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City of Allen, Texas Neighbors

2018.05.06 06:37 JimmyReagan City of Allen, Texas Neighbors

A place for residents of Allen, TX to discuss local news, events, politics and any other topics.

2023.06.04 08:41 WTXRed June B.A.G.E.L.

Sorry its late, My phone died. I wasn't waiting for bail.

**Boring Assholes Guide to Everything in Lubbock**

* [The Wiki](

[**Stuff To Do**](


* [Juneteenth](

* [Lubbock Pride](

* [](
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* [Keep Lubbock Beautiful](
* [Flea & Farmers Markets](
* [Nature](
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**Food Trucks Event Schedule**

* First Friday Art Trail @ LHUCA
* Third Friday MidNight Cravings @ Cardinals
* Last Sunday Food Truck for a Cause @ Aldersgate UMC
* TBA Food Truck Alley @ The Civic Center


* [Lubbock in the Loop](
* [Good Stuff Lubbock](
* [Lubbock Cultural District](
* [Visit Lubbock](

**Lubbock Cultural District**

* [Buddy Holly Hall](
* [Lubbock Symphony Orchestra](
* [Ballet Lubbock](
* [Lubbock Community Theater](
* [The Cactus Theater](
* [LHUCA]( & [ELAH](
* [Science Spectrum](


* [Lubbock Weekly Ads & deals](
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* [Downtown Lubbock](

**Event Centers**

* [USA Arena](
* [Civic Center Event Calendar](
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**City of Lubbock**

[City Council Meetings & More](

* [Meetings]( [Events](
* Lubbock Library : [Events](
* [Parks & Recreation](
* [Municipal Garden & Arts Center](

**Lubbock County**

* [Commissioner Court Meetings](


* Not responsible for errors, omissions, blatant and obvious lies or death
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2023.06.03 11:42 kittehgoesmeow What A Day: Border To Tears by Julia Claire & Crooked Media (06/02/23)

"A couple very good guys wrote an article today, the tobacco king, you the tobacco king..." - Disgraced former president Donald Trump doing some classic word salad during his Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity

Law And Border

Some variation on “CHAOS AT THE BORDER” is a staple phrase in the Fox News chyron. But the source of that chaos is not who they want you to think it is.
This is far from the first report of this kind detailing inhumane treatment of migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border.
President Biden, like President Obama before him, made a wager: that tough border policies and deportations will buy good will from conservatives or neutralize their bad-faith attacks. Except, it didn’t, and it won’t. Conservative media and GOP lawmakers will always portray Democratic presidents, falsely, as open-borders fanatics, no matter how strict their actual immigration policies are. Multiple GOP governors thousands of miles from the border have deployed national guardsmen to Texas, absent a big uptick in crossings, as a propaganda feint, to create the false perception of disorder. Democrats can’t beat that approach by meeting it in the ever-shifting middle, and they shouldn’t try.

Look No Further Than Crooked Media

It’s Pride month, and the Crooked Store has a whole collection of merch to help you celebrate and fight back against the total freaks obsessed with what we wear and where we put it. The collection has everything from tees to bags, so you can stock up. I’m not going to tell you how to celebrate Pride, but I will say that if you don’t ruin at least one article of clothing this month, you could be doing more. So grab an extra tee.
Plus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Crooked’s Fuck Bans fund, which supports organizations working to protect vulnerable people on the ground in states that are banning care and targeting trans youth. You get the thrill of supporting organizers combined with the thrill of buying something online. It’s a win-win.
Head to to check out the whole Pride collection.

Under The Radar

A series of investigations found that Allina Health System, a “nonprofit” that runs more than 100 hospitals and clinics in Minnesota and Wisconsin has repeatedly withheld care from patients who have unpaid medical bills as a draconian bill-collecting tactic. The network rakes in over $4 billion in annual revenue. In the for-profit American healthcare system, many hospitals are known to take aggressive measures to collect medical debt, including taking patients to court, garnishing their wages, or even seizing their tax refunds. Allina Health System, on the other hand, has an explicit policy to completely shut off non-emergency health services for patients with at least $4,500 in unpaid medical debt, and not allow them to resume receiving treatment until it’s paid off in full. At point, the electronic health-records system locks so that staff cannot schedule future appointments for those patients, even ones with chronic conditions requiring regular attention like diabetes and cancer. That confronts those patients with a choice between getting a loan approved through the hospital or filing for bankruptcy. Anyone in this country who has ever been on the wrong side of a health-insurance dispute knows how easy it is to rack up $4,500 in medical debt. Almost one-in-three Americans have medical debt, which accounts for about half of all outstanding debt in this country. Because Allina Health System is a “nonprofit” it was able to avoid $266 million in state, local, and federal taxes in 2020 alone. Another perfect day in the American health-care industrial complex!

What Else?

The Department of Labor’s monthly jobs report showed the 29th straight month of strong job growth, with employers adding 339,000 jobs in May.
The U.S. Senate passed the bipartisan ransom note to suspend the debt limit, averting what would have been the nation’s first-ever default. The bill now heads to President Biden’s desk for signature.
The Senate voted to rescind President Biden’s student-loan forgiveness program, a measure the president is (obviously) expected to veto.
YouTube will reverse its election-integrity policy, and allow election-denial videos on the platform. Great! I love when corporations sacrifice democracy to extract just a little bit more profit.
Disgraced former president Donald Trump’s lawyers have informed the DOJ that they can’t find the classified document about military operations in Iran that Trump was recorded referencing. Very likely story!
The Justice Department will not seek charges against former Vice President Mike Pence for his possession of potentially classified government documents, and the investigation has been closed.
The Fulton County, GA, District Attorney’s investigation of disgraced former president Donald Trump and his efforts to overturn the 2020 election has expanded to include activities in Washington, DC, and several other states.
More than 800 million trees have been cut down in the Amazon rainforest in just the past six years to meet global beef demand.
Gov. Bill Lee (R-TN) accused the National Rifle Association of seeking to use involuntary commitment laws “to round up mentally ill people and deprive them of other liberties,” a rare criticism of the NRA from a Republican.
An investigation into child sexual-abuse claims in Spain’s Catholic Church found 728 abusers among members of the clergy and non-clerical staff and 927 victims since the 1940’s.
A 19-year-old in the United Kingdom who converted to extremist Islam during the pandemic and planned to carry out a terrorist attack was given six years in prison.
The Canadian province of Nova Scotia is experiencing its worst-ever wildfire season, with more than 200 so far this year.

Be Smarter

The Discord disclosures of highly classified national security documents by former Massacheusetts Air National Guardsman/racist freak Jack Teixeira contain one particularly startling revelation: Iran, according to U.S. intelligence, plan to enlist militants in Syria to step up roadside attacks against U.S. military personnel, including through the use of armor-piercing munitions. The escalation is reportedly part of a broader strategic effort between Iran and Russia to drive the U.S. from the region (don’t threaten us with a good time!) but could also lead to escalating hostilities between the U.S. and Iran—and just in time for the Republican presidential primary, which will be chockablock with bloodthirsty war hawks who would happily exploit carnage in the region to revamp the GOP push for war.

What A Sponsor

Don’t you wish you could talk to your dog sometimes? Maybe you’d ask them how their day was, tell them how much you love them, and ask how they’re feeling. But, we usually don’t know how they’re feeling or if something is wrong until, well, something is wrong.
Maev® hasn’t created dog texting yet, but they have formulated a human-grade, high-protein raw food diet to improve your dog’s health and longevity.
Maev Raw Food supports benefits you can smell, feel, and see — from better breath and reduced itching/ shedding to regular bowel movements and maintaining a healthy weight. Most dog parents see results in 28 days or less.
Plus, it’s just as easy as kibble. There’s no mess, no prep, no thawing. Just open, pour, and serve.
Go raw today. Maev is offering our readers 20% off your first order, no minimum required. To claim, visit and the discount will be automatically applied at checkout.
(Offer expires 6/30/23)

Light At The End Of The Email

A Baltimore couple, both nurses, saved a fellow passenger’s life on their flight back from a Florida vacation.
Fort Bragg, the major military base in North Carolina named after General Braxton Bragg—a Confederate general who owned slaves—was renamed Fort Liberty. Not sure why anyone thought it was a good idea to name a base after a guy who lost so many battles and is “widely regarded among historians as a poor leader who did not have the respect of his troops” in the first place!
Roberto Minuta, a member of the far-right Oath Keepers who was part of the security detail for longtime Trump adviseThe Riddler Roger Stone, was sentenced to more than four years in prison for seditious conspiracy related to his involvement in the January 6 insurrection.


paige on Twitter: "My 11 month-old son saw the pride merchandise in our local Target- immediately said “mama, I am woke and gay now” and then he did the worm"
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2023.06.03 06:19 spicykibbles We got duped into signing a $38K contract with a dealership for the same car we had almost paid off in full.

Just like the title says, that's our family got basically duped into repurchasing the same car. We've consulted with a lawyer but have hit a dead end. By the way, this is in TX. Here's the story:
My brother bought a 2018 Toyota Camry in 2019 and had been paying it off himself. He had a cosigner but because the cosigner had bad credit (he was our only option), the interest rate on the car payments was around 18% and the car loan in total with interest rate ended up being $26,000. Here's where I need your help:
A few months ago, my brother reached $11,000 in remaining balance on the car after years of making $600 monthly payments. He was finally seeing the end of the tunnel and decided to refinance the car. Unfortunately, he was denied in over 12 banks because he's on a work visa. During a routine maintenance for the car at the dealership, he decided to ask about a refinance with the dealership (after consulting with a lawyer, we know this was our first mistake). He told them about the high interest rate and how the car had a balance of $11,000 and he just wanted to refinance to bring down the interest rate. The finance manager said that what he could do was buy the car from him and sell it back to him with a lower rate on the remaining balance of $11,000. Perfect so far. We went through the process of finding another bank to refinance, the dealership restocked the car, cleaned it, put paper plates, did a state inspection on it, and while it was getting ready, we were signing papers (second mistake). He signed a bunch of stuff and we were told we were going to get copies of everything (It took over two weeks to get those copies. We had to go in person to ask for them). Eventually, we finished and they told us that because of the work visa, he wasn't approved for the original 8% interest rate but that the best they could do was 14% interest rate with another bank. We knew there would be a catch along the way and we figured this was the catch. He signed and we left.
When he finally got the loan info from the new bank in the mail, it said remaining balance: $38,000. We were completely shocked so we went to the dealership and they didn't respond any questions, said they couldn't reverse anything, said no one forced us to sign anything, and told us that we couldn't refinance or trade the car in for another 6-12 months. The finance manager told us that it was a good thing because that way my brother could work on his credit and keep making payments. I argued that he wasted the last 3-4 years because they were worthless now and that it didn't make sense that he would pay $40,000 for a 2018 car. The guy shrugged and said there was nothing he could do. Another guy apologized and suggested that we sold the car online to pay off the debt.
We went to a lawyer and after reading through the papers my brother signed, he told my brother that unfortunately, he was stuck paying double for the same old car because he had signed that the power of attorney be changed back to the dealership on the car title and that was what made it legal. He suggested that we go to our county's District Attorney's office and file a formal complaint against the dealership but my brother is extremely bummed out and wants to forget about the car that once used to make him happy.
What should we do? I know we did everything wrong but I can't stand the thought of him paying $40,000 for a 2018 car given that he had already paid $15,000 on it for the last 3-4 years.
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2023.06.03 04:54 SuspiciousJuice5825 What did you write in your letter?

My housing market is white hot. Houses sell in a day or less, even ugly busted ones. I've already lost 1 offer (the sellers went with someone who waived their inspection). A dream house (I refuse to say 'my' because last time my heart was broken and it wasn't even a dream house 😂) went up for sale today.
The location is so perfect, I asked my realtor if we can skip the pretense of going to see it and put in an offer. He said no. Lol. But we are going to see it tomorrow at 1pm and as long as it isn't a falling apart mess, I'm offering.
The thing is, I can only offer about 10k over without blowing my budget. And my loan is VA so it will have to be appraised and meet certain requirements. This house looks like it will meet those requirements, but you never know. That has alot of sellers not accepting VA loans.
I also offered to waive inspection with an inspector coming for a walk through with me tomorrow and later, an inspection for informational purposes only.
I don't know if it will be enough, our market is hot and affordable houses are very very rare. It's a blue ribbon school district with winning football teams, half the town is just mansions on a lake.
I want to write a letter to attach to my offer.
What did you put? If your a seller, did you care about the letter or just about the $?
Edit: I decided not to put a letter, my realtor said they don't make much of a difference if they even make it past the sellers agent. He did say he'd let them know we were looking to live there and not rent it out.
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2023.06.03 02:43 Pangolinooo Target/reach recommendations for business major

I'm kind of stuck trying to figure out what colleges would realistically have a place on my list. Definitely applying to UT Austin and Texas A&M. I believe that I have a good shot at getting into Mccombs, but I would prefer to go out of state, so I'm mainly looking for target or reach school recommendations that have business or business analytics programs at least comparable to UT.
Demographics: Tx, Non competitive HS, White male, first gen, upper middle class Act 35, Sat 1500 (should I even submit Sat?) 4.0UW 4.3W. Rank is top 5%, but I was 1/500 at a much more competitive school before transferring at the start of junior year. Class rank dropped due to new school using a different gpa system. (Could my old class rank have any impact on applications?)
Coursework: AP Gov (4), AP Chem (4), AP Bio (4), AP Physics 1 (4), AP world (5). APES, AP Lang, AP Calc AB, AP Macro, APCSA. Several random dual enrollment classes. Taking Lit and Stats next year while self studying micro, psych, and BC because my school does not offer any of them.
Awards: Numerous district and regional level awards in UIL Academics competitions. Numerous regional awards in quiz bowl competitions. Extracurriculars:
  1. Cross country/Track captain. 4 year varsity athlete.
  2. Interned as a consultant for a golf tournament on the PGA tour
  3. Helped start a current events related club, grew to 30 members.
  4. Volunteered at a summer math camp through a local church.
  5. Started and led club for middle schoolers interested in joining cross country, helped to grow high school team from 30 to 70 members.
  6. Currently leading drive to raise money and gather supplies for a youth running club in an impoverished country.
  7. Part time job
  8. UIL Academics regional qualifier in several events somewhat related to my major(Texas statewide competition between schools.)
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2023.06.02 17:42 thinkingstranger June 1, 2023
Late tonight the Senate passed H.R. 3746, the Fiscal Responsibility Act, suspending the debt ceiling and cutting certain federal spending. President Joe Biden has promised to sign it tomorrow, preventing a government default. Forty-four Democrats and two Independents—Angus King (I-ME) and Kyrsten Sinema (I-AZ)—voted yes, along with 17 Republicans. Four Democrats and Independent Bernie Sanders (I-VT) voted no, along with 31 Republicans. The final tally to pass the measure was 63 to 36.
“Democrats are feeling very good tonight,” Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said. “We’ve saved the country from the scourge of default.”
Republicans brought the nation to the brink of default with their insistence that they opposed runaway government spending, but their demands did not square with that argument. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said that the $21 billion cut in funding to the Internal Revenue Service, for example, will result in $40 billion in lost revenue, increasing the deficit by $19 billion.
In other economic news, the Biden administration today announced actions designed to address racial bias in the valuation of homes.
This sounds sort of in the weeds for administration action, I know, but it is actually an important move for addressing the nation’s wealth inequality. In 2019 a study from the Federal Reserve showed that white American families had a median net worth of $188,100, Hispanic or Latino families had a net worth of $36,200, and Black American families had a median net worth of $24,100.
Homeownership is the most important factor in creating generational wealth—that is, wealth that passes from one generation to the next—both because homeownership essentially forces savings as people pay mortgages, and because homes tend to appreciate in value.
But a 2021 study by the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, more popularly known as Freddie Mac, showed that real estate appraisers are twice as likely to undervalue minority-owned property relative to contract price for which the home sells, than they are to undervalue homes owned by white Americans.
The story of lower valuation came to popular attention after a Black couple living near San Francisco applied for a loan and received an initial valuation far too low for them to qualify for that loan. Shocked, since the same house had been appraised at almost a half a million dollars higher the year before, the couple removed all traces of their ownership of the house and asked a white friend to stand in as the owner before a new appraiser evaluated the worth of the property. That new appraisal came back a half a million dollars higher than the lowball one.
(The couple sued, and the case was settled in February 2022).
Two years ago, the Biden administration announced a sweeping effort to “root out racial and ethnic bias in home evaluations.” Today it bolstered those efforts to “ensure that every American who buys a home has the same opportunities to build generational wealth through homeownership.” They call for fixing algorithms to ensure that home values are accurately assessed, creating pathways for consumers to challenge low assessments, and increasing the numbers of trained appraisers.
There is a reason that the administration has centered its housing policies on June 1. This is the anniversary of the Tulsa Massacre, when in 1921 white gangs destroyed the prosperous Greenwood district of that city, which was home to more than 10,000 Black Americans. It wiped out 35 blocks with more than 1,200 homes and businesses and took hundreds of Black lives, robbing Black families of generational wealth and the opportunities that come with it.
In 1921, Greenwood, known as “Black Wall Street,” was estimated to be the richest Black community in the United States. The destruction of May 31 to June 1, 1921, changed all that. Residents of Greenwood filed $1.8 million in damage claims—more than $27 million in today’s dollars—against the city, but all but one of the claims were denied when the city was found not liable for damages caused by mobs. (A white pawnshop owner was compensated for the guns stolen from his store.) Insurance didn’t help, either: insurance companies claimed that damage caused by “riots” was not covered by their policies.
In a 2018 article in the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, Chris M. Messer, Thomas E. Shriver, and Alison E. Adams estimated that the destruction in Tulsa might well have amounted to more than $200 million in today’s dollars.
Greenwood’s Black residents nonetheless pooled their resources and rebuilt the district, despite the system of “redlining” by mortgage companies that deemed parts of Greenwood to be credit risks and made it impossible for residents to get mortgages. “Urban renewal” then destroyed the area again in the 1960s through the 1980s as white city planners rezoned the district, built highways through it, and took property through eminent domain.
Vice President Kamala Harris acknowledged the destruction of Greenwood today in a call with reporters. Noting that “[h]omeownership is one of the single most powerful engines of wealth-building available to American families,” she explained that ‘[m]illions rely on the equity in their homes to put their children through college, to fund a startup, to retire with dignity, to create intergenerational prosperity and wealth.” But “for generations, many people of color have been prevented from taking full advantage of the benefits of homeownership.”
The inequalities of the past have persisted in the home appraisal system, Harris said. “[B]ecause their homes are undervalued, Black and Latino people often pay more for their mortgage, receive less when they sell, and are less able to get access to home equity lines of credit—all of which widens the racial wealth gap and deepens longstanding financial inequities.”
“Today,” her Twitter account said, “our Administration is announcing new actions to root out racial bias in home valuations to ensure that all hardworking families can realize the true value of their investment and have a fair shot at the American dream.”
Jonathan Lemire, Adam Cancryn, and Jennifer Haberkorn of Politico reported today that White House officials urged allies to downplay their substantial victory on the debt ceiling crisis and the related budget negotiations, afraid of sparking Republican opposition and eager to be seen as the adults in the room.
But they needn’t have worried. Today, President Biden tripped over a sandbag left in his path as he was jogging away from the center stage of the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation in Colorado after giving the commencement address. He appeared fine after the fall, but it is dominating right-wing social media, the debt ceiling crisis already forgotten.

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2023.06.02 17:38 Alwaysmelo86 These offers? More like these nutz!!

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2023.06.02 16:46 t-bands I spent 200 hours building a tool that creates faster and more efficient routes than Google Maps

Not sure why Google Maps doesn't have this already.
I'm building a mobile app (like this chrome extension I built) that takes my multi-stop route on Google Maps and rearranges it to give the fastest, most efficient route (TSP Problem). It basically tells me what stops I should go to in what order to ensure that I’m spending the least amount of time and gas on the road.
With over 13k users on the extension, everyone has been telling me to build this into an app so I plan on launching this summer, please let me know what features you would like to see! You can join the waitlist here: App Waitlist:)
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2023.06.02 16:46 t-bands I spent 200 hours building a tool that creates faster and more efficient routes than Google Maps

I spent 200 hours building a tool that creates faster and more efficient routes than Google Maps
Not sure why Google Maps doesn't have this already.
I'm building a mobile app (like this chrome extension I built) that takes my multi-stop route on Google Maps and rearranges it to give the fastest, most efficient route (TSP Problem). It basically tells me what stops I should go to in what order to ensure that I’m spending the least amount of time and gas on the road.
With over 13k users on the extension, everyone has been telling me to build this into an app so I plan on launching this summer, please let me know what features you would like to see! You can join the waitlist here: App Waitlist:)
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2023.06.02 04:32 Clownshoes001 Difference in CtC disclosures

Adjustments and other credits was 0 now adjustments and other credits are $1,218. The thing is it isn’t showing as a credit it’s actually adding to our CtC why could this be?
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2023.06.01 21:07 Xenia_0913 Denton County Homeowners Face Extra $1,235 In Property Taxes Due To Assessment Errors

Denton County Appraisal District increased assessed values for homes by 28.4% for tax year 2023. Learn here to know more
#oconnor #property taxes #property tax reduction #denton county
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2023.06.01 21:06 Xenia_0913 Hidalgo County Homeowners Who Don’t Protest Will Likely Pay Extra $279 In Property Taxes

Hidalgo County property tax assessments suggest that two-thirds of homes have been over-valued by the Hidalgo County Appraisal District. Read here more at
#oconnor #property taxes #property tax reduction #hidalgo county
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2023.06.01 17:09 Xenia_0913 Texas Tax Assessors Grossly Over-Value Houses For First Time In 180 Years

Williamson is alone so far in accurately valuing houses for 2023. Williamson Central Appraisal District cut tax assessments for houses by 6.6% while raising tax assessments for commercial properties. Read here more at
#oconnor #property taxes #property tax reduction #williamson cad
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2023.06.01 01:40 Pangolinooo Reverse chance first gen student for business (t20 potential?)

Intended Major(s):
UW/W GPA and Rank: 4.0UW 4.3W.
Coursework: AP/IB/Dual Enrollment classes
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
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2023.06.01 01:13 Dry-Cardiologist-401 Could not create guest wifi in

Anyone else with a "MyOptimum" wifi network notice they could not enable guest network?? If I go to: it just hangs with spinning circles (as do all the other pages). I live in Aubrey TX. I am on call with customer care for 2 hours, and I am being informed that the backend systems of Optimum are outdated, that is the reason I could not enable the guest wifi. Currently optimum is managing its modem-router, If Optimum would not allow customers to manage it then they should atleast update their systems and fix them.
If i try to create it the wheel never stops spinning. !!! and gives me ERROR: INTERNAL ERROR OCCURED.
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2023.06.01 00:22 ralo_ramone An Otherworldly Scholar [LitRPG, Isekai] - Chapter 8

The System was a scam, period.
I had leveled up five whole times after our fight against the Wendigo and I had not received any kind of reward. Sure, my mana pool had grown a little bit and my [Mana Exhaustion] had been slowly receding, but other than that I wasn’t getting stronger, faster or more agile. I didn’t even have a measly new skill to show for it.
“What a scam, I want a refund.” I muttered.
“I already told you, there was only a small chance for the Wendigo to have an elemental crystal. You only start seeing stuff like that after level fifty.” Elincia huffed in front of me. The mountainous path was steep but at least we had left the forest behind. Elincia had told me that Farcrest was just beyond the mountain range.
“People should get shit after leveling up five damn times!” I angrily said as if Elincia was somehow responsible for the shitty progression system.
The white haired woman suddenly stopped and turned around. For an instant I thought she was going to scold me but then, out of nowhere, she put her hands on my shoulders and locked her eyes onto mine. I tried to control my face reddening with little success and hoped she would attribute it to the arduous hike.
“I’m sorry to break this down to you, Robert Clarke, but support classes don’t get crap from the System.” Elincia said with a solemn tone just to smile a moment later. “In any case, you should be happy because your mana pool is so huge. Scholars are known for having lots of mana but, dude, you are on another level.”
One thing was sure, I wasn’t getting used to receiving compliments any time soon.
[Awareness]: You are absolutely correct.
I ignored the System prompt. At least I was getting very good at doing that.
“The amount of mana you need to materialize a [Mana Blade] without a skill is ridiculous. Are you sure you are a low level Scholar?” Elincia asked as we resumed the march. As we came near the edge of the Farlands, she grew more relaxed.
There haven't been any signs of monsters since the previous night.
“You still don’t believe me?” I replied.
“At this point you could say you are the son of a Fire Dragon and a virginal maiden and I’d believe you.” Elincia shrugged her shoulders. “It might be a long shot but, have you ever been to a System Shrine?”
As good a liar as I was, I couldn’t just bullshit my way out of such a direct question. Elincia was too keen for that. A System Shrine sounded like basic knowledge.
“Haven’t heard about that in my life.” I replied.
Elincia stopped for a second and gave me one of her looks of disbelief that made me feel like a kid without his homework. I wondered if she had practiced that expression. After all, she had five stacks of [Favorite Teacher], she might as well have experience publicly shaming kids.
“You don’t have System Shrines in the City of Light?” Elincia asked in disbelief.
I just shrugged my shoulders to avoid giving an answer. Also, there was the fact that the hike was taking a toll on my lungs. I didn’t know how Elincia could sustain a conversation at this pace. If I knew I was going to get transported to a magical world, I would’ve exercised more back on Earth.
“The System blocks certain titles from low level individuals.” Elincia started explaining. “Let’s say a Lv.1 Soldier survives a scuffle against a flock of Fire Dragons and gets the [Dragon Killer] title which gives fire resistance. There is a high chance the System withholds the title from the Soldier on the basis that [Dragon Killer] is an overpowered title for a mere Lv.1.”
I nodded. It made sense the System had a method to prevent power leveling, if only to maintain some semblance of normalcy. Earth would be plunged into chaos very quickly if suddenly a bunch of people with godly powers appeared out of nowhere.
“With the help of a System Shrine and a competent System Zealot the Soldier could fully unlock [Dragon Killer] even without the required level.” Elincia finished with her explanation. “Maybe you are benefiting from a hidden title.”
“Maybe,” I replied.
I couldn’t imagine having any useful titles considering how ordinary my life has been before arriving in the Farlands. When I was in college, I was able to comfortably outdrink all my group of friends, but then I lost that skill just after graduating. And there was the fact my only title at level one was [Lonely Boy] so my hopes of having a nice hidden title weren’t particularly high.
“Does Farcrest have a System Shrine?” I asked.
My question prompted a dry laugh from Elincia.
“Don’t get your hopes too high. Farcrest is a shithole.” She warned me as we climbed a rocky path between the two mountain ranges that separated the Farlands from the Kingdom of Ebros. We were almost there.
“Why is there a town so close to the Farlands anyway?” I asked.
Elincia lent me her hand and helped me climb a steep boulder.
“To prevent monsters from pouring into the Kingdom. Think of Farcrest as a cork.” Elincia pulled me up the boulder.
Suddenly, we were on top of the path between two mountain ranges. I glanced down the valley ahead expecting to see a handful of rustic cabins scattered across a modest patch of farmland with a rotten palisade and a muddy road; however, Farcrest was a town in its own right. It was located on the top of a soft hill, surrounded by a high stone wall with several watchtowers. An impressive church made of the same dark stone rose above the thatched rooftops and, on the highest part of the hill, a great hall, half palace, half fortress, dominated the valley.
“Doesn’t look like a shithole to me.” I said as we started the descent from the other side of the hill. It looked like a picturesque European medieval town.
“You’ll see.” Elincia replied, with a hopeless sigh.
About two hours later, we reached the city outskirts. The main road was neglected and the farmland’s irrigation canals blocked by debris. As we approached the city, the picture became even more bleak. I didn’t need [Awareness] to tell me the crops were sickly and weak. Most of the farmers were older men and women that moved slowly among the plots of land.
“Where are the young people?” I asked, discarding the idea of a disease. If there was a plague ravaging Farcrest, then there wouldn’t be old people working inon the fields.
“They are in the eastern frontier, fighting the King’s wars.” Elincia replied dryly.
I recalled Elincia telling me there was a shortage of alchemical ingredients due to a war in the western frontier.
“War against who?” I asked. A war-torn country might not be too welcoming to strangers like me.
“Against the Farlands. The king is obsessed with expanding the kingdom’s territory and uncharted lands and their resources.” Elincia sighed. “It’s a meat grinder. A bunch of low level kids trying to push deeper and deeper into monster territory while the real warriors are protecting the imperial capital and the frontiers.”
[Awareness] sent me down a stream of reasoning. Numbers and equipment were the basis of any military force back on Earth. However, in this world, a single individual with a powerful class and a high level could potentially be a one man army.
“What about power leveling the new recruits? You know, pairing them with a bunch of high level people and fighting monsters together?” I asked again.
“You might be a genius, Robert Clarke! How had no one thought of that before?” Elincia replied as she mindlessly drummed her lips in a gesture I recognized as deep concentration.
“You really think Kings, Scholars, and Generals didn’t think about powerleveling new recruits? The System doesn’t allow that.” A tired smile was drawn on Elincia’s face.
Seeing Elincia’s expression, I decided to drop the topic about the war. I wondered how many of her friends and acquaintances have gone to the frontline to never be heard of again. The Farlands were a dangerous place and the King’s troops lacked the advantage of firearms like me.
“Let’s go to my place.” Elincia said as we approached the city walls. “You should make yourself presentable before going to the Great Hall for that transit permit, and we have to appraise the herbs.”
It didn’t take a genius to realize Elincia was desperate for alchemical materials, otherwise she wouldn’t invite a stranger like me to her home. Or maybe there was a really charitable soul beneath the layers of mistrust and suspicion. The aftermath of the combat against the Wendigo had brought us a lot closer.
“Sounds like a plan to me.” I replied wondering if I was going to meet Elincia’s kid. Or her partner.
Farcrest was only a few hundred meters away. Up close, the black stone wall was taller and sturdier than I initially thought. Then I remembered they weren’t built to resist medieval armies but the assault of skills and magic spells. The double wooden gate was wide open but nobody bothered to stop us or ask about the business that brought us to the city.
As we passed through the hole in the wall, I spied into a guardhouse. I saw young men and women playing cards and drinking booze. Well-fed and well-dressed troops loyal to the Marquis, I assumed. Up close, Farcrest was further away from the bucolic city and dangerously close to a feudal dystopia.
Elincia and I walked along the wall towards the northern district. As we progressed through the city, houses became more and more neglected to the point it seemed outright abandoned to me. Kids ran barefoot in the street, fetid puddles adorned the alleys, and most of the stores were closed. Farcrest was a ghost town.
“How long has there been war?” I asked.
“Seven years now?” Elincia replied. “We are close.”
After five more minutes of meandering through alleys, we emerged in front of a great manor made of stained white walls and washed out blue shingles. For a moment I was out of words. Was Elincia the heir of a noble family fallen from grace? Her dignified appearance and beautiful features made me think so, however, she was a bit too wild to be a noblewoman.
The manor was old. The white painting of the front was peeling away and water stains plagued the nooks and crannies of the structure. A low stone wall marked the perimeter and a quick glance revealed it had served in the past as the foundation for an iron fence long gone. The only section of the outer wall that had survived the decay of the city was the iron gate.
Elincia opened it and we entered the front yard. I was about to ask a hundred questions when the front door slammed open and a stampede of small kids came to meet us. I managed to count at least a dozen before they reached us. Elincia greeted them with arms open as the little ones burst into tears at the first sight of the woman.
I froze. Not all of them were human.
There were two small snakefolk kids with bright yellow eyes. The blue-scaled snake-kid was dressed in a ragged brown dress while the green-scaled one had an oversized white shirt and frayed pants. At the end of the retinue, somewhat late to the reception, appeared a small winged girl with a hesitant gait. Her beautiful golden feathers contrasted with the old pillowcase she used as a dress.
Before I could react, both of the snake-kids jumped into my arms, crying a river of tears. Surprisingly enough, they were warm to the touch. I tried to exchange a glance with Elincia but she was busy trying to calm a handful of small kids on her own.
How many kids did Elincia have?
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2023.05.31 18:56 patriotAg Different question. I want to build a sod house in rural Texas, Oklahoma, or Indiana, do I have to conform to any type of code?

Yep I'm a different sort of person. I love pioneer stuff and want to have an adventure. May sound crazy but it's a life goal of mine to do something like this and live in it for many years.
So rural Texas, Oklahoma, or Indiana. Not in a city, in an unincorporated area. Somewhere without zoning. Can I cut sod, stack it, wire it, plumb it, finish it, and live in it? I think there is some kind of building codes that states adopt, but I think this is so "out of the box" that there are no laws that really apply (does it default to freedom?).
I will not sell it. Ever. This in no way is for business. Just 100% personal dream and use.
Do the appraisal districts of the county need to know? They will know I have land, but I'm just stacking sod and putting on a metal roof. It won't be grid tied. Creeks or ponds for water use (filtered). Solar electric.
Okay just wanted to ask. I know it's unusual but I want to know if I'm free to do it. :)
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2023.05.31 17:06 Dangerous-Bag-7327 [HIRING] 20 Jobs in Dallas Hiring Now!

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Chefs' Warehouse Delivery Driver Non CDL / Warehouse Dallas
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in dallas. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.05.31 15:49 capellisalons Best Hair Salon in Dallas

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2023.05.31 09:08 SliceofLifeIsShort Where do I locate my “Notice PIN” when trying to register my property on the Appraisal District Website?

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2023.05.31 09:07 SliceofLifeIsShort Where do I locate my “Notice PIN” when trying to register my property on the Appraisal District Website?

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2023.05.31 09:06 SliceofLifeIsShort Where do I locate my “Notice PIN” when trying to register my property on the Appraisal District Website?

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