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Official subreddit of Asmongold aka ZackRawrr, an Austin, Texas based Twitch streamer, YouTube personality, and gaming organization owner and content creator of One True King (OTK), a group of mostly Austin, Texas based content creators and owner of Starforge Systems, selling prebuilt gaming PCs. Asmongold is primarily known for his World of Warcraft content. Asmongold has been voted 'Best MMORPG Streamer' at the 2022 and 2023 Streamer Awards.

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The official subreddit for the livestreaming organization: OTK.

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World of Warcraft Streamers. Twitch WoW Streamers. World of Warcraft Twitch. World of Warcraft Youtube. Wow Reddit. WoW Twitch. WOW Twitch Streamer. wowstreamers - Youtube - Twitch - Etc. Asmongold: [Youtube](

2023.05.31 22:05 creator112 This video aged like milk. What’s your opinion?

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2023.05.27 06:22 stg-snow420 I feel like matt should talk about the whole gaijin scandal and as well as the boycott and weigh his opinion on it, on rambles it's gotten so bad with all the articles and review bombing on warthunder that even Asmongold is reacting to the controversy

I feel like matt should talk about the whole gaijin scandal and as well as the boycott and weigh his opinion on it, on rambles it's gotten so bad with all the articles and review bombing on warthunder that even Asmongold is reacting to the controversy submitted by stg-snow420 to DarkViperAU [link] [comments]

2023.05.23 17:53 Rageredman Asmongold has entered the chat...

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2023.05.18 07:17 7evenHeavenFox Take everything with a grain of salt now Diablo IV

Blizzard as we know it is having a consistency crisis, and the identity of their crisis will influx other gaming studios. By canceling a promised selling point feature for OW 2, we now have to face same speculation of "promised" features for diablo 4
Asmongold TV OW2 Development team removes PVE Mode before Launch
PS: I expect the copium on this topic to be strong
Take the blue pill, the story ends you believe whatever you wish to believe(Diablo IV launches successfully)
Take the red pill, stay in wonderland, and you see how deep this rabbit hole goes(Pre Purchase players + other Low expectations hang on while the horse drowns itself)
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2023.05.09 18:55 _Not_A_User_00 Visual bug when I activate the RYD extension

Visual bug when I activate the RYD extension
As the title says, every time I activate the extension the UI change and become like this
Is there a fix for this please?
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2023.05.06 00:45 odds223 69 nice

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2023.05.04 15:31 Ummayed i searched grandfather nurgle in youtube and this video pop up (not wrong actually this what nurgle about)

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2023.05.04 10:10 mnxah I made a graphical representation of the "let's boycott Harry Potter TV show" thing (Asmongold-style). It might be inaccurate in how much the circles overlap, but the main idea is there. "HP fandom" means the part of the fandom that will watch the show, but my guess is it's the majority.

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2023.04.25 19:55 araarq Was scrolling through YouTube and saw Asmongold’s video had death = delete

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2023.04.11 16:55 saiyanjesus The top Twitch Streamers are basically react content thieves and they should be recognised as such

The top Twitch streamers like xQc, Hasan Piker, Asmongold, Ludwig are almost all invariably streaming for 10+ hours a day.
In order for them to stream for that long of a time, they usually steal content off YouTube or from other sources that are not well-protected by the DMCA.
This is especially obvious since many of them do not stream with easily protected content like movies, TV shows, anime, etc.
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2023.04.09 16:28 weltallic [Community] GamerGate 2022: All Hail the Pirate King

EIGHT YEARS GamerGate has sailed the high seas!
And what treasure has 2022 given unto us?


Drink up, me hearties, for once again we celebrate our numerous triumphs, our opponent's many disasters, and how 2022 was the year woke SJW feminists almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!
Just like 2015 when Gamergate followed the courtroom drama of Eron Gjoni taking a stand against abusive ex Zoe Quinn (spoiler: he won!), the WHOLE WORLD watched Johnny Depp take to court another deceitful, narcissistic, abusive feminist who also used #BelieveWomen and a complicit news media to blacklist and destroy her ex's career. And just like Eron, he triumphed!
♫ Do what you want cuz a pirate is free. ♫




Batwoman (TV)
G4 (TV)
  • Called the most disastrous brand relaunch in history, Adam Sessler re-joined G4 TV in Nov 2021, only for it to be cancelled less than a year later. Fingers pointed to co-host Frosk's "misogynist gamers" rant and G4's VP telling people not to watch the show. Sure enough, G4 became the lowest watched show on the entire Comcast network, until the surprise memo announcing the show was over, "effective immediately." [Video - Nerdrotic] [Video - Upper Echelon] [Video - Midnight's Edge] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Album] [Album]
Ms. Marvel (TV)
  • After forcing the Muslim-in-name-only Kamala Kahn to be the main character of the failed Marvel's Avengers game, fans continued to ignore her Disney+ show, where not only did they change her powers to be what her creator literally said she did not want, but also got the lowest ratings of all MCU TV shows. Bonus: her onscreen dad locked his twitter after a family friend accused him of sending dick pics when she was 14. [Video - The Judgemental Critter] [Video - Nasu] [Video - YellowFlash] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Resident Evil (TV)
Rings of Power (TV)
She Hulk (TV)
Star Wars: Obi Wan Kenobi (TV)
Warrior Nun (TV)
Willow (TV)
  • Typecasted LGBT star Ruby Cruz plays a generic Brie Larsen #GirlBoss in the sequel to the 1988 film, out to rescue her pathetic brother and thwart her arranged marriage to a beta prince so she can marry her trainee-knight girlfriend, lesbian ginger Erin Kellyman (who's Black, so no race-swap needed), with Willow returning as a failure inspired by Mark Hamill in The Last Jedi. Cancelled in 3... 2... [Video - The Critical Drinker] [Video - The Woke Critic] [Video - Alteori] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Magic: The Gathering (card game)
  • A disastrous year for WotC as parent company Hasbro got downgraded to "Underperform" by Bank of America (citing MtG), as woke customers turned against them over their response to Roe v. Wade, forcing LGBT/PoC fans to fight each other for Magic30 tickets, and "Pride Across the Multiverse" being blocked in certain countries. But making Aragorn black in the LotR set and a $999 anniversary set fixes everything... right? [Video - The Drunken Prime] [Video - JosiahRises+] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link]
America Chavez (comic)
  • While the rest of us enjoyed well-written stories starring lesbian latinas in Love & Rockets (1982-2016), the woke crowd must suffer the cringe of America "Holy Menstruation" Chavez, who unlike Maggie & Hopey made the jump from her twice-cancelled comic to the big screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness... where the woke crowd attacked and harassed her actress for looking too white. [Video - Vara Dark] [Video - RK Outpost] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Album] [Album]
Superman: Son of Kal-El (comic)
  • Infamous for the hoax that the writer's home in Australia was being patrolled by the LAPD due to death threats, the openly gay, climate change-fighting Superman's comic run was ended after only 18 issues. Refusing to ever reveal the sales numbers despite not even ranking in the Top 50, the writer insisted it was not "cancelled", but relaunched with a new series... er, limited mini-series. So yeah, great success! [Video - RK Outpost] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
What If... Miles Morales Became Thor? (comic)
  • White Marvel writers & editors showed how anti-racist they are with a "What If..." blaxploitation tale of rapmaster Thor in da Asgard hood, with his graffiti'd hammer and Aesir Adidas, fighting frost giants with gold chains. Taunting his critics at first, the writer eventually posted the generic "I'm listening/learning" apology upon realizing even his woke allies cringed. Shoes hanging on Asgard power lines? By Odin's fade, bruv!" [Video - Nerdrotic Daily] [Video - Mohammed Agbadi] [Video - Metal Gear Mando] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Lightyear (film)
  • Lauded by media for it's sizeable diverse cast and "so progressive" kiss between LGBT PoC women, Pixar's latest film was preemptively banned in numerous countries, while Buzz' new VA Chris Evans attacked the audience as "idiots" who will die off like dinosaurs. While Top Gun: Maverick was busy making billions, Lightyear was a financial flop, surpassed even by Jurassic Park: Dominion. Dinosaurs win. [Video - Pitch Meeting] [Video - Jayne Theory] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
Strange World (film)
The Woman King (film)
  • Imagine heroic Nazi Germans liberating Jewish prisoners from evil American concentration camps. Now you get why so many boycotted this film about Dahomey, one of the largest African slaver nations in history, forced to create a women's army because 70% of it's men died conquering slaves before the English blockaded their port to end the slave trade. Now re-imagined as a tale of women warriors ENDING slavery; an invention of evil white men. [Video - Amala Ekpunobi] [Video - Dave Cullen] [Video - Laymans Journal] [Video - Archcast] [KiA] [KiA] [Link]
Battlefield 2042 (video game)
  • Following the financial disaster that was Battlefield V where the CEO resigned after telling gamers not to buy the game, DICE unveiled in late 2021 the all-new Battlefield 2042... a buggy, incomplete mess starring non-binary PoC characters with They/Them pronouns. 2022: one of the worst reviewed games on Steam, 200k petitions for a refund, less than 1,000 people playing, and EA admitting the game did not "meet expectations." [Video - DooM49] [Video - raFZax] [Video - Big Boss] [KiA] [KiA] [Link]
Saints Row (video game)
World of Warcraft (video game)
  • For two expansions, Blizzard pushed fan favorite Sylvanas as the unbeatable #Girlboss main star, while desexualizing women's outfits. This turned their most profitable goth queen into it's most hated character, losing millions of players... while Final Fantasy XIV embraced sexy outfits and broke 27m players (a third being women). Will WoW's latest expansion featuring gay men and gay dragons gushing over their husbands turn things around? [Video - Khanlusa] [Video - Nixxiom] [Video - Bellular Clips] [Video - Mirubuns] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Blizzard Entertainment:
  • The "Antithesis of GamerGate" tried to focus 2022 on Microsoft's buyout, but was instead bit by the woke hand it fed as staff staged walkouts; one demanding Blizz pay to relocate staff to "safe states" following Roe v. Wade, and again for lifting it's vaccine mandate. Plus another sexual harassment lawsuit from three Body Type 2's. Their solution: a Character Diversity tool, and making players sign a good behavior Social Contract. [Video - The Act Man] [Video - Asmongold] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
  • Creating and pushing ESG (Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance) on it's holding companies Amazon, Google, Netflix, and others, Blackrock only invested in companies implementing money-losing woke policies in exchange for high ESG scores. But sooner or later you run out of other people's money, as Blackrock's revenue and total assets nosedived, while Hollywood shed $500 billion in market value due to bad product. [Video - Coin Bureau] [Video - The ArchCast] [Video - Yahoo Finace] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
  • Another year, another round of layoffs, departures, and stock crashes. As one of the more infamous clickbait rags where the staff see the company a non-profit superPAC whose mission is driving social change, Buzzfeed loses yet another EIC, Deputy Editor, and Executive editor while the woke rank and file wail about being "disrespected." Because if there's one word you think of when you hear 'Buzzfeed', it's "respected." [Video - SunnyV2] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
  • Losing 90% of it's audience as millions switched to rival networks, CNN's president resigned due to a sex scandal shortly after losing star host Chris Cuomo for secretly helping his brother dodge multiple sexual harassment charges, while his BFF producer pleaded guilty to training children as sex slaves. Hundreds of "journalists" laid off, and $300m spent on CNN+... only to shut down in just 2 weeks. [Video - ColdFusion] [Video - TimCast IRL] [Video - AndyMatrix TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
DC Comics
  • Notorious for it's radical LGBT workforce, CUTIES, and systematic race-swapping, Netflix suffered it's worst year in history, announcing it's first subscriber loss ever (1 million) and it's stock price fell 60%. Desperately cutting costs with more layoffs and cancelling woke TV shows after barely one season, Netflix did the unthinkable: a letter to all staff stating that if they find their work harmful, "Netflix may not be the best place for you." [Video - David Nino Rodriguez] [Video - Brett Cooper] [Video - TimCast Clips] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
  • Known for banning conservatives, anti-woke advocates, and big tech competitors, PayPal reserved the right to fine users $2,500 for 'Prohibited Activity' (drugs, guns, etc). But when the policy was updated to include goods that promotes "misinformation" and discrimination based on "protected characteristics", the resulting firestorm made PayPal rescind the update, claim it was an accident, and apologize for the misinformation. [Video - AwakenWithJP] [Video - Louis Rossmann] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Joss Whedon (anti-GG)
  • Anita Sarkeesian's BFF and GamerGate's biggest celebrity opponent/male feminist continues to self destruct (after being exposed as a serial abuser and 58yr old predator who slept with 20yr old fans and actresses behind his wife's back) by doing a tell-all interview. Surprise: he's the real victim; Ray Fisher was malevolent, Gal Gadot didn't understand english, and it was toxic masculinity that made him sleep with all those girls. [Video - Molly McPherson] [Video - JustHugeNet] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Video - Liana K] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Jennifer Lawrence (actor)
Luke Plunkett (Kotaku)
  • The writer of the 2014 "Gamers Are Dead" Kotaku article that kicked GamerGate into high gear, and the driving force behind getting the successfully-funded Tentacle Bento game booted off Kickstarter did "accidental journalism" by revealing worker rights advocate Kotaku's disgusting labor practices. Realizing his inadvertent exposure of his employer, he deleted the tweet... but the Internet is forever. [KiA] [KiA] [Link] [Link] [Album] [Album] [Album]
Chase Staub (Huffington Post)
  • Days after a non-binary person committed a terror attack on a gay nightclub in Colorado, a gun-brandishing man made terror threats on Instagram against three gay bars in Atlanta. Police hunted and arrested the culprit: flamboyantly gay Huffington Post writer Chase Staub. HuffPo immediately reacted to the news by posting an article about the rising threat of extremists... on Elon Musk's Twitter. [Video - Fox5 Atlanta] [Video - Atlanta News First] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Mike Wellman (comics)
  • Consumed by TDS, this comic book writepublisher fled the comic store he co-owned due to his partner's "sickening" support for Trump, and opened Atomic Basement Comics. The self-described "Libtard with fists" then made violent death threats to ComicsGate patriarch/Trump voter Ethan Van Sciver. Forced to permanently close his store in 2022, Mike no doubt blamed Trump for losing his dream, career, and "destiny." [Video - NerdSoul] [Video - ComicArtistPro Secrets] [Link] [Link] [Link]
Paul Haggis (director)
  • The outspoken feminist film scriptwriter, director, and writer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was attending a social justice film festival in Italy holding classes about equality, gender diversity, and women's solidarity, when he was arrested for aggravated sexual violence. Paul got the charges dropped and fled to New York, only to be found guilty of raping his publicist and owing $10m in damages. [Video - KTLA 5] [Video - WION] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Image] [Album]
Patty Jenkins (director)
  • Once applauded for excellent films featuring well-written female characters like Monster and Wonder Woman, Patty succumbed to TDS in 2020, becoming an anti-Trump resistance fighter. Just like that, her beloved WW84 film flopped and in 2022 her WW trilogy was cancelled, ending her 7yr long dream project. Her only legacy now is a "was it rape?" debate that compares Wonder Woman 1984 to Revenge of the Nerds (1984). [Video - Pitch Meeting] [Video - Hollywood Reporter] [Video - Snarky Jay] [Link] [Link] [Link]


Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (anime)
  • After Cyberpunk 2077's disastrous launch, CD Projekt Red faced lawsuits as the game was pulled from the Sony store. But when Studio Trigger released Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, the hit anime saved the floundering franchise, with the character Rebecca becoming an internet sensation. The woke developers recoiled at her appearance and wanted her removed, but the Gainax alumni made it clear: "The loli must stay." [Video - f27] [Video - Rebecca clip] [Video - REGGY] [Video - Vara Dark] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Tár (film)
  • While the woke denounced Cate Blanchett for portraying a lesbian as anything other than an empowering role model, the rest of the world applauded The One True Galadriel's magnificent portrayal of Lydia Tár, a flawed yet brilliant conductor whose career destructs due to her cruel manipulations of women under her power, and deceptively-edited video of her excoriating an SJW college kid refusing to study the masterworks of "white cis males." [Video - Tár] [Video - Impression Blend] [Video - Mela Bird] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Image]
Top Gun: Maverick (film)
  • Proving that dismissing China and celebrating all-American values is the key to success, Tom Cruise's triumphant return as Maverick earned 63 awards and $1.5 billion dollars. While woke critics sneered at "another cornball male weepie and military recruitment ad", it became the highest grossing film of Cruise's career, and a lesson to any director of yet another "actually, the hero failed" bleakquel not to subvert expectations, but surpass them. [Video - Trailer] [Video - Kelmi4] [Video - Critical Drinker] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Johnny Depp (actor)
Bob Bakish (Paramount)
  • Refusing to stand with cowardly streaming sites like Netflix, BBC, Disney, HBO, and others who pulled content that were "offensive to modern sensibilities", Paramount's CEO said "I don’t believe in censoring art that was made historically... It’s all on demand – you don’t have to watch anything you don’t want to." Voted one of "The Most Powerful People in Entertainment" for saving the failing Viacom, the man knows the key to success. [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Link] [KiA]
Eric July (comics)
  • Proud Black Christian libertarian, musician, and Youtube commentator Eric July founded his own comic book company Rippaverse to avoid the woke politics gripping mainstream comic books. Despite media blackouts from comic book news sites and subreddits banning you for racism for even mentioning him, his debut comic Isom raised $3.7m, becoming the most successful crowdfunded comic book of all time. [Video - YoungRippa59] [Video - RK Outpost] [Video - Drunk 3PO] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [Album]
Elon Musk (Twitter)
Ken Akamatsu (manga)
  • The creator of the best-selling manga Love Hina spent years advocating for freedom of expression in Japan, besieged by parties pushing laws to censor manga, anime, and games based on "international perspectives". Opposing a bill proposing "the freedom not to be exposed to offensive expressions", Ken ran in the 2022 election for the House of Councillors and won, and now fights to fortify Japan against woke western colonialism. [Video - Nerdigans] [Video - Vara Dark] [Video - Clownfish TV] [Link] [Link] [Link] [Album]
Kerri Hoskins (Sonya Blade)
  • Sonya's mocap model from Mortal Kombat 3, stunt-woman, Playboy model, Tang Soo Do martial artist, specialist in small firearms, skydiver, painter, jewelcrafter, proud Catholic, happily married mother of four... and still looks amazing in her MK outfit at 53yrs old. Now Kerri speaks out against Sonya's uglification/chest-flattening, and tells women in the gaming industry "the best person should get the job, so work the hardest and be the best." [Video - MaybeOne] [Video - Interview] [Video - La Maldicion del Lobo] [Link] [Link] [KiA] [KiA] [Album]
AAARRRRR! Another hilarious year!
As always, apologies for the delay due to work, playing vidya, and having to spend endless days rewriting and deciding which minor victories to cut out to keep it under the max character limit.
I hope everyone enjoys this lil' morale boost, have a laugh pointing out the obvious typos or bad link I somehow missed, and take comfort knowing that despite the skewed, carefully curated news content pushed on reddit, the world is standing up against the woke.
Rejoice; The fire GamerGate started under the corrupt gaming news journos continues to spread to ALL news media; layoffs continue by the thousands, and as of 2022, journalism is the no.1 most-regretted college major.
We keep winning.
Drink up, me hearties, YO HO!

SAIL ON TO 2023!

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2023.04.07 04:41 notmyuncle The 15 Most Used People In Asmongold TV & Asmongold Clips Titles (I counted since the start of the channels, and I didn't include Asmon himself)

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2023.04.06 02:01 cgj002 Random videos not loading after x duration

For the last few days I've encountered an issue where random videos will load super slowly or will stop loading entirely after a minute or 2 into a video on windows PC. It's not an internet problem since I can watch other videos without issue at the same time. Noticed it happened a lot on asmongold tv videos specifically (was catching up on missed content so could be coincidental).
Further details:
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2023.03.27 14:57 Xetsof Don't expect Diablo 4 to be something that is not a Diablo game

The majority seems to think that Druid class is weak while other classes are fine, with Barb somewhere in the middle. There is however a minority that had fun playing a class that is perceived from the majority as weak.
This is an interesting fact. Somebody had fun with a class that has being called awfully trash by others, watch Asmongold.
So, what we should really expect? Answer is simple. Not only because feedback sent by top content creators and majority of reddit matters. But because Diablo is not a strategy combat game. It can be played with some sort of challenge, with HC and increased difficulty. But it will not be balanced around that. It's not Dark Souls, it's not a punishing roguelike, it's not a skill based game. It will never be. It doesn't even have much elements about that.
Diablo is a game where fun comes by feel your power constantly increasing, cleaning stuff fast and spectacularly with little challenge. Challenge is more abount finding and create a strong build.
So, to who is hoping for a combat skill based game, be prepared to be annoyed, you may be frustrated when buff will comes.
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2023.03.26 20:47 toniklutch is Chatgpt living in the past or the future?

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2023.03.20 02:53 printerjammed anyone else notice OTK looks like DIK

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2023.03.19 00:44 MeddlinQ Is there any way to make thumbnails in the Youtube app smaller so there is more of them on my iPad 12.9 inches?

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2023.03.08 15:15 ThIcCnESsHaSnOlImItS Yet again another great video that has been *relentlessly* ripped off by the content thief once more. I feel sorry for this guy. There really is no competition nor redemption for original content creators when lowlife reactors exist isn't there?

Yet again another great video that has been *relentlessly* ripped off by the content thief once more. I feel sorry for this guy. There really is no competition nor redemption for original content creators when lowlife reactors exist isn't there? submitted by ThIcCnESsHaSnOlImItS to DarkViperAU [link] [comments]

2023.03.06 19:24 yankeedoodle56 hmmmm does this say more about me? or does it reflect on the content?

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2023.03.04 21:00 Turkashi I'm concerned about Asmon's health. I think he needs some day off for some personal leasure.

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2023.03.01 17:09 Latter_Ninja_2448 Falling in love with free to play games.
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2023.02.28 15:59 newslender9 i fucking knew it😂

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