Valvoline instant oil change

3.7 q50 transmission drain and fill

2023.06.04 18:36 Vreoz 3.7 q50 transmission drain and fill

I’m at 56k Miles and I’m going to change my transmission fluid, just wondering if i should use the Nissan OEM fluid or use some valvoline atf.
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2023.06.04 18:34 Pale-Illustrator1334 I feel myself slipping back into severe mental illness

So this happened just moments ago; I ate lunch at work today, just a small lunch. and then I regretted it and felt ashamed, I instantly made myself vomit right after. whilst I was in middle of making myself vomit, I was talking to myself in my head: “stupid fat ugly fuc*ng btch, I hate you” I kept saying that to myself
At the time, I believed it was my own way of sort of, encouraging myself to keep purging until I felt satisfied. However, I also do this kind of thing when I’m having an episode of self harm. I punch myself in the face during episodes of rage and I do that same exact negative self talk when I hit myself.
I kept vomiting until I was sure there was nothing left in my stomach. And then I felt better, I felt so relieved. So satisfied.
I used to be bulimic when I was in elementary school. Around the age of 10-12. When I hit puberty I gained a lot of weight, so I struggled with poor self image and bulimia when I was around that age.
I had escaped it for years, I’ve had one or two moments over the years similar to today. But I think I feel myself falling back into it. And I wonder what’s the point, why bother trying not to.
Because I actually hate myself so much.
That afterwards and I even had fleeting thoughts during making myself vomit - “am I just making myself throw up because I’m so incredibly angry in general? Am I making myself throw up to punish myself for something other than eating? Am I just doing it to hurt myself?”
At one point, whilst I was eating, I noticed I was eating too fast.. and I got angry at myself about it. So angry that I had a fleeting urge / thought / picture in my head that I just wanted to shove the fork down my throat cut my throat/ Stab myself / puncture myself in the throat whilst taking a bite. It actually almost felt so strong that it could have been a reaction.
Some Hours before this, I was thinking heavily on my seemingly reoccurring issues of kleptomania .. (now, getting into this subject I’ll probably get a lot of hate and downvotes, but I’m prepared and I’d deserve it. )
I work at a medical building and I from time to time work in their laundry facilities
Well I from time to time find myself feeling urges to steal clothes. I don’t even know why….it pesters me greatly. It’s very intrusive and I don’t know how to just turn it off. I get angry at myself and tell myself “NO!” Every time. I try to think of all the reasons not to. I try to talk myself out of it or even scare myself out if it.
But I fail, and unfortunately I HAVE done a couple of times before, (stole) I even went through one or two instances where I put something in my bag, felt so awful and guilty about it, that I took it back out of my bag, put it right back where I got it, and left it there.
But then I do the same thing a month later with other items. I feel the urges and either take the action to possess it, feel bad and put it back, or I take it home and never want to touch it because it just reminds me I’m awful every time I see it. I had trouble with this years ago working in retail, and was very lucky I didn’t catch a charge for life.
It’s no doubt in my mind that things like THAT are contributing to my negative self talk and to how I feel about myself. The things that I cannot understand about myself, my behaviors, my decisions, my lack of morals, self control…these are reasons I despise myself so much. I absolutely cannot stand myself.
And I wondered today, was I making myself vomit because I was angry at myself about that? Or was it for multiple reasons? Why do I do things like steal and not understand why? Why do I struggle so much to listen to the Better part of me. The better part of my conscience…How do I not hate myself, how do I forgive myself for my negative behaviors, how do I stop doing things I can’t stand about myself? What the hell is wrong with me??
How do I forgive myself for not becoming the person I wanted to be
how do I forgive myself for the type of person that I am.
But nevermind even forgiving myself, How do I change my behavior??
How do I change who I am??
Before I become someone even worse. ..
Someone I’ll hate so much that even my good morals (that I do have left) and consideration for my family members won’t be enough to talk me out of finally pulling the trigger
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2023.06.04 18:29 Desertgear FZJ80 problems!

Picked up the fzj80 yesterday. Two questions
  1. Oil pressure at 3000rpm is all the way pegged out. At idle it seems to be high as well. What’s the diagnosis on this? Change to a 0-40w and a new filter?
  2. Center diff lock does not engage. I can hear relay behind the dash clicking but no light. As a culprits of this both front and rear lockers in low range just blink. Where do I start to diagnose this?
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2023.06.04 18:28 Dense_Transition_145 Balding/thinning at 15?

Balding/thinning at 15?
I’ve had thin hair and an double crown ever since I was young , 2 of my uncles are bald the rest have thin hair , both my parents have thin hair. In the last 6-12 months or so i’ve realized that my hair is becoming more thin and my double crown has formed into an big line. Whenever I try parting somewhere on my scalp it reveals an huge bald spot. I can cover up my scalp pretty good when its dry its just when its windy some of my scalp is shown, when its wet it looks very bad. Just recently ( 2 weeks ago ) i’ve started to use rosemary and lavender oil on my hair as well as an derma roller on my crown, Since it’s been only 2 weeks I can’t tell if it works. I am also considering changing my hairstyle to an buzz cut but i’m scared it’ll reveal my crown more or reveal the thinning, should i grow my hair or buzz it. Also what products should I use on my hair other than what i’m using now.
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2023.06.04 18:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K (

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2023.06.04 18:23 FreakyOne87 Help, Possible Bad AiO?

Okay, I have had my CPU, 13900ks since January, on a Corsair h170i Elite Capellix, well I decided I wanted to do an RGB aesthetic upgrade to the case, so I bought ThermalTake ToughFans RGB and the ThermalTake ToughLiquid Ultra RGB 420 and installed them.
Temps seemed fine, and I never had an issue with overheating with the h170i, I could run benchmarks on stock and a 5.7ghz OC and it would never get to thermal throttle territory.
So I installed the new AiO and temps seem good, no benchmarks ran. Well the last week I've noticed a slight uptick in idle temps, from around 38/39 to 43/44 which I figured was due to the change in ambient air.
Playing games, operates just fine, gets like 65-68c which is perfectly fine, but I also noticed at idle the temps would temporarily sporadically jump anywhere from 50-80c for seconds at a time which it never use to do either .
I hadn't benchmarked the CPU or anything since I got the new pump, bit last night was doing some tweaking and undervolting on my 5.7 OC, and booted into windows to just run a simple cinebench run, well INSTANTLY it jumps to 100c and will run like that for 2-3: minutes before the system throttles cinebench to not run anything over 65% load.
Went into bios loaded optimized defaults, rebooted and even on a stock clock 13900ks, boom instant 100c, fluid temp shows like 35 constantly, and pink shows it's working in bios at 3200rpm. But even on stock clock and synthetic benchmark that puts 10/% loadon the CPU instantly takes it to 100c.
I took the AiO off 3 times and repasted it 3 different ways and checked patterns and it's fully covered in the areas that matter, so I don't think it's the contact of the CPU and pump head.
I just know previously I didn't have this issue with the h170i, and I didn't bother running any benchmarks until yesterday, because I had ran them before, and the AiO seems to perform normally under any load that isn't 100% constantly or a synthetic benchmark.
The tubes of the AiO are vibrating when I touch them couldn't really tell if they were getting warm, but I'm still confused, but I'm hoping it's just a bad pump.
I don't think it would be anything like a bad CPU as I never had issues until now, but again only under. What seems like 100% load of the CPU.
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.04 18:09 Elixterminator_F I imported a 2020 Kia Rio LX from the USA, 17K miles. I noticed this part rusted under the engine while changing the oil. Is it too bad? Can I do anything to remove the rust? Thanks!

I imported a 2020 Kia Rio LX from the USA, 17K miles. I noticed this part rusted under the engine while changing the oil. Is it too bad? Can I do anything to remove the rust? Thanks! submitted by Elixterminator_F to AskMechanics [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:04 godofstates Want wealth, abundance, money and freedom? It's already there!

Want wealth, abundance, money and freedom? It's already there!
I am not an Abraham Hicks fan but they do give some interesting perspective.
Money can really be downloaded. You don't really care where all the data for the internet comes from, do you? You just use that freedom to do whatever you want to do over the internet. The same abundance is available to you. Data allows you to do things over the internet and money allows you to do things almost everywhere. "It allows you to do things." that's the key point. And you can do whatever you want to do. You have imagination. You are boundless there. And the way you are in your imagination is how you will be in 3D also.
If you can see it, money is just some numbers reflecting on your mobile bank app. The definition of money is changed from what it used to be. You don't really carry millions in cash for you to walk or talk like a millionaire. The attitude of having millions is still with you. And it's all just an attitude in the end.
Someone may just agree to give you some numbers and depending on what numbers they SHARE (not earned) with you, you are suddenly capable of doing things, to buy things.
The value of money is also dependent upon agreement of what 20 dollars will get you in return. These values aren't engraved in 3D but only accepted by everyone.
Same with debt, you don't have any debt, you and someone just accepted that you owe them some numbers. If this agreement changes then you are suddenly out of debt. If they just say that you no longer have to give those numbers back then you no longer owe them anything. It can happen in an instant and your whole attitude will just change.
One may need to manifest money in order to have such freedom. You already have such freedom. Are you using it to do what you want to do or are you still living in limitations of what not having money makes you have?
How much money are you accepting to have now? And are you accepting it based on what the 3D says? Your acceptance does not need to be based on what the 3D says, what your bank statement says. You are already a millionaire and your refusal to see it is the only reason you don't have it.
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2023.06.04 17:57 DahDitDit-DitDah Mini dilemma

2005 Mini Cooper S R53, automatic, 95k miles. I am deciding if I should sell or fix. After 30 minutes of driving, my Cooper will not up-shift into the next gear (mostly second to third), falls into neutral, and the engine over-revs. Workaround is take the foot off the accelerator, wait for the engine to slow, and the transmission engages. Once engaged, things are good…until it isn’t…and we repeat.
To address this, we changed the ATF (using Mini-spec oil), first oil only, then oil and strainer. When we pulled the strainer, we saw — on the magnets and strainer — a super fine sand-like material. It was a pain to clean.
Replace the transmission? Replace the torque converter? Replace the driver? Replace the car?
What is your thought
submitted by DahDitDit-DitDah to MINI [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 17:56 Master-Skill-7340 Not Boot device found

I have connected a bootable SSD(tested it on different pc) to my Gigabyte B550 gaming x V2 motherboard.
When I start my PC it instantly goes into bios and it shows the SSD but it doesn't show up as a bootable device and I can't change the boot order to it since it doesn't list in the boot menu.
I already tried putting it in a different sata port and I also tried a different bootable hard drive.
It can still boot from a USB stick where I installed a Ubuntu, I used it to try marking the windows partition as bootable which also didn't help.
Does anyone know how I can fix it not detecting a bootable hard drive / ssd?
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2023.06.04 17:56 alakhpandey Paper to bilkul ncert based tha🤔pata nahi tum sabki kyu fatt rhi hai🤷. /s. Example 44 se inspired qn tha aaj ke paper mein

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2023.06.04 17:55 NightProper Forgoing free oil change

Hello, recently purchased a 23 LE some months back. This is my first new car ever. I am approaching 5,000 miles which normally on my old used cars I try to change the oil and filter at this point. With Toyota’s service plan I wouldn’t be due for an oil change until 10,000 miles. Is there anything wrong with forgoing the free oil change they offer both so I can keep my car on a 5,000 schedule AND I can keep the type of oil consistent going forward?
Thank you for any answers.
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2023.06.04 17:50 Sgt_NoHand My Story About Assassin's Creed

I just need a little venting.
First off, Assassin's Creed was my very first action adventure game. I'm 25 now. What got me hooked? At the time i bought it, i bought used games out of the store and somehow the cover just hooked me instantly. I'm a lover for Jason Bourne movies, Jack Reacher and this type of storytelling.
Everything about the Assassin's Creed games clicked with me. You're a badass? Yes. You can climb almost everything? Yes, please. You have really good worldbuilding? Yes. You got some kind of credo, mantra? Yes. You got badass friends? Yes.
I mean the story and the game was kinda unique. The ideas, the gameplay, the characters it all flowed really well at the time. Assassin's Creed was my escape game as a kid. As a kid that was quiet most of the time, i had some bullying thrown at me, my family was horrible and crazy things happened, so everytime i could play the game, i could escape.
Next was Assassin's Creed 2 and the Trilogy of Ezio. Since you kinda played him from the very beginning, lost your family, i just kinda connected with him a lot. Desmond aswell, you were kinda trapped? People treated you wrong? I kinda felt the same. So seeing Ezio getting more and more badass, join the Creed, it felt right, it felt cool. And meeting Leonardo and others? Felt like the history was right at my feet. Climbing got better, everything looked better, Ezio was such a charismatic badass and the story. It felt amazing, playing all 3 games. Having your own Assassin's which you could call anytime felt amazing. Destroying the templars, having them fear you, fighting through enemies alone, like it's nothing? I love it.
Revelations still has the best intro i've ever seen in a game and i played a lot of games. I mean seeing that epic cinematic in the trailers was amazing by itself, seeing it ingame and then cut right in after it, land and start your journey, damn. I will never forget that. I played all these game more than 3 times to 100% i just loved the world, the characters, the storylines. Couldn't stop.
Assassin's Creed 3 felt cool, it had a slow start, but kinda interesting aswell. It flowed well, i loved the graphics, the snow, the axe with the logo. He's probably the strongest Assassin we ever played. Loved the game aswell.
Now Black Flag, i was a huge pirate fan as a kid, so this game was perfect for me. I loved everything. The shanties? Still love them. Did i sail for ours without a goal? Heck..yes..of course. I mean what to say about the game. It's one of the favorites for everyone. I just loved the ending, the song. Damn, it still hits me.
Unity and Syndicate were good by themselves. Unity had some issues, the best parkour, but the Characters didnt click with me. But it was alright still. Missed some features from the previous games, like building a village or commanding and leveling up your own Assassin's. Syndicate was strange, the characters bound to some missions. Only she felt like a real Assassin, it was kinda meh.
Origins was then the first game, that changed the course, in the wrong direction for me. I love RPG games, but i never liked Assassin's Creed being one. Didn't felt right. Insta kills? Health bars? It took the immersion out for me. But it was still good by itself.
Didn't play Odysee, it just doesnt seem right for an Assassin's Creed game, don't want to support it. Why not making it standalone with another name..
Same for Valhalla, even tho Vikings are cool and badass.
Btw. I really liked Desmond and the irl part of the games always felt right for me. It made sense. It gave it some interesting perspective. The Altair, Ezio and Desmond scene at the end of Revelations is one of my favorite gaming scenes of all time. I felt so blown away by it back in the day.
Why am i writing this. I miss old school Assassin's Creed, where games were made with passion for the fans. I hope Mirage scratches that itch.
Thanks for reading, hope it's alright to read, not my first language.
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2023.06.04 17:47 Extraterretre Busty Japanese cheerleader get oiled and fucked by more guys in the changing room

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2023.06.04 17:46 AccurateListen4862 Should I go to the diversity dean about my experience with a prof

I'm a graduating Ph.D. student without a job (for various reasons) and I am considering going to the dean about what happened in my final year.I started a side project with a new professor in the department. I really liked him, and I sensed that he did too. He asked me some personal questions that made me think he wanted more than normal working relationships. I was too afraid to ask because I knew he had a long distance gf and obviously our positions mean that any sexual relationship would be frowned upon even if it's consensual.
At some point I mustered all the courage to confess and I asked him if he felt the same. He was reluctant to comment on his side and simply said that given our positions in the school, a romantic relationship was not possible. At that point he was already engaged but he did not mention it until a month later.
By then, I already took up the bulk of the project. I asked him a couple times exactly what was going on, and what his intention was and he repeatedly said that it didn't matter, even though I told him that it mattered to me. I had been agonizing over this for months and I wanted the truth. Eventually he said that I was trying to get him to say something that's going to get him into trouble, which I had a hard time understanding but I was still hopeful that I would get an honest answer eventually, even as a friend, so I waited... but I became suspicious that he did let immediately replied whether he was going to make it to a new meeting in which I would update him on the progress I made that semester, even though he was excited to know about it before I changed the date. It turned out that he was going to get married that week so he couldn't make it to the new meeting, even though the week before, I asked him when he planned on getting married, he said he had no plans.
I was upset, felt so betrayed and sent him a message that he could not play me like this and that I had feelings to care for as well. But there was no reply for a month. He also did not update me with anything that he was doing at the moment and my project was just stalled. Eventually I cornered him in his office and asked what was happening, and he said that he could no longer work with me anymore but he could write me a recommendation letter if I needed it.
I was devastated because I put so much effort into the project and I needed his resources to continue, not to mention how emotionally draining this all had been. I begged him to stay on the project and he said that there was no compromise. He said that his wife blocked me from his phone and she also told him that he could not be so naive. He said that I made no progress all the semester, and the entire semester was spent maneuvering around the situation and a bunch of other stuff like how he didn't not think highly of me as a person, that all my results were negative so even if I wrote it up it wouldn’t be in a good journal, all of which came out of nowhere and was drastically opposite to the attitude he had before. I did not think I deserved this and said all I wanted was to know what his intention was, and he said that he was uncomfortable talking about it and he didn't know why he had to talk about it. I was blanking and didn’t know what to think because he also claimed that he learned nothing from this experience, that he’s stuck between two angry women and didn’t know what to do.
Then I refuted him and somehow managed to get him to at least hear me on what I progress I made that semester. He also lent me some resource so at least I could keep working by myself, but essentially I had very little support from him and I had to keep all my friends from knowing this, who adored him. I became extremely depressed and I couldn’t go to school because I would just break into tears sitting in my office. I saw CAPS and another confidant professor who was willing to keep this secret as I requested, because I felt so guilty and ashamed for wanting a man in a relationship and didn’t want to be the reason that him loses his job. Six months passed and not once did this professor contact me about meetings. I had to initiate all meetings which happened probably happened three times in total because he was so busy, even though I saw him meeting other students but I swallowed it. On the personal side, I asked him if it's possible to have a heart-to-heart conversation and he just walked out in the middle saying that there's nothing to explain and talking about it would affect work (even though it did so much already). I started having suicidal thoughts and my friend eventually contacted the chair and the grad chair about this.
Instantly the grad chair was notified, he sent me a message about my project and how my job applications were. Both of them were stalling because he wouldn’t talk to me and I was just so confused about my life that I didn’t apply for more than a handful of jobs. What happened next was that he then agreed to write the paper with me, which was a horrible experience because he kept failing to do the things that he promised to do and the paper got delayed for a very long time. The grad chair told me to ping him every time when this happened and I couldn’t remember how many times I did it. But in the end it was done, and our last meeting involved me crying to him over Zoom at 4am telling him how hard this had been for me and please just help me finish this paper, after he questioned why I was so obsessed with this project at this point and gave me a lecture on how I was not on top of my game.
Now I have defended my thesis and am supported by the graduate funding, instead of my principal advisor’s grant (My principle advisor is extremely hands-off and he claimed that did not want to get involved with the situation) and I haven’t got a job because I was an idiot for being so emotionally consumed by the situation when the academia was hiring. I had multiple interviews in the end but because the bar for off-season hiring was so high, I only got replies that I should apply during the regular season next round. The thing is, I am international and I will be kicked out of the US without a job offer soon, so I also need to apply for industry jobs now.
I reached out to an ombudsman like organization which reached out to him, asking him several clarifying questions including why my paper was not listed on his Google Scholar page, but of course, he declined a conversation with me. That sent me straight into psychiatric hospital for a week because I told my friends that I didn’t want to live in this world where the department couldn’t even start a conversation between us. After I got out of the hospital, I met with the “ombudsman” who delivered the content of their conversation, all of which I think he obfuscated with confusing timeline and false statements. One was that he claimed that he had no control over Google Scholar; that is false so I emailed him immediately how to do it. Of course, he could no longer claim that he couldn’t do anything and simply said that Google Scholar does it automatically and doesn’t have all the papers he wrote. My paper is now listed.
The graduate chair has been deeply sympathetic about my situation but tells me that this is above his pay-grade and that the department doesn’t interfere in personal relationships. He’s the person who encouraged me to go to the ombudsman and supported me with real actions in this whole process, but the rest of the department is still in the unknown, including the diversity faculty committee.
Now my question is whether it is worthwhile to go to the dean of diversity about this. I am on my way out of the school and if I were to apply in the next academic cycle I still need this person’s reference and I’m pretty sure it would be gone if I went to the dean, although I could get a reference from someone else. A part of me is deeply resentful and desires justice and punishment, and I’m still in disbelief how this could have happened to me. I am not afraid to go public. The other part of me says that I won’t be going to the dean for myself and the smart thing to do is to do as this guy pleases and that saves everyone some trouble, which is to pretend nothing happened and move on. Any thoughts?
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2023.06.04 17:46 chicken_n_potatoes Car Battery Corrosion Question

Car Battery Corrosion Question
My car just died and after popping the hood I found this. How long would it take to build up this much corrosion?
The wiring harness was completely chewed through. I had the oil changed 2 months ago and I'm wondering if this was there at that time.
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2023.06.04 17:45 Head-Organization306 I’ve been scared of cast iron for months after I started a fire. I don’t know exactly how to go about heating a cast iron and I need help!

I was cooking with a cast iron for the first time and the video I was watching said to heat the pan until smoke was rising from the pan. I wanted until smoke was rising and then proceeded to put oil in the pan. The oil instantly caught fire. I understand that I over heated the pan but I don’t know how I even did that. Because I just waited for smoke to come from the pan like I was supposed to. Ever since I have been too sacred to cook with one and I really want to learn how to cook a steak on one. But idk what I did wrong or what to do next time.
Also. I am not completely dumb because I knew not to add water to an oil fire and I was lucky enough that my oven glove was nearby and that my kitchen is close to the outside. So I just picked up the pan and ran outside 😭.
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2023.06.04 17:42 tinyten69 OILGATE 2.0! Briggs and Stratton's "No Oil Change Needed" Gimmick EXPOSE...

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2023.06.04 17:41 jkleckner21 2021 ram 1500

Hello, so I’m having engine work done at my dealership in Michigan. Failed camber shaft at 22k. I do my own oil changes, but I made the mistake of not keeping the receipts from Walmart of buying the 5w20 and oil filter. Now the dealership is asking me for the receipts, and I’m stuck after speaking to Walmart customer service saying there’s nothing they can do. Any suggestions? I could only find my last two receipts..
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2023.06.04 17:37 jstanaway Could use some advice for getting jump started with TypeScript and Vue

Hi everyone, i am in the process of converting my small project from JS to TS and I have some questions about how to handle some things in my project on it's conversation and Im just looking for some advice on how to get started.
  1. I am on something like Vue v3.3.4 and I know there were a bunch of changes in v3.3 for TS support. Anything wrong with having all my project types in one file in my project or is this still considered not best practice? Or perhaps I should define types I know Im going to use in many places in one central file and then component specific ones like in #2 in the component itself? Looking for some advice on this.
2.If I have an object thats used in a component and has a value and name key. I get an error that says: TS2339: Property 'value' does not exist on type '{}' Im guessing it's just as simple as defining a type for this object?
  1. I am using a third party file upload component (vue file pond). Im using it like this:
I get an error on the getFile() method that says Unresolved function or method getFile(). Im wondering how I can fix this? It also got me thinking but Im guessing most third party components have some sort of type definitions already that I should install if possible? What happens if there are none?
  1. I know in TS that you're suppose to shy away from using any but I have part of my code which does a comparison like if (fileUpload.value instanceof File). It complains if I don't define fileUpload like const fileUpload = ref(null). Im guessing sometimes it's necessary. Any comments on this?
  2. I am using Toast messages in this component and they look like this:
toastBus.emit({ severity: 'info', summary: 'submitted', detail: 'File uploaded', life: 4000 })
I get TS2571: Object is of type 'unknown'. Im guessing I need to define a type for the toast but I am unsure about how to define and use the emit method on it?
  1. Finally, when in my Vue router file I get the following error when I try to access to.component in my router.beforeEach() method. It says:
TS2339: Property 'component' does not exist on type 'RouteLocationNormalized'.
If anyone has any ideas for any of these issues I would appreciate it. I feel like some of these scenarios will allow me to understand how converting other parts of the application.
Also, any other generic advice/guides that anyone has found that would help me?
thank you
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