Does arby's have strawberry shakes

STOP Drinking Olive Oil!

2011.01.05 18:29 Dalatejc STOP Drinking Olive Oil!

Don't just eat chicken breast on a bulk. Eat the whole chicken.

2011.10.15 23:08 10lbhammer we still keep all our appointments


2019.12.05 01:38 ExperimentalFailures IllegallySmol

Smol crime goes under reported and overlooked too often. If you see a criminal out in the wild, know someone who does or have one living in your home with you right now, don't be alarmed. Calmly post here and we will do our best to help. Don't be a victim, stop illegallysmol before it's too late!

2023.06.03 08:58 Asmoreus Enhancements 10th edition

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2023.06.03 08:58 lizardamiibo lost one's weeping len ver

(sorry if someones already made a post abt this, i couldnt find one)
does anyone know what happened to the len cover of lost one's weeping that was in the game? i'm on en and just noticed it's not there anymore. unless this is just a weird bug im having, i wanna know why they removed it
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2023.06.03 08:57 Glittering-Note-5884 Why Does Peacock Only Have Seasons 13-22 And Why Not Seasons 1-12 Of Original LAW & ORDER As Well?

I Have Been Stumped About This For A Couple Of Years That Peacock Only Have Seasons 13-22 And Not Seasons 1-12 Of Original LAW & ORDER This Might Irritating For Super Fans Of The Shows Like Me Does Anybody Know Why The First 12 Years Are Not Accounted For On Peacock?
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2023.06.03 08:56 MisterEmbedded Goods Train, Coromandel Express & Howrah SF Express Accident In Odisha, India

Goods Train, Coromandel Express & Howrah SF Express Accident In Odisha, India
Disaster Struck At ~7:00 PM On 2 June 2023 When Train Number 12841, Coromandel Express Going From Shalimar To Chennai Central Was Running And As It Reaches The "Bahanaga Bazar Station" Where This Whole Accident Occurred.
the "Bahanaga Bazar Station" or BNBR in short had a Goods-Train On The Stand-By While The The Coromandel Express Was Running At It's MPS (Maximum Permissible Speed) Which Was 130 KM/H.
As The Coromandel Express Reaches The BNBR Station It Collides With The Goods-Train That Was On The Stand-By Waiting For The Signal.
The Collision Happened At ~130 KM/H Speed & From What I Could Find, The Locopilots Died On Impact While More Than 150 Passengers Have Been Dead With 300+ Passengers Rushed Immediately To The Hospital.
The Exact Figure Is Hard To Find Yet But You Can Estimate The Brutality Of The Accident By Just This Image:
this image is of the WAP-7 Locomotive Which Was The Locomotive of The Coromandel Express And This Thing Weighs Like 120 TONS, And After The Impact This 120 Ton Machine Stacked On Top Of The Railway Cars It Collided With.
From What I Could Find, Other Than 2-3 Coaches All Of The Rest Coaches Of The Coromandel Express Had Been Derailed And If This Much Pain Was Not Enough For Our Mother India, As This Accident Was Occurring, Train Number 12864 Howrah SF Express Was Supposed To Pass The BNBR Station Too.
And As It Does, The Coromandel Express Had Already Been Derailed And The Derailed Coaches And Stuff Derailed The Howrah SF Express's 2-3 Coaches & I Can't Find The Death Toll Of The Howrah SF Express.
I've Attached A Few Images That Don't Have Blood Or Gore.
I Still Cannot Find Why The Coromandel Express Crashed Into The Goods Train At The First Place.
Some Say The Staff Was Overworked And Probably Jumped A Signal? I'm Not Sure Why This Tragedy Occurred, But Humanity Exists, Local Residents Near The Crash Area Started Going To Hospitals To Donate Blood & Save Lifes.
Railway Accidents Are Rare & Railway Is The Best & One Of The Safest Transport We Humans Have, The Only Thing We Need Is Better Management & Stuff.
It's Something To Debate On For Some Other Day. I Will Keep On Adding More Information As I Get It.
- Aftermath Images I Posted On My Reddit Profile (Feel Free To Repost It Anywhere)
- Aftermath Video (Compiled) I Posted On My Reddit Profile (Feel Free To Repost It Anywhere)
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2023.06.03 08:56 Least_Elk_9532 My dog won’t eat normal dog food??

So I have a 12 year old yorkie poo , I just got home from college for the summer and I realize my parents have been feeding her human food to the point that she does not touch her dog bowl . She has dog food but I guess she gets satisfied by the scraps? Btw they’ve been feeding her things like leftover steak, fried chicken, pasta, etc.
Anyway it wouldn’t be a really bad issue except the fact that she has developed decay in her mouth. She is an older dog which I know is a common problem but I feel a lot of it is also due to her diet. How can I train her to eat her regular dog food without her starving or going hungry? She refuses to touch her dog food and will beg to no end as a last resort.
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2023.06.03 08:56 ruelascritica test123

Adriana Lima 1996 - 2017
presented in my favorite order, chronological. I feel like the chronology presents an interesting way of looking at a model's body of work. This can apply for actors/actresses and public figures writ large as well, but holds especially for models imo. Seeing someone age and grow and looking back on decades of being in the public eye puts their whole life is on display but also illustrates so much cultural change which the model is both subject to and influences. I saw some quote once from an actress discussing the cognitive dissonance inherent in seeing yourself age in real time, and I'm sure that must be applicable to models too. This is perhaps even more poignant in our Instagram filter age - what will people today feel when they look back on themselves? Generally I look distastefully on posting more than 10 pics, but I made an exception in this case.
1 - American Vogue casting, 1996
Call me basic but I love these early model polaroids. They seem to make the rounds every couple months.
2 - Albert Watson, 1997
Cherry popsicle, I'm guessing
3 - "Wicked" by Ellen von Unwerth, 1998
I might make a standalone post of this editorial later on, I love this concept.
4 - Victoria's Secret Show, 1999
At her first VS show. A shame that I find this look painfully boring, but I suppose I can't really skip a VS model's first show in a "Adriana Lima over the years" set.
5, 6 - Sao Paulo Fashion Week, 2000
Wearing Rygy then Fause Hasten. Generally speaking I try not to post too many bikini pictures - not to sound too gay, but while models always elevate clothes, with bikinis there's not much to elevate. What is there to do here other than look at Adriana and think, wow she's really hot. As an aside, I was 10 pages deep on reverse image search and licensed images websites when I started thinking about how much better I could probably do at my work if I applied myself like this.
7, 8 - Patrick Ibanez for Trace Magazine, 2000
Maybe one of my favorite Adriana editorials. You wouldn't think the eye shadow would work so well but I'm mesmerized. see more below
9 - Robert Maxwell for Vibe Magazine, 2001
with Lenny Kravitz underneath Adriana. The two were together around this time and got engaged - he turned around and dated Nicole Kidman, also got engaged but broke up (I'm sensing a pattern here Lenny). digression but does anyone else feel like our media has collectively become desexualized? not exactly an original thought but seeing something like this brings it back up for me, and no Tom Ford's shitty editorials do not count. see more below
10 - Victoria's Secret Winter Gift Book, 2001 (best guess)
I like this patchwork sweater look a lot so I definitely wanted to include it. It was near impossible to find the reference for though, I trawled through decades of Bellazon posts and tried the copy of whichever autist operates but it was pretty impossible. I saw it a few years ago and remember there being some cool stuff. It would really have made making this post a lot easier.
11 - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2002
I actually like this look a lot even if it does make her look like a big orange butterfly. I'm realizing now that this set is weighted towards the early years, but I find this era of Adriana's career the most interesting to look back at. Once you get into the mid to late 2000's it seems like she really disappears into the Victoria's Secret bubble. An endless procession of extremely boring Victoria's Secret Fashion Week shows, Angels Across America, fantasy bra, just soulless all around. straight men see below for a look from the following year's show which is exactly what I'm talking about.
12, 13 - Marc Kayne for French Photo, July/August 2004
straight men this is for you. see more below
14 - Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele for Vogue Paris, November 2008
I'm a sucker for crazy sunglasses. Check out the ipod classic too, I remember having one of those.
15 - Vincent Peters for Vogue Spain, June 2010
the male gays strike again. I actually don't know if Peters is gay, but browsing his work reveals a lot of nudes.
16 - Mario Testino for V Magazine, 2012
with Doutzen Kroes at left. to be honest I assume the constellation of people that these two could actually take in a fight is very small (thin bones). see more below
17 - "Ridiculously Gorgeous" by Steve Meisel for Vogue Italia, June 2014
Meisel is one of my favorite photographers (I keep meaning to do a set of his work) and he hits the nail on the head here. see more below
18 - "Factory Girls" by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Brazil, September 2014
von Unwerth is another queen. this look inspired by Edie Sedgwick. hot women love smoking. see more below
19 - "Yohji Yamamoto Goes Back in Time" by David Sims for Love Magazine, 2015
maybe my favorite look in the whole set. Yohji doesn't miss. one more below
20 - Vincent Peters for Harper's Bazaar Spain, 2017
rs widow look
bonus content: brief digression but the prevalence of dead links on the internet makes me legitimately sad. Looking back on old forums or reddit itself pulls up so many pictures that are just gone (rip tinypic) and as a result huge swathes of the internet that are gone forever. I don't know that hosting images on reddit is any better but for this following section I'm hosting pictures on postimages, which has been around since 2004 and will hopefully be around for years to come. I highly encourage everyone to think about link stability too!
"Go-Sees" by Juergen Teller, 1999: pic
Juergen is obviously a king and this is from a cool collection of raw images taken in his studio May 1998 - May 1999.
for Sportmax, Spring 2000: pic
When will these frizzy ends make a comeback.
for Carmen Marc Valvo, Spring 2000: pic
additional shots from Patrick Ibanez for Trace Magazine, 2000: 1, 2
Amica Italy, 2001 (I think? I don't speak Italian because I'm not a loser): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
I like to think that went to some elementary school and found a children's mural to shoot in front of.
additional shots from Robert Maxwell for Vibe Magazine, 2001: 1, 2, 3, 4
Vogue Brazil cover, August 2003: pic
screaming internally. here's some additional shots from the October issue (which Adriana also covered) and shots that really emphasize her... features: 1, 2, 3, 4
for Sean John, fall 2003: pic
women of New York here's your winter inspo
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2003: pic
additional shots from Marc Kayne for French Photo, July/August 2004: 1, 2, 3
for Victoria’s Secret Sexy Volume III, 2005: pic
women who look like this DM me immediately, etc
Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele for Elle, September 2005: pic
Josh Olins for Love Magazine, spring 2009: 1, 2, 3
Adriana as Amy Winehouse. tbh I wasn't really a Winehouse fan but I appreciate the editorial
additional shots from Mario Testino for V Magazine, 2012: 1, 2, 3
additional shots from "Ridiculously Gorgeous" by Steve Meisel for Vogue Italia, June 2014: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
okay upon further reflection I will admit that these are a bit all over the place, but still look great. I'm a bit confused by this last jock strap look though
additional shots from "Factory Girls" by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Brazil, September 2014: 1, 2, 3
additional shot from "Yohji Yamamoto Goes Back in Time" by David Sims for Love Magazine, 2015: pic
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2023.06.03 08:56 librafqiry what does this mean?

What does it mean when a profile on facebook says just “see options” rather than the typical add friend/message, their info is also gone off the page, I’ve never added this person or requested to (the only explanation i can find is if a request has been denied but that’s not applicable here) and when I look at their profile on another account it doesn’t say that and all their info is there. An hour before this it was normal. any explanation? (i am asking for a friend bc they don’t have reddit)
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2023.06.03 08:56 Uberantwild We don't let our own blood or any blood die or get carjacked easily over $4

I'm typing from phone so please excuse typos.
A lot of drivers must be ignoring or cancelling pings here in our market because I noticed the algo got pissed off after I ignored just 3 pings and it forced me offline. So the drivers ignoring pings must really be getting to Uber. My acceptance rate is 63%. Personally I believe in the more rides a driver does during the day the less per ride UbeLyft should take. The current rewards crap in Uber sucks.
I make about $158/day and that's around $50k per year. I pay living rent of $300 to lady I give free rides to when she needs them in exchange for cheap rent for me.
I made mistake of selling my home previously. Mom and brothers live in home mom owns but it's always loud there and I left them for lady I now pay $300 a month to. Car is about $400 a month and gas is about $26 every other day to refill or everyday refill if demand is busy, insurance is $130/month.
I plan to save over $70k and so far I got $20k saved. I had a few auto accident settlements one of which was from uber. Winter months we make way more money and it's always busy. I'm more of evening to night driver. Haven't done mornings for a while.
I also have a dashcam app and have caught some incidents and kicked out people who threatened me before.
The dashcam incident in YouTube below is why I conceal carry and wear a slim bulletproof vest. I arrived on a $16 going my way ping to find two guys fighting and the pax guy with his lady get in but guy gets out again to go fight other guy in apartment and comes back with blood stain on his pants. He mentioned "I stuck the dude" and that means stabbed to some people but guy he fought wasn't stabbed. Young guy was feeling like fighting as they've both been drinking.
I got law enforcement background and cop buddies and I got out when he went back to fight him again just to be ready in case whoever he's fighting comes back shooting thinking I am with them and shoots at me too. I couldn't hit the gas on him and his woman after they exited my car because they left their stuff in my car as they both went back and dude with her went back to go fight him. Fyi Uber doesn't deactivate a driver if driver is justified in legal self defense with lethal force. There's a few cases of this. A wise idea is to have CC insurance for legal assistance in self defense. It's only around $19/month and covers you with lawyers. I won't link to one here but there's a few legitimate ones you can buy online.
I notified my sheriff deputy buddy of the fight the dude has been in but I'm just Uber driver and I didn't place him and other guy under arrest although I could've if I wanted to. I merely informed him fighting isn't good and to be the better man. I also notified my other cop buddies and the West St Paul police about what I witnessed.
The Sheriffs wanted to hire me but for $22, but I like sticking to Uber because I make $27/hr+ money fast and all day I make money, take break and come back again. My goal is to relocate to Indonesia after I save up a lot and drive Grab Taxi there. Indonesia has cheap living compared to US
Fyi in my state a person is allowed to wear a bulletproof vest as long as person isn't committing a crime and Ebay sells some executive slim vests I recommend for fellow rideshare drivers.
A Lyft driver from my home country was rescued by a Syrian man who recognized a dying person as that Syrian man saw dying people on the streets in Syria. Luckily thanks to the Syrian heros actions the fellow Lyft driver here in city I drive in was able to survive. Criminal who shot him and carjacked him was arrested and charged.
In conclusion there's been a lot of Taxis killed and 1 rideshare driver shot and left for dead in our market. So myself and some other former and current aw enforcement from our home country drive Lyft and Uber so we can catch the criminals in their finest criminal act so we can show them our finest. We don't just let our own blood pay the ultimate price for $4.
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2023.06.03 08:55 Rampart1312 Did cop go too far/violate constitutional rights?

I’ll start by saying I was a paramedic for a decade before becoming a physician. I’m far from the modern day ideological social justice warrior that hates cops. I am however, a Libertarian who hates things like what happened tonight.
My girlfriend has bipolar and borderline personality disorder (fuck me, right?!). She’s also a recovering addict who last used two years ago.
Tonight, she had a meltdown with her mom and I because we said no alcohol when out to eat. The logical response was, as I am accustomed to, not to just be mad, or go home, but to walk down random alley ways saying she wanted to overdose and fuck this world etc.
Her mother called 911. The police arrived, and she denied saying anything if the sort. I played a video where she said she wanted to die. One of the two cops called “code 4” jargon for back in service, before I was even done playing it. I told him look I appreciate you guys and your job but if she gets hurt tonight it’s going to be a legal matter. His response was “I don’t take kindly to threats.” Forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t the correct answer “that’s your constitutional right, my name is John smith, badge 12345?” That’s what I did as a medic every time someone mentioned a lawyer.
He then told me I’m a bully and should just leave her alone. A supervisor arrived and told me yeah letting her walk around that area at midnight in that dress in her mental state would have ended badly. He said he didn’t envy my position but didn’t think he had enough to do a mental health arrest. He told me to call back immediately if things escalate and that he understood why I said what I said. Hell, he could think I’m an asshole, god knows dealing with the public can suck, but if he did, he sure did a good job hiding it.
Is it a violation of my first amendment rights to respond “I don’t take kindly to threats” when I mention a lawyer? I mean, that saying means “I’m gonna fuck your night up if you push me” does it not?
I’ve been through hell the last year and a half trying to keep someone I love alive and I’m just so pissed he immediately wrote it off and threatened me.
For context, they’re juggling her psych meds around and she was last baker acted 2 weeks ago. Her family and I are going through hell trying to keep her safe.
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2023.06.03 08:55 ACosmicTrip Husband made a hurtful remark to his friends about me stressing about our place

I’m 32 weeks pregnant and we have a 2 year old. I stay home while he works anywhere from 60-70 hours a week. I totally understand he does so much to support us and allow me to stay home, but what he said to his friends was hurtful to me.
We just moved into a new place a month ago, and we’re still not settled in. There’s still boxes and boxes of our packed things. Furniture still isn’t put together. A lot of things I simply can’t do by myself, much less while pregnant and keeping an eye on the kid. I do my best to keep up with the necessary tasks, like dishes, laundry, cooking meals. But the place is just a wreck. It’s getting hard for me to navigate around the clutter, and I’m honestly terrified we won’t have everything in place when the next baby gets here. My husband is only off one day a week (sundays), and at this point I’m basically begging him to help me when he doesn’t have to work. He tells me he will, and assures me things will be done before the baby comes, but Sunday after Sunday he just simply doesn’t want to do any of it. I get it, he’s had a long work week and wants to relax, but I just can’t keep stressing about this.
Today while on a video game chat with his friends, he made a joke that I’m going to bug him on Sunday to unpack when he just wants to relax, then followed up with “she’s the one that’s always home, more could’ve been done by now.” I nearly cried on the spot, and asked him how on earth he’d expect me to move the dressers and desks, or assemble a bed frame, ask the toddler to help? He just shrugged and said this is why he doesn’t ever say it out loud. One of the two friends on the voice chat seemed to be trying to defend me (I couldn’t hear anything, just guessing based off of husband’s responses), but he just kept saying that he’ll lose his job if he doesn’t do it, we won’t lose the place if we don’t clean it. I just don’t get it, I thought he understood where I was coming from and why the clutter of the place is stressing me out so much. Maybe I’m being too emotional, or expecting too much out of him, but I’m really not wanting to bring in a newborn to a place that isn’t ready for one, knowing we’ll have even less free time to try and get everything together.
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2023.06.03 08:55 GokusUpperLip Guy Runnings

Guy Runnings
“Don’t give up”
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2023.06.03 08:55 Quippic8 Video randomly freezes but...

My webcam does not. The video capture is still showing my movement but the display capture is frozen. Is anyone else having the same issue?
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2023.06.03 08:55 diveforevermitzy commies really hate basic statistics

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2023.06.03 08:55 kopan77 Issues with launching games

Out of all 4 games that Ive dowloaded(persona5, persona4, high on life and jjba all star battle r), I had issues with eighter launching or downloading 3 of them. Ive tried to fix those issues the most common ways like uptading windows, reinstalling the games on my ssd, reinstalling the xbox app, uptading my drivers, verifying the game files and many more. I also dont think that this isnt so mutch of a hardware issue, because not only have I played even more hardware intensive games like rdr2 but Ive also played some of those games before (jjba all star battle r). Does anybody know why that may keep happening? Its really starting to get annoying as I got the 1 year subcribtion for the gamepass as a presant from my mom and I dont want it all to have been for nothing...
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2023.06.03 08:54 thePOVofExisting This post is copied from my notes just now of what I wrote down after waking up from an INTENSE round of dreams. Pretty trippy stuff lol. Also hilarious. I’m leaving in all the insanity and typos and non-sensical things that happened naturally while trying to get this one written down.

My dream
Bouncing trough realities, channels. Seeing reality from the “inside”, moving though lives. There were “maintenance workers”/who also in this reality are DMT elves to us
The silver 50’s looking trailer thing (that area had the “vibe” or feeling of a 1940’s’s atom bomb / fall out boy type area if that makes sense at all - it felt like I was taking a break off scenes on a set but a set that had “40’s/50’s vibes lol) that was zapping the area and felt like electricity was producing the power to our reality. It felt like someone was tampering with something earlier in my dream causing some sort of “short” or misfire, or maybe I was briefly SCTYALLY “unplugged” for maintenance /one layer outward/the 4th dimension. I saw some sort of residual of that world.
Everything looked “more” than 3D as if inside another dimension, reality was projected from all angles , making each “slice” of “reality” more “detailed” with “information” so it just naturally gave everything an odd shape that is hard to describe, but it involves how much information is available to see that gives our vision and reality the “3D” or “more” than 3D “visuals”. I will also include that vision also felt like more of a physical part of myself and each otheevery thing/every “file” of information projecting reality, the electricity of life, being powered in these bursts of electricity. I felt like I was covered in eyes or being “conscious” from all angles.
Someone was changing my “channel” and was flipping through my lives. I saw myself be everything I wanted to be or could have been or will do while also somehow being aware of what’s greater than myself or “behind” me/life/poweringn this reality. As all life is happening simultaneously, we just have certain “viewers” or “players” visiting each of our lives and playing as them occasionally. At one point I became the “best” version of myself and I was Ryan gosling.
I’m fairly certain we are in an all knowing, all powerful alien reality matrix, or are inside a powerful consciousness an Alien child’s science experiment in another “life”/slide of reality where we are her science experiment for an 8th grade science class and she was required to using basic “elements” in her reality, 1) create basic small new life, 2) open up a beginners small worm hole and or black hole, either will be accepted 3) display basic levels of evolution within her “colony”/reality/box of life. 4) create a basic “neuron” which to them is a “spark” but also contains life giving properties
Idk how or why but also the fact that this “life” exists, ties into some sort of made up story down in “earth lives”/our current “channel of reality”, because everything ties into itself, for forever, inward and outward, everything that is forever is all one both inside and out. Like an ouroboros. This is what life is. It expands outwards and inward infinitely powered and connected to each dimension and life and reality forever inward and onward and outward and backward and forward it’s all anything can do. Layers of “information” and “reality” almost sort of “sloughing through” in a way during both for only one instant moment in “time” or the one “first slide of life”., like slide of film you put in a camera or this square clear things you put on stuff under microscopes
This channel is being powered by her science experiment which ironically enough is also what’s powering hers but also not at the same time because everything exists all at once bc it’s all that’s possible so everything that CAN happen does exist in some way and always will. This means that dead loved ones are never gone. They are always alive and with you and every version of yourself with them exists at all times. You just need to reach them by thinking about them and sparking up their “life” again by causing a neuron to fire that contains basic i formation about each channel
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2023.06.03 08:54 ResponsibilityNo6628 Advice on…friendship?

So I’m a teen and the other person who used to be my boyfriend is as well. So we have been dating for half a year or so. Now not everything has gone well. I do admit that we have had arguments here and there but he’s always been there for me, and me for him. I also admit I could have been better. Like I could have just acted better and loved him better or something like that. Anyways. So school ended and summer started. A couple days ago nothing seemed wrong. He told me he loved me and yadayada. Anyways, he left for his camp for a couple of days. He couldn’t talk because he was busy and didn’t have service. When he came back, he told me he kind of lost feelings. Now there is more to the story of course, but that’s basically the gist. But this isn’t really about that. After that, he told me he still loved me and such. So for a day we were okay, and I gave him space, but I could tell something was different. So I confronted him and he said he wasn’t ready for a high-school relationship. But that he still loved me. So we kind of broke up but he says that we can still do all the stuff we do like hold hands, kiss, and hug. But not have a label on it. He said we are best friends. And I’m so confused. I believe that he loves me. But I don’t know if we are just doing the stuff because he wants to make me happy. And I’m scared that he will eventually stop loving me. I really don’t know what to do. He’s the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet so yeah. Also I’m not mad at him for feeling the way he does. I know it happens.
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2023.06.03 08:54 DestroyTheMoon420 Pulls so far, favourite is Radiant Alakazam !

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2023.06.03 08:54 Regular-Bother-832 Anybody else seeing SUS things on the wcs ladder?

Idk if I'm just finding bugs, missed timing or misunderstanding text, etc but I've had a few duels to tonight that have had things not gone off, for example I summoned an odd eyes advance dragon and it didn't bop a dark magician. Also does dark pally not negate continuous effects?
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2023.06.03 08:54 Ordinary_Panic_1722 Is Allah punishing me?

AssalamuAlaikum, last week I was with a group of sisters and they talked about Islam usually I’m actively participating in these conversations excited to share my opinions and things I have learnt however this time I wanted the conversation to end I didn’t want to talk. It’s because if I did I would’ve felt like a hypocrite- I haven’t been praying nor reading the Quran, and music has become a huge part of my life. I ask Allah do help me, to give me the motivation to learn about my deen but I don’t don’t put any effort. And now I feel like Allah is punishing me I have prayed for him to help me with my prayers however it’s a struggle for me- while my cousin who rarely prayed made dua one day and the next day she started praying regularly and no I’m not jealous of her or anything but why isn’t my prayer being answered does Allah not want to get better? Second is that last year I struggled with irregular periods- having them 2 a month, however since November my periods were regular. But this year in the month of May I have gotten my period 3 times. Does Allah not want me to pray because I have been sinning so much, does allah want me to forget him. This has been eating me up- I don’t know what to do, how can I better myself
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2023.06.03 08:54 Urmomzahaux English ethnicity question

Hey guys, American here, my brother is having a very heated argument with me that there is no such thing as an English ethnicity. He insists there is only Scottish, Irish, and Welsh, and no such thing as English, because he’s never met a single person who claims English as their ethnicity. So does anyone know of any relatively famous-ish people who are ethnically English. 😂 Seems to be the only thing that convinces him of anything, is knowing an actual human being for example.
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2023.06.03 08:53 idodo35 Night of the brides, or "How volenta got her groove back"

So, last session i improvised a little ditty i think you guys may enjoy. Some of it needs work but i think it could be a fun addition...
Some context. My party just dined with strahd after being invited by him as "compensation" for what happened during the feast of st. Andral. I modified the feast a bit and used it as a plot by the Wachters to sieze power and please strahd. During that encounter they also met anastrasya and volenta, almost killing the latter while the former ravaged the city (i did the LBH thing where ana is a martial powerhouse and volenta is a rogue, she underestemated the party so they almost killed her and she now has a vendeta against them.)
After the dinner while the party stayed the night at ravenloft, the brides were sent out to the three major cities of barovia to send a message to the party, and remind them who's land this is...
Anastrasya went to barovia, with the instructions to bring ismark into line and invite him to the inevitable wedding with his sister... ana, not liking the idea but instructed to not kill ismark did what she does best and tore through the ranks of the barovian militia, hospitalising ismark and forcing donovich to take over (my players hadn't dealt with/found doru yet so that will become a problem soon...)
Ludmila went to krezk, to check on the abbot, and pressure a repentant vampire in hiding i added to the city (this one i havent run yet so it's a bit nebulous)
And finaly dear volenta, the reason for the post went to valaki, to punish the partie's allies the martikovs and turn the town against them... Volenta is the rogue archetype and a master trap maker, she also had something to prove after her near defeat so with a few spawns to help she set up a diabolical set of traps...
As the party approached valaki they saw a man on the road, he was tied to a post like a scarecrow and dressed to resemble our wizard. To their surprise he was still alive but when they tried to help the man, a hidden blade emerged from the wood, burying itself through his heart and slaying him instantly... Horrified but thinking they can be more carefull the party went on, next was a man resembling our rogue, a boastfull sort, he was also tied up in a simillar manner. Checking the pole the party found a simillar trap, and while here they just flubbed the role, causing the trap to trigger and kill the man in the same fashion, this was only the first of two traps, with explosives in his boots (the rogue bragged to be more nimble and "light on his feet" than volenta during their previous fight)
The next was our kenku druid, for whom they managed to remove a booby trapped crow mask before realisinf he had a blade as well, but located elsewhere, so when my party tried to put something over his heart to block the blade it was in the wrong spot killing him...
Penultimately was our bard, who's blade they neutralised but didnt manage to get rid of her explosive laden lyre before it was too late...
And finaly, standing in a mockery of full plate stood our paladin stand in. He was covered head to tow in armor, and bearing the symbols of the morning lord and the keeper of the feather. The party agonised, and checked all angles before removing his helmet with a mage's hand... But there were no traps on this one... just the drained corpse of adrian martikov...
And that's it. Volenta just rose from laughing stock to the most hated villian in the campaign :)
This was all improv, but i think with a bit of extra thought you can have something diabolical to really send a message to your players and make the brides threats on their own right!
Hope you liked it 😈
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2023.06.03 08:53 JollyOrc Grand Design The Streets S03E02 + 3

I need my Kevin McCloud fix, does anyone have those?
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