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Shadow Party

2017.04.22 00:46 danny_b23 Shadow Party

The Shadow Party. Now meddling in an election near you.

2023.06.03 10:34 bob_psycho Looking for a maid in BTM Layout 2nd Stage

Hi folks
My parents live in BTM Layout 2nd Stage near to Udupi Garden hotel. If anyone has any suggestions for a good maid who doesn't take freaking 10 days of leave every month please let me know. I will pay well. It's a 4 BHK duplex independent house.
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2023.06.03 10:34 AnAltAccISuppose Where can I find friends

I’m (16m) lonely. I think thats the best way to put it. Where would be somewhere i can actually find folks my age? Like face-to-face, not online. I live kinda rurally, so its not like i have neighbours or anybody really near me. School isnt an option, i’ve sorta just been fucked over by my timetable, and cant change subjects. Most of the people i used to be friends with have sorta just drifted, and now I’m just alone.
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2023.06.03 10:34 TI_Gaming_TV Improve battery

Anyone here that have an ally and give me some ideas how I improve the battery life? Like a powerbank or something else. Im often flying and on planes are no power outlets.
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2023.06.03 10:32 m62665 IONIQ 5 Lounge RWD 77.4kWh

IONIQ 5 Lounge RWD 77.4kWh
Hi everybody,
At first, excuses for my English, it isn't my first language.
I've read a lot of things on this page about this fantastic car, wanted to share something as well. Although, it might not that interesting, because like (almost?) all of you, I am also very positive. And the photo's, well you know what the car looks like. But i'll post some anyway.
I've ordered my IONIQ 5 in september 2022. At that time i still had my Volvo S60 diesel from 2008, wonderful 5-cylinder, but the car costs became too high for me. There was also about 450,000 kilometers on the counter, so the maintenance costs were also getting slightly higher. Although I am convinced that the car was far from finished.

The old beast, Volvo S60 2.4 D5 from 2008
And in Europe there are more and more Low Emission Zones, in some cities I was banned with a diesel like this. That's understandable, but also quit annoying. I'm using my car quit a lot for my work, so i needed something else. And I wanted that something else not to be a newer diesel, i wanted something for the future. So after a lot of thinking (especially about the costs of a new car) I've chosen the IONIQ 5. The dealer told me that if i'm lucky i'd get it may 2023, but it was probably going to be later in the year. So you can imagine how surprised (and happy) I was when I received a call in february where they told me that my car was on a ship and arriving in the port around march 6th.
The car needed to be shipped to my local dealer and they had to prepare somethings, so I had to wait until march 22nd to pick my car up. It was the first time that I bought a brand new car, so it was quit unbelievable to experience all of it.
Picking up my IONIQ 5 Lounge (77,4 kWh)
I bought the Lounge version, i guess it's called the Limited in the US. I've chosen for the RWD, because.. well I live in The Netherlands, so everything is quit flat over here. The highest point over here is 322 meters above sea level. Not very impressive, so I really don't need AWD. I did a testdrive in an AWD, the speed was quit impressive. But it being more expensive and having less range made me choose for the RWD. Still quit fast and a bit more space in the frunk. And for the holidays to the Alps for example, de RWD will still manage, i'm sure of that.
First time charging (public charging 'station')
When i picked it up, the car had driven 11km. Now, to be precise 73 days later, i just went over the 10.000km. So far, i really love it. It's quiet, comfortable, fast and gorgeous to see. Every time I see the car I am still excited. And I think that feeling will stay for a very long time. The fast charging is very impressive, i don't need it that much, but when i do it never disappoints.
This summer i'm going on a holiday with my girlfriend for the first time with an EV. I'm very curious how that goes. In The Netherlands you do have a lot of charging stations, you will always manage to find one. But, from what i've heard, the more you to the south of Europe, the harder it gets. We're going to France (Chamonix) and Italy (near Genua). So that will be our first big adventure with an EV, but I'm sure we'll be fine. And in the coming years, more and more charging stations will be added in Europe, so that can only get better.
If you're still reading, apologies for this long story. I'll stop now, maybe I'll come up with an update later. Will try to keep it shorter then.
Have a great day everyone and enjoy your beautiful cars.
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2023.06.03 10:32 Wi11iam97 Is it safe to switch these ceiling fan capacitors with each other???

Hello, so my ceiling fan spins very slow. I live with my grandmother and she gets cold very easily so that means air stays at 75°F… for me that is a near unbearable indoor temp and I’m constantly sweating and feeling like I’m dying from the heat. My problems arises from the fact the ceiling fan in my room spins extremely slow even at max speed. I’m not fully sure but I believe a bad capacitor could be the cause and I’d like to switch the 2 above and see if that fixes the issue. The one with the white sticker that says H1 in red comes from a fan in a different room that never gets used but spins very fast. The other fan capacitor coming from the fan in my room that doesn’t. Im wondering if it would be okay for me to switch them without the possibility of damaging or even breaking the fans.
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2023.06.03 10:30 SpiralKim72 Time to research college partners & think on essays / refine - NOW

If could give you any advice, I would advise you to take this time to really start digging deeper into the different college partners now as if you become a NCM finalist, the process snowballs very fast and can feel intense. You will not be given very much time between when you find out that you’re a finalist, have to come up with your college ranking list & especially time to write any supplemental essays for colleges that you rank (Last cycle finalists were notified 10/19 & supplement essays/info for your ranked list of schools, financials like FAFSA, CSS profiles, etc were due 11/1 & all this while juggling school & activities & life).
There are 50 college partners & one of them can be your home, school, extracurricular life/social life for 4 years & lead you into your future. It’s a big decision, like buying a house or car, and you don’t want to go into it uninformed, based on someone else’s opinion or exclusively based on ranking systems built with factors that may not heavily weigh things as you would.
QB gives you some resources or background into their different college partners on their website or via videos too. Obviously each college has their own website and resources like YouTube, YouVisit. Niche, Unigo. etc have much to offer too. Take virtual tours, watch videos, look at the schools majors, vibe, traditions, housing, research opportunities, abroad opportunities, motto/mission statement, clubs/extracurriculars, size/demographics, city/suburb/rural location, Greek life/school spirit/sports life, classes offered/major requirements, etc, etc, etc. If you do this, you will be surprised how your list starts to transform on its own and become a fit (“I can see myself there” vs “wow. I am surprised but that’s a no thanks for me”) rather than just being a name or a rank.
Researching now will help you refine your ranking list beyond things that you know about the school through name recognition and basic ranking lists like US News or Forbes. ALL 50 partners are excellent, selective schools. Some EVERYONE knows their names and others, often because they are smaller LACs, are known more by people in know. The more you know about the schools the more you will start to be able to narrow down which ones fit you on a personal level. This will help you confidently rank colleges they you would be happy to attend if matched. (From personal experience, some schools were ranked higher or big names and high on original list but after researching ultimately were eliminated because of things personal …. Size, location, city vs rural, offerings, vibe, etc that made them appeal less though a notch higher ranked. For instance, Columbia & Brown are both ivies but could not be more different in their gen ed’s - Columbia has the very defined “core” & Brown has a open curriculum / choose your own adventure outside your major requirements. Dartmouth is very rural/outdoorsy where UPenn is in a city. MIT & CalTech are STEM giants but CalTech on the west coast is tiny w/ less than 1000 undergrads vs East coast MIT 4,600 undergrads & near a ton of other schools like down the road from Harvard and a ton of other Boston Universities. There are many very esteemed LACs (liberal arts colleges) that provide a smaller, more intimate college experience and are less named recognized because they focus solely on undergrad education or not major research institutions (often not in rankings for this reason). Etc. Etc etc.
If a finalist, whether matching or applying reg decision, there might be interviews with some of the colleges on your list. The supplements often &, definitely the interviews, benefit if you really know the schools and can speak to why the school is for you beyond the veneer “MIT is top rated”, the weather at “USC is great” or “Duke has great school spirit”. You should be prepared for both your own self, and possibly them via their supplement questions or interviews, to answer a Why us?/Why you? (Fit us) type question in a deeper manner (that are not weather, location or ranking related & that show you did your work in knowing they are a fit for you/you for them - examples can be programs they offer, research they are doing, Classes or professors or abroad programs or facilities and opportunities, clubs, possibilities that excite you? Traditions. How their motto/mission statement fits you/you fit it).
Again, this will really help you build a list that you feel confident in ranking because it be a good fit / you could honestly feel comfortable being the one you are required to go to if they match you without hesitation or regret. It will save you some time in the very, very narrow window where you need to write your supplements especially if they have a questions that would benefit from knowing a bit about the school. And will help your interview in that it will show you know and are excited about the school, not just the name or basic stuff, and help you ask the alumni interviewers questions that you really want to know about and haven’t found in your own research.
CPS is “college prep” but no essay review that I know of. The College Essay Guy website, YouTube’s, Instagram and podcasts have been a good free resources for crafting essays. He even has courses but they cost. However, most of his stuff is free via those methods or googling stuff like “College Essay Guy brainstorming” “ college essay guy values”, “college essay guy supplemental essays”, even “college essay guy . He has insights on different types of essays, how to brainstorm, how to pick/show certain values, the basic types of supplemental essays that the schools overall tend to use, even common supplemental essay specific to certain schools. He is a wealth of info. A teacher might be able to look at your essays or maybe done previous QB scholars will.
Good luck.
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2023.06.03 10:30 Tigrannes On this day in History, June 3

On this day in History, June 3
350 – The Roman usurper Nepotianus, of the Constantinian dynasty, proclaims himself Roman emperor, entering Rome at the head of a group of gladiators.
713 – The Byzantine emperor Philippicus is blinded, deposed and sent into exile by conspirators of the Opsikion army in Thrace. He is succeeded by Anastasios II, who begins the reorganization of the Byzantine army.
1098 – After a five-month siege during the First Crusade, the Crusaders seize Antioch (today's Turkey).
1140 – The French scholar Peter Abelard is found guilty of heresy.
1326 – The Treaty of Novgorod delineates borders between Russia and Norway in Finnmark.
1539 – Hernando de Soto claims Florida for Spain.
1602 – An English naval force defeats a fleet of Spanish galleys, and captures a large Portuguese carrack at the Battle of Sesimbra Bay
1608 – Samuel de Champlain lands at Tadoussac, Quebec, in the course of his third voyage to New France, and begins erecting fortifications.[8]
1621 – The Dutch West India Company receives a charter for New Netherland.
1658 – Pope Alexander VII appoints François de Laval vicar apostolic in New France.
1665 – James Stuart, Duke of York (later to become King James II of England), defeats the Dutch fleet off the coast of Lowestoft.
1781 – Jack Jouett begins his midnight ride to warn Thomas Jefferson and the Virginia legislature of an impending raid by Banastre Tarleton.
1839 – In Humen, China, Lin Tse-hsü destroys 1.2 million kilograms of opium confiscated from British merchants, providing Britain with a casus belli to open hostilities, resulting in the First Opium War.
1844 – The last pair of great auks is killed.
1861 – American Civil War: Battle of Philippi (also called the Philippi Races): Union forces rout Confederate troops in Barbour County, Virginia, now West Virginia.
1864 – American Civil War: Battle of Cold Harbor: Union forces attack Confederate troops in Hanover County, Virginia.
1866 – The Fenians are driven out of Fort Erie, Ontario back into the United States.
1885 – In the last military engagement fought on Canadian soil, the Cree leader, Big Bear, escapes the North-West Mounted Police.
1889 – The first long-distance electric power transmission line in the United States is completed, running 14 miles (23 km) between a generator at Willamette Falls and downtown Portland, Oregon.
1916 – The National Defense Act is signed into law, increasing the size of the United States National Guard by 450,000 men.
1935 – One thousand unemployed Canadian workers board freight cars in Vancouver, beginning a protest trek to Ottawa.
1937 – The Duke of Windsor marries Wallis Simpson.
1940 – World War II: The Luftwaffe bombs Paris.
1940 – Franz Rademacher proposes plans to make Madagascar the "Jewish homeland", an idea that had first been considered by 19th century journalist Theodor Herzl.
1941 – World War II: The Wehrmacht razes the Greek village of Kandanos to the ground and murders 180 of its inhabitants.
1942 – World War II: Japan begins the Aleutian Islands Campaign by bombing Unalaska Island.
1943 – In Los Angeles, California, white U.S. Navy sailors and Marines attack Latino youths in the five-day Zoot Suit Riots.
1950 – Herzog and Lachenal of the French Annapurna expedition become the first climbers to reach the summit of an 8,000-metre peak.
1962 – At Paris Orly Airport, Air France Flight 007 overruns the runway and explodes when the crew attempts to abort takeoff, killing 130.
1963 – Soldiers of the South Vietnamese Army attack protesting Buddhists in Huế with liquid chemicals from tear-gas grenades, causing 67 people to be hospitalized for blistering of the skin and respiratory ailments.
1965 – The launch of Gemini 4, the first multi-day space mission by a NASA crew. Ed White, a crew member, performs the first American spacewalk.
1969 – Melbourne–Evans collision: off the coast of South Vietnam, the Australian aircraft carrier HMAS Melbourne cuts the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Frank E. Evans in half; resulting in 74 deaths.
1973 – A Soviet supersonic Tupolev Tu-144 crashes near Goussainville, France, killing 14, the first crash of a supersonic passenger aircraft.
1979 – A blowout at the Ixtoc I oil well in the southern Gulf of Mexico causes at least 3,000,000 barrels (480,000 m3) of oil to be spilled into the waters, the second-worst accidental oil spill ever recorded.
1980 – An explosive device is detonated at the Statue of Liberty. The FBI suspects Croatian nationalists.
1980 – The 1980 Grand Island tornado outbreak hits Nebraska, causing five deaths and $300 million (equivalent to $1066 million in 2022) worth of damage.
1982 – The Israeli ambassador to the United Kingdom, Shlomo Argov, is shot on a London street; he survives but is left paralysed.
1984 – Operation Blue Star, a military offensive, is launched by the Indian government at Harmandir Sahib, also known as the Golden Temple, the holiest shrine for Sikhs, in Amritsar. The operation continues until June 6, with casualties, most of them civilians, in excess of 5,000.
1989 – The government of China sends troops to force protesters out of Tiananmen Square after seven weeks of occupation.
1991 – Mount Unzen erupts in Kyūshū, Japan, killing 43 people, all of them either researchers or journalists.
1992 – Aboriginal land rights are recognised in Australia, overturning the long-held colonial assumption of terra nullius, in Mabo v Queensland (No 2), a case brought by Torres Strait Islander Eddie Mabo and leading to the Native Title Act 1993.
1998 – After suffering a mechanical failure, a high speed train derails at Eschede, Germany, killing 101 people.
2006 – The union of Serbia and Montenegro comes to an end with Montenegro's formal declaration of independence.
2012 – A plane carrying 153 people on board crashes in a residential neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria, killing everyone on board and six people on the ground.
2012 – The pageant for the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II takes place on the River Thames.
2013 – The trial of United States Army private Chelsea Manning for leaking classified material to WikiLeaks begins in Fort Meade, Maryland.
2013 – At least 119 people are killed in a fire at a poultry farm in Jilin Province in northeastern China.
2015 – An explosion at a gasoline station in Accra, Ghana, kills more than 200 people.
2017 – London Bridge attack: Eight people are murdered and dozens of civilians are wounded by Islamist terrorists. Three of the attackers are shot dead by the police.
2019 – Khartoum massacre: In Sudan, over 100 people are killed when security forces accompanied by Janjaweed militiamen storm and open fire on a sit-in protest.
1943: The Battle of Attu, one of the deadliest battles in the Pacific during World War II, ends with the recapture of the island by U.S. forces from the Japanese.
American forces fought in snowy conditions, in contrast with the tropical climate in the rest of the Pacific. The more than two-week battle ended when most of the Japanese defenders were killed in brutal hand-to-hand combat after a final banzai charge broke through American lines.
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2023.06.03 10:28 OldJewellerybuyer Sell your old gold pieces

Sell your old gold pieces
Find the certified gold buyers near me in Delhi NCR and nearby places. Sell your old gold pieces with the best gold buyers near you. This is one of the solutions to get the highest price for any valuable items whether it is an unused jewelry piece or an old scrap piece that is trashed in the locker.

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2023.06.03 10:28 Born_Lingonberry_442 sushi is low cal but i have a fear of consuming too much sodium

i really love sushi, and there is some supermarkets near me that sell packaged sushi. i’m just wondering will the sodium affect my weight the next day?
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2023.06.03 10:26 vsilvestrepro Improved Zelda Tears of Kingdom Mod Manager - Dark Mode, Revamped UI, and Search Bar Updates

I'm thrilled to announce some exciting updates on my ongoing project, a Zelda Tears of Kingdom Mod Manager for Switch Emulators. For those who missed my previous posts, this mod manager aims to enhance your gaming experience by simplifying the process of installing and managing mods for the beloved Zelda: Tears of kingdom game.
Download the Mod Manager Here: GitHub - TOTK Mod Manager
I'm grateful for all the valuable feedback and support received from this amazing community, which has motivated me to bring some fantastic new features to the mod manager.
1. Dark Mode - Embrace the Shadows Dark Mode has been one of the most requested features, and I'm excited to announce that it is now fully implemented in the mod manager. Experience a visually stunning interface that is easy on the eyes, especially during late-night gaming sessions. Dark Mode truly enhances the immersion and provides a sleek, stylish look to the mod manager.
2. Revamped UI - Streamlined for Your Convenience Based on your valuable feedback, I've completely reworked the user interface to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience. Navigating through the mod manager is now smoother than ever, thanks to enhanced menu layouts, improved button placements, and an overall polished design. Discover an interface that is not only visually appealing but also a joy to use.
3. Search Bar - Find Mods in a Snap Searching for specific mods can be a time-consuming task, but worry no more! I've added a handy search bar that allows you to quickly locate and access your desired mods. Say goodbye to scrolling through endless lists of mods, as the search bar simplifies the process and saves you precious time. Finding and managing your favorite mods has never been easier!
I would like to express my gratitude to all the users who have supported this project so far. Your suggestions and bug reports have been invaluable, and I'm committed to continuously improving the mod manager to meet your expectations.
🚀 Join the Zelda Tears of Kingdom Mod Manager Community! Feel free to visit the GitHub repository linked above to download the latest version of the mod manager. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for further improvements, please don't hesitate to open an issue on GitHub. Your feedback is highly appreciated and will help make this mod manager even better!
Future plan
I would like to support Gamenana and.. find a name.
Any name ideas?
Stay tuned for more updates and surprises in the near future.
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2023.06.03 10:22 Then_Builder_2190 Wrong Medication Led to Incest Sex – Part 2

After taking a bath wearing a lungi, I came to the dining table. I took a seat, and Abhilasha served me roti and dal. While eating, Abhilasha kneeled before me and pulled my lungi apart. She inserted her hand into my briefs and pulled my cock out. Seeing it still swollen, she played with it.
She said, “I can’t believe it. You are still hard after shooting so much cum a few minutes before. At this age, you are incredible. Shall I suck it, Darling?”
Looking down at her said, “My penis is sore from 2 hours of jerking. Please let me have lunch in peace, Abhilasha.”
Abhilasha: I will miss this live dildo till evening. You have your lunch while I suck my toy. (she removed her kameez, baring her breasts) If you want, you can play with my tits, Mama.
I wondered what had gotten into this girl. The morning she was an educated shy housewife, and now she was behaving like a real slut. I quickly finished my lunch while Abhilasha sucked my cock, trying to make it cum, but no. I washed my hand on the plate, pushed her head away from my cock and got up.
Abhilasha, too, got up, and I saw a hint of anger on her face, pushing her leggings and panties down to reveal her pussy. I saw her pubic hair triangle. She came forward and took my cock in her hand.
She said, “See Mama, how my pussy is burning. I have been living like a saint. I enjoyed sex with my first boyfriend during my college days. The second BF was not that good, and my husband is a fucking loser. Please satisfy me, and I will do whatever you ask. Being a married woman, I can’t lower my image in society, begging my male friends for sex.”
She started crying, placing her face on my shoulders, and crushing her big boobs on my arms. I felt pity for this horny bitch. But I knew there was a child hidden in her. I knew the frustration of not getting enough sex from my nephew made her behave like this.
Patting her head, I said, “I know, Abhilasha, but I am late for the meeting. If you want, you can rub my cock on your pussy and satisfy yourself. But no penetration. I won’t be satisfied with a quick fuck. We will think about it in the evening.”
Abhilasha looked up at me sobbing, murmuring thanks and began sliding my cockhead on her bottom lips. She was dripping a lot, wetting my cock with her juices. Abhilasha was concentrating on her clit. My hands went to her back, and cupping her soft ass cheeks pulled her into me.
She moaned and said, “For a moment, I thought you would desert me, seeing me act like a kid. Thanks, Darling, for not letting me down. I will fulfil all your desires tonight. Just tell me what to do.”
I was kissing her forehead, cheeks, and chin, wetting her face, hands firmly gripping her ass. She was busy rubbing my cockhead up and down her pussy lips.
Then the doorbell rang.
I was frightened and pushed her away. I said, “It must be Raman. Get dressed and answer the door. I am stinking. I will take a bath and meet him later.”
Halfheartedly, Abhilasha let my cock, pulled her leggings up and picked up her discarded kameez. I rushed to the guest bedroom. I went to the bathroom and opened the shower. This was the second shower of the day. After 5 minutes, I heard the door knock and Abhilasha’s voice.
What the hell she wants now, I wondered. I opened the door, and she came in, kneeled before me and started sucking my cock. Her dress was also getting wet, along with me. I pulled her up, slapped her cheek, and said, “What has got into you, Abhilasha.”
Abhilasha, crying, said, “Hit me, Darling, I deserve it. I will go mad if you don’t have sex with me today, please, Mama.”
Me: Was it Raman?
Abhilasha: Yes, Mama, I told him you are taking a bath, and he, too, went to take a bath.
Me: Get dressed. You are soaked wet, Abhilasha.
Abhilasha: Am I not attractive, Mama? Don’t you love my body?
Me: That’s the problem. You are young, beautiful and got a figure to die for. I am an old man. What do you see in me?
Abhilasha: This is what I like in you, Mama. Men would have mauled my body, and you behave like a gentleman. You are handsome, well-mannered and know how to tease a girl with your deadly weapon.
Me: Please leave. I want to meet Raman in a sober state, not an excited one.
Abhilasha kissed my nipples, turned to leave, and said, “See my figure Mama and remember that this will be waiting for you.” She swirled around, showing her body curves as her wet dress clung to her. My cock jumped on, seeing her deliciously curvy body.
I shook my head, finished the bath, dressed and came to the living room. By then, Raman was having his lunch. I wished him and asked about his work. He was in a cheerful mood and asked me to have lunch. I said I had already. Abhilasha was a good host and took good care of me.
I left, saying I was getting late for the meeting. The meeting was in the Taj Deccan Hotel until 8 pm. It was successful. I had dinner with my clients. After they left, I went to the bar lounge alone and started drinking whiskey. I was wondering how to go to Raman’s place.
Now I knew what Abhilasha had in her mind for tonight. I didn’t want to have sex with my nephew’s wife in his house, under his nose. My mobile rang, and it was Raman calling. He asked me when I was returning. I told him I already had dinner and told them not to wait for me.
He requested me to come ASAP. I took another two drinks and left the hotel by 10.30. I reached Raman’s house by 11 pm, and he opened the door. I said, “I am tired, Raman. I need to sleep. We will talk in the morning.” I went to the guestroom, changed my clothes to a lungi and T-shirt and hit the bed.
I heard Raman and Abhilasha talking but couldn’t hear what they were talking about. I tried to sleep. After fifteen minutes, I heard the door knock, warily I got up, opened the door and saw Raman. He came in.
Abhilasha entered the bedroom behind him, wearing a white silk saree. Raman was in shorts and a T-shirt. I was worried about what was in store for me now.
Raman: Abhilasha wants to say something to you, Uncle.
Me: Can’t we talk in the morning, Raman?
Abhilasha: You promised me that you would come to me tonight, Mama.
I was dumbstruck on hearing her. She had the audacity to chide me in front of her hubby for not going to fuck her! I helplessly looked at Raman.
Raman: I know what happened between you two in the morning. I am not mad at either of you. She has desires I cannot fulfil, and I don’t mind her getting them from you instead of my lousy friends. I am tired of them talking and laughing behind my back. I have changed my job twice because of this. Please help her Uncle.
Me: What are you saying, Raman? She is a child and has wild imaginations of love and sex.
Abhilasha: I will behave like a good girl Mama. Give me a baby and make my life worth something. As I said, my cycle is ripe to conceive if I have good healthy sperm. Just spend three nights with me. I promise I won’t even look at other men once I get pregnant. I will be a good wife to Raman.
Me: Why can’t you get her pregnant, Raman?
Raman: My sperm count is very low. Uncle. I have got erection problem with premature ejaculation. I don’t want an unknown man’s child in her womb. She doesn’t like going for IVF and wants to carry her baby herself. I can’t see her suffering, Uncle. You have to help her.
Abhilasha came near me, placing her hand on my chest and saying,” I promise I will take good care of your baby and nephew. I am sick of getting fucked by random horny men who want to devour only my body and don’t want my love. After these three nights, I won’t trouble you, Mama. Even if I don’t conceive, I will remain faithful to Raman.
I looked at the couple. Sighing said, “Only three nights, Abhilasha. And you will stop behaving like a slut like you did in the morning with me. You will stop seeing your male friends too.”
Abhilasha smiled, gave a hug, went got laid on the bed and said, “Yes, Yes, Darling. I won’t even look at other men. Anyway, I got my dildo to satisfy me if I get horny. Raman will help me with the dildo, won’t you Raman,” and he nodded.
Me: Ok, Raman, if that is what you both wish me to do. I will send her back in an hour.
Abhilasha: No, darling, Raman will stay. Watch us having sex, and he may learn something from you.
I was in a fix. She wanted her husband to see me fucking her like a cuckold hubby. I saw him sitting on the bed beside his wife’s left side. Shaking my head, got on the bed, between her legs and tried to pull her saree up her legs.
Abhilasha stopped me and said, “I don’t want you to just FUCK me. I want you to make love to me like a newly wedded bride. Just imagine your first night with Suma aunty and make love to me like that, Darling.”
I removed my T-shirt, got laid on her right, rested on my left elbow, and pulled her saree pallo revealing her white blouse. Abhilasha’s breasts flesh was trying to pop out from the blouse top. I inserted my fingers between her cleavage and unhooked her blouse to see her bra.
While removing the blouse from her shoulders, my hand went down to her stomach. I felt her smooth, warm skin. I pulled her saree folds tucked into her petticoat near her navel. The saree came out, and I pulled it from her body. I untied the petticoat cord and pushed it from her legs.
Abhilasha was lying in her white bra and matching panties between me and her hubby. She didn’t try to cover her modesty but smiled at me, anticipating my next move. I saw her panties moist in the front and thought she had an orgasm already. I removed my lungi, pulled her over me, and embraced her firmly.
Abhilasha giggled like a little girl and gave me a peck on my lips. Not allowing her to remove her lips, started kissing her, and she kissed me back, sucking my lips. This was the first kiss between Abhilasha and me. The way she was kissing, I knew she was a good kisser.
I turned towards my right. Raman was keenly watching us kissing, and his hand was on his crotch, probably getting aroused on seeing his wife kissing me. My hands went to her back, unhooked the bra and pulled it from her shoulders, still kissing her.
Abhilasha’s naked warm breasts crushed my chest, and her Mangalsutra was stuck between us. My hands moved further down, and holding her panty’s waistband, pulled it down. Abhilasha helped me by lifting her hips. Once it came down to her knees, I pushed it down.
She shook her legs to dismantle her panties. Now her bare pussy was crushing my hard cock on the briefs. My hands were holding her ass, still kissing her. We kissed for almost five minutes. I saw her struggling to breathe. I removed my lips from hers and started kissing her earlobes, cheeks, nose and chin.
My saliva moistened her face, and she kissed me back on my cheeks. I sensed her hands moving down, trying to pull down my briefs, I rolled over and got on top of her, and she was lying close to her hubby. Abhilasha whispered in my ears, “Are you hard, Darling?”
“Didn’t you feel it, dear, when you were pressing your pussy against it?” I said loudly. Abhilasha blushed and said, “Why don’t you show your weapon to Raman Darling?”
Holding her breasts, I pulled her to her knees and stood on the bed. Abhilasha’s face was at my crotch level. I said, “Why don’t you show my cock to your husband yourself, Baby?”
Abhilasha blushing more, looked at her husband and said, “Do you want to see your Uncle’s cock, Raman?” he nodded. She pulled my briefs down, and my cock jumped at her face dripping pre-cum. I removed my legs from it and looked at Raman.
He was staring at my 8-inch hard cock with a surprised look. Maybe he never anticipated that I had a big one at this age. Abhilasha fondly held my cock and started licking off my pre-cum from the tip. She was licking it from bottom to top, stretching her tongue out.
Her one hand was playing with my balls. I looked at Raman, who was keenly watching his wife licking my cock. I thought it was time for some action. So I pushed Abhilasha back on the bed. I turned around in the 69 position and got on top of her.
I rested my knees at her head and brought my cock close to her mouth. I got between her thighs and my face near her pussy. Holding her thighs, I pushed them wider, making room for myself. Her glistening pussy lips opened up, showing her pinkish insides despite her abundant pubic hairs.
This was the first time I saw her pussy closely. I saw her throbbing clitoris and gave it a lick. Abhilasha’s body shivered at my lick. Taking her clit between my lips sucked it hard for a few seconds. She quickly took my cock into her mouth to reciprocate my sucking.
Abhilasha was gorging on my cock. Raman was close to seeing his wife sucking me like candy. I moved my tongue down, licking her juices from her lips. I dipped my tongue into her vaginal hole, trying to tongue fuck her. Abhilasha was holding my ass and slurping my cock, wetting it with her saliva.
I saw her pussy gushing out juices. I was tongue fucking her, and I was swallowing all of it. Abhilasha’s body was shaking when she was experiencing her orgasm. I thought it was time to take her, got up, and pulled my cock out of her mouth. I heard her groaning.
Lying beside her, I asked, “Do you want to play more or…” looking at both husband and wife. Abhilasha looked at me and then at her husband. Raman said, “I never thought sex would be so wonderful without actually fucking. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, dear.”
Abhilasha gave a peck on her hubby’s cheeks. Turning towards me, she asked, “Do you want me to lie down or….”
Me: Your wish Abhilasha, If you come on top, you will be in control. If you lie down, you will be at my mercy. I don’t know if you can take me deep. I can’t control myself once I start fucking.
Abhilasha: No worries, Darling, you can go deep in me as much as you want. I am not selfish. I want you to enjoy my body and my pussy.
“Your wish, Dear.” I got between her legs, spreading her legs wide and pointing my cockhead at her hole asked again, “Are you sure you want me to do this?”
“Yes, very much, Darling,” Abhilasha said, turning to Raman, asked, “Will you do the honours of pushing your Uncle’s cock inside your wife’s pussy, Dear?”
Raman and I were startled at her unusual request. I saw Raman moving towards me, seeing his wife’s pleading face. I was in a fix. I was about to fuck his wife, and he was about to help me penetrate her. I saw him holding my cock, rubbing it up and down his wife’s pussy lips.
“She loves it very much when her pussy is rubbed by a cock, Uncle,” saying he stopped rubbing, pointing my cock at her pussy said again, “Make her yours, satisfy her and give her a baby, Uncle.”
Abhilasha smiled but screamed when I pushed all my 8 inches into her in one go, pressing my cock down deep, hitting her cervix. Her orgasms had lubricated her pussy pretty much. My cock went in with extra force, and her inner muscles gripped me tightly.
I laid on her sweating body and said, “Shall I cum now, Abhilasha?”
“What? So soon? No,” Abhilasha said with panic in her eyes.
Pulling out my cock a bit, pushing it again deep, said, laughing, “I was joking, baby. I will fuck you as long as you can withstand my pounding.” I started hammering her pussy. She was receiving it like a sport showing no discomfort on her face.
I was fucking her. I found her pussy tight for my thick cock trying to milk, despite her earlier young year’s sex adventures. Abhilasha began screaming, and I thought neighbours might hear her screams. Thought of sealing her mouth with mine, but I got a wicked idea.
Looking at Raman asked him to remove his shorts and gave his wife his cock to suck. Both husband and wife were shocked hearing me. But being a good sport, Abhilasha said, “Yes, Raman, give me your cock. I want to suck it when Mama is fucking me. Both my holes will be sealed, and my long-time desire will be fulfilled.”
Raman removing his shorts and underwear, knelt before his wife, placing his cock close to her lips. I was shocked to see his tiny cock, which was about 3 inches and flaccid. Abhilasha took it fully inside her mouth and started sucking like a lollipop. I was hammering her pussy.
Occasionally I bent down, licking her nipples and trying to suck her boobs. I fucked her tight pussy for fifteen minutes and was sweating a lot. But Abhilasha was showing no discomfort and was sucking her husband’s small one happily.
Her breasts swayed all over her chest due to my thrust. I wondered how much milk she would produce if she gave birth. Still pumping her gripping pussy I asked, “Will you feed me your milk if you have a baby, Dear?”
Abhilasha removed her husband’s cock from her mouth. She looked at me with a naughty smile and said, “Of course, Darling, my soul and body is yours now, and you don’t have to ask me. You just have to order me. Come on fuck me, make me pregnant so I can feed my Darling my milk from my tits.”
I fucked her for another fifteen minutes. I was getting tired and badly needed a release. I looked at the bedside clock and saw the time was past 12. It was almost one hour before the couple came to my room. I needed to cum very urgently. I asked, “Shall I cum, Abhilasha?”
She looked at me and said, “Ok if you want to. But don’t pull off till I say so. I want to feel your dick throbbing in me.” I began to release my cum in Abhilasha’s pussy. The first three spurts were huge, filling her up. The next spurts of semen were overflowing from her pussy and wetting the sheets.
Abhilasha was kissing all over my face like a puppy showing her affection to get satisfied. My nephew was looking at us, showing any emotions. Abhilasha’s pussy was trying to milk my cock for more which was not there. I drifted to sleep as she kissed me with my flaccid cock still buried inside her.
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2023.06.03 10:21 mindlessly-dreaming Can I be Honest?

That's what I want to ask you. I know you don't like to talk about this shit. You told me again tonight. You don't like talking about these things over text. I feel like its a cop out because you know we can't do this face to face, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe, you really don't like to talk about certain things over text.
I am sitting here half drunk and sad as fuck, but the thing is... I have no fucking clue why this shit between us makes me so sad sometimes. We are just friends. Or well friends with benefits? It seems to bother you when I call it that, but that's what it is when you are friends with someone and you both engage in sexual things. I wish you would just call it what it is.
I am not in love with you. I may have got caught up in the whirl wind of feelings a while back when I was in a more vulnerable place, and thought that was what I was feeling, but when the dopamine rush faded, it occured to me it was just infatuation. Obsession. Limerance.
I know that. I know it's not love.
Don't get me wrong. I have love for you. I truly do. It's probably the closest to unconditional love I've ever felt because despite my feelings, despite things that have happened between us, I genuinely just want you to be happy in your life. I don't wish anything but wonderful things for you.
But it's not the "in love" kind of love because I don't really know you. I mean, I do, but I don't. You don't let me close enough to truly know you. So it's not that I am in love with you. The feelings I had for my husband before he fucked it all up was what being in love feels like. That's not what I feel for you.
But this is the part that keeps confusing me. Why in the fuck does it hurt so much sometimes? Why does it hurt me when you can't make time for me? Why do I get this stab in my chest when you say shit like, "I love you as a friend only"? Why do I feel jealous when you give your attention to other people? Why do our conversations play on a loop in my head when I try to fall asleep at night? Why do I have days where you consume my every thought even when I am trying to think of literally anything else? Why does a tiny part of me still have a longing for this to be more than it is? I would never ask that of you, but the feeling is there.
My point is, I am not in love with you. A crush? Sure. Obsession? At times. But I am not in love. I know that. We probably wouldn't be compatible for a long term relationship anyways. Sure it would be fun for a while, until you we started butting heads over dumb shit because i dont like being told what to do and neither do you. Logically we make no sense, and I have actively been trying to detach from the situation. So the infatuation has faded. My feelings should have faded with it.
So please explain to me why in the fuck the thought of losing you hurts so fucking bad?! And why does the thought of keeping things the way they are hurt nearly as bad as ending it?! I know i say I am fine, but it's tearing me apart.
I don't know. You are the first person I've had any sort of feelings for since my husband, so maybe I am just a bit too emotionally raw still from all of that? I am still healing and sorting through all that emotional baggage. We don't talk about it much, but I think you are aware of it.
I didn't mean for this to happen between us. I wasn't looking for it. I don't even know how we got here. Sometimes I wonder if I could go back in time to that day we met, if I would do things differently.
I don't think I would. We have said things like "I wish things were different" and "maybe in another life" and "i wish we'd met at a different time," but a part of me truly believes our meeting had perfect timing. You'll probably think I am crazy for this, but I guess you already think I'm crazy so what's new 🤷🏻‍♀️ But I truly, honestly believe that God or divine intervention, or whatever you wanna call it, happened to make sure our paths cross the way they did that day. It felt like fate to me.
I was fucking drowning when I met you. I was so depressed and I felt so fucking powerless. My whole life was falling apart around me, and I was just letting it. I had given up. You reminded me that I wasn't always bitter and jaded and resentful. You reminded me that I could still feel sexy and beautiful. You reminded me that under all that pain and betrayal, there was still that young girl who loved freely and openly because it just made her feel good to love and care about people. You brought out the compassionate side of me that got lost in my pain. You reminded me of my power, and in a way helped me take back control of my life.
I wish you understood how grateful I am that I met you. While it would have been nice to meet you at a time when I was more emotionally stable or when your situation wasn't what it is... I truly believe we met exactly when we were meant to. I just hope that I have made even the smallest impact on your life in a positive way the way you did mine. I feel like I feel you on a soul level, a d at times I swear we seem to communicate telepathically. So if that's a real thing.. if it's possible, I hope you can feel the gratitude I feel towards you.
Unless a miracle happens, we both know this friendship will end tomorrow. You told me in the beginning what your boundaries were. I crossed them. I am sorry about that. Truly. I fucked it all up. That's why I have to take myself out of this situation. This should have happened a couple months ago. But we're like magnets. Always pulling back together.
I am going to end it for real tomorrow. This has just gotten too messy, and I want to end this before we end up hating each other or before this starts to cause problems in your real life. I promise you I never want to cause you any problems.
I just wish I wasn't ending it with so many unanswered questions. But you don't like answering my questions, and when you do sometimes your answers just confuse me more. So I have no choice. It is what it is. Thank you for being my friend through one of the hardest times in my life. December's will always remind me of you.
Love you always,
Your little penguin 🐧 Your sensitive butterfly 🦋 ❤️
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2023.06.03 10:21 zxerozx To the wiiu friend that actually responded

I'm not sure if your here but I want to say I'm so sorry for never getting back to you
A simple happy birthday went a very long way for me and nearly broke me when I found out I never got back to you
So nearly 2 years after.
Thank you it really made my day 🥹🥹🥹
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2023.06.03 10:19 cs-living Master Room at Kenanga Point, Pudu

Master Room at Kenanga Point, Pudu
CK 60122082780
Whatsapp: https://appoin.me/ck_GVzT
Room Detail: https://appoin.me/rooms_7Xvup
Kenanga Point Condo room for rent
New renovation Utilities included Fully Furnish Wifi provided Kl city centre Chinese restaurant, mamak, mini mart, laundry, barber shop in facilities floor
  • Easy access to Jalan San Peng which is connected to Jalan Loke Yew and Jalan Maharajalela.
  • Near to Hang Tuah monorail, Pudu LRT station
  • Short distance to Opposite of Kenanga Wholesale City, Berjaya Time Square and Bukit Bintang
  • Near to Kenanga Wholesale City
  • Near to LRT Station & Monorial Hang Tuah
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2023.06.03 10:18 trigonometry-hater I'm scared of my piano teacher.

I am currently studying for the Trinity College London Exam with my piano teacher, and I am seriously so scared of this woman. She yells and complains really loudly, which frightens the hell out of me. Not only that, when she deems my playing unsatisfactory, she takes my hands and start playing the notes for me (using my hands).
I practice a lot before coming to class, but the moment I see her my hands start shaking and I forget all the notes. She always complains about my technique being off or I don't practice at home, but it's just because I'm so scared of her yelling that I can't play properly. I can play all the pieces with my eyes closed at this point, but I just can't in front of her.
I'm scared to go to class. I'd find any excuse or activity to skip that day, like volunteering for a school camp or entering a competition that occurs on that day to skip class. However, it just makes her even madder because it's near exam submission deadline and I haven't been coming to class. She threatens me and tells me to just quit class if I can't play properly, and I leave on the verge of tears every time (except for today, I was actually crying).
It's just an overwhelming and scary experience I have to go through every week, but she's the only teacher that can help me with the exam in my city. I used to love doing piano, but now it's like a torture rountine every weekend.
If you made it to the end, thank you for reading. I just really needed to get this off my chest.
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2023.06.03 10:18 woooooooooji Should I change to an LE theme?

Should I change to an LE theme?
So I recently found out that you can upgrade a card to a higher grade without needing an identical card to upgrade it 😀.
Day6 is my ult and I really want to spoil them by upgrading the LE theme (I also have the 5th anniv. cards completed) but my cards are R40 already and I'm wondering if it's still worth swapping themes or would it just be a waste of resources.
I'm also aware that anniversary event is near so.... please help me rkfnejfnej
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2023.06.03 10:17 EyepatchMorty_01 Can someone tell me where and when I can find these?

Can someone tell me where and when I can find these?
I know it's sold in LIDL but I checked three lidls near me and the don't have it. Does it only come during some specific time? I would really appreciate it if anyone can tell me where to find this.
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2023.06.03 10:15 UpstairsLabs Wholesome moment

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2023.06.03 10:13 BarnSwallowStreamers just need a vent

just over 3 weeks ago i had a breakdown and went to seek help from a doctor who prescribed me antidepressants for my depression, anxiety, appetite and sleep.
yesterday the doctors surgery waited until the last minute to inform me that my follow up appointment for monday is cancelled and that i’m no longer a patient there because i’m outside the catchment area and they can’t find an nhs number for me.
this is infuriating because for 3 weeks now i’ve been asking them to simply send an email to my gp in ireland to request my medical records which will have my nhs number and yet the message is always distorted and never followed through on.
now i have a week of my medication left, no doctor and no medical records.
i have to find a new gp while balancing it with work - who’ve already brought it up as an issue that i have to attend therapy and doctor appointments during work hours (i get 1 and a “half” days off - more like 2 hours less on the day) and i can’t access the self referral help that the doctor sent me to because i still don’t have the nhs number that they tell me they need.
my therapy is private and im funding it myself because i’m trying to get through this. i’m not even mad at this shitshow. i’m just disheartened that i tried to get help and it feels like the door has been slammed in my face. my anxiety is through the roof today because i don’t want to have to talk to my boss about this and have it stressed how much of an inconvenience it is, and i’m worried about coming off the meds that i’ve been adjusting to and have probably helped me through the past few weeks. im nowhere near a healthier place in my mind and it sucks because all of a sudden it’s like
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2023.06.03 10:10 cupcake_chocolat The new incapable events are so bad

I'm a custom ruler of toscany, developing my domain, planning my future actions, still no heir. The premonition event happen, my caracter will go incapable in a near future. I have no one else in my dynasty, I manage to have at least one kid, and a few month later my caracter get hurt and become incapable. And now here i am for almost a decade : -can't have child -can't manage wars -can't do anything culture related -can't do anything religion related Must wait while my kingdom is torn appart because my regent is a dumbass and i can't change it. Seeing the new head of culture making shit that will take a century to fix. My child will be have the worst trait imaginable. So when my caracter finally dies, i begin to play my heir but he dies from stress because he is paranoid and had a few unlucky events. End of the game. I like the role play elements and the random events of this game but the incapable trait is straight up crap. Like i don't mind my caracter getting hurt or ill. My perfect heir dying during a meeting with his friends a year before i die, so i must play the heir with no trait i'm ok with that, some challenge is cool. But not being able to play the game because of one event, that i know is coming and i can't do anything to prevent it is really annoying me.
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2023.06.03 10:10 Terrible-Parsnip5731 Not much of a question

If you have seen my posting history on this subreddit it is nearly all on about a few watches for ages and which ones is the best but to conclude this meaningless story I have decided to go with the f-91w as all these watches seem to bulky for my tiny 6.5 inch wrist, it does what I need it to do and I can hopefully get better Casio’s in the future and start a collection 🤞
Thanks for your help everyone for helping me on this small but important journey of mine to buying a Casio watch
Edit: I have a few watches in mind and what ones to get ikr the royale, Mabey a pro trek in the distant future, the ones I have previously mentioned, GW-M5610U-1ER and last but not least hopefully one watch at the end of my exams with me and my mates will all get
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2023.06.03 10:10 praisywavy racism in Ellerslie Auckland

A group of lads in a black SUV with blacked out windows just shouted the n word at me. Im a black woman, I was walking on my own on a dimly lit street. This happened near Ellerslie station. Im sure this is a hate crime but I didn't get a registration number because they sped around the corner and I was on foot. Is there anything I can do about this?
On Tuesday I had a random guy staring at me and chanting ooga booga. This is really disappointing, I know racism is everywhere but I haven't experienced this in the UK. I hope karma can do what I cant.
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