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M/31 looking for the best of friends.

2023.06.04 08:34 meowser1991 M/31 looking for the best of friends.

Greetings! As the title says, I’m 31 and I’m looking for night owl friends (:
I recently had a smol baby girl enter my life and she keeps me up at all hours of the night so I’m looking for friends to chat with while I’m up with her!
I’m not looking for anything specific. I’ve posted here a few times and been ghosted a few times as well and I’d like to find something that’s more than that.
I’m looking to be the best friend I can be. We can chat about movies, video games, music or we can exchange pictures of our pets (: I just want to be the biggest hype person for someone out there and I’d really enjoy something that lasts.
Well, if you made it this far, thank you for reading. Regardless of if you feel like reaching out, I hope you have an amazing day/night.
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2023.06.04 08:34 Both-Statistician113 AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend?

AITA for ending the relationship with my best friend
Long story ahead but there is lots of context. Jump to **** for main AITA situation.
My (f26) best friend (f26) "Taylor" and I have been best friends for about 3 years; we met at work. We became close very quickly. Taylor has a husband (boyfriend when we met) "Jesse". Almost a year into our friendship Jesse proposed to Taylor and they decided they wanted to try to have a baby before the wedding. I was very supportive of their decision and was there for them during her entire pregnancy. I was so excited to be an "auntie", which they graciously granted me the title. My love language is gift giving and I do it purely out of love, not expecting gifts in return. Since the beginning of her pregnancy until this last time seeing her, I had gotten Taylor and her baby lots of items (diapers, clothes, toys, handmade blankets) out of the love I had for them; nothing crazy expensive or inappropriate. Right after the baby was born (about a week), Taylor, Jesse and baby moved across the country for Jesse's continuing education/job. Taylor and I vowed to make our friendship work long distance. Three months later was their wedding. I was hurt because I was not asked to be a bridesmaid, though there were more groomsmen than bridesmaids. Instead, very last minute I was asked to carry the baby down the aisle and I was so excited for my "special job". Things did not go as planned that wedding weekend. The other bridesmaids were very rude to me, not wanting to include me in wedding party activities, and literally taking the baby out of my arms, though I was willing to share them any time. I was supposed to walk the baby down the aisle with the rings but when we lined up, a bridesmaid took the rings out of my hands agressivly and gave them to the best man. I had taken care of the baby all day while the wedding party was getting ready and also had gotten the baby ready (dressed, changed, fed). After I got the baby ready, I took him for wedding party pictures, in which I was wasn't allowed to participate in. There actually aren't any pictures of Taylor and I from her wedding. I watched the baby til the babysitter came and got him at the reception, this was the plan so we could all enjoy the reception like adults. A little later Taylor then asked me if I would stop drinking and watch the baby overnight for them because the night babysitter backed out. She didn't ask family (her sober mom) or her bridesmaids (one pregnant/sober). At first I was honored to be asked, but it really was a change of plan. Being the sober one, I ended up taking on responsibilities that shouldn't have been on me. This included getting a very intoxicated guest out of the reception venue nicely because the bar staff was threatening to call the police on the girl causing a scene. I didn't want Taylor to have this memory of her wedding so I got the girl a ride home even though she screamed at me and threw wine on me, all without Taylor knowing. I also had to give first aid to a guest that slipped and fell. I ended up driving the very drunk bride and groom back to the hotel and picked up the baby. The bridesmaids were nowhere to be found to help during any of this. I never explained my frustration to Taylor, because that day wasn't about me and I moved on (my own fault for not ever telling her). Fast forward three months after the wedding and I fly across the country to visit them. For the most part we had a great time and did lots of activities, always busy and fun. The only "red flag" was when Taylor and Jesse propositioned me to join them in the bedroom, to which I politely set a boundary and declined. According to Taylor, Jesse was "very bummed" that I said no. Everything was fine and Taylor and I continued our long distance friendship.
****Fast forward another 6 months from then and I am going out again to see them for the baby's first birthday. I arrive and the whole vibe is just off but I'm determined to have a good time. Taylor doesn't seem to want to do much and takes the baby to daycare a lot while I was there even though she didn't have to work (I didn't care if he was with us). As a birthday present to her and the baby, I wanted to take them on a day trip to Disney (not far from them at all). We had dicussed this plan for a long time and Taylor at least claimed to be excited. I paid for the tickets with fast passes and parking, again just wanting to spend time with them, not expecting anything in return. We had everything ready to go for the morning we left because we wanted to get there early. We ended up there late, which is not a big deal, it takes longer with a baby. We get to the park and it is already decently busy. After we eat a sit down breakfast at Taylor's insistence, we get in line for a ride. We ended up riding 2 baby friendly rides and then she and I rode one "adult" ride with rider swap for the baby. After the third ride (we have maybe been there at most 3 hours) and she states out of nowhere that she thinks the baby is done and they should go home, after i had already booked the next ride. I was floored because everything was fine I myself had just fed and changed the baby who was content. Taylor said I could stay if I wanted and Jesse would pick me up later. So I was left alone at Disney ALL day. I was very disappointed, but again said nothing in the moment. After running all over the park all day, Taylor still wanted to do "girl's night out" that evening so we went out. At the restaurant I was on SC taking pics of the balive music, snapping my bf, when she took my hand and said "babe you're here to see me, you need to put your phone away". I felt like a little kid in trouble. So I apologize and put my phone up. We go to another bar across the street for the rest of the night where I order a drink infused with absinthe. I had never had it before and wanted to try it but I didn't want Taylor "mothering" or "griping" at me so I didn't tell her and got her a regular drink. Also i was already mad and didnt think it was any of her business what i was drinking as long as it's legal and we have a ride. Later that night we were about to get an Uber back and Taylor's phone is almost dead at 3AM. So I messaged Jesse and told him that we would be back soon and that I had absinthe but that i didn't tell Taylor. There was nothing else in the message and I have never sent him any sort of flirty or inappropriate message before, and never would. Taylor ends up being very controlling the rest of the trip and I couldn't wait to get home in a couple of days. Once home a couple of days Taylor calls me and starts going off on me about messaging Jesse the night were were out. I told her I was sorry for lying to her about the absinthe and sorry if I made her feel uncomfortable messaging him, not my intent at all. I also told her it was in no way meant to be flirty or even sneaky and really not even to do with him. I was intoxicated and wanted to tell someone I drank absinthe and I knew I wouldnt be in trouble with him and was already telling him we were safe and on the way home. She is still yelling so I hang up. I then procede to text her with a calm, well thought out text and tell her I had a bad time out there and how disappointed I was with the Disney thing, but was nice about it and even apologized again for my phone and messgaing Jesse. I didn't take any low blows or call names or anything like that. I hear nothing at all for 2 weeks (longest we've ever gone without talking) and spend 3 therapy sessions trying to work through this. My therapist said it sounds like an unhealthy relationship and it may be time to end it. My therapist also said I wasn't inappropriate and was confused herself. I wrote Taylor a nice, long, no blame, email telling her that I think we have changed and that I was thankful for her friendship but that we probably shouldn't be friends anymore. I again apologized for any hurt I had caused her unknowingly and told her I hope she has a happy/healthy life and id always care about the baby. I get an email back fairly quickly that essentially turned everything around onto me. Saying things like "you don't know how to communicate your needs ", how upset still she was about me being on my phone because she wanted quality time with me (but left me at disney??), "youve been having a rough year and youre taking it out on me" (blaming it on a trauma from a year ago), "you over extend yourself with the gifts", and how she couldn't trust me with Jesse (and how lucky she is that hes so "honest"). She never once apologized for leaving Disney, being weirdly controlling, or ANY of the other ways she hurt me. I have not responded to this email and don't plan to do so because it would just turn nasty and i dont want that, i just want to be done with the friendship. AITA for ending the friendship?
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2023.06.04 08:21 KashmirTravelDiary 10 Travel Tips That Will Make Your Next Vacation Stress-Free

Are you looking forward to your next vacation? Whether it's a weekend getaway or a long-awaited trip abroad, traveling can be a stressful experience if you're not prepared. That's why we've compiled a list of 10 travel tips that will help you stay organized, save money, and make the most of your time away. From packing hacks and money-saving tips to insider advice on staying healthy while on the go, these tips are designed to help you get the most out of your next adventure. So sit back, relax, and let's get ready to embark on the stress-free vacation of your dreams!

Plan and research your trip ahead of time

Planning ahead is essential when it comes to traveling stress-free. Start by researching your destination and creating a rough itinerary. Look up the best places to eat, the must-see sights, and the activities you want to do. Once you have a general idea of what you want to do, create a daily schedule that includes time for relaxation and downtime. This will help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed out during your trip.
Another important aspect of planning ahead is booking your travel arrangements early. This includes your flights, accommodations, and any activities or tours you want to do. By booking early, you can often save money on your travel expenses and avoid the stress of last-minute planning. Plus, having everything booked and organized ahead of time will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on enjoying your trip.
When planning your trip, it's also a good idea to research local customs and traditions. This will help you avoid any cultural faux pas and show respect for the local culture. For example, in some countries, it's considered impolite to wear shoes inside homes or temples. By researching ahead of time, you can avoid accidentally offending locals and make a positive impression during your trip.

Choose the right accommodations

Choosing the right accommodations is crucial to having a stress-free vacation. Consider your options carefully and choose a place that fits your needs and budget. If you're looking for a luxurious experience, consider staying at a resort or hotel with plenty of amenities. If you're on a budget, consider staying at a hostel or Airbnb. These options can be a great way to save money and meet new people during your trip.
When choosing your accommodations, be sure to read reviews from other travelers. This will give you an idea of what to expect and help you avoid any unpleasant surprises. Look for reviews that mention cleanliness, safety, and location. These are all important factors to consider when choosing a place to stay.
Finally, consider the location of your accommodations. If you want to be close to the action, choose a place that's centrally located. If you prefer a quieter experience, choose a place that's away from the hustle and bustle. By choosing the right accommodations, you can ensure a comfortable and stress-free stay.

Pack light and smart

Packing can be one of the most stressful aspects of traveling. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, start by making a packing list. This will help you stay organized and ensure that you don't forget anything important. Be sure to pack light and only bring what you need. This will make it easier to navigate airports and public transportation and avoid hefty baggage fees.
When packing, consider using packing cubes or compression bags to save space and keep your belongings organized. Roll your clothes instead of folding them to maximize space in your luggage. And don't forget to pack a small bag for your personal items, such as your passport, wallet, and phone. This will keep your essentials within easy reach and help you avoid the stress of searching through your luggage for important items.
Another packing tip is to pack versatile clothing that can be mixed and matched. This will help you create multiple outfits with fewer pieces of clothing. And be sure to check the weather forecast for your destination before you pack. This will help you avoid packing unnecessary items and ensure that you're prepared for any weather conditions.

Keep important documents and valuables safe

Keeping your important documents and valuables safe is essential to having a stress-free vacation. Start by making copies of your passport, ID, and any other important documents. Keep the copies in a separate location from the originals, such as in your luggage or with a trusted friend or family member. This will ensure that you have a backup in case your documents are lost or stolen.
When traveling, it's also important to keep your valuables safe. Consider investing in a money belt or hidden pouch to keep your cash and credit cards secure. And never leave your valuables unattended in public places, such as beaches or cafes. Keep them locked up in your accommodations or carry them with you at all times.
Finally, consider purchasing travel insurance before your trip. This will provide you with peace of mind and financial protection in case of any unexpected emergencies or accidents.

Stay hydrated and healthy

Staying hydrated and healthy is crucial to having a stress-free vacation. Start by drinking plenty of water throughout your trip. This will help you avoid dehydration and fatigue, especially if you're traveling to a hot or humid destination.
Another important aspect of staying healthy is eating well. Try to eat a balanced diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables. And be sure to try the local cuisine, but be mindful of any dietary restrictions or food allergies.
When traveling, it's also important to get enough sleep. This will help you feel rested and energized during your trip. And don't forget to take breaks and rest when needed. This will help you avoid burnout and ensure that you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Make a budget and stick to it

Making a budget and sticking to it is essential to having a stress-free vacation. Start by creating a rough estimate of your travel expenses, including flights, accommodations, food, and activities. Then, factor in any additional expenses, such as souvenirs or transportation.
Once you have a budget in place, stick to it as closely as possible. Avoid overspending on unnecessary items and look for ways to save money, such as cooking your own meals or using public transportation. And be sure to keep track of your expenses throughout your trip, so you can adjust your budget as needed.

Stay connected with loved ones back home

Staying connected with loved ones back home is important to having a stress-free vacation. Make sure to let your friends and family know where you'll be staying and how to reach you in case of an emergency. And consider using social media or messaging apps to stay in touch and share updates during your trip.
Another important aspect of staying connected is to have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen events. This may include having a trusted friend or family member who can help with any emergencies or unexpected situations.

Embrace local culture and customs

Embracing local culture and customs is a great way to have a stress-free vacation. Take the time to learn about the local customs and traditions, and try to respect them during your trip. This may include learning a few phrases in the local language or trying the local cuisine.
Another great way to embrace local culture is to participate in local activities and events. This may include attending a cultural festival or visiting a historical landmark. By immersing yourself in the local culture, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for your destination and make lasting memories.

Relax and enjoy the journey

Finally, remember to relax and enjoy the journey. Traveling can be stressful, but it can also be a rewarding and enriching experience. Take the time to appreciate the sights, sounds, and experiences of your destination. And don't forget to take breaks and rest when needed. By staying relaxed and present, you'll be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest.


Traveling can be stressful, but with the right preparation and mindset, it can also be a stress-free and enjoyable experience. By planning ahead, choosing the right accommodations, packing light and smart, keeping important documents and valuables safe, staying hydrated and healthy, making a budget and sticking to it, staying connected with loved ones back home, embracing local culture and customs, and relaxing and enjoying the journey, you can make your next vacation a stress-free and unforgettable experience. So go ahead, book that trip and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime!
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2023.06.04 08:17 karasuuchiha Part 2 Moass Today or Moass adoption tomorrow

2 Decentralized Finance MOASS Adoption

For MOASS DeFi Adoption we have @Loopring! which first step is bringing CEX Crypto into the DeFi world of Gmerica🏴‍☠️! Now to quote our DeFi Partner Bryon :) “We’re at a major inflection point. Centralization failures left and right. Exchanges + lending platforms losing customer funds. Banks failing because of centralized planning. Judges + courts ruling that if you store your funds on a centralized platform, you’re giving up ownership of those assets if the company fails. Everything is pointing towards crypto. Everything is pointing towards DeFi + self-custody as the future. The world will move to self custody as they learn this is the only way to truly own their hard earned assets. The timing couldn’t be better for our upcoming major Block Trading feature. Access the worlds best liquidity from the comfort of your self-custody wallet. Then experience everything else Loopring L2 has to offer once you’re there. Dual Investments, Staking, Trading, NFTs, Gaming. A true CEX-like experience without having to give up custody (ownership) over your assets. @loopringorg is building the future to enable the world to be their own bank from the comfort + security of their self-custody (self-owned) wallet. Now is the time - this next crypto bull market will pull the world into crypto and we’ll be ready🫡 Step 1: ✅bring CEX users over to DEX Step 2: ✅build the best one-stop shop ecosystem that allows you to #BeYourOwnBank so you never have to leave” Those who are use to a system of lies and thievery with manipulation, where CEXs, Banks, and Brokers don’t actually have your coins, cash, or stocks, will get to see what it is to truly #BeYourOwnBank and to #OwnYourOwnAssets, as the CEXs, Banks and Brokers fail, the flight from all of centralized finance and to secure transparent DeFi will cause a rally of a life time. All 4 paths for MOASS/MOASS adoption feeds into each other, the whole gaming economy of Gmerica🏴‍☠️ does! That’s our DeFi MOASS Adoption!!! Building the best Crypto Smart Wallet and DeFi Trading Exchange in the world!!!!! (What’s extra interesting is Loopring now has Block Trades, well seemingly inconsequential overall beyond offering an even better experience on Loopring what happens when a CEX exchange starts selling the DeFi tokens from their treasury (which is likely not enough to cover the accounts they custodian for) to Truly DeFi wallets?!?!? ;)💎🙌🏴‍☠️🚀🚀🚀🚀) Loopring also has another trick up it’s sleeve when it added $Pepe, I’m extremely bullish on its prospects when more and more holders jump in, tho it has trillions of coins, that’s not a bad thing it’s actually great for BILLIONS of users :) atm there’s around 100k Holders keeping $Pepe at around .5B market cap, it hasn’t been listed on many CEXs still, so many opportunities in the land of Gmerica🏴‍☠️ I’m so grateful to be an 🦍 and GMErican the future truly is look bright for us all :) option 2/Loopring is also extra special because of its financial scalability, everything and every asset will run on loopring through GameStops MP the determination of value will finally be fully in the direct hands of the Players :) PowerToThePlayers PowertoThePeople PowerToTheWorld GameStop now in Gmerica :)

3 NFT Asset MOASS Adoption

@GameStop NFT 🏴‍☠️💜, a place where dreams can come true :) a place for artists, creators, investors, for all markets to meet, the central hub of the above economies and the world!, interconnecting and creating positive growth. What’s really amazing is theres already so so so so much available, I’m in awe that this is still just the Beta. We have so many heavy hitters already!! From Betty Boop,to the [lead animator for Rick and Morty](, and can’t forget Kickass! these are just 3 of the brand names you’ll see floating around the marketplace and then there’s the charities! from Polli Nation NFToons ob-gyn.eth, we already have many artists doing charities!, some started by doing [art about our very own community]( ! And they grew into doing charities!! :) there are many communities like this that grow and are supported on GameStops NFT Marketplace!! we have TV show artists!! and we have Music Artists!! I could spend all day going through the endless amount of things that can be bought and then enjoyed from here :) but I need to move on to the part that ties in all these NFT assets together Voyage_AR!! By @GeminiProtocal this is truly incredible, just like GTAVs apartments or Fable 3s throne, plaster your walls with your investments, show them off to family and friends, show them the good you do in the world and inspire others to do the same! And with partners like Cyber Crew!! And others all together they are bringing Fun into the real world for everyone!, there really is no stopping this, completely and totally unavoidable, it’s happening, we won, we always won, and 2 years later we can see clearly the fruition of our 💎🙌s of our artistic and technological brothers and sisters, of the future that is already here but just waiting on 1 little itty bitty thing!! #MOASS so truly 🦍s let’s make this happen! For all of us!! For our loved ones, for our friends, for our pets, for our family’s and for the whole world, everyone’s waiting!!!
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2023.06.04 08:16 vewwynoice Looking for a job that won’t make me miserable, as an autistic and mentally ill person with ADHD… does it exist? (USA)

Hello, like the title says I am autistic, have severe treatment-resistant depression (for over a decade now), and also have ADHD. This is all relevant because it greatly affects what type of job I can do, not just which ones I can perform well at but which ones I can keep a job at without having to quit due to it making me miserable. I’m bad at trying to explain things about myself due to the aforementioned issues but I will try, feel free to ask any questions you have and I will do my best to answer. I’ve talked to people about this issue before (family, my therapist in college, friends) but they just end up getting frustrated with me because none of their suggestions would work, which is kind of funny since I experience the same frustration except I can’t just walk away, this is my life.
I will include more info about my work and educational background below, but I was wondering if a job matching the following description exists, and if it does, would I be in any way qualified for it: The job consists of me doing whatever productive thing(s) largely on my own, largely unsupervised, with few disturbances; there needs to be at least a little critical thinking involved, not something like an assembly line repeating the same exact same over and over; it can’t involve much manual labor; I could wear earphones to listen to podcasts / music etc. and have my phone out at least some of the time as long as I got the work done satisfactorily. Does anyone know of a job like this?
I currently work at the front desk of a hotel. I started in the field almost exactly a year ago, I started out working nights only after it was suggested to me as a job that didn’t involve doing much actual work. However, I was too good at the actual job parts of the job so I got moved to working day shifts. Eventually they kept increasing the amount of work I was expected to do (some weeks I ended up working 80 or more hours) without any corresponding pay raise, until I couldn’t take it anymore and got a job at a different hotel after working there for 6 months. It’s been almost 6 months at the new hotel, and while they don’t work me half-to-death hours-wise like the old hotel, the job itself involves quite a bit more work, and the schedule is crazy. (On the new “regular schedule” starting next week, in one week I will work two 7am-3pm shifts, one 3pm-11pm shift, and two overnight 11pm-7am shift… with one “day off” between working an overnight and a 7am.)
The problem is not that I am bad at my job, in fact I am very good at it, but the toll it takes on my mental health. Also, I want to move to a bigger city soon, and at those hotels usually more than one person works at the front desk at a time, and I can’t do a job where I am always being observed. My favorite parts of my job are preparing the reservations for check-in, there are lots of details that need paid attention to, different types of reservations have to be set up differently, and I am very good at doing so accurately, I’m good at following a sort of flowchart in my head, being aware of multiple rules at once if that makes sense, and when I was first trained for the job I was told I picked it up the quickest out of anyone the managers had ever trained. I like assigning rooms to guests based on their preferences, making the keys, personalizing their registration cards based on details like their rewards club status and whether they’ve stayed at the hotel before, etc.
As for other jobs I’ve tried, I was a substitute teacher for a few months (did not enjoy besides when I got to just read a book for most of the day because the work left for them was worksheets, I’m not a fan of children and I don’t like explaining things to people, or rather I am bad at it due to my language processing disorder) and worked as a cashier at a grocery store for less than a month because I was actually about to end it all from how miserable it made me. As for my education, I have a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (regretfully) from a good school (Carleton College) with a not-great GPA (2.75-ish) and am unable to pursue further education due to an inability to write essays (due to ADHD, and a lack of funds).
I am sorry if this was too long or unfocused, but any help or advice would be deeply appreciated, as my mental health is suffering a lot and I do unfortunately need to make money to survive. It would also help if the job paid at least as much as my current job (I make $16.50 as a hotel front desk clerk in a city close to Nashville) as I am trying to save up enough money to move out of an emotionally abusive family living situation.
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2023.06.04 08:14 lunakiva Cats and corns question

So I ended up having to get roommates because living in the capitalist as hell scape is a lot of money. I enjoy handling my corn snake, but my roommates cat Jesse keeps trying to save me from my snake. Is there a way to better introduce the cat so that she doesn’t see my best friend as a threat? Please help anyone who has multi pet household.
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2023.06.04 08:08 N7_SilverDrop Looking for fellow gamers - Longterm friends! (28/PC/US EST)

Hello everybody!
I am posting here again... Really am looking for some fellow people or even a good group of people who I can play games with or talk to long-term! So a little about me:
I really only play on PC. I feel like I am an easy going and kind person. I only really get upset if I am not playing well or lag. I live in the US and play most days. Love movies, animals, tech, burgers, Funko POPs, etc... I am married so you could be making two friends as I play with my SO from time to time. I can be a bit picky about games I play but don't mind at all trying new things. Except horror... LGBTQ+ and 420 friendly - if you are not LGBTQ friendly, probably best you scroll by.
Some of the games I love are: Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption 2, Skyrim, Destiny 2, Assassins Creed games (some of them), Star Wars series, Spider-man (both of them), Splinter Cell series, Halo, and that's all I can think of at the moment.
I am mainly playing Destiny 2 again and hoping to find someone that I can play with - bonus if you like playing PVP! I do have a clan that is great but they prefer PVE activities.
Would prefer linking up with people of similar age and like mindedness. I don't have any preferences where you are located but obviously same time zone would make playing/chatting easier. Dark humor is totally fine but just don't be crazy. Please only reach out if you are serious in maintaining a relationship and also don't mind sending the first message every once in awhile (HUGE pet peeve of mine if there is only one person initiating contact). Unfortunately, friends that I use to play with all the time just slowly drifted apart just due to the craziness of life. So looking for some new awesome people out there!
Now that this long winded post is coming to an end.. If anything that I said sounds interesting or something that you would be up for please reach out and I hope we can talk/play together soon. Stay classy :)
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2023.06.04 07:52 Delicious-Finger-111 I'm a horrible person. I deserve to die like they did

Two of my fish died today.
I had 3 in a tank. They swam together and loved playing with each other.
Today's the 2 year anniversary of my dad's death and I've been absolutely miserable for the last few weeks, if my posts are anything to go by. Usually, my depression is fueled by things that happen to me, or things not really in my control.
It's all my fault these poor fish died. I know it's my fault, because I'm a bad fishkeeper. I woke up this morning and one was dead. I got him out of the tank and got rid of him. The other two seemed fine.
It's really sad, actually. The second I got him out of the tank, his best friend started swimming crazy fast, looking over and over again in the spot he died in wondering where he went. I felt so bad for him. I know he missed him and couldnt comprehend that he was gone.
It reminds me of when I got home from going to my aunt's house the day my dad died, 2 years ago today. Before I left, he was cold and dead, laying on the floor of the living room. Lifeless.
When I came back home, I was terrified to see him there again. Turned on the lights, and he was gone, taken by the paramedics. Never to be seen again. That's what it was like, watching my fish frantically search for his buddy. I bought those two together back then, and just recently got the third to join them. They were best friends.
I didn't even think that there could've been something wrong with the water parameters. Just thought it was his time. Especially since the other two looked okay. So I left them in the tank and went about my day (slept for most of it, I fucking hate being awake on June 3rd now).
Big mistake, because I came upstairs earlier and the second one was dead. The one that I bought with the first one who died. His best friend, dead too.
I'm so fucking gutted. These poor goddamn fish died because of my negligence. If I had taken better care of their water and immediately evacuated the other two fish after the first died, this wouldn't have happened. I'm a fucking monster, I practically killed my fish and left the other one to the same fate he had to witness.
Needless to say, I frantically scrapped together a hospital tank for the last remaining fish, putting a new filter and new water in so there's no chance any contaminated water could get in. I really hope that it wasn't an illness they died from, because if it is, then he could already have it and be dying. If it's just the water, then he might be okay, and I can clean out the big tank and put him back in it.
But WHAT THE FUCK. Two years to the day I've been living in a nightmare, and two of my three happy little fish are just fucking dead. The last one probably won't make it through the night. And it's all my fault, because I took shit care of them.
There's too much to fucking do. HS senior finals are next week, so I've been rushing in late work and studying like nuts. I went to school yesterday sleep deprived and borderline delirious, stumbling down the halls just because I needed to get shit done. I keep sleeping all day and missing everything, and it's a time crunch to get anything done anymore.
I'm just gonna get super fucking high tonight and try to forget with youtube videos and TV shows. It's the only way I cope with shit anymore. I know it's a horrible relationship to have with a drug, especially since I'm genetically predisposed for addiction, but that's the thing: I don't give a flying fuck. Because it's either I get high and silly or I stay sober and try not to kill myself.
Fuck June 3rd. I feel like this day always goes horrible just to spite me. I can't even remember how I spent it last year. I think I slept through it again, probably cried while awake.
The thing about today is that I haven't shed a single tear, nor have I felt that sense of overwhelming pain in my heart that makes me want to. I'm numb. I'm just fucking neutral to it all. I woke up with 0 fucks left to give and now I'm in debt.
June 3rd, 2024 might be a good day to do it, if I even last that long. First my dad, now my pets... when's it my turn?
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2023.06.04 07:36 sadgurl115 I 25f fell in love with someone 26 m who left me out to dry.

It was 6 months. We were best fucking friends. On the phone all morning and all night, sometimes with our family members chatting over speaker. We met drunkenly and were magnetic from that point. He is so fucking fine it’s like good built him to my preferences. He did immediately tell me he might have to go prison for up to a year and a half for selling weed, which isn’t a moral concern to me because I smoke weed everyday. I was also drunk and thought I was going to just make out with him and never see him again. Didn’t even remember it until the next morning and he brought it up. When we met he was more obsessed with me than I was with him. I’d make it a point to not call, just to see if he would. He did daily- from the very day we met. We’d go one dates and stay at hotels and he would just cuddle and love on me, we hadn’t even had sex yet. He’s never disrespected me or called me out my name and is so patient and gentle with me. Met his whole family. I took care of him when he literally almost died. He lost his job, fell into a depression, had a major injury, and things crumbled from there. I supported him; he needed the help but hated accepting it. He likes to suffer alone (rough child hood and only kid) He has such a beautiful, calming soul but I saw pieces of it washing away. But even on the worst days when he was in pain and the world was falling, I was happy to have him near. I’ve never had a connection like this and never expected one either. I genuinely thought I couldn’t fall in love.
After 6 months he wouldn’t commit to me and I was angry. It was a combination of not wanting me to have to date a man in prison, a man who needs work but physically can’t, but also a bit of a fear of commitment. He hates himself and says I’m too good for him and it makes me livid. I have never been happier to have someone in my life or a man treat me so thoughtfully. I just wanted to help him through. I cut him off because I knew I had to. We went back and forth for just a bit but it ended with us both being frustrated but still being respectful. He called once and hasn’t for a month. It’s made me feel like nothing, but I know he’d say he’s purposely not reaching out because he wants me to get over him and find someone better. It makes me want to sob every time he says that.
And don’t get me wrong, I know my worth. I’m smart, educated, have a great job, I’m kind and a caretaker, and I’m pretty cute too. He said the same things about me to his mother on our first date (we FaceTimed). I don’t need his validation. But he is the only man I want to be worth for.
When I started writing this I was angry. Angry that he wasn’t thankful enough to commit to me. Angry that he threw me away and didn’t even try to get me back (I refuse to contact him) Angry that he came in my life and made it 10x better then leaves telling me I’m not allowed to decide who’s good for me. But now I’m less angry and more sad for him. Anyone else would say he has no business being in a relationship, and that’s what he’s thinking. But I don’t believe in that, because our relationship was already what it needed to be for me. I do think I have the right to be angry about mixed signals. But at the same time, with so much life coming at you that fast I know your brain doesn’t function properly.
I feel like meeting him was some sick gotcha joke. I don’t really know what to do with my emotion. I consider this a journaling session, but I guess I’m also looking for connection from other women who’ve been there. For some reason, breakups don’t bother me until about a month or two after. It’s hitting me all at once and I don’t know what to do with all of it.
**I would really appreciate if everyone tried to not make assumptions. I will answer any questioasked. Please don’t remind me he doesn’t want or love me, I already know. ***
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2023.06.04 06:45 Soymilk_tea FearFul Great Dane Adolescent and socialization

Hello all, I'm back agin for more advice, this time on socialization for my adolescent Great Dane puppy. Moose just turned 9mos old at the end of May and I have only had him since he was 6mos old. When we first got him, I found him in a rehoming group and upon talking to the woman who had him she mentioned she had a family member pass away and was unable to care for him. A couple of red flags when I picked him up. He was underweight, mainly due to a not so great feed, though she says it was because he 'ran it all off' and when she handed me his vaccination reports, from a vet 3 hours away in Alabama, she let it be know that he did not have a rabies 6 months old.
So we bring him home, we isolate him from my other pets, just in case, and I immediately call the vet. Get him an appointment for the next day and get him his rabies, bordatella, flea and tick, and Heartguard. At the vet, he nervously growled at he vet and his tech when they came into the room, and hid in the corner. I did my best to not let him hide behind me, but by the end of the visit, he took a treat the tech had thrown his direction and was fine. He didn't growl at the receptionist or even the dog that ran up to him, which I inserted myself in between the two before he cold make it over there.
Though now that I am trying to work on socializing him more, it appears he is a very nervous and unconfident dog. He barks when the door to our house opens, not the doorbell, but for example if I return home from work, and he is in the living room with my mom, the moment he hears the door its barking, not aggressive barking bt more alert style barking. He will walk p to the baby gate we have up and look at you, bark a few times, then wag his tail.
We've taken him outside a few cafes, and haven't let anyone touch him, but it is very wishy washy, sometimes people will walk by and he will do nothing, other times he will bark, and low growl while baking up. But when I have taken him to Pet friendly stores, there was no growling at other people or children except once when a child was very loud. He even saw a woman carrying her small dog and he simply looked at them pass by, it wasn't until the woman backed up and started talking to my dog that he growled, only once, and then stopped.
We even had our coworker, Susan, come and help watch him for a day while my mother, and I had to attend a funeral a little ways away, and she told us he was a peach for her, no growling, or barking, just very calm.
I'm just super frustrated, I personally have never taken him to a dog park, or anything, and it feels like every time I try to socialize him, I look like a bad dog owner. most people see him and understand he is a puppy and is nervous but I want to help my dog be more confident and socialized so I can do things like sit outside in cafe's and take him to PetSmart etc. without having to worry about him reacting negatively to other people. I don't let people pet him or anything, but if they have questions I let them talk to me, so he gets used to people being around etc.
I watch a lot of dog shows, which usually have barking and other people talking, on the TV while he's in the room, and he never reacts to that so is that a good sign? any tips/ ideas would be greatly appreciated. We have a dog park in the area with an agility course I Want to take him too(hopefully for his confidence), when the park is empty but every time I go by there, there are always other dogs so we don't stop. Does this sound like reactivity based on fear and unconfidence or is there something else? If it is something else what do you think it is, and is it too late for my adolescent dog? Socialization tips are welcome
thanks in advance, -Ray
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2023.06.04 06:11 No_Citron_4998 Is a low-fat high-protein diet ever bad for a dog? Need advice for suspected Lymphangectasia.

Hey fellow dog lovers,
I'm seeking some advice regarding my dog's health condition. He is a 2-year old male neutered morkie weighing 10lbs.
Recently, my dog has been experiencing fluid buildup in the chest cavity (pleural effusion) and abdomen (ascites). Despite undergoing diagnostic testing, the results haven't provided any definitive answers. However, I'm starting to suspect Lymphangectasia, a condition characterized by a compromised lymphatic system.
I want to provide the best care for my dog and I've come across the Canine Gastrointestinal Low Fat Dry Dog Food by Royal Canin. It's specifically designed to support dogs with gastrointestinal issues and has a low-fat high-protein formula. I'm contemplating switching my dog to this diet to see if it helps manage the condition.
But I'm curious to hear from the community: Is a low-fat high-protein diet suitable for dogs in general? Are there any potential drawbacks or considerations I should be aware of? I want to ensure I'm making an informed decision for my furry friend's health.
If anyone has experience or knowledge regarding Lymphangectasia or has insights into the effects of a low-fat high-protein diet on dogs, I'd greatly appreciate your input. Any advice, recommendations, or personal experiences would be incredibly valuable.
Of course, I'm consulting with my veterinarian, but I believe it's always beneficial to gather information and perspectives from fellow pet owners.
Thank you in advance for your help!
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2023.06.04 06:11 TheSmogmonsterZX The Daughter that Follows - Chapter 27 - Reunited - Part 3

Disclaimer: Registered trademarks and copyrights are properties of their rightful owners. As this series jumps realities very often it is hard to track that info.
DM, the Digitalman, the Scion of Variable is a creation of my good friend who does not use Reddit and is used with permission.
The Pokémon Lucario is © The Pokemon Company.
“My Dad is my hero.”
Harry Connick, Jr.
The Daughter that Follows
Chapter 27
Part 3
Anna’s barriers flared to life and she felt Hong Long try to push through.
“No, we don't want to scare them any worse than they are.” Anna said telepathically as she felt the creature’s jaws begin to squeeze down on her barriers.
She felt Hong Long strain against her will then finally push through and form in front of her. The dragon roared and slammed into the beast, coiling and restraining the struggling creature. Then it looked in the direction of Alan. Anna followed her tulpa’s gaze.
Alan Quain was casually holding the moth of the Indominous Rex shut, the creature was now forcefully crouched and clearly in a submissive stance. He was patting its side and soothing it with comforting words and a telepathic reassurance. He looked over at Anna briefly and nodded to the other one which was currently trying to bite into Hong Long, which was proving fruitless as the tulpa’s skin was near impenetrable to a mundane creature. Anna, however, was getting the feeling of bites all over her body.
She sighed and walked over to the dinosaur, near enough to its snapping jaws, but more than just out of range. She focused and soon she was in it’s mind. He was a furious and aggressive creature, made even more aggressive by a lifetime of shocks from batons and drugs from guns. She saw his only solace was his sister who was now being casually restrained by something it saw as food. Anna reached out mentally and hugged the creature in its mind. To the dinosaur’s perspective though it was now very tiny compared to Anna’s mental form. She tried her best to comfort it, but it was continually lashing out. Soon though, her father joined her and pulled her away. The dinosaur soon fell into a deep sleep.
“They’ll have to be quarantined in the old Bio-Syn sanctuary, but we don’t have to end them.” Alan said. “This one is going to be a problem unless he’s asleep though.”
“People suck.” Anna sniffled.
Alan nodded. “We can, but we can also...”
“Be better.” Anna nodded. “Kratos wasn’t a subtle teacher.”
Alan laughed, “You’d be surprised.”
“So what now?” Anna asked.
“I contacted Billy, they’ll be here for pickup in the morning. Then they go to the sanctuary and we go back to the camp for a bit. Until then I’ll keep him in a deep sleep, his sister won’t be too much of an issue, she’s calmer, but she’s gonna need to eat.” Alan said as he looked to Hong Long, “Think you can help out there?”
Hong Long snorted and nodded, then looked at Anna.
Anna smiled and nodded. “Thank you.”
Hong Long made a series of mumbles and nudged Anna’s head.
“Go get her something good to eat. Like a big crocodile or something.” Anna smiled and patted him on the head.
The tulpa dragon flew off.
Alan made camp and Anna helped. By the time they had finished Hong Long had returned and put an overly large snake by the Rex’s mouth.
“Well that’s a fucking huge anaconda.” Alan sighed as purple flashed around the area of their camp.
“Something we should worry about?” Anna asked.
Alan shrugged. “Potentially, there are realities where anacondas just get absurdly large and eat people.”
Anna’s eyes went wide.
“I doubt this is one of those worlds, but for all I know someone de-extincted the Titanboa.” Alan huffed and added, “Again.”
“Again?!” Anna almost shrieked.
“I thought you loved all animals.” Alan laughed.
“I do, but who keeps making these clones and why?” Anna stomped her foot on the ground as Hong Long shrunk down and coiled over her shoulder.
“Rich assholes wanting to make more money by selling a ‘perfect weapon’.” Alan sighed. “Story doesn’t change much honestly. Psionic soldier. Cloned dinosaur. Engineered Dinosaur. Ancient Snake. They always want to exploit something, there’s always a Looten Plunder.”
“Okay, was that a name?” Anna asked.
“Ah, you didn’t get to meet The Planeteers, that’s right.” Alan sighed and shook his head. “We’ll go find a world of theirs, you’d get along with all of them. But yeah it's the name of an asshole whose only goal is to exploit nature for money. Also hires a very lethal mercenary I tend to have to kill.”
“Yikes.” Anna said as she sat down and began to stroke Hong Long like a very long and reptilian cat.
“The Planteers were 5 kids recruited by a very literal spirit of the Earth, Gaia. They’re not soldiers and were never meant to be, their entire purpose is education and enlightenment. But they weren’t left defenseless. They each got a magic ring, four with the classic elements and the fifth is heart, which is kinda like telepathy but more here...” He tapped his chest. “If they really get pressed, which happens to them a lot because they're teens and they’re fighting psychotic, sometimes super villain adults, they can combine the powers to make...” He gestured in the air and the illusion of a blue skinned man with teal hair and red suit-like parts on his body appeared, “Captain Planet.”
“Nice mullet.” Anna snickered.
“He likes it.” Alan laughed. “He loves those kids, I try to remember that when I’m in their worlds.”
Anna nodded as she watched the image. “He has the heart of a hero.”
Alan laughed, “Filling those shoes already?”
“I think it’s because the other part of my base is already there.” Anna said. “I’m just waiting on you.”
“Well now we’re just waiting on each other.” Alan smirked. “Get some sleep. I got the watch. Need to keep the big boy asleep anyway.”
Anna nodded and walked into her tent, “Hong Long keep him some company for a bit please?”
Hong Long nodded coiled around Alan’s waist, waiting to be patted.
“Oh no, you don’t fool me.” Alan smiled as he pulled out some cards. “Come on, a game or two.”
Hong Long wrinkled his nose and snorted but coiled his lower body in such a way that it made a flat enough surface to play a game of cards.
Anna woke up to the sound of metal clanging against metal. Slowly she walked out of her tent and saw that her father was loading the male Indominous Rex into a holding sling. The female was actually sitting calmly in a holding crate, two large goat carcasses at her maw for her to eat whenever.
“Your dragon cheats.” Alan laughed as he locked the final column into place. “But he cheats poorly.”
“Why are you teaching my dragon card games?” Anna asked as she patted the dragon that once again coiled around her like a sash.
“He knows them, I just wanted a game or two.” Alan snorted.
Hong Long made some murmuring noises and grumbles that Anna understood as him being upset at being caught.
“Of course he caught you, he’s endlessly old.” Anna said with a minor jab to her father.
Alan smiled then realized what she had said as several work men laughed at the joke.
“My daughter, guys.” Alan sighed. “All right, let’s pack and get back to the camp and a warm shower!”
“Oh, warm showers.” Anna nodded. “And you can tell me about some other places we should visit.”
Alan smiled as he hugged his daughter. “I got a great one!” He laughed.
Another helicopter ride and a few time zones later the father and daughter were once again at the Montana based Camp Cretaceous. Alan had gotten the honor of the first shower in no small part due to a pachy skidding and covering him in mud and excrement through the fencing it had. Anna was glad that she had it last though, she got to enjoy the fresh hot water that she knew her dad had helped kick up.
It was well into the evening when they were sitting on his porch, looking out at the heads of the brachiosauruses swaying in the setting sun. Rio was even taking her time to watch them as well.
Alan was actually enjoying himself to a degree he hadn’t let himself in a very long time.
Anna was ecstatic, and enraptured by the gentle giants.
Rio’s recent turmoil and confusion seemed to have faded.
Then Alan sighed loudly and put his beer down on a table.
Anna focused and Rio did as well.
Hong Long coiled around Anna.
Rio stood and took a defensive stance.
From the high above the green aura of Psy-Ko descended, her enhanced powers made her glow like a beacon in the night. Besides her a suit of black metallic armor was descending as well.
“Hello Alan.” Psy-Ko smiled. “Anna.”
“Go die in a fire.” Anna growled.
“Is that anyway to greet--” Psy-Ko was cut off.
“Yes!” Alan shouted, “Yes it is how you great lunatics who hound and harass your family!”
An invisible force sent the armor that contained Sindri sailing into the sky.
“Well, I guess we’re fighting then!” Sindri roared as he rebounded back faster than anyone could react. His armor’s fist impacted a barrier that seemed to pop out of thin air. It was gleaming white and had odd symbols filling it.
“I’m sorry, I’m keeping them safe for a bit.” Ragnis grinned as he appeared. “Allow me to assert your place in the hierarchy of power.”
“Above him.” Psy-Ko grinned as green strands of hair stretched out and began to weave themselves into the various dinosaurs.
“Oh no you don’t!” Anna snarled as she formed a blade of her aura around her wrist and levitated herself up to the stands, cutting through all of them.
Alan just stared as his temper started to flare. “FLEISCH!” He roared.
The psionic woman smiled at the man she hated. “You remembered my name.”
“You’re boring.” Ragnis said as he looked down at the straining form of Sindri in his mech suit. “Now her..” Ragnis made a kicking motion and Sindri’s mech was swallowed by a beam of light and vanished.
Ragnis was then immediately at Psy-Ko’s side swinging a huge claymore down on her. Psy-Ko smiled as she dodged effortlessly. Soon she felt all the strands of her hair were cut free from their targets. Shr grinned again as she turned to Anna.
“My dear, why such worry? They’d be under better care with me.” Psy-Ko tried her best to give a sweet smile.
Anna stopped and turned to her.
“Anna!” Alan shouted. “She’s up to something.” He brought himself into the air and watched as Rio awas now engaging the returning form of Sindri. “This is some sort of trap!”
“Oh do be quiet Alan!” Psy-Ko sneered as tendrils of her hair raced and encased Alan Quain.
Anna roared as she surged forward. Ragnis joined her in the shout of rage. Psy-Ko moved effortlessly as she used her hair to snake into Anna’s aura and steal control of her arm from her. She directed it to the sword arm of the Scion of Life.
Ragnis shrieked in pain as his right arm was lopped off half way up his forearm. The limb fell as Anna watched in shock at what Psy-Ko had done. Psy-Ko laughed in joy as Sindri caught the limb and vanished. Then the hair that had encased Alan Quain detonated as if a bomb of pure power had gone off. It left Psy-Ko with only half of her hair left as she too shrieked in pain.
Psy-Ko floundered as she tried to focus once more. She was able to get just enough focus to see the rising form of Alan Quain, the purple mark of his psionic power that marked his eyes was now expanded out like with the edges splashed in black and white, like volcanoes of rage highlighting just how dangerous a force of nature he was becoming.
“Retreat Ragnis.” Alan said with an angry hiss.
Anna was still in shock. “Ragnis...”
“It’s alright kid.” Ragnis winced, “We both fell for it.” He vanished and left her to her confusion.
“I’m done pulling my punches with you.” Alan focused on Psy-Ko and the woman felt an intense pressure on her throat.
“No!” The high pitched and gleeful voice of Atropos said as she appeared and encased Psy-Ko in a wave of dark pulsing energy. “I think that will have to wait...” Then they vanished.
It took both Anna and Alan a few moments to establish that no major damage had been done, but there were now reports of UFOs fighting over dinosaurs. Which was going to definitely boost their tourism funding at the camp.
When they came down and went back inside Anna was crying into her pillow.
“Stupid question, but can I do anything?” Alan asked.
“I’m sorry, I should have listened.” Anna sniffled.
“She actually surprised me with that.” Alan said. “Hair powers. That’s quite a change.”
“Psychic hair powers.” Anna corrected him with a small laugh.
“That’s...” Alan blinked. “That’s just dumb and I know a woman who uses her normal hair in a similar way.”
“Will he be okay?” Anna asked.
Alan shrugged. “I mean according to them you took off half of the Wicked Bitch’s hand and she couldn’t fix that.”
Anna nodded. “I’m a danger to them.”
A flash outside their door and a knock later and Ragnis was opening the door and walking in. He was wearing a heavily metallic prosthetic.
“You could have waited for me to answer.” Alan said.
“You were going to let me in anyway.” Ragnis shrugged and showed off his hand. “No hard feelings, I got a new one.”
“Why does that look...” Anna stared at it. “Is that Vik’s work?”
“No, but it is from V’s reality.” Ragnis smiled. “Going to need some variants, but now that I have one that’s a part of me I can work with it.”
“But she has your hand.” Anna pointed out.
“Yeah, that’s concerning.” Ragnis nodded. “But don’t blame yourself, they clearly planned this. And we both had to fall for it.”
“I mean, I did say it was a trap.” Alan shrugged.
“Yeah but how did you know?” Anna asked.
“He is endlessly old.” Ragnis nodded.
Alan stared at the Scion.
“I already used that earlier.” Anna said.
“Daughters get a ‘being cute’ pass.” Alan growled.
“Look, I already told the others, I got this so don’t blame yourself.” Ragnis sighed. “She’s been a step ahead for so long.” Ragnis shook his head. “But I’m still keeping an eye on you. Let her meet the kids, get some rest, leave when you’re ready.”
Alan nodded. “Thanks.”
Rio stared at the Scion. “Will she target others?”
“Oh my god she’s trying to become Sarumon of Many Colors!” Anna gasped.
“Wonderful reference, but no it doesn’t work like that. At most that hand has a very small amount of what my concept of life is.” Ragnis shook his head. “Although now I have to have Perfection paint the image of her in a rainbow outfit just to annoy her.”
“Why would it annoy her?” Anna asked.
Ragnis sighed, “She’s Evil, not terribly original and quite frankly she should be easy to predict, but we keep missing something.”
“Her actual goal.” Alan sighed. “It’s been something so insane you can’t grasp.”
“Do you have any insight oh, old one?” Ragnis asked
Alan glared once again. “No, because again I’m not that desperately insane. Once this thing with Darkseid is over you got me for the seconds it takes to flatten her.”
“Or flatline her.” Anna added.
Alan and Ragnis both cast a concerned glance at Anna.
“She’s getting to me.” Anna sighed.
Rio stood up and sat next to Anna. “Would you like to pet my head again?”
Anna smiled and slowly patted Rio’s head.
“When in doubt, pet a friend.” Ragnis said, “You two relax, you’re safe. Even if the res of us aren’t.”
Previous /// Next
S: (looks around) Well...
Perfection: What?
S: I know one of you wants to say it.
Perfection: Say what?
S: Spaceballs, Lord Helmet.
Perfection: But there wasn’t a jamming scene.
S: I keep forgetting your sense of humor.
Wraith: (Walks in wearing an oversized helmet) “So, Lone Starr, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb.”
DM: (Walks in wearing the same helmet)
Perfection: Also I’m a fan of Yogurt.
S: I worry about my mind sometimes.
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2023.06.04 06:05 Xd_snipez891 [Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari] [Trip Report] - Holiwood Nah - 6/3/23

I had planned to go to Holiday World for about 2 months now, while I was visiting my cousins, and just 3 days ago I learned I would be going during Holiwood Nights. Naturally, I wouldn’t be there for the event, but it would be cool to talk with other enthusiasts and have the enhanced atmosphere.
So, we drove down to holiday world this morning, and unlike my Kentucky Kingdom visit, I got a good amount of rides on everything, not just the park’s best. I got in 15 minutes after park open, and headed to…
Legend x1 9.5/10 - 2 trains
This ride deserves so much more love. Great pacing, laterals, airtime, and speed, and one of my favorite settings on a coaster. I sadly only rode this once in the morning, because a piece of track broke off and it was closed for the rest of my visit, but I savored it.
I then went over to the waterpark, where I knocked out…
Wildebeest x1 9/10 - ~7 rafts
My first water coaster, and a great one. Lots of airtime, disorienting, and long too. Only con is slowing down through the turns and over hills, but that’s pretty minor.
Mammoth x1 10/10 ~ 4 rafts
This ride is like a combo of a great water coaster and a river rapids ride. Flies through the turns, airtime on the drops, and drenching splashes making the ride disorienting as well. Plus, it’s quite long. However, 4 rafts holding five people with a roughly 3-4 minute cycle time is a problem. Single rider line was my savior here.
This one was shorter than the other two water coasters, and had a bit less airtime, but the shockingly sustained and fast speed through the saucer turns and the racing aspect made up for it. You wouldn’t think it would matter, but ride up front if you can. Has more and better airtime than the middle. Additionally, I got a double ride because someone needed an extra person in their raft, so that was a nice bonus!
I then changed and went back over to the dry side, where I got my first ride on the coaster that was the main reason I came.
Voyage x3 10/10 - 2 trains
Everything you’ve heard about this ride is true. It’s relentless and incredibly diverse, and the terrain just makes it better. I prefer the front for the sense of speed and slightly improved forces, but no matter where you sit, this coaster is amazing. It’s my new #1.
It was about 90 degrees at this time, so I decided to relax and hunt- er, CALL some turkeys on…
Gobbler Getaway x1 8/10
This ride is charming yet doesn’t feel dated, has reactive targets, and a unique challenge due to the lack of a crosshair. Nice and long too, and the noise your caller makes is always a joy. My score was 1350, reply with yours!
Thunderbird x5 8/10 - 2 trains
I was able to have a mini-marathon on this B&M due to its high capacity and isolated location. The launch is surprisingly punchy, and the thunder effects make it even more climactic. It also has some surprisingly strong positives, enough to cause me to partially greyout on the loop, and I am not one who that happens to easily. However, it’s a bit short, and more problematicly, noticeably more bouncy than other wing coasters. I could see myself getting a headache after a few rides in an outside seat.
After that, I sadly had to start heading out and left by about 5:30 because I had an hour drive + the 1 hour time zone shift, and needed to get to my hotel on time.
However, I couldn’t leave without getting one more ride on…
The Raven x3 9/10 - 2 trains
This ride needs more love. The first drop is awesome and has some nice floater airtime in the back. I found the 5th drop to be very overrated, with only some strong floater airtime, but the laterals and insane pacing that follow it more than compensate. The crew is also very friendly. Dakota, if you’re reading this, thanks for the fistbump!
I loved my experience at this park, and would love to come back for Holiwood Nights. It seems like it would be a truly incredible experience, as this park is already great. Good food, free soda, extremely nice staff, amazing rides, what more could one want, especially from a family owned park! I’ll definitely be back.
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2023.06.04 06:00 AutoModerator Weekly Q&A - Your Question Goes Here - Especially Tourists and New Residents

This is the place for anyone to ask questions about Amsterdam. If you are a tourist visiting Amsterdam, you are moving to or recently arrived in Amsterdam, or you just have a basic question about life in Amsterdam and want some advice, this is the place to post your question. This post is refreshed every week on Sunday. Please feel free to repost in subsequent weeks.
READ THE WIKI FIRST. The people answering questions are locals who want to share the city they love with visitors, but only with people who make an effort. Read at least the Essential Tourist Information in our world-famous wiki before you ask a question. Otherwise, you may be told to go back and read it. The wiki is written by us, and updated when relevant. If the entries are old it's because nothing has changed.
HOTELS ARE EXPENSIVE AND WE DON'T HAVE GOOD ADVICE ON THEM. Because we live here, we don't know what the best hotels are. Amsterdam is one of the most touristed cities in the world and has the highest hotel prices in Europe. There really isn't a secret "cheap" solution.
TOURISTS CAN PURCHASE MARIJUANA, DESPITE WHAT YOU READ IN FOREIGN PRESS. Understand that the coffeeshops are just a tiny part of Amsterdam, so posts that treat Amsterdam like it's the Las Vegas of drugs sometimes get a negative response. We're happy to give you advice about coffeeshops and to discuss drug policy. The experts are our friends at /AmsterdamEnts, ask them the big questions.
WE DON'T HELP WITH ILLEGAL STUFF AND WILL BAN YOU FOR ASKING. We will not help you with things that are clearly illegal. Coffeeshops caught selling to minors get shut down and everyone loses their jobs. Authorities check for people smuggling marijuana out of the country. Hard drugs are illegal and so is asking for or selling them on Reddit.
WE DON'T ALLOW TICKET SALES OR TRADING. We do not allow selling, buying, or trading tickets on /Amsterdam due to the high rate of fraud. You should do everything on We're aware that is difficult to get tickets to Anne Frank, van Gogh, etc. We have no solutions for you, sorry.
DOE AARDIG. There is Dutch directness and there is rudeness. The people coming here don't know how we do things, and are usually well-meaning people who just want to enjoy the city we love. Be kind to them. For the tourists and new residents, please remember that we are not Google; respect our time by doing some basic research first and then asking your questions like you're speaking to a real human who is volunteering to speak to you.
Here is what's on at the major venues this week.
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2023.06.04 05:56 lol_urmom_gae questions about rat maintenance

So Im not currently a rat owner, just someone who appreciates them but I am considering maybe getting some in the future once I have the money and space.
I know that rats can be very good therapy pets and I know they could definitely bring me comfort. The issue is that I get depressed and I know that having to clean a rodent cage is exhausting I also I know they need frequent free roam time but I don’t know if i’ll be able to watch them super closely.
I’ve had guinea pigs before and I would constantly have to watch them to make sure they didn’t try and eat furniture or poop and pee everywhere, I also tried to litter train them and they still peed on me constantly.
I want to ensure that if I get rats that they will have a quality life, I don’t want to harm them by my negligence because I am depressed. I know I will procrastinate if cleaning their cage is messy and time consuming, same with free roaming. If I have to be constantly vacuuming and cleaning my bed sheets because they peed on me it’s probably best for me to not get rats. Ive being doing a lot of research online but Ive only handled a friend’s rats once, they peed but only in droplets, is that how they normally are? or were they just try to make a good impression?
But if anyone knows any cage/free roam sets ups that help minimize this please share them!
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2023.06.04 05:46 ProposalEcstatic3944 Sweet Dog Needs new Home Grand Bay, Alabama

Sweet Dog Needs new Home Grand Bay, Alabama
Original post below from rescuer Regina.
Hi, this is a very hard post for me to write because I have been fostering this sweet girl for some time now. I can't even remember for certain because my children and I have been through so much the past ten years. The exact date, even year, is hard to recall. But it was around 2018 or 19 that I discovered this beautiful lady being abused and neglected by her owner in my neighborhood. She was chained to a small deck with no shelter, and I never saw any food or water as I walked by daily. Her owner even tried to run over her with a car, stating she just didn't like her as the reason. She was so skinny and malnourished, and she still has a scar on her throat where she broke free of the cable tied around it. After my very nasty separation from my kids' father, and the death of my own, I moved in with my mother. She knew I was rescuing dogs, and she forbid me to bring any to her home. Rescuing was something I couldn't just turn off though. My heart went out to the masses of neglected, abandoned and abused dogs out there. I never registered formally with a rescue organization because, as previously stated, my mother had forbidden it. But they seemed to find me. Wandering into my yard, one even flew out of a truck that flipped three times on the interstate while I was shopping for campers, which I hoped to make a temporary home of for my kids and me. My home was uninhabitable for us. But when there was no other choice, rescue intakes closed, and a dog either had to continue being abused and neglected or face euthanasia, it worked as a safe place for them. My neighbor allowed me to run an extension cord for heat or air-conditioning, and I went over three times a day to feed and walk them. One day, as I was over tending to another foster, this girl came over for probably the fourth time, bleeding, again, from her neck, and overjoyed to see me as I always gave her pets and treats. Something she never got from her owners. I kept hearing my mother's voice saying "do not bring anymore dogs here!" In the back of my mind. But I couldn't continue to ignore that she needed me. The county wouldn't even come out to do a well check bc she had no history of aggression. I managed to talk the owners into surrendering her to me, as I had spoken with a lady that said she would happily take her if I was able to get her. However, once I met her, I found that she also planned to keep her chained, and was unable to handle her anyway. She was disabled and could barely walk. This girl, having so much boundless energy, would surely be too much for her to handle. She also could barely afford to feed herself, let alone provide vetting and food for this bottomless "pit".😅 So sadly I had to decline this adoption. She stayed at my old home for about a year, until I insisted she had to come home with me to my mom's. She wasn't happy, but she knew county was out of the question as they are still a kill shelter. I have attempted to adopt her out a few times since then. One inquiry turned out to be from a dog fighter. They thought I didn't know. Anyway, Big NO! I drove about four hours away to meet a lady who, unfortunately was hoarding pitties in a small hotel room, and was incidentally giving birth to a new baby when I arrived. My instincts told me this was a very risky situation. Another interested party had a trial for one night. I told this person this dog must have a fence or be leash walked, as she is reactive to small animals. He agreed, but waited til I left to try his luck with letting her free roam in a highly populated area in the city. So I went to get her back, knowing this couldn't possibly end well. It seemed she might end up staying, as I was absolutely mentally exhausted from all the failed attempts, and from being cursed at by several others who failed to pass adoption criteria, which included vet checks, character references, evidence of ability to provide adequate care and safe environment. I have taken some time off from trying to adopt her out. Keeping her just seemed easier and safer than continuing to try to adopt her out. It seemed so unlikely that I would find a suitable adopter anyway, with so many desperately needing help. But recently, my health has gone downhill. I have been managing, but having been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and pancreatitis, along with being a full time mom, and caring for my mother, whose health has also declined drastically, it's becoming increasingly more difficult for me to keep up with the demands of caring for her. I've been tired before, and experienced burn out. But this is something entirely different. For the first time, I'm seriously afraid that the day is coming soon that I might not be able to tend to her. I am having more and more trouble walking. And she has so much energy, she desperately needs to be walked and played daily with to keep anxiety at bay. She is such a sweet girl, and has responded well to training. She is in good health, and the thought of her ever going to the county kill shelter terrifies me. But I fear that one day in the near future, I may have no other choice. As I said, I am managing. It is painful many days, and some days I am literally going on autopilot with no regard to my condition. I will continue to do my best to care for her as long as she needs me. But have decided that, in order to avoid the possibility of having to send her to a shelter where she will most likely be euthanized, I need to put forth my best effort to find her a loving home. She is spayed, and as mentioned previously, has had some training. She responds well to cues when I am able to consistently work with her. She loves to snuggle and give hugs. She even likes to dance with her paws around my waist. She loves kids too, but should be supervised as she does get excited and jump up for a hug. She loves to do zoomies too, and at times will forget herself and crash into her person. Very manageable, tho, by a strong healthy person. Regular walks and engagement help with this anxiety induced burst of energy tremendously. She has been sleeping in an air conditioned kennel, with lots of room in a large fenced yard to roam. But what she truly wants is daily walks and playing, and to be inside snuggling with her person. If you have experience with pit babies such as this, have no small animals, and can and will give this sweet girl the life she deserves, please message me. Please be prepared to offer vet references so that I can ensure that she is going to a responsible person. I am ok with self care such as holistic care and self administered parvo vaccines. But I would need to contact your vet to know that she will be vaccinated for rabies and that you are a responsible and loving pet owner. Also, you and your family must be able to keep her environment calm and without chaos as it is a trigger for her anxiety. I know it sounds silly, but I would also need to know that she chooses to go/stay with you to ensure that she will be happy with this transition. Preferably someone nearby, or I am willing to travel and spend a couple days letting you get to know her if you are willing to allow me to see where she will live. I don't care if you're not a great housekeeper. Or if you live in an apartment so long as you have time to walk her. I will not let her go somewhere she is not happy tho, or at risk of encountering and harming another pet. My ultimate goal is to get better. To possibly have surgery for my back, followed by physical therapy to regain strength, to control pancreatic flare ups through diet modification. And assuming I am able to make a significant recovery, I hope to get even more serious about rescue and go on to save many more lives through training and education. I am actually hoping to be able to attend school for training, become certified at a behavioral specialist, and, at some point, provide training to shelter dogs to increase adoptability, as well as to aide in their success post adoption. For those if you who don't know, one of the number one reasons dogs are returned to shelters after adoption is lack of training. And for those of you who do know, you are well aware of how essential training truly is, primarily for large, strong dogs such as pitties, and what a game changer it can be for them. Thank you for reading. Again, I am located in Mobile, Alabama. I promise, if you are qualified and looking, this could be your next best friend! I have never know a dog to more loyal or loving!
Point of contact
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2023.06.04 05:09 Nats_HellHole I doing much better then my father and it gives me a power trip

I’m really proud of myself and I don’t have anyone to share this with, and tbh I’m not sure where else to post this.
I 19 F moved out at 17 and cut contact with my fathers side of the family (they are very toxic and immature, they prefer drama over family’s health and happiness). I was living in hotels for months eventually got housing with a job, then had to leave cus corporate was crooked. At 18 I was renting an apartment, it was a shitty one but it worked out especially since I was in an expensive state. 3 weeks ago I left the state and now living in a completely different state far away from that shit hole. I have an amazing job, I make $10 an hour but killer in tips. I’m renting a 3 bed 2 bath house, got a new (used) car. Life is going amazing for me. I have the best partner, he’s loving, sweet, charming, funny, and so much more. Im not in poverty (for the most part) anymore. I’m proud of myself that I got this far, and that I’m doing better then many people in my family, it’s feels amazing.
Now for the part that gives me a power trip.
My father 43, he’s a man child. He doesn’t know how to take care of himself and had someone take care of him for years, be it my mother, sister, me or someone else. He is a failure of a father. He lives in the same house (his mother owns) doesn’t always pay rent, that his mother brought down to about $600-$1,000 when it should be about $17,000 give or take. He spends all his money on pizza and weed. He constantly asks his mommy for money. He was out of a job for month so my sister was paying the bills, and he was to lazy to find a job, got his mother to print resumes for him but he didn’t go out to apply or go online. Now my sister moved out (again) and he’s all by himself. For years he’s been going on and on about how he wants to move away from the family (his meth head sister lives in the basement, his mother lives literally across the street with his other sister and her family). Not only that he also says how he wants to leave the state, get far away from everyone (hell don’t blame him, I did). This man can’t save his money, isn’t finance smart or dependent, doesn’t even under stand the planing it takes to move to a different state. I saved up a lot and I went through most of it quickly cus it isn’t cheap going to a different state.
It brings me joy that I know this man is still miserably living in that same home with that toxic family. That he won’t be able to leave because of his stupidity and his refusal to get his act together. If he goes to live with one of his tiktok “friends” I’m sure they will see how piggy he is and how he isn’t independent and get sick of it, eventually I’m sure they will kick him out. He made my life hell, he made me miserable. It’s great to know I’m doing better then he is at life.
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2023.06.04 05:08 Friendly-Map7382 One half of my bonded pair is missing—what should I expect to see in the one that’s still home?

One of my kitties has been missing since Monday. We’ve been searching absolutely everywhere for her for all this time now, but I’m starting to lose a lil hope. Her and our other cat are absolute best friends, attached at the hip really. While I’m so so worried for my gal that’s missing, I’m also starting to worry for the mental well-being of our other cat who’s still home. What kind of behavioral changes can we expect if her counterpart doesn’t come home? How can we make this better for her? Is there anyway we can comfort her beyond extra snuggles and pets? Any advice is so appreciated. Especially any to find our other cat outside of the regular advice google gives ya. Thanks ❤️
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2023.06.04 04:59 winterspan Trip Report: May 9-25, Tokyo and Kyushu

Just returned from a 2.5 week trip in Japan.
I started in Tokyo, before flying to Kagoshima and making my way back through Kyushu. I was by myself, making friends along the way.

TOKYO (Kuramae)

Tokyo was exciting and overwhelming. I really enjoyed staying in Kuramae on the east side. It was really peaceful at night along the Sumida river.
The first night I got in, being totally delirious from sleep deprivation, I ran around Asakusa in the dark. With the day trippers gone, I had Senso-Ji almost to myself.
I stayed in a hotel/hostel with a popular, upscale locals bar and cafe on the first floor, which led to a lot of commingling between travelers and locals. (named Nui). Fantastic idea.
I found a few tiny music venues in the neighborhood which were exclusively filled with locals. Me and some new travel buddies I met were welcomed as tourists, and it led to fun interactions with the bands and random Japanese.
Ueno and the area around the national museum definitely deserve a visit, as does Asakusa obviously. But it’ll be busy. Save for a quick trip, I stayed out of Shibuya/ Harajuku which I didn’t enjoy.
The most interesting day trip was to Fukushima area. I used a legit tour outfit (Real Fukushima) run by the community and was able to go into the exclusion zone area, and make visits to areas that were devastated by the tsunami. We stopped by one of the few combined community centerestaurant/market centers that had reopened since the disaster. It had such a hopeful feel to it after hearing about the problems getting folks to return to the area.Was a great experience overall.
The food in Tokyo was incredible in general and the 24 hour conbinis and ubiquitous vending machines were awesome for drinks and late night snacks.
Out of all the izakayas I went to, only one server was annoyed to deal with English speakers. The rest were friendly and inviting. Always useful to know a handful of Japanese and get your phone translation ready so you don’t burden them.
By far the highlight of my time in Tokyo was being able to attend the Kanda Matsuri festival around Akihibara. I’ve never experienced anything like it. The mix of ancient and modern, with the mobile shrines being paraded while chanting in front of Akihibara’s high tech backdrop was wild.
If you get a chance to attend a local traditional festival — any festival — do it.


Kagoshima was a cute little city. You won’t need a lot of time in the city itself. The Sengan-en garden was beautiful, as was the ferry and bus around the Sakurajima volcano. I did both in a day.
I stayed in a really cute guesthouse called Hostel Tomal. It was a group of private Japanese style rooms in an old building that had been rescued by a sort of art collective group. The owner was very nice and helpful and spoke English.
At night, it’s a quick walk up to the observation point which has a great view of the city lights. (If using Google maps, keep going through the parking lot when you reach the top). This is really popular during the day for the view of the volcano over the bay.
The entire city was surprisingly calm and quiet at night, especially outside the entertainment district. There were very few western tourists walking around, but I did meet a few.
Food highlights: - western cafe called “CAFESHOP”. Delicious sausage omelette and croissant after eating Japanese style breakfasts for a week. - little curry place called “Friend and Bird”, nice old man running the shop.
If you are into table top games or just want a fun bar to drink and hangout mostly with locals, there is a place called “NEWGAME BAR” with a flat fee.


I made an overnight stop at Mt. Aso, which was a quick express train from Kumamoto. It’s definitely worth a visit, especially if you are spending a lot of time in the cities. It was incredibly peaceful, I just biked around all evening.
The guesthouse I stayed in was lovely. It was run by a Japanese guy who had worked in California for a time, so he had all this American memorabilia and a big flag flying which I thought was cute.
There is also a great “red beef” restaurant there called “あか牛丼専門店 ごとう屋阿蘇店”.


Fukuoka was probably my favorite place, and I stayed for 4 nights.
I was in Hakata, at Webase. It’s sort of a cross between an upscale hostel and a hotel. My private room was equivalent to a business hotel, but had the benefit of a shared kitchen, common space and rooftop patio.
Walking around Hakata, Nakasu, Tenjin at night was beautiful and a lively experience. Similar to Tokyo in that way, but more relaxed.
I ended up at a local music festival out at Uminonakamichi Seaside Park over the weekend. I was one of very few western tourists at the show, and this led to meeting some locals which gave me a ride back and took me to dinner. We went to a local izakaya that looked like an abandoned building on the outside (intentionally) and had a secret doorway. They called it the “ninja house” which was just a joke I think. (The place was called “Chinpunkampun Haruyoshiten”). They did get a chuckle out of making me try to find the hidden door. This experience was easily the highlight of my entire trip. Google voice translate works very well and really makes these experiences possible.
I also took a day trip up to Kitakyushu to see the Sarakurayama Observatory via cable car. It’s a quick trip and definitely worth the detour. Nanzoin was also beautiful to see, but I think I had more fun just stopping at random train stations out that way and walking around.
Food highlights: - really cool Izakaya called “Takenoya Kawabata” - modern Yakiniku place with great beef that will serve a single person called “Yakinikutokasudon Tatsunosu Nakasukadomis”


I only had a short time in Hiroshima, and did the typical route of the Atomic bomb dome/museum and Miyajima/Mt. Misen.
The Atomic bomb museum and surrounding area was a very somber and emotional affair, but important to see.
Miyajima and Mt. Misen were as spectacular as everyone says, but be prepared for lots of crowds. I think I most enjoyed the ferry ride over the most. Absolutely beautiful.
One major food highlight to point out:
“Hakushima Brunch”. The most adorable cafe you’ll find in Japan. Run by a lovely older couple who opened it when they retired. They were so happy to see tourists and interact. The French toast was fantastic and very cheap, and they gave me free home made matcha.


When I got back to Tokyo, I headed to Yokohama the night before I flew out. I didn’t have much time to see everything, but the harbor around the Gundam factory was absolutely stunning at night. Train ride was worth it just for the view.
After two weeks of almost exclusively eating Japanese food, I found an American style BBQ joint (including wagyu brisket!) there which was fantastic. In fact, some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had period. Place is called Midtown BBQ Yokohama.
Overall, I had a wonderful trip. Be polite, greet people in Japanese, don’t fear the trains, get off the beaten path when you can, and get ready to walk like you’ve never walked before.
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2023.06.04 04:43 lol_urmom_gae can a person who struggles with motivation be a good rat dad?

So Im not currently a rat owner, just someone who appreciates them but I am considering maybe getting some in the future once I have the money and space.
I know that rats can be very good therapy pets and I know they could definitely bring me comfort. The issue is that I get depressed and I know that having to clean a rodent cage is exhausting. And I know they need frequent free roam time but I don’t know if i’ll be able to watch them super closely. I’ve had guinea pigs before and I would constantly have to watch them to make sure they didn’t try and eat furniture or poop and pee everywhere, I also tried to litter train them and they still peed on me constantly.
I want to ensure that if I get rats that they will have a quality life, I don’t want to harm them by my negligence because I am depressed. I know I will procrastinate if cleaning their cage is messy and time consuming, same with free roaming. If I have to be constantly vacuuming and cleaning my bed sheets because they peed on me it’s probably best for me to not get rats. Ive being doing a lot of research online but Ive only handled a friend’s rats once, they peed but only in droplets, is that how they normally are or were they just try to make a good impression?
But if anyone knows any cage/free roam sets ups that help minimize this please share them!
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2023.06.04 04:37 Aggressive-Ad5449 Please help: is Phenomav lethal?

My best friend has depression and suicidal ideation. Recently they bought a medicine online called Phenomav which they say they are using to treat insomnia and anxiety, however I'm worried it is a medicine that can be overdosed on. I have no idea about this and was hoping someone could advise. I looked online and I beleive it is used for pets but they insist it is used as medicine as well but doctors don't like to prescribe it. I think they have 100 100mg tablets. Please advise if you can.
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2023.06.04 04:11 Rockyxx7 34 [M4F] Texas- looking for a female friend

little about me... I have a degree in business management. I absolutely love anything scary/horror. Outdoor activities like camping, hiking fishing etc but also love to be indoors and play a video game or watch some TV. Very open minded person. Love animals also, so would love to hear about your pets. My Corgi puppy been keeping me occupied. Living life and just trying to make the best of it. If you wanna know anything else ask away. so feel free to msg me and let's get to know each other. Please put some effort into this. If your truely interested in a new friend, don't just give 1 word responses please. Feel like a lot of people dont put enough effort into trying to get to know someone. Hope that doesn't come off to negative, but it sucks having someone put in little effort
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