15 people in 2 days 🙂

Never mind that by now this transmission had become so impossible that the only way they can pretend that they still don't notice is is by lying that they don't understand the difference between infecting 15 people in 12 days, and 15 people in 2 days 🙂 submitted by 12nb34 to punishment_panic [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:56 IntroductionCalm787 Manga and anime pacing chart updated for volume 28.

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2023.06.04 09:56 domiran Do you want +50,000% bonuses again? Because this is how you get it, complaining that nerfs suck.

We're fresh into a new Diablo game and it's like people forgot Diablo 3 even exists.
No, it never feels good to have the build you were using suddenly be less effective but they have a "baseline" and if something is higher, it should get nerfed, rather than buffing everything else to match it.
Otherwise you wind up with everything doing ridiculous numbers. That and bringing down the outlier is easier than trying to buff the rest to match.
How did the game get released with some obvious outliers? I don't know. I've been hearing about Whirlwind being OP since the end game beta. How did the game get out of the end game beta with Whirlwind still OP? How did it get to the end-game beta being OP? Why wasn't every balance issue caught by Blizzard internally? Why do Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, and World of Warcraft continue to get random balance patches? Why are people still asking for changes to Diablo 2 skills? Why wasn't the game initially released with perfect balance?
It's like saying why not release any sizable program with zero bugs.
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