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2023.04.02 15:15 jinglelalas Architectural Rendering In Photoshop

Hello! I'm trying to improve my architecture plan/section/elevation renders in photoshop, but I have difficulty visualizing the shadows and lighting (i.e: which areas should be darker). I've also been trying to experiment with using the brush tool to enhance my renders. Could anyone give me some advice on how to render plans better? & How I could work with shadows? Any form of help would be very appreciated, thank you in advance! 😊
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2023.04.02 15:15 tunicsandleggimgs15 So you have decided to offer open captions at your theater...

We have decided to offer open captions at our theater! Great! What is your motive? Is it to look like you are doing something for the "poor" deaf and hard of hearing community? Is it in hopes of squeezing out more revenue from the films you are screening? Or is it to just offer another option to an audience that increasingly prefers streaming?
If you're getting ready to offer open captions at your theater, think twice about the time you are choosing. Is it a time that people who work (and who presumably have the money to pay for tickets) can go? If it is a family-friendly movie like Super Mario Bros, is it at a time that children in school can go? If it is on the weekend, is it after 11:00 am? (Before 11:00 am, most people like to sleep in on weekend mornings). Are you expecting retirees to show up for the open caption screenings between 9 am and 4 pm Monday to Friday? Retirees are often on fixed incomes and a movie may be an expensive luxury for them - expect low attendance.
Rule number one in choosing times for open caption screenings: Ask yourself if the date and time chosen is a time that others who see non-captioned screenings would go. Don't blame the open captions if the auditorium is empty! Usually the date and time are the reason. Or the movie being shown is already in its 3rd or 4th weekend when interest in it has already gone way down! The open captions are not to blame. And if you are thinking about really early hours in the morning to avoid offending those who don't want captions, is it fair to your staff to expect them to show up to work if nobody is going to come?
Bottom line: people who see open caption movies are no different than anyone else. They too like decent dates and times. They too prefer prime time screenings. They too like to see new movies within the first two weeks. You will lose money if you push the open caption screenings to the least-desirable date and time slots. Continuing to offer open captions at lousy times even though no one shows up, because you want to look good, want to look like you're doing something for the "poor" deaf and hard of hearing community? Move the open caption screenings to a better date/time slot and you might be surprised how many show up!
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2023.04.02 15:15 theungryman On their home plane why don’t the gods solve all your problems?

Hey fellow Colvillians,
I’m in a bit of a spot, long story short my players have managed to get themselves stuck on the plane of Arborea, home to Corellon (Chaotic Good God of the Elves for those who don’t know). I have an adventure planned to get them back home but I have one major sticking point. Why doesn’t Corellon who is on their home plane remove all the obstacles before them? The divine gate has me covered for why Corellon can’t just send them straight home no muss no fuss. But the adventure I have planned has monsters and challenges in it that hypothetically Corellon could remove at a whim. Why aren’t they? Best I’ve come up with is functionally boils down to ‘where’s the fun in that’ with a higher word count but I’m pretty sure my players will see through that. Do any of you folks have any better ideas?
Thanks in advance and happy gaming.
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2023.04.02 15:14 Away_Bite6876 Did I cock-block (?clam jam) myself?

Hi all. I am 30F physician (MD) practicing specialty A. Met a wonderful guy (MD) on a dating app, who practices specialty B. During our first date, when he told me where he works, I happened to mention that I used to rotate in that hospital when I was a resident and knew some of the staff in my specialty (A). We had a great date, had so much in common with lots of banter and laughter followed by an extremely hot and heavy make out session on top of a romantic hill overlooking the skyline (which was initiated by him and which he seemed to enjoy…) and then he drove me home.
Texted me saying the next day he didn’t want to “mess around” because of close professional relations… and I’m just like … what close professional relations?! I haven’t worked at his hospital in over 3 years and I am not in touch with anyone there anymore. Bead in mind we both listed “looking for a relationship/love” on our profiles and he has “i can’t seem to find a wife so I’m here hoping to change that” on his profile.
Question for you all, and men please please weigh in and help a girl out, what did I do or say? In an attempt to find common ground to talk about on a first date which tend to generally be so awkward, did I clam jam myself? Or are his and mine dating goals not aligned even though it seemed like they were, based on his profile.
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2023.04.02 15:14 babert63 Coop Home Goods Premium Promo Code

You can get Coop Home Goods Premium Promo Code by clicking the link. On that page, there are current promo codes, coupons or deals etc. Select one of them and enjoy the discount! Here you go, that is your coupon code.
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2023.04.02 15:14 CoreyAdara Things I appreciated - Show changes

Finished listening to the first book over the last month, and I really enjoyed it and also how loyal the show was to the books, with the understandable occasional changes for creative license and adaption to the audience. When rewatching the first few episodes after reading the 'screaming staircase', there are things I really like that they did in the show:
> First off, the slight ageing up of the characters and language used. Swears are just more realistic given the stressful times.
> The casting of Barnes and George. Really love the actors. And this is not just for diversity sake, but the cartoony imagined look I have of those two from the books portrayed in the show would've been weird.
> Changing Annabel's line from 'I'm cold, so cold" to the last physical thing she had said; 'let go of me'.
> The pacing and the way the three main characters piece together stuff on their own as they go along (the hall mark and photo being enough, no latin phrase or deep dive into Fairfax's lost acting career)
>The change in location to the Fairfax building when Fairfax gives them their job.
> Cutting out the caretaker character, the servants and the tour of Combe Carey.
> Cutting out the 'villain sits and monologues their whole life and evil plan before they kill the heroes' thing.
> Fairfax's death being more brutal than just an icy hug.
> Added stakes; the episodes leads smoothly into the next story so everything can't be 'all's well that ends well' when Barnes turns up and they are reluctantly congratulated in the book. Better to be near arrested because they are three young people on their own taking a job when told not to.
> Proper scene with Penelope Fittes thanking them and talking about about Sam having been her mother's friend, not her own.

Things I kinda miss that the show left out and maybe they can squeeze versions into season 2:
> Lockwood wearing sunglasses when death glows are so bright.
> Leaving out or not mentioning Lucy's many siblings. Though not relevant, to me the absence of her mother calling and constantly pestering her for money doesn't make sense, unless she's got other children to fall back on.
> George getting so angry that he punches walls and kicks furniture.
> The actual Screaming Staircase.... screaming.
> The implication than Annabel's ghost was free and disappeared for good rather than just locked away again.

Other little things I like in general about both:
> There's no cliche 'main girl is snow white' trope, where boys are messy and can't look after themselves until a girl lives with them and she cleans and cooks and mothers them basically. Love that George likes to be the one to cook and clean.
> No blushing and acting all weird about seeing Lucy in a towel when passing over the phone.
> Love how George sees Lockwood and Lucy are peering out Lockwood's room in the middle of the night and his first lines are more irritation to being woken up rather than 'why are you two in there together?'
Basically so much love for show George 😅 I want him as my roomie haha.
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2023.04.02 15:14 BertFarnsworth London Bridge bus lane blues

I was a knob today and rode the length of London Bridge southbound in the bus lane. By the time I noticed the other bikers queuing in the righthand lane it was obviously far too late.
All I wanted to do was have a nice ride home from the Bike Shed after trying on some jackets.
£80 PCN coming my way I'm assuming?
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2023.04.02 15:14 Rexonial Have been hesitant in putting a borrowing defense claim for DeVry for a couple of reasons.

I was probably one of the better students at DeVry. I did everything right and received a good paying job about 4 months out of graduating college. I attended the college from 2010 -2014. Now, I have been hesitant of putting anything in as I think I did meet the criteria of receiving my degree and getting a job within the 6 months. That first job paid about gross $58k starting out.
People who have been successful at getting a claim have been individuals who graduated, but became a barista or something that was not in their field of study from DeVry.
Having thought about it I maybe put in a claim for their erroneous use of having said that 90% of students was able to get a job within 6 months. As this was the claim I believed when I thought I should go to DeVry from the TV commercials, at least. According to statistics, from their lawsuits, this was more like 53%.
The other angle is when I graduated I had issues of finding a job in Chicagoland area, as this was the general location on where I graduated from. For the life of me I could not find a job that would be on par with what they have advertised. I went to job fairs, events, and submitted resumes, but could not find a job in the area. I went through the DeVry Career Services to help me out. However, I was suspicious of their activities for finding a job. They would help me on creating my resume, but putting you in a job that was not the case. They sent jobs my way, however some of these jobs where either not in my field of study or they did not bother reading the description as some required a decent amount of experience for some well known banks in the area. Later I found out that these job postings, DeVry career services were sending my way, they were becoming the middle-man for the middle-man of whatever job recruiter they got the job from. They did not communicate with the company directly, but from another job recruiter they may have not been connected with the company but just another head hunter. I could have done this on my own, but the reason I wanted to go to DeVry was because of their high placement of students in jobs.
Now, at this time, circa 2014, I heard that DeVry was getting a reputation of a degree mill and recruiters may have ghosted students with DeVry in their resume, but I cannot prove if that was the case. This may have prevented me of getting a job in the Chicagoland area. So, a friend of mine told me about
[today I would not submit a resume on Dice until you clean out any contact information, it has become nothing but a headache of scam jobs, as least the last time I went on there to find one]
and I submitted my resume on their website and just waited. Within two weeks I received a call about a job in another state. I was hesitant of going to this job, since I have no family in that area, and I would be alone. For a 20 something at the time, this was a scary bit, but I needed a job and accepted the offer. The reason I know this was from DICE as I ask the question, in the interview, "Where did you hear about my resume, was it on DICE?" And the HR representative said yes on that. So, I know it was not DeVry that did anything on helping find a job, or place me in one. However, I cannot prove if DeVry, it would be just my word.
According to some statistics I have read, I am probably some of the "good" students that did everything right, and it seems I may not have a case to use Borrowers Defense. The two examples of angle I could use would be the ones I have mentioned, but I think it would be hard pressed if I received anything at at all.
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2023.04.02 15:14 jinglelalas Plan Rendering In Photoshop

Hello! I'm trying to improve my plan renders in photoshop, but I have difficulty visualizing the shadows and lighting (i.e: which areas should be darker). I've also been trying to experiment with using the brush tool to enhance my renders. Could anyone give me some advice on how to render plans better? & How I could work with shadows? Any form of help would be very appreciated, thank you in advance! 😊
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2023.04.02 15:14 IamCheph84 Two-Color Color Pie

I make card games within the confines of a 52 card poker deck. I also have taken existing older games (Cuttle, Dueling Nobles) and expanded upon them.
I am currently creating a game within the same 52 card restriction that is more in the vein of Genshin Impact’s TCG Genius Invokation with a Pokemon TCG and Magic The Gathering influences as well.
My original thought was the “mana” system to be the 4 suits of a poker deck. Then, a thought occurred. What about just two colors? This mechanically solves my “mana” issues but lore-wise it’s boggling my mind how to explain it. My vision is light/dark akin to Star Wars (been watching The Mandalorian, probably doesn’t help). But the player will be controlling characters of both light and dark. Or better put, light and dark characters will be teamed up to fight other light and dark characters.
Just curious what might be some ways that this could be explained. My mind is drawing blanks.
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2023.04.02 15:14 -Trazula- Can't lose anymore weight but can't eat any less than I do right now. What do I do? (21M)

I'm 165 cm tall, and I weigh 61 kilograms right now. My goal weight is 58 kilograms. I've been working out 6 days a week for a year, following a simple PPL routine with a basic progressive overload scheme.
I used to be almost 90 kg, and very insecure about my body. I've gone down to 61 kgs in a year and a half, and right now I can see my abs while flexing. I would consider myself decently muscular, but I also think that I can lose a little more fat and look much better than I do right now.
I'm eating 1900 calories right now, but I just don't see any sort of progress. I'm literally stuck at this weight. I already have hunger attacks that I need to fight daily eating this amount of calories, I feel exhausted near the end of the day and sleep like Snorlax, and doing more reps or adding weight to the bar is getting harder and harder, and it is very demoralizing.
I don't know what to do, and I'm very frustrated. How can I break this plateau?
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2023.04.02 15:14 fun_address_728 Is mouse drift affected by mouse size?

After seeing some crazy tiny fingertip mice I thought about whether mouse drift is better or worse on smaller mice. I'm happy with my current mouse and not looking for an excuse for why I still suck just curious.
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2023.04.02 15:14 malcolm2134 Love Among Jaws

(Warning: Long Read. I would really appreciate it if someone gave me feedback/critique on this narrative/prose poem. I tried OCpoetry, but I find I hardly get any feedback on my narrative poems, compared to my traditional poems. I admit, I am a beginner when it comes to the prose/narrative poetry style. So, if someone that writes or is familiar with narrative poems could give some advice, that would be great.)

"We'll be kids again."
The words of my best friend,
lingered within me.
I believed the chase for my childhood
would end, when I saw her again.
The three of us, back in Paradise.

My dreams crashed with the ship,
they glimmer as flashbacks in the sea.
The winds stole our future.
The gateway to my past,
a wreck.
Our lives were inflated on uncertainty.
Our final miracle made from nylon,
keeping us afloat the hunger.
It wasn't supposed to be like this.

Terror tramples my trance—
I watch as my best friend turns to crimson.
His soul was led by dehydration,
bait of the ocean salt.
The mirages of the thirst,
pushed him off the raft
to the Phantoms of the Pacific.
Part of my childhood was crunched and consumed,
flesh and marrow swallowed by the blue
and swirled with blood.
The Jaws were the rulers,
and we were the nomads of their domain.
They stared with black voids that latched
fear across our eyes.

We watch the teeth continue
to swarm around us.

Time battered us with Hunger.
And our Thirst,
beckoned by the illusion,
that traps us.
She was a lighthouse,
crumbling apart.
I hold her close.
Her tears weren't made
for the shadows in the sea.
Our embrace,
cast the fires of nostalgia,
warming the ice of the dark.
For a moment,
I forget about the demons lurking.
Their Gluttony grinds,
in wait . . .
of the smallest mistake.

She'll survive,
even if my own light had to drown.
My bones were filled with blame,
but the lullabies of her breaths,
whisked away my shame.
The Whale's song,
called out in the distance.
I sink into the past, where I belong.
My eyes
let the perils fade into the moonlight.

I awoke to
Scum of the sky.
They taunt and tease us,
with their flutters.
Their squawks leave us behind—in flight.
If only,
we were born with wings,
instead of the arrogance of the apex.
Out here we are reminded,
we too, are part of the Earth's Kingdom.
The air dries our throats,
as I return the jellyfish to the tides,
and she tries to bridge us back
to civilisation with static.
The famine feasts on our wills,
the scent of our sweat,
courting the punishers of the gallow,

She collapses
I rush to her
aid. I breathe my hopes
into her
lungs.With no response.
I search the floors,
a flask hides in
one of the gaps.
Water, my elixir.
I raise her head and
She coughs out whirlpools,
the shine of her pearls
gaze up at me.
I drape her in my jacket,
afraid her fever would
rip her away from my arms.
I feel the anchor of my lips,
weigh down on her beauty.
The regret from my youth,
cast out onto the seabed.
As I reel away,
she laughs. And so do I.
At last,
it only took both living and dying,
to spur my courage.
I feel like,
if I mouthed the three words,
Everything will be fine again.
She raises a finger of understanding,
to my lines
I let the silence express my feelings to her.
Our love immortalised above
the depths of death.

Then the sunshine died.
The sky overflowed with smog,
threatening to rain down violence.
The horizon was polluted by stars,
lighting up bloodlust in the waters.
I scream at the sky
Not to the Gods of imagination.
Not to the lies of planets.
Nor to the universe of nothing.
For us.
I always looked at the sky,
with resentment. The sky that
separated me and her.
The end of my childhood.
Now I wonder,
if it was just protecting her.
If only I had been strong enough,
to live
as a blur in our polaroid.
I feel her strokes release my mind.
As the burden atop my shoulders,
evaporates in the ripples of rage.
The beams of her visage,
clears the mist in my heart.
we watch the waves burn.
The lightning above ignites its hate,
sparking the beasts in the abyss of sapphires.
Their hunger flashes in the currents.
Their patience wanes.
The violet of the dark,
cradles our isolation.
I submit to the storm's fury
and melt into the night.

"You coming, chicken?"
My best friend was below.
I stood above him on a cliff.
I hesitated and cursed under my breath.
was beside me.
She grabs my hand.
I felt courage in her palms.
The calm waves underneath,
opened the doorways to its wonders,
an invitation for us.
My mind as clear as the sky.
We both promise to jump in three.
One . . .
Two . . .
Three . . .
leap into our futures of
emblazoned hope.
A whiff of familarity followed . . .
Marshmallows on a bonfire.
My friend makes his goofy, kissy faces at me.
And gives me the thumbs-up.
Next to me,
her flames were reborn, guiding my shadow.
They've both returned!
The forest fills with our jokes.
was encased in our laughter.
My Home. My Peace. My Paradise.
So Warm.
So Safe.

Much water thrashed my face.
Reality shook me
from my fantasy.
She was screaming
at the predators.
Both fighting and
giving up.
Their fins stalk for prey.
The dangers drew upon death.
I do what I've done my whole life,
I hold on.
Years of my longingness,
reflects in the ocean's mirror.
The breeze of my words,
soothes her nerves.

Our bodies were our greatest enemy.
Even oxygen suffocated us.
The infinite seconds of our ordeal, made us
both age by centuries.
The flares for humanity were cut.
No one was coming.
She crawls towards me,
and offers her hand.

"We'll be kids again."
Words in a different life.
Our pains wash over us,
as we stagger to the brink,
of our fates.
One . . . I just want to live in the past.
Two . . . return me to my Paradise.
Three . . .

I hold the memories in her hand and squeeze.



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2023.04.02 15:13 Commercial_Mind4003 Sokka’s Amazing Character Development and why he is a badass hero. Him being sexist wasn’t a major factor in his character. It was minor. His story was going from a arrogant wannabe tough guy to a Badass Bookworm and leader.

Sokka’s Amazing Character Development and why he is a badass hero. Him being sexist wasn’t a major factor in his character. It was minor. His story was going from a arrogant wannabe tough guy to a Badass Bookworm and leader. submitted by Commercial_Mind4003 to Avatarthelastairbende [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 15:13 No_Calligrapher_8493 Recommendations to bring these cabinets back to life or is sanding the only option?
Cabinets have seen better days. Grease and water damage over the years.
Anything I can use to bring these up looking great?
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2023.04.02 15:13 babert63 Coop Home Goods Pillow Protector Promo Code

Get Coop Home Goods Pillow Protector Promo Code from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for Coop Home Goods Pillow Protector Promo Code. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!
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2023.04.02 15:13 markkaschak Deleting non-English language files to free up space? (Mass Effect LE)

I've been trying to find a straightforward answer for over an hour, but every "tutorial" assumes a much higher understanding of Linux than I have (lots of jargon and acronyms with zero explanation of what they are, what they're doing, and/or the prerequisites to make the steps work).
It seems like the below process would accomplish this, but can someone please let me know if I'm wrong?
  1. Switch Steam Deck to Desktop Mode (hold power button until a menu appears, select "Switch to Desktop Mode")
  2. Navigate to the game's folder in Dolphin (Dolphin is the file manager, akin to Windows Explorer (file folders, basically))
    1. If the game is installed directly on the Deck's drive, go to home > deck > .steam > steam > steamapps > common > [the game's folder]
    2. If the game is installed on a Micro SD, that card will be listed under "Removable Devices" at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar of a Dolphin window. From there, go to steamapps > common > [the game's folder]
  3. Right-click in an empty area of the game's now opened folder and select "Open Terminal Here". This will open a new Konsole window (Konsole is a program that allows you to execute commands)
  4. Paste the following text on a new line in the newly opened Konsole window: rm -rf *_de.* *_fr.* *_it.* *_plpc.* *_ra.* *_DEU.* *_FRA.* *_ITA.* *_POL.* *_JPN.* *_RUS.* *_ESN.*
  5. Hit "Enter" to execute the command, which will delete the non-English language files
Do I have this right? Thanks for any assistance you may offer the newbie!
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2023.04.02 15:13 MOEB74 Any suggestions for a clog proof, or close, DE razor?

I started shaving my head and wondering if you guys have any suggestions on a clog proof or close DE razor. Or maybe something with better channels than the Rockwell 6s. Thoughts?
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2023.04.02 15:13 vEchxz Upgrades? Trent and Roberto only tradable

Upgrades? Trent and Roberto only tradable submitted by vEchxz to fut [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 15:13 welshdragon888 Thickening puree food for the elderly.

I should state this post is in regards to sweet foods and desserts rather than savory. Pureed stewed apples for example.
I am a chef in a care home who specialises is catering to all sorts of dietary requirements.
Long story short, we usually use Xantham gum as a thickening agent, but find it can go very elastic and gloopy at times.
Do you know of any over the counter type ingredients in the UK we can use? Something like a flavourless Angel delight for example would be brilliant.
Or if you have any tips in regards to thickening sweet dessert meals that have to be perfectly smooth with no limps what so ever, I'd appreciate any feedback.
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2023.04.02 15:13 avalouise_x Massive drop in earnings

Ugh, I’m having an absolute nightmare. My first two months on OF I was making $3,000 a month. And now I’m struggling to make $30 a day! I’ve got 144 subscribers and it’s Iike a ghost town.
I post photos on my feed everyday, send out messages etc. I put so much time and effort into my content and page too. I might just be having a bad few weeks but I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this and has it gotten better?
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2023.04.02 15:12 skarpsno Too strict parenting? Includes quotes from kids

Dear Reddit,
Having read aloud, and enjoyed, the weird house rules post in askReddit to my kids, they insist they live under similar draconian rules. Here's what they asked me to ask you:
Son, 13 years old: I am social over video games, but the thing was that when I wanted a game I had to ask them and they used an app to check what other people said about it, but when it came to GTA, Call Of Duty and those games they would say that I had to change my behavior because I can be aggressive when we have conflicts. What do you think?
My mom and dad were very strict when it came to energy drinks. They allowed me to drink half the drink every other Saturday, which also made it so that I had to buy a new one every other saturday because the one I bought 2 weeks ago isn't good anymore.
When I was younger, my parents made a rule that for every time I got one year older, they added 15 minutes to my bedtime. I go to bed 21:15 now.
Daughter, 13 years old: We only get 100g of sugar every Saturday! But DOESN'T MAKE SENSE! candy doesn't only have sugar you know like chocolate, they have cacao beans. Cacao beans aint only sugar! So lets say that one peace of chocolate weigh 20g but only 16 is pure sugar that means i loose 4 grams! We only get to drink half a bottle of a energy drink every 2 weeks!
_ My comments: we've never enforced screen time rules. They have their own room in the house with a PC and projector and practically live there. They play pretty much any game, except for the two mentioned, and when we consider movies, we tend to be liberal, especially because movie ratings in the US may be high because of nudity, which we don't consider harmful at all.
They are happy with their allowance.
They help around the house.
We limit fast food to once a month. At home we cook from scratch (they love home cooked food).
Also, there are weight related health concerns in the family.
Do you think we are too strict?
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