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2023.06.04 19:48 TensorDudee Am I going in the right direction to crack Data science positions @FAANG?

I am 23M and have done my engineering in ECE from a tier-3 college in West Bengal. As of now, I work as a data scientist in Kolkata, I have around 2.5 YOE and getting paid around 13LPA. But I want to be the best in what I do and crack data scientist positions at FAANG companies. To proceed with this goal below are the thing I am working on,
  1. Probability and statistics: I am following stat-110 from Harvard and Joseph K. Blitzstein's Introduction to Probability book. I find this course a bit difficult but practical. As both the book and lecture are from the same person so they align together and I am being able to grasp the concepts. But the exercise from this book is a bit hard, so I struggle but eventually, everything makes sense. As of now, I can solve easy(sometimes medium too!) probability questions from FAANG interviews.
  2. Machine Learning questions: I am not much scared of this portion as I can comfortably answer most of the easy and medium questions, sometimes I struggle with hard questions but I think a little bit more self-play and I will be good to go! I try to understand every algorithm from a mathematical POV, let's say there is a new concept of the transformer (which is the major part of chatGPT), so here to learn the concept I first read the paper, and then try to implement it from scratch. I try to dig deep and try to understand what is happening under the hood, sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail, but eventually I try to learn. I love Machine learning and learning is fun here! The same goes for Algorithms such as Logistic regression, GBDT etc. Credit: I find ML easy just because of one organization, the applied ai course. The instructor is the best.
  3. Data structures: I am learning from an algo-expert, I also know the basics of DSA but am not an expert. I am trying to level up my skills here, I got to know that solving medium leet-code questions will be more than enough to crack data science at FAANG. Is it true?
Now I have a few questions, am I going in the right direction? Am I missing anything?
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2023.06.04 19:47 rojodeso Under the table

Logos donated
Id: xxx Date: 2023-06-04 20:19:15 Cat: Nature and anti-projection
The Platonic concept of idea, the genesis of the condemnation of man and the world, so pleasing to the so-called Christian universe, is the necessary hummer for condemnation. It is a metaphysical simulation. A cloak of invisibility for the understanding that feeds self-awareness. Something like an anaesthetic or a hypnotic.
The dignity between men dilutes before the infinite distance that, say the deceiver, separates the one of man from that of the idea. And that, if anything, feeds on the crumbs that fall from it under the table. It is emanation but in the opposite direction, like raining upside down.
It is the meaning of the contract with the idea and, by extension, with the convenient God. A stupendous contract by which man abandons his divine nature and God his human nature. Neat anti-projection.
For God, it is just the other way around. God feeds on the crumbs of man (the traits of the proposition or the donated logos).
The poor God had to say, «I have never seen so much faith... 175, LC. 7.
Christ is God under the table.

Logos donado
Id: xxx Date: 2023-06-04 20:19:15 Cat: Naturaleza y antiproyección

El concepto platónico de idea, génesis de la condenación del hombre y del mundo, tan agradable al universo mal llamado cristiano, es la herramienta necesaria para las acciones de condenación. Es una simulación metafísica. Un manto de invisibilidad para el entendimiento que alimenta la autoconciencia. Algo así como un anestésico, o un hipnótico.
La dignidad entre hombres se diluye ante la infinita distancia que, dicen los tunantes, separa la propia del hombre, de la de la idea, y que, si acaso, se alimenta de las migajas que de ella caen bajo la mesa. Es la emanación, pero en sentido contrario. La lluvia al revés.
Este es el sentido del contrato con la idea, y por extensión con el Dios conveniente. Un estupendo contrato por el que se desiste de la naturaleza divina del hombre, y la humana de Dios. La pura antiproyección.
Para Dios, es justo al revés. Dios se alimenta de las migajas del hombre (los rasgos de la proposición, o el logos donado).
(El pobre, diciendo eso de "Nunca he visto tanta fe...", de Lc. 7).
Cristo es Dios bajo la mesa.
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2023.06.04 19:47 TheStrangeReject Not sure if I feel self-pity or proud

I just dined alone in a 5-star resort in a vacation. Literally there were 100s of people, non of them was alone. I saw some people were looking at me. Not sure if I feel self-pity or proud.
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2023.06.04 19:46 No_Needleworker9312 Woodcutting x Mystic Robe + Seers Ring

Hello internet friends,
I am not sure if this is a dumb question. I've been a long time woodcutting gal and I've always just used my dragon axe and black wizard robe. But recently I've been wearing my mystic robe with a seers ring and I've noticed an extreme increase in magic logs I've been getting per tree. For example, prior to wearing the mystic robe I was MAX only getting seven logs per tree. But since switching outfits, I am now logging 15-22 logs per tree (I'm level 92 almost 93). Also, the increase in bird nexts with magic seeds has happened.
Is this just a coincidence??
Thanks and I look forward to your answers :)))))
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2023.06.04 19:46 MilliImmortal Anger.

Just now I let my anger issues takeover. I can’t control it, this is probably not the right subreddit but I think it has a lot to do with my social anxiety. Especially once my mom got into the argument I had with my sister I started losing it because it felt like both my sister and mom were packing on me and as if I was the wrong once (like always.) it made go out of control and I started crying. And the way mom was aggressively telling me my wrong doings it made me ask “why are you on her side” which she wasn’t, but it felt like it. Now I’m in my room half crying in annoyance because that argument could’ve ended with saying “sorry” but no. My stupid self decided to go crazy, AND THEN I LOOK LIKE THE BAD GUY it makes me cry.
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2023.06.04 19:46 connexions_ perm banned no reason

plz help i got perma banned on friday for literally no absolute reason i submitted an appeal but nothing has happened. how can i get this back?? also when i try to even log in at all tiktok is like so slow and glitchy and when i log in i cant even download my data and it just says you have been logged out plz help
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2023.06.04 19:45 afon13 I took some notes while reading volume 10. I thought it’d be interesting to share with the community and get their thoughts on it as well.

These notes are not edited beyond some grammatical errors corrected and some questions that I asked that were answered on the next few pages. These are my raw reactions to events as I was reading.
Note- there are some scenes that were skipped because I was too involved in actually reading the book to record my thoughts on them. Most notably, the scene where Uzuki and Sakuta ride bikes together.
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Overall, I enjoyed reading this volume. It’s rather low stakes for the most part as it mostly sets up stuff for later in the story.
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2023.06.04 19:45 Klutzy_Adeptness1030 My outside project

Hey so I’m fairly now to programming, and this may be a “stupid” question. I was tasked with updating the landing page. (Very little communication but I just want to learn so I’ll stick around a bit) should I just go out making a new one from scratch to link or should I be receiving files with current version & updating from there?
No mentor everything has been self-taught what’s the first step in this process, sorry for the long winded yet crazy simple question
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2023.06.04 19:45 nathan_nte Am I doing anything wrong?

22 Male, software engineer making about 78k in MCOL area (expect yearly raises). I get 5% match through employer, so currently I'm putting 5% into traditional 401k invested 100% into S&P 500 via vanguard. Then I have a Roth IRA that I plan on maxing every year currently through fidelity invested 70% FZROX and 30% FZILX. I don't have my emergency fund built to 6 months yet but I sprinkle money in there when I can.
My take home is around $4500 a month and my only debt is $40000 student loans at 4.5% ($500 month)
Current breakdown of paycheck:
4500 month
-1300 rent
-540 Roth IRA
-200 vacation savings
-200 home savings
-500 student loan payment
-100 (3 cats)
-300 groceries
-400 spend/fun
-400 misc (girlfriends are expensive)
(I'm sure I'm forgetting something)
Currently I have:
401k : $3500
Roth IRA: $900 (started a month ago)
Emergency savings: $3700
I also live with my girlfriend and plan on buying a house in the next few years. She makes a little over $30k. We recently started a savings account for a down payment, and also have a vacation savings account
Vacation savings: $1900
House savings: $300
(All savings accounts are through buckets in Ally HYSA)
Should I change my Roth IRA investments to something else like 100% S&P500? Is there anything that jumps out that I'm doing wrong or could do better? I've been lurking on a bunch of similar subs trying to get the best plan for my future, but I'm very new and still learning. Thanks for reading
Edit: formatting
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2023.06.04 19:45 RanOutOfNicknames99 How to transfer WhatsApp to a new phone by backing up to PC first (with FTP) - more reliable than google drive

Like many people, I, too, was struggling to restore a Whatsapp backup from google drive after switching to a new phone, so I wanted to share my experience:

Hope this helps!
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2023.06.04 19:44 AlarmMission1068 I (21M) need advice as to whether I should break up with my girlfriend (21F) or not.

Me and my girlfriend have been together for about 8 months. We are students that study at separate universities, however we went to high school (UK) together. She had a huge crush on me in school for many years and I was too scared to do anything about it at the time, we were young. Nothing came of it and she eventually got a boyfriend. We graduated and went separate ways for uni. About 2 years into uni we reconnected and this relationship started. We are back at uni now and it has been mostly long distance.
Things have been good, however Im considering breaking up with her and have been for a little while. Ill start by listing whats great about my girlfriend and then whats been causing issues.

- She understands me and really does love me.
- She is really attractive imo (despite her having self esteem issues)
- I've known her for almost 10 years and there feels some safety with that
- We have very compatible sexual desires
- I like her family
- She makes me laugh and is really funny without realising

I think she may have mental health issues such as depression and she used to have an eating disorder. These have been challenging, especially when she gets really low, however I try my best to help her. She says I have autism or some version of that due to my poor social skills and not reading social cues well (others have said that too). It has been really difficult as she requires frequent high quality communication, of which I cannot realistically provide her. She requires constant (and I mean constant) reassurance of my love for her and she constantly reassures me too. I do find this draining at times, however I have gotten used to it and will continue to try my best because I really do love her.

Earlier on in our relationship, she used to talk very often about her exes. We would be having a completely casual conversation about something and then she would mention one of them. (For example we were in the kitchen one time, and I was cutting onions and she mentioned some chopping advice told to her by a "friend"). I obviously asked who and she said a name that I know to be one of her previous and I later got that confirmed). Things like this kept happening even after asking multiple times to stop. Theres been a few occasions where she would show me her camera roll and show photos shes taken over the years and id often see photos of exes and stuff. She even sent me a photo once of her at a cafe with her friend and also a FWB she had at the time for no reason. Really weird behaviour looking back on it.

I know its not very "open minded/contemporary" view, but I find her past to be very unattractive and a bit of a turn off. I cant help this, it is just a total turn off and I wish I wasn't bothered by it. She had an ex boyfriend since school, went to uni, broke up with him and then about 6 months later started this 12-16 month long period where she slept with 8 people (including me at the end) (a mix of FWB, Semi-Serious, Situationships, 1 night stands, etc). For context, she is my first ever anything. The rational side of my brain totally understands how this is stupid to be worrying about her past, but its hard sometimes, especially as she only stopped this "casual" period of her life because of me pushing for a relationship. I didnt know the extent of this past until a couple months in after committing to each other.

Her previous guy was a co-worker who she developed a friendship with. They went on a night out, got drunk and "accidentally" ended up sleeping with each other. This happened a few more times over the span of a few weeks and she ended up contracting an STI from this guy. She said how she got spooked by this and stayed far away from him, however I recently uncovered photos of them days after the diagnosis where they went away together and were taking photos together like a couple would. She lied about how she stayed far away. I confronted her about the photos and she immediately lied saying "others were there too", before later confessing that it was just them two.

Shes been developing an uncomfortably close relationship with one of her housemates since our relationship began. She isnt close with any of the other ones and shes described him as "similar to me". Shes also described another classmate that is also fairly close to her as "like me" (however as this friendship began before me I feel like I dont really have any position to say anything). I mentioned about how close she was getting with roommate and said about how it was obvious he likes her (When im not there, they talk like best friends and when I am there they never talk to each other), and if the tables were turned, she would go ballistic at me. She agreed with this but said categorically that he doesn't like her.

I got curious one night and saw her chat with one of her friends saying that the roommate keeps asking her about me frequently. Other roommates were also speaking about how close they were getting (in this text message it said how she wouldn't mention it to me because I might worry). These messages show how she knows that he might have a bit of a crush on her or something and she lied to me about this.

Another time I was on facetime with her once on her laptop when we were having an argument and I heard the disconnect sound come from her phone (some one else was listening in, probably a friend). I questioned her on that and she said it was a "glitch/bug". I'm calling bullshit on it.

I also found text messages of multiple other small lies about her past and also chats of her screenshotting texts of mine when we are having an argument and sending to friends (often cropping out her texts, so it makes me look crazy lol). I confronted her about this today and I said to her "have you ever screenshot our chats and sent them to friends?" to which she responded "ofc not" and then I called her out on her lie. She said she "cant remember" these incidents. She has breached my privacy, once again lied and I am really struggling to trust her.

I am ashamed that I breached her privacy by looking on her chats, however it was because I had a hunch that she was consistently lying to me about things.

Im like 99.99% sure she hasn't cheated on me, however she keeps developing these really strange male friendships while I stay away from pretty much all women lol. I had a brief conversation with a female housemate of mine about something completely trivial and she got really suspicious and went off with me. I get scrutinised by a small conversation and she is able to develop these kinds of relationships. Ive said about how its so one sided and unfair and if I was developing these strange "friendships" (with awkward romantic undertones) like she was, I would probably be single. Since she started dating me, many of her previously "platonic" male friendships have just broken down.

She seeks male validation, which is ok when you're single, but not appropriate when in a relationship. I sometimes feel like she still behaves like shes single.

I love her, I really do. But I am having a real hard time trusting her.

She talks to me about how she wants to get married to me, have children and live the rest of our lives together. I genuinely believe her when she says these things, however she expects me to behave a certain way while she can do the opposite. She lies to me consistently, She breaches my privacy. Nothing I say to her remains between us. It always leaks out, either to friends or family. She has said that some of the lies have been about "protecting me" and shes worried id leave if she knew the truth about some of her past. Ive said to her about how im 1000x more turned off by the lie than the truth.

I think that she might be a compulsive liar. I worry about whats true and what isnt. When she says I look handsome, does she really mean it? I also still feel like there are many things she is still lying to me about. I worry that if she does cheat, she will again lie about it. Im feeling like if its worth cutting off the relationship now at this stage, before im married with kids and find out shes been cheating and lying to me. Or who knows, maybe I live with her happily ever after? ...

TL;DR: Caught girlfriend (of 8 months) out lying about her past. Think she might be a compulsive liar. She has breached my privacy (sc chats and sent to friends). She has had trouble letting go of past relationships (even if they were FWBs). Should I stay with her or cut off the relationship now while its still fairly new?
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2023.06.04 19:44 Responsible-Lie5636 I (18F) have just been diagnosed with BPD

For some context and background, i grew up in a highly abusive household, with two alcoholic parents, i've been [email protected] twice, i turned to drug use, hypersexualised myself, got into relationships with horrific age gaps that now make me feel sick, have parented my siblings for most my life, have few friends (not close) etc.
All of this has led to me becoming a rather mature person in a sense. I prefer to stay at home and cook or read a book than go out anymore. For a long time I have managed to rationalise a lot of my insecurities and emotions independently, not self diagnosis but understanding why i feel a certain way, what has caused it, my triggers etc.
I am a very very caring person, i've been in a relationship with my boyfriend (18M) for 5 months now and this is the first healthy relationship i've had. We've took things very slowly but my frequent outbursts of anger, irrational thinking and accusations of cheating, hurtful words began taking a toll on him. This was the first time i realised that I really do need help. I was diagnosed with BPD which has scared me a lot.
A common symptom of BPD is infatuation, it repulses me to see the negative stigma and ideas about personality disorders in the mental health community and online. We CAN fall in love, sometimes we infatuate however we care very strongly for people around us- more than anybody else. No we are not narcissistic, we do not prey on innocent people to try and hurt them, we just struggle to regulate our emotions. No, we are not incapable of a stable relationship it just takes WORK.
All these stigmas have made this diagnosis a very hard pill for me to swallow. My main goal in life is to have a happy family like i was deprived of growing up. To have random people who don't understand the disorder rip your dream away is painful to say the least. I just want to know if anyone else with BPD felt similar after their diagnosis. How did you work through it? Are your relationships okay?
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2023.06.04 19:44 Terrabites Prevent Network Manager delay after sleep

Ubuntu 20.04.1 Kernel 5.15.0-71
After coming back from a sleep state my network manager takes a few seconds to reconnect. Would like to know if I can prevent this from happening by possibly enabling NIC from going into a low power state or some other method. I have provided the output from system logs after coming out of sleep state. Please advise if there are any further details needed.
I am looking for any ideas or suggestions on overcome this issue. systemd[1]: NetworkManager-dispatcher.service: Deactivated successfully. NetworkManager[792]: [1685811431.1067] manager: sleep: wake requested (sleeping:yes enabled: yes) NetworkManager[792]: [1685811431.1068] device (enp5s0): state change: unmanaged -> unavailable (reason 'managed', sys-iface-state: 'external') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811431.2621] manager: NetworkManager state is now DISCONNECTED NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7142] device (enp5s0): carrier: link connected NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7144] device (enp5s0): state change: unavailable -> disconnected (reason 'carrier-changed', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7151] policy: auto-activating connection 'Wiredconnection 1' (d2243b54-dd72-389f-bce6-3669116dacc8) NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7154] device (enp5s0): Activation: starting connection 'Wired connection 1' (d2243b54-dd72-389f-bce6-3669116dacc8) NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7155] device (enp5s0): state change: disconnected -> prepare (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7156] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTING NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7157] device (enp5s0): state change: prepare ->config (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7160] device (enp5s0): state change: config -> ip-config (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811434.7161] dhcp4 (enp5s0): activation: beginning transaction (timeout in 45 seconds) NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.7904] dhcp4 (enp5s0): state changed new lease, address=192.168.xx.xx dbus-daemon[790]: [system] Activating via systemd: service name='org.freedesktop.nm_dispatcher' unit='dbus-org.freedesktop.nm-dispatcher.service' requested by ':1.5' (uid=0 pid=792 comm="/ussbin/NetworkManager --no-daemon " label="unconfined") NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.7918] device (enp5s0): state change: ip-config -> ip-check (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8023] device (enp5s0): state change: ip-check -> secondaries (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8025] device (enp5s0): state change: secondaries -> activated (reason 'none', sys-iface-state: 'managed') NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8028] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTED_LOCAL NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8030] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTED_SITE NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8031] policy: set 'Wired connection 1' (enp5s0)as default for IPv4 routing and DNS NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8036] device (enp5s0): Activation: successful, device activated. NetworkManager[792]: [1685811442.8039] manager: NetworkManager state is now CONNECTED_GLOBAL systemd[1]: NetworkManager-dispatcher.service: Deactivated successfully.
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2023.06.04 19:43 Grouchy_Abroad_2122 Does anyone know how to achieve a fluffy hair look?

Does anyone know how to achieve a fluffy hair look?
I'm currently trying to work towards being my best self, and I feel that my hair would be included in this journey, A "glow up" if you will.
I found a hairstyle that I believe I would rock but the problem is that I can't get the proper fluffy curls needed to pull it off, and when my hair is fluffy, it unfortunately doesn't remain like that for long. If anyone knows how I can achieve the hair in the picture below and properly maintain it without making look unnatural, please let me know.
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2023.06.04 19:43 Upstairs_Chipmunk94 Real or all in my head?

When I see my self in my house’s mirrors I look quite good, I like what I see. When I go out I look pretty awful in all those shop’s mirrors and I often overhear people say “look at her, she’s so ugly” and stuff like that almost everyday. I talked about this with family and friends and they say it’s impossible people would call me ugly and that there’s nothing wrong with my appearance. I get called pretty from time to time but it’s rare. Then, when I see my self in photos, I look awful in 90% of them. So…what’s the deal here? If the the voices that calls me ugly are made up in my head what condition could this be? Schizophrenia? I know I shouldn’t ask this to people on the internet but I’m desperate, I will go to a therapist, but for now I need to hear some opinions.
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2023.06.04 19:43 AdNo8756 Should I mention a job I got fired from on an application/ as a reference? (Read body text)

I used to work at a factory that required random drug testing. When I received my paperwork requiring me to get tested to did so without hesitation because I knew the only medication that would show up would be a prescription medication that I’ve told them about on my first day. Expectedly I “failed” the drug test and they asked for documentation of said medication to prove it wasn’t recreational. I brought in the bottle but they never officially put it on file even tho they said they would.
Just to be safe I also contacted my doctor for a medical note for my employer(but due to lost messages and poor communication between myself, my job, and my doctor, I received the letter rather late) the day I received the note i was fired due to failure to pass a mandatory drug test and lack of documentation from a medical provider(they had a very strict no drug policy so I am unable to ever get that job back, even if they wanted to rehire me)
I was well liked and they understood that I DID have a prescription but by policy they had to let me go.
Because I was well like and a good employee, is it ok to use them as a reference on future job applications or does my termination make it unfavorable?
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2023.06.04 19:43 Initial-Body3828 I learned a lot about my husband today and I don’t know what to feel.

My (f29) husband (m36) have been married for more than a year now. We have been together 2 years (1.5 years LDR due to pandemic, 6 months live in) before getting married. When we first met, we did instantly click. When I married him, I was pretty sure he was the one. We have a chill kind of relationship. We both have toxic and demanding jobs but nevertheless still finds time to have quality time together. My husband is somewhat of an introvert and a nerd. He talks about himself and about his life but mostly only when I ask him (since mas makwento akong tao and I enjoy conversations). It’s just his personality na hindi makwento and I was okay with that. He has shared with me a lot about his life and experiences naman so I felt like i know him very well. Fast forward to now, i was opening his email (we both have access to each others accounts) to forward booking details of our trip when i saw a folder marked important. Now i don’t normally read his emails but I got curious (yes I shouldn’t have). There i saw history of conversation and a lot more about his life. Past relationships, fucked up sex life, dating someone with a bf, getting his ex pregnant, and a few more things that he purposely excluded in sharing his life with me. I know the present is more important than the past. He has ironed out his life pretty well now without any hints of his fucked up past self. But I feel betrayed? Manipulated? Sad? I feel like fuck I probably would have had doubts about him if i knew these things before getting married. I don’t know how to confront him. Or should I even? Just posting this coz my mind is everywhere. Help.
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2023.06.04 19:43 Content-Tough3101 I graduated (27, M, UK) 5 years ago with an International Politics degree and have since worked in a low level admin roles. I feel like I have very limited work experiences/skills and have no idea what I want to do. What are my options?

I (from the UK) graduated with a degree in politics 5 years ago and ever since I have been working in low level administrative roles (for the council) - roles that mainly involve minute-taking and updating records (general admin duties). I feel like I was lucky to graduate from university (even though I obtained a 2.1, I felt like I took way longer than the average to get by). As I have been working in these admin roles, I don't feel like I have any or have built any skills that are attractive to employers.
To add to this, I find it really hard to identify what I even want/care to do as a career and feel like I'm just applying anywhere where the skill is low enough (and not getting much back). I can find many things interesting, but I just don't have a clue to be honest which area to apply myself.
Does anyone have any advice/guidance?
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2023.06.04 19:42 fali90 Unable to access Resident Credential FIDO2 with trezorctl (TREZOR Model T)

Unable to access Resident Credential FIDO2 with trezorctl (TREZOR Model T)
I have successfully setup password-less login (FIDO2) on my Google account with TREZOR model T. So now I am able to login without password, using my trezor only.
Now I'm looking to make sure I can recover my FIDO2 in case my Trezor breaks or gets lost.
As far as I understand, backing up the seed is NOT enough. I also need to backup the Resident Credentials. Is that correct?
I followed the instructions and I have successfully setup the python environment as described here:
The problem is when i write the command:
trezorctl fido credentials list
I get the following result:
There are no resident credentials stored on the device.
How can there be no resident credentials when I can definitely log-in to my google account with my Trezor?
I believe there is a bug in the trezorctl
Please help! thanks.
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2023.06.04 19:42 I_WANT_YOUR_HUG Hot take: Sleeping together after breaking up is “normal” messiness.

Pookie keeps hollering about how “SHE FUCKED ME AFTER BREAKING UP WITH ME” And okay… this might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal human messiness? I have definitely fucked an ex after we had broken up and we weren’t even living together- - I just “went over to get my stuff”.
Amber was literally forcing Destiny to sleep in the same bed as her; like, come on now. Have some ownership for the post breakup drama. She was not manipulating you; you guys made a normal human mistake that you were also responsible for.
Don’t get me wrong, It’s crazy embarrassing and a part of making mistakes while growing up, but emotions aren’t an on/off switch, gorl. Self reflect, have a good cringe about it and grow up and move on like the rest of us.
This is not some sort of big “own” against Destiny and is part of the reason why you’re making yourself look so bad. Especially with the SA inconsistencies Mr ❄️ is bringing up.
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2023.06.04 19:42 trishuuh Uhg, traveling

So… most of my family lives little less than 2 hours away. My grandmom (baby’s great grandmom) is sick with cancer & I would really like to have them finally meet just in case. So I think it’s time to bring baby for the ride, & I need tips, tricks, ideas & reassurance lol. Baby is 4 months and the longest drive she’s had was the 45 minute ride from the hospital to home when she was born… uhg. She also has reflux & gets car sick so I’m… nervous 🫠 I also hate ruining our daily routines like how do keep my ADHD self from stressing over that.. And I feel bad having her in a damn car seat that long.. helpppp me I don’t wanna feel guilt if they never meet so I have to do this
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2023.06.04 19:41 gnrlee01 Hiring for new drivers.

If you're looking for a straight up no bullshit company who pays you as an independent contractor(self employed) let me know!! Good luck and be safe out there!!
Anyone who is looking to run as a team driver for an independent contractor who pays each driver 1/3rd of the trucks profits per driver, let me know. Send me a private message and I will give you our company's owner's info. P.s. if anyone happens to live near west central florida area, I'm looking for a co-driver to run on my truck with me.
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