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For people who love any sort of twisty puzzles, including but not limited to: Rubik's Cubes (and any size/design variants), the Square 1, the Pyraminx and more.

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Brand new community for all Rubik's cube related content. * 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and on * Strategies, Algorithms and Patterns * Speed-solving videos * Submit an original, unedited video of your best time, and receive flair! Reddit's record time will be recorded in the side, with the current world record for reference. * New-comer questions welcome!

2023.06.03 08:47 areemiguel Abu Dhabi school gets to grips with Rubik's Cube competition

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2023.06.03 01:47 Stock-Whereas9641 when your rubiks cube breaks😪😔

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2023.06.02 23:38 Gravel_24 I think I might be autistic, what do I do to get the confirmation from an expert.

I think I might be autistic. My mother is one the spectrum and I answer to a lot of the criteria. I am terribly awkward socially and every social events stress me to a point where I feel like I'm gonna die. I always hated physical contact since i'm very young and I don't have a lot of friends + they are all neurodivergent. Loud noises and bright lights affect me a lot (especially noises) and I have a lot of tics (motor and vocal). Plus all of that, I have auto-immune problem (I'm multiallergic) and I learned that autistic people were twice more likely to have allergies. I also have obsession on certain subjects since i'm young (I lot on fictions characters, rubik's cube, mental illnesses, new languages, etc..)
Anyway, I would like to have an expert confirm if I'm autistic or not and I literally don't know what to do. Do I need to pay for service? If yes, how much? Can it be an online service? How much time? Is it on many sessions? How do I receive my result? Does it change something to my everyday life? Do I have to see a psy after that? Do I need to take medications ? Do I need to be +18 ?
If you have any recommendation or answer to my question, please help me. I'm terrified and at the same time satisfied to understand things about me (possibly).
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2023.06.02 21:03 TheRealUncleFrank Things to know before your very first WCA competition

This gets asked a lot, and I end up copy/pasting it in the DDT and other posts a lot, so thought I'd make a single post here that'll be easier to link to.
Some things to know before your very first competiton -
  1. WCA Competitor Tutorial
  2. WCA Competition Tutorial .pdf
  3. 10 Tips To Prepare For A Cube Competition
  4. Five things that a cuber should know before going to a WCA competition
  5. 5+ Things To Know Before a Cubing Competition
  6. What to expect at your first Rubik's Cube Competition
  7. Everything You Need To Know Before Competing
  8. Cubing Competition Tutorial
  9. Competition Advice
  10. Competition Advice
  11. Do This at your next Rubik's Cube Competition
  12. How to Judge at WCA Competitions! (In Depth Tutorial)
Watch more youtube vids from actual comps.
Familiarize yourself with all the Regulations and the Guidelines, too. Read them all, more than once.
Ask questions. Ask lots of questions. Then ask some more questions, here and in the DDT, and at the comp, from the comp staff, organizers, delegates, and other competitors, about how things work and what you're supposed to do. Don't be afraid to ask questions.
Ask other competitors if you can try out their cubes. That's the only way to try out cubes you don't have so you'll know what you like and don't like and what you might want to buy next.
Don't worry about your times compared to anyone else's times. You're not there to compete against them. You're just competing against yourself, trying to improve your own times against no one else but you. You're just there to have fun, with a bunch of other people doing the same thing, all with the same hobby. If you can solve a cube in less than 10 minutes, then you're good to go, because that's usually the time limit. Just Go
There is no age limit or age brackets for competition, just as long as you can actually solve it within the time limit. People from age 3 to age 90 have actually competed in WCA competitions.
You can try to simulate a competition environment, to try to help familiarize yourself with what it's like, like @5:48 in this video. You can do it by yourself, but it would help if you had an "audience" of at least a few people, family/friends, and maybe one of them to act as a judge. For background noise, someone made videos of actual cubing comp background noise, here and here.
Someone made a couple posts a while back asking for suggestions on what they should pack for their first comp. You can go thru both posts to get ideas of what you might want to bring with you. Nothing you have to bring except the cubes you plan to use in the events you signed up for, but just some ideas that might make things more comfortable - What to pack for comp? What else to pack for comp? You do not need to bring a timemat, unless you just want them for practice while waiting for your rounds. Timers/mats will be provided for regular comp use.
You'll be assigned your WCA ID after the results of your first comp have been posted, usually 1-5 days after the comp.
Anything I should add/change/delete, just say so in the comments below.
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2023.06.02 11:14 mrhamone Day 1

After all the post i made on this subreddit thinking I would just one day stop fapping yesterday I just didn't watch porn that day i didn't have nothing special to do but rather i was busy yesterday doing the things I love i played with friends solving the rubiks cube doing card tricks to fool myself and talking to my mom i felt glad yesterday and today i just relapsed again because i was bored feeling stressed that kind of empty feeling that break your soul so i went outside to look at the outside world i even had a staring contest with a cat and i realize outside our front yard is a plant i neglected for so long telling to myself i would water it daily but never did it come till today so i finally poured water to it and it felt refreshing for me and i bet for the plant and after that feeling i decide to take a shower and just think at my past mistakes one more time then move on and finally write this reddit post
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2023.06.02 04:59 henry38464 Cubes Brazilian Test

A professional Brazilian test to assess spatial visualization. It uses Rubik's cubes as a base; your goal is to rotate the cube configurations in order to find the correct option. The amount of rotations increases progressively.
The time limit is 30 minutes for 15 questions.
The norms range from the 1st to the 99th percentile, with 638 tested.
Test (norms at the beginning; the score is automatic):
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2023.06.02 03:00 Dracon270 AoE spells, and what squares they hit.

So, I've been thinking about AoE spells and abilities lately. First, I'm aware of the rule that they have to be placed at an Intersection (very useful). However, the back half of that rule states CIRCLE based ones hit an enemy if it covers at least half of the square. I can't find wording that states Squares and Cones are limited by that.
However, if they aren't, that seems pretty busted. Thunderwave is a 15ft cube, so, logically, it should hit a 3x3 area. However, placing it at the intersection means it actually hits a 4x4. Even if they ARE limited to squares they cover half of, that ends in a weirder cross shape where it's a 4x4 but without the corners.
Am I missing a rule in a different part of the book? Or an eratta/clarification?
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2023.06.02 02:37 LorenaBobbedIt A Rubik’s Cube but the stickers are just stuck on with that adhesive from Post-It Notes.

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2023.06.01 22:30 LowHeat4236 Gan 11 M Pro

As an avid cuber, this magnetic 3x3 speed cube from GAN is great. Allow me to share my thoughts on this incredible speed cube. First, the craftsmanship of the GAN 11 M Pro is outstanding. The cube provides an excellent grip and feels comfortable in my hands during extended solving sessions. The stickerless design is nice to look at. It is bright and enjoyable to solve. The cube itself is amazing and is very light. The performance of this cube is where it truly shines. The incorporation of magnets in the GAN 11 M Pro has incredibly smooth and controlled movements. Each turn feels satisfying and precise, allowing you to quickly execute algorithms and finger tricks. The cube's corner-cutting ability is outstanding, allowing me to preform complex moves with easily. The speed and stability of this cube are unsurpassed, resulting in faster solving times and increased accuracy. As an extra factor, the GAN 11 M Pro is customizable . It comes with an adjustable tensioning system, allowing users to adjust the cube's tightness to suit their preferences. This level of customization ensures that the cube can be fited to each persons specific solving style. The quality of this speed cube, despite countless hours of rigorous solving, the GAN 11 M Pro has shown no signs of wear nor tear. The quality of the materials used is evident, as the cube maintains its performance and structural integrity over time. Another aspect is the care that GAN has put into their product for people. From the premium packaging to the inclusion of a special cube bag, it's clear that GAN cares about providing an exclusive experience to their customers. Lastly, the GAN 11 M Pro is a must-have for any speed cubers. Its impressive craftsmanship, smooth and controlled turns, customizable features, and durability make it a great speed cube fore everyone.
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2023.06.01 21:50 CubingPerson Selling Gan X, Aosu GTS M, Xman Bell M, Lubes, Mat, Accessories (UPDATED)

Hi everyone. I'm selling the following from my cube, lube, and accessory collection. Note that all of these are undamaged and fully functional. Some are ones that I almost never used and are close to brand new. Please let me know if you are interested in buying any of these. All puzzles are stickerless.
UPDATE: I removed the price tags. Please suggest a price that you would purchase for.
3x3: Gan 356 X (close to new) QiYi Valk 3 (Non-Magnetic)
4x4: Moyu AoSu GTS M (close to new)
Pyraminx: X-man Bell Magnetic Pyraminx (close to new)
Accessories: Cubicle Mat V4 (new) 2 x Gan cube bag Cubicle cube bag 4 x Cubicle cube stand 56 x 3x3 magnets 5 x 2x2 magnets
Lubes I have left: bottle of Traxxas 50K bottle of Traxxas 30K 5 mL Weight 1 10 mL Weight 1 9 mL Weight 2 25 mL Weight 4 5 mL Lubicle Black 10 mL Angstrom Compound X 5 mL Angstrom Dignitas 10 mL DNM 37
You also pay for shipping. Payment will be through Paypal. If you prefer a different payment method, let me know and I will see if it works for me.
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2023.06.01 20:25 Rotmans0258 The biggest Rubik's Cube in the world

The biggest Rubik's Cube in the world
I built the biggest Rubik's Cube in the world in Survival.
It took me a few hours of planning and gathering all the materials, and 13 hours to build it.
What do you think?
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2023.06.01 18:58 gtj "Smacking the lip" — does it feel good? Because to me, an average kook, it doesn't look cool.

Despite a decade and a half of surfing, I'm still very much a novice who is happy to even just trim into a wave for more than a few seconds, so take this post with a grain of salt, or sour grapes if you will.
When I watch the top surfers, I never feel that inspired by what I see, which is usually getting into a wave, getting a little speed, then repeatedly shooting to the top to slash-whip themselves 180º with a little spray and then a tight bottom turn. Over and over again. If it's a contest, the announcers gush like crazy about it. To me though, it just looks like convulsions.
I take that it requires a lot of skill to do this move, and I accept that I will never do it myself, but I wonder, is there any particular pleasure in it? Or is it the same as the joy you get when you speed-solve a Rubik's Cube?
Serious question, but downvotes based on my ignorance will be accepted.
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2023.06.01 15:56 HerrKaschke Curio Watts and Herr Kaschke - Rubik’s Cube (Presave Advertising) 🐼💋🦍

Curio Watts and Herr Kaschke - Rubik’s Cube (Presave Advertising) 🐼💋🦍
Don’t wait! Presave here and get it right tomorrow at release without waiting in a line 🐼💋🦍🖖🏼
🟧🟦🟩 🟥🟨🟪 ⬛️🟫⬜️
Clip is also on YouTube
. . . .

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2023.06.01 12:10 floofiboy1 Rubiks cube thought(s)

4x4 3x3 2x2 1x1 9x9 8x8 7x7 6x6 or 5x5
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2023.06.01 00:01 hereIsTheCrazyOne 28 [M4F] Ireland/Germany/anywhere

Having a quiet night in and looking for someone to chat to... So here we are!
A bit about me... I recently left my job so i can move to Germany (love a good adventure)
I love to go to the gym, and generally enjoy watching and playing most sports. Currently the only sport I actively play is ultimate frisbee. I love spicy food, tea, coffee, walking, reading, and of course travelling
Some random facts: I can solve a rubik's cube in under 15 seconds, I can juggle 5 oranges, and i have been to over 20 countries :)
Message me and lets see what happens (:
Tell me your favourite foods, favourite holiday, just go for it
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2023.05.31 22:22 Accomplished-Age-368 Hi dad

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2023.05.31 21:41 The_Traveller__ Satan's rubix cube

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2023.05.31 20:22 ElmoIsEmo962 New cubes

Hi! I'm looking for magneted cubes that aren't too expensive. I currently have Rubiks brand but it sucks to practice speed. (I'm in Canada)
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2023.05.31 19:00 torukkmacto How I Rewired My Brain and Found Clarity

I found myself caught in the dark grips of pornography. It had silently infiltrated my life, leaving me feeling lost, mentally drained, and stripped of my true potential. Little did I know that a seemingly simple Rubik's Cube would hold the key to unlocking my realization and setting me on a path to rediscovery.
In the midst of my battle against this consuming addiction, I embarked on a journey to learn the art of solving the Rubik's Cube. However, the stark contrast between my progress and that of my six-year-old nephew was a humbling reminder of how much my addiction had cost me.
Dear reader, if you find yourself battling addiction, I implore you to take that courageous first step towards liberation. Surround yourself with a community that understands your struggle, educate yourself about the profound impact of pornography on the brain, and embrace the journey towards self-discovery. ment, and triumph, empowering one another to overcome our shared struggles..ery.
It was in that pivotal moment that the truth struck me like a bolt of lightning—pornography had robbed me of more than just my time; it had stolen my clarity, focus, and mental acuity. It had dulled my senses, clouded my judgment, and left me unable to navigate the simplest challenges. I knew then that I had to reclaim my mind and set myself free from its grip.
But amidst the despair, there was a glimmer of hope. My nephew's unwavering determination and natural ability served as a beacon of inspiration. He showed me that the mind is capable of extraordinary feats when liberated from the clutches of addiction. I realized that I had the power to rewrite my story, to reclaim my cognitive abilities, and to emerge from the darkness into the light of self-discovery.
With renewed vigor, I embarked on a mission to break free from the chains that bound me. I sought support, educated myself about the devastating effects of pornography on the brain, and surrounded myself with a community of individuals striving for the same liberation. Together, we shared stories of resilience, encouragement, and triumph, empowering one another to overcome our shared struggle.
As I took deliberate steps towards recovery, the Rubik's Cube became more than just a physical puzzle. It became a symbol of my journey—a reflection of my determination to heal and reclaim my cognitive abilities. With each twist and turn, I felt my mental acuity sharpening, my memory improving, and my brain rewiring itself to its natural state of brilliance.
Today, I stand before you not as a victim but as a survivor—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. I share my story not to dwell on the past but to inspire those who find themselves in the same grip of addiction. You too have the power to break free, to rediscover the clarity and brilliance that resides within you.
Dear reader, if you find yourself battling the chains of addiction, I implore you to take that courageous first step towards liberation. Surround yourself with a community that understands your struggle, educate yourself about the profound impact of pornography on the brain, and embrace the journey towards self-discovery.
Know that within you lies an extraordinary potential waiting to be unlocked. As you embark on this path, remember that every challenge you overcome brings you closer to the person you were always meant to be. Believe in yourself, cultivate resilience, and never underestimate the power of a renewed mind.
Together, let us rise above the shadows, break free from the chains of addiction, and embrace a future filled with clarity, purpose, and the triumph of the human spirit.
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2023.05.31 16:49 Jwow916 Adult 80s party

I am having a party that is 80s themed, does anybody have any great ideas for decorations? I see a lot of stuff on Pinterest but it’s mostly neon, Rubiks cubes, slinky’s. Are there any cool adult 80s decorations you would think about?
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2023.05.31 16:40 StamosMullet Are there any "speedcubes" that look like the OG Rubik's cube?

What I mean is, are there any quality speedcubes that have the black outlines/borders on the colors, and use colors that aren't Wham! video day-glo colors?
Also - preferably one that doesn't have stickers.
I love the look of the original Rubik's cube, but it's slow to turn, gets jammed, etc.
But most of the "speedcubes" I see on Amazon are ugly. Colors are too bright/neon and the lack of the black borders make it feel inauthentic.
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2023.05.31 16:25 SwipingDefault The chickens look so interested in this Rubik’s cube

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