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2023.06.04 18:30 SparkOfLore Why I believe One Piece is an overrated and bad manga

One Piece might possibly be the most overrated shounen series of all time, and Oda is a bad writer.
First off, the plot. The plot in One Piece is incredibly formulaic. Most of the arcs have the exact same structure to them. Go to an island, meet allies, split up, find out that the island is either being terrorized by a bad guy, or it's about to be taken over by a bad guy. Then, the straw hats have to battle against the bad guys. After saving the day, they feast and proceed to the following island, where the same thing occurs. The entire stretch from the Sabaody Archipelago to Marineford is the only part of this series where the plot deviates from this same formula. Other than that, most arcs adhere to the same pattern. The plot is largely devoid of any originality.
A few arcs in the series have little to no relevance on the overall story, and do little to help the Straw Hats accomplish their goals. Skypiea was almost completely filler, aside from the last part where it's revealed that Gold Roger went up there. The entire conflict with Enels regime and the Shandians was completely filler. Same thing with Fishman Island. The New Fishman Pirates are fodder filler characters, and the entire conflict revolving around them had zero relevance to the story. Given that they aren't even significant characters in the One Piece world, the Straw Hats defeating them didn't progress the story whatsoever. The arc had some relevant parts to it, but the conflict revolving the New Fishman Pirates was not one of them. Long Ring Long Land is another irrelevant arc, but that's not even worth talking about. There are probably more than 100 chapters/episodes in all three of these arcs combined. That many chapters with little to none story progression.
Now onto my second reason as to why One Piece sucks. It's terribly cliche and shallow. People frequently criticize Fairy Tail for having the power of friendship, however One Piece does the exact same thing. One Piece has an excessive quantity of plot armor and friendship power-ups. In some cases, the author writes himself into a corner and is forced to resort to deus ex machina to correct his error. For example, the end of the Enies Lobby arc. Even though it was previously established that the Going Merry cant set sail anymore, they somehow got saved by it during a buster call. Even though the Aqua Laguna was happening. Even though a random pirate ship shouldn't be able to sail directly towards one of the three world government powerhouses. This, as well as other comparable events frequently occur in One Piece.
The conflicts in One Piece are very superficial and cliche. Most of the villains are only evil for the sake of being evil. They pursue things like power and influence, which is quite stereotypical and generic. The conflict is extremely straightforward, as well as black and white. Once you can identify an antagonist as pure evil with no justifications for why he does what he does, that throws any hope of ethical complexity out the window. There is no sort of clashing of ideals in One Piece, and the characters are never placed into any sort of ethical dilemmas. Again, the conflicts are very straightforward, black & white. One side is objectively good, while the other is objectively bad. Because of the lack of ethical complexity, the character dynamic between Luffy and pretty much every villain is relatively simplistic and generic. This is very evident based on the lack of complex dialogue in the series. Why do you think the only thing Luffy said during Alabasta is "I'm gonna kick Crocodile's ass". Again, if there's no sort of ethical complexity then there's also no room for a clashing of ideals. At least Naruto and Bleach had some sort of ethical complexity regrading Byakuya Kuchigi and Pain. The ethical complexity lead to an ideological clash between Ichigo & Byakuya, as well as Naruto & Pain. One Piece has none of that. Ethical complexity is also a great way to develop characters, and force them to think more deeply/self reflect. Constantly putting characters in black and white conflicts is one of the main reasons the characters in One Piece never develop.
Next up, the characters. This is probably the worst aspect of this story. Lets take Luffy for starters. Zero character development whatsoever. He has no introspection. He has no psychological or ethical complexity. He has no internal characterization. He has no internal dialogue. Writing a manga for 26 years and not giving a single thought to character development is shockingly sad. Overall, I find Luffy to be an incredibly boring character. Besides all of the problems I just mentioned, he has one aspect about him that I absolutely despise. Almost every conflict he gets embroiled in has complexities that he is completely unaware of. He only gets engaged in conflicts when his friends are hurt, which is extremely superficial and cliche. In certain situations, even minor characters are more relevant to the conflict than him (Waiper, Vivi). I find it very weird how the protagonist, the most important character in the story, barely has any sort of connection to the conflicts of the story. His importance in the conflict is minor or sometimes even non-existent until his final battles, and most of the villains he fights have no idea who he is, or don't know much about him. Because neither of them knows much about the other, this results in a rather uninteresting protagonist/antagonist character dynamic. However, even if Luffy understood the nuances of the conflicts he's involved in, not even that would make him more interesting. This is due to the earlier statement I made about how the conflicts are quite simplistic, clear-cut, and devoid of any ethical complexity. As long as one side is objectively good and the other is objectively bad, the dialogue and character interactions between Luffy and the villains will always be generic. "I'm gonna beat your ass", "You hurt my friends", "You're a bad person". That's all it really boils down to, and that's all that it'll ever be.
All of the conflicts he's engaged in are never because he thinks it's the right thing to do to be engaged in these conflicts. It's never because his ideals differ from the villains ideals. He's always engaged into conflict because he just always happens to make friends with people who are on the morally right side of the conflict, and he makes those friends very quickly. That's bad characterization, and that's bad writing. That's a terrible way to make your main character get involved in conflicts. It's also the reason why we never see Luffy undergo any sort of moral reflection. When you're always placed onto the morally right side of the conflict by coincidence, then that leaves little to no room for moral reflection.
As for the other Straw Hats, all of them remain stagnant throughout the entire series. They are merely given tear bait backstories, and once that's over, they remain the same throughout the rest of the series. They're gimmicks have already gotten stale a long time ago. Brook has been making the same joke since he's been introduced. Same thing with Chopper, Franky, Usopp, Nami, etc. They've been acting the exact same way ever since they introduced. None of them receive any psychological or ethical complexity whatsoever. The lack of character development makes the characters so boring.
I have other reasons, but I'm not in the mood to type them out right now. I'll just summarize them quickly: terrible pacing, shitty art, ugly character designs, straw hats become side characters after the time-skip, ridiculously long arcs full of too many subplots, too many garbage arcs, and a few more I cant remember. Terrible series overall.
It gets insanely annoying when One Piece fans try to overcomplicate this series. I've heard people making the claim that Luffy is a complex character. Absolutely absurd. The people that make this claim obviously don't know what it means to be a complex character. A complex character would be someone like Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho. Not only is he a psychologically complex character, but he's also an ethically complex character. That's a perfect example of a complex multi-dimensional character. One Piece has pretty much no complex characters. Again, if you want to see good writing, then read or watch Yu Yu Hakusho. Both of the major villains, Sensui and Toguro, are incredibly complex and well written. One Piece on the other hand has only one-dimensional villains. There's a very clear intellectual difference in Togashi and Oda's writing. One is better than the other. They're both intellectually dissimilar pieces of work.
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2023.06.04 18:30 wxxce Is my coworker being flirty or am I tripping? Not sure my next moves

I am 23 M gay and he is 28 M. We are just getting to know each other, and I can't tell if he is being friendly or if these occurrences can mean something more.
The first occurrence was he asked how I like my iced coffee. He wrote it down in his phone for "future reference." He then came into work a few weeks later with it. I wanted to make it up, so 2 weeks after that happened I asked what drink he likes (he hesitated but I wanted to) and I went out on my lunch and got him the drink. Later on that same day, he asked me when my birthday is (I assume to get me a gift, so he can do something back to me) he said he will make a note of it.
Next, that Friday of that week I got him that drink, he came in with a cake pop from Starbucks for me. He said it was "to celebrate the long weekend"
Just last week it was someone in his departments birthday. She brought in treats to the break room for them to have. He went to the break room and I saw him come back into the office, but then he turned back around and went back to the break room. He then came back and as he was walking his supervisor was behind him and he was quiet. He then turned right around and walked up from behind me and handed me cookies wrapped up in a paper towel and said "shhh" I do not have many friends, let alone male friends, so I am not sure if this is common behavior between two guy friends, or if this can mean something more. Is this just normal friend behavior? I enjoy the treat sharing and want to do something back again, but is that too much? Its basically like treat tag. I am not sure what my next moves should be!
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2023.06.04 18:29 Saphire_Storm Gum recession question please help. Appointment not until 6/28/23

Gum recession question please help. Appointment not until 6/28/23
37 y/o non smoker, doesn’t use drugs, occasional cannabis user and has 4 alcoholic drinks once a week Noticing gum recession getting worse over the last year. Switched companies and insurance just switched again. I finally have my first appointment with a new dentist on my new insurance on 6/28/23 but haven’t been in a year due to lack of coverage, then switching health insurance mid way thru the year. My new dentist said the initial appointment is just X-rays and consult and it will be another few months before I get a cleaning!!! They have a periodontist in the same office but I am Freaking out a little bit. I brush with electric toothbrush, floss, water Pik and use mouthwash and the recession continues to get worse to where I can see the root. What can I do more than what I am doing in my oral hygiene routine? Will my teeth make it 28 days? Do you think I will need to have extractions or can these gums be fixed with surgery? (Also my front left tooth is veneer and my front right is an implant - front tooth died from impact and I have had the implant for 7 years).
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2023.06.04 18:29 nikkiwillmakeitred 🆘🆘 Do I have a chance of getting into business major at T20s 🆘🆘

Female, Southeast Asia, currently taking a gap year, graduated from one of the most prestigious public high school here (acceptance rate <10%). I pursue scholarships and financial aids.
Intended major: Business
GPA (10 scale):
10th - 9.8 , 11th - 9.9, 12th - 9.9
All public schools in my country use the same curricula and there is nothing such as "academic rigor" and "weighted GPA" here since we all take the same courses during high school years.
There is no ranking system but there is a title awarded for students with highest GPA of the school year and I got it in all 3 high school years.
Standardized test: SAT 1550 (750 EBRW 800M)
First Prize — Municipal English Olympiad for 9th Graders
School's scholarship for underprivileged students with excellent merit
Municipal Merit Commended Scholar
National Merit Commended Scholar
Highest GPA of Class of 2023
Internship as an assistant of the owner of a newly-founded business (since January 2023)
Co-founder of a business that created a platform helping mentally ill people connect with psychologist (anticipated launching day: July 2023)
Founder of an online shop (years active: 2020-2022) that sold handmade accessories, earning nearly $3000 before closing
Founder of a non-profit org that raised funds and went to a remote island to give classes about sex education and hygiene to children there (2021-2023)
Vice-president of school debating club (2021-2022)
SAT tutor for 10th graders (4 hours per week since 2022, I have tutored 5 students in total and 4 of them scored above 1450, the other hasn't take the test)
Research scholar at Lumiere Education (had a 100% fee reduction scholarship)
Chief editor of the Class of 2023 yearbook (Feb-Jun 2023)
Volunteer at a free meal provider for patients at a local children's hospital (4 hours a week since March 2022)
MUN chair (I have chaired in 8 conferences in total since 2020)
LORs: I'm on very good terms with teachers and I participate a lot in school activities so I guess my LORs would be strong enough.
Essays: Haven't started writing yet but I'm drafting a dual narrative between the coming in of my first wisdom tooth and the process of accepting myself as who I am.
I'm aiming for t20s but whenever I see stats of people who was accepted into these schools I feel so intimidated bc idk if my stats are good enough. Do you guys think I have a chance of being admitted to t20s, and what should I do in the next 5 months to improve my chance of getting into these schools with a scholarship?
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2023.06.04 18:29 Jufinda (UIM) 90K+ Magic XP P/H

TL;DR: Guzzle Rock Cake, Cast Imbue, Dream and hunter kit at the same time then bank the kit or if youre an ironman store the imp jars in puro-puro to drop trade later.
I was theory crafting getting 84 - 90 magic on my UIM, I dont have any alchs, not enough gold or runes to burst, I haven't got MM2 or SOTE completed.
I initially done MTA to get a master wand and B2P with the intention of bursting or doing slayer with auto cast ancients but didnt factor in the cost of the runes, I looked at Lunars and wondered about the Imbue spell and saw that I hadn't done Dream Mentor, I completed dream mentor and saw that once every 12 seconds you can cast Imbue and another spell on the same tick.
I remembered back waaaaaay waaaay back in the day that people used to train magic with making hunter kits, back then I used to make a hunter kit, bank it then come out and cast again, quick enough this would be good exp.
I went ahead and started theory crafting around that spell and how I can utilise that hunter kit, I was looking on the wiki at the lunar spells and saw the Dream spell, I decided to check that out and much like the Imbue spell, it doesnt have a cast animation and can be cancelled by doing another action, only difference is that the Dream spell doesnt have a 12 second timer, it had a few seconds at best (I havent figured it out yet)
I went and got a Rock Cake from Khorak and guzzled down to low hp and tried using all three spells, which does infact work, you can even tick all three spells perfectly to be cast at the same time.
Initially I was destroying them because of the lack of banking, then I tried dropping and saw that the imp jars were 1300+ gp (my drop limit was set to 1k, I then remembered that they added imp supply storage at Puro-Puro and decided to head there.
The video is the results, You can get roughly 90k+ EXP an hour, I've peaked at 106k with minimal failures.
It works out roughly to be 600 jars an hour (10 every minute) which by todays prices is roughly 780k (not taking into account cost of runes)
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2023.06.04 18:29 Front-Researcher-937 FTN

FIX the Navy! I tried posting this in the “Ask the Chief” group, and it was denied. I know that group is a dumpster fire, but I still think it would be a decent place to get feedback, good, bad, or ugly. These are conversations we should be having.
So I’ll post the same here and I know I’ll get some real answers.
Incompetent leadership. Toxic leaders. Shitty Chiefs. Weak officers. Lack of accountability. Distrust in the mess.
What are we doing about this?
Looking at the Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles for Chief Petty Officers; the Charge of Command for Commanding Officers; Get Real, Get Better; Culture of Excellence. There are countless documents that support the ideal of quality leadership, yet we don’t see it play out in the day to day.
The processes Big Navy has put into place might help: NELD, updates at RTC, updates at SEA and COB/CMC course, updates to PXO curriculum, etc. I hope that all of this and many others will create better leaders for the next generation of Sailors.
But what are WE doing NOW to fix this? How are we holding these people accountable and identifying ways to improve? What can we do better to create meaningful change quickly, that will lead to lasting positive change?
While I appreciate the concept of “control what you can control,” that is really just a bumper sticker of an excuse to not hold others accountable. We can create that culture of excellence in our divisions, departments, commands, (and we should!) but that’s a drop in the bucket compared to our entire organization. We have to think bigger than that. Our sphere of influence is flexible and it can grow much further than most people realize.
Whether you agree or not that the Mess is broken and that there are too many toxic individuals “leading” Sailors, is irrelevant. Perception IS reality. You may be a great person and a great leader, but if your peers or even your superiors are not, that IS a problem, and it is OUR problem. I truly believe that there are more good people than bad and that the intent and spirit is good. But that is not the reality.
Chiefs, how do we fix the mess in its current state? How do we hold Chiefs and Officers accountable when they fail to meet the standard that the organization has established? Especially given that being a decent human isn’t a graded trait on an eval. Just dismissing someone as an “E7, not a Chief” is not the answer. That E7 is still likely an LCPO of Sailors, and only those Sailors will suffer because of it when their LCPO isn’t heard or valued or appropriately involved.
Future Chiefs, what do you hope to be different by the time you wear the anchors, and how do we make that happen?
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2023.06.04 18:28 duckwithaboater Diet Change/Advice

More recently (within the past year) I fell down the rabbit hole of dog diets/lifestyles. The one concrete thing that really pushed my sudden interest was learning how absolutely horrible Pedigree is as a whole. We’d fed our dogs it all our lives mainly because that’s what my dad fed his dogs wayyyy back in the day. I think I’ve done a pretty okay transition into a better diet, but I’d love some opinions since I’m still learning!
Kibble - Victor Hi Pro Plus “Raw” - Fresh Pet Supplements - Bernie’s perfect poop, multivitamin, omega 3 oil Add ins - bone broths, goat milk, green yogurt, pumpkin, frozen fruits, vegetable blends, freeze dried Instinct
Routine: Every morning I take some Fresh Pet and press it down onto their lick mats, sometimes putting a bit of greek yogurt or pumpkin too. I’ll add about half a cup of kibble on top. When it’s really hot I’ll freeze them for a bit before feeding them. After they’re done eating, I have them stay inside and relax to let their food digest for about 30-40 minutes.
Throughout the day while I’m outside with them, I’ll use some kibble as training (mainly for our Aussie since he’s the only one who really does training) and toss some into the yard so they can do some sniff work.
For their dinner, I put the rest of their required kibble into slow feeders (our basset and aussie were notorious for finishing off their meal in less than a minute lol) and top it off with just a bit of chopped Fresh Pet. I’ll use either water or bone broth for hydration and add their daily supplements as well. I rotate on days I add frozen fruit so they don’t get bored of it. I do a 30 minute relaxation time minimum, but if they’re napping or don’t seem stir-crazy I’ll have them stay inside for about an hour.
Diet wise, there’s been a massive improvement in each dog since switching to Victor. I mainly chose it in part due to affordability and because I’d seen great things about their hi pro plus line for active dogs. Each of our dogs is incredibly athletic even without daily walks since we have a big backyard; they’ve made many trails of dirt from all the running! They’ve leaned out more and seem healthier weight wise, especially our basset hound. He’s never been overweight, but since switching to Victor he’s basically become pure muscle lmao. Same with the Aussie, he’s leaned out a lot more. Our boxelab mix has always been a tad overweight (by like 2-5 lbs) so I was hesitant on the high protein, but even in her old age I’ve noticed she has a LOT more energy and lost some weight! Their fur has become so much softer and shiny too, it’s amazing.
The main reason I’m so conflicted is because I mostly see vets recommending WSAVA brands and I’ve never really given them a chance. Plus I’d heard that Fresh Pet has a certain ingredient that’s terrible for dogs, so now I’m stressing about adding a different element of raw into their kibble. I’m not really into raw diets, but they love fresher add ins.
This was basically a massive blurb of information, but I’d still love to hear any input on any improvements that can be made or just general advice! Thanks!
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2023.06.04 18:28 sorites Every Day is the Same [OC]

Every Day is the Same [OC] submitted by sorites to ImaginaryTechnology [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:27 worry-doll All of my Progress is Getting Erased? Anyone Else Having Issues with the Switch?

So I got the DLCs for the Switch the other day, and ever since adding them to my game, I've been having issues with my work not saving properly.
It started out with the train car level - only added walls, the walls at either end of the train, and the flat parts of the ceiling would retain paint, wallpaper, etc. All of the doors, windows, and added furniture would reset to their default states - this is only after saving and closing, then reloading the game.
I thought it was just a level screw up, so I sold it and went back to the default office and decorated it instead last night. When signing on this morning, I was horrified to see that it'd done the exact same thing there, too.
Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know how to fix it, or is this just something we're going to have to wait for them to do a bug fix on?
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2023.06.04 18:27 GiveTheBearAHug I can't stand my long time girlfriend won't take care of our relationship

First, sorry if my English is broken, it's not my native language
I've been with my GF for over 11 years. We were in our early 20's when we met, and had a wonderful relationship. We both were young workers, beginning our respective careers.
We had many difficulties we had to overcome, and did every time with strength. Exemples : we had to deal with distance twice since we both had time when we had to travel for work for several months, and we dealt with it greatly. We were having difficulties to naturally conceive a baby, and we overcame this too. It strengthen our bond.
But, it's been 2 years I'm very unhappy in our relationship, on the verge of depression.
Her job take to much space. Going to work early (7am), and getting home late (8pm) every single day of the week. The weekend consist of cleaning our house (witch she doesn't want me to be involved, or if I do it, it's not to her standards, so she has to redo it), and sleeping. That's it. Our sex life is depressing, our social life too. She barely considers me as a partner, as she is to tired to take some time to try to fix our damaged relationship.
And I can't take it anymore. I'm literally stuck at home taking care of our daughter. Despite her working hours, her career isn't taking off, and she hates when I suggest she changes job, either be employer or a new career more fulfilling.
She hates her job, it makes her very tired, but don't want to hear me on the subject.
On the other hand, my work is less more tiring, with lighter work hours, and much more fulfilling.
But I can't do anything with my life. Going to the gym ? Not a chance, have to care for daughter. Meeting people on the weekend ? Same, to tiring if outside, to much cleanup if we do it home.
It's taking a huge toll on our relationship, and nothing I can do or say is making things better.
She chose work over family, when I chose otherwise.
I'm considering leaving her, witch makes me very sad, but the last couple of years are frustrating and I can't continue this ...
In need of opinions thanks ...
Edit : misspelling
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2023.06.04 18:27 artistloverforever Take your time in getting to know others and don't always base it off of some judgements you make before.

"So many people have told me that if I share my experiences it won't make me less important or valued, but rather an attention seeker."
Hm, i'm guessing so many people would be reading this on here thinking of how some simple assumptions like these can be so hurtful and some would probably be like: "They're just assumptions." I feel why you'd think like that but are they really that hurtful as we're making them be though?
For those people who have said this to me, I am 100% they're only here for clout and judging others based on how many posts they have, how many comments or simply looking at the amount of details included in these posts. This is totally fine by me but adressing such a comment is not appreciated when they don't even know my story.
So, for everyone who has managed to talk to me whilst being here, you know I love getting to know other people through their personality and stories. I cannot have the power to judge nor will I ever want to if I don't have the rough draft to build a bond, of a friendship or a relationship on. I like looks but they mean nothing to me if the personality isn't the kind that I'm looking for.
This is exactly the same with me sharing my experiences on here. Yes, I know, that it may be wrong to do this, but at the same time, this account is like a bullet journal to me where I view each post like a note tracker and every day is a different information there. I like that because it let's me feel open, free but also careful of what I share or what I don't share on here. So, no I don't agree with the little saying or quote above me, the way you want to put it, but as everyone has different opinions, I'll accept that.
It's essential to remember that people have different shares of struggles and that is perfectly okay but sharing such assumptions without knowing the theme or let alone, the person for that matter isn't okay. I do know that these in real life keep on happening, so this is just a slight reminder, nothing much.✍🏼
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2023.06.04 18:26 spikedbreakfast AAA game studio — administrative position question

Hi friends, I hope this question is ok since it’s CS & EU related!
I am the final candidate for a 100% remote office manager role for an AAA game developer based in EU. They are partnered with Xbox Game Studios. Looks like the business was incorporated in 2019.
It would be mostly executive assistance, HR, some accounting, main point of contact; basically what I’m doing at my current role.
The company said I could be freelance/contractor or through an EOR which EOR would be my route.
I speak English natively, I am already/currently employed in Spain as an office manageexecutive assistant, hybrid role, currently at €55k+10% (my boss guarantees me the 10%), almost 3 years at the company, over 15 years experience as an executive assistant. I am extremely fortunate to make 55k as an OM/EA in Spain (most are €24k-€35k); you only get to 55k by staying at the same company for 15 years and very very very very few new roles start at 50k+.
I am extremely interested in this 100% remote as I’m completely over the corporate/office bullshit. I have an extremely cush job though where I can literally do anything I want and I could burn the place down and nothing would happened. I’m just over having to go to the office and dealing with everyone there though. My boss says I can work from home but I know he 100% prefers it when I go to the office so I feel obligated and 2 days WFH isn’t enough IMO.
I know nothing about the gaming industry! I just know everyone is trying to “pivot into tech”. Is it volatile? How “recession” proof is this industry?
Any suggestion on a salary I should aim for? I’m not sure if 55k is comparable/overpaid/underpaid for the tech EU industry. I know 55k in the U.S. is underpaid even for an EA/OM role in any industry.
Any insight would be grateful! Thank you!
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2023.06.04 18:26 Illustrious_Break104 Why do I attract men that need fixing?

Why do I attract men that need fixing?
My 5 month situationship ended a few days ago and I don’t know why this hurts so much more than when things ended with my bf of almost 3 years. I (20 F) took a year after my past relationship even though I was over him because I wanted to work on myself before getting back out there. I thought this guy (S, 24M) I was seeing was different. He too hadn’t been with anyone for over a year cause he was working on himself. Looking back at our time together, I feel so stupid, he told me exactly what I was in for. The first photo is from January. And the second and third are me ending things last Friday. We have been medium distance because I’m at college but I’m graduating in a few weeks and moving in the same city for work as him (not bc of him, it’s a major place for our industries). I think I was angry at him yesterday but now I’m mad at myself and how I keep seeming to fall into a cycle of wanting to fix men. Emotionally and personality wise he’s nothing like my ex, so my guard wasn’t up.
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2023.06.04 18:26 Plutonicuss Why do some crazy roommates do laundry every day?

DAE have crazy roommates who do laundry almost every day? I’m guessing it’s because they have nothing better to do and want to feel like they’re “being productive.”
But it’s seriously a massive drain on the utility bill, and awful for the environment too.
I only do a load of laundry per week and I work outside… yet people who spend all day in the house seemingly produce enough laundry to justify doing it every day?
Not only am I going through this but my best friend has had two past roommates who did the same thing (both were home all the time and crazy/toxic).
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2023.06.04 18:26 Commercial_Essay1829 Im cursed need advice

for someone that loves to get high i am cursed, for as long as i remember i have always had an unusally high tolerance to all drugs i have tried. the first time i do a drug it works perfectly but after doing it once my tolerance shoots up its to the point that if i do a 200ug tab of LSD after a 14 day break i would trip but then if i tried to trip again that week even off a higher dose such as 500ug it would feel like a microdose. i have to have a “tolerance reset break” between uses of the same drug if i want the full effects unless its weed in which case i will never get the full effects unless i smoke expensie amounts (4-10g depending on the weed). Anyway tonight im planning to do shrooms again (its probably been about 10 days since my last trip of which I drank 2g) im wondering if anyone can give advice on the best way to take them to make sure i trip fully, i have about 5-7g of dried shrooms.
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2023.06.04 18:26 TheMovieKing94 I hate YouTube trolls.

These people are saying that ATSV connects to the MCU and as me and other people point out that it doesn’t, we get crapped on.
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2023.06.04 18:26 Low_Manufacturer_93 [Cedar Point] Trip Report 6/3/23

Yesterday, my friend and I visited Cedar Point. We both have platinum passes, and we purchased fast lane plus and the all day dining plan for this visit.
Wild Mouse (credit #102) x1: Luckily, Wild Mouse was actually running today. We went straight to it when we got in for early entry. As far as ride experience goes, it's OK. We didn't love Wild Mouse, but then again, neither of us is a big fan of the wild mouse ride type in general. I acknowledge that I'm not really part of the target demographic for this ride, but I do think that there are much better options as far as family coasters go. (I would've loved for Cedar Point to get a GG family woodie or a modern family Vekoma.)
I'm at least glad I got to experience Wild Mouse and that I rode it first thing in the morning when its wait was 1/2 hour instead of later in the day when it was twice that. I'd probably rank CP's mouse around the middle of the list of all wild mice I've ridden. It's better than many standard mice but isn't as unique as something like Exterminator or Laff Track.
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad x2: After Wild Mouse, the obvious plan was to head to Frontier Town. We rode the train to save us some walking. We also rerode it later in the day. On our first train ride, we were one of only a few groups of people on the train. On our second ride, there was a person in pretty much every seat to the extent that we had to share a row with a stranger. This is a decent train ride that provides views of Lake Erie and the backstage area around Millennium Force. It's a great way to relax for a few minutes.
Maverick x2: This is one of the few coasters I've been on many times where I don't have the layout essentially memorized. Maverick is relentless in the best way possible. You are constantly being whipped and thrown around, and it doesn't really stop until the final brakes. We rerode Maverick as our last ride of the night, and the darkness enhances everything, especially the tunnel. It feels like the launch is twice as fast at night.
Steel Vengeance x3: SteVe was running great. The airtime was so good that it hurt, and the ride seemed to have extra speed. The line was unusually short in the morning, so we rode it twice in a row. Then, we came back and made it our second to last ride of the night. Steel Vengeance truly is one of the greatest coasters on Earth. Even though it's not usually my absolute #1, I don't think that Steel Vengeance is overrated at all. It's one of the few coasters that truly feels "long enough", and none of that time is wasted.
Gemini x1: This classic ride is one of my favorite Arrows. There are a few great moments of janky Arrow airtime, and the racing aspect is pure fun.
Magnum XL-200 x0: We attempted to ride Magnum three different times throughout the day, the first of which was right after our Gemini ride. Unfortunately, Magnum was down all three times. I think there were mechanical issues the first two times, and the third time was due to high winds, which shut down much of the park. It sucked to miss out on Magnum, as it is usually my all-time favorite coaster, but at the same time, I can live with missing it on what is possibly our only Fast Lane Plus Cedar Point trip of the year. Magnum's line is usually quite manageable without Fast Lane.
Corkscrew x1: My friend insisted on riding this, as he wanted to ride every coaster in the park. I'm not a big fan of this ride (or most Arrow loopers), but honestly, Corkscrew was better than I remembered. The only part that I think is really awful is the eponymous corkscrews. The hills and vertical loop were actually enjoyable, and the trains weren't as terribly uncomfortable as in my memory.
Power Tower (drop side) x1: A drop tower is just about always worth riding. These S&S ones are the weakest ones in my opinion but still a good time. I simply prefer drop rides that feel like they're actually trying to kill me rather than the ones like this that gently bounce.
Valravn x1: It's a dive coaster. The first drop is one of the best in the park, but the ride kind of dies after that. The other best part is the drop off the midcourse. The rest of the ride is pretty bland and forgettable.
Blue Streak x1: I've always found this ride to be underrated. It has some pretty decent airtime, especially if you sit near the front, which we did this time. I do wish that it still had the original buzzbar restraints, as I consider that to be a big part of what makes a classic wooden coaster feel like a classic wooden coaster. Still, I'm glad they've kept this ride, and I would say that it is not to be overlooked.
Raptor, Gatekeeper each x0: I wish we would've ridden these rides right after Blue Streak, as they were still open then. We unfortunately missed out on both of them due to the high winds later in the day.
Millennium Force x1: This ride is a bit overhated. The first drop is my favorite first drop on any coaster, the sense of speed is awesome, and there are some good moments of positive and negative gs. Sure, there are a few too many tall turns, but Millie is still a great ride.
Rougarou x1: I've never been a big fan of Rougarou, and I think it might even be my least favorite coaster at Cedar Point now. The layout isn't all that great, and there's a lot of headbanging, particularly in the second half.
Iron Dragon x1: This ride isn't super thrilling, but I enjoy the aesthetics and nostalgia of it. I understand why some people dislike it or want it to be the next ride to be removed, but I disagree. I think Iron Dragon is actually Cedar Point's best family coaster. The Arrow jankiness isn't as pronounced as on Mine Ride, Corkscrew, or Gemini. Iron Dragon also doesn't have the somewhat intense airtime of Blue Streak, and it's less generic than Wild Mouse.
Thunder Canyon, Snake River Falls each x1: Even though I've been to Cedar Point many times, this was my first time riding both of these water rides. Thunder Canyon has a reasonably long course with rapids and waterfalls that will absolutely drench you. Snake River Falls has a drop that is tall and steep for a water ride, though it is trimmed. I also got soaked on it, but that didn't really matter because we rode it right after Thunder Canyon.
Cedar Creek Mine Ride x1: This one is just all right. I'm not a big mine train guy, and this is fairly unimpressive as far as mine trains go. It does have a nice setting, and there was some awesomely weird theming in the brake run that I definitely don't remember being there.
All in all, it was a good Cedar Point trip. I do wish we had gotten to ride Magnum, Raptor, and Gatekeeper, but we've both ridden all three before. The one day dining plan was definitely worth it, and I would recommend that to anyone who's considering it.
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2023.06.04 18:24 Healthy-Network-8174 I Cured my ED in a week?

Im a fit guy who works out everyday but have been watching porn for over a decade. I have been experiencing porn induced ED for past few months and wanted to do nofap, but I relapse every 3-4 days then go on a binge. Last time I had sex I could not get it up for the life of me even with my gf trying her best. It was absolutely embarrassing and terrifying. So I somehow got through to 7 days of nofap and at the same time did a dopamine detox, no social media and no pixel-related dopamine hits whatsoever. And WOW! I just had the best sex of my life! It felt amazing and I feel amazing! All that after just 7 days. Looks like I just found my incentive to never go back to porn!
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2023.06.04 18:24 ThrowRA6448 My (32M) date (33F) invited me to her birthday celebration but I declined. Now she is ghosting me and I'm at a loss.

So I (32M) have been on two dates with someone (33F) and she is actually incredible. We get on so well and already have agreed to be exclusive. She's been over to mine and things have been fantastic.
She has been talking about her upcoming birthday celebration (not on the same day) with all her closest friends and family. Originally there was no invite which I was totally fine with because it still is early days to be meeting over 30 of her nearest and dearest.
Then at 10pm the night before she says I am invited but there's no pressure. So I decline stating that I wouldn't want to detract from her day (wth man).
She read my message but didn't respond. The following day, I said I hoped the party went well. Still nothing. So later that night I apologise saying that I hoped I hadn't ruined anything, that I was being stupid, I made a mistake and that I would make it up to her. Left on read again.
It has now been a week. I'm not sure what to do.
My question is basically what should I have done better (besides the obvious should have agreed to go)? What should I do next? Is it safe to assume it's over?
TL;DR: Woman (33F) I (32M) have been dating has started to ignore me after I didn't want to rush into meeting her friends and family. Have basically fucked it by being too insecure.
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2023.06.04 18:24 lejuuju Houston asian discord group?

A recent person I met through dating app mentioned they we’re in a discord group to meet new people here in Houston, new places to meet up with new people, new food spots, etc and everyone in that group plan a day to go together somewhere
Thought that was pretty cool and i thought would be awesome to meet new people, and new food spots at same time.
Any ideas of that group or something similar within discord for Houston?
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2023.06.04 18:23 hunicut BF (29M) and I (27F) haven’t had sex in a month…

Hi. My boyfriend and I haven’t had sex in a month. I’m at such a loss and don’t know what to do… I don’t like the way I’m behaving in response to this; I feel so desperate, clingy, and childish—frankly pouting at this point.
Backstory, we’ve been dating for two years and live together. As you usually hear in these kinds of stories, we used to have sex all the time in the beginning, sometimes even multiple times a day. Over time, it faded and became a weekly thing. That was totally fine with me… until he stopped initiating it. We got to the point where we would only have sex that one time a week but only if I started it. It’s been feeling like an obligation in his end for a while now.
Anyway, it’s now been one month since we’ve had sex. He doesn’t even touch my leg when we go driving anymore or sneak a little butt grab like he used to. I feel so clingy sometimes because I’m just so touchy in comparison to him now.
It’s also important to mention that back in February, I injured my back while moving. Two weeks ago, it came on with a vengeance, and I now have a herniated disc and struggle with walking. I’ve been feeling absolutely decimated by this—physically and mentally. I explained to my boyfriend that I feel like a prisoner in my body and haven’t felt good for a while now, so it’d be nice to be intimate and feel something good for a change. He said he doesn’t want to hurt me more, and I explained there are ways around it (i.e. sexting, making out, mutual masturbation, etc.). He just said, “Okay.” Nothing has changed or been initiated. They say communication is key, but I don’t think it’s landing… I don’t know.
I expressed my frustration to him, and he talked about how he’s been very stressed with money and the bit about not wanting to hurt me more. We talked through the money problems, and I said he hasn’t tried to use sex as a stress reliever at all; maybe we could try it together to see if it helps. No dice. I feel bad in saying this, but I’m a bit skeptical about his excuses. Yes, we have financial stress; I’m worried about it, too, but I find it weird that he says he’s so stressed yet it appears his sex life/our relationship is the only thing affected. He still actively participates in all his hobbies in a healthy way. He still smiles/laughs/jokes. I don’t understand how it all narrowed in on the sex and intimacy.
I tried talking further with him. I asked him point-blank if he still thinks I’m attractive. He did one of this high-pitched “yeahs” that sounded a bit like he had to think about it, you know? I doubted him, and he said, “Well, you’re crippled right now. It’s not exactly attractive to see you limping around. My manly instinct is to want to help you, not have sex with you.” Okay, so pity-induced repulsiveness? Thanks. I can’t help that I’m hurt right now. I mean, I’m trying to go to the doctor to get better, but it’s a long process. I’m still the same person I was before, and I still want the same things. And even if he’s not “in the mood” or attracted to me right now or whatever, I just feel like someone who loves you would hear something like “I feel like a prisoner in my body and just want to feel something good again” and really listen and try and remedy it…
I love him with everything I have, but I just feel so unattractive, unwanted, and defeated by my inability to totally cure his financial stress... How do I get through to him and reinvigorate our sex life? (I know some people may be inclined to tell me to leave, but for argument’s sake, let’s just pretend that isn’t an option. Thanks.)
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2023.06.04 18:23 Casper7025 Will I be accused of indoctrination for this? Or maybe gr00ming?

I'm sure I'll be accused of indoctrination
The other day smth really cute happened So, I was hanging out with my friend and we saw a kid that she seemed to know, we chatted for a bit and somehow we ended up alking about LGBTQI+ stuff. Of course, he didn't really understand it, but with a simple explanation along the lines of "there are boys who like boys, girls who likes girls, and that's ok!" When we started talking about trans people ("there aren't only boys and girls, and some people are born as one and feel as another gender!") , he didn't understand at first, but after comparing himself with me, it was much better. "Imagine if someone forced you to act like a girl, to dress like a girl, and to be called a girl". I don't think he understood what non-binary people are but he has the spirit. I know that gender expression is not the same as gender identity, but at least he understood me. He was quite shocked when I told him I was born a girl and didn't believe that (that was gender affirming). He did understand and was such a sweetheart about it.
Just saying that it is not that hard, if some 15-year-old could make a 5-year-old understand most of LGBTQI+ identities in less than half an hour, I think it's not that hard.
(I'm a transmasc demi boy, he/him pronouns please)
Happy pride Month!!! 🩵🩷🤍🩷🩵 ❤🧡💛💚🩵💜 🏳‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🏳‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
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