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De-commodification of housing Rent control Housing coops High quality public housing Tenant's unions Community land trusts Vacancy taxes Good cause eviction clauses Right of refusal laws

2023.06.04 09:00 AzureLaneMod Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/04)

Amazon's Study Hall - Daily Questions Megathread (06/04)
Welcome to the Daily Question Megathread!
Here you can ask questions/seek advice about Azur Lane, help each other and grow together!
Helpful Resources
Azur Lane Wiki
Azur Lane Official English Twitter
Azur Lane Community Discord Server
Azur Lane Official English Discord Server
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Nerezza's Gameplay Help Picture Guides (Gear Tier list, Shops and Crafting priority)


  • JP players can bind via binding code or Twitter account.
  • EN players can bind via Twitter account, Facebook account or Yostar account. Recommended to use Yostar Account due to uncertainty with Twitter and Facebook. These options are in Settings.
  • Use at least one account bind option; use multiple if you want to be safe.
  • If your device is lost, damaged, or a game update breaks the app and forces you to reinstall you could permanently lose your account.
  • EN accounts are easiest to recover with an account bind; make sure to bind your account in the settings and only use the login screen binding buttons to reconnect your account.
  • Using the login screen buttons without a bound account will create a new account for you and effectively erase your progress with no way of recovering it outside of contacting customer support. JUST DO IT.
  • Make sure you are selecting the correct server and method of binding when using a new device.
NOTE: It's also a good idea to remember your server and take a screenshot of your Profile Page so that customer support has an easier time recovering your account.

Detailed In-depth FAQ can be found in here.

Please read through it first before asking a question in here as the FAQ covers lots of topics.

Other Megathreads
Weekly Lounge Megathread
Guild Recruitment Megathread VI
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2023.06.04 09:00 adantakenya Plots for sale in Kitengela

Plots for sale in Kitengela

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.

A unique gated community located in New Valley Area in Kitengela next to Safaricom's Estate. Only 2km from the main road.
Plots are 50 by 100 in size each selling at Kes 2.3 Million only. 📷📷📷
If you want to buy and build immediately, then this is the place. 📷📷📷. Residents of the estate have already started construction of their homes.
Follow the link for more information or to book a site visit.
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2023.06.04 09:00 Important-Asparagus5 What do you do about work?

I'm really struggling to keep jobs. I usually make it about a year or two, but I then have to leave because I'm just struggling too much to keep going, and I've used up all my sick days (keep in mind that I am not in the US so I have quite a few sick days). Going on disability is not an option - I know that along with my BP2 diagnosis I'm "sick enough" to get it approved, but financially it would absolutely ruin me as you don't really get enough money to make it through the month, and I don't want to lose my apartment, I need money to take care of my dogs, and I want to have a higher life standard.
I can work remotely, which was great during the lockdown period of covid, but all the jobs where I live have adopted the "hybrid office" now which means that you're expected to go in about 2-3 times a week, you work the rest of the time from home, but the time spent at the office is a minimum that is non-negotiable.
So this post is kind of somewhere between a rant and asking for advice. I'm angry with myself for not studying something practical that can easily be done 100% remotely like IT, programming, or graphic design, and instead, I studied something I find really interesting, but the jobs are far between, and you usually need a PhD in it to get the "good" jobs.
I haven't been able to find any "proper" jobs that are fully remote. It doesn't need to be within my field of study, I just need it to be fully remote - and pay the bills.
I'm just feeling quite frustrated by the whole situation to be honest, and like the whole concept of working is rigged against me. I feel like a failure for not being able to function like NT's do in work settings.
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2023.06.04 09:00 GentlemanNuggi What spice is this? Saffron?

*Reposting this because there were some issues with my earlier post.
So I bought this bag in a market in Amman, Jordan. I thought it looked a bit like Saffron, and i had heard that saffron is cheap in Jordan (I didn't know how expensive saffron really is). So I bought this bag for around 3 euro, which I thought was a bargain.
Then i come home to my mom, and she tells me that there is no way this is saffron, but we can't find out what else it could be?
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2023.06.04 09:00 AutoModerator Home Base and Daily Discussion Thread (START HERE!) - June 04, 2023

Welcome to your home for everything Pete !

The mod team would like to thank each and every one of you for your support during Pete’s candidacy! This sub continues to function as a home for all things Pete Buttigieg, as well as a place to support any policies and candidates endorsed by him.

Purposes of this thread:
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How You Can Help

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Flair requests will be handled through modmail or through special event posts here on the sub.
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2023.06.04 09:00 AutoModerator NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT Thread! - June 04, 2023

Welcome to the Daily NC/NP Trade/Sell & Pet UFA/UFT thread. A new thread will be made every day at midnight NST. Please refrain from posting individual threads and use this thread for your trading purposes!


Remember that you can use Ctrl + F to help you find items you might be interested in! Please use the following specific formats to make it easier for people searching for either NC or NP items.

Format - NP

Please use this format when buying or selling items:
item - price (or link to your shop/trades/auctions)

Format - NC

item(s) or link to wishlist
item(s) or link to trade list

Neocash Trading

Please keep in mind that you can ONLY trade Neocash items for other Neocash items and cannot buy them with Neopoints.
To trade an NC item you need a gift box that you receive when redeeming NC cards, opening Gift Box Capsules, or other events. To read more about trading Neocash items check out the Jellyneo guide.
If you're trading NC items, here are a couple of guides to help you out with values and avoid being scammed: ALWAYS KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR WHEN THESE WERE LAST UPDATED AS THEY MAY BE OUTDATED.
Neocash Guide Hub
Most Recently Updated Value Guide
/~Owls - NC Wearables A through J
/~OwlsTwo - NC Wearables K through Z
/~Upstairs - Minimalist/mobile-friendly single-page version of /~Owls
/~Valisar - Non-Wearables (Unofficial)
List last updated Aug 22nd, 2022


This also is the place to post all your pets that you are seeking new homes for, whether you're trading or adopting out.
Please post the pet or pets you currently have up for adoption, that you are zapping to adopt out, or that you wish to trade.
You do not have to post the name of the pet or the name of your account if you do not wish, but remember to check your reddit PMs if this is the only means of communication you are allowing!
Please update or edit your comments once you have found a new home for your pets.
If you want a pet, or are trying to adopt a pet out but want to give redditors first dibs, the /neopets Dream Pet List may be of some use!
For guides and resources, check out the following pages:
Pet Trading Guides
/~kalux - General Links and Resources
/~Erizolen - General PC Guide
/~pcguide - Another PC Guide
/~Danpo - Primary UC Trading Tier Guide
Pet Dream Lists
/~ZYDP - Zap Your Dream Pet
/~Eggso - UC Project & UFA UC Listing
/~Hootiolado - H.E.L.P's Dream Pet Listing
/~Moonsis3 - MOON's Dream Pet Listing
/~Clurisa - The Fortunate Ones Adoption and Dream Granting Agency
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Extra Paintbrush Clothes
List last updated Aug 22nd, 2022
A little bit of everything
List last updated Sept 4th, 2022


  1. DO NOT mention /neopets or reddit on Neopets in any way.
  2. Be excellent to each other, as always.
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2023.06.04 09:00 jobautomator Discussion Thread

The discussion thread is for casual and off-topic conversation that doesn't merit its own submission. If you've got a good meme, article, or question, please post it outside the DT. Meta discussion is allowed, but if you want to get the attention of the mods, make a post in /metaNL. For a collection of useful links see our wiki or our website


New Groups

Upcoming Events

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2023.06.04 09:00 starhouseestofficial Preserving Summer's Bounty: Exploring the Benefits of Canned Tomatoes.

Summer brings with it an abundance of fresh produce, including ripe and juicy tomatoes. These vibrant fruits not only add flavor to our meals but also offer numerous health benefits. However, as the summer season comes to an end, it's essential to find ways to preserve the bountiful harvest. One popular method is canning tomatoes, which allows us to enjoy their goodness all year round. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of canned tomatoes and explore why they deserve a place in your pantry. So let's dive in and discover the wonders of preserving summer's bounty!

The Art of Canning:
Canning is a traditional method of preserving food that involves sealing fruits or vegetables in airtight containers, such as jars, to prevent spoilage. This process not only extends the shelf life of the produce but also locks in their nutritional value. When it comes to tomatoes, canning helps retain their essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Nutritional Value of Canned Tomatoes:
Contrary to popular belief, canned tomatoes can be just as nutritious as fresh ones. In fact, certain nutrients are even more bioavailable in canned form. Tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant known for its potential health benefits, including reducing the risk of certain cancers and heart disease. The canning process breaks down the tomato's cell walls, making lycopene more easily absorbed by the body.

Convenience and Versatility:
One of the significant advantages of Canned tomatoes is their convenience. Having a well-stocked pantry with canned tomatoes allows you to whip up delicious meals with minimal effort. From classic pasta sauces and hearty stews to vibrant salsas and flavorful curries, the possibilities are endless. Canned tomatoes provide a quick and easy way to add depth and flavor to your culinary creations.

Year-Round Availability:
Fresh tomatoes have a short growing season, making them a seasonal delight. However, by canning tomatoes at their peak ripeness, you can enjoy their flavors throughout the year. Canned tomatoes offer a taste of summer even during the coldest months, allowing you to savor the essence of sun-ripened tomatoes in every dish.

Cost-Effective Option:
Canned tomatoes offer an economical solution for those looking to save money without compromising on taste and quality. Buying fresh tomatoes off-season can be costly, whereas canned tomatoes are often more affordable and readily available. By opting for canned tomatoes, you can stretch your budget while still enjoying the benefits of this versatile ingredient.

Sustainability and Reduced Food Waste:
Preserving summer's bounty through canning is an eco-friendly choice that promotes sustainability and reduces food waste. By canning tomatoes, you can make the most of surplus produce, reducing the likelihood of it going to waste. Additionally, Canned tomatoes require less energy and resources for transportation and storage compared to their fresh counterparts, making them a greener option.

Quality Control:
When canning tomatoes at home, you have full control over the quality and ingredients used. You can choose to can organic tomatoes or those from your own garden, ensuring that you have the freshest and most flavorful base for your dishes. By canning your tomatoes, you eliminate concerns about preservatives or additives that may be present in store-bought canned goods.

Health Benefits of Cooked Tomatoes:
Cooking tomatoes, whether fresh or canned, enhances their nutritional value. Heat breaks down the tomato's cell walls, making the beneficial compounds more accessible. This process boosts the release of lycopene and other antioxidants, leading to increased health benefits.
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2023.06.04 08:59 Play_Imaginary I’ve noticed that someone is using my reserved parking spot while I’m working at night.

For the past 2 nights I couldn’t help but realize when I work my shifts on the weekend a car is parked in my spot that clearly has my condo number on it funny thing about this is my car sits there all week because I only work weekends I’ve left a note if I see it there again tomorrow night should I have it towed? (The reason I’m home during my work hours is because on break I like to have a meal with my wife and tell my kids goodnight)
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2023.06.04 08:58 Willing-Fisherman145 33 [F4M] Asia/Online It’s a nice Sunday - Perfect to be lazy, stay in, and just hang out.

Sadly, weekend is already halfway done for me and some of us! But I still have the rest of Sunday afternoon and evening to relax and enjoy this time before work eats up most of my time 😅 So.. I'd just stay at home and would love to hang out and chat! 😊
So, hi! I’m from Manila and looking for people to talk to (and maybe hang out with if there comes a time you visit here or I travel to your country, who knows?!). People say I’m very extroverted and I certainly agree. The pandemic was not good for me mentally and emotionally as I usually get energy from being with people. I’m very sociable. 😊 I tend to ramble on about anything and everything and would love to hear about your travels and how your week is going! Any out of the ordinary plans this weekend as it's also the first weekend of the month? Any summer getaways? I want to know what keeps you up at night or what side of the bed you usually like to sleep in. I want to know if you sing in the shower and what you usually think of when you’re washing your face. I want to know if you sing in your head while you brush your teeth to make sure you hit the 2 minutes or if you rap or sing like me when you wash your hands to make it up to the hygienic minimum of 20 seconds. Are you also an overthinker like me who overpacks on trips? Or maybe as spontaneous as me who would be going to trips every now and then with friends or maybe alone? Are you the observant friend who notices if your friends would like to dip their fries in ketchup or not? Do you love music that you’d already know from the first few notes it’s this certain song because you’ve listened to it a thousand times? Let me know your quirks or something interesting about you! If you’ve read this far, tell me your favorite travel memory!
I really don’t mind the distance because I’ve met people through travels and online who are from different walks of life. And it’s just so fascinating to learn about another culture! I like knowing what makes you you.
I’m rambling again so I’ll leave it at that. I hope you are having a good weekend so far! 😊
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2023.06.04 08:57 compacc2u Kitchen Countertops and Kitchen Worktops

When people want to remodel their houses or construct a new home, one of the important considerations that need to be planned is the kitchen countertops or the kitchen worktops. The kitchen worktop is the place where most of the cooking activity and its support activities will take place. Kitchen worktops can be made from different materials - from lightweight wood laminates and heavy duty granite and quartz. As the kitchen worktops are available in various designs and materials, selecting a particular kitchen top are going to be a tough task for the home owner.
Solid top Malaysia
One of the main factors that affect the selection of the kitchen countertop is the budget that is available to spend on it. Home owners have to arrive at an amount that can be made ready before taking the decision. There are basically four types of kitchen worktops that are available for the home owner to choose from. These are wood, granite, polymer and quartz. Each material comes in different price ranges and has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Of the four types, the most commonly used kitchen tops are wood and granite. Granite is one of the hardest substances available in nature and is perfectly suitable for a kitchen top. Its durability, extreme heat resistant and resistance to wear and tear make it an ideal choice for the kitchen countertop. The cost of the granite kitchen top is not extortionate and is affordable on a medium budget. Granite comes in a variety of dark colors and designs, however not many light colors are available in granite.
counter top Malaysia
Wood is another natural material that is extremely popular as a kitchen countertop. Though not as durable or strong as granite, it makes up with its color and design range, which cannot be matched in granite. These wooden tops are made of a hard wood such as oak and give a countryside kitchen look to your home.
But even a hard wood cannot withstand very high temperatures. Polymer countertops are not really recommended as they don't give value for money, though they can certainly afford a polished and modern look to a kitchen. Quartz is similar to granite in many respects - it is extremely durable and heat resistant. Although it can be very pretty, the cost of quartz can sometimes be even higher than that of granite, and a quartz worktop is more liable to crack that a granite worktop.
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2023.06.04 08:57 DrFierce420 For those tenants who won their case at the RTB, were you ever able to collect?

There was this post a very short while ago...
It's one thing to get a decision in your favour, it's another thing to collect. I myself got a decision in my favour against the purchasers of the house I was renting with my family, who evicted us with the pretext they (or a close relative) needed it to move in.
My family and I had to scramble for another place to live, couldn't find anything remotely close to the rent we were paying, and needed to settle on a place that was a huge rent increase.
The new purchasers, after we moved out, let the property vacant for 5 months, renovated for a month and a half, and then proceeded to rent the place for a bit more than what we are paying now at our new address (so a big jump in rent for those renting there now compared to what it was with the old owner).
We filed a tenancy complaint on the grounds of a bad faith eviction. We served the new owners and when the day came, they didn't show up. We had irrefutable evidence that these people were served properly and in a timely manner. We also had plenty of evidence to show the merit of our claim and we also had someone not related to us that was a witness to all the facts brought forward. So we won our case, with these people ordered to pay 20+ grand.
We waited for them to file a motion for reconsideration of the decision, for which they didn't prevail (for a number of reasons, including not availing themselves of a continuance and other reasons).
We then sent them a registered demand letter and gave them another month to pay, which they ignored. So we went to small claims court to see what could be done. There are a few things we could do in an effort to get paid the amount due, but it'll involve more fees, and more time to wait (and I am convinced they will ignore all this as well).
So, what would be the best course of action here? I'd love to hear from someone who won their case at the RTB, got an order from them, and above all was able to collect.
This has put a serious hole in what little savings we had and has tightened incredibly our budget. So any insight, tips, or suggestions to help get some relief (which would come from collecting the money) would be appreciated.
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2023.06.04 08:57 suburban_mom_ Past people 🤦‍♀️

I commented on someone else’s post about past people popping up in their life and I ran into someone today I had major beef with before I moved to my new home. I went back to where I used to live to meet with my cousin to talk about her sister’s cocaine addiction because she didn’t know. While I was getting ready I jokingly mentioned to my sister, wouldn’t it be funny if we ran into someone we used to know? On the way to the cafe I told my sister, it feels like I’m on my way to a mission. I was very nervous because I didn’t know how she would react. Before we got out my sister checked the time, it was 4:44. As I walked inside the cafe, I saw him, and I knew it was him because there’s only so few people I know with a scrunched up face like him. I was so glad I fixed myself up really nice because he looked like he just rolled out of bed and his hair looked like it had not been trimmed in a bit. He is the best friend of my ex FWB. As my sister and I talked to my cousin I could hear him laugh at the jokes we were making, I silently begged for him not to approach us. I got what I needed to say out to my cousin and she felt the same way as I did. My back was to him and as we were talking she kept turning around to look at him, I think that was a dead giveaway that she could feel him staring at us. We wrapped up our conversation and said our goodbyes. My sister and I were going to go somewhere else but after talking to my cousin about something intense, I just wanted to be at home. Last night I noticed my lamp dim sometimes and tonight a light by my garage kept flickering while I was smoking a cigarette and I thought that was strange because my stepdad just replaced it. I’m not expecting anything too much right now, I’m just putting my faith in the Universe. I was very tired for most of this week but today I woke up at a decent time and I was able to fix up my room after it was neglected for a week. Today was his birthday and I hope he doesn’t feel depressed like how I felt on my birthday last year. We started talking the day after my birthday and looking back I probably manifested him because I felt so alone and disappointed with life.
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2023.06.04 08:57 redpotato00 Am i depressed or nihilist (or both)

Hey, high school student here. I just found this sub today and have been browsing it. My parents and everyone around me says i have depression and stuff and stuff. They try to get me to see therapists, make me eat medicine everyday, tbh has been kinda annoying but i guess theyre just doing what they think is right. They have been like this ever since i gradually stopped going to school a few months ago. Id rather just stay at home bc i just find school to be too much of a task, maintaining my grades, getting into a good college, having connections, social interactions, and all that stuff (and also i just felt kinda guilty for some stuff i did). I know this sounds kinda wrong to most ppl but i really just want to enjoy my 18 year free trial while i can. Bc ya know u have to work and stuff after (and maybe go to college). Im just seen as someone who is just not a "normal" person (which technically is the truth). Honestly, Idk whats supposed to be right or wrong, maybe the right thing to do is the "normal" thing to do.
And now im here wondering if im depressed or not. I dont rly have much experience with depressed ppl so i decided to browse some subs and join some discord servers here and there but it seems like anyone venting about their depression has some sort of reason to being depressed, like something bad happened in their life or smthn. Nothing really compared to my life. Ive had an above average childhood with some social anxiety, pressure from my parents, no actual friends (obviously), and some minor bullying, but mostly it was fine so i found it kinda hard to relate to these other depressed kids who be like vaping and stuff. So yeah. A lot of this stuff sounds really weird to say and i would never say it to my parents but maybe this is the "problem" with me. Anyone would think im some selfish, lazy fuck and they probably are right.
Sorry for the rambling, im just bored. If i had posted this in any other sub it would be weird
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2023.06.04 08:57 BooPandaa Is $75,000 livable to you guys?

I (23F) just started working full time in a career I love. I’ve heard many people around me say $100,000 is barely livable in the OC, specifically Newport. Well I’m calculating out how much living would cost vs how much I’m making ($75k) and honestly, things are looking pretty comfortable for me on $75,000. Am I missing something here?
My family is in the area so I’m living at home for now just saving up for a newer, more reliable car. But after that I’m thinking of moving out and I want to know what life in the Irvine/ Newport/ Costa Mesa area might look like expenses wise
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2023.06.04 08:56 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency (complete)

If you are interested in Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us at +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency.
Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste agency is the latest course by Iman Gadzhi.
Copy Paste Agency is designed for established agency owners, who can use these lessons to scale their business.
In Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency, you will learn:
To get Iman Gadzhi – Copy Paste Agency contact us on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116 (Telegram: multistorecourses)
Reddit DM to u/CourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore[@] (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.04 08:55 Frequent-Meeting-513 Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies
These simply Sublime chocolate chip little cookies are a tasty favorite in our home. Happy baking!
Ingredients: 281g A.P.Flour 2tsp cornstarch 1tsp baking soda 1/2tsp salt
170g soft unsalted butter 150g B.Sugar 100g Sugar 1 egg 1 egg yolk 2tsp vanilla
1-2 cups of mini chocolate chips/or ur choice
Mix dry ingredients set aside
Cream butter & sugars 2-3mins Add eggs/vanilla 1-2mins Stir in dry ingredients Fold in chocolate chips
Let dough chill for at least 1 1/2hrs if possibly overnight or up to 3days
When ready to bake Preheat oven to 325
Use 1tsp of dough shape into little ovals
Bake for 9-11mins
Let cool for 10mins on baking sheet Before transferring to wire rack
Then enjoy 😊
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2023.06.04 08:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (

[Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (
Get the course here: [Download Course] Grant Cardone – Intro to Multi-Family Apartment Investing Full Course (
Our website:

About The course :
Starting at the age of 33 and investing in a single-family home, Grant Cardone made a quiet entry into real estate. Cut to three years later of exhaustive research, intense study and countless property tours Grant broke onto the multi-family real estate scene and has been a driving force in the industry ever since.
Over the last 28 years, Mr. Cardone has closed over $1 Billion in transactions and has over 5,000 units. He has created Cardone Capital to offer accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest with him.
Now you can learn from Grant’s experience and industry knowledge with the Real Estate Course.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.04 08:54 MrsChess Working on my mental health as a parent feels impossible

I am struggling with burnout at the moment. I have some sick leave from work (not American, very happy that I have this opportunity to take some time off for my mental health) where I get time to recuperate and basically learn to relax a little cause I feel tense 24/7. I’m also looking into an ADHD/ADD diagnosis cause I have nearly all the symptoms and a major one is that I’m easily overstimulated by sound, touch and light. Combine this with being home with a three year old.
I really really really want to set the right example and teach her that it’s important to take care of our mental health, that everyone needs some alone time occasionally, that mummy needs some quiet time etc but she’s THREE so she does the opposite of what I need. When I say I need some rest she’s supportive but 90 seconds later I get a “do you still need rest mama? Are you okay?” and then suggests playing doctor with me. Like I totally get that this is developmentally normal and she’s not a bad kid but it’s driving me up the wall and I get into this panic mode where I can’t react kindly anymore because every sound or touch feels like I’m being attacked.
My husband is home too and he’s great and I barely have to do anything while I’m taking this mental health time but we all live together in a much too small space and I don’t really have anywhere I can go to turn the sounds off. I’m just exhausted really
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2023.06.04 08:54 Gothbert666 She's home!

She's home!
After an exceedingly long handover yesterday (over 4 hours in the dealership) I finally got her home. What a machine! But question for you all. Extended warranty and/or service plans. Worth buying? If so directly with Audi or other decent companies? UK based. TIA.
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2023.06.04 08:54 marjokeXD Here's a deal: You be my long term friend and I'll be yours.

Hey there, lovely people!
Who am I? I'm just a random person on the internet on a mission to find some really awesome people to join me in creating unforgettable memories.
I'll just clear out the thing I want from you the most at first. I'm expecting a little bit of commitment and effort from you. I've said this before and I'm saying this again, without those no relationship can continue for long and I'm strictly seeking long term friendship from you. If you're up for it, I'm sure we can become best friends in no time!
here's a bit about me:
I lovedd to be play outdoor games such as football, badminton and cricket but let's just say my skills have died along with my old boots. But recently I've decided that I'm gonna go to the gym to improve my physique. You'll find me working on my "gains" at the gym, trying to transform this body into something less stickman-like very soon (still thinking what to do suggestions are appreciated).
When I'm not at home procastinating and wrecking my life (literally and metaphorically), I'm either sleeping or out with my small squad, looking for the best restaurants in town. (There are a lot of them lmao) If you're up for some culinary adventures, let's set out to conquer every burger place, café or a dessert haven if we're in the same area!
Now let's discuss hobbies shall we? I'm a self-proclaimed gaming geek with a computer that could be older than some galaxies. But, hey, a little lag has never stopped me from becoming an online warrior, eager to conquer virtual kingdoms and fight pixelated people with style (and a little button-smashing). I bought a really good rig 3 years back but the PSU died and sadly I haven't fixed it yet because of my busy and shitty life. I'm thinking of upgrading my PC soon btw.
Oh, and I have a secret superpower—I can strum a few tunes on my rusty acoustic guitar. Don't worry, I won't annoy you with it unless you specifically request it. But hey, if we ever find ourselves around a campfire, I might bust out some questionable covers of your favorite songs (warning: this is not a joke).
As for movies and anime, I'm always down for a good binge-watching session - from action-packed blockbusters to mind-bending psychological thrillers, anything that will give me goosebumps, I will watch it a 100%> please recommend me some things to watch tho I'm very bored these days since my exams have ended and I have nothing to do rn.
Anyway here's another deal: I'm looking for people who know how to enjoy life's chaos, laugh till our stomachs hurt, and make memories to tell our grandchildren about. We're definitely on the same wavelength if you enjoy random trips, game nights packed with friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition, and..... - chats that make time fly. Please don't be dry.
Let's team up if you're a foodie, a gamer, a movie enthusiast, a car enthusiast or just someone who enjoys excellent company and ridiculous situations! Send me a message and let's embark on a friendship adventure that will go down in history.
Waiting eagerly for you <3
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2023.06.04 08:54 raccoon251 Kicked out of Preschool after First Day

Our 4 year old son started a new preschool yesterday (Friday). He was supposed to start Monday, but our childcare fell through and they kindly let him start on Friday. It was a wonky day with no other kids being new, but oh well.
At pick up, I was told that he cleaned up well, followed directions, and did well with the activities. They did say he had trouble keeping his hands to himself and that he was spitting, but that it was his first day and he should adjust soon. He doesn’t do either of those things at home, but he is an old child.
I picked him up at the end of the day. He was using the potty when I arrived, so I hung out with him while he pooped and he told me how he wanted to hang a sign out front, “Preschool is closed! No kids allowed!” I asked him why and he just insisted he didn’t want other kids there. After the potty, we were the only ones left and he happily showed me some of his favorite toys and then we left.
Then today, we get this email from the owner of the preschool that he’s been kicked out. The handbook they gave us states they will give two week’s notice before cancelling care for any reason. Wtf. We didn’t even receive any phone calls during the day nor did it sound serious at pick up.
I just started a new job two weeks ago. Now, I need to find full time summer care until TK starts in August. I’m weeping and will probably lose my job if a miracle doesn’t happen.
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