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2023.04.02 14:23 Easternost4349 Step brother fucked his petite step sister dressed in her Halloween costume

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2023.04.02 12:43 esjwujolx Bea York Big Titty Curvy Cutie Halloween Costume Striptease Suck and Fuck Bad Dragon Roleplay

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2023.04.02 12:36 Backoverf Bea York Big Titty Curvy Cutie Halloween Costume Striptease Suck and Fuck Bad Dragon Roleplay

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2023.04.02 10:19 cjisbi AITA for yelling at my sister

For a little backstory I (19 f) and my sister (13 f) share a room and I work full time at a fast food restaurant while she is in high school.
My sister has always been spoiled since she was kept in hospital a week after she was born for pneumonia. So she as always gotten what she wanted if my parents had enough money to do so while me and my brother (18 m) had to deal with her brattyness. Recently I had dropped out of uni for mental health reasons and plan on going to a different uni this year and I cannot wait either.
As I had mentioned me and my sister have to share a room as we live in a three bedroom house and my brother still lives with us too, as he has only recently turned 18 and dosent plan on going to uni, and our house isn't that large either as it's just a english council house meaning my sister and I are sharing alot of thing like a wardrobe and set of draws and currently we only have one bed while our room is being decorated (something I'm paying for all of) and our dad is building us some loft beds so we have room to have desks and shelves for our own personal space but my sister seems to now know what personal space means and keeps taking all of my things such as clothes, makeup and any art supplies I may have ,and usually I don't mind but recently she's gone to far as she's been taking the more revealing clothes I own and wearing them saying mum let her wear it or she was just 'borrowing' it but she doesn't clean the clothes after she 'borrows' them and she also ruined them by wearing them to the local park with her friends and getting mud or grass stains on them.
she also leaves clean clothes that she's pulled out of the wardrobe on the floor so they have to be cleaned again even though they haven't been worn and it's starting to piss me off so I've started to raise my voice since talking didn't seem to help and recently I bough a harley quinn make up set that I was saving until Halloween for a costume idea and she had taken the eye shadow out of and broke it all so its ended up on the clothes shes pulled out of the wardrobe and the bed which is white so I yelled at her for touching my stuff when there wasn't a need for her to.
This morning I got in from work (I work overnights on weekends) and found my favourite book torn up on the floor and it wasn't a paper back book either it was a hard back and a good one at that so now she's gone to far and I don't know what to do anymore I'm just so fed up with her and our mum always takes her side when I do tell her off for such things and calls me a bitch fr doing so . So am I the asshole or am I just being stupid.
Edit, adding paragraphs
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2023.04.02 10:16 HopkinLookingToCurl1 FT: Legendary, shiny, shiny legendary, costume, regional, rare

FT: Legendary, shiny, shiny legendary, costume, regional, rare
I can fly
For the stardust crushers (shiny/legendary) I’ll be looking for 30 days trades (they may take longer depending on amount of trades organised and 1 special per day). Costumes/regional, can do straight away
LF: normal shiny ones I’m missing (too many to name), legendaries I’m missing (therian forms, Zamazenta, Lunala), shiny legendaries or costumes before Halloween 2022
DM me offers
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2023.04.02 09:33 negishidan Bonus pages from the 2023 LIFE magazine

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2023.04.02 06:40 DrAwesomeX QUESTION: What do you think the next Spooky Month villain should be?

The villains of Spooky Month are absolutely one of the highlights of the franchise. To me, all the villains fit some sort of cliche seen often seen within scary films. Even if it’s not on purpose, all of them fit within some archetype. Below I’ll list them all, and give some ideas as to what type we could potentially see in the next.
Episode 2 - Eyes/The Cult
While Eyes is definitely an antagonist to a degree, he’s not the villain overall. That honor to me goes to the Cult, who are introduced here and play a much larger role moving forward. Although Eyes himself fits into the cliche of giant monsters. Something in the veins of Super 8, Cloverfield, The Blob, etc. Meanwhile the cult itself have examples like Rosemary’s Baby, Midsomar, The Wickerman, etc.
Episode 3 ~ Moloch
Whilst Dexter was already a creep prior to being possessed by Moloch, Moloch was overall the villain of the Episode. He is representative of the possession trope. Where some character is possessed by an evil spirit to cause chaos. Examples include The Exorcist, The Conjuring, Insidious, etc.
Episode 4 ~ Dexter Erotoph
Dexter, or rather, The Happy Fella, is an obvious jab at the evil doll trope. Ironically it sorta also represents possession again, but it’s definitely more so a Chucky reference. If the Child’s Play reference wasn’t blatant enough, other examples include Annabelle and to a degree Poltergeist.
Episode 5 ~ Bob Velseb
Sure, he was also the antagonist of the very first episode, but I’m very on the fence about counting that. He’s got barely any character and the first episode as a whole was just a big shitpost with very little backstory for any of the cast. I’d say this is where he more so shines. Bob Velseb is your stereotypical hack and slash murderer. He’s established to have some connection to our protagonists, but for the main part is just mindlessly butchering people for the sake of it, while wearing a costume. Notable examples include Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Scream.
With that in mind, what trope could our next antagonist explore? Some of the more notable types that come to mind would be:
A. Someone Supernatural
Given the series hasn’t shied away from supernatural themes, I wouldn’t be shocked if the next villain is some sort of supernatural hellspawn via the Cult. Someone with literal magical abilities who can torment the town and/or the boys. Someone like Pinhead, Samara Morgan, or Freddy Krueger.
B. Someone Intelligent/Crafty
A majority of the antagonists we’ve seen so far are either very straightforward. They kill because they have a need to, and that’s about it. What about someone who does it for a reason? Someone who likes to torment their victims? Someone like a Jigsaw, Hannibal Lector, or even more recently Chef Julian Slowik to a degree. Someone who sees all of this as one big game and/or to prove something.
C. A stereotypical monster
Whilst Moloch has already sorta done this, I’m referring to your cheesy run-of-the-mill horror icon. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man, The Mummy, The Creature from The Black Lagoon, etc.
Anyways, what do y’all think? What are your ideas for the next Spooky Month villain?
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2023.04.02 05:22 fagfattot Looking for a podcast episode

There's this one bit that's been stuck in my head for months, but I haven't found in which episode it's said. I'm pretty sure they're talking about their favorite colors, then the topic gets to halloween costumes and because McNasty said his favorite color was red and Doo said his was green, Soup goes "ya'll can dress up as Mario and Lil Guetti" or some dumb shit like that.
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2023.04.02 05:22 Acrobatic_Painting98 If you could have any vehicle in the world, what would it be?

What's the most memorable Halloween costume you've ever worn?
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2023.04.02 04:08 Sea_Comment1190 What's the most memorable Halloween costume you've ever worn?

If you could be any animal, which one would you choose?
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2023.04.02 04:06 LyraAraPeverellBlack A good quality corset has been a thrift holy grail item for me since 2019 and I finally have one 🥰.

A good quality corset has been a thrift holy grail item for me since 2019 and I finally have one 🥰.
This is a black satin corset from Corset Story and I got for $40 from goodwill and Originally $208.50 when not on sale. I feel ecstatic to finally own a corset of my own so I can finally revamp my personified Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven costume for Halloween to look the way I imagined it to be.
It feels like it’s good quality, is comfortable and is quite flattering. I have no plans to tight lace and plan to just lace tight enough for it to still be comfortable and give me a confidence boost so it is a statement fashion piece.
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2023.04.02 03:08 adhominem4theweak hEy guyS i CliMbeD in thIs ZANY dino sUit teeeeeheeehaww!!!

hEy guyS i CliMbeD in thIs ZANY dino sUit teeeeeheeehaww!!!
mE and my FriEnds like To keEp it WILD and WHACKY!!!!! KeEp senDing!!! See u aT thE crAg!!!! Doyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ass ass ass ass
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2023.04.02 02:51 Material_College8264 What are some of the most bizarre or unique subcultures you've come across?

What's the most creative Halloween costume you've worn?
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2023.04.02 02:20 LUIGIISREAL2017 >!What if GGY had his own "Halloween Costume"!<

Like if GGY/Patient 46 were to dress up for Halloween as a Follower of Afton(I doubt Vanny is the ONLY one; I'm Sure there are LOTS of other VR Playtesters that got infected by the Glitchtrap Virus; and as such they probably have their OWN Unique Bunny Costumes they wear as "Followers of Afton")
I'm Sure it'd be a Bunny Costume akin to Vanny's but Gregory-sized & with a Different Design than the one Vanny came up with. . .
What do YOU Guys think GGY's "Bunny Costume" would look like?
Obviously; the only way that GGY could wear that & NOT Draw Suspicion to himself; is if he was to wear it on Halloween[Hence why I called it "A Halloween Costume"; It's the only way for GGY to wear a Bunny costume without anyone batting an eye at it; Because it's Halloween]
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2023.04.02 01:24 21CyclonesGD My New Halloween Costume Came In/j

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2023.04.02 01:22 21CyclonesGD My New Halloween Costume Came In/j

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2023.04.02 01:21 ribbon_b0nes [Pc] [2009-2014] mmorpg from childhood

PC 2009-2014 MMORPG from childhood
2009-2013 PC
MMORPG from my childhood
Platform: PC
estimated release: not sure, but I played around 2009-2013
Grpahic/art style: cartoon(like toon-town)
Notable characters: dragon pets?
Notable gameplay mechanics: able to have a home and decorate, lots of mini games, seperate realm for older teens(I remember there being fightable monsters in this area, and a turtle room)
Others: themes of the world changed w/ seasons (i.e. Halloween time brought about a haunted house in the main area); membership system(pets fell under this)
Things its not: made for adults, this is a kids game; toon-town; animal jam; wizard-101; jumpstart; lego universe
This is incredibly vague, but this is all I got man. Thank you!
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2023.04.02 01:03 Available_Photo_3694 What's the most unbelievable story you've heard from a stranger?

What's the most creative Halloween costume you've ever worn?
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2023.04.02 00:33 polgara_buttercup Fall Faerie Festival Scotland PA

Fall Faerie Festival Scotland PA
September 30th Greene Township Park 10am-4pm
Free admission, arts and craft vendors, food trucks.
Free entertainment! Costume contests in 3 age categories including adults. Lots of kids activities like face painting, pumpkin decorating and wand making for small fee.
Festival proceeds benefit Shippensburg Produce and Outreach, and Shippensburg Community Resource Center’s Hound Pack Program, that supplies weekend food bags for students.
For more information about vendor opportunities or sponsorship, email [email protected]
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2023.04.01 23:56 Turbulent_Week_7609 What's the most creative Halloween costume you've worn?

What's your favorite bad movie?
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2023.04.01 23:00 AutoModerator What is #VALZUBIRIAGENDA and some ideas and insights

The 3 basic parameters of hashtag #Valzubiriagenda:

  1. We artists and everyone else can write and self-publish art- and artist-related books: memoirs, biographies, art books and art catalogs. Books are forever. Pamphlets and brochures are not books.
  2. We announce a schedule of increasing prices of our art pieces, which includes quantities (scarcity numbers) per price point and overall (the total quantity of art pieces we might ever make). This helps art traders, art investors and art collectors speculate or even stop speculating and instead join a community of investors working together to hopefully skyrocket to the higher announced prices in a shorter span of time.
  3. We can use the NFT world, because NFTs provide the tracking (who owns what) and trading.
We can also not be involved with NFTs. Stores and individuals can help sell art using online presence and our catalogs in the stores. If this trends, or once this trends, even expensive art can be sold by neighboring businesses, without exclusivity. Commission systems do not have to be standardized. Art investors can produce their own catalogs to leave at the cafés. Even the cafés can produce their own catalogs.
Valzubiriagenda NFTs
NFTs only came about a few years ago. But I had been working on this since the 1990s. I wrote a book, Valzubiriagenda, along with fellow artist Silverio Perez, and released it in 2018 (Amazon and elsewhere), tackling everything related to #1 & #2. We'll come up with #3 in a later book/ memoi marketing book.
Any artist, including tangible artists can release 10,000 NFTs if the artist chooses to do so. For tangible artists, the NFT first becomes an Art Commission Contract for sight unseen, yet-to-be made art. Once the art is made, the NFT becomes proof of ownership that the actual, tangible art is theirs.
Warehousing our tangible art
Another related idea is that the tangible art may be warehoused by the artist so that the NFT traders continue to trade. This means that even 10-ton 10-foot tall sculptures can be owned and traded by anyone without worrying about shipping, reshipping, scratches, smudges, parts breaking off, etc. The newness of the pieces remain because they are stored by the artist, source, gallery, etc. The art piece gets shipped to the art collector, the ultimate owner.
An artist who makes ceramic coffee mugs - smaller art pieces, can release 10,000 NFTs with a schedule of increasing prices so that NFT traders can trade immediately. The 10,000 coffee mugs can get damaged, so as they are made, they continue to be stored by the artist, until the time when art collectors decide to have the art pieces shipped to them.
Why only now?
I decided to write as many book-length memoirs as I can before I came out to promote this.
I'm an artist and an author. Both need time to "master." I would not even fully use "master" on myself, because there's always something new, even to my own art, my own writing and publishing.
I am now claiming that I'm the visual artist who has produced the most artist memoirs in the world. I have 5 on Amazon. I count Valzubiriagenda as both a marketing book and a memoir-of-sorts, because it has a lot of my own life lessons on writing and publishing. I would not care to contest my claim of having the most memoirs. I will release 5 more over the next 3 years.
BARTER! Get help to write, photograph art and publish your books!
Anyone can hire 11 ghostwriters for 11 memoirs. If you can make art, but you cannot write, then barter your forever art with those who can help you produce forever books.
I don't feel the pressure of writing and publishing because I feel my focus should be on art students and art experts who would study my art and my books 100 years from now. Don't expect relatives and friends to read your books.
I call myself the Dollman
For my NFTs, I am proposing to make dioramas - my original, costumed, bejeweled porcelain dolls in backdrops that will also have precious metals and gemstones. This way I can incorporate precious metals and gemstones in my work, to make sure that people perceive my art as expensive, just in case I myself don't become "famous" - there's no need to get world famous. We are artists and all we need to do is to satisfy the art niche.
Use your laptop now!
I will encourage you to start writing your book-length memoir. Write, Edit and then Self-publish it. Get help. Why wait a hundred years for someone to write about you when all you need is a laptop and a nearby coffee shop.
Don't start counting chickens before the eggs hatch. I have encountered a lot of would-be writers who immediately see themselves as bestselling. world famous assets to society. Two even wanted me to sign NDAs (Nondisclosure agreements), because they did not want me to steal their book ideas.
Here's a suggestion. I would not personally do it. From one manuscript can come 2 books: The Original Draft (unedited, with misspellings, considered to be an art piece, scanned pages(?) of your handwritten original effort), and The Final Edition (edited).
Another way to enhance our investability, tradability and collectability is PROVENANCE - how art ownership proceeds through time. The way this can be done is also through publishing books. Everyone can write their memoirs, biographies, art books and art catalogs, including traders, investors and art collectors. In effect, we artists can continue to be included or mentioned in even more books, without any additional effort by us.
You as an investor, reseller, trader, art collector should be able to publish a catalog with 250 works by 250 different artists, but they need to agree to this right from the start - it's your money, you should require them to follow your version of the hashtag #valzubiriagenda parameters, which preferably should include permission for you to publish their art. Why would you track down 250 artists later?
No exclusive contracts
If you're a café, you can call for artists, and come up with a book with for example, 30 artists, with a chapter devoted to each artist's profile and images of the artist's art.
You can distribute your catalogs to businesses and individuals near and far and online.
The book Valzubiriagenda even cites that funeral homes and janitors closets can sell art, with or without exclusivity. Airline catalogs can include million dollar art pieces. Car manufacturers, showrooms and even car repair shops can sell art as well. Everyone should be able to do this, anywhere in the world, especially not just because of the pandemic, but right now, we are in really bad economies.
What's with the name #Valzubiriagenda
I was into conspiracy theories in 2018, and this term, "The Mandela Effect," was popular. I had read many times that an artist coined the term, but I had to research online, for her name, many times, before remembering it. I'm not good at remembering names. It took me a year and a half to finally tell you that Fiona Broome coined "The Mandela Effect."
I also thought I might have to research trademarks and copyrights just to come up with a generic name. So I decided on "Valzubiriagenda." I was not really sure at first, but I decided to use it as the title for my book (with co-authoartist Silverio Perez) so that there would be no turning back and I can move on.
Someone I recently met this May 2022 just called me a futurist.
In the 1990s, I proposed to a pension fund that they can raise billions of dollars, especially for emergencies, or as needed, or out of desperation, if the pension fund purchases a quantity of art from an artist who not only has a current, reasonable price, but an announced future price that the artist wants to reach.
That future price would obviously be higher than the current price. The art commission contract for multiple art pieces can be taken to the fund's financial lender for a loan. The higher future price can be used for financing purposes.
The pension fund's treasurer, a publicly elected official, said this idea might work, but we had to keep this a secret and discuss this some more, because other pension funds might copy and do this prematurely. This idea had to come from the two of us. The treasurer needed his votes and I needed credentials.
Added into the pot was my idea that I, as the artist, will also write one book-length artist memoir. This was and still is a strong factor, because the leadership and marketing books I had read then mentioned a strong tip. If you want to advance in your field, write a full-length book that is related to the field.
Unfortunately, the elected official, the treasurer of the pension fund, who was also a friend, passed away - he was old and had ailments. At that point in time, I cannot just approach another pension fund treasurer to share this idea with.
I realized I had to write a few memoirs. I needed to set an example for other artists, so I needed to write more than one memoir. Then I felt I should also make ready another book - the how-to of what I'm up to. I wrote Valzubiriagenda, which was a memoir of sorts. I knew how long it would take me to write a book, so I had to make sure I can also consider this book a memoir.
In 2008, I imagined that someone like Bernie Madoff, or a fund like Lehman Brothers, would be desperate enough to use this to save themselves and their companies. I was not ready. I had only written 1 manuscript for a memoir.
In 2012, I released Dollman the Musical, A Memoir of an Artist as a Dollmaker. Once again, I was not ready because writing it depressed me a little, and I knew I had to write more.
In 2014, I released 3 memoirs, and re-released Dollman the Musical. Besides releasing regular books, I released special editions of the 4 books, which had a "Special Secret Insert for Bankers," which explains my ideas of an announced schedule of exponentially increasing prices, to satisfy investors, and the publication of artist memoirs, to satisfy art collectors.
In 2014, I also issued out a press release. Google "Can Billion Dollar Artist Save Investors and World Economy Valentino Zubiri PRWeb August 19 2014" and you will see the press release.
What I did was stake a claim on my ideas. I did not promote my books and the press release. I just wanted them to stay online, like a sleeping giant or a dormant volcano. I even designed 3 of the book covers to look like indie books from the 1980s. I was planting the seeds, thinking they will eventually grow and bear fruit in the future.
In 2015, I was interviewed by Richard Syrett, about one of my memoirs, Hocus Pocus Lately. This book is my memoir with paranormal stories. I could have pursued promoting my paranormal stories, but I wanted to be known first as a visual artist and memoirist, so I allowed myself one interview related to Hocus Pocus Lately. Richard Syrett has(had?) his own syndicated radio show, The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett, about the paranormal. He also guest hosts on Coast to Coast AM, another internationally syndicated show about the paranormal.
In 2018, I released Valzubiriagenda (co-authored by artist Silverio Perez, a fellow artist). Finally, this book is "the how-to of what I'm to."
I'm going to end this with some strangeness. In 1986, a lady at a religious gathering went into a trance and left a good number of messages. Supposedly, anyone who got into a trance would have messages, but once the trance was over, the person would not remember what was said.
I was not part of the group, but the lady turned her head to face me. She "foretold" that whatever I would decide to do in the future, it will take time, but it will be the right thing. This is one of my stories in one of my memoirs, Hocus Pocus Lately.
The Tulipmania of 1634-37
I discovered that there was this incident of rare tulips becoming collectible during the Dutch Golden Age. There were tulips so rare and so well-desired that their prices equaled to that of a house. You can read more about this online (Wikipedia) or watch a few YouTube videos about it.
Here is the most useful idea that I gleaned from the Tulipmania. The tulip bulbs remained safe inside nurseries. The traders were carrying the deeds of ownership to the tulip bulbs.
Then NFTs came to the forefront
I started learning PHP, an HTML scripting language, and MySQL, the database that PHP can connect to in the background, in 1999, when there were only 3 books about PHP and MySQL at the bookstores.
By 2014, I was trying to figure out how to make the "ledger," or database that can be used to update ownership and who can be contacted. If we are trading art, then the art ownership should be updated.
Then NFTs came about. This can be used as our ledger. Everyone can immediately trade NFTs of future, yet-to-be made art pieces, especially because it takes time to make tangible art.
NFTs actually went a step ahead, by allowing digital art to be traded.
The only setback with NFTs, in my opinion, is that it still lacks a commission system for resellers and representatives.
For example, if a café wants to represent me, then they can promote me at their café and on their online pages. If I make one piece of art that will be exclusively represented by a gallery, then that commission will be different and more specific. As ownership is transferred, the subsequent owners should be able to reset the commission. We should also have the option of giving commissions to hundreds of representatives at one time with different percentages if need be.
The recent crypto crash
Lately, we have observed that NFTs and cryptocurrencies have been behaving like the stock market and other markets. They have been fluctuating.
I believe that it is time for a trend which discourages fluctuation of prices.
I have also seen YouTube videos where social influencers are encouraging us to be on the lookout for exponentially profitable ventures, because we have all seen this happen with the exponential increase of Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Let's see if #Valzubiriagenda trends
We can announce present and future art prices. The galleries won't do this (yet?) because they follow a more traditional approach to the business of art.
We have a choice of using incrementally or exponentially increasing prices. We still reserve the right to change things in the future, so everyone should know to follow the latest update.
If this trends, if you as an artist simply announces that you will write an artist memoir, or that you will include the future works in future art books, you might have more art traders, investors and collectors approaching you.
Get your pen, paper and calculator
Imagine yourself as an artist, where you are right now. Let's just say you still do not have a book about yourself and your art yet. Imagine now that you have a memoir out there. Don't you think it makes sense to charge more than what you are charging now? Writing and publishing books is just the beginning. I'm just standardizing this approach. The books also say to do other related projects. In my case, getting Dollman the Musical onstage is one idea. You will have other related projects, but the publication of memoirs, biographies, art books and art catalogs will help all of us.
You can also imagine that a law firm that has meeting rooms, with someone who wants to form a local #valzubiriagenda group, can have meetings. A local café can do the same. Local photographers for your art, writers, editors, book designers, proofreaders and others can join in.
I suggest have printed books to share. 15 copies of your memoir or art books will be better than an e-reader or laptop or your phone to show. These gadgets can be stolen, sabotaged, broken, have coffee spilled on them, etc. 15 printed books means simultaneously showing to 15 people. You can even give them away to potential resellers, investors, traders and collectors.
When it rains, it pours, as in the days of Noah
There's a saying, "When it rains, it pours." There is a negative interpretation and a positive interpretation.
Negative: When trouble comes, they cascade to even more.
Positive: When opportunity comes knocking, more follow suit. We can assume that if one gets our art because of #valzubiriagenda, more want to do it now, because of the rising prices, and FOMO - fear of missing out. What will they lose if they miss the boat?
As I have said earlier, if the #valzubiriagenda trends, if you announce a future memoir or art catalog, you might have an increase of investors, traders and art collectors who would want to check you out. You might encourage more sales. Just remember to write and publish that memoir and art catalog.
There's this saying, "As in the days of Noah." Imagine Noah, building his ark, with members of his own family, putting all his time and effort into it. Noah was a nice guy. I'm sure every once in a while a neighbor offered him coffee, or chai latte, or whatever refreshing drink they might have back then.
Here's the lesson to be learned. Just because they offered him some type of bubble tea drink, or coca cola, they still didn't make it to the ark. Rubbing shoulders with actors does not make you an actor. I have told my artist friends to write their memoirs. They told me that once they see me succeed, after all these many years of seeing my seemingly useless efforts, then they will write their memoirs and follow the road that I had paved for them.
Good luck to them, but if I were you, act now, get my art or make art. Support the 5-year old artist whose parent promised to release a comprehensive art catalog. If you get that 5-year old's art, and mine, I would be honored to be in the same art catalog that you will produce. I'm already successful at that point. You have gotten the mission just right.
I have already claimed to have written the most book-length artist memoirs in the world. Dethrone that claim. Barter. Use ghostwriters. Success to me means facing God one day and saying, I wrote my memoirs and left the world a legacy of books and art. I will not tell God, smiling and proudly, that I encouraged a run for my art by announcing a schedule of exponentially increasing prices that reached 9 figures. I'm sure God knows we had fun.


If you want to try out #valzubiriagenda, in any capacity, join this group. Let others know about this group as well.
If you are an artist, you can let everyone know here that you will produce your memoir, art catalogs, etc. It's okay if you don't know how to go about publishing yet, I will discuss this. Please be honorable enough to produce what you promise to produce.
If you want to meet fellow artists, investors, resellers, etc., join us here.
If you are a book writer, editor, proofreader; if you can photograph art pieces; if you are a book designer, etc., join us here. Let us know if you charge, barter for art, or both.
If you have your own tips and knowledge to share, join us here.
If you have underaged artists you are managing (parents, etc.) join us here.
Join this group if you want to sell works. Post your works. You web links. I'm sure I will.
You can announce meetings in your area. You might have meeting rooms, a café, restaurant, etc. where people can meet. In the future, you can have the regular show and tell, where books can be shown and shared.

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2023.04.01 22:48 KiraWinchester H: trades (list below) W: AA/SS/1S melee or items off wish list

Wish List: Teslas below, AA/SS/1S melee below, and rare apparel/masks
I still need the following Teslas: GS/50L/15r,,, H/50c/25,,, Jug/50c/25,,, Med/50L/15r,,, Troub/50c/25
I still need the following AA/SS/1S melee: baton,,, board,,, cultist blade,,, drill,,, gulper smacker,,, hatchet,,, knuckles,,, lead pipe,,, ripper,,, rolling pin,,, sledgehammer,,, spear,,, switchblade,,, war drum
Complete Trade List: (Thank you for your time browsing this huge list!!!)
FIXERS: AA/25/15r,,, AA/25/15v,,, AA/50c/15v,,, AA/50vhc/25,,, AA/50L/25,,, AA/AP/25,,, AA/E/Dur,,, Ari/25/15r,,, Ari/E/15r,,, Ari/E/25,,, B/25/15v,,, B/50L/25,,, BAP/25,,, Exe/50c/25,,, Exe/AP/25,,, Exe/E/25,,, F/50c/25,,, GouE/25,,, GS/50c/25,,, GS/E/25,,, H/50c/25,,, Jug/50c/25,,, Jug/AP/25,,, Junk/25/15r,,, Junk/50c/15v,,, Junk/50c/25,,, Junk/50L/25,,, Junk/AP/25,,, Junk/E/15v,,, Med/25/25,,, Med/50c/25,,, Med/AP/25,,, Mu/AP/25,,, MS/50c/25,,, MS/AP/25,,, N/AP/25,,, N/E/25,,, Q/25/15r,,, Q/25/15v,,, Q/AP/25,,, Q/E/50,,, St/50c/25,,, St/AP/25,,, St/E/25,,, Su/50c/25,,, Su/AP/25,,, Su/E/25,,, T/AP/25,,, TS/25/15r,,, TS/25/15v,,, TS/50vhc/25,,, TS/AP/25,,, V/AP/25,,, Z/25/25,,, Z/E/25
HANDMADES: AA/E/15v,,, Junk/25/15r,,, MS/E/25,,, Mu/E/25,,, Mu/50c/25,,, Q/50vhc/25
HEAVY WEAPONS: AA/25/90 AGL,,, AA/25/15r Cryolator,,, As/25A/90 Fatman,,, As/25/90 Gatling Plasma,,, B/E/Gho 50cal,,, B/25A/90 Missile Launcher,,, B/50vhc/90 Missile Launcher,,, B/50L/90 AGL,,, Exe/50c/15r Flamer,,, Exe/25A/90 Gatling Plas,,, Exe/E/25 LMG,,, Q/25/15v LMG,,, Q/25/Dur LMG,,, Q/50L/90 Minigun,,, TS/50vhc/90 Broadsider,,, TS/25/15r Gatling Gun,,, TS/25/25 LMG,,, TS/E/25 Minigun,,, V/25/15r 50cal,,, V/25/25 Gatling Gun,,, V/50L/90 Harpoon Gun,,, Z/E/90 LMG
MELEE: AA/SS/1S Death Tambo,,, AA/40P/1S Gulper Smacker,,, AA/SS/1S Pole Hook,,, AA/50c/15v Power Fist,,, AA/SS/1S Super Sledge,,, Ari/SS/1S Shovel,,, Ari/SS/1S Sledgehammer,,, As/40P/1S Chainsaw,,, As/40P/1S Drill,,, B/SS/1S Bowie Knife,,, B/40P/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, B/SS/25 Gulper Smacker,,, B/SS/25 Meat Hook,,, BSS/1S Power Fist,,, Exe/50c/1Sv Power Fist,,, Ext/SS/1S Drill,,, GS/SS/1S Chainsaw,,, I/SS/1S Death Tambo,,, I/SS/1S Golf Club,,, I/SS/1S Power Fist,,, I/SS/1S Super Sledge,,, Jug/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Junk/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Junk/SS/1S Security Baton,,, Mu/SS/1S Deathclaw Gauntlet,,, Mu/SS/1S Power Fist,,, MS/SS/1S Shishkebab,,, Su/SS/1S Power Fist,,, Su/SS/1S Spear,,, Troub/SS/1S Bowie Knife,,, Troub/SS/1S Golf Club,,, V/SS/1S Combat Knife,,, V/SS/1S Mole Miner Gauntlet,,, V/SS/1S Pole Hook,,, V/SS/1S Sledgehammer,,, Z/SS/1S Fire Axe,,, Z/SS/1S Knuckles,,, Z/SS/1S Pipe Wrench
RAILWAYS: AA/50c/25,,, AA/50vhc/25,,, AA/E/15v,,, AA/E/25,,, Ari/25/15r,,, B/50vhc/25,,, B/E/15r,,, B/E/90,,, F/50c/25,,, F/E/25,,, GS/50c/25,,, H/25/25,,, H/50c/25,,, I/25/25,,, I/50c/25,,, Junk/E/25,,, Q/50L/90,,, Q/AP/25,,, St/50c/25,,, Su/25/25,,, Su/E/25,,, TS/50L/25,,, TS/50vhc/25,,, TS/50c/15r,,, TS/AP/25,,, TS/E/Dur,,, V/25/25,,, V/50c/25,,, Z/E/90
TESLAS: AA/25/15r,,, AA/50L/15r,,, AA/AP/25,,, B/25/25,,, Exe/25/15r,,, Ext/25/15r,,, F/25/15r,,, I/25/15r,,, Q/AP/25,,, TS/25/15r,,, TS/25/25,,, V/25/250,,, V/25/Dur,,, V/50L/15r,,, Z/25/15r
AA/E/25 Assault Rifle,,, AA/25/25 Assultron Head,,, AA/50c15v Crossbow,,, AA/50L/25 Enclave Plasma Rifle,,, AA/25/25 Gamma Gun,,, AA/E/15r Hunting Rifle,,, B/AP/25 Compound Bow,,, B/25/25 Gauss Rifle,,, Exe/50c/25 Combat Rifle,,, Exe/E/25 Hunting Rifle,,, Exe/E/25 Lever Action,,, F/50c/15v Thirst Zapper,,, Gou25/25 Lever Action,,, Junk/50c/25 Enclave Plasma Rifle,,, Mu/50c/25 Crossbow,,, Q/50c/25 Assaultron Head,,, Q/25/15r Combat Shotgun,,, Q/25/15r Plasma Rifle,,, St/50c/25 Crossbow,,, TS/25/15r Combat Rifle,,, TS/50c/25 Combat Rifle,,, V/50c/25 Bow,,, V/AP/25 Crossbow,,, V/50c/25 Gauss Rifle
ARMOR: Aristocrat's Heavy Robot left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Assassin's Heavy Raider left leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Assassin's T-45 right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Auto Stim Raider Power left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Auto Stim USA right arm with AP/WWR,,, Bolstering FSA chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Bolstering Sturdy Combat left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Bolstering Trapper chest with AP/Cavalier,,, Bolstering Trapper right arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon Raider Power right leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon Robot chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Chameleon USA chest with 7%LED/Cavalier,,, Chameleon USA left arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Chameleon USA right arm with 7%LED/WWR,,, Cloaking Raider Power right leg with 7%LED/WWR,,, Mutant's Excavator left arm with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Mutant's FSA chest with 7%LED/WWR,,, Nocturnal Excavator right leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Nocturnal USA right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Overeater's Combat left arm with +25 Cryo resist/Cavalier,,, Overeater's Excavator right leg with luck/cavalier,,, Overeater's Heavy Raider left leg with Charisma/WWR,,, Overeater's Heavy Robot chest with +25 Rad Resist/Sentinel,,, Overeater's Metal left leg with +25 Cryo resist/Sentinel,,, Overeater's Robot right leg with Endurance/Sentinel,,, Overeater's Trapper right arm with Luck/WWR,,, Overeater's T-60 left arm with +25% env resist/WWR,,, Overeater's T-60 left arm slowed hungeWWR,,, Overeater's USA chest with slower hungeSentinel,,, Overeater's USA left leg with Agility/WWR,,, Overeater's USA right arm with Endurance/Sentinel,,, Regenerating Heavy Raider right arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Troubleshooter's Marine left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Troubleshooter's Sturdy Metal right leg with AP/Sentinel,,, Unyielding FSA right leg with +25 Fire resist/WWR,,, Unyielding Heavy Raider left arm with Luck/Cavalier,,, Unyielding Metal chest with AP/HDT,,, Unyielding Robot right arm with Agility/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Sturdy Leather left leg with 7%LED/Sentinel,,, Unyielding Trapper right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Unyielding Trapper right arm with Intelligence/Sentinel,,, Vanguard's Excavator right leg with Intelligence/Cavalier,,, Vanguard's Heavy Leather right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Vanguard's Heavy Robot right arm with 7%LED/HDT,,, Vanguard's Sturdy Robot left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Vanguard's Sturdy Robot right leg with 7%LED/WWR,,, Vanguard's USA right arm with AP/Cavalier,,, Vanguard's Wood chest with Strength/Sentinel,,, Zealot's FSA left arm with AP/Sentinel,,, Zealot's USA right leg with AP/WWR
PLANS: Assault rifle,,, Barbed walking cane,,, Baseball bat rocket,,, Baseball bat searing puncturing rocket,,, Bear arm,,, Bear arm heavy mod,,, Boxing glove lead lining,,, Camo Backpack,,, Cave cricket tube,,, Civil war era suit,,, Civil war era top hat,,, Confederate hat,,, Deathclaw gauntlet,,, Dense marine armor torso,,, Dense trapper armor torso,,, Fire station bell,,, Flannel shirt & jeans,,, Halloween skull mask,,, Hatchet electro fusion,,, Junkyard fountain,,, Machete sacrificial blade,,, Meat Tenderizer,,, Nuka Girl area rug,,, Pepper shaker,,, Pitchfork Flamer,,, Protective lining Marine underarmor,,, Protective lining raider underarmor,,, Puncturing pole hook,,, Radioactive barrel,,, Raw cement barricade,,, Scorchbeast queen plushie,,, Scorched tube,,, Sheepsquatch staff,,, Shielded lining casual underarmor,,, Shielded lining Marine underarmor,,, Skeleton costume,,, Skiing outfit,,, Sledgehammer heavy searing sharp rocket,,, Small vault girl statue,,, Snallygaster plushie,,, Spiked walking cane,,, The Fixer,,, T-60 BOS knight paint,,, TV Aquarium,,, Ultracite emergency protocols,,, Undershirt & jeans,,, Vintage water cooler,,, Witch costume,,, WV state bird rug,,, Yao Guai tube,,, Cranberry Bog Healing Salve recipe,,, Fasnacht donut recipe,,, Fasnacht sausage recipe,,, Formula P recipe,,,Stimpak Diffuser recipe,,, Tato salad recipe
APPAREL: Asylum Uniform Pink,,, Clean Spacesuit,,, Emmett Mountain hazmat suit,,, Grey Fishermans Overalls,,, Hunter's Long Coat,,, Longshoreman Outfit,,, Skiing red and green outfit,,, Straight Jacket Clean,,, ,, Winter Jacket and Jeans
CHEMS: Addictol: 145,,, Berry Mentats: 302,,, Buffout: 1395,,, Calmex: 299,, Daddy-O: 981,,, Day Tripper: 525,,, Disease Cure: 400,,, Mentats: 1000,,, Overdrive: 483,,, Psycho: 2564,,, Psychobuff: 1258,,, Psychotats: 1041,,, X-cell: 310
FOOD: Canned meat stew: 45,,, Salt: 1671,,, Spices: 988,,, Sugar Bombs(w/rads): 332,,, Pepper: 1675
Enclave plasma aligned flamer mod,,, Enclave plasma aligned sniper barrel mod
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