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2023.06.03 08:37 Wonderful-Cheetah338 Good Mexican restaurant

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Looking for a suggestion for a good or the best Mexican restaurant in Calgary.
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2023.06.03 04:57 nimmoisa000 Open world crime game idea Cartel: Palm City.

Developed by Hangar 13, DICE, Ripple Effect Studios, EA Gothenburg, and Criterion Games and published by EA.
Additionally former EA Black Box and Ghost Games employees who would help access game assets and code from previous NFS titles to streamline the development)
Cartel (or alternatively as “Cartel: Palm City” or "Cartel: Miami" ) would be an open world title based on the Mafia Games, the GTA games and the Saints Row games, with elements of Battlefield: Hardline thrown in with an array of weapons and vehicles based on their real life counterparts.
Gameplay wise the driving would be like Need for Speed titles, and on foot and shooting mechanics like BF: Hardline and Saints Row. Plus you can customize your cars and weapons to the same extent in BF: 2042 and some cars would allow for mounted weapons,on foot you can execute people with your equipped weapon like in The Godfather games. On foot would be an FPS view (you can change to a third person view as well) same with having an FPS view in your car.
There would an single player experience point system (like in BF Hardline single player) you gain XP from killing gangsters, and cops blowing up or capturing enemy vehicles and completing main missions, side missions and activities also there will be 15 levels to achieve with each level up unlocking new weapons, vehicles and customization for your weapons and vehicles. As well as a New Game Plus (NG+) where everything you unlocked is carried over and you can also play on the higher difficulties through NG+.
Also there would be five wanted levels for police and five vendetta levels for the gangs should you reach level five gang vendetta you start a Gang War there are three ways to stop a Gang War either bribe the feds, blow up a gang stronghold, or hide out in a safe house. Police wanted levels one and two local units would come after the player, at police wanted level two or three the state police would come after the player. At wanted level four and five the feds would come after the player. The military will only come after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard
The Storyline
In Cartel: Palm City; in a different universe and timeline where there's a total prohibition of all narcotics in the United States in 2010; tells the story of Jack Rourke (the player character) a hardworking rideshare driver at day and a street racer at night who's scraping by in Palm City circa 2019. One fateful night, Jack Rourke has an inadvertent brush with the Blackwell Syndicate (mainly Carl Stoddard and that showcases a life of reward too big to ignore. As he joins the Blackwell Syndicate who are fighting for control of Palm City against five other criminal groups and take the city for the Blackwell Syndicate including recovering evidence that could not only convict the Blackwell Syndicate, as well as a network of crime lords in many countries, (including the other gang’s backers) including the Blackwell Syndicate's backers the Mob and it would also directly implicate the CIA in Palm City’s drug trade with Jack Rourke earning the nickname “El Sicario” for his efforts in driving the other gangs out of Palm City. When he learns how much the drugs were hurting the people of Palm City and all over the country as well as learning that the Blackwell Syndicate had gotten into the drug trade themselves, he contacts FBI agent Chase Linh who relays the story to her and offers the evidence and his testimony in exchange for full immunity for him and his associates, and the evidence on the computer was enough to convict everyone form all the five gangs, but also their crime lord backers from at least half a dozen countries, as well implicating the CIA in this as well as lobbying efforts to keep all narcotics prohibited, leading to a new administration repealing the Narcotics Prohibition law and legalizing low level cannabis. However six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by Russian Mafia hitmen, Dimitri "Dima '' Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Cast
List of activities
Weapon attachments
40mm Grenades, 40mm HE, 40mm Incendiary, 40mm CS, 40mm Dart, 40mm Flashbang, 40mm LVG, 40mm Smoke, 40mm 3GL.
Weapon list
Key: Base weapon (special variant)
Other: Nail Gun
Mission Structure
Prolog (2019)
  1. The Birth of Art - After winning a big race, Jack Rourke collects the winnings at the Palm City Historical Museum
  2. An Offer you Can't Refuse - Jack Rourke must evade Volk sicarios with Tyson Lachford and Carl Stoddard members of the Blackwell Syndicate
  3. Race Day - After the events of the last mission, Jack Rourke partakes in a race day event and wins three events with his Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) '12
  4. Running Man - Volk sicarios Niko and Dimitri crashes the race day and Jack must get to the Blackwell Garage
Chapter 1 (2019-2021)
  1. M34 Party - Jack Rourke joins the Blackwell Syndicate and gets acquainted with everyone before going with Tyson in a Pontiac GTO '05 to burn the Volk's cars with M34 Incendiary Grenades as well as stealing GMAC's Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
  2. Standard Routine - Jack Rourke rolls with Tyson, Stoddard and Jonathan Cross to collect protection money but things go south when they collect from a hotel out of town and Jack Rourke chases after the hotel owner in Cross' car.
  3. Fair Play - Jack Rourke is tasked with stealing Ryan Cooper's Nissan 240SX and sabotaging it on the eve of the biggest Speedhunter race of the year, the SpeedHunter Championship Finals and in a last minute swap Jack Rourke has to race in place of Tyler Morgan
  4. Mia Townsend - Jack Rourke is tasked with taking Mia Townsend out for a night at the city... until a gang of Wraith street racers led by Caleb Reece hassles her and Jack Rourke takes them on in a fight
  5. Get Used To It - After the events of the previous mission Jack Rourke and Tyson Latchford are sent to teach the Wraiths a lesson But Caleb Reece makes it serious and Caleb Reece is wound up being killed by Tyson after a chase around the city alongside Danny Shaw.
  6. The Saint and The Sinner - It's revealed thtat Caleb Reece was Chief Norris' best friend, and Danny Shaw survives the crash however Stoddard would handle Shaw as Jack Rourke is tasked with infiltrating the Elmore Plaza Hotel and has to kill the manager, Nikki Morris and bomb the hotel before escaping to a funeral and confronts, Danny Shaw and Frank Mercer who are also in attendance. Jack Rourke kills Shaw and nearly kills Frank as well. But Frank tasers Rourke and escapes. It would be revealed that some of the Volk sicarios recognized Sotddard and had to deal with them, then the two escaped in a hearse.
Chapter 2 (2021)
  1. A Trip to the Countryside - In order to get a large supply of cannabis from Mexico, Jack Rourke takes a team to retrieve the Mexican from Mexican smugglers only to be ambushed by Los Zetas L.S 16 and Volk sicarios, then it's revealed that Roman had paid off the FBI to go after Rourke and his teammates then they came off with the cannabis killing their pursuers in the process.
  2. Code of Silence - The evidence that Tyson and Stoddard had ripped from the Volk had fallen in the hands of Hector Maio who cut a deal with the FBI, total immunity for the evidence and Jack Rouke is tasked with killing him and retrieving the evidence
  3. Visiting Rich People - Jack Rourke is tasked with sabotaging a federal proscutor's case against The Mob, the Blackwell Syndicate's backers as well as killing the federal prosecutor in charge of the case.
  4. Visiting Powerful People - Jack Rourke is tasked with meeting and protecting a powerful member of Palm City's elite, the owner of Prefered Outcomes Julian Daws... though he more than meets the eyes of Jack Rourke
  5. Agent Dawes - Julian Daws is revealed to be a CIA agent who is tasked with keeping the flow of drugs to Jack's surprise and that he is backing the Blackwell Syndicate through Prefered Outcomes.
  6. The Drug Trade - Julian Daws walks Jack Rourke through Palm City's drug trade and how the illicit street racing scene is used as a cover to smuggle drugs.
  7. Great Deal - Tyson Lachford scores a major deal with a drug farm in Georgia who promises to supply them with large amounts of drugs in exchange for access to databases concerning highway patrol routes; however when the deal goes down at a parking garage, the Volk and L.S 16 ambush them.
  8. Bon Appetit - Jack Rourke drives Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws to the rebuilt Elmore Plaza Hotel for brunch only for Niko and Dimirti with a Volk hit squad to blast the entire lobby with gunfire and C4 explosives, Jack Rourke vaults over with Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws, there Jack Rourke and Eva Torrez rush out through the side entrance and confronts the hit squad with Jack Rourke killing both Niko and Dimirti. However Blackwell wants Jack to confront Jonathan Cross at a doughnut store and reveals that the Volk threatened to turn him over to IAD and is chased throughout the city with Marcus Blackwell putting Cross on permanent retirement by killing him with a Lupara.
Chapter 3 (Finishing the other gangs and downfall of Jack Rourke) (late 2021)
  1. Happy Anniversary - Jack Rourke is tasked with completing a contract hit against Frank Mercer at the fifth anniversary of the formation of the High-Speed Task Force by firing a sniper rifle stashed in a bathroom
  2. You Lucky Bastard - After a failed attempt to kill Razor; Roman's personal driver and #2 of the Volk, Jack Rourke is given the contract to kill Razor, first by car bomb but ends up killing Deputy Chief Jack Keller. instead of Razor. Jack Rourke, Tyson and Stoddard would later find Razer at a Burger King. In this Rourke can choose to kill or spare Razor. Rourke would spare him after he tells him that the CIA is deeper in Palm City's drug trade than Jack Rourke is led to believe
  3. Creme de la Creme - Marcus Blackwell plans to kill Roman, Niko, Demintri and Chan Wu in front of the city's Creme de la Creme, the mayor, the police chief, the FBI director and even the city's richest elite. However things go south and Jack Rourke chases Roman and Niko at the airport where they get to a private jet but is shot down and crash lands on the Cross Mermeroral Bridge Chan Wu is still alive and Jack Rourke executes him and leaves before the cops show up.
  4. Plugging the Chief - After the events of Creme de la Creme; Chief Norris places to take on the Blackwell Syndicate and to dismantle them, and a contract hit is placed on him where Jack Rourke accepts the contract and kills Chief Norris.
  5. Election Campaign - The State Governor had launched his reelection bid with the promise get tough on the cartels that had plagued Palm City and like Chief Norris has a contract hit out on him which Jack Rourke is tasked with taking, using a sniper rifle
  6. Just for Relaxation - Marcus Blackwell tells Jack Rourke about a shipment of Cuban cigars as well as a hidden shipment of diamonds (hot ice) straight from Africa however and Jack Rourke takes a crew to retrieve the shipment from federal customs however it's revealed that instead of diamonds it's Cold Shot... the same drug being pushed by the other gangs.
  7. The Truth - Jack Rourke and Kahi Minh Dao eavesdrop on Marcus Blackwell and Julain Daws and they learn the truth.
  8. Moonlighting - Jack Rourke after knowing about the truth takes Tyson to rob the Palm CIty First National in order to retire from the sicario lifestyle and gets into a massive shootout with the PCPD Heat-style.
  9. The Death of Art - After the heist of Palm City First National Jack Rourke finds Tyson dead and meets Stoddard at the museum only to find out that Stoddard knew about the heist, and used his share of the drug money and clout at Prefered Outcomes to buy out The7 as his personal hit squad, however Jack Rourke manages to kill every member of The7 but spares Stoddard (the player can also kill him but canonically Jack Rourke spares him)
Epilogue (2022)
After the trial and the repeal of the Jack Rurke is placed in the Witness Protection Program in Lakeshore City but six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by members of the West Side Club, Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Gangs of Palm City
L.S 16 (Los Salmos 16) - Also known as The Salmos. Backed by the most powerful Mexican drug lords and the most powerful arms traffickers in the world, L.S 16 once ruled all of Palm City In fear until The House stepped in. They’re also the strongest gang in the game with access to military grade weapons and vehicles and each gang kill from them awards 500-1,500 XP depending on the enemy type. They are led by Neil Roark.
The House - The House is a gambling gang with strong ties and backed by the Sicilian Mafia; they run the street scene and the casinos in Palm City. They’re pretty strong but weaker than L.S 16, and they have access to military grade weapons and vehicles each gang kills from them awards 250-800 XP depending on the enemy type. Headed by Lina Navarro.
The Volk - The Volk is a Chinese-Russian gang led by Roman Barkov with Niko Barkov as their enforcer backed by the Triads (Chan Wu), the Russian Mob (Dimitri Glebov), and GMAC's crew (Gregory "GMAC" MacDonald, Rose Largo) for cars who control the weapon smuggling and arms dealing in Palm City. With this backing and access to military grade weapons. They are a mid tier gang and each gang kill from them awards 200-600 XP depending on the enemy type. They are also the ones who go after the Blackwell Syndicate the most.
Palm Kings - The Palm Kings (PKs) is a Black gang made up of Black nationalists who controls Palm Harbor’s rackets and extorts store owners. Led by Benny King, they’re equipped with police-grade weaponry and has strong ties with the PCPD despite this, they are the second weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 150-500 XP depending if it's a regular to elite
Dixie Paladins - The Dixie Paladins are a white supremacy gang and a militarized version of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who controls the Gold Coast Mountains in the mountainous regions of Palm City. they’re the weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 100-250 XP from regular to elite members. They are led by Tony Alpert
Blackwell Syndicate - The Blackwell Syndicate is a underground criminal organization based in Palm City and is led by Marcus Blackwell with Julian “Julius” Little as underboss, Hector Maio before "Code of Silence" and Zack Maio after "Code of Silence". Nick Mendoza. Khai Minh Dao and Carl Stoddard are caporegimes and Tyson Latchford, Tyler "Ty" Morgan, Sean "Mac" McAlister, Jessica "Jess" Miller as soldiers. Other members include Ravindra "Rav" Chaudhry as the gang's car expert Rachel Teller as the gang's customization expert, Marcus “Boomer” Boone as the gang's weapon experts. The Blackwell Syndicate would be the gang that the player would join. In Act 1, they're an outside and fast tracked to soldier, but in Act 2 the player would be a capo until the end of the game. They are secretly backed by both The Mob and the CIA through Agent Dawes. Jonathan Cross and Mia Townsend are also on the gang's payroll until "Bon Appetit" where Marcus Blackwell executes him with a 870P Magnum to the head. Also Mia would also go with Jack Rourke as well
The police/military force
PCPD - the police force of Palm City/Miami if the player does hostile acts (killing civilians, firing unsuppressed weapons in public, etc) will attract police attention and each kill from them awards 50 XP for regular members and 100 XP for armored members, However the player can bribe the PCPD to look the other way or will even help the player fight the other gangs but would be the target of higher level police forces. (Sort of like it was in The Godfather game) The player can also buy favors from them as well. Also they’ll deploy stronger units at higher heat level alongside the FBI. The cars PCPD drives are the Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO, and the Chevy Grand Sport
Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) - The state police force and Only appears in wanted levels 3 and above, Each kill from them awards 75 XP for regular state troopers and 150 XP for tactical state troopers. Regular state troopers drives Ford Mustang GTs tactical state troopers drives Nissan GT-R
FBI - Only appears in wanted level 5 the FBI will be called in if the player continues to retaliate against the PCPD. Each kill from them awards 125 XP for regular agents, 250 XP for FBI SWAT and 375 XP for FBI HRT, Like the PCPD the player can bribe the FBI to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, or the PCPD but at the second highest price. The FBI also has the second widest array of favors the player can buy. regular agents drives the Nissan 350Z or Porsche 911 GT3 RS, FBI SWAT drives the - Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster or Ford F-150 SVT Raptor L.E. and FBI HRT drives the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X or Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Military - Only goes after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard. Each kill from them awards 200 XP for regs, 400 XP for experienced troops and 600 XP for elite troops. Like the PCPD, State Police and the FBI, the player can bribe the military to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, the PCPD, State Police or even the FBI but at the highest price and The military also has the widest array of favors the player can buy in large part due to Agent Dawes’ connections in Washington.
Multiplayer portion of the game would take place during the five cartels war where the Blackwell Syndicate, The Volk, Palm Kings, Dixie Paldines, Los Salmos 16, and The House (basically where Jack Rourke glosses over saying "It was non-stop chaos for weeks")
Also there would be a free ride mode where the player can explore the city at their leisure or pick a fight with either other cartels or the cops.
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2023.06.03 04:26 Kkwahti 3 Bedroom/3 Bath Apartment Lease Takeover $665/Per Person for Three

Available: July 1st (very flexible) – October 30th with option to renew
We are seeking a lease takeover for a three-bedroom townhouse. We absolutely love this apartment. It is with a heavy heart that we are letting it go. Brand new building (finished in 2019). We’re the second tenants in this apartment, and you could be the third! The kitchen is completely updated with sleek stainless-steel appliances and a gas stove, and the bathrooms are updated and beautiful as well. It’s an open layout, making it even more spacious.
Neighborhood: Between Old Kensington and Norris Square. There are restaurants and bars nearby.
• Two fresh local produce grocery stores in walking distance
• Human Robot (brewery), Sutton’s Bar, Sor Ynez (Mexican restaurant and great brunch spot), and Luna Café (breakfast, lunch, super cute spot) are all within 5 minutes’ walk.
• Handball and Basketball court within 5 minutes (we rollerskate here!)
• Affordable and practical gym 2 minutes walking
• Dog parks and local SEPTA train station within 10 minutes’ walk.
• 15-minute walk Temple University Charles Library
- Personal bathroom for each bedroom
- Full size washedryer
- Patio Deck
- Dishwasher
- Free parking spot (street access)
Move in date is flexible, but ideally, we’re looking for someone to move in July 1. The lease ends October 30th, with the opportunity to renew. The landlord does complete a background check and proof of income. Having a guarantor is accepted. Please contact us for more information and/or if you have questions. The apartment is available to tour with at least 24-hour notice.
About the tenants: Each of us are professionals commuting to NYC and King of Prussia 4-5 days a week, and it isn’t sustainable for us to stay. There are two of us in the bedrooms downstairs, and we’re using the room upstairs as an office for our WFH days.
** Apartment Total Monthly Rent is $2000. Single room leasing is not available as this is a complete lease takeover agreement.
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2023.06.03 03:26 deeds345 Chef Tony’s Original El Matador Restaurant and Cantina in Ogden, Utah. Closed recently.

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2023.06.03 01:03 Ok_Lion_5272 Babies for scale 🌯

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2023.06.03 00:56 goodwithsalt I can see this on the Sweetums Menu, and get the Ron Swanson seal of approval

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2023.06.03 00:48 Molly-moon_ Dry skin eczema help. I'm needing product advice to help with my eczema and preventative anti-aging.

Dry skin eczema help. I'm needing product advice to help with my eczema and preventative anti-aging.
I have always struggled with dry dead skin and sensitivity. I am happy with the cerave lotion and olive oil after washing my face. I desperately need to find a good sunscreen, a nonphysical exfoliating cleanser and a different face wash. Preferably products in store(canada) maybe shoppers drugmart. I am using the pixi retinol for the first time and I do like it. TIA
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2023.06.03 00:35 smujal Aconseguim que la cadena de restaurants Five Guys incorpori el català a la seva carta Notícies de Plataforma per la Llengua Plataforma per la Llengua

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2023.06.03 00:35 smujal Aconseguim que la cadena de restaurants Five Guys incorpori el català a la seva carta Notícies de Plataforma per la Llengua Plataforma per la Llengua

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2023.06.03 00:25 Nilrmar Some people will never understand, even loved ones close to you.

My heart goes out to people who don’t have anyone in their lives who understands the severity of this disease and have to constantly explain things. Thankfully I have a family who understands fully but this excludes my husband. Even though he’s been with me since Day 1 of diagnosis I seem to always need to explain things to him like if it was someone I was going on a second date with. Like why I can’t go to a Mexican restaurant when I’m currently at a point where I’ve had to take prednisone.
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2023.06.02 23:56 SergeantCrisis42 Question about Erik Per Sullivans's father's restaurant

So Ive been in bed sick and bored all day so I decided to become a lil detective-esque, and just research on Erik Per Sullivan, to maybe try and find out some hint on why he dissappeared (dw I would not share with anyone if I found something that could violate someone's privacy and I would immediately cease what Im doing) and I found a restaurant that was owned by his dad until like 5 years ago, called The Alamo Mexican Restaurant, located in Milford, MA. I then went on this sub but I cant remember where I saw someone saying that supposedly the restaurant was bought with his father's earnings, and I was just wondering if anyone knew more about this or if its just someone making stuff up.
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2023.06.02 23:37 HowdyPartner-2013 Helotes' El Chaparral Mexican restaurant has opened a satellite location in Boerne

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2023.06.02 23:24 JeffyTheGod Any advice?

So im turning 14 at the end of the month and wanna get a job but I'm to pussy to just call and ask if they'll hire me. Any advice on getting the courage to call?
Edit: I called 6 places and got a maybe from dominos and a local Mexican restaurant
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2023.06.02 22:54 TheCuriousSpaniard Everything you always wanted to know about tapas and never dared to ask

As some of you may know, there's a legend that in certain cities in Spain, they serve a "tapa" for free with each drink you order. In this case, specifically in the city of Granada (and province). Well, this is true, but it needs some clarification. First, let's define what a tapa is: It's a small portion of food, an appetizer, that is usually served in bars when you order a drink. There are some exceptions, for example, they don't serve a tapa with an infusion or a coffee. Although, recently, some cafés have started the practice of serving a small sweet tapa with coffee or infusion. It could be a cookie, a chocolate, a mini pastry... However, it's not yet widespread.
On the other hand, let's define "free." The tapa is never truly free. When you see the expression "free tapa," it means that the price of the drink already includes the tapa. Generally, the combination of a drink and a "free" tapa has a low price, but sometimes it can be a trap because if you don't want the tapa, you'll still have to pay the same price for the drink as if it came with a tapa. Or even worse, since the tapa is "free," the establishment is not obligated to serve it every time, but in those cases, you'll still pay the same price for the drink. Typically, it's around 2.5€-3€, depending on the bar, the drink you order, etc.
What can we expect from a tapa? Generally, it offers quantity rather than high quality. However, that doesn't mean you'll be served cat meat or fried flies. In fact, it's not fair to say "low quality." What I mean is that the ingredients used are typically inexpensive. Chicken, eggs, vegetables, and so on. Although they may not be expensive, they can still be of excellent quality. So, forget about Iberian ham, caviar, and oysters with lemon.
Are the tapas good? They're f*cking awesome, mate! When I mentioned "low quality" earlier, I already clarified that it wasn't the right word. I should have said "humble ingredients." But if there's one thing Spanish cuisine is known for, it's creating incredibly flavorful dishes with humble ingredients. Examples of this are "migas" (bread crumbs dish), salmorejo (cold tomato cream with garlic, bread, and olive oil), paella (rice with various ingredients), callos con garbanzos (pork tripe cooked in a flavorful sauce, usually spicy, with chickpeas), russian salad, Spanish omelette (made with eggs, potatoes, and onion. There's a silent civil war in Spain regarding the inclusion of onion in the Spanish omelette. If you're a decent person and not a despicable creature, you'll be on Team Onion), etc. There are also other common tapas like mini hamburgers with fries (sometimes not so mini), meat in sauce, pork loin ring, sandwiches, fried fish, etc. The variety can be extensive.
Where will they serve me a tapa? In bars, bar-restaurants, and some cafeterias. But during "kitchen hours." This means that you shouldn't expect to be served a tapa at 10 am or right before the bar is about to close. They won't serve it to you in a restaurant. In fact, it would be annoying or ridiculous to ask if they serve tapas in a restaurant. As I mentioned before, in bars or any place that also includes the word "bar" (bar-restaurant, bar-cafeteria), they will serve you a tapa, but not always in all cases. As we mentioned earlier, the tapa is meant to be a complimentary offering, so the bar reserves the right to serve it to you or not. It's not a matter of chance; there are some unwritten rules. If the kitchen is closed or they have specific hours for serving tapas, they will adhere to that time frame. Outside of those hours, you might get lucky and be served a cold tapa or some chips with olives or something similar. Also, in some places, and this is becoming more common, if you order a portion or a dish from the menu instead of tapas, they will stop serving you free tapas.
Can I choose my tapa? In some places, yes, while in others, no. If they allow you to choose your tapa, you and your group can only choose two varieties per round. If they don't let you choose, the tapa will be the same for everyone in a round, but the tapa in the next round will be different. In many places, they also allow you to order extra tapas for an additional cost. In those cases, there is usually no limitation on the variety. After that, you can do whatever you want with your tapa. Eat it all, leave it untouched, share it, give it away, feed it to a stray cat, or even throw it at the bald guy at the next table... What you do with your tapa and your life is not the concern of the waiter or anyone in the bar. The only person who might give you a disapproving look is the bald guy if you happen to hit him on the head with your burger.
Where can you find the best tapas? Usually in residential areas away from the city center. The more touristy and commercial center of the city offers an advantage to the bars located there due to their prime location. They don't necessarily need to attract customers with the best or largest tapas because they already occupy a privileged place in the city. However, there are also very good options in the city center. Sometimes on a slightly hidden street or in some bars that, despite being well-situated, make an effort to serve excellent tapas. But in general, if you're looking for the ultimate tapa experience, the best areas would be places like the neighborhood of La Chana, El Zaidín, Ronda... Neighborhoods that are a bit further away from the center.
So enjoy your stay in Granada, recharge your energy with the diverse tapas from the bars, don't go overboard with the beer, and leave a tip if you don't want to experience the "mala follá" (bad mood) of the Granada waiters. Greetings!
P.D.: If you're planning to come to Granada by air, you can do so through Granada Airport, although it's more likely that you'll land at Malaga Airport. From Malaga, you can come by bus or train, but if you prefer to come by taxi or private transfer, I recommend checking out Shine Malaga Transfers through their website at https://airportmalagatransfers.com. They are friends of mine, and I would vouch for them without hesitation... Plus, the boss is my cousin. Best regards!
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2023.06.02 22:34 EvaRaw666 🌈 comenzó el mes del orgullo y las empresas lo saben..

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2023.06.02 21:53 ElLechero Weekly Question and Answer Thread for: 6/2 - 6/9: Ask your Moving, Visiting, Neighborhood, and "Where Can I Find _____" questions here, instead of making a new post

Please ask any Denver-related questions here, but it would be a good idea to search the sub and read our FAQ before doing so -- many of your questions have likely already been answered. A little research will allow you ask more detailed questions which will get you better answers. If you want a quick answer or just to chat, check out the /Denver discord server..
Here is a short list of topics frequently asked about on Denver:
Read FAQ entry Free on Your Birthday BBQ Mexican Bars Cultural Restaurants MEGATHREAD Denverfood
Best time to start looking
Read FAQ entry Search COBeer
Cannabis FAQ COents
Read FAQ entry Search
Places to see and visit
Read FAQ entry Past moving and visiting threads Travel Guide Westword Events Calendar Search
Internet Providers
Comcast CenturyLink Forethought WiFI Hood Search
Cell/Mobile service
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2023.06.02 21:48 Phyrexis All my Mexican food lovers, what is your go to dish you get when out to eat?

I’m looking for some ideas I guess you could say. I use carb manager to manage my macros, and whenever I go to a Mexican restaurant my go to is typically chicken or steak fajitas, ditch the tortillas, rice and beans, and bring my own low carb tortillas. Everywhere I look though the amount of carbs in a fajita skillet is anywhere from 1-13 carbs or more. What’s the true amount carb/macro wise? I guess it depends what it’s cooked it with the oils and such. Any advice is appreciated!!
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2023.06.02 21:44 prestigeandvillage Estepona, Málaga

Turnkey project of a luxurious brand-new villa conveniently located in the peaceful and safe environment in the exclusive El Campanario residential area between Estepona and Marbella, just a short drive from Puerto Banús, Marbella, Benahavis and Estepona. Completion of the villa is expected between June and September 2023.
Top quality and comfort The villa is designed by a renowned local architect and is built to the highest quality standards with maximum guarantees. The modern open plan, created with an eye for detail and the careful use of materials, natural colors and an abundance of light offers the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. Distributed over three floors including the basement, the villa is boasting a unique contemporary design. When entering the gate, a private driveway leads you up to the front door. Upon entering an elegant entrance hall leads you to an airy and bright main living area comprising of an open-plan fully equipped designer kitchen integrated into a spacious living-dining room. Additionally, there is a guest toilet on this floor. The living area leads directly to the generously-sized covered terrace for al-fresco dining by the pool placed on a beautifully landscaped garden. The upper level hosts three double bedrooms. The large master suite features a walk-in dressing room, a fully fitted en-suite bathroom and a private terrace enjoying stunning open views. The other 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and fitted wardrobes each, and access to their own private terraces with views as well. The basement level comprises of a fourth bedroom, a toilet, a store room, a laundry and a technical room. The roof terrace includes a jacuzzi and offers additional outdoor space for entertaining or sunbathing, where one can benefit from the Spanish outdoor lifestyle all year-round enjoying amazing sea views. The best thing about this property is the high ceilings and full-size windows, allowing a lot of natural light to come inside. The villa features underfloor heating on the ground and first floor, air conditioning and a garage for two cars.
Area The property is set in an exclusive and quiet location in El Campanario on the New Golden Mile of Estepona. The local area hosts many bars, restaurants and leisure activities. The Campanario Golf & Country Club is within walking distance offering amazing facilities for the whole family such as a sauna, swimming pool, tennis and paddle courts, bar and restaurant. The property is minutes away from the best golfing on the Costa del Sol, as well as from the sandy beaches and beach clubs. Puerto Banús, Marbella, Benahavis and Estepona are close by offering a surprising variety of restaurants, bars, shops and a wide range of services to suit most tastes. The services can be reached quickly due to the excellent infrastructure. Furthermore, there is easy access to the highway and it takes just a 30-minute drive from the International Airport of Malaga.
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2023.06.02 21:11 action_jackson_22 Southern California Strip Mall Starter Pack

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2023.06.02 20:02 crispy-skins Am I wrong not wanting to answer questions?

For context, I'm Asian (F) and I live in a pretty liberal state that almost requires Spanish and while I struggle to keep up conversing in it, I can understand enough to read, write and listen. I just can't catch up to speaking it as fast and over time, I'm becoming more jaded with it.
So there's a couple of older men in my apartment complex that try to be friendly to people they end up getting stuck with in the slow elevator. Their English is good if not better than mine but the few times we happened to be in the elevator with them was first time with my bf and they were loudly speaking in Spanish laughing but by the time they entered the elevator, they just casually asked my bf a couple of Chinese words if they were "pronouncing it correctly" and my bf just nods. You'd think they'd be satisfied but they asked him if he could pronounce it for them a few times until they finally got off to their floor and the most my bf said to them was "yea that sounds about right" monotonous without giving them what they asked. Last I heard was them talking in Spanish about how tall we were (ellos son altos).
To say it was uncomfortable throughout that elevator ride was an understatement because once they were gone, my bf spoke up how it seemed ok for other minorities to be casually racist to Asians as we share a few of our experiences, such as him being asked if he was related to Bruce Lee, me if I ever worked in a Thai massage, etc. And we just laughed off the whole thing.
Well I happened upon them a few days ago when I was coming home from work. When we got in the elevator and the doors closed, they began asking if I was Chinese. I just curtly told them No. Then they began listing other Asians from Thai to Korean and when they noticed I wasn't receptive to their questions, they then asked for my name. I paused for a bit and told them I just don't give out my name to strangers, but what they told me next was that they were just "being friendly to include me in their conversation." Eventually they switched back to conversing in Spanish, except they were whispering this time which I didn't expect since I've seen and heard them loud af.
Thanks to my autistic acute hearing, I overheard them whisper "ella es una perra" on top of how "rude" I was to them and just kept my back turned while they snickered, so when I finally got to my floor. I just left without uttering a word while they yelled at me to "have a good night."
I admit, I was exhausted and my social battery has been completely drained from work but I also didn't want to talk to these men when they were loud, obnoxious and their breaths reeked of coffee and cigarettes.
Am I wrong not wanting to talk to them? I admit that since our first interaction, I've only felt uncomfortable to be around them but I didn't want this to be a race thing either but I've had Latino men neg/insult me in the past by telling me that I would've been prettier if I smiled more (at work, not in the apartment) or try to 'flirt' with me by telling me which Chinese/Thai/Korean dishes were their favorites (I barely go to restaurants or take out due to my food sensitivities so I only order at most the same dish to these places, lest they wanna hear my bowel issues, same for mexican .. and well most foods in general but it helps save money). I wish I could be a foodie but my body doesn't want to agree.
I'm not even Chinese! At most I'm just half or in passing enough to be 'ambiguous' to Chinese folks as they can tell that I don't know a lick of mandarin or Cantonese.. if anything when I had told people where I did come from, often they just spew more subtly racist comments how I don't look like a 'stereotypical' Filipino, and when they can tell I look offended/uncomfortable, they usually tell me to take it as a "compliment."
I've tried to respond in kind but I'm at a point past being jaded of having to be nice and feeling like I have to explain myself to people who can't even do the bare minimum to keep their crappy opinions to themselves because why? We're both minorities? I know it's no secret that usually same ethnicities even talk shit even amongst themselves BUT am I supposed to take their words as compliments as they say because I just can't AND I'm not even patriotic.
Looking back, I still wonder if I should've responded back at least "have a good night" back to them but the memory of what they were doing to my bf still made me just not want to even give them the time of day.. so am I wrong?
Tldr: am I wrong for not wanting to respond to people who make subtly racist remarks, like total mute? I've been told it's rude but they were rude to me first, they just don't think they were rude when they go about it.
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2023.06.02 18:46 Mediocre_Elk860 Why is there no Honduran food in ELP?

I recently moved from NC to Elp and I was excited to try authentic Mexican/Central American food. But when I arrived there’s no Honduran restaurant. Growing up I ate Honduran food all the time and I just think it’s crazy how a state in the east coast has more than ELP.
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