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2018.06.15 22:22 Salad_Spork ligma mf nuts lmao

LIGMA, is a rare disease that has taken the lives of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and many more.

2023.06.04 18:39 idekdood55 Is starting up a YouTube channel in Germany worth it?

I moved to Germany about a year ago through a family reunification visa, and will be getting the German passport in a few years’ time. Back in my home country, I used to work as a content creator for a gaming outlet where I produced gaming videos, some of which amassed millions of views individually.
When I moved to Germany however, I had to quit that job due to taxes etc, and I now work at MediaMarkt. However, I would still like to use up my free time creating my own channel and doing what I used to do, just basically starting from scratch. How difficult is it to own a monetized YouTube channel with regards to taxes here etc?
I know that one has to report it as your own little company at Finanzamt, but what other implications are there, and is it worth it to begin with?
P.S. I am well aware due to my experience that the road to success on YouTube is an infinitely long one, and may well end up being a failure, but given that it would by no means be my primary (or even secondary) source of income at any point - more of a glorified hobby where I can make some pocket cash on the side eventually- I am not too worried about the basic financial sense of it all.
Thanks for your help in advance.
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2023.06.04 18:39 Frosty_Blueberry7967 Today’s a big day for me and apparently I’ve set high expectations again

I just finished my last final for uni. I’m done now. Bachelors degree in computer engineering ✊🏻 I left the exam feeling so happy. I cried when I was in the car bc university was not easy for me and accomplishments mean a lot to me. I got diagnosed with depression and started therapy with the start of uni. I wasn’t coping with anything and broke down everyday.
Okay not gonna write the story of my life here but like I said, finishing uni is such a big thing for me right now.
I come home super happy expecting to see my mom n tell her. I wanted any kind of reaction from her.
Instead all I got was her usual yelling and screaming. Saying we all want her dead. That we’re killing her. And that she wants to die.
My mom becomes like this whenever she has something to attend to or some special occasion she’s invited to or literally anything. My cousin gave birth and she was invited to go see her at the hospital. Now instead of preparing herself to go, she starts doing things she doesn’t have to do and gets irritated about the smallest thing. Yells about everything. Tells me she wants to die. Tells me me and my siblings want her dead.
My mom is mentally ill. That’s quite obvious. My therapist told me this too. But she refuses therapy and she hates me for going to therapy. Tells me I wasted my money. Blabla she doesn’t want to get better and she never listens to anyone.
To sum up, I walked out of uni seeing people laughing n taking pics n having their family there waiting for them celebrating the fact that they graduated now.
And I just wish I could have that too.
During my highschool graduation my parents were constantly fighting and it got so so bad so me graduating wasn’t in their heads at the time.
I’m frustrated and sad because she cried when my brother graduated. She threw him a party. She cooked for him. She only does things for him.
And to add up to everything, that same brother sexually assaulted me when I was 7-10 and put cameras in the bathroom which I’m still traumatized abt. And she only protected him that time too and left me defenseless and confused after I told her what’s happening.
Literally told me to never tell anyone at that time and then ignored me whenever I talked to her abt it for weeks. I just hate how she just does stuff for my brother but not for me. She just continues to attack me every fucking day and then when it’s my brother she becomes all happy n smiley n caring.
I’m engaged, I’m leaving the house in abt 2-3 years. I just feel bad right now. I haven’t slept or eaten well bc of having to study 24/7 for my finals.
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2023.06.04 18:39 carmen2408 How long for MS diagnosis?

55 year old female, 130 lb, 5' 2". I fell down for the first time in May 2020. My legs give out, I have numbness and tingling constantly. I feel faint every day in the shower. Doctors have done MRI of the brain, blood work and lumbar puncture December of 2021. Also EMG was negative for Lou Gehrig's disease. I still have the same issues 3 years later also face numbness and balance problems and dizziness. I can't go to the grocery store on my own anymore. I can't walk more than 2 blocks without a cane. The only thing the MRI shows is white matter hyperintensities. Could this be multiple sclerosis? Or how long does it take to know if you have it or not? The third Neurologist I see now ordered a new MRI with and without contrast at the end of June. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.04 18:39 Viperslider I won’t be getting the £1,500 payment but most of those in my team will be. I started training 24/04/23

I won’t be getting the £1,500 payment but most of those in my team will be. I started training 24/04/23 submitted by Viperslider to TheCivilService [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 18:39 Perception-Material Libations to Lonliness

Sickly sorrow in the heat of summer Brought scorching alcohol to fill my form Where it boiled the drugs I took to vapor And claimed my heart, Scribbled upon with lines I drew From inkwells of existential splendor, Discarded, Abandoned even by the inhabitant within. So I shoveled dirt and shit Until was carved this fitting abyssal pit In rows of ennui growing ‘cross my land Then descended with a bottle in my hand To find There is only the pathetic stench Of self-loathing, disgust, and fear Fear that I am unloved, uncared for, and long forgotten; This wretched incense lingers in the air Reminding me that I’m the sole worshiper In the cathedral of I But offers A quiet resignation to the chains of despair Where I might wallow in deserved desolation And need not pretend to try When the irons of resignation Hold faster still Than the call for light and life. And so I make my sacrifice: A dance with the darkness And a toast to the eternal night.
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2023.06.04 18:39 happydolphin88 Witnessing a disturbing scene in the park

TW: This post is about a disturbing scene I witnessed in the park, it is about a man that was being inappropriate with a little boy and I describe the incident in detail. Today I was in the park and I witnessed something that made me feel uncomfortable, dysregulated, stressed, angry, sad, frustrated and annoyed. There was a group of adult women with two boys of about 12 years old, they were having a picnic and the boys were playing ball. A while later, a creepy looking man came sitting next to them. Yes this is a judgment, but he looked exactly like the/my stereotype of a pedophile. He was about 60 years old, wore pilot glasses that turn dark in the sun, was extremely tanned and had a belly. He started kicking the ball around with the boys. Not just 3 times like a normal adult would do before they went on with their day, but for a looong time. I was immediately wary of him and felt triggered (actually triggered, not in the casual way people use it these days, which is frustrating but that’s something for another post), and of course immediately started doubting myself as well, as I went through CSA myself and know I am hypervigilant when it comes to this stuff. Within minutes his shirt came off, a few minutes after his trousers were off and he was in his short tight swimming shorts, still playing ball with the boys, by now it had been about ten minutes. This is how grooming works I guess, and apparently it works on adults just as quickly. Within minutes the kids were playing ball with a naked strange man. They were right next to the adults but they didn’t seem to be alarmed by a naked unknown old man playing with their children. I tried looking at them to catch their eye and looking around to see if anyone else thought it was off, there were a lot of people sitting there but nobody seemed to notice. Then the ball flew over a picket fence. The man summoned the boy to go get the ball, and the boy seemed uncomfortable and unsure, since it wasn’t an easy fence to climb over. In my opinion this is not something you do as a stranger either, this is a situation where the parents should be involved, and I got even more triggered, all the while doubting myself since I’m hypervigilant and don’t have children myself. The boy also had his shirt off (it was already like this before the man came over). The man wanted to ‘help’ him and picked him up, their bare skins touching, with their faces extremely close together. The adults were about 3 meters and still weren’t looking. Then, the man gave the boy his down coat to wear, I guess because there were thorns in the bushes. Again, this made me extremely uncomfortable. I was so triggered by this point, my heart was racing and knew that I was right. I wanted to signal something to the adults but they weren’t looking. I debated shouting at the adults that they should go check on their kids, or shouting at the man to leave the kid alone, but I felt frozen. I kept looking around me and still nobody seemed alarmed, so I decided that I would take action only if the man did something to the kid or to himself, which in hindsight is totally bonkers. It would have been too late by then and that would have traumatized both the kid and myself. After a few minutes the kid climbed back over the fence, again with skin to skin ‘help’ from this man, and then the woman who turned out to be his mother all of a sudden saw him and alarmingly asked what he had been doing, pulled him aside and got his belt (that was no longer on his trousers, I totally missed this!). She asked where he got the coat and when he said it was the man’s she took the boy by his arm and asked him all kinds of questions that I couldn’t hear, to which he responded ‘no’ and he seemed confused. The other two women, of whom one I guess was the mother of the other boy, seemed unphased. The mother of the boy looked at the man with a wary gaze a few time and when the boy wanted to go play with the man again she called him over and they went home. The other two women with the other kind stayed. The man layed down in the grass with his face towards them, and they seemed totally unphased. After half an hour of still feeling triggered and dysregulated I left. I feel so many things now. I don’t blame myself for not doing anything, but I know I should have gone up to the women and told them they might want to check up on their boy. I just couldn’t think clearly in the state I was in, which is logical. I also contemplated going up to the two other women before I left, but the man was right there and because of my own trauma I felt afraid of him. Also; the other boy was still there and I didn’t want to alarm him. I also really want to take care of myself, since this stuff retraumatized me and it’s not like I’m doing great in my life, so it’s better to put the focus back on myself, instead of always being so hypervigilant to what is going on around me and who might be in danger. Of course this is a good quality and I’ve already saved some people from dangerous situations, but I feel so frustrated and jealous and angry of all the people who seem to be so blisfully unaware. The frustration is stronger than the other emotions, though. How can parents be so stupid to let their kids play with a strange naked man? Wtf… Anyhow, just wanted to share and hear some reflections, maybe from people who are parents themselves, and from people who’ve encountered similar situations. Thanks a lot for reading all the way until the end. May you be well.
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2023.06.04 18:39 Firelite67 Where's the issue with this proposed system?

While I don’t completely disagree with raising the minimum wage, I also think there should be some changes to how it works.
First, let’s discuss gig work. Lots of people work multiple low-hour jobs because they can earn a living wage from that combined salary rather than one job that pays one bigger salary. But the kicker here is that none of those jobs are paying the gig worker minimum wage because gig-work by nature loses out a lot of money due to the opportunity cost of being a jack-of-all-trades and moving between workplaces. Even if most of the work is done through a computer, the worker still loses money since they have to spend resources to manage their schedule and deduce if each individual job is worth it.
For this reason, I believe that minimum wage jobs should pay per shift as well as per hour. Essentially, a gig worker’s salary is calculated by taking a baseline shift cost, then add on an additional amount per hour worked. Not only does this allow the worker to make up for the opportunity and management costs, but the company can still give them more hours if they want a more thorough or complex task done. (Like hiring a janitor for longer so they can make things extra clean).
Secondly, the minimum shouldn’t be a flat value, it should be a percentage of the company’s profits, just like how taxes work. In that sense, the advantage of working in a bigger company is a bigger pay, which should compensate for the natural benefits of working for a smaller business. It doesn’t have to be big, let’s say 0.1%. With just that much, an Amazon worker would make at least 5.3 thousand dollars an hour. Even if we took it down to 0.01%, that’s still more than 500 dollars an hour. 0.001%, 53 dollars an hour with almost zero damage to Bezos’ pockets. Obviously, businesses that don’t make as much don’t have to pay as much, but small businesses should be paying their employees above minimum wage already for obvious reasons or providing other benefits like training or guaranteed promotions.
In conclusion, I believe that by adding a bonus to the minimum wage per-shift, as well as changing it to a percentage of the business’ profits, we will solve a lot of problems.
So, what mistake have I made?
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2023.06.04 18:39 nothinkybrainhurty don’t know if someone here needs to hear this, but glasses make a big difference in passing

I was completely disregarding my glasses for the past 5 years as it was too much of a hassle to get them changed. Technically they were unisex, but they were big, round and with thin frame and I knew they hurt my passing and made me look more feminine.
Recently I switched my glasses, they are still with really thin frame, as I can’t stand thick one obstructing my vision, but they aren’t glaringly feminine looking. My sister pointed out that they look really similar to the ones that Dwight from office has lmao
Bear in mind that I’m already on testosterone with some changes present, but now my passing is so much better. Before changing those glasses, there were still some people who hesitated or just clocked me as woman immediately, but I can’t recall a situation where someone took me as a woman after getting the new glasses.
So yeah, don’t be like me and don’t disregard the difference your glasses can make.
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2023.06.04 18:38 elletheelephant-222 Financing for Gap Year in Japan

Hi! How much should I save up for a gap year in Japan (up to 9 months)? Im planning to go after I finish high school which is in a year. I'm Japanese myself and I have family there I can stay with during my time in there. So living expenses is not an issue. However, I'm not entirely fluent and i'm hoping to do classes there to better my Japanese. What would the cost of these classes look like? I also wanna have enough money to do activities throughout the year, buy food, basic necessitates, transportation, etc. also plan to work there, but l've heard a lot of talk about a work visa you need to obtain, but I have a Japanese passport, do I still need a work visa? Also, what's a good job in Japan for a English-speaking foreigner who knows a bit of Japanese?
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2023.06.04 18:38 cybx42 A couple of questions around long term storage

I've been in Bitcoin for a few years at this point, but I've never really thought about long term storage of Bitcoin beyond "get a hardware wallet". I'm looking for advice/opinions on how people manage their long term storage of Bitcoin, on layer 1, when you aren't looking to sell back into fiat maybe ever (hoping for hyperbitcoinization in my lifetime).
The first question is on consolidating UTXOs when the fee market is cheap. Is this something that is recommended or not. I've seen mixed opinions on this - I know Matt Kratter over at Bitcoin University recommends this, but I've also read that this can undermine your privacy. Any thoughts on this?
The second is in how to effectively break the link between KYC exchanges, and long term permanent storage of Bitcoin. Now I know there are non-KYC ways to buy Bitcoin, but KYC exchanges like Kraken are super convenient. I also have absolutely nothing to hide, but at the same time for very long term Bitcoin storage (10+ years) I essentially don't want my government knowing I am a Bitcoiner because of possible future reprisals against Bitcoiners.
For this second one what I'm thinking is transfer from exchange to cold storage as normal, but then add two steps after this - transfer to a coinjoin privacy wallet like Wasabi, to mix the Bitcoin, and then transfer again to a final long-term cold storage hardware wallet secured address (thinking Blockstream Jade would be a good option here). Or am I over thinking this? Basically, how do you guys effectively break the KYC chain so there is enough reasonable deniability if you are planning on holding your Bitcoin long term without it being directly linked to you via chain analysis?
For the record I only have a tiny tiny amount of Bitcoin (less than 0.2 BTC) so I'm not exactly Mr Money Bags here, but I am still interested in securing my financial future and protecting myself from the government in the future should they decide to really go after Bitcoiners.
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2023.06.04 18:38 adelarredr2102 skin journey

skin journey
first 2 pics - 2021 at my worst - literally didnt even washed my face (not even with water) 🥲 second 2 pics - 2 months ago - before i started using epiduo third 2 pics - today 4.6.2023 - i do the whole skincare plus using epiduo - cleanser, moisturizer and spf so obviously i see an improvment from 2021 to this day but do you see diference in these 2 months? i can tell that i dont have new pimples everyday but scars and all that is still the same. i have another visit at my dermatologist at the end of summer so we will se what she will tell me.
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2023.06.04 18:38 The_Palmerfan Clean Amp-in-a-box

I'm a bassist and I'm trying to get my rhythm guitarist to switch to direct so we have less gear to lug around, and I could use some help picking a preamp for him. I used to have an iridium and it would be perfect, except it's a little overkill since we only need 1 chimey clean amp and 1 good cab simulation. I was wondering if there's anything simpler and potentially less expensive that still sounds really good. Cab sim is a must since he uses a big muff on a couple songs even though he plays clean most of the time, but other than that it doesn't need to be anything fancy or need XLR out. I'd like to stay away from modelers, I use an hx stomp myself and I know they're great but simpler is better for this guy. Thanks
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2023.06.04 18:38 hdaigre47 I'm looking to join a local rec league after years not playing competitively. I don't want to break the bank on a new pair of boots, but I also don't want to be at a disadvantge. Would it be ok to get a cheap(ish) pair?

As the title says, I'm(26M) looking to join a recreational league. It's 7v7 as well, so I'd imagine it's pretty casual,
Anyway, I haven't played since I was about 16 when I played competitively for this club which competed in some pretty competitive leagues in both Louisiana and the surrounding region.
Anyway, based on my playing experience, I don't think I'll be out of my element in a rec league, but getting a pair of boots that actually fit is the first step to finding that out.
Basically, I'm just wondering if going "cheap" would really put me at a disadvantadge or if budget shoes would be fine for what I'm looking to do.
Finally, I played almost exclusively at right back, and would like to still play a defensive role, if possible. So if y'all have any suggestions for boots <$100 that are suited for a defensive role, I'd really appreciate it!
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2023.06.04 18:38 therealmyabowman Do curtains block too much light?

I’ve been thinking of putting up curtains. We live on a corner and my dog thinks everything that moves outside is trying to kill us so curtains are an option to block his view, but it will also block light for my plants. With the shade of the trees and houses they are already not getting very direct light so I’m wondering if it’s really an option.
If I have curtains do I just need to constantly open and close them for the plants/dog?
I don’t think sheer would block enough of his view, our blinds don’t seem to do much cause he can still make out the silhouettes
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2023.06.04 18:38 astroemi Weekly Measuring Tap: Case 10

This is the 10th case from Yuanwu’s Measuring Tap,
A monk asked Xitang, “When there are questions and there are answers, guest and host are clear. What about when there are no questions and no answers?” (Yuanwu lowered his head and made a sound of response) Xitang said, “Might rot away, huh?” (He too is a man in the weeds.)
The monk also asked Changqing, “When there are questions and there are answers, guest and host are clear; how about when there are no questions and no answers?” (Still can’t let it go.) Changqing said, “When meeting they all speak of leaving office, but when has any one of them been seen in the forest?” (He skillfully glances east and glances west.) Xuedou brought this up and said, “Why didn’t he give his own fodder?” (Tell me, what is one’s own fodder?)
What do you want to talk about?
For people who are new to the Zen tradition is about and what its conversation revolves around, I think it’s interesting to see that up to now, in case 10 of Yuanwu’s book of instruction, the Measuring Tap, there are no signs anywhere of a Zen practice. Even more interesting than that is that there isn’t any sign of something that, according to the Zen Masters, you should "get" or attain in any way. You can, already, by bridging the time and cultural gap there is through honest study and examining your experience of the world, understand what these people are saying and how their conversations make sense.
And for people who are not new to the Zen tradition, what do you think might "rot away" according to Xitang? What does Xuedou mean by fodder? How do you understand Changquing’s "leaving office"? How do all of the pieces intermingle?
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2023.06.04 18:38 Damaislay My XR died after 8.6 miles.

Took my XR to the coolest bike trails in my area. I haven’t been there in 2 years besides 1 time a week prior, and they added another loop, a “black diamond” loop. It’s 3 miles of cool semi chill single track to get from the parking lot to where you get in this loop, last time I skipped it because I didn’t know it how to get to it, there are confusing trail signs and 2 way sections that lead you to 1 way sections, anyways I rode the new loop, fucking sick, makes me want to buy a new mountain bike, it’s seriously the nicest loop in at least the tri city area I’m from, top notch legit MILLIONS OF DOLLARS to put this 5mile looo in. Anyway just as I finish the loop I hear my phone. It’s the 10%. Battery warning and I’m now almost 10 miles from the parking lot… I had to carry the 50lbs board for 8 miles up and down hills on a 90 degree Michigan day, in a bike park that is named Mosquito Creek! For a damn good reason, there’s a Billion mosquitos! Went from most fun ever to worst hell I could imagine, I didn’t take one break n walked as fast as I could and still was eaten alive… I get that I was on a more technical terrain, but should this take 9-10 miles off my normal battery life ???
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2023.06.04 18:37 karan_gauba Help With Scoring Headers

Greetings fellow PES lovers, I've been playing this game since the first version that launched on mobile and I'm not too good, but not too shabby either at it.
However since the latest (efootball 2023) update despite reaching division 1 everytime, I'm facing an issue where everytime i cross the ball, whether stunning or regular cross depending upon the situation my strikers seem to
1) head the ball off target 2) head the ball as if he chipped the ball with his head, if that makes sense 3) keepers pulling off unbelievable saves 4) I've tried heading the ball without direction, with direction and almost each permutation, without much success
My opponents seem to cross spam like 90% users and still manage to head in the ball, regardless of how poor the angle is for their respective striker
My strikers have heading skill and aerial superiority, the crossers have pinpoint crossing as well.
I'd conclude by asking for your views or tips on how i can get my conversion rate higher. Thanks in advance, peace.
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2023.06.04 18:37 HuskerYT I have a problem with God's morality

In the Old Testament, I think it's in Numbers, while the Israelites were in the desert for 40 years God provided them with manna from heaven as food. Eating this for such a long time made Israelites complain about the food. So God got angry and sent serpents to bite and kill the Israelites. Another time when God actually said he would allow them to eat meat for a month, he afflicted them with a severe plague while the food was still in their mouths.
This is kind of like, say I had two sons and I was teaching them to play the piano from the age of 5 to 16, so pretty much their entire childhood. But then they tell me "Dad, we don't like playing piano, can we do something fun?". What should I do? Say "That's ok, let's do something different for a change" or beat them to within an inch of their life? Isn't that pretty much what happened to the Israelites, God's own people? Is that God's love?
This is just one of the many scriptures that make me question God's morality, judgement and goodness. I don't understand it.
However, I still haven't left the faith, but it is getting harder by the day to stay. I am not getting any good answers to these scriptures from Christians either.
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2023.06.04 18:37 Cute_Proposal_9411 Helping my pup fuel for runs?

Helping my pup fuel for runs?
Three weeks ago, we adopted an ACD mix and she’s already becoming a stellar running buddy. She’s almost 2 but was a stray and is still underweight (she’s getting all the treats and PB she’ll take but isn’t food motivated). With that in mind, I’m sure that she’d have more stamina for our morning runs if she would eat beforehand.
Anyone have tips on feeding your pup before runs? Or should I just let her be? What would be good to feed her before a run that she’d actually eat (she’s a chicken and bacon fan, and will turn her nose up to a lot of treats). Thank you all!!!
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2023.06.04 18:37 Unbannable-Redditor She sucked off my friend, in front of me

I hung out with my best friend about 3 years ago in 2020 and that day, i met a girl who was studying with me and called her to have some drinks with us, we all drank and she sucked off this guy in front of me while i was sitting down, yeah, and i didn't leave because i was drunk as hell. But i didn't watch, and after it was over i heard a lot of their fucked up things. Of course i argued with my friend and never talked to him again, but the point is that i can't get over it, even with everything that happened, cuz after this humiliation, i found an old friend a short time later and met a girl who was among them, who is my current and first girlfriend, i.e., i'd not be with the girl i love to this day if i hadn't gone through this shit. But it doesn't end here, 1 year later in 2021 his father died of cancer, which left him really messed up, and he tried to rekindle our friendship again by lamenting and posting apologies on his Stories and old pictures of us (he seemed really sorry), had also been approved to study to be an air traffic controller, and ended up dropping out because of the high pressure, becoming schizophrenic and now taking medications. Even so i still can't get over it, sometimes i think it would've been better if i hadn't even met my girlfriend to not have gone through that day :/... Not that i think about it every day, but some days it pops into my mind and tortures me, fuck :/
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2023.06.04 18:37 GloomyMacaroon4818 Had to get it off my chest!!

The moment people talk to me they sense a kind of inferiority against me. I have always felt this in their body language, like they almost want my approval. I can pick up on the insecurity stemming from inside them.
They don't hate me but they surely don't like my presence. The girls cannot ignore me and it's almost too true to deny. I have never considered myself special and i would say i consider the person sitting next to me as more blessed than me.
I might be the center of attention but it has never done wonders for me. I am alone most of the time and nothing major ever goes on in my life. Yet, i don't envy anybody and still people feel a kind of discomfort in front of me. It is almost like they sense something in me that i have failed to fully realise till now.
I am no achiever and have always let down my parents expectations. My emotional life is a mess and yet i have never wished if i was someone else. I just always look forward, it's as if i cannot get anxious even if i want to. I don't feel worried about my future, nothing is going good for my professional career yet i am as carefree as a school kid. No worries at all, and it is not that i live in a dream world. I am very well aware of what is happening around me yet i have this almost blind faith in myself that i will get by somehow.
I would like to have a normal functioning life but I don't see it happening. It is not like i believe something magical will happen, but I look forward to obtaining a state where I am meddling with substantial events. I want to feel the stress of a problem and the need to better my state.
I want to earn the attention that i get and don't have to ask myself constantly, why is it happening ?
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2023.06.04 18:37 elvis_depressedly8 Are the issues from yesterday fixed?

I’d like to play today but not if the game is still fucked up and not giving rewards.
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