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2023.06.04 10:11 SparkOfLore One Piece is a terrible series

One Piece might possibly be the most overrated shounen series of all time.
First off, the plot. The plot in One Piece is incredibly formulaic. Most of the arcs have the exact same structure to them. Go to an island, meet allies, split up, find out that the island is either being terrorized by a bad guy, or it's about to be taken over by a bad guy. Then, the straw hats have to battle against the bad guys. After saving the day, they feast and proceed to the following island, where the same thing occurs. The entire stretch from the Sabaody Archipelago to Marineford is the only part of this series where the plot deviates from this same formula. Other than that, most arcs adhere to the same pattern. The plot is largely devoid of any originality.
A few arcs in the series have little to no relevance on the overall story, and do little to help the Straw Hats accomplish their goals. Skypiea was almost completely filler, aside from the last part where it's revealed that Gold Roger went up there. The entire conflict with Enels regime and the Shandians was completely filler. Same thing with Fishman Island. The New Fishman Pirates are fodder filler characters, and the entire conflict revolving around them had zero relevance to the story. Given that they aren't even significant characters in the One Piece world, the Straw Hats defeating them didn't progress the story whatsoever. Long Ring Long Land is another irrelevant arc, but that's not even worth talking about. There are probably more than 100 chapters/episodes in all three of these arcs combined. That many chapters with little to none story progression.
Now onto my second reason as to why One Piece sucks. It's terribly cliche and shallow. People frequently criticize Fairy Tail for having the power of friendship, however One Piece does the exact same thing. One Piece has an excessive quantity of plot armor and friendship power-ups. In some cases, the author writes himself into a corner and is forced to resort to deus ex machina to correct his error. For example, the end of the Enies Lobby arc. Even though it was previously established that the Going Merry cant set sail anymore, they somehow got saved by it during a buster call. Even though the Aqua Laguna was happening. Even though a random pirate ship shouldn't be able to sail directly towards one of the three world government powerhouses. This, as well as other comparable events frequently occur in One Piece.
The conflicts in One Piece are very superficial and cliche. Most of the villains are only evil for the sake of being evil. They pursue things like power and influence, which is extremely superficial and cliche. The conflict is extremely straightforward, as well as black and white. Once you can identify an antagonist as pure evil with no justifications for why he does what he does, that throws any hope of ethical complexity out the window. There is no sort of clashing of ideals in One Piece, and the characters are never placed into any sort of ethical dilemmas. Again, the conflicts are very straightforward, black & white. One side is objectively good, while the other is objectively bad. Because of this, the character dynamic between Luffy and pretty much every villain is relatively simplistic and cliche. The lack of ethical complexity also is the reason why the dialogue is always so superficial. Why do you think the only thing Luffy said during Alabasta is "I'm gonna kick Crocodile's ass". Again, if there's no sort of ethical complexity then there's also no room for a clashing of ideals. At least Naruto and Bleach had some sort of ethical complexity regrading Byakuya Kuchigi and Pain. There was an ideological clash between Ichigo & Byakuya, as well as Naruto & Pain. One Piece has none of that.
Next up, the characters. This is probably the worst aspect of this story. Lets take Luffy for starters. Zero character development whatsoever. He has no introspection. He has no psychological or ethical complexity/development. He has no internal dialogue. Writing a manga for 26 years and not giving a single thought to character development is shockingly sad. Overall, I find Luffy to be an incredibly boring character. Besides all of the problems I just mentioned, he has one aspect about him that I absolutely despise. Almost every conflict he gets embroiled in has complexities that he is completely unaware of. He only gets engaged in conflicts when his friends are hurt, which is extremely superficial and cliche. In certain situations, even minor characters are more relevant to the conflict than him (Waiper, Vivi). His importance in the conflict is minor until his final battles, and most of the villains he fights have no idea who he is, or don't know much about him. Because neither of them knows much about the other, this results in a rather uninteresting protagonist/antagonist character dynamic. However, even if Luffy understood the nuances of the conflicts he's involved in, not even that would make him more interesting. This is due to the earlier statement I made about how the conflicts are quite simplistic, clear-cut, and devoid of any ethical complexity. As long as one side is objectively good and the other is objectively bad, the dialogue and character interactions will always be superficial.
As for the other Straw Hats, all of them remain stagnant throughout the entire series. They are merely given tear bait backstories, and once that's over, they remain the same throughout the rest of the series. They're gimmicks have already gotten stale a long time ago. Brook has been making the same joke since he's been introduced. Same thing with Chopper, Franky, Usopp, Nami, etc. They've been acting the exact same way ever since they introduced. None of them receive any psychological or ethical development. The lack of character development makes the characters so boring.
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2023.06.04 10:08 Sassidisass Let him cook

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2023.06.04 10:05 ASilverRook The Sad Truth of Being a White Whistle

I became the Sovereign of Deception a while ago, and quite honestly, I’d rate this whole White Whistle business 0.5/10. First of all: every time I go into Orth, there has to be this whole fanfare, and quite honestly, I don’t want to sign autographs for a bunch of orphans, 90% of whom will never get promoted past Red Whistle (sucks to suck). I had a Blue Whistle (grown adult who was like twice my size btw) come up to me once and ask me what he could do to be like me, and all I could say was “Git Gud.” It’s like, his feelings shouldn’t have been hurt, but if you’re 35 and still living in your mom’s basement, there is absolutely no way you shouldn’t be AT LEAST a Moon Whistle. To be fair, Bondrewd is a pit of a prick, but at least he isn’t stuck as a Blue Whistle, the guy gets stuff done and is working to accomplish his dreams, and he does all of this while being a single parent. I was at a bar the other night (best thing about being a White Whistle is that if they try to ID you, you can just draw a weapon and tell them that now you’re not even going to pay) and some random guy asked me if I would trade my Grade 1 Relic Bow for some random junk like they were Trading Cards or something. I resisted the drunken urge to commit murder. The only thing I have are my three friends, all of whom are still red whistles. Tempted to ask them to just go on a Last Dive with me because the surface is just that meaningless these days. If you’ve got to be a Cave Raider, become a black whistle and then retire while you still can. That’s my advice.
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2023.06.04 10:03 PrincessoftheBuns I think my brothers being catfished

My brother told me he has an online girlfriend and when i asked for more info, i got very suspicious. He saw a facebook friend suggestion and noticed an old highschool friend of his is an mutual so he sent a friend request out of curiousity. She accepted and apparently messaged a "happy new year" randomly and my brother said not long after the conversation got sexual. Eventually my brother started asking just basic get to know you questions, she said she has a sister but they arent in contact after she got kicked out, her parents passed when she was young. From hamilton, ontario, unemployed but use to be a part time hunter. Whenever my brother asked for more, she wouldnt give details. They did videocall once but it was blurry but he could make out a womans face, just not the details of her facial features too well. But the photos he received are pretty normal. But when i saw them, they were slightly blurry as if it was saved. He did admit some things were suspicious like when he told his friends and they asked to see her facebook profile, it was deleted and when he asked her why, she said she felt like it, she has no other social media and they chat on google chat only. Another suspicious thing was one night he asked for a selfie with her hand holding up a 2, and she sent him what looked like a zoomed in cropped photo of someones hand doing a peace sign infront of a well lit white background and almost like a white long sleeve with a black long sleeve coat. She would only message him around 7 or 8pm til late night. Ive tried to reverse image search but nothing comes up, i cant find any info on this woman. So far there hasnt been any exchange of money or private security info. Thank god. My brother says it sometimes is suspicious but he wants to believe shes real, im just worried before he gets too deep into it.
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2023.06.04 10:02 dreamingofislay Feis Ile 2023 Recap - Festival Superlatives

Feis Ile 2023 Recap - Festival Superlatives
Award season is upon us. No doubt Islay's distillery managers and business owners are waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the ultra-prestigious "random guy on Reddit says" prizes. Without further ado, this year's winners.
The sun sets on Bowmore (distillery in the far left) and our trip to Feis Ile 2023
Best Music: Caol Ila
I am the least qualified person in the world to give out this prize, having no musical talent and not even much taste for it. But overall, Caol Ila seemed to have the best setup: a great, centrally located stage that hosted various different acts, ranging from higher-energy acts to some individual folk or blues singer types.
Best Distillery Bar: Ardnahoe
This island is lousy with stellar distillery bars, especially during the Feis when some distilleries pour old and rare bottles for modest prices (thank you, Bowmoe and Ardbeg). But thanks to being a Hunter Laing joint, Ardnahoe's in-house bar stood head and shoulders above the rest. The menu was a bound book that contained offerings ranging from 3 to 100 pounds a pour, and very intriguing expressions (20-plus years old) were available for single-digit prices. The bar and seating area are big, lit up by floor-to-ceiling windows with incredible views over the Sound of Islay, and the chairs are super-comfy. Could have whiled away a week here and considered it time well spent.
The selection at Ardnahoe's distillery bar
Best Games and Activities: Ardbeg
This was an easy pick. Ardbeg was chock-full of entertainment, starting with a scavenger hunt that everyone could do to earn an extra dram. Besides that, there was a separate games area by the sea, with entry fees going to charity and the usual dram prizes. Out in the courtyard, a team member taught guests how to draw Planet Ardbeg comic characters on gift-shop merchandise. And my favorite game of all was the filling station roulette. The way it worked was that a team member had a set of small mailboxes or lockers, filled with different Ardbegs ranging from Ardbeg 10 to Ardbeg 25. Then we drew a random number from a bag and got the dram inside that locker number.
Ardbeg's filling station locker game
Best Whisky Tastings - Value and Variety: Kilchoman
This year, some distilleries felt like they were out to maximize profit from the week, a stark change from long ago when the open days were seen as fan service and featured generous experiences meant to foster brand loyalty. So Kilchoman deserves credit for sticking to the older ways. Very nice tastings were available for reasonable 45-50-pound prices and featured half a dozen excellent drams. Meanwhile, they still did their regular, affordable core range tasting lineups, and had lots of other offerings including a farm tour where team members took guests out to drink drams in the location that gave them their name (e.g., drinking Loch Gorm by the loch). We loved our Kilchoman tasting and have heard people all week praising whichever event they attended there.
Excellent setup for Kilchoman's Past, Present, and Future tasting, with pre-poured driver's drams
Best Feis Ile 2023 Bottle: Lagavulin 14-year-old Armagnac Cask Finish*
Let me add the critical * caveats up front: this award doesn't factor in price, and the judging panel (of one) hasn't had all the festival bottlings. But I have tried this one, Laphroaig Cairdeas 2023, Ardbeg Heavy Vapours (regular and Committee) and the single cask, Bunnahabhain Canasta and 17 y.o. Moine, Bowmore's 18 y.o., Kilchoman's 3-cask vatting, and Caol Ila 13 y.o. To be honest, the bottles were a little overwhelming as a group, especially considering their premium price points. But leaving price aside, Lagavulin's Armagnac cask experiment produced a robust, complex, sweet-and-spicy dram. If only it weren't overpriced by about 50 pounds ...
Best Feis Ile Exclusives Lineup and Sale System: Bunnahabhain
After Lagavulin, my second favorite Feis bottling probably was Bunnahabhain's 17-year-old Moine triple cask. Bunnahabhain wins this award because it offers visitors a variety of options, ranging from a 95-pound sherry cask offering (the cheapest Feis bottle) to some ultra-exclusive expressions like a 1998 Manzanilla and a 1989 single cask. In addition to having the most options, the bottles are available all week, lessening the silly rushes that happen with single-day releases. And the cherry on top: Bunnahabhain offered pre-packed tasting kits with a flight of Bunnahabhain 12 and the first two Feis releases, along with a glass cap and a festival pin, for 30 pounds. It was nice to have that option before splurging on a whole bottle.
Best Views: Bunnahabhain and Ardnahoe (tie)
Both of these distilleries have brand-new visitor centers that look across the Sound of Islay to the Paps of Jura, and it is really hard to beat. Caol Ila has a similar view, but Ardnahoe and Bunnahabhain have nicer outdoor deck areas.
The stunning view across the Sound from Bunnahabhain's visitor center
Best Swag Bag: Bowmore
So much free stuff. Bowmore set the bar for generosity on festival day, giving everyone a branded canvas bag, two free drams (of the 12- and 15-year-old bottles), a mini-glencairn glass, and lots of little souvenirs like a postcard, pencil, small lock, a keychain carabiner, and a bung stopper coaster. A real blast from the past, hearkening back to older festivals.
Best Gift Shop: Ardnahoe, Kilchoman, and Ardbeg (three-way tie)
The distilleries have invested a lot in these gift shops since our last visit in 2018, and it shows. Ardnahoe gets high marks for its selection of independent bottles, the Ilicit Still cafe and whisky bar, and its fun "guess the region" nosing game. Kilchoman has lots of distillery exclusives, a great cafe, and luxurious leather seats that make me want to hang out there all day. And Ardbeg's shop has the most tongue-in-cheek decorations and a stellar cafe of its own, the Old Kiln, plus they pour tasting flights or drams for reasonable prices. Caol Ila has a huge, new shop with some impressive features, including a distillery hand-fill exclusive and a big tasting bar. But it seemed more like an outpost of Edinburgh's huge Johnnie Walker Experience, and the lack of a cafe hurt it.
Best Single Whisky Tasting - Douglas Laing Rare Peatz-eria
So glad I found this event a few weeks before we came. Douglas Laing's ambassador Dougal led five of us through a bravura flight culminating in a 40-year-old Caol Ila, a 25-year-old Bowmore, and two Port Ellen drams, one at 37 and one at 40 years old. When I'm at a tasting where several drams are older than me, how can it not win this prize? But there was much more to this day than whisky. We had a great conversation as everyone shared stories of how they got into the whisky hobby, and Dougal answered our questions about the industry and Douglas Laing.
Rare Peatz-eria tasting
Best Non-Distillery Bar: Ballygrant Inn
It has the best or second-best selection on the island and the best prices. What more can I say? A must-visit for anyone who makes it to Islay.
Best Evening Community Event: "Up for a Laph" Quiz Night feat. Laphroaig whiskies
The open days are from 10 am - 5 pm every day, but in the evenings, community groups throw events like dances (ceilidhs), and there are other whisky tastings or mini-festivals like an Indie Whisky gathering on Tuesday night. This time around, we attended an Islay whisky and culture-based trivia night at the Gaelic center. Barry MacAffer, Laphroaig's distillery manager, took it to the next level by pouring four 2014 single casks during the quizzing. Every one of them reminded me why Laphroaig is my favorite distillery.
Best Restaurant: Bowmore Hotel Restaurant
The Bowmore Hotel stood out for its great service and scrumptious food, and it didn't hurt that it was around the corner from our lodgings. I emailed asking for a last-minute booking, and Peter (Junior) was responding into the wee hours of the morning confirming our time for the next night. The Isles burger with black pudding and grilled onions was quite something, and my wife loved her chicken curry. The fact that the restaurant has one of the island's best whisky bars also didn't hurt.
The well-organized Bowmore Hotel bar ... oh, did I mention, there's another half on the other side of the wall?
We stuck to restaurants in Bowmore on this trip, so I can't speak to dining in Port Ellen or other parts of the island. In Bowmore, Peatzeria and Indian Tandoori are also great, although Peatzeria got so busy that, on one night, we couldn't even order takeout (we tried but they were preparing a large-group order and had to turn us down). If possible, book a few dinners ahead if you come to the Feis!
Best Quick Recovery Hike: Dunyvaig Castle
Dunyvaig castle is a ruin nestled into a squat seaside bluff dusted with lilac, white, and gold wildflowers. Turn left to the ocean and, on clear days, distant Ireland; turn right, and there's Lagavulin. This short walk lies between Lagavulin and Ardbeg. If you take the sidewalk on the right side of the road, there'll be a right turn that leads to a paved way with three or four houses, and then a grass path at the dead end that carries you across the field while the winds blow and the birds sing. The perfect way to regain equilibrium after a warehouse tasting at either distillery.
Dunyvaig castle guarding its seaward crag
Complete festival recap series below:
Day One, Lagavulin
Day Two, Bruichladdich - but we skipped and did Bunnahabhain
Day Three, Caol Ila
Day Four, Laphroaig
Day Five, Bowmore and Ardnahoe
Bonus notes from Days One through Five
Day Six, Kilchoman
Day Seven - Bunnahabhain Day, but we did Lagavulin and Ardbeg warehouse tastings
Day Eight, Ardbeg
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2023.06.04 09:59 big_boyyyy [PC] [~2012] Game where you play as a small deep-sea creature, 2D

Around 2012, a game I had on my (now dead) computer was about a small, cute sea creature; it took place in the dark depths of the ocean and you emitted light. It was dreamlike in nature. Not much else I can say but it was kind of maze-like. There was also one level that was black-and-white, the background glowing white while the foreground was black. The maze(?) was rounded and I don't think there were corners.
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2023.06.04 09:58 Ok_Resist_997 Cubs vs. White Sox and this Guy

Cubs vs. White Sox and this Guy
Cubs vs. White Sox and the Guy I Dated
Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good day today!
I had a question regarding fans who choose to cheer for the Cubs or The White Sox. I dated a guy for three months and he mentioned that he was born and grew up in South side Chicago then him and his family moved to the suburbs (not sure where) He is caucasian white with German origins.
Growing up in South Side, poor, struggling your way up in life, and facing some sort of discrimination automatically makes you a White Sox fan as I understood it online.
What I couldn’t fathom is his insane loyalty to the Cubs and his strange discomfort to black humor and/or any mention of Black Americans in general.
I understood it as that he wanted a cultural social mobility by cheering for the cubs and not be associated with the lower classes he grew up with or faced some sort of struggle with.
Can anyone provide their insight on this?
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2023.06.04 09:58 scat-o-mancer bro not cooking ✍️✍️🔥🔥

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2023.06.04 09:57 Ok_Resist_997 Cubs vs. White Sox and the Guy I Dated

Cubs vs. White Sox and the Guy I Dated
Hey guys! Hope you’re having a good day today!
I had a question regarding fans who choose to cheer for the Cubs or The White Sox. I dated a guy for three months and he mentioned that he was born and grew up in South side Chicago then him and his family moved to the suburbs (not sure where) He is caucasian white with German origins.
Growing up in South Side, poor, struggling your way up in life, and facing some sort of discrimination automatically makes you a White Sox fan as I understood it online.
What I couldn’t fathom is his insane loyalty to the Cubs and his strange discomfort to black humor and/or any mention of Black Americans in general.
I understood it as that he wanted a cultural social mobility by cheering for the cubs and not be associated with the lower classes he grew up with or faced some sort of struggle with.
Can anyone provide their insight on this?
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2023.06.04 09:56 pumna 19 INTJ[M4F]Europe/Online looking for some one interesting to have a good time with(would prefer ENFP, never meet one and kind curious)

Hey I am 19 years old you can just call me pumn and I am single, I am looking for someone interesting to talk with or play some game .
About me: I am 188cm(6'1), 65kg(145lb), black eyes, black hair medium length, I'm on the introvert side, I would say I am funny, quite smart and can have a deep conversation.
My hobbies: I like to read a book with a cup of coffee, watch a movie/series/anime, play games currently I am playing valorant (I am silver1 😅), I train martial art (muay thai/kickboxing/boxing) and I like to listen to music I am open to any kind except hard rock if you have a great suggestion I might give it a try.
About you: 18+,in Europe(preferred because of the time zone), other than these two I don't care.
If you are interested dm me or send a massage to me discord (Numb#6803) and if we vibe we might vc in discord play some games or even watch some move.
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2023.06.04 09:55 zenith-czr The D Clan(s)?

After reading current chapters I have a feeling the we shouldn't look at the one piece story in black and white. With their being 1 party who looks good and 1 party the evil doers.
What if the ancestors of the D clan were actually evil? Maybe the descendants could have a latent personality or something in their genes that actually wants to carry out some type of evil plan. Or maybe as the name suggests there are different clans withing the Ds some really bad maybe even the real villains of the anime.
It could very well have been a big clan which got split into factions of good and bad and fought against each other but this fight really tore apart the world and so they were all looked at as evil or the devils -D.
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2023.06.04 09:54 snsksnfjdnn876 I can’t get rid of things as I don’t know who I am

Support welcome too, I just couldn’t choose two flairs.
In summary, I’ve been through so many life changes and so many mental health problems I don’t know who I am.
How can you get rid of things when you truly do not know? I used to use the things I own, now I use almost nothing. I am overwhelmed and depressed. I want to use things again but I never seem to. Like 80-90% of my things I barely ever use. I just use the bare necessities and my phone.
People say declutter or things you don’t use but it isn’t so black and white when you’re simply alive instead of living.
I don’t know what to do. I think I am probably not alone in this experience, it just never seems to be talked about. I seem to see things about depression fueling hoarding to cope but not my experience really.
I feel like if I was better I would use a lot of the things, it’s just been so long I doubt everything now. I used to have a lot of interests due to ADHD. I also do not have the money to replace things on top of everything so it’s just that much harder. Seeing it unused day after day especially when I usually want to use the things, is making me feel much worse about the hoard as well. I need to fix all of this as it has become noticeable I own too much to others now as well.
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2023.06.04 09:52 pumna 19 [M4F]Europe/Online looking for some one interesting to have a good time with

Hey I am 19 years old you cam just call me pumn, I am looking for someone interesting to talk with or play some game .
About me: I am 188cm(6'1), 65kg(145lb), black eyes, black hair medium length, I'm on the introvert side, I would say I am funny, quite smart and can have a deep conversation.
My hobbies: I like to read a book with a cup of coffee, watch a movie/series/anime, play games currently I am playing valorant (I am silver1 😅), I train martial art (muay thai/kickboxing/boxing) and I like to listen to music I am open to any kind except hard rock if you have a great suggestion I might give it a try.
About you: 18+,in Europe(preferred because of the time zone), other than these two I don't care.
If you are interested dm me or send a massage to me discord (Numb#6803) and if we vibe we might vc in discord play some games or even watch some move.
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2023.06.04 09:52 International-Swan89 WIBTA if I cut my dad off?

I (19F) have lived with my mom my entire life. Until the age of 8, I would see my dad (49M) every other weekend (6 days out of the month total (sometimes only 3 days)). After that I randomly never saw him again (because drama). Not even my sister and brother (I had a new baby brother on the way too). I was completely torn.
Until 5 years later, he came back around because my sister (my mom side) brought it up to my mom for me.
Since then...absolutely nothing has changed. We barely talk and he always expected me to contact him first. He would randomly ask me snarky questions (no greeting whatsoever) and it would always rub me the wrong way. We barely even hung out since he returned. Hasn't helped me with college either.
Now, a week after Father's Day 2022, he texts my brother, sister (dad side) and I saying:
• He feels disrespected we didn't do anything for him and we only texted him • "Haven't I been a good father" "I've given you guys lots of things"
Then says (same day still): • "I wait and see how long you guys call and you don't." • "This is not how I was raised"
It's like he thrives off of having a dad title instead of being a dad. Like come on.
I was out with my mom and reading that boiled my blood. I didn't reply until close to midnight and I went OFF.
For further context, I'm hearing everything that's happening in his life, from my mom. Him getting a divorce, getting a girlfriend then proposing to her months later. He only mentions this stuff on the phone when I call him after my mom has told me. In May 2022, he tells me the wedding is a few days after my birthday which was in 2 months (The initial date was supposed to be Dec 2022). I never met the woman and it felt forced to try and build a bond with a lady that never even met her fiancé children.
Also called him out on not putting effort into doing anything as a parent and I felt like the victim and the black sheep of his petty decision making. Voicing all of this, on top of him abandoning me, I get no direct response except, "It seems like everyone has stuff to get off there chest." That made me upset even more.
Continuing on, as weeks pass, I'm hearing nothing about the wedding, only from my sister (dad side). Then, I got covid and didn't go to the wedding (yay no tension).
Didn't meet the lady until Christmas last year with her family. Like are you serious? I just spend my time with my brothers.
FAST FORWARD to 3 days ago, my dad post a picture on Instagram and Facebook saying, "Dinner with the family." Everyone is there except me. Like EXCUSE ME?! Hello?? No phone call or text message? Do I not exist? Again, not putting in one ounce of effort. I was so heated right then and there I wanted to call him and let him have it.
I am so frustrated with it all. There's so many unanswered questions and I'm at the point where I don't even want to deal with him anymore. I have a strong distaste for drama and I don't want to start anything because I know there will be stuff said.
So, WIBTA if I cut him off?
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2023.06.04 09:52 PinoyMgtow Will this work though? DIY order for GT cut star P

Will this work though? DIY order for GT cut star P
Gt star P batch was put into one ofmrisky seller and cannot buy from it. So according to some redditor we do DIY order will that this work though?
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2023.06.04 09:48 kainvinosec [USA-OK] [H] 97 Games, 9 Manuals (3DS-2, Atari 2600-6, Game Boy-1, Genesis-1, NDS-3, NES-11, PC-1, PS1-8, PS2-7, PS3-11, PS4-5, SNES-1, Switch-1, Wii-6, Xbox 360-32, Xbox One-1), Amiibos-20, 4 Consoles (3DSXL-1, PS2-1, PS3-1, Xbox 360-1) [W] PayPal (F&F/G&S, Buyer's Preference)

All images uploaded for this post will be included here:

Shipping is USPS Priority Mail. Items will be placed in bubble wrap and shipped inside boxes. Tracking and insurance are included. Add the following to all orders (except pre-made bundles, shipping is included in their prices):

  1. GAMES

Things of note:

Console Game Condition Price
3DS Animal Crossing: New Leaf CIB - Complete In Box $14.00
3DS Disney Magical World CIB - Complete In Box $13.00
Atari 2600 Dragonfire CIB - Complete In Box $24.00
Atari 2600 Missile Command Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Atari 2600 Space Jockey Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $3.00
Atari 2600 Space War Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Atari 2600 Video Chess Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Atari 2600 Warplock Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
Game Boy Asteroids Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $9.00
Genesis Columns Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
NDS Lego Batman: The Videogame CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
NDS Lunar: Dragon Song Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $8.00
NDS Spectrobes Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $9.00
NES Deadly Towers Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $5.00
NES Donkey Kong Classics Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $15.00
NES Double Dragon Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $9.00
NES Gauntlet II Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $6.00
NES Gyromite [5 Screw] Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $5.00
NES Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
NES Karate Champ [5 Screw] Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
NES Ninja Gaiden Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $9.00
NES Section-Z [5 Screw] Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $6.00
NES The Bard's Tale Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $19.00
NES The Immortal Loose+ - Cartridge/Discs with Manual $16.00
PC Final Fantasy VIII Loose+ - Cartridge/Discs with Proper Disc Sleeve $10.00
PS1 Final Fantasy VIII Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $9.00
PS1 Gex: Enter the Gecko Loose+ - Cartridge/Discs with Manual $25.00
PS1 Spawn: The Eternal CIB - Complete In Box $20.00
PS1 Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $8.00
PS1 Tekken [Long Box] Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) - Box Damaged, Price Reduced $10.00
PS1 Test Drive: Off-Road CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
PS1 Test Drive: Off-Road 2 CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
PS1 Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation CIB - Complete In Box $7.00
PS2 ATV Offroad Fury 2 [Not for Resale] CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
PS2 Devil May Cry 2 Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $4.00
PS2 EverQuest Online Adventures Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $5.00
PS2 Final Fantasy X Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $5.00
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PS2 Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories CIB - Complete In Box $8.00
PS2 Ultimate Board Game Collection CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
PS3 Diablo III CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
PS3 Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $14.00
PS3 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX CIB - Complete In Box $6.00
PS3 Mass Effect 2 CIB - Complete In Box $2.00
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PS3 Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe [Greatest Hits] CIB+ - Complete In Box Including Extras $7.00
PS3 Red Dead Redemption Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $13.00
PS3 Tomb Raider CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
PS3 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (Game of the Year) [Greatest Hits] CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
PS3 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (Game of the Year) [Greatest Hits] CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
PS3 White Knight Chronicles: International Edition CIB - Complete In Box $7.00
PS4 Destiny CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
PS4 Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition CIB - Complete In Box $10.00
PS4 Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Sealed $15.00
PS4 Puyo Puyo Tetris 2 Sealed $15.00
PS4 Super Monkey Ball - Banana Mania (Anniversary Edition) Sealed $15.00
SNES WWF Super WrestleMania Loose - Cartridge/Discs Only $6.00
Switch Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE - Complete CIB - Complete In Box $13.00
Wii Disney Epic Mickey CIB - Complete In Box $4.00
Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns CIB - Complete In Box $10.00
Wii Donkey Kong Country Returns CIB - Complete In Box $10.00
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Wii Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition CIB - Complete In Box $9.00
Wii Super Mario Galaxy Boxed - Cartridge/Discs with Box (No Manual/Extras) $12.00
Xbox 360 Alone in the Dark CIB - Complete In Box $6.00
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Xbox 360 SoulCalibur IV CIB - Complete In Box $5.00
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Xbox 360 The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion -- Game of the Year Edition CIB - Complete In Box $7.00
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Xbox 360 Your Shape: Fitness Evolved CIB - Complete In Box $3.00
Xbox One Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition CIB - Complete In Box $6.00

Console Manual Price
GBA Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Prophecy $7.00
GBA Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World $7.00
GBA Wario Land 4 $10.00
PS1 Brave Fencer Musashi $27.00
PS1 Breath of Fire III $21.00
PS1 Final Fantasy Origins $6.00
PS1 Intelligent Qube $12.00
PS1 Vagrant Story $21.00
PS1 Wild Arms $14.00

Note: All Amiibos are "loose". Images included in the link at the top of the post. Amiibos also require $15.00 shipping regardless of how many are purchased. Their bases are just too big for the $10 shipping box's size.
Amiibo Price
Diddy Kong $17.00
Donkey Kong $25.00
Dr. Mario $13.00
Fox $9.00
Link $31.00
Link - Majora's Mask $40.00
Link - Toon $24.00
Lucario $13.00
Luigi $17.00
Mario $13.00
Mario - 30th, Classic $10.00
Marth $11.00
Mega Man $15.00
Pac-Man $12.00
Peach $11.00
Pikachu $9.00
Princess Zelda $28.00
Simon $19.00
Sonic $26.00
Yoshi $21.00

Console Notes Price
Nintendo 3DS XL Black & Red Comes with charging cable & grip. Boots directly into custom firmware. Will remove NNID prior to shipping. Will come with a 128gb SanDisk SD Card. $135.00
Xbox 360 Console Gears of Wars 3 Edition Comes with power cable, HDMI cable, and 2 Gears of War controllers (no rechargable battery packs, but the backplates are there and the controllers can hold normal batteries). $90.00
Playstation 3 Slim System Comes with power cable, HDMI cable, and at least 1 official controller (rubber in thumbsticks may feel sticky) and may include bonus official or third party controllers for free. System is loaded with CFW and boots directly into it. System has new thermal paste and rubber block installed that helps apply pressure to the CPU/Heatsink to additionally reduce temperatures and prolong system lifespan. $90.00
Playstation 2 System (Phat) Comes with power cable, PS2-to-HDMI adapter, HDMI cable, 1 official PS1 memory card, 1 official PS2 memory card, and 1 official controller (rubber in thumbsticks may feel sticky). System is modded and comes with 1TB HDD. Shell has an area on the side that is broken from a drop, but all internals are unharmed, and system has been tested and was found working as expected. May include additional memory cards for free. $90.00

Pre-Made Bundles Included Non-Bundle Shipped Price Bundle Shipped Price
Atari Gamer All 6 Atari games. $63.00 $40.00
3DS XL Collector 3DS XL console, both 3DS games, and all 3 NDS games. $203.00 $175.00
NES Gamer All 11 NES games. $118.00 $100.00
PS1 Gamer All 8 PS1 games. $107.00 $100.00
PS2 Gamer All 7 PS2 games. $53.00 $45.00
PS2 Collector PS2 (Phat, modded) console and all 7 PS2 games. $143.00 $120.00
PS3 Gamer All 11 PS3 games. $93.00 $80.00
PS3 Collector PS3 Slim console and all 11 PS3 games. $183.00 $170.00
PS4 Gamer All 5 PS4 games. $78.00 $70.00
Wii Gamer All 6 Wii games. $70.00 $60.00
Xbox 360 Gamer All 32 Xbox 360 games. $175.00 $150.00
Xbox 360 Collector Gears of War Xbox 360 and all 32 Xbox 360 games. $265.00 $200.00
Manuals All 9 Manuals. $145.00 $100.00
Extras GB-Asteroids, Genesis-Columns, PC-Final Fantasy VIII, SNES-WWF Super Wrestlemania, Switch-Harvest Moon: Light of Hope SE (Complete), Xbox One-Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition $68.00 $60.00
Amiibo Collector All 20 Amiibo. $384.00 $350.00
Console Collector All 4 consoles. $425.00 $400.00
Game Collector All 97 games. $713.00 $650.00
Absolutely Everything Every individual item in this post. $1607.00 $1400.00
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2023.06.04 09:46 dokushin FFX2 HDR -- A brief, mild review

Brief background: I'm an over-the-hill class gamer who grew up with FF's 1, "2", and "3" (those are 4 and 6 now, and yes, I know you already knew). FFX and X2 represented a glaring hole in my experience that I sought to correct over the past couple of weeks. And while I don't have much to say on FFX -- it's a great game, maybe not for me -- I have quite a bit to say about FFX2. I need the catharsis, so I'm just going to jump right in, by topic.
The Stuff Everyone Hates
Just to get this out of the way, the completion business is completely bonkers. Some of the stuff guarding 100% (Via Infinito is a great example) feels like post-game screw around stuff to extend playtime, not critical do-this-or-get-a-bad-ending stuff. My theory is that that's how it was intended to work, but at some point they put more and more emphasis on that elusive completion, and it's... ugh. I mean, they make you perform a major faction choice early in the game, and one of them will then and there torpedo your "perfect run". Another bit of completion and an either-or choice of unique accessory relies on who you talk to first with no indication of it mattering. It's confusing and obtuse.
Oh, and the outfits are ridiculous. I'm not gonna spend a lot of time there. Just talking about it makes me feel a bit skeevy.
I love job-change systems, strategic building, and the new ATB system here is a lot of fun, with shit happening everywhere. So it's easy to come in excited. Unfortunately, it all is kind of ... well, let's break it down.
Okay, I'm tired of talking about mechanics. Basically, they suck, the game hates the Magic stat and anyone who wants to cast a spell, there's one ability out of all the abilities on every job that matters and it throws a little party for the enemy before breaking the game over your knee. Hope you like fireworks.
The story is told from a unique perspective and with kind of a unique flavor. Some of that flavor I absolutely hate -- the music for most of the game just kind of grates on me, some of the characters are just too much, and things stay always a little silly -- but that's not bad, it's more a matter of preference. I think that writing this story was a fun experiment. By the time it had concluded I feel like it lost track of what it was doing and left some stuff just kind of hanging, but all in all I enjoyed it. It's frustrating because so many elements and details are locked behind impossible-to-predict random actions, triggers, and areas, so to see it all you need a walkthrough and a spreadsheet, which really kills the flow of the story itself.
** Creature Creator **
This -- where you capture fiends and make them fight in arena battles -- is completely disconnected from the rest of the game, but is a lot of fun. I enjoyed trying different strategies with different creatures, and since you can customize their abilities by feeding them items it helped to recapture some of that tactical complexity that I feel is missing with the specialized jobs and no equipment. Really, I wish it wasn't there, because I would have been done with this game 100 hours earlier, but it was fun to mess around with.
The stories you unlock from releasing monsters are all basically comedy skits, but some are entertaining and it's fun to get a glimpse into the lives of random people.
** Other **
I really enjoyed most of the battle quips and the quotes that go with the various jobs, although sometimes they were a bit forced. This, though:
is the funniest thing I've heard all year and I'm not kidding.
** Overall **
You know already just from the word count above. I found the story inoffensive and some of the side activities fun, but the mechanical aspects of this RPG feel very... I don't know, amateurish, like they were put together by someone who has never actually played an RPG and confronted the harsh reality of strong enemies being immune to things. Between that, and the domination of Fireworks, and the deep hostility to magic, there was never really anything I was excited about learning or developing. I'd get a new job and I'd know already what I'd find -- more pointless attacks and a couple of good auto-abilities. There was precious little to look forward to getting, meaning the strategic element I crave in my number-based games was almost entirely missing. It promises Tactics and delivers Mystic Quest. (No shade, FFMQ had amazing music and I really kind of like it, even if it's a wafer-thin game.)
I'd love to discuss any of this in the comments with anyone with different experiences. Having put the game to rest, in retrospect it felt... draining, more than anything. A billion things to keep track of over tiny little fractions of percent of progress, dozens and dozens and dozens of "attack-plus-this" that don't matter, and probably the worst black magic nerf of any FF game. Pretty disappointing overall.
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2023.06.04 09:44 Accurate_Builder_348 I just finished Omori, what happened??

I was bored and found Omori and was immediately hooked on the gameplay and art. The way the story is told is extremely unique and I haven't played something that has made me feel all these emotions before. I finished a couple of the endings like when Omori jumps off the roof, stabs himself, and when he reveals the truth of Mari's death too the rest of the cast. It's obvious that black space, the lightbulb, sunny fighting himself, and all the red hands were all symbolic but it's really going through my head. Can anyone explain all of these messages in the game I'm extremely interested but can't find any videos interpreting what all of theses events in headspace was.
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2023.06.04 09:41 Safe_Bike Central Ave Sketchy Person in Car

Hi, we had a party tonight and our one friend (19F) left to go home, and she noticed a Black Explorer patrolling slowly up and down Central Ave. She was walking to her car and the Explorer pulled up and slowly, parked and left the car running. She got in her car and a Male got out, dressed in a white hat, white windbreaker, and black pant. He got something out of his backseat and started to approach.
She speed off and he got back in his car and looked like he was going to follow her. Luckily she’s home safe now (I got her permission to post this).
But just a heads up to everyone in the neighbourhood to keep an eye out! We never had a problem like this before, but definitely will be more vigilant and cautious.
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2023.06.04 09:41 Own_Taste_7503 yes

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2023.06.04 09:37 DamnGentleman Awakening through meditation?

Hi, folks. Over the last few months I've started to take meditation seriously, and I've been sitting for an hour or two a day. As my practice has deepened, so have my experiences, some of which I'm struggling to understand. I've always been very much a materialist and rationalist, so this is quite an adjustment for me. I'd like to share one of these meditative experiences in the hopes that someone here can give me some insight into it.
I’ve felt my perception has been changing for weeks now, which I interpreted as related to my third eye. So, to support that, I decided to do a guided meditation focused on my heart chakra. I settled in, and before long, I was seeing the familiar lights and colors. I started experiencing what I believe were kriyas, which felt like an outside force was adjusting my posture and spine.
Those things I had experienced before while meditating, but the rest was uncharted territory for me. My heart, which normally beats very slowly during meditation, was pounding. A buzzing began in my ears and the whole world started vibrating. Everything sounded like it was being run through a tremolo pedal. Very suddenly, I felt myself being violently sucked up into my head. I let myself go and I was deposited into the cosmos. The near-black background of closed eyes transformed into a true black, punctuated with stars of different colors. They seemed to exist in a defined three-dimensional space, and I moved relative to them as I soared through it. All the sensations in my body felt foreign and strange, in a way that was very reminiscent of psychedelics. At some point, I started “seeing” scenes, but I can’t adequately describe what that was like.
I woke up the next day feeling great and have generally been feeling good since. However, I feel like I’m taking in more information from the world around me, and that can be overwhelming at times. Certain places seem to give me anxiety now, for reasons I can’t put my finger on. On a few occasions, I’ve suddenly known things with a certainty, things that I had no way of knowing. There have also been some weird synchronicities, including an unusual number of snake sightings.
I've read much of the wiki (by the way: the page on kundalini signs is empty) and have incorporated White Light Protection into my daily routine, which seems to help a bit. I’ve stopped consuming intoxicants; they did not agree with whatever I’m going through now. I plan to stick with that for the foreseeable future. I go to therapy regularly, and my therapist is aware of what’s going on.
Does this sound like a kundalini awakening, or something else? I want to know more, but I feel like I don’t know the right questions to ask. I’d be grateful for any guidance generally; this is all so new and unfamiliar to me. There’s a place near me that teaches kundalini yoga, so I plan to reach out them for instruction if that’s what this is. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.04 09:34 trippingwithtime Spider Web Tattoo

Is it bad to get a spider web tattoo on your elbow? I already got a black widow on my arm and have some negative space that I wanted to fill up, and the spider web on the elbow looks dope, but Im seeing a lot of people saying that it has to do with white supremacy, or being locked up in jail. But im also seeing that it means you have overcome something in life which personally fits within my life. Is it a good idea to get this tattoo or no lol.
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