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2011.04.23 16:57 Terraria

Dig, fight, explore, build! Nothing is impossible in this action-packed adventure game. The world is your canvas and the ground itself is your paint.

2023.05.28 10:54 palpoonchy What things you wish you knew when you first started playing?

So I've started playing Terraria for the first time ever earlier this month, I am hooked! I'm not stuck or anything, just curious about what tips you have to offer :)
For context my build is melee plus some summoning items, I am post-Golem figuring out what gear I want for the pillar events/moonlord
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2023.05.26 16:58 catlover792 I'M ABOUT TO BEAT TERRARIA IN CLASSIC MODE

I've beaten terraria in journey mode but i'm not counting that as beating the game.
right now i need to fight golem but i'm having trouble getting my brother to help me, he keeps dying from the traps, and he should just use his wings... but i can wait to beat it in classic mode
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2023.05.25 03:09 Epicfrog50 A bit of advice for anyone trying to create mods

A lot of people creating mods for Terraria seem to make a lot of mistakes that aren't really pointed out all that often, or dismissed when they are brought up. I'm making this guide to try and help new modders understand what they need to consider when making a new mod
  1. Make your mod compatible with other mods. I know that no programmer wants to hear this, including myself, but the truth is your mod needs to be compatible. If players are forced to choose between your mod and a popular mod, your mod will almost always be the one left behind
  2. Consider how players generally progress through the game, and add content around that. Most people who play modded Terraria are experienced enough that they have a consistant route they take through the game. Don't add content made for a certain point in the game if players aren't going to naturally go to the location where the content is
  3. When adding new bosses, consider where exactly the player will be at the stage in the game the boss is supposed to be fought, and work around that
  4. Understand that players are generally consistant with what gear they use. Just adding weapons and armor that are on-par with what already exists isn't enough, it has to have something unique that entices players to give it a chance
  5. Make sure you don't cater too much to one specific class. It can be really tempting to forget about melee since they already have a lot, and its easy to forget summoner exists, but weapons have a huge impact on gameplay. If players aren't using your weapons, they are almost certainly going to question why they added your mod in the first place
  6. Don't add NPCs pre-hardmode. Too many mods do this, and it gets really annoying when you have to make 30 houses in pre-hardmode. It isn't anything that people generally consider to be a deal-breaker, but it is still an inconvenience
  7. Don't mess with vanilla recipes unless you absolutely have to. Adding an alternative recipe is fine, but the moment you touch the original you'll be creating a lot of issues
  8. If you want a player to go somewhere, give them a reason to. A good weapon or accessory is plenty of reason for someone to make a detour, just make sure the players are aware that it exists in the first place
  9. Boss spawners don't always have to be available the moment players are intended to fight the boss. Making it available earlier will reward players who are skilled enough to kill it early, and everyone else's attention turned towards it so they have a reason to fight it. For instance, say you have a boss meant to be fought after Plantera but the spawner is obtainable right after Wall of Flesh. When players first fight it, they will realize it is too tough at the moment, so they will go kill the next vanilla boss and try again. Suddenly, they aren't advancing to fight the next vanilla boss, but rather to fight the boss that they had previously died to
  10. Actually test the mod before releasing it by doing a run with just your mod installed. Too many modders release broken mods simply because they test everything using Cheat Table and assume that everything works fine
To help modders better understand where to implement items, weapons, bosses, etc. I have written a guide describing the smaller stages of Terraria and where the player will generally be, as well as what their current goal will be
Stage 1: This is the start of the game. Players will primarily be in the forest and underground. Bosses should not be intended to be fought here, as any experienced player will automatically assume that they are too weak at this point for any bosses
Stage 2: The player has an anvil, and has basic armor and weapons. The player's next objective will be finding more heart crystals and preparing to fight the Eye of Cthulhu. The player will be spending most of their time in the forest and underground, however they may go to the ice biome and crimson/corruption occasionally, alongside the desert. If a boss is implemented here, have it drop mobility items, such as pre-hardmode wings and a grappling hook. Ensure that the item to summon it is something the player will have aquired in the caverns, and can be fought anywhere
Stage 3: The player has fought the Eye of Cthulhu, and is now preparing to fight Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu. The player will be spending most of their time in the forest and crimson/corruption. Do not add any bosses, players have everything they need to fight Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu at this point and will have no reason to fight any other boss
Stage 4: The player will begin mining meteorite and hellstone, and will generally be focusing on preparing to fight the Wall of Flesh. Even experienced players will be doing a lot of traveling across the world, gathering the resources they need. This is the longest stage of pre-hardmode, so if you want to add any pre-hardmode bosses, this is the stage to do it. Ensure all weapons, armor, and accessories added here are useful against the Wall of Flesh
Stage 5: The player will have aquired all the resources they need to fight the Wall of Flesh. Most players will build a long bridge to fight on, and thusly will be spending a lot of time in hell. At this point theres a good chance the player does not intend to return to the surface before defeating the Wall of Flesh, so adding a new boss here isn't a great idea, although rare drops from enemies is a great idea given how long the player will be down here
Stage 6: The player has just defeated the Wall of Flesh, and will likely be spending a little bit more time in hell before returning to the surface. The player's inventory is already cluttered from defeating the Wall of Flesh, so don't add a bunch of crafting items that force the player to return home early due to a full inventory
Stage 7: The player has returned to the surface and is working on crafting basic hardmode items, such as wings. The player will be spending some time in space, as well as the hallow, although they will go into the crimson/corruption to smash altars. Adding a new boss here isn't a terrible idea, but ensure that the players have a good reason for fighting it. Although hardmode ores have spawned, most players won't make it a priority yet. Do not add anything to the jungle, the sudden spike in difficulty makes most players avoid it until Plantera
Stage 8: The player has wings, and has fought whichever mechanical boss they find to be easiest. At this point most players will make a quick mining trip to get a new anvil, and will make gear out of hallowed bars. The player will be in the forest and underground, although theres a good chance they will be in the underground hallow given the way the hallow generates. Once they are done, they will be intending to beat the last 2 mechanical bosses Adding a new mechanical boss here isn't a bad idea, but make sure it is a viable replacement for any of the other three
Stage 9: The player has defeated all three mechanical bosses, and is taking some time to prepare for Plantera. Even with the gear available at this point in the game, Plantera is rather difficult, and most players build an arena to fight her in. This means players will be spending a lot of time in the jungle, so now would be a good time to implement rare jungle drops. Players are already planning to fight a boss here, so even if you add a boss which has drops that are a little less enticing, players will most likely choose to fight it just because they are already in the jungle
Stage 10: The player has defeated Plantera. At this point, players will be going for Golem next. He is generally considered an easy boss, so players won't be spending much time here. Adding a rare drop to temple enemies isn't a bad idea, but anything past that is most likely going to be ignored. Players will be spending most of their time in the jungle and the temple, although some may choose to go into the dungeon first
Stage 11: The player has defeated Golem. At this point, players will most likely be going to the dungeon if they haven't already, as well as crafting whatever equipment they intend to use against the Lunatic Cultist. The location players spend most of their time in will completely depend on what armor set they are going for. Melee will be in the jungle, ranged in the mushroom biome, and mage in the dungeon. If you want players to go to some other biome, give them a reason to. Players won't be getting any new armor until after Moon Lord, so this is a great opportunity to add new armor and weapons, as well as a new boss if you want to
Stage 12: The player has defeated the Lunatic Cultist, and their next goal is Moon Lord. At this point, adding anything new isn't a great idea unless it can be crafted using the pillar shards. The player will be going all across the surface, but the pillars replace normal enemy spawns so now is not the time to add new enemies or rare drops unless it directly involves the pillars
Stage 13: The player has deafeated the pillars and most likely Moon Lord as well. At this point there are no more vanilla bosses to fight. Unless you can add a lot of your own content here, I'd reccomend following Calamity progression and scaling for anything past this
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2023.05.15 02:16 37gageo ¿Por qué los fans de Minecraft son tan...?

Hola. Sinceramente, yo no juego Minecraft, me lo compre y cuando lo jugué me di cuenta de que (En mi opinión) es una perdida de plata (Y no poca, 12.000 pesos), la verdad es que me parece que tiene poco contenido y es muy aburrido en general.
Pero bueno, con el titulo me refiero a que la comunidad de Minecraft esta un poquito obsesionada con su juego. Por ejemplo, no podes poner tu top 5 de juegos favoritos en internet sin que venga alguien y te insulte por decir que un juego que dura 150 horas como mínimo, tiene buenos gráficos, tiene 500 misiones secundarias y 5000 objetos es mejor que un juego de picar por horas en una línea recta.
Y además, puedo decir que, como jugador de Terraria, el jugador de Minecraft promedio piensa que cualquier cosa que tenga cubos es una copia. Ósea, en el caso de Terraria, Notch aparece en los créditos de Terraria porque le enseño a Redigit, el creador de Terraria mucho sobre programación (E incluso en Terraria existe un traje de creeper, y Jeb dijo que la forma de invocar al Wither esta inspirado en la forma en la que se invoca al Golem Lilhzard en Terraria, (Sin contar que Terraria es un juego de exploración y principalmente COMBATE y Minecraft es un juego de CONSTRUCCIÓN) y aun así, hay jugadores de Minecraft que dicen que Terraria es una simple copia. Lo que me da más gracia sobre el tema de Minecraft y Terraria es que los jugadores de Minecraft creen que es mejor, osea, Minecraft tiene 500 bloques, 500 objetos, 50 enemigos y 2 jefes, Terraria tiene 2000 bloques, 2000 objetos, 500 enemigos y 35 jefes, además de 10 minijefes), pero bueno eso son opiniones...
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2023.05.14 20:33 empireboi204 All i wanted to do was see if anyone could actually tell me something they enjoy about minecraft, but ok i guess i was uSIng DeroGAtOry laNgUAge aNd iNciTInG ArguMeNTs! And not to mention the PerSoNAl tHreAtS!

All i wanted to do was see if anyone could actually tell me something they enjoy about minecraft, but ok i guess i was uSIng DeroGAtOry laNgUAge aNd iNciTInG ArguMeNTs! And not to mention the PerSoNAl tHreAtS! submitted by empireboi204 to Terraria [link] [comments]

2023.05.13 19:51 Brilliant-Notice-549 Its A Terra-Mine meme that Means its a combination of Minecraft and terraria

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2023.05.09 12:57 OddlySuspiciousDog Ideas for non-renewable items, updated with your suggestions

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2023.05.05 14:04 un_aliver chatgpt terraria biden boss guide

Defeating Joe Biden in Terraria can be a challenging task, but with the right preparation and strategy, it is possible to emerge victorious. Here is a comprehensive strategy guide on how to defeat Joe Biden in Terraria:
Preparation: - Before attempting to fight Joe Biden, it is recommended that you have already defeated the bosses leading up to him, including Plantera and Golem. - You will also want to have the best armor and weapons available to you at this point in the game. Some recommended armor sets include Beetle Armor, Solar Flare Armor, or Vortex Armor. - In terms of weapons, you will want to have a variety of options available to you, including high-damage melee weapons, long-range guns, and powerful magic spells.
Strategy: - Joe Biden has a total of 150,000 health, and he has several different attack patterns that he will use throughout the fight. - One of his main attacks is the Biden Blast, which fires a large projectile that explodes on impact and deals massive damage. It is essential to avoid this attack at all costs, as it can quickly deplete your health. - Biden will also use his Biden Shout attack, which emits a shockwave that damages players in the area. This attack is more easily avoided by simply staying out of its range. - Biden can also fire rockets from his rocket launcher, which deal significant damage on impact. These can be dodged by moving quickly and unpredictably. - Throughout the fight, Biden will spawn multiple clones of himself that also have 150,000 health each. These clones can be just as dangerous as the real Biden, so it is crucial to take them out quickly. - It is also important to note that Biden will be immune to most debuffs, including Poisoned, On Fire!, and Frostburn.
Recommended equipment and buffs: - As mentioned before, having the best armor and weapons available to you at this point in the game is crucial to your success against Biden. - Some recommended weapons include the Solar Eruption, the Vortex Beater, and the Last Prism. - Buffs that can help you during the fight include the Well Fed buff, which increases your maximum health and regeneration, and the Swiftness buff, which increases your movement speed. - In addition, having a Heartreach potion or Honey buff can help you regenerate health more quickly during the fight.
Joe Biden's drops: - When defeated, Joe Biden will drop several powerful items, including the Biden Blaster, a high-damage rocket launcher that fires multiple projectiles at once. - He will also drop the Biden Buckshot, a shotgun that fires a spread of powerful bullets, and the Biden Bomb, a throwable explosive that deals massive damage in a small area. - Finally, he will drop the Biden Mask, which can be worn as vanity armor to show off your victory over the President.
In conclusion, defeating Joe Biden in Terraria requires careful preparation and a solid strategy. With the right equipment and buffs, and by carefully avoiding his powerful attacks, it is possible to defeat him and claim his powerful drops as your own. Good luck!
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2023.05.04 13:26 Becckks HELP! Lunatic Cultist and Duke Fishron

Hi guys, I started playing Terraria a couple weeks ago, and I must say I had no issue with any other boss fights. Defeated Plantera (not easily) and the Golem was really easy. Now I’m stuck. I’ve tried fighting the Lunatic Cultist and Duke Fishron and I died to both many times. I’ve got the UFO as mount, built arenas for both, and I’ve got Shroomite gear. I’ve got a ranged build. Accessories are: quiver, charm of myths, bee wings, magiluminesence and avenger emblem. I use potions, campfires, heart lanterns, food buffs, everything. My major issue is that I’m just so effing slow. I just CANNOT dodge the attacks. I need your help, because I don’t know what else to do.
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2023.05.01 14:51 freddyfuccboy a list of suggestions i've been wanting for a long time, let me know what you guys think!

  1. add the hand warmers to the ankh charm crafting tree (can make it drop from deerclops so it wouldn't be locked to christmas)
  2. the golem desperately needs a rework, AGAIN
  3. summoner class still needs a bit more love, there needs to be a starter weapon available for those that want to do summoner only runs, maybe sprinkle some more whips and armors, summons we have enough though 4.the option to have multiple pets at once, though this may be hard to implement
  4. pls make fishing quests less of a chore
  5. luminite furniture
  6. asked to death but we really need a zenith for the other classes
  7. make it easier to complete the beastiary pls i've been stuck on 97% since the launch of 1.4
  8. i think a romace feature would be good, with like the npcs maybe? like stardew valley or something
  9. i think master mode should be reworked a bit, because just having higher numbers is kinda lame... maybe also make the relics more useful
  10. right now (normal) mimics give way too much in comparison to how easy it is to kill them, even in early hardmode. so maybe buff them?
  11. add an evil biome pylon, and also allow the player to use the pylon network during threats, so they become more viable as opposed to teleporters
  12. please add "something malicious is brewing" meme we need it
  13. stardust guardian to have a "ORAORAORAORA" sound effect when given an item! a jojo reference item obviously
  14. maybe tweak the crawltepede a bit, it's a bit too punishing
    1. the vampire knives are still so much better than the rest of the biome chests, so instead of nerfing the vampire knives for the nth time, buff all the biome chest loots. they all suck for the work they require
  15. the yoyo bag should be more viable. it's good, but come mid hardmode you become hard pressed to sacrifice a crucial accessory spot for it. and speaking of accessory slots...: 18. wing, shield, and footwear slots should be added to the equipment slots. i elaborated on this more here
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2023.04.28 04:07 LocalPlatypus994 All 20 Terraria bosses appear on Earth, can we defeat all of them?

Terraria has 20 unique bosses. If all of them appeared on Earth, could we defeat them?
One will spawn at a time, with one day inbetween. The timer will start once the current boss had been killed. The order will be, 1. Deerclops 2. Eye of Cthulu 3. Queen Bee 4. King Slime 5. Brain Of Cthulu 6. Eater Of Worlds 7. Skeletron 8. Wall Of Flesh 9. Queen Slime 10. Duke Fishron 11. Destroyer 12. Skeletron Prime 13. Twins 14. Plantera 14. Golem 15. Lunatic Cultist 16. Nebula Pillar 17. Stardust Pillar 18. Vortex Pillar 19. Solar Pillar 20. Moon Lord 21. Empress Of Light
Each boss will completely disappear after their defeat, so we can't get stronger as we fight them, unlike in the actual game
We will have unlimited time to kill them, so they won't disappear once its day, but Empress Of Light still gets buffed at day
No nukes
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2023.04.18 22:57 Lel2678 Calamity Boss tier list but I actually have Explanations

Calamity Boss tier list but I actually have Explanations

I'm not ranking these based on music as it's all S tier
Astrum Deus - F Tier
If there was any Terraria Boss to represent artificial difficulty, it would be deus, the first phase that enjoyable but the second phase turns Deus from a bit annoying to the Worst calamity boss, it's deus, but two of them! so? do something with that! make them work together, not just 2 bosses with Worm AI.

Ravager - D tier
Easy and Boring, that's the best way to describe the ravager, it would be a bit more unique if Asgard's Valor didn't completely trivialize this boss, if your mods updated golem is more fun than this guy, you're definitely doing something wrong.

Signus - D tier
Way too Easy for it's own good, he has about 3 attacks and that's it, not to mention that if you just simply make an arena above hell and lure him up, the only strength he has, (hell's enclosed space) is worthless, even if you don't do that most people fight providence in hell anyway so even then he's just a joke.

Storm Weaver - D tier
Storm Weaver would be a bit higher on the list if there wasn't the tornado attack, to this day I still have no Idea how to dodge it especially with other attacks and the boss itself coming at you, aside from that attack the boss in general is also pretty underwhelming.

Astrum Aureus - D tier
Aureus is by far the most forgettable boss, not easy enough to be remembered for that, not hard enough to be remembered for that, also aureus is a very tanky boss which doesn't make it harder as Aureus doesn't have any phases so his increased health just makes him a sponge for damage, Aureus would probably be better if it was an underground astral boss.

The Old Duke - D tier
The original Duke fishron fight is one of the best bosses in vanilla because it is short, sweet, and difficult so you can fight him at any point in hard mode and still be able to win, Old Duke is the opposite, he has attacks that fill up the screen and do way to much damage, The Old Duke himself has way too much health for his own good so the battle feels like it just drags on and on.

Desert Scourge - C tier
A very simplistic boss, the scourge only has 2 attacks but at the same time he is the first boss so I can forgive the scourge for being simplistic.

Ceaseless Void - C tier
Quite a bit too hard for a sentinel, can be fun at times but the dark energies do a bit too much damage for how difficult they are too dodge.

Hive Mind - C tier
His attacks are actually quite fun to dodge but the main 2 things that hold it down are the eyes around the boss that just block hits as well as the cursed inferno debuff in pre hardmode.

Cryogen - C tier
Quite a nice bullet hell boss, the attacks are slow enough to predict and don't do enough damage to be unfair with how many there are, although it is a bit early in the game for bullet hells like this, the chilled debuff is also an unfun and unnecessary addition to the fight.

Plaguebringer Goliath - C tier
The PBG is actually a very fun twist on the queen bee fight with a attacks that feel very fun and satisfying to dodge, how the plague debuff is absolutely the worst boss inflicted debuff in the mod, a few dash telegraphs and the removal of the plague debuff (or at least a nerf) would make this boss really special.

Crabulon - C tier
Before 1.4 this boss was absolute trash as you would always need to dig out a huge arena to even have a fighting chance, but since 1.4 mushroom biomes are here now, that problem is gone and we can focus on the fight which is pretty good, not as good as alot of people say it is but not bad at all.

Dragonfolly - C tier
Quite a fun frantic boss in all honesty, the attacks don't do enough damage to be threating but the frantic nature of the fight aswell as the dashes (which actually do alot of damage) make that a bit obsolete.

The Devourer of Gods - C tier
I know alot of people will be mad at me putting the DoG this low but I just can't place him any higher than top of C tier, he just has 2 attacks that do way too much damage for their own good, maybe instead of making the attacks do way too much damage it would be alot more fun to yknow, actually have different attacks other than "lazer and mouth", and if you are going to make an attack basically one shot you than why make the boss go on for 8 godamn years?! I've never thought that highly of DoG.

Slime god - B tier
If you have the correct arena and gear this boss is really fun! it's very hectic but not enough to be unfair, not much else to say, good boss.

Profaned Guardians - B tier
If this was the guardians before their rework, it would easily be an easy F tier, but with their rework it's actually a good boss! (shocker I know) while they do have flaws like the rock shield being way to big and covering half the screen, compared to the old ones they may as well be perfect.

Perforators - B tier
This boss is really fun for first playthroughs, with all the worms getting bigger and bigger, very chaotic, it's amazing how this boss can be more chaotic than the literal devourer of gods.

Aquatic Scourge - B tier
The AS feels like an early hardmode version of duke fishron in vanilla, while doing alot of damage, you can fight him any time so if you wanna challenge yourself you can fight him early as he has a low enough health that you can, bullhells like this are one of the best ways to do them.

Brimstone Elemental - B tier
Like the AS the brimstone elemental is another really well executed bullet hell boss, the attacks are easy to see coming and reasonably prepare for but theirs enough of them to not be too easy, would be a bit higher if the lazer telegraph was a bit better.

Polterghast - B tier
Polterghast is like plantera if it was actually a fun boss and not just a circle simulator, with the introduction of the naturally generated polter arena you don't even need to worry about that and can just focus on all the things about polter which are great!

Calamitas Clone - A tier
Cal clone is obviously meant to be a weaker version of another amazing boss yet it still manages to be great! despite the weaker nature of this boss it's actually really fun, especially the brothers phase.

The Exo Mechs - A tier
Here we are, the top 5, and number certainly doens't disappoint as the exo mechs are a phenomenal boss as the attacks are fun to dodge and the ordered nature of the fight allows for replayability so it isn't the same each time!

Yharon, Dragon of Rebirth - A tier
Amazing boss, the enclosed arena making sure it isn't a "hold right to win" boss makes it very unique in that regard, I, like alot of other people wish the cinematic healing phase wasn't removed as it made the fight more grand, it's still a really fun fight!

Leviathan and Anahita - S tier
Most underrated boss in the mod, instead of just doing two things that are the same like the twins, they go and do two opposites and it's amazing how well it works! the Leviathan rising from the ocean feels so spectacular especially on a first playthrough, I do wish death mode didn't make the Leviathan spawn immediately though...

Providence, the Profaned Goddess - S tier
What's to say about this boss? there are definitely alot of people that hate this boss which is understandable as a bullet hell boss like Providence might not be everyone's cup of tea but in my opinion, Providence is AMAZING, such a brilliantly crafted fight, the removal and the holy stars that ignored defence and immunity frames was a good move as they only brought this boss down.

Supreme Witch, Calamitas - S tier
Phenomenal, just, wow this is an amazing boss, the format of the bullet hells and brothers phase, the fact you can't leave the box she creates is just amazing, while there are definitely harder modded bosses, the feeling after being Her for the first time will always be the greatest.
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2023.04.16 23:36 mymanmoldy Items for a treasure room (rarest items)

What are some of the rarest terraria items I can put in my FTW zenith seed world?
I am only post golem right now as im playing on a server with friends but all items welcome and I am already working on the zenith and the universal pylon I will work on after finishing the game.

I already have all biome keys, chests and biome weapons, the dirtiest block, ROD, Ankh Shield and all relics available to me at this time as well as boss masks, pets and trophies.
I am curious what else I may be missing?
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2023.04.13 02:00 Icefire331 A list of Terraria episodes if they ever decide to make an animated series

(Episode titles are bold, and descriptions are underlined)

Season 1

Welcome to Terraria!
the pilot episode.
The First Night
The players survive their first night.
Blood Moon
Strange things start happening under the influence of the blood moon.
Eye See You
The Eye Of Cthulhu descends upon the town of Terra (A player-made town for NPCs).
Curse Of The Skeletron
Skeletron shows the players that they shouldn't curse random old men...wait, what?.
Mind The Gap
Corruption exploration--worms included.
Into The Jungle
Jungle exploration--killer bees included.
The Queen Bee
Digging Deeper
The players make it to The Underworld--and maybe possibly accidentally kill the guide along the way.
Into The Fire
Part one of the WoF battle.
Still Hungry
Part two of the WoF battle.


Terror Of The Snow
An urban legend has been floating around that a mysterious creature has been prowling around the snow biome, and it's up to the players to fight it.
So Do Eye
The Twins attack Terra Town with their lasers and flames. The players kill Retinazer, but Spazmatism survives and goes into hiding.
Skeletron Prime attacks Terra Town and the players defeat him, as usual.
The Destroyer rips apart distant towns, and the players must stop it before it destroys Terra Town.
Boss Rush--Think Fast!
The Empress Of Light, Queen Slime, Duke Fishron and Spazmatism all attack Terra Town.
Fishing Nightmare
AnGlEr QuEsTs
Solar Eclipse
Everything suddenly turns into horror movie references.
Frost Moon
It's Christmas in Terra Town! That means Santa, Killer death robots, and angry snowmen!
Pumpkin Moon
Fear the wrath of the Pumpking...
Oh Yeah Right The Crimson Exists
Brain Of Cthulhu...that's it.
The Hollow is in the world now...for some reason. Don't know how that got there...
So Do Eye 2: Revenge Of The Eye
The players finally defeat Spazmatism.
The players revisit the Jungle--killer death flower included.
Temple Terrors
Golem. Just Golem. oh yeah plus I guess a tiny bit of Temple exploration
Screams Are Echoing From The Dungeon
The Lunatic Cultists warn the players that death is on its way, but they don't listen--because no one ever does.
The Celestial Pillars
When strange pillars start to erupt out of the ground and bathe the world in Vortexes, Nebulae, Solar Flares, and Stardust, the players must find and destroy all four, but then must face the consequences...
Impending Doom Approaches...
Parts One, Two and Three of the Moon Lord fight.
The Virus
in the wake of the Moon Lord's defeat, a bit of lost code finds its way to Terra Town and takes the form of a huge mutant spider...
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2023.04.09 14:47 Venixooo ain't it just so silly

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2023.04.07 21:04 Kimzhal Daedalus golem staff causes FPS drop?

Hello, i am on my first playthrough of the mod and i've found an issue. When the Daedalus golems summoned by the staff use their lightning attack my FPS plummets to maybe 1 frame every few seconds. This ends the moment the lightning attack disappears.
My pc is pretty weak, running on an integrated graphics card and all, but it has never struggled running terraria of all things, and my mod list isn't even extensive (Calamity, music, vanities, and magic stsorage) and im not playing multiplayer.
Has anyone encountered issues like this and is there any tips for improving performance?
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2023.04.06 23:33 RedxOsa So you know the animator Jzboy, with his stickmen vs terraria animations. He posted like a year ago this funny video (i think unlisted) of golems face smiling with the bass boosted temple music [i think it was for april fools], but now it's gone, can someone help me find it please, it was funny tome

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2023.04.06 12:46 TheGoatMeh I Dominated with Terraria characters.

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2023.04.05 01:03 NintenZura Doing my first modded playthrough, need help for post-Plantera

I finally tried out Terraria mods and had a blast so far, but I admit that I'm kinda reaching a roadblock rightnow.
I'm playing with Calamity and Thorium (+Magic Storage), I really wanted to try out the Bard class and so far it had been really fun, even though I kinda wish I could play multiplayer to fully enjoy that class haha. But ever since I defeated Plantera I can't seem to progress anymore, every single Calamity bosses just kick my ass. I defeated Golem and the Forgotten One pretty smoothly but, while I can defeat the first Leviathan phase, I can't survive his second phase. And Astrum Aureus can kill me so fast!
So I was mainly wondering if it was even possible to progress past that point with the Calamity bosses? I'm not used to playing Terraria alone so I might need to think more of my setup, but I thought it was the best thing I could find so far. Here's what I'm using:
Weapons: Prime's Roar (Thorium), Sunflare Guitar (Thorium) + Ancient Ice Chunk (Calamity) and Sun God Staff (Calamity)
Armor: Maestro armor set (Thorium), Fleeting Soul of Cryogen (Calamity), Auto Tuner (Thorium), Silent Fungal Clump (Calamity), Shock Absorber (Thorium), Howl's Heart (Calamity)
Yeah I have a lot of summons haha, I didn't wanna play summoner for the 100th time but it's just so useful to have at least a few summons
Could you guys give me any tips? Should I drop the idea of playing Bard to progress in Calamity, or just change my setup?
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2023.04.04 17:57 Similor Ngl i hate how the devs went about the updates recently .

Knowing what the focus of terraria was back then , freedom for the player to chose how they tackle an enemy nowdays you got the nerfed dodge build because aparently being good at the game against EoL daylight isn't allowed , oh no you gotta play the game the exact way devs want you to play it.
Then there is Golem who went from a joke of a boss to a piece of rubble real quick (seriously admit you don't know how to balance this boss and just remove it) . Ignoring the fact that he got a HP buff , and the other buffs he gets on expert mode , you are stuck in the world generation hell . If your arena is too small , tough luck buddy your gameplay stops here . Oh what that? Want another try? Sorry you gotta make a new world , search for the temple again , kill every mandatory boss up to plantera again (yeah you gotta search/make a farm for her too) then maybe you get an arena 2 blocks wider.
I swear stop making what was once a fun game based on player's choice on how to tackle problems to a wannabe "multiplayer" game where everything gets nerfed/buffed to shift focus from what the player wants to do.
Edit: Forgot about how "fun" they made the temple to explore , what was that players? You discovered a logical solution to the traps? Too bad now you can't disarm their wires anymore. Fun being limited right?
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2023.04.03 18:53 Alternative_Tart3560 here's how you turn the celestial pillars into an idle game

Okay so I just turned the pillars into an idle game I mean you have to take out two different bosses before you can do this or three answer Davis equip the hide take out golem equip the stone that makes you regen faster when you're not moving and the plague thing is thing that causes lots of damage to enemies near you box yourself in right underneath a pillow and boom now you can go like have lunch or something while the game plays itself come back and just gets a few hits in and there you go you have turned Terraria the adventure game into an idle game
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2023.04.02 17:32 Beneficial-Ad-5492 What If - Terraria 1.4.6 Binding of Isaac collab

I’ve heard so many people want a Terraria X TBOI collab, so I’ve got some ideas! We all know that 1.4.5 will basically be the final update, so this is a what if.


As Isaac is a slightly bigger game than the other collab games that Terraria has done, I think there would be 3 bosses. I know this seems unfair, but there are so many cool bosses that could be implemented.


In Isaac, Dogma is a weird static creature coming from the TV at the “home” floor. In Terraria, there would be a Television item that allows you to spawn him during a solar eclipse. You would place the TV down, and when a SE happens, you right click it to spawn him. Dogma would be a “miniboss”, like Dreadnautilus, as it doesnt play a very important role in TBOI.

It Lives!

It Lives! in Isaac is the heart of “Mom” after you kill her heart 5 times. It would spawn in the underground crimson randomly, like Deerclops, with a warning 10 seconds before it spawns. It Lives! would not be mandatory, and only optional after the Mechanical bosses are defeated.


Delirium is a giant, gooey ball thing that can take the form of any boss that you have killed in Isaac. In Terraria, this rule would be the same, but with Terraria bosses instead. Here is a list of all the bosses he can transform into (Sorry if I missed any bosses)
EoC EoW (Corruption only) BoC (Crimson only) Skeletron Queen Bee Deerclops WoF All the mechanical bosses Mechdusa Plantera Golem Duke Fishron Empress of Light Dreadnautilus Lunatic Cultist Moon Lord Mourning Wood Pumpking Frost Legion Betsy The UFO thing from the alien invasion Dogma It Lives! (Crimson only) Mothron
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