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Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

2015.03.06 20:40 Trevor_Skies General Info of AZ the Comedy Scene

Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2013.07.25 14:18 Open Rights Group

The Open Rights Group is the UK’s leading digital rights organisation. We work on privacy, surveillance, free speech, net neutrality & website blocking in the UK.

2023.06.04 20:17 stolenweapon [US-NY][H] OTD 356mini Military Green, OTD 356N Black Kit, TGR Alice [W] Paypal, Local Cash, Trades

Prefer local in Manhattan NYC Shipping not included
Keyboard Price Description
OTD 356mini Military Green $12000 Mint, 1/10-15 in the world
OTD 356N Black $5800 Brand new kit, completely fresh OG pcb and plate, comes with an extra case bottom
TGR Alice Black $2800 Comes with OG pcb + plate build, extra build, and extra plate, more photos in this album, flaws shown second half of photo album
I am also interested in trading for any of these boards, but also open to other OTDs or rare OG boards and Cherry OG dyesubs
All my boards are 100% authentic, and I am reputable and heavily vouched
PM me here or Discord - stolenweapon#8888
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2023.06.04 20:17 Realistic-Drag-2651 Im tired of women not responding to my dms

Ok Listen and hear me out. I know how this sounds but let me explain.
I don’t send dick pics / I don’t demand a answer / I am respectful / I make jokes.
Basically a normal human being sending dms.
I am not unattractive / I am not rude / I am not cringe / my account is open and interesting.
So please Tell me why is it that women just ignore you after some time?
Like I get it, if you are uninterested it’s all cool but at least tell me. So you and I are on the clear how our connection is.
If you don’t want to answer at all that’s also cool but tell me please.
I’m genuinely curious why this is like that ?
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2023.06.04 20:17 Calm_Zookeepergame_1 Babysitter With 4 year old son Available for work

Hello, I have a 4 year old son at home but I also need to earn money as well.
I am currently taking child development courses because I would love to open my own home daycare one day.
I am CPR and first Aid certified and have previous experience working for a public school as a teachers assistant for a kindergarten. I also worked for a private school’s after school program and my first job was as a child care attendant for a gyms kids club.
All combined I I have about 5 years experience working with children of all ages, and of course 4 years experience as a mom.
The most important thing to know about me is that I genuinely enjoy working with kids and love to be there for them as we work to help them grow.
I also drive and have my own vehicle.
If you are interested please let me know.
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2023.06.04 20:17 pHenix039 What did Norea really mean? [wfm ep20 spoiler]

“Tell me later your real name”
Norma’s last words to Elan before she gets dunked on by a Dominicus sniper. At first, it sound straightforward, but starts to feel odd once delved deeper.
A theory by some Japanese fans on Twitter was that Norea willingly let herself die. The theory goes: when the Dominicus sniper locked on to Thorn, it should have sounded a warning to the pilot (like when ChuChu’s Demi trainer was locked on by Thorn during the Open Campus attack). Yet, Norea didn’t do anything, instead breaking away from elan and exposing herself to fire. (Of course, she might simply not have heard it) The theory concludes that Norea killed herself because she wanted to be with Sophie.
If this is true, then this would make her final statement completely meaningless (why would she want to know Elan’s name “later” when she knows there isn’t a “later”). This implies that perhaps this isn’t the last time we see Norea (or by extension Sophie) thanks to psychoframe 2.0 magic.
Is this a sound theory? Or just another copium method? I’d like to hear your thoughts.
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2023.06.04 20:17 theouter_banks Venray?

Can anyone tell me much about Venray? I'm from the UK and will be staying near there at the end of September.
I'm not after clubs or loads of pubs or anything and I've already found where the coffeeshops are. What I'd like to know is, is it a shit hole? Am I likely to get stabbed or mugged?
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2023.06.04 20:16 __Firefly_00 23/\ Want to discuss Black Mirror? Assignment 🍌

I have a literature reflection short essay that needs to be done and I'm not sure how to begin. I'm considering either Arkangel or Nosedive. I don't need help writing it, just want to discuss and hopefully get a few ideas on what to type out. I think Arkangel would be the easier route for me to go but at the same time I like going for the opposite one lol. Open to becoming friends as well I just thought I'd see if anyone was interested. I'm in the US! This is also my throwaway.
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2023.06.04 20:16 caffeine314 Getting Insurance to pay for a Continuous Glucose Monitor

My latest A1C was 6.3%, so I'm really close to diabetes. This is the first time I've ever been worried about it: I often get foggy after eating.
I went to an endocrinologist and asked for a prescription for a CGM. He told me no, because it was "a waste of time" because my insurance (Cigna PPO Open Access) would never approve it and he didn't want his staff to waste their time on something futile.
Is there an online doctor or resource that would write a prescription for me and at least try to get my insurance to approve it? I've always had good luck with my insurance and prior authorizations in the past.
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2023.06.04 20:16 Dry_External_1789 Any recommended thrift stores with good prices/deals?

All the suburban thrift stores near me are entirely overpriced. Call me crazy, but spending $10+ on a shirt at a thrift store is a little insane. I’ve noticed prices tend to be higher at the newer “trendy” stores.
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2023.06.04 20:16 TeN-Praxeum 421M+ (once refilled) GP All-Heroic, mostly US - Looking for a new Members - RotE - 27 ⭐️, 21 Reva shard best and climbing. Krayt Raid and r9 on farm - Great Leadership, Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Ten Praxeum
Raid times and requirement details posted on our recruit.swgoh.gg <- click me - page.
Ideal candidate >8M GP and 4+ GL, but open to lower GP with several GL and ambitiously growing
27* best ROTE TB, 21 Reva shards best
https://recruit.swgoh.gg/guild/2071/ten-praxeum (discord link included in this post)
Discord is mandatory and where we focus guild mgmt messaging
We use Hotbot for raid reminders, ticket warnings, TB/TW notifications etc.
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2023.06.04 20:15 Ok-Camp-4613 Moving out of Sweden

After 15 beautiful months in Sweden (I relocated in 2022) my time has come to relocate to another EU country (Germany).
At the moment, I have an ongoing loan which I will need to keep paying for a couple more years. My idea is to fund my Swedish bank account until I pay the full amount of the loan. Is there any other technicality I am not aware of?
Also, I have an open Avanza account where I have a trading portfolio. I would like to keep that open, since the ISK account is very tax-forgiven when there is profit. However, since my fiscal residence will not be here, I'm afraid I will have to pay tax in both countries for my profits. Can I keep the account open as it it?
At last, for the past 15 months, my company has funded a private ITP1 pension fund. Do I need to withdraw my money and at which cost? Or I can keep it there and "forget" about it until I retire?
I know these questions could be answered by an accountant, so if you could forward me to one or to an comprehensive guide on these type of questions, I would be thankful.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.04 20:15 chronic_neck_pain Can I win this case?

I recently bought an item I found while sorting by M size, but on the tag it says it's an L and the description of the item says so as well. I know I am really careless and stupid for not looking at the photo of the tag and descripiton before buying, but I guess it could be understood as giving misinformation about the product (like giving two different sizes) but that might just be me being salty and hoping I can somehow get my money back. So I wonder, is it even worth opening a case?
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2023.06.04 20:15 Dragonborn83196 Horror in the High Desert Vs Horror in the High Desert 2: Minerva

So last weekend I watched HITHD and today I watched its sequel.
So the first one I’ll say was very slow but the last 20-30 minutes of it were fairly solid and worked very well at creating an unsettling and creepy atmosphere and it was so simple. I have to say for a micro budget film made during the pandemic in which no two actors are on screen at the same time, it was very clever and honestly fairly convincing. That last recording had me feeling very uneasy and on the edge of my seat and almost made me jump but definitely caught me by surprise.
Now we have Minerva, the movie itself is shorter and does features more of the found footage clips than the first. That being said, the footage in the third act was not nearly as unsettling or effective as the one from the first and I get as though the film kind of lost itself. If that makes sense. First we are learning all about Minerva and what happened to her when we are hit with a random character who became a victim of something? All the while we barely hear anything about Gary from the first film except small snippets then at the very end we have someone say they’ve saved enough money to travel to Nevada for thirty days and they are going to be looking for the cabin?
Idk the first one was gripping for sure and I was looking forward to seeing more of Gary’s story or at least the cabin in the middle of the desert and not necessarily getting more answers but perhaps better scared and intensity than what we’ve got.
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2023.06.04 20:14 ruemao Vote 'Gigantophis' for Ragnarok EXCLUSIVE Creature

Vote 'Gigantophis' for Ragnarok EXCLUSIVE Creature
What is Gigantophis?
Gigantophis is an extinct species of constrictor, living around 40 million years ago, it was the largest snake discovered until Titanoboa was found. Gigantophis was roughly around 35 feet long putting it near Whale Shark sized! Gigantophis were believed to of fed on the early relatives of elephants called Moeritherium.
Gigantophis Dossier
Wild: Gigantophis Comprimens unlike Titanoboa exornantur prefers to spend its days basking in the sunlight waiting for its next meal. This immensely large snake prefers to constrict its prey crushing every single bone in its body, once it has its coils wrapped around you, there is no way of escape, just death. This creature is regularly seen preying upon the likes of Paraceratherium, Stegosaurus and even Triceratops but it won't pass up the opportunity to grab a nearby survivor.
Tamed: Whilst tamed Gigantophis is a viable asset, I have seen survivors using it as sort of upgraded chain bola which holds creatures in place but due to Gigantophis constrictor nature, it slowly crushes the creature. Personally I have been using mine as a sort of make-do tent protecting me from the elements, it is a terrifying thought but the babies are so cute with their little goofy smiles, you will get immediately attached to them.
(Working on Dossier)
Due to Gigantophis being a predator, it is highly aggressive, and relentless. It will attack any survivor or tame which is within reach of its thick coils. They are mainly found in marshlands and open plains (when nesting). A nesting mother will not attack unless you are very close to it.
Gigantophis looks like a modern day Anaconda but super sized, they tend to be solitary and ambush their prey with thick coils which disable prey, if the prey is larger than it, they bite it with their rows of needle teeth preventing the prey from moving.
Gigantophis is a passive tame and requires special precaution. It is advised to bring tames with high hp which you don't mind losing for example Moschops'. You must first find a mother Gigantophis coiled around its nest, the level of the mother represents the level of eggs inside the nest. Whistle your Moschops towards the mother, the mother will agro to the Moschops and start to coil then kill it, you must keep sending Moschops until the mother's taming effectiveness is at 100%. Once it is at 100%, the mother will spawn an egg and you must send one more Moschops to distract the mother from the egg. Gigantophis mother go up to level 225.
It is advised to use high ground against Gigantophis with a decent shotgun or use a large tame which deals a lot of damage, so you do not get constricted by Gigantophis.
Primary: Is a bite attack which deals bleed damage similar to the Deinonychus.
Secondary: Coil attack which coils around creatures and hold it in place, you must press the button again to start constricting, inhibiting their movement whilst giving a bone break effect after a while and slowly increases in damage as time passes.
Tertiary: Latch attack, only for large creatures, you bite and latch onto the creature then press the coil button to start constricting the creature. You can also just use it to slow down your target.
Abilities - PvP
Soaker counter: Gigantophis can hold soaker in place preventing their movement so you can kill them more easily. Whilst constricting, if Gigantophis is damaged, it will let go and leave the tame with a bone break effect.
Movement restrict: Gigantophis can latch on to large creatures like gigas and slow/prevent their movement allowing you to kill them easier.
Unaffected by picking: Due to Gigantophis being so low to the ground and the position of the rider, you are immune to creatures like Desmodus picking you off your mount.
Tank: Due to Gigantophis' girth, it has a large hp value and can take quite a lot of hits, this is especially useful against hard hitting tames.
Abilities - PvE
Make-do Shelter: Ever had that horrible feeling of not being able to get back to your base in time when servers are about to update, well Gigantophis acts as a shelter and bed, all you have to do is access its option wheel and choose the shelter option, whilst in this mode Gigantophis gains the apex buff meaning you will be mostly safe.
Egg Collector: Gigantophis is a necessity for breeders who aren't at base, Gigantophis will collect your fertilized eggs while you're away and keep them safe until you need them.
Boss Fighter: Due to Gigantophis hp stat and its decent damage, it is a viable candidate for any boss fight.
Underwater Mount: When Gigantophis is in the water it gains a significant speed buff and it does not lose oxygen.
Meatrunner: Gigantophis is a reliable meat runner being able to carry a lot of meat without getting encumbered!
Tame Helper: Using Gigantophis coil attack, you can reliably hold most creatures down so you can tranq them out.
Snake Bridge: Acts as a bridge between 2 rock faces, for easier traversal with other creatures.
Vote Link: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/690560-gigantophis-the-lumbering-serpent/
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2023.06.04 20:14 faridabad_tutor Home Tutor in Faridabad Near me Home Tutor in Faridabad

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2023.06.04 20:14 mayhalleday My (25f) bf (25m) exchanged social media info with another girl at a party, and I don’t know what to think

Me and my bf have been dating a few months. Things are new but we care deeply for eachother.
I recently brought him to a party to meet my friends for the first time. He was being super social and great. I new pretty much everyone there, and I introduced him to many people.
At one point, a few girls showed up that I didn’t know (and neither did the host). One in particular I saw talking to my bf, but I thought “whatever” as he was being social with everyone.
I went to the bathroom with a friend (to chit chat, as girls do) and when I came back, my bf and this girl were playing beer pong together. At one point I saw me bf put his arm around her shoulder, and I pointed it out to my friend who didn’t think it was a big deal. I think it was a “congratulations” type things cuz they won the game.
Anyways, my bf later on in the night came up to me and gave me a kiss and started talking to me. He said he was having lots of fun. A few moments later the girl came around and she was super quiet and looked uncomfortable. I wondered if maybe she just realized he was with me.
Anyways, the next day I pointed out to him that I didn’t know who that girl was or how she got invited. I said I was gunna check the invite list on Facebook but I didn’t know her name. He told me her name, then started spelling it out (it was unique spelling). I asked him how he knew the spelling, and he said she asked him to add her on Instagram, so he did infront of her. That was basically how she introduced herself to him, by asking this. I opened her Instagram and saw they were following eachother, and that he likes the most recent pic of her and her dog. I asked why he liked the pic, and he said he did it while talking to her, cuz she mentioned her dog.
I told him I think that crossed a line. It appeared to me like flirting at that point. He told me it was friendly, that he didn’t think adding someone on insta was cheating, and he thought that I had known the girl since I knew everyone else at the party (which is true). The night of the party he also told me he loved me for the first time. I just feel confused.
He then unliked the pic. I asked for him to unfollow her, and he did.
I trust there has been no communication since. I just worry about why he thinks that’s okay. Why didn’t he just say no?
TDLR: my bf exchanged social media with another girl
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2023.06.04 20:14 Purple_Pineapple__ Vent/Advice for 15 yr old

The first thing I think to say “sorry I was being immature” but why do I feel sorry. Why am I expected to be mature? I’m 15. 15 yr olds are immature. I knew before I started talking that what I was going to say was immature. But I said it anyways. I do that a lot. I go against my so-called “mature nature” to allow myself to behave like a kid. Because that’s what I am. A kid. I want to have a childhood and desperately so. I try to allow myself to have childish thoughts and behaviors while I’m still a child. “I do that with your (older) siblings too.” That’s my problem. My brother is an adult (20) and my sister is becoming one next month (turning 18). Why am I expected to do the same things he (my brother) does? Why am I expected to be at his maturity level. I feel like she forgets that I’m not 20. I’m 15. I just wanted her to introduce me to new foods instead of me having to do it all alone (I’m autistic and new foods stress me out). “I’m worried you can’t think for yourself” she says on repeat. No I can (or at least I think I can). The issue is I’ve been doing it for so long and I want to be able to give myself a break while I’m still a kid. I want a guide. Not someone who merely provides me the ingredients. I want someone who helps me look through the recipes instead of making me do it alone. Why am I upset about this?
This is literally what I asked for. To be treated like a roommate. Why do I expect a parent when I specifically asked for her to work on herself saying that I can take care of myself. (Sorry that this lacks context)
Why must I feel bad that I have to keep my word? Why must I feel bad that I have to continue to take care of myself?
This is what I asked for.
What is wrong with me?
I really should stop trying to vocalize what few childish thoughts survived through my trauma. Every time I do It always feels futile. I’m always met with frustration. “Why is this kid behaving like a kid?” I try my best thanks. I will stop though. I will stop vocalizing my childishness, maybe one day even fewer will remain. Hopefully one day less will remain or it’ll be easier..
I’ve learned my lesson (i hope. Because if I haven’t I will be forced to experience this once more)
Maybe I’m just another kid who’s convinced themselves they’re “mature for their age” spouting nonsense in order to feel grown up (that’s honestly probably the case). Maybe I’m not mature whatsoever. Maybe I think like most children do. Maybe 15 isn’t a child. Maybe 15 is what I see to be 18 (I feel like 18 yr olds are still immature). Maybe I have 15 yr old’s all wrong. Maybe we should be self sufficient. Maybe we should be taking care of ourselves.
Maybe I’ve convinced myself 15 yr old’s are basically 7 yr olds in disguise in order to make myself feel better. Maybe I have us all wrong. I mean we are more independent than 7 yr olds. We can think for ourselves and even take care of our parents and small children if need be. Maybe the expectations placed on me aren’t comparable to my 20 year old brother but to other people my age. Why wouldn’t I be expected to find out what I want on my own and make my own damn food everyday? It’s not asking that much from someone who’s 15. As my mother just stated “you’re 15. Not 7” Maybe this IS what normal 15 yr olds think about. Maybe I’m not the “old soul” that others claim, but a soul who’s aged normally. Maybe I just have a major victim complex and always frame myself to be the victim. If that’s the case I’m not nearly as self aware as I had thought. I need to self reflect more and stop feeling so damn bad for myself. That thinking isn’t healthy and only harms others around me and myself. I should grow instead of being so stagnant. Any advice for that? I’ve started meditating and I’d like to do whatever I can to stop behaving this way. I hope I didn’t waste your time. Who am I kidding you’re on Reddit (but I guess so am I lol) Do I sound victimy? Please be honest. Don’t worry about being harsh (srsly u don’t have to validate me just be honest) side note/ I promise I’m usually not this hard on myself I just want to grow sorry this lacks context :P
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2023.06.04 20:14 CartographerHot2285 Traffic situation this year

I have commented about this 2 or 3 times already and figured it was worth a separate post.
Traffic will be (a lot) worse than other years.
Retieseweg (one of the main roads to Graspop) has roadworks going on and part of it is only open in the direction away from Graspop (to Geel is open, to Graspop is closed).
This temporary one way is from the crossing of Retieseweg and Castelsebaan (the traffic lights at the bridge close to Graspop) until the railroad crossing near the centre of Geel (close to Sjegers drankenhandel).
If you arrive from Retie (E34), there's no roadworks but there will be more traffic because the other way is closed.
If you arrive from Geel (E313), you will have to follow a big detour. I'd advise to set your GPS to Galaxy Studio (recording studio in Mol). Once you're at the side street where Galaxy is, set your gps to Graspop. It will send you over the Castelsebaan, which avoids the roadworks and one way street and is very close to the festival. This is the easiest detour and the one I've been using.
Source: I live at Retieseweg on the temporary one way part, it's been one way since at least oktober and it's gonna be for at least a couple more months. We have not received any communication about a temporary change in the situation to accommodate for Graspop.
It's gonna be a literal highway to hell this year.
Fun fact: Galaxy Studio is where Manowar usually records their albums.
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2023.06.04 20:13 rubyruined Review The Memory of Souls by Jenn Lyons (A Chorus of Dragons, #3)

I write book reviews on Half Past Midnight, a blog dedicated to the surreal world of fantasy and science fiction. A few days ago, I posted reviews for the first two books in this series. While this review does not have spoilers about book 3, it does have spoilers for books 1 and 2.
Welcome to my humble appreciation post for the third book in the A Chorus of Dragons series. Or better yet - call it the rollercoaster which never ends.


The Name of All Things ended on a bitter note with the destruction of Atrine after Morios completely wrecked the city. Vol Karoth, previously imprisoned for thousands of years, is now finally awake. Relos Var won (once again). Things tend to go your way when you've planned each of your steps centuries ahead of your enemies.
Although not fully free of his bonds, Vol Karoth has now woken up from his deep slumber. That is pretty terrifying. Knowing that some part of Kihrin's soul is somehow connected to this dark, endless entity is also terrifying.
No one could truly see Vol Karoth. He formed a man-size hole cut from reality, a silhouette of absolute, perfect blackness. His appearance offered up the final, absolute proof of my worst nightmares: Vol Karoth was free.
The only thing that can possibly stop the utter annihilation of the world is the ancient Ritual of Night. Meant to be enacted by the leader of an immortal race, this ritual could give the Eight more time to figure out how to deal with the impending destruction of the world. As it turns out, it can only be performed once by each race, and at a terrible cost. Since its creation, The Ritual of Night has already been enacted by three of the four immortal races - the voras, voramer, and vordreth - leaving only the vané. They have just one shot to do it, and to do it right.
Kihrin, Janel, Teraeth, and Thurvishar start this book with a single objective - to convince the vané king, Kelanis, to perform The Ritual of Night. And as usual, nothing goes according to the plan. Why am I not surprised?
Traveling to Manol makes for quite a change from the usual locales we are accustomed to, and boy - is it fun. A lot of old characters finally come back - I was glad to see a lot of the first book's cast return. Therin, Khaeriel, and Terindel (Doc) show up amid a lot of family drama, which is one of the best parts of the book. It was great to see a lot more quieter moments this time, since we don't usually see the more intimate side of the characters while they are dealing with whatever nightmares haunt them. Nonetheless, those scenes, although intimate in scale, often add a lot of depth since they reveal what really drives the characters on a personal level.
What it results in is a story chock full of morally grey characters switching sides, refreshing worldbuilding, little side quests, and lots of vané politics. I loved all chapters equally. Although Xivan and Talea are a little boring to me as characters, having Senera and Suless around ensures there's never a dull moment.
I really enjoyed how Lyons handled the past lives of Janel, Kihrin, and Teraeth. Each of them has reincarnated over the centuries as notable people in history. While Teraeth remembers those lives in clear detail, the other two don't. Very aptly named, this book spent a lot of time exploring what happened in those previous lives, and I loved it. So many more things start to make sense about Elana, S'arric, and the dark connection between Kihrin and Vol Karoth.
The memories are too much, so overflowing I feel like a cup trying to hold the ocean. I can only gulp mouthfuls, knowing it would take me centuries to swallow the sea. I am drunk on memory, drowned in my identities. It hasn’t just been one or two. I’ve lived a dozen lives. But that first one lasted ten times longer than all the rest combined.
At last, The Memory of Souls gave me something I'd been waiting for. Just Kihrin, Janel, Teraeth, and Thurvishar hanging out together, fighting demons and bantering. Part of the reason why this book works so well is that the narration is nowhere near as convoluted as before, and all our favorite characters finally are TOGETHER. Give me a great cast, and I'll go anywhere with them.
The ending of this book had some events that felt a lot more permanent than the previous ones. The course of our characters is now set in stone. There was a tipping point, and now there is no turning back on the consequences.


I found it weird that almost none of the side characters from The Name of All Things made it to this book, and I’m a little annoyed at that. Why make a whole book about them?
Nonetheless, there are a lot of complex, interpersonal relationships uncovered between the characters - both old and new. I love that no matter how big the threat facing them is, everyone still has their personal problems with family members, both close and estranged. The Memory of Souls exposed the darker side of a lot of different people. How far would you go to achieve your goals and who are you willing to sacrifice for it?


As always, Kihrin brings with him a chaotic, confused energy that so helpfully lends itself to this glorious mess of a book. Despite everything he's seen and everything he's undergone - Kihrin still marches on, determined to save the people he cares for. Although marked by prophecy, he still takes the agency to make his own choices, no matter how painful a path they might lead him to. Between his feelings for Teraeth and Janel and Vol Karoth's hold on him, the poor guy goes through a lot.
“You’re terrible,” Janel murmured. “I’m honest,” I whispered into her ear. “And you are music and songs and the light of a thousand stars. You are storm clouds and velvet skies and brilliant columns of fire. How can I not be drawn to you?”


Teraeth finally gets a POV and some excellent character development. Although we only saw him as Kihrin's best friend in The Ruin of Kings, this book explores the deeper scars left on him by his past lives and the messed up dynamics between him, his mother, Khaemezra (Thaena), and his father, Terindel the Black. Thaena has her claws in him deep. This time around, we see a lot more flaws in her real nature as a manipulator who moves people around to do her dirty work, as well the effect it has on the said people - including her own son.


Janel, surprisingly, is almost relegated to a side character. There are chapters where she does nothing more than serve as a point of conflict between Kihrin and Teraeth. I found this really upsetting since The Name of All Things focused sorely on her as a character and made me love her as much as Kihrin. But this time, Lyons sees her more as a plot device to unlock Elana's memory and not as a person, as Janel Therannon, in her own right. Although she still has her conflicts with Suless and Xaltorath, I wish she felt more involved in the plot.

Relos Var and Senera

Relos Var is an accurate reflection of what happens when you believe in your cause so strongly that you cannot see anything past it. Senera, blinded by her faith in him, still can't quite realize that she is nothing more than a tool in his hands. Although I found her a little annoying last book, she seems to have matured this time, bringing a sort of quiet tiredness to the table with her valuable magic skills. I don't know if I could call them both villains, though. This book makes it clear that there is no black and white, no good and bad - everyone's morality is in those varying shades of grey.


History-wise, this novel sheds more light on the origins of the Eight, the dragons, and the Ritual of Night, as well as Vol Karoth's creation. I'd been looking forward to these bits for a while, and you finally get more answers. I love how the series always goes a step back into the history of the world with every book. It's a bit like peeling the layers of an onion - every part pulls back the curtain on yet another aspect of history.

Writing Style

This book still follows the jumpy narrative style of its predecessors but with a lot more POVs. Mercifully, the time gaps are not too huge and the chapters are chronological (for the most part). The different points of view and timelines are aligned in a way that the reveals make the most sense - the timelines in the past always coincide with a relevant chapter in the present. This would have taken a sheer amount of effort to get right, but it shines.
The story takes us from the dry, void reaches of the Korathean Blight to the exotic, lush jungle of the vané. Overall, the writing just seemed leveled up this time. I'm not sure why, but the prose and the choice of words seemed a whole lot better. The great dialogue and witty banter are always a plus.

In Conclusion

The Memory of Souls is a gift that keeps on giving. This might be my favorite book of the series and the year. This was the book that made trudging through The Name of All Things absolutely worth it. Despite some minor misgivings, this is the strongest installment yet in a series that rewards its readers with great characters, rich world-building, and twists that subvert expectations. Onward and upward to the next one!
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2023.06.04 20:13 Ill_Collar_8054 I am a minor and I want to see a psychiatrist and a therapist without my parents finding out

tw// suicide, sh
hi! I(F15) want to see a therapist and a psychiatrist without my parents knowing.
I’ve been having suicidal thoughts/attempts and have harmed myself for a long time now. I’ve tried to reach out to my parents but they told me that im just seeking for attention and i should stop. I have tried stopping but I am really having a hard time so I want to see a professional but I don’t think we can afford seeing one and my parents won’t let me.
I have an adult sibling i have opened up to and they have told me that they’re willing to help me see a professional but I am scared that my parents will find out and we’ll get in trouble. I am also just a student so i don’t have much money allotted for my mental health. What should i do?
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2023.06.04 20:13 Proud-Progress5943 My (28M) partner (25F) abruptly told me she wasn't sure she wanted to be with me after 4.5 years.

I (28M) have been with my partner (25F) for 4.5 years now. We met on tinder and started off as friends for a few weeks and then began dating. I wasn't always sure where our relationship would go and harbored some doubts. However, she was infatuated with me and let me be myself and talk about anything and everything and we agreed on a lot of things, but I was unsure how committed I was to her long term.
After close to 2 years I decided to start a graduate program in an adjoining state and would need to move, but was unsure if I was going to ask my partner to come with me. To me, this was me deciding whether or not I was going to really commit to the relationship. I decided it was worth a shot as we had been there for each other and had been very supportive of one another and I thought there could be some long term potential.
Learning to live on our own and together was stressful at first, but soon we found a rhythm that worked for us and spent a lot of time together and had a lot of fun. Of course there were frustrating moments and things we needed to work through, but we always communicated through them and i'm proud to say that we've never had a fight. As my program wound up and I had a potential job back in my home state we began looking at places with some friends to move in to, lest we be forced to move in with either of our parents. Nothing panned out and I suggested we each go back to our respective parents houses and start looking at some places. She was adamant that she did not want to live without me, that she couldn't, for her own mental health reasons. I agreed to move into her parents house until my job came up and then we would work on getting out.
Her parents place was a powder keg. There was extra family there, as they were helping to take care of a sick aunt and this created stress for everyone. On top of this, the house is cramped and there is little insulation and a normal conversation in the kitchen can be heard crystal clear in our room at the end of the hall, even with the door shut, creating issues of privacy. On top of this, I would be short term unemployed and would be finishing up some papers for my program until my job came around and was thus at the home all of the time. After a few months of a frustrating routine helping with the aunt, she was moved into an assisted living facility and everyone caught their breath for a moment. This has been tough on my partner and she talked a lot with me about how overwhelmed she was feeling and I did my best to support her. However, my job that was supposed to come around the new year disappeared because of some miscommunication issues in the business. It took me some time to get my resume back from a former professor and by the time I did I needed to begin working on my capstone paper for my program. So, looking for a job and thus escaping the house was going to have to wait a little longer.
My partner and I have been very open and casual about physical affection, saying I love you, and expressing ourselves with one another and in the past 1.5 years have talked about what type of houses we might want to get in the future, where we want to live, and even about having a child together. So, we've been planning out our future together.
In the beginning of May, I had a breakdown over the state of things: the cramped house with no privacy, making intimacy hard, the job falling through, none of my goals panning out, feeling stuck in a rut, and just generally feeling bitter and frustrated with life. She embraced me and comforted me, told me that it wasn't always going to be like this and that she understands how I feel, and that it would be us together forever. Shortly after, it was my birthday and everything was going ok, I applied somewhere and she told me about possibly getting a place from a friend who is a landlord. About a week later we were hanging out in our room, eating dinner and chatting, telling each other that we loved each other and soon went to bed.I woke up the next morning and my partner came into the room looking sad and I gestured for her to come let me hug her and tell me what's wrong. She breaks away from my hug and looks at me and says that she isn't sure she want's to be in a relationship with me or doesn't know if she loves me romantically anymore, I can't remember which.Having just woken up I was confused and my mind stared falling apart, I just didn't know what to say. My partner didn't want to talk and kept saying she wanted to leave. She left after about 5ish mins and I became hysterical; she had never brought up feeling like this before. Anyways, I called a friend and my mom, grabbed some personal things and some clothes and headed to my moms. I've been here for a few days and my partner won't respond to me. I haven't blown up her phone, I called, left a voicemail, texted once, and sent a message over snapchat and that's all. Her mom let me know that she's safe but isn't ready to talk yet.
My partner has been open about wanting to marry me, have a home and child with me, and has been incredibly loving and devoted to me during our relationship. We both have ADHD and she has a myriad of mental health issues that have been difficult for us to work through but has been getting some help for them. I know that being in the house, her family, me being there all the time, on top of work, and dealing with her mental health has been a lot for her and she's feeling overwhelmed. I'm not sure what to do as she won't respond to me and has never expressed any issues in our relationship to this extent but my mind has been running in circles to try and speculate on what's going on. All this behavior is very out of character for her. Any input, advice, feedback, or perspectives that others could give would be immensely appreciated. In short, should I just leave her alone for now and how do I know/what can I do to try and save my relationship?
TL;DR: My (28M) loving partner (25F) and I have been together for 4.5 years. She told me abruptly the other morning she wasn't sure she wanted to be with me and had never communicated concerns about being with me despite always openly communicating throughout our relationship. She won't respond to the few messages i've sent and I have no idea what to do or think and it's driving me crazy. Should I just leave her alone for now and how do I know if I can do anything to try and save my relationship?
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2023.06.04 20:13 rpc123 What do you think of this as a first tattoo? 26M

What do you think of this as a first tattoo? 26M
I don't have any tattoos and want to get my first one. I'm mostly interested in aesthetics, with a touch of conceptual significance and importance. I was discouraged from tattoos in general for a while because I never liked the ones men would typically get, but I've recently discovered a lot of less "traditionally masculine" designs that feel better, and opened my mind to the fact that you can actually get whatever you want on your body.
The attached image is a design a friend shared with me. I like it because of the style and the content -- I value traveling and being in nature quite a lot. I am in reasonably good shape and have a pretty defined back, and I am thinking of getting it (or something similar) down my spine. While I definitely like the design, I am especially worried about the opportunity cost -- you kind of only get one full-spine tattoo!! And it has emerged as maybe my favorite spot for tattoos, at least for ones that I've seen on other people, so I want to make sure I get it right.
What do you think? I'd love any ideas or recommendations you might have, and especially would be open to insight you might have on how to think about a first tattoo.

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2023.06.04 20:13 Every_Campaign_1440 My Money Was Stolen!

Hey everyone, I’m looking for some advice or for someone who is aware of the depths of the planet fitness policy. I left work to go to the gym and accidentally left my tip pouch in my bag with about $150 in it, and of course the one day I forget to take it out, someone steals it. I went at the least busy time, I’m talking maybe 25 people in the gym. There was one person in the locker room besides me who saw what locker I put my bag in. She was eyeing me a lot but I thought I had nothing stealable so I ignored it. I left the locker room and saw her start literally running out from the machine i was on. When I realized I forgot my headphones I went back and my cash was gone. Now of course there are signs everywhere stating that PF is not responsible for stolen goods, but here’s my curveball: This woman was not a planet fitness member. She was waiting for the bus outside and came inside asking if she could use the bathroom and the worker allowed it. I was wondering if anything can be done considering the PF policy is that the bathrooms are not public? Especially since I probably wouldn’t even leave a sweatshirt in a bathroom if I knew it was open to the public?
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