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I cry too much and I don't know what to do.

2023.06.03 16:40 Autumn_Stxr I cry too much and I don't know what to do.

Whenever I can't do something or can't get it perfect, I cry. All my life, since year 2, which is when we start to learn stuff, I've cried cuz I find things difficult and I never knew how to ask for help without bawling into tears.
The first really bad incident got me sent to the vice principal. I was in year 3, and we were making these self portraits of ourselves as a fun project. We were all at the windows cuz it was easier to trace the pictures of ourselves, and we got told to sit back in our seats and trace it at our tables . I got so mad because I couldn't do it like that. I remember throwing my pencil on the floor, crying and refusing to do the work for the rest of the lesson. I lost my break time and got sent to the vice principal.
Teachers and students ignored me because I would cry on a regular basis. I hated it. I wish someone cared, and tried to help me. But no one did anything because I was too "sensitive". Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, I have no clue.
This kept going on into secondary and people would talk about me. I never thought they ever would because I was nice to everyone in my year group. A few girls started talking about me and my twin, in front of me. They called me a crybaby and my sister was the normal twin. I felt so upset about this because I have NEVER said anything about these people.
I'm 15 going on 16 and I still cry when I find something difficult, or learn something new. That's hard because we learn something new all the time in school and the only thing I do is give up. It's probably why my grades are average. I know I can do better if I try but when I see the work, it just overwhelms me and I cry. I feel so embarrassed because I get made fun of a lot. No one gets me at all. Not even my close friends. I hate telling teachers why I'm crying because it sound so stupid and babyish. "I'm crying cuz I find the work hard." They would just think I'm childish. Now I walk out of classes when this happens because I hate when people see me cry.
The worse thing is that I'm going to college/6th form. If this happens again I'm just gonna fall back into the cycle. I'll have to explain it to new people and they won't ever understand.
I'm so lost, and I feel so afraid to move on in life. I don't want to stay like this. I want to change, but I don't even know what's wrong with me. Right now I feel so hopeless. I need some help but what the hell can I do?
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2023.06.03 16:10 ThrowRAbeepboop7483 might fail exams due to the university’s actions

my boyfriend is taking his exams right now (foundation engineering) and it’s looking really bleak. for the whole year he struggled to do any coursework because one of his lecturers was striking on and off and the other lecturer had to focus on his non-foundation students.
on his second exam (worth 75% of overall grade) the invigilators forgot to print the formula booklets and delayed the exam by 40 minutes which impacted his prep for his next exam which was a few hours later. they ended up starting the exam without the formula booklets and my boyfriend did pretty well anyway because he remembered most of it. the invigilators said the inconvenience will be made note of when grading
on his course groupchat somebody said that an invigilator confided that every student will receive a passing grade (40%) to make up for lack of the booklet however it’s not clear whether that’s the minimum or if everyone will automatically get just 40%. many students, including my boyfriend, want to go on to better universities with this foundation degree which usually requires 60% or more. lots of students are trying to find the answer to this but the lecturers, student support officers, and anyone else who might have a clue just says ‘it’s a problem for the student reps’ WHO ARE ALSO STUDENTS AND DONT KNOW WHATS GOING ON
bottom line is that my boyfriend is really upset that he paid £10k for 8 months of stressful bullshit just to end with his future likely being fucked over because every aspect of the course and university failed him spectacularly. is there anything that he can do in this situation?
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2023.06.03 15:51 KBOG- Black, Ivy League EECS degree, new grad, help :(

In a state of decision paralysis right now and looking for guidance/mentorship/advice.People told me my degree would get a job and I worked so hard to get there and through it so I believed them but it was all a lie! a lie i tell u! Trying to stop beating myself up over it and take action but need help.
Just graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering and CS from Yale but felt like an imposter the entire time so never looked into/applied to internships at big companies that had programs for underrepresented students that looking back on i'm somewhat confident I could have gotten into. I kept on studying what got me in which was robotics so I did robotics research and IT consulting and focused on trying to keep my GPA > 3.5. I just graduated in may and from hearing from peers realized I could have done so much more. Realized just how much of a bubble that damn school was and how little they prepare for the real world. I really want to help retire my dad but my return offer for consulting is like 60k and its government stuff so cap for growth is nothing like my SWE friends. It's more money than i've ever seen but I need to help support family and friends are saying I can do better. I have taken a rails bootcamp and am a really hard worker but i'm hearing swe is oversaturated, no good entry level roles are available, need more experience... and trying to figure out if i've lost my opportunity w/ undergrad internships and need to start trying to make peace with my offer.
My choices: take the ~60k as full-time java or .net junior swe and accept being stuck in the govt industry for a little bit, take a pre-apprenticeship that pays $16 an hour with a potential ~1 year apprenticeship after at a seed startup, grind leetcode this summer and look for entry level opportunities and hope degree gets me in the door, grind this summer to get a entry robotics role at a contracting company that has tendency to really overwork its employees
Have applied to color stack and using brilliant black minds but would be very grateful for any other resources for underrepresented swe's well. Know a lot of people are going through it right now and hoping this gets better for all of us`! Thanks in advance for any advice and have a wonderful day!
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2023.06.03 13:53 ShadowBionics Perfect World Anthology (PHase 1)

I'd been thinking of doing this for a long time, considering all the questions I've gotten asking where to find the other mods in this series and just to clear up some questions, especially with some of the recent attention these have gotten. So here are the most current download links to the first four mods in the Perfect World Anthology: Carpe Diem, Shattered Time, Captive Heart, and of course Tainted Love.
PWA Phase 1
Given how screwy Reddit is with Mediafire links, I've compiled them into a Google document. There, you can choose whichever one you want to download. That way if you've missed any or are looking for an easy way to re-download them, there you go. As far as any programming or troubleshooting issues, I cannot answer those since I wasn't behind the initial programming. I am the one who wrote the stuff, Mr.Rocketman999 is the codeprogrammer here. Given his recent departure, however, I would rather not speak to him or about him very much, if possible.
Now then, with that out of the way, let me give you a rundown of these mods as a whole. These mods deal with love, drama, and the supernatural. In other words, there are fantasy and sci-fi elements embedded into these stories or have themes that would not make sense in grounded reality. So, as I typically say when approaching these mods, suspend all beliefs of reality. Likewise, approach with caution, as some of these mods carry themes on par with the original DDLC. As such, I will say this only once: If you are expecting mods that have happy endings, you may not find them here. A lot of these stories take inspiration from some of my favorite games and anime with especially darker themes, so approach with caution and keep in mind that there may be some dark moments and possibly no happy endings, keeping with the theme of the original game of how there is "no happiness" to be found in the Literature Club.
While each mod takes place in its own universe and follows its own self-contained stories, they do reference one another and are linked in a way that will eventually be revealed in the finale project of the PWA. And with that, here are some brief descriptions of the mods themselves.

Doki Doki Shattered Time: Chronologically the first in the series. Upon learning about the death of Natsuki, MC performs some twisted ritual with the help of Amy to travel back in time to learn about the circumstances of her passing and prevent it. The story takes inspiration from Makoto Mobius and the original Corpse Party. The true end is unlocked by getting all the previous six endings in numerical order.
Doki Doki Carpe Diem: Our first ever mod and the only to not be coded by MrRocketman999. MC wants to celebrate his anniversary with Monika by taking her out and having a special day together after being dedicated to one another for so long. This takes inspiration from the kinetic visual novel Carpe Diem and illustrates the importance of what it means to seize the day and live with no regrets.
Doki Doki Tainted Love: After graduating, MC spends the summer at his grandmother's home in the country with his childhood friend Kotonoha. He invites the other girls from the club, although Monika is the only one who is able to meet up with him. There, Kotonoha and Monika find themselves at odds when old feelings and conflict arise. This mod is heavily inspired by School Days and Yanderella. It is one of the darkest in the series by far and illustrates how something innocent like love can be tainted by feelings of anger and jealousy. When I first made the original download post, I was very coy and secretive about the mod's shift in tone. However, after the backlash I got, I'm just going to straight-up tell you that there are A LOT of dark moments in this story and a major shift in tone around all three endings. There are no secret endings here, just two optional endings and one true ending.
Doki Doki Captive Heart: In a universe where the Literature Club does not exist, MC finds himself confessing to his longtime crush Monika after a bit of "divine intervention." To his shock, Monika accepts and invites him over to dinner at her house. As the evening progresses and he goes down a rabbit hole of cryptic diary scraps hidden around her house, he starts to question just how much he knows about the girl he's pined for. This mod features an interactive map that allows you to explore Monika's house as you search for clues and is named after the song Captive Heart. The mod takes inspiration from Mikoto Nikki and some from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. It also takes and reuses a lot of themes and elements from Doki Doki October Horizon, but adds a very sinister twist to them. Monika is not self-aware in this universe and goes through life as an ordinary high school student enduring a lot of stress and high expectations. There were plans for a follow-up to this mod, but those were scrapped. There is a secret true ending to this game, which you can unlock by going through the game a second time after obtaining all previous endings. This ending provides a bit of a clue to the final mod to the PWA.
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2023.06.03 13:28 imakebaddecisions602 How did you guys decide what to do in life? (career and academics wise)

A gap year student with no clue in life lol. Also did you go for passion or money and do you regret it
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2023.06.03 09:22 ramgoosealt Hi and Goodbye.

So, if you closely knew me in the sub and have been wondering where I've gone, I'm back for tonight.
But I have bad news. I can't stay on reddit for extended days with you guys. I have no devices that I can come here with, and I found this one again after my parents took and hid it many times, and the cycle kept going.
But everytime I come back here, the fear of my parents finding me with it again gets worse. I'm worried they'll notice it's gone and I have to face my family's wrath, especially my dad.
So for now, consider me as that one kid who visits every few months. I'll check through the sub and Technodad's socials often on other devices signed out, so I'm not at the risk of you guys getting discovered. (If you do, then so long nerds)
I just want you all to know that you are my people. Especially the few connections I've made here. It's all I ever would want in these past years.
Can I rant for a few moments? I have too many feelings stuck in my chest, it's hurting. (This entire post I'm crying for some reason)
God, I hate bullying. The school's kids are horrible. Even though I'm trans, I just want to be a normal student who doesn't get asked billion questions a day. Called an "it". My literal existence casually questioned by kids who have no clue what it's doing. They say I have a mental disorder, or that my belief as a Catholic isn't valid because of my gender. No escape. Going back to public school's not an option because of drugs and violence.
You guys are the only ones who understand me in this world. And I have no idea how I get through the days without getting to see any of you or Technodad.
At least I'll get to consistently be here around the late 10s of June for vacation away from parents and idiot children. Here more than anything.
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2023.06.03 09:22 rakshc7 My luggage was stolen at Essen Hbf today morning at 06:00.

A middle-aged man in a black jacket stole my luggage from the luggage rack and ran out just as the door of the ICE was about to close. The suitcase had most of my clothes and my laptop and laptop charger in there. Usually I carry my laptop in my backpack but since I had my work laptop in my backpack it was not the case this time. I have reported it to the fahrkartenkontrolle and the polizei at Essen and gotten a few papers from them noting down whatever information I provided them. I tried tracking down the laptop with Microsoft find my device but it's not possible at it says the location in my device was disabled. Being a student and an Ausländer it's really heartbreaking and disheartening. I have no clue what more I can do. I have Privathaftpflichtversicherung but as per my understanding it's not useful in my situation. I would appreciate some advice as to what more could be done and if there are some services who can help me in this situation.
I am sorry if this post was unnecessarily long and annoying. I'm not in the best mental space at the moment and having been a fly on the wall in terms of Reddit usage, my post etiquette might be severely lacking. Sorry once again and a huge thank you in prior for any advice you people might have.
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2023.06.03 09:05 NikitaMaheshwari Dental crossword.

we are a team of two dentists. We have this new start up about dental education. We wanted a little bit of help from your side, only if you could. It will just take 5mins from your day. But it will matter a lot in my start up.
we are trying to convince the dental students that dental education is absolutely fun. By solving the crosswords in their routine they will learn how to exercise their brain and will learn the mcqs in a rapid manner. I hope you find it a good idea, and will be able to help. Do visit our website www.dentalcrossword.com Your review will matter a lot.
Thank you, Sheetal and Nikita.
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2023.06.03 06:57 PastorMaxSBG Lookin'4Life&LoveTX

I made it back to Austin on May 1st, 2023, and am having a difficult time finding weird people like me😀. This may come to nothing, but I thought I'd give a shot at creating a safe space for single witches of every path to drop in and say hello to one another. To often, we become comfortable in our tight little circles and miss the amazing gift that others can be if we just knew who they were. If you come here propagating organized religion and disrespecting our beliefs, of course I will block you (if that's possible here), but more than this, my magick REALLY WILL find you and upend your existence. I am no beginner, and I follow the Left Hand Path though I do not identify as a 'satanist' or some kind of 'devil worshiper'. To me, that is merely the angry polar opposite of the Christian mythos, and the TRUTH of the Old Ways both predates and transcends the quiltwork patchjob of ancient pagan philosophies/mythologies that modern Christianity is. So save it. It is both unwelcome and unwanted, and will not be tolerated here. That said, the TRUE Left Hand Path adheres to the earliest understandings of god/goddess, which is both creative AND destructive: Creative when it is fitting, destructive when it is called for. And you sow the seeds of your own crop, which YOU WILL eventually feast on (whether you like it or not). Inside every true Witch, there are two people: A King/Queen, and a damned fool! The one you talk to is the one you get. So he respectful here. Be REAL. And if you are phishing and trying too hustle others so you can steal from them by your emotional terrorism, I will warm you only ones: For times since I have been in Austin someone had attempted to play me online. For times I smelled it coming a thousand yards out, called them on it, and TOLD them the things that at midnight I would unleash in their lives. One made not reply that evening, none at all; three mocked. Within 72 hours every single one of them were blowing up my phone, apologizing, and begging me to make it stop. Two of them offered ME money if I would just recall what I had done. Their money can rot with them. Amy of my brothers and sisters that shows up here--- leave them alone! They are my Family, and I get REAL FIUCKNG SERIOUS when people abuse my Family. You have been warned.
NOW: For my Family who are led to this place, I bid ye welcome. Merry Meet! I look forward to getting to know you. My Path here in Austin is being blessed beyond my most hopeful expectations. But I am absolutely alone here, and it stands to reason I am not the only one. So, here we are. I am anxious to make dinner friends. But, despite what most would conclude about someone following the darker path, I believe in complete transparency in ANY relationship, including friendship. So before you choose to say hello, there are a couple things you have a right to know up front: I was raised by and with outlaws. 
Real one percenters. I just thought that was what I was supposed to be. In a nightmare of a night in 1989, in the throws of a nervous breakdown after putting my firstborn 5 year old child in a hole in the ground (ending his year and a half long agonizing experience with lymphoma cancer), and three quarters of Him Beam in for the day, a 44 year old man attempted to kill me and leave with both families bags of goodies. I won. And for it, because of my family and the guys I was known to ride with, the state of Texas took me down hard, going I would roll over on all of them. When I wouldn't, they railroaded me with a 35 year sentence of which they made me do 30 flat. Everytime I called up for parole, the Federal Marshals and within a week they Texas Rangers would come and "interview" me, threatening me AGAIN with parole of I didn't talk. When I let loose with whatever creative things I had came up with for that time fire them to do with their parole papers, they would indeed see to it that I was once more denied parole. I did not waste my time down there. Well, I suppose I wasted the first 11 years being angry, and young & stupid 🙄 (I was only 24 when all of this occurred). But in 2002 the Old Ways saved my life. I had practiced for years, but having grown up in an unspeakably abusive home, I carried so much repressed anger and hurt (that I had no clue how to deal with) that I wasn't worth knocking in the head. Returning to the Path of my ancestors, for the first time in my life, I found true peace. I struggled for a while to keep a promise I made to my mom that at least once in my life I would give her religion (Christianity) am honest try--- and I did. With all of my heart. But honestly, there is only emptiness there for me. And I eventually returned to the ways of the Old World where I had found Me, really found Me. I am 57, in great shape, got my education while I was down there; took every self help class and did every positive course I could get into while there as well, and have been free at last for next two and a half years now. Years which I have wasted trying to mend familial fences and help loved ones that don't really want any help (mostly meth addicts). In April, I gave up and returned to Austin, my favorite places in Texas since I first moved here in 1981. I am from Livingston, Texas originally. But when I was 16 my metal bands picked up a producer in Houston and we made a splash in the pond. We moved to Austin (the band), and the months later had a manager from LA, who moved us there, and the rest is history. But I was unable to outrun the psychological damage done, primarily, by my mom as I was growing up, I couldn't hide from Me. And I was SO frigging broken. I was never an alcoholic or a drug addict. I did my share of everything back then, but I had seen it all swallow people I had known and loved, and I had NO intentions of being another statistic for that shit. Within a few years, two of the guys in my hand were full blown addicts, so my brother and rhythm guitarist, Mike, and I (who had to handle the lion's share of the workload alone) the in the towel and came back to Texas. That was about the time we found out my son was sick, and it all went downhill from there. When the mental torment would get too much, I would lose myself in a whiskey bottle to keep from putting a . 44 slug through my skull before daylight. It was on one of these days that a bro called me and asked me to make a drop. It was an emergency for him and it was already set up. But that evening he'd been told his little 19 year old college student, straight laced, awesome little sister had been killed here in Austin in a traffic accident on the loop, and her needed to go be with his family. Though I had pulled up on ANYTHING illegal when my daughter had been born a year and a half earlier, I said yes to him under the circumstances just that once. And the guy we had done business with for a decade decided, I guess, since it was this cute kid that showed up he would make a come up. He'd BEEN told about me numerous times. I was dangerous when I was young. But his arrogance won the conversation in his head and he tried to end me. And what pathetic excuse for a life that I had at that point was destroyed, and his own ended. If I could undo it, I would. If I could trade places with him, I would. But we can't unring a bell. There are consequences for the things we do. Sometimes they are severe. They were for me. But I made it through, somehow. And here I am. Hoping to make some friends. Have an amazing rest of your day. So Mote It Be! 🌹
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2023.06.03 05:29 booklover_06 how to pay deposit?

hey! i’m incoming student at mac in the fall. i have no clue how to pay the deposit for the school. under finances on mosaic, it doesn’t say anything.
do I have to wait till I pick courses?
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2023.06.03 05:16 Parking-Armadillo-14 Family financial bomb just dropped on me--desperate and advice greatly appreciated

I'm posting this on this subreddit, but I feel bankruptcy may be the more appropriate option...but the foot traffic is higher here.
My mother recently called me with news that completely shook me. As background, my dad moved abroad to start a business there 20yrs ago and has been there since. Before he left, he started a US "arm" of the company with eventual plans to move the business back to America once he was done abroad. It seemed like the company was doing well for awhile, at least according to my dad, with multiple investors pouring money into the company. I even got a factory tour when I visited him and saw the products on the assembly line etc. But he would never talk about the exact details whenever I asked or show me the books or anything.
What I didn't know was all of this was a lie. A cover-up.
On the flip side, my mom doesn't work, she raised the kids and took care of family. She's a good soul, but has no clue when it comes to American adulting like finances, taxes etc. My parents lived a seemingly normal middle-class life while I was going thru college, grad school, professional school. But I was delivered news that my parents are in serious financial trouble, almost insurmountable by my estimation.
My mom called asking for help over the past few months. A couple hundred here and there escalated to a couple thousand "to pay bills and for daily living." My brother and I were able to help her but now the amount required is insane. She's asking for $~7,000/mo to make ends meet and fulfill financial obligations. When I said we couldn't bankroll this anymore, she (in tears) asked me to take out a personal loan on the order of $50,000. I declined obviously.
I got a hold of her financial documents. Her personal debt is over $150k in unsecured debt. Credit cards, personal loans. She has 0 income; my dad has been failing to provide her with any cash from the business for well over a decade now apparently, so she's been using credit and loans from banks and friends to survive. Credit score is ~660, but mostly due to long history and no missed payments.
Digging deeper, I'm afraid my dad has been into really shady financial practices; I have no idea how much debt he has accumulated both personally and for the business but my sinking suspicion is that it's in the order of millions, if not tens of millions USD. He took his and my mom's retirement accounts, savings accounts, house in the US, our properties abroad and liquidated them all to fund his business, all with the intent that "the business will work out and he just needs more time." Further complicating matters is that her name is tied into the US business and she is formally an employee. This "company" has been a shell for years and has not generated any income at all. In fact, it simply exists and is accruing tax payments, of which my dad has ignored. The IRS and now, a collection agency, has come knocking on my mom's door
Notwithstanding this insane financial abuse and just pure stupidity, I'm beside myself. I need to help my mom extricate herself from my dad and for starters, get her out of this endless cycle of taking on debt to pay debt. Here are the #s:
Personal debt: ~$150k in unsecured credit ie: credit cards, personal loans. Credit score: 660-670
Assets: negligible. She rents the house she lives in. She owns an old Lexus, maybe 10-12 years old; most liberal estimate of its current value is $5k if we traded/sold it. No retirement accounts, no savings, no stocks, abso-fucking-lutely nothing. She has one real estate property under her name abroad (worth about $400k) that my dad has tried to sell to further bankroll his company.
Her income: none
Her monthly expenses: $1k rent, $400 utilities, $6-7k in minimum payments across all her accounts. She further owes a friend $6k in personal money. A collections agency is now coming to collect on unpaid business taxes for years to the tune of $7500.
My income: I'm still early in my career but I pull in about $7k/month post-taxes. I have my own mortgage, wife and kid to take care of and we save only about $1k a month though I put away 30% of my paycheck in a retirement account. I have $2500 in stocks, $28k in an IRA. Car fully paid off. I have astronomical student loans (~$400k, guess which professional school I went to...) but I'm making income-based repayments and on a public-service loan forgiveness program.
My father is clearly unable/unwilling to help as his approach over the years has been to kick the proverbial can down the road and bury his head in the sand. I truly believe none of this was done out of maliciousness but pure stupidity and financial illiteracy. At this point, I believe he's afraid to admit his mistakes due to pride and shame and appears to me like he is going to continue on this self-destructive financial path.
To that end, I don't think I can support my mother and help her resolve her debt. She needs to extricate herself and separate from my father. I thought pursuing chapter 7 would be the most prudent option and getting her out of the rented house and moving in with me for a short while. Another complicating factor is I'm fairly busy with work, often working nights/weekends and she lives across the US from me.
I guess my main question is...what the fuck do I do? I feel so desperate and powerless and it's not even me. I can't help my mom and I feel like I shouldn't; this cycle was brought on by them, but I also can't just abandon her. Pursuing chapter 7 would clear her of the credit card and personal loans, but what about the business tax debt of $7500 that the collections agency is coming for? She's simply an employee and my dad is the CEO but because he isn't stateside, she gets all the mail and calls.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated...I feel like I know the answer. Pursue bankruptcy, and possibly take control of all her finances moving forward to ensure she doesn't borrow any money anymore, separate her from my dad etc.
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2023.06.03 02:24 daddy_eats_yu After reading multiple r/chanceme replies for prestigious schools. Idk how people are not starting to realize it's a confidence killer.

I'm not going to explain how toxic this sub. can get because if you're on this sub, chances are that you're a pretty intelligent student to realize. If not, I'm sure you still realize how toxic it can get. The only positive part about this sub is when people in the admission fields answer some questions, but other than that, it's just asinine.
PS: I am new to this sub. and being engaged with it for a few days made me realize how much pettiness this page is filled with.
I'll make this very simple and short. The people I've seen who got accepted into Cornell, Yale, NYU, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, and Harvard at my school weren't as impressive as the majority of the people on this sub would consider. But they had one thing: a personality and a social life. They didn't need to seek online resources to build their confidence; they didn't need some random dude who got accepted into a prestigious school to determine their dream school or fate. All they needed was their own vision, and that's why they got in.Yeah, this sub is great for getting a small sense of who you're competing against and has other small benefits for it for sure, but seeking out your chances from other high schoolers held with some type of "ego" because they got into a prestigious school should not determine your choice of whether or not you should apply to any schools.
I genuinely hope that those who struggle with self-confidence are able to embark on a meaningful journey of self-exploration and uncover their unique abilities and potential. Embracing one's authentic self and recognizing personal strengths can have a profound impact on their high school experience and overall well-being. As corny or cliche it may sound, it will be worth it. Best of luck to every single people though<33
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2023.06.02 23:55 uclapremed18 School List Advice

Hi all! I just received my MCAT score of a 517 back (132/127/127/131). Most of the schools on my list have the 10th percentile as a 128 or higher in B/B, so I'm concerned about that section considering people say it's the most important. I would never retake that score, but I'm wondering if I should remove any schools from my list or add others because of that.
Here is some more info about my app:
Background: Graduated in 2022, 1st gen, ORM, Biochem major
GPA: ~3.75 cGPA, ~3.8 sGPA (rough freshman year ~3.1 4.0 my last 2.5 years)
Research: ~900 hours from undergrad, 1500 hours working full-time at a T5 institution with ~1800 hours projected, where I'm working on an independent project that I developed. I had one poster and one presentation, and another presentation soon. I have one publication (a review) so far, 1 in submission, and 1 in preparation (I heard that in preparation doesn't mean much though), all of which I'm a middle author. My research interests are in cancer metabolism.
Clinical experience: 300 hours working as an assistant for a surgery department, and 100 hours volunteering in an ER. I only have 10 hours of shadowing so far, but will do 30-40 more hours this summer.
Volunteering: I created a volunteer tutoring organization, and tutored/mentored 3 students (~100 hours). I also have ~130 hours more through other organizations.
ECs/Leadership: Resident assistant, learning assistant for general and organic chemistry, and was on the executive board for a campus organization.
This is my current school list: Einstein, Mount Sinai-Icahn, Vanderbilt, Case Western, Chicago-Prtizker, Columbia, Cornell (Tri-I), Duke, Emory, Harvard-MIT, Hopkins, UMD, Mayo, UMiami, UMichigan, NYU, Northwestern, UNC Chapel Hill, Penn Perelman, Pitt, Rochester, Stanford, Tufts, University of Washington, UCSD, UCSF, UCLA, USC Keck, UVA, WashU, Yale, Georgetown, Stony Brook
I would ideally like to cut it down to 20-25 schools. I know it's top-heavy, but I created this mainly on research fit, so if there are other schools I should look into or add please let me know! Thank you for your advice in advance!
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2023.06.02 23:08 chashakuwu Help me add more colleges to my list

Location: Urban or suburban, though preferably urban. I want a distinct/closed campus, so not NYU. I also love the older college campuses, but that's not a really important factor. Will not attend a public university in Texas or Florida, due to the recent political discussions around school curriculums and tenure. Currently mostly looking at East Coast and CA, but also down to add Canadian colleges to my list as well.
Region: I'm in CA.
Major: BA in Computer & Environmental Science (or minor in Environmental science, unsure yet)
Curriculum: I need a college that'll support interdisciplinary learning in the two majors mentioned above. I also want to take literature classes for fun, I do not only want to take STEM classes related to my major. Also want research opportunities since that's what I want to pursue in the futureSize: Preferably a smaller college? Like around 5000 undergrad per year or smaller ideally, but still willing to look at larger public schools like UCLA and Berkeley. I would prefer a low teacher:student ratio as I'm used to small class sizes.
Costs: Not a concern, will most likely have to pay full tuition but colleges that offer merit-based scholarships would be great.
Schools I’m applying to: Yale, Rice, Columbia, Brown, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, WashU, UVA, UMich, all the UCs
Stats & ECs (will keep vague to avoid doxxing): 4.0 UW, 1500+ SAT, small high school research awards & international competitions (nothing super famous though), also did a lot of work surrounding diversity/inclusion especially for women in STEM, summer STEM programs, trilingual
Anyways any feedback is appreciated! I need more safeties and targets, but I'm also looking to add more reaches if they align with what I'm looking for!
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2023.06.02 22:59 Empty-Drawer4804 Yale for MFA in Printmaking/Sculpture

Anyone who has been/applied to Yale for an MFA in Art (printmaking)?
I want to know your experience/the process/everything. I’m an average student but I have established myself as an artist locally in my country. What can I do to get accepted? Please hel0
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2023.06.02 22:54 Pavel_Sergievsky Ukraine vs. Russia: Russian perspective.

Dear Professor Peterson,
I realize that your schedule probably won’t allow you to read this letter, least to reply. I am not expecting either of these and will not be offended. Why do I write it, then? Well, most probably because in the past several years you have been for me the voice of reason from abroad. Too many things are going in a crazy and disastrous direction, and listening to your lectures and videos have been very inspiring. It always amazes me how deeply you investigate the problem and how thoroughly you analyze it. In many cases listening to what you say have been like hearing what I always felt was true, but could not formulate and justify it myself. Thank you for that experience.
During the past year, which not only attracted the whole world’s attention to a conflict in Ukraine (at last, I’d say, war started there in 2014), but also demonstrated the unwillingness of countries and people to hear each other, I felt the growing urge to share Russian understanding of current situation and of the events that lead to it with someone who could probably be able to hear. Your name was the first to come to my mind. I hesitated until some time ago I came across the interview that you have recorded – “Israel, Russia, China, Iran: The World in Conflict” and it actually triggered me into writing. It occurred to me that, objective as you are, you may be unaware of some facts and interpretations, partly because modern media have mastered the art of being silent about some facts while shouting about the others, partly because you were born and raised in Anglo-Saxon civilization, with all embedded ideas and principles.
A bit about my background. Master’s degree in English language and literature, spent one year as a student in Connecticut, worked in American-owned companies for 17 years. That allows me to a certain degree to understand both sets of values.
I wanted to offer for your attention the view from the other side on what’s happening now between Russia and Western European civilization. I don't say that it is correct, I just say how Russians see it.
Very briefly, just point by point:
3 basic principles of western foreign policy
Looking at the international events of past 30-40 years, we may see 3 basic principles of international policy that the West is utilizing.
  1. Democracy is the best possible society model.
Hard to argue – there is the strongest correlation between availability of human rights in society and its prosperity. Let’s accept it as it is, although it is much more complicated and there are other factors that should be taken into account, like, for example:
a) Majority of Noble prize winners are from protestant countries. Disproportional majority if you look at country population or wealth or other factors. Why? Maybe because Protestantism urges its followers to read the Bible on their own, whereas in Catholicism you study Bible under the priest’s guidance. Encouragement for independent research must have some effect.
b) After the ancient Rome fell, and Europe lived through the Dark Ages, Arabian countries preserved much of knowledge and science. At that time Arabian East was much more cultural and civilized than Europe. What happened to them later, why they stopped developing science, how could Europe overtake them? One of the explanations is that at some point of time Muslim theologians declared that “Koran has everything”, so scientific research stopped. The legend says that under this slogan the Library of Alexandria has been burnt by Arabian conquerors.
c) There is an interesting correlation between the agricultural conditions in a certain territory and some national traits of character. That’s more than a coincidence. For example, wheat was the main crop in Europe. It doesn’t require any special irrigation, so you can well grow and harvest it alone. That means you are less dependent on other people. Hence smaller states (Germany before mid-XIX century consisted of dozens independent states), hence more independent opinions. Compare it to China. Rice requires serious irrigation works, you’ll never do it alone. In order to harvest rice, you need to organize a fairly large group of people to do a job together. And as the population grows, you need to perform those works at a larger scale, also because the easiest-to-work fields are already busy. As a result, we see that Chinese value the society more than they value an individual. A single person sacrificing his wishes for the good of the others is more acceptable for them than for Europeans.
This idea needs further thinking but it is quite possible that the liberalism and human rights developed in Western Europe to the extent we see due to a unique combination of religion, natural conditions and other factors. And it can’t be copied in other parts of the world. It can be brought to other parts of the world by immigration of people with European mentality, of course. But otherwise it can be done only by complete mentality change of local inhabitants. Not an easy task, could take generations and mean death of local culture.
  1. All people are seeking freedom and democracy, so it is our duty to help them achieve this goal. If some part of the society resists this help, it is the tyrannical part and it should be eliminated.
Yeah, really. Take up the White Man's burden… This idea is not dead yet, with all its prejudices.
In some part such understanding is based on the theory that appeared in history (history as a science!) in the UK in 18th century. This theory states that the process of human society development over time is a) linear and b) goes through the same stages in every society of the planet. One of the consequences of this theory was the statement that every society started from matriarchate – researchers came across some primitive society, ruled by women, and made their conclusion. This theory has long been proved wrong, but its influence is still alive.
Even if we accept that all countries, all societies are aiming at maximizing human rights, how justified will interference be? Good intentions are the pathway to hell. How long it took Anglo-Saxon civilization to reach modern state of human rights? Setting the Magna Carts as the starting point, it is a bit over 800 years, roughly 30 generations. Looking at the world history, we see how slowly societies change their organizational forms, evolving one into another. And you can’t forcefully speed it up. Imagine that our modern “crusaders of democracy” take time machine and show up at Hastings early in the morning on October 14th, 1066. “William, Harold, there is no need to fight. You need to run democratic elections, and everything will be ok…” Will they even understand the idea??? And what will happen the next day after they are left alone?
You have shown significant interest in Russian culture. If you care spending some more time on Russian books, I’d recommend you brothers Strugatsky (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkady_and_Boris_Strugatsky). The form of what they have written is science fiction, but the contents is all about ethics, morale, responsibility, conscience. Try «Escape Attempt», «Hard to be a God», «Overburdened with Evil».
Why I am mentioning them now is because among others they are exploring the topic of “progressors” – people from Earth of XXII century who try to speed up the history of other planets, to solve their problems, stop wars, etc. And it doesn’t end well. As one of their heroes says, “You can’t break up the natural course of history without breaking the spine of humanity.”
It’s hard to find examples of good revolutions when they are initiated from abroad. Change of regime should be supported by majority within the country – it is the guarantee that society is ready for it. What Anglo-Saxons and NATO frequently do is supporting the angry minority in its aspirations for power. And instead of peace, freedom and prosperity it brings chaos. The classic example is Libya. Over 10 years ago the country was “spared of Gaddafi’s tyrannical rule”… How do they live now? The GDP is still around 50% of what it used to be, the country is still not at peace, there are two major forces each claiming to be the legal power. How many lives it did cost already and how much time it will take free Libya to recover? Can such liberation be called anything but a disservice? In Russia we call it “bear’s help”. I don’t say that everything was good in the country when Gaddafi was alive, but aren’t they in the worse situation now?
The whole series of Arabian spring looks like a great mess, not a great success. I rely on the opinion of an expert – below is the brief translation of an article published in 2015-2016 by Mordechai Kedar, an Israeli scholar of Arab culture and a lecturer at Bar-Ilan University. I can’t find the original, unfortunately.
December 2015 was the fifth anniversary of the events known as an ‘Arabian spring’. The world applauded the heroes of the streets in Tunis, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Bahrain. Now, five years ago, those countries are still battlefields, with no light ahead. What problems have prevented them from positive development? Most of them have developed over centuries and they still prevail in mentality, remaining the dangerous rudiment.
  1. Tribalism*, that was always a survival factor in harsh natural conditions of the region. Now the conditions are different but mentality is still the same, when each person thinks of himself as a member of the clan first (family, tribe, tape, whatever…), not the citizen of the country.*
  2. Violence*. Resources are scarce, so anyone who is not the member of my clan, is a deadly threat. And the first reaction to a threat is violence.*
  3. Honour*, understood very specifically. Dishonoured person will seek revenge. It is not uncommon for a person to kill members of his own family if they dishonoured him. Honour is of primary importance in relations between countries and nations, sometimes more important than economics and healthcare.*
  4. Nepotism*, which has its roots in tribalism. Promoting your relatives to administrative positions is illegal in the West, but is part of normal practice in the East.*
  5. Corruption*. An office holder will invest in projects and regions where his tribe and supporters live, not otherwise. He feels financially responsible to his family, not to the country.*
  6. Multiple ethnic groups*, which protect their own languages and traditions. Marriages outside of a group are rare, coexistence with other groups is tense and hostile.*
  7. Islam*. Islamic extremists are sure that people who believe otherwise, are deserved to be killed.*
  8. Sunnites vs*.* shiites*. This conflict started back in 7th century as a conflict for control over Islam. Non-Islamic people see them analogous to Catholicism vs. Orthodox church, but in reality now, after centuries of religious wars, these are two separate religions, and the dialogue between them is very difficult.*
  9. Predominant culture*. Three main groups are Bedouins who live in deserts, fellahs who are the peasants, and inhabitants of the cities. Each group thinks stereotypically of other two, cross-marriages are rare.*
  10. Country borders*. British, French and Italian administration have been drawn the borders straight, just by a ruler and a pencil, paying no attention to the real borders between various groups which differ by religion and ethnicity. People who never thought about themselves as about having anything in common, are now the citizens of one country. And they don’t feel it this way.*
  11. Power change*. This is something which never happens peacefully in Arabic countries. The ethnic or religious group at power holds to it by all means.*
  12. Israel*. Arabs and Muslims don’t acknowledge Judaism as a live religion, Jewish people as a people. So for them the very existence of Israel is illegal. Plus Israel is very convenient as an external enemy, a good target for the aggression of the masses.*
  13. Oil has turned the countries of the Gulf into societies which don’t produce, but do consume without limits. The difference between wealth of the Gulf and poverty of other Arabian countries is shocking.
  14. West that interferes into the region to solve its own problems. Oil, gas, weapons – all is targeted to use natural resources of Middle East.
  15. Al Jazeera as a catalyst of social and religious unrest.
Throughout the XX-th century Europe tries to solve myriads of cultural problems of the Middle East, trying to create modern Arabic states that will fit Europe’s needs. The brightest example of Western misunderstanding of the East is the belief that Middle east can easily adopt democracy. Western democracy is based on western culture with equality of religious and social groups, minority rights, freedom of speech and opinions. Add to it religious freedom and free elections and you will get the list that is absolutely alien to Middle East.
Here’s an article by the same author on the same topic – https://fathomjournal.org/why-we-keep-getting-the-middle-east-wrong/
Here’s an interview with him – https://chicagopolicyreview.org/2015/07/28/americans-still-dont-understand-the-middle-east-this-man-wants-to-help/
In one of your interviews you discussed the competition between China and the US for influence in Africa. And your opinion was that China wins due to corruption of local elites. Let me offer another reason for your consideration. It is the same reason that allows Russia to gain influence in Middle East, Africa, South America. When China or Russia come to some country to cooperate, they come to cooperate, not to teach, not to judge, not to interfere into the internal affairs of the state. And people appreciate this.
  1. We have the right to decide who is democratic and who is not.
This one is undoubtedly wrong. As a psychologist, you can diagnose it, I guess. What will you call such mental blindness, when a person considers himself flawless and assumes the right to judge and punish others, like in “The House of Pride” by Jack London. And here we see a group of countries that consider themselves the best in the world, that judge other countries and feel it righteous to interfere into their life, to change it without being asked. I understand why leaders of these countries have that blindness, but I wonder how many people in these countries actually understand that it is not a radiant crusade for democracy, but a destructive raid of Normans.
De furore Normannorum libera nos, Domine.
One of the principles of democracy is separation of three powers – legislative, judicial and executive. So why then countries that consider themselves “leaders of democratic world” forget about this principle in international relations. They make the rules, they judge and they punish.
One of American diplomats said recently that USA supports international rules-based order. Sounds good, sounds undoubtedly right. But why USA and NATO forget about the rules when it is convenient? Or is it “We support international rules-based order, but our own actions should not be limited by these rules”? What immediately comes to my mind without web search:
Double standards
Speaking more about the rules… We are tired of seeing double standards. As an illustration, I will use just one aspect – the principle of integrity of the state vs the principle of the right of nations to self-determination. It looks like the West supports integrity of the state, when this state is allied or friendly to the West, and supports nation’s self-determination when the state is not. Let’s go through some examples.
- Chechnya (an autonomous republic within Soviet Union) wanted to become independent after 1991. It quickly started to use terrorism to achieve this goal. It took a lot of effort to stop the war and bring the region back to safety. Reaction of the West – support of chechens, their leader fled to London and was not deported to Russia despite all requests.
- Abkhazia (an autonomous republic within Georgian republic which was part of Soviet Union) wanted to become independent from Georgia when Georgia became independent from Russia. Resulted in a war. The conflict is still not solved. Abkhazia now is an independent state which is acknowledged by very few countries in the world. Reaction of the West – they still consider Abkhazia as a rebellious part of Georgia. Same situation about South Osetia – another region, that was an administrative part of Georgia until 1991 and that also seeks independence.
- Donetsk and Lugansk wanted to become independent from Ukraine after 2014 coup. Ukraine tried to subdue them by force and failed. Then the workplan has been signed in Minsk – what the parties of the conflict agree to do to settle. The result should have been – Donetsk and Lugansk return to Ukraine but have extended political rights, etc. Ukraine did nothing of its promises. Reaction of the West – support of Ukraine.
- Catalonia is seeking independence. And I remember that leaders of independence movement have been under political and criminal pressure.
- Scotland had a referendum about independence. And even though results were in favour of the UK, I remember how nervously London reacted.
Russia – NATO relations after 1991
This is best said by Vladimir Pozner, a journalist who spent years of his work in the USA, Russia, Europe and is one of the most known journalists of the old school (comparing to modern propagandists). Here’s the link to his speech in Yale University on September 27, 2018 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8X7Ng75e5gQ&t=2556s.
His speech takes around forty minutes, the rest is the Q&A. To save you time, I’d summarize it here in just a couple of phrases. After Soviet Union collapsed, there was an illusion that we aren’t enemies anymore, that the world is open now, and that we will be partners or even friends. Russia dismissed the Warsaw Treaty union and agreed for Germany to unite, that looked just right – why keep a military union when we aren’t enemies anymore? Sometime later Russia made an offer to join NATO to provide world security together and was denied. Russia offered to join the EU, and was denied. Russia was promised that NATO would not expand eastward and less than 10 years later this promise was broken. Since then, we’ve been witnessing NATO getting closer and closer to our borders, inviting countries that are our neighbours and aggressively supporting those candidates to country leadership in East Europe who declared anti-Russia views. So now the illusion is over. We are enemies. And what’s worse – we don’t trust US anymore, so negotiating some new principles of coexistence will be problematic.
Briefly about history, in more details about recent times and present situation.
In 16-17th century the territory of modern Ukraine was controlled by two forces with no clear border between them. Northwest (where the city of Lvov is now) was under Polish rule, center and the region along river Dnepr – under control of “kazak military democracies” – gatherings of all people, who fled from Russia, Poland, Lithuania, Crimea and who with time formed Ukrainians as a nation. They were ruled by elected chieftains and made their living largely by either joining some military campaign for money and loot, or by robbery raids to Poland, Crimea, Turkey. They were allied to Russia due to same religion – Orthodox Christianity.
As Poland grew stronger, its pressure on the territory grew, which led to periodic rebellions. Poland is a Catholic state, and people of Orthodox Ukraine were severely oppressed. Seeking protection, Ukrainian chieftains asked Russia to include those territories into Russian state. First request came in 1591. Russia rejected this request and several others. Only in 1654 part of Ukraine, controlled by kazaks, was included into Russia. Consequences – war with Poland and tens of thousands orthodox people fleeing from Polish-controlled lands into Russian-controlled lands.
From then on Russians and Ukrainians were really ‘brother nations’. Well, it was not heaven, but it was the best available option. Same religion, very close language and mentality. And forget about oppression. Ukrainians were oppressed as much as Russians themselves.
When the WW I started, Germany and Austria-Hungary were looking for collaborators in occupied territories of Russian Empire. They promised independence to nationalists in Western Ukraine, and found people who bought the idea. Not surprisingly, the most dedicated nationalists came from the least developed region of the country. Ukraine did not become independent at that moment, but the ideas stayed and gave their fruit during WW II, when Ukrainian collaborators actively participated in Nazis’ crimes. In one of your videos you described what Unit 731 of Japanese army was doing and you warned your listeners that they will never forget it. If you will find and read witnesses’ accounts of Volhynia massacre, you will never forget it either. I read it once long ago and I never want to read it again. It was a shock to me that people are capable of such things.
In the period between 1945 and 1991 Ukraine had the same rights as any other republic. There were no impediments to preserving and developing local culture. If you lived in any republic, you learned two languages – Russian and local. National literature was actively translated into other national languages of the Soviet Union, there were no impediments to education. Soviet Union with all its flaws, really tried to unite all of its nations into one big family. (What surprises me though is why antisemitism remained. You could come from Georgia, Uzbekistan or Yakutia and pass exams to Moscow university, no problem if you are smart enough. But it could be problematic for a Jew…)
After 1991 Russia and Ukraine remained friendly states, tightly bound by economic, cultural and even family ties. Ukraine tried to get the most out of relations both with Russia and with the West and it worked fairly well for 30 years. But with time attempts to elevate significance of their own nation led Ukrainians down a dangerous path. They started to slowly eliminate all other cultures that were present in the country. This process sped up dramatically in 2014, when after a coup the nationalist forces gained influence on the government.
Official Kiev denies being nationalistic, but don’t trust what the person is saying, see what he is doing.
I live in Moscow region, so all these processes for me were just an echo of a far-away thunder. My friends who lived in Crimea, Kiev, Donetsks, Kharkov many times said how difficult it was to live in a country that is so obsessed with its own magnificence that it becomes absurd. Massive renaming of streets, destruction of monuments that signified joint Russian-Ukrainian history, rewriting of history, when traitors and criminals become heroes, heroes become butchers. Anne, daughter to Yaroslav the Wise, wife to Henry I of France is known as Anne de Russie or Anne of Kiev. But now there are attempts to call her Anne of Ukraine, even though the very term Ukraine appeared at least a hundred years after she died.
We see those nationalistic ideas demonstrating themselves in a number of ways, and we have seen them before and we know what threat they can bring if left unattended. Pay attention to a dragon when it is small, you may be unable to win when it grows up.
I don’t say that our perception is correct, I just say how we see it. And to us modern Ukraine is like a younger brother who joined a bad company and who is becoming dangerous.
Now combine these two. Ukrainian nationalism plus NATO. Two threats, one well known historically, another the most dangerous rival of the past 70 years. We see them uniting and it is really an existential threat to us. In such circumstances could we afford being blind to it, just sitting and waiting what comes next? We tried to settle it peacefully. Many times Russia said that we are worried by NATO expansion, that we are worried by Western support of nationalistic movements in our neigbour countries. No effect. The last attempt was made in autumn of 2021, when Putin offered a negotiation that should have resulted in guaranteed safety. No reply.
If there is a conflict and your rival refuses to talk, he is asking for a fight. I don’t say that war in Ukraine is the right way to solve the conflict, but who can say that we did not try to set it by negotiations?
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2023.06.02 22:17 passenger_pidgeon Rant - Consumer Goods (with offline app)

I've been working with multiple Salesforce clouds as a developeconsultant for over 8 years now and I'd never found myself in a situation like this.
I'm sorry in advance but I just need somewhere to vent/rant.
Every other Salesforce product I've worked with (while some have their quirks) has been absolutely amazing, it's clear they've been well researched and well thought out, and whenever a situation arises where they seem like they're not enough, the platform's endless expandability and customizability shines through, it's honestly been deeply gratifying delivering products that you know will make someone's life easier.
That is, until my latest project.
I'm honestly baffled as to how someone in Salesforce decided to purchase this product from a third party. The over-normalization of the database is franky absurd, every single business process requires a staggering amount of -honestly- useless records.
Documentation is lacking whenever it's not completely absent or just flat out wrong.
The offline application is horrible, to the point I feel physical shame whenever I've presented it to the client, it looks like something designed by second year students for a class none of them really cared much about (even the margins are wrong and the "about" section is PLAIN WHITE TEXT). Worse, it doesn't work half the time, it requires multiple reinstalls for minor things, logging in is made to be as painful and slow as possible, developing anything on it is a headache that lasts for ages, hell, just installing the modeler seems like was actively designed to be as hard, unintuitive, and problematic as possible. I've found multiple bugs and NO ONE at Salesforce seems to have a clue about the app.
It looks like it was designed with a specific client in mind, and the "advanced" models are borderline unusable by any real-world business who opperates even slightly different.
Every custom page for the cloud is designed in Visualforce, every other object includes WORKFLOW RULES, and obscure validations exist for each and every one of them which are NOWHERE on the documentation.
The data model is humongous, clearly built with a different design philosohy as the rest of the platform. Amongst multiple examples including "templates" as required for many objects that DO NOT NEED that level of abstraction and which cannot be changed AT ALL once created. A single user needs to be present in about 5 or 6 different objects in order to visualize a single client, every client needs around 8 objects just to be considered "complete", not even taking into account the other DOZENS it needs for EACH product and promotion.
I could honestly go on and on, hard coded "validation" rules included in visualforce pages (managed package so no changes to that) which appear to be based on nothing more than the dreams of it's creator, design decisions that break almost each and every one of the guidelines Salesforce professes to champion, obscure batches included in the package which change half the painstakingly built data into who-knows where while everything else breaks and NOWHERE IS THIS F***ING documented or explained.
I honestly wouldn't even call this a beta product, it is NOT READY FOR PRODUCTION and Salesforce needs to stop selling this as the "next big thing". Stop selling it at all. At the very least until there is some usable documentation.
Just the baffled looks the client throws when I'm attempting to explain the data model to them, and I know they are absolutely right, have been making me reconsider huge parts of my career.
Once again, sorry for the rant, love everything else of the platform and hope you have a good day.

Edit: a word
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2023.06.02 21:14 lunarinterlude Feel like a worse teacher after my first year.

What the title says. Why do I feel worse now than I did at the beginning of the year? Or even the end of the first semester? I'm too lenient for the old-school, strict teachers. I'm too strict to be one of those teachers that students trust—or bother saying goodbye to on the last day of school.
I'm looking back and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. I was marked needs improvement in some categories. I'm terrified to see my students' test scores when they come out this summer.Better yet, the other new teachers at my school are thriving.
I completed a student teaching/master's program last year, but I'm still behind brand new teachers who've been thrown into teaching without any student teaching experience.A mentor teacher (who didn't mentor me) asked me what I plan on working on next year in terms of improvement. I have no fucking clue. Everything?
Is this normal? I'm prone to catastrophizing, but I feel like I shouldn't be moving backwards like this.
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2023.06.02 21:04 dani-pop14 AITA for removing my bestfriend from my life after they got together with my ex?

BTW this is just highschool drama. Please bear with me.
I(17)F cut off my best friend for getting together with my ex. My ex and I met around the second quarter of the school year, he was a transfer student who came early in the year. Being nice, I introduced myself and one of my friends to him, next thing I know we were getting along at our lunch table and eventually we started talking after finding out he had feelings for me. After some time we decided to make it official. The time we spent was nice until two months into our relationship he became a bit distant then one time when he was taking me home, he told me that’s it’s best to break up since he has been in a “depressive” state and thinks I deserve someone better (literally did this down the block of my house). After that, we weren’t friendly terms since he would bring up things we used to do together at random, reminding what we had. But obviously I couldn’t escape him since I see him everyday.
Now 2 months after the breakup, my (now ex) best friend who was in a completely fine relationship starts having problems. TBH, I’ve seen this pattern with her all the time. She’s in a relationship for not even 5 months, has issues and when things end the next day she’s already in a new relationship. Obviously a best friend, I supported her and told her to communicate to figure things out with her bf. Before she broke with him, her and my ex became closer as friends supposedly. At lunch they would talk more then usual(they were mutual when me and my ex were dating). When I would notice, I would ask her in private why she was acting like this to someone who made me feel like absolute shit. Her excuse was “I cant just drop him, I’m sorry.” When the school weekend came, she told me she broke up her boyfriend and again, I asked why and supported her. On the same day, I saw her post lil things that involved my ex. Obviously I looked more into it, next thing you know I’m confronting my friend about what’s going on. Eventually she told me both of them had been talking “for a while”(this is when I realized they have been talking while she was with her ex). She knew that my past relationship was my very first serious relationship ever so of course I would feel some type of way, she told that she didn’t say anything because she knew I would be pissed. But me having to find out this way, putting small clues together, instead of her coming clean about the situation really made me even more utterly furious and heartbroken. During the confrontation, she told me that our friendship that lasted almost a year, wasn’t important as her new formed relationship with my ex who she has been romantically talking too for not even 1 month.I cut every single tie I had with both my ex and best friend.
Now Im in love with the best bf I could ever ask for. I just wanted to share this experience with Reddit since everyone can have their opinion about and see how shitty my so called friend was.
So Reddit, Am I the asshole?
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2023.06.02 20:16 curlywurlytwirly How do colleges see limited opportunities

ok so as an international student we don’t have the same opportunities us students do and i was wondering how colleges react to that. do they take that into account or do they just not care. for example, my school only allows one ap class a year and my freshman and sophomore year were put to a halt bcs of covid. i took ap bio my junior year and for my senior year (i’m a rising senior) i plan on taking ap english and then self studying for other aps bcs i can’t actually take them at school. for extracurriculars, again i’m limited because there’s not much to do here. i have a few down but i feel like i need more and it’s making me rlly anxious especially because i’m planning on going to yale. my stats are all good but i know that excs are what really make an applicant shine.
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2023.06.02 20:14 magicpotion9 Cycle Recap - Attending HLS!

Sharing my (late!) cycle recap because I learned so much from this subreddit throughout the admissions process (especially as the first person in my family to attend law school in the U.S.), and I appreciated the relatability / support / memes throughout the uncertainty of the last year!
Stats: 3.7high GPA, 17mid LSAT, nURM, nKJD from a T10 undergrad with 2 years of WE, applied between mid-October and mid-November
Accepted - Harvard (attending), UChicago, Penn, NYU, Berkeley, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern, Duke, Georgetown
Waitlisted - Michigan, UVA
Rejected - Yale, Stanford
I am beyond thrilled at how my cycle turned out! If there are any key takeaways from this process that I would tell my past self, it would be the following:
(1) Don't count yourself out from your dream schools as a "splitter" - I came into the process assuming my stats weren't "high enough" for HLS / UChicago but clearly could not have been more wrong
(2) A cohesive story / powerful personal statement can go really, really far. While my legal interests are somewhat niche, I didn't have anything particularly unusual (i.e., Rhodes, Fulbright) for "softs" but I did have a set of connecting experiences relating to my specific legal interest. These experiences helped me effectively answer "Why law?", "Why me?", and "Why now?" throughout my application materials. I cannot understate how important it was to take the time to reflect on what I had done and how it connects to who I am and my career goals vs. writing what I thought law schools wanted to hear or expecting my scores to buoy my application.
(3) You don't need the most amazing connections with your recommenders in order to receive solid rec letters, especially if they are your past professors. It is part of their job responsibilities to write rec letters, they do it all the time, and they genuinely want to see their students succeed. Reach out earlier in the summer rather than in the fall (like I did, oops) and provide them with materials that will make their letter-writing easier (e.g., sample personal statement, resume - imagine what you would want if you were tasked with writing a letter for someone else). Also, don't be afraid to follow up - all of my recommenders needed several reminders and appreciated when I reached out.
(4) This sub stresses too much sometimes the importance of submitting your applications earlier rather than later, but submitting in October / November is not at all "late" and will not "count you out" if that is what you need. It is better to have materials you feel good about than rushing to submit your applications as soon as the portals open in August / September.
Happy to answer any questions about my cycle / law school application process! Good luck to everyone entering the next cycle.
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2023.06.02 19:30 curlywurlytwirly Question about Yale Summer Sessions

so i’m an international student and we don’t have as many opportunities as students in the us do and i really want to go to yale. i have a bunch of ec’s that i’ve done but i also want a summer program to attend, especially one that gives you credit. im planning on signing up for the yale summer sessions but the tuition fee being $4850 is insane to me. i’m not sure if it’s worth it or not because again the price, but it’s yale so would me applying and then putting it as one of my ec’s increase my chances because i did get the credit from them.
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