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STRONGER TOGETHER A community in its infancy, join and contribute to help create a positive change. This is community to advocate for the rights, health and wellbeing of pharmacists, patient safety, better wages, hours, and support against large corporations, predatory schools, unsafe working conditions, and to document the hardships within the pharmacy profession that most are often blind to.

2023.06.04 04:03 raven21633x Is it possible to get into a hospital before being certified?

I am a retail tech and am currently studying for my CPhT, but they've cut our hours severely in the pharmacy, to the point that I have been picking up hours on the front end.
Now, however, we've had 2 people come back from vacation, and the rumor is they've cut hours on the front end as well. As a result, I have 4.5 hours on the schedule for the next WEEK. (and this isn't the first time).
Sorry, but I have rent to pay and groceries to buy (dude, I gotta live). One of our local hospitals is advertising for a pharmacy tech 1 position, and though it say's certification isn't required, I'm wondering how realistic it is to apply to a hospital without certification?
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2023.06.04 03:36 QxV Revel Rockies Half - going downhill vs. altitude

TL;DR course is beautiful, race is super well organized, would recommend.

Race Information


Goal Description Completed?
A Have a good time Yes
B Sub-90 Yes


Mile Time
1 6:50
2 6:46
3 6:26
4 6:50
5 6:52
6 6:46
7 6:52
8 7:13
9 7:12
10 6:27
11 6:35
12 6:31
13 6:10
13.1 1:28:52


This was my 4th half of the year. In January, I ran the Kaiser Half in San Francisco and finished with a 1:30:24. This race - Revel Rockies - was the last in a series of three, over 2 months: The Get in Gear Half in Twin Cities, MN (1:31:07), and the Brooklyn Half in NYC (1:30:02).
Between all these races, I followed a weekly schedule of one speedwork day and one long run, with lots of easy miles thrown in.
Because I had come pretty close in Brooklyn, and the Revel Rockies course has a net downhill of about 1,700 feet, I thought I’d have an excellent chance of going sub-90, and maybe it’d even feel easy! (it didn’t)


I got to Denver Wednesday that week. This year, I planned my race calendar around cities where I have friends; in this case, Denver is where the designer on my team lives, so she and I worked together for a bit, but we also hit up the kid’s casino (Round1) to play some claw machine games. Obviously, the house always wins, but we did win a bunch of soft toys for ourselves and a children’s hospital nearby, so let’s call it a draw.
While we were working together on Thursday, I was nursing a headache, and it suddenly dawned on me to ask: “Are we at altitude?” (lol). Being a mile up from sea level explained why I was feeling so trashy for the last 48 hours - that, combined with the person in the next door hotel room deciding to smoke throughout the day/night (???)
On Friday, I went for a short 3 mile trail run and was significantly more winded than I should/would have been for the route. Still, I was pretty confident the significant downhill would win out - it’d just feel a bit sucky.


To get to the start line, everyone had to park near Bandimere Speedway and take a bus up the mountain so we could run down it.
With a 6:30am start, the first bus left at 4:30am, which in turn had me waking up at 3am to eat 3 bagels and drink a triple espresso. I went to bed at 8pm and had a pretty decent sleep, all things considered.
In terms of organization, I didn’t really know what to expect, but as I pulled into the parking lot and saw a long line of neatly parked school busses waiting to take runners up, I started to get excited - the whole scene had the vibe of a school trip; one where you’re either up super early or super late to go somewhere fun.
I had originally planned to nap on the way up, but I happened to sit next to a really nice lady and we chatted throughout the ride. I’m not sure I would have been able to fall asleep after all that coffee anyway.
We got to the starting line around 5ish and it was a little chilly, but the organizers had provided everyone with heat blankets, gloves, and arm sleeves, which was super thoughtful, and definitely came in handy. I used the bathroom, warmed up, went to the bathroom again, before lining up at the starting line.
Unlike my last race in Brooklyn, where I had a pretty detailed pace plan, I was going to take the first couple of miles easy (1:30 pace at most), and then run the rest of the race by effort. The course has a couple of rolling hills, but the elevation profile pretty much looks like a right angled triangle, starting at about 8,000ft and dropping to around 6,000ft, so it’s not really that complicated. Having said that, there was some mild elevation gain in the course: 174ft (for reference, Brooklyn had 236ft).
The course actually started with some rolling hills, which helped me stick to my plan of not going out too fast; I took my foot off the gas when going uphill, and let some faster runners pass.
The rest of the race consisted of winding roads downhill, with a couple of smaller hills (the 7min+/mile splits). Running at altitude definitely felt different. I usually race with a heart rate in the 170s-180s, but I was getting winded in the high 160s, and my heart rate never made it above 176, despite me feeling like I was pushing plenty hard. Also, the small hills felt like a lot more work than normal. I’m not sure if it was because I’d been running downhill the rest of the time and my muscles were thrashed, or I didn’t have the cardio capacity because of the altitude, or both.
In any case, the course was gorgeous - you’re surrounded by mountains pretty much the whole race, and they closed one of the road lanes, so you’ve lots of space to run.
This was a smaller (~1,200 people for the half) race, so there wasn’t a lot of passing/being passed going on. A small group of runners took off at the start, and other than a handful of times I was passed/passed someone, I was running by myself.
For the last few miles, the gradient got even steeper, and so I managed to clock some faster miles, and by the time mile 11 came around, I knew that unless something stopped me from putting together two 7:10-7:20 miles, I was going to come in at under 90 minutes. The last 200m though, was actually uphill, but I had enough in the tank to sprint to the finish line and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I’d come in 3rd in my age group.


I have to say that this was one of the most well organized races I’ve run. The finisher’s area was right next to a creek and really picturesque. They had lots of great snacks and vendors offering samples. There was also a beer garden (that I didn’t check out). After checking out some of the booths, I took the bus back down to the parking lot and went back to my hotel.
In addition to doing a great job with the logistics, the organizers also put together many small touches that made the event special. For example, immediately after the finish line, you could get your results printed on a nice card. Also, the age group awards were a white embroided band that they attached around your medal ribbon, which I hadn’t seen before and thought it looked really cool :D There were also lots of photo opportunities, including a cool “R E V E L” sculpture-thing that lots of people (myself included) were taking photos in front of.
It definitely felt like they went out of their way to put on a great race!
Overall, I had a great time and would definitely consider running another Revel event.
Made with a new race report generator created by herumph.
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2023.06.04 01:56 LeslieNopeChuckTesta First night in months I slept without Seroquel

So I know the title is weird considering this is a kratom reddit but hear me out.
I have really bad insomnia. Like REALLY bad. Last year I joined cerebral for my mental health and they went to town on prescriptions. I was prescribed wellbutrin, pristiq, and seroquel all in just a few short months. Wellbutrin and pristiq I took during the morning, seroquel at night in a low dose.
At first it was a God send. I felt better and I was actually sleeping. But I started reading stuff about seroquel. It's an antipsychotic and apparently there's a lot of doctors out there who don't recommend it for sleep. Not only that, but with my pristiq, if I miss a dose, even by just a few hours, I change into a totally different person. Like I legit rage. It's honestly terrifying.
I've decided for a while now I've wanted to get off these meds. I've always been ok with being on antidepressants and other medicines, but when they make me feel like murdering people when I miss a dose, I am not ok with that. Not only that, but for some reason, it's gotten increasingly harder and more expensive to get my medicine. I'm always having to either call my doctor or wait for the pharmacy to actually have it in stock. I tried switching to Walmart since kroger stopped taking our insurance and I couldn't even get an emergency dose of pristiq without calling my doctor. Then I found out my insurance wouldn't even cover it. Cue pristiq withdrawal rage.
I've always had this theory that my brain may be lacking in the dopamine realm due to how opioids make me feel. Lots of people say they make them feel sleepy but for me they tend to make me feel motivated and happy. Of course, that could be a normal thing too but I digress.
Enter kratom.
So I first learned about kratom from, well, you guys. Since I was looking for an alternative for my anxiety (I also forgot to mention the bad experiences I had with Ativan so I can't take that) and depression, and delta 8 and thc make me paranoid, I figured I had to try it.
Over the course of the last month I've tried various strains, white, red, green...Thai, Bali, and Malay. I've gotten into a rhythm of figuring out dosage...a couple of grams in the morning of white thai, green Thai or Malay during the day when I need a pick me up, and then red bali at night to relax.
I have dropped to a half dose of my pristiq in the last week and am happy to say I haven't had any major issues. No uncontrollable rage...which is good, because I had to pay $300 to replace my phone screen after breaking it when I was told my insurance no longer covered my medicine.
Then last night...I fell asleep before I had a chance to take seroquel. I thought for sure I'd be waking up in the middle of the night or getting terrible sleep. But I didn't! I slept and I slept WELL. I couldn't believe it.
I've been more motivated lately. I've been happier. And I've been in less pain.
I'm not saying kratom is a miracle drug...but...it's kind of been a miracle drug. 😊😂
(I know it's not and yes I know that I shouldn't discontinue any medication without a doctor's advice, nor do I recommend doing that, just wanted to share my experience so far ☺️).
Tldr: I have started taking kratom in hopes of getting off some of my regular psych meds and so far it seems to be working.
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2023.06.04 00:50 HypenusDina 23 m 24 f stressed about emotional availability what should be done?

So my girlfriend who I’ve been together with since 2019 came out today and complained about me not being emotionally available and saying that what will happen to us if she moves to Hawaii to go to medical school and ect and I go to a different pharmacy school and ect. Basically these past couple weeks I’ve been working overtime like crazy trying to gather some cash before my med school starts in august. But I try to put time off for her after work every day some times 2-3 hours. I tried to text her throughout the day even at work when my boss isn’t looking (I work at a pharmacy) and she’s saying I’m just not emotionally available. On Thursday right when I got off of work I was preparing to drive to a gas station when my car started notifying about low gas cabin pressure and issues with fuel injections in the car and so I took a couple minutes to see what’s going on and turns out I had a gas leak and also my fuel injector was clogged, so I was on call with my cousin who was going to come over with some tools to fix plug the hole up so I’m about to drive back home which is an hour away, but the coincidentally she was also going through a huge argument with her parents and she began having a huge panic attacks and was also having a (freak out anger episode) so she called me but I wasn’t able to answer because I was already on call with my cousin and I told her I’ll call her back just give me a moment to give my cousin directions to get to me. Instead I got yelled at by her and saying “thanks for wasting 5 minutes of my time” I personally understand she’s mad and she is just projecting her anger without thinking, but the problem is this isnt the first time she’s done it and every time I always forgive her and tell her it’s not her fault she’s just angry. Just today she mentioned about me not being emotionally there after that event and started to say “ I just don’t think there’s a future for us if you’re not emotionally there for me.” Like I try my best to be there when I can whenever I could. She’s taking a GAP year before starting school and even asked me how is this going to work when you start in the fall. I told her I’ll be making time for her so that she doesn’t feel left out. I don’t know what to do anymore. Honestly I really want a future with her but it doesn’t look like my 100% even looks like anything in her eyes. I quit playing one of my favorite games and doing a lot of stuff on my free time in fear she might call me and need my support so nowadays I just hang in the living room with my dog waiting for her to call me and if she doesn’t I just wait until it’s time to sleep and go to work just to repeat it again the following week after a full time shift. I’m at a lost of words what should I do.
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2023.06.04 00:03 Ok_Maintenance_9664 Have a legitimate prescription from a doctor, and my pharmacy is refusing to fill after filling multiple times. (Florida)

I’ll try to keep this short. I have started seeing a telehealth Dr in the past few months, and she prescribed me adderall. It has genuinely improved my quality of life and has been life changing. Today I received a notification that there was a problem with the prescription, call the pharmacy. After calling, one rep said it would be ready in a couple hours. A few hours later had a new notification saying it was under further review.
Upon reaching out, I was informed by the same rep that they would not fill my prescription because the doctor was outside of their area of doctors that they would be willing to fill the prescription for. I spoke to the pharmacist on duty, and asked why the policy had suddenly changed. She claimed that policies come and go, but they only feel comfortable filling for a doctor in the area who the “are familiar with.” And they were unwilling to reach out to my PCP and verify to continue my prescription, or provide me with another option of where to go. My doctor is telehealth, but also based in florida about 2 hours away.
I understand that pharmacists can refuse to fill prescriptions for a multitude of reasons, but in my basic research I do not see any legitimate reason regarding the stores proximity to the doctor. I have a friend in florida who uses the same service, and their doctor is based out of California and have never once had any issues for the same prescription.
My final addition to the matter, I have severe psoriasis all over my hands and arms that could be perceived as pick marks, which are tell tale signs of speed abusers. I’m also a young-ish male, and these factors make me feel some sort of assumptions are being made about me without me knowing. While nothing was said about it in particular I feel this may have something to do with my refusal.
I am considering filing a complaint with the state board of pharmacy, one with the medical licensing board, and possibly one on the ADA complaint form site. Being that this is a controlled substance, and telehealth providers are limited to where they can send these, I don’t have many, if any other options. Would filing these claims be futile? If so, I’m also curious on resources that may help lead me down the right path.
I’m excluding the name of the pharmacy because I’m not sure if it violates community rules. Thank you so much in advance for your input.
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2023.06.03 23:06 FrontMarsupial8679 A Shortage Solution

Hey i just wanted to put this out there about the injections. If you are finishing up the 0.25 doses and aren’t able to find any pharmacy that fills 0.5 injections. Try talking to your doctor about skipping the 0.5 & go straight to 1. I asked to do this because I wasn’t feeling any negative side effects and my doctor allowed it. We also decided to fill my next 4 injections which is the 1.7 just in case another shortage happens. oh and try to find local pharmacies i had to drive 1 hour away to fill the prescription. i hope this helps!
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2023.06.03 23:05 amaaybee Bs with pharmacy + insurance

Hi. My name is Amy and in October I got very sick. I stayed that way despite multiple hospital visits that just disregarded my symptoms and gave me two powerful anti biotics. On December 8 I went in to the hospital because I felt like I was dying. They tried to pull the same thing with giving me anti biotics and sending me home. This time I rejected them and said no I need further evaluation. Giving me a general diagnosis of colitis and treating it with anti biotics just doesn't seem right. The anti biotics were making me feel worse. They admitted me that day.
Three days later they gave me a colonoscopy in order to give me an actual diagnosis and it turns out I had severe ulcerative colitis. steroids failed, Remicade failed, and I was transported to a hospital in Baltimore, bc I live in a rural area. The doctors were supposed to be more experienced. On January 5th, I had a total collectomy and now I have a colostomy bag.
A few days later they realized my right ureter (the tube between your kidney and bladder that transports urine) was severed. They put a stint in to try to direct the urine but the doctor didn't place it properly and severed the ureter completely. I ended up with a nephrostomy bag. The tube leading to the bag would cause me to become septic approximately every two weeks. I was very sick the entire time I had it and it wasn't until two weeks ago that I got rid of it through another major surgery.
May 15 I was supposed to have a surgery to remove my right kidney and transplant it to the left side of my body to re attach the ureter. But I was already in the hospital for another infected nephrostomy tube. so they had to put it off until I was able to be transported to a different hospital in Baltimore.
The kidney was so damaged from the weeks of continued infection, that after they connected the kidney to the ureter and transplanted what they thought was successful, I started bleeding internally and my body was rejecting the kidney. Just two weeks ago I nearly died. I now have one kidney, but I am alive. And grateful.
All of this has happened since October. My life changed in an instant. I was already on this sub because I have a neck injury that is also pretty severe. I can't even feel my neck pain because of how badly this abdominal pain is. I don't know what I did to myself to end up like this, but it's rare I wake up without crying every day.
The hospital prescribed me 15mg of oxycodone, once every 4 hours. They gave me a two week prescription, 84 pills I think. It said two weeks on the label. So two weeks would be the 7th.
I had an appointment with my pain management doctor yesterday so I called the pharmacy to make sure they ordered a months supply of this medication. I had her send the prescription way ahead of time so if any issues arise, they can be handled before the 7fh. He tells me they're on back order. That my insurance company won't cover any amount of pills until the 18th instead of the 7th. And when they do fill it, they can only fill 96 of the 180 that I was ordered for a months supply.
So I've been taking my prescription as prescribed by the surgeons who wrote the prescription. Every 4 hours. I am in serious pain. They did some serious damage and I am having more disgusting symptoms than ever. Now I can't even pee normally either. I start to pee, I'll get a good stream going, and then suddenly, it stops. I wait a moment or two and the same thing happens. I go through this until I think I have emptied my bladder. I'm worried because I am not sure that I have fully emptied my bladder. I am concerned about getting a kidney infection due to this. I can't get an appointment with a urologist until the.28th.
I have to go back to Baltimore on the 8th for a follow up. Visit with the surgeons or just a surgeon who may or may not have worked on me. I have to drive almost three hours to Baltimore for me to see the doctor for probably less than five minutes. Then turn around and go back home. At least that's how it went with the follow-up with the surgeon who did the collectomy.
I guess I just needed somewhere to rant. I have enough pills now that if I only take one a day, I'll be fine by the me the 18th rolls around. I'm calling my insurance company as soon as I can on Monday to see what's going on here. They have some policy that every 25 days, you're allowed 180 pills. After 25 days end, it starts over and you are allowed 180 pills. This is the first time I've ever come close to having a script so large until now.
I'm terrified of how the next two weeks are going to go. I'm in serious pain. Just the incision hurts so much, my entire inside feels bruised. You don't think about how much you use your abdomen until something like this happens and your abdomen is cut through..it's hard to walk, even just standing is a task. I can usually only do one activity per day before I need to rest. But I'm doing my best to get out at least once a day now. Also, while I was in the hospital my dog Lucy passed away on her 12th birthday. I had rescued her at six months old..
Thanks for listening to my unloading of so.much.sh*t.
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2023.06.03 22:51 LokinTez Frustrated by stingy pain management

My least fav thing about my inpatient job is when I feel that docs are labeling patients as drug seeking unnecessarily. Sure, sometimes there’s a long history and it seems that the opiates themselves are the main focus rather than the pain…but I’m tired of some docs being stingy about narcotics just to be stingy. They think they know who “should” and “shouldn’t” have pain depending on each provoking circumstance.
Theoretical example: I have a long term inpatient who does great w/o narcotics when things are good, but when there’s pain, they’re quite sensitive to it and the nonverbal s/s are obvious. The pt has required opiates after all surgical procedures for several days, then once the pain’s better, they’re good and off the meds. They have some specific narcs that have helped better than others in the past, and will voice that, but still will still try docs choices. They recently had a minor surgical procedure that’s sometimes done outpatient, and after a few hrs pain got bad. They were willing to try all the non opioids but those just didn’t help. It was like pulling teeth to get their pain controlled simply bc the team “didn’t want to give opioids” for NO discernible reason other than “we just shouldn’t keep doing that”. After hours of agony, pharmacy finally let us give an IV non opioid (they’re stingy with it) and the patient was a new person. Not opioid seeking after all! But they’d spent most of the day unable to really eat, move much, or participate in rehab d/t the pain.
I saw their sadness and exasperation, but they were still nice to me. I hate feeling so helpless that all I can do with the patient is empathize, and try to hold my tounge on telling them how much I think it’s all BS too.
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2023.06.03 22:42 Brave_Lady Can I use the La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel 400ml if I have dry skin?

Can I use the La Roche Posay Effaclar Purifying Cleansing Gel 400ml if I have dry skin?
I started getting into skincare a few months ago and have been successful in maintaining and keeping a consistent skincare routine. I wash my face twice, in the morning and at night, because I am extremely strict with applying sunscreen (every two hours as sun exposure worsens my rosacea) so at night I double cleanse with the BOJ Cleansing Balm and the CeraVe Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser for Dry Skin (despite its name and containing oil, it is a water-based cleanser).
In the morning I was using the Cetaphil Sensitive Skin (Redness Prone) Cleanser, however it was extremely irritating on my skin and have had to replace it. I went to Boots' (UK based pharmacy chain) and they recommended this one. However my concern is it it will be more drying on my skin because its for sensitive oily skin? I started last week and so far I am happy with it, but I am worried it might be too stripping as I double moisturise in the AM & PM.
Is it OK for me to keep using it despite not being for my skin type?
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2023.06.03 22:35 Stony24K Rate my school list or I'll send you my feet pics

Hi! Please let me know what you think about my school list - it feels a bit top-heavy, but I'm not sure which other schools I should apply to that aren't low-yield, OOS unfriendly, or may yield protect me. Thanks in advance!

Extracurricular Background:
List: 23 total
Michigan, Northwestern, Stanford, NYU, Vanderbilt, UChicago, WashU, Yale, UVA, Cornell, Mt Sinai, Pitt, Kaiser, Ohio St, Cinci, Emory, Western Mich, Wayne, Mich St, Wisconsin, Indiana, Oakland, Central Mich
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2023.06.03 22:09 D_Empire412 Would anyone else be in favor of demolishing this building to build an Apple Store?

Would anyone else be in favor of demolishing this building to build an Apple Store?

It makes perfect sense. There doesn't need to be a CVS anymore since Walgreens is one block away. The other store location has been vacant for years, and the basement that used to be NYSC has an uncertain future. Plus, this building is a real eyesore that is putting a big damper on the area. I think this would be perfect for an Apple Store, especially due to its easily accessible location, easily walkable from Hoboken Terminal with rail access from many parts of NJ and Manhattan, and I suspect many Manhattan residents would use this store as the sales tax savings would be significant. An Apple Store could transform this lot and the area around it in a way no other store could.
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2023.06.03 20:00 plantz54 Final school list review

About to submit today! i have worked and reworked my school list and I feel like i am just so uncertain about whether its accurate to my application potential. any advice here on schools im not considering would be greatly welcome.
quick app rundown: ORM, low SES, applying USMD only, 3.87 GPA, 523 MCAT, non trad 5 years out of school, clincial >4000 hours (lots of different clinical jobs), volunteer ~1200 (leadership oriented school club), research ~2600 hours (no pubs no posters non traditional research)
school list rundown:
27 schools, 33% public, 67% private.
3 T5: Vandy, Columbia, UCSF (mission fit)
5 T15: UW (in state), Mayo, U Michigan, Kaiser, Pitt
6 T30: OHSU (strong ties), Keck, UCSD, UNC (strong ties), Colorado (strong ties), Emory
The rest which is roughly half T50 and half T100 or unranked: Dartmouth, Boston U, Rochester, Miami, Tufts, Loyola, Quinnipac, Washington state (in state), Wake forest (strong ties), Vermont, Tulane, Rush
Thank you for your input!
Edit: I added UPenn, UVA, and U Minnesota and submitted 😳 thanks to this subreddit and good luck to everyone applying!
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2023.06.03 19:32 lurking2be stopped a cold sore from forming

A little background: I get 2-4 cold sores a year, since childhood. My triggers are stress and fever but sometimes they just pop out of no where. I hate them so much, they're painful and leave a scab, and it takes 5-7 days to heal and even longer for the hyperpigmentation to fade.
So, 48 hours ago, I felt a small bump and slight tingling and I was immediately filled with dread for what the upcoming days would look like. When I first felt that I was online shopping for random stuff from a pharmacy, and I thought why not search if they have acyclovir ointment (it's otc where I live). I was skeptical though, but it was dirt cheap for a 10g tube, so I thought why not. It was delivered within 4 hours and I started using it and it just stopped it right in its track? I was positively shocked and impressed. No pain whatsoever, no blister, no thing? Just a really tiny bump that seems to decrease in size as the day goes by. I love it.
tldr: I stopped a cold sore from forming by using acyclovir within 4 hours of feeling the tingly bump
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2023.06.03 18:37 InquisitiveOne786 Does everyone want out of retail pharmacy or just my wife? Is it possible she'd be better off at another pharmacy?

My wife was in retail pharmacy for a few years but was deeply depressed with the job. She left the job and has been unemployed and looking for pharmacy adjacent jobs for about a year now, without a whole lot of luck.
She's been trying consulting companies, health data, and a few non-retail pharmacist positions, but is starting to worry she'll never get something outside of retail. The thought of going back to retail makes her upset and gloomy. I don't encourage her either way (to go back to retail or not, it's her choice), but do (quietly) wonder if she'd be happier working part-time in retail while continuing to apply for other options.
I guess my question is as follows: she's only worked at one pharmacy chain. Are they all equally bad? Is it possible her negative experience might not be the same everywhere?
She basically hated the long hours, the inconvenient scheduling, the rude customers and the Covid-related overworking. I'm assuming these will basically be the same anywhere she goes?
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2023.06.03 18:31 UnfairEcho7277 I don’t know who needs to hear this but your cvs ac should be working if it’s not please read the body text, to learn how to get it turned on.

So the reason why your air conditioner should be working is because of the pharmaceuticals In pharmacy. If your stores running to hot, CALL THE HELP DESK, tell them the pharmacy is SUPER HOT BACK THERE, and the MACHINES ARE MAKING NOISES BECAUSE THEY ARE HAVING TO RUN EXTRA HARD: also follow up with a phone call to your LOSS PREVENTION!
-cvs won’t risk 300-400k in pharmacy damages, - if you called LP, within 24 hours they will make sure a tech at least visits your LOCATION! - I hope this helps some of you.
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2023.06.03 17:56 Goonlord6000 Rank your favorite composers by how many pieces of theirs that you like

Rank your favorite composers by how many pieces of theirs that you like. Here's my current list:
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2023.06.03 17:48 boiledpeanut33 (Rant) Why aren't basic living expenses considered when people apply for Medicaid? (NYS)

Seriously, this is some bs. I'm currently receiving medicaid benefits, fortunately, but my income is becoming dangerously close to putting me over the limit. If I lose my coverage, no amount of extra hours I work will afford me coverage elsewhere.
The marketplace is a joke. Even if I had ZERO living expenses, I would not be able to afford even the cheapest marketplace plan. (Copays aside, have you SEEN those deductibles?!) If I lose coverage, I will be in medical debt for the rest of my life. Not to mention being denied my refills at the pharmacy counter for being unable to afford co-pays, or in some cases full price (even with things like GoodRX).
I have weekly therapy, monthly visits with my psychiatric NP, and a handful of expensive prescriptions I absolutely cannot live without. Not to mention the occasional checkups with my primary care doc or (God forbid) an emergency room visit if I ever need one. Like countless others, my rent alone is over half my income. What are we supposed to do?
Edit: The small business I work at (which I honestly LOVE working at) does not offer health insurance. Employer health plans are, in my past experience, also deeply unaffordable.
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2023.06.03 17:26 DedicatedSkeleton [Sun Care]is this enough???? help

let me start this off with I am a mixed woman, I got the black genes in their entirely, my little brother who is staying with me for his summer break got the wasian genes
my brother is PALE pale, he sun burns like hell, and I did NOT think it would be this bad of a problem
he spent about 3 hours on the beach with friends, he proceeded to get disturbingly sun burnt and couldn't sleep afterwards from the pain
I started treating his burns and all that and then I headed to a pharmacy, I did some half arsed panicked googling and found out spf essentially means sun protection so I proceeded to flip the pharmacy upside down looking for the highest FPS which was 50
I'm not particularly informed about sun screen OR how much/often white skin needs it, is this enough???? should he reapply often?? what do I do
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2023.06.03 17:16 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WA Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Smart Sheet Pre-Sell Account Manager Bellevue
Kaiser Medical Assistant - Dermatology Capitol Hill (40 hours) Bainbridge Island
Thriveworks Child Therapist Bellingham
Thriveworks Child Psychotherapist Bellingham
Kaiser Medical Assistant - Dermatology Capitol Hill (40 hours) Bremerton
US Foods Retail Sales Associate - Seasonal Burbank
Kaiser Medical Assistant - Primary Care Float Pool (32 hours Everett) Duvall
Kaiser Pharmacy Intern Issaquah
Allied Universal® Security Professional Kelso
Kenmore Dentistry Dental Hygienist Kenmore
Kaiser Mental Health Therapist La Center
Allied Universal® Security Officer - Mill Longview
UniFirst Route Service Representative - UniFirst ($1,000 Sign On) Marysville
Lourdes Health Mental Health Counselor -Transitions -PRN - Rotating Pasco
Kaiser Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) Renton
Kaiser CMA Renton
Kaiser Advanced Urgent Care RN - Silverdale - 15K SOB, 7p-7a Silverdale
Bickford Family Dental Care Dental Hygienist Snohomish
Western Integrated Tech Sales Agent Spokane
South Hill Periodontics Dental Hygienist Spokane
Western Integrated Tech Sales Representative Spokane
Kaiser New Grad RN - CVPCU - Sunnyside Vancouver
BOEING Aircraft Structures Mechanic- 30005 Arlington
BOEING KC-46 Structural Design Engineer Arlington
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 17:09 Ok_Aioli_1360 Odds of Getting into pharm?

Hey guys, I recently got rejected by uoft so I'm incredibly worried about waterloo's pharmacy application because it's the only other school I applied to (also my preferred choice b/c of coop).
My stats:
-Graduated with 92% cGPA in bio sci
-CASPER fourth quartile
-400+ hours of pharmacy experience as work, and around 200+ as high school coop
-Many ECs (used to run a non-profit, volunteered at my school's physio clinic, peer mentor, etc.)
I am primarily worried about the interview portion, I thought I was a little too nervous and we ran out of time in the end, but overall I thought I answered the questions well (i.e. applying ethical principles in the scenarios they asked). There was one question where I was asked to talk about my experience that was not COVID related, but I panicked and said something COVID related, so I don't know if that will impact things. I just want to know how relevant pharmacy experience, EC and FSA are in terms of the final admission process. I did FSA quite well (learned pharm calculations from the pharmacy I work at). Will ECs and FSA in this case give me an advantage? Any insight/tips would help, I am really worried rn.
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2023.06.03 16:45 Present-Shoe-8074 Stuck In Thailand: The Never-Ending Story Part 2

Yeah, so we crashed in the hills in Kamala, and I felt the stone road guard scrape against my leg and arm as we drove next to it and next thing I Remember I was on the floor. I opened my eyes as my friend is kickstarting the moped and people gather round, saying ring Ambulance. My friend said hop back on as I hoped up and got on the back bleeding out. We drove to the nearest pharmacy. They treated my wounds and wrapped me back up for 1400 baht.
My friend didn’t wanna drive anymore so even though I was injured I drove back home. After I passed out in my bed as we got back and got Rks passport and emergency cash he told us to get for him.
I woke up and looked up and everyone from the community we stayed at was at the hanging in the door looking in after hearing about my injuries. I could barely move as I took the pills the pharmacist gave me for pain and passed back out.
I woke up after something told me to get up I thought about Rk. I went on Snapchat and saw his character moving closer to the house. I called him he said the police is dropping him home to get his passport and they want to see me with my passport.
I got up immediately as I realised I gave my passport for deposit in Patong for the moped. I got changed not even considering my injuries and wrapped my leg and arm as I ran for the ped. I drove to Patong. It took me 2 hours to find the moped company. I found it eventually. I called home protested that the police have Rk and my friend from home gave the money to my sister who was gonna transfer it but was gonna have to be the next day.
I told Rk he said come they just wanna talk. I went there with my passport and they took it away and said I have to pay 100000 baht to the rental company and 40000 to the driver we crashed into. And Rk had to pay 40000 for court fees and we had 1 day to pay the 40000 to the guy we crashed into.
Rk got released and stupid us to go party with the Thai lady stacy the one we crashed with. We got fucked and went bayhill celebrating rks release. Nothing too wild. No crashes since we learned to get cabs in Thailand. ( funnily I write this from bayhill.)
We got home as reality hit us and this would be our last night out for a while. We went home ringing everyone we knew trying to get money for the company’s. We didn’t know how long this would take.
We went to the police station to pay the guy we crashed into and for anyone that don’t believe this is a true story I have evidence of everything.
I’ll fast forward time 1 week we payed off the rental company. After we was penniless we had learned our lesson the hard way and we aren’t rich we had 3k English spending me and Rk and my other friend had 1k we were far from well off.
Once we paid off the company we walked past a few times after seeing they had 2 new cars and the other one we crashed was in repair. We realised we had been fully extorted for everything we had as they smiled and waved. I had no money at all at this point and my leg was infected I was treating it day by day as I walked round with a crutch.
Now we were trying to get home but no one had enough but my other friend,(who crashed)his mum was booking him a ticket. We went to extend our visa. I didn’t have enough money so I couldn’t extend my visa, I barely paid off the company, I needed help from friends. They got there visas done and my other friend only got a 3 day extension due to being Russian. He had to leave and we wanted to give him a good send off as it set into mine and rks brain that’d we’d be stuck here.
The last day my friend was here we went partying again for the first time since the night after the crash which was about 2+ weeks ago.
(Forgot to mention Stacy snitch to police on me about the whole crash we learned in them 2 weeks and Rk had her at the house for 2 weeks near enough and she hated me and didn’t try help me even though I couldn’t walk. We came to the decision she needed to leave.)
We went out like we usually did and partied and went bayhill after I was on xannax and barely rember anything but next thing I’m in a bush and Rk and my friend were speaking to 2 girls who said come back to there hotel. They told me and bring me I went back in bayhill to get me a girl. They left me after this without telling me properly and I went back to see them gone. I had a English sim and no credit or data. I sat outside bayhill as everyone was coming out asking if my friend had been seen. A girl told me to get on the back of her ped randomly and I had no other choice lol. She took me back hers we hugged you could say lol. I woke up she took me for food and dropped me back to my friends and she demanded I gave her what she spent on me. I just was shocked thinking she done it out of good heart. I gave her 1000 baht.
I met Rk after he dropped my other friend at the airport. It set in we have to move place Tommorow and we didn’t know where we were going. We got wasted and got cab back to our place with a girl who was rks.
I woke up to the air bnb owner telling us to get out. I packed my stuff as fast as I could. We got all our stuff together and got cab to Patong. We found a small hotel off bangala road called Acca. This would be the start to our new beginnings and a downgrade you could say from our last place.
Acca was a weird hotel, my visa had run out so I had to make excuses to why I couldn’t show my passport everywhere. I forgot the first couple days at Acca but we were struggling for money bad and calling home near enough everyday. There were few days we would have enough money to enjoy ourselves. And the days we didn’t we had to tell the hotel we were waiting for money.
Acca so many memories there, we had made a few friends there so we knew most things by this point (Thais and tourists). The famous person we met the night we crashed had a YouTube channel. So people who watched his videos had seen us on there and were coming up to us asking questions. We planned on doing YouTube but nothing for us goes to plan.
I still couldn’t go out in the day because my leg couldn’t go near the sun. I was trapped inside all day and Rk would go out and meet up with the friends he met there. We got messages from friends in london I had when I was 15. They were coming to patong for a holiday and wanted to meet up.
They came and booked our hotel (different room) and we all stayed together our room slowly turned into a mess as we would get ready and go out everyday and get xannyed, drink beer and smoke weed.
We thought they were gonna be help but it made it worse they loved xannax and had money so A lot of problems would arise.
Fast forward time, Stacy was stalking Rk and I forgot to mention, Stacy was a pro Muay Thai fighter who was the champion of a popular Thai island and when she was mentioned to any local girls they would be scared knowing what she could do.
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2023.06.03 14:45 dawilliams1 Kaiser Permanente Equivalent in Dallas

Hi everyone,
I just moved out here to Dallas a few months ago, from California, and I have yet to find a Kaiser Permanente health facility equivalent out here. It is to my understanding that Kaiser doesn’t have a location in Texas and I understand that.
Basically I’m looking for a hospital that’s an all in one like Kaiser, where the primary care physicians, specialists, X-ray, MRI, pharmacy, etc. is all in one plaza, no need to be driving from location to location to get work done.
Any suggestions?
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