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2023.06.04 10:01 Sivirus8 Gave my friend their first tattoo today

Gave my friend their first tattoo today
They’ve been wanting this tattoo for a few years now, so yeah :)
Took about 35 mins, 03RL and used a mix of dynamic black ink and mom’s best black ink
They were also overall surprised as to how clean I tend to be with doing any sort of tattoos haha
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2023.06.04 09:56 Aggressive_Cell_2784 I don’t hold my family to a high regard

For some reason I’ve always never valued my family if anything I’ve always seen them as people nothing more nothing less. I’ve never seen them as important individuals in my life sure my mom gave birth to me but should I praise her for something that I didn’t ask for in the first place more specifically birth. I always just focus on myself and could care less about my family’s affairs. Even if a family member dies I’ll just treat them as any other death which just consists of not caring due to the fact that death is something natural.
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2023.06.04 09:56 Rude-Shape-4378 Teen rape mom and son daddy and daughter black rape gay young rape if you are down text me on telegram and if you are not buying don't dm me only for the @Brothers997

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2023.06.04 09:56 AzaleaMalani It doesn't sound that unreasonable that her mom wouldn't mind

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2023.06.04 09:55 ricinonthecake handguns that are easy to rack the slide?

I was showing my mom my (completely empty) G19, and showing her the holster, etc. She's in her early 50s and she's been thinking about getting something for awhile. she was having a really tough time pulling the slide back. (she's pretty small) I don't think she has arthritis or anything but I definitely was a little concerned. like if she needed to use it, would she be able to?
anyways, any recommendations? preferably something subcompact
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2023.06.04 09:55 yesaroobuckaroo im so confusdddddddddddddd >:c

idunoooooo ugh.
my bestfriends parents got into a fight or something 😬 and her mom left the house, and apparently when her mom is mad she doesnt drive well :/ so my bestfriend is worried abt that.
also her siblings are leaving too ig. her dad also did but just recently came back, and now shes his therapist :( which is just so dumb because both of her parents always do that and it just ends up making HER worse :/
she keeps aplogizing for all of this but its all ok :c i dont mind listening to her, and trying to be there :] it doenst bother me at all and i like being there for her :]
she feels horrible and i just kweropopk :/
i feel so bad for her :( she doesnt deserve any of this and i wish everything was normal
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2023.06.04 09:54 Calm-Grapefruit-4974 Does anyone else have trouble connecting with anyone?

Is it hard for you to connect to people? My whole life I've felt disconnected from most if not everyone else around me its hard for me to love anyone and while I do care about my mom and yes I would be sad if she died but it doesn't feel like love I don't really feel anything towards her if that even makes sense and I really want to love or care about someone in a meaningful way I wish I had a partner that I could connect to I've had people explain how love feels to me and no matter what I can never understand that feeling I wish I could so I want to know do other autistic people feel this pain? Does anyone else feel socially isolated? Am I alone in this feeling?
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2023.06.04 09:53 Nova_BR PIXAR MOMS

So yeah, I've been seeing posts like this for the last two years and it makes me want to SHIT A SEMI-TRUCK. I don't get how people are spoon-fed SO MUCH HORNY to believe that EVERY SINGLE PIXAR MOM has a DUMP TRUCK ASS. The majority of people always pin me back on THIS CHARACTER which, for a fact, is not even a PIXAR CHARACTER, it's from a DISNEY SHORT. So today I'm gonna show you all the Pixar moms that are qualifiable for with or without ASS. The majority of them, spoilers, have NO ASS.
Toy Story
Andy's mom. TELL ME there's ASS THERE. TELL ME.
A Bug's Life
You look me in the eyes and tell me thorax is ASS. YOU TELL ME WITH A STRAIGHT FACE.
Toy Story 2
Same flat mom. Same FLAT ASS.
Monster's Inc.
The monsters must've scared all the MOMS away because there's NONE HERE.
Finding Nemo
There's only a mom and her child in the dentist, with no ASS. I'm NOT gonna mention Marlin's wife or any of the other fish parents in the movie, because they are FUCKING FISH.
Ok, moving on.
Even if there were moms here, Do you wanna call this ASS? DO YOU WANT TO CALL THIS ASS?
Nobody has mothers in this movie, not even this filthy RAT.
How does ANYONE on this ship have CHILDREN to BEGIN WITH? If you wanna say they have a big ass, I don't know, go off I guess?
Ellie couldn't HAVE children, and Russel's mom is LONG GONE. DO NOT COUNT KEVIN.
Toy Story 3
Andy's mom STILL AIN'T GOT CHEEK GOING ON but Bonny's mom, mmmmmm, She got a lil' something.
Cars 2
Where do you seer on this queen there's a fat rrrrroyal ASS there? No, not the bear.
Monster's University
Inside Out
Riley's mom- oh, ok.. ok... she's got a lil'something... ok.. not gonna lie, i'm not gonna LIE💦
The Good Dinosaur
Finding Dory
There's only a short shot between the two moms, and every other mom is a FISH.
Cars 3
Y'all need your eyes checked. These are ALL mothers. And this one is literally BONES.
Incredibles 2
eh, nevermind.
Toy Story 4
Aside from Bonny's mom, ya got this woman in the store and the one that lost her kid, neither of them have NOTHING.
Alright. Alright. I GET IT.
You are ALL off of your ROCKERS.
Whether she's human or not, she's STILL a GIANT FISH.
Turning Red
Her mom has... something of an ass, but dont get me started on her panda form.
(I have not watched Lightyear)
Misinform people about Pixar mom's ass again and I'm gonna KILL YOU WITH MY OWN FAT ASS.
Edit: TL;DR for those who asked, a 3 of the pixar moms have something of a ass
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2023.06.04 09:52 International-Swan89 WIBTA if I cut my dad off?

I (19F) have lived with my mom my entire life. Until the age of 8, I would see my dad (49M) every other weekend (6 days out of the month total (sometimes only 3 days)). After that I randomly never saw him again (because drama). Not even my sister and brother (I had a new baby brother on the way too). I was completely torn.
Until 5 years later, he came back around because my sister (my mom side) brought it up to my mom for me.
Since then...absolutely nothing has changed. We barely talk and he always expected me to contact him first. He would randomly ask me snarky questions (no greeting whatsoever) and it would always rub me the wrong way. We barely even hung out since he returned. Hasn't helped me with college either.
Now, a week after Father's Day 2022, he texts my brother, sister (dad side) and I saying:
• He feels disrespected we didn't do anything for him and we only texted him • "Haven't I been a good father" "I've given you guys lots of things"
Then says (same day still): • "I wait and see how long you guys call and you don't." • "This is not how I was raised"
It's like he thrives off of having a dad title instead of being a dad. Like come on.
I was out with my mom and reading that boiled my blood. I didn't reply until close to midnight and I went OFF.
For further context, I'm hearing everything that's happening in his life, from my mom. Him getting a divorce, getting a girlfriend then proposing to her months later. He only mentions this stuff on the phone when I call him after my mom has told me. In May 2022, he tells me the wedding is a few days after my birthday which was in 2 months (The initial date was supposed to be Dec 2022). I never met the woman and it felt forced to try and build a bond with a lady that never even met her fiancé children.
Also called him out on not putting effort into doing anything as a parent and I felt like the victim and the black sheep of his petty decision making. Voicing all of this, on top of him abandoning me, I get no direct response except, "It seems like everyone has stuff to get off there chest." That made me upset even more.
Continuing on, as weeks pass, I'm hearing nothing about the wedding, only from my sister (dad side). Then, I got covid and didn't go to the wedding (yay no tension).
Didn't meet the lady until Christmas last year with her family. Like are you serious? I just spend my time with my brothers.
FAST FORWARD to 3 days ago, my dad post a picture on Instagram and Facebook saying, "Dinner with the family." Everyone is there except me. Like EXCUSE ME?! Hello?? No phone call or text message? Do I not exist? Again, not putting in one ounce of effort. I was so heated right then and there I wanted to call him and let him have it.
I am so frustrated with it all. There's so many unanswered questions and I'm at the point where I don't even want to deal with him anymore. I have a strong distaste for drama and I don't want to start anything because I know there will be stuff said.
So, WIBTA if I cut him off?
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2023.06.04 09:51 Extension-Ad4991 It’s 3 in the morning and I’m messaging my boob to get milk out

It’s 3:30 am and I’m messaging my boob to make more milk come out. My daughter absolutely hates formula. No matter how hungry she is she would rather starve herself than drink it. Yesterday and the day before was good cause I actually thought I found a routine for us. I’ve been breast feeding her on one boob at night and pump the other before bed. In the morning I give her what I pumped in the morning. I pump one of my boobs throughout the day to make sure she has something for when she wakes up from her naps. I used to give her three ounces but now she takes 4. I’m not an over producer so I’m using what I was given and thought I found a routine for us but tonight she proved me I’m behind. She cried non stop until she just fell asleep using my breast as a pacifier. I’m already having a headache and feeling lost. My mom recommended I put cereal (just a pinch) in her bottle to keep her full but I’m scared that’ll hurt her stomach cause she’s only 2 months. But I still want to make more milk.
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2023.06.04 09:51 Stahpwiththisbullpls Pauper Decks containing March of the machine + Aftermath cards?

Hey there,
My playgroud is not very pauper experienced yet, we have only played pauper edh a little so far. We were now looking to maybe play some standard pauper as well, I am trying to convince them. They do play high powered normally and also enjoy to do set-specific gameplay (we built commander decks from the sets always). So my question is, is there any ressource to find pauper decks that use only MOM + Aftermath cards? Or if there isn't, have you built any decks only from those sets? I'm trying to build 4 different decks that can match each other in power, any info appreciated.
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2023.06.04 09:50 Njagi2110 Real life

Real life
This is my post. I feel devastated, this is a very lonely and tiring life am living. I feel like material success is overrated
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2023.06.04 09:49 Electronic_Limit_226 In bed for 4 years

I’ve been mostly in bed for 4 years. I get out of bed to use the restroom and brush my teeth and shower once or twice a week. I am always asleep. I have had so many close people in my life die that I don’t care about anything anymore. I have lost parents, best friends, lovers and my beloved pug in a very short amount of time. I’m able to live because of money I’ve inherited. I’m a useless human being with nothing to contribute anymore. I haven’t the strength to help one of my last dear friends go through her stage 4 cancer. I’m a piece of shit basically. Every day that goes by I wonder and wish I would get cancer and die like my mom. I do occasionally binge watch shows but that’s the extent of it. I’m on all sorts of meds for depression, anxiety, weight loss, ect. I’ve managed to loose 50 pounds since December 2022 so that’s one thing that’s good. I could loose another 50 and be at 130, my favorite weight. I live by a beach ! Can you believe I don’t go one mile down the road to visit it ? I have 2 houses and find it very difficult to maintain mentally going back and forth. I hate myself completely for having privilege and wealth from my deceased parents and not finding an ounce of joy in its freedom, because of what I lost to receive it. I really am pathetic, and my parents would be sad and ashamed for me I know. I had my 15 year old pug die horrifically on my birthday when in someone else’s care while I was sick. He was left accidentally outside on an unshaded deck for hours in extreme heat. I hate that person responsible is the person who brings me my nutrition every day and is my only contact now. I miss my dog everyday for the last four years, and spend many a night lying here imagining what my pug dogs horrible and painful death was like. If I was healthy he would never had died. The guilt is at times completely unbearable. I’m sorry this is so long, but I’m hoping someone can point me to a miracle treatment or medication that has helped them. Menopause is probably not helping either. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.04 09:49 DaleFromDaFlock How often to harvest corms?

I just got a beautiful Amazonica, and now my mother is obsessed and wants one. When I repotted it about 2 weeks ago, I noticed one single corm without looking too hard. When can I expect 5+? I want to start a few at once and pot multiple together for a big bushy plant for mom.
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2023.06.04 09:48 lilacqueen_ Just need to vent for a min about a conversation I had with a parent today.

My son (7) who is type 1 went to a birthday party today. I was chatting with another mom from his school who was asking me about his teacher. I was saying she was wonderful, very supportive of his diabetes and works well with me and the nurses at his school. It was great, but she started the whole “oh I’m sure when treats are brought to class it’s hard for you to come and sub something out”, but I quickly corrected her and let her know he doesn’t miss out, we bolus for anything he wants within reason. She totally ignored me and started talking about this event coming up and says “you can request a no-dye gluten free alternative popsicle” and I said it again.. she just kept going like she didn’t even hear me. I don’t often feed my son sugar and treats, just as a personal preference but I never want him to feel singled out or different if I can help it. If he doesn’t need to eat the dye-free, gluten free, etc., then I won’t make him. He can have regular ones, as long as the nurse can bolus for it.
I know this is just part of it all, but my son was in earshot of the conversation and just kept looking at me for response. I could see he was bothered. I’m type 1 as well but was diagnosed at 21 so I didn’t have to struggle with it and school and peers.
It’s been hours now and he never said anything about it, in fact he’s had fun with his friends all day so I’m sure it was shortlived for him but I needed to just get it off my chest.
If you’ve gotten this far, thanks for reading and wishing you all the best
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2023.06.04 09:48 AlbatrossOk5594 I broke up with my boyfriend after an argument with my sister.

This vent is a huge mess. I'm sorry.
She is my twin, and we're 24F. My now ex is 26M.
I have known him for five years. We got back together over a month ago. I was suffering from a chronic illness. I broke up with him to focus on that. That was three years ago, but we remained good friends.
We would play video games, go out to eat, watch movies, give each other small gifts, and hang out. Probably not important to mention, but our relationship was non-sexual because we haven't had privacy.
My sister seems happy about my breakup. Then she has the nerve to ask if she can help me find a new man. She never liked my boyfriend, but I love him. We've been arguing about my relationship for weeks, and the stress caused a terrible trigger to my illness. I couldn't take it anymore.
To be honest, I have been unhappy in the relationship, but I‘ve been trying to make things with him. He was not once abusive to me, unlike my sister’s previous exes.
My ex is a busy person. He isn't on his phone often and doesn't reply to my message after a few hours or even a day. He does odd jobs for his friend and family. He lives with relatives. I live with my mom and sister. He is unable to visit me because he can't drive. He has walked twice to see me before, but I stop him from doing it now. We live over 11 miles apart in different towns. I visited him more. So our distant relationship wasn't great, but we were inseparable when we meet in person. I normally have to plan the dates. He wasn't able to do it. He is a hard person to figure out. He has trouble expressing his emotions or understanding others. But when it comes to certain topics, he can talk forever about them. We have a lot in common, like a love for animation, writing stories, video games, and drawing.
Not only my sister, but my mom kept telling me not to settle for less. They tell me to find a reasonable man with a good job, who has his life straightened out, someone who can provide for me. I can't even provide for myself, why the hell do they want me to leech off of someone else? Yes, I would like to be a housewife in the future, but right after I have an actual job. If I could ever find one, I’m looking for one.
My sister praises her exes for being manly and hard-working men for taking her out to nice restaurants, giving her valuable gifts, and taking her on trips. Then continues to bash my now ex-boyfriend. She called me sick for trying to defend him as a good boyfriend and believes I’ll still defend him even if he ever beats me.
I'm heartbroken, and I hate to see my sister happy about this. I'm trying to see if my ex is alright, we still care about each other, but again, he doesn't reply to my messages after hours or even after a day. He always makes me worry when he does that. At least now, my sister will stop arguing with me about this. She can leave me alone.
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2023.06.04 09:47 ccgdfdgcf3635 Text me on telegram @christinasky21 to get Teen rape mom and son daddy and daughter black rape gay and lesbian young rape if you are down text me on telegram @christinasky21 and ask of price if you search my name u see Good Seller that's me

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2023.06.04 09:47 pregodepresso I hate everyone and everything except my Nesting Partner

CW: Fertility, dysphoria, and grieving.
I'm exhausted, mentally, emotionally and physically. My (31NB) nesting partner (30m) has been great most of the time. My other partner (24NB) is an ldr and keeps ignoring my statements and explanations of what is and is not ok.
From a medical standpoint this pregnancy was unlikely, between mine and NPs fertility issues we were basically told we would require ivf or a surrogate. However we got very lucky just as I was moving towards a hysterectomy. The first few weeks after finding out was alot of both my partners focused on the end goal of baby coming. After separate talks my NP got it that I couldn't look past my 20w (today) mark due to the risk factors. I'm not considered high risk but I am higher then normal. My LDR didn't get it. I even stopped my medication to protect this baby.
My NP is closer to Cis the either me or my LDR but hes been respectful, not touching me without permission, and even acting as a block when people start crossing lines. My LDR is amab and more fem leaning the last few months I have heard day after day, week after week about how bad their lives are because people call them male. Im male leaning and while I love being mom (2 boys 10 & 12 already) its the only thing I have ever 100% liked about being female.
So the last 16 weeks have been emotional hell for me, between the lack of respect from my LDR about my fears, their refusal to acknowledge the risks, lack of my medication, my medical care being stopped right as I was finally making progress. Friday just made it far worse. My step grandfather passed away and I was told via phone by my grandmother and given the direct order "don't you dare get stressed, overly emotional, or anything that could hurt that baby". All I can feel is anger as it's the easiest thing for me to suppress and I can't disobey a direct order from my family's matriarch. I saw them both on mother's day, I knew he was sick and it wasnt entirely unexpected but none the less it was a shock it happened so soon.
I almost punched my LDR in the face today. They came in for a suprise visit and I was happy to see them. Right up until their entire focus went to my belly and it was like every talk we had since I found out I was pregnant (I'm not doing any of this we stuff neither of them can experience the unexpected trauma I am dealing with) went right out the window. Including a conversation we had as they were coming to suprise me about how due to the placement of the placenta it won't be possible to feel baby moving as soon as other pregnancies.
They are doing what everyone else except my NP has done and treating me an incubator. I want to scream, cry, start fights, and just let out all my anger but it seems pointless.
Literally as I'm typing this they just complained about wanting to sleep because they haven't slept well in 3 days. Everything that happens to them is the worst possible case and I can't take this anymore. I haven't slept well in a month due to pregnancy and stress, neither has my NP due to migraines and their treatment being cancelled by the Dr's office.
Sorry for the novel I just needed to get this off my chest.
TLDR: I'm mad at everyone because I'm not an incubator and the only person still treating me like a human is my nesting partner
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2023.06.04 09:47 myiasis I watched the docuseries and now I want to hug my mom for not being like these people

Hey y'all!
I just finished episode one tonight. I would've binge watched the series but my husband is knocked out right next to me and I don't wanna disturb his sleep with my angry ranting.
I never really talked to people about my past experiences growing up within the church but I do have some memories. I remember before I started kindergarten my mom would take me to the local church for a children's bible study group and be taught about the Bible and accept Jesus into my life.
I do recall finding it odd that she would bounce from different churches. We never stayed permanently in one church. It was always either going to our local churches in our hometown or traveling quite a distance to go to a church in a different city. Or even going to churches that other family members went to or that friends went to. Yet, we never had a permanent church family.
Like I recall having to read the bible almost daily every night and studying the verses. Even sometimes highlighting certain ones and giving her my interpretations or having to read them out loud to her. Yet, eventually that stop and then going to church every Sunday eventually stopped too. I mean later on there were times when me and her tried to go back to church but then we ultimately stopped going.
I'm now agnostic and my mom is still a believer in God but she no longer goes to church. She tried going to a local church where a neighbor started in his own backyard but she was so fed up with those people that she stopped going. I'm now curious as to why she would switch churches when I was a kid and why she eventually stopped taking us. I'm curious if she heard stories of what was going on and basically said "well, fuck this bullshit" and tried to find a better church community, lol.
Mind you, my mom is an old school Southern lady who still keeps those traditional values even though we live in the lovely progressive state of California. Like she would still remind me that I need to keep to the house for my husband even though I'm working. Yet, despite those old school ways, she has always been that loud progressive who's not afraid to call out conservative Christians for their backwards thinking. Growing up in the backwoods of Alabama and living on a black owned farm, she can sit and tell you the stories about how pretty fucking bad it was in Alabama and why her family had to escape to California.
But yah, this docuseries had me thinking about my upbringing in the church and it reminded me of those memories. Maybe I'll sit down and interview my mom one day because she's not afraid to tell people that the churches need to be investigated due to the years of abuse within their communities. I feel like if a lot of the fundies heard my mom speak about the truth and still say that she believes in God then they would say she's not a "good Christian woman". And to that I will give them a polite fuck you. ✨
Thank you for coming to my Ted talk. I didn't mean for my self-reflection to be so long, hehe. I'm gonna give my mom a big hug for most likely protecting me and our family from the fundies.
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2023.06.04 09:44 impostersighdrome my parents make me want to K word myself

i’m just so tired bruh i don’t even live with them anymore but tbey would still call me and help them to solve their fights and scream at me if i’m not helping them solve it i came back for vacation and they are so damn self absorbed for one damn month they can’t get their shit together and not fight i’ve been here for a week AND THEY HABE FOUGHT EVERY DAY and im just falling back in my self harm cycle and i hate living here and i hate how they involve me in every fight and i’ve to solve it WHY SHOULD I DO IT if i take dad’s side my mom would go crazy and vice verse i hate living this way i hate their relationship and all i ask for is ONE MONTH of no fights when i will go back and leave this place again they’ll be like oh we miss you GODDAMN BRO WHY DO YOU MISS ME CAUSE YOU MISS SOMEONE CRYING IN THE ROOM WHEN YOU FIGHT? not one good day i’ve has ever since i came back. i will simply stop coming back. i hate it here.
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2023.06.04 09:43 eotteokhaji (TW: R*pe) R*pists should burn in fucking hell, hindi sapat yung lifetime imprisonment sana m*matay sila. Mga ywa!

I was having lunch with my fam kanina and nasabihan ako na may kapitbahay daw kaming nang-rape ng 3 teenagers. TEENAGERS. Tangina.
Sabi nila nalulong daw sa drugs yung nang rape at masaklap pa, jowa pala sya ng Mom nung isang bata. Grabeee. Galit na galit ako kahit di ko naman ka close yung mga bata. Dumadaan pa mga yun minsan sa bahay namin kasi nagtitinda sila ng banana cue pag hapon. Parang maiiyak ako nung sinabi pa na buntis daw yung mga bata… tangina. Tatlo sila… grabe. Yung nang rape, syempre kapitbahay so medyo kilala ko at nakikita ko every now and then… tangina may kapatid syang babae. Bakit nya nagawa yun? Di nya ba naisip yung kapatid nya nung nang rape sya? Di nya ba naisip man lang what if sa kapatid nya nangyari yun???
Right there and then napasabi talaga ako sana mamatay yung nang-rape eh. Hindi sapat yung mabulok lang sa kulungan. Yung future nung mga bata??? Eh nabuntis sila! I feel so sorry… tapos yung trauma dadalhin nila yan habambuhay.. God. Nakakagalit.
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2023.06.04 09:41 Reina-Lovegood-9810 Does my bf have ptsd? How to help/support him?

About month ago my bf of 4 years was driving in a car with a friend, his friend was the one driving. They hit a man who just ran in front of the car and he was severely injured and my bf was the one who gave him first aid. Medics that came to the scene said that he actually saved his life bcs the guy was almost dead and would not make it without first aid. After that, my bf became very... different. At first he was jumpy and constantly on the edge, he wasnt sleeping or eating and he actually got sick. It does not help that he had already been feeling low for a couple of weeks bcs of some things in our relationship. He was isolating himself, drinking and smoking every night which was not typical of him and burying himself in work. He was not sharing any of this with me bcs i was going through hard time myself with my mom who was very sick, but this event seemed to push him over the edge. One night he just bursted and told me everything that was ever bothering him about me and our relationship and said we would break up if things dont change. I realised how wrong i was and that he is right so in about 2 weeks i changed everything. He was glad about it but thats it. What is bothering me now is that he is a completely different guy, he is different towards me, his family, friends, everyone. It feels like he is just a shell of a person he was before, he is super cold and distant. However, when we spend time together, "old" him comes through, the emotional, warm, happy, in love him. But when we are apart he is super cold and it seems like he does not care about me or anything really. I know he does and he does love me, so i am wondering could this be some kind of ptsd symtom? Or just him trying to process and get over everything that happened with that guy and us as well? How do i help him or support him? I have to say he has the tendacy to depression and generally has not the best mental health and i am constantly asking how can i help or assist him, but he says that i already did what was needed and there is nothing more i can do, he just needs time and then maybe things will be like they used to
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