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2023.06.04 09:16 _wasay_ I suffer from severe imposter syndrome and It's getting a hold on me again!!

Lately, I've been feeling really down and my confidence has taken a major hit. It seems like negative thoughts are constantly clouding my mind and I'm finding it hard to see any positive outcomes. I've been trying my best to achieve certain goals, but I'm not seeing the results I hoped for, and it's making me doubt my abilities.
I always try to start new things but abandon it midway because i don't feel confident enough to succeed in it. But this time it different, I have never been this close to my goals all because of stoicism, philosophy, and self development but i need advice.
I'm sure everyone has deal with a similar situation like this. How did you overcome this phase of self-doubt and regain your confidence? I could really use some advice or techniques to help me get back on track.
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2023.06.04 09:15 carlysaurus Getting Curious

I'm watching the new Netflix series Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness. Remember how MaxFun FUMBLED that bag? Jonathan was a MaxFun creator, and Jesse decided not to invest. Queer Eye was right around the corner. F in the chat.
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2023.06.04 09:15 thepicolo Can't expose a service deployed with Kubernetes in an Oracle Free Tier instance

Hello everyone,
I've been trying to set up a Kubernetes cluster on an Oracle Free Tier instance using Minikube and deploy an Nginx service on it. However, I'm facing an issue when trying to expose the service to the public. Here's a brief overview of what I've done so far:
  1. Created a Kubernetes cluster on the Oracle Free Tier instance
  2. Deployed an Nginx service
This is the deployment: deployment.yaml
And this the service: service.yaml
This is how it is right now: kubectl get all command
  1. Exposed the necessary ports for the service
  2. Tried using Minikube tunnel to access the service
Despite following these steps, I'm unable to access the service from the public.
I've tried searching for solutions and came across a few suggestions, such as using NodePort to expose the service , but I haven't had any success so far.
Has anyone else faced a similar issue, and if so, how did you resolve it? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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2023.06.04 09:15 Sea-Connection-3325 I don't know what to do anymore

I wrote about how i found out I was pregnant foe the first time and how I didn't know what to do well sadly I had lost my bby n found out it was a boy am heart broken because it was my first bby but what hurts me more is the fact that I feel alone that the person I love the most is acting like nothing happened we both believe n God n always knew that if we ever had a kid we need to take responsibility for it. Well when we found out we were shocked it was a surprise we were not planning to have kids yet i knew we were not ready but this was our responsibility as parents for the pass 3 months I was doing everything alone I didn't want to both my parents it was really stressful finding a job for him a few weeks ago my mid wife called telling me they didn't find a heart beat to my child I went to the hospital to get all the exams n to clearfiy if it was true sadly it was 2 days ago I had a surgery to remove my child I had been staying at my parents to recover but yesterday my partner didn't come to see me this broke me more I knew he didn't want kids well not yet but what hurt more was his words to me when I told him how I felt about his actions he said he didn't want kids with me that's what broke me the worst am going through so much from a miscarriage n all I want is to be with him. This hurts cuz his the man I love I never gave this much love to anyone but this is sadly my life rn and I can't work due to how much stress am going through work to thx to my supervisor I really wish I could make my partner understand me n make him understand this isn't easy for me n that he too was a parents to a child we were both not ready. We were both working hard for our kid n for us but I feel that he did this to get away for reality. I need alot of advice in want to do n how to make my partner understand me. I want ppl to understand his not a bad person his been through alot too his never had a father figure in his life only a mother his self thought too his not good with emotions n it's hard for him to express himself, his a very loving person and is family oriented too if he sees any of his family getting hurt he will be there for them but this pregnancy was hard in him n he was In shock this was new for us as young ppl but I dont know how to understand me as his partner n the mother of his child. I really needed to vent to help me relief myself with all this.
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2023.06.04 09:14 DVNKLXRD Weed-curious person

In advance, sorry for a long post.
So, I've never tried weed (30M), but I have rolled a few blunts for my friends that used when we were teens. I have always been curious on weed and how it works.
Weed is still illegal in my country, but I could get my hands on to a few different strains. I'm on the verge of becoming an alcoholic (again) and it is quite frankly the last thing I want as at the first time it almost cost me a good, long relationship that I'm still in.
My ultimate question here is, what should I expect when first time using (if I choose to try) and what strain should I first try ? I have ADD and ADHD if that matters.
I've heard and read about weed psychosis, could I get some "in game" info on that ? I mean, I'm not afraid but still, concerned about it.
If I choose to try I would love to try something, that would like, mellow me out and I could just sit and enjoy life. I've had some dark thoughts through out my life but not so much in the past 8-10 years thanks to my wife and would like to continue this way haha.
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2023.06.04 09:13 Opening_Turnover_293 [IMAGE] Don’t allow anger to give narcissists the power to turn you into something you’re not. If you are truly seeking retribution from a narcissist, all you have to do is one simple thing. Do nothing.

[IMAGE] Don’t allow anger to give narcissists the power to turn you into something you’re not. If you are truly seeking retribution from a narcissist, all you have to do is one simple thing. Do nothing. submitted by Opening_Turnover_293 to u/Opening_Turnover_293 [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 09:13 Fishwolf2215 Any examples of a Heavy Truck with Wreck Lobber? Want to build one, but am stuck for HOW to build one (with pics of vehicles I thought of for potential bases)

Any examples of a Heavy Truck with Wreck Lobber? Want to build one, but am stuck for HOW to build one (with pics of vehicles I thought of for potential bases)
Matchbox - \"Jurassic World Armoured Action Truck\"
Hot Wheels - \"Mercedes Benz Unimog 1300\"
Asking because I initially bought 2 vehicles for said idea, but they won't quite... translate, for want of words.
I bought the Jurassic World Armoured Truck first, thinking I could use the hollow bit in the back to fit a car in sideways, like it was loaded and ready to launch, but none of the cars I have are thin enough to fit, and even then, I wouldn't be sure how to build a "catapult"/"Trebuchet" around it. (Fun fact: If anyone's interested, the "Implements of Carnage 2" oil barrels fit in there quite neatly. You could have 3 for a 3-Ammo dropped weapon. Or if you have any North Star Military Figures Gaslands crew, a standing guy can fit in there, although if you're fussy with scale, it may not look right)
Second vehicle for this idea, I bought the Unimog 1300, and while I feel this one has more potential/ideal shape (the blue "bar" is leftover sprue from a Japanese model kit, trying to get an idea for how a "frame" of a catapult would look)... I have a small car that can scale up/fit ok on the back (with the stuff in theback removed) but at the sametime, I'm not sure how to build the "Catapult" exactly. Being autistic, I feel the need to have it logical/like it could potentially fire at Double range, even though this is a tabletop game and although having a Wreck Lobber that COULD actually launch cars would be really darn cool... I'm aware this line of thinking may be hindering what I'd need to make such a thing happen. I also know I don't HAVE to have a car there for the Wreck Lobber to actually shoot but... again, it'd look cool if I DID have one.
I've also debated a few "Hot Wheels Team Transport" vehicles with flat beds for a Wreck Lobber, either having them with a giant flipper to shoot the cars, or a catapult structure, or trying to adapt a tow truck somehow.
I'm asking if anyone has any examples of a Gaslands Heavy Truck with a Wreck Lobber, as I've only seen War Rigs with them online.
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2023.06.04 09:12 Xxxpiredgogurt02 eBay took my listings down

Hey guys! Sooo gunna be fully honest with you but before I go please don’t send any hate or be rude lol.
Bascially I sell doujins, ( hentai ) doujins (anime) I just got an email and eBay took half of my listings down and I’m pretty pissed about it.
There’s literally so many other sellers on eBay that sell the same crap that I do, but there’s are still up?
I’m just looking for advice for how I can list it without it getting taken down as this side money is really important for my husband and I right now.
** yes i censor everything. And some of the stuff they took down is so dumb ( like not that subjective) I also know about the anime ban from 2021. But like as I said, LITERALLY SO MANY OTHER SELLERS SELL THE SAME STUff . It’s just frustrating. I’m scared to list anything now because I don’t want them to ban my account or something.
Any tips or advice helps, thanks !
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2023.06.04 09:12 ivyhoney Link won't work when italicize.

It started yesterday, all of my links with italics, bold or underlined just didn't work. The links won't open and if it's linking to the block it simply get no reaction. But if I change it to normal format it work again. I try with different browsers it's all the same results. But it works fine on my phone. I know I can just change all my links format but is really annoying that the link won't work with certain format. Does anyone know how to fit it?
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2023.06.04 09:11 Josei-N-Koni I’m conflicted by my condition as I get older

I can’t eat anything that tastes even remotely sweet or it’ll send me into a nauseous state as if I’ve gotten food poisoning.
I’ve been okay with it my whole life but every once in a while it would piss off certain people.
Anything with red sauce makes me physically ill, but not immobilized. My mom once got mad at me because I couldn’t bear to eat spaghetti normally after I turned 16, lasagna was out of the picture until she decided to make one without sauce and more cheese.
People have either felt bad for me or given me weird looks when I ask for something other than cake for my birthday since I ask for weird things like vegetables, or fancy foods (caviar, mortadella, romanesco, brie, etc.)
I have to burn things to get the sweet taste out of them, like sandwich toasts and certain meats. The only bread I’ll eat comfortably cold is pumpernickel, sourdough, and French bread (garlic bread too but my mom doesn’t like those and I get those for me rarely)
If I forget I’ve eaten breakfast or at all and end up eating something as small as a single chocolate strawberry, I will keep getting more and more sick until I vomit and almost pass out from the stomach pains and overall exhaustion of trying to digest something so sweet on its own.
The only drinks I allow myself are milk and water (and technically coffee and fancy teas but those are just flavored waters), my favorite being milk because it has a good flavor, and a nice but subtle texture differing between whole, 2%, half&half, and whipping cream (I don’t drink it straight I like adding small bits to foods and coffee for mouthfeel). Anything else I end up wasting 15/16th’s of it if I’m curious enough to try it out. It usually ends in disappointment that I can’t broaden my horizons.
I like sour candies, but not the ones that get sweet after you’ve sucked all the sour off, those I sadly end up wasting. I really like warheads but they have a sweet center which I can’t enjoy. I like juicy drop pops, but I only ever eat the sour juice and discard the lollipop. I try and eat it but it makes me sick the more I try.
I’ve actually had a “sweet” candy that I can enjoy: smarties. I’ve eaten them ever since I was a kid. I looked them up and apparently they have dextrose, instead of glucose. They’re my favorite candy of all time, and if I could I would buy every version of them ever made.
It’s not about health, even if it’s “sugar-free”, or low sugar, there’s always some kind of sugar alternative that’s probably even more unhealthy than the original option.
I normally like the smell of sweet things, but if it’s too strong it makes me sick. If I eat something sweet and get sick, those things I liked will make me feel worse because they’re sweet.
I’ve basically blacklisted sweetness out of my tastebuds because of how painful they are to eat. Small test bites are slowly becoming less and less enjoyable. It’s unfortunate as well because I love trying new stuff even if it makes me grimace.
Just wanted to vent. That’s what this sub is for.
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2023.06.04 09:11 dabsvidsanya Food Allergy: HOW TO GET RID OF SOY OIL IN MY SYSTEM FASTER!? Any advice/tip helps.

See TLDR on the bottom. Here's long story:
Hey guys. My soy allergy is pretty nasty. This last happened 3 years ago. I mean it's not as nasty as say, the poor folks out there who get the extreme life threatening reactions, but they suck. I know for a fact it's gonna be 2 weeks of basically never-ending adrenal state. Like panic attack. Hypersensitivity to pain and cold. Aggression, out of nowhere for no reason just, I am angry. I am irritable. I hate life.
So, this was snuck into cough drops by Kroger. Watch out, they did not list the soy oil ingridient which I then found on the government website. Anyway, I had four of those suckers before waking up with a panic attack, and a slew of other symptoms. Insomnia, indigestion, headaches, body aches, pain in left side under ribs, rash (only on right side of the body, like, deep cystic kind but it passed after 2 days yay), neck stiffness, and yes like I said 2 weeks of emotional misery to follow.
Now, the only things that alleviate these symptoms appear to be stimulants (My adhd medication), so basically either taking my daily dose and getting a little relief for a few hours (Oh yeah, this allergy makes all my meds work really badly), or being incredibly doped up on all my anti allergy meds. I'm talking claritin, benadryl (together), double dose Ketotifen for my MCAS. I'm taking pepsid for stomach pains with which I wake up and with which I go to bed. Yes I already have mast cell issues so, that's great! I found probiotics make this issue worse (CLogged ears, mind fog), but ease digestion and SIBO.
Anyway. I need to know, does anyone out there know how to get this horrible soy out of my system? I will do anything. I will take extra laxatives, I don't care if I lose weight/minerals/etc, this is hell.
I will drink enough water to be nearly dehydrated if I have to pee it out. WIll CREATINE help? Will anything help? Please. Please tell me. What supplements, minerals, workouts, saunas, soaks, anything just. I've already done the activated charcoal but since I caught it late, doing it 12 hours after the poisoning was unfortunately worthless.
TLDR: Undeclared allergen poisoning, but just GI and mental symptoms with some skin/rash. How do I get soy out of my system faster? What supplements or drugs can I take or ask the doctor for? I'm already on a mast cell stabilizer and several H1 and H2 antihistamines. Any advice helps. THank you!
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2023.06.04 09:11 Majestic_Reporter275 Storylines at major

Could this be the most interesting major to watch in open area?
Also, the whole NA situation right now is crazy on it’s own, like how are teams 1st-6th within 4 points during spring split going into the last regional of the split and season
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2023.06.04 09:10 menwithmanners If you feel like you face constant rejection from women, and it's making you feel like an unlovable loser, read this.

I work as a dating coach, and one of the biggest challenges I see clients experience is that they get rejected by a couple of women, and then convince themselves they're losers who will never be loved by anyone.
As a result, I've put together some stats to help men realise that not only is rejection an inevitable part of the dating experience, but that you should actually expect more women to say 'no' than 'yes'...

Rejection and the average man

If an average man asked 100 women out, how many would you expect to say yes?
In this example, our average man is 35-years-old, and average in looks, earnings, social skills and confidence.
We can estimate the answer by removing the sum of those who’ll say no.

Unavailable women:

Roughly 50% of adult women in western countries identify as unavailable:
- Already dating someone else.
- Abstinent for religious reasons.
- Engaged or married.
While some unavailable women may still agree to a date, let’s keep it simple and remove them all:
100 women
- 50%
= 50 women remaining

Sexually incompatible women

Approximately 6% of women have no sexual interest in men:
- 6%
= 47 women remaining

Physically incompatible women

47 women
- 70%
= roughly 14 women remaining

Emotionally unavailable women

Timing is everything. Not every woman our average man approaches will be in the right emotional headspace to accept a date. Some will be:
Let’s estimate 25% of women are emotionally unavailable.
14 women
- 25%
= roughly 10 women
This means the average man’s success rate will likely be around 10%.
While these stats may seem a little harsh... "you're telling me that if I'm average looking, I should expect 90% of women to say no???" they're also a helpful reminder when you're beating yourself up for being turned down.
Keep your chins up fellas, and keep getting out there.
If you have any questions about this post, or dating and rejection in general, post it as a comment and I'll respond ASAP.
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2023.06.04 09:10 RedKing1337 How to get UNLIMITED RARE WEAPONS in Star Citizen 3.19

How to get UNLIMITED RARE WEAPONS in Star Citizen 3.19
What is everyone’s thoughts on this? I had submitted a suggestion on spectrum about a similar, yet more elaborated way of doing this. In short- when calling ground services for repair, refuel, & rearm, I had suggested adding a fourth. With some name swapping and including the aforementioned services “restock” would be to replaces food/beverages and guns and armor etc at full price or 105% price. (new, but is a service fee)
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2023.06.04 09:10 Horror_Juggernaut_54 Inconsistency

Hello everyone just wanted to share my observation that i noticed when reading the afterstory compare to the mainstory. Firstly. In the later parts of the main story to the final battle. The author made it very clear how the gap was with hajime and his wives. He was much stronger than them in every way. Seeing how when they entered the holy precincts(don't remember how it was spelled) they were basically useless despite fighting multiple apostles and a divine monster. He was taking them out too fast for them to jump in and assist. Also the author noted (WN) that no other being other than hajime would be able to last at all against ehit.
Fast forward to the afterstory. Its really good that the author decided to give us an afterstory of arifureta and to be honest i really thoroughly enjoyed it. But a few things don't really make sense. Its not very evident but it seems the author forgots how much stronger hajime is compare to literally everyone else. It was evident when i read the demon king/hero arc. Its makes absolutely no sense for kouki to keep up with our boy. I do like the story. It was solid enough and it showed how hajime would fight with heavy mana restrictions. But it was inconsistent when it comes to scaling. It doesn't mean he lost all his broken stats. If we are going to talk about how he ranks compared to his classmates. He is AT LEAST 10x stronger, Faster, you get the picture. just based of base stats not stacking anything else.
Now it could be said that the author nerfed hajime or he forgot which i really don't think he did. He nerfed him quite a bit and the author does seem to play favorites. Still i love the story i just wanted to point it out because its stupid to be honest. Not sure if others will agree, the only thing hajime really excels in is destruction if we're going to be honest to how the author portrays it. Thats if we are going off the afterstory
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2023.06.04 09:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Alen Sultanic – Automatic Clients & Bonuses (

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2023.06.04 09:10 AutoModerator Agency Navigator (Iman Gadzhi Program)

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2023.06.04 09:10 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor (it's here)

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2023.06.04 09:09 kumaj1r0 I always left things unsaid for the sake of peace and it led my dear friend to her death.

I honestly couldn't bring myself to open this up to others because it just feels too heavy. I tried opening this up to my family but they just disregard it.
My friend (let's call her Tina) died in an accident last month and I will always blame myself for it. She was so much like a sister to me. My actions indirectly caused her death, all because I kept quiet so that I could keep the "peace" and "friendship" with the other people who are hurting her. And with me tolerating the bullshit she's putting up with those people, our friends, caused everything.
First is our friend, and best friend, J. He's honestly an insensitive, egotistical, self-centered pervert who thinks his sexual jokes are funny and that he's very dependent on others to do stuff for him especially towards Tina. For several years, Tina put up with him but she was so fed up and distanced herself from him (and me, for a certain time) Then she opened up me a bunch of times more than a year ago about this. I could vividly remember just us 2 at the beach at night having this talk. We talked about so kany things and she told me her problems. How her family treats her like shit. Her abusive older siblings being careless and her being the one taking care and feeding her nieces because their parents were neglectful. Her experiences of SAs from different men, some who are her relatives. I could also remember that time when her boyfriend plead me to confront J because she's just so fed up and he can't stand her crying about it.
And on that night at the beach, I told her that I'm going someday but not now because I'm scared of ruining the friendship. And that's one of my faults. I tolerated abusive behavior and that made her distant from us. She isn't hanging out with our friend group anymore (that is, if J is there. We would secretly go out with some other close friends without J because we were just fed up with him).
Next is a former friend of ours: "Mae". Her absolute toxicness and laziness in helping at our thesis was the last straw for Tina and she quitted for a while. And of course, I have a fault in this because Mae was initially my best friend too. I kept quiet and did nothing with Mae's abusive behavior towards Tina as well. Because I was so scared of confrontation. I prioritized myself over her and that was my biggest mistake.
And lastly, the worst part.
Tina finally just went back to college and we're already a year ahead of her. Some friends are still closely keeping in touch with her. But on her current year, she got close with a former classmate of ours (we're formerly the same batch here) who also dropped school before and went back. Let's call her "Joy". Both of them became really close and would even always go to many places. They'd usually have roadtrips that are far from the city. I'm also included sometimes too since I'm the only one who's free and available from our circle. So the 3 of us became close and we would always go to different places, just living the life.
It was fun and exciting at first. Going to bars late at night, drinking. Going to faraway, beautiful places, we frequently visit beaches from different towns. And I'd usually be the one who would drive them to our destinations and when going home. I always made sure they're home safe, especially Tina. I wasn't really close with Joy until this year and I only tag along for the fun and because Tina's there.
But over the months, it just gets out of hand. We frequently drink travel further and further. Me and Tina were just following Joy's whims. Sometimes forced to. But we went for the sake of " experience " and "getting along". And Joy's behavior was getting toxic and overwhelming for us. I was getting fed up with Joy only calling me up when she needs something, like some company to listen to her tiring rants or someone to drive her around. And once she gets what she wants, she'll forget you existed until she needs something again.
I always had this hunch that Tina's fed up with Joy too but she's just forced to get. I know damn well that Tina's the type to not say no for the sake of peace too. But I never opened it up to her because she seems to have so much fun with Joy. And that led her to her death.
One night in May, Tina and Joy were planning to go to the next town over because there's a festival. They went after their class (ended at 7pm). The town's a 20-30 minute drive from ours. On that night, I wasn't able to come with them because I have a part-time shift until 10pm. So Tina used her motorcycle instead to drive there with Joy as her passenger. Hours later, it was almost midnight. They're driving home. It was reported that Joy drank so much while Tina only drank soda. And I know that Tina's a slow but steady driver. She'd never speed up on the road especially if it's dark.
But she's too late to realize that the road's been broken off. The warning sign's just right before the broken road. She crashed head frist and died after midnight.
Joy was far from the crash. She was on the asphalt side. She was mostly unscathed and was able to walk around.
Before the accident, there were some witnesses from that town who said that they saw that the motorcycle was swaying left and right.
Joy survived. Tina didn't.
And then I thought that it's Joy's fault. She was a heavy woman and I know best that if she drank so much, she moves around a lot.
But then it dawned on me that it's not just her fault. I had a part in this. Then it all came flooding back and the guilt just becomes heavier each day after the accident.
If only I was braver and confronted J and Mae before, Tina wouldn't had to suffer so much and stay away from the friend group and dropped out. If I called out Joy on her bs and opened up to Tina about it, she would've stayed away and not go on that night.
I was the one who's there. To hear her rants and problems especially about this people. The one who always accompanied her wherever we'd go, with or without Joy. I saw everything. And I barely did anything. I feel so guilty. If I only I said and did something before, she would've been alive right now. We would've been living our lives and prepare to go to med school together. Because of her, I had a direction and purpose in life after college. As long as she's there, I was confident to proceed and explore what life has to offer and have the most fun out of it. And now I feel lost again. I don't know how to proceed anymore. I feel like utter shit.
She was literally the kindest and nicest soul I've ever met. She's one of the few people I feel so comfortable. She doesn't deserve all of the shit she's gone through, and she definitely doesn't deserve this kind of ending. I'll always hate myself for this and I'll carry on this guilt until I die.
I just hope that she would forgive me for all of this.
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2023.06.04 09:07 AutoModerator [Download Course] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine Mastermind (

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2023.06.04 09:06 AgingSkydiver Pivot Tables - using a calculated field to make another calculated field

Hello all,
I'm working with a data set about movies, their genres, and revenue. The course I'm doing (Google Data Analytics) wants me to make a pivot table to show that the most profitable genre is Adventure. To do this, I wrote a formula to subtract the revenue and the budget, thus finding the profit.
=AVERAGE('Box Office Revenue ($)')-AVERAGE('Budget ($)')
While it is true that Adventure has the highest average profit, it is obvious when looking at the numbers that the ROI for making horror or documentaries are much better due to them having very low average budgets.
Image of my Pivot Table
To test my theory, I want to divide the calculated field (D column) by the AVERAGE of Budget (B column). However, I keep getting errors in the E column.
How do I fix this error to simply show the ROIs for each movie genre?
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2023.06.04 09:06 NeonChampion2099 ULPT Request: Squatter neighbor was evicted by police, gave keys to a gang of methheads in retaliation. How can we get back to him?

Long story short, we had a very conflictive neighbor. He moved out last week after finally being evicted by the police, and moved with his GF to another house 10 minutes away. Through his updates on social media, we found out he gave the keys to a gang of methheads and gypsies that are trying to occupy pretty much every empty condo in the building and make our lives a living hell.
Police is already warned and patrolling frequently, but this is a very small town and they won't be here forever. The neighbors are also worried and on watch, but we can't do much against 35-40 methheads. And we KNOW they're coming sometime.
At my home we are seriously considering to move out if that happens. We're renting and do not have to stay here.
Meanwhile, what can we do to get back against that neighbor? He was an overall shitty person but that was the straw that broke the camels back.
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