Verizon store seneca sc

Do the Verizon stores in town require you set up an appointment with them?

2023.06.03 16:59 Ranchking91 Do the Verizon stores in town require you set up an appointment with them?

Need to finance a new phone.
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2023.06.03 16:54 eld101 International Travel and Data Confirmation

Just looking for some confirmation here.
I plan to leave for a 2+ week trip to Australia and plan on purchasing an eSim for one of the AUS carriers that gives 60 gigs of data for 9USD. This will be much cheaper than the verizon travel pass, especially when considering 4 lines. I was just at the Verizon store and asked some questions to ensure I dont get a huge data bill "by accident".
I plan to disable data roaming on my verizon line, and password the sim (followed by a reboot). With my phone in this state, all data will be using the AUS carrier, and I will keep my US number associated with iMessage.
I dont have any need to get calls or texts on my US number while away. Anyone that needs to get in touch with me uses an iPhone and can message or facetime audio should there be any need.
Now, lets say I am on wifi, can I enable my US sim so it utilizes "wifi calling" to get any texts I may have received? I dont really have a need for this, but just trying to understand if this would work.
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2023.06.03 15:43 AddendumParticular25 Life jackets

Hello! Well, I’m paranoid, and I have a question about life jackets on the Wish (or on the DCL generally). Are these stored in the passenger rooms, or are they all only available at muster stations?
Thanks! I know it’s an unlikely concern but I still would like to know. (Guess I’ve seen too many stories about the recent Carnival ship off the SC coast.)
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2023.06.03 09:17 hoagsobjectearth Verizon Store Promo Code for June 2023

Check out the link for Verizon Store Promo Code for June 2023. Once on the website, you'll have access to a variety of coupons, promo codes, and discount deals that are updated regularly to help you save on your purchase.
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2023.06.03 08:42 ijustbelying new iphone merged text conversations from two different numbers

i got a new iphone 14 plus today, and i transferred the data from my old phone (iphone 6) onto it.
before this, my family and i were all on the same apple id- this probably has something to do with the problem. the person at the verizon store let me know i should make my own apple id and sign into it on both phones to transfer the data properly. i did it and it worked great!
however, i had apps, music, media, etc. downloaded on my old phone that were downloaded through the old, shared apple id. so when i set up my new phone, it had me put the password in for the old apple id after i'd already signed into the new one, to be able to transfer this stuff onto my new phone.
pretty much everything is great, except my phone not only downloaded my texts, but also my mom's texts, and only her texts for some reason. she uses the old apple id, with an iphone 8. so, im in groupchats shes in AS her, and all the contacts i have that i share with her, the conversations are a merge between texts from me, and texts from her.
so for example, with my dad's texts, i can see texts he and my mom send and have sent to each other (going years back) as well as the texts he and i send/have sent each other, but all mushed together. its like this for all my contacts except hers.
what can i do about this??
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2023.06.03 07:57 CMGamer2009 Just simming a game but 5-66 is absurd(5-67 now Detroit won)

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2023.06.03 07:15 INHZ_Wolfy Cold Steel 2 Done!

(Disclaimer: Apologies if I forgot anything as this game was my longest playthrough of a Trails game to date, so I might have forgotten some details. Plus, I was playing Tears of the Kingdom in between. :D)
WOOOO! This game was an absolute treat! Just like the second game in the previous arcs, things started ramping up FAST, and they did an amazing job in this game. It wasn't that long ago that I played CS1, but the moment of reuniting with my classmates at the start of the game filled me with so much emotion and nostalgia. That first encounter in Celdic with Machias, Eliot, and Fie was very emotional but cute and I loved how Fie interacted with Rean. And then we meet Gaius, Alisa, and Millium. Can I just say, even though Alisa isn't my preferred pairing for Rean, their meeting was so adorable? Also, Gaius and Millium are amazing characters. I didn't care for them as much in CS1, but they really grew on me in CS2.
And then we meet some of my favorite characters, Laura and Emma. It's great to see Emma opening up more about herself. I always wanted to know more about her, and this game definitely delivered. Laura is my second favorite pairing for Rean and one of my favorite characters overall. I was extremely happy to see her, and boy, does she still pack a punch! The final member we meet is Jusis, and wow, he is such a strong-willed guy to have gone through all that he has. I loved the fight we had to convince him to join us again (sorry, Jusis, but I destroyed you :D), and then we faced McBurn and Duvalie!! Seeing Duvalie make a return made me so happy, and she is absolutely adorable, even though she probably wouldn't appreciate me saying that. As for McBurn, he was incredibly strong, and that's not even his peak performance. He has definitely become one of my favorite Enforcers, or just people in Ouroboros in general.
Before I continue, I just have to say how cool it is to be able to play as Toval, Elise, Claire, and Sharon. I love new characters so much, and I thoroughly enjoyed testing all of their skills and crafts. I used Sharon extensively from the moment I got her until she left, and I was genuinely sad when she left the group. Later on, we also get to play as Alfin and TOWAAAAAAA. If she doesn't become a mandatory member in CS3, I will cry.
Anyway, I won't go into too much detail about the whole game because if you're reading this, you've probably played through CS2 or maybe even the entire series. So, I'll share my closing thoughts now, or if you want more, I can reply to a comment with more of my thoughts on specific moments. Anyway, let's talk about the Divine Knight battles... They were interesting. I really enjoyed seeing Rean being overpowered with the Knights. I wish we had more customization options, but then again, they are divine knights. I doubt Valimar would be happy with me putting Fairy Wings on his back if I could.
The fights in the Infernal Castle dungeon were so cool! It was nice to see everyone come back to help Class 7 when the Big Boys got too strong. And holy shit, McBurn really lives up to his name. I'm very scared for when we'll have to fight him again one day. Now, the final battles. Fighting against Crow and Vita was honestly easier than I expected, probably because I used delay spam with Rean and Fie, but it was still an incredibly cool fight. I even went back and watched someone do it on Nightmare because it was such an awesome fight. The final Divine Knight moment with Crow, the one the whole game was building up to... Well, it really delivered. I expected a big moment, and I got it. Also, can I just say, fuck you, Duke Cayenne. He pissed me off so much. What a pathetic scum. I wished Vita had just killed him right then and there. And then we fight the Vermillion Knight with ALL of Class 7. Such a beautiful fight, and I loved using all my classmates. And then, for the final showdown, and I believe my favorite part of CS2, fighting with Crow in our Divine Knights. ALSO, ORDINE TALKED! That final battle with Crow was stunning, and I would play it a thousand times over, well until... Crow... :( And here come the tears. And then Rufus shows up?? And Lechter and Claire! And Rufus is part of the Ironbloods! And then Osborne reveals himself, and it turns out he's Rean's father??? My god... the emotions I felt in that last hour of gameplay, what the fuck, Falcom.
Just when you think the game couldn't get any crazier, then Divertissement hits. You don't understand how quickly my sadness disappeared, and I was filled with so much happiness seeing Lloyd and Rixia. What a wonderful and incredible little section with them. It's so cool to see them in 3D and hear them in English voices. I think I still prefer the Japanese voices for Lloyd and Rixia, but then again... Lloyd is good old Akechi from P5, so I'm now happy, haha. That final fight we had against Rean and Altina, you could just feel that Rean had lost all his happiness. He felt so empty with what he was doing. That line he uttered as Lloyd and Rixia ran away, about being jealous of them, was a real punch in the gut.
The Epilogue turned out to be much longer than I expected. I remember thinking, "When the hell is this going to end?" Not because I wanted the game to be over, but because I was amazed at how much content was still left to explore. Also, Thomas and Rosine... Wow, there were some signs that something was off with Thomas, but I never gave much thought to Rosine. That revelation caught me completely off guard, and it was quite scary to see Thomas behaving the way he did. However, it was also awesome in its own way. I have a deep appreciation for the Gralsritter, and I've enjoyed every member we've encountered so far who is a part of it. It's gotten to the point where my girlfriend and I even have an ongoing joke about Gaius being a Dominion due to his overwhelming love for the Church and the Goddess.
Moving on, I was genuinely pleased with the Final Dungeon. It was fascinating to witness the old schoolhouse transform into that, and being able to play as literally everyone who has appeared in the game so far, including Crow, Vita, Altina, Lloyd, and Rixia, was simply incredible. I feel like the final dungeon was designed for pure enjoyment because although the enemies were more challenging, they didn't pose a significant threat. Although I must admit, the final boss did manage to make me nervous a few times, but it was still an immensely satisfying battle.
Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better send-off for Class 7. I was teary-eyed throughout the entire ending, and that final picture you receive is now my wallpaper. :D This game has left a profound impact on me, and I would rank it as my third favorite Trails game, just behind Trails to Azure at number one and Trails in the Sky SC at number two. Now, onto the next game! I can't wait to see what else Falcom has in store for me.
P.S. I apologize for the lengthy text. It's unlikely that anyone will read this, but if you do, I simply wanted to share my thoughts with someone because I truly adore these games and don't have anyone else to rant to. Thank you. <3
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2023.06.03 06:13 toro99 Unmarked police car in old town

Hey gang, just a heads up. I saw an unmarked white suv with full lights pull someone over in the old town Verizon store. Something to be cautious and aware of.
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2023.06.03 05:36 rtb001 In store trade-in was a great experience

I used to upgrade my phones either at an indirect store, and also once at Best Buy, mostly because they took in store trade ins, and I was always leery about something happening to the mail-in trade, or verizon says there is an issue with the phone and then wouldn't give me the full promised trade amount. But this week when I decided to upgrade a pair of phones on my account, the indirect store I used to go to says they don't have access to the loyalty promo showing up on my app, so I had to order the phones directly from verizon online.
I discovered that if I do two separate orders for the phones one at a time, it would allow me to not mail my trade in, but drop it off at a store. The indirect I used to use does not show up as a trade in location, but my local corporate store did. So I selected the drop off trade in option for both phones, and after receiving and activating my two new phones, took the old ones to the store.
The whole process was very quick and painless, I'm glad to say. After waiting in the virtual line and it was my turn, only took 5-10 minutes total, and that included them showing me how to properly factory reset both phones. At the end, I walked out with printed receipts showing the full $1000 trade amount verified in store. So I guess in store trade ins are a thing again, at least at my local corporate stores, and I highly recommend it!
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2023.06.03 04:57 nimmoisa000 Open world crime game idea Cartel: Palm City.

Developed by Hangar 13, DICE, Ripple Effect Studios, EA Gothenburg, and Criterion Games and published by EA.
Additionally former EA Black Box and Ghost Games employees who would help access game assets and code from previous NFS titles to streamline the development)
Cartel (or alternatively as “Cartel: Palm City” or "Cartel: Miami" ) would be an open world title based on the Mafia Games, the GTA games and the Saints Row games, with elements of Battlefield: Hardline thrown in with an array of weapons and vehicles based on their real life counterparts.
Gameplay wise the driving would be like Need for Speed titles, and on foot and shooting mechanics like BF: Hardline and Saints Row. Plus you can customize your cars and weapons to the same extent in BF: 2042 and some cars would allow for mounted weapons,on foot you can execute people with your equipped weapon like in The Godfather games. On foot would be an FPS view (you can change to a third person view as well) same with having an FPS view in your car.
There would an single player experience point system (like in BF Hardline single player) you gain XP from killing gangsters, and cops blowing up or capturing enemy vehicles and completing main missions, side missions and activities also there will be 15 levels to achieve with each level up unlocking new weapons, vehicles and customization for your weapons and vehicles. As well as a New Game Plus (NG+) where everything you unlocked is carried over and you can also play on the higher difficulties through NG+.
Also there would be five wanted levels for police and five vendetta levels for the gangs should you reach level five gang vendetta you start a Gang War there are three ways to stop a Gang War either bribe the feds, blow up a gang stronghold, or hide out in a safe house. Police wanted levels one and two local units would come after the player, at police wanted level two or three the state police would come after the player. At wanted level four and five the feds would come after the player. The military will only come after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard
The Storyline
In Cartel: Palm City; in a different universe and timeline where there's a total prohibition of all narcotics in the United States in 2010; tells the story of Jack Rourke (the player character) a hardworking rideshare driver at day and a street racer at night who's scraping by in Palm City circa 2019. One fateful night, Jack Rourke has an inadvertent brush with the Blackwell Syndicate (mainly Carl Stoddard and that showcases a life of reward too big to ignore. As he joins the Blackwell Syndicate who are fighting for control of Palm City against five other criminal groups and take the city for the Blackwell Syndicate including recovering evidence that could not only convict the Blackwell Syndicate, as well as a network of crime lords in many countries, (including the other gang’s backers) including the Blackwell Syndicate's backers the Mob and it would also directly implicate the CIA in Palm City’s drug trade with Jack Rourke earning the nickname “El Sicario” for his efforts in driving the other gangs out of Palm City. When he learns how much the drugs were hurting the people of Palm City and all over the country as well as learning that the Blackwell Syndicate had gotten into the drug trade themselves, he contacts FBI agent Chase Linh who relays the story to her and offers the evidence and his testimony in exchange for full immunity for him and his associates, and the evidence on the computer was enough to convict everyone form all the five gangs, but also their crime lord backers from at least half a dozen countries, as well implicating the CIA in this as well as lobbying efforts to keep all narcotics prohibited, leading to a new administration repealing the Narcotics Prohibition law and legalizing low level cannabis. However six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by Russian Mafia hitmen, Dimitri "Dima '' Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Cast
List of activities
Weapon attachments
40mm Grenades, 40mm HE, 40mm Incendiary, 40mm CS, 40mm Dart, 40mm Flashbang, 40mm LVG, 40mm Smoke, 40mm 3GL.
Weapon list
Key: Base weapon (special variant)
Other: Nail Gun
Mission Structure
Prolog (2019)
  1. The Birth of Art - After winning a big race, Jack Rourke collects the winnings at the Palm City Historical Museum
  2. An Offer you Can't Refuse - Jack Rourke must evade Volk sicarios with Tyson Lachford and Carl Stoddard members of the Blackwell Syndicate
  3. Race Day - After the events of the last mission, Jack Rourke partakes in a race day event and wins three events with his Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) '12
  4. Running Man - Volk sicarios Niko and Dimitri crashes the race day and Jack must get to the Blackwell Garage
Chapter 1 (2019-2021)
  1. M34 Party - Jack Rourke joins the Blackwell Syndicate and gets acquainted with everyone before going with Tyson in a Pontiac GTO '05 to burn the Volk's cars with M34 Incendiary Grenades as well as stealing GMAC's Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
  2. Standard Routine - Jack Rourke rolls with Tyson, Stoddard and Jonathan Cross to collect protection money but things go south when they collect from a hotel out of town and Jack Rourke chases after the hotel owner in Cross' car.
  3. Fair Play - Jack Rourke is tasked with stealing Ryan Cooper's Nissan 240SX and sabotaging it on the eve of the biggest Speedhunter race of the year, the SpeedHunter Championship Finals and in a last minute swap Jack Rourke has to race in place of Tyler Morgan
  4. Mia Townsend - Jack Rourke is tasked with taking Mia Townsend out for a night at the city... until a gang of Wraith street racers led by Caleb Reece hassles her and Jack Rourke takes them on in a fight
  5. Get Used To It - After the events of the previous mission Jack Rourke and Tyson Latchford are sent to teach the Wraiths a lesson But Caleb Reece makes it serious and Caleb Reece is wound up being killed by Tyson after a chase around the city alongside Danny Shaw.
  6. The Saint and The Sinner - It's revealed thtat Caleb Reece was Chief Norris' best friend, and Danny Shaw survives the crash however Stoddard would handle Shaw as Jack Rourke is tasked with infiltrating the Elmore Plaza Hotel and has to kill the manager, Nikki Morris and bomb the hotel before escaping to a funeral and confronts, Danny Shaw and Frank Mercer who are also in attendance. Jack Rourke kills Shaw and nearly kills Frank as well. But Frank tasers Rourke and escapes. It would be revealed that some of the Volk sicarios recognized Sotddard and had to deal with them, then the two escaped in a hearse.
Chapter 2 (2021)
  1. A Trip to the Countryside - In order to get a large supply of cannabis from Mexico, Jack Rourke takes a team to retrieve the Mexican from Mexican smugglers only to be ambushed by Los Zetas L.S 16 and Volk sicarios, then it's revealed that Roman had paid off the FBI to go after Rourke and his teammates then they came off with the cannabis killing their pursuers in the process.
  2. Code of Silence - The evidence that Tyson and Stoddard had ripped from the Volk had fallen in the hands of Hector Maio who cut a deal with the FBI, total immunity for the evidence and Jack Rouke is tasked with killing him and retrieving the evidence
  3. Visiting Rich People - Jack Rourke is tasked with sabotaging a federal proscutor's case against The Mob, the Blackwell Syndicate's backers as well as killing the federal prosecutor in charge of the case.
  4. Visiting Powerful People - Jack Rourke is tasked with meeting and protecting a powerful member of Palm City's elite, the owner of Prefered Outcomes Julian Daws... though he more than meets the eyes of Jack Rourke
  5. Agent Dawes - Julian Daws is revealed to be a CIA agent who is tasked with keeping the flow of drugs to Jack's surprise and that he is backing the Blackwell Syndicate through Prefered Outcomes.
  6. The Drug Trade - Julian Daws walks Jack Rourke through Palm City's drug trade and how the illicit street racing scene is used as a cover to smuggle drugs.
  7. Great Deal - Tyson Lachford scores a major deal with a drug farm in Georgia who promises to supply them with large amounts of drugs in exchange for access to databases concerning highway patrol routes; however when the deal goes down at a parking garage, the Volk and L.S 16 ambush them.
  8. Bon Appetit - Jack Rourke drives Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws to the rebuilt Elmore Plaza Hotel for brunch only for Niko and Dimirti with a Volk hit squad to blast the entire lobby with gunfire and C4 explosives, Jack Rourke vaults over with Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws, there Jack Rourke and Eva Torrez rush out through the side entrance and confronts the hit squad with Jack Rourke killing both Niko and Dimirti. However Blackwell wants Jack to confront Jonathan Cross at a doughnut store and reveals that the Volk threatened to turn him over to IAD and is chased throughout the city with Marcus Blackwell putting Cross on permanent retirement by killing him with a Lupara.
Chapter 3 (Finishing the other gangs and downfall of Jack Rourke) (late 2021)
  1. Happy Anniversary - Jack Rourke is tasked with completing a contract hit against Frank Mercer at the fifth anniversary of the formation of the High-Speed Task Force by firing a sniper rifle stashed in a bathroom
  2. You Lucky Bastard - After a failed attempt to kill Razor; Roman's personal driver and #2 of the Volk, Jack Rourke is given the contract to kill Razor, first by car bomb but ends up killing Deputy Chief Jack Keller. instead of Razor. Jack Rourke, Tyson and Stoddard would later find Razer at a Burger King. In this Rourke can choose to kill or spare Razor. Rourke would spare him after he tells him that the CIA is deeper in Palm City's drug trade than Jack Rourke is led to believe
  3. Creme de la Creme - Marcus Blackwell plans to kill Roman, Niko, Demintri and Chan Wu in front of the city's Creme de la Creme, the mayor, the police chief, the FBI director and even the city's richest elite. However things go south and Jack Rourke chases Roman and Niko at the airport where they get to a private jet but is shot down and crash lands on the Cross Mermeroral Bridge Chan Wu is still alive and Jack Rourke executes him and leaves before the cops show up.
  4. Plugging the Chief - After the events of Creme de la Creme; Chief Norris places to take on the Blackwell Syndicate and to dismantle them, and a contract hit is placed on him where Jack Rourke accepts the contract and kills Chief Norris.
  5. Election Campaign - The State Governor had launched his reelection bid with the promise get tough on the cartels that had plagued Palm City and like Chief Norris has a contract hit out on him which Jack Rourke is tasked with taking, using a sniper rifle
  6. Just for Relaxation - Marcus Blackwell tells Jack Rourke about a shipment of Cuban cigars as well as a hidden shipment of diamonds (hot ice) straight from Africa however and Jack Rourke takes a crew to retrieve the shipment from federal customs however it's revealed that instead of diamonds it's Cold Shot... the same drug being pushed by the other gangs.
  7. The Truth - Jack Rourke and Kahi Minh Dao eavesdrop on Marcus Blackwell and Julain Daws and they learn the truth.
  8. Moonlighting - Jack Rourke after knowing about the truth takes Tyson to rob the Palm CIty First National in order to retire from the sicario lifestyle and gets into a massive shootout with the PCPD Heat-style.
  9. The Death of Art - After the heist of Palm City First National Jack Rourke finds Tyson dead and meets Stoddard at the museum only to find out that Stoddard knew about the heist, and used his share of the drug money and clout at Prefered Outcomes to buy out The7 as his personal hit squad, however Jack Rourke manages to kill every member of The7 but spares Stoddard (the player can also kill him but canonically Jack Rourke spares him)
Epilogue (2022)
After the trial and the repeal of the Jack Rurke is placed in the Witness Protection Program in Lakeshore City but six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by members of the West Side Club, Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Gangs of Palm City
L.S 16 (Los Salmos 16) - Also known as The Salmos. Backed by the most powerful Mexican drug lords and the most powerful arms traffickers in the world, L.S 16 once ruled all of Palm City In fear until The House stepped in. They’re also the strongest gang in the game with access to military grade weapons and vehicles and each gang kill from them awards 500-1,500 XP depending on the enemy type. They are led by Neil Roark.
The House - The House is a gambling gang with strong ties and backed by the Sicilian Mafia; they run the street scene and the casinos in Palm City. They’re pretty strong but weaker than L.S 16, and they have access to military grade weapons and vehicles each gang kills from them awards 250-800 XP depending on the enemy type. Headed by Lina Navarro.
The Volk - The Volk is a Chinese-Russian gang led by Roman Barkov with Niko Barkov as their enforcer backed by the Triads (Chan Wu), the Russian Mob (Dimitri Glebov), and GMAC's crew (Gregory "GMAC" MacDonald, Rose Largo) for cars who control the weapon smuggling and arms dealing in Palm City. With this backing and access to military grade weapons. They are a mid tier gang and each gang kill from them awards 200-600 XP depending on the enemy type. They are also the ones who go after the Blackwell Syndicate the most.
Palm Kings - The Palm Kings (PKs) is a Black gang made up of Black nationalists who controls Palm Harbor’s rackets and extorts store owners. Led by Benny King, they’re equipped with police-grade weaponry and has strong ties with the PCPD despite this, they are the second weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 150-500 XP depending if it's a regular to elite
Dixie Paladins - The Dixie Paladins are a white supremacy gang and a militarized version of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who controls the Gold Coast Mountains in the mountainous regions of Palm City. they’re the weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 100-250 XP from regular to elite members. They are led by Tony Alpert
Blackwell Syndicate - The Blackwell Syndicate is a underground criminal organization based in Palm City and is led by Marcus Blackwell with Julian “Julius” Little as underboss, Hector Maio before "Code of Silence" and Zack Maio after "Code of Silence". Nick Mendoza. Khai Minh Dao and Carl Stoddard are caporegimes and Tyson Latchford, Tyler "Ty" Morgan, Sean "Mac" McAlister, Jessica "Jess" Miller as soldiers. Other members include Ravindra "Rav" Chaudhry as the gang's car expert Rachel Teller as the gang's customization expert, Marcus “Boomer” Boone as the gang's weapon experts. The Blackwell Syndicate would be the gang that the player would join. In Act 1, they're an outside and fast tracked to soldier, but in Act 2 the player would be a capo until the end of the game. They are secretly backed by both The Mob and the CIA through Agent Dawes. Jonathan Cross and Mia Townsend are also on the gang's payroll until "Bon Appetit" where Marcus Blackwell executes him with a 870P Magnum to the head. Also Mia would also go with Jack Rourke as well
The police/military force
PCPD - the police force of Palm City/Miami if the player does hostile acts (killing civilians, firing unsuppressed weapons in public, etc) will attract police attention and each kill from them awards 50 XP for regular members and 100 XP for armored members, However the player can bribe the PCPD to look the other way or will even help the player fight the other gangs but would be the target of higher level police forces. (Sort of like it was in The Godfather game) The player can also buy favors from them as well. Also they’ll deploy stronger units at higher heat level alongside the FBI. The cars PCPD drives are the Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO, and the Chevy Grand Sport
Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) - The state police force and Only appears in wanted levels 3 and above, Each kill from them awards 75 XP for regular state troopers and 150 XP for tactical state troopers. Regular state troopers drives Ford Mustang GTs tactical state troopers drives Nissan GT-R
FBI - Only appears in wanted level 5 the FBI will be called in if the player continues to retaliate against the PCPD. Each kill from them awards 125 XP for regular agents, 250 XP for FBI SWAT and 375 XP for FBI HRT, Like the PCPD the player can bribe the FBI to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, or the PCPD but at the second highest price. The FBI also has the second widest array of favors the player can buy. regular agents drives the Nissan 350Z or Porsche 911 GT3 RS, FBI SWAT drives the - Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster or Ford F-150 SVT Raptor L.E. and FBI HRT drives the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X or Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Military - Only goes after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard. Each kill from them awards 200 XP for regs, 400 XP for experienced troops and 600 XP for elite troops. Like the PCPD, State Police and the FBI, the player can bribe the military to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, the PCPD, State Police or even the FBI but at the highest price and The military also has the widest array of favors the player can buy in large part due to Agent Dawes’ connections in Washington.
Multiplayer portion of the game would take place during the five cartels war where the Blackwell Syndicate, The Volk, Palm Kings, Dixie Paldines, Los Salmos 16, and The House (basically where Jack Rourke glosses over saying "It was non-stop chaos for weeks")
Also there would be a free ride mode where the player can explore the city at their leisure or pick a fight with either other cartels or the cops.
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2023.06.03 04:29 USMCdrTexian USMC & Army NBC/CBRN MOS: Dry Eyes from all the CS?

Anyone have any success with dry eyes claim ( is it possible?) from leading hundreds of hours of gas chamber exercises? Just under 10 years, I figure I ran at least 5 trainings/mo. Sometimes 6-8 groups per day. One time, we trained USN medical reservists at Las Pulgas over a 2 week period - several hundred!
Gotta be at minimum a couple hundred hours a year exposed to the CS - not to mention the time spent sorting and storing all the MOPP gear afterwards - all those particles blasting you again.
TLDR - dry eyes over the years - any success making the SC?
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2023.06.03 04:22 AOWxBandit Finally made the switch

Was a loyal Verizon customer, haven't used another provider in upwards of a decade because of their former reputation of being the absolute most reliable and fastest network.
I'm happy (and slightly salty at the same time) to say I finally said "fuck you guys I'm out" and went to a T-mobile store to switch. Happy because I finally get the service I'm paying for (experienced a little congestion after switching but whatever, it was usable) but salty because how the actual fuck does THE mobile superpower go from impossible to compete with to unable to compete?
Customer service in the t-mobile store was amazing. Every question I had, they had an answer. Getting my number ported and getting my credits and service terms/pricing didn't involve listening to the rep beat around the bush about whatever bullshit promotions I don't care about, I literally went in, waited my turn, and got all the information I needed and got my service activated just as fast as possible. Thanks for giving me exactly what I want without trying to upsell me on anything I have no interest in. Hopefully the network proves to be as pleasant as the store experience. I ran the 90 day trial a few months back and I wasn't disappointed so I'm confident I'll be happy with my service now that I've actually made the switch. Other companies should really take notes here. Customer service can often be the difference between retaining loyal customers or losing customers that truly believe in the network they spent years (or even a decade+) on.
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2023.06.03 01:29 Carlosial [WTS][SoCal] WE Scar L +6 Mags, HAO MWS BCG

No Timestamp due to age and flair
Hows it going, unfortunately im letting go of one of the cooler rifles in my collection to save up for more guns lmao
Shooting vids and more pics on request for serious buyers only pls
Not looking for trades at the moment
WE Scar L GBBR - $750 Shipped and feed obo -
Internals: - Poseidon 6.05 inner barrel - Maple leaf 60° bucking - shimmed hop up with a piece of paper so that recoil doesnt change hop setting, its hard to turn but it will still adjust - added heat shrink to the bolt catch, locks back on empty 100% of the time - Nozzle has 2 washers inside, currently shoots at about 340 FPS, removing washers will bring it back up to 400+ FPS
Externals: - Airsoft Artisan M-lok front end - 1 in outer barrel extension (no flashhider) - Renegade Scar SC stock - Repro Vortex UH-1 - Repro SF Scout Light w/ 45° offset mount - PTS Magpul MBUS2 Irons - Cracked sight protector - RS Magpul K2 Grip - RS Magpul AFG2 M-lok adapter - Repro AFG2 - Barricade stop not included (covered it in red in the pics)
*batteries on light and sight will be removed for shipping
Extras: - Original stock + hardware - Original rail system + hardware - spare for parts nozzle (did the NPAS mod but doesnt work well, nozzle as a whole works fine but will not adjust FPS) - Spare Recoil rod/spring assembly - Original front sight (no rear sight) - 6 non-leaky mags
HAO MWS 99% Complete BCG - $95 Shipped and Feed -
Bought this to see how an Aluminum bolt would feel, is snappy but i prefer my heavy recoil setup. Basically brand new, ran 1 mag through it. It is 99% complete because it requires the 2 screws that hold the nozzle guide in place (see pics), was going to find some at the hardware store but was too lazy.
Also, the Bolt end in the pics is not the one it will come with (thats a GM bolt end). It will come with the original HAO Steel bolt end
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2023.06.03 01:00 EliteTechnologies Elite Wallet 1.1.7 New Release (Wownero fix)

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to Elite Wallet, packed with new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your digital wallet experience. Here's what's new in version 1.1.7:

As always, we appreciate your valuable feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We are committed to continuously improving Elite Wallet to meet your expectations and provide a secure, convenient, and feature-rich digital wallet experience.

Download the latest version of Elite Wallet now and elevate your coin management to new heights!

Note: If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please reach out to our support team by email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). They will be happy to assist you.
Github (APK):
Google play:
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2023.06.03 00:56 EliteTechnologies Elite Wallet 1.1.7 New Release (v0.18.2.2 - vulnerability fix)

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to Elite Wallet, packed with new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your digital wallet experience. Here's what's new in version 1.1.7:

As always, we appreciate your valuable feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We are committed to continuously improving Elite Wallet to meet your expectations and provide a secure, convenient, and feature-rich digital wallet experience.

Download the latest version of Elite Wallet now and elevate your coin management to new heights!

Note: If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please reach out to our support team by email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]). They will be happy to assist you.

Github (APK):
Google play:
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2023.06.03 00:41 EliteTechnologies Elite Wallet 1.1.7 New Release (Wownero fix)

We are thrilled to announce the latest update to Elite Wallet, packed with new features, bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your digital wallet experience. Here's what's new in version 1.1.7:

As always, we appreciate your valuable feedback and encourage you to share your thoughts and suggestions with us. We are committed to continuously improving Elite Wallet to meet your expectations and provide a secure, convenient, and feature-rich digital wallet experience.

Download the latest version of Elite Wallet now and elevate your coin management to new heights!

Note: If you encounter any issues or have any questions, please reach out to our support team by email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or telegram . They will be happy to assist you.
Github (APK):
Google play:
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2023.06.02 23:22 Don-Silvio Xfinity Mobile: Still A Terrific Value!

I know this is nocontract which is mostly about prepaid, but those of you who know how to play the game know how valuable Xfinity Mobile was and still is, but how they are starting to get away from what made them a great value.
I am completely ignoring their unlimited plans. I don’t care about them, never have.
The real value is the “By-The-Gig” Plan.
Unlimited Talk & Text w/ 1GB of shared data across all other By-The-Gig lines.
Even after the price hike a while ago from $12 to $15. Still great value.
$15/m for up to to 5 lines.
(FYI I’m still on the old $12 plan with up-to 10 lines.)
I will say that being able to get the base unlimited plan for $30+ taxes with just one by-the-gig line is… okay. Not bad. It’s not great but not terrible.
With all the “free phone” promos throughout the years.
The $50-$200 BYOD New Line Promos.
The Extra Xfinity “Rewards” Promos.
Sadly it’s starting to come to a slow end.
Increased from $12 to $15 even though I’m still grandfathered in at $12.
$10 activation Fee, even for port-ins on existing lines (this hurts more than you might think)
Slightly higher per line fees and taxes.
Seems to be no more good “free phones” without a promo code. I’m not talking about some garbage Motorola or Samsung AWhatever. Sometimes a pixel is “free” but iPhones is where it’s at. They are really pushing trading in now, don’t know how I feel about that, I’ve never traded in a phone with them.
It needs to be paired with an Xfinity internet account. Not the end of the world but can be annoying at times.
Good Things -
Verizon Coverage.
It’s still a great base hub account with unlimited talk&text. With a dual sim phone specifically an iPhone all you need is to pair up another SIM that has data and your good to go. The advent of eSIM free trials have been a great paring with Xfinity Mobile.
A slept on feature missing on so many prepaid services is the enhanced “iCloud Calling on Wi-Fi Connected Devices” feature. It’s available even on the By-The-Gig lines.
I still wait for the BYOD port in promos though. That’s the real value.
If you are the kind of person who gets the cellular models of iPads like I do. They usually have them at retail with the base iPad model usually with a discount on the line fee. 24 month 0% interest for the new base iPad. I’ll take that, even at retail. With an optional by-the-gig sim in there for emergency data.
This mobile account has almost acted as a Apple financing account for so many years.
The promos are still there, just at a lower quality/frequency than before.
Eligible for the ACP if you qualify.
Apple Watch compatible for $10 per line fee.
You can swap SIM cards with other devices even though they don’t like it.
Retail stores so you don’t have to do everything online or on the phone.
I have easily gotten more out of my relationship with Xfinity Mobile than they have out of me.
They seem to be not so concerned with customer acquisition as much anymore and now are actually trying to cut the losses. Are they even profitable now?
I’m still on the ride but I’ve realized that it is indeed slowing down.
Who remembers the $1 LG Charge phones!? Those were awesome. I still have one somewhere.
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2023.06.02 23:10 MC-Lim9419 ACP for Verizon

I got ACP approved, but having hard time to apply it through their website and phone call. Will the local Verizon store will be able to help applying current ACP to my internet?
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2023.06.02 22:24 Johnnyonoes 3.19.1 Patch sounds gnarly - Let's get some clear communication on this one

First off, the messaging from Wakapedia is awesome, and I imagine we all appreciate hearing about what needs to happen for when 3.19.1 hits:
The only issue is that a lot of what's in there is engineering speak, ie showing instead of telling, and it is very clear from hearing other people in #general and the discord that there are many interpretations of what is being said here. So I am going to attempt to interpret the messaging into what any member of the unwashed masses (myself included) could understand.
Here is what you need to do to prepare for the 3.19.1 update, tentatively scheduled for 12:00 PM (NOON) GMT on Saturday 6/3/2023 (FYI NOT OFFICIAL):
  1. Pledged Ships/Vehicles: Claim and store each vehicle to save a snapshot of it's current configuration. If you make any changes, please claim and store again to ensure that any new components are saved.
  2. In Game Earned Ships/Vehicles: Same as above, but also ensure to retrieve/store every time you claim insurance for the vehicle in question. If you have recently purchased a ship with in-game currency, make sure to deliver it and then retrieve/store. If this is not followed there is a chance you could lose the In Game Earned vehicle.
  3. FPS Gear / Components: Ensure that all gear has been placed in a inventory that is designated to you, IE Landing Zone Inventory or Your Ship Inventory (Not weapon racks). Doing this will ensure that they are saved.
  4. Consumables (Ammo/Food/etc): These will be removed entirely, you will need to repurchase your double dogs.
  5. For any Ships Jared Gifted you: Do the same as 1 & 2, but if the ships are gone, just be sure to send him another pack of Garbage Pail Kids, and he will get you hooked up again.
If all goes well, all of your ships, vehicles and applicable inventory items will all be sent to your designated primary residence. All ships will be in a default state, and all saved components will be in the same inventory.
Be advised, Game Development is hard, even if you do follow these steps, there is still a chance that you will lose all of your In-Game Earned Vehicles and inventory. If this occurs, then we are sorry ahead of time, but we will do the best we can do to get the servers into a playable state as soon as we can.
Tada!? What do you think?
1.) Added (FYI NOT OFFICIAL) to the time, people were freaking out. But they didn't say anything about my free ship drip from jared, interesting.
2.) Added "If you have recently purchased a ship with in-game currency, make sure to deliver it and then retrieve/store." based on Terkan's comment.
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2023.06.02 21:23 Powerful-Local-9238 I'm stuck from what happened almost 3 years ago between me and my ex (M21) (F23)

I don't know what's wrong :/
I need help about getting back into realationships again.
This may be a long story but it will explain everything I'm feeling and why I'm scared to try dating again. It was about 3 years ago, I met this girl on FaceBook and almost instantly fell in love. She was beautiful, funny, not the sharpest knife in the kitchen but that didn't bother me seeing as she had Autism. Nothing full blown but the signs and fact she told me were enough. We started talking about a week before her 21st birthday, i was 19 at the time. After a few days of talking, she invited me to go to the local Applebeas with a few of her friends to celebrate her birthday, i obviously said yes not wanting to miss this chance. Things took off, about 2 weeks later, we both confessed that we thought about eachother on a daily basis and had the same feelings for eachother. We even ended up having sex, which would make her the first person I'd been with and losing my virginity too. The realationship was great at first, we saw eachother almost everyday becasue she lived in a town about 20 minutes from me and would share the expense of traveling.
I'd like to think I was a good boyfriend. I would take her out to dinner and dates 2-3 times a month, would always buy her gifts if I saw something that suited her and even went as far as to pay for a whole new set of tires for her car after noticing they were rather bald. Throughout the time we had together, we had been through a lot of bad stuff but always tried to make the best out of it. But about 2 years into our 3 year realationship, I decided to try moving up in the kitchen I worked at at the time, taking on more responsibility and working more hours. Me thinking, Yes I would lose some time with her but not to a degree to hurt anything, it would also provide more money for me/us.
Then one day, I didn't have to work so I thought we could hangout with my best friend, go outside and enjoy the rather pleasent day. We were at my best friends house watching TV, I was scolling through my phone when she suddenly sprung up shouting "HAVE YOU BEEN CHEATING ON ME?!" whichout any context. I leaned forward saying "What are you talking about, of course not I would never!" She stared at me for a literal whole minute, I'm not sure what she was thinking or how she even got this thought in her head. It turns out she heard from someone at my work that I drove another co-worker home after her car wasn't running. I didn't think of that as an issue, the co-worker lived not far and it was on my way home so I was trying to be helpful as best I could.
After this moment, for a solid month it was brutal, we argued daily and the drama just got worse until I sat her down one day and confessed that nothing happened, that she was the only person I loved and I would never do that to someone seeing as I wouldn't want the same to happen to me. After a long talk, It seemed to be repaired and we didn't talk about the situation again for a long time.
We are now toward the end of the realationship and I noticed she was getting distant. She didn't want to come over to my place anymore, didn't want to go out to dinners anymore and simply didn't show any type of effection toward me. I won't lie, this hurt me, so I tried talking to her about it but would always get the same anwser everytime, "Nothing is wrong I'm just tired" or "I'm just going through a lot right now". I tried my best to respect that maybe she was having some family issues she didn't want me to worry about seeing as I was decently close with her family and younger brother (He was my age so we had a lot in common)
About a few weeks after all this happened, she said she was going to spend the night at her friends house, I knew this friend pretty well and knew she was a good friend to my girlfriend. I decided to text her one night, saying "Hey, I hope you and {friends name} are having a great time. I have this Friday off and was hoping maybe we could go to the movies or the mall or something. Let me know". About 30 minutes later, i get a call on my phone from her. I answered and she proceded to say the following. "Z, I don't know how to tell you this but, I've been cheating on you." My heart sank instantly, this was my biggest real life fear that I told her about, the one thing that would hurt me. I responded by asking how long have you been, she said the past 5 months, since the incident at my best friends house. I asked her if it was a one time thing, she replied saying it's happened 6-7 times, behind my back while I was at work. I told her to come to my house so we could talk this out and maybe I could get some answers as to why she would do this to me. Later she stopped by, I asked her all the questions and she basically short answered everyone of them. I told her this was fucked up, i slammed her car door shut and said "Just leave and don't come back."
One week passed, she texted me saying we should talk. I didn't have anything to say but a feeling in my gut there was something important. We meet at a local grocery store parking lot, she kept saying she was sorry and I stayed dead silent, never looking her in the eyes. Nothing much else was said, I later left sarcastically saying "Well, this was helpful" while getting out and going home. My family had planned a trip, to SC for a week and a half. Just so happened to be my birthday this week so I was geeked for the first time in a while considering everything that's been happening. Somehow she found out and was PISSED that I didn't invite her. I explained to her that her feelings are my top priority after the way she took mine into consideration. I wanted things to work, I did, but in the end I knew this was the best option and she "officially" broke up with me on the midnight of my birthday (I turned 21)
Long Story short, this girl was everything I wanted. I was even conidering marrige at one point throughout the realationship. But the way she hurt me, 5 months without me even knowing I started to blame myself, that maybe I could have dappened the damage if I was paying more attention to her even though she wasn't to me. I now have a hard time talking with woman, I don't want the same thing to happen to me again and have to go through that same pain again with a different face. Since then, I've attempted to date two other woman, both I stepped away from due to my past getting to me and making it hard for me to enjoy their company. To both of those woman I told them that I wasn't ready to be in a realationship and that maybe I needed help before I start again and both were relatively understandable about my past situations but upset that I didn't treat them as a fresh start. I don't want to get hurt again, but these events that have happened almost 3 years ago still effect me today, I also don't want to hurt anyone else or lead anyone else on until I've fully moved past this "PTSD" type past.
I don't let it get to me because i've done everything I can to grow and move on, but from time to time I think about my future and how I'm going to handle realationships in the future, who I'm going to have my children with, our lives together, etc. I have this feeling that I'll never be able to trust someone full heartedly ever again and that concerns me. I have no bad ties with my ex anymore, I believe in God and confessed to him multiple times that I forgive her for what she's done and that whatevewhereever she ends up she is in good health.
Anybody have advise for a guy who's mentally stuck in the "Single Pringle" stage? Everytime I ask one of my friends, they just say to "Shake it off" or to remember I'm a good guy and I did everything I could.
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2023.06.02 20:42 AzureBeast Respect Peacemaker (DC Post-Crisis)

Christopher Smith, the Peacemaker

"This is my job and I'm damned good at it. If I wasn't, I wouldn't be here risking my life and the lives of all the innocent prey! I'm Peacemaker... And I'll kill to keep the peace!"
The son of Austrian industrialist Wolfgang Schmidt and American author Elizabeth Lewis, Christopher watched his father commit suicide when he was five years old after his father's secret past was revealed: he had commanded a Nazi concentration camp in Poland during World War II. Witnessing his father's suicide left Christopher traumatized, rebellious, and aggressive. He began to see visions of his father in an SS uniform, urging him to hone his mind and body to be worthy of his legacy. When he turned 18, Smith enlisted in the army and fought in the Vietnam War. After massacring a village of innocent people, Smith was court-martialed and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison. He was granted parole by the government on the condition that he joined a secret, elite counter-terrorism unit called Project: Peacemaker. And so Smith became the Peacemaker, a government agent who loves peace so much that he's willing to kill for it, just as often operating outside of government oversight as within it. Though he apparently died at the hands of Eclipso, Peacemaker reemerged years later, seemingly having overcome his mental issues, and began mentoring young superhero Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle.
Source Key:
Vigilante (1983) Issue # = VG#
Peacemaker (1988) Issue # = PM#
Checkmate (1988) Issue # = CM#
Suicide Squad (1987) Issue # = SS#
Showcase '93 (1993) Issue # = SC#
Eclipso (1992) Issue # = EP#
Blue Beetle (2006) Issue # = BB#
Booster Gold (2007) Issue # = BG#
Handbook Entry: Who's Who: Update '87









Hand-to-Hand Combat



Ultrasonic Waves
Electronic Interfacing





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