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Midnight movie/Drive-in theater TV Series

2013.04.04 01:37 thebrrrzing Midnight movie/Drive-in theater TV Series

This includes MST3K, Cinematic Titanic, Rifftrax, Cinema Insomnia, Off Beat Cinema, USA Up All Night, This Movie Sucks!, Steve Smith Playhouse, Monster Madhouse Live, MonsterVision, Movie Underground, Space Bar, and The Film Crew. Any that I missed?

2011.07.06 09:06 charlesp22 The most awesome place for DVD and Blu-ray movie collectors.

Movies are our lives! DVD and Blu-ray collectors share pictures of their latest buys and pickups, pictures of their entire collection shelves, we have contests for FREE DVDs, Movie Party nights (watch a movie with 15 strangers), experts give advice and help find the best deals, and more!

2022.01.01 14:29 modesoo amccinemark

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc is an American movie theater chain headquartered in Leawood, Kansas, and the largest movie theater chain in the world

2023.06.04 09:18 AntOk7500joe My (18f) ex and me (19m) started talking again and I need some advice

For some context back in high school my ex and I dated for a year though out freshman year, it was great for the first three months I would walk her home and hang out at her house watching movies. After that we would take breaks and get back together (she was always the one who’d say that we should take a brake and every time that we were taking a brake i would ask why are we taking a brake she said to focus on her self) One time we were on a brake and she was talking to this girl and I thought that I lost her, and out of nowhere I asked her if she wants to get me high for the first time (at this time she would smoke weed all the time because of stress and back pains) After that day we got back together and most of the time i would go over to her house we would smoke. And then started to have a lot of sx, then a month or two later she force me to cm in her, and we proceed it to tell her mom which she got she a plan b. Months go on and it’s summer time and she had moved in with her mom and little sisters (before then she was living with her dad that also lived close to me). A year in we would FaceTime all the time. There was this one day we were on FaceTime and i didn’t talk to her at all and she was freaking out asking why I’m not talking to her and what is my problem, then I just said we should brake up, she started asking what is the reason that we are braking up with her crying I just couldn’t answer her. I was a coward and hung up on her. and then a year later I spoke to her one time after that she was trying to get back together but I kept on saying no, and then she asked me “at least tell me why you broke up with me” I told her “i truthfully I don’t know why” and then stopped talking again. Now present day she hits me up asking how I’m doing and us just talking about our two different lives, our family and jobs, and I started to get some feelings from her. Im thinking yes I’m going to be back in her life. But then she briefly said that she been dating this guy for two years going on. Then we kept on talking and then we began talking about our dogs. She was saying how people literally love their dogs as if they were their kids and I say “idk I would rather have a dog over a kids” she replied “amenn” I replied “Idk if I find a special girl maybe, but I hear from my coworker and cousins. that they are trapped with the with women they don’t want and love anymore.” For some context it’s was like 2 in the morning and I was kinda drunk. What should I do to fix the situation?
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2023.06.04 09:16 darrendros egg_irl

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2023.06.04 09:16 rybodatkid Spiderverse Review

Hands down, best movie I've ever seen. I was physically shaking and vibrating throughout the whole movie, with my wet juicy heart beating nonstop. This movie really lets you feel the exaggerated swagger of Miles Morales. Gwen's death alongside with Miles losing all 3 legs was amazing, although Spider ham should've had more screen time. This is by far the best movie I've ever seen, and my butt cheeks were clenched throughout the whole film. This is an amazing film, and it has so many good qualities except for Uncle Aaron's beard ands an alternate Miles Morales as Prowler with braids. very hot. My droopy went solid. This is hands down the best movie I’ve seen in my life, coming from a blind person. The audio was amazing, coming from a person with two missing ears. Spiderman 2099’s thicc cheeks made me so solid, and I wish he made a Joi. I’m severely autistic. The vibrations made me feel sooooo goooood. The way he swings with his long, white, sticky webs that could cover me and my face. His abs could crush me, while his webs shoot all over me. I wish Gwen didn’t die, and that Spider Noir wasn’t Spider-ham in disguise. You would’ve never expected it from his meaty buff look, he could pull my pork any day of the week. Aunt May was very sexy, and I would smash. This movie was dazzling and fantabulous, by far the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I loved this 2 hour long pleasurable experience, and would recommend it to anyone. Especially children ranged 5-7.
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2023.06.04 09:16 Unstable_Erection Freddy Krueger dream

This dream happened to me a few years ago, and before I begin I am not a horror movie guy at all, also I was in the middle of a mental breakdown (went to the mental hospital they diagnosed me with Schizoaffective Disorder) after I got out of the hospital I was doing things right, sleeping before 10pm, eating 3 healthy meals, I stopped smoking marijuana and using nicotine I was exercising, I was checking off all the boxes for mental health. One night I had a dream that was a lot more vivid than the others I was having (probably a result of stopping smoking) in this dream I came to on a beach, I saw two people sitting in beach lounge chair as I got closer it turned out they were zombies or some type of undead. I wasn’t scared by it though they didn’t react to me and just continue lounging also part of me felt like I was there for a reason and I just ignored them and continued on seconds later I come across Freddy. This isn’t like the regular Freddy dreams people talk about, he isn’t chasing me or trying to kill me, he is just sitting at a table and he doesn’t say a word just sticks out his hand (I can’t remember if he had the glove on or not lol) I go to shake his hand and he smiles for a second and starts laughing we are still shaking each others hands then I start bellowing I mean I sounded like pop smoke when I started laughing it was the deepest laugh I’ve ever heard real life/movies/dreams. The rest of the dream, which wasn’t too much longer, I was just sitting next to Freddy enjoying the beach and looking at the two zombies until I woke up. No words were spoken during the dream and this was actually one of the few dreams were I actually felt scared after I woke up. I knew of Freddy ofc, but after that dream I started looking for other people’s Freddy dreams and I couldn’t find one like mine. To this day I have no idea what it means, but it haunts me even though it wasn’t a nightmare and fear wasn’t present during the dream. Anyone have any insight into this besides I’m going to inherit Freddy Krueger’s power?
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2023.06.04 09:16 toni-93 Bob New Story. Story by AI. Sugggest Title

Movie Title: Vaidyudu
The room is filled with medical textbooks, stethoscopes, and a wall adorned with family photographs. HERO, a determined and compassionate medical student in his final stages of pursuing an MBBS in the USA, studies diligently. He is focused and dedicated.
HERO sits at the dining table with his BROTHER. Their parents' photographs are displayed on the wall, a silent reminder of their love and sacrifices. In the corner of the room, a small BOY plays with his toys. HERO and BROTHER share the responsibility of taking care of him.
BOB (looking at a letter) Brother, I need to go to India. We must confirm your marriage.
BROTHER - Sushanth (smiling) Of course, brother. And maybe this trip will bring you some happiness too.
HERO arrives in the picturesque village, filled with lush green fields and a sense of tranquility. He meets BANUMATHI, the village belle, a spirited and intelligent girl studying agriculture.
BANUMATHI - Tamanna (showing her village proudly) Welcome to my world, Hero. I love this place with all my heart.
BOB (slightly distant) And I love the USA, Banumathi. I plan to settle there after completing my studies.
HERO volunteers at the village health center and witnesses the lack of medical facilities. He treats the sick and elderly, witnessing the hardships they endure.
BOB (to himself) These people need better healthcare. I must do something about it.
HERO attends his BROTHER'S grand marriage ceremony. Amidst the celebration, he steals glances at BANUMATHI. Their eyes meet, and a connection blossoms.
BOB (to himself, smiling) Perhaps my destiny lies here in India.
HERO successfully completes his MBBS degree. The crowd erupts in applause. BANUMATHI is beaming with pride.
BANUMATHI - Tamanna (teary-eyed) Hero, I'm so proud of you! Let's celebrate!
They sing a joyful song, their voices resonating with hope and dreams.
HERO plans to set up a hospital in the city to provide better healthcare to the people. However, a corrupt SARPANCH, the VILLAIN, opposes his noble intentions.
Villain - Prakash Raj (laughing maliciously) You think you can change things? Not in my village!
A fierce clash ensues between HERO and the VILLAIN. In the heat of the moment, someone stabs HERO from behind. He collapses, bleeding profusely.
HERO lies in a hospital bed, surrounded by worried faces. News of his attack spreads rapidly through social media.
People from all walks of life gather outside the hospital, holding banners and medical equipment. They've come to support HERO and his vision.
BOB: (weak but determined) I need to make a statement. We must give back to our country. NRI doctors, come back to India and serve the poor. Together, we can make India healthy.
The crowd cheers, inspired by HERO's words.
NRI doctors, touched by HERO's call to action, start returning to India. They join HERO's cause, offering their expertise and support
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2023.06.04 09:15 gr0w666 Surround setup: split music via Ones, tv via Beam?

Hi all, I got myself a surround setup a few weeks back, loving it so far. Beam, sub mini, and 2 one sl's for surround. For movies the setup is perfect, but for music I feel that the beam sounds flat compared to the stereo One's. In the sonos app I can manually put the surround volume for music up, but I'm not really satisfied with that manual solution.
Is there a way to set that whenever sound comes from the tv it goes through the whole system, but if theres music playing via spotify it will only go through the 2 One SL's & sub?
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2023.06.04 09:15 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance (The Program)

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Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is available.
Stirling Cooper - Sexual Dominance Escalation Course is one of the best courses that will teach you how to improve your love life like nothing before, led by the famous adult movie star Stirling Cooper.
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2023.06.04 09:15 Such-Visit7457 I hate stories in videos games and they should remove them

I see people call the last of us a masterpiece silent hill 2 a masterpiece metal gear a masterpiece. Well guess whats one thing these games have in common? Bad gameplay. Playing video games for the "story" just seems weird to me. There called video games not movie games. I miss the days when games where games like pacman and donkey kong. Hate modern gaming.
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2023.06.04 09:14 Pen-Chance Where did the phrase “How bout them Yankees?” Originate?

Like I’ve used it all my life when things get quiet, and usually people laugh and we can move on to a different topic…
I thought I heard it in a movie when a character said something and made everyone super awkward, but google isn’t helping so thought maybe someone here knows?
And maybe it was in a movie but started elsewhere?
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2023.06.04 09:14 Rshadowtale My parents think my boyfriend is making me be trans

I am 22(transfemale) and I have a boyfriend (trans male->nonbinary, important later on) who recently celebrated their 22nd birthday as well.
We have known each other existed since 1st grade, became friends in 3rd grade, and then closer friends in 6th.
A lot of his other friends left him in middle school, and I was one of the 2 who stayed with him when he came out in 8th grade. I even got my parents to use his right name and pronouns, which I personally thought was impressive, as I and my three older siblings (now 26 nonbinary, 25m, 23f)grew up going to church (Salvation Army I'll go more into it later on.)
I kind of...knew I wasn't cis/straight throughout most of highschool, but considering my parents (who are now 55f and 70+m, honestly i stopped keeping track at 60) I didn't really look too deep into it.
My now bf, who was just a friend at the time, took me to a Queer Prom when we were in grade 11, where I dressed in a suit, with a women's blazer, heels, and makeup. I hated the fake nails but loved everything else. We went again the next year when we were in grade 12, and I brought my actual Prom Suit from highschool to the Queer one as well. I enjoyed the Queer one more.
It was about 2 years ago that I realized I wanted to be a girl. I looked back on myself and my childhood, which I'll briefly name some of the things that should have tipped me off;
• I liked wearing clear coat glitter nail polish, one sunday morning when I put some on myself and my mom noticed she said we didn't have time to buy nail polish remover, and come home to take it off. So she made me wear gloves, we bought remover from the store, and then she took me into the women's bathroom to remove it myself as she yelled at me to hurry up. • I loved watching the Disney princess movies growing up. Animation over gritty live action any day. • A lot of tv shows I liked were actually geared more towards girls (Atomic Betty, Kim Possible, Totally Spies, Ruby Gloom) or the ones I did like watching that were for boys (Martin Mystery, Hot Wheels, Johnny Test, Foster's Home) I always enjoyed the female characters more. At the time I thought it was crushes, but what I was actually feeling was an aspiration to look like them. I always thought they were pretty and had fun personalities. But not ones I wanted to date, ones I wanted to have. •Up until puberty struck, I had one guy friend and then almost entirely a female friend group.
I can make another post entirely about my teenage years, but moving forward to living alone in 2021 I realized I was transgender. I wanted to be a girl. I told my friends who all supported me. I supported my oldest siblings, when they came out in 2022. They even privately talked to me about it and thats when I slipped out and told them about me. This was also when that long, LONG time friend and I started going out. We dated like three different times throughout the school year but both wanted to be serious for this one.
In 2023 I came out fully to everyone on my birthday. Coworkers, Boss, All my friends, family. Everyone said they were happy for me. But my parents still use my old name and pronouns. My dad I sort of written off, all my siblings think he's going senile anyway, so...I personally think getting him to do it is a lost cause, but my mother is the same way. Using female pronouns for my oldest siblings. However, I assumed because she changed and used the proper name and pronouns for my boyfriend then she would do the same for me, right?
We just had a talk today, where she asked how long we were dating, me and my boyfriend. Because she wanted to compare when I came out (to her, I came out this year but realized well before now) with when I started dating. Note that, this isn't my first significant other either, I just never told her about all my other ones. Another story for another day but my mother loves to know everything even if it requires invading personal space and privacy.
...she just wants her "sweet innocent boy to come back to her", she wants me her obedient quiet child to never speak up or voice my opinion. I moved out. I only interact with my mother for holidays and because of a family plan phone bill (40$ a month for me, 4GB and unlimited texting and calling), but this just invalidating. They think my boyfriend who I've known forever is taking advantage of me and using me for my money, which is not true. My boyfriend gets uncomfortable whenever I pay for meals or gifts for him. It's true he has a bit of a money issue, it's because of health problems and only getting 2 shifts a week at his work, to pay for gas, rent from parents, and medication. I have more disposable income than he does, so I pay for more dates. It's that simple. I only interact with my dad whenever I can't get a taxi to work and I pay him about 4$ for that. I have no license or car. I actually just applied to get a credit card a week ago, one step closer to getting my phone off the parent's bill.
I just feel...invalidated. I've felt it a bit through my life from my parents, but knowing that they don't see me for who I am or who I'm comfortable being, and instead want the child they know back, the child that was in the closet, didnt speak up, the personality I made so they wouldn't question me.
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2023.06.04 09:14 Aware-Couple-108 Do you guys think production on the Batman Beyond Animated Film is going to continue?

Do you guys think production on the Batman Beyond Animated Film is going to continue?
​With the success of the Spider-Verse dualogy and hype surrounding TMNT: Mutant Mayhem. Do you think James Gunn is gonna continue production on the Batman Beyond animated movie, that was previously in development?
The picture you guys are seeing is/was apparent concept art for the film. The last we’ve that has been heard about the project was in March of 2023. This info comes from the Direct.
“Speaking on The Hot Mic Podcast, insider Jeff Sneider discussed an animated Batman Beyond movie that DC once commissioned under the leadership of Walter Hamada - who served as DC Films President from January 2018 to October 2022.
As of now, the project remains in development under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran and none of the team has been told otherwise. However, Sneider clarified development could still be paused or canceled if it doesn't fit into the new regime's cohesive plans for the DCU franchise.”
I believe the project could still be made and just labeled under DC Elseworlds. James Gunn is quoted in saying that Elseworlds would be quote "a higher than the bar for something in the DCU:" So what better way to kick that off than a Spider-Verse style animated Batman movie. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.04 09:13 ThrowRAabfhsks Me NB27 and spouse NB25 disagree on covid boundaries.

Me NB27 and spouse NB25 disagree on covid boundaries and I feel it is a significant hinderance to my life.
Spouse has different acceptable risk with covid.
Me (NB27) and my spouse (NB25) have recently come to a disagreement around acceptable covid boundaries.
Background: My spouse has disabilities and is therefore at much greater risk for long covid. We do not disagree on this. We also agree that covid and long covid is a big deal. However I recently have wanted to reduce our boundaries on acceptable risk.
Our current boundaries are Mask around anyone outside of our house unless they covid test negative beforehand. We don’t make exceptions and do not go out to eat or movies or anything else.
I wear my N95 at work and eat lunch in my car. I find wearing a mask to be cumbersome and prevent me from forming connections and communicating as effectively. I also no longer swim as the pools rarely have only one or two other people at lap swim hours. I do not feel comfortable at social events such as board game groups masked as I have limited communication abilities so I do not attend.
They do not work due to their disability and occasionally (2-4x a month) meet up for a masked walk or hangout with friends.
Recently we sat down and looked at all the resources for what covid risks are and with the same facts come to wildly different conclusions. We have discussed the facts and I don’t believe that we fundamentally disagree there.
I would like to stop wearing my mask at work. Be able to go to dinner or a movie. Hang out at a board game group unmasked without asking everyone (many who I haven’t met before) to covid test beforehand. Or hang out with my family without testing first.
They are only okay with expanding exposure to include my direct family without masking.
We are at a disagreement on what is okay. They have stated that the exposure levels they are okay with are a boundary and I can choose to respect it or not but if I do not we need to discuss our future together. Also that I must represent the boundary to my friends and family as my choice and not a restriction put on my them.
I don’t know how to proceed. On one hand I truly care about my spouse and don’t want to do any things that make them feel unsafe. But on the other hand I really want to be able to socialize more and don’t feel I can do so effectively with a mask on.
Is this a resonance boundary? I don’t feel that just my family is a good compromise but it is all that we can agree on.
Thank you.
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2023.06.04 09:13 mcm8279 [Picard S.3 Interviews] Patrick Stewart originally believed reunions are antithetical to the series: "That’s essentially not what Star Trek was about. I didn’t want for all of that work to collapse into internal jokes about the previous show or comedic episodes or even romantic episodes.”

Patrick Stewart recently explained to The Wrap the reservations he had about the final season. Although he admits that he is “moved” by the “strong sentimental feelings” about TNG, he also believes reunions are antithetical to the series. “That’s essentially not what Star Trek was about,” he countered. “I didn’t want for all of that work to collapse into internal jokes about the previous show or comedic episodes or even romantic episodes.”
Leaving aside the fact that Next Generation only got the green light after the success of movies that brought back The Original Series cast, there’s certainly validity to Stewart’s concerns. For all of their commercial success, viewers have complained about the increasingly self-referential nature of rival Star Wars, following the lead of Disney’s big money-maker the MCU. While knowing in-jokes work well on Lower Decks, and Picard season one did open with a shot of memorabilia from TNG (including the Picard Day banner from “The Pegasus,” an unlikely keepsake for the child-phobic Captain), Jean-Luc would be a poor fit in the same approach.
For most, showrunner Terry Matalas managed to get the series back on course by charting a careful path between knowing winks and new territory. The surprise return of Ro Laren, for example, both resolved a dangling plot from TNG and showed growth by both the Bajoran dissident and Picard. At the same time, new characters held their own against long-time favorites, none more so than Todd Stashwick’s persnickety Captain Liam Shaw.
In many ways, Stewart’s feelings about Star Trek: Picard simply continue a gap between what he and the fans want for his character. As the actors gained more leverage as producers, they exerted greater control over storylines. Sometimes, this control resulted in interesting takes on established characters, as with the swashbuckling, sleeveless shirt-wearing Picard in Star Trek: First Contact. Other times, that led to scenes of Picard racing dune buggies and romancing attractive ladies who aren’t Beverly Crusher.
Despite his misgivings, Stewart is glad that he listened to Matalas’s advice for the third season. “I was always a little uneasy that it would just be thought of as cashing in on the success of an earlier series,” said Stewart, before confessing that the show’s final season exceeded expectations. “It was more than that. And that was the work of my fellow producers and directors and showrunners—Terry Matalas in particular for what he created for us.”
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2023.06.04 09:13 Dramatic_Ad7807 I think my friend (33M) who I hooked up with did a hit and run on me (29F)

I’m a (29F) and my friend (33M) who I have known for 3 years recently visited my city for 3 weeks and we hung out a lot 1:1 we went to the museum, movies, fancy dinners, the beach, arcades.. we were super flirty, cutesy and touchy, talked about everything, and he paid for everything. This was super different that prior hangouts where we would be with friends or casually catch up 1:1.
One of our mutual friends told me that he thought I was super cute and shipped us.
I ended up drinking quite a bit w him one night and we ended up hooking up. He spent the night and we were supposed to hang out the next day.
Long story short we didn’t end up hanging out the next day. He shot me a text that was something like .. “thanks for the sex.. can’t meet before I leave town, see you next time”.
I was devastated..I ended up calling him to clarify what was going on. In my head I thought we went on casual dates and that he wanted a relationship with me. But He told me he thought we were somewhere between friends and casually dating. He also said what he said was a mishap he was just busy and that he wanted to get back to having fun again.
I was super upset and ended up telling him I needed space. Should I just cut him out of my life or try to get back to a place where we are friends again? We are in the same friend group sigh.
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2023.06.04 09:13 Merridews First post on here! Just some fun singles :D

First post on here! Just some fun singles :D
My cousins and I are going out for my 16th birthday today and I made us some matching kandi singles! They’re in black white and red because we’re gonna go watch the new spiderverse movie :D hope you enjoy!!
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2023.06.04 09:12 xCoffeeGamingx What was the movie about a tactical team that goes against blue spirit like beings in a city?

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2023.06.04 09:12 AtheistCupcakke Is my partner gay or bisexual?

I am a cisgender straight female, dating a cisgender male for a year now. The first time we had sex was for over 20 minutes, and he lost his erection. Many times after that went the same — either he lost his erection, or in other instances, he was fully erect but could not cum. There have been more times, on top of that, where I have tried to initiate sex but could not get him hard to begin with. I will dress up sexy just for him, but no matter what I’m wearing, he does not seem interested in having sex with me. We see each other often, more than three times a week, yet we will go 2-3 weeks without having any sex. There were a few times where he began losing his erection, and then asked to do anal midway. Through anal, he was able to sustain his erection and finished. Our sexual chemistry has definitely felt off, and it is not a new thing. Most recently, we were watching a movie with a homosexual romance. There were many sex scenes, and I noticed my boyfriend had actually gotten hard during these scenes and was visibly trying to hide it.
Is there a possibility that my partner could be gay or bisexual? Am I being wildly insecure or ignorant? I know that this could be communicated to him, but I wanted to ask to see if this is even a valid concern or if I’m being totally insensitive. And if it is a possibility, how can I ensure my partner feels supported and safe and not attacked or judged?
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2023.06.04 09:10 iben-van-paridon This type of Casio was my first watch that I bought myself. Now about 25 years later, I got it again for my birthday.

This type of Casio was my first watch that I bought myself. Now about 25 years later, I got it again for my birthday.
I still remember how super proud I was, of the Casio light, and how me and my friends were admiring it in the cinema, during the first Space Jam movie, I was like 14 years old or something.
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2023.06.04 09:09 Mr_Shaikh9 Has anybody seen this ???

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2023.06.04 09:08 morninggloryblu Tangentially related to Lindsay Ellis bc Hadestown

I don't know why, but - this feels like a good place to ask. I'm going to be in New York in August, and am interested in seeing either Sweeney Todd or Hadestown. (I would see both but money lolz) I adore Sweeney Todd, but am really interested in seeing Hadestown given Lindsay Ellis' ringing endorsement and her unerring judgement on what makes for a quality show. Can anyone who has seen both (not necessarily the current NYC productions, but at any point in history) recommend one over the other? Currently the pros and cons are as such:
So. Any thoughts?
Note: I have not listened to the MusicalSplaining episode about Hadestown and intend to go in blind.
(Also, Hamilton could be a third option...)
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2023.06.04 09:08 PKotzathanasis Growing up in Reel Life: The Cinematic Legacy of Wong Fei Hung in Six Movies

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2023.06.04 09:07 PKotzathanasis Growing up in Reel Life: The Cinematic Legacy of Wong Fei Hung in Six Movies

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