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2023.03.17 04:04 cavyqueen024 does teething and weaning ever get better?

My 13 month old girl is cutting her fourth tooth, and weaning from breastfeeding at the same time. I've slept six hours in three days, I feel like I'm back with a newborn except this newborn has claws and a deafening screech and adult textured shits. And even when I can get her to sleep she will just randomly scream and the whole process starts all over again. I feel so upset with myself for getting this upset with her and the things I think to myself are awful when I'm this tired, I just don't know what to do anymore. Shes nursed to sleep her entire life and now that we're weaning I feel like I have no idea on how to comfort her or put her to bed.. I'm just so tired of being tired of so many things.. There's no point to this besides an exhausted rant that just makes me feel better to say.
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2023.03.17 02:49 PenileTourniquet Concerned about kidney function issues. Following up with primary on Monday.

I am a 26 year old male who exercises regularly and stays in good shape. I have late onset T1 Diabetes, but other than that have been pretty healthy.
On Monday I went to the ER because I suddenly quit being able to urinate. I still have no idea what caused that, but it got better that evening while I was in the hospital.
The ER doctor diagnosed me with Rhabdo because I had been training for a trail race. That doesn't even make sense because I showed no other symptoms, and I have been working out like this for years. I was actually feeling GREAT and super hydrated when I suddenly couldn't pee anymore.
He told me to follow up with my primary immediately because some of my kidney function numbers came back "a little off".
5 months ago GFR was 110 and creatinine was 0.97.
GFR is now 54 and creatinine is 1.76.
I'm not sure how to see if they found protein in my urine, but there were ketones found. I'm not clear on if they are related. They did find a small lesion/cyst on the right kidney during CT.
I follow up with my primary on Monday. I'm a little concerned just from googling the hell out of everything. Let's say I did actually have Rhabdo (which I am doubtful), could it have caused my GFR and creatinine to get so much worse?
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2023.03.17 02:29 Alnournour_ Forex Trading Journal Tool

Forex Trading Journal Tool
In South Africa, where forex trading is gaining popularity, journaling can be especially valuable for traders who are new to the market or looking to refine their strategies. https://www.wikifx.com/en/newsdetail/202303168254157748.html?gip=TGal46
One of the main benefits of keeping a forex trading journal is that it allows traders to track their progress over time. By recording their trades and the results, traders can analyze their performance and identify patterns or trends. For example, a trader may notice that they consistently make profitable trades on certain days of the week or during certain market conditions. Armed with this information, they can adjust their trading plan accordingly and potentially increase their profits.
Journaling also helps traders learn from their mistakes. When a trade doesn't go as planned, it's easy to get frustrated or emotional. However, by recording the details of the trade in a journal, traders can review the situation objectively and identify what went wrong. This can help them avoid making the same mistake in the future and improve their decision-making skills.
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2023.03.17 01:47 James-Self_Standard Show me them skits.

I love a good skit youtuber. If you profess yourself to be a good skit youtuber show me what you think is your funniest.
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2023.03.17 00:39 deadflowers1 Are those symptoms caused by anxiety?

hi, i’ve had problems with anxiety for quite some time so i’m familiar with most symptoms but these ones i’m about to describe make me confused. - grinding teeth & all my teeth are stiff - tension headache - heavy eye bags - a sudden feeling of needing the bathroom & restlessness and wanting to do something but doesn’t know what it is, i also feel like my heart is pounding fast or cold chest but the pulse is normal. - back of head pain.
are these related to anxiety? i’m not very anxious these days but i’m afraid im having a depressive episode and dealing with insomnia with it. i feel like i’m losing myself each day, my memory became intolerable, i can’t remember what i did yesterday or any other day i feel like an npc character, i’ll probably forget about today too. i cant feel myself anymore.
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2023.03.17 00:01 Kamilia666 How do I apply for a LOA?

Hey there!
I’m currently a barista and I’m pretty burnt out but I don’t wanna quit because I love my job, I’m just going through a rough patch. I was wondering if anyone here has experience taking a leave of absence from the siren and if so, how does that work?
Are there minimum requirements? Do I need a doctor’s note? What’s the maximum amount of time I can take?
Any info is appreciated!
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2023.03.17 00:00 Top_Weekly_Bot Top post from r/self Lent a guy 20 grand... turns out he thought it was a blackmail payement Mar 16 2023

I find myself in a bizarre and angering situation.
I’m in my mid-50s and work in an office with about 30 people, all of whom are my employees. It’s my company.
In the summer of 2019, I went to a beach to take my dogs for a walk. Usually, the four of us (me, wife, 2 kids) go, or sometimes just me and my wife. This time, everyone was busy but it was a beautiful day, and I decided to take them to a beach that’s pretty far from here but apparently a great place to let dogs run around free. So off I went, parked, got the dogs out… who went screaming down to the water and had a wonderful time for like 2 hours. While there, I ran into one of my employees who was there with her dog. She, let’s call her Cindy, is stunningly beautiful and 30 years younger than me. Whatever, we did some idle chat, sat on a log, talked work, talked life, watched our dogs play in the water. Very pleasant and zero romantic interest or intent. I feel funny having to even say that, but it becomes relevant further down.
Who also happened to walk by is a good friend of my wife. Call her Jan. I’ve met Jan a few times, whatever, idle hellos. She had a curious look at my log-mate who I introduced to her, and that was it.
Several weeks later…
Once in a while, we attend conventions and tradeshows and whatever else, and a delegation of us participate. A group of us (Cindy among them) were there, and a few of us went up to the 20th floor of the hotel where one of our business associates had a hospitality suite. Hung out, had a drink, ate some fancy canapes and eventually it was time to go. Leaving at the same time was Cindy, so we shared the elevator down. Halfway down, call it 10th floor, door opens and Jan’s husband steps in. Let’s call him Greg. I’ve met Greg a few times, probably less than Jan. Idle chat, hello, he’s eyeing Cindy. Whatever. Elevator gets to the bottom and we all step out. No big deal.
About a month later, I get an email from Greg. Again, I don’t know this guy very well. I know he’s a very successful restauranteur and runs a few in town. They live in a nice house and are members of a prestigious country club and they’re big important people at their church. So I’m surprised to get this email, from this guy I don’t know very well asking me for money.
He paints a sob story of how business is tough and new minimum-wage guidelines are messing him up and he needs some time to sort it all out and it should be all ok but, long story short, hey man, can you lend me $20,000? I can start paying you back in three months, $1,000 a month.
Yes, it’s a lot of money… but I have it and he knows it and my thinking is that if this guy is coming to me, he really must be out of options. What’s it going to cost me? Not much, interest rates at the time were near zero… so sure, why not let this guy hold 20 grand for a bit, and in less than two years it’ll be paid off and I did something nice for someone. OK dude, here you go, and here are the terms. He wrote back, simply, “OK” – I would’ve expected a more gracious thank you, but whatever. They guy is stressed and has a lot on his plate. It’s all good.
Before the repayment period began, along came Covid… and all of his restaurants shut down. Obviously, I didn’t pursue the loan. I thought I’d let him come to me in due course and let me know what he plans to do, but I never heard from him. And now, he’s back in business, I see on Facebook they’ve been in Europe, they just bought their kid a car. Still haven’t heard from him, so finally, yesterday, I wrote him an email, a friendly note that said something like, “Hey man, this has almost fallen off my radar and it’s clearly fallen off yours entirely… how do you want to handle it?”
The response I got back… like fuck, just writing about it is pushing my bp up to 200. Basically, the gist of it was… hey, yeah, I'm surprised to hear from you... you know, I never really viewed it as a loan… I viewed it more like a permanent security deposit, the sort one keeps around when they don’t want certain information disclosed. Hope you and your young friend are doing well.
Holy fuck. I thought I was doing this guy a favour, a pretty deep one at that. And all this time, this smug asshole thought he’d successfully blackmailed me.
So now what do I do? I have plenty of options, and to be honest, I’m favouring the nuclear one… where I reply and CC everyone… his wife, his church, the country club, his work… hey everyone, your wonderful associate Greg thought he’d blackmailed we; what do we make of that?
I’m still shellshocked as this all transpired in the last 24 hours. I haven’t replied to him yet, but the longer I don’t, the longer I think he thinks he once again scored on me.
I am absolutely open to listening to whatever thoughts and advice any of you have.
TLDR: I lent a guy 20 grand and never heard from him for close to 4 years, and now when I come knocking, turns out he thought he’d blackmailed me and that it wasn’t really a loan.

--- UPDATE 1, weekend ---
OK… well, just got home, had dinner, sat down in front of this computer… and now I know what “RIP my inbox” means. There are a lot of comments and many of them overlap, so I’ll address the common ones with some broad brushstrokes:
To begin with, I’m well-aware lawyers exist. I deal with them all day, and I am very clear what they bring to the table in a case like this. Certainly, just going straight to a lawyer and suing this fuckhead is an option, but I think that’s plan C or D, not plan A.
I should make something clear, and I can’t think of a way to say it without coming across like a giant asshole, but it’s entirely relevant why I’d be asking a bunch of strangers their opinion instead of calling a lawyer or the cops or whatever, and it’s this: This isn’t so much about the money as it is about what this fucker is trying to pull. I win or lose $20,000 on a good or bad night at The Wynn and forget about it the next day. I say this will all due respect to people for whom I understand 20 grand is a lot of money. To me, especially in this context, it’s not. It’s the principle of it. I’m sorry how that sounds to a lot of people these days, especially when a box of strawberries is $9. The world sucks these days. The issue here is how fucked over I’m feeling here, whether it’s $20 or $20,000 or $20,000,000 – getting blackmailed for any amount and holding the POS doing it accountable… whatever that means… that’s what it’s about.
My wife does not know about the 20k I lent this guy, but not because I’m specifically hiding it from her. The guy came to me all embarrassed and pleading for help, and this getting out would probably have affected my wife’s friendship with Jan. The guy came to me in confidence, and I’m happy to keep it. And wouldn’t my wife notice 20k missing from our common account? Absolutely not; money moves in and out of that account at a furious pace and she never looks at it anyway. I handle our finances, pay the credit cards and bills and that’s it. There’s always enough money around for whatever is needed.
But, should I tell her now? That’s part of the bigger question with respect to what do I do now. It’ll certainly affect their friendship and as far as I know, Jan doesn’t know about any of this. I can’t say that for certain, but I’ve seen Jan around and there’s zero hint of anything weird. So, that’s a consideration.
And that’s really the crux of this. I know I can squeeze my 20k back from this POS, but the question is above and beyond that. Like, if he suddenly showed up with my money, is that it? I just let it go? I just say oh thanks, and forget that pesky little blackmail issue? Do I? My gut is telling me fuck no, you don’t let someone screw around with you like that and just let them off the hook. Like a simple refund is going to undo the blackmail and what it implies? It’s an attack on my character and it’s an attack on my co-worker and it’s an indirect attack on my wife as well. So, like, fuck this guy… hence the nuclear option.
And no, I’m not having an affair, nor do I want to have an affair. If anything, all I'd like is to have the time to have an affair and if I did, I'd go fishing instead. My wife (let’s call her Marsha just to stay with the theme) has met Cindy, and we’ve both met Cindy’s partner. There has never been any weirdness between anyone. I didn’t get to where I am by doing stupid shit, and as anyone who’s thrived in the corporate world will tell you, you don’t dip your pen in the company ink. But as I’ve said, there’s zero to that and, further… if there were, why the hell would I be posting any of this? I’d allow myself to be blackmailed and move on I suppose.
As it turns out, between this post and this update, fuckhead texted me. I’m not even sure where he got my number and I didn’t have his; it came from an unfamiliar number. Anyway, he wants to meet in person and his text said something along lines of “I don’t want my email to be misunderstood so I’d prefer to discuss in person. Can we meet tomorrow? I can come to you.”
Actually, I can’t meet him tomorrow or the day after; I’m just too busy. I will probably set something up for later in the week and yes, I will have a lawyer present and will be happy to post an update after that meeting. Or if anything else interesting happens beforehand.
And if you posted a response below that wasn’t answered in this update, I’ll try to get to answering you eventually. I had no idea this would get so many replies, and I appreciate it. At least, most of them.

--- UPDATE 2, Tuesday morning ---
Here’s a little update on this little situation…
By an overwhelming majority, like 100% to 0%, you’ve all suggested I tell my wife... sooner than later. Like, right now. I’d hesitated doing so because of the implications it might have on what I sense to be a valuable friendship in her life, and how this would inevitably blow it up. Many of you pointed out something I hadn’t considered, and still don’t, but it’s a non-zero chance… that Jan is somehow in on it. It doesn’t add up at all, but this would be a quick way to find out. But even if that’s not the case, my wife needs to know. OK, OK.
So, I told my wife… but before I tell you how that all went down, and her reaction, it’s important you understand our relationship.
We met ages ago, fresh out of high school. We both graduated the same year, 1986, me from a more privileged upper-middle-class life and west-side school, she from a lower-middle-class life and east side school. These two rarely mix, but…
In the summer of 1986, Vancouver hosted Expo 86, a World’s Fair. The entire summer was one huge party. Right after grad, I got a job at Expo, as did my future wife, and that’s where we met.
We were working guest services in a variety of jobs, a group of ten of us who became quite close, but eventually my wife and I were off on our own. Every night at the end of the day before Expo closed, there would be a huge fireworks and laser show. As employees, we had access to areas the public didn’t, and we found a tiny dock from where we’d go to watch the show. It’s where we first held hands. It’s where we first kissed. I even remember one time we were making out right as the show came to a close… thousands of people cheering behind us, the unobstructed view of the show in front of us… the big fireworks finale, the lasers going crazy everywhere, the Expo theme music blaring the final chorus… “There’s something happening, there’s something happening… here!!” – it sounds like something out of a Disney movie, but that was the scene. The dock was long gone by the time we got married, but I assure you, we’d have gone to get some pictures there if it were still around.
Before Expo finished, my family went camping, as we always did every summer… for basically the entire month of August. So, FW and I didn’t see each other for a while, but she was the first person I called when we got back, and we compared notes about classes we were enrolled. UBC is a big campus, me in sciences, she in arts… there was zero overlap but we were trying to figure out when we might see each other there.
Soon after, it occurred to me that I could drop a class, pick up another, make a change… I needed a language and was going to do Spanish. She was doing Italian, why not take that instead?
I mention all this because, if you’re married, you know… there’s a moment. There’s *that* moment… and the moment was when I walked into that Italian class the first day and she saw me… and the way her face lit up. You can’t fake that shit. And you can’t fake the way it made me feel. This is the one. This is forever.
She moved onto campus and had roomates. I lived at home. Second year, same thing. Third year, she moved off campus with some roomates. I was still at home, and not happy. I wasn’t happy with school, and without her there, my life would’ve been truly unbearable. But it was to her I vented how much I hated school, how useless it was, what a waste of time. And it was her, only her, that gently suggested maybe university wasn’t for me. All I did was talk about what I’d do when I finished my degree, and none of it had anything to do with the piece of paper I’d end up with. So why waste another two years? She said something insightful: The regret of failing is better than regret of never having tried. So dude, get on with it.
So… I dropped out, much to the horror of my parents. But she – from day one, my biggest supporter.
She stayed in school, of course. I didn’t. Her roommate situation was going sideways, and me wanting to work instead of study meant time to leave home. Not sure if that adds up in today’s world, but this was the 80s and that was the deal with my parents. We’ll support you while you’re studying, but once you’re done, you’re on your own.
Not to say they didn’t support us. We moved in together, two starving young people except we were never starving. We often had dinner at my parents’ or her parents’, and we’d never leave without copious amounts of frozen food. So much that we had to borrow freezer space from our neighbours to store it all, neighbours happy to participate in the feasting when it was time for the great thaw. I recall one neighbour asking one day about a frozen zucchini dish she’d been keeping for over a month, a dish we’d lost track of.
After she graduated we moved into a bigger place and kept at it. My business was growing… we were standing on our own two feet, and she picked up a pretty good job and things were great. One day, in 1998, I was reading an article about tax planning and implications of being formally married. I somewhat flippantly said, “You know, maybe we should get married”. That was met with silence… I turned and looked at her, and she looked like she was about to cry. Oh shit. “What…? Like don’t you think that…” – “This is how you ask me?” she said, half laughing and half upset at my incredibly lame proposal. It wasn’t a proposal, of course, just an out-loud thought driven by what I was reading, but I sensed I screwed up. Not soon after, at a fancy French restaurant, I did it right… with a ring, on my knee, a smattering of applause from nearby tables and a free dessert. And, funny, many years later, some guy came running up to us in the street… hey, did you propose to your wife at this certain restaurant around this time in 1998? Turns out it was our waiter.
Anyway, we got engaged… but didn’t get married till 2001. Then came the kids, all while the business grew. She quit her job and never went back to it as becoming a full-time mom became the thing. And all along, she was there to support me, guide me, argue with me, reason with me, knock some sense into me.
There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Behind every successful man is one hell of a kick-ass woman – there’s my advice to all you guys wondering how to navigate the path to great success. Find a woman that can be everything to you, so you can be the same for her.
So, this has been a partnership from day one, where we share and trust and tell each other everything we feel the other needs to know. What you learn after a while is that not only do you not need to tell each other everything, but life is easier when you don’t impose on each other something they can’t help you with, don’t care about or stresses them out.
Around here, business is my business. She trusts me with it, and it’s certainly worked out well.
There are aspects of my life that she controls, and I grant that control freely. I love it; less things for me to worry about, in the hands of someone whose judgement I trust unconditionally. Wear this, eat this, be at this certain place at a certain time. I love it. Keep it coming; I make enough difficult decisions every day. There are things I don’t want to think about.
So yeah… we try not to overshare every tiny detail of everything because we both have a lot going on and burdening the other with useless info doesn’t help anything. Money moving around here and there? I take care of it. I never talk about it. She rarely asks.
Given all that, I have never, for one second, suspected her of anything, and she’d say the same. We joke around all the time… a beautiful woman will walk by, and, as a guy, you can’t help but look. “You can look, but don’t touch!” she’ll joke. Or, “Good luck with that… you’re not her type” or “In your dreams”. And I’ll do the same, some chiseled adonis on the beach… I’ll ask her, “What about that guy” and she’ll laugh and explain to me how there’s no way that guy could handle her. She’s entirely correct.
So that is the nature of our relationship, and I think I needed to say all of that to set up the context of what happened a couple of hours ago, especially in light of why I didn’t tell her in the first place. And, whether it matters or not, if the guy had simply come back with “Listen man, I’m so sorry, I just can’t pay it back. I’m in a bad place, I’m getting divorced, I’m being sued”… whatever, I would’ve said ok, shit happens, don’t worry about it at all, pay me back one day if you can, end of story. And I’d never, ever have mentioned it to my wife… and if it ever came to light, she might ask a question or two, but that would be it. I’d take a 10k write-off, accept I pissed away 10k on a bad judgement call and move on.
So… earlier tonight, lying in bed, shooting the shit, and I said listen… I have something to tell you and it’s strange and long and complicated, but here we go.
I started with something like, “Four or five years ago, I took the dogs to Brady Beach”
Oh yeah, she said, I remember… that was the day I dropped the kids off at my mom’s and then went to Anne’s baby shower. You ran into Jan at the beach, and also some co-worker. Cindy, right? The dogs came back exhausted.
Umm yeah, exactly. I guess we talked about it. Perhaps I forgot to mention my wife’s insanely good memory for certain things. I’m sure she can tell you what I was wearing that day to the beach. I wasn’t sure I’d told her about any of that. Turns out I had. But that shows how inconsequential I considered that entire episode to be.
OK, moving on… item number 2… I mentioned how the group was at a convention at so and so hotel, and blah blah blah, elevator ride, ran into Greg… Cindy was with me, etc.
“Oh, this is going to be about Cindy, right? Yeah, zero chance… ok, go on”
Wait… it sort of is about Cindy, but what do you mean? I’m not good enough for her?
My wife laughed her head off… “No, dummy… you? With her? Come on… if you were going to have an affair, she’d be something special. Intelligent, sophisticated, well-read and well-travelled. Not some pretty social-media butterfly. Come on.”
She then went on for like 2 minutes describing what my ideal mistress would look like, and painted a hell of a fine picture. I was very amused. After she finished, I asked her… “OK, so you’d be ok with me having an affair with someone like that?”
“Oh, hell no… I’d kill you. But, after that, she and I would become great friends.”
This is how we talk, but then it got serious.
OK, I said, keeping all that in mind, I want you to read a thread of emails… and gave her my phone to scroll the entire discussion with Greg. It’s one of these reply-reply-reply things, so they’re all nested and “backwards” where you have to read from bottom to top… so she did, slowly reading and scrolling up.
She read his plea for money, she read him asking for 20k, she read the discussion re logistics of how I was going to get it to him via email… her expression barely changed, though at one point she muttered something like “you’re too fucking nice”
The she noticed the email headers jumped from 2019 to 2023 and stopped, and asked if there was something missing. Nothing missing.
“You didn’t hear from him for 4 years?”
“Did he pay it back?”
“Did he pay any of it back?”
So, she kept reading to the end. To the top. And then almost blew her top.
Boy, was she angry. She was angry at Greg and she was also angry at Jan. Just an instant knee-jerk reaction of pure anger.
“OK… take it easy… deep breaths… ok, what do you think?”
She thought a lot of things. Not for one minute was the 20k mentioned with respect to “Why did you do it?” Like I said, she’d get that part of it and gloss over it, and that’s exactly what happened. That’s not the issue. At all.
We talked about it a lot. She questioned my leap in logic, and it’s crazy but what else is there? Can he mean some other young friend? I told her how rarely I see this guy, like once a year… no, I can’t imagine it being anyone else.
She honed in on something… that for Greg to have put 1 and 1 together, Jan must have told him about Cindy at the beach. Hey, I saw (me) at the beach with some young woman. And perhaps they discussed it, notwithstanding I introduced Jan to Cindy, my co-worker… which, yeah, of course, sounds suspicious. And then Greg told her about the elevator and they figured out it was the same woman… but then what?
It has to be Greg completely on his own, and… said my wife… if they thought you were having an affair, there’s no way Jan wouldn’t have said something to me. She loves this sort of drama, for sure she’d have said something. No way she’d keep it to herself. And she’s never ever hinted at anything of the sort. We wondered if they talked about it. She thinks Jan would’ve told him to stop being stupid, and if Greg chose to reach this conclusion, he did it on his own.
By the way, asked my wife, what was Greg doing getting on an elevator at that hotel on that day? Was he part of the convention? It’s a good question. His line of work has nothing to do with ours. Who knows.
Then, we watched an episode of Peaky Blinders, a show we’ve been getting into. It’s about a mob of British gangsters in the 1920s. In this particular episode, a couple of Peaky Blinder molls wander into a pub, where they’re disrespected. The Peaky Blinders show up later, beat the shit out of the guy and torch the pub to the ground.
“Do you know any Peaky Blinders?” asked my wife. Also, later, “I wonder how the Peaky Blinders would treat Greg. What do you think they’d do?”
No one here is suggesting violence, of course. She wants to reach out to Jan, but they haven’t been in touch recently, and I absolutely don’t want any of this discussed before I can talk to Greg, and I’m not sure when that’ll be. Trying to put it together for this week, but it’s becoming problematic. I have a lot going on, and there’s a particular friend of mine who’s also a lawyer that I want present, and he's busy.
So, that’s where we left it, for now. We’ll discuss it in the future, and neither of us will discuss it with anyone else until I’ve had a chance to talk to Greg.
And shit, I’ve been writing for far longer than intended and I’m now 3 minutes late to my own meeting. That’s it for now.

-- UPDATE 3, Thursday morning --
Just a brief update to say there likely won’t be any more updates till next week, because it’s impossible for me, my lawyer, and Greg to be in the same place at the same time until at least Wednesday.
I’m anxious to sit in front of this POS and hear him out, so everything else is on hold until then.
As you might imagine, my wife and I are talking about little else besides this, and we’re both swaying back and forth on our opinions. Every version of opinion involves getting the money back; as much as it isn’t life-changing for us, obviously the principle of it stands. There’s nothing he can say that will forgive the debt, even if it follows him for the rest of his life.
But the second part of the opinions is… what then? It ranges from “let it go” to “burn him to the ground”
I understand – totally understand – everyone’s opinion here saying go all-out scorched earth on this asshole. I get it. If I were you, I’d be saying the same, and would look forward to updates where this POS has lost his businesses, his house, his family and, most importantly, his reputation. Because, frankly, he deserves it.
The thing no one else reading this has to live with is what we’re then saddled with for the rest of our lives… we (yes – deservedly, and by his own doing) tore someone’s life to bits. And in doing so, dragged in a lot of people… Cindy, for one, who’d have a glaring spotlight on her and I’d probably lose a valuable employee. This guy and his restaurants probably employ 100 people combined, and they might all be out of jobs which, from what I can tell, having now read every single review on every single one of his properties, are not bad places to work. The majority of reviews are positive. The negative ones are about petty things. And my wife's friendship with Jan, which, I'm learning, perhaps isn't as tight as I thought. It certainly was during Covid, but has cooled off since then.
What’s bothering us both a lot is how, if this guy is genuinely such a deplorable POS, nothing has ever come out of it. Blackmailing someone isn’t something most people flippantly do as their first foray into serious crime. You’d think a little shoplifting, steal some money, embezzle some money… would come before you step into the world of blackmail. But everything I’ve seen or read about this fucker is what a great person, what a great contributor to society, how great his businesses are, model citizen at church. It doesn’t add up at all. You’d think there’d be some history of something, so either there actually isn’t... which is odd, and concerning... or this guy is such a serious badass criminal POS that people who know are scared to say anything. Hiding in plain sight. Which in itself is also concerning. I don’t honestly know what to make of it, and look forward to looking him in the eye to see if, in person, some of these answers are revealed. But it’ll all have to wait till next week.
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2023.03.16 23:02 emmylux12 I think he likes me but not enough to want a relationship, what should I do?

I (24F) have been speaking to/seeing a guy (26M) for a few months now. We text every day and have met up a few times. We met on a dating app. The first date was amazing and I have not felt a connection like that with anyone for a long time. Every time after it has been really good too. We are clearly very attracted to each other and get on so well. A couple months ago he lost his job and a lot of things went a bit wrong in his life. For those couple of months I didn’t see him at all and he always had excuses of having no money or looking for a new job. I think he was very stressed out about everything so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. But, after a while I began to get a bit fed up with it all as it seemed he was just making excuses because he didnt want to see me. I started losing feelings and finally stopped stressing about him. I kept giving him chances to end things e.g. dry one word text replies to end the conversation but he would always keep the conversation going. I told him multiple times that if he wants to end things thats fine and he should just tell me but he kept saying he did want to see me again. Last week we finally made plans to meet and I spent the day at his house. It went really well and it has reignited my feeling for him. We talked for hours and laughed so much and he seemed interested in knowing about things I am interested in. I really enjoyed it and want to see him again but I feel back to square 1 with being constantly stressed about him not liking me the way I like him. Is there a way for me to subtly figure out his intentions? Should I keep talking to him and see what happens or should I stop talking to him? In the months i didnt see him i went om about 8 other first dates but didn’t feel anything close to the connection I feel with him. How do I figure out what he is feeling about it all?
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2023.03.16 22:57 margaret-ridley does bubly sparkling water have caffeine in it?

does bubly sparkling water have caffeine in it? Sparkling water has become increasingly popular over the years, as people look for a healthier alternative to soda and other sugary drinks. Bubly is a popular brand of sparkling water, known for its wide range of flavors and colorful packaging. One question that often arises is whether Bubly sparkling water contains caffeine or not. In this article, we will explore this question in detail, examining the ingredients of Bubly and the effects of caffeine on the body.

What Is Bubly Sparkling Water?

Bubly sparkling water is a carbonated water product that is flavored with natural fruit essences. It is marketed as a healthier alternative to soda, as it contains no sugar or calories. The product was first launched in 2018 by PepsiCo, and it has since become a popular choice among consumers who are looking for a refreshing, hydrating beverage.
if you are interested to the energy drinks, not bad visit this page: Caffeine in Energy Drinks

Does Bubly Sparkling Water Contain Caffeine?

The short answer is no, Bubly sparkling water does not contain caffeine. According to the official Bubly website, their product contains only carbonated water, natural flavors, and citric acid. There is no mention of caffeine on the label or in the ingredients list.
source: https://caffeinepark.com/bubblr-sparkling-water-caffeine-599/
Bubbl’r Sparkling Water Caffeine Content

Why Is Caffeine Not Included in Bubly?

Caffeine is a stimulant that is commonly found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, and other beverages. It is known for its ability to increase alertness, improve mood, and enhance cognitive performance. However, caffeine can also have negative effects on the body, such as causing insomnia, anxiety, and increased heart rate. For this reason, many people choose to avoid caffeine altogether, especially if they are sensitive to its effects.
Bubly may have chosen to omit caffeine from their product in order to appeal to a wider audience of consumers who are looking for a healthier alternative to caffeinated beverages. By keeping their product simple and free from stimulants, they can provide a refreshing, hydrating option that is suitable for people of all ages and lifestyles.

Benefits of Drinking Bubly Sparkling Water

While Bubly sparkling water may not contain caffeine, it does offer a number of benefits for those who choose to drink it. Some of the benefits of drinking Bubly include:


Like all water-based beverages, Bubly sparkling water is a great way to stay hydrated throughout the day. Drinking enough water is essential for maintaining healthy bodily functions, such as regulating body temperature, transporting nutrients, and flushing out toxins.

No Sugar or Calories:

Unlike many other flavored beverages, Bubly sparkling water contains no sugar or calories. This makes it a great option for people who are trying to reduce their sugar intake or lose weight.

Variety of Flavors:

Bubly offers a wide range of flavors, including strawberry, grapefruit, cherry, and more. This makes it easy to find a flavor that you enjoy and can help you stay hydrated without getting bored.


Bubbly sparkling water comes in convenient, portable cans that can be taken with you on-the-go. This makes it easy to stay hydrated when you're out and about, whether you're at work, at the gym, or traveling.

Potential Drawbacks of Drinking Bubly Sparkling Water

While there are many benefits to drinking Bubly sparkling water, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider. These include:


Carbonated beverages like Bubly can be acidic, which can erode tooth enamel over time. This can lead to dental problems such as cavities and sensitivity.

Environmental Impact:

Like all packaged beverages, Bubly has an environmental impact due to the use of cans and other materials in its packaging. While the brand has made efforts to reduce its carbon footprint, it is still important to consider the environmental impact of consuming packaged products.

Artificial Flavors:

While Bubly is marketed as containing "natural flavors," it is important to note that these flavors may not be entirely natural. The term "natural flavors" can be used to describe a wide range of ingredients, including synthetic additives that are derived from natural sources. Some people may prefer to avoid products that contain artificial or synthetic ingredients.


In conclusion, Bubly sparkling water does not contain caffeine. This makes it a great option for people who are looking for a hydrating beverage that is free from stimulants. Bubly also offers a number of benefits, including hydration, no sugar or calories, a variety of flavors, and portability. However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of drinking Bubly, such as its acidity, environmental impact, and use of artificial flavors. Ultimately, the decision to drink Bubly or any other beverage will depend on individual preferences and priorities.
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2023.03.16 22:44 Peripatitis It seems they've poisoned me

Background story is pretty much common in our community. A lot of abuse, calling me crazy, threatening to lock me up in an asylum, not letting me have friends or go out, etc. I end up with depression in my 20s and PTSD. Every time I try to fix my life, get a job, find some people outside the family to connect with, my family causes a lot of problems, and something bad happens to me, often involving a sudden health problem.
Unfortunately the doctors can never find anything wrong with me. Family calls me a liar, a hypochondriac, and delusional. A crazy man.
My older brother forges my grandfather's will and makes himself the sole heir of two houses. One is kept locked and empty, in the other I live with our octagenarian mom. I have no money of my own.
I tried to get an online job when the lockdowns made them widely available, but one day after being out of the house for a few hours, I came back to a house filled with levitating particles that burned my eyes. I asked my mom what happened and she said nothing had happened, everything was in my head. I couldn't read anymore due to severe eye pain.
The house is from the 60s and it had a serious paint chipping problem. I had to wash the rooms with the hose to get rid of the levitating caustic particles but that worsened the chip painting problem. This was 2 years ago.
It's been almost that long I think that I've been having mental problems, I have difficulty concentrating and thinking, and I am very forgetful. I also wake up irritated each morning.
I am now almost certain that I'm being poisoned by lead paint. Damage has been done to my brain and it's irreversible.
All my cries for painting the house have been dismissed. My brother the owner doesn't care. My mother only cares about my brother. Not even for her own health.
I tell them about my symptoms and about the dangers of lead paint and they laugh at me. My mom responds she has no symptoms at all, so could I have lead poisoning. I am trapped and can't get out
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2023.03.16 22:37 fashionlover25 Very new to oil painting and painting in general, question about brushstrokes

I’m copying this painting for practice, and I think my result so far is ok enough but what I wanted to learn and practice from this painting was this type of random-ish mixed brushwork and texture in the skirt portion of the original painting. I tried a bunch of different ways but all of my strokes seemed to just blend into flat lines of color. What else could I do to get this effect? Do I need to use more/less linseed oil or solvent? Thinnethicker brushes? A different kind of medium? Just thicker layers of paint? Should I be swiping it on with a palette knife? Am I supposed to be waiting for it to dry more before painting additional layers? I’ve tried several of these methods besides a different medium but haven’t figured out what would achieve this look
When I first looked at the painting, the style of painting seemed a bit whimsical and unintentional but as I was trying it myself, I found that to get the depth of color and tones, it was definitely more intentional and precise than it looked.
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2023.03.16 22:16 swimneko What is something you are thankful for today?

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2023.03.16 22:01 targusfarm Idle timeout policy.

I configure CITRIX idle timeout policy on our Citrix 1912 LTSR and assign it to 3 DGs, one of the DG has application group and tag to restrict application launch to a particular machine, the policy is not working on that DG in its entirety and I even assign the policy to the tag to see if that will help, it shows in director that its taking the policy when user launch but its disconnecting before the assigned time, the state is going to disconnected while the application state is still active, but the session in the other DGs stay active, please what am I missing here
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2023.03.16 21:58 Over-Entertainer581 What would YOUR Diagon Alley look like?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be in the HP world. I imagine mine to be in a world with all supernatural/ fantasy creatures accepted and included. Shops specifically for witches and wizards, werewolves, vampires, and more. It’ll also include shops for everyone to buy things. There would be tons of street vendors for both food and other items. What about an all inclusive medical clinic? Or a pharmacy catered to everyone? A library and a bank is a must. A few restaurants for sure. I was even thinking about “secret not so secret” underground areas for certain beings. An example would be under the vampire shop, there would be a place to drink blood with other vampires(from the vein of willing people and from a blood bag). There could be private rooms for more intimate feedings. The witches and wizards could have private rooms for practice. Maybe an Inn to stay for few nights. This could go on for forever really. What are some of your ideas?
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2023.03.16 21:55 flightroam Casey Zander - Masculinity Blueprint Accelerator (Complete)

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2023.03.16 21:35 feren_of_valenwood Have a one shot/beginning of a short campaign centred around Mechanus. looking for ideas/tips.

I have an idea for a one shot or short campaign (probably at least a few sessions) centred around Mechanus. The idea I had was that in a previous campaign I gave a character a key that could be used to teleport through any door (or even things that weren't doors) back to Candlekeep, or wherever he stated he wished to go. Keeping in mind this could be an item any character picked up if it wasn't a continuous story. What if that key was much more powerful than it appeared, and after a mishap possibly caused by wild magic, or interference by other teleporting magic it teleported to a seeming mechanical ship full of constructs.
They would battle their way through before fighting an administrator type construct, and learning this ship was actually a fundamental cog of Mechanus. Mechanus is actually the universal time piece, and this cog is used to change/alter its functions. Normally it is locked to time travelling at a certain rate in all locations, but this cog could be used to stop time, alter its flow, reverse it or even create loops in time. The Modron March exists because Primus somehow (maybe through divination or just time magic) knows that the cog will reappear on one of the planes at a specific time of a certain cycle, which is why the Modron March has a specific period of 289 years.
The party upon learning of this ships purpose must protect it/return it to Mechanus and give it to Primus. They will be opposed by their own greed of literally having the ability to alter time, and maybe a horde of demons/various beings who want the ship for themselves and have just learned its location.
Any thoughts of a good BBEG for this story, any flaws/suggestions?
TLDR; Story idea for a party using a key to teleport to a mechanical ship that can be used to alter Mechanus itself and change time in the universe, and they must protect/return it back to Mechanus.
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2023.03.16 21:25 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Updated Program)

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2023.03.16 21:24 flyingyogurt3390 Housing conditions advice Texas

Need advice in Galveston County Texas.
My children are very good friends with kids who live in deplorable conditions.
Single mom, low income/receives assistance, no child support, possible intellectual disabilities. She "rents" a trailer from her uncle who is a pastor at a local church. I'm unsure if she rents the trailer or is only required to pay lot rent (I believe the latter), but the deed is in his name. He knows the conditions they live in. He only does repairs when the county gets involved or he gets sick of her complaints.
When I say deplorable I do not mean a sink full of dishes or piled up laundry, I mean the trailer needs to go as it's unrepairable. It's full of black mold, you can smell it when you enter the home. One of the kids is on breathing treatments and misses school regularly because of "attacks". Mom bleaches, but I have explained it's beyond what she can see. There are holes in their floors in various rooms, construction debris all over the yard, the kids constantly experience minor injuries from the conditions. I put an end to my kids going over the play a year ago because it's unsafe. We recently attended a birthday party and that's when I learned of that black mold smell and the recent bs he told her. She needed a new front door because it wouldn't close. The flooring and walls surrounding the door are rotting because of rain entering the home for months. The new door was not installed properly, the frame is partially disconnected from the house and you can see the outside. Her told her it was $800 to repair and I believe he exaggerates so she will not ask for further help. The new door jammed, when she called for his help he wouldn't return her calls. Last year she had a septic issue that he wouldn't repair until someone called the county on them. He knows how they live, he attends parties too and I see the disgust on his face, yet he allows it to continue.
During the party I stressed that she should move, but I understand our situations are different so it's easier said than done. Her fear is becoming homeless so she never wants to rock the boat. She stated he had someone at the church filed her taxes, she's unsure of what she's getting back because they did not tell her and he has the card her money is to be deposited on. He does not have any legal authority over her, going back to her intellectual disabilities. She believes it's somewhere around $10k. My fear is that someone is going to make the call the CPS and this will all blow back on her. I do not want the kids to be taken away, but something needs to be done.
In my position, knowing she's unwilling to rock the boat and take advice, how should I proceed? Again, I stress, I do not want to involve CPS. I've thought about contacting the uncle myself, but I fear there will be retaliation against her and the kids because I do not trust him. Is there anyway he can be held legally responsible for this? Who can I report him to? How do I go about this so the kids and her can receive the living conditions they desperately need? I fear that it's coming to a head. It only takes the wrong/right person seeing the state of the home and making a call.
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2023.03.16 21:12 nikoriz I'm afraid that I accidentally killed my hens and chicks. It is burnt? is somehow rotting? what can I do to save it? Thanks!

I'm afraid that I accidentally killed my hens and chicks. It is burnt? is somehow rotting? what can I do to save it? Thanks! submitted by nikoriz to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2023.03.16 21:02 Popular-Evidence4961 my cat ate some paint :(

i had left a palette out of paint (specifically folkart medium gray paint) and my cat stepped on it and got paint on her face and it got on her nose and she licked her nose and started smacking her tongue i washed her face and had her drink water i don’t think she had too much but i looked it up and it says it can cause kidney failure and my cat was born with bad kidneys what should i do?? my parents aren’t home we don’t have much money and i wanna use a vet visit as a last resort if i can i’m scared i love this cat so much i don’t want her to die. am i over reacting? it was long a thin nose lick of paint i washed it off immediately and made sure she washed it down did i doom her? is she gonna die pls help
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