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2016.01.04 21:29 Not_An_Ambulance Malicious Compliance

People conforming to the letter, but not the spirit, of a request.

2023.06.04 19:32 Carnadge 31 [M4F/T] Atlanta, Georgia/EST/USA - Looking to develop a long-term, intimate relationship

How’s it going!? I’m a 31-year-old, 6’1” tall, light-skinned Black guy living outside the Atlanta, GA area, looking for and hoping to find a woman to date long-term! I’m ideally looking for someone who is open to a serious relationship (of course with time after getting to know one another and dating) eventually if things go well and connect between us. More on that below but a bit about me first.

About Me:

About You and What I’m Looking for:

If you like what you read, fit what I’m looking for, and think that we could be a match for each other, go ahead and send me a DM or chat message!
Please shoot me a selfie or photo of you and a short bio when you message me.
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2023.06.04 19:32 i-like-squishysquash trapped with an abusive father and no way out

I hope this belongs in this sub, but if not, please direct me to the proper place, thanks <3
I am a minor, and I’ve been trapped in an abusive situation for my entire life. At least, I believe it’s abusive, or at the very least toxic.
The abuse isn’t physical, but more verbal/emotional/psychological. A big portion of it is that my father is extremely concerned about the safety of our family (mother, brother, and I). Prior to the pandemic (middle school age and younger), I was rarely allowed to hang out with friends outside of school. In these cases (less than 5), my father either had to be present for the entire time, or I had to be in a public place (like a library) with my older brother present for the entire time. This was to avoid myself potentially being kidnapped or assaulted at another person’s house. (I am female) It didn’t matter that most of my friends were girls; my father was worried that their uncles would show up without advance notice, or that their brothers would assault me.
To this day, I have walked down my own street unsupervised less than 5 times in my entire life. I live in the suburbs (not a city or somewhere with a high crime rate), but I am not allowed to step outside of my house’s property lines unless I am walking to my bus stop for school. Additionally, if myself or my mother are in our backyard and a neighbor is nearby, we must go inside and hide until they are gone before returning outside.
Since the pandemic hit, I have been almost fully isolated from the outside world unless there is a necessary event or school. I have just graduated high school, but I haven’t been with my friends outside of a school event in the past four years. My father believes socialization with friends is important only if you “have nothing better to do,” and that I have already achieved enough socialization at business events.
My father also has extreme anger issues and is extremely controlling toward my family. He often yells at my mother or questions her for hours (sometimes 5 hours at a time), and will get angrier if she loses patience or raises her voice back (he views this as disrespectful). I myself often get into trouble for “lying” (as in saying something that is true but he doesn’t think is right), misspeaking, or other things. He views his anger as uncontrollable and expects us to accommodate his temper. I also believe he is manipulative, as he almost always blames us if he is angry (“Why are you always like this? We could have avoided this if you had _____”). I have tried multiple times to express that him yelling at my mother has affected my mental health, but he blames me for that as well, telling me that all couples are like this and I’m making this a problem in my head – all I have to do is stop being affected and tell myself that I don’t need to be sad. He has specifically told me that if I keep crying when he yells at my mother, then my mother will not be able to talk much anymore (because he yells at her constantly for saying things he doesn’t approve of). He has taken to calling me “emotionally weak” if I cry, and reminds me that I need to “grow up.”
He is also racist and homophobic. My brother and I are often lectured about how those who are LGBT+ are mentally ill and need to be fixed for the “survival of humanity”. I am bisexual, but have kept my identity hidden from everyone in my family except for my brother and one cousin for this reason. I am also not allowed to date at this time (even though I am almost 18), and will be questioned if I am seen talking to a boy or if I have befriended a boy.
The result of all of this is that I have been feeling increasingly trapped. I began harming myself 2-3 years ago to cope with not being able to cry freely. I feel as if my life is always falling apart. I come home from school to screaming and anger, and I always feel tense as I try to not set my father off. I will be attending a university that is several states away in the fall, but he has repeatedly threatened to force me to transfer to a school very close by if I am not continuously obedient. I am not actively trying to kill myself, but I always think about it.
I have been increasingly emotionally unstable. At my worst points, all I want to do is die, and then minutes later I feel better and fear that I am simply being dramatic. I always feel ungrateful that I do not appreciate my father’s concern for my safety, but at the same time, I was almost completely robbed of a normal and healthy childhood. I don’t see a way out of this situation except for death. I cannot actively seek a way to improve the situation, because my father will simply further isolate me as punishment for being disrespectful.
To be honest, I hate my life, and I hate myself. I have a boyfriend of over a year who I feel safe with, but I’m terrified of being discovered by my father and losing my emotional support (my father would most likely also cut me off from my friends). I am terrified of being myself even when my father is not around, as I am paranoid about my father seeing pictures on others’ social media posts that will expose me.
I don’t see this getting better. I am hopeless in every sense, knowing that I have to deal with this situation or otherwise deal with it becoming worse. My close friends and boyfriend are aware, but they can’t do anything more than offer emotional support, and sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes I just want to escape, and death feels like the only way. In college, my father will not allow me to go off campus, nor will he allow me to socialize in other students’ dorms – he expects me to go to classes and otherwise remain in my dorm room, and he will call me regularly to check that I am being obedient.
I don’t think I can live like this anymore. I don’t even know if it’s worth it to live anymore. Maybe I’m being overdramatic. Maybe I’m just an ungrateful and selfish person who doesn’t care about safety. I don’t know.
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2023.06.04 19:32 Carnadge 31 [M4F] Atlanta, Georgia/EST/USA - Looking to develop a long-term, intimate relationship

How’s it going!? I’m a 31-year-old, 6’1” tall, light-skinned Black guy living outside the Atlanta, GA area, looking for and hoping to find a woman to date long-term! I’m ideally looking for someone who is open to a serious relationship (of course with time after getting to know one another and dating) eventually if things go well and connect between us. More on that below but a bit about me first.

About Me:

About You and What I’m Looking for:

If you like what you read, fit what I’m looking for, and think that we could be a match for each other, go ahead and send me a DM or chat message!
Please shoot me a selfie or photo of you and a short bio when you message me.
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2023.06.04 19:32 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 4 (pt 2)

The episode resumed with a shot panning down from yet another shot of the moon onto Dave, Scarlett, and DJ walking through the pet cemetery.
"Don't you think Katie should've been back by now?" DJ asked.
"Hey guys," Katie called out, gaining the attention of the three, "I think I found something over there!" The shot cut to a large headstone. "See?" the sweet girl said as the shot came in for a close-up, detailing both a skull mark and a date engraved below it. "June 06, 1806," Katie read. "That's 6, 6, 18, 6, right?"
"Yeah!" DJ said with a smile. "Good eye."
Confessional: DJ
"Katie is pretty resourceful," DJ said to the camera. "Sure she doesn't have her tablet, but at least she's helping the team."
Confessional Ends
"Look," the camera cut back to the headstone's close-up as Dave pointed a finger at the skull mark's oddly-shaped nose hole, "there's a keyhole too."
The shot cut back out to show the whole group as DJ inserted the key, turned it, and was promptly flung backward out of sight by a large, spring-loaded coffin bursting out of a trap door in the ground, much to the Maggots' shock.
"Look at this!" Scarlett called out. "We got flashlights!" The camera cut to the inside of the now-opened coffin, revealing several flashlights standing on a shelf in it.
"Awesome," Dave smiled, as DJ rejoined them. "Let's grab them."
Dave scooped up the flashlights, then ran off with Scarlett.
"You're strong, right?" Katie talked to DJ before running. "Make sure to put that coffin back so the Rats won't know where to look."
DJ lingered long enough to close the coffin and shove it back into its hole, and was about to catch up with his teammates, but was pulled back by the spider's string and eventually got taken away by the spider.
The camera panned in the opposite direction, eventually stopping on a large tree. After a moment, Geoff leaned out from behind it. He decided to make a wolf sound in order to signal his Rat members, who saw what he was doing and were visibly disgusted.
Leshawna smacked the boy. "What are you doing?"
"Using animal calls to signal you?" Geoff answered. "Team Maggot found the souvenirs on the tombstone over there."
"Wow…nice work," Scott said as he slowly reached out to put their key into the keyhole.
"I want to let you know before you open the coffin-" Geoff tried to warn Scott as the latter opened the coffin, but got flung off-screen, making him groan in pain. "-make sure to not get flung."
"That would've been good to hear earlier," Scott looked at his face for injuries angrily, but got his mouth wrapped up by a spider web, before being pulled away by the spider in a flash.
"Scott got taken away!" Leshawna freaked out and held Geoff by his shoulders. "Let's finish the part of the area and get the heck out of here!"
The footage flashed to Scarlett and Dave standing before the entrance to a cave, the mouth flanked on either side by flags bearing the team logos.
"Welcome to your final destination!" Chris announced over an unseen loudspeaker, laughing evilly before adding "The clue is just inside the entrance...aaand down the tunnel...into total darkness. Good luck! Yooouuu'll neeeeed iiit!"
Dave gulped and Scarlett snatched a flashlight from him. "Follow my lead," she told him as she turned it on and walked into the cave.
"Wait," Dave said with a hint of anxiousness, "Where's Katie and DJ?"
"They probably fell behind," Scarlett answered back, her words echoing from inside the cave.
Dave lingered for a second. "Go explore the cave. I'll get DJ and Katie."
The scene flashed inside and Scarlett peered around with her flashlight. "This location hasn't seen many good days," she said as she noticed what appeared to be the skeleton of an intern suspended in a web, a note taped to its tattered plaid shirt. "And there's the clue," Scarlett remarked, looking closely at the note then reaching out and lightly touching the web. "By hook or by crook, the end is near if you look," she read.
"This writing is simply telling me to locate the finish line by any means necessary-!" She was interrupted by a line of webbing shooting down from the ceiling and wrapping around her body and head, and she struggled to break free before she was pulled up and away.
The scene cut to a close-up of Dave's sneakers as he ran through the graveyard. The camera cut outward as he ran up to Katie, who were wandering the area with flashlights in her hand, and said "Hey, Scarlett and I found the cave. Where's DJ?"
"He hasn't arrived," Katie said warily. "The spider likely got him."
"That cave must be where the spider is," Dave theorized. "And if the spider took our teammates, that's where we'll find them."
"Let's go with that then," Katie said, trying to seem determined but coming across as scared.
The scene flashed back to the cave entrance. "Scarlett!" Dave called out as the shot cut to him and Katie standing just inside, flashlights already turned on. "Scarlett, where are you?"
"Um, you might want to look over there," Katie said as she pointed out Scarlett's discarded flashlight.
"Well that's not good," Dave said nervously.
Confessional: Dave
"I'm starting to question how we were gonna win this challenge," Dave admitted. "Katie and me aren't exactly capable of fighting off a giant spider."
Confessional Ends
"Look over there!" Katie piped up as the static cut away to the two Maggots walking through the cave. The camera panned ahead along their beams of light to show a creepy skull-like rock with several metal hooks sticking out of it, and the two smiled.
"Those must be the last souvenirs," Dave realized, rushing over to the skull-shaped rock. "We must still be in the lead."
"Look out!" Katie cried out in sudden panic.
"What?" Dave looked back nervously just as a line of web shot down from the ceiling and quickly wrapped him up, encasing just about everything but his head. He moaned before getting hauled up by the spider. It hissed at him menacingly and he screamed in terror, and with a hiss the spider tossed him to the side.
He landed on a larger web suspended in the ceiling, and the shot zoomed out to reveal that the others who'd been captured were within – Scarlett, Scott, DJ, Anne Maria, Sierra, Molly, Trent, and Sammy.
"Who landed in the web now?" Anne Maria asked.
"It's just me," Dave said. "Dave."
"At this rate, it's up to the ones who didn't get captured to figure something out," DJ pointed out.
Confessional: Dave
"The plus side to not being a cartoon character? I don't have to worry about getting spider-like powers," Dave confessed.
Confessional Ends
The shot cut back down to the cave floor, Katie still looking up nervously just as Geoff and Leshawna finally arrived on the scene.
"There's the next souvenir! And our teammates! And a gigantic spider!" Geoff pointed out his surroundings to his teammate.
"Well, I guess we found the right place," Leshawna commented as she went ahead.
"So what should our plan be?" Geoff sprinted towards Leshawna, but tripped and collided into Leshawna, sending both flat on the ground.
They instantly got wrapped together by the spider's stringed web. "I'm starting to think that we're a bad duo," Leshawna frowned dryly.
Confessional: Leshawna
"Geoff's sweeter than honey, but he needs to think more before he acts," Leshawna stated. "I'll cut him some slack since we didn't land in the web."
Confessional Ends
"Katie! Go grab the hook and we'll win!" Molly ordered.
"Okay. I'm on it," Katie went to take off a hook.
"But we're still trapped in this web with no way to get out," DJ tried to protest.
"Uh, DJ," Dave realized something that caught his eye.
"Huh?" DJ replied back.
"The spider is coming towards us!" Dave shouted, causing everyone to freak out in a panic as the giant mutant arachnid crawled towards them, its fangs dripping green venom.
"Someone get us outta here!" Anne Maria shouted, causing Katie to stop in her tracks.
"Everyone is in danger," Katie gasped. "I'm coming to help."
"You should get the hook first!" Scarlett tried to advise her teammate.
The spider was hissing right at the people in front of the web. "Somebody do something!" Trent yelled out as the camera panned over to Dave's scared face.
And then, with a burst of adrenaline, Dave burst free of his silken cocoon and tackled the giant spider clear off the web. They swung away on a line of silk attaching the spider to the ceiling, and the normal guy began to pound furiously on the back of the mutant's abdomen.
Confessional: Dave
"Adrenaline can really get your blood pumping," Dave explained in an impressed tone of voice.
Confessional Ends
Meanwhile, Katie was shown climbing the tree that had the spider webs attached, but fell back down. "I can't reach the top!"
"Really?" Molly questioned her.
"Sorry, Maggots," Katie apologized. "I don't have enough muscle power to reach you."
"If that's the case, then go and get the hook," Scarlett demanded.
"But I don't want to leave you behind!" Katie stood firm.
"You need to win! You're the only member of the team who isn't trapped in a giant web!" DJ said supportively.
"I'll do it, but I'll come back to help you. I promise that," Katie declared bravely before grabbing her hook and ran to the zipline.
Leshawna was struggling to get to the hook due to her situation of being stuck with Geoff.
"Wow! I'm surprised you can hold us up together, even if we're trapped," Geoff marveled at her strength.
"I came to win, not to quit!" Leshawna said determinedly before tugging a hook off the skull rock.
The shot quickly cut to Dave and the spider, the boy now jumping up and down on the mutant's back.
"You spiders have been a big pain in the neck ever since I was young!" Dave confronted the mutant spider while the shot cut to the stalactite the spider's line was attached to, the rock beginning to crack.
Katie attached her hook to the zipline. "I'm ready." She took off screaming afterwards.
"I won't let you bother me anymore!" Dave continued his attack on the spider.
With one final jump the silk line snapped, sending him and the spider to the floor and causing rocks to fall from the ceiling. Those stuck in the web screamed as dust filled the air.
"Go go go!" Geoff hastily commanded Leshawna as he saw the place crumbling. Leshawna quickly hooked them to the zipline and they took off.
There was an ominous snap followed by thuds and grunts. The dust dissipated to reveal that all the captives – as well as the web itself – had fallen to the cave floor.
Several groans filled the air as everyone tried to recover, the silken prisons beginning to unravel.
The scene cut to near-complete darkness, lit only by the eyes of some unknown creatures – and three known ones, based on their screams. Katie zipped through the darkness screaming, with Leshawna and Geoff zipping past a few seconds later screaming as well, and soon enough made it to the other side – a smaller tunnel in the side of a cliff face, with the zip line tied to the end of a small stalactite on an overhang just outside. Katie arrived first and dropped when her hook slammed into the end of the line; Geoff and Leshawna arrived moments later, and landed on top of the Maggot girl when their hook slammed to a stop as well.
The shot panned down to them as they all groaned in pain.
"Looks like both teams made it out," Chris chimed in, walking up from the left and looking the three over. "That's something I did not expect at all."
"So who won the challenge?" Katie asked after standing up. "I did arrive before the Rats did."
"Today's winning team iiiiss," Chris announced, pausing for effect, "the Rats!"
"What?" Katie asked. "But I arrived here first!"
"Remember when I said stick together, 'cause there'd be a penalty for each team member you lost?" Chris placed a hand on Katie's shoulder. "Yeah, you lost your whole team. The same would go for Leshawna, but at least she brought someone with her. So, the Rats totally win!"
"I was wrong, Geoff," Leshawna cheered for her team. "We do make a good team."
Katie was distraught to lose. "I knew I should've stayed back and gotten my teammates down!"
"So true," Chris replied without a care.
The scene cut back to the cave as Dave approached the camera coughing. He looked down and gasped. The perspective inverted and the camera panned across what looked like a canister of artificial webbing, nuts and bolts and the tattered remains of a spider costume, and the all-too-familiar legs and torso and arms and groaning head of Izzy.
The psycho hose beast groaned before shouting "Boo!" and laughed silly.
Confessional: Dave
"Turns out it was just one of the old cast members in a spider costume," Dave explained in the confessional. "Though it makes sense in context. Izzy and Spider-Man are both annoying, but at least they can be funny sometimes." he quipped. "I'm still not a huge fan of spiders, but I can at least tolerate them now."
Confessional Ends
The scene cut to a shot of the island at night, the camera zooming in then cutting to the six Mutant Maggots at the campfire pit – Dave and Katie together on the left side of the back row; Anne Maria and Scarlett on the front left; Molly on the back right; and DJ on the front right.
"Team Maggot, welcome to your second elimination ceremony," Chris began. "I would comment on your collective failures and mistakes throughout the challenge, but it speaks for itself." The shot shows some of the Maggots either disappointed or shooting daggers at Chris.
"Just pass out the marshmallows already," Dave grumbled.
"Someone's eager," Chris smiled in satisfaction before seeing that Chef wasn't present. "Where's Chef with the Marshmallow of Loserdom?"
Elsewhere, Chef was tied to a post in frustration as a number of plungers were stuck to his face. The camera panned out to show that Izzy, currently holding a bow while wearing a tribal headband, was the one responsible for his fate. She laughed after hitting Chef one too many times with the plungers, much to Chef's annoyance.
"If Chef isn't here, does that mean the elimination ceremony is canceled?" Anne Maria raised her hand.
"Heck no. I'm still gonna send one of your butts home," Chris announced. "And the person who's leaving is...," he said with an impish smile, pausing for effect.
"Nobody! Psyche!"
"Wait, what?" Katie said in confusion.
"I was kidding all along!" Chris laughed. "The elimination ceremony is canceled. Not because of Chef not being here. But because this is a non-elimination episode."
"So if none of us would be taking the Hurl of Shame, then what was the point of even having us here?" Scarlett asked.
"I just love tension," Chris answered with a smug grin.
"Awesome!" Katie squealed cutely. "I was afraid I would be eliminated!"
"Whatever," Chris said, rolling his eyes. "Kinda disappointing no one's going for a catapult ride, though." He looked over to the right, and an idea dawned upon him. "I think I know who would be willing to."
The scene flashed to the Dock of Shame, Izzy in the catapult's bucket with Chris standing nearby.
"This catapult is amazing, but why am I here?" Izzy asked the host.
"Because somebody needs to get hurled tonight," Chris explained as he walked over to the catapult's lever. "Plus, you seem like the type to enjoy this kind of stuff."
"You know me so well. Now press that lever," Izzy grinned before Chris pulled the lever and launched her cheering loudly into the night sky.
"Wanna know who I'm gonna catapult off the island next?" he turned and asked the camera as the capstone theme began to play. "You'll have to come back and find out, right here on Total! Drama! Revenge, of the Island!"
(Roll the Credits)
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2023.06.04 19:31 Fehit Nercomancer item drops are worse?

I've been playing Necromancer with my friend. We both went without knowing much. We've been playing for about a day but then he went to work and i was left alone. Didn't want to explore the game without him so i decided to rerun to the same point as a rogue and rogue item drops were 10 times better than necromancer's. So for example as necromancer i was playing and had roughly everything equipped blue when my friend druid was all yellow. I tought that i was just unlucky... When i started playing rogue i had everything yellow too. Every special enemy, every chest, everything dropping was mostly yellow and gave me DEX and sometimes INT as a stat(if it did give me stats) and very rarely anything else. Where necromancer's item drops gave me DEX, STR and WP but almost no INT. Then we went further in the story. I was still playing rogue since he felt more powerful. Then my friend left again so i thought "yeah, i know how the game works now so i'll go be necromancer again and make a worthwhile build" and so i did... BUT! All my item drops are still blue. Is it some kind of handicap because necromancer is "OP"? Im already the same level as my rogue who had like 6 legendaries drop whereas necromancer only had 2 and some of my items are still just blue.
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2023.06.04 19:31 Inspector_Tinpot The Beatles releases going forward

This year should see the release of the Rubber Soul: Special Edition boxset which will follow the model of every release going back to the 2017 Sgt. Pepper anniversary edition. Remix of the original album alongside demos, surround sound mix, a new mono transfer and some photos and baubles in a nice package. But after Rubber Soul, things get tricky in terms of additional material. There's just not enough from the first five albums to justify individual releases so we may see twofers or even a fivefer making the rounds as an 'Early Years' boxset containing the first four or five albums, remixed alongside their mono counterparts, whatever demo material they can scrape together and maybe a live show or two.
Moving forward from Rubber Soul, here's how I see Giles Martin and the team at Abbey Road finishing off the Beatles discography -
- Either one or two boxsets that wrap up the initial album discography of Please Please Me, With the Beatles, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles for Sale and Help! with any demo material on-hand, live shows and other odds and sods like the Christmas records and cleaned-up bootlegs such as the Star Club.
- A Yellow Submarine / Magical Mystery Tour boxset themed around the movies themselves.
- A Past Masters boxset. This one could be excellent as there's a ton of sessions material still unreleased for most of the tracks.
After that, everything is pretty much remixed, released and out there in terms of albums, demos and oddities.
Anything else I've missed? I'd like to see a remastered Anthology documentary series using high definition elements where possible and some new concert films edited together like Shea Stadium.
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2023.06.04 19:31 NiveaSkinCream What can I do to alleviate dysphoria?

Ive been on HRT for almost three years, and ive also had SRS. And im still really dysphoric. The HRT didnt really do much in terms of dysphoria.
I dont regret transitioning at all, but im getting really frustrated at how my dysphoria just doesnt seem to get much better. Social transition helped me a lot more than physical did honestly. The dysphoria i feel now, compared to before i started HRT, is about the same, it hasnt really changed much, i still get good days that are about on par, and i get really bad days about on par.
I hated my body before, and i hate my body now. Im not super masculine and im able to pass if i exclusively wear female clothing and padded bras. But i still feel like shit. Even if others perceive me as female, that doesnt make me not hate how my body looks. All i ever see when i go outside is all the people that i could be looking like if i wouldnt have been refused transitioning when i first came out as a preteen, and all i see when i look at my own body is something that isnt *my* body, but a body that my parents forced onto me. Every body part is a constant reminder of how my body was changed against my will by other people.
Ive tried getting help from other places, ive been trying to get mental help for close to 5 years now, nobody wants to help me. Dysphoria isnt a mental illness anymore, therefore psych clinics dont take in trans people here, but also dont tell me where to go. And when i try to go in through other diagnoses, im either told theyre too much work, or not bad enough to warrant help. Ive been referred to 6 different psych clinics as well as been outpatient at a ward, and numerous municipal offers, and all of them ended up rejecting me.
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2023.06.04 19:31 flick_my_fleck Issue with a "troll" that might not actually be a troll and may just be ASD

A few days ago I had a newcomer start to work their way through my content and I'm not sure how to deal with the situation I'm finding myself in as it's becoming a bit of an issue for me.
The first kind of troll-ish thing they did was to make grammatical or diction corrections with timestamps (such as octopuses rather than octopi) in the spans of 30-40 minute videos. I speak off-the-cuff in most videos and while I have bullet points, I often make minor mistakes. They would always say "sorry" or "sorry I'm that a-hole" before saying that though leading me to believe it was more of a compulsion. I grew up with pretty bad OCD so I understand some people just can't help it.
(that was honestly not that big of a deal, kind of annoying, but nothing like what is causing me to post today)
But on my first channel announcement for my series I started a few years back called "Retro Odyssey" they commented asking why I didn't just change my channel name to Retro Odyssey, and asked "can't you change it at any time?"
Well, when I finished responding to that comment it didn't post because they had deleted their comment. I was explaining that "Retro Odyssey" was the flagship series I'm producing, but that I kept the channel name different because I have more series I want to do in the future, not just "Retro Odyssey"
Well, they had commented again and had changed their own channel name to Retro Odyssey. They said "Retro Odyssey is a cool channel name ;)" in a new comment on the same video, and later updated their profile pic to have a Retro Odyssey gaming logo, their about to be "the future of retro gaming" and they have still been working through my backlog of videos.
This makes me wildly uncomfortable.
It feels ~so strongly~ like an elaborate troll, but so many of the other comments point to mental off-ness to me. Retro Odyssey is my main series. It's high-effort high production value content that I've sunk three years of my life into. It's just now starting to grow, really. I don't want people with that for their username posting on my channel tbh. I don't mind regular clear-cut trolling or harassment, because the answer is easy. But this feels.... just weird. I don't know how to respond.
Right now it feels my options are:
So I'm not totally lost, but I'm not totally comfortable with any of these options.
What do you all think? Curious if any of you have had anything similar happen and how you handled it.
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2023.06.04 19:31 xtremexavier15 TSROTI 4 (pt 1)

Toxic Rats: Geoff, Scott, Leshawna, Sammy, Trent
Mutant Maggots: Anne Maria, Katie, Molly, Scarlett, Dave, DJ
Episode 04: Finders Creepers
"Last time, on Total Drama Revenge of the Island!" Chris opened over a stock shot of the camp, the recap montage starting off with a clip of the contestants racing off towards the side of Mt. Looming Tragedy. "Twelve bumbling buffoons battled it out in a brutal buffet of bombastica," Chef was shown gleefully dropping ice blocks on the climbing campers, catching Geoff and Scott but narrowly missing Molly and almost catching Anne Maria.
"Why all the 'B' words?" B was shown demonstrating his couch invention created from junk, "Because, B proved he was a brave and brilliant improviser who scored big time for his team!" B used an ice pick to poke holes onto a shard of ice and placed it on top of the castle, directing the sun beam towards the Maggots' base and melting it effectively. "Until his bitter teammate Scott allowed brainy Molly to botch it on purpose and B got the boot," Molly threw a snowball onto the shard, melting the castle and B was shown being flung into the night.
"And now," Chris said, popping up in front of a shot of the full moon in a cloudy sky with a lit candle in his hand, marking the end of the recap montage, "tonight's challenge is about fear." He made a devilish look. "And everyone knows fear is a dish best served, in the dark!" he said in an exaggeratedly spooky manner, an eerie sound playing as he laughed evilly. "Huh?" he stopped suddenly, the camera pulling back to reveal Chef standing next to him...dressed like a showgirl with lots of peacock feathers. "Chef!" the host said in annoyance.
"Wardrobe was all out of vampire costumes," Chef explained as the series's capstone then began to play.
"It's all scary!" Chris said, walking off to the left. "Other than that," he scowled and gestured back toward his off-screen assistant. "Right here! Right now!" he resumed his usual demeanor. "On Total! Drama! Revenge, of the Island!" He adopted his spooky tone as he finished the title, and ended with another evil laugh.
Frogs and crickets chirped and croaked, joined by an owl's hoots as the episode opened on a shot of the full moon. The camera panned down to the cabins as the sound of snoring was added to the nighttime mix, and the scene cut inside to the girls' side of the Maggots' cabin where Anne Maria and Katie were sleeping peacefully in the bunk they shared. Dave and DJ were also shown sound asleep on the boys' side, and the scene cut to the Rat boys to show Geoff also sound asleep.
The camera cut next to show Sammy waking up with a yawn. She stretched her arms out for a few good seconds and fell right back to sleep...until the sudden shrill wail of a blow horn pierced the air.
"RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" Chris hollered from off-screen as the scene cut back outside, the blowhorn continuing even over the panicked shouts of the campers.
The camera briefly cut to a close-up of the blowhorn still blowing, then over to the Maggots' cabin as they ran outside fully dressed – first Katie screaming "What's happening?!"; then DJ just screaming; then Scarlett yelling out "This is unethical!"; then Anne Maria just hollering; and then finally Dave coming out, calling out "I'm wide awake!"
The Rats were shown next, Scott grunting "Me first!" as he shoved Geoff down the stairs and slid down the railing; Leshawna quickly running after him; Sammy screaming at the top of her lungs; and Trent coming out last at around the same time while screaming.
They assembled nervously in the common area between cabins, where Chris – wearing a pair of heavy earmuffs – finally eased up on the blowhorn. "Glad you all could make it," he grinned as he took off his headgear.
Molly soon arrived later. "Is there an attack or what?" she asked her teammates.
Katie shot her a quick glare. "Of course not, but why would you care about anything but yourself?"
Confessional: Molly
"Olay, yes," Molly moaned. "I left my teammates behind, but that was because I wanted to win the challenge first. I was always taught to focus on one thing before moving on to the next, and that's what I did." She grew concerned. "I don't see any problems with that."
Confessional Ends
"I hope you're all ready," Chris continued, "'cause it's challenge time!" He stepped to the side as Chef rolled up a large widescreen television on a wheeled cart. It was currently displaying an aerial map of the island with several additional colored icons – six bright green skulls scattered around the island; three yellowish envelopes over the campfire pit, the western edge of the campgrounds, and deeper into the forest; and a large purple spider in the middle of it all.
"We're gonna do a challenge?" Anne Maria wondered. "In the middle of the woods? At night?"
Confessional: Anne Maria
"Doesn't Chris know that we need our hours of sleep?" Anne Maria criticized. "I haven't even done my hair."
Confessional Ends
"Your challenge," Chris continued as though there'd been no interruption, "a scavenger hunt for three creepy souvenirs. Your locations? A haunted forest," he walked across to the other side of the television, "a scaaary pet cemetery, and an extra spooktastic cave. First team to each location gets a special clue," he said, the camera zooming in as he pointed towards the westernmost letter icon on the screen. "But watch out for booby traps," he added jovially as he moved his finger to one of the skulls, "I really went to town with them, heheh." The campers were shown watching warily.
"So move fast," the host added, "and stick together. You'll be penalized for each player you lose!"
"Umm, what's with the giant spider?" Sammy asked.
"Oh yeah," Chris answered as the shot zoomed in on the icon in question, "there's some kinda gigantic mutated spider sorta running around loose on the island."
The cast immediately started to voice their fears and protests.
"A huge, humongous spider is on the loose?!" DJ hugged Katie out of fear.
"I guess so," Katie said frightfully, but was secretly enjoying DJ hugging her.
The shot zoomed in on Dave in particular as he looked around, moaning "Oh no..." in annoyance.
Confessional: Dave
"Ever since I was a kid, I've never been a huge fan of spiders," Dave admitted. "They leave messy webs everywhere they go, and it takes me a long time to clean them up in places like my uncle's attic or my aunt's basement." A spider soon crawled down on a string. "This is gonna be unpopular, but I'm not a huge fan of Spider-Man because of my dislike of spiders." The spider hissed after hearing the criticism, making Dave flinch.
Confessional: Leshawna
"I may seem fearless on the outside, but spiders are one of the few things I'm terrified of," Leshawna said nervously. "Anything with eight legs is frightening enough."
Confessional Ends
"And since I want to keep things fair for both teams," Chris continued, "I decided to bring back an eliminated contestant for the Rats."
"It's so good to be back here!" the familiar voice of Sierra was heard, becoming more recognizable when she ran next to Chris.
"Sierra! I haven't introduced you yet!" Chris snapped at her.
"If I waited any longer, the episode would've been past the usual 22-minute runtime," Sierra explained. "I'll just go join the Toxic Rats and save you the trouble of doing so since I've rejoined."
Chris watched the fangirl run up to the contestants in annoyance. "Long story short, Sierra is the returnee." Chris regained his smile, and the dramatic and almost heroic tune started playing again. "There's nothing to fear but mortal terror itself! Talk soon," he added impishly, sounding his blowhorn once again.
The twelve campers ran off towards the woods.
The footage flashed ahead to another shot of the full moon over the forested hills of Wawanakwa, an owl hooting as the scene cut down to ground level. The logo of the Toxic Rats appeared in the corner of the screen just before the team itself did, running up and stopping in front of a tree with a loudspeaker set up in its branches.
"We're in first place! Sweet!" Geoff cheered just before the loudspeaker whined into activity.
"Welcome to the Haunted Forest!" Chris announced over it, the shot panning downward to show the six Rats gathering around a small crack in the ground. "Your clue can be found at the base of this tree!" Sierra reached into the hole...and screamed in pain as something metallic snapped inside the hole.
"Inside a bear trap," Chris finished his announcement with a laugh.
Sierra withdrew her hand from the hole, the trap clamped down firmly on her arm – though she was at least clutching a note in her hand. "Here! Read the clue," she said, passing it to a mildly shocked Sammy. Just as she was about to read it, the sound of approaching footsteps distracted her and her teammates.
"Bad news guys," Anne Maria commented from the six Maggots. "They have the clue."
"Even with a team advantage they still managed to beat us," Katie reminded them.
"We can let the opposing team have their clue," Scarlett said, looking back towards her teammates. "I have another plan," she said, running ahead with her teammates in tow.
The shot cut to the Maggots as they stopped at a clearing further along the trail. "So what's the plan?" Katie asked the girl in front.
"Find a place to hide so we can follow the Rats and their clue to our first souvenir," Scarlett answered. "Into that bush!"
The Maggots dived and painfully tried to hide in a thorn bush.
"Be quiet," Dave hissed, "They're coming."
"Inside a knot is a nest," Sammy read as the scene cut to the Rats. "Your souvenir lives with a pest. Find Polaris to travel northwest? Polaris is the North Star."
"The North Star is right there, so this way's northwest! There's a path!" Trent declared. He ran off, the rest of his teammates following suit.
"Now we follow!" Scarlett declared as the rest of her teammates came out of the bush.
The Rats' logo reappeared as the footage skipped ahead again to them running along through the woods.
"Inside a knot is a nest," Geoff muttered to himself as the shot zoomed in on him. "Hey Sammy, what was the rest of that poem again?" he called back without taking his eyes off the path ahead.
When he didn't get an answer he immediately skidded to a stop. "Sammy?!" he yelled in rising panic, and looked back to see nobody behind him.
The shot cut back to show that the rest of the Rats had stopped in their tracks. "What? Did we lose the mouse?" Scott asked.
Geoff gulped. "We get a penalty for each player we lose, right?" he asked nervously.
"And there's a spider crawling around, right?!" Leshawna said in panic. The shot cut outward as he did so, showing a large purple spider crawling down through the shadows of the forest trees.
"We're looking for a knot with a nest, right?" Scott looked off to the right; the camera quick-panned over to a large tree with a noticeable hollow knot in the trunk with the hints of a nest inside; a few green and red marks had been spray-painted on the bark under it.
"There it is!" Leshawna said, immediately rushing towards it.
"But what about Sammy?" Trent asked his team.
"We'll look for her after we get the souvenir," Sierra assured him.
Leshawna started climbing up the trunk as the rest of her team ran up to join her, and soon began to root through the tree hollow with one arm.
Suddenly, a large eye opened up inside the hollow and stared directly at Leshawna. She screamed, and several squid-like tentacles reached out of the tree's other hollows. One quickly grabbed her around the neck and held her up, while another gave her a few wet slaps then poked her in the eye.
"My eye!" Leshawna yelped in pain and terror. In response the tentacle tightened its grip, and Leshawna began to choke.
"What do we do!?" Sierra yelled in panic.
Geoff looked around, then bent down and picked up a handful of small rocks. "We can throw these stones at the octo guy!"
"Good idea!" Scott said as he and his team picked up rocks of their own and began throwing them at the creature, but they seemed to be hitting Leshawna more than the mutant squid-tree monster. Eventually, the thing just raised its captive up even higher, then slammed her down onto the ground and hissed at the others.
"RUN!" Geoff shouted, turning to flee as a tentacle shot towards them, forcing them to scatter.
Unfortunately, Trent was unable to get away in time and was lifted up by the leg. Trent cried in pain as the mutant began to punch him in the stomach with a curled-up tentacle.
The sounds of pain and wet punches caused Leshawna to get frustrated. "No way am I gonna get pushed around or let a squid attack my teammates!" she declared, getting back on her feet and climbing up the tree-squid's trunk while it was distracted. "Quit buggin' us!" she cried as she punched the mutant in the eye.
The beast bellowed in pain, dropping Trent and retracting into its tree. As soon as he got back up, a strand of spider's webbing shot down from above, sticking on to his head and pulling him away from the floor.
Leshawna reached into the knot once again, quickly and triumphantly pulling out a brass key. "And that's how I roll!" she called down to her teammates.
She dropped down to the forest floor, and landed in front of Geoff, who grinned when he saw it. "We got the key, Trent." Geoff received no response as Scott rejoined.
"Trent?!" Leshawna yelled out in concern. "Where are you?!"
As she panicked, the shot changed to a perspective further away, and the footage switched to an infrared shot of the four Rats.
"Guess he's gone," Sierra sighed sadly. "On the plus side, we found the key."
"We lost two players!" Leshawna said. "Shouldn't we go and look for them?"
"Knowing Chris, he probably has them trapped someplace else, so I'm not too worried right now," Scott brushed it off.
"You've got a point there," Geoff agreed.
Just then, the six Maggots arrived on the scene.
Scott was the first to notice them. "No luck here," he quickly said with faux disappointment, "Do you want to see if Sammy and Trent saw anything better over there?" he looked back and asked Sierra, Leshawna, and Geoff.
"Absolutely. It's not just the three of us," Sierra caught on before they turned and ran off.
"I see something!" Katie pointed off to the camera's right – the direction of the squid-tree. "Team colors!" The camera briefly cut over to the knot in question, with a focus on the marks below it in the two teams' colors.
"Excellent eye, Katie," Scarlett complimented while DJ ran to the tree.
"I'm not just a phone addict, y'know," Katie laughed a bit.
"I got the key, everyone," the camera cut to DJ who was in the tree's hollow and holding out a key. He threw the key in front of Dave and Molly.
"Way to go, DJ!" Molly said.
"Now you want to support us," Dave snarked at her. "Where was that when I was frozen?"
"Are you still mad about that?" Molly groaned.
"Of course we are," Katie snorted.
"You don't just leave your teammates behind," Dave lectured.
"Whatever happened happened," Anne Maria got in between them. "Let's focus more on the challenge and less on squabbling right now."
Confessional: Anne Maria
"I'm here to start no fights," Anne Maria confessed. "What Molly did was messed up, but they can scold her after the challenge."
Confessional: Molly
"Thank you, Anne Maria," Molly let out a sigh of relief. "Finally, someone who won't ride on me for my choices!"
Confessionals End
"You're right, Anne Maria," Dave sighed. "We shouldn't waste anymore time fighting."
As Dave bent down to pick up the key, however, a line of spider silk shot down from the treetops, wrapped around Molly, and pulled her up out of sight.
DJ regrouped with his team. "They said they saw something far away, so maybe-" he paused and looked behind his teammates. "Wait, where's Molly?"
The other four looked behind them and gasped. "Oh no, Molly's got taken by the spider!" Dave cried out.
"What do we do now?" Anne Maria griped.
Scarlett sighed. "Not to sound apathetic, but I think we're gonna have to continue on without her."
"Are you sure about that?" Katie questioned.
"I'm sure we can catch up to wherever she's being taken to," Scarlett waved off her concern.
"Well, I hope so," Katie said as she and the team exchanged nervous looks.
Confessional: Dave
"I don't see Molly in the best light right now, but that doesn't mean that I want her to be taken away," Dave began to shudder. "Especially by a spider."
Confessional Ends
"Why are we running so slow when we're in a challenge?" Geoff said as the scene moved back to him, Sierra, Scott, and Leshawna running through the forest. "We won't beat the other team at this rate."
"Relax, I know what I'm doing," Scott conversed with him.
Confessional: Scott
Scott was whittling another piece of wood with his shark tooth. "I'm heading us back into last place where we belong. Another elimination ceremony for the Rats and it's bye-bye Geoff! Or Sierra. I can't decide."
Confessional Ends
"C'mon, let's rock this! With years of exercise and partying, I've got energy to burn!" Geoff said, snatching the key from Leshawna and jogging ahead. The three followed him, but the camera kept its focus on Geoff as he passed a tree stump, then a rock; then stepped on a mysterious clump of dirt… which exploded and sent him flying.
Leshawna, Sierra, and Scott stopped immediately, the shot showing Sierra and Leshawna being shocked and Scott showing delight as Geoff got launched from one land mine to the next off-screen.
During this, however, a line of spider webbing was shot onto Sierra's leg. It quickly wrapped around it and tugged Sierra away from her team.
The camera finally cut back to Geoff, singed and groaning on the ground in an awkward but still holding the Rats' key. The Maggots approached him moments later. "Sorry that had to happen, doll!" Anne Maria comforted as she ran past Geoff.
Scott and Leshawna came to Geoff's need. "You gonna be alright?" Leshawna helped him up.
"I'll walk it off," Geoff tried to remain cool headed.
"Thanks, focus boy," Scott said.
"I don't want to strain my calves," Geoff added.
"We should leave in a few minutes just to make sure we catch up to the other team," Leshawna said. "Sierra just got captured, and I don't want us sticking around here."
The scene cut to the lantern-lit cemetery. The camera panned left across its headstones and crosses, several of which were pet-themed, to the entrance as the five remaining Mutant Maggots arrived, huffing and puffing from their run.
"Welcome to the Wawanakwa Pet Cemetery!" Chris greeted them over the loudspeaker.
"We're first. Nice!" Dave said.
"What's the clue?" Anne Maria asked Scarlett.
The camera cut in close as she opened the lid to a small coffin in an open grave, revealing a ragged piece of paper within bearing a list of numbers: 5 in the first row; 5 in the second; 5 in the third. Notably, while most of the numbers were plain black there were three 6s and the 18 were all an eye-catching red. "Three 6's is normally not a good indication of luck," Scarlett said with a nervous look.
"Let's fan out and look for numbers!" DJ said as the perspective cut back to its usual sideview.
"By ourselves?" Anne Maria asked.
"I'm in a creepy cemetery in the middle of the woods looking for three 6s. It's no big deal," Anne Maria said warily as she backed through the graveyard. "Good news is, there aren't any owls hooting around. I think I'm safe," she told herself, pausing to smile. "Now, let's see if I can find any numbers..."
She turned around and started examining the nearest headstone, and the shot cut to a view from afar, the footage switching back to infrared. The monster serving as the camera's viewpoint blinked, and when it opened its eyes it had gotten much closer to the jersey girl, and had extended four sharp limbs with tiny claws on the end towards her...
Anne Maria's scream echoed through the cemetery, quickly catching the attention of Katie, DJ, Scarlett, and Dave as they looked up in shock. "Anne Maria?" Dave asked out in concern, the footage quickly skipping ahead to show all four arriving at the location the tanned young lady had been snatched from.
"I could've sworn she was just here," Dave said in confusion.
They all gasped. "Where'd she go?" Katie asked in mild terror.
"I'm just as concerned as you all are," Scarlett started, "but like what happened with Molly, we should move along and hope to catch up with them."
"I know you're trying to be reasonable," DJ said, "but you're rubbing me off the wrong way."
"Yeah, it's like you don't care about what could happen to our teammates," Dave told her.
"I'm just used to not expressing my emotions on occasion," Scarlett told her team members. "Thank you very much."
The scene flashed to the Rats, where Scott and Leshawna were next to grimy coffins propped upright against a couple statues.
"Find the souvenir, hide the souvenir, lose the game…" Scott went in to unlock the coffin, but was interrupted by Fang bursting out of the coffin with a menacing grin.
"AAAAHHHHH!" The devious ran away screaming when Fang moved to chase after him.
Geoff was looking at a grave that was open. "This grave smells like french fries. Weird, but I'm not complaining." He got shoved in thanks to Scott running away from Fang.
The camera followed Scott as he ran past two open graves, one of which with a mound of dirt in front of it.
The mutant shark followed his quarry, but when Scott leapt over the mound of dirt, Fang tripped over it. The shark fell into the open grave and growled.
"Why does this graveyard smell like fries?" Katie wondered aloud, following a scent as she walked through the cemetery. She soon came to the pit Geoff was in. "Maybe it's coming from there."
"Hello? Anybody? I need someone to help me down here!" Geoff called out.
Katie backed away a bit. "Did that hole just talk?"
"It's me. Geoff!" Geoff tried to denounce her belief.
"Oh right," Katie sighed in relief. "You're the guy with the cowboy hat."
"That's right," Geoff confirmed her statement. "I fell down this hole, and I'm covered in grease right now."
"So that explains the smell," Katie realized.
"Can you get me out of here?" Geoff begged her. "Grease doesn't mesh well with my shirt."
"I would, but I have to help my team right now," Katie declined. "One of your teammates could get you out. Bye," she left the scene.
"This sucks," Geoff whined, unaware of four maggots coming by the grave. As soon as they saw the grease and Geoff, they jumped in and attacked him, making him howl in agony.
The scene cut to Chris, who was watching feeds of both teams on a trio of monitors and laughing hysterically. "Will anyone make it to the spooky cave?" he turned and asked the camera, holding a covered cup with a straw in it. "And if so, how can they possibly make it all the way to the finish line? Less brain, more pain, when we return!" he said, finishing with a sip of his drink.
(Commercial Break)
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2023.06.04 19:30 Emotional-Will7032 F23 M31 , drugs and marriage

I 23F met my husband 31M when I was 18 and he was 26 five years ago. We fell in love instantly and we moved cities to be with each other within the first 3 months. I have known he was a recovered addict and had been thru rehab successfully. What I didn’t know was that he was using again. I found this out after moving in together when it came time for him to buy more drugs. He drives 4hrs away to buy them, so it was something he had to come clean about. It devastated me but he reassured me he was only taking a small amount and that he would be weaning off soon. He’s a fully functional addict and is employed and has an outgoing personality and loved to do the things I loved. So I took his word. I was naive as an 18yr old. Fast forward to getting married after 4 yrs together, his addiction had slowly gotten worse, since over time his tolerance has built up. The summer after our wedding he joint an outpatient clinic for getting in Suboxone. It was hard for him but I was really proud and saw this as a big step. He was saving money and his addiction was headed in the right direction for the first time. Well after 3 months he gave in and went back to his drug. It’s been almost a year now and he’s not showing signs of getting better. We want to buy a home and have kids soon. But I just can’t be excited about our future without him committing to getting better. Recently I decided to think about how much he’s actually spent on drugs just during our relationship, and it was shocking. Nearly 150k in 5 years. We are struggling to save for a down payment, and to think had he quit when we met he could single handily afford a home and kids with the money that’s been wasted on drugs. It sucks. I love him so much, he wants to get clean but I’ve realized that may never happen. The cherry on top is that everyone believes he has maintained sobriety since rehab, so I have no one to open up to. I feel alone and unsure of what to do. We want kids so bad, but I can’t let myself get pregnant knowing he’s addicted and may never be able to quit like he says he will. I don’t want to leave him, I just wish I could support him in the recovery process, but I’m realizing I’m more of an enabler at this point. Should I leave him? Should I stick by his side and ride it out ?
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2023.06.04 19:30 anabananna1 He broke up with me 3 days ago and then says he wants to meet up to talk about it more? What is the point?

I guess I should refer to him as my ex. We had been dating for about 9 months now. We were long distant for 3 of those months. 3 weeks ago, he came to visit and we were having breakfast in a city not too far from where I live. He randomly brought up a certain viewpoint on human rights (won’t specify what) which led to us having a full blown argument for over an hour. I truly don’t know how I went through this entire relationship without talking about certain important topics.
In the beginning he had mentioned about his political views and I didn’t care much about it because I’ll be honest and say I’m not much into politics even though I feel differently than him. This recent argument we had made me realize how different we both are. Some of our fundamental core beliefs are so different from one another which I know can cause a problem in the future. After that argument, I did start to view him in a different light. But, I truly thought we could make it work despite the differences.
A week after, we were talking on the phone and I told him I’m scared of the differences we have on certain topics. But, he assured me that things will be fine and I just believed him. However, in the past couple of days, I’ve noticed him acting distant with me. We had barely talked then 3 days ago, he called me saying he thinks this isn’t working out because of the differences we have. I’d be lying if I said I was surprised to hear him say this because it was also in the back of my mind too. I am very attached to him so I think I was sort of overlooking the issue of that topic.
I know I need to think realistically about us. The thing that’s confusing me is when I had talked to him about being scared he completely reassured me saying we will be fine. That same day he was also asking me about my friends wedding I’m flying to in 2 months and that he wants to try his best to be there also. So, it almost feels out of nowhere he just suddenly thinks we won’t work out anymore. Unless he’s using that as an excuse to leave because he just simply does not want to be with me anymore. I did always feel like I had stronger feelings for him than he did for me.
The day he called me to say he thinks we won’t work out, we talked on the phone for more than 2 hours and he said we can talk more in person if I want. And that he wants to remain friends and stay in my life. In those 3 days after we had talked, we have still been texting and I made it clear to him that I still want to be together. But he still kept bringing those issues up. At this point, I don’t even know if it’s worth meeting up and talking about it. I don’t want to convince him to stay with me. But then I also feel like there are things I want to clear up with him in person. I don’t want to have regrets down the line that we didn’t get to talk about everything. I’m truly at an impasse here and don’t know what to do. Do I meet up with him to talk more or do I just tell him no I don’t want to see you and I don’t think we should be friends and officially end it?
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2023.06.04 19:30 lucidityxblossom *whispers, "i have a secret... the B.I.B.L.E. says Yeshua was homely." Isaiah 53:2 ;Divine Timing. 🥲 *pulls out every "where are you now" song in her arsenal to 🫠 on repeat*

ooh when we embrace 🥰 i can't wait either 😭 i'm going to be busy busy busy this week prepping
could talk about so much right here.
🤤 how G-d might be a tad masochistic, it's not human tho. it's this divine love that if we're honest with ourselves we know deep in our souls. it's the void we feel inside of us all that nothing ever fully fills apart from the One who made us all.
Our Maker aches and longs for us in Love. He's always with us. The innermost place. The dirtiest place. The most painful place. A still, small voice of Hope.
this poem taught me that it was not God failing me, it was people. it's where i learned not to hold you to a standard of perfection. it's where i learned to see the beauty in decay. it played a critical role in my learning to appreciate and express gratitude for even the fleas.
Footprints in the Sand
"One night 1 had a dream. 1 was walling along the beach with my Lord. Across the dark sky flashed scenes from my life, and for each scene I noticed two sets of footprints in the sand, one belonging to me and one to my Lotd. When the last scene of my life flashed before me, 1 looked back at the footprints in the sand. 1 noticed that many times along my life's pathway, especially at the lowest and saddest moments, there was only one set of footprints. This troubled me, and 1 asked the Lord about it. 'Lord, you said if a followed you in life, You'd walk with me all the way. But I noticed that during the most difficult times of my life,there was onfy one set of footprints. 1 don't understand why, when I needed You the most, You would leave me.' He whispered, 'My precious child, 1 love you and will never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, When you saw only one set of footprints, It was then that I carried you'"
Eros. Philia. Storge. Agapē.
a whole convo lengthy and in-depth convo over church history, "church" history, crusades, war theatre, racism, misogyny, abuse, pride, today's world, collective consciousness, systemic change, etc.
let's talk about the album artwork.
Yeshua Hamashiach, was not a "white man". He didn't have blonde hair & blue eyes. He was not tall and distinguishable from the crowd. It was the beauty inside of Him that drew others near. He was of predominately Jewish descent, very middle eastern in appearance as He lived in the desert... hello? Earth to Common Sense?
i grew up in a roman catholic household but was given freedom to study and explore my own beliefs, so i saw how things didn't add up.
why, if this place was supposed to be a safe haven for me, why did i feel so unseen? why was casting crowns my favourite band?!
Love, wake up and see your reality is a dream. (Matthew 11:14-15) Possibikitrs are infinite. (Luke 18:27) We've been made in the image of God. (John 14:12-14) Bride, I hope you have your oil ready for when He comes to collect for to deliver us to the wedding feast.
just live in Love.
All of the Law can be summed up into two points:
"and He said to him, 'You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first commandment. A second is like it: Love your neighbor as yourself.'"
There's a compass inside.
When we feel convicted, we repent. Forgiveness sets us free.
this is a topic that deeply concerns me. i see a lot of people not wanting to forgive or thinking forgiving is a free pass for mistreatment to continue. well, i think the spirit of the antichrist, that's already in the world and has been for quite some time, tricked us into thinking me forgiving my rapists pardons the rapist of their crime. i am -not- the One who sits on the Great White Throne of Judgement. me forgiving them set me free of the burden—they still must repent to the Judge.
me forgiving my ex for abandoning our family doesn't give him permission to come back into our lives, but it does cradle me in peace. i'm not bound by it my chains are broken. it lets me not worry about it. reminds me my cage is predominately made of my thoughts, and i can try again daily even multiple times a day. keeps me hopeful but doesn't let me down. keeps me present and loving. free.
"no." is a complete sentence, and, "i hope to see you eat at the Table, but i do not intend to be sitting next to you." is also something we can say to someone we want to not be around. "i forgive you, stay away." sometimes it's gotta be "extreme". sometimes gray-rocking and going no-contact is necessary. forgive tho. we'd all feel a lot better if we'd forgive sooner or even just do this weird thing where we just live in a nature of Love & Forgiveness.
remember how i said you eyes remind me of my favourite place? 🥹
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2023.06.04 19:30 FlamingHorseRider Sheers and yellow staining: do you do it?

Pretty much what the title says. I love sheers, but sometimes my nails are a bit yellow for them.
Do y’all do it anyways? How does it go? Does filing your nails super short help? I do that every few weeks, so if making them really short helps out I will definitely be doing that.
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2023.06.04 19:30 chadwanggone Trying my best…

So here’s the story: Today I’m a 32yo male with a great job and bright future ahead, I’ve focused on my career for the past 10 years and reached heights I’ve only dreamed of achieving at a later stage in my life. Few years ago, I hooked up with a coworker and it was all fun and game until I realized that she have more feelings for than I did. Just at that point, I decided to break up with her, that hurt her a lot. Somehow we ended up being friends, and with COVID and everything happened we realized that we’re greater friends than we expected. With my career development, she ended up being a direct report of mine. Just prior to that, we both realized that we have stronger feelings for each other that goes beyond just being friends and we decided to give it another try. Throughout the time, we continued to develop stronger feelings for each other and actually loved each other very very much.
I’m the type of person that doesn’t hold back past emotions and like to move forward with my life in a more positive way. She on the other hand holds her past negative emotions to a greater extent and we’ve told each other that we need to work on being more aware of that. I’ve had a fair share of my mistakes, whether it’s saying something stupid that hurt her feelings with no intention, or not prioritizing her when I needed to. At every step of the way, I’ve admitted my mistake and apologized for it and made a change in my life to never do it again. When I know that I’ve done something wrong, I immediately want to talk about it and put it past me, on the other hand she needs time to process and most time it comes out in bulk and compounded with previous feelings and emotions - but some how we always move past it. I’ve let go of a lot negative feelings and emotions that she invoked in me simply out of love and more out of guilt. But lately, that’s been really putting a damp in the relationship, the more she invokes those negative emotions in me the harder I find it to ignore.
In last conversation, a very tough one, I told her about all of that and her immediate response that I was making it about me and dismissing a lot of her feelings - ones that it take a giant fight in order for me to understand. It’s entirely not what I’m intending to do, but it’s actually something that I would like to discuss and find a common ground on how to deal with. At that moment, I shut down and I couldn’t really move forward with the conversation because I was afraid that I’m gonna say something that I would regret and asked for some space for me to process everything.
There’s a big piece of me that believes that she’ll never forgive me for anything that has been done before and it will always come out to hurt our relationship. The bigger piece is my love for her and the pure desire to have a healthy and happy relationship for both of us. In me there’s a major fear that I’m hurting her even more and I wanna make sure that everything I do isn’t dismissing her feelings or gaslighting her. On the other hand our collective and individual happiness regardless of the relationship status is of the at most importance. What are your thoughts?
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2023.06.04 19:30 inkompetenzoe 4 months in recovery

I'm struggling with AN since 2014 and had a bad relapse in october & started recovery in february this year. I just want to share how my past weeks went with EH, physical and mental health.
TW: Mentioning of calories
Extreme Hunger: My EH was really bad at the beginning of my recovery but I was honoring it most of the times. I ate well above 2000cals during the day but still wasn't satisfied in the afternoon/evening. then i ate most of my food I had at home until i got nauseous because I was so full. It was an awful time. But my big mistake here was I mainly ate low cals food (because I didn't wanted to buy the high/normal cal stuff I actually craved). After a bunch of apples, bananas, low cal cheese and yogurt I never was satisfied but bloated as hell. It got better when I purposely decided after a month in to eat more high cal food when I felt EH. Like a bunch of nut butter, dried fruit, chocolate and cereal. Also I cut back on salads, which hurts a bit because I love salads but they filled me up too much and didn't satisfied my cravings. I still felt ashamed about eating so much but this was such a great decision because I felt less bloated. After like another month it actually got less and less! I still struggle with restrictive mindsets which does trigger EH for me but I dont eat so much that I feel incredibly uncomfortable anymore.
Physical Health: I gained most of the weight I lost back. I have more energy during the day, don't feel dizzy, weak and tired all the time. My last period was around New Years but haven't had it since - which I find weird because I started recovering in february. The last few days I feel like it could start soon - wish me luck! Bloating during the first 2 months was really uncomfortable and literally 24/7. It got better during the last month. My salivary glands under my jaw are swolen since December and I don't f*cking know why. There's a link between eating disorders and salivary gland swelling but apparently it goes away when you eat normally again? I'm going to a doctor this month because of that, I hope they can help me because this lowers my miserable self esteem.
Mental Health: Recovery is HARD. It is a constant fight in your head against yourself, it is tiring! The first weeks were really exhausting but soon after starting to eat more I felt mentally energised again. During restriction my stress tolerance was so so low and I cried over little things because I got so overwhelmed. Also every little thing my work colleagues did pissed me of. I didn't had enough mental capacity to talk or support my friends. All of this has changed and I feel more like myself again, and overall more like a human, not just an machine on auto pilot making calorie calculations 24/7 in my head. Now I finally can spend and ENJOY time with loved ones without constantly thinking about calories, weight and food.
I'm still struggling with restrictive mindsets but I am working on that. I have a fixation on times when to eat, it's difficult to be more intuitive because at work we always eat at the same times together, but I try to not overthink all of that stuff and keep snacks at my table. i am still scared of having candy in my home because I don't want to eat everything at once - this is something I really want to challenge. Maybe tomorrow I'll buy some candy, and if I eat it all at once I'll buy new stuff. My mind shouldn't think those foods are dangerous to be around, the more I restrict, the more I want it. Accepting weight gain is hard but since my bloating got less in the past month I feel better about myself.
I still have to work on some stuff, especially mentally but I am so glad I chose to fight this! Often I get pissed about relapsing in the first place, because I was at a stable place mentally - or at least that's what i thought. Hope I can work with a therapist in future to unpack what's beneath the surface. Anyways, I am really happy with my progress even if the beginning is hard and super uncomfortable. I never ever want to go back into the hell of this eating disorder, also I really don't want to experience those first moths of recovery again.
Hope my experiences are helpful to anyone & feel free to ask questions or share your own recovery journeys!
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2023.06.04 19:30 Deonb29 Utah actually isn’t that bad atm

So, funnily enough with a group of 4-5 friends (highest we got to was 9 iirc) yesterday we went around mobbing as raptors on NA6.
Who knew they were actually not underpowered like many claim. We literally killed 3 adult stegos back to back home it’s a group of 4, but about 5 total as well as some adult carnos, a whole other pack of utahs (twits were freeloading off of our 2 stego and a carno corpse, while being no help and stole the organs) 2 tenos, and I stg 30 dryos. If you count non adults, we killed like 6 stegos total and 16+ carnos lmao. Literally ONLY THING we did not kill was a deinosuchus. Then we all died to a stego carno mixpack, in which desync/glitches wonderfully got us killed and ended our reign of terror.
I think too much people who say it is way too week falls under 2 categories 1) they played utah in update 6, which was beyond op and broken. Almost as braindead to play as stego. They then don’t like the fact you actually have to play as a remotely coordinated trio or more to kill stuff, instead of 1v1 a carno and win. 2) bugs make them feel underpowered. This is 100% true, but specially carnos fucked up hitbox and the fact it has 101 bugs, like no sound, or other Dino’s being able to hit Utah on their own back, which was the only way we died. (Like your on a carnos back and start taking damage from the carno)
Tbh I hope next update doesn’t turn it into a braindead of Dino like it was in 6. And simply fixes stam issues and the bugs, and missed pounce buff.
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2023.06.04 19:29 SevereBasil9028 Taken down from r/unpopular opinions - thought someone might enjoy this

I am somewhat of a thinker, and have been considering journalism/activism. I am a musician right now, but the reach just isn't there to do both. I was feeling especially flustered this morning, and decided to write this up (on a whim) for unpopularopinions. They removed it for being politically charged, although I don't think it was. That all doesn't really matter as much as I thought you would appreciate the rhetoric. So anyway - without further ado! - here's my shitty little piece...
"Violence and Anger are the tools of the 21st century, and you must learn how to use them"
At 25, I have lived an incredible life of nothing. I was heavily abused, and homeless since my teenage years. Spending most of my years travelling on my own, I've survived great pain, but in doing so have also had the pleasure of experiencing an incredible amount of the world, and its people, too. Unfortunately, one of the most important things I've learned is that humans are mostly receptive to violence and anger. The strongest human emotion one can solicit is fear. There is nothing that resonates deeper in our core. Look at the Liberals and Republicans in America... While the Liberals continue to take the high-road, Republicans are making real, actual progress simply by spewing hate and fear-mongering. Their followers don't even care for truth, they are complacent out of fear. A fear of God, a fear of the man, a fear of the unknown... Nothing resonates quite like fear.
If you are driving along a country road and somebody - texting and not paying attention - pulls out in front of you, almost causing a majour accident that would have killed you both. They wave an apology as if that's enough... But, what would happen if you exited your car, got in their face, and firmly explained to them why what they are doing is wrong? If you didn't, odds are they would compartimentalise it as a small mistake, and move on with their lives. For many, this is perceived as a natural consequence. What so many fail to understand, however, is the ramification. Because we all let it go and went our seperate ways, the offending driver will probably continue the behaviour of texting and driving. But, again, what if you didn't let it go? What if a crazy person approached their car, and gave them the news they needed to hear? They might think you're gonna kill 'em! So when you don't, it'll stick with them. They will probably not be texting and driving for a while. This can be applied to all traffic, for example, but everything else, too. Anything where a moral/ethical compass should be applied, at least.
As an angry Leftist and member of the SRA, I have had it with the soft activism and quiet arguments. I have had it with behaviours and standards limiting what needs to be said/done. Most importantly, I've had it with being who I am and living the straight-and-narrow while my contemporaries who come from good families and affluency continue to deviate from the morals and ethics we were all raised on. I don't believe in a God that passes judgement, but in ourselves as people - intelligent beings - to do the right thing.
People need to start getting mad. We don't just need to stand up against the powers that be, we must be jumping up and down on tables, yelling and screaming, scaring the shit out of them. No more gentle pushes and social norms, no more keeping our mouths shut and turning the other cheek. There must begin an awakening for those sucking up the world and disregarding humanity. If there ever was a time to become unhinged, we are living in it.
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2023.06.04 19:29 loveofworkerbees low carb but timing carbs around workout? confused about the science of ketosis.

I have PCOS and I tried keto for about 2 months and it tanked my strength and energy levels. Yes I was past the keto flu time period, I just couldn't exercise or train in ketosis. I am a climber and do some power lifting stuff. But I really had no power endurance at all, I really set myself back like 2-3 months in terms of what it did to my body.
So I started introducing carbs back into my diet, but now my PCOS and endometriosis/inflammation symptoms are back in full swing. So I also can't climb! I am trying to figure out how to mostly eat low carb / no sugar, EXCEPT for the times when I am aiming for high athletic performance. Is this something that people do? I can't really seem to get an accurate read via Googling stuff, so would love to hear what people think.
Is there anything wrong with eating a mostly "keto" type diet except for adding more carbs in right before a training session? Like is it unhealthy for your body to "go into ketosis" and back out of it that much? I really am not interested in staying in ketosis all of the time, I just don't know if it's bad for your body to mostly avoid carbs and then eat more of them around physical activity. Hopefully that makes sense!
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2023.06.04 19:29 sapphiremoo 6 months pregnant and father wants paternity test before signing birth certificate

My (24F) baby’s father (29M) and I have had a complicated relationship. The week the child was conceived we spent every single moment together and were not apart, from the beginning since finding out I was pregnant he was extremely happy, asked me to keep the baby, and has been generally very supportive and not alluded to not believing it was his until now.
We have recently had some communication difficulties and a lot of conflict related to where we are going to live/ what our coparenting relationship will look like as we have decided it’s better for us not to be in a relationship. I have been trying to set up a relationship counsellor to solidify this, and I will unfortunately be moving already while I am 33 weeks pregnant. The situation is not ideal, I have been very upset about this entire thing but still believed I would have his financial and emotional support through having the baby and even if we are living separately that he would come support with the baby as often as I may ask and of course he could see her whenever he’d like, offered to get a custody agreement written up etc.
I had been asking him for two days to email back the counsellor trying to get on their wait list as they needed a response from both parties. He did not, and while ordering some food last night I looked over his shoulder and there was an email from a lawyer. I asked him about it and it’s devolved into a huge agreement and lots of crying and screaming at one another, he wants to make sure the baby is his and get his custody agreement sorted first. He then said he wants me to do a prenatal dna test before the baby is here or he won’t sign the birth certificate.
I am obviously very upset by this, but I believe he’s within his right to want to confirm the child is his before committing to a lifetime of support for her, it’s more that he would bring this up to me now after already causing so much stress and pain for me and all I want is just a stable emotionally healthy place to have my baby.
I no longer want him to come to the birth and he won’t have to worry about signing the birth certificate because he won’t be there. I don’t want to do a prenatal test, and I honestly just don’t want anything to do with someone who could do this to me while I am so vulnerable. He can get his test after the baby is born but until then I don’t want to see or hear from him. I’m staying somewhere else for now and trying to find a place for the end of the month.
Am I overreacting?
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2023.06.04 19:29 PlsGiveMeKiki i feel like a failure

i have well and truly fucked my situation with uni. I have two overdue assignments that need to be handed in tomorrow, else they will get an automatic 0 and no opportunity for them to be resubmitted. I had to endure a 3 month long internship with an agency where I was bullied and made to feel valueless by members of staff and bullied by my supervisor who wrote my final report to read as if i sat on my ass doing nothing the entire time, and lied about a bunch of other things that are going to make my lecturers and advisors questioning my actions and not trusting me if i speak out on my experiences. one of my pieces of work is basically being done on behalf of the agency and every time i open the document i am reminded of all the horrible things she said about me and i just freeze. i am so immobilised with anxiety i cant do anything. i cant eat, i cant sleep, i havent showered or even brushed my teeth in days. im so scared of failing this and how disappointent my friends and my family are going to be in me. on top of it all there's been so much death and illness in my family at the moment and i am so scared of losing them all. im barely holding it together and i know my friends are probably starting to get sick of me complaining about uni and my anxiety so much. i feel like a broken record. i feel like i have no career and no future. what is even the point. am i ever going to feel happy again becuase it doesnt feel like i ever will.
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2023.06.04 19:29 thatsinkguy Drain removal?

I’m 5 days post-op double mastectomy with free nipple grafts and everything is going really smoothly so far and pain has been pretty minimal. Friends who had the same surgery with the same surgeon before me reported that they couldn’t feel their chest pretty much at all for a long time after surgery, but I (as far as I can tell wearing the medical binder) can feel everything. Sensation is diminished in some areas, but overall I can still feel even light touch. This worries me a bit because I have to get my drains removed on Thursday and i’m afraid of it being painful due to lack of numbness. So, how did the drain removal go for you?
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2023.06.04 19:29 Illustrious-Soup-975 Just need someone to listen to my ramblings

I’ve been on my journey out of the church for the last year and in that time I’ve learned a lot about church history, the current church, and basically a lot of things have been put into perspective for me. One thing I didn’t expect was how triggering (not sure if that’s the right word, anxiety inducing maybe?) anything church related would be. I’m in Utah visiting family and my dad was loudly listening to a Come Follow Me podcast episode and everything about it was stressing me out. The way they were talking, specific things they were saying about the scriptures and leaders of the church just felt so fake or misinformed
They talked about how beloved Elder Holland is and all I could think about was how harmful his musket fire talk was to the LGBTQ+ community and how out of touch all of the church leaders are and how the church will always deny the experience of the queer community and if Jesus did exist I don’t believe he would do the same. Based on his teachings I think he would love and embrace us; but that’s another tangent.
This specific podcast episode was about Jesus washing the apostles feet and I just kept thinking about the second anointing and how disgusting and problematic it is and how if I hadn’t left as an active member I never would’ve believed that was something that happened and chalked it up to anti Mormon lies.
I just can’t even listen to religious stuff anymore it makes me physically ill and so angry and I guess that’s just something I didn’t expect and I needed to vent that to someone but I don’t really have anyone in the same boat as me so thanks for listening!
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