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2012.09.01 19:59 IotaGamer We Redesign Rooms

Welcome to DesignMyRoom! Do you need help transforming your living space? Then look no further, we can help with all of your decor and design needs!

2019.03.05 13:18 alpidzonka AskBalkans

Questions about the Balkan states answered! New users check out our Wiki or FAQ page, get to know our community and it's rules.

2009.10.09 07:08 mollymew LGBTnews

LGBTnews is for sharing links to recent news articles about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and all queer issues from a variety of sources, locales, and perspectives; along with comments and discussions about the posts.

2023.06.04 09:31 deEdoChaN Self person

When you were younger, why did you want to be 'good'? Because you got attention for it from the elders around you. When you are older now, why do you do 'bad' things? Because you get attention for it from the group around you. Can someone give attention/care to a person being their own self?
Note: Good and bad are some archetypes defined by the society we live in, but can we label all the things as good or bad?
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2023.06.04 09:30 ROBlNET13 RBXL File of "Where's the Baby!"

Could anyone send me an RBLX file using saveinstance of the game "Where's the Baby!" ? i would like to have the normal house map and main menu if possible, anything would work, thanks in advance
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2023.06.04 09:28 YungGeno Need to double check if this clayfighter sculptors cut cart is real

Need to double check if this clayfighter sculptors cut cart is real
Couldn’t really open the metal frame because the right screw holding it down is stripped and don’t want to ruin but I do see NUS-01 and the labels and cart feel real
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2023.06.04 09:28 Uxegard How to verify a map

Hi! In which way can I prove that a map belongs to Lp(I)? Do I need to see if all property of a Hilbert's linear space vector are satisfied? Or there are faster ways? Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.06.04 09:27 olive571 Marriage with a signed away no fault divorce right, a good thing?

Decades ago, no fault was introduced in America, and as a result, the divorce rate skyrocketed. Do you think it would be positive if couples could mutually agree to a marriage contract where no fault divorce is not allowed as soon as you sign your name on that marriage license? This would cause commitments to be taken more seriously, and remove all easy exits.
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2023.06.04 09:27 AutoModerator [Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (

[Download Course] Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab (
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5 reasons you need to be super clear on your WHO before you ever start building out your Tiny Offer Funnel
How to use the 3P Method to easily identify your perfect WHO
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3 easy questions to ask to generate ideas for your Tiny Offer and a simple system for validating your offer
How to create and name one-of-a-kind frameworks for your offer
Turning your framework into a product and finding the Standout Element of your offer
How to use the Offer Suite Wheel to determine the dollar value of each component of your Tiny Offer

Nail Product Creation

High-Converting Offers Have Pleasing Visuals And Practical Assets…
In Module 3, you’ll create a unique style for your Tiny Offer and get down to brass tacks by building out assets.
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How to brand the Tiny Offer way, including how to select eye-catching colors, fonts, and graphics
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Allie’s Go-to Equipment List with links to everything you need to create a polished Tiny Offer Suite

Your Stellar Sales Pages

You Won’t Get Any Traction Without A Sales Page That Speaks To Your Ideal Buyer…
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Optimize Your E-Mail Sequences

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(Tech, Copywriting, Strategy, FB Ads)
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Free VIP Recording of Profit Camp

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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 09:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School (

[Download Course] Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School (
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Chapters 9-11 – Diplomacy, Management, Selling Strategy (Head Of Strategy) Save your time with templates you can copy/paste
You will have access to the Strategy Finishing School Library, which is a Google folder containing presentations and templates that have saved Julian and other strategists hours of presentation creation time.
You can copy and paste templates including strategy set up decks, content strategy, scoping strategy, comms planning, strategy department vision, to over 100+ frameworks that are designed for you to swipe and save. Course Modules & Lessons Strategy Fundamentals
What is strategy? Writing a strategy Different types of strategy Managing Downtime Short Sharp Strategy Who’s Who In Agencies Strategy In Under An Hour Helpful Strategy Resources Research
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Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School
Strategy Finishing School Course By Julian Cole
Julian Cole – Strategy Finishing School Course


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 09:25 Mr_Chunga Full moon confirmed (North America)

Full moon confirmed (North America)
Evolve your Ursaluna(s) tonight, folks!
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2023.06.04 09:24 Mr_Chunga Full moon confirmed (North America)

Full moon confirmed (North America)
Evolve your Ursaluna(s) tonight, folks!
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2023.06.04 09:23 contrarianforprofit Are these facsimiles or reprints?

Are these facsimiles or reprints? submitted by contrarianforprofit to comicbookcollecting [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:23 tidakapaapa What are your sides?

Literally on the menu in front of you labeled "sides" down the front center of the menu, but I will happily go through the 10+ side items I have because you can't be bothered to register that information. Repeat for next guest. And the next. It was a fun night.
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2023.06.04 09:23 StockDunce When should Ai.Mi be picked as goalie?

I've been trying to learn Ai.Mi goalie in normals and understand how all of her abilities work at this point, but what I'm not 100% sure on is when she should be picked as a goalie. On what maps does she excel? What strikers does she counter?
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2023.06.04 09:22 ChoicesBOT Subject-Free Sundays: 2023-06-04

This is our weekly casual conversation chat! Here, community members are welcome to discuss anything and everything about the game, about your life, or about what you've been up to. We also include userflair data on this day. Please keep the discussion within subreddit rules, of course, and remember to keep things civil and friendly!

Flairs Overview

Number of Users with each Flair

Note: This table shows the number of unique users with each flair image, with a minimum of 25. Multiple identical flairs in the same user's flair count as one.
Flair Users
A Courtesan of Rome 55
Adalhard-M1 42
Adam1 52
Adam3 50
Adrian1 406
Adrian3 165
Aerin 196
Aiden 181
Aisha 38
Aislinn 139
Ajay 211
Alana 133
America's Most Eligible 36
Andy 214
Angel 48
Anna 99
Annabelle 293
Annelyse 67
Aromantic 33
Arylu 129
Asexual 94
Aster 155
Aubrey 33
Aurora 114
Ava 153
Avery-F 71
Avery-M 48
Bloodbound 66
Becca 402
Beckett 1024
Ben 80
Bertrand 25
Bi 210
Bianca 73
Blaine-F1 42
Blaine-F3 56
Blaine-M1 69
Blaine-M3 89
Blades of Light and Shadow 117
Book 56
Bryce 861
Cal 176
Caleb-Hero 25
Caleb 40
Cas-F2 42
Cas-M2 116
Cassius 132
Cat 53
Charlie 156
Chris 107
Colt 259
Connor 83
Corgi 298
Crow 49
Dakota-F1 48
Dakota-F2 28
Dakota-M1 64
Dakota-M4 44
Dallas 52
Damien 932
Dan 48
Danni 112
Dave 37
Dean 35
Derek 37
Diavolos 61
Diego 29
Dipper 75
Desire & Decorum 40
Dom 119
Drake 428
Edward1 42
Edward2 48
Edward3 63
Edward4 35
Eiko 126
Eleanor 167
Eli 49
Emma 201
Emu 38
Eris 71
Ernest 744
Endless Summer 130
Esme 34
Estela 383
Ethan 1016
Eva 84
Fabien 41
Flynn 325
Furball 129
Gabe2 32
Gabe3 32
Gaius 122
Gay 39
Gorgue 100
Grayson 38
Greyhound 42
Griffin 106
Hamid 120
Hana 336
Hayden-F2 179
Hayden-F3 111
Hayden-M1 69
Hayden-M2 96
Hazel 35
Heart 586
High School Story 59
Hunt 183
Hunter-F1 30
Hunter-M1 28
Hunter-M2 111
The It Lives Series 90
Imogen 69
Imtura 153
Jackie 88
Jaime 71
Jake 850
James 69
Jax 296
Jen 107
John2 44
Julian 27
Kaitlyn 290
Kamilah 788
Kane 30
Kate 58
Katherine 48
Kayden-F1 73
Kayden-M1 112
Kayden-M2 40
Kenji 141
Kenna 182
Kepler 35
Kieran-M1 37
Kingsley-F1 37
Kingsley-F2 84
Kingsley-F3 55
Kingsley-M1 174
Kingsley-M2 36
Kingsley-M3 84
Kitten 103
Leo 74
Lesbian 117
Levi 71
Liam1 376
Liam2 38
Liam3 304
Lily 65
Lindsay 30
Lobster 50
Logan1 110
Logan2 102
Loola 32
Lucas 62
Luke 35
Lumian 41
Mackenzie1 68
Mackenzie2 29
Mackenzie3 68
Madeleine 25
Mal 547
Marc 375
Maria 258
Mark 36
Matt 42
Maxwell 373
Meridian 53
Michael 609
Michelle 46
Mona 243
Naomi 49
Nia 439
Nik1 80
Nik3 48
Noah1 27
Noah3 72
Noah 127
Nonbinary 26
Open Heart 70
Oliver 115
Olivia 199
Pan 49
Parker 119
Perfect Match 31
Poppy-Qb 583
Priya 87
Pug 87
Puppy 42
Queen B 36
Quinn 536
Quote 41
Rafael 195
Rainbow 31
Raleigh-F 45
Raleigh-M 277
Raydan 144
Redfield 82
Redpanda 29
Ride or Die 26
Rory-F2 54
Rory-M2 55
Sabina 83
Sam-F1 42
Sam-F3 60
Sam-M1 39
Sam-M3 59
Sam 51
Sawyer 149
Sean 129
Sei 61
Seth 27
Shannon 41
Shreya 246
Sienna 50
Simon 80
Skye 510
Slater 57
Sloane 97
Sol 63
Sonia 310
Stacy 32
Sumire 31
Syphax 96
Tatum 106
The Crown and The Flame 54
The Elementalists 95
Thomas 275
Threep 180
Tobias 25
Tom 347
Trans 41
Troy 26
The Royal Romance 42
Trystan-F3 27
Trystan-M1 46
Trystan-M3 35
Trystan-M4 34
Tyril 774
Uwu 69
Val 75
Vera 57
Veronica 86
Victoria 71
Veil of Secrets 30
Zahra 29
Zig 414
Zoey 161
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2023.06.04 09:20 Dr-Dr4ke Displacement or bump on Terrain texture painting?

I dont know if this has been asked here already , but im using 2019.4.31f1 and wanted to create a terrain with multiple materials for different parts like snow or dirt or gravel etc. but after making the terrain i notice i only can put normal maps and bump or displacement is not an option here. is there a way to paint different materials into the terrain with displacement map option on it, or are there any tools for that?
submitted by Dr-Dr4ke to unity [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:20 TM1012 How do I get more coins?

How do I get more coins?
How do I get more coins? I see people with 200k plus and I struggle to get 15k in an event. When I go offline do I swap to the lower maps to kill more monsters? Or am I missing something else as that would lower my rebirth stones I earn overnight
submitted by TM1012 to ArcherForest [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:19 mellowian Uber just being Uber

Uber just being Uber
How is this even possible? $13 for 21 km? (13+4 toll)
submitted by mellowian to uberdrivers [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:18 sexyontheinside96 Bloodweb change idea

So I had this idea because I love playing scratched mirror myers, but I only get one add-on every 4 or 5 levels of the bloodweb. Meaning it's costing me upwards of 100k points each time just for one game. And yes, I know I could play other killers or even survivor to bank some points to spend on Mikey, but it made me think about how I have a bunch of the other add ons. Vanity mirror or tombstone piece or lock of hair. Especially lock of hair. I feel like it would make sense for the RNG to take into account how many of each add-on you have. For example: if you have 10 locks of hair, it lowers the chances of it appearing in the bloodweb by 10% or so. That way, you're more likely to get the add ons you actually use. Could do the same with map offerings or even just offerings in general. The more you have, the less likely they are to appear in the bloodweb. It definitely feels like the ones I want appear a lot less than they should. For example, I maybe get one midwich or the game offering every 10 levels, but I've gotten several offerings for eyrie of crows. It's ridiculous. I have more than 30 of those offerings now. And it's killswitched to boot, so even if I wanted to use them, I can't. What do you guys think about this idea?
submitted by sexyontheinside96 to deadbydaylight [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:18 Dehale_88 Is it possible to capture a string with a space in it?

Is it possible to capture a string with a space in it? I am parsing the log for labels, because it is crooked in the source without labels. I use pattern. Cannot capture date and time in one tag
Example Log
INFO: GeoBlock: 2023/06/04 08:25:30 [email protected]: request denied [] for country [CN]

sum by (message, country, date, time, ip) (rate({container_name="traefik"} logfmt __error__=`` pattern `<_>: <_>:  
I need to combine date and time in one marker.
submitted by Dehale_88 to grafana [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:18 wisram Predator disease. Treatment facilities chapter # 3

Predator disease. Treatment facilities chapter # 3
//First I need to apologize if there’s some orthography mistakes or ununderstandable words , the english is not my native language so, I'm just trying my best, if you found something like that please let me know to correct it.
//Also thanks to u/SpacePaladin15 for this incredible universe
The members of the Memory Transcription Preservations included some multimedia files to help with the disclosure of this set of stories and get a better understanding of the lives seen in this catalog, please enjoy.
Memory transcription subject: Doma, Venlil, treatment facility patient
Date [standardized Sol time]: July 19th, 2135.
A purple blob with pieces of something that appear to be vegetables falls onto my plate. Yuck I hope it tastes better than it looks.
While Baali takes about 20 napkins along with his food and proceeds to congratulate the cook wearing an overall, gloves, and an apathetic expression hairnet.
"Whoa Karat, you really did it with this meal, you're awesome."
I notice how the cook expresses happiness with her tail and serves an extra portion of stew to Baali, taking away the napkins. Baali nervously laughs and lowers his ears, saying, "hehehe... thank you," before we leave the counter.
That was... curious. I feel like I'm missing something, but I don't know what it is.
"Hey Baali, why did she take back your napkins?"
"Uh, it's nothing. She just doesn't like me taking her napkins."
"That's... weird."
"Don't worry about it, let me introduce you to the rest of the herd." Baali leads me to a round table where several Venlil were sitting and eating. "Doma, these are Roomaer, Gat, Bucket, and Belizba." "Roomaer, Gat, Bucket, and Belizba... this is Doma."
I notice that out of the four Venlil Baali introduced me to, one turns his gaze to look at me, another continues wiping his chair with one of the cafeteria napkins while seemingly whispering something repeatedly, and the other two seem to ignore me.
Baali takes a seat at the table and gestures for me to join him, placing his hand on the chair next to him where the slender Venlil with a round face and brown fur is diligently cleaning without lifting his gaze. "Come on, you can sit between me and Roomaer."
I glance uncomfortably at the Venlil who seems obsessed with polishing the chair and decide to approach him with a question. "Is it not clean already?"
The peculiar Venlil momentarily pauses his cleaning, turns to look at me, and replies, "No, no, no, still dirty, dirty, dirty." He resumes his task without skipping a beat.
Seeking clarification, I quietly whisper to Baali, "What's the deal with this guy?"
Baali responds, "Well, he just has a strong preference for cleanliness and order. Don't worry, he's harmless. He wouldn't harm even an insect. Speaking of insects, have I ever told you about the time I discovered a massive bug under my bed? I swear it was larger than my hand. You never imagine how big they can get..."
I approach my seat between Baali and Roomaer with nervous anticipation, observing the peculiar Venlil as he also takes his place and obsessively rearranges his cutlery. Choosing to ignore the odd behavior, I let out a deep sigh, accepting the fact that I'm about to partake in a meal in this dreadful place. Casting a doubtful glance at my questionably sourced food, I reach out to grab my spoon from the table, only to have Roomaer preemptively snatch it away and begin cleaning it. The perplexed expression on my face, along with the movements of my tail and ears, fails to fully convey the extent of my confusion as I witness this strange individual meticulously polishing my cutlery, rearranging them on the table, grimacing, then picking them up again to clean them once more, and finally returning them to the table in a different order.
Undeterred, I make another attempt to take hold of the cutlery, only to be thwarted as Roomaer swiftly seizes them, rubs them fervently, and places them back in their designated positions. Growing increasingly frustrated, I try once more, but Roomaer moves the utensils slightly to the right. Determined, I cautiously inch my hand closer, yet Roomaer counters by shifting them ever so slightly to the left. Recognizing the futility of my efforts, I reluctantly retract my hand, patiently awaiting an opportune moment while the other Venlil appears to have ceased his unusual behavior.
“Did you finish?” I asked.
The Venlil, who had been visibly tense but had finally left my cutlery alone, remains still and silent. I relax and calm myself, finally ready to begin eating. Just as I am about to pick up the cutlery, the Venlil grabs them again.
I stand up and snatch the spoon from him in fury.
"You idiot! Clean the damn spoon one more time, and I'll make you swallow it!..."
Just as I'm about to strike the Venlil, Baali steps in between us, calming me down. "Wait, wait, he's not doing it on purpose. He can't control it."
The Venlil merely covers his head in remorse, repeating, "I'm sorry... sorry... I'm sorry." I calm down and lower my ears.
Baali attempts to soothe the frightened Venlil and suggests that I switch places with him. I take my tray of food and exchange seats with Baali, remaining silent and deep in thought. Perhaps I shouldn't have gotten so angry. After all, it's not his fault if he can't control it. I should apologize... but later. For now, I'll just eat a little bit since I'm very hungry.
Without looking, I try to grab my spoon again, but I fail and only grasp empty air. I turn my gaze and see that the damn spoon is no longer in its place. I look around until I spot the Venlil next to me hiding my spoon under his hand while clearly using his own spoon to eat from his own plate.
Oh, for the sake of the stars! Will no one let me eat in peace?!!!
In my frustration, I disregard the absent spoon and daringly take a bit of the purple stew with my hand. To my surprise, the taste is quite good. Perhaps a touch more salt would make it excellent, but overall it surpasses its initial appearance. As I savor the stew, a genuine sense of calm begins to wash over me, allowing me to momentarily disconnect from my surroundings and find true peace...
Startled, I abruptly snap out of my tranquility, nearly choking on the sound of a deafening bleat. It echoes as if someone is being pursued by a fearsome predator. However, when I lift my gaze, I discover that the source of the commotion is none other than the Venlil sitting in front of me.
"Damn it, why is he screaming?"
"What's the matter? is he injured?
"Did someone harm you?"
"Are you frightened?"
Baali shields his ears, leaning closer to me to explain that Belisba likely took Gat's headphones.
"Belisba? ...Of course, the spoon thief."
Baali and I watch as Belisba anxiously hides triangular sponges with cables behind him. I was ready to get up and snatch them away, but Baali intervenes.
"Calm down, Doma, I'll take care of it." Baali wags his tail to get Belisva's attention. "Hey, Belisba, I think Gat's headphones fell under the table. Could you pass them to me?"
Belisba is momentarily surprised by Baali's question but quickly relaxes, crouches down as if to retrieve the headphones, and then hands them over to Baali.
"Oh, here they are."
Come on, at least make a more convincing act. It's obvious that you only took advantage of Baali's fake excuse to hide the theft. We all noticed.
I observe as Baali approaches Gat and gently puts the headphones on him, giving him a sense of calm. Gat responds by nodding his head in what seems to be gratitude.
"Is everyone here insane?" I said as I resumed eating, using my hand as a makeshift spoon. At that moment, Bucket, the Venlil who had been silently eating all this time, lets out a chuckle.
"HA! And what did you expect from this place? Everyone here is sick in one way or another."
"Just look at Mr. Clean over here, imagine how he must have ended up on a crowded public transportation. Of course, the exterminators had to intervene after a Venlil during rush hour tried to clean the entire transport."
Roomaer simply lowers his head and ears in embarrassment and continues cleaning his food tray.
"And don't even get me started on your friend with the magical hands."
I turn and coldly gaze at Belizba just before he attempts to grab something from my plate with his hands, quickly pulling back.
"And what about you, Bucket? How did you end up here?"
Bucket takes a sip from his glass and pauses briefly before giving his response.
"I was just doing my job as an exterminator, but the guys didn't appreciate me practicing with a flamethrower. Combine that with mistaking a bucket of water for one filled with fuel, and... well."
"So that's why they call you Bucket?"
Bucket takes a sip from his glass, pausing for a moment before giving his response.
"I was just doing my job as an exterminator, but the guys didn't appreciate my enthusiasm for practicing with the flamethrower. And, well, things took a turn when I mistakenly grabbed a bucket of fuel instead of water."
"Is that why they call you Bucket?"
"Haha, no, that's another story, but I won't go into it. If anyone asks, you can just say it's because of that."
"Hmm, I think Baali mentioned something about it... but honestly, I should have paid more attention to what he said."
"That's probably for the best. He shouldn't have told you anything to begin with."
"Speaking of Baali, why is he here? I mean, he seems so sociable and normal, not the kind of person you'd expect to find in a place like this. Maybe a bit chatty, but not deserving of being here."
We both turn to see Baali still engrossed in conversation with Gat.
"Well, he... asked me not to tell anyone." I pause for a moment before continuing, "But considering that Baali almost revealed my story... I'll give you a clue. It's in the notebook he always carries."
From a distance, I notice that he never lets go of the notebook. It's always close by. "What could be in that notebook?"
"It's complicated. Rather, I would focus on what that notebook doesn't have. But regardless, out of all of us, Baali is the least likely to belong here. No matter how you look at it, even with his terrible secret, I don't think someone like him could ever become a predator. And let me tell you, true predators have ended up here."
I raise my ears in concern. "True predators?"
"Yes, dangerous Venlil, the real deal."
"Oh no."
"Yeah, you better be careful. I've heard that some of them have even tried to take lives."
"That's terrible..." Wait...
"Normally, they are kept in solitary confinement, but I overheard the guards saying that the district judge accidentally mixed up some of the records, and they think one of these Venlil wasn't separated from the others."
"..." Oh no.
"Usually, we all avoid them."
"..." Oh no, no, no.
"Especially because the guards take it out on them."
"..." This is bad, this is too bad.
"They subject them to the worst shocks. I heard that one of them had their internal organs burned from so much electrical discharge."
"..." Damn stars, I'm the predator Venlil they're talking about.
"It's an incredibly painful death, but well, the important thing in the end is to keep the flock safe."
I nervously affirm, "Haha, yeah... all for the sake of the flock."
"And you, Doma, what about you? How did you end up here?"
"..." Don't say trying to kill my boss. Don't say trying to kill my boss... "I also mistook a bucket of fuel."
"I understand. It happens."
No, damn it, it doesn't happen.
"Well, at least you were brought to these facilities and not others."
"What do you mean?"
"Well, I was transferred from another facility up north, and it's definitely very different from here. Just look at Gat. In my old facility, they would never give him headphones, not in a million years."
"Hmmm," I nod with my tail.
"We also have a courtyard. I heard that it's a recent addition due to some renovations they made."
"Hmmm, well, I guess that's... alright."
"Look at it this way, you were lucky to end up in these facilities."
"Hmmm, I suppose it's not so bad after all..."
[Fast Forward.]
[20 minutes later.]
Immediately, I feel an electric shock emanating from the mesh on my head, coursing through my body as I remain trapped in a chair, surrounded by projected images of predators.
The agonizing cries of several patients echo in a dimly lit room, with a large black glass pane in front where the doctors presumably observe us.
"CaAAAALM down, Doma, with tiIIIIime you'll gEEEEEEt used to it."
I notice that Baali is in the chair next to me, talking as if he isn't also strapped to one of these torture chaaaairs.
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2023.06.04 09:17 Suspicious_Reward373 Creating an alternative timeline of weezer’s discography using songs on Spotify Part1: 90s

So recently, I started to listen to the Alone series. This helped me to learn more about weezer’s unreleased discography and how many great works that they could’ve done. Therefore, I started to create a reimagined timeline of their discography and I would like to share it to you guys.
1993: Opposite sides of the kitchen(album)
Track list:
Side 1:
  1. Lullabye for Wayne
  2. Jamie
  3. Lemonade
  4. I Swear it’s True
  5. Paperface
Side 2:
  1. Don’t Worry Baby (Beach Boys cover)
  2. The World Has Turned and Left Me Here
  3. Chess
  4. The World We Love So Much
  5. Victory on the Hill
  6. The Purification of Water
In this timeline, Weezer’s debut was not the Blue album, but instead Opposite Sides of the Kitchen (which is a combination of the names of the two demo tapes, though much of the songs in this album where not demoed in those tapes). Many of the songs are b-sides of the blue album but were written on or before 1993, so I included them here. I decided to not to include too many Blue songs, and therefore I only chose The World Has Turned and Left Me here to be included into this album, as I think it matches the albums vibe. Lastly, it is worth-mentioning that The Purification of Water sequences Victory on the Hill pretty well, which was a surprise.
1994: Weezer (Blue album)
Track list
Side 1:
  1. My Name is Jonas
  2. No One Else
  3. Buddy Holly
  4. Surf Wax America
  5. Undone - The Sweater Song
Side 2
  1. Mykel and Carli
  2. Say it Ain’t So
  3. Holiday
  4. In the Garage
  5. Only in Dreams
So there is not much change in the blue album, except replacing TWHTALME with Mykel and Carli and some place switches.
1996: Songs from the Black Hole
Track list:
  1. Ooh
  2. Blast Off!/ Who you Callin’ Bitch?
  3. You Won’t Get with Me Tonight
  4. Oh Jonas / Please Remember
  5. Come to My Pod
  6. You Gave Your Love to Me Softly
  7. Tired of Sex - tracking rough
  8. Superfriend
  9. Longtime Sunshine (alone version)
  10. Tragic Girl
  11. Dude We’re Finally Landing
  12. Getting Up and Leaving
  13. Getchoo - tracking rough
  14. No Other One
  15. Devotion
  16. Waiting On You
  17. Why Bother?
  18. I Just Threw Out the Love of My Dreams
  19. Longtime Sunshine (Pinkerton deluxe version)
As some of the short tracks are not available on Spotify, I made this playlist as a combination of most of the proposed track listings. Also, I love both versions of Longtime Sunshine, so I added both of them into the playlist, with the alone version closing the first part of the story and the Pinkerton deluxe version closing the whole story.
1997: Pinkerton
Track list:
Side 1:
  1. Susanne
  2. El Scorcho
  3. Across the Sea Piano Noodles
  4. The Good Life
  5. Wanda (You’re My Only Love)
  6. Butterfly
Side 2:
  1. Shelia Can Do It
  2. Walt Disney
  3. Pink Triangle
  4. Falling for You
  5. Across the Sea
I assume that Rivers still wrote the Pinkerton songs after he finished Black Hole, and therefore most of the Pinkerton are included here (except the ones that appeared in Blackhole). In addition, I added five songs. Piano Noodles acts as an intro into The Good Life, and also hints this playlist’s ending track. In real time, Susanne should be released back in 1995, but let’s just pretend it is recorded in this period. Wanda and Walt Disney are good songs, and therefore I included them. Lastly, I love Shelia can Do It, and as it was written around this period, I included it.
1998: After Blue (ep)
Track list:
  1. Everyone
  2. Trampoline
  3. I’ll Think About You
  4. Lover in the Snow
  5. The Prettiest Girl in the Whole Wide World
  6. Crazy One
Weezer tried to put together a forth album but they couldn’t, the result is this ep. The first two tracks keeps that punchy vibe from Pinkerton, then the other four tracks shows Weezer were getting back to their poppy-power pop roots. This ep shows how confusing this period were to Weezer.
After the ep, Weezer started a hiatus.
So what do you guys think of this recreation? Please let me know your thoughts on it :)
submitted by Suspicious_Reward373 to weezer [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:17 LoneWolfInCyberia The US Fifth Army captures Rome in 1944, as the Caesar Line collapses during the Anzio campaign under Allied assault, though most of the German 14th Army retreated further to the North.

The US Fifth Army captures Rome in 1944, as the Caesar Line collapses during the Anzio campaign under Allied assault, though most of the German 14th Army retreated further to the North. submitted by LoneWolfInCyberia to Italianhistory [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:17 BlkGenetics Noo Paradox whyy??? My dynasty served the Abbasids for 120 years faithfully and then after a string of civil wars, the Samaritans rebuilt the third temple and formed the kingdom of Israel. King Nehilai ascended and was creating a golden age when he's accidently slain by two rivals fighting. Love it!

Noo Paradox whyy??? My dynasty served the Abbasids for 120 years faithfully and then after a string of civil wars, the Samaritans rebuilt the third temple and formed the kingdom of Israel. King Nehilai ascended and was creating a golden age when he's accidently slain by two rivals fighting. Love it! submitted by BlkGenetics to CrusaderKings [link] [comments]