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News and discussion about *Hamilton* by Lin-Manuel Miranda

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Memes about being trans people in denial.

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2023.06.03 04:22 Sonic_is_dead420 Screen showing moving red and white lines, and won’t start up properly?

Hi! So I don’t really know a lot about computers, and I’ve had my pc for a couple years now with a hand-me-down graphics card from a friend. Everything was working mostly fine, until about maybe a month ago it would just freeze and go black, and I’d have to restart it and then it’d be fine for a week or so. I went to play minecraft and suddenly my screen went all red and I couldn’t do anything, I restarted my computer and it would just flash a couple weird red lines and then arrive at that automatic repair screen. I had just checked my driver for updates and it said it was fully updated. I’ve switched out the hdmi cables, switched to a different monitor, followed some instructions on using bootrec in the command promts, and the only one that didn’t respond correctly was bootrec /fixboot, which said access denied. I talked to some friends and family about it, but neither are really computer geniuses more of just technologically savvy, one says it could be a graphics card issue, which I’ve been looking to get a new one anyway, and the other says it could be a video card issue, but I obviously don’t know. Please help! Thank you!
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2023.06.03 04:11 somejobautist How should I answer my interview questions, considering I have an awkward and specific situation?

6 months ago I worked for a short time at a somewhat upscale restaurant. It was the best job I've ever had in my life and I absolutely loved the environment there and the people I worked with aside from the problems I'm about to dig into here.
I ended up getting let go from this job-- I was a slow learner, and I got let go on performance. I loved my manager and he promised to give me a good review for whatever jobs I look at next, because he said he thought I was a good person. He is the kindest, most thoughtful manager I have ever worked for. When they were letting me go, I asked if I would be able to apply again, and he said yes in 6 months. He was also telling me how optimistic he was that things would work out.
Shortly after leaving the job, my car key went missing, which I have a hunch was due to my S.O.'s mother, but sadly we had no security cameras or proof, so we couldn't just have the cops go to the house looking for the key. Instead I spent a good 5 months unemployed, my S.O. saved up to get my car towed and keys made, all the while we were struggling financially and this all lead up to now- I now have a court date for overdue insurance in June and my license is suspended, and my S.O.'s car just got repoed TODAY!! Needless to say it's been a shitshow.
I absolutely loved the environment I was working in before, and I desperately need a job at the same time (obviously). Since I officially hit the 6 month mark on the 1st, I applied to the place again. I immediately got rejected from the location I worked at. I then applied to another location and got a call to interview tomorrow right after sending the application.
Should I hide the fact that I haven't worked since? On the resume I sent in I listed the establishment as the last place I'd worked, which showed it was 6 months ago, so I was honestly surprised they called.
Ever since getting the keys dealt with again, I technically did recently accept an offer at a place in a near management position which I left after a week of training because I was seeing some red flags that turned out to be PROVEN TRUE 🙃 Such as I still haven't been paid and it's been 3 pay periods now, even though I left, and legaladvice advised to to file a wage complaint.. so who knows what I would have endured there.
Should I mention that I got this position since the title may be impressive? Or is it best to shut my mouth that I had a job that I left that soon?
Now, inevitably they are going to ask me what happened the last time I was at the restaurant. Well, buckle in and get ready to hear a little workplace drama: I was a slow learner at first, i admit it. Once I got the hang of things, though, I REALLY got it, and it honestly was the easiest job in the world to me, and I LOVED doing it when everybody wasn't on my ass. Unfortunately, since I had prior frustrated my coworkers, it got to a point where even when I was doing light-years better, I would still have coworkers be on edge with me and always excessively checking to make sure I had things done, even after I had shown that I had my stuff down pat for a while now. 2 of the coworkers, the most on my ass ones, quit, and the manager assured me it wasn't because of me, but I feel that was a lie because I told them I don't work well under guilt or pressure. Basically I had a day where I broke down to my manager in the office, hysterical crying, telling him that I know how to do things now and that nobody's noticed, and he said that many did and many did not.
Once those 2 were out, I was left with the last coworker I'd be around regularly- and it was this girl who was bitter from being paid $1 less from the rest of us. I KNEW she was going to take this opportunity to be just as on my ass, if not more, than the last two, and honestly, I just didn't have the mental fortitude to deal with it. I don't do well for social games, I don't have the heart for it, and if someone is going to try to frame me for something, I have a bad habit of just letting it happen to get it over with. The girl was already snipping and it's been too long to remember specifics at that point, but I knew she was looking for any wrong thing I did to tell my manager. I wasn't planning on doing anything wrong and I wasn't doing anything wrong, but I had had enough, I felt genuinely just sad, heartbroken that this all had transpired and I didn't have the energy to play workplace drama games with this girl, it's genuinely just not something I like doing. I felt shattered, and terrible that my coworkers quit and it boiled down to the last underpaid girl who I actually liked LESS than the 2 who were most on my ass. Those two girls were actually good girls and I thought they had great allover personalities, I just wished they had cut me some slack once I got used to things. I really had a love-hate relationship with them. But prior to any of this happening, this same underpaid girl had made it known to coworkers that she was already upset with the job and bitter, she had an attitude about it and compared it to working at mcdonalds, but none of this was EVER within management's sight that I'm aware of. So they had no idea that this girl I was now left with has been moping around bitter and not taking this job seriously and always ready to quit and be mad at anything they ask her to do due to her pay for a while now. Thats why I lost my ability to play this game so quickly-- she was very visibly eager to try to dimish my every effort from the jump once the two coworkers left and she felt she had me all to herself and had leverage now, and could easily outsmart and outbeat me. I don't even remember what it was, but I snapped and told her I had covid (I didn't), because I knew she would freak out and ask not to be scheduled with me. I was suspended for 3 days because I caused such an upset with the covid comment and then returned to work. I figured once I said that I'd get in trouble but then it would blow over, and I was hoping they wouldn't schedule me with her any more, since they had just brought in a guy from another department to what my position was and he was REALLY good and I absolutely loved working with and learning from him. So after my 3 days, I go in for my next scheduled shift and I see I'm working with her again, even though I had sent a hotschedule message asking to be scheduled with the guy. Which my manager said was fine, but I couldn't do anything about the already posted next 2 weeks on the schedule, it just isn't a workplace where they will alter it. So once I see her I decided to whip out all of my work in the first hour, and I DID. I went complete horsepower mode and knocked out my whole shifts of work in the first hour, and went and laid down in the back for a second. I knew I may get in trouble for laying down, but I just wanted it to be over. I was exhausted as I had been up all night because a manipulative family member had an episode for the first time in a long time of not having one, waking me up when I needed to sleep for my shift. So when I knocked out all of my work in that one hour, I gave her NO room to talk to me. She was very obviously upset that I wasn't consulting her every 2 seconds and I didn't want to deal with this- it had me kicking my ass into gear to complete all that work so hard, but I knew this was the last time I could deal with this. I broke. So I decided to kind of ask for trouble a second time, after the whole lying about covid ordeal, and kind of laid down in the back.. somewhat on purpose, and somewhat because I was actually tired, because I knew this may be thr last straw where I get fired, and I just wanted it to all be done and over with, I was so sad, I just didn't want to have to work in such a degrading way like this where I am forever indebted to everyone and I have to prove my worth at 100X speed and be the picture perfect worker there, when I was already doing GOOD at that point. Alas, that was the last straw and it was over. And to be fair, just being a slow learner wasn't my only problem. Okay, I'm just going to be honest now. I learned at a decent pace, but my two ACTUAL biggest mistakes were that 1.) I have chronic pain and didn't disclose when I interviewed that I need to be home at a certain time in the evening (9/930 latest) to take a medication that impairs my driving, else I have trouble walking and it really slows me down. 2.) I projected my OCD onto the company and purposely overlapped the floors, making them think I was just a slow learner 😬😬 I did this with employee bathrooms as well. I also sprayed down spots of the employee bathrooms we weren't expected to spray down and was in fact told at first that we're NOT supposed to clean those parts, which gave me the ick and I would secretly spray those parts because they would be common/basic parts. Come to find out later that new guy said that's actually how we WERE supposed to do it.. anyways, at the end of the day during bathroom duties I wouod already be slowing down due to my pain to begin with since my medication wasn't getting into my body at the appropriate time, and on top of THAT, my slowing down was even worse because I was sneakily cleaning these parts of the bathroom that everyone would scold you for cleaning because it took too much time. So therenow you know the truth, i was contemplating just baring it all, so there it is. How in HEAVENS am I to explain this tomorrow? Since the manager said he would give me a good reference anywhere, should I assume he is also going to do that for me to the same restaurant of another location nearby? I am scared of putting my foot in my mouth, because what if I TL;DR the truth for them or tell them that I was bad, only for the manager to say I was great, and then it looks weird and I don't get hired, or, what if I lie and tell them I was great but the manager tells THIS place the truth, since it is the same chain? Basically what if his offer to give me a good reference only extends to external places unassociated with the company? Since I was rejected IMMEDIATELY after sending the resume into my prior location, I worry that the restaurant may hear the entire lowdown on what's happened. How should I navigate this? Another thing is now that the one car is suspended and one is repoed as of today, my S.O. and I are living with a relative, so that relative has to drive us around, so I'd have to leave around 4:30-5pm until he can get the car back, or until I pay my insurance AND get the okay from the state that I am officially unsuspended, because he needs toe dropped off at work around 6-630, he works graveyard. Basically the relative would have to drop me off to work, come and get me with him when I'm off my shift, and drop him off (I doubt she would let him use the car alone). Unless I'm thinking about this wrong, which I admit, my mind is currently overflooded and overwhelmed with what to do.
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2023.06.03 03:56 Professional-Ride735 I don't understand how this works.

It's been about 6 months since I've quit my latest job and I've been struggling to find employment since. So much so, I'm seriously considering going to school instead of finding another job. During this time I've come to feel what I can only describe as empty. I'm not trying to sound edgy in any way, but it really feels as if my mind is empty, or maybe it's a strong feeling that something is missing and I can't find it.
No matter what I do nothing seems truly fun anymore, but I'm never truly bored. If I do something that I enjoy it kinda feels like I'm just acting, and that I'm not truly enjoying whatever it is I'm doing. Furthermore, I haven't had any sort of relationship with anyone in almost two years. Granted I am a bit of a shut in.
Shut in or not, I do my best to stick with my excersice routine and eat right. The least I can do is take care of myself.
With all that out of the way I ask two questions:
Any advice is appreciated, no matter how harsh. I'm really just looking to get someone else's perspective.
I'll clarify anything if need be in the comments.
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2023.06.03 01:45 Interobjectivity This really hurts

It may not be what I believe, or at least not what I want to believe. Given the situation, its effect on me, and the fact that there really is no end in sight, I really can't carry on this way.
It hurts immensely, but I really do have an obligation, to myself and to people who care about me, to seriously ask myself if that isn't just the pain of losing my connection to an abuser.
You know who you are. If you merely suspect, this is for someone else and there's no need to worry.
e: I know you'll find this. You won't miss the chance to watch me. But that's all you want to do... watch me.
Which is rather ironic. Do you even know what stalking is? It isn't when someone asks to talk with you. It is when someone wants to watch and have a surveillance-based relationship with someone, without regard for their consent.
Although I can only imagine that it rarely occurs, that can certainly include actively declining a more respectful relationship. It is always, however, an unhealthy, disrespectful, and potentially dangerous substitute for an ordinary relationship.
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2023.06.03 01:23 sarai-ymt20 My lent someone my debit card and they won’t text me back

Hi. I’m 20f and I live in Southern California. I had recently joined a dating app because I haven’t been in a relationship in quite some time and I thought this would be the best way to “get back into the game”.
I started matching with people pretty quickly until I met someone who I thought was cute and we started taking. Fuck his privacy he stole my card, his name is Juan. When we started talking he told me to add him on insta so we can talk there and later gave me his number. I thought it was a little fishy but I didn’t say anything. He told me he did a modeling job where he gets paid a lot and his bank account was frozen due to all the money he was making. I didn’t think much of it.
Not too long after he asked me if I could do him a favor and I played a long. He asked if he can transfer his money into my account so that way we can meet up so he could withdraw the money and he would give me a grand if I helped him out (at the time I had just got laid off and I was struggling to find work) and I agreed. He asked for my address and everything and don’t worry I didn’t give him my SSN. He had access to my mobile banking app but hadn’t done anything. He then asked if we can meet up so I can give him my card so he can deposit money and me being stupid, I complied.
Next thing I know he got my account locked and my bank called me asking what was going on and that they were going to close my account on 6/12/23 if we couldn’t get it corrected. I lied and made something up which did help me prevent my account from getting shut down. The banker had told me the check was fake and that they were gonna remove it and restore my account. I had told juan and he told me he was going to talk about his work to give him another check and he would let me know what would happen. It’s been 7 days and he hasn’t texted me. I kept trying to text him asking for my card back but no reply. I checked his insta account and he had blocked me.
I have already changed my account password, asked for a replacement card and I’m just waiting for my card to come in the mail. I know I willingly gave some stranger my card but I have his phone number and a picture of his insta account.
Can anyone help me out?
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2023.06.03 01:20 fishmoleyclapttv Is my ferret sleeping on top of blankets a sign I should be ready for the worst? (Context below)

My ferret was diagnosed with having a mass on her liver that has to be removed. Her liver enzymes are outrageously high as to be expected with such a diagnosis. All around she acts gone when she's awake and plays and eats and drinks and that hasn't changed. Now it's starting to get a little warm where I live but she's never slept anywhere but in hidey holes or drawers or within blankets on the floor. Now starting today she is sleeping ok top of the blanket we have on the bottom of her cage, snuggled up next to a giant plushy on the carpet, and on top of a towel inside the carrier she likes we have out. We won't be able to get her the surgery until next week the earliest and I just need to know... Is this a sign she won't make it till then? Should I be ready for it to turn to the worst suddenly?...
And before anyone says it I am doing everything I can with a vet even getting ready to shell out 5k for her surgery to remove the mass, it's just impossible to do it immediately as next week is the earliest possible.
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2023.06.03 00:53 alicia_faye9 050723.0439 dear reader, you can understand now

i just feel alone.
i hate it so much. i cant tell it to anyone.
cant you tell i just said it in my head
no you didnt?
i cant keep telling them my problems i tell them and it seems like im making it about myself
you do that for [_]
i listen to her
she ignores when you look sad
. you cant expect her not to though she has things to do
its not all about you alicia youre talking to yourself you know youve really lost it
i cant get you out of my head
alicia stop acting sick its not normal
.nobodys going to see it al
then why dont you delete what you wrote each time clearly youre keeping it for some reason
im not i just want to keep it
i said i dont know
you cant expect me to read you all the time thats why i ask
okay? is that all get help alicia if someone tried to read this theyd think youre _
with who
with anyone im saying you sound not normal
i dont know what to do i dont know ill drown myself in work will it help?
and i need to i cant keep being this lazy
alicia you really believe i exist
i dont
youre writing so normally
youre really saying that?
im not annoying anyone this way
youre worrying me
i mean it
if im gone so are you
its okay
will i always be like this?
always its your fault no? you dont bother finding help
i want to talk so badly but i cant he doesnt give a damn anymore and our talks are so stilted it makes me want to cry but i cant do anything about it i brought it on myself and covered how bland and uncaring he was before
you dont deserve anyone alicia you mess it so much i hate watching
if you were there why didnt you just tell me why did you just listen
because youre not normal
thats what i meant why did you just listen
i didnt know what to do im still just you i dont know what i couldve said
you couldnt
no its okay dont worry about it you still have me and im not going anywhere
i cant tell who you are and if youre me
i know we became similar.
i cant help it i miss him you cant meet him anymore youre not together in anything dont [] please just work work and get there and pass and you can be with him no i cannot i cant do that to someone who will be [] i cant alicia i _ i dont know what to do alicia i dont know how to stop it you did though dont mention it here okay i wont its okay dont worry alicia youre safe with me
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2023.06.03 00:34 OkEggplant3675 Swelling and lumps in vein persisting 2 months after IV Phenergan push

Background: 29F, 5’8”, 230lbs, white, smoker, no illicit drug use, moderate alcohol use. Medications: levothyroxine 50mcg, Effexor 37.5mg, topiramate 200mg, abilify 10mg, guanfacine 3mg, Focalin 25mg, Lipitor 20mg, Kyleena IUD Diagnosed conditions: fibromyalgia, PCOS, hypothyroid, ADHD, Hidradenitis suppurativa, Hypercholesteremia Information: I get IV ketamine infusions for chronic pain (fibromyalgia). Before the infusion starts, I am given IV promethazine and toradol to prevent nausea and migraines. On March 27th, they started an IV in my left hand. I remember them being unsure about the vein, trying a saline flush, and saying it was “giving resistance”. But they decided to try to give the promethazine (not sure about the toradol) directly into the port in my hand. It immediately started badly burning all the way up my forearm and I asked them to stop. They flushed it with saline and that burned badly too. We wound up doing the rest of the infusion in a different vein in my other arm. A few days later, I noticed pain and swelling in the vein the promethazine was given in. After a few more days, three lumps started forming in the vein, one quite large one (in picture 2), a smaller one above that, and another small one on my wrist bone. Redness (in picture 1) of surrounding skin also comes and goes. This issue has only been getting more swollen and painful over the past two months. I saw a NP for this today and she did an X-ray which showed nothing abnormal. She was concerned it may be a blood clot and I’m wondering if others agree. She wants me to get an ultrasound as well, but I can’t get in for this for some time. I’m concerned that if it is a clot, it could migrate/ become dislodged and cause further problems. Is this concern warranted (especially considering I smoke and am on birth control?) Is this something that can wait more time than it already has, or should I be more assertive here or something? Thanks in advance for any help/ advice!
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2023.06.03 00:33 bEAnGAMES book about pre-teens during cold war USA !

hello all, im looking to find a book i read when i was in probably the 5th grade. i dont remember the title or any character names, but what i do remember is there being a light blue cover (probably) and it being about a girl and a new friend of hers whos family owns a convenience store, and ends up having a sort of .. battle of the sexes? with some neighborhood boys? sorry if this sounds insane but i really wanna read this as an adult lol
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2023.06.03 00:22 PuritanPuree Everybody Plays Anything! June 2nd

Welcome to Everybody Plays Anything, the place for all Fire Emblem fans to post their playthroughs of their favorite non-FE games (or FE games, I don't care)! Feel free to start up any game your heart so desires!
Current ongoing playthroughs:
PuritanPuree - Oldschool Runescape, Genshin Impact
Gravity_Queen - Final Fantasy XIV
lycheetea - Fire Emblem Engage
GullibleParsley08 - Trails of Coldsteel 2
Beddict - Final Fantasy XIV, Genshin Impact
NN010 - Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, Scarlet Nexus & Star Wars: The Old Republic, Horizon: Forbidden West, Fates: Birthright
pinpac12 - Granblue Fantasy, FEH, MHGU, Digimon Cyber Sleuth
Toadinator2000 - Gravity Rush
ZeroIV4 - Xenoblade Chronicles 2
PokiBash - Payday 2
TheFlamingHighwayman - Mstroid Dread
RaisonDetriment - Psychonauts
that_wannabe_cat - A mish mash of things really
Shinobi_X5 - Dark Souls 3, Danganronpa
Hopefully lots of you will join in on the fun! Enjoy everybody's playthroughs!
Yesterday's Update
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2023.06.03 00:00 AutoModerator Ready for Battle? What are we trading this week? [Official Trade Ideas Mega Thread] Week of June 02, 2023 - June 08, 2023

Stonks. Options. Crypto. [Official Trade Ideas Mega Thread]

What are your big moves and ideas for this week?

Get Money.

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2023.06.02 23:37 Formal_Cable_7510 Gigabyte H610M S2H DDR4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard

good evening, i am currently mid way through planning my first pc build and i am planning on using the Gigabyte H610M S2H DDR4 motherboard i have checked the gigabyte website and it states the board supports 12th and 13th gen cpu's and i am planning on using the i5-13400F intel cpu. however whilst watching a random pc video the builder states that he may need to update the bios however i am unsure if i would be comfortable doing this in the case of it breaking and i am unsure on what to although pc part picker states the all parts are compatible
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2023.06.02 22:56 Academic-Truck-3958 I met my sisters deceased father

before I was born my sister’s dad died in a car accident. He was drunk, driving and ran off the road, but growing up nobody ever talked about it and nobody ever said anything about it so I never did either because I didn’t want to ask any questions if it was a sensitive topic, but anyway, my mom had a baby with him and had my sister. Her father passed when she was five. so growing up she used to make and try and make contact with spiritual things and I feel like it was her trying to make contact with her dad anyway in her teenage years she got more addicted to this feeling and addicted to the idea of talking to her dad at least that’s what I assumed. My sister once had come in my room late at night and suddenly she started to zone out, with a solid face and eyes dead out, and she would stop, and she would look out in the hallway and with a very soft voice, clam as she could be, with a hint of fear surrounding the air and silence as she spoke, to something that she saw was there. telling it to leave her sister alone, and to go back to the kitchen. she said that she would be there later. she told me to close my eyes, and go to sleep. and whatever i did, don’t look in the mirror till morning. my bed was in front of my mirror. i close my eyes and my sister told me to keep my eyes shut till daylight. suddenly in the middle of the night my sister screamed, a bookshelf on her wall, a nail fell off her bookshelf and went straight into her eye. i woke up, and ran to our moms room screaming, catching a glimpse of something in my peripheral , which only scared me worse, letting me know it wasn’t just us: suddenly, this cold touch came over me, that felt like a firm touch on my back, and one on my shoulder. pulling me backwards as i slowly started to walk backwards in the way i was being pulled. in fear, it led me back to my bed and it felt like i was sat down. my eyes felt heavy, and i felt cold and captured, almost as if my body was stiff, i couldn’t move.. i opened my eyes what seemed like days later, and i was on the ground, i got up to go see what was going on as my mother was staring into the hallway laughing, directly at me. something in her eyes was cold, and red. she fell, and slammed her head on the table and started shaking like she was having a seizure, as she started laughing hysterically, as she would stop and look back at the hallway, and do it all over again. my sister was nowhere to be found, as my step dad was trying to get my mom up. the rest of the night was a blur, and i didn’t remember it. but i woke up the next morning, and went to school. nobody was home when i woke up, and i didn’t ask questions, i honestly washer sure i wanted to know. when i got home i laid down in my bed, and had turned to go to bed facing the mirror. immediately, i saw a tall figure. dark, looked as if there was a cape surrounding the body. the eyes poked out in a dark red, that was glowing green. the figure didn’t move, and neither did i. unfortunately the way i was laying, it looked as if it was above my head. i closed my eyes tight as i heard a step, and jumped out of fear and looked back in the mirror, the figure was closer than it was before. to the mirror, but as i slowly turned my head around, nothing was there. i looked in the mirror once again, and it was even closer. i had recognized the eyes, red but glowing green, my sisters had had green eyes, and was about the height that was always described. i knew it was him, as i felt his presence, angry at me. my mom had cheated on him with my father, and had me. i knew he hated me, for i ruined his family. is what he whispered in my ear. fear closed my throat, as if i was being choked, as if i was being held by my throat. the rest of it, i have no memory of.
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2023.06.02 22:40 IDontLikeRylee bad reducer or bad backfocus? looking for second opinions.

hi all. i recently bought a long perng field flattener / 0.6x reducer. i put it on my explore scientific ed102 f/7 to make it 428mm f/4.2. i am using a 533mm, so small sensor.
i was able to image last night, and got about 3h 40min of ha data on the sadr region. i was able to reach a focus point. however, the corner stars are trailed and have a + shape. it follows typical "too far" backfocus aberration. however, i used the exact same backfocus for my 1x flattener which produced clean corner stars and also perfectly follows the backfocus guide zwo provides.
so therefore my question is: do i need to make backfocus adjustments? or is this just a shitty flattener? if the latter, what is a good 0.6x reducer for f/7 refractors?
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2023.06.02 22:14 jobar700 I hate living so goddamn much

I hate it. I hate when I wake up. I hate having to study and work for a living. I hate puting on a façade when talking to other people so they don't avoid me. I hate my body, my mind, my purposelessness. It's all so fake, so devoid of meaning, so... tiring. Being born was the worst thing that ever happened to me, after that it's only been a series of increasingly horrible events. Why do I have to keep making an effort just to get through another shitty day? Oh, that's right, because this world doesn't care if you're miserable, you just have to deal with it or end up left behind.
I've always dreamed of a hero that I know will never come to my aid, some miraculous person able to heal my hatred for this rotten world and make my pain go away. But there is no miracle. My pain is mine and mine alone, no one can help me change it, no one can help me defeat it. And yet, every night I go to bed, I still think of that hero tending their hand to me, waking me from the neverending nightmare, because I still want that glimpse of hope. But if there is no hero coming to the rescue, why hold out at all? Why not surrender? The pain will never be worth it if there's no end to it. And there will be no end to it. The hero isn't real, just as God isn't real. And even if a deity capable of helping me existed, it has already forsaken me.
Everyone and everything forsakes me in the end, always. First they killed my inner child, after that my faith in the world, then they got rid of my passions, my hopes, my dreams, and now, finally, there is only left an empty, heartbroken, closed-off carcass that used to be a person. A carcass that will not be saved. A carcass with no future.
I just hate living so fucking much.
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2023.06.02 22:01 JesseTheThreest [M4Any/All] Reacquisition of Valuable "Assets"

This is my first time trying to make a actual narrative for the post itself, and it'll act as a bit of context for the rp, should you choose to give me a bit of your time.
[Recently, you'd gotten your hands a bit dirty by doing various jobs for an agency who have stayed anonymous. They hire you, you do your job, you get paid well, so you've never exactly really cared who they are.]
[Though, this time, they gave you a different job. Hunt down a specified entity, and return them to the agency in a "healthy state and a timely manner." The mention of a "healthy state" was odd. What was even more odd was they paid extra, and even some up front.]
[Well, it was easy enough figuring out where he was hiding. Some old, abandoned broken down mall in the downtown area. It was dark and rainy out, so you didn't mind the excuse of getting to get out of the rain.]
[You manage to get through the doors with a bit of effort. You flick on your flashlight and glance around, the sound of water falling coming from generally all directions, why wouldn't it. As you press deeper into the mall, examining each abandoned shop closely, you do notice that there are few things out of place, and they seem to be recent.]
[You're on the right track.]
I hope that snippet of story is good enough for whoever may be reading this! If you wish to rp, hit me up in my dm's, and I'll probably respond shortly.
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2023.06.02 21:47 inky-noodle I AM SO SICK OF IT

I'm 36wks 5d and I AM SICK OF IT.
I'm sick of the unsolicited advice, comments on my body, hearing other peoples labor and birth stories and what I "definitely should/shouldn't do" like they know me at all?? Every pregnancy, labor, delivery, and baby is SO DIFFERENT their advice probably won't even matter! I'm sick of being called "Mom" or "Mama" instead of my frigging actual name! I'm sick of people telling me my life is over while simultaneously encouraging my husband in his hobbies! I'm sick of people asking me what my plans are for labor etc just to tell me I'm wrong in my opinions and what I want because "trust me you'll need the epidural" okay maybe I will but maybe it will be fine otherwise?! I just want to hide in my bed until this baby is born and then be a freaking hermit because I am SO GD SICK OF HEARING IT. But I'll get judged for that too! I don't ever want to go through this process again for so many reasons and when I tell people that I just get "oh you'll change your mind"! Just leave me be!
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2023.06.02 21:00 Professional-Nerd25 25 [M4F] UK/Europe - Big Cuddly Nerd Looking for the One!

Hello there!
So I've been single for over 4 years now and honestly I'm missing having someone to cuddle up with when it's cold out, and to share all the snacks with during cosy nights in (I'm eating two people's worth of snacks right now and it's seriously not good for me!). Normal dating apps suck, and I've met some cool people here before, so let's try this again!
I know appearance is important to a lot of people so I'll start by saying I'm not the greatest looking person in the world. I'm happy to share some terrible selfies once we've been chatting for a bit, but here's a quick summary to start with. I'm white, I've got short brown hair, and blue/greyish eyes. I am fat (not just a bit chubby), but I am also 6'4 so that's gotta be a good thing right? I'm also pretty strong, so combine that with all the extra padding and I can guarantee the best hugs and cuddles you've ever had! Plus, wanna see what life's like up here? Come and sit on my shoulders and enjoy the view! Even if you're on the heavier side yourself, I'm willing to bet I could get you up there 💪
I work as a Senior AV technician at a university down here. It's pretty fun, I get to play with all sorts of technology and I really enjoy my job, even if it does get a bit stressful at times with all the big projects we're doing.
Unfortunately with covid and the current economic situation and the general state of the world I can't afford to move out and I'm still living at home, but I'm making the most of not having to pay a mortgage and rent and everything at the moment by saving up for a new car and planning on doing some travelling later in the year. My first plan is a trip to Svalbard and I'd totally love someone to come and join me!
Outside of work I'm pretty much the typical gamesci-fi/fantasy nerd! I built a gaming PC a couple of years ago and I'll give pretty much any game a go. I'm not really into competitive type games since I'm not very good at them (I can't carry you ingame but I totally will in real life 😛), but survival and adventure stuff is always fun. I'm also into strategy games and all the usual fun multiplayer stuff. I also got back into Warhammer 40K a couple of years ago but that has kind of slowed down now since I kind of overwhelmed myself with models and burnt out on the painting a little bit...
Film and TV wise I mostly like Sci-Fi and Fantasy stuff, Star Wars, Marvel, LOTR, and Dr Who are some of my favourites. I do also like a good horror film, or a good documentary, usually on some obscure paranormal weird thing. If anyone fancies doing any ghost hunting or exploring I'll happily come and see what happens!
So what kind of person am I looking for? Well;
Preferably someone in the UK (especially down in the South East), I can drive so basically anywhere in the country is fairly easy to get to.
I don't mind if you're from abroad, but please be from an English speaking country (US/Canada/Australia/etc), or willing to relocate to the UK someday as I've tried learning other languages in the past and it's definitely not happening.
Physically I don't really have a "type". Anything from normal up to thicc with 5 c's is fine by me, the only real preference is that you're not super skinny since I don't wanna be worried about breaking you 😂 I'm totally not bothered by height, even if somehow you're taller than me!
Overall I'm just looking for someone kind, caring, and non-judgemental who actually wants to talk to and spend time with me as much as I want to talk to and spend time with them.
If you've made it this far and like the sound of me, congratulations! Come and message me for a cookie!
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2023.06.02 20:44 PresentationNo3507 How do I (30f) tell my parent (69m) I want to move back to our home state?

My family has a very unique dynamic for a number of reasons that I won’t disclose here. I (30f) live with my spouse (30NB), a parent(60sM), and a sibling. Do to our circumstances, we have chosen to live together permanently. It’s not an option for us to not live together.
3 years ago, we left the small city we grew up in and where my spouse’s family lives, and we moved cross country to be closer to my other siblings. Things haven’t been going great on that front. Career wise, it’s been good for my spouse and I, but we both agree we don’t want to live here long term the way we both thought. I’ve also been really struggling to find where I fit in here and have struggled to make friends and it’s affecting my mental health. And my spouse really misses their family and I don’t want this to impact our marriage.
My spouse and I are thinking about moving our family back to our home state, but in a bigger city (in part to be closer to my spouse’s family, because they are close). I am the main breadwinner of the family, my spouse supplements our income. My parent is retired and pays for their own expenses, but could not afford to live on their own.
The thing is, my parent loves living here, and didn’t love our home state. I don’t know how to talk to them about this. We usually have a very open and honest relationship but I can’t bring myself to talk about this with them because it feels like I’m failing.
Does anyone have any advice?
TLDR: we moved, we’re not all happy, and need to figure out how to talk about moving again
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2023.06.02 20:38 kauppimartha “I Don't Have Enough Time to Connect With My Partner"

“I Don't Have Enough Time to Connect With My Partner
Strategies for a common relationship challenge
“I want to connect intimately with my partner–to have great, super-passionate sex, or even just to cuddle and gaze into each other’s eyes for a little while. But I have to get the kids to school, and get everything done for my job, and take Mom to her doctor’s appointments, and the new puppy isn’t housetrained, and… and… and…”
If you feel like you have too much on your plate, and an ever-smaller portion is getting allocated to romantic time, you’re in good company. This is one of the most common things I hear from my clients. We’ve all got tons of responsibilities, tons of work, tons of projects, and anything that’s not 100% pressing tends to get pushed back and then even further back. (Ask me how I know! I’ve got every burner running in my life, too.)
So, what’s an overachiever to do?
  • Get in touch with what you really want. Focus on the emotions here. Consider: What do I want to experience? Feelings of being engaged, fulfilled, connected, or…? What kinds of activities (or inactivity) give me the experiences I am seeking?
  • Take stock of the many activities that are filling up your time. Which ones give back to you? Which ones light you up? And which ones drain your energy?
  • Prepare for discovery. It’s possible that this internal assessment will result in discovering that having some peace and quiet or “me” time comes before sex. That’s perfectly fine and very common! In that case, it will be interesting to see what happens when you get that need met. Will you find yourself with more energy for things like sex and romance? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s worth trying the experiment just to learn more.
  • Look for your inner motivation. What do I want more of, and why? If you want more sex or connection with your partner, why do you want that? How will it serve you? Why is it important? Perhaps because it feels great to be close, because it makes you feel loved and chosen, because it feels wonderful to have access to a different side of your partner–whatever’s true for you. Find the internal motivation that enables you to actually do what is necessary to make it happen.
  • Prepare to let some things go. Acknowledge that in any given period of time you probably won’t get everything you could possibly want, or do everything you could possibly do. Figure out realistically how often you are willing to give something else up to make room for the things that keep falling off your list (but that you really want for yourself). Hint: many people drop some of the things that drain energy in order to make room for some things that create beautiful energy.
  • Organize yourself around taking action on what is important to you. If the change you want was going to happen automatically, it would already have happened. You will probably need to take some action to make something different happen, and you can leverage your motivation (see above) to help you take action. Focus on why it is important and how it will pay off if this feels like a stretch or a challenge.
  • Consider asking for assistance. Would this be more successful if you and your partner took a teamwork approach? Maybe a burst-of-energy applied to household responsibilities could free up a little time for both of you. In my home, this might be a 30 minute cleaning frenzy to create some psychic space for enjoyment in a less chaotic space, or maybe one of us tackling some errands while the other does yardwork, so we both will have an hour free at 3 pm. Working together as a team with focused energy tends to bring up the tone of interactions as a whole. That’s likely to have cascading effects for every part of your relationship, and it might also result in more sex. Try it yourself if you haven’t!
  • If need be, call on more hands. You might consider enlisting your larger community: can your friends or family take the kids for a night? Can you consider a trade with friends–maybe treating them to dinner in exchange for help with a task that’s been looming over your head? Can you plan a “paperwork party” or “extra-stuff-purge party” or “mending party” with music, snacks, and company to get through some of the tasks that are distracting you from connection?
Since we’ve all recently been through a global pandemic, I also want to highlight that there are seasons in life. Some seasons have room for more sex, some are for recuperation, and some can be crisis times when it works best to just keep your head down and keep moving.
If you are in a crisis period, don’t beat yourself up over not having as much time or desire for connection. However, it’s very worth putting some serious thought into how you will intentionally recover once the crisis is over:
  • How are you and your partner going to work together, making sure you can bounce back from this busy season?
  • How will you know when the crisis is over and you can start moving back towards each other?
  • How do you create the space within yourself to allow your partner to start moving back towards you?
  • How do you break the habit of feeling super stressed out?
Being intentional about this makes all the difference, because it can be easy to fall into a habit of just moving farther apart as life places more demands on us.
Originally published on Psychology Today.
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2023.06.02 20:25 throwawayformusic11 .

All I do is make things worse. I really shouldn't be here anymore
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2023.06.02 19:28 janice-bingaling I haven’t told my coworkers+boss about how tough my week has been personally. Is that weird?

In the last month my mom has had surgery and then my dog had to get emergency surgery. I (25f) have been their caregiver while also working full-time. I have an office job but I do not have the option to work remote, so I have had to take a few PTO days when my mom and dog need me the most. Although I’m running out of PTO and can’t afford to miss work.
This week my dog started having seizures and was very disoriented. I was going to take him to the vet but then my mom was pre-septic and had to have emergency surgery. My brother was out of town the last two weeks but will be helping me next week and my aunt is coming to town tonight, so I will have more help.
I didn’t mention to anyone at work what’s been going on. When I asked to take a remote day when my mom had her initial surgery only 1 person asked how she was after. When I told them my dog needed emergency surgery they didn’t really react or care, even though I’ve made it very obvious that my world revolves around him. My boss also told me I needed to step it up when I hadn’t been as productive recently.
I haven’t been able to exercise because I’m taking care of them and working. I have been out of my routine so my arthritis and migraines are acting up again. I don’t tell people I have arthritis because I’m young and they usually tell me I don’t actually have it (it was diagnosed by a doctor???). I’ve been in pretty constant pain but still getting all my work done and even going above and beyond on a project this week so my boss leaves me alone.
I was discussing this with an old coworker and she had a similar experience. She had lost a family member before I started and none of my coworkers offered to help with her workload or checked in on her at all. She said her new work is the opposite, so I’m trying to get a job there.
Is it weird that I haven’t mentioned how much I have been struggling recently especially this week? I don’t really see the point and don’t feel comfortable telling these people about my life, but I’m also worried this is strange social behavior.
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