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2023.06.04 09:43 Different-Land-8506 How do you deal with the resentment of a DB and move on?

Hi, I apologise for the longish post. A few NSFW bits too.
I (M40, HL) have been in a dead bedroom for 20 years. It's been on average once every 3 months for as long as I can remember.She did the classic bait and switch from the moment we moved in when we were younger, starting off as a normal healthy regular sex life, and very quickly after moving in, she rejected most of my advances and showed very little interest in having a healthy sexual relationship with me. Every time I tried to instigate, i was nearly always rejected. And, if she does accept, it's normally when she's drunk. I just feel like she never really wants me, she just wants to get herself off and be done with it. While she's never been one for giving me favours or ensuring I have my needs met, more importantly she just never shows any sexual desire towards me. Over the years I learnt to repress my sexual desires and stop instigating with her, because the rejection was always too much to bear. So I stopped trying some years ago and just left it to her to instigate, which is about once every 3 or 4 months whenever she is drunk and just wants to get herself off. Once she's orgasmed, I either finish myself off, or just lie down and go to bed and don't bother. So, sex with her in the latter part of our 20-year relationship has nearly always been one-sided towards her needs, if at all whenever she has them.
Case in point, this morning, the kids are away round their grandparents. A rare chance for fun. I made an effort this morning, she basically just laughed at me when I tried to show some intimacy with her, wasn't interested in receiving any foreplay, didn't want to look at me or kiss me, and just turned round and expected me to put it in her. Unsurprisingly she was dry like a desert, and I just had to cancel any attempt and get out of bed. My biggest turn off in my middleage is clear: I hate not being wanted or desired sexually, I want to feel loved and appreciated. Not having these needs met is my biggest turnoff.
I feel however that I am in that stage of my life when I need to deal with the issue, but start making more advances with her to re-validate to myself whether she actually wants me or not. Sometimes, years of resentment builds up and you don't always paint a clear picture. So, this means me putting in more effort to show interest and instigate more sex with her so we can have more conversations around her lack of libido or want to pleasure me. I'm sure it will be tough as I'll be rejected, but I need to try.
Here's the kicker: recently, when thinking to myself that I should start instigating sex, I find myself being too resentful to even try. I have this lingering anger of "well, she's spent 20 years ignoring my sexual needs, why should I suddenly start making more of an effort?". There's also the issue of not feeling sexually wanted by her getting in the way of me wanting to have sex with her. It feels a bit like trying to have sex with a friend who you know isn't romantically interested in you. I feel like a pain in her ass, but I also feel like she's kind of cheated me out of a normal healthy sexual relationship for so long, that I owe her nothing in this regard.
And this resentment is stopping me from trying to instigate sex with her. So, my question is, for the HL here who have been in a DB for many years, how did you fight through the resentment? The resentment is big, it's real, and I need to understand if I can work through this. Or, were you unable to, and you considered this the final straw?
Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.
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2023.06.04 09:42 Neetcreates How to appreciate your environment when you keep on comparing it with the American lifestyle?

I strongly believe that habits and discipline form in the right environment. You can not smell flowers while standing in mud And not everyone is lotus to be able to grow on mud. Environment plays an important role in having a disciplined and peaceful life. I know I am not living my worst life many people have been through worst than me. But I always want to have a nicer lifestyle and place to motivate me to work and make me disciplined. I am an artist I always want to have my studio a workplace like Americans have so dreamy My place is no way near. I want to shoot youtube videos woke up every morning and had to do a lot of desk jobs but my environment is making me a lazy person. I don't have much to invest at this point.
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2023.06.04 09:42 rikashiku Slow down on the roads during the long weekend.

On my way to work tonight, I had already seen 2 accidents occur in front of me due to speedy drivers. Then I had a damn ute up my rear for a good 5km, with brights on, and if I hadn't moved nearly off the road he would have clipped me off the road like the other vehicles before.
I don't know why you would want to be in a rush, when getting home safely, without ruining other peoples days/nights, seem more important.
I'm in no rush to get to work. As long as I get there, that's fine. Same for when I go home. I'm in no rush, I just want to make it.
Come on New Zealand, be driver-wise.
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2023.06.04 09:42 rooting_4_anti-hero Jealous of people who are on ozempic for weight loss

So I'm from India and Ozempic is not even available here. But I see many influencers like Shallon lester using ozempic and losing weight easily. And it makes me mad that I have to do slow CICO for about 1.5 years nearly to reach my goal weight while these rich people are doing it eadily. Life is so unfair. Everyone deserves to be in best shape and healthy weight.
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2023.06.04 09:41 beyondhome5 💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit💥Hotel Room w Own Bath 💯 SS 2 Petaling Jaya 💯 Walk to Commercial Centre 💯 Near LRT, LDP, Damansara, Bandar Utama

💥Newly Reno💥Zero Deposit💥Hotel Room w Own Bath 💯 SS 2 Petaling Jaya 💯 Walk to Commercial Centre 💯 Near LRT, LDP, Damansara, Bandar Utama
Terence 60123938810
Room Detail:
Location: SS 2 Petaling Jaya Price Range: RM900 - RM1400 a month
Fully Furnished Hotel Room come with 🛋️ Bed, Bed Frame, Wardrobe, Table, Chair 🚿 Private Bathroom 🔆 Air-con 🚿 Water Heater 💡 High-Speed Wifi
🚶‍♂️ Walking distance to SS2 Town Centre and shoplots (McD, Banks, SS2 Mamak, Family Mart) 🚘 Near Taman Bahagia LRT Station, Starling Mall, Atria, Paradigm and One Utama 🚘 Access through LDP, Sprint Highway, NKVE and Federal Highway
🗑️ Cleaning Service 🛠️ Maintenance Service Team ☎️ Careline Service Team 🔥With cooking area, fridge, water dispenser, stove 💦 With laundry area (washer and dryer)
We have more than 300 ROOMS in below areas: - Puchong - Kelana Jaya - Subang Jaya - PJ SS2 - Damansara Utama - Bandar Utama - Kota Damansara Feel free to contact us!
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2023.06.04 09:39 Remarkable-Boot-4164 I’m (19 M) dating someone (20F) but I’m wondering if we should take a break/open relationship

I’m (19 M) dating this girl (20 F) and we’ve been going for about a year and at half now. Our relationship started off weird, with a couple months of sheer bliss and then a summer of which we went into an open relationship but it only applied to her. I was not allowed to hook up with anyone else. We are very different people in a lot of ways and I find it somewhat hard to be myself around this girl for fear of being criticized. We seem to find ourselves getting into weird arguments over things both political and emotional. On top of this, we haven’t had sex in about 2 or 3 months because she has anxiety from it. All this being said, she treats me very well and it is obvious that she loves me and cares about me a lot. We live in different states so we’re apart for the summer (we go to school together). I feel the need to get with other people while I’m here, especially since I’ve been in a nearly sexless relationship for so long. The problem is that this girl is extremely attached to me and I am scared of what will happen if I ask to go open or take a break. I really do care about her and her feelings but my needs are not being met. On top of this, we are supposed to see each other in a few weeks Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.04 09:39 pewdsbiggest_fan Skinwalker experience

This happened may 31st 2023, so just a few days ago but it was my boyfriends birthday and he has this field behind his house with a clearing so the stars are really pretty out there at night so we got a blow up mattress some pillows and blankets and parked his truck in the field to look at the stars, it all started when I had to pee so I made my bf walk back to his house to get me toilet paper so I could just pee outside and use the toilet paper but when he was gone I was on the passenger side of the truck standing outside it and I heard something messing with the driver side door handle and I just tried to ignore it and pretend I didn’t hear it because I don’t handle things like that well I just pretend it isn’t happening and waited for him to get back, when he got back a few minutes later he brought his cat with him and when the cat got out there with him the cat was absolutely terrified and you could see it in his face and he never acts like that and he jumped down and me and my bf were back in the back bed of the truck laying on the air Mattress looking at the stars and he heard his cat sneeze and started looking around and something just came over me and I begged him not to get out because he wanted to get out to find the cat, so he didn’t get out and we laid back down and I was honestly about to fall asleep and so was he and my bf just kept mumbling “can’t fall asleep I have to protect you, I need to protect you” and not even 30 seconds later we heard what sounded like a 4 year old girl laugh in the edge of the field near the woods and he just said we need to leave right now I’ll explain when we get back to the house, so we left and as soon as we got back all he was said was “ it was a sk*****ker, it was mimicking noises to get us to separate out of the truck” and ever since that night really weird things have been happening to us and we always feel really uneasy, the next night we were talking about it and afterwards we drove around and we drove by an abandoned house and every light in that house flickered on and off when we drove by, and we’ve drove by a lot of street lamps that randomly go out and come back on as we pass them driving, and honestly I don’t feel safe anywhere I go. I’m definitely lucky to be alive since he left me alone in that field once that night but my mom told me they can follow you and attach themselves to you so all we can do is pray, if anyone has any advice please don’t hesitate to give it because honestly I’m scared for my life and usually I don’t strongly believe in this stuff, but earlier that night he mentioned one and said the word so we think that’s why we encountered one and honestly I just want it to go away.
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2023.06.04 09:38 virtualwasp Housemate from hell, what should I do?

For some background, my housemate has a severe alcohol addiction which he’s open about but not willing to work on. A mutual friend who’s known him longer than I have told me he’s a compulsive liar- After moving out with him I heard he asked to borrow her switch and instantly sold it to buy drinks.
The situation right now is messy. I’ve been living here since mid January and it’s gotten progressively worse ever since. It started with drunk breakdowns past 3am, fights between him and his friend, blasting political videos at full volume way past the states noise curfew, trashing the place with empty bottles and food scraps- waiting until I gave up asking him to clean and cleaned it for him.
We got an eviction notice since rent has been in arrears for a while, I transfer my rent to him so I had no clue. I paid off the arrears myself and discussed with the property manager about staying and having someone else move in which she was all for. He found out I paid it off and is refusing to move, which the manager isn’t doing anything about since we are no longer in arrears. We have a meeting coming up about who’s going to be staying…
After that, it has turned for the worst. He said if any of my friends enter the premises he’ll call the police as if they are trespassers. I’ve been threatened multiple times, he has been walking in/opening my door at night and just standing there for a bit, arguing with me and refusing to clean, a few nights ago I saw a flashlight from the balcony going into my window.
I stayed at my friends for nearly two weeks because I didn’t feel safe, and when I got back a few nights ago, I cannot BEGIN to describe the state of the house. There’s more than 15 rubbish bags all around the floor, moulded plates in the sink, a fruit fly infestation… it’s genuinely unliveable. I had a friend come back with me, he accidentally walked in the housemates room thinking it was the bathroom, and apparently it’s so much worse than the living area. According to him, you can’t see the floor due to how much rubbish there is, and an unmade mattress on the floor with puke all over it.
I’ve been asking my friends to stay over for my own safety- I contacted my friend who’s a cop and he told me I can legally do this with no time limit since I’m an occupant. Usually I wouldn’t have guests over without permission out of respect for the housemate, but I have none. I’m worried he’ll go further than threaten me and I think I’m in my right to believe so.
A few hours ago I got back home to being locked out. There’s a second lock on the door that says do not turn, since there’s no key for it. I ALWAYS check this lock. There’s no other explanation besides he turned it when I left.
I haven’t recorded him threatening me at all, but I’ve started to record every interaction I have with him just in case.
Is there anything else I can do to get him to stop?
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2023.06.04 09:38 Carroto_ Animal abuse hotline in Oahu?

Animal abuse hotline in Oahu?
I’m visiting my family living in Kauai this summer and Waikiki for the month.
There is a man hurting a dog near the train tracks continuously. The two times I heard were both around 8AM, I only heard the dogs whimpering near the guy so I wasn’t sure what was going on.
This 3rd time, I saw the dogs hiding under the same black car and saw the same guy pull the leash and smacked the dog across. He saw me watching and he taunted me.
I’m afraid of this man now. And worried for the dog. I’m not sure if these are the same stray dogs from I saw last summer.
Either way, is there a number I can call to report? Will the animal hotline do anything?
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2023.06.04 09:37 DamnGentleman Awakening through meditation?

Hi, folks. Over the last few months I've started to take meditation seriously, and I've been sitting for an hour or two a day. As my practice has deepened, so have my experiences, some of which I'm struggling to understand. I've always been very much a materialist and rationalist, so this is quite an adjustment for me. I'd like to share one of these meditative experiences in the hopes that someone here can give me some insight into it.
I’ve felt my perception has been changing for weeks now, which I interpreted as related to my third eye. So, to support that, I decided to do a guided meditation focused on my heart chakra. I settled in, and before long, I was seeing the familiar lights and colors. I started experiencing what I believe were kriyas, which felt like an outside force was adjusting my posture and spine.
Those things I had experienced before while meditating, but the rest was uncharted territory for me. My heart, which normally beats very slowly during meditation, was pounding. A buzzing began in my ears and the whole world started vibrating. Everything sounded like it was being run through a tremolo pedal. Very suddenly, I felt myself being violently sucked up into my head. I let myself go and I was deposited into the cosmos. The near-black background of closed eyes transformed into a true black, punctuated with stars of different colors. They seemed to exist in a defined three-dimensional space, and I moved relative to them as I soared through it. All the sensations in my body felt foreign and strange, in a way that was very reminiscent of psychedelics. At some point, I started “seeing” scenes, but I can’t adequately describe what that was like.
I woke up the next day feeling great and have generally been feeling good since. However, I feel like I’m taking in more information from the world around me, and that can be overwhelming at times. Certain places seem to give me anxiety now, for reasons I can’t put my finger on. On a few occasions, I’ve suddenly known things with a certainty, things that I had no way of knowing. There have also been some weird synchronicities, including an unusual number of snake sightings.
I've read much of the wiki (by the way: the page on kundalini signs is empty) and have incorporated White Light Protection into my daily routine, which seems to help a bit. I’ve stopped consuming intoxicants; they did not agree with whatever I’m going through now. I plan to stick with that for the foreseeable future. I go to therapy regularly, and my therapist is aware of what’s going on.
Does this sound like a kundalini awakening, or something else? I want to know more, but I feel like I don’t know the right questions to ask. I’d be grateful for any guidance generally; this is all so new and unfamiliar to me. There’s a place near me that teaches kundalini yoga, so I plan to reach out them for instruction if that’s what this is. Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.04 09:36 Throwraworsthennesey (M24) I had a terrible experience tonight. I can’t sleep thinking about it. How can I build my confidence back?

So I went to a club tonight and I walked up to a woman that I had seen another night there. I was like “hey last time I tried to dance with you the music turned off.” She was like “yeah that happens sometimes” we kinda laughed or whatever. I was like “maybe we can dance this time.” She was like “for sure after this song.” So I kinda waited near her while I was dancing. After like two songs I tried to go over to her and one of her friends starts being rude and trying to get me to go away. I was like what? So I just walked away.
This other girl literally walks up to me and turned around and backs into me. I’m just standing there like ok maybe she wants to dance on me. She then after like three seconds pushes me back and says something I couldn’t really hear but she wasn’t smiling so it probably wasn’t nice.
I just kept getting rejecting and stuff all night. I would go up to a girl and try to talk to her or dance with her and get rejected then a minute later another dude would do the same thing and he’d be successful. Maybe I just come across as really weird or I’m really ugly? I don’t know but tonight was a complete confidence killer.
Tl;dr I went to the club and had some bad experiences with women
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2023.06.04 09:36 velodelia funny DIY Fanless PC Build in progress

I am trying to upload the whole thing as a text and pictures story and I hope it works. The Images & Video tab doesn't offer this format from what I see...
Straight out I would say this turned out so much different than I ever expected and also it has been taking days of work. All of which enjoyable, I love building stuff, but building a cooling system from scratch needs quite some precision work :)
This is one of my first post here, so I hope it all turns out well!
It all started when a friend gave me his old GPU - a strix gtx 970 4gb OC. And that cascaded in getting all other components. I should note that this is not the best option for a GPU in a fanless system, but it's what I got :) To be hones, it ran VERY quiet with original cooling, but... I disassembled it already , there is no going back haha.
CPU is a ryzen 5 3600
MB is mini ITX GIGABYTE B450I AORUS PRO Wi-FiBeQuiet pure power 11 500W . it has a fan, but have seen it spinning only a few times and it's inaudible :)
18gb ram, 1tb samsung nvma and so on, nothing special on this front, just needed some parts to make it run.
All temps are in Celsius! :)
At my work ( I repair clinical equipment) I got a hold of these beauties from a device in one laboratory.
I thought I would need only two of them and have the rest for another project - how wrong was I haha
My first idea was to directly press the cpu against a block of aluminum and the big heatsink.Unfortunately the 2 prototypes I tried, didn't transfer the head fast enough to the big headsing and the CPU would get hot really fast during a stress test.(I glued the nuts with fast glue and baking soda. It got so hard and strong that I had trouble removing it after that! haha )The first 2 tries looked like that:
At this point I was still under the disillusion, that this would be a quick job, done in a few hours. I lough at myself when I think back at how I imagined all this would go...Trying to build and cut everything on the fly, every whole was on the wrong spot, I kept on breaking drills and taps , while making holes and threads...After the first few uncecesfull attepmts I realised I need to take my time to work on every single piece of it slowly and measure everything better if I wanted to go anywhere with this.At this point I still didn't know if I would be able to cool the CPU, much less the GPU.The CPU is 65W and the GPU is twice as much and probably sucking even more power at max load.
Next I decided to use heat pipes, but instead of ordering some and figuring out how to attach them to the CPU die, I decided to repurpose an older cooler master CPU cooler I had around ( also a donation from a friend ) It was for an older intel CPU, so I had to create a mount for it for my AM4 platform :)
So I began and 2 hours later ...
Than 2 days later ...
I drilled holes for half of the pipes and stuck them inside the radiator, the other ones I bent and pressed against the face of the other radiator. At this point I am using two of them.Bending the heatpipes without a proper tool is a mess.I ended up using the neck of a bottle of wine.....I wouldn't go too deep in this topic hahahahTo my surprise it was working!!!! I managed to get to max 80C under stress. :)
At this point I was feeling a bit more optimistic and started working on the cooling for the gpu.This time I didn't even bother with trying to cool the gpu without headpipes, so I did the same as with the CPU - repurposed some heatpipes... or you could say - Destroyed a perfectly fine working cooling hehe -
At this point I was much more careful with the holes I drilled.I have a few jars with old bolts and nuts left from my grandfather - they hold everything in this project. Whenever I needed any size of anything, I found it in there. And everytime I was thankful to him! <3 Love you grandpop!

The first time I ran the Pc with the new GPU cooling, and started stress testing it - the computer turned off without a warning! It obviously overheated.I was a bit disappointed for a while, until I remembered the VRMs have just a small heatsink above them and no fan to blow air on it at the moment...So I cut two big sheets of 3mm aluminum and stuck them on the chips with a thermal pad.That did the trick , but they got around 95C while playing games.I had to address this.
Next I got more presents from a friend - a flat heatpipe from a laptop cooling and an old GPU cooling ( heatpipes and radiator)I should have made more photos of the creation, because it is so funny :) Nowhere near good looking.I put a 2mm copper plate on the vrm chips the laptop heatpipe, sandwiched with a sheet of aluminum plate. The flat heatpipe curves around the gpu body, goes to the other side and there I pressed the other end between another sheet of aluminum and the other gpu cooler.
This did the trick - VRM are at 62C during gaming. That's fine for me. :)Holding one end with a zip tie... At this point I have no aestetic goals for the inside :D
Building everything together around the gpu is a step by step process in specific order so that everything comes together... I had to build and take everything apart or rework it in order to have access to all the bolds and nuts holding the whole thing together.
When I play Horizon : Forbbiden west, I get 50-60C CPU, 62 VRMs and around 90CI seem to remember that on the build before the vrm upgrade the gpu was not getting hotter than 85C... Will have to work on that more.
There is an original, thin black alu plate on the back side of the GPU that get really HOT. I can't seem to find anything directly touching to it, aside from one small chip ( don't know what its for) with a 2-3mm thick thermal pad on it. I am thinking of changing this thin back plate with a much wider and thicker one. I have some 3-4 mm sheets.That's one of the next steps, when I feel motivated, and after that I will start thinking about making a wooden box for the whole thing. I have a few Teak wood planks.And just for the sake of it am wandering if I should add one fan at the bottom of the box just in caseMaybe an Noctua nf-a12x15, turning at very low RPMs... will see about that :)
I don't know how heavy it is. It's still not in one piece and stays in place thanks to my oldschool sci-fi book collection :)
At the moment it looks like that and I LOVE it and the whole experience :
It's been 4 months now since I started and I work on the project whenever I have time.

I will add updates with any progress.I have some crazy ideas for the wooden box, to make it even heavier :D
Thanks for the patience of reading the whole thing :) You are free to make fun of the whole "creation" hahaha or add any advice.
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2023.06.04 09:35 Chaotic0range How to get job?

For some background context: I'm nearly 26, and I'm med dx. with Autism, ADHD, PTSD, and DID, in addition to being chronically ill, so I need accomidations to work. I have only ever worked one job when I was 20/21 for nearly 4 months. (I had to quit cause I moved away. I didn't get fired.) I got that job through Vocational Rehabilitation. I've been in their program for the entire time I've been unemployed, but the last office I was with wasn't very good.
I just moved recently and was hoping this county's VR office would be better but I'm already running into the same issues (job coaches not contacting me, hard to get ahold of counselor, etc.) I'm very tired of being unemployed amd having no income. I must have applied to thousands of jobs at this point but no luck. I was wondering if there are any other resources besides VR to help place me in a job?
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2023.06.04 09:35 lautaromassimino Elite season 4 (second) rewrite [following suggestions from my original post, a few days ago]

Okay, so... a few days ago I posted about a rewrite of all Elite seasons, dividing it into two parts (part 1: S1, S2 & S3, and part 2: S4, S5 & S6). It was a rewrite that I did about a year ago, and only a few days ago it occurred to me to upload it here without further ado, but several comments on the post from the last three seasons told me that they felt a little disconnected from the rest, that last seasons didn't had a general harmony between the characters and the story itself, and the truth is, you were right.
So, since I had nothing better to do at home, I began to think of some way to accommodate that, and well, this is what I came to ^-^
This is only the S4 rewrite, and I want to clarify this retains most of the things I mentioned in my original post, but in a better order, and with several additions I took from the comments on that post, which really made this version a 100/10.
I leave you the link of the original post, where you can read the first complete idea:
I'll be making the new parts 5 and 6 in a few of these days, and uploading them to my profile as well. When I have them, I will leave those links in the comments of this post.
S4: the main focus of this season would be on excesses, specifically, on the consequences of drug abuse.
  1. Las Encinas is a bilingual school, but we never see another teacher speaking English (French in the English dubbing) again.
  2. The school competition with the Ivy League prize that Nadia and Lu compete for during the first three seasons is not mentioned again, when it is supposed to be something that is done every single year.
  3. In addition, from this season almost all the scenes are located almost exclusively inside the school, and we see very little about outdoor scenes, or the private lives of the characters. This is also a serious mistake, since that was what best allowed us to know each other's backgrounds, and create empathy with them.
Initial setting for this season:
(in my post about the first three seasons) I made clear my idea for Christian's character at the end of season 3 (I decided to keep the character in the show, for plot reasons of season 2):
Ari, Patrick and Mencía:
Benjamín Blanco: The father of the new trio, and the new principal in Las Encinas, after Azucena's dismissal. He is actually Polo's uncle (his late wife was Begoña Benavent's sister).
Felipe Rosón Caleruega.
⠀⠀⠀ → His father, Theodoro Rosón plans to rebuild a public school again on top of the ruins of San Esteban's (Samu, Nadia & Christian's old school), this time by "legal means" to avoid the same fate as Ventura (Guzmán's father, who was arrested in S1), but still solely for the economic purposes that would result from such construction, and a new scholarship program that this new school would have with Las Encinas.*
⠀⠀⠀ → During the next season, the construction of this new institution would have finished, and we would have new scholarship recipients in Las Encinas, coming from this new school. This would be part of the "reboot" that the next generation would mean for Elite.
They make us believe that Rebeka (not Ari) is the main victim of this season... but she is not.
Armando's fate:
Characters' subplots this season:
Characters relationships this season:
Samuel + Ari + Guzmán.
Samuel and Ari's relationship would not be there just as one more of the season, but would serve as an element for the plot: Ari would have approached Samuel after learning that he was Christian's close friend (the accused in Polo's murder) to try to obtain information. However, her feelings towards him would become true over the course of the season, thus seeing a kind of development in her character, which would allow the public to empathize with her.
Rebeka + Mencía:
Patrick + Valerio:
Felipe ... + Cayetana?
By season finale, Guzmán drops out of school: he decides to join Nadia in the US.
So, that's it! My second take on a season 4 rewrite. Those who read my original post will have noticed that several things were literally a copy and paste of the original post. But I feel that it is the additions that I made thanks to the comments on that post that really end up giving the seasoning to this version ^-^
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2023.06.04 09:34 bunkrider This ever happen to anyone?

So I’m working my site and supposed to do patrols 15 min apart, I start the shift off doing them 5-10 minutes apart, I go a little over 15 minutes between this particular patrol, supervisor triggers a FUCKING LOUD alarm on the site phone, keep in mind I’m in a closed space as well, totally shakes me up, and probably scares the tenants who are near as well.
I’m pissed off, cause when I get the alarm to subside, I see on the site phone there are requests to not have large gaps etc. but the whole time the phone is not making a sound. She also has my mobile phone, and for fucks sake could also call the site phone just as easy.
So I give her a call, and confirm she’s the one who did it. She laughs and jokes like it’s a prank or some shit and I keep it respectful but I don’t laugh with her to kinda put it out there that I’m not too pleased about it. I ask her if she has my number, she says yes. So I tell her to please just call me or text next time instead, she shrugs it off and basically says “your gaps are over 15 mins long I’ll do it again”. So again: I tell her, please don’t do that, just call the site phone, or my phone or text me. She finally says in a irritated manner “Ok (my name here)”
Idk man I just find this shit totally unacceptable. I could understand if I was sleep, and she tried to call or text at least fucking ONCE but no she just goes straight to the ear rape dumbass alarm, that I didn’t even know existed in the first place.
Just seems totally childish, unprofessional, and disrespectful to an employee who’s worked with this company for about 3 years. I’m legit about to find another place to work after this shit.
Anyone deal with or heard of anything like this? Should I try and tell HR (which is probably not worth it, family ran company) or just let it go and leave this shitty company in the rear view? Thanks I’m advance.
TLDR: had a slight gap over the limit, supe (instead of calling or texting) triggers alarm to my phone that was super loud (talking like emergency vehicle siren loud) laughs at me and threatens to do it again.
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2023.06.04 09:32 BuenasTardesJ Why are my charms and wits dialed to the 10s when I'm on it? I just become the most confident guy in the world.

I am a very confident person in real life, I am cocky and confident around women even when I'm not shrooming, and it is just a natural thing for me. But when I'm on shrooms near the 3/4th of trip, I just become 007, like my comeback lines are just straight out of a movie dialogue and I just become this supernatural smoothtalker. What is the reasoning behind this?
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2023.06.04 09:32 tiffydew 30 [F4M] Aseana

Been alone in the hotel for days now and just wondering if anyone is in the area.
Or if you’re near come take me away lol I’m getting bored.
Send me a chat!
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2023.06.04 09:32 owlwhalephant I enacted PettyRevenge on my coworker's chair

Sorry in advance for the long post.
At my work there is this one lady that is one of the pettiest, rudest people I've ever had to work with. She has been written up and sent to HR multiple times for discrimination and racist remarks such as referring to her (white) self as a "sl*ve driver" and saying the N* word in front of our Black coworkers and has shared personal information about them that is racially charged in nature.
She's also discriminated against our ethnic housekeepers and tried to get them fired over the smallest thing. She also gossips openly about others to one other woman that is just as toxic as she is.
So about this chair-it is BROKEN. Legit rickety, loose, and has pitched people onto the floor before and hurt someone's back who has had a spinal fusion.
Maintenance has tried to fix it but it's beyond repair and they suggested we just get rid of it. A group decision was then made to get rid of the chair due to it being a hazard and it was marked for removal and set to go to the dumpster.
The next morning, this lady shows up and went searching for this broken chair and went all over the building to find it & brings it back. I told her that we were throwing it away because it's broken and it hurt someone's back last night. She said "no, I need this chair, it's the only one I like".
I told her that the chair has caused people to fall before and she laughed and said "that's funny, it doesn't bother me though".
My manager told her we can't have broken equipment on the unit if it's a safety risk, and then she proceeded to have another tantrum saying "I only ask for this one thing, is that too much to ask?!" and stated that if we wanted to get rid of it that the office has to buy her a special chair just for her. My manager told her that wouldn't happen and for now, she has to lock it up when she's off shift so no one gets hurt.
Mind you, we have PLENTY of chairs that are just as or more comfortable, newer, and are more ergonomic than that stupid chair. Her reason for liking it was that it raises up high enough for her desk, which ALL of our other chairs do.
She doesn't have any known or reported medical issues that would require a BROKEN chair, and she's made it well known that she knows people hate it and that's part of why she likes it.
Following some more of her typical behavior towards the rest of the staff in the last few weeks and yet another HR case being opened, I decided to use this week when she's on leave as an opportunity to make sure that thing is finally disposed of. With the help of housekeeping, that thing is now gone forever.
TLDR; my racist and petty coworker insists we keep a broken chair just for her even though people have been hurt by it and while she's gone for a week I made sure it got thrown away.
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2023.06.04 09:32 danielta310 Scam from device repaire shop? (digishop)

Need advice on consumer act for Macbook/iPad repairment in Finland
I brought my Macbook Pro and iPad Pro to Digishop at the end of April to replace batteries for both of the devices. They changed them pretty quickly within a few days.
I was super happy for the quick service and ready to give them good reviews then the iPad broke immediately after bringing it back. It rebooted itself every few minutes. I brought it back to Digishop for warranty (iPad 3 months and Macbook 6 months).
Then my Macbook broke when I opened it the third time within the next week. I rarely used the Macbook because it was a personal device. I mostly used my company laptop for work. Screen just went white. I brought it back to Digishop for warranty. Of course, they refused to take it. They said it was not at all related to battery replacement. I had a hard time believing it because I have been using this device for the last 5 years without an issue. Suddenly, after replacing the battery, the Macbook broke. However, I couldn’t do anything further because this is the situation of “He said, she said”. I just accept that the Macbook broke out of luck.
My iPad is still in their hands after waiting for more than a month. I tried to contact them to ask for an update. They said next week they would give me an update, then they ghosted me for another week. I chased them to the end of the world (again, I just lost the Macbook, I couldn’t lose another device). They got back and promised to update me in the following week. Then they ghosted me again. The latest update they gave me was that some parts of the iPad were hard to find and they needed to wait.
However, I really lose my patience and trust on them after being ghosted so many times and reading their bad reviews on Trust pilot. Apparently, some customers also had the same experience as me when dealing with this company. (I unfortunately found these reviews after these incidents). Seems that they are really good at ghosting customers if their services are bad.
Is there anything I could do in this case? Should I report them somewhere, sue them, or accept that I lost both of the devices after changing batteries at their shop?
If there is nothing I could do, I want this post to be a warning post. If you ever consider bringing your devices to their shop. Please think twice. It isn't worth it.
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2023.06.04 09:32 Cam-J-Mac My School Elevator

My school elevator is old and rickety, it stops randomly from the years of abuse it has felt courtesy of kids stealing the keys and jumping up and down tempting it to rocket to the ground floor. I never understood what they got out of it, though it could just be my way of ignoring the fact I was never invited to tempt its ancient cables. I’m more of a loner. I like walking around listening to my metal music at lunch rather than slamming my least favourite teacher’s door or vaping. Nevertheless the other kids don’t pay me any attention, something I am actually grateful for. My five foot two stature at a mere one hundred pounds keeps me fast and nimble should anyone care enough to make me their punching bag for the day.
On Wednesday, my final block is English with Mr.Steeves, this class is an easy A for me as all he does is sit there and ask us to read the two hundred-fifty page book he assigned us five months ago and then do the questions pertaining to the chapter we just read. Mr.Steeves has a strict no phone policy and makes us park our phones in a box when we walk into the classroom.
This rule makes accessing the questions for our novel impossible so he has two random students go and fetch the computer cart from the library and bring them up to the class on the elevator. This is great for me as the large screen of the prehistoric laptops hides my head while I sleep.
This Wednesday Mr.Steeves chose Hunter, the most popular boy in my grade, and I to go get the computer cart. I never really liked Hunter due in part to his name and reckless behaviour that often ended up with someone else being seriously injured. Not deterred, angry, but ready to get this over with and get to my scheduled nap I begrudgingly stood up and shambled out of the classroom Hunter following behind me while still laughing at a joke his friend made no doubt at my expense.
As we make our way down the stairs and then through the hallway over to the library Hunter and I have our faces buried in our phones pretending not to notice one another. As we approach the library Hunter puts his phone away and speedwalks ahead of me to get his interaction with our more than socially awkward librarian over and done with.
I am mere feet away from the door to the library when Hunter comes barreling out of the library practically surfing the cart and nearly hitting me. I feel butterflies soaring in my stomach from the freight Hunter has given me yet I act unphased and carry on with my emotionless demeanour. We walk back through the hallway past the staircase and over to the elevator, Hunter grabs the key off of the top of the cart and puts it into the elevator and waits for it to come down then open its rusted doors revealing the withered once futuristic interior. I step inside and am followed by Hunter. I go to press the button for the second floor but Hunter grabs my hand.
“Dude look” He says “What I don’t see it”
Hunter's long finger points to a third button, ajar from the rest. It’s not quite a perfect circle, more of an oval, its milky interior seems to be polished, carrying an otherworldly glow to it I’ve never seen before. I look at Hunter and ask.
“What is it?”
He shrugs his shoulders and before I can stop him he pushes the button and a loud ding pierces my eardrums. A sense of dread washes over me as this ringing in my ears subsides and is slowly replaced by an eerie quiet that sets my teeth on edge.
I shoot Hunter a glance and am met with a childish grin of someone who knows they just did something bad but is too stupid to know what it actually is. I resume my normal composure and press the button for the second floor and for what felt like an eternity there was nothing it felt as if time had stopped, I was waiting, begging for that button to ding and for these cables to spark to life and tow us to the second floor and bring me away from this dreadful feeling of unease. I wait and wait and wait until finally my ears are pierced once more by that harsh ding and the elevator begins to move.
I was so relieved I failed to notice the direction in which we were moving until I felt the same butterflies in my stomach which were soon replaced by a cinder block of pure lead and there I was again being drowned by this sense of dread but this time I wasn’t alone Hunter had gone white as a ghost we shared a glance as the beads of sweat began to roll down our faces.
We were descending below ground level, my mind ached as I tried to wrap my head around what could possibly be happening, how we could be moving below the very foundation of our school that held this elevator together.
We descended further and further in utter silence, fear having an almost physical grasp on our vocal chords. My legs were like jelly quaking at nearly buckling at the smallest jerk the elevator made. The elevator screeched to a halt making my knees give out and nearly making me fall over.
We sat there for only a minute before it began. Constant tapping and pawing plagued the outside of the elevator. Whatever it was it wanted to get in badly I could hear its laboured breathing, yearning for what was in here, yearning for us.
After another hour or so of this routine Hunter and I were broken, hope only shone on us when we heard footsteps trailing off right in front of us until it was nothing but silence.
I begged and pleaded to the God I thought I never believed in for the elevator to ding once more and carry us back up to the safety of the school I had forsaken and blamed for all my troubles and now would do anything to be back there.
“ I need to calm down, think rationally, I need to figure out what’s going on, I have to survive this, I can't die here.” I thought to myself.
I look over at Hunter, he is utterly paralysed, seemingly frozen in time, I know he will be of no help in solving this situation. “It, whatever it is, is marinating us in our own fear, just waiting for the opportune moment to come crashing through the door when we have our backs turned.” I thought to myself.
Slowly the cinder block of fear in my guts dissipates and is replaced with an undying power to do whatever it takes to get out of here and back to my boring life. As this surge of what can only be described as pure strength surges through my body, the doors glide open and I am beaten back by a gust of frigid air that drains me of my strength, and there we are again, just Hunter and I staring out into the dimly lit, concrete space out in front of us.
We stare and stare and stare until finally our eyes adjust to the dark and we make out something roughly one hundred metres away it stood. A body of a buffalo, but five feet taller, with three legs of a wolf, the fourth leg was easily triple the length of the other three and was covered in a black ooze that dripped from the long nails at the front of its limb, it had no head only a mouth, similar to a crocodile but painted pitch black, the mouth extended out in front of it with a jaw that hung detached from the top of the mouth, slack and ready to close on any unfortunate prey and hold it there while it was torn to shreds. I stood there for seconds attempting to comprehend what I was actually seeing but before I could rationalise anything it charged, galloping towards us, we had nowhere to go. All we could do was wait for it to get to us and for this all to be over. It stopped mere inches from the door, Hunter and I huddled in the corner, he weaselled his way behind me so that only half of his body was showing. Its long ooze-covered leg extended out in front of it into the elevator dripping its viscous liquid onto the floor. The long fingers extended pointing at us and pinning us into the corner. We shuddered and closed our eyes fearing that the worst was yet to come and then I heard it. Flesh squelching right next to me as the long nails on the end of the fingers embedded themselves into Hunter and sprayed blood on to me, the sound of the flesh is quickly succeeded by Hunters screams as the monster twists its claws in him and flings him out of the elevator on to the concrete where it begins to devour him. The sounds of Hunter’s screams stop and all that is left is the squishing and occasional crack of bone as the monster eats him. I slump to the floor knowing that what is happening to Hunter will surely happen to me in just moments, I whimper and cry until my eyes can cry no more.
A sharp ding cuts the tension and the rusted doors slam shut. The button for the second floor glows and the elevator begins to ascend, the blood on my clothes vanishes and in only seconds the doors open once more. A blinding light sears my eyes and the hum of an active school fills my ears. I sit there for minutes until a student on their way to the bathroom notices me crying in the elevator and grabs a teacher. Quickly I am hurried off to the office and the computer cart was taken to my English class. I tell the Principal and school officer everything that happened, what happened to Hunter and what I saw down there and how it wasn’t me who killed him. Everyone is very sympathetic to me and my parents are called. I recant my story over and over, every time I tell it I am met with the same question, who is Hunter?
I, after hours of telling the story and trying to explain it to them and who Hunter is, am told to go home, get some rest, and in no time will be able to talk to a professional about my “incident” as they are calling it. My appointment is tomorrow and I am currently in the midst of flipping through yearbooks attempting to find any trace of Hunter though it appears he along with everything that could possibly prove his existence have simply vanished along with the third button on My school elevator.
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2023.06.04 09:31 Unlikely_Ant2746 [Online][5e][CoS][EST][LGBTQ+] Looking to join a group for Curse of Strahd!

Hello hello! My name is Lillie, 23, she/her, transfemme, and I'm looking to join a group of folks interested in playing/running Curse of Strahd. I have had a prior jaunt in Barovia with a DM who ran the game for too brutally. Strahd was intolerable, very few things made sense, and hell, we were stuck using ENCUMBERANCE RULES. So! I'm hoping to find a new group for a less brutal run through of Curse of Strahd. I understand the game is meant to be hard, scary, and brutal, but our characters in the last game were so hesitant to move forward we would rather just sit in Vallaki doing roleplaying stuff than proceeding the storyline because things were just.. that rough.
As for experience, I've been playing 5e for 6-7 years now, and consider myself rather well versed in the rules and playing. My characters often have deep backstories that I very much love having intertwined with the overarching narrative. I adore RP, and enjoy combat, so a good balance of the two works well for me. I don't have a character in mind quite yet, but I often spend my free time making characters, so I'll be sure to have one by the time we begin.
Ideally I'd like a group playing late. 10-11pm EST start time late. I'll be starting a new job very soon that has me working the afternoon-evening shift, so I'd like to still be able to fit in the game after a shift. I can maybe work around a bit earlier, but it'd be a bit hard. As for days of the week, I have a group for Tuesdays and Sundays weekly, with occasional/biweekly games on Saturdays, so any days besides those I am guaranteed free.
If you'd like to ask me anything further, my discord is Shmallo#7025 and I can also be reached here on Reddit, although I do not check this site nearly as much.
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2023.06.04 09:31 CellarGoat1234 We Love Katamari - does it get more engaging?

So far I played two levels and.... they aren't nearly as quirky, charismatic or well designed as even the first level of Katamari Damacy.
In the first level everything is neatly laid down so you don't have any trouble finding things to roll through, there aren't any obstacles, it's just entirely unengaging.
The second level, the fantasy one, is just... simple. You don't have to search for things, there are no places that you have to work a little to get to, it's just a barren level. I don't get it - the original had you struggle a little to get to places, to find the items worth rolling through, had plenty of obstacles and was just full of crazy things all around (the Kuma's Bear just running around a room, for example).
It just seems like this game is a super chill version of Katamari Damacy. For me it's extremely boring though. Does it get better? I really don't want to mindlessly roll through the levels, that's not what was so great about Katamari Damacy.
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