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2023.06.04 18:58 ImOnlyHereForTheCoC Pre-DLC, did Jin have brief flashbacks to his father’s death?

Like for instance the scene where Jin puts on the family armor, and you get the quick flash of Kazumasa reaching and lil Jin freaking. I played the game at launch so I should know this, but I only picked up Iki about a month ago and have played this mission 3 times since then so my brain’s save file has definitely been overwritten.
On a totally unrelated note, I also noticed for the very first time during this scene that nobody takes their shoes off inside! Well, not really noticed so much as considered the ramifications of. Immersion ruined, retroactive 0/10! /s
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2023.06.04 18:58 DramaticKale My bio dad died when I was 3 and I know that my mom was misusing my Social Security/Survivors Benefits. What are the statute of limitations on suing her for that?

The title says most of it. But I am 25 now, and will be 26 in December. But I turned 18 before I graduated high school, so I still got ~$700/month. But she literally made me deposit it into my bank and then transfer it to hers. I was thinking it might be too late to do anything about it, but I haven’t found much online.
I know for a fact that she used it to buy weed/support our farm. We lived below the poverty line on one income, but somehow managed to have two cars, a house, a motorcycle, three horses, chickens, goats, dogs, cats, and loads of other farm equipment, etc.
It was not used for me or my brother, and I know she didn’t keep track of her budget, etc. It’s something I thought about years ago, so it’s not important if I can’t follow through with it.
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2023.06.04 18:57 shanster925 [r] Dream Theater - Solitary Shell Piano Parts!

Hello friends!
I'm working on a cover of this song, and have all the parts done (drums, guitar, bass, all the synth, string sections) but I have not been able to find *real* sheet music for the piano parts! The closest I have is a version of the sheet music that was rife with errors on guitar, and it only has the left hand chords for piano, nothing for the right hand.
In my searching I have found:
Any help with transcribing the piano in the verses would be insanely appreciated!
Original song:
Key: E
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2023.06.04 18:57 xxxJakkxxx Blackberry growers for personal use, what is your preferred way of growing?

I live in Washington state on a very small property and a few years ago while cleaning up weeds I decided to let a vine of Cut Leaf Blackberry stick around because they're my favorite blackberry. Since then I've kept it under control but it's just become a bush that doesn't seem ideal for harvest.
How do you grow your blackberries to increase yield and give you ease of harvest? I've been thinking about doing a trellis or just making a cage around it with some deer fencing but wanted to check in with folks that already do this stuff to see what they think.
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2023.06.04 18:56 AsariUgetsu 25 [M4F] Wanna be constant?

It's been a long time since I dated someone.. I think its time to meet someone and put myself out there. We'll never know where it leads.
I like watching movies esp horror, disney, marvel and anime. Like to play games on phone (ML or Wildrift) and ps5
I'm from Cavite tho
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2023.06.04 18:56 WearWhatWhere Questions about moving retirement money around

I'm not retired. I don't have a big income, but I'm able to save a lot. After retirement, I think my income will be higher than it is now (Investments permitting). Textbook Roth accounts choice I think.
But I have a Roth IRA, and a traditional 401k because I think it will lower my tax bracket...new job/income so I don't know exactly what my total will be after all the bonuses.
Let's just assume a 50k/year cost of living with a 2023 Tax bracket(lol)
  1. Is there a "best order" that I should be using my accounts in retirement? Roth IRA VS Traditional 401 VS taxable account. Or best combination? How much would the answer change if the dollar amounts were 33/33/33 VS a 50/40/10 distribution?
  2. A few years before planned retirement, should I start building a bigger HYSA/non-investment account and less contributions to retirement accounts? It'll give me more time to settle into retirement life...but I will potentially miss out on extra contributions and also insulate me from big market dips. It's like a super emergency fund I guess.
  3. Income from a Traditional 401k is counted as ordinary income, and only ordinary income can be contributed to IRAs. Can I use Traditional 401k income to fund a Traditional IRA? Example: I can take out 40k from my Roth IRA, get 10k from Social Security, and then take out 40k from Traditional 401k. I'd have a 90k income, but only 50k taxable income. If I put 7k into a Traditional IRA, that's down to 43k taxable income. Right...?
  4. If I retire for a few years and I decide to go get a job again, do I have to notify Social Security to stop giving me checks? Actually, do I have to let them know to start giving me checks when I first retire? Do I even get to decide? And is there a way to get a set amount? Let's say the checks are $1k per month, do I get to say "Give me $800 instead please." Or "I need $1200 please." Like that would just deplete my "account" faster?
Thank you.
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2023.06.04 18:56 PapaBarrett Updating ONYX from 4.4 to 4.8 broke our sACN setup

We updated our lighting computer from ONYX 4.4 to ONYX 4.8 and now the sACN won’t communicate with our lights. We put Chamsys MagicQ on the computer and it will communicate with those lights. ONYX just lost that ability when we upgraded. Has anyone else run into this issue?
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2023.06.04 18:56 KnightCreed13 Enemies of Night City

Enemies of Night City
I'd be remiss if I didn't rep my choom's mod he's been working on for quite some time. This mod overhauls ALL of the enemy AI in Cyberpunk 2077 making a more immersive and realistic (in regards to cyberpunk) gameplay. Even low level minions can have subdermal armor that your sword bounces off them, some enemies can't be choked out because they immediately break free, Sandevistan makes enemies a legit terror because even in scanner mode they are super fast and don't give a fuck, some enemies have strong ICE to the point you can't even use ultimate quickhacks on them (IE: Suicide, cyberpsychosis, detonate grenade) and even Legendary quickhacks will simply have no effect on them, they also can spot you damn near immediately. And of course this will also make bosses in Cyberpunk feel and play like actual bosses, including Adam Smasher which is a legit godamned nightmare with this mod and now truly worth the Legendary NC boogeyman status. Like I said this is an amazing mod and well put together, this will definitely extend and expand your gameplay.
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2023.06.04 18:56 Defiant_Comfort_2387 Drone Simulators

Hello DJI fam, what simulator does everyone use to get better at flying drones? I am planning on putting some excess hours into practicing my flying skills.
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2023.06.04 18:56 Jr9065 Anyone else miss old school Jeff Probst?

He used to be sassy and ruthless, which were great. I've heard stories of how he cursed people out. Now, in era however, he has turned into this fake politically correct and inspirational guy. He has completely lost the ruthlessness and lost a fair amount of his sassiness. He now wants to put on this act that he is a changed man, which is BS. I miss old school Jeff.
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2023.06.04 18:56 BigHomieGuwop 4 Leg HR Parlay 6/4

4 Leg HR Parlay 6/4
Figured I’d share my picks and brief write up on my reasoning, for anyone interested.
I’ve hit one three leg completely and gotten 2-3 on 3 others this season so far. I do one once a week. I always round Robin. Wanted to go in and do a 4 leg today.
Jesús on a tear the last 7 Games (and the last 30 for that matter)
Batting .429 with a .643 Slug (only 1 HR) 3 of his 4 HRs have come off RHP (A’s starter is a righty)
He’s been driving the ball well and I have a feeling he’s going to take advantage of the A’s poor pitching.
Drury is also swinging an extremely hot bat.
.333 AVG .667 Slug and 2 HRs last 7 games. 8 of his 10 have come off RHP and he’s already gone yard against the Astros this series.
France has been getting shelled this season. 6 HRs in only 27 IP all of them given up to right handed batters.
I have a feeling he’s going to pitch around Trout and Ohtani.
Castellanos is batting .364 against Williams career with 1 HR.
He’s putting up insane numbers the last 7. .407 AVG .741 Slug and 2HRs. Both of those against the Nationals in this series.
Williams is another one who’s been getting shelled this season. Over 1.5 HRs per 9.
6 of his 10 HRs were against right handed batters.
Eloy is my one toss up. His slash line this season is nothing spectacular, but he bats extremely well against Boyd.
.308 AVG with 3 HRs in only 13 ABs. Which would be close to 25% of the time, he goes yard.
Boyd is giving up about 1.3 HRs per 9 this season, so he’s most likely good to give up one this game.
I might do a separate one for the night games, see how I do with this one lol.
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2023.06.04 18:56 disasteratlarge Hey you! Yes you! Wanna be long-term friends? Okay cool!

(Bit of a long post ahead be warned)
Hello there! I'm looking for also male friends to get to know and bond with, hopefully for long-term! If you're the type of person that would just ghost after a while, then this post may not be for you, unfortunately.
So yeah hi I'm a 20M college student from the Philippines. I think it would be nice to have a friend to have regular chats with, and who would actually put back the effort. Someone who would also initiate, and not respond with one word answers. Let's rant, trade stories, talk about something stupid and even up to the deepest of topics. We can also do stuff together too and hang out! Also feel free to spam me photos of your pets, memes, random thoughts, anything. We can even chat like we've known each other forever to break the initial awkwardness lol that might be fun!
Some things about me, I game on PC (I play a variety of genres, but right now I'm currently into multiplayer stuff like OW2, etc) so if you game too, we probably might have a something in common to play and be gaming buddies too! I also like learning about cultures of others, so I would definitely love to hear about yours. These are just some and definitely not all. Of course it's not required that we have something in common!
I don't mind wherever you're from and what timezone you're in, as long as you don't mind as well the implications of it ofc (e.g. not being able to reply immediately because of time difference). Also, please be the same age as me or older. I'd also be fine with stuff like vc, voice notes, down the line as well once we get to know each other more! If you might like to reach out, please give a short intro about you (like age and where you're from) so I can have a better idea of who I'm talking to! That's all, and thank you for reading. Tell me what your favorite food is if you managed to read this far just for funsies! Talk to you soon, future friend! :)
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2023.06.04 18:56 CoBH97 First time home buyer question

Hello all,
I wanted to get some opinions from civil engineers. We just had an inspection on a house we where put an offer in and there were some foundation issues (it’s on concrete slab). Built in 1985.
There were about 5-6 findings of cracking (both vertical and horizontal cracks) fairly long in length/height. There was also a spot where a hole had formed that was about the size of a golf ball.
Thoughts on seriousness? I have concerns that there has been a lot of water damage to the foundation due to a couple of things found on the inspection as well.
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2023.06.04 18:56 angmnelson A whole-story framing paragraph near the end of BOTNS

Just finished listening to BOTNS for the--4th time I think? To be honest, when I'm not reading or listening to it, I miss it. I haven't posted here for a long time--has been a super busy year--but I check in and read occasionally.
As I was listening in my car this paragraph from the chapter THE CITADEL OF THE AUTARCH stood out to me:
"Every long story, if it be told truly, will be found to contain all the elements that have contributed to the human drama since the first rude ship reached the strand of Lune: not only the noble deeds and tender emotion, but grotesquerie, bathos, and so on. I have striven to set down the unembellished truth here, without the least worry that you, my reader, would find some parts improbably and others insipid; and if the mountain war was the scene of high deeds (belonging more to others than to me), and my imprisonment by Vodalus and the Ascians a time of horror, and my passage on the Samru and interlude of tranquillity, then we are come to the interval of comedy."
"All the elements that have contribulted to the human drama"--now that's an ambitious undertaking! All the genres as well--horror, action, comfort-story, love story, war story, sci fi, fantasy, autobiography/memoir, and most of all, a coming-of-age/worldview maturity story. BOTNS is rich indeed, and can be mined for all these elements and more.
"since the first rude sheaped reached Lune"--the famous Buzz Aldrin picture gives us a starting point for the timeline of BOTNS. It reaches all the way b-a-a-a-a-ck to us.
Grotesquerie (what a wonderful word!) and Bathos--here's a definition of Bathos from Encyclopedia Brittanica: an unsuccessful, and therefore ludicrous, attempt to portray pathos in art, i.e., to evoke pity, sympathy, or sorrow. The intention of the story is to set down the unembellished truth (unvarnished would be a good word as well) of one man's transformation from a bad man, a torturer, to a relatively good man--a "self ruler"--responsible for not only his own life but many others, learning from not only his own experiences but those of many others. Severian includes his worst moments and ugliest thoughts in order to lay it all on a table (or draw it all on a chart or pin it all on a wall, as tv shows are fond of doing), and puzzle it out, unravel the tangles, solve the riddles. The questions Severian asks are, How does the universe work? How do I work? Ironically many readers get offended by the bad man early on, but that's part of the point.
Ambitious indeed, with several disclaimers that some things are beyond even the most astute human mind. In the next chapter, The Key to the Universe, Sev writes, "No human being or nearhuman being can conceive of such minds as those of Abaia, Erebus, and the rest. Their power surpasses understanding." Not to mention the increate.
This from the end of The Citadel of the Autarch also adds to the framework: "I had originally indended to begin (the story) the day I left our tower and to end it when I returned. but I soon saw that though such a construction would indeed supply the symmetry so valued by artists, it would be impossible for anyone to understand my adventures without knowing something of my adolescence."
These two chapters near the end of Citadel do much to explain BOTNS as a whole, though Wolfe includes hints throughout. I remember the end of "CLAW" was especially enlightening. At this point, after several readings, I feel BOTNS is complete in itself, though some parts of Urth are interesting and show more about Yesod. Urth feels like an add-on, like the extras that come with a boxed set of DVDs.
Many authors put a framework paragraph or two at the beginning of the story to help readers understand what will come. Trust Wolfe to put it at the end, not even as the opening paragraph of a chapter but somewhere in the middle! His critique/writing group would scold him and urge changes. But I'm glad Wolfe is Wolfe and his stories were published as is, without all the prompts and spelling-things-out readers want and expect. What a deep, rich story this is.
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2023.06.04 18:56 Nekoninja10 Why do my dogs get aggressive to one particular other dog?

We have neighbours surrounding us and all 3 that connect to our property have dogs. Both my dogs are best mates with the bitch on the left so they are fine with her and a few months ago the neighbours at the back got a young pup and at first they barked at the newcomer but after a few days they started paying that one no mind.
However the neighbours on the right currently have a dog staying there. I have no clue if it's permanent or if its original owner is on holiday so they're looking after it (they have done before and every time my dogs react the same way).
I just want to know why my dogs seem to want kill this one particular dog? And I'm serious, if there wasn't a fence there would be a fight and I'm sure their dog would be injured (my dogs have never been that aggressive towards anyone or anything and tend to be passive and are lovely). It can't be because they've never met as they've never met the pup and are fine (I'm also glad because I'm sure something bad would happen between them).
They will go mental:
Barking Growling Teeth bared Scratching Fast motion Don't listen
We're trying to stop that behaviour but once they're in the zone, I have to use a pole to put in the collar loops and drag them away until I can put them in the house as I'm worried that if I go near them I may get accidentally in the crossfire and bit (I know they wouldn't mean it, it's just because they're in that state of mind) once they're in the house they want to go out again but after a few minutes they calm and are back to their usual playful loving selves.
I get it's them being protective of their territory but I just want to know why is this the issue with just this one white dog?
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2023.06.04 18:56 Independent_Long_164 Stupid Question: Can you negotiate removal of PMI with less than 20% down?

I'm in the very very beginning stages of buying a home. This week I'm going to start talking to realtors and in another week or two I'm going to try to get my prequalification.
I have about $95K saved for all housing costs + $25K emergency fund, but I obviously don't want to use it all on a down payment so I have enough for closing, moving, furnishing, etc. My plan was to use $55K down with a budget of $315K. Which would put me at 17.5% down.
My question is, with a down payment so close to 20% would lenders ever negotiate on PMI? I have no other debt and a 793 credit score.
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2023.06.04 18:55 Akhanna6 Black/Purple dots on my plants

Pink Brandywine. Any idea what this could it be? Hoping it's not bacterial spot, same thing happening on beefsteak. There have been too many gnats on plants. They were put in the ground 2 days back, its 60s in night, and 85 day time. Location - Northern IL.
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2023.06.04 18:55 BlizzyLizzie Need advice on ground cover to fight weeds.

Need advice on ground cover to fight weeds.
The yard of this condo was in a pretty sad state when I moved in. Over time, I’ve tried to improve the space but the weeds are doing what they do best.
I wasn’t super happy with the gardening plastic and mulch as it’s not very environmentally friendly or pollinator friendly. I would like to lay down a ground cover that would help choke out weeds and be prettier.
My worry is that I will spend a bunch of money of soil and plants and end up with an overgrown yard once again. Also I’m a renter, so I’m not trying to plant anything super expensive that I can’t take with me when I move.
Just looking for thoughts and opinions on good ground cover plants or other ways to get less weeds. Feel like I’m fighting a losing battle.
Notes: - Harness zone 9a - Very hot sunny summers - The soil underneath is very hard and clay like.
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2023.06.04 18:55 BeneficialMusician96 I (30f) am having second thoughts about the relationship with fiancé (30m) because it’s not going anywhere.

My fiancé and I have been together for 6 years and engaged for 2 years. It’s starting to feel like a Pam and Roy from The Office situation at this point where the wedding is no where in sight.
Anyway, we have three amazing lovely boys and our relationship is text book “normal” we have a healthy sex life, he has a good career and takes care of us. I’m in the process of starting up a real estate business so he’s the one making the most money right now.
Yesterday we had a couple beers and I started discussing with him my concerns about retirement and our relationship. I proceeded to tell him if we already live like we’re married and we plan on staying with each other why not get the benefits of being married while we’re at it. He has a couple investment funds and retirement funds and to be honest it bugs me to know I have no rights to that if anything happened to him. Not even able to collect social security when I’m old and unable to work 😂
At this point in my life I’m looking for something more secure and stable. I don’t want to be unmarried living together putting my all into this relationship, being a wonderful, caring, loving, loyal partner and have absolutely nothing to show for it.
We plan on buying our first house within the year and I don’t want it to be the same situation of me not being on the deed etc...
This whole relationship has me thinking a lot lately. It’s interfering with our sex life as I feel used every time we have sex. If we never plan on getting married I would like to move on sooner rather than later.
How do I go from here?
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2023.06.04 18:55 Dazzling-Constant-23 Don’t have much energy for makeup since starting chemo but put it on today and felt great!

Don’t have much energy for makeup since starting chemo but put it on today and felt great! submitted by Dazzling-Constant-23 to u/Dazzling-Constant-23 [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:55 tbone1058888 21m [m4f/ftm] #kentucky looking for my potential forever partner

i never been in a relationship cuz I never really found myself being a stable spot for it but lately I've been feeling extremely lonely for multiple small reason adding up but enough of that I'm more about what I'm looking for.
as the title says I'm looking for my forever partner someone that would move in with me and I could be happy plus start a family with i would like someone who acts cute all the time even if you don't act like that to other people other than me because that would just brightens up my days together with you and be able to tolerate me being silent and just want to be with you most days (bad social skills at times)cuddling playing coop video games like stardew Valley and it takes two I'm a big affectionate softie at heart even if I don't look like it or acted towards friends and family. someone to listen to me complain about my work day about how annoying or boring it was and vice-versa for you. I don't mind if you have mental illness or suicidal it makes me think I can fix you but I really don't mind clingy the girls I actually prefer them I do have the preference to an emo/goth looks
and as for me I'm 5'4'' I'm short I know I can't fix that I got a long brown hair in a ponytail i wear glasses I don't got a dad body but I'm also not ripped either but everyone says im getting skinnier I don't really think so myself for personality it's weird as it said above I'm really affectionate at heart but I don't show it much to friends and family I want to be more outgoing but my crippling social skills stop that dead in its tracks so I ended up as a introvert that kind of jumps at the opportunity to go out and do something like a midnight drive with someone even if we're silent the whole way i dont do big party's tho I just end up getting the feeling I'm not supposed to be there plus where I don't really drink and i dont do drugs it makes me feel left out and finally I'm not very religious or more likely to say I have my own ideas on that don't really align with most my whole family's Christians tho.
as for my interests I'm a big gamer have been since I was a kid PlayStation gang plus pc I watch a decent bit of anime mostly isekai I like to see how overpowered some of the protagonist Overlord,That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, and Saga Of Tanya The Evil to name a few I really liked in the past I like being able to tear something apart to figure out how it works not so much on the put it back together though (where's this fucking screw go) yes I curse a lot. as for music I listen to a lot of different things there's a good chance you will hear me listening to rock or metal though because those are the main ones but I listen to a lot of other older stuff just not a lot of the newer things that come out like this newer rap and hip-hop and such I am in the middle of retrofitting my playlists so if you want them you're going to have to wait a good bit and finally I'm young I'm a horndog please get that so if you're into something like that I am too if not so be it. well that's all my interests
you can message me anytime but be aware I work night shift so I'm up the later half of the day and I might not speak for hours if I'm at work because I have to wait for breaks but I'm open all night tonight since I don't have work because something else I had to do today as of posting
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2023.06.04 18:55 Slow_Ad_4753 LeverFi's Yield Farming: Unleash the Power of Passive Income Generation!

Are you looking to maximize your earning potential in the crypto space? Look no further than LeverFi, the leading decentralized finance platform that offers an exceptional yield farming experience.
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