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2023.06.04 09:35 lautaromassimino Elite season 4 (second) rewrite [following suggestions from my original post, a few days ago]

Okay, so... a few days ago I posted about a rewrite of all Elite seasons, dividing it into two parts (part 1: S1, S2 & S3, and part 2: S4, S5 & S6). It was a rewrite that I did about a year ago, and only a few days ago it occurred to me to upload it here without further ado, but several comments on the post from the last three seasons told me that they felt a little disconnected from the rest, that last seasons didn't had a general harmony between the characters and the story itself, and the truth is, you were right.
So, since I had nothing better to do at home, I began to think of some way to accommodate that, and well, this is what I came to ^-^
This is only the S4 rewrite, and I want to clarify this retains most of the things I mentioned in my original post, but in a better order, and with several additions I took from the comments on that post, which really made this version a 100/10.
I leave you the link of the original post, where you can read the first complete idea:
I'll be making the new parts 5 and 6 in a few of these days, and uploading them to my profile as well. When I have them, I will leave those links in the comments of this post.
S4: the main focus of this season would be on excesses, specifically, on the consequences of drug abuse.
  1. Las Encinas is a bilingual school, but we never see another teacher speaking English (French in the English dubbing) again.
  2. The school competition with the Ivy League prize that Nadia and Lu compete for during the first three seasons is not mentioned again, when it is supposed to be something that is done every single year.
  3. In addition, from this season almost all the scenes are located almost exclusively inside the school, and we see very little about outdoor scenes, or the private lives of the characters. This is also a serious mistake, since that was what best allowed us to know each other's backgrounds, and create empathy with them.
Initial setting for this season:
(in my post about the first three seasons) I made clear my idea for Christian's character at the end of season 3 (I decided to keep the character in the show, for plot reasons of season 2):
Ari, Patrick and Mencía:
Benjamín Blanco: The father of the new trio, and the new principal in Las Encinas, after Azucena's dismissal. He is actually Polo's uncle (his late wife was Begoña Benavent's sister).
Felipe Rosón Caleruega.
⠀⠀⠀ → His father, Theodoro Rosón plans to rebuild a public school again on top of the ruins of San Esteban's (Samu, Nadia & Christian's old school), this time by "legal means" to avoid the same fate as Ventura (Guzmán's father, who was arrested in S1), but still solely for the economic purposes that would result from such construction, and a new scholarship program that this new school would have with Las Encinas.*
⠀⠀⠀ → During the next season, the construction of this new institution would have finished, and we would have new scholarship recipients in Las Encinas, coming from this new school. This would be part of the "reboot" that the next generation would mean for Elite.
They make us believe that Rebeka (not Ari) is the main victim of this season... but she is not.
Armando's fate:
Characters' subplots this season:
Characters relationships this season:
Samuel + Ari + Guzmán.
Samuel and Ari's relationship would not be there just as one more of the season, but would serve as an element for the plot: Ari would have approached Samuel after learning that he was Christian's close friend (the accused in Polo's murder) to try to obtain information. However, her feelings towards him would become true over the course of the season, thus seeing a kind of development in her character, which would allow the public to empathize with her.
Rebeka + Mencía:
Patrick + Valerio:
Felipe ... + Cayetana?
By season finale, Guzmán drops out of school: he decides to join Nadia in the US.
So, that's it! My second take on a season 4 rewrite. Those who read my original post will have noticed that several things were literally a copy and paste of the original post. But I feel that it is the additions that I made thanks to the comments on that post that really end up giving the seasoning to this version ^-^
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2023.06.04 09:30 honey_mist_auburn Moving on from a friend of 12 years

This guy (30M) and I(31F) have been friends for 13 years now. He is part of my friend group. Over the years we would hang out together with the friend group and also sometimes alone. We would go to the movies together, restaurants or sometimes just hangout. We are very comfortable with each other. He is very funny btw and humour is what connected us.
He is the type of person to not share many things, as was I. We kept our dating lives private from each other over the years. He never meddled, and i never asked. We would meet everyweek and just chill, have pointless conversations, talk aboug anything and everything.
Things changed over the past year. One night while we were hanging out with friends he tried to be intimate with me, both of us were drunk at this point. I was surprised at first, later when my friends went into other room i let him know that this isn't how friends behave. He was embarrassed, said sorry and we both continued like nothing happened. A thing to note is that over the years i was also attracted to him but never acted on it as it would ruin the friendship and i knew for a fact that he doesn't want to be in a relationship with anyone. I also wasn't sure if he liked me.
Fast-forward a few months later, we are on a trip and we kiss each other. This time i make the move. We come back to our city and act like nothing happened for few days and finally meet one day have a conversation and i ask him if we should get married. As we both obviously like each other, respect each other and have a great time together.
6 months passed and he doesn't answer anything. I let it go thinking i acted foolishly and that he doesn't like me. We were both awkward with each other af first but then continued to talk normal when we were with out friends, never met alone after this point.
One day a friend of mine and i had to visit him at his home, i visited him at his home multiple times before and know his parents and his sister is also part of our friend group. I noticed things were a bit off when I met his mom and his sister. They acted surprised to see me there. I think nothing of it. All of us friends go to a restaurant for dinner and i also noticed that he was calmer than usual the whole time.
They drop me home and we were trying to figure out how much I owe him via text that night as he paid the bill. As we were chatting i ask him what's wrong why was he calm the entire night. I ask if it is because he lost his job recently. He calls me immediately and let's me know that his parents know about him and i and that they did not agree to our marriage and thats the reason he did not give an answer. He is a Hindu, i am a Muslim.
This was a shock to me. I suffered for 6 months thinking he did not like me like that and finally made peace. But knowing this i couldnt contain my tears. And have been crying ever since.
I need advice to move on from my best friend , the person that treated me with respect always, person that i can hang out with for endless hours and not get bored.
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2023.06.04 09:09 verturesort Mini Single Room at Batu Kawan Vertu Resort Condominium

Mini Single Room at Batu Kawan Vertu Resort Condominium
RoomNow 60102327656
Room Detail:
🏠 Description
🥰 Co-living community 🛁 Shared Bathroom 🛋️ Fully Furnished 🌐 Free Wi-Fi (500mbps) ❌ Zero Deposit ❌ NO Agent Fee 🧹 Scheduled Cleaning services in common area every week 🔐 Safety & Security - CCTV in common area ✅ Monthly Rental Details RM(550) + RM50 (Monthly Utility)
🎉 VRC Facilities 🏠 Description: 💪🏻 Gym 🍀 Newly renovated Unit 🥰 Co-living community 🛁 Shared or Private Bathroom 🛋️ Fully Furnished 🌐 Free Wi-Fi 🏊🏼 Swimming Pool 🎱 Game Room 🎤 Karaoke Room 🏡 Landscaped Garden 🍗 Barbeque Area 📚 Library 🏁 Playground
Around 25 facilities covering 200,000 sq.ft
📍 Super Strategic Location 🚶🏻‍♀️ 5min walk to IKEA & Utropolis 🚶🏻‍♀️ 1min walk to Ulala Mini Market 🚶🏻‍♀️ Surrounded by Mini Market, Korean Food, Nasi Kandar Bistro, Japanese Food, Vervea, Shunka (Japanese restaurant), Pan Pan restaurant. 🚗 3min to UOW Malaysia KDU College 🚗 5min to Second Bridge and Batu Kawan Industrial Park 🚗 2min to Design village & McDonald’s 🚗 5min to Cassia
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2023.06.04 09:09 AmberNorth Really long train travel with a pen and CGM?

A bit of context here. The only way I(healthy) could get to my long distance partner(T1D) was by a train (we're on a budget). I wanted to take them with me but their safety is very important to me so I came here asking for advice of how we should do it and even if we should do it at all. We've previously discussed it but my partner and while they said they'll be fine, they tend to be cocky and neglectful about their health (which lead to major sugar swings in the past) and never travelled for that long with public commute so i'd rather ask more people (who may have previously traveled for that long)to be safer.
(TL;DR description of route and train)
I know the route really well and when the train is going to stop. Stops are frequent but fairly short except once where the stop lasts half an hour. The ride is pretty smooth (sketching small details isn't a problem) and there's toilets and a restaurant wagon. The ticketeers are kind but obviously won't provide professional help. The carts have AC.
the journey looks something like this; First 1.5h by a bus, then 30 minute wait, then 8 h in a train (no getting out) and then basically a run through the city (not suitable for eating) to get to a bus and 1h of travel to get to my house. But the route can be changed so that we can stop and eat and then just hop onto another train, the problem is that we might get stranded because the trains tend to be late in my country and it's safer to go that way. There also isn't a guarantee of a restaurant wagon so we might run out of food. The run through the city part can also be changed, but then we wait around 3 hours in summer heat.
My partner was diagnosed a year ago, needs to eat every 3-4 hours and they have a pen and a CGM and their sugar levels tend to fluctuate a lot.
I know as much about diabetes as my research, my diabetic dog and the time I spent with my partner. I'm not confident in my ability to handle things in an emergency situation, but I know the theory of what should be done. I'd much rather have the emergency situation in question not happen and I'd go to any and all preventative measures.
The question is: Should I modify the route and should we jump trains? Is it better to make frequent stops to eat or is it better if they get their insulin in the train? And should we do this at all, considering this will be their first time traveling for all that long? Also other tips (regarding packing especially) will be appreciated. Thank you in advance for any and all advice. You're the best.
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2023.06.04 09:06 MGTS My friend from out of town brought this up: What is your 9/10 or 10/10 restaurant in Sonoma County

Title. What restaurant is your best of the best. I have to think about this one. I've been to Hana in RP twice and both times it was phenomenal, but I've been to so many places I need to go back in my head and review
I guess also, is there one you would give zero or negative stars/points to? We all know Mary's is shit so go with another
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2023.06.04 08:56 cbrboy3443 me 34m have cheated on my wife 32f. With exclusively her newly claimed “best friends”.

New here and believe this is 100% true me 34m have cheated on my wife 32f. With exclusively her newly claimed “best friends”.
She has caught me every single time. Two of the five times I have physically cheated on her I have been caught red handed. Hands in the cookie jar. I’m a young black man with a remarkable chocolate dick. I’ll dm upon request if you don’t believe me. We’ve been together 11 years married for 5 this coming December on her birthday. Our relationship started while we were exploring our kinks and exciting parts of our sex lifes. Started with a trip to Vegas sharing a room with our roommate who was a great value Beyoncé and our gay friend. Then we went to a swingers party. Being watched turned her on that I ended up sharing her at the after party with a few long time friends. She loved it. We even started recruiting people from other friend groups successfully. I have the perfect wife and the perfect life. But for some reason I cannot resist the urge to show and play with every beautiful woman that bats her eyelashes at me. I purposefully wear hoochie daddy shorts, skimpy pjs that show off my perfect package to get these women to completely loose their minds over the thought of actually having a legit bbc that they are willing to throw away a completely solid friendship. I know we should probably see a counselor. I also know that the sheer amount of times that’s she’s caught me she should have left me and took everything I have including the dog. I feel it’s because of the confidence I gained early on in our relationship but now I cannot fight the urge to show off my bbc and introduce every woman willing to give me a second to fuck her with my eyes. Lmk if I’m crazy 😅. We still love each other and we’re working to be better partners for each other but this is they only thing wrong with our marriage. My infidelity and selfishness.
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2023.06.04 08:54 felinedigger QC Jordna 1 Highs Travis Scott

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2023.06.04 08:54 marjokeXD Here's a deal: You be my long term friend and I'll be yours.

Hey there, lovely people!
Who am I? I'm just a random person on the internet on a mission to find some really awesome people to join me in creating unforgettable memories.
I'll just clear out the thing I want from you the most at first. I'm expecting a little bit of commitment and effort from you. I've said this before and I'm saying this again, without those no relationship can continue for long and I'm strictly seeking long term friendship from you. If you're up for it, I'm sure we can become best friends in no time!
here's a bit about me:
I lovedd to be play outdoor games such as football, badminton and cricket but let's just say my skills have died along with my old boots. But recently I've decided that I'm gonna go to the gym to improve my physique. You'll find me working on my "gains" at the gym, trying to transform this body into something less stickman-like very soon (still thinking what to do suggestions are appreciated).
When I'm not at home procastinating and wrecking my life (literally and metaphorically), I'm either sleeping or out with my small squad, looking for the best restaurants in town. (There are a lot of them lmao) If you're up for some culinary adventures, let's set out to conquer every burger place, café or a dessert haven if we're in the same area!
Now let's discuss hobbies shall we? I'm a self-proclaimed gaming geek with a computer that could be older than some galaxies. But, hey, a little lag has never stopped me from becoming an online warrior, eager to conquer virtual kingdoms and fight pixelated people with style (and a little button-smashing). I bought a really good rig 3 years back but the PSU died and sadly I haven't fixed it yet because of my busy and shitty life. I'm thinking of upgrading my PC soon btw.
Oh, and I have a secret superpower—I can strum a few tunes on my rusty acoustic guitar. Don't worry, I won't annoy you with it unless you specifically request it. But hey, if we ever find ourselves around a campfire, I might bust out some questionable covers of your favorite songs (warning: this is not a joke).
As for movies and anime, I'm always down for a good binge-watching session - from action-packed blockbusters to mind-bending psychological thrillers, anything that will give me goosebumps, I will watch it a 100%> please recommend me some things to watch tho I'm very bored these days since my exams have ended and I have nothing to do rn.
Anyway here's another deal: I'm looking for people who know how to enjoy life's chaos, laugh till our stomachs hurt, and make memories to tell our grandchildren about. We're definitely on the same wavelength if you enjoy random trips, game nights packed with friendly (or not-so-friendly) competition, and..... - chats that make time fly. Please don't be dry.
Let's team up if you're a foodie, a gamer, a movie enthusiast, a car enthusiast or just someone who enjoys excellent company and ridiculous situations! Send me a message and let's embark on a friendship adventure that will go down in history.
Waiting eagerly for you <3
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2023.06.04 08:51 victorinvictus Las Vegas Therapists

My wife is currently looking for therapists in the Las Vegas, NV area who are understanding of the trauma caused by growing up having to associate with TSCC. Does anyone have any recommendations for good ones in our area? Thanks!
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2023.06.04 08:49 aj4ever I feel like I’m being a brat but I feel so upset.

I am 33 F and my husband is 34 M. My husband and I have been in a rough patch for two weeks straight. It started off with him going to a bachelor party internationally where he spent $2000+ and where there lots of substances and sex workers present so safe to say I wasn’t thrilled but I wished him a safe trip. While he was at the party, he kept sending me pictures I didn’t ask for, which furthered my anxiety and two of the three nights his phone died / he fell asleep / he got home late. Safe to say, we didn’t discuss what level of communication would work for us and when he came back from his trip, we argued about it for a couple of days leading up to my birthday weekend. I don’t believe he engaged in those activities but I found it upsetting that he was unreachable for 12+ hours multiple nights for silly reasons.
Anyways…. For my birthday, I had communicated that I wanted a easygoing trip with us and our dog a few hours away. The only caveat was that I wanted to unplug from my phone for the weekend. My husband said he’d plan the weekend which is something I usually do for our trips or something we do together. Unfortunately none of the things he planned worked out for one reason or another. I ended having to figure out plans and meals three times because he had no suggestions and I couldn’t unplug as a result. This was upsetting - we didn’t get to eat out anywhere because my husband said he couldn’t find a dog friendly patio of a restaurant. The day before my birthday he asked me if I would want a cake or dessert and I also found that weird considering I always have cake on my birthday. Any of the places he planned to take me too were either closed or not accepting dogs. I was upset that he didn’t do proper planning into anything and we ended up wasting $1500 on the lodging alone. Mind you before going on the trip, I asked him if he needed planning help or needed me to pack some groceries and food to cook since we cook a lot at home and he said no, he has it taken care of. He didn’t take care of anything and one of the nights we had to skip dinner cause places closed. We ended up doing nothing as a result.
Anyway, we got back from the trip and I asked for a redo at home since the weekend was horrible. I told my husband I just wanted to go eat some pizza in town and just celebrate that way. My husband ended up surprising me with dinner reservations at some fancy fine dining Caribbean food. While I appreciate all cuisines, Caribbean fine dining is not my go to cuisine or something I truly love eating. I just wanted pizza and enjoy my day off doing something I wanted. Again, I was upset because I felt like my words were disregarded.
The last birthday event we had was today where we were suppose to celebrate group birthdays, mine included. I offer to bring a specific type of cake for my friends and myself (I mainly only eat this cake on my bday once a year so I look forward to it), but my husband said he’d take care of it. Am I wrong to assume that meant he would get the cake I wanted? Come to find out, he got something completely different cake from what I wanted to get or liked and had told him. Am I in the wrong for being ungrateful and upset? I feel like my requests were directly ignored and each time, it seems like my husband is trying his best but he kept disappointing me.
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2023.06.04 08:48 lightkira15 What are Cleveland's best "Open Late" fast food/restaurants?

Looking for some good food from any places that are open late. I'll be going to a concert in downtown so I would prefer places close by but I dont mind driving for decent food.
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2023.06.04 08:46 MrKazx Time to put in some real effort if tonight's decision annoyed you

Below is the the contact information for the Nevada athletic commission, if you agree that tonight's decision was a robbery, maybe contact them and tell them how you feel.
Be civil, use reason, facts, and other scorecards if you have them, but those two judges are outta their mind.
Nevada Athletic Commission
3300 W. Sahara Ave., Suite 450 Las Vegas, NV 89102 Phone: (702) 486-2575 FAX: (702) 486-2577 eMail: [email protected]
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2023.06.04 08:34 Both-Statistician113 AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend?

AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend
Long story ahead but there is lots of context. Jump to **** for main AITA situation.
My (f26) best friend (f26) "Taylor" and I have been best friends for about 3 years; we met at work. We became close very quickly. Taylor has a husband (boyfriend when we met) "Jesse". Almost a year into our friendship Jesse proposed to Taylor and they decided they wanted to try to have a baby before the wedding. I was very supportive of their decision and was there for them during her entire pregnancy. I was so excited to be an "auntie", which they graciously granted me the title. My love language is gift giving and I do it purely out of love, not expecting gifts in return. Since the beginning of her pregnancy until this last time seeing her, I had gotten Taylor and her baby lots of items (diapers, clothes, toys, handmade blankets) out of the love I had for them; nothing crazy expensive or inappropriate. Right after the baby was born (about a week), Taylor, Jesse and baby moved across the country for Jesse's continuing education/job. Taylor and I vowed to make our friendship work long distance. Three months later was their wedding. I was hurt because I was not asked to be a bridesmaid, though there were more groomsmen than bridesmaids. Instead, very last minute I was asked to carry the baby down the aisle and I was so excited for my "special job". Things did not go as planned that wedding weekend. The other bridesmaids were very rude to me, not wanting to include me in wedding party activities, and literally taking the baby out of my arms, though I was willing to share them any time. I was supposed to walk the baby down the aisle with the rings but when we lined up, a bridesmaid took the rings out of my hands agressivly and gave them to the best man. I had taken care of the baby all day while the wedding party was getting ready and also had gotten the baby ready (dressed, changed, fed). After I got the baby ready, I took him for wedding party pictures, in which I was wasn't allowed to participate in. There actually aren't any pictures of Taylor and I from her wedding. I watched the baby til the babysitter came and got him at the reception, this was the plan so we could all enjoy the reception like adults. A little later Taylor then asked me if I would stop drinking and watch the baby overnight for them because the night babysitter backed out. She didn't ask family (her sober mom) or her bridesmaids (one pregnant/sober). At first I was honored to be asked, but it really was a change of plan. Being the sober one, I ended up taking on responsibilities that shouldn't have been on me. This included getting a very intoxicated guest out of the reception venue nicely because the bar staff was threatening to call the police on the girl causing a scene. I didn't want Taylor to have this memory of her wedding so I got the girl a ride home even though she screamed at me and threw wine on me, all without Taylor knowing. I also had to give first aid to a guest that slipped and fell. I ended up driving the very drunk bride and groom back to the hotel and picked up the baby. The bridesmaids were nowhere to be found to help during any of this. I never explained my frustration to Taylor, because that day wasn't about me and I moved on (my own fault for not ever telling her). Fast forward three months after the wedding and I fly across the country to visit them. For the most part we had a great time and did lots of activities, always busy and fun. The only "red flag" was when Taylor and Jesse propositioned me to join them in the bedroom, to which I politely set a boundary and declined. According to Taylor, Jesse was "very bummed" that I said no. Everything was fine and Taylor and I continued our long distance friendship.
****Fast forward another 6 months from then and I am going out again to see them for the baby's first birthday. I arrive and the whole vibe is just off but I'm determined to have a good time. Taylor doesn't seem to want to do much and takes the baby to daycare a lot while I was there even though she didn't have to work (I didn't care if he was with us). As a birthday present to her and the baby, I wanted to take them on a day trip to Disney (not far from them at all). We had dicussed this plan for a long time and Taylor at least claimed to be excited. I paid for the tickets with fast passes and parking, again just wanting to spend time with them, not expecting anything in return. We had everything ready to go for the morning we left because we wanted to get there early. We ended up there late, which is not a big deal, it takes longer with a baby. We get to the park and it is already decently busy. After we eat a sit down breakfast at Taylor's insistence, we get in line for a ride. We ended up riding 2 baby friendly rides and then she and I rode one "adult" ride with rider swap for the baby. After the third ride (we have maybe been there at most 3 hours) and she states out of nowhere that she thinks the baby is done and they should go home, after i had already booked the next ride. I was floored because everything was fine I myself had just fed and changed the baby who was content. Taylor said I could stay if I wanted and Jesse would pick me up later. So I was left alone at Disney ALL day. I was very disappointed, but again said nothing in the moment. After running all over the park all day, Taylor still wanted to do "girl's night out" that evening so we went out. At the restaurant I was on SC taking pics of the balive music, snapping my bf, when she took my hand and said "babe you're here to see me, you need to put your phone away". I felt like a little kid in trouble. So I apologize and put my phone up. We go to another bar across the street for the rest of the night where I order a drink infused with absinthe. I had never had it before and wanted to try it but I didn't want Taylor "mothering" or "griping" at me so I didn't tell her and got her a regular drink. Also i was already mad and didnt think it was any of her business what i was drinking as long as it's legal and we have a ride. Later that night we were about to get an Uber back and Taylor's phone is almost dead at 3AM. So I messaged Jesse and told him that we would be back soon and that I had absinthe but that i didn't tell Taylor. There was nothing else in the message and I have never sent him any sort of flirty or inappropriate message before, and never would. Taylor ends up being very controlling the rest of the trip and I couldn't wait to get home in a couple of days. Once home a couple of days Taylor calls me and starts going off on me about messaging Jesse the night were were out. I told her I was sorry for lying to her about the absinthe and sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable messaging him, not my intent at all. I also told her it was in no way meant to be flirty or even sneaky and really not even to do with him. I was intoxicated and wanted to tell someone I drank absinthe and I knew I wouldnt be in trouble with him and was already telling him we were safe and on the way home. She is still yelling so I hang up. I then procede to text her with a calm, well thought out text and tell her I had a bad time out there and how disappointed I was with the Disney thing, but was nice about it and even apologized again for my phone and messgaing Jesse. I didn't take any low blows or call names or anything like that. I hear nothing at all for 2 weeks (longest we've ever gone without talking) and spend 3 therapy sessions trying to work through this. My therapist said it sounds like an unhealthy relationship and it may be time to end it. My therapist also said I wasn't inappropriate and was confused herself. I wrote Taylor a nice, long, no blame, email telling her that I think we have changed and that I was thankful for her friendship but that we probably shouldn't be friends anymore. I again apologized for any hurt I had caused her unknowingly and told her I hope she has a happy/healthy life and id always care about the baby. I get an email back fairly quickly that essentially turned everything around onto me. Saying things like "you don't know how to communicate your needs ", how upset still she was about me being on my phone because she wanted quality time with me (but left me at disney??), "youve been having a rough year and youre taking it out on me" (blaming it on a trauma from a year ago), "you over extend yourself with the gifts", and how she couldn't trust me with Jesse (and how lucky she is that hes so "honest"). She never once apologized for leaving Disney, being weirdly controlling, or ANY of the other ways she hurt me. I have not responded to this email and don't plan to do so because it would just turn nasty and i dont want that, i just want to be done with the friendship. AITA for ending the friendship?
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2023.06.04 08:33 Own_Tailor9802 Want to start a social movement?

I've introduced a lot of music and dramas, but I haven't introduced a lot of food.Food is a very personal thing, and I'm always nervous about recommending foreign food to people around me.I'm sure that Korean food will suit British tastes, but British food and Korean food are so different that it takes a little time to get used to it.So I've been cautious about that, because I think that first-time eaters might be a bit resistant to unfamiliar food.
One day, my friend Lily told me that she had found a great Korean restaurant and asked me to go to dinner with her.Lily, who didn't know that I was a big fan of Korean food, was excited to introduce me to it.I usually introduce her to dramas and music, and now she's immersed in Korean culture.She's a pure Korean fan who now wants to explore the food as well.
As I was having Korean dinner with her, I was preparing to tell her that I've been enjoying a lot of Korean food, and that I'm glad to have a Korean friend, and that I was excited to try new Korean food because the restaurant she had chosen was one I wasn't familiar with.
I left work in time to meet Lily and headed to the restaurant to meet her.The sign was in English, but there was also small Korean writing on the side, and it gave off the vibe of a Korean restaurant.Lily and I walked in excitedly.We were expecting to wait to be seated, but since we were early, we were able to walk right in without any wait.
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2023.06.04 08:30 statsnerd99 Doug Polk in final 4 of $25k wsop heads up event, winner to be determined tomorrow

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2023.06.04 08:30 yementhrowaway Best Halal Restaurants?

I'll be visiting town next weekend and would appreciate any recommendations for Halal food! If not, any vegetarian/vegan recs?
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2023.06.04 08:26 AdDangerous4182 I like the idea of a starter Pokemon in a master ball lol

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2023.06.04 08:26 Sinolep 34 [M4F] #LasVegas Let's cuddle tonight?

6'0 dad bod Latino looking for a friend to cuddle with (or more if the vibe is right). Let's meet up for drinks first and go from there. Single only, no couples. Send a DM with a bit about you and a pic, I'll send one back. Hope to hear from you
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2023.06.04 08:24 Cipher_Gem Why A's Las Vegas stadium gambit may be a losing bet: 'It's just nonsense'

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2023.06.04 08:20 VoodooBluez_ I 23F feel like an outcast around my partner 22M and Friend 22F

I 23 (f) feel like an outcast from my partner 22(m) and best friend 22 (f)
For context sakes, I have a friend whom I live with and have been close to for almost a decade. I started dating my partner almost a year ago because this friend introduced us into the same group. They’re both fantastic to me and I know they care, but all the time I have to work on the weekend where they both have weekends off. I do get FOMO but it just makes me sad and not want to be at work. Recently it’s been another source of stress because my partner is conveying me as someone who’s angry that they go do things together without like go to festivals or binge drink together. For me I feel that I just miss out sometimes but I could honestly care less what they do while I work. I’m more introvert while they are extrovert and I have to pay my bills ya’know. Tonight it came to a head where my partner criticized my eating habit tonight (I worked a busy double at a restaurant and didn’t have time) where they went to a food festival together. I said sorry I didn’t have time but y’all did go to this festival without me and got food. He then flipped out and accused me of being angry that he has a life and that I just would like him to do nothing but be miserable. It destroyed me a bit to hear nonetheless because I hate that he of all people thinks that about me. My friend enters the room and without me getting a word in says to her “she’s being exactly how I told you” “I’m in the dog house, probably have to sleep in my car tonight”. My friend said nothing and if anything was worried about me. I just feel very isolated and embarrassed. Am I justified in this feeling? How should I move forward? I just removed myself and left my partner and friend to their drinking and apologized for any misunderstanding I caused.
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2023.06.04 08:19 hesitant--alien Recap - MBMBaM 662: The Consequence Race

As table setting, I haven’t listened to MBMBaM in three years, give-or-take, so I have no clue what the modren era (😎) of the show is like. However, I have been hate-listening to a movie podcast enough that I’ve actually turned a corner into liking it, so I feel spiritually ready for this. Plus I’m a little drunk, which has never been a bad decision for anybody ever.
0:00 - I’ve always kind of disliked the intro, especially the “cool baby” part, and sadly that has not changed with time.
0:20 - First time hearing the new theme song, which is fine if a little twee for my taste. I weirdly hate how they deliver the “1, 2, 3, 4” up top, but that’s just nitpicky. We can’t all be DeeDee Ramone, you know?
1:10 - Introductions. Travis introduces himself as “noted intellectual and middlest brother”, and Griffin just says “…And I’m Griffin… McElroy”. I didn’t laugh, but I did actually find that slightly funny, so I’m optimistic for how this goes.
1:35 - Justin has invented a new game that he wants to play called “Simply the Guests” where he tells them who guested on a celebrity’s podcast and they have to guess the celebrity. Travis points out that the title is a touching tribute (to Tina Turner, he clarifies a few seconds later) and there’s a bit where Justin and Griffin pretend not to know she died that Justin interrupts with a parody song. Is this too soon? I can’t tell, but I also only get my celebrity death news from Simpsons memes.
2:31 - I’ve had to pause and restart enough times that I’ve realized how shitty the web player is, since I have to click like three times before it registers as being on the page and actually trying to play instead of just highlighting the button, and if I try to click the 15 second rewind button it usually skips to the ~11 minute mark right above the button. However, I refuse to actually download the episode because if I do that, Jesse Thorne wins.
2:58 - Justin only has one round prepared, but expects it will take longer than they expect. Griffin rightly questions if it’s actually possible to play this game based on the information that will be provided. Travis says that sometimes when he comes up with a game, it’s like when you start off at level 1 fighting Sephiroth and die, but it just takes you to a cutscene and is all part of the game. I’m struggling to think of games he’s come up, which is maybe a metaphor for how I never finished FFVII. Justin says it should be easy if their heads are on a swivel, and 50-50 if they’re half paying attention.
4:30 - Justin is giving the guests in order as they’ve appeared: Billy Ray Cryrus, John Carter Cash, Billy Bush, Albert Pujols. Griffin laughs and makes a joke about how his head is on a swivel but it hurts, and I’m shocked and a little disappointed that it wasn’t a joke about how one of the greatest Cardinals of all time has a name that’s pronounced “Poo Holes”.
5:00 - The next guests listed Adam Carrolla, Clint Black, and Gary Busey. Travis incorrectly guesses Blake Shelton. Justin says Katie Couric was the next guess, and Griffin’s postulation of Kevin Sorbo is apparently pretty close.
6:10 - Dr. Drew is the next guest. Travis asks if they would be willing to guest, and Justin says he likes to think they’d have a nice long talk about it. Griffin guesses Randy Quaid. Justin neither confirms nor denies, but instead finishes listing the guests - Sharon Stone, Martin Short, Mike Lindell (the MyPillow CEO), Jim Brown, and Anthony Fauci. I actually kind of like this game, because what the fuck?
8:40 - Justin says he’ll give them an episode title for any celeb mentioned. Travis picks Sharon Stone, who covered “Pandemics, Social Justice Movements, and Animal Actors”. Griffin picks Pujols, who covers “Baseball, Downs Syndrome, and Living the American Dream”, and asked if there were other baseball players on the list.
10:05 - Justin admits he skipped Jimmy Morris because he didn’t know who that is. I didn’t either, but I have the power of Google and in the time it took him to explain why he was skipped, learned that he starting playing for Tampa Bay Devil Rays when he was 35 and The Rookie was based on him.
10:30 - Travis and Griffin discuss “Sorbo adjacent” celebrities and Justin scolds them for not talking to each other, saying that’s what a podcast is and that he’s trying to do a podcast. To paraphrase a joke from Jon Gabrus, it’s three straight white men talking, we already know it’s a podcast.
11:30 - Travis suggests Dennis Quaid, since he has a strong connection to baseball and Christ. Griffin agrees and Travis is in fact correct. Ironically, that means that Jimmy Morris was probably the most helpful clue, since Dennis Quaid starred in The Rookie. Justin offers a bonus for naming the show, and says it’s something with “Dennis”. Griffin accurately guesses “The Dennissance”.
13:45 - Justin mentions Morris was the titular rookie, and claims that people forget Dennis Quaid. They discuss the Quaid siblings a bit and advise Dennis to get back in the podcasting game.
15:15 - First question of the episode: “My boyfriend and I were looking for a bar before your Columbus TAZ show and walked by one that looked empty and not our vibe, but it had tinted windows so it was hard to tell. We walked to another bar and inside the door person flagged us down and said someone was looking for us. We were already inside this other bar when the woman who was working at the first bar said she saw us looking in and said “Please come into my bar - we have cheaper drinks. We were confused and startled and decided to stay at the bar we were already at, but we weren’t sure if we regretted it because this person went to the effort to chase us down half a block, cross a busy street, went through a revolving door to get to us. Also, the drinks at the bar were expensive. Should we have gone back to the other bar instead?” - Confused in Columbus. Not to brag, but I’ve been to a lot of bars in my lifetime and can say with some confidence this didn’t happen.
16:05 - They immediately answer that, no, they should not have gone back to the other bar. Travis accurately points out that weird pursuit aside, if they have that little business then 100% of the focus would be on them. Griffin thinks they would have had a tremendous amount of power and would get their drinks immediately, and the bartender might have cool stories. They discuss how bad the design of this bar is that it’s impossible to see inside, both because they crave attention and so that someone will notice in case they go missing.
18:45 - Travis says if he ran a restaurant across from another restaurant, he would go up to patrons at the competitor and try to lure them away. Apparently Tom Green did this with pizza delivery as a TV show, and Justin thinks he would have Shark Tank’d it if it was a viable option.
19:36 - Travis says Tom Green would’ve probably called it “Shart Tank”. I laughed out loud.
20:00 - Griffin says in Austin they basically have to have barkers for the various bars given the amount of competition for foot traffic and Justin thinks they should just go for hyper-local advertising.
21:00 - Travis offers Griffin an investment opportunity, claiming he needs angel investors. Justin is incensed that he isn’t offered the chance, and Griffin says it’s because he has no money but maybe his “crypto shit’s gonna pay off some day”. Justin says he doesn’t have “crypto shits unless I’ve been eating cryp-tacos” (Griffin pitches crypto-salsa) and that Superman hates cleaning up Krypto shits.
21:44 - Travis points out that Superman named his dog after a thing he hates. I swear this had to be a Seinfeld joke at some point, since the two things I know about Jerry Seinfeld are (a) he loves Superman and (b) he’s not funny. Actually, I know a third thing, which is that he dated a 17-year-old when he was 38. Anyway, fuck that guy.
21:50 - Travis pitches having a long stretch of connected bars by buying all the existing bars and knocking down the connecting walls. Griffin and Justin point out that’s essentially the Disneyland model, and Justin mentions the Goofy sour balls.
21:51 - I Googled “Goofy sour balls” and thankfully it was a real candy. Griffin indignantly says that they stopped making them and that “Goofy took his sour balls away”. Travis says “He washed them” and they ignore him. I laughed out loud again, man’s really winning me back. They continue on this riff, making more and worse versions of the same joke.
24:07 - Question 2: “I’m enrolled in summer college courses. In one of my classes, a guy in front of me likes to stretch backwards over his chair with his eyes closed. His head basically ends up right on my desk and he will breathe in my face. I’ve had to move my laptop to stop him from laying on it. Am I the weird one for staring at the guy as he disrupts all my belongings and my personal space? He does it more than five times a class. It’s very awkward and makes it hard to focus on the lecture. Should I say something? Help me brothers, how do I stop this stretching bandit from stealing my peace of mind?” - Cramped College Co-Ed in Canada.
24:57 - Justin has an immediate suggestion. I assume it’s the actual solution, which is to say something like an adult or just switch seats, but nope, it’s the old chestnut of put some jelly on it. Griffin suggests surprise massage. Travis clarifies that they’re definitely ignoring the “excuse me, could you not do that” option, which Griffin confirms because it’s not very funny. This takes me back to when I used to regularly listen, since part of the driving force for me stopping was the sheer number of questions that could be solved by two seconds of slightly awkward conversation. I totally get it, social anxiety is a bitch and I’ve absolutely been there, but the lack of funny kinda stems from the question. They all agree, and Travis suggests adding broken glass to the jelly.
26:57 - Griffins goes back to the massage suggestion, with “dual percussive massagers”. Justin suggests hovering over them and saying “There’s my sweet boy” and Travis suggests a “little kiss on the forehead” which, thankfully, they immediately shoot down. Still, I’m uncomfortable.
28:00 - Justin points out that, if someone actually followed the advice they give, the problem would be solved, it’s just a question of consequences. There’s some more discussion of the Quaids but my spirit is a little broken and I can’t bring myself to rewind to accurately transcribe any of it.
29:43 - Money Zone: Travis says, “Well Justin,” and Justin misidentifies him as Griffin. So far, hardest laugh of the episode. The ad is for Zocdoc, which Justin mispronounces a lot. I assume any service that advertises on a podcast is actually just a money laundering scheme, medical stuff doubly so, but it does remind me that MaxFun podcasts are the only ones where I can tell the ad copy was done in a single take with no edits. I admire it, in a way.
32:45 - A MaxFun ad for “Just the Zoo of Us”, which is apparently a podcast where they rate animals on their “effectiveness, ingenuity, and aesthetics”. It kind of worked on me, which is to say I’m debating the merits of getting a Zoobooks subscription as a childless woman approaching her thirties.
33:30 - A MaxFun ad for “Feeling Seen”, where the editor likes to play the game of taking a sip of coffee anytime the guest says how good a question is, how smart the host is, or cries unexpectedly. I cannot stress enough how much this makes me not want to listen. I don’t even have anything snide to say, I’m just genuinely put off by it.
34:19 - Griffin introduces the Wizard of the Cloud: How to “Talk Nerdy” to someone, which is meant to help you talk to the “cute nerd in your science class” by becoming more adorkable to them. Justin and Travis are disgusted by the word “adorkable”, which feels like a real split with their brand of appealing to mid-2010s Tumblr users.
36:00 - Travis points out that this article presupposes that nerdy people only want to be seduced with nerdy things, and will shun all other romance. The original pickup line is “Are you a carbon sample? Because I definitely want to date you. If you’ve seen The Big Bang Theory, you already know science and physics nerds are the best” Travis punches it up with “I’ve got a theory that we should Big Bang.” Currently he’s batting a thousand for me.
36:55 - Wikihow asks “Can math be sexy?” They talk about how sexy 8 is and Travis makes a 69 joke, so I retract my previous statement. There’s a gross astronomy-based pickup line saying “Do you mind if my comet enters your solar system” and “Hey, nice asteroids”. Mercifully, no “Can I touch Uranus?”
38:30 - More bad pickup lines, now about computers. Apparently “You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop” is a good come-on. The video game lines are equally impressive, and Wikihow recommends that distracting gamers away from their games is easier said than done. These are more sexually charged than before, but no more clever.
43:30 - We’ve arrived at Star Wars. Wikihow says “Jedis are tough nuts to crack, so you may need to use the Force to woo them effectively.” It’s been a while, but I’m fairly certain Jedis aren’t allowed to fall in love and that’s kind of a whole thing with the prequel trilogy. Also, are we not doing phrasing anymore? Cuz Jesus, they should take a second pass at that.
43:46 - Wikihow suggests several “Yoda-approved pickup lines”, and they do some bad Yoda impressions like “pull down some trim, you will” and “wet, you will get”. This is apparently a thing they’ve done before called “Clipping Yoda”. Justin makes a “something something something, I thought they smelled bad on the outside” joke.]
46:08 - They discuss the very limited situations when the suggested “I find your lack of nudity disturbing” is acceptable, then move on to the Lord of the Rings lines which are equally questionable. Travis brings up the theory that Frodo doesn’t know Legolas’ name, and now I wanna rewatch LotR.
50:09 - Justin suggests coming up with their own lines, which results in “You make me feel like John Rhys-Davies in Sliders, cuz I wanna climb in those holes” and Griffin looking up “nerd movies”.
51:40 - Question 3: “My bank has been advertising a home ownership service to help folks buy and sell homes. I usually ignore them, but this time they’ve been offering a chance to win a flattop grill package with a $100 gift card to a very expensive butcher. I’ve been really wanting to get my dad a new grill. Brothers, I have no way of buying a house, let alone sell one. They’re contacting me, trying to help me buy a house. How do I explain to them I’m only entered to maybe win the grill and have no interest in the service?” From the Poor Hopeful in B (?).
53:00 - First of all. Second, they suggest the asker (a) admits they were only in it for the grill or (b) saying they have a budget of $750 for a furnished home. It devolves into a riff about Bobby Flay and pitches for “Flay Bobby Flay” and “Bob Bobby Flay” to see if he floats.
56:15 - Plugs for stuff and the end of the episode.
Closing Thoughts: I actually enjoyed that, although with a lot of stopping and starting to write this. Also anyone who likes Clipping Yoda may also like Action Boyz, because pedophile Yoda is a surprisingly rich vein to mine. I don’t think I’ll ever actually pick up listening again, since I have about 280 episodes of Off Book to get to first and this whole recap has made me really contemplate my mortality, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it
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2023.06.04 08:16 DuttyWine Suggestions/advice for parents of special needs 2 year old in PV for a month?

Hi all. Awesome subreddit! I will be in PV near Playa Amapas for most of July with wife and two daughters, 6 and 2. Our youngest, while overall healthy, has a neurological disorder. She doesn’t talk, walk or crawl, though she is active and engaged in her way. She struggles with digestion but otherwise has a happy disposition and is working hard to participate in the world. We would like to try to help her enjoy as much of PV as possible.
I’m interested in any advice, information or suggestions anyone may have. A couple specific questions:
What is our best option for both immediate and general medical care?
If I need children’s medication for acid management like simethicone or omeprizole, any pharmacy recommendations?
Best access to beach or beach club suggestions? I can carry her anywhere but if there is anything that makes life easier….
Family friendly restaurants that are worth going to. We love going out but it takes a lot of work making sure everything goes smoothly. It needs to be worth the effort and also not a burden on the restaurant should it not be so smooth.
Children’s playgrounds, gathering spaces and the like where both girls can engage with other kids.
Thanks for reading this far and any thoughts shared will be much appreciated!
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