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Do you dabble in making beats and wonder how they'd sound with someone rapping over them? Have you ever wanted to try your hand at rapping but don't know any quality producers? Hell, if you just want to provide input in any way, we at makinghiphop would appreciate it. ---------------------------------------------------------

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2023.06.03 10:00 Good-Contact1520 Misheard lyrics in Nazareth?

I always thought it was “I will be missing you”, but Spotify says the words are “they won’t be missing you”. I know a lot of lyrics are meant to reflect the listeners own feelings, so I’m a tad worried what this means for me 😅
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2023.06.03 09:59 Aman4Nanda Kabir Parkat Diwas 4 June

Kabir Parkat Diwas 4 June
Kabir Saheb ji tells Swami Ramanand ji that my body is neither made of five elements nor was I born, I have appeared physically for the salvation of living beings.
पाँच तत्व की देह ना मेरी, ना कोई माता जाया। जीव उदारन तुम को तारन, सीधा जग में आया।। – कबीर सागर - अध्याय "अगम निगम बोध" पृष्ठ 34
Kabir Saheb ji tells Swami Ramanand ji that my body is neither made of five elements nor was I born, I have appeared physically for the salvation of living beings.
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2023.06.03 09:58 Mikuka_G Reddit API changes and mental health

I hear plenty saying that if Apollo has to shut down then they’ll say goodbye to Reddit and that it will be no bad thing to spend less time scrolling on their phone.
Whilst I understand the sentiment, here’s a different perspective. Some people need the outlet. Yes there are many negatives associated with social media, but there are also many positives and the default position shouldn’t always be that spending less time scrolling on your phone is a good thing.
I only started using Reddit as a result of Apollo. For so many reasons (which others have expressed in numerous posts so I won’t repeat here), the official Reddit app is a terrible experience and a real struggle to use.
Back in January when El Musko suddenly blocked third-party apps accessing the Twitter API, I lost my one other indispensable app, Tweetbot, which I’d been using for years. The official Twitter app is, like the Reddit app, flawed in so many ways. As a result, my use of Twitter dropped off dramatically which contributed to a dip in my mental health.
That’s my experience and others may feel differently. To now face losing Apollo isn’t good. Christian has created a wonderful app and community.
I’ve paid for ultra lifetime and personally would happily pay a subscription to keep using Apollo.
To the decision-makers at Reddit, there is a balancing act to be had between profit and social responsibility. No-one is asking for anything to be free, but it needs to be reasonable.
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2023.06.03 09:57 tatebrown Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.

Re:SET + Schedule 39 - a review + warning…or endorsement. Depends on your perspective.
This was my first experience seeing music at Frost amphitheater. What a treat kids going to Stanford are getting. You get a glimpse of many of them doing tours of the school looking forward to a bright future as me (35m) and my two degen friends(35m) and future wifey (33f) stumbled passed them with a solid buzz. Two opposite ends of the spectrum ships passing in the night.
For the purposes of this post- I’ll refer to
Friend 1 as:
Friend 2 as:
Future wifey:
Getting into the venue, you couldn’t ask for a more fairytale setup. Similar to Berkeley’s amphitheater setup that holds 8,000, frost amphitheater holds 6,900 so a slightly smaller feel and instead of the pure concrete steps stadium seating going up, you get grass sprinkled all over the place with trees sprinkled everywhere surrounding you. It had a very outside lands Berkeley hybrid venue feel.
Starting the day off you got kicked into gear with Big Freedia to start the day off in the 4:00 slot.
When I asked my buddy Dan what to expect, he said, ”bunch of energy and booty popping.”
I can honestly say I’ve never seen more booty popping at a show.
The sheer athleticism and stamina was impressive.
Tuna had gotten us VIP tickets so there was plenty of room. We are normally in GA with our fellow peasants laughing at the gaudy VIPs wasting their shillings.
All jokes aside, vip for the entrance and the standing area was worth it and would do again.
Next up was IDLES at 5:00. I love me some Joe Talbot and his band of merry men. If you’ve never seen them before, it’s a great live act. The angst and energy of Joe as he spits on the stage pounding his chest as you can feel his energy surge through you. With some of my favorites of ‘mother’ which really expands on our favorite phrase ‘mother fucker’ in its literal and metaphorical meaning.
Colossus to start, never fight a man with a perm and Danny Nedelko to end, it’s impossible to not be moving for the entire set.
As we were getting ready to end idles, we wanted to turn up our boogey juice vibes. Me, my future wifey and Dan are all fans of mushrooms 🍄🤪. We’ve done em in small doses tried raw shrooms, chocolate bars and smoothies previously. Our friend Tuna brought a bar of 5 grams of chocolate mushrooms. Conventional wisdom would say based on previous history, one gram aka 3 chocolate pieces from this candy bar should be fine, which is what we did.
This is a glowingly positive review/warning for product schedule 39. I mean goddamn slap my balls, what the actual fuck, they sent this in the mail to Tuna, good for you scientists- can’t figure out cancer - but they sure as shit figured out mushrooms motha fuckas.
We had 30 minutes until jamie xx and the normal things started happening. A little queasy in the stomach. My future wifey gets excited when this happens. People ask her why? And she goes, “because I’ve Pavlov dogged myself to get excited because I’m about to go on my trip.”
I too now get excited when I get my queasy stomach feeling with mushrooms. I have done mushrooms 20 + times and never had a ‘bad trip’.
What ensued next was some goddamn interstellar shit.
As we were into the first two songs of Jamie xx award winning hits, things started to get fuzzy. I slowly stopped being able to hear properly and images started to all look like a kaleidoscope.
Huh. Well this is new. I joked with Dan, “uh yooooo- this is a lot. I can’t hear, I’m going deaf.” I’m a 250lb dude. Dan weighs 145 on a good day.
Fear struck Dan in the face like Joe Talbot’s ‘Car crash’ as the shroom wave started to hit him too.
I inevitably had to lay down and time travel. Tuna had only taken a small amount so he was doing okay.
I learned a lot about my future wife tonight. She undoubtedly saved Dan and i’s life as I laid on the ground time traveling and helping Dan talk him through his drooling stupor. She later described it as a balloon and she was holding the string (our hands) which could not be more accurate. It felt like if she didn’t have my hand held, I would float off into a different space.
I struggled to breathe, hear, and saw different worlds. Because of my experience with shrooms- I knew it would pass, but goddamn that was a lot schedule 39.
The only thing that snapped me out of it was James Murphy and LCD Opening with get innocuous!
He literally brought me out of that dimension. Dan was about 30 minutes behind me on his journey so he had to buckle up that seatbelt Dorothy and enjoy the ride.
I’ve seen lcd 7 times. I truly think they might be the best live band I’ve ever seen- and every other time I’ve seen them Ive had 0 mushrooms.
I praised savior and sweet baby Jesus I could just say words again and hear. Dan tuna and future wifey all had the same sentiments. I danced ferociously straight for the next 60 mins as lcd doesn’t really let you relax (in a good way).
I’ll never forget ‘all my friends’ and dancing with my best friends and future wifey as we shouted from the top of my lungs with pure ecstasy in our hearts, “WHERE ARE YOU FRIENDS TONIGHT, IF I COULD SEE MG FRIENDS TONIGHT!!!”
Thankfully, I was more grateful than I’ve ever been to be able to see, and hear my friends thanks to schedule 39.
  1. Be careful with that shit(schedule 39)- it hits hard. I can’t believe that comes in the mail.
  2. Lcd soundsystem is the GOAT live band.
  3. I love you all, but I especially love my friends and future wifey. Thanks for the incredible night Re:SET.
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2023.06.03 09:55 Logical-District2790 My process

I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
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2023.06.03 09:55 Logical-District2790 My process

I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
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2023.06.03 09:55 ThrowRAwhoisthat Restart?

I apologize for the way I reacted. I shouldn’t have said those mean words to you. I take them back and I don’t mean it. I do say things out of anger which I am working on. I want us to work this out, I miss you so much. The more the days go by the more I want to text you. You felt so right for me, and I always said there’s something about you that pulls me to you.
Therapy is helping me see my own flaws for the first time and you’re right, I do have a temper. It’s how I fucked up everything. I was hard with you and I pushed you away. I was just so blind to my own actions.
Its funny how it took us breaking up for me to fix my mental state.
I’m working on myself and I really wish you could see how I’m trying.
As the days go by I just want us to be together more and more. You’re in my dreams and it’s always good. I just want it to reality. I wanna start over. Nearly a month after we broke up and now I wanna do this again. Please forgive me.
I miss you my love.
Love C
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2023.06.03 09:54 Logical-District2790 My process

Hey so I just had my surgery on the 30 and I thought I’d give a detailed description of how the process went for me. Please bare with me. I did the best I could describing and telling my story.
The beginning:
I went to my doctor and asked for her to refer me to the bariatric doctor because I was ready to discuss surgery. Last year before I had my 2nd son I had started a weight loss pill that helped me lose 30 pounds. Which put the breaks on getting surgery. (It was a discussion with my doctor but I wanted to try the pills before doing surgery) A requirement was being over 210 and with taking the pills it brought me to 200 so I didn’t see the point of surgery. But then I got pregnant, had gestational diabetes and gained a bunch of weight. He’s one now and I still haven’t been able to let the weight go which motivated me to go the surgery route. My genetics also play a huge part in why I decided to get the surgery. Me and my mom both have the same body type and she struggles with her weight. And I decided I didn’t want to be on that path.
The program:
So I started my program. Which consisted of monthly appointments with a dietician practicing diets and figuring out any bad habits to try to get rid of them. I’ll be honest I didn’t follow much. I just showed up to my appointments and took all the information in. As long as I didn’t gain weight I was okay. I started the program at 250lbs. At the end of the 6 months I lost 5lbs. I failed the psych evaluation and had to redo it. But it only delayed the process by a couple of weeks. No biggie.
Once I got the okay to have surgery, they scheduled my day. I believe I was called on the 1st week of may and was schedule may 30. I was super shocked it was so close. But was ready for it to be done. I had to do a liquid diet for a week. Also know as the liver shrink diet. Only liquids my dietician said salads for dinner was okay. Which I followed to a T until the 6th day. Before the liquid stage I got sick and had no appetite so I wasn’t eating anything at all. In that week I lost 5lbs, I gained like 2 back when I started eating again but then I went right to the liquid diet and I felt like I was losing it. I hadn’t really ain’t a solid meal in almost 2 weeks. So I had one solid meal of rice and meat (spanish food). I went back to the liquid diet for the next 2 days and lost 7lbs in total on the liquid diet. I was also told to stop any vitamins or pills so I did that as well.
The surgery:
So the day of my surgery I didn’t eat anything. My surgeon recommended I drink a G2 on the way to the hospital to help with the anesthesia. Which I did. I didn’t drink the whole thing cause my stomach was all twisted from not really eating anything. They also wanted me to shower the night before and the morning of using the hibiclens. I had my mom drop me off because they don’t allow you to drive home and I did not want to leave my car in the garage overnight. I got there at 7 am. I was admitted and waited to be called to the back. They put me in a admitting room where they had me change into a surgery gown. Had me document my belongings. And pee in a cup for a pregnancy test. They asked all the same questions all over again which I answered. A nurse wiped my belly again with what I believe was hibiclens again. They then put my iv and started fluid. The anesthesiologist came in asked me questions and then said they were giving me meds to go to sleep. They rolled me out to the surgery room which was almost 10am when I checked the time. 5 minutes later I was out. I woke up in the recovery room.
Waking up:
So I woke up and was out of it. I believe it was around 12-1pm. They let me stay asleep while they made sure my vitals were back to normal. I did hear the nurse a few times saying that my pressure was high but they were able to fix it because they moved me to my own room shortly after. Getting to my own room I slept sooo much. They would come to get me up to walk every 4 hours unless I got up to pee. Which I had to call a nurse to help me go cause I wasn’t allowed to get up on my own. Majority of the times I woke up I felt nauseous. Which lead to me throwing up blood.(this is normal) So for the first 18 hours out of surgery I slept, woke up to pee, threw up and walked around the floor for a lap to get my steps in. They would also give me pain and nausea meds. I was also getting continuous fluids. Which is why I was peeing every 2-3 hours. The pain always maintained level 6-7 it never got worse then that. And the pain meds and sleeping made it non existent. (I want to add I do have a high pain tolerance. I had 2 8+lb babies with no epidural if that helps gauge it.) The next morning I felt so restless I was ready to go. They discharged me around 12pm and my sister in law picked me up. They were able to bring me my meds to take home and I went home feeling way better then I did the first day.
Things I think I forgot:
I have 5 incisions. I’m currently on a liquid diet. It hurts to cough ( I am still alittle sick) the glue is already coming off around the incisions. I hardly drink or eat anything. I’m struggling to hit my goals but I’m hopeful that I can do it. I’m only on day 2 of being home. I do get gas. But burping helps relieve the pains. I don’t take the pain meds as prescribed. Only when I really feel like I’m in pain. I am a weed smoker and I have posted about it in the past and wanted to say I did smoke 2 nights before the surgery. But not the night of. And everything went smooth for me. This doesn’t mean it will be the same for everyone else. Also want to add I am not really a heavy smoker. I just smoke when I want to. I’m sorry if this was long. But I noticed alot of people asking how others procedures went and I wanted to share mine. I hope this will help someone. So far I do not regret my decision. I am a total of 14lbs down since I started my liquid diet. I know it’s just the beginning and I have so much ahead of me to conquer. The worst has past and I honestly believe it was the surgery. Please ask any questions. I’m open to answering anything.
HW: 250 SW: 237 CW: 231
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2023.06.03 09:54 oiooo [POEM] Taxidermy - Sierra deMulder

Five years after your daughter’s death,
you still cry in the juniors section of department stores.
You preserve her bedroom like a taxidermist.
Her unworn prom dress still hangs
like a skinned mermaid in her closet.
Cancer entered your home like a greedy tenant,
drew himself into family portraits,
slept in your daughter’s bed,
swallowed all her blood cells.
It started with a headache. A fever,
your daughter melting like a popsicle.
It took you a week to tell your husband
about the blood in the toilet.
Sometimes, you wonder
if you never caught it,
could you have lived
as if it was never there?
As if saying that word instantly
drapes a shroud over your house.
Would it still have slept
like cremation in her bed?
The doctors spoke to you in time lines,
as your daughter’s weight dropped like a count down,
a surprise party no one wanted to throw.
Once, when she was in the other room,
her blood being read like tea leaves,
the doctor suggested not to bother with college applications.
You couldn’t bring yourself to tell her.
You couldn’t bring yourself to say it.
Sometimes you think she knew,
as she methodically filled out each question and box,
it was never for her.
There is still a stack of unsent applications
hidden like tumor in your dresser.
She kissed every envelope goodbye.
You couldn’t bear to send more of her away.
When she passed,
quietly like a note to God,
all you wanted was to swaddle her
in your arms like an infant, bring her home
from the hospital, fragile and new.
Breastfeed her back to life,
potty train and finger paint,
reteach her the alphabet,
retrace her first steps
back to you.
To lose a child is like giving birth in reverse.
It is slow and it rips, planting a permanent lump
in your throat.
When chemotherapy pulled out
the last of her hair, you started carrying
her baby teeth in your pocket: A reminder
things can grow back.
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2023.06.03 09:54 jeremyj0916 Questions as a likely new inducted member to the club.

Am waiting for results from swab tests but lets assume I got hsv1 or hsv2 genitally. Oddly enough I was using a condom for V but did get a bj with no cover so could be HSV1 from oral or HSV2 from V in an unlucky bout as we know for guys condoms help some but not as much as one would hope.
My questions are as follows:
  1. How long should I wait before starting antivirals post outbreak? I feel like I should let my body produce antibodies long enough that if I come in contact with the virus later in other regions I won't get a repeat outbreak there too. Am I understanding that right or are the antibodies going to be localized to a region in my body regardless(would think not since blood tests show them @ 6 weeks for most people)? Ex: HSV1 down low if I wait long enough I won't get HSV1 up top? Or same goes for HSV2?
  2. Sex - So if I have HSV1 down there, getting oral from 60-70% of population that has oral herpes means they won't get anything up top. Now if I have HSV2 they may get HSV2 up there is my understanding but thats pretty rare as HSV2 does not typically take to oral regions for some odd reason same way HSV1 typically does not take to genital regions(but they can, potentially in my unlucky circumstances)?
  3. Daily antivirals - Valtrex(or generic) 500mg once a day for suppression or 1g once a day for suppression? Seems medical articles I read say 500mg is enough. Rather always take less of a med than more unless there are clinical studies showing decent benefits.
  4. I have heard typically if you have HSV2 its almost unheard of to get HSV1 down genitally later, why is that? Does HSV2 produce antibodies that also fight HSV1 moreso than just the fact HSV1 typically does not like spreading genitally(although that may be what actually happened to me)?
  5. Does HSV1 genitally also carry the 3-4x more likely to contract HIV risk that HSV2 typically brings with it? I see that higher risk stat for HSV2 posed often but no talk of HSV1, I am guessing the same increased risk is there and people refer to HSV2 for the increased risk just because its more genitally involved.
  6. If having other casual partners do any of yall take PReP for peace of mind to the above knowledge ^. Any recommendations on where to get both the Valtrex + PreP potentially at most affordable rates? I was planning to use goodrx coupon + publix which seemingly gets pretty good pricing in the US on 90/180 day supplies. Maybe there are some other websites or groups that can deal it out even cheaper though.
  7. My outbreak is the first of its kind I have ever seen down low which is why I think I only recently contracted it and pretty confident by the timelines who did it in a 2-12 day period before symptoms showed. But really does not hurt or anything, just the typical clear bumps in groups that match most google images. Maybe has a slight itch and tingling but not much if any. If its not really painful does that indicate I have likely had the virus awhile already? Or does it indicate more likely to be HSV1 vs HSV2? I have heard HSV1 is typically easier on you that HSV2? Is that true orally or genitally generally speaking?
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2023.06.03 09:54 Row_o_o_n Vocal advice on technique and time management !!

Hello :D I've recently taken singing seriously but currently the hold back is my busy schedule. I have college and tuition 5/7 and 4/7 days respectively plus additional homework and revision for assessments. There is almost no time to practice singing, and when there is, I tend to laze off because i'm way too tired to sing properly.... within me, I have already decided to prioritise my singing and dancing (I also dance) before my education, which doesnt imply that I will ignore my education of course but its just not what i want to pursue. But i attend a college which thinks otherwise... they pressure lots of students into educations. I try not let it get to me though sometimes it ruins my mood, although I am quite good at my education, its not my passion so to say. I need help on this, any help will be appreciated on a schedule... i have tried to make a timetable for my passion of singing but as tests arrive I have to shut down all of that to revise then take it up after the tests are over...which i do not like.
And my second issue is when artists give advice on 'Technique' what does technique exactly mean? Like the style and way the singer is singing ,yes but furthermore? I want a detailed explaination, examples of healthy and good singing techniques that I can implement and try into my own style. Straining and resonant ect..
Thank you so much for taking the time to read I appreciate it.💗
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2023.06.03 09:54 somebuddy13 I workout/play ball 4-5 hours 3 days a week

Yeah so... Title pretty much says it. And I wanted to ask this since I feel like it might do wonders for my physical/mental health.
So I workout 4-5 hours a week (been around 3-4 though, recently), the 1st part of my exercise includes lifting (alternating full body and splits every few weeks), knee exercises, stretches, plyomentrics which takes a little over an hour, and then I play pickup basketball games for about a good 3-4 hours. The games can get pretty intense since the competition is good, so there can be a LOT and I mean A LOT of running back and forth. And this has been my workout routine 3 days a week for almost a year now. I also have school and a part time job (2 days a week) which can also get physically tiring sometimes. So some things I've noticed about my body recently is that when walking around it's not so bad, but my knees feel "weak," I feel like my feet are heavy too like lead feet. And I kinda run out of energy (sometimes I have walk back on defense/offense).
My weak knees and energy levels are some things I've been trying to fix for some time now, plyomentrics and knee exercises have definitely helped, but not enough. Because of this I'm starting to think that I'm working out TOOOO MUCH. I don't really have as much energy as I'd like to do other things in other areas of my life.
I know everybody's bodies and routines are different, but what do you guys think, is this too much exercise even if it's 3 days a week? Could this be why my energy levels and knees are up to speed?
Thank you!!!
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2023.06.03 09:53 Past-Club-6887 Less stable job but more fulfillment, or more stable job while enjoying the work less?

Title correction: stability relating to finances
Briefly speaking, I am looking for some advice for my current life situation. I want to include some backstory which may help with advice, so it may be a bit of a read.
TLDR at the bottom.
To save the sob story, I (22M) moved out when I was 19 due to family hardship and thinking it would be better for my development and establish some independence.
I was still in post secondary at the time so for the next 3 years I was able to bounce around from my girlfriends place and then into my own spot with roommates. This is where I’ve been the last 2 years. My family ended moving hours away back to their home town to rekindle with the majority of my family. After a couple years of moving out they offered me to move there if I needed it, but this would be at the cost of my network where I’m from and forcing my girlfriend into a rough situation.
Financial stability was never really a problem until January this year. I graduated college about a year ago, and decided to bridge into a degree program as I only achieved a diploma in college. My thought process was since it was in the health sciences field, academia is influential to opportunity.
Decided to give it a shot even though I had to commute an hour out 4x/ week as I couldn’t afford to live out there (big city and Canadian living in Ontario, if you know you know) and the place I was staying was pretty cheap so in comparison, I’d pay the difference in my commute.
Fast forward through a semester, my mental health was shot, extremely burnt out, sleeping like shit, stopped going to the gym and barely eating for about 6 months. At the time I was working part time, enrolled in full time studies and living off my part time income + scholarship. I never really budgeted my finances but always got the bills paid on time.
I quickly started to fall behind in my courses and by the end of the first semester, I barely passed. I was ready to attempt a second semester and take some time off work to focus on my studies. With my scholarship instalments, I was fortunate enough to be able to handle about a month off work financially speaking, to start the new semester off strong and in a better mental state.
Everything was set and then come the beginning of the next semester, I received an abrupt notice that I was being flunked out of my program due to my poor academic performance. I was unaware I had to maintain a certain average to progress in the program, which is my own fault. As a result, this had terminated my scholarship and suddenly I had to find a way to make ends meet; my part time job was not going to cut it. This took me by surprise and shifted my focus in life into survival mode.
For the month I was off work (the unpaid leave had already been in place before receiving notice of being kicked out of school) I had enough money to get by for that month while searching for full time work and regathering my mental health.
During this time, I had a few interviews but by the end of the month I had not landed a full-time opportunity so I decided to go back to my part time job while continuing to search. This was February of 2023.
I was applying to a plethora of jobs, most even not industry-related to my college education. Reluctantly, I only landed a job where my qualifications aligned. It was a personal training job at a corporate fitness facility, which is where my passion lies in fitness + health.
If you know anything about a personal training career, the money does not come quick. You have to establish your book of clients before it can be financially fruitful and this calls for many long days, unpaid hours volunteering your time to sell personal training and ultimately make your mark.
This can take months to start making consistent coin at a steady premium rate but fitness was something I am really passionate about teaching. I knew it would be risky but it was the only option in front of me to potentially make more money and the rate was pretty good IF you can establish yourself to work a full-time schedule.
I’ve been at this job for just over 3 months. I’ve slowly built up a decent client base, but it barely makes ends meet most of the months I’ve been working here and I have debt to pay off from student loans and credit cards.
When I’m working with clients to improve their quality of life by helping them reach their goals with my expertise, it is truly a great feeling. What I’m struggling with is the instability of income and that brings me a ton of stress.
I could have a decently full week scheduled but after some cancellations or rescheduling/what have you, it can turn that around quickly which means less income. This grindy process to build my calendar month to month doesn’t allow me to get ahead whatsoever financially and one unexpected expense could throw me into more debt or falling behind on bills.
Recently I started applying to labour jobs that will give a set amount of hours which will allow me to have some predictability with my finances and create more financial stability; so your typical 9-5.
I have a few interviews lined up, just to explore some opportunity. But now my debate is between less financial stability and more fulfilling work which is where I’m at right now, or a less fulfilling job with more financial stability.
Everyone always says to choose a job you enjoy instead of chasing a pay check, and I feel like I’ll be going against that even though it might be necessary as my finances are struggling which brings me a lot of stress. I’m talking about barely being able to put food on the table right now type of struggling so riding it out brings more risk and unknown to my finances.
I’m torn to make the decision of leaving my job and possibly regretting it. I know it makes me feel a sense of purpose more than a labour job would and the management is pretty great and supportive for success, all while still pushing quotas and hours goals for my position so a bit of corporate stress too. But the nature of the job to get the ball rolling while taking financial impact is weighing on my mental and finances pretty heavily for the last few months. Some weeks are great, others I have a ton of stress and self-doubt.
I feel like if I had a nice financial cushion going into this PT thing, I would have far less worries about staying afloat and could stop living with a sense of scarcity so I could focus on refining my skills. I want to make sure I’m not missing the mark on life even though money is an obvious need right now.
If I can’t make something happen for myself, I’m forced to move with family and start over. This will bring me less stress in terms of responsibility until I can get back on my feet, at the cost of my relationships (friends/gf) in the city I’ve grown up.
Based on my situation, what would you do?
Looking for constructive advice, or if you can speak from any similar experience it would be insightful.
Love to hear outside perspectives. If you took the time to read this, I appreciate you.
TLDR; if you were financially struggling, would you choose a job that brings you personal/meaningful fulfillment with less financial stability? Or is choosing a steady paying job that’s less fulfilling outside of finances missing the mark on life?
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2023.06.03 09:53 ActionAltruistic8248 I have a [F] friend in college that only makes me eat her out but never fuck her ..

Edit : if you want to see how she looked like dm me. Don’t ask me to post it here please
I was a virgingeek .. I had no game and didn’t look hot at all.
Anyway incollege we had projects to do .. and I got teamed up with a girl .. she wasn’t like the hottest , she was still fine but she was very controlling and arrogant .
She just took control of everything and I was just following and agreeing with her . We would meet after school to work on the project . Either at mine or hers .
Anyway , one time when we were working in my room, she was using my laptop to look up some informations and I guess she saw my history feed . And yes I was a virginloser and I used to jerk off a lot . And that kinda sparked a talk about sex between us … she just saw and I had some normal porn but also some unusual ones of shemales or cucks or so …
She was very controlling and straight forward and asked me if I was a virgin and telling that the way I am and how shy and nerdy I was I would be a virgin for a while and like asked me if I ever kissed or did anything and I was saying no .
She was wearing shorts that day and she kinda just pulled them to the side left her knees and revealed her pussy and told me to see and feel a pussy .
I was shy and nervous and like her Pussy wasn’t shaven but ye I still got a hard on from … and went to touch it since she told me to . But she then stopped me and told me that I can kiss it only , and only touch with my mouth. I did kiss her pussy then she kinda told me to get my tongue out and lick in between and guided me to just lick her pussy for few minutes. I got so hard that I came in my pants… and she laughed at it and the night was done after it .
And it started being a thing . We always met straight after college and she was very controlling that like at some point she would reveal her pussy and tell me to eat it . She started laying down and opening her legs and let me eat while she was on her phone or so on. Idk why she made me do it so often . Cause she didn’t always want to cum from it . Like usually I just ate her for few minutes while she layed and did her thing and that’s it. And sometimes she would hold my head and push it and grind on it so she cums .
But a part of me was embarrassed and felt used because she was just making me eat her without anything in return . She never even saw my dick or told me to take my dick out . She would just see my boner .
And like she never like clean or prepared her pussy for me . She would make me eat it in the state that it was for the day . If it was a sports day her pussy would be so sweaty. Her pussy would be hairy usually but when she has a date or going to party after our studies , her pussy would be shaven and clean . Etc… like I felt like I was just a vibrator for her . She was fully in control and she just saw herself as superior to me.
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2023.06.03 09:53 Long_Difficulty3611 How much worse can an apt get

This is a warning to those looking for a new apt - always see it in person. And beware.
Even though I actually DID see this place in person, the housing situation in NY is so bad that I was willing to accept something cheap as this shitty apt. But I’m really learning that sadly cheap in NY is most of the time going to be suspect. I went to this apartment on a severe budget and time limit - I already saw how dirty it was but I thought “Hey, with my cleaning skills, this can be fixed right?”
Wrong. The place had roaches everywhere. I had to live in a tiny closet space that I soon got so sick of, next to a guy in his 40s who was coughing every 5 secs and never left his room. It felt like he was right there with me from how thin those damn walls were. I quickly got so incredibly sick of the lack of privacy even if I had my own room.
The kitchen was a … disaster to say the least. No matter how much I cleaned it, it was never going to sparkle up. A foul smell practically lived there. The stains were just there for life; stains from moldy fruit, grease, stains of spilled whatever on the wall - this place was filthy and I wish no one ever go through that. I distinctly remember sweeping a toenail clipping from off the floor. Looking back I just laugh at myself bc I moved in so idealistic that I could change it a tiny bit and contribute. When something is so dirty like that, it’s not going to get any better. You will eventually give up cleaning it just like everyone else in there.
Moreover, I saw how depressing the culture was. It felt like people were just barely surviving, never leaving their room, and it ended up getting to me. I quickly became depressed in this place, but due to my financial situation I felt so stuck. I rarely ever saw any of my FOUR roommates that I shared ONE bathroom with (that also was a disaster half the time). I start to see they’re stealing my utensils that I was forgetful to leave on the drying rack. I quickly end up with no utensils and even a missing pot. At some point I even saw they threw away my only cutting knife in the trash. At that point I just tried to maintain my sanity and not go fight them.
Then the landlord ended up kicking me and only me out??? Due to an inspection coming up? One day he just texted me asking me if I had moved out already, and I was so confused. “I return your deposit. Move out in 2 weeks.” Yeah he is a total slumlord and just shady as shit. I was so incredibly happy to move out ngl, but this shitty real estate agent f me over for my new place so unfortunately I was stuck there for another few months. The landlord told me it was okay - just to say to say that we’re “family” in case inspection came around. FOH, we are not even of the same race …. Idk how he managed to dodge inspection bc they surely would have declared it a hazard to live there.
Then the only other girl there brings her boyfriend to live with her without even telling the landlord - great, 5 other ppl to share the bathroom with. And on the floor below me some guy who just yells randomly and makes weird noises moves in too. Just a whole circus at that point.
I wanted so hard to keep my positive spirits, to not lose myself, to stay motivated, to stay strong and not let the apt bring me down, but let me tell you I quickly sank into the worst state of my life w/out me even realizing it. I can’t tell you how bad it was, and even then I know it could still be even WORSE in this city. Somehow my financial situation got even worse in there?? I started to feel crazy for living in there, feeling like someone with bad problems bc at the end of the day the place still attracted me. Like who else said yes to this?? And yeah, my life got mad messy in all aspects too. Then the only roommate who actually spoke yo me told me that the mold in the bathroom might actually be toxic and a cause of depression. Like oh that explains it.
Then I find out the landlord was kicking everyone out in 3 months due to “renovation.” Well he was actually just evicting everyone from the third floor because of the dude in his 40s who was so immature he just went to the landlord for all his problems instead of talking them out with us. Like WTF this man is just here to collect a coin. He does not care about you. It was all due to the girl and her bf making noise … And you know what the landlord did? Just printed out a half-assed Word doc w/ 12 pt font putting 4 rules down, with the last one being “common senes” (typo & all). So I guess that’s the end of that.
And that roommate was a damn weirdo as well who never even showered (seen him in the same clothes 3 days in a row) or cleaned the bathroom (we at least tried to coordinate on that), calling ambulances because he thought this woman was cooking meth once but it was just burnt casserole. I quickly decided to never speak to him again bc how do you live in NYC and never leave the room AT ALL?! You don’t live in the city atp, you live in your room. I’m starting to think the landlord bribed the tenant before me to make the place sound okay bc he really told me the guy was always out with his gf … Um yeah. His imaginary gf. Let me not rant about this anymore.
Thankfully I’m out of there now. In fact I had to even take a break from NY. Please don’t be like me. Just because you live in this cool city doesn’t mean that you’ll be outside all the time and that your living space isn’t as much of a priority. It should be the TOP priority. Wondering how many people have gone through similar things.
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2023.06.03 09:51 BerryConcept Which DDR5 RAM speed should I go for?

I am currently in the process of choosing my new RAM sticks for my PC. The motherboard I have is ASUS ROG Strix Z690-e WIFI and the CPU is Intel i7-12700k. I plan to go for 64 gb of RAM for the tasks I will be doing. My current plan is to get a set of 2 * 32 gb RAM sticks. I have checked the QVL list from ASUS and this basically narrows down my selections to the following options (QVL screenshot link attached in comment below), if I want to enable XMP somewhat reliably.
So I do hope to be a bit future proof in terms of this RAM selection now, so a higher speed option would be ideal for me. Based on the QVL, I think I would take a set of G.Skill 6000MT/s CL30 Trident Z5 sticks (F5-6000J3040G32GX2-TZ5RS; on the QVL list), but I still feel like grabbing a set of G.Skill 6400MT/s CL32 Trident Z5 sticks (F5-6400J3239G32GX2-TZ5RS; NOT on the QVL list) if I can still enable XMP somewhat reliably with my current motherboard and CPU setup. I know this motherboard support up to 6600MT/s RAM speed, so does anyone have any experience to reliably run this setup with a set of 6400MT/s or 6600MT/s 64 gb in total RAM sets? Do you recommend me go with the 6400MT/s set even though it is not on the QVL? (The reason I am asking is I am thinking maybe this QVL list is a little bit outdated and perhaps the 6400MT/s set could run with XMP just fine? but this is just my guess...)
Furthermore, I do have a question related to the timings of the RAM sticks. Say if I have the worry that my experience of enabling the XMP turns out to be bad and I have to stick with JEDEC 4800MT/s speed for a reliable system. In this case, does having a set of RAM with CAS latency 28 fare better than those with latency say 30 or 32? The reason I am asking is I am not sure if buying a lower speed but also lower CAS latency RAM be better than a higher speed but also higher CAS latency RAM if I have worry of not being able to reliably enable XMP profiles, because I am based on the assumption that if XMP failed and I have to stick with JEDEC speed, the timings of the RAM are going to stay the same in both options. And in this way, lower CAS latency in JEDEC speed means lower overall RAM latency, right?
Also, one last question, this may be a dumb one.. since this is my first time trying to play with XMP profiles. I always wonder does each RAM set only has one XMP profile to choose from? Say if I have a set with 6400MT/s, does it mean I have to either go with XMP at 6400MT/s or go without XMP at 4800 MT/s and there is no XMP profile with a 6000MT/s option? This question relates to my effort of trying to be a bit future proof but also hoping to reliably enable XMP for my current setup.
Any help is greatly appreciated! Trying to learn something new here! Thank you!
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2023.06.03 09:49 HitwaveX I (26M) Confessed to my friend (25F) and lost our friendship and much more.

For the purpose of anonymity I'll be changing some details but I'll try and remain as faithful to the major events that had happened.
A little background about me: I haven't "Confessed" to anyone in a long time (ever since like junior year or so) so I'm pretty inexperienced in this area and I'm pretty decent looking too so I never had trouble with women as there's another one around the corner more often than not, I mostly dated around while thinking "is this it?" And went by my life thinking this is what love has to offer me? I've been mostly disenchanted about the whole thing and if you're thinking "hey this guy sounds too full of himself" well keep on reading because this is a story of how I'm getting humbled.
It started 4 months ago I was enrolled in a program which required (and is requiring me) to study a ton I was in a relationship then and made friends with people in the same program pretty quickly and formed a study group it wouldn't be an exagerration to say they've become my closest friends and I value them a lot but I started to value a particular person in our group more so than the others this person...let's call her "Mona" and she's great we have the same vibes same humor and I felt a genuine connection at first I was just amazed at her and thought she was really pretty a small crush a fading feeling if you will but I didn't plan on acting on it as she too was in a very long term relationship. Around 7 years and and as I was in in one too. So no go, as time went on we grew closer and closer while not crossing any boundaries, we avoided talking about our own relationships around our friends and to each other and she started "hiding" her stories including her boyfriend from me in particular. I confirmed this as I was checking out a mutual friend's phone and noticed her stuff wasn't appearing on mine and upon opening it was her and her boyfriend on a date I was jelous of course but it was fleeting we're not even a thing but then I heard from another mutual friend that she knows I have feelings for her and that she does for me also however we never really openly discussed it instead time passes by and we maintain this sort of "friendship" I'll compare it to "dancing around the flames without getting burned" so to speak with all the subtle flirting, going out of the way for each other without actually going over that set of boundaries that comes when you're in a relationship and for a while I was at a loss I can barely remember when I was last head over heels for another woman much less while I was in a commitment, the feelings came crashing until I wasn't able to suppress it and it affected my progress with my program and in the end I broke up with my ex and decided to block Mona out of nowhere as a means to focus.
So upon learning I blocked her she panicked and asked our mutual friends why I did what I did I would know as I was with our friends during this time and so I sent her a text basically explaining that she was distracting me and that I had to, otherwise I'll get screwed from the program to which she responded with a call and immediately calling me dumb and to unblock her ASAP all the while giggling and sharing a joke or 2 while in the call I thought everything was good after that and my friends found out the drastic measures I did and why I did them and told me they understood and that I should just tell her to get it off my system and so the next day after blocking and unblocking her we had to attend an event and I noticed she was avoiding me (I couldn't blame her though) but I expected we could maintain some sort of civility after that phone call as the whole interaction was positive but being in the same room as her and not being able to share a laugh with her like we used too was absolutely gut wrenching. And I was in a bad mood the whole day, So I decided maybe it was time. I had planned on confessing to her on the way home as my thoughts process was "welp at this point I had nothing left to lose" but little did I know my friends had different plans for us while we were in a conference room my friends had left one by one leaving me and Mona alone in the same room upon noticing I looked out the glass door of the room and my friends mouthing "you got this!" My mouth dried up but I tried to start a conversation anyway and after a whole day of ignoring each other Mona said "you just gonna stand there or help me out?" And I did, it was awkward to say the least and I tried steering the conversation into a confession to which she responded "if you keep blabbing we won't be able to finish" everytime I tried to steer it that way. I looked out the door and my friends told me to hurry as they also needed to use the room we we're in and I panicked and blurted the words "I like you" to which she responded "all of the sudden?" And I said "I just wanted to get it off my system" and she said "well is it off your system now?" And I responded with a "No, not really" "you're too distracting when you're near and you're too distracting when you're far away" and she blushed and smiled and I asked "do you have anything to say? it's your fault after all" I jokingly said and laughed And she said "the audacity of this guy what should I say to that?" Before our conversation continued my friends went in the room and mouthed were you able to do it? And I nodded yes and I ran out the room to take a beat. The night went on normally after that but during our break our mutual friend gave me a heads up that she was gonna turn me down as she is well in fact in a relationship, it was a bitter pill to swallow but a pill I expected I was gonna take. I waited for her to approach me but the day ended without her telling me a concrete answer.
The following day we had to meet again for the same program and by the advice of my friends and sister was to give her space and not to talk to her unless she did first, nothing special happened that afternoon as there was awkward air around us and it's clear we've been avoiding each other until I talked to her before we went home. I gave her my favorite pen and told her "I'm not giving it to you I'm lending it and once the program ends, I'll come back for that and your answer" and it's been awkward since then, we talk from time to time due to the program and still see each other I was lowkey expecting her to give me back my pen imidiately the day after but she didn't I also noticed that she tries to be around my vicinity but not talk to me but talk to the people around me if that means something. we talk sometimes too but not like we used too, the program is about to end in a few weeks and we won't be able to see each other anymore that often, there's a part of me wishing that I should have never told her how I felt and maintained the status quo but there's a part of me that's relieved that I did. Either way now I wait.
Now I ask you guys what are my chances? Should I just kept my mouth shut? And please spare me the lecture I've heard it all. And if you read this far thank you for hearing me out.
TL:DR: Confessed to a friend, things are awkward, and want to know if I did the right thing.
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2023.06.03 09:47 Cultural-Lemon3168 My ex-best friend is sueing me for being a squatter in the mobile home she gifted me

So picking a title for this was difficult bc I could have added so much more, so please bare with me. I (M) met my ex-best friend (I'll refer to her as CMY (F) throughout the post) 20 years ago and we were instantly friends. It was a platonic relationship throughout the entirety, she was a sister to me and she often referred to me as her brother. Well the middle of last year my father was selling a house and property she was interested in buying and CMY asked me if I would talk to him about selling it outright to her and asked me to help fix the needed repairs upon purchase and in return she would gift me her mobile home that sat on a lot next to her parents house. A few months later everything fell into place and she moved into her new house and I moved into the mobile home in November of 2022. I cleaned out, installed new windows and countertops, pretty much gave it a new facelift and deep cleaning it's needed. During which time she had an extra car that she was letting me drive bc my family couldn't fit into the truck I had. It was a short favor as I didn't need it long and I returned the car, no harm no foul on time and in same condition as I borrowed it. In February of 2023 CMY asked me to finish an upstairs closet for her and she had also hired another local contractor (she'll be MJ throughout post) and she was from the same town as us. We were all friends with significant others, there wasn't anything weird about the agreement. I haven't mentioned that CMY is an alcoholic. When I say alcoholic I mean drinks vodka from the time she wakes up till the time her 16 year old daughter has to drag her into bed. She's had them removed by CPS 2 different times bc of her alcoholism and bad judgement while inebriated. Back to the post, One day me and MJ were cleaning and picking up tools, she had worked upstairs painting the closet all day and I was down stairs fixing a step on the porch... Anyway CMY walks in hammered drunk, crosseyed and spitty, takes one look at us (picking up a drop cloth) screams at the top of her lungs and runs out of the house. Both of us were confused and knew of her alcoholism so just thought she was drunk. Well she went right to the bar and started to tell everyone that she walked in on me and MJ not only having sex on the kitchen counter BUT then I was also shooting MJ up with a needle in her arm. Neither of which are true. Fast forward A couple weeks go by and CMY showed up to my mobile home and started smashing the windows out with a snow shovel... I didn't call the cops bc I knew she needed help and I avoided her swings and tossed her out of my house before things got worse. Month later Showed up while I wasn't home and ripped the fuses out of the electrical box by my meter. Called the propane company to tell them that her lot was vacant and she needed the tank picked up (leaving me with no heat source or cook stove source) Put a fake condemned paper on the front door stating the town condemned it bc of the broken windows (which I've since boarded up) Called electric company and switched bill into her name stating the lot was empty. Called again to have them shut power off completely stating lot was empty. I was served by a sheriff 2 days ago with a legal document stating she has no idea who the identity of the squatter (me) is. She is sueing me for not only the mobile home we had a verbal agreement on, but for all the money she could have made if she rented this mobile home out to someone else. The document says at the bottom is was printed using some diy legal document website.
The whole deal was supposed to end with me moving the mobile home off the lot by June 1st, and now I can't move it bc she has called the cops saying I'm stealing it. What do i do? I have never had anything like this happen before nor am I familiar with the court systems or where to start with a lawyer. Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thank you!
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2023.06.03 09:44 4irasay Me (22M) and my girlfriend (21F) fight almost every night because I want to sleep. What can I do to prevent her from feeling so emotionally distressed ?

My gf (1 year relationship) moved in my small studio last year, due to the mutual benefits we had from living in the centre of our city. She previously lived with one of her friends in another city and had to do all of the traveling which was super inconvenient. Plus, we would spend much more time together.
Since she did, a subject of fighting I would have never suspected became constant drama. She's a night owl, and I'm a heavy sleepeearly bird, meaning I have to close my eyes for about 7h, and sleep about 6h30, preferably around 1am or so. I have to respond to a strict schedule, because where I live, medical exams are really difficult and learning require a heavy workload. For context, the average student studies around 10 hours per day, every day.
We've had some difficult times finding "us time" in that schedule, and I take the blame for being too anxious about not working and wanting to shorten some "us time" when exams are coming up, and also not having enough "quality time", meaning going out, going to see friends, playing outside... (keep in mind, we are broke students, so going out to eat is not something we can afford on a daily basis). What I did was that I divided work and private life as much as I could, meaning I changed up where I study from my appartement to the library (7:30am - 8:30pm), came home to do my assigned chores (30min or so), and finally spend time together (about 2 to 3 hours). But that tightly made schedule falls appart almost every two days : around 0:30am, I will be really exhausted, my eyes will start to close on they're own, and that's when she'll be asking for more time together, for every reasons she can find.
I started saying yes to bouts of 15 to 20 mins here and there, which led to bouts of 30 to 45 min, and last month, it was about 2 hours. Clearly I have a struggle with boundaries, and she uses various tools to get me to feel anxious about going to sleep : getting upset, arguing, not looking at me, not letting me talk, saying I don't care about her, crying, the silent treatment... so much so that I questioned the necessity of me putting hours so strictly in my schedule to get my things done. I compensated with lack of sleep for work (5hours, which leaves me with sleeping on the job, and not having any energy), or being late. I get up at that time because my mornings are where I work the best, and also now to have a good seat in my library.
About her now. She doesn't have the same curriculum as me, and she has a lighter schedule. She can mostly get up at every hour of the day, but she prefers to go to sleep around 5am to get up at lunch time, except for work days where it's going to be 2am, independently of the hour she needs to get up. She's also, and that plays a part in the sleeping thing I think, really emotionally attached to me, she doesn't see friends a lot, is pretty dependent on me to choose things for her, and is heavy on the fact that she wants us to go to sleep together. She's the most empathetic person I know, she would sacrifice everything she could for others, and we share dreams and values about family, love and relationships.
We have talked about this issue a lot during the past month, and can't find any agreement. She feels like we don't spend enough time together to satisfy her needs for attention, hence why she doesn't respect my hours. She also thinks that 5 hours of sleep won't kill me and my work.

So here's my question : should I accommodate to her and get up later, while sacrificing hours spent studying without her, and having to study at home, creating some friction because she wants to spend time with me when I can't, should I create strict boundaries about going to sleep at 1am, even if she literally will push me to make me talk to her, and throw a tantrum or invoke exceptional reasons (like a really big distress...), or is the problem lying in the fact that 10hours a day of work every day is simply not compatible with a couple's life.

TL;DR : My gf doesn't respect the hours I give her when I want to go to sleep, using every thing she can for me to feel anxious about it. Work-life balance is hard to find, hence why she wants every single minutes she can to talk to me.
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2023.06.03 09:44 TechSavvySloth Bleeding edge

When they say arch is bleeding edge, does that mean it get regular updates daily? I have been using stable manjaro kde Plasma for like a month now and decided to try the unstable branch to experience the idea of bleeding edge. It was extremely up to date that I was concern about the idea of get an update every single day. Several packages are shipped in everyday and I find it very uncomfortable to be updating your system everyday because you want to be on the bleeding edge of technology. I had to switch to the stable branch and I am glad they have that option. Does arch and those distros that are on bleeding edge experiencing this?
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2023.06.03 09:43 islandrebel I’m a fucking mess

I’ve been hospitalized recently, diagnosed with PMDD, and I recently did blood work that shows I have a 90% chance of having a pituitary tumor.
I’ve recently started seeing a new therapist who I really like. He had said in the beginning we’d start with weekly and then maybe eventually it could go down to less. I think it’s going well. I think therapy is helping. He has a structured program he’s going through that I like a lot. I think it’s helping. I told him about the very possible tumor in my Wednesday session.
But then he walked out with me to the receptionists desk (which he never does) and says “so we can come back in two weeks or 3 weeks, which do you prefer?” I wanted it to be next week, but I said two because I didn’t feel like I had the next week as an option. When he said it would be weekly for a while then we’d reduce I thought he meant it would be that way for months or even a year, not 4 sessions.
I was just put on the spot in front of the fucking receptionist (John) I started tearing up on the way to the payment window.
Then I went and sat at the bus stop where I wait for the dollar taxi to pass to go to the end of the island with the dock back to the island I live on. No one else was there so I just sat there and sobbed.
I didn’t understand why next week wasn’t presented as an option. Every therapist/psychiatrist/even fucking hairdresser I’ve ever talked to has said something along the lines of “I’m not available next week” or something like that when this.
So a this afternoon I panicked, left a shaky-voiced voicemail at the office, and received a callback from the John 10 minutes later saying he would put me on the books for next week same time (so NOT unavailable). He asked if I was okay and that I sounded upset (I was crying) and I said “I’m not okay but not in a dangerous way” and he said he’d have a word with Meservy (long-time psychiatrist who runs the small practice and was the person who diagnosed me with autism at 16) when he was out of an appointment about this. I didn’t receive a call back today but I’m not too concerned about that.
I think I’m going to call insight (private practice here) and ask if I could send them a list of all my issues and see if they have someone who can/is willing to take that on weekly. I can’t deal with decisions just being made about my care without discussion with me, especially when I told him immediately that I like excessive information, I like names for things, etc.
But seriously, I tell him I probably have a brain tumor and that means LESS therapy???
Today I also had a knock down drag out fight with my mom that’s such a blur but I know ended with her saying “I hope you have a fucking brain tumor because, if you don’t, I can’t love someone like this anymore.
I just feel so broken, I want to check myself into the hospital again but that was almost worse. I need someone to take care of me.
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