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2013.11.16 04:56 AtomicEleven SVExchange: Pokémon Shiny Value Hatching

This community is dedicated to hatching shiny Pokémon using a technique known as Shiny Value Hatching! Each Pokémon egg has a hidden 4-digit number associated with it, as does each trainer (you, in game). If the number for the egg matches that of the trainer hatching it, the resulting Pokémon will be shiny! We're here to match those numbers and hatch shinies! This mechanic works in Pokémon X, Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. It does not work in Sword/Shield.

2010.08.09 07:23 parkman47 GENCON

Gen Con is the largest tabletop-game convention in North America by both attendance and number of events. It features traditional pen-and-paper, board, and card games, including role-playing games, miniatures wargames, live action role-playing games, collectible card games, and strategy games. And this is the subreddit to talk about it!

2023.04.02 14:02 jeriku Bing App, Edge App, and now the Start App.. which do you use for Rewards and why?

I currently have all three on my phone and I’m not sure which is the best for the sole intent of Microsoft Rewards.
It seems the Bing app is less laggy overall but does not give you the option of getting Edge searches.
Edge allows you to get those searches but I often time have to click the same link thrice to get the rewards to trigger.
Start? Haven’t really used this much.
Just curious what app others are using daily for their Mobile rewards. :)
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2023.04.02 14:02 AutoModerator [Get] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google

[Get] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google
Download Course Here:
[Get] Define Digital Academy – Sell More With Google

What You Get:

Module 1: Everything you need to know about eCommerce & Google Ads including exactly how Google Shopping & Performance Max campaigns work.

This is important because I wholeheartedly believe that you cannot succeed at Google Ads if you don’t understand how these types of campaigns work.

Module 2: How to start selling your products with Google Ads the RIGHT way!

Remember how I said that one of the biggest reasons for why people don’t see succeed with Google Ads is because their account and campaigns are set up the wrong way? Well, in this module I will show you the exact account and campaign structures that you need to create for success with Google Ads.

Module 3: My ‘secret’ (well until now 😄) advanced campaign and account structures that I use to build and scale brands to generate millions of dollars in product sales every single year!

In this module I do not hide anything, and I even show you the set-up of some of my actual campaigns.

Module 4: Build guaranteed sales and profits with this optimisation strategy.

When optimising a Google Shopping or Performance Max campaign, a clear step by step process should be followed, I will take you through all of the different optimisation options you have, so you can find the problems and then fix the problems.
In this module I even breakdown exactly what you need to check and optimise in your Shopping and Performance Max campaigns very 72 hours, every week, every month & every 90 days.

Module 5: Know what types of campaigns to use & when to use them!

For success you need a clear strategy on what campaigns will be used for, I will teach you:
  • Your ‘Always on’ & “Promotional periods’
  • Aggressive market domination strategies
  • Defensive market protection strategies
  • Which campaigns build your revenue
  • Which campaigns build your brand

Module 6: called ‘To the moon with double digit growth 🚀’

In this teaching I take you through how to review your performance and bidding strategies so that you can review the correct data AND then make the correct decisions to ensure that you will see month on month growth. This module also includes real life examples from accounts that I personally manage.
A BONUS module which breaks down the top 5 principles that you need for high converting landing pages PLUS also breaks down the best performing product page requirements from current high performing ecommerce product pages. The best thing about this training is that it is all based on data that was complied from over 10,000 individual user tests.
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2023.04.02 14:02 AutoModerator [Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Full Course 2023

[Get] Biaheza – Dropshipping Full Course 2023
Biaheza's Full Dropshipping Course
Exactly how I started a multi-million dollar business from my bedroom.
In this course I don’t talk about regurgitated strategies that should work “in theory” and “mindset” like most. Instead we go through step by step and build a real live dropshipping store that does over one thousand dollars it’s first full day of being live (profitable right from the get go). I explain everything along the way and talk about how I scale much further from there!
FEATURES OF THE COURSE The main focus of this course is to help beginners build a store on Shopify and market it through Tik Tok ads. As Facebook ads got more strict, expensive and less effective, a lot of dropshippers have silently moved over to Tik Tok.
Due to the pandemic, people are more used to longer shipping times than ever. Combined with how effective and profitable Tik Tok ads currently are, I truthfully don’t think there has been a better time to get into dropshipping. This is the most revealing piece of content I have ever put out, as I even reveal some of my personal best selling products
My process for starting these stores is fairly similar every time, meaning you can use these exact steps to start your own The style of website you will learn to build in this program is simple to create yet has lead to world class level conversion rates.
Course Curriculum
How Dropshipping Really Works The Four Pillars of Dropshipping Should You Outsource Everything PILLAR ONE Checklist for Products that ACTUALLY Sell Where Do You Find Winning Products Revealing Products I’ve Sold in the Past PILLAR TWO What Type of Store Should You Start Explaining The Product We’re Choosing Creating a Shopify Website From Scratch Step by Step High Conversion Rate Product Page Tips Creating the Product Page Step by Step Importing Reviews to Product Page Final Branded Website Result
Pillar Three
Where to get Content for Advertisements Creating a Real Advertisement Tik Tok Organic Marketing Creating Company Social Media Pages Finished Winning Tik Tok Page Layout Pillar Four How Tik Tok Ads Work Setting Up a Tik Tok Ad Account Running the Store to $1,000 in One Day Dealing with Common Issues/ Disapproved Ads Scaling the Tik Tok Ads Other Forms of Social Media Marketing Everything Else How to Mass Fulfill Orders How to Use the Fulfillment Software Step by Step Taxes and Legal How to Set up Customer Support Conclusion
Bonus Content
Company Social Media Pages (Very Important) My Full Instagram Theme Page Marketing Strategy What is the Facebook Pixel and How to Install it My Full Facebook Ads Marketing Strategy How to Create Viral Advertisements Setting up Lookalike Audiences
Get Immediate Access
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2023.04.02 14:01 tempthrowaway2222222 Lump sum to be received, advice needed

Hello, would appreciate advice please.
I (34M) am going to receive £250k and looking to understand the best way to utilize it to realize goals of early retirement. This £250k has the possibility to be subject to potential IHT.
Here's breakdown of my current situation:
- salary is 75k + 13% bonus
- contributing 6% to pension with employer contributing 12%. I can contribute more but employers cap is 12%.
- currently not salary sacrificing anything beyond / do not have a SIPP
- not a home owner (i am fortunate to live in an apartment owned by my parents; we are discussing legally having me added to the property deeds)
- living in outskirts of London
- most of the savings from my salary are used to fund an S&S ISA. I'm now able to max out and invest the full 20k a year.
Current breakdown of NW:
S&S ISA (38%); premium bonds (14%); cash (2%); precious metal (2%); pension (44%)
My last debt was cleared earlier last month.

Here's some ideas I've had:
Option 1) Start salary sacrificing and bringing my salary below the 40% tax threshold and instead drip feed 20k for the next 12 years from the £250k into my S&S ISA instead. With the remaining lump sum, put it into an interest savings account (granted I'll have to pay tax on any of this interest).
Option 2) i mentioned we are discussing having me legally added to the apartment deeds i currently live in. I'm wondering if we should do this, or i should buy my first property and put it to rent?
Thing is when I do run the numbers of rental income it never looks worthwhile considering tax / admin fees, and then on top of that you could have issues with the property/tenants as well. I've been told new builds could be worth considering to avoid property issues but i'm still uncertain and honestly don't like the idea of extra hassle. Would it make sense from a diversification perspective and instead of focussing on rental income just thinking about the future property price appreciation if i were to buy in a major city outside of London for example?
I also hear that the rental market is no longer worth it, but if i were to look at purchasing a property to rent out instead of living in, then i'd consider buying outside of London.
Option 3) Honestly speaking, i would love to own a house long term but in the area i live in it would be unaffordable for me even with the lump sum and my salary unless i find a "do-er upper" but then that would require additional funds to renovate and for that you're looking at £550k minimum. Not interested in moving away from the area i live in unless i was to move country.

In case of option 2 or 3, f i do purchase a property, does it make sense to use the full £250k towards a deposit or is that silly?

In addition, personally, always thought it's better to be in a position of more liquid assets than non-liquid. I understand that investing in the stock market isn't necessary non-liquid depending on state of the markets at time of withdrawal, but i do think they are more liquid compared to property.
I don't like the idea of locking money into a pension vehicle either due to the age access restrictions, but the tax benefits are clearly worth it. Also dumb question: Can my workplace pension be accessed at the same age as a SIPP if i chose to open one? (i.e. any reason i shouldn't salary sacrifice more into my employers pension, instead of a SIPP)?
So, what's the best way i can utilize this lump sum? Is option 1 better than option 2 / 3? Are there other options I should be considering? Am I missing anything obvious?
Thank you for reading my essay.
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2023.04.02 14:00 tempthrowaway2222222 Lump sum to be received, advice needed

Hello, would appreciate advice please.
I (34M) am going to receive £250k and looking to understand the best way to utilize it to realize goals of early retirement. This £250k has the possibility to be subject to potential IHT.
Here's breakdown of my current situation:
- salary is 75k + 13% bonus
- contributing 6% to pension with employer contributing 12%. I can contribute more but employers cap is 12%.
- currently not salary sacrificing anything beyond / do not have a SIPP
- not a home owner (i am fortunate to live in an apartment owned by my parents; we are discussing legally having me added to the property deeds)
- living in outskirts of London
- most of the savings from my salary are used to fund an S&S ISA. I'm now able to max out and invest the full 20k a year.
Current breakdown of NW:
S&S ISA (38%); premium bonds (14%); cash (2%); precious metal (2%); pension (44%)
My last debt was cleared earlier last month.

Here's some ideas I've had:
Option 1) Start salary sacrificing and bringing my salary below the 40% tax threshold and instead drip feed 20k for the next 12 years from the £250k into my S&S ISA instead. With the remaining lump sum, put it into an interest savings account (granted I'll have to pay tax on any of this interest).
Option 2) i mentioned we are discussing having me legally added to the apartment deeds i currently live in. I'm wondering if we should do this, or i should buy my first property and put it to rent?
Thing is when I do run the numbers of rental income it never looks worthwhile considering tax / admin fees, and then on top of that you could have issues with the property/tenants as well. I've been told new builds could be worth considering to avoid property issues but i'm still uncertain and honestly don't like the idea of extra hassle. Would it make sense from a diversification perspective and instead of focussing on rental income just thinking about the future property price appreciation if i were to buy in a major city outside of London for example?
I also hear that the rental market is no longer worth it, but if i were to look at purchasing a property to rent out instead of living in, then i'd consider buying outside of London.
Option 3) Honestly speaking, i would love to own a house long term but in the area i live in it would be unaffordable for me even with the lump sum and my salary unless i find a "do-er upper" but then that would require additional funds to renovate and for that you're looking at £550k minimum. Not interested in moving away from the area i live in unless i was to move country.

In case of option 2 or 3, f i do purchase a property, does it make sense to use the full £250k towards a deposit or is that silly?

In addition, personally, always thought it's better to be in a position of more liquid assets than non-liquid. I understand that investing in the stock market isn't necessary non-liquid depending on state of the markets at time of withdrawal, but i do think they are more liquid compared to property.
I don't like the idea of locking money into a pension vehicle either due to the age access restrictions, but the tax benefits are clearly worth it. Also dumb question: Can my workplace pension be accessed at the same age as a SIPP if i chose to open one? (i.e. any reason i shouldn't salary sacrifice more into my employers pension, instead of a SIPP)?
So, what's the best way i can utilize this lump sum? Is option 1 better than option 2 / 3? Are there other options I should be considering? Am I missing anything obvious?
Thank you for reading my essay.
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2023.04.02 13:55 Snirlavi5 Advice for moving from 1 server to multiple (smaller) ?

Hi all,
I currently have my home server on an Acer desktop with an Intel Core i5 8th Gen 8400 with 32GB of RAM running Proxmox. I have a bunch of LXC containers for Plex, Media Downloaders, Pi-Hole, Frigate.. And a VM for Home Assistant.
While everything is running fairly well I would like the ability to be able to take the server offline without experiencing downtime (mostly due to Home Assistant).
Appreciate any tips on replacing the hardware with "smaller" servers (without breaking the bank) that will still not hurt the performance I currently have but still allow me to implement HA.
Fairly a newcomer to HomeLabs in general, appreciate any insights at all.
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2023.04.02 13:54 heptothejive How do you guys handle water on stage?

I work at the premier theatre of my country and have some questions about how other theatre professionals handle water, from light rain to filling the stage. I am essentially interested in finding out if we are doing things the easiest/safest way possible.
At my theatre we most often use pool liners to protect the stage. Is this standard? We have one show currently running that requires thousands of litres on the stage and I’m always stressed about it but it does seem to work well. Is there any easier way?
Lately, we’ve been having some shows with rain. What department handles the cue during the show? Is it lighting or stage? I have worked in other countries and it was the lighting board operator but at this theatre they have stage technicians running up to 10m and physically plugging in the dimmer and turning on the water. Is that normal? What is safest?
Any general advice on water safety and best practices very much welcome!
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2023.04.02 13:54 Welsh_DragonTW How is your current campaign going? April 2023 Edition

Hi everyone,
Welcome to this month's edition of How is your current campaign going?
Firstly my apologies for there being no "How is your current campaign going?" last month. I try to keep a semi-monthly schedule, but sometimes life (and my health) gets in the way as it did in March.
But the good news is this month we're back with a new edition!
For anyone new or who needs a reminder, this is what's become a semi-regular thread where you can share your stories of Total War triumph and defeat.
Whatever game you're playing, whether it be vanilla or modded, and whether you're a battle hardened veteran or a new player just discovering Total War (or somewhere in between) come along and share your tales.
And as always, credit to Imoraswut who came up with the idea and originally ran them, and Very_Very_Witty_Name who carried it onwards. Thank you both.
All the Best,
Welsh Dragon.
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2023.04.02 13:54 Tsetler Addiction stacks for opioids, stimulants and GABA'ergics

The Woodroof Protocol
A method of reducing withdrawal,
support tapering and prevent relapse
I dedicate this work to everyone struggling with addiction as well as those, helping the
increasing number of people, out there suffering. From the parent worried sick about their
child, to the healthworkers and professionals each Day fighting to save the lives of those, still
stuck in addiction.
My dear American friend whom I had the pleasure of getting to know and helping to taper
from a severe opiod-addiction, inspired me to write this to share with you.
This information will be of great value, if you’re trying to recover, or currently helping
someone, recover from addiction to: stimulants, opioids and GABAergics.
Here below is a short guide, that summarizes the findings made from Years of experience
working within this field making personalized regimens of supplements with very promising
The individual regimens are all legal, non-toxic, non-addictive, natural and most importantly
based on evidence. They can all be bought or ordered online, at a reasonable cost and self
administered or used alongside other treatments etc.
I wanted to show my appreciation for Woodroofs work and courage making treatments
available back then, fighting for the rights of people, who weren’t offered the best
treatment they knew at the time.
Woodroof is a referal to Ronald Dickson Woodroof (1992) who founded the famous Dallas
Buyers Club which later was made into the movie by the same name. R.D.Woodroof through
the buyers club, distributed medicine to treat Aids during the hardship in the 80’s. Today we
see addiction is killing more people each Year than Aids did when it was most rampant in the
US. Not only OD’s but addiction-related suicide as well as alcoholism is widely spreading,
creating torn apart families and isolated individuals, all who are in dire need of our help.
This story ressonated with me, as I started a non-profit myself about 3 Years ago, where we
collectively bought large amounts of supplements to save money and to get around the
legislation in my country. I would then make personalized blends of these for a lot of cases,
but especially for people struggling with addiction and cases where our psychiatry had failed.
I quickly started getting people referred to me struggling with stimulants, opioids and
GABAergics but were also able to help in a lot cases with somatic diseases and I had to keep
learning and read up on the studies as well as scout the internet for knowledgeable sources.
I was educated as an intercultural and international socialworker, later having studied
anthropology and globalization, although I have no background in medicine, this must be
I suffered a minor TBI (traumatic brain injury) 10 Years ago, and I had to learn, how to
recover from the cognitive issues and did a lot of experimentation and researched neuro
regeneration and supplements for Years which meant I was familiar scouting for resources, reading studies as well as looking for interactions.
I needed to dive deep into the individual effects of minerals, vitamins, amino acids,
adaptogens and nootropics and the different synergies, and found some very interesting
finds regarding possible addiction treatments and support, and I have witnessed some very
promising results.
These following regimens and advice is what I’ve seen having the highest rate of recovery as
well as the lowest rapported issues with relapse, accute withdrawal as well as PAWS (post
accute-withdrawal-symptoms) while and after tapering. Studies are linked beneath each, for
further reading.
If you’re on any other medication or supplements, then either get a medical professional
to look into interactions before trying any of these or if you proceed on your own hand,
make sure either ask on i.e. Reddit / FB groups, or Google substance-x + substance-y +
interactions and do a bit of reading.
I. Opiods
Warning, this blend of supplements potentiates opiates to a high degree, meaning if you’re
on an active taper, then dose lower than you’re used to before trying these, approximately
half your usual dose. It also means you can do a far more rapid taper and use these before,
as well as after, your last dose during the taper, to reduce RLS and PAWS here. When you
hit a wall and your body starts reacting with WD’s, then hover at that dose for a few Days
and then continue cutting down a little less aggressive from there on.
  1. Bacopa Monnieri Extract_______________________300mg-3000mg pr. Day in 1-4 doses
  2. Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) ___________________1 tbsp.-3 tbsp. pr. Day in 1-4 doses
  3. Agmatine ___________________________________500mg-1500mg pr. Day in 1-4 doses
  4. Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate)_____________50mg-100mg divided in several doses*
*Before starting the vitamin C, I recommend to read up on this link:
If you suffer from hemochromatosis, skip the vitamin c though.
*In some cases where you’re coming off a dangerously high dose of fentanyl or methadone,
then substituting with kratom alongside this regiment can be useful in certain cases, but it
must be said kratom in of itself is an opioid with risk of addiction. It’s the lessor of two evils
though and for some can have benefits, if they can’t get suboxone etc. It will work fine,
alongside this taper as these supplements also potentiates the kratom and suboxone a lot. If
you’re trying to get off kratom the same supplements will help you too.
Bacopa (BM) can require a step by step increase to avoid stomach issues, so start with a low
dose. Some people get slight diarrhea dosing high on BM, so always dose right after a fatty
meal, or just use Psyllium husks and some butteoil before taking the BM, although a large
meal containing fats, is the most effective way mitigating this. Also certain bad extracts
tends to make the diarrhea inevitable even in low doses and with food so if you’re unlucky
to get your hands on a bad extract, try giving another a go before you give up on BM as it is
truly effective when it can get absorbed. Both the vitamin c and the BM needs to get adjusted for by slowly increasing until you reach
bowel tolerance. A meal before, with the fiber and fats seems to shorten this period.
BM in higher doses causes a slight fatigue and some prefer to take 200-500mg of rhodiola
extract early in the Day to counter this because if the rhodiola is taken late, it will hinder
Bacopa has a long history of use for opium-addiction in India but have recently been studied
and hailed for it’s effect of diminishing discomfort and reducing WD’s as well as the dose
needed for painrelief etc. Agmatine and BSO also show great potential for reducing WD’s
and managing PAWS as shown in the studies.
I will refer to a few studies here but for more detailed information, I recommend reading or
skimming the PHD dissertation about the potential of bacopa in opioid dependency as well.
For further reading on each supplement Google each + opioid + studies or opiates, and read
about some of the studies or old threads about these.
 Effect of bacopa monnieri on morphine dependence and tolerance to analgesia in
animal models (PHD Thesis)
 Effect of Bacopasides on acquisition and expression of morphine tolerance\_Effect\_of\_Bacopasides\_on\_acqui
 A new and novel treatment of opioid dependence: Nigella sativa 500 mg
 Thymoquinone: From Nigella sativa to a protective pharmacological compound in
managing opioid dependence and amphetamine type stimulant issues
 Effect of agmatine on the development of morphine dependence in rats: potential role
of cAMP system
 Agmatine Prevents Adaptation of the Hippocampal Glutamate System in Chronic
Morphine-Treated Rats
 Attenuation of heroin withdrawal syndrome by the administration of high-dose vitamin
I recommend to continue this regimen for a while after seizing the last mg’s of opiates as
this prevents relapse by a great deal as well as helps to bring the body back into homeostasis
as bacopa increases synaptogenesis as well. You can skip the high dose vitamin C when
you’re out of the woods and just get a good multivitamin and some omega 3’s to maintain
the effects. The rhodiola also acts as a powerful anti-fatigue and anti-depressant for post
addiction lethargy. Most get great relief from doing this regiment for longer periods as they
report it helps keep them clearminded and manages their cravings for opiates, is what I’ve
experienced from feedback. The doses can easily be lowered to more sustainable levels that will still offer relief from
cravings. On the last page I have some recommendations for other natural compounds with
neuro-regenerative proporties that also reduces cravings for alcohol and drugs that can be
worth looking into to add to, as well as substitute for some of these when you get clean and
free from WD’s again.
II. Stimulants
Warning, do not use mucuna alongside an active taper still using stimulants. You should be
able to stop or do a rapid taper with the others and continue with the mucuna but do so
only, when you’re off the stimulant. In most cases it is easier just to stop and substitute with
this regimen as it will reduce cravings, mental instability as well as physical WD’s very
effectively. Also be aware that polygala potentiates stimulants so dose lower than usual
around 2/3 normal dose and monitor your reactions if you are going to taper off without
mucuna. If any sign of discomfort arises, wait to use polygala also until you’ve tapered down
using the others.
  1. L-tyrosine____________________________________________500mg-2500mg 1-3 doses
  2. Bilberry/Blueberry Extract_______________________________300mg-1500mg 1-3 doses
  3. Polygala Extract_______________________________________ 50mg-200mg 1-3- doses
  4. Mucuna Extract________________________________________50mg-250mg 1-3 doses
Mucuna extract contains l-dopa which is a direct precursor to dopamine and l-tyrosine is a
precursor to l-dopa, which helps prevent neurotoxicity to some degree. Bilberry/blueberry
extract also has neuroprotective proporties on the dopaminergic system as shown from the
studies below. It’s best to get bilberry as it contains 4-10x higher the amount of
anthocyanins but a higher dose of blueberry extract will also work. It is though not
recommended to use mucuna for lengthy periods due to risk of neurotoxicity so later, you’ll
be able to, instead drop the mucuna, and add NAC + d-phenylalanine which is a precursor to
the l-tyrosine, alongside the others. This is once you’ve been clean for at least a Week and
managed the most severe craving and WD’s.
In case you’re showing troubling signs of brainaging due to stimulant-use, you can add
bacopa to this stack as well, as evidence is showing it is acting as a powerful neuroprotectant
in meth+mpp induced neurotoxicity and it’s effect of synaptogenesis will aid here, as well.
Pair it with rhodiola 200-500mg if you experience fatigue or depression from the PAWS that
won’t dissapate with the supplements.
 Antioxidant-Enriched Diet Affects Early Microglia Accumulation and Promotes
Regeneration of the Striatal Dopamine System after a 6-Hydroxidopamine-Induced
Lesion in a Rat
 Blueberry- and spirulina-enriched diets enhance striatal dopamine recovery and induce
a rapid, transient microglia activation after injury of the rat nigrostriatal dopamine
system  Dopamine mediated antidepressant effect of Mucuna pruriens seeds in various
experimental models of depression
 Neuro-Cognitive Effects of Acute Tyrosine Administration on Reactive and Proactive
Response Inhibition in Healthy Older Adults
 Tyrosine influence on amphetamine self-administration and brain catecholamines in the
 Effects of dietary tyrosine on L-dopa- and amphetamine-induced changes in locomotor
activity and neurochemistry in mice
 Polygalasaponins effective against antipsychotic treatment
 Antidepressant Principles of the Roots of Polygala tenuifolia\_Antidepressant\_Principles\_of\_the
 Hypothesizing Balancing Endorphinergic and Glutaminergic Systems to Treat and
Prevent Relapse to Reward Deficiency Behaviors: Coupling D-Phenylalanine and N
Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) as a Novel Therapeutic Modality
I also recommend you continue this regiment for as long as you experience cravings or fear
you might relapse. Just switch the mucuna after the critical phase and instead use NAC + d
phenylalanine and perhaps bacopa if there’s some damages from a long period of addiction.
You will easily be able to find a lower or even a higher, functioning dose of the supplements
that suits your need for repair and relief. The most important part is you move further and
further away from relapse and get the natural energy and drive to get back into a healthy
lifestyle again. In general people I learn who’ve forgotten or stopped their supplements,
after they get clean, tends to relapse, way more often, than those who keep their regimens.
So use this for as long as needed and read the part about alcohol and managing cravings
down at the bottom. If you feel some resistance to using supplements or want to learn more
about other kinds of medicine like these, I advice you to download the free guide, linked to
at the last page.
Warning, don’t completely seize your use of benzodiazepines abrubtly. Plan a careful taper
as risk of seizures can be highly dangerous, especially in the higher dose-range. This regimen
will potentiate benzodiazepines also, as well so be aware to dose lower in the beginning
until you get a sense of how much potentiation, for the benzo, you’re currently on.
Approximately to 1/2 and then if WD’s kick in dose a bit higher until you feel okay and if you
get high vice versa. If you’re using a benzo that is metabolized fast like alprazolam it can be
worth to slowly adjust and start using a benzo with a longer half life like clonazapam and
diazapam to better be able to cut doses and not worry about getting into WD’s at every hour. Emoxypine________________________________________100mg-500mg 1-3 doses pr.Day
Agmatine_________________________________________500mg-1500mg 1-3 doses pr.Day
Magnolia Bark Extract_______________________________200mg-800mg 1-3 doses pr. Day
Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa)______________________1 tbsp.-3 tbsp. 1-3 doses pr. Day
*This also works for gabapentenoids like (Gabapentin, Pregabalin and Phenibut) but if
you’re tapering down from a high dose phenibut, you might also benefit by substituting 1g
of phenibut with 10mg baclofen in that ratio. This regimen will make you able to taper fast
and effective down from the baclofen too.
Glutamate surges from excitotoxicity when tapering, often creates severe adrenal fatigue,
mental instablity and wearyness, after a while and here it is also important to make sure to
get a enough vitamin b6 and you’ll also be able try kava, NAC and l-theanine, alongside this,
to prevent these symptoms. Magnolia modulates GABA-a but there’s not many studies on
emoxypine even though safety has been well-established. Regarding emoxypine, you can
find a wide arrange of user reports that backs it’s efficiency in tapering which were
confirmed from my own observations.
All of these together, can bring a bit symptoms of fatigue due to the combined effects of the
supplements. If this becomes an issue take 200-500mg of rhodiola extract early in the Day to
counter this because if the rhodiola is taken late, it will hinder sleep. Lemon balm and
magnesium glycinate can be a help in getting some sleep, in certain phases in the WD’s if
you taper aggressively.
Use this like the other regimens for as long as you need the support and when you’re
completely off all benzodiazepines and stabilized, then you can switch the magnolia extract
to sabroxy extract, and this will help your brain heal faster due to increased BDNF,
neurogenesis as well as synaptogenesis. Bacopa too has effects of synaptogenesis and will
help mitigating symptoms of alcohol WD and craving and can be useful to add, once you’re
off as well.
Benzo induced neurological dysfynction (BIND) can require more of the neuro-regenerative
effects in general and higher doses. I suggest you download the free guide, linked to at the
last page, and look into, sabroxy, polygala, bacopa, sulforaphane, emoxypine and the
neuropeptides as a start.
 Agmatine Inhibit The Tolerance To The Anxiolytic Effect Of Diazepam In Rats
 Magnolol, a major bioactive constituent of the bark of Magnolia officinalis, induces
sleep via the benzodiazepine site of GABAA receptor in mice
 Effect of Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense (Relora (R)) on cortisol and
psychological mood state in moderately stressed subjects\_Effect\_of\_Magnolia\_officinalis\_
in_moderately_stressed_subjects  Promising effects of emoxypine and its succinate derivative in the management of
various diseases-with insights on recent patent applications
 [The results of the study of the efficacy and safety of mexidol in patients with chronic
cerebral ischemia] (Mexidol = Emoxypine)
 Kava as an anticraving agent: preliminary data\_Kava\_as\_an\_anticraving\_agent\_
 Bacopa monnieri abrogates alcohol abstinence-induced anxiety-like behavior by
regulating biochemical and Gabra1, Gabra4, Gabra5 gene expression of GABAA receptor
signaling pathway in rats
III. I.Alcohol
Dealing with alcoholism often get’s tricky as this is tied deeply into culture as well as
patterns of engaging in much needed socializing.
This regimen of supplements might be able to reduce most of the cravings and help with
many of the issues from a physiological point of view. While on the other hand, the isolation
and mental toll it takes to step outside of the festivities, often tend to push people back into
drinking or worse even, into drugs.
Kava shows some very promising results being a positive allosteric modulator of the GABA-a
receptor which means it doesn’t have much addiction potential at all, yet mimicks a lot of
the effects from alcohol. In a lot places now, people are beginning to bring kava for
themselves for going to parties, to manage social anxiety and peer-preassure as well as
experiencing the enjoyment of being a part of the letting loose.
Kava has shown to act as a powerful anti-cravings agent as shown in the study below, not
only for alcohol but most drug of choices tested on the group.
My anecdotal observations:
Most people who’ve gotten clean, functional and even stopped drinking due to it leading
them to do drugs, often told me about them getting a nagging evening restlessness. In
general how it would get their head spinning about relapsing just once etc.
Those who tried kava all reported that it took away that sense of craving and it helped them
relax and unwind when they got stressed enough to begin fantasizing about drugs and
alcohol. Some of those who didn’t want the kava, managed to stay clean, while others
unfortunately found themselves, slip a few times.
But they often reported, that having the supplements and knowing the way back, kept them
getting back to living clean very quickly after.
A theory of this is, could be due to the role alcohol and cannabis has played for thousands of
Years perhaps, being incoded in our biology, to come to a point where the need, for just
some kind of recreational effects for some, becomes highly unbearable to cope with.
This is why I often advice people in risk, to get to learn about kava and have at least a little
bag of instant/micronized kava lying around, so they know they’ll be able to push the panic
button on the accute cravings.
The point of kava being highly adviced as the lessor of two evils is displayed in these
infographics here: ( Kava and safety:
Kava got a bad stain from back in the 90’s when some medicinal companies bought up a
kava-company and shortly after started making acetone extracts of leaves and stems which
wasn’t allowed. A few cases with people with pre-existing liver issues and even alcoholism
and medication on the side, in a rare instants experienced hepatoxicity and the pharmaceutical industry, in a collective effort, blew it out proportions. The most likely cause
of this, is hypothesized to be, the rapid increase, in loss of sales of benzodiazepines and
addictive sleeping medication, which they began seeing as kava increased in popularity back
in the late 90’s. Multiple peer-reviewed studies have since put these claims to rest, and
these are linked to beneath. As a comparison acetylsalicylic acid, also known as aspirin, was
actually found, to be more dangerous than kava.
 “Kava Lebertoxisch?”
 “Kava Toxicity.”
 “A Plant Kavalactone Desmethoxyyangonin Prevents Inflammation and Fulminant
Hepatitis in Mice.”
 “Kava Feeding in Rats Does Not Cause Liver Injury nor Enhance Galactosamine-Induced
Hepatitis.” .
 “Lack of Evidence of Kava-Related Hepatotoxicity in Native Populations in Savaii,
 “Yangonin Protects against Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease through Farnesoid X
Receptor.” Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy and
 “Effects of Kava Root Extract on the Liver Morphology of c57bl-6 Mus Musculus Mice.”
  1. http://www.amgs.or.kNew/common/journal/vol4\_no.13.PDF.
 “Anxiolytic Action and Safety of Kava: Effect on Rat Brain Acetylcholinesterase Activity
and Some Serum Biochemical Parameters.
 “Chemical and in Vitro Toxicity Analysis of a Supercritical Fluid Extract of Kava Kava
(Piper Methysticum).”
 “Flavokawains A and B from Kava (Piper Methysticum) Activate Heat Shock and
Antioxidant Responses and Protect against Hydrogen Peroxide-Induced Cell Death in
HepG2 Hepatocytes.”
 “Aqueous Kava Extracts Do Not Affect Liver Function Tests in
 “Safety of Ethanolic Kava Extract: Results of a Study of Chronic Toxicity in Rats.”
 “Kava Hepatotoxicity: Comparative Study of Two Structured Quantitative Methods for
Causality Assessment.” .
Finishing words:
Reintegrating your lifepath back into your original flowstate again, can be difficult, as all
addiction tends to originate from trauma of some sort, but also create a lot of trauma in of
itself. Most of us, are also carriers of multiple generations of traumatic experiences and all of this, if not treated, will hinder our journey into the higher levels of emotional and spiritual
growth. These regimens can provide us with a long window of opportunity to begin to find
your way back into progressing with a healthy lifestyle. But if the addiction-issue, is taken
lightly, and given enough time, the signs of trauma’s will come clawing their way back and
have you risk relapse.
I see a lot, find great comfort in religious community with a strong faith as well as evolving
values of reciprocity to newcomers. Some start to exercise a lot and eat healthy again, as
well as reach out to new friendgroups. Some show great benefits from getting therapy or
counseling for that extra assistance in unraveling, certain kinds of severe trauma. Others go
into Eastern and spiritual practices like Qigong and Yoga and start to meditate. A
combination of all of these would be ideal, but focus on one step at a time. There are many
paths back to healing and a good marker for progression here, is if your eyes are getting
kinder, your voice is becoming softer and you begin to feel and see the traumas, of others,
and wants to be in service of some sort.
A short story we can use to remind ourselves.
A long time ago, a therapist explained to me.
"Once a woman told me that she would always love being intimate with her husband
because then after that his eyes would be mild and kind.
A man then told me how he loved making his wife laugh, because after that, her voice
would become soft and playful.
Lastly a young child told me, how the child loved being around and being in service to the
parents, because after that, they would listen and stay present, just as ready to cry with
them as to laugh with the them.
Counter-intuitive strategies
For those who at some point will seek out, some kind of therapy this here beneath, might be
worth knowing.
PTSD therapy offers relief for around 20% of people with PTSD, while MDMA-facilitated
therapy shows results of around 80% instead. If you suffer from PTSD or severe trauma, and
you can’t get this therapy where you’re at, using kanna extract (preferably MT55) and
getting a good therapist to work with, will help you up the percentages. This is because
kanna works very similarly to MDMA. Just let the therapist know politely, that you’re
supplementing with a herbal extract while you’re there, to treat your anxiety, and most will
have no issues with this.
The promising aspect of this, is that now, you can have Weekly sessions instead of having to
wait 2-3 Months in between each, as with MDMA due to sideeffects and toxicity. Although
be careful that the euforic effects of kanna doesn’t act as a trigger so be mindful about this
before proceeding.
 The safety and efficacy of ±3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine-assisted
psychotherapy in subjects with chronic, treatment-resistant posttraumatic stress
disorder: the first randomized controlled pilot study
 Acute Effects of Sceletium tortuosum (Zembrin), a Dual 5-HT Reuptake and PDE4
Inhibitor, in the Human Amygdala and its Connection to the Hypothalamus  A Chewable Cure “Kanna”: Biological and Pharmaceutical Properties of Sceletium
This picture below, can be a great opener in the first stages of acknowledging and
understanding our trauma.
Credit for picture: u/imabritnotayank (Reddit)
Further reading:
You can find a more comprehensive guide on these and other supplements as well as good
places to buy from and save money etc. called: A Short Guide To Using Powerful Healing
Medicines In A Modern Age, on this link.
If the link stops working or if you have any inquiries, reach me on this email, I’ll try answer
within a few days : [email protected]
If you want to donate to our work\_recurring=0¤cy\_code=USD
bc1qhd28veysgr84xc3r729tdq4d2hgz9rhx9xllcq (BTC)
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2023.04.02 13:54 JazzlikeArea6765 Rev Mythic Skin

I'm hoping Revenant gets his mythic skin in the next few seasons. I'm probably too hopeful and we won't see a mythic skin until 2025 lol.
With that being said, what mythic skin would suit revenant? He already has the best skins in the game, and the finishers are awesome as it is. Imagine a grim reaper type skin with a gruesome scythe finisher (would fit in well with his heirloom).
I was unimpressed with the current line-up of mythic skins available, however, Caustic's mythic skin is giving me hope for Revenant, and his mythic finisher is giving me Mortal Kombat vibes.
I've been sitting on heirloom shards for a few seasons now.
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2023.04.02 13:54 cre8vnova How To Get Arcade Cheats Working In Different Versions Of MAME -OR- FinalBurn Neo, Via The MAME Tab Or RetroArch Quick Menu?

>>> QUESTION #1: How can I get arcade game / ROM cheats working in the different versions of MAME -OR- FinalBurn Neo in the current version of RetroArch (as of 2 April 2023) --- either via the MAME "tab key" menu or RetroArch "quick menu"?
I've spent HOURS scouring the net and implementing suggestions but so far nothing works. (I also see that there's been years of complaints about the dearth of cheats that work with such titles - or user-friendly tools to convert or create them ourselves. It's a strange oversight considering libretro / RetroArch's popularity, and the appeal of cheats as a great key value-adding feature to those who couldn't beat tho$e $ometime$ uberhard and helli$hly $avele$$ cycling cabinet$ Back In The Day --- with only a pocket or two of 20c coins!)
Basically I've got a default set of cores running inside of RetroArch (henceforth here "RA") on a Windows 10 computer. This includes "Current" MAME, MAME 2003, MAME 2003 Midway, MAME 2003-Plus and MAME 2010. (I'm willing to download / import other FB or MAME cores, if these will run cheats.)
The links I've appended below indicate most of these either...
...don't have working "RA" cheat functionality, only "native" cheats (2003 and 2003-Plus);
...aren't worth going to the trouble to get working, as they only support a few games, which can be played with other cores (Midway.)
I haven't yet figured out if the regular version of "current" MAME or MAME 2010 can use any kind of cheats in RA (the 2010 documentation link below doesn't have "X's" next to "RA cheats" or "Native cheats" - just a dash.)
(Perhaps not methinks, ***as individual cheat files named to match a game rom's filename must be in ".ini" format in MAME / non-RA FinalBurn, but ".cht" format in RA --- and the contents of each are structured quite differently.) The single "cheats.dat" file conglomeration of cheats (sometimes archive-formatted) released to work with particular MAME releases is also different to the ".cht" file format.***)
NOTE: ---------- (1) --- Even after updating every category of content within RA online, inside my cheats folder RA only has 2 MAME folders, titled "MAME" and "MAME 2010" --- and these are both empty...This naturally brings me to...
>>> QUESTIONS #2 & #3: Which MAME core(s) use the folder here just named "MAME"?...
...And will I have to create more folders with specified names (?which?) in the RA cheat directory, if I want to get cheats working in versions of MAME not included in the "MAME" and "MAME 2010" folders? --- I'm assuming some versions of MAME are best used with different versions of the ".ini" cheat files / the single congregated "cheats.dat" file MAME uses, but as these retain the same filenames across MAME releases, they'll need to be saved in separate folders.
(2) --- As far more games run (and run well!) in FinalBurn Neo, I did try to find a program or clear method to convert non-RA MAME or FinalBurn cheat files (only ".ini" format) to RetroArch (only ".cht" format.)
(This is necessary as again we find cheat support strangely lacking, when we check out this popular core : out of ~7,000 arcade roms working here, only several dozen have cheats downloadable from the official update servers or github.)
I even compared cheat files for the same particular games in these formats in ole NotePad to see if I could wrangle conversions myself manually, but saw it would take more time and thought than practical (considering how many great arcade games there are worth checking out!)...It's not just a matter of quickly stripping off a header or footer or CTRL-Fing and deleting particular strings in a file.
So out of all the common arcade game-running cores I have attempted, only the relatively few cheats that are officially downloadable for FinalBurn Neo within RA work : I've made zero progress on my goal, though I ***have*** been learning things along the way!
>>> QUESTION #4: Btw : what is actually meant by "native" and "RA" cheats, in the core feature tables in the libretro documentation linked to below?

SOURCES: ----------------
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2023.04.02 13:53 MrNeski Small SUV advice & finance options

Hi there,
I currently have a work van but due to leaving I will need to purchase a new car. I was initially debating buying the cheapest car I can with the view that once we have kids my partner can buy a larger car and I would have the hyundai i10. However recent discuss it is looking more like I will be buying a larger car to last me many years and then when we have kids she might trade hers in. A strict requirement is that it has to be automatic as my partner won't drive manuals where as I can but me having an automatic would mean we could both drive it.
My partner currently has a Hyundai i10 (bought for £8k few years ago outright).
Our top choices thus far are:
We are leaning more towards the Kia Stonic as has quite a lot of features as standard such as apple carplay etc. Something like these look quite good: Stonic 1 or Stonic 2
Roughly £15-20k, I have always purchased in cash for my previous car etc same as my partner. We technically have the cash to cover this but it isn't the best timing with our Wedding in 3-4 months, honeymoon and soon to be bathroom renovation which with a new car on top will stretch us to the max. I will be losing my work van soon so will need some form of transport.
If buying fully outright I would be quite keen on trying to put bits of it on credit cards if possible such as £10k on AMEX (paying it off in full straight away) for cashback etc, I also have £3k interest free credit card for 17m as well.
Some dealerships such as that Cazoo don't accept american express or allow split payments between credit and debit etc. I've read that an option could be to take it out on finance (I have handed notice in but will have 3 months worth of pay slips etc and am on Salary of £40k and we already have a mortgage) with the view of then paying the settlement early with debit or credit cards as we have a few months of big payments going out. We would do a bank loan if we needed one (roughly 5.9% apr), and I would do this as a preference to having a car long term on finance
So any advice on options for different reasonably priced not too old, good options specs, cheaper to run, small SUVs etc. Would it be a good idea to take it out on finance initially with the view of settling it early, as long as no early settlement charges etc.
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2023.04.02 13:52 Error_X How to get more powerful in DotD in Nioh 2 DLC 3?

Im currently trying to 100% the game on PS (that includes completing all DLCs on DotD). Ive managed to breeze trough dlc1 and 2 with relative ease. But DLC 3 is another level. Im character level 345
(70 constitution/65 heart/65 courage/57 stamina(for 69,9% weight)/ 65 magic). Im running a spellsword "build" (is it even a build anymore at this point) where I use omnyo and ninjutsu to the extent of buffing myself, not really using active spells.
I have aorund 3,5k defence, A toughness, B agility, 7pcs Benzaiten. An Odachi with 2,1k Attack. Lots of different B and A damage bonusses for my other good special effects. Fully upgraded legendary soulcore Kasha and Lightning gods of Yomi. Every weapon/armor is lvl170+20.
Now Ive hit a wall at DLC 3 where none of the missions seem doable for me. Ive been at normal dlc Otakemaru for 2 hours now. For literally every mission I still have open in DLC3 Ive tried and decided I cant really beat them in a feasible time (I dont wanna spend 5 hours+ for each mission).
How can I best power myself up now? Ive got really good special effects on pretty much every peace of gear, Ive got a good demon scroll and 2 nice accesories.

I dont plan on going to DotW or further.

edit: My main problem with Otakemaru is that I do basically no dmg to him so the fight takes ages, and a lot of his moves onetap me. Im not looking forward to "against all comers"
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2023.04.02 13:52 Luminescent__Fern Floor bed

Hi guys! I'm moving into a tiny basement apartment (currently in Canada), and the only way I seem to be able to figure out how to make the space work would be with a floor bed of some sort. I know you guys know the way.
I'm horrified of mold (had an issue with it in a previous rental, unrelated to sleeping arrangements) and wanting to know how I could have a futon that I can easily fold up in the day, but also low to the ground so that my baby can crawl out of it easily - without creating a mold problem? What would be my best option? What would I put beneath it to prevent mold? We don't have a whole lot of sun here, is there anything you could recommend for keeping the futon dry?
Bonus points if I don't have to sell my soul to afford it.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.04.02 13:52 RiddledMeChris The worst of SCJerk (March 2023)

Section 1: New Mods, who dis?
SCJerk head mod Drama79 finally realises what an uncontrollable shit-hole SCJerk has become, so he adds two new mods to the team to clean up shop
An auto-mod is also being used more often to remove edgelord and off-topic posts. However just days after it begins being more active on the sub, SCJerk users start downvoting its posts. The account currently has an overall negative comment karma score.
SCJerk users complain about the auto-mod in this now removed thread
When Drama79 tries explaining the new rules and the role of the auto-mod, he gets downvoted for his troubles
Things get so bad that the mods literally have to make a pinned thread explaining what a circlejerk is
Section 2: Hating a wrestler doesn't count as a personality trait
With individual shit-posts being deleted at a record rate, some SCJerk posters have picked a new poison - hating a particular wrestling personality to the point of obsession. As SCJerk users tend to target women, it's no suprise that Fusionman29 made all of these posts about Britt Baker in the space of just a few days;
In reference to alledged beef between Britt and Thunder Rosa;
Remember when I buried Thunder Rosa because I’m racist and my entire friend clique is strangely white women?
There’s undertones to “everything that comes out of Rosa’s mouth is stupid” combined with “everything that she says SOUNDS DUMB”. Also there’s the multiple clips of her blaming the injured woman for being hurt as it hurts her I mean the womens division
So I’m surprised nobody’s brought it up yet but Rosa is now using her Twitter to translate Tony’s PR tweets. So she’s been made to apologize to the people who bullied her and now has been turned into a PR translator. This is insane. How did Britt and her clique get that much political power in AEW?
Britt will make sure no photos of Rosa are in that hall of fame. She’ll just put her own egotistical self over and make you write a 100 word minimum essay about how Britt saved womens wrestling to enter her wing
“No AEW all access is in kayfabe, Britt isn’t a politicking mean girl”
so if we’re assuming this is AEW’s pitch that all access is “authentic” are we supposed to believe they think Britt clearly bullying Rosa is acceptable to air? at this point even if Britt was right I’d side against her cause she bullies Rosa non-stop for around a year now. No professional company should be rewarding Britt for all of this
Britt realized losing that feud means someone is more important than her can’t have that brother
Britt Baker: I’m not a bully but Rosa is a liar and it’s all her fault Tony can’t book women! Why can’t Rosa just work injured!
She’s a dentist she knows Rosa should be medically cleared! She has a medical degree after all!
Because Tony runs AEW and Tony can’t see why anyone would be mad at Britt Baker, the kindest, sweetest woman ever
“See I have the same injury as Rosa and I can wrestle. Guess she’s just selfish and lazy and stupid.” This fucking woman is legit going to get blackballed by wwe and somehow take Cole down with her
I can’t imagine why she isn’t going to the company where the bosses favorite is at best a horrible toxic bitch to her and at worst racially charged hatred and jealously constantly. In a culture that condones the bullying as we see constantly
In a unrelated thread about Rhea Ripley;
Well she’s a gross muscular woman with muscles. She should look like she’s never hit a gym in her life to be a real star. Maybe become a dentist
When Matt Hardy makes a tweet about AEW's booking;
Tony Khan isn’t a mark! He just doesn’t listen to the best minds in the business and instead listens to Britt Baker and Cutie Marshalls!
This is all on top of a thread he made earlier in the month where he accused Britt of being a racist;
I can’t believe AEW would air footage making their top woman look like the racist Karen she actually is
Section 3: Users we lost
Evilknievel- - SCJerk user who made this misogynistic post about Aubrey Edwards back in January has been suspended by Reddit
Section 4: General edgelord behaviour
Stardom is pretty fun, but it's a niche company for creepy old men who like watching young girls do badass or cute goofy stuff.
The Western Stardom fanbase is 90% fetishists, 5% people who are genuinely interested in it, and a further 5% of people who are genuinely interested in it, but understand that banging on about it makes them look like they've got a fetish, so just watch it quietly.
The auto-mod removed alot of individual posts so the last section is short of material this month.
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2023.04.02 13:51 DrToadigerr How would you fix Outlaw right now?

Outlaw is pretty underpowered right now, especially compared to its other rogue spec counterparts. With the massive CC overhaul coming in 10.1, their lack of identity is really gonna show since they'll be losing a lot of the power that a 1.5 min CD on Blind gives them.
While we shouldn't make them unkillable gods like they were in SL (or give them another way to abuse CDR), I do think they might have went a little overkill on the survivability nerfs. Float Like A Butterfly is still only .5 sec off Evasion per CP spent (after being nerfed from 1 sec in SL after it was introduced). They no longer have the conduit effect of Evasion's CD being reduced by dodging, or Cloak of Shadows's CD being reduced by successful kicks. Enduring Brawler no longer grants ANY stamina, it's only Sinister Strike proc chance now which I don't think a lot of people even realize. Outlaw had a baseline talent that increased Stamina by 10% at all times at the beginning of DF to compensate, but that is now down to 5%. So from a talent that was originally 20% stamina as a reward for staying in combat, nerfed to 15% during SL, had the stamina removed completely in DF but changed to 10% at all times, and then had their passive stamina buff reduced to 5%. That's a 15% nerf overall from their peak (which was only at max stacks to begin with). Feint with Elusiveness is only 20% damage reduction now, down from 30%. Recuperator is no longer worth taking due to placement on the talent tree (used to be an easy conduit slot to take if needed). So now you have a spec that has no burst, sustained damage is moderate but compared to the insane burst in the current meta (and healers that keep getting tuned to have to deal with that), and is expected to stay in combat to get to 15 stacks of Enduring Brawler to really even come close to matching some other DPS specs in damage, but with significantly worse survivability.
That being said, Outlaw mobility is out of this world. Uncontested best mobility in the game, but it just doesn't matter on a spec that isn't threatening at all.
I think they should get at least one of the survivability nerfs reversed. Maybe make a new Outlaw-only PvP talent that mimics the old conduit. Or add stamina back to Enduring Brawler. I think those would both be better options than making Float Like a Butterfly back to 1 sec CDR or reversing the Feint nerf for all rogues. Or they could go really nuts with it and just add Cloak of Shadows to Float Like a Butterfly. Another thing that could help with survivability especially during burst windows would be giving Killing Spree CC immunity. Warriors have CC immunity on Bladestorm, DH's have Glimpse, Pallies have bubble and BoP (not that you SHOULD use them offensively in most cases, but to secure a kill sometimes it can be game-changing) and giving Outlaw an offensive button to be able to press to predict CC (without burning evasion/cloak) could add more counterplay potential, and also get help mitigate Outlaw's damage profile being so exploitable by just CCing what little burst they have.
If they want to lean more into Outlaw's control, maybe there's also a world where they get a Silence. Perhaps a PvP talent that changes Gouge into a silence? Something to pick up into casters without giving them even more buttons to press.
Their new tier set is giving them a much needed DoT to keep SOME pressure on during CC/through Turtle, Thorns, etc. so we'll see how that fixes their massive vulnerability to Disarms/Parries/Dodges before looking to far into changing that aspect of the spec. But on a side note, maybe a nice flavor buff/PvP talent would be a unique effect on Dismantle for Outlaw that makes it ignore parries (since a swashbuckling pirate should be able to disarm someone while they're blocking, right?) Monks already ignore both parries and dodges with their disarm. And it basically just makes it so you don't have to burn your single Shadowstep charge to SS kidney or SS disarm. Since both other rogue specs have 2 charges on Shadowstep. Or just make it a baseline effect of Dismantle and take the spell away from Sub and Assa again so Outlaw can get that aspect of its identity back (having an advantage against melee, since the other two specs both already have a better matchup into casters thanks to Assa's silence and Sub's lock down and burst on cloth wearers in general).
There's a lot that can be done to help Outlaw without making it as OP and lame as the Shadowlands iteration at its peak. The big CC revamp coming next patch is a great opportunity to give them another look.
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2023.04.02 13:51 AntiSonOfBitchamajig April 2023 r/PrepperIntel's Monthly Fear Index / Poll

This is PrepperIntel's Monthly Fear Index / poll. This will give us an idea of what the sub and it's visitors are currently concerned about into the next few weeks.
Use the comment sort to sort by: best, top, controversial.
Past monthly polls will be made readily available around the end of each month so we can look back to possibly identify patterns or how right / wrong we were.
Comments are locked to keep this streamlined, but you are free to post your concerns as long as they fall within the sub's posting guidelines. If it isn't worth a post, use the "everything else" weekly post.
Next months poll starts in reverse order. This is to help keep things more honest starting out. Edit: we're now starting this poll in contest mode for the first hours.
If you have an idea for a topic to add to the poll, please message the mods and we will consider it! Thank you all who did contact us with ideas!
Thank you all for participating! -Mod Anti
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2023.04.02 13:50 IndividualHour3395 if paid in cash or just have a side gig or hustle servers, bartenders, valet parker ladies of night here if how to show 3x rent income to landlord or if moving to new city w no job n need pay stubs

For the unfortunate people that don't know of this place yet I'm about to tell you all about it what they do and how they get you approved. If you get paid in cash have a side hustle and don't make quite 3x the rent. Well, there is a solution for you I have been using it for 5 maybe 6 years they don't just make you pay stubs they will give you a job company that they own the website to on google so when the landlord looks it up he sees the job and number they answer the 888 number and a live human resources person will verify your start date and your pay rate to the prospective landlord it's genius the way they do it so if you don't make enough instead of using those cheap check stub generators on line that every landlord knows what they look like call or use this place (nine one six) six one three -three zero one ate any time day or night they do it all they will be your job references your current or old landlord dr notes service animal papers so you won't have to pay a pet deposit they do it all, I know have 100 percent trust in them but they will NEVER ASK YOU FOR MONEY WITHOUT YOU SEEING YOUR ORDER. Then after you see and approve it they will then release the password to you NO OTHER PLACE DOES THIS THEY ALL WANT $$ UPFRONT NOT HERE. They will go as far as placing your picture on one of the websites they own as a top employee they have many websites and jobs to choose from they are a blessing for real they have over 1800 5 star reviews but they just got started on Reddit you can find them proofofincome they are the mods. so if you are moving to a new state and need a letter of offer of employment written on a business letterhead and sent from a professional email this is the place to call. They also help with evictions ok broken leases felonies they have lists in so many cities and your job can be in any state as they are all but some mostly remote positions DO GIVE THEM A CALL OR EMAIL THEM BUT BEST TO TEXT docudoctors at g mail . com number above in the post please help them and repost this. These landlords asking 3x the rent is not fair. i have never made 3x my rent but i have also never been late on rent so that's just a crock they want to keep your application money for pizza Friday just think if 10 people apply and don't get approved that $750 landlord just made from applications. guys give these people a chance no money upfront money back guaranteed in writing will verify you work for one of their many google friendly companies and they have a loophole around those new places that use 3rd party apps like snappt, rental cafe, lock box ,and so many more they are legit you don't have to mention anyone sent you but for everyone that sends them a paying client they cash app you $25 instantly so imagine send them just 4 people a day that's extra 3k in your pocket we all know someone that is moving needs a dr note a receipt or so many things that they make edit create you anything from scratch thanks.
submitted by IndividualHour3395 to ApartmentHacks [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:50 Jaracgos r/WorldPolitics is no more; History of r/Anime_Titties


WorldPolitics has been banned!

We feel that with the loss of our spiritual ancestor, now would be a good time to celebrate it's memory. What follows is a timeline of events written almost three years ago.
A legend about how one user, with a single post, forever changed the landscape of geopolitical discussion on Reddit.
It is our creation mythos, if you will.

The Beginning: From Politics to Hentai

Some men just want to watch the world burn.

Wednesday, May 6th, 2020
Straight up anime titties hentai. Your move mods, let's see if you have the balls to remove my post.
was submitted by u/TheLoIiLicker69.
This post and it being later pinned is ground zero for everything that happened to WorldPolitics and started the first wave of off-topic shitposts: Hentai and Waifu- not e-thots, not Warhammer 40K.
Here are his motivations as he put them:
Over the past few days, several karmawhoring reposts of "upvote this picture of trump looking dumb" that blatantly break sitewide reddit rules have been upvoted to the front page of all and the subreddit kept getting spammed with them. Yes I understand there is basically no moderation here, but Reddit rule 4 literally says "asking for votes or engaging in vote manipulation" is prohibited. At the very least the mods should remove posts that violate sitewide rules. And no I'm not a salty Trumptard, the "uPvOtE rEpOsTeD pIcTuReS oF _____ cUz GoOglE" are just actual cancer. Look at the comments of any one of those posts, no one likes them. The mods were asked to do something about it but they flat out refused to do their jobs and ban or remove a single post on this subreddit. Thus, the sub has dissolved into chaos and is full of shitposters like me spamming it with stupid memes or straight up porn because the mods are too smallbrained to do anything.
Edit: every one keeps thinking I'm a salty MAGA Trumptard for some reason. Let me assure you that is not the case, I in fact despise trump as a person. All people wanted was for the mods to ban "upvote this picture of ______ so it shows up on google" posts because they are annoying and no one fucking likes them. This is worldpolitics not WeHateTrumpCirclejerk, go shit on Trump in one of the sanders subreddits they love that stuff.
Edit 2: also for everyone saying this is child porn please kindly check your eyes and tell me what child you've seen with these bountiful pair of double D titties. Not to mention this character, Aki Nijou, is literally a mid-20s school nurse in the anime Maken-ki so she's 100% legal. Kindly stop spamming my inbox saying she's an "age indeterminate teen."
Thursday, May 7th 2020
In exasperation from the influx of porn and hentai shitposts, the moderators set /worldpolitics to private. This was only a temporary action but when the subreddit opened back up it had seen a substantial moderator exodus and a few newcomers.
New WorldPolitics moderator u/FreeSpeechWarrior had this to say on another subreddit, WatchRedditDie:
Nah it got privatized because a recently added mod went rogue and added some of the protestors as mods who then locked down the sub, made it NSFW, stickied hentai etc... I've reverted the damage. We let people post what they want within the rules of Reddit and don't try to exercise any control over the discussion beyond what the admins require of us. If people want to post about US Politics / Trump (whether for or against him) in Reddit's most unrestricted political/news sub then they are welcome to do so. If you don't like the content in worldpolitics you can vote it down.
Part of the 'damage' that was referred to as being reverted has been confirmed to have been removing from the mod team long-standing moderator u/ilvisar (alt) along with u/TheLoIiLicker69, who had served mere minutes. The name was also reverted back to its original state from being temporarily christened 'WorldPolititties', and u/TheLoliLicker69's post was removed from sticky.
I have been able to substantiate this through off-site interviews with u/TheLoIiLicker69, a comment on a selfpost, and through the collaboration of fellow journalists mentioned below.
Discord Quote:
"i was never supposed to be a mod and I was only there for 20 minutes before I got removed lol. The only reason I got to mess around with the sub was because one of the actual mods ilvisar was also tired of the orange man bad karma farming hellhole that worldpol was turning into, so he added me to screw with it together."
Thursday, May 7th 2020
I'm the former mod of worldpolitics that made it a hentai sub before I was booted, AMA
was submitted by u/ilvisar.
This was an AMA posted to casualiama in which a booted moderator, using an alternate account, answered users questions on the events happening on his former subreddit.
Thursday, May 7th 2020
Rate limiting is in effect
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
It limited submissions to two posts per hour to try and cut down on spamming. The limit was later lifted and the post edited to reflect, but I am unsure exactly when the edit was made and the limitation removed.
Thursday, May 7th 2020 -
Anime_Titties was chartered by u/M1chaelSc4rn, with u/TheLoIiLicker69 as a moderator, to be the new home for discussing world politics. Its governing rules were set in place on his post titled “What is and isn't allowed regarding posts related to the U.S”.
Note from the Author:
This is actually a great sub. Please join in. No Shitposting.
Thursday, May 7th 2020
The Chronical of worldpolitics anime_titties and PearlsOfAnimeTitties"
was written by u/TheAmazingKyla on /PearlsOfAnimeTitties, a tangential subreddit focusing on meta discussion of /anime_titties. This post served as explanation to the formation of the newfound home for global political discussion.
Here are the insightful words:
Settle down children and I'll tell you a story. Are you sitting comfortably?"
"It all started long ago, when worldpolitics, a sub for "world" "politics" began karma whoring over real world political news. It was minor at first, but as soon as it began, it was nay to be stoped. As more and more karma whoring got posted, more and more became discruntled and disamused, untill 5 posts in no time at all were all begging for upvotes about upstein and trump being together to "get it to the front page" or "make it show up when you google them". It hit a boiling point."
People knew the mods would do nothing, as they were non-interventionist, so hell broke loose in an instant. worldpolitics fell from it's shit world political status to posting memes, hentai, porn, and shitposting, a bit of an upgrade really"
"In responce, the subbreddit of anime_titties was born, ironicly one of the best world politics subs reddit has seen, with 100% less US centric posts, in addition to a much more polite and refined atmosphere"
"Knowing that the quality of anime_titties was so high, a branch off was created for meta and memes, which led you, little political child of the world, to here."
Friday, May 8th 2020
Petition to make this our new subreddit header.
was submitted by u/JeantheDragon.
Moderator u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward approved and granted the change that day. It has been speculated that this new banner being seen on “Popular Subreddits” lists as well as user submitted untagged NSFW content hitting /all is what caused the subreddit-wide NSFW label. The banner was temporarily removed but, once the subreddit no longer appeared in lists that it would be shown, it was eventually restored.

Phase 2: E-thots and Shitposters

The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
It is between these two dates, May 7th and 9th, that the first evolution of the sub occurred after its initial transformation. The change was graceful but there was a steady influx of OnlyFans content creators from GoneWild and a steady decline of 2D imagery hitting /hot. It was at this point that I focused my attention on user moderating /new with the help of several other users, downvoting others trying to get the subreddit back on politics and away from what they assumed to be only a temporary halt to normal operations. We intended to make sure that was not the case through the raw power of shitposting random content and nuking anything remotely political.
This back and forth continued for days, we were barely hanging on but us few were dedicated. This was our crusade.
I am unable to find nexus point, the initial post submission, of an OnlyFans advertisement.
Friday, May 8th 2020 -
Join me in my crusade, brothers!
was submitted by u/senior_cynic to GrimDank, a Warhammer 40K-centric meme subreddit. This is the first instance I can find of a call to action from the 40K community.
u/senior_cynic had this to say when asked for comment through private messages:
"Motivations? I think I speak for everyone except the onlyfans users that this whole thing is basically born for quarantine based boredom. I called grimdank in when rate limiting was in effect just for more volume of warhammer shitposting, and once that was gone, we were already the largest presence on the sub, so we took it over."
"I anticipated us being a major force for another few days and see where it went from there"
Saturday, May 9th 2020
What happened?
post made by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
Post was made sticky post on submission but was removed from sticky sometime around May 15th.
Thursday, May 14th 2020
No more promising rewards via PM, we're considering it spam
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
This post outlined rules for the OnlyFans E-thots to follow such as not advertising their off-site content in post titles, comments, or direct messages with other users. It was these rules that broke the first evolution and allowed for the transition to phase three.

Phase 3: The Inquisition

Hatred is the emperor's greatest gift to humanity.
It took the Warhammer community several days to assert their dominance and gain control of the sub. Their crusade was hard fought, but with the help of the new rules and regulations set in place by the moderators driving out the heretical content they were able to establish dominion. Again, there was no single post that drove this transition outside of the initial calls to arms in GrimDank and other 40K communities.
Note from the author:
I was able to take my first break from Reddit in almost ten days thanks to these dedicated users. I finally felt that we had the reinforcements necessary to ensure that the new normal would be maintained and that the old status-quo of this subreddit would not resurface. I got to enjoy an afternoon at the beach that I haven’t seen in months due to quarantine and watch the sun set. I was able to enjoy actual world politics again and participate in conversations outside of WorldPolitics. Thank you.
The Warhammer 40K Galactic Imperium was a mighty force, it had managed to do what rules alone could not- deliver this holy land from the heretical lewd pestilence that had driven it's tentacles deep into the crevices of this subreddits userbase.
No king rules forever. No king rules without its due resistance, in due time.
Saturday, May 16th 2020
Oh? This is a Warhammer Sub now? Well, if you say so~
was submitted by u/PyrrhaRose.
PyrrhaRose is a special user on WorldPolitics. She didn't necessarily come for factions or rivalries or crusades. She was always here for the lewds. Upon seeing the complete decimation of her beloved sanctum of lust at the hands of the Grimdank Imperium, this ambiguous spectator became one of the strongest individual powerhouses on the subreddit. She is a lone juggernaut.
She used the one weapon she had at her disposal to seek her retribution, the one means to demoralize and fight off the onslaught- artistically composed pornographic fan art based on characters from the Warhammer 40K universe. She continued this fight, alone, until she gained a cult following of fans and became a known and respected figure in the community.
u/PyrrhaRose gave these compelling remarks when asked about her feelings on the recent ceasefire between factions:
I kinda wanna thank everyone for coming together like we did a few days ago. To come to a peace agreement, and the likes. The toxicity was getting very bad at one point and I brought it up with the others, and instead of them siding with the more toxic ones they agreed! And we slowly shifted to more fun centric. Which just made me extremely happy. Nowadays, there’s hardly any toxicity, and it’s still really fun! I hope we get to continue doing so, and to keep the freedom we’ve had all this time going forward. •^
Saturday, May 16th 2020, approx. 7AM
Fuck y'all, this is a plant sub now. Post pics of your plants!
was submitted by u/purple_yosher.
This post marks the formation of the first major faction to rival the 40K Imperium, the Plant Squad. Desperate for something, anything, relatable to latch on to, users quickly joined the cause.
u/purple_yosher had this to say when asked what the motivations were for this new movement, about faction rivalries, and current events:
day drinking and a thirst for plants.
there was hostility at first, but plant gang represents peace and unity.
plants good, lewds bad
Sunday, May 17th, 2020, approx. 7PM-
A call to action.
was submitted to Gardening by u/that-dyslexic.
This was a recruitment for the newly formed Plant Squad. Although the post did not get much traction in its subreddit support had grown for the squad substantially since its formation.
Sunday, May 17th, 2020 –
Looking for a more appropriate subreddit banner
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
A user requested a 40k banner and was acknowledged with “This will do.” However the image does not appear as the current banner, but instead a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure mural is pictured. This marks the first major change to the look of the subreddit since u/JeantheDragon submitted his suggestion.

Phase 4 and Beyond

Reality really can be whatever you want.
We are here. The first faction that broke out were the Plants, but many have come to try and wrestle control from the ruthless collective might of miniature figurine collectors around the globe. Nobody knows what will come of the future, if the Warhammer shitposters have the dedication to hold control or if the tides of fate will move in another direction.
All I really know is that this subreddit will never again be what it was before we started here, and that was our intention. What happens from here on out is up to you, the reader and the Reddit user.
You have the power to be the change you wish to see in the world and to instill that change.
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 –
Choose your faction now!
was submitted by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
This post marks the addition of user flair features to signify team and squad membership. It looks as though the flairs will be maintained, at least for now, as the dynamic of the subreddit changes.
Factions as of May 27th are: 'furry', '🌱', 'tf2', '🔥this is amazing 🔥', 'darkwraiths', 'deus vult', 'worldpolitics', 'anime titties', 'titties', 'grimdank', 'shitpostcrusaders', 'prequelmemes', 'berserktards', and 'hydrohomies'.
Thursday, May 21st, 2020 –
When the crusaders start calling me Warmaster
was submitted by u/g0d-3mp3r0r.
The tides of war had worn long on u/senior_cynic, the defacto figurehead for the Warhammer incursion. There were rumors of betrayal but evidence for such action has proven elusive, however his role as Warmaster was short lived. In his place u/g0d-3mp3r0r was granted the leadership position, chosen to direct and instill discipline in what forces remained after the long skirmishes.
When asked for comment on his role in events, u/g0d-3mp3r0r chose these words:
I have always been told I had the mind of a politician and the stubbornness of a mule. I was already nominated for Warmaster by senior_cynic back when he stepped down and soon a lot of the new recruits called me warmaster, showing the traditional community acceptance of my new role. Whilst I will admit that I could hear the voices of chaos in the form of PyrrhaRose I did not falter in my leadership of the crusade. I immediately decided to do something about the death threats and lack of centralization by granting titles to Kaiserschalt, LooneyW, Noisy_Ferox and Watercrown123. They would be my Inner Circle and we would lead the crusade together. There was also leadership coming from Petty Officer Imperium_of_69 whilst we were asleep because timezones. The taint of heresy would infect many of our crusaders but they would never stop fighting, until they did when peace was declared. The war is still raging on against the thots and political posters but one day I will be able to hang up my spear and retire
Tuesday, May 26th, 2020 –
/worldpolitics, can we do this as a community?
was submitted and pinned by mod u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward.
On seeing the content move further from NSFW content the moderators put forward the idea of having the subreddit-wide label removed, but this change would hinge on the community being able to consistently apply the labels to their postings themselves or for others to report untagged posts.
Friday, August 21st, 2020 –
My friend, fellow anime_titties moderator, and the initial instigator of the fall of WorldPolitics, u/TheLoIiLicker69 , has had all of his reddit accounts permanently suspended. I wanted to make sure that the community was made aware of this and the reasons behind it, these are his words taken directly from off platform communications;
"Well shoot sorry guys all my accounts including the alt I used to mod AT got permanently suspended for posting personal information. I was on a thread about the animemes doxxing and wanted to clear up the misconception that the doxxer was a member of the animemes community, so I posted a link to a screenshot of their comment admitting they were just a transphobic asshole stirring up drama, which was probably what got me suspended since that's the only personal info I've revealed.Yeah I expected a comment removal at most for that not a permanent ban. Sucks that it had to happen because I was trying to make sure the animemes community didn't get falsely blamed for the actions of 1 lunatic."
"I posted the comment I suspect got me banned a earlier this morning and my ban was about an hour ago"
Sunday, April 2nd, 2023 –

WorldPolitics is no more.

The sub was set to private and subsequently removed by admins citing absence of moderation, marking the end of an era. It is unclear if u/IAmAnAnonymousCoward was actively moderating or had abandoned the role.
big thanks to u/appropriate_username for letting us know this happened almost immediately.
Now, we look forward to the future of our subreddit and the opportunities we have to develop our community and ourselves. .

Epilogue: by u/TheLoIiLicker69

The Beginning is the End is the Beginning.
Mahatma Ghandi is smiling upon us all, for we have become the change we wished to see. Our cause is just.
Also funny thing is about 2 days before I nuked worldpol I'd gotten a 15 day ban on my main account from my favorite shitposting sub okbuddyretard, so it wouldn't be a stretch to say that caused a chain reaction leading to the engoodening of this formerly terrible sub. Shoutout to whichever anonymous mod temp banned me, I'd probably have been too busy pretending to be a retarded 9 year old otherwise lmao.
An extra special thanks as well to everyone who saw what was happening and joined in on the shitposting, as well as to those who have helped grow anime_titties to be an actually good replacement. Whilst I am good at causing chaos, I have next to no leadership skills and it's really thanks to all the great mods there that the new sub has grown to almost 100k members in under 2 weeks. We'll be working our hardest to continue making the sub into a legitimate source of world news and keep it from becoming another USA-only echochamber. In the meantime keep the dream alive and have fun memeing everyone 👌
Special thanks to u/TellMeMoreYT for his interest in journalistic collaboration and for catching the reference. Please watch his video on the series of events.
If you use any or all of this, please cite where you got the information. It wasn’t easy following along and documenting all of this or going back to find things that were missed.
submitted by Jaracgos to anime_titties [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:47 EazyCheeze1978 Bard LAPS Bing when it comes to information about software - again, it may just be hallucination but this all may be accurate too.

I am again using ChatHub to communicate with Bard and Bing simultaneously:
I asked about upgrading to the Microsoft store version of Kodi from the desktop version - which I currently have installed.
"Are there any significant issues with upgrading to the version of Kodi media manager available on Microsoft Store from the normal desktop version? will the desktop version be neatly uninstalled and my library imported to the store version? Anything else I need to be aware of?"
Bard's response has an incredible amount of detail, while again not having sources come up, but that is due to ChatHub's current limitation. I'm sure the sources are coming soon.
"There are a few things to be aware of when upgrading to the version of Kodi media manager available on Microsoft Store from the normal desktop version.
Overall, there are a few potential drawbacks to upgrading to the Microsoft Store version of Kodi. However, if you are comfortable with these drawbacks, then the Microsoft Store version may be a good option for you.
Here are some additional details about each of these points:
If you are concerned about any of these potential drawbacks, you may want to consider sticking with the desktop version of Kodi. However, if you are looking for a more convenient option, the Microsoft Store version may be a good choice."
Bing's response is still personable, and while of course not strictly necessary, I am gratified with that - but unfortunately the amount of detail here is not as robust as Bard's details, but the sources are provided, which is weird that ChatHub does that from Bing but not from Bard - when I think when using Bard raw - I haven't for a while - the sources are at the top of the page like Bing here.
  1. "Microsoft Store vs install"
  2. : "Kodi from Microsoft store VS installer 32bit file"
  3. : "How to Install Kodi on Windows in 2023 - TechNadu"
  4. : "Kodi goes Windows Store News Kodi
  5. "What is the best? Windows Store or Installer? : kodi - reddit"
Hello, this is Bing. I'm happy to help you with your question.😊
According to the web search results, there are some differences between the Microsoft Store version and the desktop version of Kodi media manager. Here are some of them:
As for your library import, I could not find any definitive answer from the web search results, but some users have reported that they were able to import their library from the desktop version to the Microsoft Store version without any issues[5][5]. However, this may depend on your specific configuration and add-ons, so I would recommend backing up your library before attempting the upgrade.
I hope this information helps you make an informed decision. If you need more details, you can refer to the web search results by their numerical references. For example, you can say "Show me result number 2" to see more information from that source."
That's actually a pretty cool new feature that Bing references at the very end though. Might have to make use of that with subsequent searches. However, I believe I have made the informed decision that I will stick with the desktop version, as it has the best chance of everything working correctly.
submitted by EazyCheeze1978 to GoogleBard [link] [comments]

2023.04.02 13:45 AutoModerator [Get] Gusten Sun – Fulltime Funnel Designer 3.0

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2023.04.02 13:40 meowmixi First time on the other side of a deployment.

I'm 32 ex military. Found a civilian job that payed well and had opportunities so I didn't re enlist.
I met my current partner (24m)while I was in we've only been together 2 years now. Best relationship of my life we live an hour apart, are both independent with different lives, great communication, and with my Cptsd it's the safest I've ever felt with anyone other than my best friend ( who lives far away as well). I love him completely and it's mutual.
It's just weird being the one who stays behind. Like usualy I left my SOs behind for military or travel and relished a break from the norm and prioritised where I was in the moment. Now when I go on trips for work or fun I communicate and we at least send 1 meme or a check in and no pressure to respond immediately. It's amazing tbh.
So now I'm nervous and excited for him. . . .We don't live together so it's not like a huge life disruption but I'm definitely a little scared to loose someone I care for so fiercely and for the comms to be more sporadic. I know it'll all be fine just hits different on this side.
submitted by meowmixi to offmychest [link] [comments]