Colon and rectal orlando

The greatest of all fissures

2016.04.14 01:24 AigisWasTaken The greatest of all fissures

A support forum for those affected by anal fissures. Please share your experiences, questions, and any tips or advice.

2023.06.04 09:31 AdventurousPassion97 constipated since september

SO I'v been constipated since i stopped smoking in september. I have used laxido, senna, ducosete, dulcolax, sodium picosulphate, enemas, glycerine suppositories, fig syrup, prunes, loads of water, chai seeds, i eat a healthy diet with plenty fruit and veg, im active, i work out, i do yoga a couple of times a week, i drink green tea every morning, peppermint tea too. the only thing that works is taking 6+ of dulcolax tablets - they are a bisacodyl stimulant. it's as if my colon has totally forgotton how to contract to get everything out, when i wake up i can feel it all sitting in my lower intestine but unless ive taken lots of dulcolax it just wont budge. i dont feel taking stimulants is a feasable long term solution due to how intense they are, i dont like how much stress they put my bowel under, it doesnt feel healthy atall. I'm really hoping someone here has some advice for me as its a miserable existence. Im waiting for my blood work to come back and i've had examinations done by dr which were fine. Im probably gonna buy some castor oil and peppermint capsules next but dont hold out much hope because as i say its not that its 'stuck' its more like the colon doesnt remember how to contract to move it out. tia
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2023.06.04 08:34 MexaYorker Pain all across waist

Hey all! This is not a typical symptom nor have I heard anyone mention this. I was feeling much better, and I ventured to try bovine colostrum, but I took too much for my first time plus I am allergic to lactose.
Ever since, I’ve experienced lots of soreness around my waist, like colon pain? Idk if anyone else here gets pain in that area too.
Have you been scanned to know exactly what it is? I’ve had it for a month now, and it’s a little better but it’s still pretty sore.
My symptoms have been gastric ones too right from the start with consistently loose stools for months now.
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2023.06.04 08:22 Aurin316 Deep thought

My sleep cycle is all botched up and I’m here late at night wondering if a panel of proctologists at a proctology convention of some sort would have enough to talk about for an hour segment if the topic was just “farts”. No rectal disorders or anything communicable just farts.
How long would I as a layman listen in?
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2023.06.04 08:17 DestinyOfADreamer Boy Boy performs on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

Boy Boy performs on BBC Radio 1Xtra.
Boy Boy joins a fairly long list of Trini artistes who've been featured on BBC 1Xtra including Bunji Garlin and Orlando Octave as well as other talents from the Trinibad genre: Zerimar, KG, Medz Boss, Zebee, TriniBaddest Moe and Ashada.
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2023.06.04 08:02 top_ten_reddits Former players Vogel has coached include...

Bismack Biyombo and Terrence Ross (Orlando both seasons). How do you think this affects their return?
Other players that the Suns could target in the offseason include: Nikola Vucevic (in Orlando) Miles Plumlee (in Indiana) Kyle Kuzma (in LA) Alex Caruso (in LA)
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2023.06.04 07:52 CursedWithRage VIP "behind-the-scenes "

What does this mean? Pretty much anyone reviewing lists it as "Exclusive behind-the-scenes experiences in the park". Worded similarly of course. But what exactly does it entail? I recently did the USH VIP tour and loved it, but of course Orlando doesn't have the back lot tour. So currently trying to figure out if it's worth the splurge.
It'd be for a 2 park public VIP tour, for reference.
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2023.06.04 07:49 bossofthisjim 32 [M4F] USA/OH Want to watch an anime with me?

Japanese culture is pretty fascinating to me so finding someone who shares my hobbies/play video games with and watch things together is important to me. If you can recognize Japanese culture references that would be super cool, but not necessary.
Some of the games I've been playing lately is Honkai Star Rail/3rd impact/genshin FFXIV, League, TFT, Minecraft, fighting games, etc. Would be open to playing new games.
For anime I like, basically good isekai, time travel stuff, semi;colon series, etc. I read visual/light/web novels as well! I have a MAL I can share.
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2023.06.04 07:49 bossofthisjim 32 [M4F] USA/OH Want to watch an anime with me?

Japanese culture is pretty fascinating to me so finding someone who shares my hobbies/play video games with and watch things together is important to me. If you can recognize Japanese culture references that would be super cool, but not necessary.
Some of the games I've been playing lately is Honkai Star Rail/3rd impact/genshin FFXIV, League, TFT, Minecraft, fighting games, etc. Would be open to playing new games.
For anime I like, basically good isekai, time travel stuff, semi;colon series, etc. I read visual/light/web novels as well! I have a MAL I can share.
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2023.06.04 07:30 phoenixlegend7 adb from iSH app can't find my device - How can I update the system variable $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS or adb_usb.ini with my vendor id to help it find it?

I have iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14.4.1. I got iSH app installed (to get a Linux shell environment running locally on your iOS device, using a usermode x86 emulator).
I was looking to install adb package on it.
I saw someone posted about here:
He used this command and repo:
apk add android-tools --repository=
I tried to run this command too, looks like it got installed:
iPhone:~# apk add android-tools --repository=http://dl- fetch (1/8) Installing brotli-libs (1.0.9-r5) (2/8) Installing libgcc (10.3.1_git20210424-r2) (3/8) Installing lz4-libs (1.9.3-r1) (4/8) Installing libstdc++ (10.3.1_git20210424-r2) (5/8) Installing libprotobuf (3.15.7-r1) (6/8) Installing libusb (1.0.24-r2) (7/8) Installing zstd-libs (1.4.9-r1) (8/8) Installing android-tools (31.0.0p1-r2) Executing busybox-1.33.1-r6.trigger OK: 15 MiB in 22 packages iPhone:~# adb version Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41 Version 31.0.0p1-android-tools Installed as /usbin/adb 
When I do adb version it says it's 1.0.41.
But when I try to connect to an ip (android device) that's on the local network that's already been paired with, it fails to connect:
Welcome to Alpine! You can install packages with: apk add  You may change this message by editing /etc/motd. iPhone:~# adb connect 192.168.X.X:YYYYY * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037 * daemon started successfully failed to connect to 192.168.X.X:YYYYY iPhone:~# 
I tried to connect with another app that uses adb, and it has no problem to connect with the same ip:port. So it's only an issue when either running it from iSH Shell app and/or the specific package that I installed for adb. I tried to restart the Android phone but to no avail. Are you able to connect with it? Any other suggestions/repos to try?
Or maybe it looks like the issue is not being able to connect is because "adb devices" won't show the device, the adb vendor keys system variable is empty:
iPhone:~# adb kill-server iPhone:~# adb start-server * daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037 * daemon started successfully iPhone:~# adb devices List of devices attached iPhone:~# echo $ADB_TRACE iPhone:~# echo $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS iPhone:~# 
I found something about this issue on StackOverflow:
Full Details: Most of the time nothing will need to be done to get the Mac to recognize the phone/device. Seriously, 99% of the time "it just works."
That being said, the quickest way to reset adb is to restart it with the following commands in sequence:
adb kill-server adb devices 
But every now and then the adb devicescommand just fails to find your device. Maybe if you're working with some experimental or prototype or out-of-the-ordinary device, maybe it's just unknown and won't show up.
You can help adb to find your device by telling it about your device's "Vendor ID," essentially providing it with a hint. This can be done by putting the hex Vendor ID in the file ~/.android/adb_usb.ini
But first you have to find the Vendor ID value. Fortunately on Mac this is pretty easy. Launch the System Information application. It is located in the /Applications/Utilities/folder, or you can get to it via the Apple Menu in the top left corner of the screen, select "About this Mac", then click the "More Info..." button. Screen grab here:
Expand the "Hardware" tree, select "USB", then look for your target device. In the above example, my device is named "SomeDevice" (I did that in photoshop to hide the real device manufacturer). Another example would be a Samsung tablet which shows up as "SAMSUNG_Android" (btw, I didn't have to do anything special to make the Samsung tablet work.) Anyway, click your device and the full details will display in the pane below. This is where it lists the Vendor ID. In my example from the screenshot the value is 0x9d17-- use this value in the next command
echo 0x9d17 >> ~/.android/adb_usb.ini 
It's okay if you didn't already have that adb_usb.inifile before this, most of the time it's just not needed for finding your device so it's not unusual for that file to not be present. The above command will create it or append to the bottom of it if it already exists. Now run the commands listed way above to restart adb and you should be good to go.
adb kill-server ; adb devices * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * List of devices attached 123ABC456DEF001 device 
When I run the adb command by itself, there is lots of general info of usage. I found something similar in it that talks about the vendor keys:
 . . environment variables: $ADB_TRACE comma-separated list of debug info to log: all,adb,sockets,packets,rwx,usb,sync,sysdeps,transport,jdwp $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS colon-separated list of keys (files or directories) $ANDROID_SERIAL serial number to connect to (see -s) $ANDROID_LOG_TAGS tags to be used by logcat (see logcat --help) $ADB_LOCAL_TRANSPORT_MAX_PORT max emulator scan port (default 5585, 16 emus) $ADB_MDNS_AUTO_CONNECT comma-separated list of mdns services to allow auto-connect (default adb-tls-connect) 
How can I do the same but with iSH app? I tried to go /usbin where adb process was installed, but I don't see there the adb_usb.ini file. Any idea where that config file would be located or how can I update the system variable $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS?
Update: Ok I might have found something:
iPhone:/# find . -name "adb" ./usbin/adb ./root/.android/ ./root/.android/adb.5037 ./root/.android/adbkey ./tmp/adb.0.log iPhone:/#
The files look like this:
iPhone:~/.android# cat adbkey -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY----- MIIEvwIBADANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAASCBKkwggSlAgEAAoIBAQDIf6P8H9mD8DXp . . .
YfP8TdngMofKLWpcF6gW6SqVpA== -----END PRIVATE KEY-----
iPhone:~/.android# cat QAAAAOFbr9Xf17WgTRKqYqiFBYt4CwQxhWqn4t7Hj2T2SiC0xgWJMva . . .
R35VyE9WhEBGEoTh4TT+2JxhcvuiKU++PQEAAQA= [email protected]
But not sure if I just append to it the vendor id or what? Not sure if it’s the same file as adb.ini above.
Thank you.
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2023.06.04 07:14 ImpactBig1790 View of the city of Guayaquil from Hilton Colon

I was able to get a fantastic city view from the Hilton Colon in Guayaquil I have never been to the executive lounge on the 8th floor, thank one of our Party Ecuador customers Nohope who is a diamond member for the opportunity to go up and get free food and enjoy the fantastic view of the city of Guayaquil I took 2 videos from different angles also day and night angles.
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2023.06.04 06:59 Prestigious-Cover357 How can I support my friend undergoing treatment for cancer (radiation and chemo).

Hi All,
One of my oldest friends, 52M, is in the midst of getting treatment for colo-rectal cancer. He lives across the country.
He just got done with radiation and now has to do chemo for a number of months.
I try to text him and call him regularly. He said he is exhausted all the time.
Is there anything I can buy him to help? Anything else I can do other than keeping in touch? Anything I can send him?
Thanks for any advice. :/
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2023.06.04 06:57 rawhonestconvo [friendship] 32m Orlando

Hi. I come to Orlando a lot for work, but I’m alone. I love taking people to Disney, nice meals, and looking for friends. Idc who you are but please be between 18-50
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2023.06.04 06:20 Substantial_Bag_9681 Question

What if I have a coco substrate the is ready to be colonized and I put the caps of mushrooms on top and let the spores fall on the sub what would happen has this been tried by anybody personally ?
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2023.06.04 06:01 CakeDude34 A Hypothetical Fallout RTS

So have been thinking about a hypothetical Fallout RTS that could be interesting and Bethesda would have options for factions and mechanics so I thought of some.
Major Factions on launch
East Coast Brotherhood(Fallout 4)
No particular reason I chose the Fallout 4 factions over the New Vegas ones I just wanted to have 4 factions on launch
DLC Factions Ideas
Realistic options
Caesar’s Legion
Enclave (Fallout 2)
These guys have decent options for content and useful array of troops that they would be realistic factions options
Possible factions
Enclave (Fallout 3)
East Coast Brotherhood (Fallout 3)
West Coast Brotherhood
Nuka World Raiders
Some faction from Fallout 76
These factions are possible but can't really think of much to flesh them out like how can I make the West coast Brotherhood stand out from the east coast variants. Thinking that the West Coast Brotherhood, Fallout 3 Brotherhood and Fallout 3 Enclave can be subfactions that you can chose when you start the game up
Strengths and weaknesses of the Base game factions
Generally how I thought of the Factions abilities is that I based on Lore and stuff we see in games, example give with the Enclave from Fallout 2 we see that they don't like outsider so that will be reflected in how they work
Minutemen- Good all arounder with easier time capturing settlements (more on that in the Gameplay) for resource production with maybe access to T-45 so they can hold their own against the Brotherhood. Also I am thinking they would be more defensive of the four base game factions as they will generally want to defend areas to hold out for reinforcements.
East Coast Brotherhood(Fallout 4)- Access to high end energy weapons and Power Armor. Weakness more Expensive Units and slower to build said units and capture time on settlements is slowed
Railroad- Smallest armies of the base game factions but higher quality troops and relying more on Hero like units such as Deacon and Glory and good tech options with Gauss rifles and Railroad Heavy Armor
Institute- Cheap and disposable units in Gen 1 and Gen 2 synths and powerful units in Coursers with maybe some Super mutants for fun. However Coursers are not cheap and slow to build and the Institute will have a terrible time capturing Settlements.
Some DLC factions Strengths and Weaknesses
NCR-access to good units in the form of Rangers and Heavy Troops but both will have a limit and are costly, for the majority will have to be the standard trooper. Along with this lack of good hero like units or none at all, can’t think of any charter that would fit except maybe Oliver or Boone along with a penalty to working with minor factions (I will touch on those in a bit)
The Legion- Cheap troops that level up the more combat they experience becoming better and better until reaching a limited number of Praetorian Guards. Good heroes in the form of Lanius, Joshua Graham, and maybe Ulysses. Downsides lack of a good tech tree with your better units coming from your soldiers being upgraded. Also when they capture settlements they enslave them for a time penalty on resource production as the settlers adjust to the new rule.
Vegas- Powerful Securitron Mk 1 units and has an easier time getting caps and can gain access to Mk 2 series. Downside said Mk 2 series requires the Platinum chip to be gained, an expensive and slow tech to research that would take a while to gain and would be an end game tech for Vegas. Along with a lack of good units outside of the Securitrons, after all the White Gloves run at the courier with dressing canes
Master- Strong mutants that can hold their own along with nightkin for more hit and run tactics. Downsides Mutants require a new resource specific to the Master, Humans which he will need to make new Mutants that can be gain from settlements of all types but is gained slowly and the Master has an option to take people from settlement for a cost of resource production for a time
Enclave (Fallout 2) best Power Armor available in the form of the Mark 1 and access to Gen 2 mutants to perform as a stop gap troop. Can not capture settlements only wipe them out and colonize faster than other factions and gain a production boost for them as well and gain more resources from their buildings
Every Faction has access to Hero Units on top of their standard units. These will be either Companions from said faction, Preston for the Minutemen, faction leaders Legate Lanius, or both if they have good options Maxson or Danse from Fallout 4. Each one will be better in different roles when compared to others like Danse would probably be one of the better ones from a combat perspective but Preston would be better in a support role.
There will be minor factions on the map like Boomers, Great Khans, Children of Atom or Brotherhood chapters if no player is a Brotherhood faction. They can give you rewards in the form of troops or abilities to aid in the battle if you manage to secure their loyalty, or be wiped out so no one can get it though it will be difficult. Also should note if they are secured by one faction then they will not be able to be taken control by another faction so they will have to be killed, though if the faction like the NCR gets the loyalty of the Boomers and the NCR is defeated then they go back to neutral. You can think of them like shops from Warcraft 3 where you can buy potions or items from them
Along with the more neutral factions there would be one the map hostile like raiders or hostile fauna that can be kill for exp for heroes or Legions soldiers
The map will have settlements around that are the key to getting resources such as food, water, caps and other items that can be captured and can act as staging ground for attacks. Idea based of the resource points from Company of Heroes
Once a settlement is taken it will have to be captured by force for a cost of production for a time or destroyed so the opponent can’t take it back. I am thinking that player owns it they can destroy it to prevent it from falling to the enemies hands
If a settlement is wiped out the player will be able to recolonize it for the same benefit. Thought it will be while for it come back online. This could be annoying to programed but it would be interesting to see
You can also build resource production buildings in your base that can give you resources but they will produce less than settlements but some factions will be able to get more out of them such as the Enclave and Institute.
How tech would work is that you can research it in dedicated buildings, for example a “research hub” is where you would research better armor or weapons. Another way is to have specific buildings to get it like in Starcraft, for example to build NCR rangers at your barracks you would need a Ranger station or something like that.
There would also be unique tech for some factions as mentioned before Gauss rifles and Railroad Heavy armor would be given to the Railroad and Mark 1 Power Armor for the Enclave.
So here are some of the ideas and general concepts of how I think a Fallout RTS would work and would like to hear what everyone else thinks.
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2023.06.04 05:58 jammacd Mushroom colonization

Mushroom colonization
i’m new to the mushroom growing community but….. i transferred my spawn bag (rice packet) to my substrate tub and let it do its thing for maybe 2 weeks, but it doesn’t seem to want to colonize all of it. i figured my ratio of substrate to colonized spawn was off so it would take longer than normal, but i’m not seeing any progress. i decided to add more colonized substrate in the middle hoping it would speed up the process or improve my situation. i’m just concerned if i could have messed something up by adding additional stuff to the middle.
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2023.06.04 05:58 FFJLS27 Breaking into Sales Career?

Hey All,
I’m interested in figuring out how to break into a decent paying entry level sales job ($70k-$100k). I have a 10 year back ground in restaurants, some as a server, but majority in restaurant management. I left that industry to pursue my “dream career” in the fire service and have been at it for 2 years working as a firefighteEMT. I need more out of my career financially and have always been of the motto “doesn’t matter the job as long as your making the money that makes you happy”. I’m willing to grind my teeth, but I genuinely want a career where I have the potential to make $150k-$250k and work 40-50hrs opposed to the near 70 hours, including mandatory overtime, that I currently work in the fire service making near $65k-$70k. I’m just curious to see what suggestions folks in the sales field who may have come from a similar background to mine have and which sector they best translated their skills into. I don’t have a degree, just high school, but have my vocational education, extensive customer service experience, and if selling food/drinks/service to customers counts, I’ve done that for 10 years in restaurants, vast majority of that experience being at Disney locations in Orlando,Fl. Thank you in advance for response and guidance, it is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.04 05:55 Outrageous_League453 Health anxiety question

So I am a big guy and toward the end of April, I decided to start trying to lose a decent amount of weight by making sure I'm in a calorie deficit. The problem started when I began to notice constipation getting worse which started me down a crazy anxiety rabbit hole. One time I had some blood in my stool so that sent me even further into panic mode. I went to the doctor and had a ct scan for an umbilical hernia which turned out to be just fat-filled and no bowel in it. I also have a colonoscopy referral coming up because of a family history of Crohn's and Ulcirativeclitus. But now I keep freaking out because I am in my head convincing myself that I have colon cancer (even though the doc said the large/small bowel looked "unremarkable" on the CT. Then today I came across something about NHL lymphoma and how night sweats are a symptom and guess what??? the last two or three nights I've been having night sweats so here we go down anxiety blvd. again. Anyone else ever dealt with feeling this way and if so what do you do to manage it? I feel like I'm going crazy.
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2023.06.04 05:47 I_Just_Wanna_Vibe My Doctors believe I have Crohns, and I'm scared. Life is getting worse and I'm depressed.

My whole life I have been forced to deal with really difficult challenges and obstacles. I have high functioning Autism, I have a terrible stutter which I still get picked on for and I'm in my mid twenties. I have gutate psoriasis which is rare form of psoriasis and it makes me feel so insecure in my skin and with my appearance. Now I have to deal with random chills, joint and torso pain, nausea uncomfortable stools with blood, I now need to take autoimmune medicine the rest of my life and get blood tests just to know If I don't have colon cancer or not. I'm now at a higher risk of getting colon cancer for the rest of my life, and this has put me a crippling state of fear and depression....why?! Why me?!? Why do I have to be born this way?! Why do I always have to have the short end of the straw?! WHY DO I HAVE TO HAVE STEEPER HILLS TO CLIMB THEN MOST?! I'm so depressed...I just wish I wasn't born...I feel helpless and broken and I don't know what to do. I'm so scared to live the rest of my life sick and in pain....I don't know what to do...I just want everything to be okay...I just can't stop crying and stop focusing on my pain....what do I do?!
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2023.06.04 05:43 RealNotBritish How to punctuate when I ask a question?

For example:
‘The question is how are you’
Should I put a colon after ‘is’ and capitalise ‘how’? Is there supposed to be a question mark at the end, or a dot?
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2023.06.04 05:40 Practical_Griffin Welcome to Battletechmercs

Welcome mercenary, This community is a place to share ideas, thoughts, adventures and anything to do with BattleTech. Its a place i hope can be safe and welcoming for everyone to share the creativity, battle stories, adventures and love of the lore, game and fandom thereof. So lets get to it, first thing is there is some rules to follow for the group. I am new to this and will be looking for help eventually so bear with me.
First rule is to be kind and respectful to the people in this group. There will be many people from different walks in life. Kids, to the OG old folks, to new couples and everything in-between. That's what makes this community great and looking forward to building that.
Second rule is for the content of which to talk about things that happen in both lore and in life. I would like to keep drama to a minimum if at all possible and know that much of the topics and events are heavy themes. So as long as it is a place of respect and love lets discuss what ever that might be as it can help people come together, see different perspectives and eventually lead us to the stars. That doesn't mean there wont be a differing of opinions but done in a healthy way will lead us to grow!
Rule three, is lets have fun and share the wonderful ideas, paint schemes, mechs and everything else. I know that I don't get to share enough of the geekdom about this setting and look forward to what can be brought together in a community.
Rule four, For businesses and promoting your own things to sell please msg me first. I don't want to have this become a sale page but appreciate when cool things are shared that applies to the community and isn't spammed. (may look into setting up a specific day to promote)
Things will change and evolve as time goes on. I will adjust the rules and add what I can for resources etc.
Now rules aside
Get out there and start colonizing the stars. We have houses to serve, contract to fill and salvage to find.
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2023.06.04 05:31 feelinlikea10 Lurker here; I don't understand where the perception that Islam is becoming mainstream in Korea comes from.

I often see posts and comments that claim Islam is spreading through Korea and Japan, which is a complete lie (for Korea, I can't speak for Japan) - whether it be the kpop posts or Daud Kim videos. I'm guessing that these claims that Islam is growing in Korea come from non-Koreans because Koreans aren't active outside Korean websites and forums. So there are barely any Koreans on English-based forums and websites like Reddit. Even the Korea sub is full of expats and not the locals.
Just letting y'all know, none of us know who Daud Kim is. His audience is Muslims from other countries, not Koreans, so the subscribers and views do not come from us. We barely knew who he was before the rape controversy, but even that controversy wasn't anything major. It made very little noise.
For clarification, I don't hate Muslims but have strong feelings against the religion. The thing is, Islam, will never be mainstream in Korea. We are a homogenous country with an atheist background and no ethnic minorities that distinguish themselves from the population.
We had thousand years of Buddhist and Confucianist influence, but most of the population is irreligious, with Christianity being the most prominent religion and approximately 20% believing it. But truth be told, the only reason why Christianity was able to grow exponentially during the last 100 years is that it attached itself to the Liberation Movement when Japan colonized Korea. So there's that. But still, a lot of Koreans are firmly against Christianity, and I can't say that their public image is good.
The current perception of Islam is very negative, with the middle east being known as the region that has no rights for women, and the only news we get related to Islam is about terrorism. When 500 Yemeni refugees came to South Korea, many people protested to kick them out of the country because of the "Islamic threat." They faced a lot of discrimination, so many ended up leaving Korea. FYI, Korea is very xenophobic and even discriminates against neighboring countries like Japan and China. We do not like "others," even the Korean-Chinese people (called Joseonjok), which accumulated over a million people in this country over the past thirty years. Anyways Koreans value their culture as something significant and try to exterminate anything "other" to the population, so foreigners or other cultures far away from East Asia (esp the Middle East, North Africa, or Islam) are seen as something that needs to be eradicated.
There were refugees from countries like Yemen and Afghanistan, but their public reception has been very hostile. Also, Korea is known to be the worst country for foreign workers, so when Muslims come to Korea to work in blue-collar jobs, there's a recurring joke amongst Koreans that they eventually resort to eating pork and start drinking. Many workers from North Africa (especially Egypt) believe they should practice Ramadan. Still, they get fired from these blue-collar jobs and can't work due to them not eating during Ramadan and being too weak to work. So they end up rejecting Muslim workers who don't participate. So they go to other places like factories, where the Korean factories are NOTORIOUS for underpaying and even trapping Koreans to prevent them from running away. Hell, they don't even feed 'em properly. The factories are living hell in a fundamental sense. So they become desensitized to what's "haram" like drinking and eating pork. When they become de-islamized, they return to blue-collar jobs and forget about Ramadan. Allah gave up on this country during the King Sejong era. Islam just isn't compatible with Korean culture and people.
Truth be told, we are a fucked country with a wildly conservative, racist, and xenophobic population, but I do not see Islam growing in this country like ever. If anything, it's the Chinese that will take over this country. So this premise that "Islam is growing in Korea" is just bullshit - it's the foreign workers and students that come here to work and study that's praying in the mosques. The Mosques in Itaewon are filled with foreigners, and less than 10% of the people praying there are Korean. 99% of the Muslim population are foreigners, so that should tell you everything about the lies that Islam is growing in Korea. They don't even account for 1% of the population. Muslims from the Middle East and North Africa aren't even the majority of foreigners living in this Country - it's mostly the people from China, Vietnam, and other countries in Southeast Asia that account for the majority. Most children with a non-Korean background come from Thai, Cambodian or Vietnamese mothers in rural regions (unfortunately, old men procreate through mail-order brides.)
Hope this gives you a little bit of a perspective that a Korean has about the topics surrounding "Korea and Islam."

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2023.06.04 05:11 ___Gabagool___ Best CFB moments you witnessed alone?

It’s summer now and things are getting boring leading up to the end of August. Real talk, I’m having a pretty loser-ish Saturday night. Couple of Miller Lite tallboys and some Zyn. However; something came across my mind that might make for a somewhat interesting thread: Where were you when [x] happened? Not every game of our beloved teams are with friends or fan base. Some are witnessed in front a laptop on a stream site with pizza rolls. This made me wonder, what great moments in your cfb fandom happened when you were by yourself?
Here’s one of mine: 2017 War on I-4
I posted about this previously but without personal context. On that day, I had just gotten home from a shitty day at work; I was an assistant manager at Finish Line. It was holiday shopping season and every kind of mall customer was in that mood. I still lived with my folks at this time, feeling like a complete loser at 25. I got home and saw a note that my parents had gone to dinner. Quiet house. I turn on the TV and instantly the whole living room is loud AS FUCK. It was the start of the second half of USF/UCF. The Bounce House was literally rocking my house all the way from Orlando. I was hyped as hell out of nowhere! That game was rejuvenating on a personal and cfb level. It literally had everything a fan could want.
Edit [11:56pm CT]: Thank for the reception, here I are few more I saw by myself:
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