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Chapel Hill, NC

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2008.04.14 16:03 Triangle - Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Research Triangle, or simply The Triangle, is the combined NC area of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. It is anchored by three major research universities.

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2023.06.04 20:14 Longjumping_Rub9774 Which should I try first

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2023.06.04 20:13 Local_Flan9509 IPTV Service Provider For UK

IPTVGREAT, which stands for Internet Protocol Television Great, is one of the best ways to watch movies and television on your computer or smartphone. Most IPTV GREAT users have been watching TV online for a long time. It is a popular option because it gives the user access to a large number of free TV channels. The best part is that streaming videos won't interrupt your viewing experience. There is no loading time and there are no problems with buffering. There is also no monthly fee required to use IPTVGREAT.
You will be able to watch your favorite movies on IPTVGREAT. In fact, you can watch the latest movies and the best programs like those featured on the Hollywood channel. You will be able to watch a variety of sports. You can also enjoy other movies and TV shows with full HD quality. With IPTVGREAT, you will have access to over 40,000 free movies, TV shows, and live events. This is why it is called the greatest.
Another great feature of IPTVGREAT is that it lets you watch TV without limits. You don't have to worry about having the right type of hardware to watch videos on the Internet. You only need a computer, a Wi-Fi router, and an HD-ready TV.
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2023.06.04 20:12 roboticman64 My family has told me several times that I'm the most social of the family and it's made me happy

I'm currently 23 and I've been trying to live my early 20's to the fullest. I've been going out more since I turned 21; going out to bars, parties and concerts. I'm also the first person in the family to throw a party.
Because of this, my family has been telling me I'm a social butterfly. They all went out in their 20's but not as much as I have and honestly, it's made me very happy. I was always a very shy kid, trying my best to not talk to anybody and was happy when I didn't have any friends. I also didn't care much about my weight so I put on a lot and was 300 in high school.
Now, I have more friends than I can count and working in retail has trained me on how to talk to people. I still have a weight problem but I'm losing it. I'm also putting more effort into my wardrobe, no more sweat pants and calling it a day for me.
Being a social person is who I've always wanted to be. I want to look back on my life and be able to tell my children and grandchildren about my past life. Having a hundred stories to tell where none of them sound the same.
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2023.06.04 20:07 PlantOk956 Seeking Genuine Advice to Solve Recurring Problem in Social Life (all opinions welcome, criticism accepted)

Hi Fellow Redditors,
I am seeking advice to what feels like an insurmountable social roadblock. I have tried doing everything from watching self-improvement videos, perusing the forums here for possible answers, and putting myself "out there." All to no avail. So here goes.
I graduated college. Came back to my hometown of NYC after 2-3 years. All of my former local friends either moved or moved on. I have been trying to improve my social life for the past 2 years since coming back to the city. 28 years old now. My daily routine is typically the same: work, gym, chores, shopping, personal time (i.e. self-studying, reading, watching, taking a late night walk, riding my bike, etc.).
None of these life areas have yielded any meaningful, close friendships. At work, everyone is much older than me. At the gym, everyone appears to be doing their own thing, with not much open opportunities to strike up a conversation. When shopping, I concentrate on the activity more than seeking out someone to talk to. At home, I live alone.
I tried going to coffee shops, going out to events (academic, informational, and networking), tried Meetups, local bars. Just tried being outside more (in general). The best I have gotten these past 2 years are mere acquaintances and even then, I feel like I have to do all the heavy lifting, by always having to reach out first by way of text messaging.
So...what am I doing wrong? I am a pretty friendly, polite, down-to-earth, easy-going guy. I listen to people, and when people reciprocate, I always have something to add to the conversation and enjoy talking to other people (I am not socially anxious or anything). I am pretty athletic and fit, so no self-esteem issues either. When someone helps me, I am always there to help them in their time of need. In the past, some have called me soft-spoken and mellow. Others once mentioned I am a bit intimidating at first (i.e. too serious).
I hope this wasn't too long of a post. I am genuinely interested in hearing your feedback and any advice you can give. I have been struggling with this social thing for a long time now, so I am down to trying anything new, if you think it will help in my situation.
Thank you all!
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2023.06.04 20:06 chna6125 Any NBA finals watch party happening?

Was wondering if there was any sports bar or something where folks are meeting up to watch the finals?
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2023.06.04 20:05 ALilBitNervousALot Havent started & having meltdowns

Due to life obligations, i havent been able to start bar prep until June 1st. Which is much later than I had hoped, but that's the best I could work out. However, the past few days have been absolute hell for my mental health. A bunch of shit has come up (triggers, breakdowns, nightmares, no sleep, disordered thoughts and habits, etc.) and the absolute last thing I have capacity for is bar prep. I have therapy scheduled soon and im hoping that helps me get back on track, but im worried im already too far behind.
During the academic year, i took a condensed bar prep course to get familiar with the exam. At this point, I am confident in my skills to take the test, but i still need to review substantive materials. It should also be noted that I will not be practing/need to be licensed for my post-grad position. So, retaking isnt the absolute worst thing that could happen. But of course, i dont want to.
Am i too far behind? Will i be too far behind my mental health wont let me start for another couple days?
Edit: I also only plan to take a couple days off at the beginning of july for a family event. Other than that, my prep schedule is daily.
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2023.06.04 20:04 Particular-One-3161 Average Asian Male Applies to T20s for Finance🚩🚩🚩

demographics: Male, South Asian, NC, large competitive semi-feeder public, no hooks
uw/w: 3.7/4.36 (top 30%)
sat: 1350, act: 29
intended major: finance
ap stat, ap lang, apush, precalc, ap physics, ap computer science a, ap psych, ap csp
dual enrollment (completed accounting certificate pathway):
macro economics, microeconomics, managerial accounting, business law, survey of economics, art appreciation, communication, sociology
extra curriculars:
chief financial officer at local education non profit
logistics manager at local finance non profit
school economics club secretary
school fbla club parliamentarian
local volunteering organization (50+ hours)
school red cross club (25+ hours)
first robotics club team member
local badminton club member
weightlifting (225+ bench press)
casual player (1200 elo+)
econ challenge state finalist
3rd place fbla state winner (national qual) badminton award
5th place in investment competition (approx 500 participants)
deca proficency award
ed: nyu stern
ea: unc chapel hill, nc state, unc charlotte, ut austin, iu kelley, iu bloomington, umich ann arbor, uva
rd: upenn wharton
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2023.06.04 20:03 boopitybimbap Just washed up my new Fit

Just washed up my new Fit
I've had this 2010 Fit Sport for about a month now. Loving it so far! It's the 5 speed manual, 130k miles, I'm the 2nd owner and the Carfax maintenance history is impeccable! I'm going to get the starter replaced (it's pretty weak, especially when the car has been sitting for 10+hours) new spark plugs, and a valve adjustment done in the next couple weeks. I'm hoping for the best with this ride! I need something that's going to be reliable for at least a few years.
Bought for $8,000.
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2023.06.04 20:02 khoafraelich789 Why This Car’s Engine Makes Richard Hammond Weak In The Knees

Why This Car’s Engine Makes Richard Hammond Weak In The Knees
A classic British sports car the Jaguar XK150 was a supercar of its day and an underrated classic in the world of million-dollar restored Porsche 911s

Richard Hammond's classic car collection would make most of us weak in the knees. Only with a lifetime of motoring adventures under his belt, only a few cars left on this planet make the iconic gearhead swoon. Not his classic Mustang, nor the Drivetribe Dodge Charger, but a classic Jaguar. With a classic look, the perfect amount of power from its six-cylinder engine an eye-catching exterior it's easy to see why the XK150 has Hammond's heart.

The XK150 saw production in the late 1950s before the era-defining Jaguar E-type made its first appearance at the Geneva motor show. The final model in the XK lineup before the XK8 returned in 1996.

A classic British sports car the Jaguar XK150 was a supercar of its day and an underrated classic in the world of million-dollar restored Porsche 911s.

Richard Hammond's Collection Of Cars Is Worth Over $500,000

TV presenter and automotive Richard Hammond for nearly two decades on Top Gear and the Grand Tour drove cars that we can only dream of. From humble beginnings, Hammond started out in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. At the time this part of the United Kingdom still had influential car manufacturers, essentially England's Detroit. As a result, he has a particular penchant for cars from this area of the United Kingdom.

Now no longer presenting Top Gear or the Grand Tour, Hammond runs a series of businesses including a classic car restoration company and DriveTribe. On the latter's YouTube Channel, he reveals what cars in his collection really do make his knees weak.

Of course, not just an aficionado for those things on four wheels, Hammond regularly got berated by Clarkson for his love of the motorbike. Richard Hammond's collection features nostalgia-infested bikes like the Suzuki GSX. With only 6,000 miles on the clock, it is a low-mileage classic. But there are also a few cars that feature heavily on the internet. Hammond's 1968 Highland Green Ford Mustang GT300 has been a part of his collection for over a decade and the presenter seems just as besotted with now as he was then. Classic, an aggregator of used car prices, takes the average price of such a Ford Mustang at $72,159, although the best examples approach nearly $300,000

But one part of Hammond's collection seems incredibly special, his light grey Jaguar XK150. The predecessor to the highly successful and epochal Jaguar E-type, the XK150 saw production in Coventry, just down the road from Birmingham from 1957 to 1961. Stylistically it continues the motifs found in the XK120 and XK140. Classic found the average value of the Jaguar XK150 at $108,691 but examples sold for nearly $850,000.

Hammond said: "It's in its original dove grey with red interior, I adore it. I adore it because above all else, the looks, the feel the heart of it, that straight six engine was; still is and always will be a masterpiece."

The presenter's car collection has shrunk over recent years selling his classic 911 and Lotus Esprit to fund his business endeavors. This is similar to his former co-star Jeremy Clarkson who has also sold most of his collection, leaving behind an old Alfa Romeo and aging Range Rovers.

This Is How Many Jaguar XK150s Still Drive

Although the XK150 was incredibly successful for Jaguar it never saw as great a success as the Jaguar E-type. According to the Jaguar Heritage Trust, a total of 9,382 Jaguar XK150 cars left the company's factory. The majority of these were of course hard top coupes but just over 2,500 examples of both the Roadster and Drophead Coupe saw production.

In Britain, records are open of how many cars of a certain type remain on British roads. Unfortunately, these records only go back as far as 1972, over a decade after the Jaguar XK150 went out of production. According to Car Logbook, a service that scans MOTs, the certification a car needs to be road legal in the United Kingdom, there are only 4 XK150s that are road legal still. This doesn't include exports, but more than likely the number of XK150s left will struggle to reach double digits.

This Is The Difference Between a Jaguar XK140 and a Jaguar XK150

There isn't much of a difference between the Jaguar XK140 and XK150. Both share the same classical British sports car styling. Both cars have an inline-six engine. In the XK140 this made a maximum of 210 horsepower from a 3.4-liter unit. The 3.4 inline six continued in the XK150 with an 83mm bore and 106mm stroke. However, Jaguar also produced a bored-out version, the 3.8-liter unit which had a bore of 87 mm resulting in this increase in displacement. This increased power to 269 horsepower. This doesn't like much today, but with the car weighing 2,968 lbs, these cars pack plenty of punch.

The Jaguar XK120 was the fastest production car of its time when it achieved 132.6 mph in top speed tests. Perhaps emblematic of the wider British car industry, the XK series of cars failed to keep up with European sports cars that would emerge in the latter half of the 20th century. So in terms of top speed and overall equipment, little progress occurred with each generation.

Hammond also has one of these XK120s tucked away in his overflow barn, but without an engine or interior, this is literally just the chassis. Although beautiful with its curves, without that engine Hammond looks at with a hint of sadness, the restoration project car that hasn't had the work done.

Source: hotcars
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2023.06.04 19:59 Otherwise_Sweetheart Does anyone here wear a normal underwater bra to the gym?

I feel like a normal bra is more supportive than any sports bra honestly.
I bought an expensive sports bra from bare necessities hoping that would be the solution but honestly it's OK at best and really has more of the appearance of a normal underwire bra anyway.
I guess I just feel kind of self conscious going to the gym not "dressed for the gym" if I wear a normal non sports bra.
Does anyone else do this?
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2023.06.04 19:59 hampshire1999 24 [M4F] #London/UK, (single) - Looking for my Mrs. Robinson

As the title implies, I'm a graduate who recently moved to London to prepare for my future career. About me: I'm White, average height with thick blond hair and blue eyes, people consider me good looking and I'd be happy to send you my photo as a DM. I'm currently working as a bartender at a local sports bar and get to meet many beautiful women as part of my job, unfortunately most of them are married!
What I'm really looking for is a kind, articulate and charming woman to have a meaningful relationship with. Someone to explore new places and share memories with. I'm hoping that you are confident and can challenge me to be the best version of myself.
If this all sounds interesting to you, please don't hesitate to reach out. I'm excited to see where things take us!
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2023.06.04 19:58 RowanMoon1969 Breach of confidential information?

My adult daughter went to a restaurant last night with her friends. There was a couple next to them. The wife leaned over and asked my daughter her name. My daughter told her and the lady, who was drunk, according to my daughter and friends (and the ladies’ husband who kept apologizing for her behavior), and the lady said “oh I know your mom. She applied for a job with me, but I wouldn’t give it to her”. According to my daughter and friends, she kept saying that over and over to the bar area.
This woman, I know who she is, and she does work for my former employer. I did apply for a job under her (she is a dept manager). I did not get the job. I eventually left this company because of their hiring practices.
Is this a breach of confidential information? I know at best, it is completely unprofessional and their HR department needs to be aware of this behavior.
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2023.06.04 19:55 Sea-Beautiful-611 First Triathlon Today!

Completed my first sprint triathlon today and I think I have caught the bug for this sport. Race was in Montrose, Scotland. I completed S/B/R: 17:30/42:13/20:12.
Pool swim, with decent transitions and no hiccups. I used a gravel bike without aero bars, road tyres or clip in shoes, so there is some low hanging fruit there.
Next to tackle open water and the Olympic distance…
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2023.06.04 19:55 Anonymous_D-boi The Devil puts things into motion... accidentaly and far away.

Hi everyone! This is a continuation piece of my previous work (might probably will turn this into a series/proper universe down the line), however reading it isn't necessary for understanding this story.
Any and all criticism is welcome. Hope you'll like it!
For captain Gryio, it was a pretty uneventful afternoon shift aboard his mining ship, prospecting beyond the Imperial border. He was looking outside into the void from his cabin, watching automated drones bring asteroids full of rare metals into his ship's belly, when his comms officer, Lila, walked in on him with a datapad. She explained to him that they captured a transmission on the short range public interstellar channel. Curiously, the transmission came not from within the Imperial border, but from without. It seemed navy in origin and simply read: "To anyone who hears this message, forward it whole to the nearest Imperial ship or station as fast as possible. The reward for the first person to do so will be 100 thousand Imperial crowns." What followed was about a minute of what seemed to be static. Gryio, a former navy officer, recognized in it a classified message that was encrypted, so no one without the proper software would be able to read what it says. Navy messages coming from beyond the border usually meant pirates, however pirate warnings were always without any encryption. Thinking he would rather get the money than rummage through classified navy business, he ordered his comms officer to retransmit it to the nearest Imperial border outpost. What he didn't know was that the transmission would end up being sent to two locations. As it turns out, the comms officer made a deal some time ago. A mysterious individual aproached Lila with an offer. He would pay for her father's surgery if she gave him a valuable piece of information about the Imperium's actions on the frontier. A desperate sounding encrypted Imperial navy broadcast was sure to be worth more than fixing up an old man's heart, she thought.
Some time later, at the Imperial navy HQ, located at the Imperial capital, the message caused quite a lot of upheaval. It said that the 16th Imperial exploration fleet made violent first contact with a newly discovered intelligent race.
The fleet's commander, a young prince of the Heyduk kingdom, decided that the smartest thing to do was to conduct a raid on the species' planet, the Earth, hoping to prove himself as a warrior, this attempt ending when an explosion took of his leg and forearm. The species', the Humans they call themselves, military then managed to push back the Imperial marines to their original landing site and forced them to evacuate to their voidships. They left with heavy casualties, with several of their landing craft being shot down as they attempted to fly to orbit. The prince, before being put into an artificialy induced coma to help him heal, then called for reinforcements directly to his father, the king, using a genetically matched long range transmitter that only he could use. His second-in-command then ordered a retreat behind the moon of the Earth. A lone SIGINT vessel, the Poltergeist, was then ordered to return back to Earth's orbit to monitor any attempt by the Humans to shoot back at the Imperial ships. After not hearing from the vessel for half a day, they decided to peak from the dark side of the moon to establish visual contact. When they saw the Poltergeist's wreck entering the Earths' atmosphere, the crew presumed dead and entombed within the ship, they decided to call for help properly. With his most powerful antenna destroyed and the second one being unusable by anyone except a half dead aristocrat, the second-in-command used the public channel, desperately hoping that anyone would listen and retransmit.
One of the officers present then cared to check the Imperial navy Central Information System, and sure enough, a small military transport fleet of the Heyduk navy just left port, with their stated destination being a system on the edge of Imperial space close to the newly discovered Earth. The fleet was ordered back home. The young prince broke both Imperial and Common Galactic law by initiating first contact violently without provocation and considering the already shaky relationship between the Imperium and the the Galactic Alliance and the prince being, ultimately, an Imperial officer, the prospects for a quiet resolution weren't good. Someone finally ushered the words: "The Emperor should know about this."
On a port orbiting a world far away from the Imperial capital, Hako Undu was at a bar, drinking, when his datapad got a notification. It was a message from the local company handling interstellar comms that he got a message. He payed for his drink and left for the nearest message kiosk. He downloaded the message without looking at it and went to his apartment. Once there he opened it. "Hope it's enough. Lila," read the message. He recognised the name as a girl he managed to strike a deal with. It also had an attachment. The attachment was an audio file, with a voice ordering the listener to retransmit it to the nearest Imperial forces and a minute of static. Hako walked to one of the cabinets in his apartment and moved it away, revealing a safe. He entered the passcode and opened the safe. Hako pulled a small box out from it. He connected his datapad to the box and ran the program that was installed on it. This decryption computer wasn't as powerful as the one they had back at the Bureau, but it should give him an idea if the message was worth passing on.
Once the box finished it's work to the best of it's ability, Hako played the now deciphered message. Not everything was intelligible, he didn't expect it to be, however with every passing second he wanted to hear more. An Imperial aristocrat and officer, initating first contact violently without provocation, wounded and forced to retreat with heavy casualties? He even heard something about a Poltergeist burning up in atmo. Hako had to stop himself from audibly laughing. Considering the events of the last few years, he found himself with the key that the Bureau, and by extension the Alliance, can use to push back against the ever more audacious Imperials. He put the box back into the safe, locked the safe and put the cabinet back in it's place. Then he walked to the ugly part of the station, the part where you can find a guy that does illegal interstellar transmissions that can't be tracked back to their origin. Once he had done his business there, he went to his bank, where he made a transfer of several thousand Imperial crowns to a bank account whose details he had memorized a long ago. "The lass struck gold while literally prospecting for gold," he thought as he signed the transfer papers, smirking to himself.
The Imperial palace was usually quiet this time of day. Today, howerer, a visitor is causing ruckus. His uniform would tell you that he is from the Imperial Intelligence Agency, First Contact Detachment. They are the guys making sure that any first contact goes down in accordance with the Imperial and Common Galactic law while gathering intelligence on the contacted species and, most importantly, that nobody messes anything up. And boy did they mess up this time. When his superiors knocked on his door with the top secret preliminary report about the whole Earth situation, he was suprised that anyone would entrust him with intel that highly classified. Then they told him that he would be presenting the whole ordeal to the Emperor in 2 and a half hours. Before he had time to ask any questions, they shut the door behind them after wishing good luck. They probably wanted to safeguard themselves, shifting blame to a lower ranking agent if anything more went wrong. He then studied the report, memorizing the most important event, numbers, names and the general timeline. When he was done with his studies, the transport to the Imperial palace was already waiting. He double timed it through the palace, stopping before the Emperors study. A servant opened the door and our agent walked exactly three steps into the room before kneeling, as the protocol required. The Emperor then spoke to him: "Rise. I am expecting you agent. But before we begin, please tell me your name." "I am lieutenant Coje Wetr of the Imperial Intelligence Agency, First Contact Detachment, my lord" said our agent. "Good, lieutenant, good. Please, take a seat, and begin"
The whole presentation took about three quarters of an hour, with the Emperor asking supplementary questions for about half an hour more. Coje noticed that the Emperor was slowly turning more agitated, however he managed to hide it well, but not so well that a trained intelligence officer wouldn't notice.
"The Hayduk king, a fool that has even more foolish children. I should have never given his son the commision, but it's too late for regret. The question is, agent, what do we do about it? We pushed against the Alliance, and it looks like the universe pushed back for them. If they find out what happened, they might be emboldened to consider economic or even military action, and we have no chance of quick and decisive victory against the whole Alliance at once, the best we could hope for is a slow battle of attrition, either of the military or economic kind. Do they even know about these so called Humans?" spoke the Emperor with a severity that he reserved for only the most difficult circumstances
Coje replied: "The exploration vessel that originally found them was civilian, meaning they presumably spread the word at the first opportunity they had. Being the first to identify a new intelligent species is a rare thing these days and such a discovery would bring them a lot of fame. But, considering the location of this Earth, everyone probably thinks that initiating first contact themselves isn't worth travelling through the whole Imperium, so they presume that we will be the ones to do the honors. However, this is just conjecture based on the limited information we have available. As far as i know, an exploration fleet from one of the Alliance nations could be asking for permission to travel through our Imperium to this new world right now."
The Emperor thought for a while, then motioned for the agent to come to him. He whispered: "Then we have to be fast. I want you to make sure that the expedition to Earth never happened. Make sure that nobody ever mentions that an Imperial exploration fleet made it to that system. Bribe, imprison or kill anyone that doesn't cooperate willingly. Purge records and falsify new ones when needed. We must convince the galaxy that the fleet that attacked that planet were pirates, or renegades, or mercenaries, or deserters, just that it wasn't us. Now, go home, relax and sleep well. Tomorrow morning, a courier will deliver an Emperor's charter to you permitting you to use any and all resources that you might need in fulfilling your mission. You are also immediately promoted to major, so that your colleagues take you more seriously. I expect regular updates on your progress. You may now go, Major Wetr. Good night, and good luck. The future of the Imperium sits on your shoulders."
The headquarters of the Galactic Alliance Intelligence Bureau is naturally one of the most secretive places in the galaxy. That is even before you enter the eastern building's cellar. Within it is a security guard that usually hangs out near one specific briefing room present there. The odd thing about this room is that it seems to never gets used. If you say the right thing to him, he places his ID card on top of the speaker's table, revealing a secret elevator. Ride the elevator down, and welcome to the top secret Directorate "J" of the Bureau, a whole department dedicated to gathering intelligence on the Imperium, buried under enough concrete to withstand nuclear bombardment. Now it's time to pass through a dozen biometrics checks to make sure it's truly you.
The Directorate is filled with the best and brightest intelligence officers the Alliance produces. But it wasn't always like this. Two decades ago, Directorate "J" was seen as the most useless of the bunch. The only meaningful intel they produced back then was finding about lower then expected productivity on an agri-world a few weeks before it became public knowledge and other similar matters. The "Jokers", they started to be called. But then, a new Emperor came to the throne, more ambitious then the previous one. Suddenly, ships and stations on the border between the Imperium and Galactic Alliance started going missing, their crews and passengers missing or dead. At first, these were attributed to pirates and renegades, however as time went on, more and more evidence came out pointing at fact that these attacks were to well coordinated to be random bands of pirates. Things started pointing at a more organised force. Once the probability of the Imperium being directly involved reached "maybe", all of Directorate "J"s activities were marked Top Secret/Need to know only and every current and former member was persuaded to never talk about anything they did as agents of the Bureau. With the Imperium's recent hawkish policies againts a species not yet in the Alliance, the pressure to find something that the politicians could act upon. Considering that the Imperium exports a lot of it's raw resources to the Alliance, and also does a lot of it's manufacturing, no action could be taken unless concrete evidence of the Imperium's transgressions could be presented.
A message was received by the Bureau. The encrypted code at the beginning identified the agent from whom the message came, and the letter "J" signaled which Directorate it should go to. The agent receiving the message 250 meters underground listened to it. She then notified her supervisor, he then notified his superior. In about 20 minutes, every Directorate higher up present was listening to it in the Director's office. Someone shed a happy tear and declared: "We got them boys and girls, we got them!"
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2023.06.04 19:52 kj639176 Value to career and effort required for an MBA?

Hi Guys - I am looking at this course as a means to advance my career as i think AI/ML is the future.
Background - I have an MBA from UNC-Chapel Hill and and Bachelors in Engineering(Electronics) from Bangalore. I am a people manager(9 direct reports) at a Tech company. Salary ~200k. Total Tech industry experience is 16 years.
I am unsure about Master's of AI from UT or OMSA from Georgia Tech. I am not sure about the value add these degrees can provide to my career.
Also not sure what will be the kind of effort required from my end considering i do have a day job and i have a 6 year old son.
I am excel and analytics savvy but not directly coding or working on software right now in my career.
Would appreciate any insight from people who are in similar situation or have finished the course and have seen some good upside.

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2023.06.04 19:52 jr1c [META] Quick Update

Happy Sunday all!
As we approach 2k members, I thought I would review some changes I recently implemented:
Here are some things to look out for on the horizon:
  1. I am looking to add some dedicated members to the mod team, application to come!
  2. It's time we start writing a wiki for our community. Would people be interested in collaborating in Google Docs?
As always, if you have any feedback please feel free to shoot me a PM.
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2023.06.04 19:51 JanaJT4 Do you think she will speak out?

Do you think she will speak out?
I hope Jackie shares her story.
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2023.06.04 19:51 SublimeSupernova LPT: Building friendships and communities is simple if you know what to look for.

The times and places in our lives when we are most likely to cultivate friendships and communities are school, college, and the workplace. There's a reason for this. At the core of every community (and I consider friendships to be small communities), are three critical features:
Each of these items can be expanded upon to a Ted Talk™ degree, but in principle these are the things you must have in order to build a sense of community. The reasons why school, college, and the workplace foster community is because they offer two of the critical pieces innately: proximity and frequency. Notably, there is no school, college, or workplace in the world where the entire group of people is one big community. More likely, people who find mutual compatibility (culturally, demographically, socially) will gravitate towards one another over time. And these bonds can last years- decades even- because the compatibility fosters a sense of trust, respect, and appreciation.
This is why the leading advice for "how to make friends" is "go out and do things". But, more importantly, do things with frequency that will put you in proximity with other people. From there, you just navigate the situations you find yourself in to look for compatibility with the people around you. Many people "try things" by going somewhere once or twice and are puzzled why no one sprung up to be their friend. That's simply not how it works.
There are many facets of American life and culture that actively suppress and discourage this. Cars are innately isolating. Cubicles. Drive-thrus. Headphones. Many voices in the media tell you to fear your neighbors and/or to not invest time or money in the well-being of your local, regional, or national communities. This means that an active effort must be made to form communities, otherwise these concurrent pressures will continue to keep us tucked away in a place of loneliness and isolation.
Best of luck to you all.
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2023.06.04 19:49 eleventyninety Po Boy Brewery

Do people actually like this place? They keep getting voted best brewery on the Bethpage Best.. how does this happen?? Do they know a lot of people who just vote over and over again?
I tried the place once in 2019 and was not a fan. Decided to give them a second chance about a week ago and it was terrible. A few of the IPA’s are ‘meh’ at best. The trippel was basically flat and NONE OF THE BEER WAS COLD. It was SLIGHTLY cold. Do you know how aggravating that is?
There are tons of amazing breweries on the island, how does this dump keep winning year after year?
Also can anyone explain to me what they’re going for in terms of interior decorating? It looks like it could be a bar in the “before” portion of Bar Rescue.
I also overheard the two (presumable) owners of the establishment talking about where to hang their “best of” banners and whacking each other off which was all the more off putting.
Am I missing something?
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2023.06.04 19:49 IndianBureaucrat Fluffy cloud was pure drip

What an absolute riot. Perfect amalgamation of dark techno and house music. The fact they brought down Marc Depulse 🙌🙏
And the venue is prob the best outdoor venue in nyc right now. Just nothing like it. Closest I could think of was pre big screen Mirage. Lots of space, room to move around and get different angles, no lines at the bar.
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2023.06.04 19:47 Inevitable_Tea4712 Can I get some advice as a begginer in track and field/ sports in general?

So I started track about 1.5 years ago (19yo male) and my first ever sprinting time (100m) was 13.22s (I was very sedentary as a teen)
I got a 12.99s on a competition after about 9 months of training and my best time was 12.8s (not on a competition though). During this time I felt very intense shin pains during my training sessions ( and also pulled one my hamstrings a couple of times)and started to feel like I wasn't making any progress, which got me feeling really demotivated about the sport. Many of my teamates who didn't struggle as much with these pains made much more progress than I did in a lot less time. I even ran 14.20s on a competition after barely recovering from a pulled hamstring, which got me feeling awful.
I'm now 21 and I've taken a break from track about 4 months ago (I've been trying some volleyball). I tend to put a lot of pressure on myself and that has lead to a lot of anxiety related to sports (specially because I've started playing sports pretty late in life). I got about 3.5 more years to practice either track or volleyball at college (I'm a brazilian medical school student) and just wanted to have a general idea of what should be my expectations if I choose to get back to track and field. Does it sound like the sport just isn't for me? Should I just lower my expectations, or am I overreacting?
I'd be happy if I could run a sub-12, honestly, as that would problably give me a chance at getting a medal at relays. I'm white and 5'9, if anyone was wondering.
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2023.06.04 19:45 piepurefeatherran Lilly Pulitzer North Hills Sales & Deals

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