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2023.06.03 09:54 Logical-District2790 My process

Hey so I just had my surgery on the 30 and I thought I’d give a detailed description of how the process went for me. Please bare with me. I did the best I could describing and telling my story.
The beginning:
I went to my doctor and asked for her to refer me to the bariatric doctor because I was ready to discuss surgery. Last year before I had my 2nd son I had started a weight loss pill that helped me lose 30 pounds. Which put the breaks on getting surgery. (It was a discussion with my doctor but I wanted to try the pills before doing surgery) A requirement was being over 210 and with taking the pills it brought me to 200 so I didn’t see the point of surgery. But then I got pregnant, had gestational diabetes and gained a bunch of weight. He’s one now and I still haven’t been able to let the weight go which motivated me to go the surgery route. My genetics also play a huge part in why I decided to get the surgery. Me and my mom both have the same body type and she struggles with her weight. And I decided I didn’t want to be on that path.
The program:
So I started my program. Which consisted of monthly appointments with a dietician practicing diets and figuring out any bad habits to try to get rid of them. I’ll be honest I didn’t follow much. I just showed up to my appointments and took all the information in. As long as I didn’t gain weight I was okay. I started the program at 250lbs. At the end of the 6 months I lost 5lbs. I failed the psych evaluation and had to redo it. But it only delayed the process by a couple of weeks. No biggie.
Once I got the okay to have surgery, they scheduled my day. I believe I was called on the 1st week of may and was schedule may 30. I was super shocked it was so close. But was ready for it to be done. I had to do a liquid diet for a week. Also know as the liver shrink diet. Only liquids my dietician said salads for dinner was okay. Which I followed to a T until the 6th day. Before the liquid stage I got sick and had no appetite so I wasn’t eating anything at all. In that week I lost 5lbs, I gained like 2 back when I started eating again but then I went right to the liquid diet and I felt like I was losing it. I hadn’t really ain’t a solid meal in almost 2 weeks. So I had one solid meal of rice and meat (spanish food). I went back to the liquid diet for the next 2 days and lost 7lbs in total on the liquid diet. I was also told to stop any vitamins or pills so I did that as well.
The surgery:
So the day of my surgery I didn’t eat anything. My surgeon recommended I drink a G2 on the way to the hospital to help with the anesthesia. Which I did. I didn’t drink the whole thing cause my stomach was all twisted from not really eating anything. They also wanted me to shower the night before and the morning of using the hibiclens. I had my mom drop me off because they don’t allow you to drive home and I did not want to leave my car in the garage overnight. I got there at 7 am. I was admitted and waited to be called to the back. They put me in a admitting room where they had me change into a surgery gown. Had me document my belongings. And pee in a cup for a pregnancy test. They asked all the same questions all over again which I answered. A nurse wiped my belly again with what I believe was hibiclens again. They then put my iv and started fluid. The anesthesiologist came in asked me questions and then said they were giving me meds to go to sleep. They rolled me out to the surgery room which was almost 10am when I checked the time. 5 minutes later I was out. I woke up in the recovery room.
Waking up:
So I woke up and was out of it. I believe it was around 12-1pm. They let me stay asleep while they made sure my vitals were back to normal. I did hear the nurse a few times saying that my pressure was high but they were able to fix it because they moved me to my own room shortly after. Getting to my own room I slept sooo much. They would come to get me up to walk every 4 hours unless I got up to pee. Which I had to call a nurse to help me go cause I wasn’t allowed to get up on my own. Majority of the times I woke up I felt nauseous. Which lead to me throwing up blood.(this is normal) So for the first 18 hours out of surgery I slept, woke up to pee, threw up and walked around the floor for a lap to get my steps in. They would also give me pain and nausea meds. I was also getting continuous fluids. Which is why I was peeing every 2-3 hours. The pain always maintained level 6-7 it never got worse then that. And the pain meds and sleeping made it non existent. (I want to add I do have a high pain tolerance. I had 2 8+lb babies with no epidural if that helps gauge it.) The next morning I felt so restless I was ready to go. They discharged me around 12pm and my sister in law picked me up. They were able to bring me my meds to take home and I went home feeling way better then I did the first day.
Things I think I forgot:
I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
HW: 250 SW: 237 CW: 231
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2023.06.03 09:54 Tikoati No, it's not strong, you're just being frustrated.

I read a lot of posts about people complaining over some cards, some decks or some playstyles. There is probably nothing to nerf, nothing wrong in the current state of the game.
What is wrong is you ; you just lost and are frustrated because you didn't feel good about this game you lost.
But what is wrong is that Gwent designers didn't told you that you would lose. They let you think that you can win. So, you trust them, you grab your most fun deck with you, and lose against some heavy engine or heavy control deck.
I tell you here why you lose and why you're frustrated, in hope that you'll understand why Gwent is not made for you as it is and you should either change your mind or leave.
When you enter a game, you are not equally strong with your opponent. It's not a traditional chess game. You and your opponent don't start equally, here are the things that will have an impact on your winning ability : - Intrinsic strength of your decks - Matchup - Matchup knowledge (skill) - RNG draw (luck) - Concentration (you can be tired) - and probably more
You need to learn to guess how much chance you have to win when you start a game. Do you play meta? Do you know the matchup? Are you in a good mood/mind to play?
Pro players have about 70% winrate and not 100%. They lose about 1/3 of their games ! They learned to accept that they will lose some games anyway. Even in tournaments, BO3 are designed to let players lose 1/3 of their games.
If you are willing to play Gwent, you need to accept all this. You need to accept that you'll lose because you took a bad deck against a good one. Or you took a polarized deck that will lose against heavy engines. Or you lose because you don't know how to play against some of the decks.
Now that was the part where you need to accept to lose. Second part is where you accept that Gwent is a strategic game and that fun is not allowed.
You are baited by the deckbuilding ability. You think that you can make anything, see opponents playing anything in return and have fun. You fool. You're just making bad decks, lowering your chances to win. Then you complain because you didn't learn to lose. Hopefully now that you read the first part of this post, you know now how likely you will lose with such "fun" decks.
NO. Gwent is a strategy game. It's chess. Your opponents will always play the same decks over and over. You will play the same decks over and over. Playing meta is playing a balanced game. You won't expect players playing some "pikeman" in a chess game. You know exactly what he will play, what is his range of plays. That's how a strategy game is fun.
You've been fooled by card games. I'm sorry, I've been fooled too. I am one of you, being frustrated by the promise to build everything, to meet some other crazy deckbuilders, because I'm not a meta slave. But now, I just launch the game every so often, trying some clunky combos or some 27 cards Renfri decks... But I know that I'll lose. I know my opponent will break me with meta decks. I play at lower rank because I can counter the lack of strength with some skill and game knowledge. But all this is not fair games.
Deckbuilding is a bait. Gwent is a strategy game.
Yet, there is something you can complain about! Yay!
Gwent didn't gave you all this information. You don't know how to play the game, you are lost. You thought you could have fun with deckbuilding in ladder. And THAT is wrong. Gwent team should have warned you. They should have put warnings about your winrate when you create a non-meta deck.
You're not being frustrated for nothing. They made you some promises they didn't fulfill. They didn't taught you that you'll lose the next game...
Now, when you lose and are frustrated, don't post on Reddit that X or Y is too strong. Make a post for Gwent designers to display a message before the game to remember you that you're either bad at game or playing a bad deck (or both).
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2023.06.03 09:54 ttourniquet I’m beyond triggered by my parents.

Hello I’m a 16 year old female and i’m struggling with an eating disorder. To me it’s quite shocking because i love food and i love cooking.. it’s also shocking because my mom is a nutritionist. she also engages in the same disordered rituals as i do which makes me think i’ve possibly developed my ed from her. she used to do diets when i was younger and i would try to do the same diet as her. she used to talk about how i overate and now she tells me i eat too little. now i don’t live with my mom so it’s not like this everyday but what she said really stuck with me. On the other hand, my dad finally knows about my eating disorder. we’ve been discussing treatment and hes expecting me to do better right now but its so hard when his wife (my stepmom) talks about how she’s dieting when we’re eating. a couple days ago he was telling me how i need to control my purging and the next day he brought home a treadmill! him and his wife are always discussing calories and their weight and god.. it triggers me so much. i’m waiting to go to residential treatment because i want to recover but there is just no way i can do it in this environment.
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2023.06.03 09:54 MapIndependent8085 So my boyfriend just sat me down for a long conversation

About how he feels like if Norm Macdonald was still alive, I wouldn’t be with him. And this bothers him a lot… apparently. This dude is 6’5 and he’s upset enough to ask me to have a serious conversation about this issue he’s having about being jealous of norm Macdonald. The whole time I’m trying to stay serious, and not laugh but …. Jesus Christ!
Norm… not bad.. you slay from the grave.
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2023.06.03 09:53 ApplicationVisible89 I NEED A HACKER TO HACK A PHONE AND DELETE A VIDEO ON THE PHONE.

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2023.06.03 09:53 PappaNee Coworkers had moments were they talked behind my back, made fun of me & teased me...

After a period of silence and not rlly interacting with them after that, i started doing it back since they started abruptly too. Now i'm the problem.
I've been working there for almost a year now and in the beginning it was the worst, while i noticed it back then, i wrote it off as them just being silly and giving them the benefit of the doubt.
There was even a moment where one of the managers talked behind my back, saying i'm slow. Not to the boss, TO HER COLLEAGUES/FRIENDS. I walked in on that exact moment and told her "i'M dOnE" in a really dead serious tone, implying that i heard her. They kept looking at me after that not saying a word. I did adress this incident with the boss and he talked to her about it while i wasn't there. I did get a clear hint at that moment, but hindsight is always 20/20.
Meanwhile colleagues were trying to bully me by making me clean up all the time and literally trying to scare me (which never worked). Also ridiculing me for not being able to lift anything heavy, then continuing to act surprised when i could handle it. It was the worst in the beginning, eventually it died down to them having fun talking to each other and having a blast and me apart from the group having to clean everythin and getting shit tasks. No one interacting with me in the meantime, except for moments where they had a convo and suddenly interacted with me too. However when i tried to say smth back to relate, ppl ignored me.
I feel like i.wasn't given a fair chance since the beginning, but idk why. Some insight would be appreciated
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2023.06.03 09:53 SheriffYouWant2 Being harsh to my sibling

My brother recently married my SIL, we’ll call her Sally. She is opinionated and he is very supportive. She moved into his home shortly after the wedding, a home that I actually just purchased from him (after this incident) and decided to implement new rules. Specifically one for the mail man to walk around the yard to deliver the mail. I’m sure it went through one ear and out the other. When she observed him doing it again, she said, “how many f’ing times do I have to tell you not to walk on the grass?” His response was what anyone would say, I’m just trying to do my job etc. My brother noticed no mail has been delivered since the altercation and called the post office to find out that the mail man felt threatened and was approved to no longer deliver to that address. So as my brother is telling me this story, I was aggressively opinionated. I told him his wife was being petty, mail man has been walking through the yard for 13 years now she suddenly wants to play yard god, the mailbox is on the door so why would he be required to walk from the neighbors house to the street and back up the driveway to deliver the mail. I also added that now that I am the owner of the house I’m going to call the post office and tell the carrier he can walk in the yard whenever he wants.
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2023.06.03 09:53 Suuedehead My (23m) bf and I (23f) have been together for 4 years and I am worried because his family depends on him

Im hoping to get some insight on something because I don’t really know what to do in this situation anymore. My bf of 4 years ( were both turning 23 this year) is stuck picking his mom and brother up from work everyday because they do not want to get their license. His brother is 21 going to be 22 and barely works full time after work all he does is play video games and never wants to go out. He also makes remarks to my bf about not being able to save money and my bf is highly bothered by the comments but because he is so kind he never says anything back and still picks him up from work. He tells me it is because his brother has a bad temper and he does not want to start a fight. This bugs me because my boyfriend is so kind and giving and he is getting taken advantage of his mom and brother. His mom also says that his brother still has a “kid like” mind and that is why she never pushes him. I am starting to go crazy over this situation as we never have time to ourselves without having to work around both their schedules daily. Also his mom wants to buy a house and put my bfs name under it aswell so that we can buy a house more easier later on but I just feel like it has to do with them being dependent on my bf again. For this reason my bf also cannot get a new job due to him having to be at the same place for 2 years to qualify for a house so now I feel like he’s also being held back. I also want to mention that I live with my parents and we all do everything for ourselves so it’s hard for me to understand his side. I really feel bad telling him things because I don’t want to stress him out but it’s starting to rly drive me crazy. Am I being too invasive into his family and his relationship? I just don’t know what to do in the situation anymore.
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2023.06.03 09:53 Long_Difficulty3611 How much worse can an apt get

This is a warning to those looking for a new apt - always see it in person. And beware.
Even though I actually DID see this place in person, the housing situation in NY is so bad that I was willing to accept something cheap as this shitty apt. But I’m really learning that sadly cheap in NY is most of the time going to be suspect. I went to this apartment on a severe budget and time limit - I already saw how dirty it was but I thought “Hey, with my cleaning skills, this can be fixed right?”
Wrong. The place had roaches everywhere. I had to live in a tiny closet space that I soon got so sick of, next to a guy in his 40s who was coughing every 5 secs and never left his room. It felt like he was right there with me from how thin those damn walls were. I quickly got so incredibly sick of the lack of privacy even if I had my own room.
The kitchen was a … disaster to say the least. No matter how much I cleaned it, it was never going to sparkle up. A foul smell practically lived there. The stains were just there for life; stains from moldy fruit, grease, stains of spilled whatever on the wall - this place was filthy and I wish no one ever go through that. I distinctly remember sweeping a toenail clipping from off the floor. Looking back I just laugh at myself bc I moved in so idealistic that I could change it a tiny bit and contribute. When something is so dirty like that, it’s not going to get any better. You will eventually give up cleaning it just like everyone else in there.
Moreover, I saw how depressing the culture was. It felt like people were just barely surviving, never leaving their room, and it ended up getting to me. I quickly became depressed in this place, but due to my financial situation I felt so stuck. I rarely ever saw any of my FOUR roommates that I shared ONE bathroom with (that also was a disaster half the time). I start to see they’re stealing my utensils that I was forgetful to leave on the drying rack. I quickly end up with no utensils and even a missing pot. At some point I even saw they threw away my only cutting knife in the trash. At that point I just tried to maintain my sanity and not go fight them.
Then the landlord ended up kicking me and only me out??? Due to an inspection coming up? One day he just texted me asking me if I had moved out already, and I was so confused. “I return your deposit. Move out in 2 weeks.” Yeah he is a total slumlord and just shady as shit. I was so incredibly happy to move out ngl, but this shitty real estate agent f me over for my new place so unfortunately I was stuck there for another few months. The landlord told me it was okay - just to say to say that we’re “family” in case inspection came around. FOH, we are not even of the same race …. Idk how he managed to dodge inspection bc they surely would have declared it a hazard to live there.
Then the only other girl there brings her boyfriend to live with her without even telling the landlord - great, 5 other ppl to share the bathroom with. And on the floor below me some guy who just yells randomly and makes weird noises moves in too. Just a whole circus at that point.
I wanted so hard to keep my positive spirits, to not lose myself, to stay motivated, to stay strong and not let the apt bring me down, but let me tell you I quickly sank into the worst state of my life w/out me even realizing it. I can’t tell you how bad it was, and even then I know it could still be even WORSE in this city. Somehow my financial situation got even worse in there?? I started to feel crazy for living in there, feeling like someone with bad problems bc at the end of the day the place still attracted me. Like who else said yes to this?? And yeah, my life got mad messy in all aspects too. Then the only roommate who actually spoke yo me told me that the mold in the bathroom might actually be toxic and a cause of depression. Like oh that explains it.
Then I find out the landlord was kicking everyone out in 3 months due to “renovation.” Well he was actually just evicting everyone from the third floor because of the dude in his 40s who was so immature he just went to the landlord for all his problems instead of talking them out with us. Like WTF this man is just here to collect a coin. He does not care about you. It was all due to the girl and her bf making noise … And you know what the landlord did? Just printed out a half-assed Word doc w/ 12 pt font putting 4 rules down, with the last one being “common senes” (typo & all). So I guess that’s the end of that.
And that roommate was a damn weirdo as well who never even showered (seen him in the same clothes 3 days in a row) or cleaned the bathroom (we at least tried to coordinate on that), calling ambulances because he thought this woman was cooking meth once but it was just burnt casserole. I quickly decided to never speak to him again bc how do you live in NYC and never leave the room AT ALL?! You don’t live in the city atp, you live in your room. I’m starting to think the landlord bribed the tenant before me to make the place sound okay bc he really told me the guy was always out with his gf … Um yeah. His imaginary gf. Let me not rant about this anymore.
Thankfully I’m out of there now. In fact I had to even take a break from NY. Please don’t be like me. Just because you live in this cool city doesn’t mean that you’ll be outside all the time and that your living space isn’t as much of a priority. It should be the TOP priority. Wondering how many people have gone through similar things.
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2023.06.03 09:52 Mundane-Might-3192 was I sa’d.

I went out with some friends last night, drunk a lot and ended up at a club. I started talking to a guy there and he convinced me to go on a walk with him. He got my to take my tampon out and laid me down and started having sex with me. I said yes. I said yes up until my friend who i’d messaged showed up and I stumbled, I fell over multiple times walking to the girl he’d brought with him. I feel like it’s nothing because I said yes, but some friends say that it’s not okay because I was clearly very drunk.
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2023.06.03 09:52 OH_FUC- WIBTA if i kept my relationship secret from my aunt cause my partner is white?

some background information my aunt hates the fact that ive dated a lot of white men and that i need a black guy cause i need to stick with my people (im mixed), now getting to the main part, my unofficial partner is white and my aunt asked about him and immediately asked if he was white, i said yes and she got a bit upset at me, she said that she'll take me back up to live with her again. i love my aunt but living with her is hard. i want to make things official with my partner but idk if i should tell my aunt or not, she'll be upset at me regardless but my partner makes me happy, so WIBTA if i didn't tell my aunt about my relationship cause my partner is white?
as a side note my aunt thinks that im dating white men on purpose, she even doesn't like my dad cause he has a white gf, my family doesn't care that much they'll just make fun of me having a white bf
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2023.06.03 09:52 Stressedhehe Should I go back to uni accommodation? Don't have a room at home.

When I left for uni, my dad moved in with my sisters (small family) and her family and my dad live together now - this is the 'family home' I come back to during holidays. He contributed to the purchasing of the house quite a bit. My younger sister, him and my older sister live with her own family (husband, a child). I come back and I have no room. But, here's the deal: I am expected to come home. I don't have a room. I have no privacy - if I have to change, it's either the bathroom or an empty room hoping no-one's in. It was discussed at the start if I could stay in with younger sister and share her room in some aspects (leaving my clothes and so on) but she doesn't want to share. I can use the shed room we have in the garden, but I know my dad thinks me being in there away from everyone else is a way of 'rejecting' family time and today my sister is coming back from her holiday so i had to move my stuff out of her room again. I am honestly feeling quite emotional and yet SO conflicted. My tenancy covers me back in my uni town so I don't know if I should stay here another week and then leave. Any advice?
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2023.06.03 09:52 Sasmastah My (26M) Boyfriend (37M) never messages me through the day unless I message first. Is there something going on??

We’ve been in a relationship for almost 2 years now and during the first year our communication had been really good. We’ve been long distance for the last 5 months. He would message out of the blue to tell me about his day and check in with me and usually his responses would be fairly quick (max 10mins).
Now I feel like I’m constantly initiating conversation and a lot of the time either get left on read/seen, or he takes a few hours to respond even though I can see he’s been active on other apps.
Is there anything going on that I’m not seeing or do you think I’m overreacting??
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2023.06.03 09:52 annieisinDALI Offering: Chinese / Seeking: English

My name is Annie. I am a native Chinese and a full-time Chinese teacher with around 10 years of experience, I'd like to help you with your Chinese, and I am looking to improve my English. About me: I am 35. I am not really social, but I could be fun I think. In my leisure time, I usually watch movies, read a book or just walk around in the park just and watch people. Every once in a while I go out to meet friends. I currently live in Dali, Yunnan province in China. (Beijing time)I plan to do the IELTS exam in the summer, my goal is to score 7, I got 6 on the last exam. I need you to help me with academic writing and my teaching English in my Chinese classes. I am eager to make my English sound more colloquial, and polite and get a better understanding of Western culture, as well as any other cultures if you'd like to share. So if you are a professional English teacher who is looking to study Chinese that would be great. I can help you with both speaking and preparing for the HSK exam. If you are interested in Chinese culture, I'd love to explore it with you too. Hopefully, you are really a serious learner, who has a goal with your Chinese study rather than just taking the study casually, because I think it's very important for a study team to have a similar study vibe so that we can work "at the similar pace", making our language really different in the new year. Only native speakers, I prefer females. Thank you very much for reading my ads. Please feel free to text me if you are eager to improve your Chinese too. Hope you will have a lovely day.
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2023.06.03 09:52 mdizak Let's Uncover Corruption Within The Vancouver RCMP.

Who Murdered Davis Hawke / Jesse James / Michael Moriaty / Eddie Temple / whoever?

I miss my dude, and I want details as to what happened to him. Nobody else is willing to help, so apparently it's up to me.

This guy:





I was his tech lead for 9 years, and he treated me like an absolute king. Both of his parents are dead, and his ex-girlfriend is too fragile to really do anything, so looks like I'm the only one to help out.
Russian mafia carried out the hit, and I know this for multiple reasons. I don't expect anyone to see justice for this, because they're hanging out in places like Monaco.

However, what I would like to see is corruption within the Canadian RCMP come to a halt. I don't know about you, but this is my world just as much as it is yours, and I don't want to live in a world where the police are capable of covering up murders such as this, which I promise you is exactly what happend.

I'll give you a prime example. He has found on a remote logging road in British Colubmia laying in the back of a burnt out SUV with a bullet in the back of his head, and the police actually initlaly wrote it off as a hunting accident. I shit you not, they said it was a hunting accident at first. Then after a few years and some pressure they decided they made a mistake and it was actually a murder.

Anyway, does anyone want to help? I can't bring Davis back, but if I do this right, what I can maybe do is uncovery corruption within the Vancouver RCMP. Drop me a note if you're interested in helping.
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2023.06.03 09:52 Elegant-Cake-2240 [QCrit] The Yuddha Trilogy- Fantasy Fiction- 90k words.

Hi folks,
Trying to make my query better, but I still feel I am missing something. It would be a huge help for me if you guys can give me some valuable feedback, and constructive criticism. I am trying to understand what I am missing here. Thank you in advance for helping wannabe writers like me.
Dear Agent
I am excited to offer for your consideration on “The Yuddha Trilogy”, a Novel partially inspired by Hindu Mythologies. It is a 90,428-word fantasy fiction, Children’s literature that consists of three-part.
Abiral, an ordinary 17-year-old boy was unsatisfied with his life, constant bullying and discrimination were nothing new for him. He was fed up with all the suffering when an old man comes into his life. The old man (Denver) who was on a quest to find his son, stumbles with Abiral. As they both started to bond it was revealed that Abiral was the long-lost son he was searching for, and to top up that he found that he is a “Yuddha”. A mystical warrior, with special powers.
From this point onwards his new life gets started, a new journey in a new place, where he unveils new adventure, mystery, and the truth his father was not telling him. It all gets more twisted when the person he trusted the most goes missing and he has to fight with the most lethal dark warrior Ruthard, alone.
The only way to defeat the Dark ruler is to get the “Royal Sword” in hand. “Royal Sword” is the most powerful object in the world, which consists of the soul of a great ancestor. But the journey to get the Sword is not easy as they have to go through an adventure to get the sword, in every corner the guard of the Dark Ruler is present.
The Yuddha Trilogy is my debut English Novel. My first Nepali Novel was published in my native country. I am a law student who loves to write.
Thank you for your consideration, would love to work with you.
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2023.06.03 09:51 halfhumanhalfgoddess Do, you know what was the first word or sentence you spoke, when you started talking as a kid?

My mother told me that when I was little. I was playing with dirt and also eating it. So, when my grandfather saw me eating dirt. He asked me, "Are you eating dirt?" and I replied, "I didn't eat dirt."
The first sentence I spoke was a lie.
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2023.06.03 09:51 kavidhesh_ Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a media buyer, who will specialize in running ads on Facebook for SaaS businesses.
He’ll be a participant in our bi-weekly reporting meetings with me and our clients and will enter the service delivery workflow. He’ll do all the tasks assigned to him for the day and report back daily.
He needs to have proficient English, enough to be well understood and perfect in writing.
Will come on board as a contractor with a chance to become a full-time member of our agency in the future.
We're looking for someone honest and transparent.
Were looking for someone open-minded and willing to learn.
He will be compensated $1500 per month/client.
To apply for the position, please fill out the following Google Form:https://forms.gle/TPg4k9mRFS9cMHvN6
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2023.06.03 09:51 Gamer-chan Need help with a term in english

I am a German player and thus play the game in German, but using Google for Guides is difficult. There are near to no German guides, not what's wanted and just translating the German ingame term seems not working. I search a guide for treasures locked by enemies (crossed swords icon), but I don't know what they are called in english.
There is a robot on Xianzhou that casts goldfish bots. I can't beat it and unfortunally already rised my Balance level. I only leveled my most important characters to not make things too expensive (like you need to level MC's skills and stuff for each path if you plan to play them both) so I for now focused on Welt, Fire MC and Dan Heng. I had Natasha with me for healing while MC tanks the damage, but the fishes use AoE attacks, so that's not really helping. And since the robot has imaginary res I have hard times, dealing damage with Welt, but he and Fire MC's ult are my only AoE options.
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2023.06.03 09:51 KickSufficient7095 Thoughts about Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse

⚠️Spoiler Alert⚠️
The movie is genuinely too good from animation to storytelling, the way these guys merged animation with storytelling was just insane like in the color schemes of different universe and the colors changing in the scene as per the emotions of the characters it was just so cool to watch every single frame of the movie.
The cameos of the characters were also good and didn’t feel forced like the studio has a history of stuffing characters forcefully but here it was really managed smartly.
The one thing that really got me excited was the ending like from not seeing Nicholas Cage’s Spider-Man Noir to seeing him in the end made me happy to know that at least we will get to see him in the third part, but talking about the cliff hanger there are really interesting things which I got in my mind like firstly even if Miles defeats his alter self and uncle from Earth 42, he is still stuck in that universe which is not his universe which means he will be glitching and the main question is how will he go back to his universe cause he doesn’t have any watch to do that on the other hand how will Gwen and the team find Miles. I am not at all concerned about Spot cause we all know that there are too many Spider-People to stop him even if he has powers he was a villain for only a week.
The cliffhanger was too intense and leaves so many questions in our mind and we can think of so many possibilities like its not like Infinity war that we can guess that the Avengers will try to find the stones and defeat Thanos and bring everyone back, this cliffhanger was just like will make you think your life like what will happen now you can’t even guess like how will Miles go back to his universe or how will Gwen find Miles.
Overall the movies was great, filled with tons of easter eggs and a lot of details. The movie is definitely rewatchable like the first one.
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2023.06.03 09:50 BliknoTownOrchestra So I have a (slightly) collapsed lung.

Felt some chest pains after physical exertion, went to the doctor.
I got diagnosed with a light case of lung collapse. Actually light. He said that there was no need for me to get hospitalized or anything, just avoid physical activities. It’ll likely happen again though, and if it does, then we’ll consider surgery.
The doctor told me it’s probably recurrent, but I want to go on a trip overseas in a few months, don’t want to miss that. Anyway, any advice/ pro tips? What’s my best bet for preventing a recur?
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2023.06.03 09:50 ThrowRA_6373 My (F25) bf (M26) bought me the same gift that my bestfriend (F25) got. What should I do?

Some back story here:
My bf and best friend do NOT get along. Their personalities consistently clash and I’ve decided that they need to stay away from each other for peace to remain. My bf is annoyingly blunt and my best friend is over sensitive. Overall bad combo
In addition to the two not hanging out, I also don’t talk about the other in front of the person I’m hanging out with (no bestfriend talk near my bf and vice versa).
My best friend’s bf bought her a Cartier ring for her 25th birthday. I was beyond happy for my bestie. I also never mentioned this present to my bf even once.
My 25th bday is 2 weeks after my best friend’s. For my 25th birthday, my bf no joke bought me the SAME RING. When I saw the ring I didn’t even look happy but more anxious than anything. My bf felt hurt (rightfully so) that I didn’t like the ring. He was upset because he didn’t even know my best friend was gifted the same present from her bf. He was more upset because I said I would never wear the ring.
I completely understand why he was upset. To spend over a grand on a present for the person not to like it would crush anyone. The reason I can’t tell my best friend about this ring is because it’ll cause problems. She already doesn’t like my bf and she has a tendency to think people are copying her style.
It’s come up multiple times throughout my life where my bestfriend has accused someone of copying her style. I’ve told her that trends come and go and that it’s more likely that everyone is following the same trends but she doesn’t listen.
The problem is that this ring is so specific I wouldn’t even know how to explain to her that my bf didn’t copy her bf. He genuinely didn’t know. It’s been months and I haven’t told her about the ring and everyday I don’t wear it my bf gets more and more hurt by the present.
Edit: he can’t return the ring because we’re in Canada and he bought the ring while he was in Dubai.
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