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2023.06.04 19:35 drowseoff I’m growing these PPP cuttings and have gotten small little leaves on most of them, I’m just kinda considering chopping off the big leaves because they’re barely variegated and kinda just looking sad. Can I do it?

I’m growing these PPP cuttings and have gotten small little leaves on most of them, I’m just kinda considering chopping off the big leaves because they’re barely variegated and kinda just looking sad. Can I do it? submitted by drowseoff to houseplants [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:34 forkedfertilization Unlicensed contractor complaints on solar and pool projects rise

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2023.06.04 19:34 Watog0fukume need QC/Yeezy 350, Cartier, Rolex/watch, I will give it to my elder brother and second brother.

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2023.06.04 19:33 mgza81 Spider-Man Sale.

Spider-Man Sale.
All of the Spider-Man movies and the spin-offs except for No Way Home, and the extended cut are on sale. Link in comments.
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2023.06.04 19:33 CapraDaLatte99 Sudden (and inexplicable) FPS drop in EVERY game

Hello folks, Since yesterday I've noticed an important frame lag in every game I have on my pc (from 60/70 on League of Legends to 20/30 and from 60+ on minecraft to ~25), which, apparently, seems to have no cause. I don't have a gaming pc, it's just a laptop, so I was not used to top-level performances, however this drop in FPS is definitely not normal, especially considering that games seem to be the only ones to be affected (all the other features seem to work normally, even browser games like I've already tried to scan my pc for possible viruses (I use ESET as anti virus) and to update my GPU drivers with no result. What surprises me the most, however, is that game clients work perfectly, it's just the in-game performance that seem to be heavily affected. Looking forward to read your answers because right now those games are completely unplayable. Thank you in advance P.S. I've already tried to clean the cooling fan and check for any parasite-program in background with no result
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2023.06.04 19:33 Select_Fly_5043 My boyfriend cheated on me but we live together

So I’m f20 and my boyfriend is m28 we’ve been together for almost a year and we just recently moved in together five months ago we’ve had only one really big fight since we’ve moved in together but I still love him so very much I don’t have friends anymore because I cut them out of my life so all I do is work and spend time with my boyfriend I’ve always had a trust problem with him and he’s never been one to be open with his phone and early this morning I woke up to turn up the air conditioning since it’s the summer it gets hot I noticed my boyfriend’s phone on something in me told me to look through it and it wasn’t the first time I’ve done this but as I was looking through his phone in this recently opened apps was a dating profile this hurt me because why would my boyfriend have a dating account I looked to see who he had matched with and he had been texting all this other girls having conversations and this really broke me I didn’t know what to do we live together I’m so heartbroken
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2023.06.04 19:33 Dependent_Ninja3994 Is it best to cut off friendship with your best friend who has been there for you during your tough times but now the friendship seems to be very controlling and toxic?

Let me apologize first since this is going to be a long story. Cut to a year back, I was dating this guy from our friend's group. I had to keep this thing a secret from the entire friend's group because he said so (I know, dumb move on my part). Gradually, I started realizing how he was always busy and blamed me for every bad thing happening in his life. He stopped taking my calls and I was so worried that I had to confide to my best friend and her boyfriend to contact him. Both of them supported me a lot during the entire time and helped me a lot after the breakup as well. Things started getting normal for me. They introduced me to one of their friends who apparently developed feelings for me. We became close friends and genuinely, I liked talking to him for hours. We started dating long-distance since he had to move to another place for work. The relationship did not last long because we could not communicate properly. I was devastated and even then my best friend tried her best to fix things between us and she supported me. He was too adamant to say that he does not want to see me or talk to me ever again. At this point, I started feeling like I am a burden to her because I am putting her through a lot. Plus, I have been neglecting my career a lot so I decided to stop hanging out with my best friend and our other friends every day and focus on my studies and work. I attended a few parties and dinner sessions and that somewhat made her feel betrayed. We had a lot of argument posts regarding my abandoning her. She did not like that I was distancing myself and it might make me more sad. I started hanging out with them again but she was not happy about the fact that I was talking to other people in the group as well. She wanted my full attention. That somewhat made me distant from her again. Every time I hung out with the group, people were making comments about my past and how I always get close to guys around me. I could notice a pattern here so I confronted my best friend. She was super rude to me and started telling me how I always give my attention to guys and ignore her (definitely not the case, I had been taking my downtime to deal with things at home). Recently, I was invited to a birthday party and she kept on asking me to come. It was my dad's death anniversary that week so I was not in the mood to enjoy but still due to her continuous persistence, I went to the party. Her friend was there as well and I was not aware of it. That night, I went back home and told her how it made me uncomfortable to see him suddenly at the party after 3 months. She told me that he is okay being around me now. I told her that at least she could have given me a heads-up that he is coming. She called me and started yelling at me, how I always react to things and that is why my ex broke up with me and she and her boyfriend told me over the call that I have some mental problem which is why I always seek attention from guys and I do not like being single. I am sure I have some problems myself but this seemed very toxic that she had been gossiping about my past with other people in the group. Do you think I should apologize and try to revive the friendship again?
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2023.06.04 19:33 Comfortable_Toe_7836 My brother is a changed person

So, me(m19) and my brother(21) had a really good bonding when we were younger like 7-8 years ago. But now it is not same. And not just with me but my brother don't have any interest in talking to anybody even mom and dad. He has literally no friends. He became a little shy and underconfident. When me or mom or dad talk to to him he replies very rudely. He gets frustrated at very small things which he don't like. Even today i had a fight with him. This is not a sudden but a gradual change. I don't know what's going inside his head but he never opens up to anyone. Don't what is going on in his life.
I really love my brother and i just want my old brother back.
How do i talk to him about this?
TD;LR - my elder brother don't behave like he should
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2023.06.04 19:33 Krasa776 Not sure what to do with my hair

Not sure what to do with my hair
I’ve been growing my hair for a while now and I like the longer hair with the long sides/back and not fade but I have no idea how to style it or how to cut it next time
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2023.06.04 19:33 dontlietom3 These examples of Near Death Experiences show that if one thing doesn't work, then they are willing to change tactics until something works, so that eventually you accept going back (they can use Jesus, holograms of your dad, etc...)

"He told me that it was not my time to enter into my heavenly home but had a mission to fulfill and my life was going to be very hard. That I would go through many terrible experiences to the point of wanting to commit suicide but if I committed suicide I would not be allowed to come home. He told me that I would be watched over and protected, kept safe. If I would get through this mission I would be allowed to return home. -- Don C Then I noticed I was in a tunnel & moving toward a bright light. When suddenly a voice told me, "Its not your time, you must go back, you haven't completed your missions & purposes in life, yet". -- Shalom G
"The light told me without words that I still on a mission on earth, but without saying what it was" -- Guillem BC **
"My three angels, still perplexed as to how to get me back to my body - did not like my response of, "I don't want to go back down there; it is painful". "You Must! Your Mission is Not Yet Complete!". -- Mark
"This is when I was called, and returned to the blue place in which I started, where the Angel Gabriel said to me: "Miguel, you have to go back, there is a mission for you to accomplish". I said to him: "No, brother, I'm not going back, I'm here now and I'm not about to move from here, I'm not leaving". He said, "You have a wife and children". I replied that I did not remember them, and he made a gesture with his hand, and a seated woman appeared, on a kind of white chair, praying and weeping, holding my diary in her hands. I drew near, saw her and said to the Angel: "Now I remember her, she is my wife". He asked me if I wanted to see my children, and I said yes. With another gesture of the hands he took me to a really poor district, with unpaved streets and mud. I was taken near a bus-stop, where there were grey concret storm-drains. We came to a house under construction, or unfinished. The floor was of earth, the walls had no covering (without any finish), the bath also half finished and on the patio there were two children playing, covered in mud. Following another gesture, I approached them and could see that yes, I recognized them, they were my children. The angel said, "You have to go back", to which I replied, "No way, now that I'm here, I'm not going back there". I said, "What if the next time I don't end up in this place, better to stay for good, no point getting here if I'm going to leave". At this moment I heard a strong, loud voice, speaking in a very special way, with love, affection but also with authority, which said to me: "Miguel, you must go back". I looked all around me, up, down, left and right, but no one had spoken to me. Then I asked "Who is speaking to me?" And I again heard this voice saying to me, "I am the true and faithful witness, you have to go back". I said, "Jesus?" and he answered, "Yes, you must go back". I said, "I'm ready, Lord. Thy will be done". -- Miguel RP
"The light being said, 'No, you have a mission that you must do.' I didn't know what the mission was but I said 'Yes' to returning back to the earth". -- Steve L
"I look back and see that entity, calm, faceless, with womanly ways, who tells me: “Wait, what are you doing? You can’t decide yourself the time when you leave, you have a mission to fulfill, no way they will let you leave that world this way. You have to go back and do what you have to do.” “Never,” did I answer, “never shall I go back. And you won’t change my mind, who are you to tell me what I have to do? What is this mission or purpose you are talking about?” “Just follow me.” did she say insistently but with a softness to which the most precious silk in this world does not compare..."But what mission are you talking about? I don’t understand anything to what you are saying, I don’t want to go back there. This loneliness is too deep and agonizing! You are going to answer, tell me what this mission is, who you are, who am I?” A voice outmatching the meeting group instantly settled the matter, no one would have even wanted or thought of whispering or sighing, “You’ll understand in due time, no answer would content you. Let time act, be strong, don’t doubt and you will know. Answers will be given in due time, it is up to you to capture them. Nothing is given for free to the knowledge keys keeper.” -- Pascal C
"The gate itself was unremarkable, no pearls or anything like that. Two robed men were speaking to each other. They never addressed or looked directly at me, but they were discussing me. I knew the two men were St. Peter and St. Gabriel. I could not hear their entire conversation but I knew they were discussing whether it was my time to be admitted to heaven. St. Gabriel was telling St. Peter that I had not read The Gospel of Mark yet. St. Gabriel was holding a huge open book I assumed to be a Bible and they looked at it. It seemed as if Gabriel was convincing Peter I could not enter heaven yet but at the same time I knew St. Peter didn't want to let me in at that time. I was just an observer. They never looked at me and I did not interact with them. I woke up back in my body in the emergency room after I heard that I needed to read Mark. ....That one sentence St. Gabriel spoke, "But she hasn't read The Gospel of Mark" seemed not only to be very very clear words but a strong feeling accompanied his words. It is hard to explain." -- Trish R
"She told me that my mission here upon the earth was not completed, and I would have to go back she informed me. I protested and begged to stay where she was, but to no avail. She did say I would be allowed to stay the next time I came there. Not that I could or would stay but she used the word "allowed." Immediately after she had placed these things into my mind I was sent back". -- Sylvia R
"The third time, I really didn't want to come back and then my Dad met me. He told me that he didn't raise a quitter, and that I needed to go back - that I had a mission that most people would never be given the opportunity to be blessed with. At the same time, on this side, I heard a man that I loved dearly tell me "please don't leave me". I heard him as plain as day. His voice was very clear. I chose to come back at that point". -- Pamela B
These are from Wayne Bush's website (the afterlife researcher) but he took them from which is a popular website where people share their NDEs.
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2023.06.04 19:33 Apprehensive-Act9536 I'm a paramount movie guy at the paramount hq in California, Canada and have seen the trailer for Cloverfield: the 2rd Open to questions.

Title says it all, I saw the trailer yesterday and it was WILD
So like it opens up with like all the old characters like come back as zombies with the parasites on their heads, kinda like half life 2. And then like they follow Clovie when has like a giant king stuck and a crown because he's the king
Then Clovie turns around and it turns out it's like made by Tagurato and this was like a science experiment, then it cuts to black and it shows the movie name "cloverfield the second"
DM and send me your Credit card information(front and back) and expiration date for proof💯💯💯
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2023.06.04 19:33 the_HatMaker What's the weirdest or worst mormon testimonies you've heard in public?

There was this one lady who has 6 kids (four of them were paraplegic and have cerebral palsy) from birth) and she testified that she had a 'vision' that all of her disabled kids would be able to see jesus and run to him. Her oldest son gave a testimony after her and said that he had a 'vision' in heaven that his brothers were running along side him. His mother believes this because she was told in her patriarchal blessing that all her kids would walk one day. The kids believe this to and are so excited for the second coming.
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2023.06.04 19:32 Jasper345 Pretty new to UE5. Started this project a few weeks ago and this is where I'm at. Cheers!

Pretty new to UE5. Started this project a few weeks ago and this is where I'm at. Cheers! submitted by Jasper345 to unrealengine [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 19:32 surajinformatics08 Intelligent video surveillance system

Intelligent video surveillance systems (IVSS) are cutting-edge technologies that use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to examine security camera video material. These systems are useful for security and surveillance applications because they can detect and track things, people, and events in real-time.
The IVSS revolutionizes how we think about surveillance and security. It has the ability to significantly enhance security and safety for the general public, making it a crucial tool for organizations, governments, and law enforcement organizations everywhere.
The IVSS’s capability to analyze video data in real time is one of its main benefits. This entails that security personnel can be made aware of potential dangers or incidents as they arise, enabling prompt action and possibly averting serious incidents.
The IVSS’s capacity to do sophisticated analyses of video data is another benefit. This includes object tracking, license plate recognition, and facial recognition. These capabilities allow for the identification and tracking of particular people or things, which can be helpful for locating suspects in criminological investigations or monitoring the movement of vehicles in traffic management systems.
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2023.06.04 19:32 Hummerous the world's happiest ant

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2023.06.04 19:32 Immediate_Wing964 Today i could have saved myself by lessing to my brothers phone call.

A little backstory
My brother has been expelled from school for accidentally taking a weapon to school (this wasn't the first time he did it) He has no more contact with any body from that school and is thinking to swapping school for next semester because the currant one doesn't want him Back EVER. I (M18) fully understand this I have seen a side of him that nobody else has seen. I've also read his notes of this "Problem whit the school" in which he explaines that he managed to convince everyone in the family that he is the victim.
Today I was walking to my room just after talking to my father and suddenly heard my brother talking to some girl in his room on the phone. I was curious I hadn't heard this person in my life before so I listened carefully it was just a normal conversation until he got out of his room to look around. I didn't want to get caught to I jumped into my sister room which was right next to me lucky she was out. He musst have heard something in that direction because he came started to walk in that direction. I knew if I dived under her bed it would make to much noise so I decided to just hide behind her door. Thankfully he didn't notice me. He went back to his room. After about a 1 min I came out to go to my room because I thought the call was over until I heard his talking again. I had heard my sisters name. Now I was even more curious. The longer I listened the worse it got. He had protendet to be one of my sisters friends and had messenger her to meet up. He followed with that this would be her end. I was horrified. I sneked back to my room. After around 5 minutes I had calmed down and went back to listen but the call had ended. I went back to my room and just sat there thinking that I had brought this out of context because I hadn't lissind all the time but I thew my brother wasn't a good person. After about 10 min of stressing ,I get a text message from a friend who claimed he has a new number and wants to meet by to streem in the forest tomorrow. I would have wanted gone if I hadn't just heard what I heard. My first question is who is the girl and why is my brother doing this I an locked in my room right now thinking if I should go preperd tomorrow or just stay home.
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2023.06.04 19:32 a0x808080 Uh..

I know I should be further along than this, but I've spent the last week or so trying to shoehorn my sewing room into my already packed bedroom. My brother moved in and the spare bedroom where everything was set up is no longer spare. To move things along I am using leftover strips from the log cabin block so actually have a pile off camera waiting to be ironed. My weekend starts Tuesday, so I should have at least 1 completed block by Wednesday.
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2023.06.04 19:32 cloudy_w_a_chance LPT: Your disposable razors last 5-10x longer if you remove the gel strip

Taught to me by a materials science professor in college. Essentially razor blade companies added it as a way to make them stop working faster (and therefore get you to buy more). When the gel wears out, the material underneath catches your skin and makes the razor cut you. No strip of material to catch and suddenly you can use that sucker for way longer!
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2023.06.04 19:32 i-like-squishysquash trapped with an abusive father and no way out

I hope this belongs in this sub, but if not, please direct me to the proper place, thanks <3
I am a minor, and I’ve been trapped in an abusive situation for my entire life. At least, I believe it’s abusive, or at the very least toxic.
The abuse isn’t physical, but more verbal/emotional/psychological. A big portion of it is that my father is extremely concerned about the safety of our family (mother, brother, and I). Prior to the pandemic (middle school age and younger), I was rarely allowed to hang out with friends outside of school. In these cases (less than 5), my father either had to be present for the entire time, or I had to be in a public place (like a library) with my older brother present for the entire time. This was to avoid myself potentially being kidnapped or assaulted at another person’s house. (I am female) It didn’t matter that most of my friends were girls; my father was worried that their uncles would show up without advance notice, or that their brothers would assault me.
To this day, I have walked down my own street unsupervised less than 5 times in my entire life. I live in the suburbs (not a city or somewhere with a high crime rate), but I am not allowed to step outside of my house’s property lines unless I am walking to my bus stop for school. Additionally, if myself or my mother are in our backyard and a neighbor is nearby, we must go inside and hide until they are gone before returning outside.
Since the pandemic hit, I have been almost fully isolated from the outside world unless there is a necessary event or school. I have just graduated high school, but I haven’t been with my friends outside of a school event in the past four years. My father believes socialization with friends is important only if you “have nothing better to do,” and that I have already achieved enough socialization at business events.
My father also has extreme anger issues and is extremely controlling toward my family. He often yells at my mother or questions her for hours (sometimes 5 hours at a time), and will get angrier if she loses patience or raises her voice back (he views this as disrespectful). I myself often get into trouble for “lying” (as in saying something that is true but he doesn’t think is right), misspeaking, or other things. He views his anger as uncontrollable and expects us to accommodate his temper. I also believe he is manipulative, as he almost always blames us if he is angry (“Why are you always like this? We could have avoided this if you had _____”). I have tried multiple times to express that him yelling at my mother has affected my mental health, but he blames me for that as well, telling me that all couples are like this and I’m making this a problem in my head – all I have to do is stop being affected and tell myself that I don’t need to be sad. He has specifically told me that if I keep crying when he yells at my mother, then my mother will not be able to talk much anymore (because he yells at her constantly for saying things he doesn’t approve of). He has taken to calling me “emotionally weak” if I cry, and reminds me that I need to “grow up.”
He is also racist and homophobic. My brother and I are often lectured about how those who are LGBT+ are mentally ill and need to be fixed for the “survival of humanity”. I am bisexual, but have kept my identity hidden from everyone in my family except for my brother and one cousin for this reason. I am also not allowed to date at this time (even though I am almost 18), and will be questioned if I am seen talking to a boy or if I have befriended a boy.
The result of all of this is that I have been feeling increasingly trapped. I began harming myself 2-3 years ago to cope with not being able to cry freely. I feel as if my life is always falling apart. I come home from school to screaming and anger, and I always feel tense as I try to not set my father off. I will be attending a university that is several states away in the fall, but he has repeatedly threatened to force me to transfer to a school very close by if I am not continuously obedient. I am not actively trying to kill myself, but I always think about it.
I have been increasingly emotionally unstable. At my worst points, all I want to do is die, and then minutes later I feel better and fear that I am simply being dramatic. I always feel ungrateful that I do not appreciate my father’s concern for my safety, but at the same time, I was almost completely robbed of a normal and healthy childhood. I don’t see a way out of this situation except for death. I cannot actively seek a way to improve the situation, because my father will simply further isolate me as punishment for being disrespectful.
To be honest, I hate my life, and I hate myself. I have a boyfriend of over a year who I feel safe with, but I’m terrified of being discovered by my father and losing my emotional support (my father would most likely also cut me off from my friends). I am terrified of being myself even when my father is not around, as I am paranoid about my father seeing pictures on others’ social media posts that will expose me.
I don’t see this getting better. I am hopeless in every sense, knowing that I have to deal with this situation or otherwise deal with it becoming worse. My close friends and boyfriend are aware, but they can’t do anything more than offer emotional support, and sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes I just want to escape, and death feels like the only way. In college, my father will not allow me to go off campus, nor will he allow me to socialize in other students’ dorms – he expects me to go to classes and otherwise remain in my dorm room, and he will call me regularly to check that I am being obedient.
I don’t think I can live like this anymore. I don’t even know if it’s worth it to live anymore. Maybe I’m being overdramatic. Maybe I’m just an ungrateful and selfish person who doesn’t care about safety. I don’t know.
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2023.06.04 19:32 Alternative_You9555 What is the most meaningful or impactful experience you have had with a personal project or goal and why was it significant?

If you could be any animal, which one would you choose?
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2023.06.04 19:32 assassinsneed Anyone aware of any house/techno DJs that play battle style?

Kinda don’t know how to frame this question, but essentially I’m curious if you know of any house or techno DJs that use a lot of quick transitions, cuts, and potentially scratching. I love house music but I have a foundation in hip hop. DJ Funk is probably the closest example as to what I mean when I say “battle style.” I noticed he does lots of quick cuts and usually doesn’t let a song play for more than a minute or two. I like the energy of his playing style and have been dying to hear more similar DJs.
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2023.06.04 19:32 forkedfertilization Unlicensed contractor complaints on solar and pool projects rise

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