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[PI] In hell, people can choose what happens to them. They can choose literally ANYTHING. Naturally, many people try to exploit this by going for luxuries and pampering, but the devil ALWAYS has ways to torture those fools...

2023.04.02 14:27 Ataraxidermist [PI] In hell, people can choose what happens to them. They can choose literally ANYTHING. Naturally, many people try to exploit this by going for luxuries and pampering, but the devil ALWAYS has ways to torture those fools...

Link to the original prompt.
And so it came that Amber chose sleep. Blissful sleep, of a kind that feels like a wonder as you dwell in it, of a kind that rejuvenates mind and body upon waking up.
Amber decided never to wake up again. Hell offered little in the way of second-rate mortality, only in strange aeons could death die, but both Satan and God were too old for weird Old Testament stuff and had cast off Cthulhu a long time ago.
Toby - previously named Satan but unsatisfied with the mismatching expectations of the newly dead meeting him - took note of Amber's fate. He wrote with a Montblanc pen, the notebook had been crafted with the finest leather and marketed at ridiculously inflated price, but you had to admit that the absence of noise it made when you opened it had something classy to it.
So here was Toby, dressed in his impeccable and absurdly expensive suit, standing on the lush grass of Hell, taking note while looking at the verdant hills rolling in the distance. It was a warm day in hell, but a fresh breeze kept its dwellers fresh.
Wonderful workplace, but it made customers think they got to the Heavens when they most definitely didn't. Sartre once wrote L'Enfer, c'est les autres - Hell is others. As Toby could testify, Sartre was full of it, and Toby made him cry a lot until Sartre accepted to write the sign:
Hell is others, actually no, it isn't, sorry. - Sartre
It hung at the entrance of hell right under the following sign:
Arbeit macht frei. Nein, eigentlich nicht, entschuldigung. - Rommel
Which itself hung right underneath this one:
Ye who enter here, abandon all hope. Or not. How was I supposed to know? I'm an artist, not a theologian. - Dante
Somehow, this got customers even more confused.
Currently though, this didn't matter too much, for Toby had decided to give Hell a new spin recently.
To newcomers, he gave the following speech:
"Hello there, fellas," eventual confetti would be thrown here, "welcome to Hell with a capital H," flamethrowers would melt the confetti in mid-air right there, "but it's not what you think it is. You can pick your poison. Wealth? Women? An unending buffet? A successful invasion in Afghanistan? The sky is the limit... But wait, we're already there."
At this point, Archangel Gabriel dressed in a Giorgio Armani suit, would join the conversation and say "I'm the archangel Gabriel, and this is my favorite Hell in the afterlife."
After the first speech, it was noted that the flaming confetti diverted the customer's attention away from the spoken words, and a customer asked if there isn't supposed to be only one hell anyway, which vexed Gabriel immensely. Schedule conflict made it hard for him to be there for each arrival anyway.
So instead, Toby sat on leather chairs with the newly dead around a mahogany desk, he offered them tea, and explained the situation.
And that's how Amber chose sleep.
They walked out together, to the open fields under a cloudy sky. Little need to find a bed inside, the grass offered ample comforts, the temperature was always just right.
"Good night," said Toby, tipping his luxury pen against his chin.
Amber. She had suffered a lot. Admittedly, her dossier contained a surfeit of excuses for why she would turn into a horrible person. Broken household, terrible neighborhood, all the little things life puts together to make existence just a little bit worse. And excuses were worth something. She was human, no being was expected to behave perfectly, except God and Toby. Others could - no, had every right - to falter, to be weak, to be exposed, to fail to learn a lesson, to reach an epiphany.
But excuses only take you that far. Circumstances of birth matter little, it is what you do with a life that makes the difference. Even the Pokemon movie got that part right, and Toby was the first to criticize it.
Leave life a little bit better than you found it, for yourself and others. There, that's all it takes to reach Paradise on the first try. What belief or lack of belief you have matters little, as long as you sincerely try to do things right.
Being blinded by belief and deluding yourself into thinking you're doing the right thing doesn't count though.
Amber didn't get that part. Turns out, there's a long swath of scorched Earth built on good intentions behind her. Poor kids.
Naturally, she would pick sleep. All her life, she only ever aimed to have a sanctuary to herself. A place where she'd feel safe, secure, where the world outside couldn't touch her. A perfect sanctuary doesn't exist, but it's a part of escapism that's essential to the human condition, it helps a mind to recover, provides place and time to grow. She never got that.
And now, in the best sanctuary of them all, she chose to sink into the cushion a little further.
Toby took his jacket off, rolled his sleeves up and sat under the shade of a nearby, lonely but tall and large tree.
Archangel Gabriel was doing his daily jogging, he saw Toby's muscular forearms and whistled.
"Fuck you," said Toby, "and come by at the office, I still owe you a snooker game."
Amber stirred in her sleep. What else could she do but dream? First she dreamed the usual happy nonsense. She had lots of material to make things up, an entire human life of experience and imagination.
This was eternity.
A mind can only mull over the same subjects over and over again before getting bored. So the mind goes deeper, to the parts that are never remembered upon waking up, because they hurt. The mind dreams about life. Not from imagination, but from memory first, with all the rose tinted glasses. The life is gone through a hundred times.
A thousand.
An innumerable number of times.
And with each passage, with each revival of what was, life is honed.
First comes the rose-tinted glasses. The good and the bad, polished into a more digestible story. Until, somewhere in eternity, the glass slips, and is lost in the great nowhere. Other tricks are used, wishful thinking as if it had truly been so, double thinking, re-framing words and select moments to influence a narrative.
But with each passage, what was not and what was becomes clearer, almost brilliant.
Until memories cease to be. And what's left is the naked truth.
In her unending sleep, Amber cannot rely on the forgetfulness of waking up. She'd scream in the void, no, that's not how it was, that's not what I did. I did better, I gave them something I never had.
Ah Amber, Toby thinks, now you know. You know you only deluded yourself into thinking you gave a safe home the likes you never had to those poor kids. No, Amber, you couldn't provide it to yourself, you certainly couldn't provide it to them either. Not with the veneer of that fake smile, not with this self-righteous belief to top it off. At least your own parents weren't nearly as hypocritical.
"Woken up, have we?" Toby asked.
Amber had buried herself under the weight of the truth. It's hard to sleep with heavy rocks compressing your chest.
"How long have I been asleep?" she asked.
"Who knows in this place," Toby shrugged.
"You're a sadist," she said between sobs.
Toby's voice became mellow.
"Amber. I haven't done a thing."
"I didn't... I didn't want that, not like that. Not like that."
"No point telling me that. A swig?" Toby handed her his flask, a shiny and clean metallic flask indicating that no matter how far this person is addicted to alcohol, at least they do it with class.
Amber took a sip, felt her throat burning, spit it all out.
"What the hell is it?"
"An expensive drink," mumbled Toby, "can't even trust these heathens to appreciate the good stuff. Anyway! follow me, we have somewhere to be and I got appointments soon."
"Just... just let me vanish."
Toby loomed over her, his shadows expanded, for the span of a singular moment, his faces showed the ugliness of eternal torture, horns made of calcified wants and disappointments, wings of cold and despair. And in that singular moment of dark glory, the devil said:
"No. Now get your ass up. Pretty please?"
Toby walked, and after some uneasy second-guessing, Amber stood up and followed him.
Hell was lovely as always. They went beyond hill and dale, crossed a forest where the smell of pine was an invitation to sit by a tree and look at the squirrels playing in the branches, they crossed a bridge over a lazy river, they walked in a prairie of dandelions.
"Where are we going?" asked Amber.
"To the foot of a mountain in Paradise."
"I don't deserve Paradise."
"Who cares? We crossed into it when we passed that bridge."
Amber pondered the information for a moment.
"That rickety old thing?"
"Yup. People are always surprised how close Heaven and Hell are. Anyway..."
It came into view. The mountain. A pillar to carry a universe, impossibly wide, the top disappearing among the stars, infinity made stone.
"Now," started Toby at the foot of the mountain, "normally I'd give you the whole speech about you're pardoned, God loves you, Santa Claus actually does exist. But," Toby opened his notebook, "I've got an appointment with... a little girl? Gabriel must have mixed the schedules again. So anyway, congrats. You're worthy or paradise, hurray, you're forgiven, yay, bla bla bla. But there's something after Paradise, Hell and the purgatory. There's more. I tried explaining that once with a powerpoint, but your minds can't really grasp it."
Toby started to walk away, while a surprised Amber was sort of hoping he would finish the explanation.
"Up there, there's transcendence, the real stuff, and incidentally why we haven't seen many people because Heaven and Hell are just a pit stop. That's where you're headed, it's where we're all headed."
Toby became smaller and smaller in the distance.
"How do I get there?" shouted Amber.
Toby turned around and extended his arms.
"What do you think?" he shouted back, "You climb!"
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2023.04.02 14:18 OfficialLieDetector How would you Ash and his traveling companions in 20 words or less? (You can decide whether or not to include M20 universe companions)

I'll go first. Also, for some characters, I have differing opinions for each version of them, so if a character shows up twice, that's why:

Here are the averages for characters listed more than once:
Ash: 6.3125/10
Brock: 6/10
Iris: 5/10
Serena: 2.83333333333/10
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2023.04.02 14:15 Brotherof_Zekrom Also, Kyle is back to normal.

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2023.04.02 14:14 Hot-Bee4672 UPGRADED Spoofer To Hack Pokemon Go 2023 - Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS/Andro...

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2023.04.02 13:54 SuspiciousNightRider My Level 41 Achievements

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2023.04.02 13:46 PsychoDrones9t3 First Run Complete!

First Run Complete!
So, after having a copy of this absolutely incredible game for a little under a year, I played religiously up to around the 5th gym. Took a break and picked my Miyoo mini up again and decided to finish it. The change in difficulty occurred from me having to come back from where I left off, (somewhere in antisis) and I decided to drop it down to have an easier run, but as I got further along on my quest to save Borrius I ended up increasing it again to draw out the game because it was such an enjoyable experience.
Quick one on the team - Espeon, MegaChomp absolute mvps. Decided to stick 252 evs into modest Espeon and there wasn’t much that survived after a calm mind or two. Garchomp, came in so clutch with shadow claw surprisingly, landing so many crits at times where I’d have literally lost otherwise. Banette used will-o-wisp once the entire time I used him, but it ended up being the one time he saved me🤷🏻‍♂️
Just started new game plus, no rtc on the Miyoo mini but the workaround implemented in newest os should allow me to go through and finally play the raid dens and finish post game events which I decided to save for myself. No idea why I’ve posted all this, but just wanted everyone to feel the love for this, what is effectively the “definitive” Pokemon game.
5 stars boiz
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2023.04.02 13:34 princegb Blaze Tauros and others giveaway

My status: Online
Jolly Blaze Tauros with Cud Chew (Hidden Ability) Egg moves:
Jolly Frigibax with Ice Body (Hidden Ability) Egg moves: Icicle Spear, Dragon Rush, Freeze Dry. Aqua Tail
Modest Curly Tatsugiri (Orange) with Storm Drain (Hidden Ability) Egg moves: Rapid Spin, Counter, Baton Pass
Adamant Veluza with Costar (Hidden Ability) Egg moves: Trash, Recover
Adamant Flamigo with Costar (Hidden Ability) Egg moves: copy cat, double team, sky attack, quick guard
Adamant Greavard with Fluffy (Hidden Ability) Egg moves, four of the following: Howl, Destiny Bond, Disable, Yawn, Ally Switch, Shadow Sneak
Please post which Pokemon you'd like list the balls with the same order I use, your IGN and the last two digits of a link code.
For example, Love Pawmi, Lure Pawmi, Finn, 43.
I will search 2267 22_ _ (your last 2 digits). For example, 2267 2243.
I will let you know when I'm searching. You can have up to FOUR pokemon and one of each ball combo.
I will be trading from IGN Finn.
The finest print:
  1. I do NOT do holds or reservations, sorry!
  2. I do not accept unhatched eggs, trade evos, or Pokémon that require rule 3 information in exchange for the Pokémon I am giving away. I reserve the right to disconnect if the Pokémon offered back to me does not satisfy these requirements.
  3. I will search for three times before responding that I cannot find you and move to the next person. I will try again if you ask me nicely.
I prefer that these Pokémon go to those who do not already have these combos.
Thank you for your understanding.
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2023.04.02 13:25 Artemaker Why and how much are you spoofing?

I started spoofing a week ago but only locally... joystick moving around to different pokestops and doing raids, auto walking to hatch eggs. Now I know most spoofers will go to NYC or other big capitals to spoof, but why? It shows in the pokemon screen where the pokemon was caught and usally its in another country on the other side of the world. Everyone will know you're a spoofer because of that. Or do you just don't care? Especially sniping.
Just curious of the different reasons and how "hard" you spoof :) thanks for any answers!
Edit: I should also note I only play on one account, why play on more than one?
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2023.04.02 13:20 Haunting_Job_112 L

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2023.04.02 13:16 Haunting_Job_112 Adding 10

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2023.04.02 13:11 Oxnodeia_Cresilia OH NO

"You got more pokemon?"
He looked amused but I was half tempted to throw myself into the ocean.
I explained they were born a day ago and still probably trying to figure out things. Volo had a big smile on his face looking at the two of us while Jello knew what they did. Even with that goofy smile.
I. Am. Screaming. This is getting worse. I'm going to a different part of the beach. If you do not hear from me for some hours assume I have melted from embarrassment.
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2023.04.02 13:00 throwawayaccount4866 How to become a god in a great collapse situation (part 1/4 The Fog and Intro, March 20th)

As you're watching tv with your buddies, an emergency message pops up.
"Hello human, you and a lot of your species have been chosen to become a god, however only one of your species can actually become one. Now, let's just get straight to the point.
We chose to wipe out your species as it is better for all of you. The entity who keeps killing our gods will do much worse things to you.
However, we need the best of the best to help us fight against the entity, so we put up a test for all of you.
This test is divided into three parts.
The first one, The Fog will begin on May the 3rd 2023 at exactly 3:33 ETC.
All of the parts have a certain list to follow.
Now, lets get you started on the first one.
1. The fog will start in Reykjavík, Iceland in Landspitali University Hospital thanks to a student working on a manequin. The cause of this happening is unknown to us, the only thing we know is that it will happen.
1a. The fog will spread at about 5,78km/s, therefore taking about 2 hours to cover the entire planet.
2. In the fog, as you probably expected are some unholy things.
2a. The watchers look like a set of glowing eyes in the fog. As long as you dont look at them for too long, you should be good. Also, if they corner you or you find yourself in a circle of watchers, you have little to none chance of survival. Try to defend yourself by picking your eyes out, its the only way to not see what they actually look like. People who see them, go insane in 4 days. These entities are always active.
2b. Hounds are humanoid things on all fours with extended back legs. They are really hard to spot in the fog and are aggressive when they smell blood (menstrual blood excluded), rotting meat and fear. You can defend against them with fire as they fear it. However, fire attracts watchers. These entities are active mainly during the night and only when triggered during the day.
2c. Demons have a basic name but they are the worst ones that come with the fog. They like playing with their food and use the other entities to their advantage. They can also disguise as objects, however the object will always have some uncertaintees on it. When they attack you should run to a safe spot like your base. These entities are active only at night.
3. Talking about bases, here are some things that you have to have in your base for the fog.
3a. A fire powered lantern to scare off potential hounds.
3b. An ultraviolet light, to detect uncertaintees on objects.
3c. A bandage to stop the smell of blood.
3d. A comfort animal to stop fear, fearing is the worst thing you can do in the great collapse.
-----------------------------------------------------------------DAY RULES-------------------------------------------------------------------
4. During the day, the best thing you can do is look for supplies, however, just look out for watchers and hounds.
5. Always keep a watch on you, the fog makes it unclear what time it is.
6. Hounds and demons start being more active at 9:30 PM and stop being active at 7:00 AM.
7. Try to find a group, the night is always easier with more people.
----------------------------------------------------------NIGHT RULES (SAFE)------------------------------------------------------------
These rules apply when you're safe inside your base at night.
8. If you have a group, you should take turns sleeping, 1 should always listen for strange noises.
8a. If you do hear strange noises, wake up your group, get an ultraviolet light and a lantern. Try to scare off hounds. If you detect demons, everyone should be woken up and you should watch the object. If the demon isn't hungry, you're safe and should move to another base, however, if it is hungry and attacks, good luck moving to another base during the night.
9. If you see watchers in the windows, barricade them.
--------------------------------------------------------NIGHT RULES (UNSAFE)---------------------------------------------------------
These rules apply when you're outside your base during the night.
10. Climbing to a tree is a pretty good idea, just bear in mind that hounds can climb so try not to make noise.
10a. If you were spotted by a hound, try to get down as fast as possible or if you have a lighter, try to scare it away(this is only recommended when there are no watchers nearby.
11. If you can't climb, map your surroundings, move if you see something change, hear strange noises, or see watchers.
The fog will retract 2 weeks later. Then, you will have 1 week to prepare for another part of the test.
Then, 1 day before the test resumes, May 23rd, you will be informed of what to do during the [redacted].
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2023.04.02 12:47 JNS375 Is Pokemon Go banned in the Sandstorm-Region?

E.g. in Saudi Arabia it´s banned because Pokemon resembe the evolution theory. What about the other countries in that region? Might be the cause why sandstorm is so rare...
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2023.04.02 12:33 Ozsef Gotcha not spinning pokestops unless the Red Button is pressed.

Hello everyone!
I'm currently having trouble with my Gotcha where it won't spin pokestops at all unless I press the red circle button on the device. It's started doing this recently and I have no idea how to fix it. I've tried everything I can think of. (Unpairing and repairing it, making sure the options on the gotcha and in pokemon go are the same, using the gotcha app, charging it) But nothing seems to work. Does anyone know how to fix it and make it actually spin pokestops?
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2023.04.02 12:30 Kirbyclaimspoyo [GO] I know we all hate Pokemon Go right now, but wtf??? Both full odds

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2023.04.02 11:57 Astice_Pensante Pokémon Go Fans Angry As Remote Raids Get Worse, More Expensive (04/02/2023)

Pokémon Go has undergone a lot of changes over the past seven years, but the inclusion of Remote Raids and Remote Raid Passes have made the mobile game easier for players to participate without actually leaving their homes. However, it doesn’t sound like developer Niantic is thrilled about that. As such, it announced…Read more... Link to article
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2023.04.02 11:33 bolaju You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the troll.

It was them in my team again… the trio of three attackers that robbed my 6 ranked points last game—The three musketeers.
Nervously, I hovered over the mic. I knew what I had to do.
“Hey… Greninja. Can you show me what Pokemon you have?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper.
I waited anxiously for his response, my eyes fixed on the screen as he began to switch between his mons, eagerly showing off his collection of attackers.
Without any hesitation, I locked in his main, Greninja.
Checkmate, frog.
My plan was simple—keep Greninja selected and switch to my own main, Lucario, at the last possible moment. It was the perfect strategy, and I grinned with satisfaction as the countdown ticked down.
Now he would have no choice but to fill for the team!
“…What?” he muttered under his breath. He had stopped swapping around his Pokemon now, realising he had been tricked, or quite possibly, bamboozled.
“Defender needed!” I remarked, relishing my sweet, sweet revenge.
Meanwhile, his two buddies had settled on their same picks from the last game, Raltz and Cinderace. That was fine by me, I thought. Because without the frog to complete their colorful three-attacker formation, I had finally shattered the RGB musketeers.
Now, what was this guy going to pick?
20 seconds had passed, but the displaced frog had been struggling to make his choice—Hovering between Mamoswine and Charizard.
The final countdown was approaching soon.
This was the moment of truth. I knew I had to press him. To break him, to shatter his inner psyche.
“Defender needed!” I began to spam, “Defender needed!”.
I needed him to crack under the pressure.
…But that was when everything went to shit.
My heart sank as I watched in disbelief as he locked in Delphox instead of Charizard or Mamoswine.
To make matters worse, he also swapped out his eject button for a potion.
With 10 seconds left on the clock, I had been put in a hostage situation.
The chat was silent, and yet in this silence, I could clearly understand his message to me:
“Give me Greninja, or I play potion Delphox.”
My mind went into overdrive as I frantically searched for a way out of this predicament. He had outsmarted me, and now I was at his mercy.
Was there no other way? Must I relinquish Greninja to this potion terrorist?
A droplet of sweat trickled down my chin.
There was still a way. A forbidden technique known only to the most toxic of players. A technique passed down from generation to generation of gamers. Yes… it was to counter his threat with threat of my own!
Without a second thought, I locked in the purple spray bottle, matching him potion for potion.
Now we had two potions in our team.
Once again, the tables had turned. The chat remained utterly silent, and yet, my message to him was clear as day:
“If you go potion Delphox, I will damage your pupils with my potion Greninja gameplay.”
Was I really planning on going through with that counter threat though? No. It was a mere bluff. My plan was to switch to Lucario the moment he conceded and picked Charizard or Mamoswine.
Things were getting dangerously close now that there was just 5 seconds left on the clock.
Neither player knew whether or not the other was bluffing.
A game within the game had emerged. Was he going to call out my bluff? Was I going to call out his?
Only one thing was for certain:
Everything would be decided in the next few seconds… and the person who swaps first loses!
With mere seconds left on the clock, we had reached a stalemate. Neither player could move, and neither player could switch! Tensions were rising. And at that moment, I was reminded of the Cold War:
In the early 1960s, during the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, the theory of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) was developed.
MAD was based on the idea that both countries possessed enough nuclear weapons to completely destroy each other, and that any nuclear attack by one side would inevitably result in a devastating counter-attack by the other. This meant that if one side launched a nuclear strike, the other would respond with equal or greater force, resulting in the mutual destruction of both countries.
MAD was seen as a way to deter nuclear war by making the costs of such a war too high for either side to contemplate.
Unfortunately for us, 6 rank points didn’t serve as enough of a deterrent. At the rate we were going, with both players threatening each other with potions and troll picks, we had entered a state of MAT (Mutually Assured Trolling). If nothing changed, we would enter the game as two potion trolls in a 4-attacker team, ensuring the destruction of our goalposts.
Meanwhile, the timer continued to trickle down, each tick louder than the last.
And finally, with just 2 seconds left on the clock, the man had given up—He had finally admitted defeat, swapping to Mamoswine.
Hah, so he was bluffing all along!
Just as I was about to switch to Lucario, a sudden thought tugged at me, causing me to hesitate:
What if he was just baiting me to switch out now so that he could take Greninja?
"I'll focus on defending!" he remarked unexpectedly.
That’s when I became certain... He was most definitely baiting me.
In fact, he must have been spam-tapping Greninja now, ready any second to snipe the frog from right under me as I swapped to my main.
Realizing this, I understood what I had to do: Select Lucario as close to 0 seconds as humanly possible so he wouldn't be able to take Greninja back in time. It was the only way to guarantee my victory.
Assuming the change of my pick is reflected on his screen in 100 milliseconds, and the amount of time between his spam taps on Greninja was 50 milliseconds, it would take on average 125 milliseconds for him to select Greninja. Accounting for the brief 50-millisecond lag for the server to process his switch, he had a mere 175-millisecond window to swap to Greninja successfully.
But this also meant that I had to time my swap right before we entered the loading screen within a 175-millisecond window of precision. Too soon and he would be able to swap to Greninja, too late and I wouldn’t be able to swap to Lucario. And it also depended on his spam tapping speed.
So in the final moments of our virtual showdown, a game within a game within a game had emerged, pitting his spam tap speed against my swap timing precision.
Who would emerge victorious? Who would falter under the mounting pressure?
As the timer's ticks faded into the background, the entire world became mute, as if my ears had muted all the background noise to sharpen my focus. Everything hinged on this moment, this second.
And with a graceful swiftness I had never experienced before, my thumb descended onto the screen.
The timing was perfect, and I knew I had won.
As my finger fell to end our long-standing battle, time slowed down as I began to reminisce.
My opponent had tried his best, deploying various advanced stratagems and counterplays, nearly swindling me with his Mamoswine at the end. But I had prevailed, and there was no counterplay this time. Each exchange of tactical blows had pushed us far beyond our natural limits, and before I had realized it, I had come to respect my formidable opponent.
Perhaps if we had met under different circumstances... or in another life... we would have been duos. Or even friends.
Then, just as I selected Lucario, a brief flash of a loading wheel appeared. Then we were sent to the loading screen.
It was lag.
My gaze darted between the ten Pokemon posters adorning my screen, my mind racing to confirm my deepest fear.
Alas, my switch had not registered. I was still on Greninja. With a potion.
And right next to me, a Delphox—With a potion too.
What?! How could this be? By my calculations, he should be, at the very least, playing Mamoswine.
Was my bluff was too powerful? Had I misread the situation?
Fully convinced that I had decided to take potion Greninja into battle, the man had swapped to Delphox at the very last second, initiating his counter-attack. MAT (Mutually Assured Trolling) had indeed taken effect.
Shortly after, the five of us spawned into the game—4 attackers and 1 speedster.
That was when I learned the cold hard truth of this game:
You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the troll.
[To be continued]
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2023.04.02 11:31 TheBeardedRose Help With Download

Won't let me install it because it says I already have a similar package or whatever. Thing is...I've already Uninstaller pokemon go so I don't know why it won't work.
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2023.04.02 11:20 Wrong-Geologist6128 UPGRADED Spoofer To Hack Pokemon Go 2023 - Pokemon Go Spoofing iOS/Andro...

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2023.04.02 11:19 BreathSpecialist4249 I keep failing this scarlet terra raid pls help

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2023.04.02 10:47 looking4rc There was an attempt…

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2023.04.02 10:39 Impossible-Spring-22 Mewtwo Raid in Pokemon Go 2023 Mewtwo Raid in Pokemon Go

Mewtwo Raid in Pokemon Go 2023 Mewtwo Raid in Pokemon Go
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