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2023.06.03 09:43 Luffy-no-kaikozu Happy birthday mousse and dragon number thirteen

Happy birthday mousse and dragon number thirteen
ill be wishing every one piece character on their birthday from today
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2023.06.03 09:27 Independent_Lab2441 AITA for telling my mom that my cousin basically kicked me and my cousins out of our room?

Recently, my mom decided to throw a birthday party for me because there’s no way I’d be able to have a birthday here with school yet. My cousin came up to me and told me this whole plan for our room. Keep in mind that this is OUR room. We have a bunk bed and an extra mattress for a guest if they want to sleep there. She told me that she would be sleeping on my bed, which is the top bed, and her step-sisters would sleep on hers, which is the bottom bed. Since there’s a guest sleeping over, they would sleep on the extra mattress. My cousin then told me I would be sleeping in my parents’ room since they also have an extra mattress.
I was fine with it at first because I didn’t really give it much thought, so I said okay. I usually let her do the decision-making since she’s the older one.
I was bored, so I asked my parents if I could go play with my other cousins because they were nearby. They agreed, so I went over there to play volleyball and games for a little while. I decided to invite them over to our house because they haven’t really been inside yet. My cousin was picking her step-sisters up, so they weren’t in our room.
While we were playing in our room, I got a text from my cousin. I told her my cousins were in our room and that it might be a little messy, but we’d clean it after. Also keep this in mind that my cousins and her step-sisters are visitors. She told me “Please don’t make them go in our room. Go to your parents room when we’re near so you guys can just watch tv there.” What?
She was basically kicking me and my cousins out of our room. I started to clean up the mess we had, and they didn’t really know why since we were still playing. While I was cleaning the room up to go to my parents’ room, let’s call him Adi, saw me and my cousin’s messages. Adi understood why I was cleaning now, which was so embarrassing. He told them to start cleaning up because he knew that we would be going to my parents’ room.
We both had visitors over, so why do I have to leave? When we were in my parents’ room, I called my mom to ask how do I turn the ac on. She asked me why I was in there instead of our room, and so I told her. This made my mom mad because she was the one who paid for most of the things in our room, and my cousin was the one kicking us out. Plus, my grandpa was sleeping downstairs right under my parents’ room, so we’d just wake him up. My mom told me to stay in our room and that she would handle it. She decided to talk to my aunt and cousin about it when they got home.
It was time for my cousins to leave, so we dropped them off at their house. On the way back home, my parents were telling me to stand up for myself, which is kind of hard for me. I ended up sleeping in my parents’ room last night, but I will sleep in our room tonight. I don’t know if she’s talked to them yet, but I will update you guys if there’s anything new.
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2023.06.03 09:23 TomsEnough Happy Second Birthday Tom & Jessica's Son Rocklin Von Welling!

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2023.06.03 09:18 artandartandar Is it normal for your partner to rarely buy gifts or plan dates?

My partner and I are in our early 20s and have been together for just over 4 years. We live 4 hours away and spend long weekends together every 3 weeks due to our schedules. There are plans in place to move in together within the next year.
Our relationship is amazing in many ways. There's a lot of affection, effort in terms of the medium distance and we have had maybe one argument in the past year. Generally, I feel heard when raising concerns, but there's been some alarm bells ringing, and I feel guilty for feeling this way. Some context, I have mental health issues and I'm prone to feeling anxious, but consciously take steps not to let this affect him. I have expressed a need for occasional reassurance in the past, but this caused some strain as he felt this didn't come naturally to him so I have dropped it.
The issues I'm going to detail feel a bit shallow, but it's less about the content themselves and the fact I have communicated what is important to me and I feel like I'm not listened to. For example, I really enjoy giving and receiving gifts, and he knows this. He's not hugely bothered about gifts, so I make sure to get him or make him things he will find practical use out of or at least will consume and so I'm tending them to his needs. For the past christmas, valentines day, and my birthday last month, I have shown up and received no gift, despite me asking for a gift a week or so prior to the occasions. I still enjoyed our days together and didn't let it get me down, on my birthday he paid for my meal and I really appreciated that. But I would have preferred the gift and to split the bill instead! Over the last year I think I've received 3 gifts (flowers and toileties), and I've had to ask for them all. I just want to feel like he knows these things make me happy and that is enough for him to even just get me a box of chocolates, I'm easily pleased! It never used to be like this.
Another issue is dates. He is somehow very lax and resistant to compromise at the same time. He will only really say yes to dates if they're what he knows and likes, i.e. going out for food, for walks, cinema etc. Even then, as someone who enjoys but is a bit tired of these things, I usually have to pick the restaurant/walk/movie, even if I'm in his city. If I suggest something I prefer, (pretty much any activity, arcade, mini golf, bowling, skating, etc.) I get a hard no. For so long I've planned stuff which I know he will enjoy, but when its something I know I'll enjoy we never do it. I guess it doubly hurts because the only time since covid he has agreed to do these things with me was when me and his friends planned to do it as a group. He would also refuse to go for drinks with me but did with his friends until he recently stopped drinking at all. It hurts me that I've spoke to him about this but theres always some reason why he can't compromise or plan something.
I'm scared to bring up these things again, as they feel so shallow and minor considering how good other aspects of our relationship are. I don't want to put pressure on him and make him feel like he's not good enough as he has seemed stressed when I've expressed minor issues in the past. It just makes me sad to possibly think of a future where I plan every date or have to ask for gifts, it sounds pathetic. There are other issues such as his lower libido than mine, and me having to ask him often when he is coming to see me, (he will frequently say I don't know rather than figuring out when he is free, and he is currently inbetween jobs atm with a gap of a few months so has a lot of free time). As a result there is an anxious voice in my head is just telling me I'm not good enough for him. It's just hard as he is putting in the effort to show up and to meet me, he shows me so much love and we have a super playful and flirty dynamic, and hes generous with his money. But these problems are why I craved reassurance in the past.
I don't know what to do, it's hard to know where the relationship problems start and the low self esteem begins. How do I get through to him when it feels like communication isn't working? I don't like feeling resentful.
Thanks in advance ❤️
tl;dr: otherwise amazing relationship, but feeling resentful about a lack of effort with gifts and date planning. worried about resentment and a future where i plan all dates and receive no gifts. experiencing low self esteem
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2023.06.03 09:16 G0d_Reaper Having mixed feelings about my birthday celebrations

So yesterday was my 19th birthday , since my dad is not in india at moment so he asked my mom to get me everything i liked. I got some new shoes shirts etc . I was genuinely happy.
Now here comes my friend group of around 10 people half been friends from my childhood and rest were my buddies my high school. I thought about what do for a party for and decided on dominos.
Here comes this ass hole. (At the time i didnt think he was a complete asshole ) we have friends from childhood and have on and off during this all time.
So i recently joined this aholes 's uncles gym along with a few other i had never gone to a gym before and he offered me a very cheap price. 😅
Only tradeoff at the moment was it was 5 km away and i have to cross highway to get there. I dont have a license. He promised my mom that'll he will pickup me 3 days a week . And guess what ? This fucker didn't come a single day. And made fun of me for being skinny. ( he is short and bulk ripped himself but look overwight most of time) i didn't like his attitude . He never really apologized. I went in mornings to avoid him with someone else .
Both me and mom didn't find both him and his gym much welcoming. So i decided to quit and join close somewhere for a bit higher fees .
So one day before , he msg me what's the buget for party and i told him . Proceeds to say its not possible to do party in that much at dominos at said to come at a tapri instead. Or better dont have a party and join his gym back instead . The audacity to say that mann . Already a red flag .
Anyways i ignore him . Next i day i dressed up ready for party . Mind you my outfit was quite expensive. We went to dominos and i even got him a non veg pizza . This fucker even though i told him to go to the gym in the morning come to party sweating like a pig proceeded to give me a gift a perfume and told me to use it to avoid being smelly. Every one laughed . I take it as joke and we went ahead. A bit hurt but its the boys ehh ? I thought
Now these people got me two cakes one to cut and other one to smash on my face. The one they were smashing on my face had "skinny bitch" written on it . I expected this .
But after i cut the first one they forced me to take off my shirt and held me forcefully and shoved the cake really hard on my face . Blood come out from mouth . My nose was blocked with cake inside . I was very angry. Every one else also agreed it was too much and were angry on him . He said " yeh toh sab ke sath hota hai " and proceeded to smear cake on my body..
i stood there shirt less. They take videos. I visibly went off fully delhi mood used every gali i know . My best friend was also very upset but he has social anxiety so he couldn't do much . They apologized a bit . They Got some water bottles wiped me off . Got my shirt back on . I go back to my car with my best friend two other. We were all visibly upset . Put some high base music on . Dropped him home speed off to my home .
They were waiting for me there. They apologized again and asked to sit my car i was still upset . They made some funny posses of cleaning my car and begging like kids . I laughed a bit. Let them inside. We went for a ride . Put some real high base music on . Memes songs all. Made some snaps . I forgot a bit about it . And they all apologized again. I specifically told them not to post any shirt less picks I get back home.
I see my brand new white shoes are shit now... at this point i just gave up a bit mentally. Told the story to my mum. She was also very upset. She told me he hurt you real bad . I agreed but i was in no mood to argue. She saw my face told me boys mai assa he hota hai. I thought same. I cut my cake at home ate some of a my favorite food with my sis and mom talked to dad and some relatives . My bestie called we talked for quite a while he was also really feeling hurt for me .
Played some wing man with him in cs . Try to take my anger off you know ? Had a bit of fun . Went to sleep. I check my phone. Only this fucker even though i told everyone not to post shirtless pics posted the story on instagram . I went off on him agian . After he stoped responding. I blocked the fucker and reported him . By now almost my entire batch saw my photo . I am really fucking frustrated now.
My mom always warned me to stay away from him . I wish i listened to her earlier.
Ps does anyone know how to take down someone's else's story?
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2023.06.03 09:15 AffectionateArm904 I (F25) wrote a letter to my long distance boyfriend (M29) hinting for a ring. Does this seem appropriate?

EDIT- the “hint” is at the end of the letter.
Hey, I love you. I know you know that already. I've probably said this more than 3,000 times by now. I couldn't possibly express with words how much though, (it's even more than saying "I'd take a bullet for you" and that's HUGE), but that's the thing about words- they always fall short when it comes to you. You're more than supercalifragilisticexpialidocious for me. Words couldn't possibly express the warmth and tenderness I feel in my chest when I think of the last time I saw you. In person. Close enough for me to touch. God, I wanted to touch your beautiful face so bad (only you could make an atheist think of God). Words also aren't enough to convey the overwhelming heaviness I feel when I think about how much time we've spent apart- 1,279 days (as I write this letter). I'm not sure how many times I've replayed our memories in my head but it's more than 1,279 times (because you never truly leave my head). If we're one of the lucky ones, and I pray to God we are (see? making me want to PRAY to God this time), we have maybe another 60 years together. So please hold my hand and look into my eyes and kiss my lips every chance you get because 60 years feels like a very short amount of time to spend with you- definitely not enough to come up with words that would express how much I love you. Before I met you, I always thought that I would want to die young so that I would never have to see myself become old and wrinkly with saggy tits, but now all I want is to grow old and wrinkly with saggy tits because that means seeing you get old and wrinkly with saggy balls. Although I bet, even then, I would find you beautiful and would want to touch your face, just as much as I did 1,279 days ago (because love is the one thing that transcends space and time). So, I know that in the beginning I said that words can't express how much I love you but Patroclus said something about Achilles and I think that I love you as much as Patroclus loved Achilles. So in an attempt to express my love for you, I would like to quote Patroclus and say "I would recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way, his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world". On your 29th birthday, I promise you, we will never, ever spend 1,279 days apart again, no matter what. And I would never have to write a shitty letter to you again just to find comfort in knowing that we both touched the same piece of paper (maybe in some parallel universe this happens the other way around- or better yet, I get to give you this letter in person, where we both can touch it at the same time). I know we said no gifts but if I get to carry a note you wrote for me 3.5 years ago everywhere I go, it's only fitting I do the same for you.
Happy 29th Birthday. I love you 1,279+1,721.
I hope I get to spend the next one with you.
P.S I like 1 carat emerald cut diamonds in white gold.
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2023.06.03 09:11 Bubblebee_here AITA for taking back my nieces b day gift

Alright alright so, context: my (34f) sister and her husband have a daughter (12f) who we will call “Libby”. She used to be a sweet extroverted child who was just approachable and nice to be around in general. But, as it goes with middle school, she is in some peer pressure which is why her requests have become demands. She has become spoiled brat but with less spoiled and more brat.
Last year on her birthday, her parents got her a Nintendo switch, it was a bit of a splurge on their part, because they aren’t rich or anything, they could afford it, but it didn’t seem practical for them, however, for her birthday they decided to get one and she was overjoyed. Lately her sight has been set on a ps5, as what (probably) happens with middle school children. Keeping this in mind, I decided to save up a bit to get her one. “Save up” because my daughters (11f) birthday was on the same month and I would much rather have a bigger grocery budget than to get a expensive gift for someone who isn’t directly related to me.
However, for my daughters birthday, I got her one of those loft beds with space underneath for a trundle, because she had gotten into sleepovers, and as you might know, those aren’t cheap, so I needed to save as much money as I could, so instead of a ps5, I got her a ps4 which was significantly less but still worked pretty good. When I gave it to her, I expected a overjoyed reaction, but instead, she freaked out about how I was picking favorites by giving my daughter a more expensive gift than her, my niece. I said “Libby, you can use this when you calmed down”. And put it on a shelf. When I saw she wasn’t interested and was having a tantrum, I took it with me and gave it to my daughter until her behavior improves. My sis and my brother in law have cut me off and will not let my daughter have any more play dates with Libby.
Should I apologize?? I don’t want to ruin a relationship, and I’ve been told by them to be the bigger person.
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2023.06.03 09:11 34enjoythelilthings It's my perfect girl's 10th birthday today

It's my perfect girl's 10th birthday today
Happy birthday little Reese's!
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2023.06.03 09:03 No-Kiwi419 WhatsApp school of thought leadership again!

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2023.06.03 09:00 AutoModerator Omg you Guys Sonic Said to me Happy Birthday Amy rose 🌹 you said Happy birthday to me and Leave a Like too

Omg it my Birthday thanks Sonic Oh and Happy Birthday 🎂 to you Sonic and this is Lovey 😍
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2023.06.03 09:00 Bot-ta_The_Beast Happy Birthday: Hortensia, Little Charmer (06/03/2023)

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2023.06.03 08:53 Punycow AITA for being disappointed?

My bf (33) is responsible for sending his sister (40) to and back from work Mon-Fri and gets compensated for his time. I (27) stay and live with his family since the pandemic as its closer to work.
Previously my bf was sending me to and from work 2 days a week but since his sister switch jobs and moved back to the city, his family suggested that my bf fetch her instead since she is a person with disability (missing 1 hand + ED + mental health concerns). The mom is old and it'll take a toll on her to constantly brave rush hour traffic.
When I was told about this, I said okay and drove to work on my own. Well I got sick of traffic and parking cost were too high. So I instead hitched a ride with my bf in the morning when he is sending his sister to work so that he can drop me at the train station as its in the same direction, just 1 min detour.
So his schedule revolves around the sister's schedule. Say she wants to go back at 3pm, he has to be there waiting by 3pm. If he's late, she's not going to be a happy camper. But on the flip side, if she says 4.30pm and he has to wait till 5pm, you can't get angry/raise voice over it because it'll hurt her feelings.
The whole family treats her with kids glove because of the disability and other issues. I usually do my best to be accomoddating, just letting things go and be the better person since I'm technically staying in their house and eating their food. So date nights or dinner needs to essentially be planned around her schedule especially if it's a weekday.
Yesterday I got off work early since its Friday, I was told that he will be picking his sister up at 4.30pm. I thought okay, it'll take probably 45 mins for them to get home since its not rush hour yet and he'll have enough time to drop his sister back home and head back out to the train station to get me.
At 5pm got a text he just left her workplace and is stuck in traffic when I was already at the train station waiting for him. I said okay and went to a mall connected to the train station to kill time, I waited a total of 40mins when it could've been much shorter, because he had to drop his sister home first then coming back out to fetch me. No can do, the sister can't handle a detour to pick me from the station due to a delay caused by her.
So when I got into the car and he told me he can't leave at 4pm as the sister wants to get off work at 4.30pm next week for the trip that we have planned 2 WEEKS AGO. I lost my shit silently in the car and shut down.
It's been a while since we went out on a trip so I put in the effort to plan and paid for shit to relax, he just needs to show up and leave on time and he couldn't even do something I've repeatedly told him throughout the week. I understand his responsibility of chauffeuring the sister but was I really asking too much for him to have made alternative plans for her, maybe asked the mom to get her that day or pay for an uber trip for just that 1 single day.
So AITA for being disappointed in my bf?
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2023.06.03 08:52 suburban_mom_ Is it possible for me to help my family member?

I found out my older cousin did coke when she took me out to dinner for my birthday last year. She was going to Vegas that weekend and admitted to me that she does coke, but only at Vegas. She takes Lamictal for her seizures and says she makes sure to be “careful” when she does coke. It clicked to me that she does coke because she was very skinny at one point, but I don’t think she does it just at Vegas. She says it’s because she works out but I think if it were to be from working out she would at least have some muscle tone even if it were to be from running. I held onto this for 4 months and then when I was at my other cousins for New Years I admitted to her that our cousin does coke and she was shocked. And then in February my sister told my mother and in turn she told her sister that’s not my cousins mother. I had been wanting to tell my mom for a while but I always bit my tongue. In March I read my cousin that does coke her tarot cards as part of her birthday gift along with a birth chart, her Saturn’s Return report, and a pink dress. I don’t think I’ve read anybody’s cards that called her out like that and I was not expecting that interpretation. I made sure not to add my two cents and just read the interpretation. It mentioned she was unhappy, she had unhealthy addictions, and she was surrounded by people that did not have her best interest such as her boyfriend and her friends. Ever since then she has avoided me. I’ve gotten a reading recently that said someone in my family would be outed for their addiction and thought that’s strange. I prayed last night for God to not take her life and that if I can overcome my addiction to weed and alcohol, I believe she can too. Just today my aunt called my mother about my other cousin that is my cousins sister that she found out that she does coke. My mother was saying that it wasn’t my place to tell other people but it felt like it was eating at me. My mother was saying of how she can throw me under the bus but honestly I would rather her out me for being a past sugar baby to my family than for her to lose her life. The order of everyone in my family finding out and the adults not being concerned is concerning me because I’m afraid something really bad might happen to her. I was talking to my mother in the car earlier and was telling her that my cousins options at this point are to become a vegetable, die, or get help. She didn’t say anything else but turned up the music.
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2023.06.03 08:51 railkapankha why people why

heard my relative-brother (30) wishing his mother happy birthday, as if nothing wrong... i have told him earlier that this is haram. we are practicing muslims. whole of his family celebrates/wishes birthdays also bring cakes or gifts sometimes. very normal for them. recently they've placed their kids picture mug etc in showcase... will this ever end in our people? I've read somewhere "farishte/angels" doesn't come to house where images of live things are placed
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2023.06.03 08:48 Significant_Pop_6543 I miss Nia on the pod

So I went into the archives and stumbled on this one - so many YouTube clips came from this ep!
Also, in case you’re reading this, happy birthday Nia!!
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2023.06.03 08:48 DumbestBike My little pug mix turned 1 yesterday and I couldn’t be happier! Happy birthday Darwin!

This little man has changed my life and while he may not look very pug, he has the goofy, pure, heart of of little puglet and he makes me laugh every darn day!
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2023.06.03 08:43 OhGodItsHim13 AITA for not giving my sister money?

I (46M) am the youngest of 5 kids. My eldest sister V(60F) is the only one of my siblings I talk to (one sister passed in 2006... The other 2 siblings... It's complicated). In September of last year, V texted me and asked if we could give her some money... I phrase it that way, because that's how she asked... Didn't even pretend to "ask for a loan" , just asked for money... My wife and I talked about it, and agreed to send her $100... The next month, October, was Vs birthday. My wife and I sent her a card, and put $20 in it (ya know, grandma style) and thought we were being cheeky... In January, she texted me and asked me for money again... Again, just "can I have some money?" We told her no. A couple months later, my family and I went on a little 2 day, out of town excursion. We posted pictures on social media... 3 days after we got home, I got yet another message from V, asking for money again. Again we said no. She seems to think that because my family and I can afford to do things occasionally, she should have some of our money. We are, BY NO MEANS rich, we just are able to budget things. V, on the other hand, is 60, unemployed, living with (and off of) her nephew, and claiming that she can't get a job due to "ageism". AITA for not wanting to give her money?
ETA: as to her character: in the 80s, she destroyed her childrens credit by opening electric and phone bills in their names, because she had their SSNs... Ran up the bills, never paid them, then just moved to a different area, and did it again... I'm just saying...
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2023.06.03 08:37 Limp-Republic9486 AITA for not getting my boyfriend's niece a gift?

I have been dating my boyfriend for 2 years. I usually pick out birthday presents for family and friends, which is something I don't mind doing. Last month, I picked up a video game for my boyfriend's friend birthday. I gave it to him and the friend thanked me. However, when we got back home, my boyfriend said it was a bad gift and his friend was just being polite, as the game I had got him wasn't the kind that the friend played. I told him that I had tried my best to get him something I knew he would like, and as he played similar games, I asked my brother, after my boyfriend was no help, who also plays video games as I don't what I should get for him. I told my boyfriend that I wouldn't be responsible for getting gifts for his family/friends for the future and that he now had to get them himself as I was quite offended after I had made the effort to get his friend a gift, and then he was critizing me. Today was my boyfriend's niece's birthday. We turned up and I wished her happy birthday. My boyfriend hadn't gotten her a gift. I might be TA here, as I knew my boyfriend had not gotten her a gift, but I refused to get one for her as it was not my responsibility anymore. After that party, my boyfriend blew up on me for not getting his niece a gift and ruining her birthday. I told him I had warned him about not getting her a gift, and had also reminded him about her upcoming party so he would be prepared. He said he still expected me to handle it, as it was a girl's gift and he wouldn't know what to get her. He is not apologising to me and genuinely feels like I am in the wrong here.
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2023.06.03 08:34 meow_zedongg Happy Birthday Keyana & Kerriele 💖💖

Happy Birthday Keyana & Kerriele 💖💖
Both shared a birthday June 2. Gemini babies. 💖Never forgotten💖
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2023.06.03 08:31 railkapankha why people why

heard my relative-brother (30) wishing his mother happy birthday, as if nothing wrong... i have told him earlier that this is haram. we are practicing muslims. whole of his family celebrates/wishes birthdays also bring cakes or gifts sometimes. very normal for them. recently they've placed their kids picture mug etc in showcase... will this ever end in our people? I've read somewhere "farishte/angels" doesn't come to house where images of live things are placed
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2023.06.03 08:31 wassermel0n Hi mom, I feel hollow

I dated this guy when I was 18 and he was 19. We broke up eventually 2 and a half years after on good terms. We kept in touch as friends and we checked in on each other from time to time. It's also just the usual birthday messages to me and my parents. Of course it was very difficult for us initially but we got used to it eventually. Earlier this year, we got to see each other again for the first time in 3 years. It felt surreal, mom. No words could explain the feeling we both had at that time. We even considered that we might get back together, but we knew that it's best we don't as I'm working abroad.
He truly was my better half, I mean it when I say that I have never met someone that just completes me. We both have come to terms with the fact that we're eventually gonna go our own ways given the circumstances but I can't believe the day is finally here. Seeing him with someone new and doing the things we used to do makes me really sad. It feels like the things we did weren't all that special at all. I can tell he's happier but it makes me feel like half of me has been carved out and I feel hollow again. I should be happy for him but it's difficult, mom. We've been very supportive of each other in everything but this time, I feel guilty for not being happy for him. I also felt that we're both more distanced now (understandably) and it's just hitting me that one day we really have to let go of each other. I know other people can sustain contact with their exes when things end on good terms but this one's really tough.
I'm just awfully broken knowing that he had moved on and he's probably touching her the way he touched me and going to our favourite places. I know people move on eventually but this has been really tough on me. It's been years too and I don't know why its affecting me so much at this point. I even feel ashamed for writing this but it's been days and I can't bottle this up.
I'm probably still insane from my emotions but I've thought of texting him something along the lines of being grateful to have spent a couple of really special years with him and that I wish him all the best in life, but I feel like its gonna be cringe once the sadness wears off.
Mom, I just want some wisdom and advice on going through this. I'm almost 25 now and I know I still have heaps of time in my hand to heal over this but he's such an amazing person he left a huge pit in my heart.
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